President Trump's Budget and the Effect on Americans

Vince Coakley Podcast
Tuesday, February 13th

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Hey the putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children. It's a dangerous and it's got a solidly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. Herman is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC mobilizing we eat the people. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. We're service leaders who want to return power to the people into the community. This isn't much you can visit my kids this is my grandkids this is my country and it my country. Up and fight score together Casey's Vince Coakley radio program. Yeah good morning good to be back would you. Hope everything is going well in your world its list. And what some interesting things to talk about I'm sure you're totally shocked by that. As we delve into some of those things right now would get some testimony taken place from Dan Coats Tuesday Director of National Intelligence. They are speaking before a Senate Intelligence Committee. Dan Coats is doing that right now. I could see in fact north Carolina's own Richard Burr sitting there looking rather pensive as he takes in this testimony. What are the things that I'm intrigued by. I was quite intrigued by this. I've been saying to you folks for quite some time about the kind of leadership that's necessary in this country for the season. Especially for talking about getting our fiscal house in order what. What have I been saying to you. My big concern. Is this somebody needs to lay out a vision for moving. Us away from the great society programs put in place under Johnson. It's time. There's got to be some leadership here and lo and behold. Ask and you shall receive. Of course this story. Is one of these stories of lament I'm sure your shocked the Washington Post is doing a story on this. Trump wants to overhaul America's safety net we've giant cuts to housing food stamps. And health care. A similar view on the surface may be seeing. I'd catch you admit he's cashed in man. Finally she wound to see snooping Lleyton it's because it's never been the government's job to provide housing food stamps or healthcare. Never. And we need to begin moving in a direction. That is fiscally responsible but also won that world. Allow our social muscles to redevelop what do I mean by this. As always beat government continues carrying out these functions there's no incentive for you to get your act together. Or your family together. To accomplish these things. Another of those people may look and say way to secure Vince. You know your training this idealistic world it's you know what you're talking about. It was all nice and wonderful back in the 1950s. But families just aren't in anymore you know what. We've got to stop pandering to what is. And present before people are challenged. To make things what they should be. If you don't want this mess if you don't want all these broken families and all the fragmentation. And all that comes with it riches economic chaos. Then don't do it. Recognize the importance of making good lifestyle choices. Which means not sure acting up. Not. Just having indiscriminate sexual relationships with people outside of marriage. Having children all over the place and then trying to sort out the mess later. What does this require. Require some discipline some vision. And some morality. Yes I'm talking about having a nuclear family. And a stable extended family. I'm not saying this to boast I'm saying this because I'm thankful. And I'm also burdened. This is not to throw anybody under the breasts but. It's been frustrating to me to go to extended family events. And be among the most stable. Are of intact families. In the entire family. I don't know how many times we've experienced this. You know some of world and second and third spouses. And and again this is not criticize anybody but we have this disconnected news. Well this also has all kinds of repercussions. Because I believe. Done the right way you can provide the right kind of economic structure and infrastructure. To meet one another's needs because it begins at home it begins with family. So what's Donald Trump talking about here. I love the language here. You know we the Washington Post do you remember them doing a story. About how Barack Obama or these other moron Democrats. Put together a budget a so called budget. That spends like drunken sailors. In all due respect drunken sailors. You receive that kind of language. Knew these people are spending like idiots know. But listen to this first ride the budget president trump proposed Monday takes a hard whack. At the poorest Americans slashing billions of dollars from food stamps. Public health insurance and federal housing vouchers while trying to tilt the programs in more conservative directions. How appealing to that sound to you. Now fire were to write this story and a conservative constitutional context. Are we saying. This budget proposal. Seems to bring spending under control. Can help the government operate more within its means. And I can add further. Moving that direction. That is constitutional. Because there is no constitutional basis for any of these programs not a single one. That would be an objective reading of the story. Instead no it's whack. It's taking a whack a hard whacked at the poorest Americans. The spending plan reaches beyond the White House's own power of the government social safety net. And presumed lawmakers were overhaul long standing entitlement programs for the pork. In ways beyond what congress so far has been willing to do now I'll tell you I have a strong suspicion. That's do you think Mitch McConnell is gonna go for this you think Paul Ryan's gonna go for this. I have serious doubts. These guys are hardly profiles in courage. Hardly. Here's some of the changes. Eliminate the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act transform the rest that program into a system of cap payments to states. Convert food assistance to into a hybrid of commodity deliveries. And traditional cash benefits we're gonna get to that more later because there's a separate story on how to deliver this food. I think it's intriguing I don't know necessarily that I like yet. But I think it's intriguing. And also expand requirement that low income people work to qualify for federal assistance. This is kind of an intriguing approach. I'm gonna tell you what one in the conservative group is saying about this for also gonna go into details about its. The very interest in delivery system to deal with people who need help buying fruit