President Trump Wants the US to Have a Space Force

Vince Coakley Podcast
Tuesday, June 19th

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Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris expose a lying. Saturation there aren't too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal but that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. And good morning welcome the bride just going to be back review. And it is interesting to see the varying. Headlines. And top stories for the cable networks parks. Like you have the clintons and email probe. Awaiting. DOJ watchdog. CNN. Is on this immigration crisis. Don't own the road. And notes here they about it. I don't think either one of these stories is going to amount to a hill of beans. I'm watching now these images and quite struck here by my friend mr. tree Doughty. It looks like K he's auditioning for a part as a grandpa on sort of some sort of television show I'm. I see that as a friendly dig concentrate I love tree nice guy. But they of these hearings going on when device said to you about these hearings about any hearings. Most of the time there are colossal waste of time. They really are unless you've got something. That's eight you've got some bombshell testimony that's coming out. And beat you gonna do something about some thing don't waste my time. I think one of the things and thinking about sharing with you and god priced burger we had rain Jacobson here. Plans. I have not actually watched the video is encouraging you to check out of video. Hey Ted ex talk that he did. Dance. It was kind of funny sent me a text later on he said while it's pretty courageous or view to encourage people watch some the UN watched yet. And I said Wayne was I just trust you. I had a chance to watch that over the weekend. I that it was I don't it was excellent. And what he was talking about. Was. How. We as a people have to start coming together to resolve problems. And what I see. Number I bet and in some of you I know get absolutely frustrated by this and I guess it. But you've got these news networks that stir up a different group of people. CNN is trying to stir people up. And give people think the trump administration is the devil separating children from their parents. Fox is trying to take up this entire. Issue of Hillary Clinton the emails. And at least don't misunderstand what I'm saying this woman skated she bow. Longs in prison. I get it. But why the hell are you get a whip people up into a frenzy. And nothing is going to happen. Trade daddy please explain this to me is there a road to prosecution. For this woman. If there's not just shut up about the whole thing. Either crap or get off the pot. I know that's strong. CNN stirring up more hatred. I know this kid I was. Here is social media post he loves to travel. If he's going to Russia. And don't reading anything into this I'm not reunion anything into this other than the nine knew this kid loves to travel. He can't wait to get out of America why. Because America is so screwed up and I wanted to have. I mean I cinema opposed to she said you know is it really that bad in America it's not you know it's bad. But the media is doing and what it's presenting of America. If you shut down all of this chatter. And I'm not saying the government should do this. I think many of us are mental and overall health would probably be much better. Since we're not steering people into frenzies. Over things. Crisis. Every thing is African crisis you know does that. You know it's a crisis. Just have been around some of these people in the last 48 hours. When you're trying to take a trip. A short trip. And you think OK I'm gonna leave Huntsville Alabama. I'm gonna go through Charlotte's and I wanted to go to Greeneville South Carolina. And you end up spending. Days at the airport. My independent drive the last leg that's a crisis or maybe you're stuck there because you're going further and you've been there for several days that's a crisis. Fortunately. We did give me good news on this as we start talking about travel we talk about two forms of travel. One for civilian use the other military. In an intriguing announcement. Came from the president yesterday I wanna start. When the announcement from American just a little bit ago American Airlines. Announcing. That's regional carrier PSA has gotten. They're computer system stabilized there working to restore flights and give back to regular operations. What's happened is they have canceled nearly a thousand flights. The issues with hardware PSAs headquarters in Dayton Ohio it's lift the carrier unable to get flight crews and planes matched up. And these cancellations been going on since Thursday. They are going to operate on reduced schedule over the next few days as they continue to restore. Back to full service that is the latest just a few minutes ago. From American Airlines began I would encourage you wherever you are if you're planning to travel American. Check your schedule. Where you're going. And how you're getting there. I'm just give you a general rule of you're going on the mainline carrier you're probably going to be OK if any part of it is on a commuter airline. A subsidiary of American. Good chance that's going to be PSA you may have a problem. So just take that into consideration. And hopefully this thing we scored away very very soon. I want to set up for our discussion routes and extraordinary announcement yesterday. And this relates to space. Donald Trump announcing he is directing the Pentagon to create a new space force. I'm sure Johns really excited about this sign me up maybe I'm ready steady source ESCO. The idea behind this is to be an independent military service branch. Aimed at ensuring American supremacy in space. No one of the questions being raised here. How much power does the president really have to develop a new military command I mean think about it here. We're thinking about in the same category of the army the navy the air force to Marines. Putting. The space force. In the same kind of category now this raises all kinds of questions not just the authority the president. But what are the things that immediately comes to my mind is this a good idea. To publicly discussed this. This is kind of intriguing. I think it would be very naive of any of us to assume. That these kinds of. Plans have not been going on behind the scenes anyway. Do you have any doubt about that I don't. When is this something that should be public and were coming out with a very. Deliberate public plan to militarized space. Just putting that out there I'd love to get your thoughts. As we continue. At our car Tuesday broadcast and boldly go where no one else has gone before. It's 14 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock to Vince Coakley radio program and you guys