President Trump Has Signed an Executive Order Ending the Separation of Families Attempting To Enter United States Illegally

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, June 21st

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Our institution or minor. Bringing to an easy man. And so literally out NASA's done. They really radio programs are. And last season I direct upload. Contact us and our matters I'm incredibly radio program they're asking are we lean machine from him is not follow. Using the Internet by Terry hatton he's no longer just got this this is something. That I want to be under and I was surprised I was very surprised I think there's a sense and so this is Stacy was on the underside of this argument I'm not boasting about this is knowing mark I am not a chance. Trying to Sempra generation will rating how this shakes out today I don't have you heard ladies view of my own Verizon anything very very shaky because he does know where you. But I will tell you start screaming and undermining with the revolution in morning more than at any time in my life for this last ten years. Power in a racer is very odd. I just go out or not I'm here it's elite. Not to follow written your car and the places we're counting the trouble and had difficulty and that he is one of a lot of fuel. Are aliens come to some call straight. I'm really looking him in night older I into a smaller girls. Mike and I refuse to do that. I wanna the past few years by saying more than enough time in my life changed a high emotion about it against doing. When you troll who wants some belt and energy in the room. So with that. Our hands the six offense simply won't dollar workout dealt with this all over and satellite separated and I've got the product scars to show south of the border war. Coming to him. So what are your room and talk about Vince Howard thank you we'll start your eagle. They get America back on yesterday's program off for her I took a lot of heat district and from and we take out and I can't tell me what being around it by now you know and hootie I would think you'll united giving ideas suggestions to look I don't you know it's still a street. Either via my kids just aren't classic ads you know are you believe in the liberal I was immediately be accurate rehab in our surroundings so and they're moronic and text to one of the things from the yesterday all of a lot of concern with a lot of America. So I want to go back he took yesterday and share with other people and are I want my. And your dad we're gonna talk I don't listen you can we have to fuel our relations listen I am I some things that have waited. My husband just verify who the flesh and there's some good easy half. They just require any kind of identification at trial the president to recognize outlook steps and her passport. Here's my Cindy had to be done with an executive order southeast Asia I couldn't get into Iraq without a passport according and eggs and have a little better coming into our country. Without if there's something that isn't just. I have appropriate like come from bar that media leave him money in the world are not got a call I just don't do to a so I just requiring a divided congress and I appreciate your time. Clearly crying out this morning appreciate world leadership. Ought that is what is laughing we're aren't there for Mars that mean agreement in the past few days she heard a status and let there quickly to talk you out of presidency in history considering the legislation between our immigration June. Where does he stay in 2000 when he Mikey he wouldn't either one of these so essentially this what is his real issue because it is just breed of some stage there right to restate. Let's talk about these the American war items here on the together as 1 you don't say morning this is what Maureen Marcia during a violent. They're during any hotel just a few hours later what happens 1780 the president signs an executive order on family separation. The operating manual for free this is this thing is after New Hampshire just kind of had my leadership is needed for the as our state and I morneau who was to any ratify our seventy we have got to audio I'm confident we're gonna show you're our guy you. And I AS creates. But one of the things I won't tell you exactly how your portal to bar is demonstrating there is if they don't control what was and when the mainstream media LPG Collins and Libya or we think back to the days the early days when I was in radio you shouldn't play best records. You know worsening there. There is final when you're that close on or around gonna turn to our Bazell when it was getting stuck in a group that I'm Jenny doesn't the question here. And sometimes you've got a break there Hebrew and Hamas Ryan never knew what else he's really been had saddest thing we thought we can oh sure. It's. All personal alerts insurers and the only way. Moon and I wish that they. All right you're a shareholder lane record winning teams it's easy yeah dying I'm. Suddenly feeling. So you see daddy it's. Competitiveness. It's some sort of Hillary. We're free speech yeah. I thought when we don't we're making media Dell was running around and year to drag was. And that's not listening TO 87 problems. This particular story straight decades. So where immediately released together and we'll solve much wasn't tuning. The same time we aren't contributing editor how athletic they remind me greatly boosted me smiling zero tolerance. I can't possibly do vote yes it's just confirmed it. Offensively confirmed present that's pretty straightforward I'm actually sitting still with us from another and the pins are president you change at the narrative on the siege around just what I call us yesterday. So I mean I mean I was not Atlanta is hot this evening in this Oliver wants or more manicured reason is that our site and Alberto Bernal. Up hey I can only talk about this in between the runway work now so here we got the meets their understanding how routers you know because actually he cannot very notion of a pound and a theater. But I don't care who he who. Winning people gasping going to be upset with you why I'm not we must now down one. How good media control and there are two feet creator and so yeah recently I mean I completely understand whining we I'm actually glad to I don't have super your national polls just due to disturbing. Emergency don't IMAX. Can. Yeah there he directs our mission was and I guess we're gonna pull a family decision I guess when Tomlinson text yesterday's dance with the one ourself we are squeezing Americans here sure they are the movie man. But I mean telling this person. We're thinking we very rarely do anyway today's truth and does not matter at Busch nobody cares what. Still. No clear radio programs. And with that in mind. There are some things that simply have to be done. Even for the sake of appearance. It's not just important to do the right thing it also is important to appear to do the right thing. Do you understand what I'm saying. This comes back to the team before they