and I mean I. I think there's there's a certain genius to this. Image could actually work. Some things he needs to change anyway and I think everybody would agree with that. We welcome your thoughts. As we talk about planning for the future. In a financially responsible way. 1019 out of Vince Coakley radio program if you like to join the conversation -- advantage talk whatever 809 to 1110. Kind of sits retirement planning text line at 71307. And some perspectives already coming in on the text line. Then some other six died last week days after giving birth. This unwed mother. All chatted up. We have six different baby daddies. That's six kids with no family whatsoever. There are all now and DS a scare. Bush this frustrates the living daylights out of me I feel bad for these kids really do. Really you. This this is why C of trouble was to legalize one point eight million people they should not be able to collect entitlements for at least three years. And not be able to vote for ten. Not voting for ten years will. Actually. Eliminate the right or left agenda these people are given an opportunity of a lifetime to come to the US. They should be thrilled to be legalized. I don't believe. They would have an issue and not being able to vote. Not collecting an entire amount would basically discourage people coming into the country. Not wanting to contribute let's get rid of the handouts. Also this summit suggesting include drug testing. And last Kenny saying. Before you give away any more taxpayer money sterilize everyone in the household before one penny is given out. Well that's extreme sterilize. I can pass. Some you folks are really hard core here. But I understand where you're coming from. Don't necessarily agree with that but I understand. We're very encouraged by their approach to reforming the welfare state both taxpayers and the people on these programs. We're encouraged by the president's rhetoric and recent actions. Now this is a great starting point a great starting point. But this can't just be one single message. There's a need to continue this. Here's what I like. The decision to roll this out. It's bolt. And you know the media is going to be all over this seat this is the kind of controversy I do not mind at all. The president's got to get out there and sell this. Don't make countries you were stupid stuff let's have a serious conversation about these entitlement programs and now out of control ER. We need to have a conversation. What I hope for is more leadership. I'd love to see the president's. Address the nation. Explain the growth of these broke you know this is where it would be great to have any Ross Perot type presentation. Do you guys remember back during during the eighties when Ross Perot was running Merman the charge she put up. That would be really compelling to show the rise of these programs to show how much money. The trillions of dollars we put into these programs that were designed to approach. Put an end to poverty. And they ensures the poverty rate. Because it's virtually unchanged. This is the dirty secret you're not really ending poverty at all. You're perpetuating poverty. And some people who promote peace programs. What they are very accurately described as being poverty pimps. Joseph in Charlotte good morning and welcome. Good morning bit by you you're rights here I'll write you off on it topic that I have talked about three years. But it's going to be developed some pretty. You mean to people there all week in victory over idle. Am I hope you're on the policy. And I kill you while they called I have always creative. These breeding ground of capitalism. Although core and people call. And you can track history. In that you will be better through capitalism cannot function. Without support they of people call. Report provides job. And fortunately he had to call in morality. Into their community. Like stroke. And yet the two Bibby. And immorality. Being you create but as pay go increase low import but good to keep the economy movie. Body. I think now. The poor. And community cocoa and Matt how America had bumps. It will the widow and all that. Or to be supported. But the president set out at bat it would split open all the it took three. And a bigger speaker David is a government a bald guy. Have you bet. As a way of Beijing but. You say that they're profiting off the poor. Oh yeah you keep me there is every bit about it in my feet eighty or 180 or. They have been in the last term will probably get. When did what I want carpet down though. If you pay it did grope billow California freeway Rick well a and they'll look at all the football. Grey got the idea of how to was grope you bet money. Who thought weapon created but don't expect it to the end of the fighter. But yet. What you speak today although the pit light work and you have a elevated so. And and and NB coat congressional record he had quote and say well what he had put the delta. So do that while the quietly. In Atlanta Chicago old. Good dog all of that urban area. Look that good I'd be up at the path. And nobody felt about it. Nobody there who acquired. All of the not imagery. How would be a cult they. So what needs to change your job. Well if you're probably at the camp there. You know what went into my bet. And I had a third or. I have to have third but I'd have to edit I don't break don't buy it sort of having third. The doctor incompetent they would not put your surgery do what I have to get off the all in all you'll pretty. And you're gonna have to object to double by old bootstrap. No he had to go it AM. Eliminate that can't eliminate that issue any. Book or are you going to be happy about that. So I never thought the camp certain open title and art. The call the camp about it are also little children that appears but he. Art though. They give me. Multiple thick you couldn't pick debate in my humble an infant element. A year ago. See him back how light. That is they can't. And if you talk about the cancer did you could vote. Put it all you put a dome it's never been number three up my coat with black oak electorate there just aren't that book and epicenter there while the Serbs. There will not obligated to. Well here's the thing and then ought to make sure that we're on the same page you're joke you've got to get to the root issues and a root issues. Relate to human beings making responsible choices. This this is where this goes back to the beginning. Our so our thinking well it. I yes policy plays a role here. But part of the part of the issue is government cannot promote policies. That are going to be counteract you if to humanity and the things that ought to