Presidential Language, Erik Spanberg And More

John Hancock
Friday, January 12th

Hancok discusses the president's comments yesterday, Erik Spanberg of The Charlotte Business Journal joins to discuss the Panthers, and Big Weekend.


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Yeah this is John Hancock. The rated cover up. Got a very your read them below. It's gonna get the crazy around a rush hour so will look. Oh brush all that. Friday afternoon talking or expand birdie at 4 o'clock we have talked to a number of weeks looking forward to why not listen Muir and stuff but Panthers are officially in play that the headline on the current or Charlotte business journal addition out today and it just talk to the mayor. And Deborah things that are going on with general business journal owner expand virtual talking of our revenues two real boy and will do all of this of course. Former Russian palatial deuce 1110993. Head stood studios the whole studious yet we can't they go. There's. Opinion piece in The Washington Times. And it says say ended so it's about the it's about the president's comments. Which are just getting a ton of attention today Cheryl Chamblee wrote this analysis opinion and as you say the remarks the reason he was elected. It just gets to the JC don't know are really go for all our political correctness stuff. You should expect more from an American president. In got to the jays say you just sit expect more from our American president. You can't sit meeting with Republicans and Democrats and think that don't or targeted a nudge ahead in other words we're gonna get out there's you probably one of the worst get out that is. It was more experience coming on what this administration. Bend. A bad old western movies. It did occur to us. There's two things it came to my mind when nine sat back this morning and no listen to all the Federer throw it. Prefer full. What about. The president's remarks. Describing a certain hole. And one is that and by date. We will have had him 451 weeks. And so there's only three weeks or three years one week. Or I guess it would be three to seven years one week ago. Just to get a shirt you're counting. On the other hand. The new tax tables are out at 90% of you all have a higher take home pay. Go ahead. Bitch about that. I had some of your many of you will. You'll have to check your paychecks will probably talk about that before it's all said and done with. The other thing that occurred to me. When I heard our president's remarks was. Well that that wanna carlin's seven words seek. And in fact it is it's the number it's the first word. It's the absolute first word on not. Now it was not the Lenny Bruce. You know that is the seven words that you can't say on television Carlin. Essentially came from a Lenny Bruce performance back in 1966. When he was arrested for saying nine words. Any sediment alphabetical order. And so. The particular word in question. Was actually number eight out of number nine but on. Carlin's list it was the number one word it's what he started went. Library apparently you can say it enough I'm sure that word's been used in a meeting before someplace. In the last fifteen seconds. But we were looking at the words and yup that's number one on the list soft the president indeed has a bucket list. Well number ones out of the way. I'm thinking he's probably used number two. And number seven already someplace along the lines. And weighed only gets to 345 and six. Then we'll have sought to talk about. Right now we're just. Well there. As the president all lost and all this goes in for his first medical check up. Now to check out from the neck up. And so his first medical check up as our president today so who knows maybe guys will find some more peace in that maybe below where you'll find out he's got something good though won't go alone to continue to. Well hold office. Is it to Walter Reed medical load military medical hospital in in a Maryland and the check ups being carried out by or Ronnie L Jackson a navy rear admiral. I bet you that's right. And became. Oh White House physician in 2006 and also provided daycare for the president. Obama. So the example a measure things like a blood pressure and cholesterol and blood sugar and heart rate and weight. But it won't include a mental health evaluation because. There's no need for one. The it's group of senators announced yesterday are daylight at that meeting yesterday that they had made a breakthrough on immigration talks and and then not trumpet no GOP leaders rebuffed them and us said and help keep worker. Today outlines of that agreement didn't really appear to be strong enough and in fact it wasn't. None of the Graham Durban deal the Lindsey Graham Richard Durbin deal. Appeared Derrick can have to favor more the democratic priorities then know what the Republicans and the president are hoping for. But their team to be some progress suits are being made but they've been kind of told you ought to go back and and and try again they they said that they had had taken care of all four of his priorities with action to prepare us to protect three worse and more border fencing although not much. And curtailing that diversity visa lottery. And imposing some limits on on the chain of family immigration. But Republican lawmakers were not in sync with that and it never got out of the senate so it probably would've madam. Pretty harsh reality in the house anyway. The deal would have given no trump less than 10% of his border wall. It would have eliminated the diversity visa lottery. Which trump has demanded. It would have taken about 50000 annual lottery visas and used them to create a new pathway to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of would be. Illegal immigrants in the United States under temporary humanitarian protections. And that's been in the news recently because of countries like El Salvador. And now Haiti which is in the news because of the president's remarks yesterday. And then add hell Honduras to that list because those are the countries that make up the majority of the people that are here under that special temporary protected status. And to demand that they be covered for in any immigration deal. Seems to not be what's president's looking for. New Washington Post is reporting that he used the expletive do I describe those other countries in no Thursday's meeting and and that's when all this frivolity hasn't sued. In Durban came out of said yes he sediment the president tweeted out now is not a earlier I used harsh language but not. And I think now has not got Lindsey Graham pretty much come out and said yeah that's. It said that. Tom. So this gang of six of the guys are the groups that put this this this deal together president the president yesterday and I was Graham in Durban. And Jeff flake. Republican senator. And Cory garner another Republican senator and then you have the Democrats Michael Bennett and Robert Menendez. And that's yours your so called gang of six. And and that's where the war of words has escalated over the trump immigration comments. Although he had to Republicans. That must've thought they were before a senator or house. Judicial committee or something because. They went into the they could not recall. The president using the particular language that everybody's so shocked and stunned by. Would be the same. Say words that are private used to describe places like New York. In cocktail meetings from time but some apparel as some of these people have never heard the word before but add quite frankly. You do XP should expect more from an American president. The net. You won't you can't. You know longer can. It does not gonna get a better. But hey you've only got. Three to seven years in a week ago. And then I'm sure the next guy. Well no we already told the Mormon widow words in their mid week. Now I don't know. So anyway that's what that's what all the curve Buffalo's about today is. Is word that we can't say on the radio. But. Although they set it on NPR today. I commend the arkan say that we can't. Because we lean conservative and no they lean left left and say it right can't. That'd hot spot I'm. I don't know it just it just seems like we just spend most of our time. Now. Com in defense of or. Offense of just some of the most. Stupid minutia. Ever. I was watching non newscast today all are it was a local newscast and and I and at the end of it they did some stupid stupid story about something. Edited and it was too it was two in two and a half or three minutes of total wasted time. And it occurred to me that one of the reasons I like listening to. Eugene. I'm not at the broadcasts. Is that Robinson. Is that from time to time play will take place. And you Jeanne we'll break it down in about ninety seconds and teach you something about football. Teach you the way the game works teach you out what that safety was doing and why he was doing good and doing it in concert with songs all linebacker who was reacting to the movements of a defensive end who was. And I thought to myself wouldn't it be neat