crack me up on the sex line. Fuel the rest of you will find out in just couple minutes when we share some of the items from there. First taking call out of Matthews. With Roger good morning welcome certain. They've got melody ranch are completely I'm not. As anybody has been happily route from this America now I'm staying where it was this system. Pact or anything like definitely eluded to that and the other thing. Just stepped up call then you mention about shouldn't militarized space. When concerned about it we milk trust that is going back Blu-ray remember who Star Wars and Lucia Newman. You haven't that I mean we multi space that person you don't want it seemed like. Yeah and it's you it's interesting you bring this out because there is there's no question bearers there's some former military is Haitian it's already taken place I appreciate your call their Roger. Are on the previous question the H word yes you know it's interesting that's not being used to publicly. But I've talked with a number of before recent days you've been asking that question they're wondering is that what's going on here. Ends I think it's a good question. So. I think kids should be posed to the appropriate authorities with American in PSA. You run see what their answer is on this. Kind of intriguing to explore. Let's go out to Bob insurer American morning. Hey grant thanks for taking my call. I'd I'd history and not have early being marked as they are not necessarily on the border all but not that barely get the guy. But it reminded me of of George C. Scott Kelly Peter Sellers Mr. President we must not have a mind (%expletive) up yeah. I like it did leave that up big in the White House right now. That is an interesting analogy you bring out there Bob hey do appreciate your call. I'm into I'm curious to see what develops here and some are fewer on certain could be onto something in talking about just the idea of strategy. Starting with a are tax. First Greg out of Greer. More deliberation here who is the other person we always have a liberation from. Its somebody else in another city. And they'll probably call they it's somebody in Shelby I think. It's something like Shannon is that she she yeah I think that may be yet so we have Greg Craig and career. Brought together a whole alphabet like that Vince just wanna be the first person the text you today. The good old how do you do. Why am well thank you very much. On the tech slide as well well Vince crying you'll get it one day oh I will okay. Porn I leave me what is so I'm not kidding please call me and tell me what it is I'm not understanding. And the variety of things that we've already discussed in the first block. Let's see. Someone all else I think responding to the question that was raised by a previous caller. About this airline issue. This texture says probably those Chinese monkey around with them. Also. Looked red truck just wants to save thunderbirds. A year ago. Also this space tourist more likes baseball's. That a person does the name Star Wars system from Reagan presidency ring a bell well he had money. We will see. The space force to invade other worlds before they invade seriously it's a good idea for satellites security the future of warfare. Ruby who controls the satellites in orbit to have a huge strategic advantage on the ground sea and air. Another person saying keep that music by John Williams when talking about space force in the future market of our kill. Another person saying Reagan did the same thing with Star Wars is a ploy to get Russia to commit to it and it broke them as far as space tourists. We only go there for military reasons. And from one to spend money in space let's concentrate on stopping an asteroid or comet from hitting our planet. And that would be good purpose. Let's go out to Tom what are your thoughts on this sir. Although. I'll look like the common and the fact that the present there are savvy out sort reportedly created new military French. How mr. person did this second attack some corporate car it's. Yeah and parity created. The United States marine better third Eric and also. With Egyptian mercenaries are back there the eventually get pumped short tomorrow assuming it's super important. Two short server Tripoli but he writes. And certainly doesn't have the authority justice Thomas Jefferson has been authority. And and you're certain to new conversation in space which you. Make it operate ten times faster. Than mass were able to digital is dead and sensible people and and more integration and much bureaucracy. Charlton and I industries force. I see you you seem pretty comfortable with this. Oh absolutely February total depletion guest albeit they're. The opportunity to cut accords sure how to re dead period Tom. They have very much appreciate your call. Only to me. And we do from now into the police force in guess Tony okay Jim good morning welcome. Yeah I have a comment about the Chinese site that sort of albeit I'm concerned about your personal hell. Yeah argue from being constructed by all mobile world file almost four hour no it's simply. Okay well he. Let me get a report you know more and more he's been where I am. There there. Oh yeah. I get is why do you have such. You're checking your life and your all of red though aren't there he is. My hair I don't know about the attorneys who fight. They're trying to iron you're probably going to the murdered. All of them are rather liberties are what you'll know what they're ignored a couple of our album I'll mere. So you think this is important especially for us to keep up with the Russians. Good charter a Chinese. Moral law and despite things or the country on the laurels right now. It is what Brady bonds bought it right back where ordinary rank and golden are there good euros. They're not a bar don't apply bureaucrat sitting around bitten but don't remember out. Every year you know this is something I've been curious about I had a friend who works as a contractor for necessary years ago. And he kind of prophesied this I remember the conversation we had. Years ago he said Vince. We're really dismantling our space program he said. We are basically. Ceding all of the authority and control of this to this stupid International Space Station. And we're gutting what we're doing right here in this country. We were. Don't know Bob Albright remain at war and make you straight shot down lap and he damn well mirrored bit. And and not the charming either the milk truck despite here's quickly and it's by actors like gain in more a word. Well that's a pretty scary image Jim I do appreciate your call always enjoy your passion is just crack me up monkey airlines has that was. The way it is many of you guys seen this year on TV it's called. What is it LA to Vegas. It's a show about it's a pair is a comedy about an airline. That show you is it's really kind of goofy but it's funny. I watched I think about all the episodes over the it's quite comical. Some fascination with the airlines and you answer your question by the way about travel and you've got a limited time schedule. Seven hours is a lot and tried to get into let's fourteen hours going there and back to try to get into a weekend. Hasn't worked very well 46 minutes. You know I can deal with tax. Just putting them out there more of your calls and your text and there are is some good wins here. Really good words. Then alone is worth the price of admission. That much more as we continue our Tuesday morning broadcast and statements. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley ran your program. Still to come we are going to talk about this concern about. What's happening with. Young children getting separated from their parents it's a legitimate concern and we will talk about where this issue stance also. Trade wars spooking Wall Street the Dow is down nearly 400 points right now and that's one of the reasons. For that. On the text line its soldiers there are some pretty interesting items here. We have this from one to spend money in space let's concentrate on stopping an asteroid or comet from hitting our planet. Another person suggest there must be oil up there. Are you think so boy that would be really out cost effective to get oil back. Vince after thirty years ninety I can tell you they AEA system was not hacked failed. Caused by a pork management decisions. Our board. I'm confused what is the H word that nobody wants to mention it is hack one of the callers brought that up earlier suggesting. PSA. Weather computer issues per it was perhaps packed so far we've not gotten indication that has been. The case. News flash. SpaceX is NASA there almost completely taxpayer funded so they should just change their game to NASA. Really. That's kinda uninteresting. Everyone knows the transformers crashed on the dark side of the moon ages ago. Food. Thanks for that reminder. Another text to hear mentioned LA to Vegas that TV show. Unfortunately it's been canceled it was a great show on said he knew that I was pretty funny he really was comical yet to watch it. Vince I am an unabashed strong supporter but I question this notion of space force of we have money for space force that we have money for well. Not a person say your NASA is Lindsay bloated fraudulent money laundering machine not because of standard red tape but because there is no space. NASA is the federal government's continuous movie production studio. I'm moon. That's what's going on here because you know we really didn't go to the moon. That a person saying here there's no oil in space but their use in March. Write something to consider Scott to Gina green -- good morning. You have finished it's a fascinating topic you know. I was once young you're naive now I'm older and aging and becoming a livable wiser. Actually to crush a few ports remember Ronald Reagan when he introduced Star Wars are never Howell and laughter at him. Regarding this and what has come of it well Israel now has her an incredible defensive shield colts. But essentially political tensions the champ something like that you aren't sure that thank. All I wouldn't do locked issue largely. And you know what bank failure amid the good sport the holy book survival right MS. Not I guess you can say that yes. A lot of card if you don't believe had warned Spanish prolongation even testified to that. Associated pulled down from not from the heavens as the Pope replied you can you compare award to have blood. So that additional in my larger point come true. No matter what we already tried to do back to tower probably try to build and all you're allowed to stay tuned and not. The lord himself brought it down that would warfare command you look at a lot of what has allowed that the second man to go to the second and third to have these last week. So I'm not surprised playing your best I think if you become acute we if you've read science fiction like you do little boy. A lot of things can depend. I'm beginning to wonder who gave these men he's vision mr. Wright situation before that time and giving god FaceBook for awhile after that debt. Troll I'm going to keep our eyes open. Yes I we will certainly do that they appreciate your call their gene that no other important dimension of this considered no pun intended to. Let's go out to Chris good morning. So that. Some basically lets not forget that originally the had this special force the loosely challenger. I am sorry and the breakers they're Columbia challenger. And endeavor which will play challenger and discovery were all property of Napa. The Atlanta for special at the property of the US air force. And open through the construction of the space station every mission meadowlands along with the US air force mission. It was always the military crew. Member who'd be all the satellite from the GPS satellite communications satellite or all part of the star award for FBI. And that later became part of business. Now its car of the future where the future is going wrong chime what I want to do it do. Quote conquer them and take over the moon because the mode of government helium three helium three is the best fuel for nuclear fusion. It's already exist on the earth at all. So. President Bush George W. Bush okayed a program for map that you think four crew. They are locked in certain to go to the moon. President Obama nixed that not so what comparable Ford is now air but come on board to mark using method to go to market you want you snap the preparations. And science to get a mark on hopefully president drop Oakley that's what he's thinking. Realize that we do need to go to them and establish a permanent man spec I men stations at start harvesting helium three. As if it's Arctic survey helium three is not going to be a prelude they'll own all of energy because initially that's going to be the energy source. Now how do you. And the first thing you'd think it comes to mind for me how do you transport this. Just welcome back to admit I guess I made it very light it can be compressed. It Helio army unit helium floats. Do you think period you know get him to approach earlier increased to protons and one neutrons. It still going to be extremely light you just go up there and vacuumed up I guess I don't know ally have been extracted. I just tell them is covered with that this sound spit that out as a waste product. But the magnetic field around the error blocked from getting near sale only in only land on the moon. The next the next. Second. Most viable place for sorcery and very its Saturn but that's way too far away. So while the moon is the best buy together right now. That's pretty intriguing and I appreciate your call their Chris. Learning