President Trumps Press Conference, and The RNC

John Hancock
Tuesday, July 17th
Hancock plays the Presidents press conference, and discusses the RNC with callers.

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This is John. There are others that just days. There's big big. We have president. Clarified his son remarks about the Russian interference and this was up. Meaning that he had with the press that was supposed to start at 2 o'clock and didn't do a better way and below long time after that. And then the press. Had to take the freed. That day I got from. From that meeting or that sitting. And there are in the process of sending that down ABC is sending it to us and so low once that's concluded we will aired in its entirety so you can hear exactly what the president had to say without it edit. Well we may have to do that in segments. And other words and I have to split up and I have served. Birds or something like kind of mature exactly how long long it goes it's Fargo and go on for about a fifteen or sixteen minutes on the feed to we've gotten so far. So but just got to tell you go a little bit about to know what the the president is stunning is clarifying his remarks about his Russian interference in the 20s60 elections he. I told reporters. That he does in fact except the US intelligence agencies so the conclusion that Moscow battled. He reiterated there was no collusion with his campaign. He's that I have full faith and support for America's intelligence agencies I always have. I except our interest. Community conclusions. That meddling took place there was new could no collusion at all. So those are the key our remarks he said that he misspoke. Susan edged in part he starts off talking about NATO and no stuff for the first of five to. About five months this thing is not what your motive for. And then he gets to the press conference yesterday with prudent which has gotten so much blowback. He said does that he misspoke when he said that he doesn't see why rush show would have medal in the 2016 presidential election. Clarified that he accepts the US intelligence communities findings of election interference. Told reporters that he meant he doesn't see why Russia wouldn't. Be responsible and press conference yesterday he said he didn't see why rush show woods. Be responsible also he said when he went back and saw the transcripts and. And watch the tape or I can't remember exactly how was that he stated that. Instead transcripts up and I think he actually said the you don't accurate or Rasheed but anyway he said dead that he he should've used the word wouldn't. Instead of the word would. In that Helsinki at this up press conference Maxtor Vladimir. A day earlier sort all this took place as you well know. And said that he didn't see any reason why Russia would be behind election. Now meddling. And hustle that's one clarification no word he says he misspoke. Now for all of Donald Trump and say that don't do admittedly this spoke a word to use that term is. It is not something that I don't think that I think comes easy for him. He said I have full faith and support for America's intelligence agencies always have. He ice and accept our intelligence communities conclusions. Conclusion that meddling. I took place no collusion at all. Our earlier part of his remarks I believe this when he said the press covered by the NATO summit quite inaccurately. And until the word of the wood and wouldn't it is a big part of what you said so far. So as soon as that concludes. Has concluded as your ABC feed concluded how long his total. All right so it's thirteen minutes so we'll take a break. In a couple of minutes and none do what we normally do and then we should have. About thirteen minutes to toward to hear that to you. So. Did George. Tell Doyle gonna come to him probably about sixty seconds early because I need to time. Solo we'll see if we can't hook up with no door old earlier in and an air this entire sixteen minute to statement from the president that you are doing just within the last half hour. Well alive so you can hear it it's an entirely without us having to. I'm breaking up into a piece of sorry way that's I guess that's what everybody was kind of waiting for today was for the president to give back to Washington and glad to see exactly what it was that he would say about. The remarks on a Tuesday afternoon with his meeting with though the Russian president Vladimir Putin which has sort of been. Quite contentious. In the reader remarks that have come from non members of both parties. As he faced mounting criticism from. Allies and foes alike about his failure of publicly condemned Russian election meddling. And down. President spoke a little bit earlier this afternoon was supposed to start at 2 o'clock it was considerably later than that he's now at a meeting with members of congress the White House and no lawyer those remarks for you in it's entirety just seconds. We're gonna have 200 listen to segments we'll do we'll do just that president did a press conference just moments ago with the last half hour. In which he says he misspoke on they Russian meddling during the press conference yesterday with Vladimir prudent. That he accepts the US Intel findings. And I called all the press up to via press room and basically this is so what senator do you remember this in two segments solo play as much as we can now and and we'll finish it out after video from a 330 news. Thank you everybody yesterday I returned from a trip. From Europe where I've met with the leaders from across the region to see a more peaceful. Futures in the United States we're working very hard wind. Our allies and all over the world were working and we're gonna have peace we will watch the tour that I say. Peace through strength. I have. To help the NATO alliance greatly by increasing defense contributions from our NATO allies. Play over 44 billion dollars in secretary assault murder was fantastic. As you know he reported that they've never had an increase like this in their history and NATO was actually going down. Supposed to going out and thank you stand by my meeting last year 44 billion dollars and this year will be over. We'll be hundreds of millions of dollars over the coming years and I think his great unity when NATO. A lot of very positive things happening there's a great spirit that we didn't have people who are. And a lot of money that they're putting out there weren't paying their bills on time and now they are doing that and dad. I wonder just passing thank you very much. Cylinders on yeah. He really has been terrific so we had a tremendous success and also had meetings with the prime minister may. On the range and issues said today concerning our special relationship. And that's between the United Kingdom. And ourselves we met when the queen who's absolutely terrific person. Where she reviewed her honor guard for the first time in seven years and tell me. We walked incredibly under and always every. The inspiring. CNB when there and I think again the relationship. I can truly say is even when she was. They're very inspiring and do you most recently. I returned from Helsinki Finland. And I was going to give me news conference over the next couple of days about the tremendous success because as successful as NATO was. I think this was our most successful. Visit. And that had to do you know with the Russian. I met wins Russian president Vladimir Conan and attempted tackle some of the most pressing issues facing humanity. We have never been a worse. Relationship with the Russian than we are as a few days ago and I think that's gotten substantially better. And I think that's a possibility of getting much better and I used to talk about this during the campaign. Getting along with a rush it would be a good thing getting along with China would be a good thing not a bad thing and then in fact a very good. We nuclear powers great nuclear powers Russia and does have 90% of the nuclear weapons so I've always felt getting along as they. Positive thing and not just for that reason. I entered the meeting would be firm conviction that diplomacy and engagement is better than hostility and conflict. And I feel that with everybody and we have 29 members in mail as an example and have great relationships or at least very good relationships. And everybody has the press covered it. Quite inaccurate news that I insulting people always ask people what people pay money that they are supposed to. His insulting maybe I did but I can tell you when I left everybody was thrilled and that's doing this was my meaningless. President Bruce Morton's. Really interesting and so many different ways because we haven't had relationships with the brush of prolonged time we're and we started and let me begin by saying that. Once again full faith and support for America's. Intelligence agencies I have made. Full faith in our intelligence agencies. Plus they just turned over the last one. Relatives say. They're just okay. It's okay. That's okay. Some begin by stating. That. I have full faith and support for America's great. She's always. And I have felt very strongly that well Russia's actions had no impact at all on the outcome of the election. Maybe totally clear Hussein yet. And I've said this many times I mean except our intelligent use communities. Conclusion. That Russia's meddling. 