if we had news. Professionals that we're capable of taking some of the complex issues that we have out there right now that people it it is our it's hard to grasp because it is complex. But that we didn't have Eugene Robinson's a news departments who could somehow or another in ninety seconds. Take some of the nuances of some of the things that. Perplexed us. And break them down in a way that we would have a better understanding of exactly what was going on. But I suppose it's too much ask. At minimal wage. Every reading the account of oddities they have or did he say it enough Fox News today because. I knew what planet get there. Our men and that would be the slant that many of you wanna be used and so on to see they were freezing it. So big they don't really wanna have to deal with all of us. Okay here's that word. Stuff. Stuff poll. We're trying to figure you've been isms we can no use Ruda of the phrase. Per okay undermined. Pile driver. Cat box. Anyway. Jerrold shoveling The Washington Times writes an analysis opinion piece. And as she says drop reportedly suggested the United States shouldn't take on not taken immigrants from Haiti or other. As a whole country's. Because. They do little to bolster an American first agenda. And now the world on fire tutoring on racism and vulgarity is and fell mouth and politeness of the saw White House's and the commander in chief. If she several folks. And this is why trump was elected in the first place. Even if he did say what he's Ben said to said this is not analysis opinion piece from Washington times. The bigger offense is that the last push for open borders it's strokes push back that resonates. Is no nonsense cut to the chase don't care about political correct BS manner of hitting the core of an issue is why the fed up America circuit. It's why his basis stood by him throughout the first year in office. And if the left she writes. The elites the establishment of the Republican Party think his base is outraged by these comments well bully on that it's just not true. These people are cheering trump he did after all say pretty much what they say in privacy in their own homes. Safe from the ever peak years of the snowflakes another permanently are already two. Tossed the gender card or racism card and so forth. And that doesn't make them deplorable that day it makes them common sense patriots in line with both foreign nations border policies and founding fathers sensibilities. Trump good they arrive in The Washington Times in his opinion piece referred to Haiti and African nations. As off handedly so I you know as as a whole country's. And he's did so in context of discussing immigration wondering. Why allowed. America should even consider taking those who don't offer much in the way of benefit to this country citizens. Why don't we need more patients take them out he reportedly said news from. No boom boom boom boom. Can control room. Well we want earlier say at all Ron has been on hold though we're talking about to the the president in their remarks in the word and. The Washington Times editorial opinion piece in this allowance or zero WB TI. And they jar Rory is good. I don't know what our distinguished our Erin. Much of the nuclear and so Trump's statements. Are that suddenly just saying what people. So supportive of believe anyway. But that's the moral equivalency. Saying well a scenario and stormy. And because ArcelorMittal. Are supporting. A move that should just. Some equivocation. Morality that I who just aren't come on their. It is wrong wrong it is morally wrong to do what he did this morally wrong to do what he did not believe. From the chief change that I that I was raised on that what he said. And the way he languished in his morally wrong. Doesn't it follow it to get if he's a millionaire sit in a room with a whole bunch other millionaires and he's in a countries in the negotiation. Is a private business spending say whatever he wants to say whatever he wants to say it but he's not used the president of the United States. And and for him not to or understand them at. And apparently he doesn't. I mean I'm with you on this one you you can you can break this down into a philosophy is and and no soul and so forth and I'm not. I I don't think he's you know that the breakdown of The Washington Times about. I discussing countries that and and and letting people into the country that won't offer any thing I you know that's a discussion that probably should be had but the way that it's that it's gonna be head has to be. As I say that he can send an office in his office and use any language he wants when negotiating. Something for one of his companies but he's. He's represented in the United States of America right now on how this sits in Germany and how this sits in Africa and how this sets a new Europe. It does matter. Yeah does that make should have a minute correction to what this Soros says they were supposedly the most important man. In the world are the most powerful man in the world. Considering his ivory tower. And and say things that are just so offensive that it ever get action is that there are people who. Well it takes away from his credibility I mean he's done some things in the office that are credible he's done some things are right now. Armies had some victories he's saying he's there he's he's gotten rid of some regulations. I'm 90% of workers are gonna have a higher take home pay after February 15 I mean there's some things to celebrate about. Some of the work that he's done but he just need to be continuously. Our puts his own credibility into question. Not just among his critics but among the people that are trying to like him and then he just keeps on making it harder and harder. We think we're doing. I never tried to like him in the ring magnets or something about me more than does that amber just don't. Find any during likable about the man. About his opinions. About it is. True reversed and rejectionist. And choose the political dialogue. Yeah and his demeanor. Yeah now no I I agree with you and I probably see a more favorably than you do. Combat not a nice thing that it not not as favorably as is some of our core listeners wish I would. But that's fine might do you know you're like I worked for me I don't work everybody else. Understand and appreciate that about achieved is actually. Purveyor ascension. Back liberating them. But there's got to that and start there's got to be that then there's the he's. Guest understand the bed he's not just representing trump industries and Timorese representing. A greater right deal. And one that that has always but demanded respect and you can't do that in Alicia respected. We're all respect oh yeah they have been bingo. Bingo so I appreciate golf thank you very much or you're a golfer off goes wrong here comes David hey David. Very general and I'm gonna. Help me get good about it. I'll do they know that he actually said all the stuff that is lucky beard put the story. Now there are conflicting stories out there mr. whether or not he actually used that word of the said the other yeah you would seem to me that. Graham who was there are pretty much came out of city just a word used. Yeah but I mean yeah how much do we Billy Graham you know the name. The class C a sudden littler and people. Immigration now. I'm cargo net well I got that bad now much joy I believe anybody I don't believe anybody. So better but I. I I didn't see a whole lot of people that were in that meeting are immediately come to his aid and say no he never use that word so that that that that tells me more than one anybody's actually said. Subject will be adamant mud built this is. I don't like to you know the language he used. Carrick. All the media thing like three days ago when he was let members of congress leadership congress. And you know try to get some work out. However he he could kinda hear it appointed made. That we are taking immigrant say in who are bringing anything into the fabric of the America. It out wondering aloud why America should even consider bringing in those who don't offer much in the way of benefits to the country is that it is a discussion that should be had. Yeah I have because I don't see any other nations with the exception of Eads the European Union be an overall and I don't see any other nation on the face of the earth that take in as many immigrants as leader. And there's no vetting out process that's my only concern I don't litter racially. I'm just saying. You know. He can't bring a whole family and who don't do what he's saying I'll automatically get put a welfare now I don't get it. I don't get it either as I say they're dead to some extent that that's a discussion that should be had but you basically stifle the 'cause you do that discussion when you lead into it the way that he led enjoyed. Because that's cell overdue and now we're not discussing who basically what his cinema laws were discussing the way. He said that the way he expressed it so that that's again we knew we were not getting to the point. All were getting to the