some things I was not aware of I mean again it's an AM again dismiss the whole idea behind space exploration. To discover things like this. Because I think there's always that quest to find out what is out there that we've not discovered this is not available here on earth. You know and and may the risk of sounding trite you know to. That that's really what the purpose is here. And I think some of the things that we've discovered so far certainly had a tremendous impact. On what we're doing an art technologies that we're taking advantage of take for granted to be honest with you. To this day mate she got about a minute here. They then I got just a real quick comment that I'm all for exploring space and everything but I don't wanna start weaponized again militarized space and aliens are gonna come and blow follow. If you think that putt for a. Never get invited into the intergalactic. Alien. You know. Round table if we just you know bring nukes up and tar ball and each other out. That would be a good start would it. I don't terrible I'm curious do you think there's something else out there. Absolutely you do or OK what are you shootout and you think we will ultimately make that discovery. Yeah it's forty if we don't get blown out by them or military I think space and start footnote seven space but yeah I think he'll eventually. Com once were written. OK OK fair enough adventure Karl other inmates. I wonder what these beings would be like compared to all of these scifi images that we've been bombarded with for decades and yeah. I don't expect to see little green men yeah I don't think that's gonna. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock and we've got yet more deliberation here how about this wouldn't Graham from Greeneville. That's pretty impressive good morning welcome. Thank you permit me at all we're economic data show thank you. I know I've been awfully to a lot of the other individual speaking and I look at them side by illness milder but I that it was both the rich and powerful. We're trying to cure for mother planet so that they could get out there and an all all the support they leave behind. He do you think that's actually part of the strategy here. Yeah that ripped apart by route but. Although the assumption that if we didn't go right straight that are older than maybe rather than a blueprint. You know that's a good question and that and I think it's an appropriate question to ask is it necessary to start new entirely. New bridge to deal with something like this. What is the rationale behind that I don't know I would be curious to know what the the reason is for this because again and and Adam here's part of a concerted I immediately had it is. Do we wanna create yet another layer of bureaucracy. Rather than just function with what we already have and put. Making this a sub. Department or something like that I had I would suggest. You you would probably be OK with I've. The bigger question. Yes it's it's a fair one for sure grand great to hear from you thanks very much for listening. Will quickly go to Rodney in Charlotte good morning. People who read the. Yes sir it's all you. I didn't know lot of the united they had executive moved a liking to. That. The first underwritten and relative rock back and and driven through advocated them. They never found that it would help reporting count got over the moon bit tentative against you probably. Home I didn't miss Rodney death. That was pretty clever I gotta hand it to you. I really like that there was still is good in fact we have this from little tour events you go to Mars you grow your own traders is long as you say if you're. Stuff. But. In this. Russia's working out a laser wipe out space junk. No doubt we need to guard against potential threats. Since our government has satellites in space arm with tungsten rods. The project when released they fall to earth at twelve. Thousand miles per hour upon impact everything. And within a mile half has destroyed zero radiation. Then. Vince you really should geysers solidifying when this conversation exactly would people we're gonna think after the rapture. You know by the way it throws you not familiar with this this the idea that Christians are going to disappear. You know before you tribulation period starts that sort of thing. There are actually people who believe on the flip side of this that all of the bad people or gonna be taken out of the earth I'm serious. There are groups who believe this. That in order for the earth. To experience the true. Manifestation. Of what needs to happen. In the next stage a revolution. All of the people who stand in the way have to be taken out. I remember seeing this year's ago which is blew my mind that there are people actually believe that but it's it's true they're out there. The other texture here says I must be a time warp I thought these discussions came on at 10 PM. What can you possibly be referring to. Another purpose for getting into deep space there are scientific experiments that can be done unearth. Which would greatly advance our civilization. Anti matter annihilation in nuclear fusion both result in a release of energy so massive before Don earth in entire continent could be leveled. We need to go to space to work on these things from a safe distance. Okay. Shipments congress and fake news will never allow helium from the moon. Or any other gases to surpass their hot air. That gets him out of creek and up up up up up. A man that is too funny. But you know there's a lot of validity there. Yet either so a whole lot of gas that's produced. In our nation's capital. I don't think anybody questions that at all. Still to come to the broadcast we will talk more about this immigration issue how do you resolve this issue. Children getting separated from their parents there's ongoing debate about this. In sites. Ex US attorneys are calling for Jeff Sessions to end this practice. Of separating. Migrant families. Dozens of these US attorney signed on to a letter. Calling for Jeff fact Jeff Sessions you'd take action on this. These are former attorney she served under Democrats and Republicans arguing the policy departure from past Justice Department procedure. And I don't need to read anymore of the moralizing in and I'm not dismissing this at all. And I said a mr. she is yesterday's program. Absolutely something needs to be done about this by the way did you hear about what happened. The Laura Bush. Comments about this. And Sara Sanders decided to hit back. Responding to a sharply critical Washington Post op Ed penned by Laura Bush addressing Donald from its enforcement of border law office. When asked about the presence reaction to the bush. Op Ed. Sanders. Said the president shared her concerns and urged congress to change the laws that were driving the child crisis at the border. But that's not all she said frankly this law was actually signed into effect in 2008. Under her husband's leadership not under this administration approach. Referring to the trafficking victims prevention reauthorization act signed by bush bush into that resonates. So. That was quite a slap. That wouldn't stung just a little bit still to come. He needs some good news about marriage we've got some for you how it's good for you for your health. Information on this study and much more. And our number two stared straight ahead. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This system fits Coakley radio program. However two of our broadcasts. In the first hour. We just briefly touched base on the story that. Some in the mainstream news media in fact CNN has been on this they're beating this drum nonstop. About it's. Kids getting separated. From their parents who have crossed over border illegally. One thinks we share with you yesterday. What's the facts that this is that a concern raised several years ago. A journalist. Provided documentation of this. This information has been out there for years. Going back to I think it was 2014. This is a new. But this is exactly. What's happens when you have the mainstream news media. Determined. To make his case determined to stir up strife. Determine. To take down a president that's really what this is about. I'm not one of those people who is into the conspiracy theories in the nonstop. Shilling for Donald Trump you should know that by now. This is so obvious. Right Byrd has done another story on this which I think is really good bye John Nolte. Thirteen faxed to media pros don't even know about family border separation. Just got to share some of these with you. John Nolte writes the fire was a fake news release Deborah Schmidt media this week on the issue of illegal immigrant fairly separated border. Is designed to mislead the American people. And to distract from Trump's recent successes. Any talks about the facts thirteen truce the media do not what you know about president trumps legal humane and moral handling of adults and children entered the country illegally. Number one trump is only enforcing the law. To Trump's only choice is to separate illegal alien families. When an illegal alien crosses the border into the US he is a law breaker and like any law breaker. Including American citizens he's put into the criminal justice system can I just ask you this question. If you happen to break the law. Do you get to stay with your children. Dog. We have this for a moment. We wanna do you wanna put kids in jail. Which their parents is that think that the strategy now. Obviously when an illegal aliens in custody he's housed. In an adult detention center for obvious reasons the would be illegal for trump to reunite this family by allowing children. To live an adult detention centers doc. What is wrong with these people. You really have to wonder sometimes. Whether there is any brain material in there at all. You know rather than exploring outer space. Maybe we need to explore the inner space between the ears of the morons running the TV networks and the newspapers in this country. But then again that would be very fun because you wouldn't find any thing. Three the left once illegal aliens to enjoy privileges denied to American citizens. If an American citizen breaks the lot has funneled into the justice system he separated from his family and children. The American citizen is not allowed to keep his family with him in a detention center. One more point these migrants are guilty walking minor children through miles and miles of desert. With the intent of committing a crime. Crossing a border illegally. If you or I walk the child through miles and miles of desert with the intent of committing a crime. Child Protective Services would take our children away and should. This is an excellent point isn't it. Asylum seekers not breaking the law are not being separated. Well imagine that if you cross the border illegally claim asylum you are still law breaker regardless of your intent. Crossing the border illegally automatically Pritchard a criminal justice system where you obviously be separated from family. Asylum seekers who respect our laws by turning themselves in legal ports of entry are not being separated. You know this really isn't that difficult is it. Trump is correct about the loop hole. 1987 consent decree. All the Flores settlement made it illegal for Americans hold migrant children for longer than twenty days meaning in order to keep the family together after twenty days of detention. We need to reunite the family by letting them loose to live illegally in America. Or keep the parent in detention in place the child in a Foster home or the relative who lives in America. Trump is doing the latter. Number six reuniting families would be a disaster for countless children. Again the only way to keep a family together is to allow illegals to pour into our country. This policy would be a total disaster especially for the children. If word gets out America automatically allows illegal border crossings with small children loose into America just because they have minor children. This would only further guess what's. Incentivize. Those who engage in the child abuse of dragging children belong on the unbelievably dangerous trek across the border or even worse. Exploiting them for catch and release then traffic them after making into the country. And number seven we get to the rest of these later Obama the Democrats incentivized this family separation. Until Obama came allowing illegal border crossings primarily involved young you're single men. Obama incentivized the idea of dragging minor children along in this dangerous journey. Where many children are sexually assaulted there is policy of catch and release. Once word got out illegals with small children be let loose into America. The number of children crossing the border exploded. People aren't stupid they figured this stuff out. Get the last thing decent people want is for the American government further incentivize the crew elected bringing small children along in this brutal trip across the border. Which is exactly which rumpus hoping to stop. Within zero tolerance policy. Seek and this can all be solved if we just keep them out of first place. I'm missing something here. Luke out of Boone good morning's. Good morning bill that you stole all my thunderbird I would like to say this that. You know I think common sense is slept the entire building. Our former president Barack Obama. It took the stick in our country down a little bit I don't think that we can never turn back on. And it is just couldn't we created if you watched any of the here yesterday. And you quickly realize that an American war in America and there we are being