2006. Election took place. Could lead other people also it's. A lot of people out there. There was no collusion. At all and people of CNET news CNET strongly the house has already come out very strongly on that. A lot of people come out strong and then I thought that I made myself very clear by having just reviewed the transcript. Now I have to say I came back. Tennis and what is going what's the big deal. So I got transcripts Kerry did and I actually went out and we didn't put. And answer that I get a bad I didn't realize that there is a need for some clarification. He should have been obvious I thought it would be obvious but I would like to clarify just in case it wasn't an easy sentence in my remarks. I Santorum would do instead of wouldn't. The sentence should have been and I don't see any reason why I wouldn't. Hawaii game when they're Russian show. Just repeated and I sent the word work instead of morning. Paul just send CNN NN. And I thought I would be maybe a little bit unclear on the transcript Dora the miracle on the actual video. This engine then I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be Russian. Sort of a double negative. So. You can play that and then I think that probably clarifies things pretty good by itself. I have won numerous occasions noted our intelligence findings that Russians attempted to interfere in LA. Unlike previous administration's my administration has and will continue. To move aggressively to repeal. Any efforts and we. We will stop it clearer Pallet. Any effort simply didn't care in our election. We're doing everything in our power to prevent Russian interference and 2008. Have to we have a lot of power as you know President Obama was given. Information just prior to the election. Ask the election 2006. And they decided not to do anything about it the reason they decided that it. Woods pretty obvious always thought Hillary Clinton is going to win the election. And didn't think it was a mediocre when I won the election they thought it was a very big deal. And all of a sudden they wanted to action but it was a little bit away so he was given that any sharp contrast. To Asian games. And President Obama along with a friend and and slap her in the whole group that you see on television now probably getting paid a lot of money by new networks. They knew about Russia's attempt to interfere in the election in September and they totally merit. And as I said Edberg because they thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win. Turned out didn't happen that way by contrast my administration is taking a very firm stance it's a very firm stance. More. Hey strong cash and we're going to take strong action to secure. Our election system. And the process. Furthermore our class has been stated that we say didn't previously been on many occasions. No collision. Yesterday remains significant. Progress toward addressing some of the worst. Convoys and so what I had met with the president moon for about two and a half hours. We talked about. Numerous things. And among those negatives. Our kids problems that you see in the Middle East when they're very much about where you very much. Can. I answered the negotiations. With president code from a position of tremendous strength our economy is loaded. And our military is being funded 700 million this year 716. Million dollars. Next year. So that's the first after the actually about the first two thirds of the president's remarks and we'll air the rest of demo we come back on the other side of the news you talked about helping the NATO alliance Greeley had not talked about the NATO secretary is Oldenburg and and his participation in that and they put the real clarity were the C says he misspoke when he seemed to dismiss allegations of Russian meddling. Saying that he should have said I don't see why Russia. The wouldn't be. Are responsible for that as opposed to oh would be responsible which is what he said with the president with the Putin's standing right next to him so that's a clarification Medusa made today enough. More of his address when we come back. I the president at a press conference earlier today. Worry clashes clarified. Some. So of his remarks yesterday said he misspoke on Russian meddling during the press conference yesterday the so attracted so much. Let's attention with Vladimir Putin he SA the accepts US intelligence findings. In fact. His. Almost quote was I have full faith and support for America's intelligence agencies always have I accept our intelligence communities conclusion that meddling. Took place no collusion at all. He talked you started off his remarks by talking about the press should cover DO NATO summit quite inaccurately. The big key and what everybody will jump on. Is. He said he. Clarified his remarks during this meeting with lawmakers earlier this afternoon. At the White House. Said that he doesn't said yeah yesterday that he doesn't see any reason why Russia would be behind election meddling. And today he clarified that what they actually met was he doesn't see. It any reason wire Russian. Wouldn't. Being behind. The election meddling. So. Hey if he'll love it you'll not find any easing of the pressure. On that clarification. He stood in front of the Russian president and said. Would it. Any. Clarified to the American people that he met wouldn't. And that that probably is not going to be received rural oil for the people who have already criticized in some of in his own party. Oh which would include bill people like McCain and and no Lindsey Graham which I don't know that holds much way to America and in the party anyway. Given the fact that they put a pretty much been non supporters from the get go. But. Would wouldn't. What does that remind you of but the definition of is is. Here's the last four and a half minutes of his address to do the press. President Ford and I address the range of and shoes starting with the civil war in this area and had need for humanitarian. Aid and how. People have asserted. We also saw a Hummer brand and they need a whole nuclear ambitions and he destabilizing. Activities. Taking place in Iran. As most of you know we ended. The red deal which was one of the worst use anyone could imagine and that's had a major impact on. Iran that it substantially weaken the red and we hope that at some point that Randy will call us what maybe they can deal we made while. But Iran says that the same country that was. Five months ago that I can tell them no longer looking so much to the Mediterranean and the entire. Middle East and got some big problems that. They can solve probably much easier if they. Deal with us so we'll see what happens the weekend is just read we just test Israel and security as well and President Putin who is very much. Involved that way doesn't it especially if you leave Netanyahu. On working something out woods surrounding Syria. And sooner or Syria at this specifically with regards to these security and long term security of Israel. A major topic of discussion was North Korea and the need for an end to remove its nuclear weapons Russia. Has assured us haven't supported president opposes any enemies within a 100% and they'll do whatever they have to do to try and discussions are ongoing had been going very very well. We have no rush for speed and the sanctions are remaining. Hostages are bad. There have been no cast there will be no rockets going out for a period of nine months. And I think because of the relationships are very good so we'll see how that goes we have no. That timer event we have those people that we. We're just going through the process went through relationships are very good President Putin. He's going to be. Involved in the sense that he. What does he would like to see that happen. Perhaps the most important addition we discussed at a meeting prior to the press conference was the reduction of nuclear weapons throughout the war. The United States and Russia have 90% as I said Andrew Kevin pay him back but nuclear weapons is I think the greatest threat. About our world today. It's very great nuclear power grid nuclear power. Can somebody. And so that was a matter that we discussed actually in great detail and President Putin reason. The matter is we discussed are from about getting their importance send. How the potential to save. Millions of lives. I understand that many disagreements between our countries but I also understand that indeed. Please think about it dialogue with the Russian oil and dialogue with other countries. But I love with the Russian in this case what we've had such poor relationships work so many years dialogue isn't very important thing and it's a very good thing. So if we get along when you have great don't know where they absolutely won't get along with them. But I think we have a very good chance of having some very positive things I thought that the meeting that I had with the president. What was. Really strong I think that they were willing to do things. Frankly I wasn't sure whether or not they would be willing to do. And we'll be having future meetings and will see whether or not that comes to fruition better. We had a very very good so I just wanted to clear up. The strongest respect for our intelligence agencies. Headed by