presentation. While the presentation has nothing to do with the point. Her underwear man out here are on our pit. Now while that's I mean that's what we do now while we we we don't talk about then do it the essence of the of the of the argument we we talk about. All the car for awful of of trump. The tweak the word sediment. It was racist it was a racist it was this it was that this it was the gates visited a gay guy you know he caddie just says it's fueled the fire. Tom. Dean presidential. And guy got I'm telling you oh well when we knew it during the when he was running for office we hit right on the button in new Yorker. Instead directing your face new Yorker this the way trump works. You mean to tell me when he started billion dollar deals behind them negotiation and trump tower that he had used the same language or does. It's a way he works. There's no difference between trump the gazillion error negotiating a deal in trump tower and trump the president of sit on the Oval Office. There should be but there is that. So I'm sure he kind of just scratches his head about this whole thing and so is let's want to. You know really everybody is upset about that what's the what's the big what's the big problem. San. OK okay. And you. My parents never to the top of the hour told the journal have talked themselves. Rhode. For Christmas saw mile looking forward to that experience stuff to talk about India Panthers officially on the market now I assume officially on the market. As have been confirmed by the NFL maybe their way into the into the season actually but anyway there's boo buyers are lining up enough. Polls are taking place in fact the Charlotte business journalist pull out. Would you support public funding. For a new NFL stadium. The final this interesting or Cairo understand that this is what depressed does. But we don't even and off the team's officially up for sale yet we're already. Deciding that. The new owners who who have no idea who dolby. As a prowler right but. It's all conjecture. So I'm sick. To a Glenn we go on WBT eglin. But they are adored gut. Beirut port choice of words are you. The president. You are a sophisticated. Supposedly. Aware people would assess. Third World country. Have Coke where dog whistle. That evidence they all nasty words about this country. They're. It depends on the setting your hand if you're if you're in a posting a cocktail party your house may very well or use that word. Right that's why asserted that George for George the work situation and but of all the 200 countries and a world what Norway at the top. Sort of Third World countries at the bottom up by name. So it's Syria. But Third World country that's a term that Estrada radio. And you commitment to our cover up are just page but they those. Yeah they were pretty jacked tamper claims that you didn't mean Haiti that he meant. Editors really was talking more about South Africa countries and it was anything else but. Do you know I don't know but it was as poor choice of words and and he's got a Null. Com that he's got a that he's got across here on him anyway I mean this has already been an administration want to suffer daily cut or yep orchard the work that's that's that's what you said. James you're on WBT hi. Oh yes our. Okay John thank you. What are going well and feeling better stop. Q you record in America's choice every dumb usually something about where you wanna take the direction of the conversation. We're talking about a jumping police. That. He should probably show the beautiful or. It surely got everybody's attention about the subject. The end. She can talk about the problem instead. The most direction that we're being shot then goes. About what he says though the language he used to. Well damn I'm not preface that he was referring to Haiti and Africa and then the context of bird discussing immigration. And and taking those who Lou don't offer of much weigh enough beer in the way of benefit to the country. And then and then everybody goes and that's one Jimenez saw. Such terrible vile language and he's such and their moral. Stand on the shall go on irascible yeah and then when US just out of the conversation. I think we need to be talking about the problem among enforcing our immigration law shall last thirty urged but that is the problem but you're not about. But you're not taking your time to be a critic of Israel radio program who who has a wide open forum do you basically changed the direction of the conversation you're choosing not to. For a moment when the when you begin this conversation. You'll go back to talking about. What forty years. I'll go on to talk co directed next and all talk got a direct about whatever it is that he called in to talk about. Forum that you are you're director in the conversation Powell. You're and you're failing your own exam. Well John apparently I'm not go you have to let alone talk about it Toto won't talk about illegal immigration Bagram or are all surpassed. Thirty years now that's not what she says all you started up like talking about what we're doing this radio program. And usually an irate side and I finished that way that we should be talking about the problem okay problem does that we have not abortion. The wall to the contrary for the past thirty year. That's where we're at not small world where we all down. And NN and in fact we've done the oh we don't know the immigration thing all the way back even before the Reagan administration but during the Reagan administration. And we said that we'd never do it again and in fact we let that happen all over again and it tenfold in fact. That's the dog great guard oriented bush scared the depth right now that we're getting ready do it again yeah well we. I hope not I think gut that we stand a better chance not only again. Now than any time in the last thirty years. How much of that do you think. How much of that do you defend did they go works on depends on his wall and end at some of the other things that he wants to do from an immigration standpoint. I've thought they. That he needs to enforce still existing walls I think he started doing that I think though. The wall a little bit nobody. Campaign. Height all other show big border security group who Bill Walsh on wouldn't say but I think that though we should be. Controlling immigration and regulating immigration and we've chosen not so we let. 200 bell and almost built salvadorans come in here. Well understandably. Compassionate label called of situation they had. On the temporary basis and eighteen years later are still here and when he says the time to go it's. He's a terrible person book cost. The people that allow this to happen over the last eighteen years and they'll put the El Salvador into the ballot spot. Well they have but date it and fortunately though bulk of the country seems to be blue or a good portion of the country seems to be blue and good portion of the press a majority of the press is blue. And so they're going to react to the way that bear. Going to react and and and so that's why the dialogue goes off the direction of the dialogue goes off and. But it but India overthrow the opportunity to have you know what I don't care what he and understand the fourth and awarded more than have a point you might be. And then he's right about that we just set at or maybe he's settled corporate model model. I'm not convinced that dog he's looks well if he's already been golly people wanna say is these play and you know three dimensional shelves while. He reasoned Smart as you hoping he is that if he said it on purpose and he had to know that that was going to be the course of the conversation they had not exactly what he was trying do. But the thought that he was trying to expressed he would ahead do have known. That using that word would kill the actual message that he was trying to express yourself there you go on how to tie but look at us converse. Damage is such a surprise that don't waste that we've placed at that first minute and fifteen seconds talking about what I'm not doing on this damn radio program. Head WB BMY. The three hour hotline we go the new edition of show business journalism today and Erica Sandberg joined them for the first time this year simply been a long long time. Just like. For a long time I hope you're a good holiday again. I get I Susan I've decided not to give each other anything no material for a Christmas but she loves you so much should you be some solution give me your cold. Tom I don't I didn't didn't what's the difference here's what I don't quite understand you are the headlines are filled with people would have the flu but I don't I don't think I have the flu I think I got this cold that it seemingly everybody else I know has. Any dead just last week at last like two weeks or two and a half weeks or so. Yeah everybody editor right everybody got it and I don't want but it's not the flu is it. I don't think so now I don't think so either saw it yeah. Tom I've never really felt bad Susan never really felt better just have all the symptoms. You dog all the under the