governed by. Old and seen. People they can't even discuss the issues unless they understand that under that brought them their voices and they can't read it. They're career politician to what the job. And now they're addressing. You know they're addressing issues. Of border security. And the safety of our nation and its. You know I think it's time for revolution I'd rather than a Republican I'm not a Democrat. I'm not an independent I'm an American first. And by golly you know people that had been. Handed both at flags this is how wide. Dads and Brothers and husbands and women have died for the flag. Bit it's it's it's ridiculous. And I don't want to get. Two popular here but that's good the point is this that until we get term limits. And the I'm I'm so tired at the John McCain said that Nancy Pelosi. And this guy is fine signs. They go there they steal money they are they're. Yep we got to clean house is the bottom line Lou we're up against a heartbreak men I absolutely appreciate your passion. And got a clean house. This is still since Coakley radio program. 19 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program for those you interest and I want to encourage you. This is your call to action if you wanna push back on the ignorance the stupidity. And all of the moralizing that you see on social media share the story that I posted. It's posted on the 1063 WRD FaceBook page and WDT FaceBook page read it and share it. Can push back on a lot of ignorance. And believe me there's a lot of ignorance out there. Truly sad. Really really sad the level of ignorance. I'm just gonna complete this list. Number eight Barack Obama separated illegal alien families media said nothing we talked about this yesterday. The tweets that go back to 2014. From a reporter for bright part. Such as anybody cares anybody paying attention of course they weren't. Because we couldn't talk about the great messiah Barack Obama. Yes I said that. So one of the reasons why I get very concerned when I secretly drinking trump supporters because it's the same thing. Many of us were driven up the wall watching the Kool Aid drinkers for both Barack Obama. If you can look at this objectively you can see that people were doing the same thing with Donald Trump or old don't you dare say anything about dear leader. We better get rid of this cult is up on both sides of the aisle or this republic goes down the toilet. Gotta be able to look at things objectively. Based on facts. And we are something does not look good let's just be honest about it. You have to defend the person to skip the job done. Anyway Barack Obama. Responsible. For perpetuating this behavior. Nine the only important the only way to reunite families is to released him into America. Obviously we cannot have children living in adult detention centers we cannot have adults living in child detention centers therefore the only way to reunite these families. Released them into our country. Mean you will not tell you this because the media do not once you know the flooding America with non citizens is their true agenda. The rich and powerful love to exploit and abuse these individuals as they leverage their immigration status for illegally low wages. And politicians there are salivating at the chance to bestow voting rights on them. And thus entrenched in their power. You know how this works. She incentivizing the actor bringing minor children across the border is evil. The media do not want to inform Americans have won crucial fact the dangers inherent in crossing the border from Mexico into America. Most especially the dangers faced by minor children. All too often involving sexual abuse. You people care about these children know they don't. Their political pawns. Eleven those who come to America legally. Face family separation. Many people come to America legally from other countries are separated from family big part of America's legal immigration policy involves family separation when one or two family members come over before the rest are legally or financially able. So once again we have the media and Democrats demanding special treatment for illegal immigrants that legal. Immigrants do not enjoy. Twelfth. Family reunification. Is an invitation to human traffickers. Because of catcher release because this dumb a destructive loophole carved out for families. The number of illegal aliens using children to enter the US increased by 315%. Germany said 315%. Who incentivized that. Thirteen media. And I can't use this word on the radio. It. Or raise three letter. Agency. We're not be pleased. Media do not give a crap. About American families separated by criminal illegal aliens. That's the bottom line they don't care. This is a means to an end. For one. It's kind of like the race issue. So many of these these media agencies they don't care about blacks and whites getting along well they don't care about black prosperity. They care about the story. Showing destitute black people and proving that Republicans and people like that don't care about black people. That's why they allowed him to drown in New Orleans. You know how this works. This is because they care well is they want another news story. I've been there on the inside. And there's just something callous about many of these people. We're so in love this story in love of the narrative but country be damned. Who cares how much strife. And how much ignorance is propagated in the process. As long. As we have a great story can we move off. And rush is correct buyer for into this is the drive by media. Because they'll stir up this strife. Don't know the story for all it's worth that they'll move on to the next tragedy. And how many heartbroken people were out there. We're dealing with the real affection whatever it is they were talking about it. Let's go out to a call from reach show in New York good morning. Good morning I'm the reality for what happened these children these and accompanying monarch when everything blew it here is that is a lot worse than. And I think our media and even wants to talk about. When Donald Trump says that there are some very bad people bringing children here. He wasn't wrong Honduras has the current. Trying to rape a child murderer in the world and in at least South America. These children are being installed. To drug cartel criminal and mule. They're being brought here. And as far as the solemn go to the asylum seeker can stop along the way at all in the US embassy and claim asylum I don't have to bring them all the way to the border. What's happening is bear hug mainly here in our Sanctuary City to a waiting for these children to get here. And in 2012 under the Barack Obama administration and the US Department of Agriculture actually circulated. Flyers in Mexico City. Saying that you could get aren't. United States social welfare