take place in nature. And our wise choices no matter of government policy we'll fix irresponsible people I do appreciate your call GO. These things have to work together. If we don't learn how to govern ourselves. Do you think the government's going to be able to clean up any and all of our messes. That's what I'm saying here. And if we're not going to govern ourselves. As was originally intended. So you know then all bets are off this is not gonna get an extra 309 to 1110. A text line 7130729. Minutes after ten. This is a fiscal clean radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock on his computer in your program giving your thoughts on plans to. In some way overhaul or at least begin scaling back. This vast array of social programs. Many of these that were put in place back during the Johnson administration. Are Eagles advantage startling numbers 809 to 1110 Cummins since retirement playing text line 713 is your seventh. It's got to Kevin in Charlotte good morning. Prince thank you very much and thank you my problem. You have put on great share that such as many today. I me greatly disagree Richard west color and I can speak live from personal experience. Back in the early seventies when I was a young teenager. My mother was very sick and single mom you know can't picture him saying why China and are ready Lorie carries sculpture art. Dirt floor fort. Looking ahead a bit for our entitlement programs. Now called entitlement program that's politically correct. There welfare program probably gonna welfare system not a welfare state. Yeah. In order planes how learn from this Rowell school out there your is your source close to shock. States should give you really don't want to beef pork. I'm Ralph 58 years old. Up all my house free and clear outright you know you guessed it anyone. It's from. Having some hail in the guilt which he needed and not having that killed throughout my whole life. To keep me pork. That's really good that's a brilliant observation here can describe that distinction again your tuchman difference between. In entitlement program and an entitlement state. Yes the program is near to field Q in the short term. And not the state remember. When my mom their divorce I was 34 years old. In the divorce she got a fairly large apartment that looks fairly well off the time but he's pretty much of beta has never played Charles organ bank. And my mother died when she was 42 when I was a chain you. When we wish you got sick the last two or three years of her life. Chiluba also Immelt for months that I'm glad. 23 years about teenage years. And we probably won't it will serve to stay inspect what they were paper notes. They actually came to Alice and political. Are. They want to say what you pay act. My mother of course she had a little coaching job in the course you got from my father when he pretty much abandoned us we agreed not Corbett it was broke down pretty good run. Are we were the welfare ladies say you know you got to course became so one answer about this Smart you don't need our help this month. So you every month they came in part every quarter whatever it was I came here it's okay. TV. In. They look at what you had today. Did you prepare the expensive things but she's so big horse. And actually invaded that you need that hill. Ball seen it actually say it made me realize that. Listen I know people are short term Utah. It's not the ratio free cell phone and three cable and free health care previous supreme bats chicken states Oriole. It's made me want to being better partnership to begin with being enforced post suck it should be in its they have to do better. Well I've got to certainly commend you for you share Kevin and thank you for your inspiring story of how you have turned all that around. And so you know this is what America's all about right this the land of opportunity. It's not about sustaining people in poverty each early. And and I think this is it's it's kind of rub gross thing to do. We've got liberals who basically once you do remain Puerto rest of your lives. That's really what they want. So that you will stay eternally depended on them for votes. That's how this thing works. Other takes lion. Defense you sound like a little a little bit like a trump supporter. CB this is what's funny. I guess somebody who's gonna say this in the next breath some things to me saying yes chew. Really do hate Donald Trump you've always stated it's pretty funny. In terms of cutting expenses when it started the top congressional gym. And congressional pensions healthcare. Trumps weekly vacations. Congressional retreats on our dime. I can grind. But I'm sure you really don't care yes I do Clinton which is why I am talking about this today by the way. Weird to have that to have that stored somewhere. Jason points. CA told your folks I'm gonna be fair I'm gonna talk about everything. Nobody. Nobody escapes examination here. I am not a person who gets into the game. Of peaking tribes. I'm all about focusing on truth. And the truth of the matter is. When we have things that are malicious say hypocritical. They need to be called out no matter who does it it doesn't matter. Sometimes people are not willing to do that I am. Because to me. Dealing with these issues fairly and squarely and being honest. You know we're we we've it's really the only way we're gonna get anywhere. That's the truth of the matter I'm looking forward graphic. That I just downloaded all Varity is. A link goodness our rates. I guarantee you this gonna cause some manifestations for some people but it's just too bad. I mentioned. It was a week ago Saturday. I went to West Palm Beach first thing I see Air Force One. The president makes frequent trips. To what is characterized as a southern White House. Not just say this is my opinion my perspective. But I have never been impressed of this idea the president's not gonna take a salary. To me I did I'd sure I don't care I really don't. Because they think the money he's given up in salary is probably more than made up. By the exorbitant expense. Of the Secret Service takes on. For security and for travel for that family. I guarantee you it's much more. Let me give you some numbers. And I played the audio on this program just a few weeks ago. We're Donald Trump said hey if I were president. I never wanna leave the White House I wouldn't be out playing golf. I mean that there's two weeks since you that montage at some point if you have we may play this after the break. This was the boasting of president. Current president Donald Trump. Basically mocking. Barack Obama for all the time we spent over golf course and again folks. I was there as well making these derogatory comments about Barack Obama being out on the golf course. I didn't like it then and I don't feel any differently about Donald Trump doing it because he's quote on our side I don't care. But let me give you some hard numbers. This president knew this was as of two weeks ago. He's been in office 379. Days. Out of those 379. Days he spent 124. Of those days aren't trump properties. Think about that that's about a third. Of the time on trump properties. 