congestion on all that crap. Oh on miserable but it not terribly notable yeah no I mean you can function. You can even go places induced up and you know the sneeze on people and so what that's all that's at. When you're ordered are to meet her for our sure I'd just you know underwent I have something I like to share with other people. Charlotte are a lot of yeah that's a you know it just giving type person here and my flu. So well you've got a busy boy I'd just the year ends stuff the Charlotte to a business person of the year which. I thought was up uninteresting if you. If you've always wondered who the avid exchange that don't put their name on the music factory is a marked triggers the guy who are basically our heads that up then not. And that was the Charlotte business person of the year and you get caught up quite a piece on him interesting guy. Yeah I'm pretty interesting guy and you don't if you can copy it you know I don't cover. That's intact at the palace financial technology a lot totally into city cannot dig into something. A little different and the funny thing John is we're discussing that is if you bring it up and it's feel like. Five million years ago given everything that happens with the Carolina Panthers just sent around the same time there are broke that story so. Absolutely a very important company terms of bringing more jobs to Charlotte and north supporting. Type companies and startups in Charlotte. Well the last time I talk to you were the Friday before Christmas. And that Sunday Susan and I went down to Bank of America Stadium and went to the Tampa Bay game. And between that Friday when you and I spoke for the last time and that Sunday game. Hum you hit the sand. The fact that. Yeah I didn't you know bad. But it didn't hit a Brandon packet and the late December. It just. Ramp up and then because obviously it can defeat him in it that was going to really start the clock on the sale process. And we've heard all kinds of speculation not paying investors. Stadium site. And the first as we really don't have any answers we're all around trying to enter orbit but you're going but it is still a long way committee saying be determined yeah. That day then that's what's gonna wanna my points to I understand why it happens but I mean to some extent before a story has even been developed we've already. What that word just keeps on coming up all they long for the president and me we've already canned the old stadium. I and we are already building a new one on the other side of the of the state line in South Carolina you know I mean I'd be heard because it doesn't matter who's gonna onus that's what's gonna happen. Okay he go I think a lot of it because. What you're dealing with something like the NFL team and people are so emotional about it or a huge city and it should celebrate the one who think that make four or curry is that good. All the entirely irrational in terms of the. You're invested limber or you're investing whether or not Europe PSL owner or you're just a big fan or you happen to love Charlotte or. This is the team that now I mean it's been around long enough that now you have a generation of people who have grown up where that went to it with their dads when there were four years old another young professionals and and there are and they're still love of panther fan so now we've got to generational. Bonding with the team Terrell. That's absolutely right did you throw in the fact that we're talking about very big body obviously this is about lucrative professional sport. End the United States and you throw at the political aspect of whether you might have a new stadium or additional safety improvement whether you have taxpayer money. On the line and in all the sudden you have governors and mayors and they'll let legislators of all kinds side trying to say look. Morgan do everything we can't bank on the table we don't know what we're going to do so yeah we won't we got a big jump or speculation right now right it is going to be fattening the other play out of there the next few months. One of the articles you have written on talks about the mayor or the new mayor bylaw aisles and her views on all of this and the governor. And and and what he would try to do too insure that were supportive of a keeping a team here and really both of them that the context to the article kind of ends with. Intel they know what they're dealing with they don't really have anything to deal went. About that but that's exactly right but of course all of us are going to ask the question what people do what you going to you add accurate eighty. You know friend. Clinton voters everybody has that port in first and foremost in this regard the conversation Joba be talking about all the sort of assuming that they're going to be a new stadium and it might be across the state line and Udoh coming. With the governor the governor's not gonna do anything the state legislature and allow him to do because that's bad that's that's his curse he's got no power technically. Well it and you know if you think that says that absolutely right and we doubt that the Republicans. Legislative leaders if Torre thirteen. Rebut your Richardson's request for state money to go to the renovations. Remember former Carlyle occur by here. She really it sucked into the city helpful so you know that they pro per position of having to answer these questions. And try to keep the Panthers but they're not really the decision maker yeah. I'm. Lots of names of popped up as potential owners and I and everybody was really fixated on gosh I hope it's somebody local and that Felix a modest in his group come out of the woodwork and and we learned this last week that markets and Bruton Smith may be a part of that deal and I guess they're still some question as to whether or not the France family is involved are they are they the big the big money and in that group or do we have any idea. Yeah we we don't have an idea I mean what what we know is that that I get that were first reported that you see and see NASCAR itself said absolutely not Brian France has not said anything and feel about that help in other. That he's not going to answer the question I think what is saying that being overbought here John you remember there are plenty of genes that are owned by people who live far far away from where there he'd play it very easy for people with this kind of money supply and our private plane now what what a week and he'd even go back of your life and job elsewhere so that's a long way B sane or see what what national interest there that they're going to be some no doubt about those who come doubted that the banking sector that tech sector you know anywhere else with big money but Downey wrote swept out to and other parts in between. There's a couple elements going on in the stadium issues that are pretty it sting and one he has a hundred the new blue friend and yours way you know I mean it's always moving. Bit but the new blueprint now. The new palaces the AT&T downed for Jerry Jones in Arlington enough. And number state he's been out there in Atlanta they own their own parking. Job and so that's I assume millions a game that they bring in. On no parking and that's not the case with the current stadium. On the other part of that is Felix a modest has been almost since before he ever knew it was a it was a candidate to be leading a group that might buy the team. I hiss said the new owners gonna come in here looking for any for a new stadium. Because you'll need to what will attract more events are Super Bowl and NCAA men's final and a major concerts well. Major concert start play in stadiums anymore maybe. That changes but you're not gonna get a whole lot of major concerts I guess my question is let's say you got the Super Bowl and the NCAA men's final four. And the four biggest concerts that the world could ever imagine it's not true arises from the dead and The Beatles get back together I would debt pay the other billion dollars to build that stadium. And now important and of course one of the big questions about that scenario that you just outlined did okay hit it that is the theory of what needed to make it work. How much. The public subsidy are we talking about are we target that can percent 20% 50% who what but now or your act how does that work or the taxpayers side of it and how does that work for the new order. The other thing that you wrote about it said. Several times is that it he'd be a no stadium well the band in that part of the country want it don't they interviewed them and outdoor match progressed he'll what paper are retractable roof stadium and it they would prefer that they wanna pay a little bit bored apathetic they're just so many question and I think that what frustrating to a lot of it is until the order is chairman and until that in order had at least 369. Months. Maybe you're do you view figure out. What he or she has taught him and what the future might hold we're not going to know we're going to be doing a lot of speculating trying to figure out something that backward B into