Mike people. We have great people whether as soon. Jeanne Ben Coates or any element we have we have tremendous people. Tremendous. Tell us within the agency is. It is being guided properly and we all want the same thing we want success for our country. So that the president a little bit earlier this session and within like about an hour with them last hour I think he started those remarks about to. Ten minutes until low 3 o'clock. And concluded them thirteen fourteen minutes' worth laughter of the 3 o'clock hour all the area news agencies fox and ABC and everyone had to wait for the but I taped come down so nobody really had bad Intel low we got into a about the middle of the half hour and that's when we started doing error. But the bits and pieces of it so well we want a deer that for its entirety for everyone know that. Melissa is this radio station. Because I know the interest is so great and in essence the do that the president has said he accepts our intelligence community you know conclusion that meddling took place. A city has full faith and support for a americans' intelligence agencies always has. I mentioned as you just heard of people by name. Started off talking about the NATO part of the of the trip said the press covered NATO. Summit quite inaccurately. And than there were two clarification between woods and and wouldn't. And how well that will go over and to what. That will be accepted. Has an explanation of an acceptable explanation. I don't expect for us to accept it. Not sure exactly what the American people will load do with that. And my guess time will tell future meetings. Future attitudes. Future dealings with Bruton and Russia. I guess we'll look tell whether or not so we walked out of those of meetings yesterday with respect for. Some pretty big you know what else. That's a pretty big guy. They know why you many BP you Rhode. Ardent drum supporters lauded by then replied and sinker. I'm just don't know it's pretty weak. Sorry. Maybe Dre and 4 o'clock news I can go drink some more cool latency if I can get over to your side. But. When you're standing in front of the Russian president. And you don't see any reason why Russia would be behind election meddling. And UN essence say that you're taking or Russian dictators so. Words over your own intelligence community analysts and I understand the agony and the and an even agree to some extent. The. The angle. Of the intelligence community. At least in his mind and and and and and I wouldn't disputed either. Are the very people that seem to have for. Perpetrated the whole collusion. Thought and the acceptance of the dossier and so that this is the very community. Although he's named people like coach Stew is so position but this is the so this is the very foundation. That has dog him for the entire time that he's been president. Armed with. Russian interference collusion sort and so forth so to have faith in two agencies that are proven to not necessarily have your back in the past. I understand that. But to come back a day later and say you know hey I get back. Give back from the meeting in. And I just say hey whoa we're through what's going on what's all the so he comes out today and clarifies his remarks about the meeting with lawmakers. At the White House. And yesterday he stands with the president of Russia and says they didn't see any reason why Russia would. He behind the election meddling and today he came back and says. App might my bad I I met wouldn't. Told reporters that he meant that he doesn't see why Russia wouldn't. Be responsible. And. That end apostrophe to me. Would have changed the entire. Flavor of that meeting. Would have. What would have kept him from all of the blow back. And that's not to say that the press was gonna not bode and rip him to shreds. Beta found anything. Would wouldn't. It is and enlarge essence is why so many people including some in his own party. We're so disappointed in news. Performance yesterday. Two pretty big word in the context of the reaction that said Durbin had over the last 24 hours. And you guys always like to play the oh well what if game. Any other politician any other president of any other party that'd stood with the Russian president and made that mistake would've gotten bluster today and I don't expect you to bluster this I don't expect you to blister on trial. Because you know you never will. I know Mae and maybe that's a loyal personified I don't know what you would call them. But I I don't think it's gonna go over real well. And I don't think it's gonna be widely accepted. And I you know quite frankly I wouldn't expect the press two widely accepted. And I wouldn't accept. People like Gary Graham and McCain to widely accepted. And I don't know what the reaction for people like Paul Ryan will be. And I'm just like you are I don't like articles that big quote Jeff flake and people like that who have already. But there opposition to this president be known and then they are used as Republican spokespeople. Against this president. A come on that's pretty weak journalism. But would wouldn't. You can't you know. Yeah they did he just doesn't give us a whole lot of reason to I think it was just an hoops. He he blisters. On May in the UK. And then when he meets or face to face he back tracks. And then he does this in on many goes to Russia and or goes to Helsinki to meet with our Russia and. That's let's say world or worst of we're or was the primary. Trump or worse the guy that's in your face. And that would have been pretty easy yesterday. Well would've been easy. But it would have been it would there it would have added a completely different context to that meeting. If people looked upload they a prudent and ai in and know the cameras in the eye and said that. I he doesn't see a wire Russia wouldn't be responsible. It would have stood up for his intelligence agencies. And he would've stood up to the Russian president all the same time. Sold. That's his clarification today and and and I understand that so many people won't buy it hook line and sinker and I understand that many people will not. And I understand that that will be the emphasis for all of the on TV talk shows tonight. Of which many of you will watch and listen. And I don't see how you do that. I don't know how you can sit there and absorb. All of this day after day after day manager and then without your head exploding. I spent two the most wonderful hours last night watch and Robin Williams come inside my head on HBO. Sift. Out thoroughly. Enjoyable two hours. With no crap politics or. Well never mind. All right take them. Talk about the are unsealed earlier you know they had all the senate talk guy yesterday about to the mayor and Democrats on the council Republicans on the council of although hundreds of people who went down merit no took their men and spoke for or against it and but I'm kind of curious how you feel about the raw RNC coming to town. So all propulsion that just you've got a couple people who want to talk about what's the happened today with -- compress or near clarifications and us alone and so forth and all start with Jim on WBT hey Jim. Hey Jack you don't go man you know our current not calling it. Last night they show in Baghdad and salt box but don't cigarette it was. Hey video Obama I. Wore it there are important but one where he. Hold your thought about. Current crew cut about this thing but it is a real expensive one location equally. I don't know worry was bass said something along the line true yeah I've trotted President Clinton and he's been it. What do you expect me to do you know I can't be good moored at arbor thing I can't keep interrogating a we've got other. And then I look at what. Obama. He says during the time he was sent Berry was president say drew why did this war should you bring. Basically gut it is our dear dad take you rain there. Yeah no word defensive weapons missiles anti tank missiles like that and I think it's pretty much that bit. Some of the people who worked at his administration's admitted they could've and should've done. More. Against the Russians. Thursday cyber threat than what they were doing them what they did there's a lot of discretion and that. You Obama didn't do much because. Hated Monta Hillary was issue and they didn't want to do everything burn the Russians may actually. Somehow were telling me it is good arm her and then you look at it'll look at all. You know. You girl want to read blah but don't suppose there's usually can't go leopard he acted. He has provided. The Ukraine where those types of the anti tank. Weapons. And human even thought. Yeah we're very. NATO countries she's going yen actually trying to get them to come up the work they've promised at. Germany taking them to task for. So basically enriching. Germany allow American taxpayer. Enriching the Soviet Union where American taxpayers. Our. Putting the bureau and wondering why they don't racecar the visitation and payments they so if I want her remain trait. So my point here is we have one president that lets Russia's slide what he probably could do. Could've done more and we have disc. Present good actually has drawn more anti Russian. Activities that you will. But doesn't. Come forward with the antagonism. That the summit boot most people want it. So have you the