communicated the very beginning. We lead we do not follow. If there's one passion I would have in regard to this country who would be. But the millions of people in this country who believe in America and its promise we'll begin leading stop following people. And stopped defending people. Endlessly. In unnecessarily. If more of us operated as leaders. This would be a very different country right now for what we tend to do. We find the person we'd latch onto whether Democrat or Republican and we go. To the overall. In defensive mode. Forget that stuff. Focus on our sovereignty. Focus on your contribution that you can make what is sure leadership role in this. It's not about what a politician in Washington or anywhere else is going to do ultimately. And sometimes the best ideas may be yours it may not be in Washington. I was how this country was founded in the first place. I would love to get your thoughts we're gonna talk more about this because there are a number of stories that have developed from this. We've got the executive order signed but guess what it. We've got Democrats who are still whining. What are they complaining about now we'll talk about that who ultimately convinced the president to address this family separation issue. We'll talk about it and time as a picture. We'll discuss that as well. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. OK with all due respect I sure hope this Bill Nelson gone is gone after the election I think he's up this year. In Florida. I'm trying to think of a nice way to say this if you ever seen people who look like they're already dead. I'm I'm just. Being serious here and here's CNN beating the drum executive order confusion. What happens to children in twenty days. Yeah they're gonna try to find any angle of something that's gonna go raw. That's good news is about this is how the mainstream news media works. They're continue to find something to beat the drama. Like they've been trying to manipulate us for eat for years showing these sob stories year old Pablo has been in the country for fifteen years I know he's gonna get thrown out on busier with his family you how these people work. How many stories have they done. On these people who've lost relatives to gangs. Illegal immigrants in the country. You see any tears shed for them now. They might do a story dirty second CEO and then we move on to something more important. You know how it works. Over on the text line. All right. This is a load of when Vince I'm curious it's called document it rushes and animate trump supporter. Would you classify him as a vacuum headed moron Kool Aid drinking. Truck supporter who has lost his ability your recent. I'm gonna say something that may make some people uncomfortable I all's I let me just say this I would not use those words I will say this. I do think some people are way too close and they've lost their objectivity. This is human nature people wanna sidled up to power. And that's what happens when you Saito up to power. Very often. You lose yourself you lose your own identity. And your own message. I'll tell you something house. Because of this whole trump phenomenon I've watched a number of radio people. Who are afraid of their listeners. They really dark. They saw this phenomenon they saw this steamroller. Coming in. They thought we'd better start going along with this populism message if we don't do this populist thing we're going to lose our audience. Seriously. That's the way some people operate in and that's that's their choice. But this is one of the dangers of relationship. When you mean when there's a place where you. Need to be around power or if you have an existing relationship. You've got to be careful about this and I say this I'm speaking to myself. Because I can look at my own history and at times when I've been around leaders. And there's the temptation to shape shift. Because you don't wanna be. In a a bad place with that person. They can do something to you they can pull the plug on whatever issue you're interested in doing. But that point about listeners. I'm serious about it and I've watched this over the last year and a half. It saddens me. Now to clarify something I said because there's a text year. That I think has absolutely funny because again it's another example of people who do not listen and do not listen well. Let me make something very clear the most important leadership. In your life. Is the person in the mirror. Now I have been to look too. You got. For leadership. But ultimately. I'm in charge of my life. And there's a certain level of leadership I need to exercise in my life like you need to do yours. I'm not calling you to follow meet. Now I can. Comfortably say follow me as I am faithful to fill in the bay blinked as a Christian. Pulse the apostle said follow me as I follow Christ. To the extent that he's following Christ following him. To the extent he goes off the rails don't follow him. I see the same thing about anybody of our American system our constitution. To the extent that I am faithful to what the constitution says. Formal. To fight off the rails don't follow me just because who we love Vince. This is how colts are formed. This is vowed dictatorships are set up. And frankly this is how many thousands of churches across this country operates. Follow the leader. We also have this. Some city cost 36000 dollars a child process detain and hold illegals. Costing taxpayers 134. Billion dollars per year unacceptable I agree absolutely unacceptable. What are. So little says here management needs to get a grip on this guy sounds like he's about to pull a Hillary what does it Hillary. You explain that to me and what does this what relevance does that affect a a a a this is too funny. See in this is that text I was telling you about you can lead all you white I'm not following you anywhere. Seek. Obviously you're not paying attention. Because you need to exercise sovereignty over your own life I'm not telling you to follow me. That's the whole plate. Someone else said pierced. Travis told the public and you over and ovaries against illegal immigration duck. Has anybody argue that point on this program to the contrary of course dot. Inside league trump pulled out the pin for one reason if mama's not happy nobody's happy I think the First Lady read art of the deal. I thought and she's using an autumn rights is that Richard thinking that's pretty funny in fact. There's a story on this. First Lady Maloney at trump has been working hard behind the scenes at the White House for the past several days encouraging president Donald Trump to keep families. At US border from being separated. Money is at several private conversations were there has been pushing the president to do all he can't stop people. From continuing this policy. Children from being taken from the parents upon illegal entry into the country. The First Lady also encouraged a swift legislative solution yet she also advocated for the president to act alone. The sign an executive order to immediately halt the division of families. Is this