report about. Well and then the -- that they bring yeah and I'm gonna move this team to London who will give me X number of dollars who will give me all the parking revenue who'll give me this I'm gonna move this team do XYZ city. Who will build me a stadium and give me all the parking revenue and give me this and give me that and then all of a sudden Charlotte has to say. Do we wanna compete with that can we compete with that. Yep that's right and out but I think it's also important to remember on the flip side I understand more people. Get very jittery about this but think about the flip side this is a really good market for professional football. Every home game but you have sold well the 1996. And it is one of the pat her own cities that one of the practical and city or defiant until the bitter Cold War which are millennial so. I think if you have Q you know be a pragmatic about this to a degree and how we see this here and across the country there is always this is threat level leverage because there're only so many sports teams. Any sleeper remembered the NBA left this city and was back within two years so. It is not exactly yet at that a team that or delete or a team left the NFL will be on prolong the my period there was a predator or defeat. No I think they arterial but. A web question that just down or your statement just now that I think does it seem that I haven't heard anybody ask or answer and I don't think it is answerable at this point but would we be celebrating. All those sellouts except for two games if it weren't for the PS cell. Good question they're very good no doubt that this he liked the program has been a tremendous boost for Justine because they carry the obligation of buying the ticket you're you're. I would think that it would be very difficult to match the attendance streak in the sellout streak without he'd like to. And other white got that the other read that act or what ever decided about this state bird other stadium need to be very careful that he'd like that because those are obviously the oil copper percent. Yeah I tell it to radio we call your most ardent listeners he wants and it's the PS owners that are the insane hey that 25 year deal that you had on those seats is obsolete now because we're moving to four mil armor doing this or we're doing that. That all the sudden you've alienated an awful lot of people and you also you're probably vote to actually have out price an awful lot of people. Who won't be able to afford the new prices on the new down payment and the two and a ticket to see it so why yeah that's that's pretty precarious and its own right. Yeah acting out secure playing with fire there and really. People pay kicker corporate it. I think it almost left about the money although that's how big part of a bit more about that that look about pay quite a minute I've signed up. The beginning you know work you know whatever year. I got in that he had no older I'm paying all the money I've made this commitment and now on be guilt and forward no good reason not apply think that would be really papers in the period he if they tried this happens shelve the he'd like an agreement. It blood but I mean technically your deal is we Jerry Richardson. Client and technically your deal mean very clear your deal worked for this stadium only in candid very clear spelled out by. I think the way people perceived that is entirely different and remember. What were your running consumer business perception going to be very important. Now fired spammers from the Charlotte business journal I can talk to him for a whole hour I got about a three more minutes with him a noble a cover those three are just a second in fact. There's a whole lot of stuff that should catch up on with the business journal but one of those is they are a little bit lesser owner of Oreo professional sports team. Who not only hangs his hat and aghast and county but also in Savannah Georgia and we'll talk about him next whose it's pretty colorful. I hear staffer from Charlotte business journal the new addition is now. Two gay yeah I couldn't talk to you for an hour and a half today there's so much ground to cover up but none. Hug some of the stuff that you've done over the last a couple of weeks you're in stuff and bold predictions there were some great bold prediction columns that you know the rest of the staff wrote and I think your last two into the year issues are always among the highlights of the year. So I enjoyed reading nab a dog tucked away in today's edition is a story. About. This a man and I yellow suit up and guess Dodi named Jesse Cole and he owns the the grizzlies baseball team up there. And he also owns the Savannah bananas and he is. He's they should be a member of the Becker family because he's that kind of a showman. The that that well what got to me that the per click that ball when I'm bad he had a couple of years ago went out to regain. And I thought bill back it is on my back to it up the hill all are like baseball. And you know luckily I don't remember this thing you're reminded me of a young over what I envisioned gum poppy Wheeler is like you've just got that sort of irrepressible. Sheldon flamboyant. It in what you any thing I think yet people interest did indeed get into I think it go home happy so. If you haven't been out would be to get dirty greatly which is the summer palace leak. If it got put on the show by itself up Obama or normal field. Well and he's attracted enough attention that the powers that be and I know this from talking to Mike some grew owns an ad agency up there I've known Mike for a long long time but this new up. Baseball stadium that they've basically they're trying to be. Part of the nucleus of rebuilding and attracting people do I downtown and gas don't you and knows some areas that they've revamped down there. This is gonna be big it's gonna be huge and and and this guy just 33 year old Jesse Cole former College Baseball pitchers so. Is really kind of the guy that's fueling the excitement. He had that back court are kind of twinkie yet upward arc or beat the count. The very popular on the lecture circuit with not for new word that you that he and you pay it all means and big part of his. Trademark look is he lawyers banana yellow. Tuxedos all the time and you can find him very eat. Equally if you have copilot or complaint that the ballpark. And again already urged people just the check out yet to be completed really. Aren't sure they have put together out there. You are injure article on him by Courtis says normal gets normal results is what he had told you during your interview embrace criticism. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Anything else. Said one of my biggest fears is settling being in traffic every day having a boring job to me that's a horror film so he likes being out of the Norman he likes. Put himself out there. I think for the kind of people that. You know I don't play hurt you Paul gamer anything help good to have people like this stir things up so I hope he keeps doing what he's doing did you get that thing yeah. They have they have people like that either failed miserably or. Or to reap the benefits big time. So why are there were grossly hey listen good to talk you also are talking next week. I can't there goes there expand berg senior staff writer Charlotte business journal journal business journal dot com. Twelve days into the year. 353. Days to go to January the twelfth. Are slower than they've been it's. A birdie. 1969. January the twelfth Led Zeppelin debut album was released. The first two Led Zeppelin albums were probably the most played albums when I got stuck in military school of Salina Kansas. He'd walk up and alcohol than it was the first in the second except when I was so we're continuously get to play until I hear about the military's don't. And then I go play something else. I 1970 want all of the family debuted on CBS they would never get on TV today Howard Stern 64 today I don't know how old Russia's but he's got a birthday today because I was I was kind of thing that. Howard Stern. And Rush Limbaugh girlfriend Jerry Klein all border on the same day. We just days host city for today founder. When he gets for a guy who were 105 billion dollars. Hey hey could I borrow a billion bouquets. Wal-Mart is giving employees who have worked there for forty years or more thousand dollar bonus. Canadian diplomats in Cuba have been attacked by that same mysterious noise is that. Yeah. American diplomats. To win the IRS needed to collect money often know uses outside contractors. It was divulged this last week that for every one dollar the agency received they've paid the contractors three bucks. It was like they spent twenty billion dollars too good to get back six that point something million. I just makes that good did anybody surprised by that I don't think so. And Vermont legislatures have voted to make pot legal. Big blue state getting ready to go greens. When you figure the red states instead they'll lower a blue state are we a blue state are we just blew cities and red state blues. We're a big state. Bleacher Report is announcing our yeah I just announced that to Thomas Davis linebacker for the Panthers is announced that next year will be his last year. I'll be a sad day when when Thomas Davis is no longer part of the team he may not be a as big a fixture next year as CO laws in the years have passed. Let that's the story in amendment. That dentist is the surgeries that he's gone through. Means he should have been out of the league two years ago and now he plays an unbelievable level. So long. Yeah I am ready to see that. I'd gotten the same feeling that you're a lot of good things about Shaq Thompson. But I just haven't quite ever seen. Keep clear of obviously this is the man. All right here's the a playoff games for other weekend so here you go vessels become tomorrow 4:30 PM NBC. The Atlanta Falcons are in Philadelphia. To take on the Eagles who were taken. Yeah I got the falcons to. Although it's Philadelphia. Still had website probably be taken Phillies. That's a bad bets that said for them because they were playing at a pretty high level in fact they were probably very. The favorites to get to the Super Bowl even over Minnesota. Odd tomorrow evening 8 o'clock CBS Tennessee Titans take on the New England Patriots. Yeah I got patriots still. What that step and out and hit it. Sunday. 