bottom line is we probably had one president who's. Didn't do I think because it and wanna rock the boat got another Chrysler probably hasn't done I think good he doesn't wanna rock the boat. It is but it but his policies have been his policies are not pro Russia so you have to give credit where credit is due I understand that if that's what you're saying. The policies that he has set down. Basically weaken Russia the economic policies that he is set down. Oh weakened Russia he is he was mad that it may in the UK and he was mad at Germany. Because they have done actions that he thinks strengthens Russia's stand and he is said to both of them don't do that stop. And I don't know understand that's probably what I suspect twelve. We don't know what would says. In private it's those meetings but I suspect they brought it down on group he didn't mama bear come and a lot of people speculated this year for gluten would only. Strike them and and the ads of the Russian people. Maybe trump wants to develop something. Where. More you contemporaneous. Problems that we have I'm not talking about the past the contemporary. Jeremiah I have no problem giving credit where credit is due. Art but to stand there next to the president yesterday with the wouldn't wouldn't is not gonna hold the whole it's not be well received. I don't buy that so. This you know from my perspective probably none of the president who served. America's very well terms or Russia. Yeah no that's probably true which is allowed potent. Yes you do remember in the cold leave America could during Reagan's time when the Cold War ended. And and to some extent there was kind of a collective exhale because our generation I assume your probably closer to mind I know you are TJ is. Our generation we grew up and and Russia what's the archenemy. And no we were told you know Russian kids could beat up American kids and blah blah blah this that the other and all of a sudden. The United States overcame Russia and everybody kinda did a collective exhale and it was kind of like we expected that peace and prosperity was going to join you at the world. And it would never cease to. I'd come back to any kind of a contentiousness again and not prudent all the sudden who's the guy who was brought Russia back. To being on equal footing with the United States and and then people in my generation resent the hell out of that. And who. Knew what the lab dispute they. Yelling and screaming at Romney when he says Kurt Russia was our greatest geopolitical threat yeah where the Democrats. Yeah no I guy got a great so I'm better at that as I say I we I didn't you know did I do expect more of this president because he. During the primaries. I even back up did anybody. And so I think that's kind of for the disappointment came yesterday was and then the clarification today was. Oh week in week and we we expect that we expect this guy do I'd look you straight in the eye and say. I'm sorry but I think you're full of crap or you're Liam. What an acting like their trumpet very fact that now again no it wasn't an end and and maybe that's good. They may be on the world stage you shouldn't do that but that's where the disappointment came in yesterday is as far as I can tell. Gonna take a break. I'll come back and not talk to Ron and just second. And I. Revenues available like uniform during like the government. You'll do opens phone lines are for tomorrow. RNC. Everywhere from the people who spoke City Council yesterday saw that probably gives your pretty good representation of the community but I don't know that many of us had time to center in Los into the whole three and a half hours a speaker I'm curious as to how you feel about the RNC. I assume are the majority of view willow would do. A may not be registered Republicans will would lean Republican when it comes to the two major parties. Libertarian or whatever. But I'm curious as to why you feel about two you know RNC you know possibly coming here so well we'll we'll see if we can get to that four or wander our current six clocked over kind of reacting to. But the trump press conference today. Which show clarified to almost a month things that he misspoke on a Russian meddling murdering them. Our press conference yesterday. Meant to wouldn't when he just said would. Or was it that he said wouldn't totally. Meant. The second it's lives matter of what is his hold on second trump said he doesn't say yesterday said he didn't see any reason supplier Russia would do it. Be behind election meddling today he said gosh I got back can now configure Ohio although. Controversy was taking place and that he meant to say that he doesn't see why Russia wouldn't. Be responsible for. Election meddling. So a after quality is ensued Ron is up on WBT Iran. Have you how you doing John. That was actually have warranties discussion districts City Council but I mean if you won't speak about the Russian playing her. Or aren't we vote on the non either way. It's hard for anybody worried about Russian meddling. Trump brought it up to the hypocritical arrogant. President Obama. Who denied there was any influence in election and now we know the Russians are asking for racial forward a million dollars paid tribute. Hillary Clinton so they can catch that person. I mean there's always election Matalin what about the 100 plus million dollars in Saudi Arabian sprayed into the campaign coffers over the Israelis and so on and so what. Of course there's foreign government. Election Madeleine. And are in what we all need to ask ourselves of our election system is for sale. All you have to do is look at call the book congressional campaign or presidential campaign and it's obvious. What's rules it's been critical it's been for sale to our investors and and and lobbyists and stuff forever. That's what aspect know what it runs on a tour event. That the Supreme Court is not gonna say if the Supreme Court gonna say that a corporation the person can donate my third campaign. Our elections are for sale and for anybody who whine about it now is strictly about party. Long period. You know what end. And we thought so originally so we shouldn't be concerned about Russian interference. With the F 26 election because it's not a para arts. Not at all you know. Yeah if all of the sudden rush just started getting most favored nation trading status we started spending hundreds of millions of dollars their direction. Okay in in not toward our allies now would be one thing but we're not even that. We're not seeing any indication of any benefit and let me remind. And all right so your opinion does essentially is this is all much ado about nothing dossier isn't all that stuff just much to do about nothing. Absolutely I that your opinion are appreciated don't agree with a better appreciate it Lou cure and only be TI. We've got to plundered talked to a person why can't believe I just heard that we should be concerned with the Russia. You know in the Caroline you better future believer six because he just said it but. But here but I can't wait anyway but if he feels that way. He need to go to work for Trout but you know do what really bothered me about trump does this. He he really insult to me every one and it sounds just like OJ Simpson's attorney Johnnie Cochran. When he stepped out of the courthouse one day and did an interview are remembered. A young man that he says my client has denied as strongly in this strong a term as you can. And so trying to put a bit of corporate juror to serve on the OJ probable cause okay denied it as stronger because. And when I heard that I felt you know these politicians take you know. You yourself forward and it hit me for an idiot. And it if it if he thinks he would and one you know any. He cut demand Shia and he shouldn't have his finger on any but that might push in the Mets or do any good city. I'll let Babbitt did let me give you let me give the flip side of that no candidate and maybe just misspoke. Spoke it did TV JP came back carries said he couldn't figure out what all the people love was and all the controversy and nine went back and read the transcript and and knows noted they came out of the press conference and he said. Hey I. Yesterday I said I couldn't see any reason why Russia would be behind the election meddling and actually what I meant was I can't see any reason no why Russia wouldn't be responsible for a that's a maybe dismissed the stock. Yeah but John you know what it's funny at the moment he stepped off that press conference after making that statement you know every one in the war room got him together and I'll political biases such as we got a problem on our hands we got to do damage control. And they worked into the night to figure out. A you know the most. You eat eat what you need to figure out what is this. Yeah that's what they've got. How we gonna bring us the make people think that you just made a mistake say hey Chris where it is now Beckett for your liver. Well and then and then they probably get the they probably get that impression because. Of the way that we vote and though the way that the greater of I'm percentage of the population no doesn't pay any attention to what's going on sharing here on WBT hi. My. Own I don't know what they about what is it that I do there are with our ability. All at the church or if it's a lot of fake Jerry. Sometimes every once the wild. Although suddenly let us and our county is they didn't mean it in the bill moving this. Bluetooth and they can burn an important. Well they didn't they didn't turn out didn't turn the wooden wooden thing around. Now they want to vote said that they let me that they brought me but I didn't know that he did that this list that very popular in the on the beat you're. And for. The important. Oral. Or. Go. But I got early allows via phone connection with you for some reason or you are my hearings are not working until I'm not exactly sure you're going. And I'm not gonna assume that I just I thought I heard when I didn't think I heard doing but I think about really. 