95 of those days. At golf properties. That's about a fourth of the time he's been in office he has spent bet golf properties and folks if we're gonna call this out. With the president Barack Obama and we need to do the same with this president. I'm not acceptable then. From my perspective not acceptable that this is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1049 of its Coakley radio fervor that we've been talking about it's. Cutting government expense is getting these entitlement programs under control. And someone made the point. I think justifiably so you can look at these presidential expenses as well that figures into the picture. I was Sherry Q before the break with the president had to say. Meet current president's. Back when he was not president all these criticisms of Barack Obama can I refresh your memory about some of these this is a montage. When you listen up very close shoots. I love golf I think it's one of the greats but I don't have time 250 around just bought the guy who plays on the PGA tour players. Obama ought to get off the golf course they get down there. Everything is executive order because he doesn't have enough time because he's played so much guff because they have enough time to convince congress that so I have the greatest. But you know what I love golf but if I warned the White House. I don't think of them as she turned very again I just wanna stay in the White House and work by SR president trump for the birdie. And I liked it like now. You know with some good golf for a belief in Iraq. He saw in utilize this is an opportunity with prime minister Andre. June. How floor faster. Deeper relationships in southeast Asia and Asia rather and have having a growing relationship it's gonna help to US interest. How easy game of golf this is something he's talked about. Today ago. You know I'm not going to be on the golf course. This is what he said folks. Seriously put down the cool laid vet. Because this man has been inconsistent on this very much so. I am not saying this does not negate what he's accomplished in the first year. But those numbers do not lie. Let me refresh your memory. Those numbers that I shared with you 379. Days in office. 124. Of those on trump properties. 95. Days on golf properties. Tim good morning welcome. It's a great yes you're 22 points or two things. Entitlement deal. It's a messed up situation I've I don't get. His direct costs see them on I eight ER Bennett course or reform no ladies and community is what Richard is food stamps. And look they're my daughter it's. The chowder eating it outsource production a former Hershey SL I don't want to handle. I'm needed I'll take care of myself here read it would subnet. It really surprise me exactly the mindset of people really well you'd do this by yourself why aren't cheap. It took steps to ease wrote. Yes there it. That and a hero is not the best sorted it doesn't give you back well. Doesn't make you appreciate what you have. My nappy stake might eat cheeseburgers or Hamburg but it's it's prudent every champion it's all good but I Julia. Which help. I think in my opinion he ran his mouth before he knew what his job was old Bob yeah. Now famous because. I mean almost tasted being. You're confined. Fill it out structured beautiful what you're confined to go out there man will be used to his freedom we keystone resort properties says but the other part of it. Yeah I I see it. He's gonna have this Secret Service what to Wear Rico's. I might not completely agree pilots say. When that was packed courtroom yesterday before some might get even being their governor. He said he he told them this is. Keepers or whoever it is what was wash trim it to governor Reggie. Did you just gotta climb the fact. She wanted you can audit some freedom he thought it's it's I can see. Or. I guess I have to look at those days. And see fit. It says he's working. Or it's considered a vacation. But I do go to. I woke from marquis I hear it is a man is or an art work presents you received a whole lot. And obviously just because each week is 5 o'clock as large as. The current round up tighten it and you know. I did a bright face in my opinion I don't believe he had any idea. That he was going to be under the microscope of all these different. Secret Service people in alarms set off pretty. He's just a change to hear a case for his his real. Oh yes I'm sure it is I do appreciate your call their tip that's an important perspective here. This is why I come back to this very important word humility. He goes a low. Long way doesn't it. You're able to say you know what at and I would love. But you know would you not to these interest in scoring any points with me. But you know it would go a long way for him to come out if someone ever asked a question about this golf thing again say you know what. I you I'd really the you know I just really misspoke years ago when I made all those criticisms of Barack Obama I understand what it's like now. I would go crazy if I stayed in that White House all day. I would and you know what I do respect the heck out of the president for saying that just come and say you know I was wrong about that. And I get it. I want to be confined to that place all day I'll tell you I'll tell you right now well I'm not a golf person can't stand golf. But what I wanna be stuck in the White House Tony 47365. No. Not a chance. Ketchup on some text year. They architecture reminding me that its Ross Perot was in 1990. To. Not a person saying here capitalism thrives many environment if you have a wealthier population technology will do the jobs humans. Don't want to do you. Let the person saying it's easier to take from the poor. Also this. Sometimes it's not racist it's just us the guy and Vincent show could claim racism and a white piece of sand. He has the problem seriously not everything is Brady's fault. Everything calls this race just everything is against the pour in the black community. Well sometimes people and have a little bit of that mindset we'll get to more of your thoughts and perspectives on especially this entitlement issue and how that move they used a different direction. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of hits for. Harris exposing real nice. Saturation start to maybe go to some street Louis who was 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for guys like OJ Simpson's things done rather find the real. Our departure of the broadcaster we talk about. Turmoil in the White House again this time over the chief of staff and perhaps eight laps but he is. But what also is intriguing is a story floating out there abouts. It's possible replacement for John Kelly. Someone with the eighth Carolina connection. We we will delve into that let's go first to call from Jerrold good morning Joseph. Good morning. Aria doing well. Good. A couple comments about all the entitlements. Lose it all talk about that it made me think back at the gate of the depression. And Heidi. I think about you we're good people turn. And they're really record and played to Carol but people turned to face him. They turn to choose their church. NN I wish there were more on that. Today yep. I think it would strengthen our family yes you need that hit people turn to the church we have more people relying. I'm award. You're right on it Jerel. And you know I wouldn't be great this is what I would love to hear. I would love story precedent to come out and basically say you know what. We have done these programs for decades. We have really not. Made a dent in the poverty rate in this country at all. What I'm calling on is for us to sunset all of these. Transfer of wealth the program's. Renaissance at them in five years but I wanna put a challenge to every single American. You need to. Focus on putting your families in your lives together. And learn how to take care of each other because the federal treasury. Is not your treasury. That's what I'd love to hear. The bogey there's got to be leadership that pushes back and says. Listen people you need to figure these things out and take care of yourselves you've got five years seven years whatever to do that doesn't make sense. He certainly. Yeah thank you get so much respect it would be horrible. If at this same time I think it would be leery. Oh rewarding I think that they would triple their blessings. From those yes I got yes song yet. You know I just. The church is really thankful. It's. She diet all the entitlement programs I think that you could want how she really do. There are people that do and should there are others say it's another story all together we can ever conversation about Joseph I do appreciate your call. You're right on point. About what we need to recover. Keep in mind. How many years of this country. Do we have under our belts before these things were even in existence. And so at the progressive point you to believe. That we can't function without these programs. That's what they want you to believe by the way. I need to finish what I was communicating earlier about these programs. Because there's a little more information. About what Donald Trump wants to do with one program in particular. Newsweek reporting. The drug administration wants to scrap food stamps for low income Americans replace them with boxes. Of nonperishable food items selected by the government. Now I'm. I'm a little uneasy about this idea for government picking fruit for people for anybody even for school lunches. But this is a proposal touted by Nick Moore bringing. And included in the White House fiscal budget released Monday. Now supposedly ended this plan. They would save the federal government 129. Billion dollars over the next decade. And more Vinny compared this measure to start up meal delivery company blue apron. Don't be pretty interesting isn't so instead of food stamps. It's deliver fruit. When you think about this idea. Delivering food. I think it's kind of intriguing. By the way. Just by one way of mentioning consistency again. Do you remember this quote. From 2011. Sent out as a tweaked. Our deficit spending is China's gain. Barack Obama is bankrupting our country. Anybody wanna take you guess sister who said that 2011. Hard deficit spending is China's gain over Barack Obama is bankrupting our country. I that was Donald Trump. Who. By all accounts based on what we're seeing. We're seeing. At least the same kind of spending. That took place under the Obama administration. Hasn't changed. Just need to understand that. Truck to Jim good morning and welcome. Yeah how rare that bookmark or whoever we gumbo. Not hey you can call for that to go on the menu that's that's agreed idea. Oh my god here bright garden out why it just sort of are gone. And. I bet I'll let I'm important let me play. And know right now and are. You know what we've got young people in this country don't know auto. Market came years ago. They are they economic of them all work and life time. Eric thank god who are look anywhere you're starting to pick it pretty certain values up like god never worked for fifty years. Yeah and and after the last year near cleared if you'll notice. The federal government it collection we're spending yet never made it builds big. Only did each that wonderful for them. And and here are all your ballot by mail since cry over program but some government Frederick five years old now. Whoever you are who stepped it appeared to go. And it still out of control. And every Bob canyon bear. Nobody they control liberty mole. No no no warning control that no party controlled it is stripped all lending yes we're reading delightful. Ash gym that isn't apt description for what's taken place. I got to ask you quickly to zona try to get another call in how you shared the last ten years if you recovered okay. He may argue why yes there are Parker Darren are now pretty emerging. How did all the great in my heart out I neglected mark caller. Odd Howard cook all my own food. I do stop branding. And dog. Now Omar Al zawahiri or make it every bit raw live audio worked out loud and overwrought literal it's been hired all. I'm not roll bar that kind of money do you. So I'm I'm just on the payroll but nobody nobody is controlling the growth inside. You reach your governor anymore and I'm Hubbell might were overcome their duke quickly arm around here yes. Top six out of eight I'll be in your bubble anecdotal historical altered my dad's money sections. Here young American guy remove the ball Richards well aren't they got believers aren't. Think she quit in him. Now besides the food the liberal side of our government here they make you don't talk about there. Well they certainly do. It's one of their favorite stories there's no question about that made love to see a repeat. With this president I'm sure watching him feed off into the sunset. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. What an idea Vince Coakley radio program we've been talking about entitlements how to do this this is really sparked a lot of common sense. I'll system Tex as well still got a phone ringing this subject. It's got to rusty good morning. I'm mourn them. Our dugout. They're not idea bookmark perspective on that entitlements scenario. Then the church. Said that's from our perspective we're looking at it. Back in the depression time and the conversion to date government taking over they share deal that. Nature and and supporting the those sort down and out of the church innocent acquiesced and surrendered that responsibility. To the government. Have an easy way to take care of the problem that we face in the community you know and their communities. And the lord just. So what product you're not take on the responsibility. Will allow the government do it well. When that happened it's it's not the government's got to resolve the problem is the church. We've got to we've got to go find a way to re playing our heritage of being the big charity people. And then go about it a way that drugs to lower. Bring. Some sense of normalcy back to work out. Let's talk about how to practically do this how do you implement something like this it's it's pretty monumental. I'll Wear it it's that they do orbit at Lehigh. Four course are memo I'm in the Christian mindset. Thought I I know the power of prayer is the is the first thing that we would. Two. To agree to be a part of but the beyond that the bank panics so are interacting with vote assistant and we we can't rely on the government to be the source so that we you have to site. Folks were gonna do. All go back to the concept of being our brother's keeper and and the neighbors the people who are. Yen and need reaching out and helping them. Providing enough system where Orton. And I've found over the years that congregation that reach out and serve. A community. These big population. As grab it is gravitate to that congregation. And out there willing to when they see their funds their resources. And their energies. Put to good use base support that effort all the idiots did just that. Is that part of the dynamic of both of the Christian marble. I I certainly agree with that I think people like him that's easily be rallied behind that sort of cause appreciate your call their rocky scrub the Gerald in top 10s good morning Gerald. As to what mr. Clinton can't OK let me. Gobble you pop people call and she broke and check it Abukar. Government able. All the kids now I know that were already in Election Day. Well where are fair almost more fullback all go about or hopeful public that they were yesterday that. Well you know why people don't do that well a part of the problem is so many of these people who were in need they're not in. Rural areas there in urban areas she can't grow your own food there you certainly can't have. Livestock in those serious. Which is another one of our problems once you have the city east. Are your options are quite limited in this regard Gerald and and it's a great idea I would love to see more people. Who weren't positioned to provide for themselves in that way around thanks for your call their Gerald let's quickly go to Denise in Columbia, South Carolina good morning. They've been you know one of the biggest line items and entitlement is clearly Medicaid. Can Medicaid. Half of the spending on Medicaid come from the federal government and it comes not from any payroll tax that come directly from the income tax. Capital with us. Most Americans are not contributing. So much at one time you know. So they've part number is being paid by those who actually pay income tax. And then a 50%. Over the coming from the Fed the other half from individual states. We have got to get some control most of the calls for the Medicare which is a 100% provided by. The Medicare taxes and and the general revenue. Is and the like spending. So I would ask you in addition to watch the church is gave up the responsibility for charity where there was accountability. OK when he came to the church with your hand out. It would accountability you need to try to get your act together. That's no longer the case when the government pentagon other people's money to you. But. I think the Turkish have abdicated on so many times. But the candlelight thing I mean spending. Bill because the money to keep someone alive for another three months with your quality of life. When the report at the end of like this happen for those who believe that it is you would wonder why there. Grab what their fingernails and other people's money to avoid the inevitable. It's a great point terror did he city cannibalize. Our confidence in eternity doesn't it out. Can beat you if you are good thank you very much to me is any. Tallied on its. I've got Alibaba a couple of issues so Bob got from Korea and so and he has been diagnosed split. Schizophrenia. Bipolar. Are you can go talk out of metal issues. And it's long it's C involved is lay had heat category doctor. There are brother actually is Bob bower also. Scioscia replied that our medical the European. They're about power and what may have merit of the work. A little policy is loud and you may as he doesn't have too many issues. But the macho and that he involved them they had. And the may have been a lot cheaper Alain. It's matter. Kelli golf being paid people are remarks sparked sodium. Sometimes it did our law to have a lot of money to. What made you doubt there's lay out. They make bad decisions. And it doesn't Saturday to hear race so late Asia. A good job. And approximately about split out wide and very kids. And maybe you have lollar value of the I was mentally military when he got out problem high. He made a bad decision. And it ended up getting fired while this apartment. While fit draw our our home. I typically eleven I want follows very big year. Yeah and as volatile lay and so I am the system that we have slowed how calm before the and let them blow them. Prolific and we have so many people out here the little else this year in North Carolina. It would just Derrick out of my wanna try out some years ago like to have mental health. And then that's where a lot probably drug problem gone from the IB org or our crisis. I have I'll let him in my. It's just recently got out of Atlanta were dozens. Fair and you're there and asking him all. Let me play in the drug use actually door and so say yeah. And getting very drugs from Bulgaria for rebel Donald. Anti get a ring political. Spent this day I'm worried about war the bottle in the Bay Area there's