1 o'clock CBS. Jacksonville Jaguars. In Pittsburgh. Take on the Steelers. Both taken the Steelers. And I'm taking the jags to. And nine scares the hell out of me because of portals. But if that defense plays at the level that they American play out although Levy on spec Indy. So I you know I don't know now take in Jacksonville high and New Orleans say it's vs the vikings in Minnesota we've picket. Yeah I got the save still. And I'll betcha Minnesota wins that game yeah so there you go there's a good good stuff going on over the week. Philadelphia big weekend dad's job. There 5505. Martin Luther King activities through the weekend we'll talk a lot about those Monday is actually Martin Luther King Day but. It also is the unhappy this day of the year I think just coincidental. Not next Monday you might wanna take off from work January the fifteenth unhappy is day of the year it's called blue Monday. And expert in no seasonal disorders first identified January is the most stressful month and now there's a formula that works out to the worst day of the year. And this year it's Monday January the fifteenth formula takes into account lousy weather. Debts Oden. That would be like Christmas bills and all that stuff they've. And the amount of time before you abandoned your New Year's resolutions. But our capital on a case of that that. And they've not probably tonight. You've been on that diet now for twelve strong days and and tonight we're going to can't inefficient eleven and having. Everything we want. Unhappy stay the year is supposed to be on no Monday there's an app speaking out a free app out there called you normally. YUMMLY. Can tell you all what to cook by scanning the contents of your fridge. In other words is app scans your fridge contents and then tells you what to eat. It scans items sue well pull up relevant recipes. That figure preferences and also works with the whirlpool Smart appliances to control the oven and more. At some point or another will we just get to the point where you have a phone app that basically. Surveys your kitchen you're refrigerator figures out what. Ended starts the process of operate here are you have a robot you'll have you'll have a guy fury robot in your house have a weird hairstyle and. They've discovered a lot all well a lot of ice on no Mars. That's always been the secret to going someplace scientists discovered a huge. Actually not a huge huge sheets of plural not singular or vice. Below the surface of Mars four decades we've had dreamed of living on Mars and it looks a little bit easier now at least for morality standpoint the weekly publication science. Reveals that eight regions on Mars. Have been discovered that have large sheets of ice water ice below the surface. No secret that site is that Mars has ice and water but they had no idea just how much the planet was hiding until these regions were trounce on the new information at all. Help scientists figure out how people could live on Mars in the future. Think about that last night you have to have some sort of a water purification system or some but when you could you don't have any idea of the quality of the water Judea. Then don't question. Space dust. We're talking demographics yesterday. For some Americans according to new research. They got they they surveyed about 2000 Americans were some pretty good you can over a thousand has some accuracy to it. Out research. Unknown 2000 Americans across country 11% of the surveyed. Respondents. Have never traveled outside of the state they were born. I know I know people I I don't know people here in North Carolina that have never left the state North Carolina. Not even South Carolina. I know people in Colorado that have never left the state of Colorado. They say well over half of those surveyed 54%. Say that they visited ten states or fewer. Never. Added up the number of states that you've. Amid all fifty. Now I cheated a little bit when I was in Washington State we drove I don't know what was it 489 miles over one Nash Ito wherever it was to get to the Idaho border. So we could jump across lines so like you back like and mark I don't know off the off the list. But. But I but I suitable. As many as 32% of those studied in the polls so that they either don't owner can't actually remember ever buying any travel luggage. 13% say they've never flown in an airplane. I know people who have never flown from people by a choice. The results showed that there is a strong desire to travel with 76% want you travel more. Then they do currently about a lack of finances or simply feeling I'm prepared or ill equipped. Provincial Lotta people from mutt doing the travel they would like to do 40% of those questioned said that they never actually left the country. So it's wanting to have never happened left your state. It's quite another to never having left the country. Remember we finally got to Europe I just thought it was almost surreal to be standing in Spain or France or Italy or. Because it just I don't know what to seem like another dimension. And over half. Have never even actually owned a passport. Not for lack of ambition. Most of those surveyed expressed their desire to travel with 85%. Saying the they would like to experience new things in nearly 60% saying that they have Leo list of places in mind that they'd. Like to go see First Financial has a lot to do with a bomb and I in some cases just having the guts to go do it. Has little bit to do with it. But there you go 11% in the survey said they have never left the stage and which they were more. Seats. Radio program. I think ML KN FC okay C weekend. Well they have pared their season may be over for the hornets still love playing Steve Clifford should be back with the team on no Wednesday. For a game against Washington but the team is in town tonight. Huge off. I was at the spectrum tonight game starts at 7 o'clock and then Oklahoma City and town tomorrow at 5 o'clock and that's going to be a hornet's T shirt giveaway night they're doing this all hornet's classic night. We got copies of that fifty sure over here yesterday at a pretty sharp look at white T shirt nice clean white T shirt there with a nice logo on the front. So that's what's going on the giveaway go from tomorrow's tight sported a T shirt night and Oklahoma City. All stars of that game they could ever get it together at the spectrum party your big weekend. John a lock him. Golf. John symphony orchestra and the conductor Christopher James Lee are celebrating. The music of John Williams. I would think this would be great tonight and tomorrow night Belk theater 730. Music from Indiana Jones and Star Wars and ET and jaws in Jurassic Park and more. After 56 did 257. Bucks to get him beneath where you're sitting. But Charlotte symphony orchestra the movie awards season is is around. And so we don't all sorts of Star Wars and Harry Potter and all I can stuff going on the music and John Williams I think that would be a pretty nice a concert to attend. The whole enchilada bike race. Is going on tomorrow at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning at the US national Whitewater senator everybody there have been no walking unknown of those many beautiful trails up there and wonder just how far reaching the drill Roy are well. You can do the whole enchilada bike race out there tomorrow. And if you need more information on that US NWC. Dot org slash calendar crushed 3540 bucks to go out there and I do that also tomorrow I got life. The music of Nina Simone at the new glow in theater. Uptown at 8 o'clock tickets 47 and a 72 bucks the Simone tribute comes from a collaboration between no journal Vasily. And jaguar right. Both well known names in the jazz and soul John Ray is