198 days into the year tears go by best. 267. Days ago it's July the seventeenth. We've made references and a couple of occasions but it has been up. 21 years. A picture of the tour it. 21 years since Woolworth closed. It's last 400 stores five and dime chain lasted a 117. Years. We've seen companies that of you know gone by the wayside and we see ones that are getting ready to go by the wayside like Sears. But I can remember the day that Woolworth announced that they were closing their source. I was here. And I just thought to myself well no we can't do that. Well that's Americana that did that's not even possible you've got to walk the earth was a company you never even really thought about having an owner. They are just part of the landscape. I'm I'm sorry kids but just the low road bikes make good news we've had a close. I beg and. Get a Grand Canyon we'll have had a close. This does couldn't afford to keep an open anymore. I thought over the water. It's a diving boards around it. Given the wide. Donald Sutherland what are my all time great have favorite actors 83 years old and it. Lava flowing from a Hawaii's killer whale volcano has suffered Tuesday a new tiny little island. There's already a Starbucks on. New research shows that horses snort more often when they're happy yeah we all do. Air force confirmed that it paid 30000 dollars for three toilet seat covers. 101000 bucks cover. Hello there last. And where that's just the cover what do you think is good for the toilet. And Missouri has raised its minimum age for marriage from fifteen to sixteen. Baseball all star game Missouri tonight Washington DC. The home run contest last night. I kept on thinking I'd go over there see what. Who wanted to Bryce Harper. Now Boomtown. You may not even be what the the Washington Nationals next week's a free agent at the end of the season not having one of his best years but today anyway he'll be playing tonight though one of the starters for the U 2018 Major League Baseball all star. A game away Charlotte knights are in town tonight Pawtucket 704. And there's got to give it away on night's Sox. So Roy get there early for that for the first 2000 fans. They're in town again tomorrow Pawtucket is. Who plays the opposition. Tonight tomorrow night as well. And and other than that you get summer league championship over the hornets are involved so. None mentioned that aria. So baseball game I guess is probably as good as any I watched it things last night actually I watched. I watched the Robin Williams come inside my mind last night on HBO. But thoroughly enjoyed but big Robin Williams thing and Adam. Wherever depressed about his suicide. Suicide bothers me. For ideological reasons. And then I got up this morning and watched a Penn and teller to see how the local low magician and John-Michael Hinton did. But the read about him in the paper yesterday and he came out and did his rude X cube. Tricks. And failed. At the minutes it's fascinating that you don't hear you know your trick in front of Penn and teller and then. They've. Either figured out are you stumped them a few stones down menu get to a come back. And and be part of the error. Open for the world famous Las Vegas show that they do. Anyway. Jon Michael hill and does his thing. How does a rib X cube thing and and go hands that to a teller and then and it takes a ruby Cuba. That he's taken all of the stickers off vote but he's got to stickers little plastic bag you know the colors. And then he takes the roof X cube which is a little brown paper sack any worse. Stickers inside there and any shakes the bag and then he pulls up the road beats Cuba and all the stickers are on them. All right in the in the you know and in the right places. And so while. Penn and teller basically say they're whatever when they used him as a guy that talks right. And and so he kind of explains in magician talked about those who had been meant the end. She says to. Jon Michael hill and so do they know how you did the trick or not and since they'll be absolutely these guys are. Unbelievably Smart I just wanted to come here and make new friends so he's not gonna be opening for a but he was he was sensational. All of these magicians that do this stuff first sensational as far as I'm concerned I don't know how and if they do any of that stuff but anyway that's what a watch on TV last night was it was thoroughly entertaining. I didn't have to I didn't spend one minute on fox. For CNN. Well listen and everybody is interpretation of do you all do this. Without just basically ended up in the garage at some point for the rubber mallet has beaten yourself and he mortal life. Alexa can now help you find a wine pairing. Even if you enjoy you know wind regularly you may not know exactly how you're supposed to appear with sued but if you don't have to. Villa Somalia NATO are put together a good to appearing at home. You can you can just ask Alexis Alexis. And Alexis gill called wine finder is designed to help you a figure out what wine variety. Would go best with whatever food that your plan indeed. We just have to ask. Don't Alexa what what line goes well with. Salmon. And the echo skill features a database with 500 wine pairings and not all of them are designed for elegant fancy dinners these skilled and also help you find the proper caring for your more casual snacks for example look. Skill recommends appearing on nachos were they some on belong Torres zinfandel. So like a dog when you go home tonight Jessica as your ams on speaker you know hey what what goes go with. Eminem peanuts. We're coming along those like by the way Mega Millions jackpot which you have no shot at. 375. Million dollars for tonight's drawing 375. Billion bucks. Yes I have a number four it. But I won't win. And you won't either middle children are going extinct because millennial us. Being able millennia mills. Don't want three children anymore. No other reason not to forget middle class children Americans of a stopped having them. Head of the national middle child day so August 12 by the way. Women's lifestyle magazine. Points out that a middle children are going extinct. Becoming a rarity. 19713. Children was the ideal according to Bure reader a pew research. And then in the late seventies more than 35% of moms between forty and 44 had four or more children. Fast forward 2014 and Americans now say to children as best and apparently millennial and apply and ending either. Fat or one or none. And so on middle children are becoming expects and it's all because you evil it's millennial it's. So. Get naked and get busy let's go we need to male children here. There. All right. I have four tickets. To teach when he eighteen international championships cup presented by Heineken. Featuring Liverpool FC and Borussia. Dortmund. No idea what I'm talking about on July the 22 at Bank of America Stadium at 4 PM. Tom given away for tickets to this 2018. International champions cup presented by Heineken featuring Liverpool FC. And Russia Dortmund. And it is this Sunday at Bank of America Stadium at 4 o'clock and all you have to do is be the first one to answer. Distribute questioned called George. Add 7045701110. Who was the first player. To reach 100. Premiere ship goals. There's room. If this doesn't work we're gonna go with spell cat. But I assume if you know soccer maybe you know the stuff maybe this should be like you. A new. Holds the world record for most home runs. Which who is that. He buried in the net. Who was the first player to reach 100 premiere ship goals. And if you're the first one detail Jorge the answer. Mr. signaled he. I'm the new low you'll win the before tickets to the 22 international champion champions cup which is presented by Heineken and now. Features Liverpool FC in Russo do opened and it's the Sunday of Bank of America's stated this new owner and others. It is mister tepper been informed there's there's a soccer game on his in his new stadium this is somebody might wanna bring him up to date on that we. Sir. I think tied to bother you but. You know we got about 80000 people showing up on Sunday. Premiere ship it says. Who was the first player to reach 100 premiere ship goals. And I have no idea. Scored his 100 goal during the 199596. Season. All right we're getting real close to spill cap. If we we don't if we come back and you decide to vote. Then they'd all love we'll take you know excellence all colored broken spoke out. Because. There's a cat somewhere that watches soccer games. What kind of a cat. How scat. They don't I'm just using the questions that that they gave