truck. Because it's lobby take in the planning mission that day and it makes me feel good to not forget I'll mob. Oh man. Tennis it's pretty sad there Andy any appreciate your college sharing some perspective on what some folks are going through here on the text line. Vince I agree the church help before the problem is those who pay tides are also over burdened with paying taxes to the government's. We also need to get people back to church into the lord give a man a fish feed him for a day teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime. I know food ministry volunteers are getting too old to lift the attendance is down and accordingly so his volunteer morale. Certainly is a challenge. Since my mother always said one day we'll have to go back to grow your own food food and nobody would know how that day is actually a two day. Yet there's the question were already there. Tony 9 minutes after 11 o'clock. This is fiscal clean radio program. Coming up we're gonna talk about what to could be having the White House very soon a possible changing of the guard. With another yet another chief of staff this one from the Carolinas. To go first to Rick in rock kill good morning. Were there. How are you today. I'm very well you George Welsh. People talk about generational poverty. And I'm involved and habitat for humanity. And that is one of the programs that allow. People have about not necessarily hand out. And there have been some great success stories bomb. People that have stabilized. Home since stabilized spam ways that it it. They're just. Programs are crowned the other social. Problems and stop just by having. A decent place to live with it bat. And that makes all the difference in the world. Did I say it makes all the difference in the world and that's how you. That's how you stop. Not stop that that's he's slowdown generational poverty. Is is by offering to vote and but not necessarily and now. Why they have some skin in the day. That's good that's a great idea their re cue this exactly what needs to happen. Exactly. What needs to happen appreciate your call there. Over on the text line. Vince I hear president trump spent half of last year looking at his golf clubs Cheney in the corner of the room how horrible. Man you were unreal really. So president trump spent 14 freestyle and his old property instead of leased properties are rented way to go. You've really got him now isn't it interesting. I'm I'll be curious I would love to hear. Eight tape recording your view. We digital recording your view several years ago when Barack Obama was in office and talk radio was. Giving you revved up about all the times Barack Obama was on the golf course. Just curious. Helping people help themselves habitat does not give people homes they give them the opportunity to affordably purchase one. Also new. In the world is his whereabouts or. I know at this one's about what's. Inside green church should help the poor problem is those who pay tides. Our overburdened with paying ties to the government. We also need to get people back to church and to Lourdes I want to come back to the stakes because. I didn't have time to addressed this earlier. If you go back to. What the scripture says. I I two point I can really get myself in trouble with the whole Lotta people here in the area let me just tell you. I don't believe enticing. I do not believe tightening is a new testament principle. And I find it very interest in the a lot of people who consider themselves new testament Christian believers. Have bought into this and continue to propagate this new testament. None teaching. But if you wanna play the typing game. What is made reference to. About type. Bringing the sides where into the store house. Storehouse. And shouldn't someone show me. The store house. And the whole idea behind this was to provide for meets. Did you know we spend most of the money we use in the church system now you know where most of vigorous ourselves. Church that's where we spend most of the money. It's for buildings it's for salaries. It's for all kinds of creature comforts me heck we even got latte bars in churches. I'm not referring to borrowers with their. Managed by my dog like today. I'm not talking about this is what we've done and it's all about us. I don't. I've really got it stirred up now. Let's see what else we have here the text line this progressives. We'll save a crude selection delivery will be inefficient compared to EBT cards and a waste of taxpayer dollars. One of the few times they'll be conveniently concerned about text bigger money yes it is very communities and it. Keep twisting the facts yes struck the spending money but compared to Obama's spending trumpet as producing results. I'm really getting tired of your fake news tell the truth really. Oh my goodness. Let's see immensely food selection delivery will get shut down because of progressives complaining about food allergies Excedrin poor people. Not having the right to select their own items including beer and cigarettes. Are a Papa that's. Very important can Ted do without them the appear in cigarettes. Support this odd time gets away from us murder take a look at the date in history. This is these thirteen day thirteen. Day. Of February 2018. And let's see what items we have on the list for today that's our good friend my and so in our Steve studio in Greensboro would just. Blow through like a champ rights. Yeah that's among duke. You do that it's. Well let's start here in 1542. Henry the eighths fifth wife. Minister idea was busy Katherine how large. Let's just say she luster had what was her crime. Double duty madam. Well that's actually true double dipping with what it. It's who do. You know year it was adultery. Or. That's a cup a thought. Liberty Missouri. This. First crime of its type. Committed by Jesse James and his game. What was different bank robberies. 