when I talked about yesterday. Just do it don't wait. There by the way they're supposed to be a vote on some immigration bill we got news on that as well which I think is absolutely hilarious. My friend mark meadows got into a shouting match with Paul Ryan on the floor of the house yesterday. I wish she were he were available to come on the program today he is not he is tied up today. I think it's absolutely time to debit. To these people. I mean you can read we've just got to push back this is what this is another example. Paul Ryan is not a leader he has a position and a title tonight. I don't wanna go down this road this is not a rabbit trail let me just say parenthetically. This is one of the problems in this country they are too many African people in positions to have titles. But they are not leaders hate position and a title does not make you a leader. Paul Ryan is not a leader. Puree it. Mitch McConnell is not a leader period. They have positions they have titles. This happens in community organizations. This happens in the political system and god forbid yes it happens in corporate America believe me I see it every single day. And it's nauseating. How many times have you asked the question how they held this person get that job. A lot of times has nothing to do with qualifications. They just happened to kiss the right rear ends you know it and I know it no leadership ability what so ever. Think there's a great book that I have been planning to reaffirm Lutz good things about it. How to leave when you're not in charge. That's the call upon every single one of us as Americans let's do it. This is still this Coakley radio program. For 36 minutes after 10 o'clock. Before we go to more of these text and there are some winners here. You know it amazes me. And I and it doesn't bother me I'm fine. I'm fine in my be you know one of the things about when you have a secure identity you don't have to worry about what people think. And whether they approve review or not. You have to you have a fragile ego. And worry about older American elect me. Go to this thing about me. We just warn you hold onto your wallet when I tell you this story. They Supreme Court ruling just doubts it frees states and local governments to starts. Collecting billions of dollars in sales taxes from Internet retailers that don't currently charged tax to their customers. Siding with states and traditional retailers and a five to four vote the court overturned a 1992 ruling. Didn't may too much is made much of the Internet attacks free zone. That decision shielded retailers to tax collection duties if they didn't have a physical ripped presence in a state. So the whole physical presence staying in its call on. This is going to be a mess. It's part of what John and I were talking about during the break. This is going to be an absolute. Mess. That's why warn you hold on your wallet. This is going to be very interesting to see how this is walked out by businesses. And by state local governments because they've been trying to get this money for a long time in their retailers. Who feel like they've been ended disadvantage because when you go to their stores they collect taxes. In many cases you can buy some of the same products on line and not have to pay tax but let's not sure. You know whatever wherever you stand on that issue. The courts now ruled. So there you go. I wanted to back to the takes life and a few items here we have first news that you can read all you want I'm not following you anywhere. It follow the blinds and you both fallen a ditch you are not a leader. See I don't I don't care if that's what you think I'm not telling you follow me my identity does not require. You to follow me. This is too funny and we have this one. Vince LO well you got the last laugh on the truck mr. yesterday he did in fact take your advice. Yellow well again. Also a nice note here. A fan from Charleston we listen online thank you very much for doing so. Pinch Schumer is playing the immigrants the so called dreamers like kept. Whatever. You really got to wake up just in today Schumer said. The trump can fix this with a stroke of the pen looks like trump called his bluff. Now they move the goalposts again they will never be satisfied that's Mike at a Virginia you're actually right Mike this is part what I said. There are going to move. They're going to keep moving the goal line a silly they work. Vince your part of the media. You in a radio stations present your narrative as to how you view the world politics your part of the mainstream media. Just happens to be to the right. Ha ha. Princeton is only one perfect man that was Jesus every one else we have to pick the best and help them lead that now is trump. Also in the text line don't be afraid don't back down but also don't be a and it uses a four letter words. Yes I get the idea. Believe me not going there. Vince life truth the most important opinion your life is the one who is paying your bills. Without the puck but it's all of Greenfield. What this boils down to 90% of the media. If not more is liberal. Biased against our president the station needs to be more in tune. More in tune with worked. Okay. This is one of those weird text messages. Rulings. Several different places sorry I do not see the rest of this. In case but I think we get the idea. This catcher is found about god fearing man unless we the people fear god there'll be no good conclusion. To this man made disaster very true too many chiefs not enough Indians. Ha. Also you don't need legislation trump can fix this trump fixes to we don't wanna fix we wanna keep the pressure on trump yes that's the way this works. Mention people not submit to authority they cannot be led not all leadership is bad issued experienced as some are actually called by god. Not called by their mama's. Got up. I like talent. That's really good we'll share more of these perhaps a little later in the program here's another development along the lines of addressing the immigration issue. Now we have the Pentagon sending military lawyers to the border to help prosecute immigration cases. There's 21 military lawyers now dispatched. To Arizona Texas and New Mexico. To help prosecute illegal immigration cases. They have to have criminal trial experience the B appoint his full time special assistant US attorneys. For a 2179. Days around six months. This plan outlined in internal Defense Department emails obtained. By the media according to these emails which appear to be dated last month one of which labeled an urgent request. The Justice Department sought applicants for the positions while we staff up. With permanent assistant US attorneys. There's an amazing on the resources. That are necessary. In this particular issue we also have this. American Airlines and United Airlines. Have now said they have asked the trump administration not to use their flights to carry migrant children who were separated from their parents by immigration authorities. Facing growing opposition. To his administration's recent policy. You know by the executive