us this website does to our word go into and I mean diet I would know. Pre leadership goals. Look at this to go to one area. It's categories your questions and answers related to soccer. As asked why users a fun trivia dot com accuracy a team of editors takes a feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date as possible. So there you don't know I gotta go find the question that I asked you so low and he says though over the answered the question I can say it was. Other artists. Who was the first player to reach 100 premiership goals so little four or 5711 to. It's gonna be your best contest ever. I by the way you got a chance to 1000 dollars to another 5 o'clock news ultimately want to urge you can text to seven to 81 do I get enough. Well into winning a thousand bucks a national contest you've which got a shot we've had some more winners come out of the Charlotte area before so why not you that's what I'm thinking. And that's what I'm thinking may there's a seventy knew a mode geez. Come and IOS. At what point you just get too many. I just in time for the world remote G day which I guess is today apple has released a previews of the next seven. Among the new batch apple plans to a finally add red heads to its roster of human remote G. Along with the bald heads gray hair curly hair. He Mo G face updates will include freezing phase of pleading face any party hat with a noise maker. Yeah what about a big face 600. Tired strange. He got to the right answer. He right answer is Alan Shearer. And I'd Georgia thome who won that thing and just barrier of it's got so much smarter than the rest of his name's chuck took a turn Munich Germany. Not color from Charlotte he'll be at Bank of America Stadium on Sunday for the 28 team international champions cup presented by Heineken. Featuring Liverpool FC in Borussia I'm sure a road that's got to be the right organization that protect. I dormant died Sunday at Bank of America Stadium at 4 PM and I am led to believe that I should have tickets tomorrow. And Thursday as well. And wolf from over another really easy questions. Enterprise won't be spill cap. Hi yesterday. Charlotte back they are and seeded here and now we assume they'll come down probably on a Friday the RNC has their annual meeting in Austin, Texas saw a lot of people are ahead in the direction from our Charlotte expecting meant they will be there. City that wins the not highly contested. You you got bid from mom. A Las Vegas. Although noted the prime entities are involved with a and then you've got Charlotte, North Carolina saw three and a half hour debate yesterday Charlotte City Council hundreds of people on took their Manhattan. Thus spoke mayor kept things under control of as far as I can tell. And so when it was all said and done with you had dead dregs and tart McCarty. And low Larkin Eagles and and Juli myself and Greg Phillips and James Mitchell voting yes. To extend the invitation and you had dinner Justin Harlow. And Braxton Winston and dimple large Miro and long wanna mayfield and Matt Newton voting no 65. Vote. After the meeting mayor Lyle also reaffirmed earlier position that she wouldn't give a welcoming address. Now she said after the meeting she would fly to Austin this week you put Charlotte wins the convention. I'm Mark Brody one of the North Carolina two members of the national look committee was watching the hearing from the lobby of the Charlotte Mecklenburg government center asked if he was concerned about the calls to not have the convention he said. To the extent I'm not concerned. There's so much more vitriol all against the Republicans and we saw a note Cleveland. But I don't know that that's expected to. To necessarily. But they had like up hundreds of people speak yesterday a hundred and something speech yesterday. And I would say that that's probably a pretty good representation of the community. But we didn't have a chance to hear all of that and I'm kind of curious more curious and to urge to you those of you listen to WBT you know listen to me on. Our daily based on what you think about for an Emmy RNC outta town 70457. All of intent. Probably hold you a minute. But I just curious as to whether or not think it's good idea bad idea. You know we are given to the DNC. There's. There's there's concern about this particular convention this particular president this. And listened to divisive newness has been steadily building. Over the years and at some point she would probably think man it's gonna. At some point it's it's imminent it's. It's it's gonna exceed it's a boundaries it's gonna repeat over and and explode. And you just I guess hope that's not July or August and Charlotte north Carolina at that point one Republican National Convention but there's some people that are concerned about that as well but I was curious say you're thoughts of the Republican National Convention coming to Charlotte in a July or August to about twenty. Warning 704. 571110. Chris was at the meeting yesterday in fact was emailing me back and forth from time to time about time how different people were voting and so on and so forth so low and it was all said and done with Chris judge feel better than. I was. Let hold out literally bribe not I was not gonna go down. And anyway. Car McCarthy get an Alley when he when he spoke he said that I he kept a tally and that actually hit it 4% of the speakers. Voted in favor. The bid. And outgun the impression it would not out of the impression I was the 888. Much smaller percentages because of the vitriol in the Rome. The LaSalle emotional. Not a repeat army not one person. Through at the council to. Blow yet for the bit now why they've had any kind of hateful language at all. Andy language coming from the people who are against that and lot of that language to the extra ring we hateful. I think extremely able and America more vitriolic comment that more hate filled the comment was the latter of the appalled and that room was. I was really relish that supported the crowd in that room. Well but that's tended don't I mean that's had a representative of the to the Victor go the spoils I mean iron to the people who who's a candidate or whose party may be even more so because an awful lot of people voted on. The possible Supreme Court aspect to vote of this is opposed to us via a candidate but. To the Victor goes the spoils. Filled with vitriol all or anything and the other party that feels like he robbed that darn it may be have been convinced by the press that the area election was stolen from them. Or that this guy represents nothing but hate and racism and and so on and so forth that's bad that's kind of the dialogue these days so it sounds to me like it was pretty representative of what the country is experiencing right now. Yeah you're right there I'm now people can't make an overt threat. One got one beat me transgender woman. They had to go ahead bring all the Republicans will have a good meat at all when they Gator will demonstrate weight arm. And another woman who say she's been an accident while yet remaining eight years since we are declining to have a reception for the Republicans when they come down. So there are two over Brett there are a lot of people were concerned about the safety. These are you people on the lap and what they weren't there what they want those under their breath what they were actually saying was. We're concerned for the state the about whatever people who they thought that they heard a bit. A. I Al Unser. It day having you know that figured I think conventions have always brought some concern about safety ever since 1968. And the Democrats in Chicago concern anybody that was alive their remember the whole world watch and not and Billy stood clubs and know this that the other so well there's always a possibility for that end. It is divisive these days so you do wonder it what's on point from a political standpoint which convention news again to finally boil over and enough. And I I suppose this one would be as good candidate desert anybody I mean if from a convention not a not not the candidate to trump. That this one would Dell probably be as. But it's edged thing that it seats. I I think the fear comes from the left hand side for violence not necessarily from the right hand side for violence that's got to most. Caliber to what they say they believe them. Exactly now what we're out messed up morally wrong. I because the male the first may not fit you actually had to change. When that hit my vote against. The the that they can and pop up or certain it was going to be 65 against the guys articles that adults and had not voted yet he was to look. I thought for sure he was gonna vote no give up on I had read in an observer article he said he has been about no that couldn't find that article anywhere so evidently I was as wrong about that. Yeah no larger federal nausea deciding vote in favor of hosting the GOP Chris I appreciate the emails yesterday appreciate called a day. Mark and Daniel lying on ability you're just a second. All right we have had a lot of people are going studio City Council yesterday you know talk about the RNC coming to town and nervous a mode pretty contentiousness between. Via a City Council members and they finally voted 65 do accept the bid and know that bid to know we're all