system without revealing. I your citizenship status. And he gave the city and that the state with which that's what work. What. Happening at these kids are in its commitment core it came to be brought he. And they're being given to be extremely. And they're not. Standing in one single household for more than six months because Debian shifted from family it's mainly from city to city and state the state. Used for social welfare. With no permanent at all her twelve year old girl who are impregnated. By other host mail to Jess to increase. The amount of subsidies that can get from Social Security disability welfare it's now up housing. The reality is a lot worse he then people want to admit it. Can come I had I can't decide if it's. Democrats willful ignorance. Or if it's just that practice that Barack Obama were so good that for eight years probable than not ability. Had this bad since chills down my spine to Rachel I do appreciate your call on your passion and each. And that's burden that you share it's not going to be in pain. Just as attention is focused on this I believe it. Justice will prevail or more more people are paying attention to this. Tony 9 minutes after 11 o'clock on Vince Coakley radio programs speaking of families we'll talk about specifics. Of marriage. This is still Minsk. Coakley radio program it's. Issue's been exploited by the mainstream news media blitz brought you clover. The sprawling metropolis of clover and Irene good morning. Good morning. I'm probably here although if I am I'm ninety's hit yeah that I let him do each day. All and I enjoy it I'm happy that I don't agree with you that that's okay. No I was going to try and this is gonna make some people are angry but that's okay do. They really the only way we can solve the group is together and then children. And have them have no parent. And the child reunited. And occasionally. And then and then battled back to where that came column. And it's. All our problems. It's pretty straightforward isn't it Irene that'll keep them unified. That's a great way for them to be unified in their own country ranks. Exactly and I don't eat the parents broke the war from the very beginning. And in our country isn't that the debt growing to do something about this we are going to have run the US failed America. Nigeria Irene I'm gonna ask you because this is a very important question I'm sure a lot of people want to know what's your secret to longevity. What amen to that I don't think I'm any more questions. Occasionally went out and make. OK got bush shoe and it may you have many more years. Maybe set of new record I don't know putting them out there and it's pretty awesome 96 years old. To cool. Does anyone realize if you break the law in the US regards to your children DC if we'll take your kids away. Why isn't breaking the largest coming across the border illegally risk the children's life putting them in harm's way being raped dying of the heat in desert. Why is that considered child abuse and those children shouldn't be taken. Also 121000 kids in detention 101000 came to the border without parents. It's not about pulling kids from their mom's arms it's about sex and human traffic. Wake up people. Stupid does have to be forever but Liverpool liberalism is a mental disorder as we know that is from jail. Shipments I don't directory and what Laura Bush or any other bush has to say on this topic. She should go have another cigarette and shut up. It's we don't need the space department the aliens are already here. You can't tell me check she were Nancy Pelosi are a couple of those clean on through starts trick or a putt I thought. That's for Jeff. That is pretty good. Parker bus next to the HHS office told parents. They have a choice keep their children get on the bus because they obviously took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. And wandered across the border while on vacation or. Surrender their children go to jail. Well that's quite a choice. Since I'm sorry the dims couldn't care less about children since they really enjoy murdering the unborn baby ripping them promote the mother's womb. Unless they repent and turn from the send they will not escape judgment. Vince we can make a movie at the border with factors disguised as. Illegals with kids attending cross the borders we opened fire on them is they cry us a really. When we don't tell anyone it's a movie then watched the liberals exploded. It angered watch immigration dropped to zero all of the same time I see Richard doing here. We put out a fictional movie. You've come across the border you get mowed down. My goodness. This said that we've been talking about this. There really is. Never very simple solution in forced the dog on border. Liberals concerned about kids being separated from parents usually they're not concerned when they don't marry or divorce. Sad about the decency of kids about illegal immigrants. That needs to stop. Kerry has nothing to do this political posturing Democrats firmly believe in illegal means to reach an end. Instead the illegal means. To reach a solution Brett that's pretty clever. Is it coincidental everytime a strong pro American Republican. Reagan in trouble elected prison the dims amp up amnesty for illegals. We'll get the proud cause of problems whether their children detained the border. Lack of respect for human life African American fathers trim from their children school program should school shootings and riots. They'll have their roots and her direct results of progressive policies. Yes just a trail of destruction is that. Now the ripping children from the arms their families narrative has traction it's less likely Democrats will work with trump as usual the dims would rather have the issue. Then solve the problem. Illegal women with children will never work again welfare for the rest of their lives on us. Since the fact did you break the law you go to jail separated from your children no matter who you are. The other person. Responding to what I said about the republic and its effect is. This republic is already circling the toilet bowl not because the politicians but because the brain known voters. We don't get me started on that one. Point. Obama Kool Aid drinkers were deteriorating America. Trump Kool Aid drinkers are more traditional American supporters. Adamant supporters are required either way. The elitist street Hispanics like the ruling elite treat the apes and planet of the apes and Warner sooner or later there were rise up against their elite masters. Didn't in so well planet of the apes for the lead standards. Yep. This all of this monkey business could very well catch up with them. Hot hot hot cannot resist. The children can be proven useful while they're here. Now that's terrible. You're scary. I'm gonna treat for you. Let's go to a call