1935 Bruno Hauptmann. I hope we're pronounce this correctly found guilty of murdering this famous baby. In 1935. Whose baby was it. Bruener. I'm not quite dissection. We heard. The cadets Lindbergh baby 1960. And we had friends who joined this very important military club. Now by. Nuclear weapons. Yes they join the nuclear club. Excluding an atomic bomb and done in France cousin who. Yes they do France and no it's quite checking his notes. But runs or lose three for four that's pretty impressive. Jonas say you gave me credit for something nice and train robbery in response to bank robber. And I know he said train yeah I don't because she gave credit to. And honesty for you that's pretty impressive. She lets just kind of got your press that allows anonymous which implies that you don't think I'm always the united you're on a man inaccurate said head. Hey I gotta tell you we talk about this thing I since you. You know we've been watching the Olympic Games. And there's this place called young change this where the games are being played. And this is pretty funny a television station. They have a graphic you know what it says on its. He tasks tasks is that not hilarious lines oops that is so awesome guerrillas. That's just absolutely correct me up and I saw this thing you know I can identify the city we have some bloopers backlight TV days. It's very similar to this. PF Chang 28 teams great advertising. Didn't even have to pay for either. I decided not to torture you with this ongoing testimony right now it before the senate is since it senate Intel gearing. Right now Christopher Wray the FBI director. Is time Indy he's responding to. So the drama that's been going on the past few days ish you know the controversy. About the memos released. And don't it in many ways the FBI's cabin a defensive position. You're trying to make the case here that hey where we're doing our job we're professional people. So that is going on right now. Probably not much is going to come of this I told you plenty times I hate these hearings and this is part of their job and one of the reasons why. The news media covers these things you know they're hoping for some sort of mused that won't come out of this plus it's free content. You have to go out and do any real. Being like journalists. I briefly touch on a couple of things. The possible end of an error bands. These possible. Incoming air what am I referring to the position of chief of staff. In the trumpet administration. Politico has a story Kelli increasingly isolated as Porter scandal rages on. And this is a reference to what is happening to John Kelly. He's been left to shoulder the blame over the failure to remove the former staff secretary. Who told only an interim security clearance. The story starts out saying the turbulence the west wing is typically generate about president Donald Trump that's for sure. For the past week it's been chief of staff John Kelly. The man brought the end to be a studying end. Inspiring. What one White House official described as a crisis of confidence. While the president often. Makes a hash of the truth aides took Kelly's word at face value and tell. They were confronted with the zigzagging accounts of the events leading up to former staff secretary rob porter's resignation. And Kelly's role in them. In the hours immediately after the Daily Mail published a photograph of porter's ex wife first ex wife for the black guy. White house Press Secretary Sara Sanders hastily arranged and off the record meeting in the west wing with Porter and for reporters. In that meeting. Which hasn't previously been reported reporter relayed his version of events in fueling questions from the group Kelly told staff two days later. Once he been briefed on allegations of abuse against Porter by his two ex wives. He was gone forty minutes later. The White House not commenting. I'm porter's meeting with reporters including whether or not Kelly was aware took place. But to White House officials said the mixed messages are symptomatic of the extent to which the White House has left Kelly to shouldered the blame for the Porter messed. You know he's kind of reminds me some of these movies that you see tunnel likely. I remember one of the quotes when they. You know they're trying to frame Goran. They basically said hey we're gonna tie and wrapped this around him and throw it out that's really what what they wanna do here they want a wrap this entire matter with Porter. And his ex wives. And you don't. Hi eat mr. Kelly to this. And it looks like he's probably on his way out I don't want to spend a lot of time on that. I wanna get to the next story. Reported by The Herald. Because this is really intriguing. Possible replacement. Could come from the upstate of South Carolina I'm referring to you. The budget director to make more zany. By the way I've reached out to me over any deceive you come on this program again we talk with him her early in this administration. This guy's really become a trusted aide. Anyway. May herald reporting he's a leading contender to replace White House chief of staff John Kelly according to two people familiar with the situation. As you know we talked about this a few days ago mr. rove won't be any. Was recently named to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on an interim basis he is now that top choice. If trump dismisses Kelly. Over this entire matter. This is kind of interesting isn't it. Nobody he's become one of the White House is most effective messengers for president who values telegenic qualities. In this administration officials and I would say this every time I've I. Mick is sharp this goes back. I remember some of the early campaign appearances I didn't know make very well. At that time I remember one of the first times I heard him speak and I was very impressed. He just has he really good presence about him. He speaks well. He knows his stuff. He just has a commanding presence and appalling presents. I think he'd be an awesome choice. He's scheduled to appear Sunday on face the nation the day before the Office of Management and Budget to schedule released its fiscal Tony nineteen. Budget blueprint. A third person familiar with the situation says I think it makes a whole lot of sense given trumps affinity for more baby. And moreover any strong capability not to mention this ties to the hill. And knowledge of what motivates to help what are they talking about the guys he served in congress he knows. How this stuff works. That third person say that news small beanie was under consideration for the chief of staff post was spreading. Among Republican and donor. Types in North Carolina. It's kind of intriguing isn't it. Several Republicans in North Carolina said movie selection would make sense. Given to the quote given the close relationship peace Foster with the president in just a short amount of time. Others being considered for Kelly's job. House freedom caucus chairman mark commanders. Right here in North Carolina. Kevin McCarthy of California god help us please know. Jerry Colin fronts economic advisor DAVID URBAN a veteran Washington lobbyists leaves no. I think out of all these choices. I'd love to see either make more grainy or mark meadows wouldn't be awesome if one of these guys from the Carolinas gets this top job. Both of them great men of integrity. Let's pray this happens. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.