assuming all come from Boston this week. And so I'm just gonna curious as to the VT listener that elicits even show and afternoons and how do you feel about the RNC coming to town nobody asked you did de cock. I am mark here on WBJ high. DR Murray. Should I listen I'm I'm there I'll let it up with this whole topic because we had our car in the Arctic. So that the perfect comment. Are about how you know these people don't walk the walk convention to come because the trial. And not about trial. It's about that it but the Republican Party. And then you make it or like you're an historic. There are off the Democrat or a pop that they lost the election. And anybody I watched a movie or read America. And some of that mystery wrapped them. And seemed that the Democrat have been three years what you would completely understand the play and then how it went out went. And intellectual ultimately that set off. Then my second point and the hour you're dealt is. Attitude I wonder how many people Dorsey or they're trying them out there right now. In preparation that's. It up the Republican they're in the RR. Of course I writer in Chicago problems there are all wrong. But that would did that would be I mean that's what we are word about with the DNC is a well no and then move the police department did they are great job and we got the same my chief of police so I mean nine he's got the experience enough. And they brought cops and from all over the place and they'll get to. But the money you know get a whole bunch of new equipment and so I you know I think from a security standpoint I remember 'cause we all covered it. You couldn't get within no to blocks of the of the spectrum unless you had sailed past. Well Ben ami and you know that'll be the case this time around as well. Let me make this point is an outcome that hurt and no I don't I'm younger than maybe a year of your listeners are. You know I've remembered I like him bites seems. Where popular right wing people. Kabul us. September law. As these as these liberal and it may mean we shouldn't just a Democrat they wish and say liberal elite what do you of these were playing each. It didn't bear paw and another organization that went underground billion videos during the 2016 election. And solve the corruption. And that conspiracy. That a lot Wayne. And that we're gonna go into trump campaign and we're gonna marry them we're gonna get him well. Like why can't they just I that there are. I don't understand. Well because they're fighting for the right side mark. What that they're hurting or what you don't need to answer this tournament and an art I'm not biting my constitutional right now Margaret Brent I would write a I'm moon and mark and you can. Mark thanks for college he's. All of goes mark here comes Daniel WB DJ Daniel. Then again aren't aren't they have a particular call or so I don't know how the public middle. And then you can be about Robert thought political goal the quiet city yet or call. This level. Consternation. And those who know. Thank them the only they're reported democratic national but it wouldn't go hello. But you don't look at our public event to look at this committee right out of college there. Remember. Our bedrock of our welcome we. You're right but we think majority though are what people that about a wide of the republic. Our party or after they were. Oh court heard that you know in color code itself or there it seemed like this could go it has brought out. You know so the last thing like that it's got the quality for the group of people that cook it won't talk about follow that rule and all of and we've you know who I. But are not that there are. It's good answers to be intolerant you're right. Right and you know who brought. He's here. Believe it all coral cola right hook or played that well yet they saw the ball you know how her back. Okay and where where we will look back at an important note Carla or. You know the new notebook with that it but what we're provided you don't network who are hurt. We are a bit but of course. Well a lot of caught up now order quicker guys yeah art of the cart it's been a part of what it's probably. Are we are so long. Are gonna let him go or you want bulk or the usual it will be economically. I'm probably. Com. They would've had that meeting yesterday if they nominated Ben Mitt Romney. What. Does the firing pin all of this is Donald Trump. And the last election. Because they're still stunned that that that they didn't win it because that was a shill and and I didn't work out that way. So but this uninteresting news that the it's the right wing maniacs that are supposed to be the intolerant ones and video fear of violence is not coming from the right hand side on this poster oppose violence is coming from the left inside tunnels. So consumer goes Stephanie is up on WBT hey Stephanie. Any how you. I'm Americana I don't I'm actually I'm unaffiliated with either party Eileen. Towards conservatives and conservatism and down but I don't think the Irish economy I think they should go. And I thought they would be really lock on and be able to enjoy themselves at him and you know it it'd about the Republican Party. But the hateful enough that has come from some of the shot my talent Charlotte anthem buried at the planet less loud and listening to. Some of them meaning that. But you know went on yesterday as Ed just discussing don't hit and I think that the mainstream media just going to be focusing on. Showing all of the act event. Instead of focusing on on the convention and it's not going to be just about activism. And the thing that hateful Republicans. And you know I remember that. That that could very well be go go go the one thing though about the divisive mr. it was a mess with hero about bringing it here is. We're the only city that actually is extended an invitation. So the other cities may have been just at the same atmosphere have been just as divisive may have still had their City Council meetings just like we had here. But they didn't they would even make a bit on. There are a few cities that kind of made a bid but nobody made a serious bid. I don't know what the you know that guy did do one lady who talked about her taxpayer dollars. Taxpayer dollars paid for that to the City Council meeting yesterday. And the representatives that basically have been elected to represent your views enough you you got what you paid for. You got a hearing yesterday and you better vote they voted yes. Brothers pictures just they love their feelings being out on the convention RNC have come into our Charlotte. City Council certainly let their feelings be known yesterday and in the end 65 said yeah bring it on. We ask you the same question had a few about the RNC coming to Charlotte and a twenty tornado let me go over here on sale of a Joseph on WB TK jump. Joseph. That's a long time to be on hold dual blowing on an approach are back on hold just took issue still there ray you're on WBT hi. I ragged on today you know I'm good to get adolescent you know like in the tank or somebody was do a robbery and some more of that. The Robert if they were called they would also be short with a bear bit of of course and I'll say they doubt from a heart attack it would also go on the shortage. Sure in the case of your shorts and trying to lean a lot of these protest. Several are breaks out and someone gets hurt or killed could he not also be charged. Is in a case slide deck. I doubt it I doubt that sounds pretty far reaching because I don't know that Terry George Soros or whoever would derby. Give him that would be in the cross here's of that would doom. Would say that their money was to a gulf for violent protests. When it let me just very bounced wrote in the case of a pro whether that's and then and that's a man to the motto of the violent tear that don't you know you're responsible for your own actions. You know I cannot period of colored open you know it teach aren't that question as. Could he not terribly pretty awful and value for what you're you have a right to protest in this country but you are responsible. You view individual responsible for yourself the way that you would choose to protest and if you decide to do about. Violently then that's on you that's not on anybody that helped organize the or get together the first point oh I compare road pictures of the doubt. I thank you often goes against Jason on WBT hey Jason. I'd Jason's gonna let me try Joseph again hey Joseph. Yeah I'm Gloria you don't I'm them pretty good thing. Armed. You know. And he should be held here I don't think there should be really any question your concerns. About violent Saxony. Look at Berkeley may be rescued Berkeley under can't get what people may be shaking you know but. From the economic value and up and things of that nature it would be terrific. I think one council member had I heard. Convention or whatever that street analysts. Whether it yeah it's it's not every day I mean if it were to turn out that way Chicago is remembered for 1968 in the Democrats. So I mean if all the sudden you you haven't reprisal of what happened in Chicago. And you have a vote. Do any harm Annie get it do any long term target Chicago they're known that and don't throw a lot of it. Well that they give mid that you still do remembered and you still be remembered happened in Chicago I don't know that it would a day ultimately I mean ultimately had. Charlotte can say that they posted two conventions. They're one of I think what is it fourteen cities or eleven cities or something like that can say that so I mean it certainly adds stripes under those. Not inferiority complex that this city is always had a want wanting to be world class. You know that we can get the new owner to build a stadium mother makes the NFL happy that we get a Super Bowl that we can truly be world plus. Yeah now part. I'm done thanks Joseph good to RTA Guerrier a WB two behind. He carried it up yes sir are all right thank protect our trawl. Fire or hurt our party here. And I'll appreciate true. Or you hear your so. Where we re a great. Apart bargain. Per term. Go go go go. There are great they're. Yeah I remember that that's that's no problem it's kind of want to know we're supposed to be here for is each other girl. Are a little later it. I don't art. Grabber. The combined that there are. Pouring on the ready. 