from Tom in. Destined to had a good morning Tom. Good morning it's always been curious show and special that nine accumulated can be got a good cross sectional out. People listening to. Actually she said 96 students she might consider. It's amazing. But listen I don't mean this sounds stupid enough to burn it waddle thought leaders. In government and menstrual. All the nose kind of look why don't they help their people you know stay over there in here can get elaborate on their greatest slogan now I know about really don't want. I want to ask you just think for a moment why would they want him over here Tom. I mean I don't mean when he drives most people what's the major motivation for people. Now America is the breadbasket the world's greatest summer civilization and country in the world but I mean but they should. Make their own. Cut him a bowl in EY. So to kind of sort of money. Think about it because if you have these people come to the United States and they're working what are they doing with their money. And and backed necessarily. Back to Mexico. While you were in step forward in Mexico and do good thank him go because they don't care for their people any more than many of the politicians over here. Care for us that you have in fact it's probably worse Tom thanks for your call you know it may sound cynical but that's reality. I don't care about the people. If you can keep the flow of money coming over to Mexico. And not have to take care of these people in the first place let him go. It's a win win. For these politicians win win situation. Coming up take a look at the day in history an important story about your health and marriage to stay with us. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley ran your program the straw to a call from met in Charlotte good morning. They can't let me show you cannot just walk saying it all week you're carrying the base and you get married six year old Vietnam about a thirty girl. Not. Bring up some open outcry I'm sick a lot more fire than usual. We got Palmeiro or who is calling the slammer. David and thought there was Gallup poll. Now I don't agree or disagree with any bank vault network yet but I'll pick out of the spotlight on what other Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Look better when our first down her regards David MI on a lawn and George web on it on the Internet not being here kind of got it buried eight open that I doubt that the little guy. But there actually. Goal. Are hurt from it then it. Stole it. And you know that the packets hitting it streaming it. This got a Dell and our. Classified information to the highest bidder. And it's being. I know word count I get a little bit more information on all different Gmail account that Hillary Clinton. In the pocket. Obama's puppet that are out there in the congress and ten written. You know whatever salary would sectarian state. We were solid and are classified information that I had better and I'd do what only because he did in southern new technology. I'm you can look at Wall Street Journal always been a brand you know very well then there are common now. It's you know from other country this is all right major netted big goal for the last twenty years or so to the highest bidder. But this it was not a lot is Walt is Greek people Ari can. And there's just don't want to buy it in any peace. And you know the fact that Pollyanna or been thrown in jail. It's cute it's a bizarre. Conundrum Lovett Bennett the plot this guy image I don't want dull server. And it's walking our streets Arianna I'll never understand. Well when you can figure it out it's let me know Matt's this is one of the unfortunate things. It in so many times this country is not what you done it's who you know can. That's really makes all the difference in the world you know the right person you can avoid. Just about any prosecution. Doesn't work for most of us. But it worked for the special people. That's 52 minutes after 11 o'clock time to take a look at the day in history as we traveled on interstate 85 toward Greenville studio. And Lorenzo welcome back man ha. How are you I'm good how you did I hate. Well let's jump right in and talk about the state in history because we have some very interesting items in. One of the things I'm going to intrigue you wish is a question that was answered in this program today we'll see if mr. writes I was paying attention. We begin an 1862. Very important year in the nation's history and especially for people like myself. This was made illegal in all US territories in 1862. An act of congress clever. You are correct it's illegal. 1885. By the way I should clarify that was in US territories. Very important distinction 1885. This monument arrived in the United States. I believe this came from France in pieces some assembly and a base required. Statue of liberty you are pro. 1934. This three letter. Agency was established. When that's he's kind of keeping an eye. On what we're doing on the air. FCC. What a wonderful organisms yes wonderful organization the Federal Communications Commission. 1953. Are you familiar with the couple Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. What I don't familiar what did they do. They were executed for something. Cold War era. The spine. It. Okay fine for Russia on America that's pretty I don't think we're gonna give that to you. They actually passed US atomic secrets to the Soviets. Pretty. This other little crown them somehow put spies do you are correct. You're absolutely correct. We've got to come back to this takes slide first. Take about a very important story came across. This is. Really good stuff regarding marriage. You know we hear all kinds of concerns expressed about what's happening to our marriage culture in the United States or America. And I'm sure I'm married men like lens you'll be pleased you this is well. Even if marriage is sometimes more of a bed of nails than roses. Living into old age with a partner may help ward off heart disease and stroke. I sweeping survey research conducted over the last two decades to recover. Two million people 42 to 77. This study. Found that being hitched significantly reduce the risk of both maladies. Heart attack and stroke. That's pretty good don't you think. That's awesome not just Americans. Very populations in Europe North America the Middle East and in Asia. Compared to people living in spousal union the divorced widowed or never married. 42% more likely develop cardiovascular. Disease 16%. More likely to have coronary heart disease. The risk of dying was likewise elevator for the nine married by 42%. From heart disease. 55%. From stroke. So hopefully this'll help us out by and so. I have yourself a great team in. Since all of you have a great day and establish. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.