our right is so long a time student at the famed jazz singer so that's going on tomorrow night. At chemical on Peter at just spirit square and that sounds like a good deal and school of rock. Not only is the local school of rock fest going on it to the visual light theater on Sunday from noon until 10 PM. I've had a lot of parents that have gone through this thing Ed Nixon Ed Nixon are up for a producer his sons went through this. But today whether doing their big concert school of rock's annual festive tribute to the discussion blew over an ax and men and prince and Clapton and Beatles and stones and Elton and Billy jewel and Foo Fighters and PJ Harvey and saint Vincent and thumb but that's kid's play and and so that's taken place noon to 10 o'clock at the visual light theater. Visual light died come out cost you ten bucks to get in but that's very cool and who knows you may see the next Eric Clapton out there. And then school of rocket ovens auditorium. And this is the and the Broadway lights tour. What the score by Andrew Lloyd Webber. And lyrics by Glenn Slater. And a leading performance by our rob colliding. The it's based on the Jack Black filmed the musical list this bombastic do we fit in character and his students off the screen Andrew Lloyd Webber pinned fourteen of songs and other songs from the movie as well 2 o'clock and 8 o'clock. Saturday. And 130 and seven Sunday at ovens auditorium. And all you have to do to get more information on that is Blumenthal arts. Dot org. So it's a school of rock weekend. This we headed to Martin Luther King festivities will have that per second NFL playoffs and all that other kind of still vote for answers did hire Norv Turner to be their new offensive coordinator hope we'll get just start it. Rivera one of these days soon and I've talked to her decency to back users who want to get better on the agenda as well. We're over the traffic center brought you by hunters shall Ford I 77 exit 43 and Mike don't. Hey thanks John for the collision on I 85 northbound is reported sponsored by the rich dad company a collision I 85 northbound near grand street. Exit forty were seen back it's all the way to Beatty sport road you may wanna try states still avenue is an alternate also have collisions. On the secondary roads Harris boulevard near I 77 Providence Rhode near queens road art stale drive near south boulevard Fairview road near so artist wrote. Phyllis lake drive near independence. And at the plaza near east way. Inside every person is a rich person a middle class person and a poor person find out how rich people think on the rich dad radio show host about Robert Kia sake Sunday at noon. On news 1110993. W beechy. You Charlotte whether this afternoon. Rain heavy at times. High near 67. Tonight cloudy with a low near forty tomorrow partly cloudy little bit cooler high near 45 currently it's raining 63 in Rock Hill and 63 uptown in the queen city next update is five warning I'm Mike down to. DC all day I think the traffic. Raiders have picked up considerably over an hour. Almost west Charlotte studios. And that should be with you pretty much through the biggest far as I can I tell our regional Indo early at some point but there remain cloudy were down to about 39 degrees tonight that'll be a change from always in the last couple of days. 80% chance or rain outs it's a 100% right now to look up the window. Tomorrow partly cloudy skies high of around 45 so we're going back into via a frigid again tomorrow night clear skies and that means 22 degrees. Sunday he'll be another sunny day but your highs gonna only be in the upper thirties and been back down below twenties as we head into Monday and it'll be a sunny day as well the low forties as were we should be for a high temperature and notable start to warm up a little bit with those some sun and clouds by Tuesday. And get back into the low fifties so. Though will be frigid go to again for the you know. For the weekend. Now those two are hoarding games that we just talked about at the spectrum tonight. Both televised as well on the fox sports southeast network jazz at the hornets tonight at 7 o'clock and then tomorrow night much a video game is on his wealth under at the hornet's. So low at 5 o'clock by the way tomorrow. There's just to the point no. Arm and then tomorrow's NFL football games. Starting at 430. Falcons at the Eagles is the first one on NBC and the 8 o'clock game tomorrow night will be titans at the patriots settled BO CBS. And then not your Sunday games 1 o'clock in the afternoon jags in the Steelers in Pittsburgh on CBS in the fox game starts at 430 and that'll be the saves like he. So it's. Hardly the king junior day as a Monday but festivities will look take a bloody hero big weekend. Charlotte Mecklenburg schools are obviously closed on Monday source library in post office and so and so forth. The MLK parade kicks off tomorrow morning at 10 AM that'll go until about noon and that route runs down trial on street from 93 to Stonewall. The call to service and we'll talk about this little bit more in a second. But that immediately follows the parade call services up. Drop in volunteer event with the family friendly projects that benefit the American Red Cross from the public school literacy efforts and a baby bundles and promising pages in the love and action no project and they're do and and four locations Blyth elementary. East Mecklenburg high school Piedmont open. One BI the one B middle school. I'd be middle school student. And Renaissance west steam academy. If you need more information or you wanna figure out all that works you can go to hands on Charlotte dot org. And yeah and even register if you want to go fill out a assailant written and well told give you more on that just take about hands on Charlotte dot org if you wanna get involved with that tomorrow. Which are really follows the parade which ends at two at noon starts in about 10 AM. Also tomorrow Martin Luther King Jr. peace basketball. Showcase. Eight Carolina's high schools squaring off in a basketball. Tournament at Ted Johnson C. Smith University the games will run from 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon until 10 o'clock tomorrow night and tickets are ten bucks for that. On Sunday the jazz brunch at three spirits brewing. These celebration of Martin Luther King's legacy from 2 PM till 5 PM with special beer release. We're that you're gonna explain that tie between that and Barbara there came to me. It's gotta like it's veterans day so you should buy a sofa. Their record got fed either but anyway among sure their hearts are all right places jazz brunch. Three spirits brewing. Celebration of Martin Luther King's legacy from a 2 until 5 o'clock special beer released live music DJ food the whole nine yards. On Monday the McCrory YMCA. Martin Luther King holiday breakfast will take place it's the 44 annual begins at 8 o'clock in the morning tickets are. 45 dollars for that also on Monday a march for justice fifty years later. That'll be our. Monday at 915. And this is a march they'll all run from the Charlotte convention center two wall Marshall park. Don't have a memorial wreath laying. And that immediately follows the march which should take cares about 945. Add to Marshall park. And also on Monday the Martin Luther King junior national observance with music and dance and poetry about Martin Luther King's theology and philosophy. From 11 AM until 2 PM at central Piedmont Community Colleges Holton theater so that's all part of York Martin Luther King no weekend. The the day of service deal. Each year hands on Charlotte. Honors the life folks at and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King by organizing service projects for hundreds of volunteers around the holiday that bears his name. And their family friendly projects. And in some cases it's a sit down assembly creation projects and those include writing cards of encouragement for the love and action no project. Or creating no soup baby this a blankets for the baby bundles program. Or making bookmarks and no bookworm buddies and writing book worm letters for the promising pages group. Or creating literacy kits for schools and afterschool programs are packing information kits for the American Red Cross. All those activities will be available at each site and all sides are out there for appropriate ages. You've got four convenient locations like elementary east Mecca high school. Registration I guess is closed at the IB middle school at Piedmont open and Renaissance west Steve academy is also a location and if you go to hands on Charlotte dot com. You can get self registered. And and answer how you would like to volunteer in the number of volunteers who would be in your party and what age of the children and your party and sort of total force or if you wanna be a part of the Martin Luther King. Call to service day. Just go to hands on Charlotte dot org. You're gonna Arizona's house just as a killer trained. Set up dec downstairs in the basement and and all the buildings in the towns in the trees and