100 no matter. Anyway I'll let IA in hindsight Barrett might matter bullets have to wait and see until we get to September 20/20 how we feel about that you know if all the sudden this guy to be contentious in a way that. Other conventions have never. Gotten contentious that the naysayers will be looking back and seeing who voted yes to bring the convention here in pointing fingers you know that'll happen. Yeah by. Now compared to a young girl so you're winning or where or why there are. For a birdie that girl. Period. Or what went on and I want or what Oprah are there are. No. Yeah. I did I appreciate well I you know I I agree with you to the point that I don't think you wake up every morning and worry about what might. Does he do that then you don't get her car and go to work every day. You don't do anything if you would if you sit around and worry about what might. Then you can just worry yourself to death. What might you know it would airplanes crash not many of them. Safer to fly than it is to drive but there's some people that wake up and it hit the you know they can't they don't fly there's probably a bad analogy. That's just they just don't wake up everyday and say what are they what if there's and you just never leave your house she'd wrap yourself in nerve. And you do in you'd just. So you don't but we'll see what happened to nobody knows bill later on WB TK goma. Carol. Yes. And yet I'm sorry captain I did one didn't say that we need to do this and we need to. People that we're better than this. That a carolinian. Grew up in a national lived here all my life. And what better than this. And you're not the Belmont thought she might be. Now I don't egging him immediately announced that the 900 and you get a little bit more of brighter attitude about things do as well. Although I appreciate the call yeah I'd bring it on I mean that's a bad Bill Lewis. And we should have the Duval those odds of this being. Irish deluge of news or Ringo or markers and apparently speaking with us again and I. Well now. Available puppy with us yesterday. And the fact that there was this just slow news day did you ever ordered to talk about it at all at all mayor Bart you know left ride up down gun gum I mean come on would wouldn't what's the problem at a. I know senate today it. What what what is the meaning of is is it kind of reminded me of the Clinton days so the president is saying he miss spoke yesterday and should of said well it's kind of confusing bat. He said he misspoke and should've been a little tougher on prudent and and it didn't come out or. And he has told. All a confidence and respect in news. But. This intelligence yeah there you go that's guys yeah those cuts but but then at the same time he said did that the Russians were involved and others mid but he didn't I don't know what others were involved in trying to impact the election he didn't say that there is no collusion and quite frankly there's been no collision that is been approved yet so close out of element proven known so whether it's always AME he's got that but anyway the wood wooden thing is not gonna hang around her home because. It changes the entire meaning. And it changes they exactly what everybody was wide and about yesterday. You save. One thing in front of the president of Russia and then you clarify you. Blowback on the home turf and and the meaning is. It really is exactly what irritated or an upset everybody knew about what happened yesterday debt it. They ended the knock on him is even from Republicans and he went down in front of boot camp. And a well okay pattern that I'm gone that far better video would or wouldn't is a pretty. Pretty grievous mistake. Given the world stage that he was standing on yesterday now Amazon day. They got off to a little bit of a rough start yesterday but. So far have you bought anything. I have not but I is apparently there's still problems today when you'd check go to check out it will bring up those puppies going sit stay getting some things into the shopping basket to check out is still a problem but they're still just breaking records and no I didn't buy anything. How does that happen no amino balls companies Amazon have the resources are you would think if there is anybody that would have a website that wouldn't crash under pressure. Com and in anticipation. Of this being. Huge huge urges why they added death 36 hours said in more hours under the deal of all people that you would think would be ready for those who would be Amazon. And now I it's it is all mind boggling that did they Boras may not prepared for the traffic or plot plus Amazon you know one of the big. The areas where things can make a lot of money is hosting web sites for other companies as well simply makes you wonder who well and then you kind of wonder if there's not a outside forces that might be your own you wonder murderer and all of that all right David dirty restaurant Tuesday. So we all love bring us up to date on another once with a low scores are we at three tonight where it seems like hand washing was certainly an alien concept and they all had low scores. And and Charles is going to tell us about his wife's adventure and an upscale Ballantine restaurant. Just like animal kingdom where they are released and his wife and his some domain while he says back in the Land Rover waiting to see if gets eaten or not that's Jerry's a Dicey since Cynthia ending don't you try and then I'll decide if only go. I finally ran into in my last week and said I was so happy to see that you loved Brooks and was so worried that if you're giving him a bad review that don't worry you would be working there's Tibetan epic episode they are where we are running out and tell. Absolutely very rich reminds Manning to go over there and ambient chili cheeseburger. Somebody I just named the greatest burger in the country and it's and now what are like Raleigh here Chapel Hill or Gloria. Bomb sounds like a road trip I need to take another and then slide in words well I'd demand bit if there's that many miles you'll end up with seventeen stories out. Guilt because you'll talk to the guy that's clipping his fingernails on the side of the road. Yeah I've probably who hope you know you have a thought don't doubt in my mind that I will see you in here and and no station central and not just a couple of seconds we've been talking to people about how you feel about the RNC come ended down everybody else got their voice yesterday and my City Council as well and solo old politics of war phone calls for we wander out here George your unduly BT high. This just like you don't out of the question I didn't vote to bring us and I don't know given. Ayman democratic you know we are. Keeping let the week's issue of health and cheek they could go party. No I don't put gunmen and then got a they don't it's so why I kind of you know what else. There's Spanish don't know I don't want to I wouldn't let. 100 but it may. And then I'm. Brag I'm not guys I think she's gotten editor she's got that from both sides I think she's gotten dreaded for the way she handled things she certainly kept that meeting in order yesterday were just thought was. I was pretty good understand not I mean there was just a couple of moments though where I go to Don know south and she didn't allow it to go south and when you have that minis people speaking that's. That's a good thing in listen I I know vial Lyles. And I'm not sure we can't imagine you know if they don't like nobody else there would no longer suited clamoring to get there. Don't academic government welcomed though there are of course I did at. You're a Las Vegas who's won their other other cities but they bowed out very quickly so so I don't know I heard him say that. Yeah they wouldn't let god showed that it didn't. But what can I complain about it's going up there what they want to coupon at this moment though. I am like I asked him how they felt about George that's what they called in and tell me because I asked them so that's the biggest fear through the question. Jesse got ten seconds how do you feel. Everybody is going to lead down a boulevard about what they do on the CIA double A permit confidence goodbye all right there goes and speaking out sit by the you know as well.