order. This issue has galvanized flight attendant some of whom took to social media to post young children. On flights whom they believed to be migrants. Separated from their parents. Here's what American had to say we have no desire to be associated with separating families or worse. To profit from it. United then issued a statement in which she O. Oscar immunities said the company's purpose is connect people. This policy and its impact on thousands of children is in deep conflict would that mission and we want no part of it. Southwest frontier and Alaska also criticized the policy and asked not to be involved in transporting separated children. A spokesman for the Homeland Security Department is criticized the airlines and strong terms accusing them of no longer wanting to help the agency protect the traveling public. And reunite our company illegal immigrant children with their families see that's the other side of this one of their reuniting them. I mean. Despite being provided facts on the issue these airlines clearly do not understand their immigration laws. He accused the airlines abruptly to a false media narrative. Yep that has happened unfortunately hasn't it but once the narrative kicks off it's off to the races and nobody cares about the truth. But I'll tell you but no corporation. Wants to be on the wrong side of the narrative. We're in a very weird time in America are. Very weird time do you have the courage to stand up. And not be bullied by all this nonsense because let's make no mistake about it. This is about bullying this is about group think trying to convince everybody. How horrible. President Donald Trump is and how immigrants terribly they're being treated. Fight back do not believe this nonsense. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. And the great economic news just keeps flowing out. Get all this Dollar General. Says it's going to create about 7000. New jobs 7000. Execute their previously announced fiscal Tony team growth plan positions include retail district managers and distribution center supervisors. These are management positions these are not lowly. Minimum wage jobs. In this covers forty. Four states Dollar General already has 130000. Employees. While this is a pretty interest in investment. Idea. Just putting the south there at Dollar General shares. There are up 36 point 6% over the past twelve months outpacing. The S&P 500 index. That's pretty impressive don't you think. So if you're in a place you're looking for a new job especially if you guess management experience. Dollar General might pick a place to look just putting that out there. Let's go out to. Western North Carolina in a town I love very much Andersonville Hilary welcome. I don't have a great singer. Yet these things I wanted to touch on one of those immigration thing and Evelyn is how you're. Partly responsible for the failure of air America. Her compared to the but but but but that's. And we did hear that part. Yeah both are good emigrate and bring briefly I think yes I liked your point you made a few minutes ago about maybe changing the narrative I think that maybe. Completely come out of this. Presidential action other than that I don't think it sold anything. My understanding is. So that full Belden. Kids are being detained and belt movement came without any adults. So there you are not heed the name of the family had it out physical and we keep what we're. And the other cute belt and I don't know how we determine if they're people or whether real assembly because organ of border agents. We'll make clear of these adults and children to come together most of them know almost nothing about the people their traveling oil. Yeah it's sad isn't it. Yeah our. I mean I think he has all smoke and mirror federal think it's really change and everything else think we're. And and how do we keep families together they if they are legitimate Stanley together. Yeah offer overcome legally it's not an issue they are fit together. Come illegally had we even know their family. But what. You're actually right Henry I don't disagree with you at all on this didn't have this in one of my concerns are I'd think this may sound odd coming for him but. If there is a sense in which this executive order much of it is about appearances. It's about perception. Absolutely nothing may yelling taint the narrative that's a good thing is that it does violate any practical side but it may. At least changeover. Or rabid. Stuff that's going all of a social media have been in the in the. Yeah I you know it's really really annoying is to watched the all the pus relating and all the moralizing. In all of these people you know we're talking about oh you know if if this had been in place they would have killed Jesus. And just like here please shut up I have on the followed and I don't generally un friend people on FaceBook. But I have on followed so many people. For posting nonsense like that it's it's really. Quite annoying Gerri great to hear from you out of Andersonville this morning appreciate your call. Any advantage that is a pet peeve of mine the people he does it's sometimes you get this. I guess where would characterize it this sanctimonious feel about it. I'm the only person who would do this. And and they're really most of the time doesn't even speak to what they would do personally. Is just. There are kind of telling you what to do. This is what I mean about leadership or real leadership has organic and it's Stark's personal. So prime calling you to do something it's because I'm already doing that myself. You know I it amazes me how people can be so concerned about illegal immigrants okay. What have you done to help personally helped illegal immigrants what have you done. Other than try to get us. To pay for. What they're doing with their illegality. Is that your definition of care. You know and that and Opel or one of my pet peeves I wish I saved this but some money saved from one of one of the text from the old testament. Talking about how you should treat the immigrant the same way that you treat regular citizens. See if you wanna go down that road. Then okay that means we declare the United States of America to be a theocracy. I don't know I don't wanna go there well don't quote the Bible and compare Israel to America they are too. Different things America. It's not a theocracy. Israel was a theocracy. If you miss that and you tried to apply old testament scriptures to America you'll come up with all kinds of goofy screwed up stuff. You well. So please don't do that. If I hear sinking chronicles 714 again. I will scream. At the top of my lungs. Because no it doesn't have anything to do with restoring America is about agriculture. Sony. I got that off my chest just thought I would mention that just for good measure. Also on the text line. Vince can we do anything about the news media. When your purposely trying to take down the current president. When is he considered treasonous enough is enough did you feel the same way when Barack Obama was in office. With the so called conservative media I'm just asking because of we're gonna be fair. We were pretty brutal with this guy. I'm not apologizing for market shipment because the guy is and I continue to this day. In values and and ideas. He's not American. Boy I know that it's really something that was stir people up. I'm not saying is that an American citizen but I'm saying his ideas and his principles and his values are from somewhere else. And unfortunately there are a lot of them just like him on Capitol Hill and elsewhere. Any case. Coming up next hour we'll talk about mark meadows and his little showdown. With Paul Ryan on the house floor. That much more. And our number two straight ahead. This is still Vince Coakley radio program there. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing my. Saturation there are too many go to some street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world. Well we're gonna negotiated better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't ratify the real. 11068. I've got to tell you. This another example of just. How some people really got off the rails to cheer about Peter Fonda. He's now apologized. Or something he said. They tweet he put out that's been characterized this highly inappropriate. That's really an understatement. I mean some of these people I really think people in white coats need to come pick them up it's that bad. It really years. He now says he is sorry. For some of his tweets. Let's talk about one of his latest tweets. In this one he called for president Trump's son to be ripped from his mother's arms and thrown into a cage with their files. He's apologize for this. Isn't the first time. He's communicated something just ridiculous. He's deleted that controversial message brought to bear in trump. That included ran against the First Lady Maloney. If she frightened carefully read this with all the land mines and its. CF mother. My money at trump will stand up against the giant A hole she's married to. Ninety million people in the streets on the same weekend. In the country. Staff. I mean really. This is just. Really unhinged. On Monday he wrote the pixie from Dixie let the immigrants with children in the country. So they can take the children away and incarcerate them to deport the parents for about their children unacceptable. Purples Miller is unfit. To establish this practice as government policy Nazi. June 12 zero Republicans are complicit in the rape being of our country. May 21 TC did so conversing with these ignorant immoral bigots. Decimating our democracy becoming. Caucus are Christie right before vice. Be prepared for an even more authoritarian dissent. The curtains pulled back on this totally on the wizard lead adult in this clan of dangerous fools. Very nice time. Put this guy is just brilliant. The front claims. Then he sent an email to President Obama saying you are a blinking trader using those words. Your trader you allowed foreign boots aren't on our soil telling our military in this case the Coast Guard. What they can and cannot do in telling us the citizens the United States will we could who could not do. This cash just all around unhinged. But this one about Barron how the world you communicate the idea and hope. Did someone would be taken a child will be taken and put Nick Cage with pedophiles who would suggest something so evil and trial. Well someone who is evil and vial. Pop boy. By the way. The house today is supposed to take up. The first vote on immigration bills. And I think kids in this atmosphere. There's a lot of emotion especially for those of us. Who believe in principles and values were still holding on to those things and dare to believe they can be practice in public life. Fox News story on this limited to representative mark meadows yells at speaker Paul Ryan and house floor. The chairman of the conservative house freedom caucus angrily confronted house speaker Paul Ryan over immigration legislation on the floor of the house. Mark meadows. George Ryan during a vote began an animated discussion in the lasted roughly a minute. Half a minute. Both men pointed fingers at each other reporters in the gallery could hear meadows say I'm done I'm done. Meadows then turned and walked away while Ryan resume chatting with other members. Sources tell fox the dispute stemmed from confusion confusion over which of two immigration bills the house is expected to consider today. The more conservative legislation has been dubbed good left. After the bill's author of representative Bob good lad of Virginia. But a second bill only seek only politicians can do this. Follow along with me on this. So what album is called good laughed right following this he had this guy's. But they second bill commonly called the compromise bill has also been referred to as guess what it. Since he's a sponsor of that package as well. Notably house majority whip Steve's release re branded the compromise bill to president's bill instead of the leadership bill. This is such a circus. Adding to the confusion house has also been toying with the third piece of legislation a modified version of the conservative good led bill. To try to clear up the confusion the GOP leadership and at lawmakers some talking points about the compromise bill. However meadows claimed the talking points don't match the text and are not ready for prime time does that surprise anybody at all. Then Williamson who's the spokesperson for. Meadows. Said this was a communication issue with the leadership compromise bill omitted key provisions. That have been agreed upon before hadn't. We're working to resolve it. Multiple Republican members have told Fox News they're disturbed by the skirmish. I'm for between Ryan and meadows one source in a few members who are hard yes and immigration legislation we're now squirming. After seeing that confrontation. President trump endorsed both the compromise. And good but iterations of the build a meeting with house Republicans. Lawmakers have struggled to secure this 215 votes necessary for passage. Described as an uphill battle. Again. So he's endorsed both. Versions of this bill. Soon I'm talking about. Then there's no clarity here and if you don't provide some clarity. Today's yes I dare say at these morons. You get this confusion. A whole lot of confusion. And and I would say unnecessary confusion there's no reason for this to be that complicated. But it comes that way and I think sometimes I really think this is intentional. They do this intentionally. Gesture here says Peter Jane Fonda. Act like they're too close kin to themselves that's our people and Alabama describe the offspring of incestuous unions. Yep. On the previous subject. As well. Mr. Fonda's comments of someone suggested one of the Obama girls get kidnapped and put in the cage with data files would be a national. Hit hunt until he was caught and imprisoned you better believe it. Was Peter founder founder. Fungus sober I wanna believe he's a better person sober. Now that would be. You kind of hope. Another person saying here sucked as an actor hasn't done anything in years I guess he had to resort to this type of theocracy to get noticed. And feel relevant again that's really important to them. No especially when they're washed up gotta get attention somehow. Certainly not gonna do with the acting. Tennis that is that's coming up we'll take a look at the day in history. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 19 minutes after 11 o'clock. The Vince Coakley radio program let's got a call from Chris in Charlotte good morning. Event welcome. I'm like you'd there's something up for me normal line I am no defender or apologist for Paul Ryan. Where their root ports I've heard about the spat between mark mad at them all wrong was because the way I understand that. That mark meadows is upset because there was no provision for doc in this bill and he wants amnesty. And there. And I heard that quite. Now granted these children. Illegal immigrants some are did not maliciously you know violate. Immigration law by being here brilliant they just where there with their parents how ever. That it still is effective for others to illegally into the country with their children if they can be left behind. And hopefully stay there you know hopefully stay here with them if they're given amnesty. Yet this is terrorist or this is kind of bizarre for me in fact I'd. I'm going to reach out to mark minister asked that very question I would be very surprised. If that is something that he is pushing for because I would think. What are writing company looking to do would be much more generous along those lines wouldn't you think. How would they pick yet about where to report I heard all heard. Was saying that mark meadows let their reasoning for what matters jumper however lying because it did not act amnesty for that four Butler. I will certainly explore that ends up I'm going to send a direct message to mr. meadows to get some clarification on this point would love to know the answer here Ryan good morning. Hey there until right here. Yeah if I'm a couple that go that is true. The and at and I am not referring to Israel now referring to Israel in the past in biblical times was a theocracy. Okay well well where are where we of course you may now I I don't think there's any such thing. Always our current events now no such thing so no I don't know you are how you aren't there. I would say that's. I would characterize this way the simplest way to say it from the very beginning we have been strongly influenced by Christian ideas and values. And less so in recent years. Okay well you put it while you're sort of let's not a politician that's the truth Ryan. But go ahead I look T your your point. Yeah I I think we are and it didn't specifically it will not make the outdoor 00 Christian right in the country. There what they suitable. And one of the what I elect the best out of what they argue that Barack Obama but incredibly content to go. All our that we are singing because they're not let it eat it aren't age. That's coming off this as Eddy Curry try the oil within a year and a half. No wolf and all of Obama that they are I'll come with a group of. Improved year you're saying this is Obama's. Recovery that we're seeing now. You're seriously saying well. Actually when he came in saint. Remember George Bush there weren't going to save it so quickly what I think you don't know shortly. Barack Obama. Did that. Oh wait wait wait a second year now I'm really intrigued because when you put these ideas together the kind of out of phase with each other because first. Where she just advocating the idea this was a Christian nation didn't you tell me that. Oh yeah a lot to make this. And you have a president who not only believes abortion. But also read believes in redefining marriage and you're giving high praise to him. I was palace that can come and it blew a but almost got to that they'll cut you sit there. Enjoying wearing that. So doing I think there. No it's not freedom though for the government to mandate that in to define that. And to redefine marriage you think the government has that power. The court I don't doubt it. So yeah I. So that the visits part of the government that's the point I'm making to you so if you believe that this is totally out of phase with anything Christian Ryan. I don't see how I don't see how these things are compatible with each other what you just said. Rubber at him I am I know you do I know you do and it's not consistent Ryan not consistent. I would just please I'd I would appealed to you. Two just do some examination here and CE. How consistent. Barack Obama his ideas are with the idea of a Christian in fact it's Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Who advocated us moving away from things that we've had to we believed in in the past. And told us it's time for us. To take a more progressive approach. I I don't get it. On my kidneys scary. Tony in traveler's rest good morning. How are brought up during while shirt. Let's break in here let I got a little suggestion. Why don't we take and then others that are protesting. Against the way things are in immigration and identify them. And write an executive order that these children be placed in their home. And we let them spend 35000 dollars a year on these children instead of attacked. See that's where the rubber hits the road doesn't it. Yes our. And I think that it those things were enacted then some of these people might stop and rethink what their true says. They won't shut up they will not have another word to say Tony this this is that's excellent in fact I. I think that's a great thing you know if these these kids in fact don't have homes and if it turns out this for their orphans. The country aren't offered them to people in the country to take care of him. And welcome them. And these people ought to be the first to volunteer. Based on all of their posture relating and moralizing. Over social media Tony brilliant thank you very much for your call. I love calls like that. It's so on the money. Because it's really give discos backed what I said to you earlier because a lot of these before moralizing. They're not doing these things themselves. They want other people to do it or they want the government to do it. Just like the people complain about people not having health care well if you are concerned about people not having health care why don't you set up a fund. To help sponsor people who can't afford their healthcare. Why don't you do that rather then campaigning for the government to take money from one group. To give to another. By the way it's a great time for you to throughout an idea was thinking about this is I went to a doctor's appointment this morning. And for the record. Mom and dad if you're listening and there's nothing to be worried about routine visit. With a and this is just mean fantasizing for a bit you and I would love to see. I would love to see. More direct. Primary care more direct care. And I'd love to see us run these insurance companies out. What if we set up cooperatives. And we took care of these things ourselves. And we got all of the middleman and all the pencil pushers out of the way. And we put most of our money into medicine. And doctors. Is not a novel idea. I'd love to see in fact. I'd love to get a breakdown. On how much money goes to medicine and how much of a go is. To bureaucrats. Wondered whether they're in government or outside of government. And again the reason this goes on. Is because we've allowed it to go we've been willing participants. In this evil crooked system. Trying to think of how like him. Well also in my I don't have the time to go into a now what a shame maybe I'll talk about this another time. But it was about an issue regarding insurance coverage for something and see. You know insurance company shouldn't be making decisions about your chair. Losers decision Hugh and I should make about ourselves. But unfortunately we surrendered our sovereignty over these bureaucrats. Very unfortunate. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock to Vince Coakley radio program let's listen in on a news conference from representative Paul Ryan speaker of the house. President and we're giving the members the ability to vote for the policy of their preference and how can you call this track position if I feel just check and call this a legitimate exercise when you're gonna carry. Did either being built because we are reading legislation the floor that if it got the president's desk he would actually sign into law let me say it this way let me say this way. When the Supreme Court removed our docket deadline and look you all yet cover congress. Congress functions best when it has deadlines. And when the Supreme Court removed our docket deadline the Democrats took a walk and they basically did not participate in have been working on solving these problems. Tournament trying to solve these problems on our own. Tim we did not wanna do they bring legislation to the floor that we knew would simply result in a veto. But our members wanted to express themselves. On issues they care a great deal about and they wanted to do it inside of legislation that if he got the president's desk. Would get. To sign a law thought the president's defeat not talk a lot about this this week that these these eases pressured about the filibuster is anybody is these days. He's one of a lot of our members are concerned about his even if we passed a bill. It should take nine Democrats in the senate steaming get it through the senate because of the filibuster before it gets to his desk and that is also a source of the frustration we have Ron here. Imagine a world where there was no precedent for loves us. A question that's. Out of the House of Representatives I don't know the answer that question we're gonna have some votes they were to see here's the way I look at this thumb. Daka is broken immigration system is broken the border is not fully secured. These are facts. They need to be solved. And at the end of the day I really believe. We will come back around if if the bill doesn't pass today we're gonna come back round of the president's four pillars. Because the president put out an extremely. Reasonable plan. Of his four pillars and ought to solve some of the thorniest immigration issues that have been plaguing us. For a long long time. I don't forget for a second here. Barack Obama was president. For awhile he had sixty votes in the senate any huge majority in the house he didn't do anything. To fix the broken immigration system nothing and that whole control of government. So here we are. With filibusters galore in the senate trying to fix this problem when the Democrats had taken a walk on this thing so I think at the end of the day. When this one when push comes to show when deadlines come around for probably get that back end up with the president's four pillars. I can't Conan because you want to. Oh you you you're here you're happy their members through this game do you guys so. I've deference and and respect for the First Amendment he's. Why shouldn't win the president want. Override the house Republicans want to. The house Republicans want what the president wants because we want to secure our borders we wanna have a nation of laws and enforcing the law. I want to fix a broken immigration system and by the way. When we pass legislation around here. We'd like it to go to law it that's kind of important in their four U wanna make sure. You're bringing goes the floor that would have the president support if we got to his desk that's the conversations we've had this week. So they go. Paul Ryan speaker of the house talking about legislation that would be voted on today who knows what it's going to get passed if anything for that matter. By the way. As promised I did send a message to. Representative mark meadows to ask the question are you supporting. Legislation that would be more favorable to some form of amnesty. Pretty straightforward question so. I don't see if he is able to answer the question and resume meetings this morning if we don't have been answered today hopefully will get this to morrow. Jonathan in Charlotte good morning. Warner are you don't want our rights here. There are good. I'm just very confused to perplexed. I'll probably also familiar arm African American you're. Well you're searching through. Clinton had less active American Christians who could say they say they're Christians but all of their value. All of valued at. I'm Barack Obama has called against what they say they believe and yet they. Yet they built the important. Me and I remember that say well why people were sharp and they claim to be questioned and their values. Are completely out of place when it comes to. And Apollo when they got the voting go Mountain View somewhere hidden maybe after the inside or some explanation that it perplexing for. Lightly armed. Mostly it just stay with me on this Jonathan end and aggressions made a great point about this ends I I so appreciated the way he described this. Here's what he said for a lot of people politics is religion. And the truth of the matter is for all the whooping and hollering and singing and preaching and all the other stuff that goes on in some black churches. In many cases there's more dedication to the government the myriad teach this to Jesus. That's the problem when there's devotion to liberalism and liberalism has replaced the gospel has replaced christianity. And see when you think of priorities and values and principles and where you get it's. Well the governments and that liberalism comes first. That's basically your problem Jonathan that's how you get what you have with so many in the black community supporting. Democrats. Did does that make sense do you. It they're dark they're good mom I want but there are they don't make cents. And and let me let me put discussion out there and this is why I've been concerned about this whole trump thing. And again I'm not. Against Donald Trump. But what I've said is the man is a mixed bag and I don't think Christians. Should be out as Jerry Falwell has been outs. Making comments or Franklin Graham making comments that are inconsistent. Between Bill Clinton. And Donald Trump. What they have done the way they have lived their lives has been the same I don't care where was in the Oval Office or outside the Oval Office. God is not looking in the Oval Office and saying you do one thing over here and you can do another thing over here he looks at your hearts. And if your heart is adulterous. In nature it's adulteress in nature. And if you're born into condemn. That kind of behavior for a Democrat you need to be consistent condemn that same kind of behavior for a Republican so I would say. We all need to be very careful about throwing full throated endorsement behind people. This gets us in a whole lot of trouble and I think you're really undermines our testimony. When Thornton corporate. Take great talking to you Jonathan yet some. Greats. I'm done. With the word I'm looking for here. Your instincts are right on the money. At some point. I have been thinking a lot about this. I'm. Very soon going to. Keep since I cargo at the time for one. Probably going to do some sort of video. Where I'm gonna lay out some things had been in my mind for quite some time and I'm just gonna give your preview of this. It it's draws a distinction between. Christianity. Religion. And secularism. Because ultimately. I've come to the view that they're really. There's there's two pets. But. One of those pathways has two different directions wanna miss religious the other is secular. And it's that religious Roland and I think causes a whole lot of confusion. We'll dress this at some point just a preview of coming. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock match on the Vince Coakley radio program I got an answer. Remember I told you it was going to find out. We have a caller is curious about where is mark meadows on this issue. Here's what I said in this is a direct quote from the Texas and to mark meadows during the break listeners are asking are you pushing for more amnesty. Kiss his response heavens no. Just the opposite. I'm not surprised I was very surprised. So long was suggesting he was on the other side of this argument I. And knowing mark no not a chance. So we'll see how this shakes out today diminish your courage. With Paul Ryan he's very very shaky because he doesn't know where everything's gonna get past year quickly go to Michael in Fort Mill good morning. Very good morning. How are you a racer. Hey I've just got an idea. All. Listening to your conversations earlier about thousand. Amnesty and and also illegal. Aliens coming into our country. Our our grow up in the united states air force my father served my grandfathers served. And I wanna Propofol in his by saying that I think nine elevenths. Change the hearts and minds of a lot of people in this country would you agree no question about that okay. So wet that. Armed. I'll just take you about all of the children that are being separated. From their parents itself with a border war coming to him. You know in an illegal way. And our banking. After hearing me get estimated value of what it cost per person. Good trade and illegal aliens enter this country as being around 35000. Dollars. I would think that the United States government would start testing every one that comes into this country spider DNA. If you're a member of you know I think nowadays I think can turn a DNA cash surrounding like ten days. And I think one of the things that really called it a lot of concern with a lot of American. Is the fact that their people better trafficking and other people that are coming you know legal. Are just like your thoughts on the. I assume we talked a little bit about this yesterday I am I am all for this. How well she got to verify who the person is how do you do out there. Without any kind of identification I travel all over the world with the child we're both we're the passport. And I couldn't get into the Philippines I couldn't get him herself be very joke I couldn't get into Europe without a passport. And we have people that are coming into our country. Without identification yet and I I don't have a problem that I come from march he he might go if my yogurt not gonna cost me hard. But no such that those are my feelings and I appreciate you what you talked. They're very good way and say I appreciate your column trip marked ball up a third martyrs they're from Mars that mean they're green just curious. Let's a quickly taken the day and look at the day in history. This to Tony first day of June. 2018. So does that make this. The official beginning of spring and summer is that right. Let's talk about so for item this year on the list Alonso good morning good morning martians are growing violence. They're grainy goat today I'll remember that. 1788. The operating manual for freedom took effect after New Hampshire ratified this. The ninth state to do so what did they ratify and 1788. Constitution. You are correct. 1948. Doctor Peter gold mark demonstrates he is LP what was it. What is his role 1948. You should know this one. Record pointer. Well you're close I mean common ground Zell. And you know what I'm not sure I ever knew what else really well that's cool weekend we Kim. Zenyatta is always no one else he's been a while it since for a long play. Long playing Charles got. Yet Charles said that in the background. A long playing record 19481989. I don't know Charles but I picture you probably. Played records on the radio yes yes he's dead he's shaking his head in the affirmative. Don't be nodding and enjoy it up. Felt like did this T Smart Alec nineteen female high in the Supreme Court ruled. Doing this was a legitimate form of free speech what was it that really ticked a lot of people off when you resist 1989. Burning the flag you are correct. And last and at least 1997. This particular sports. League for women debut roots. What's wasn't 1987. But your favorite who Debian. Mean my favorite. Smart Alec. You've said that twice it must be true yes it's confirmed that simply confirmed believe it or not. I am actually sitting out to go to another movie tonight can you believe that we going to see Jurassic world that's my plan. So ice on his my plan as well this evening yes. A whole lot of somewhat compare notes on this went off on an offer to pay. Up hey I can always do that's but you nor I work so. You know we got the meet somewhere in between where relatives you know become tricky Gaffney and I don't think they have enough theater. My career who. Winning people and get to going to be upset with you why I'm not be a mean I don't think now one. No that is a good question to the have a movie theaters there. So Iraq yet they should be quite interesting and you know I'm I'm glad to I don't have super young children so it shouldn't be too disturbing. I'm lunacy don't IMAX. Yeah there's an IMAX option so I guess we gonna pull of family and decide whether. You know whether that's what they wanna ops for we will see they have to go and enjoy the movie meant CF. Thank you very much for joining us today and god bless you take your. Best is Vince Coakley radio program.