and in some cases they incorporate that with Mario Kart track committed to Iran and so you got cars moving along and trains going or men. Always been envious of that kind of stuff I don't know that I have the attention to detail of the patients or the bank account to be able to do it but. Remember there was a guy when I was a kid. Lived about four doors down from us. And had the entire basement of his house to the point I mean you can almost go it would if I remember correctly it went out one room and into another. And he had city east gate set up in one room and then like a rural neighborhoods set up in the other. And it was just the coolest thing ever and if you went down there at night. Yet although light city lights and and the buildings were Linton I mean it was the coolest thing I how we have reported on number understand but it was quite the deal. I and I thought about him over the years he was probably 65 when I knew him. And that was a good forty years ago so you know and are one girl or whatever happened to all of this sort of set up it's probably here there and everywhere at this point. Pretty impressive stuff. Problem with the dark about the CS Consumer Electronics Show going on in Vegas all this weekend though some of the things that have gotten attention. One is the first automated laundry folding robot. And only want one now right if folding laundry is no or your least favorite Thai household chores. I could. Give myself a lot struggled there irony although robot got Susan. Now that's probably not the cinema and breeder who wouldn't or. A problem. Anyway they unveiled this roll but this laundry folding robot it to CES is so last week just had to be the world's first fully automated laundry folding it role body uses artificial intelligence. And visual analysis technology to recognize close. Via a robot can determine the difference between different items. For the best full. It has a sleek design lets it blended in with all the rest of your furniture concealing the multiple robotic arms and neck cameras and sensors on the inside. It'll only cost you about 161000 dollars how much you hate folding laundry. I've company is working on now getting it down below 2000 dollars so that was one. The other is called and invited security bracelet. That repels assailants. With a vicious stink. It's it's a dangerous world out there. So the NB. Self defense IE in the eyes self defense bracelet. A silver last. And it holds a smelly secret they can stop an attacker in their tracks non violently. And I don't apply being attacked by somebody I wanna make sure I'm nonviolent and return. Why is this better than a Lugar will explain that and I just a couple of seconds. The end these self defense bracelet. Silver collapsed. Holds a smelly secret that can stop an attacker in their tracks non violently to activate the bracelet getting attacked by somebody. Do you wearer first unlocks a small safety collapsed. And and no doubt intricate that is I assume that can be done with your with one hand fairly easily I mean you can't be looking for a little tiny key Kenya. And then yanks hard on the leather strap. And doing so breaks a concealed canister containing the company's proprietary stink blend. One whiff of that stuff is enough to give most of motors' second thoughts. And you have enough time to make an escape or at least call for help. Now again I'd have to see it to understand exactly how it works because if it big city gets him why does it get you I guess it's directional. It would be case for a shot of spray era something. God help you if you put the bright slow on backwards. India's sail on display at the same at the Consumer Electronics Show is Las Vegas has been all week long and while the company is unwilling to unleash one of the stink bombs on the show floor for a obvious reasons. It described dissent as a mishmash of terrible smells. And embrace that comes in two sizes and went on sale this week for about seventy bucks. So there you go. Consumer all of that world where all of that eventually takes. You watch judge TV crime shows and they've yourself. How occupier of pick up some tips of I was a criminal. Viewing TV crime just does not make you a better criminal. In my give you ideas. But that's like watching home improvement shows and think you would be area. Now it. So have you ever been to watch a TV show of featuring a fictional forensic investigators. Than you should know that it's unlikely that you'll. Becoming more gifted potential criminal they are a team of psychologists that Joseph has Gutenberg university. Have found no evidence of a correlation between watching forensic science TV shows in the ability to get away with committing a crime. Course how would you know take that away with a. To determine just the scientists looked at statistics from the database is of the FBI and the and it's German equivalent. And compared the crime of detection rates during the years proceeding to launch of the TV shows CSI crime scene investigation was subsequent rates. And conducted three other experiments as well and one interesting finding study subjects working in technical professions primarily men. Appear to have certain advantages when it comes to concealing crimes. I don't think that would include radio people and it. You know what they say about radio great profession for people with a C average. And this is breaking news women really do like Richmond. I know I was stunned. Money isn't everything but then apparently been hurt is study published by the journal evolution in human behavior showed photos of men and women along with their. Information. About eight subject to annual salary to see how it influenced their attractiveness ratings. Among residents from America China and Europe. The study author John speak when says that a man can move himself two points higher on the attractiveness scale that we used. If you salary increases by a factor of ten. For a female to achieve the same two point affect her salary would have to increase by 101000 times. We have to bow intentional. This boat initially explains a a previous study that showed me and give more money to charity than women. Com. So we'll see what I you. Break that down there where you want to supposed. Talk food. If you love more Rios. You'll be glad to know that the brand is getting into the monthly subscription box game it seems like every month were coming out with a new. You don't flavor for the industry flavor which turned out beef fruit loops or the I can't eat him anymore but I still low when I'm walking through wall harder select that I still go over there to see what the new windows or see what they got. Why it's called Oreo club box. And each. Will include two different Oreo flavors and somewhat of a kind extras which could be anything from mob Brandon branded happ still board games. And you can order your subscription through If you're registered a net. Oreo cookie club. So if you look at the subscription. On to Taco Bell starting on January the 25. That would be. Two weeks from. Yesterday. Via a new dollar menu. And tries limited release starting on January the 25 not Joseph Fries. Not meeting those are my Fries not your Fries. Not Joseph frauds. Talk about describe these sliced potatoes as being dusted with seasoning and serve with AS side of their signature and somewhat spicy nacho cheese dip. There ago. I discovered the greatest thing in the world it's from Trader Joe's and it's called cranberries also. I put it on talk goes the other night and I'm told you what I think I'm hooked on go to Trader Joe's two Vargas the more I can tell you that right now yeah it's killer. It's it's pretty spicy. And it's got a little bit of a cranberry taste to it and guided QAD it rocked a taco. You know ground beef and all accustomed he had could be just fun all right more food news scandals has launched Lou mixed. Cute very wide. Just in time for Valentine's Day for the first time since late August scandals has released their newest fenced in flavors. And according to the junk food and Easter drama junk banned her at junk banter. Scandals brand new multi flavored love mix is available in stores right now flavors include watermelon. White grape strawberry cherry and the young monk Barry. And no talent. I have pitted fruit that looks like a raspberry and taste like cranberry aura pomegranate. In addition to at junk batter other snack food and eastern tremors including. At candy candy coating and at that junk food on the go have found debate confectionery on store shelves in a target so loved if that's. If you're a big skill says it was it was the athlete that was a big scandals and. Both. Most of Marshawn Lynch is Steve's skills yeah I think you're right. So I anyway if you're the Marshawn Lynch. And maybe that's maybe that's for you. I'd JoAnne and Jim Gaines announced they're expecting they'd do this actually a couple of weeks ago the the fixer upper show is that going off the air soon there's been all of these little side stories that you read on via Internet about how there are getting divorced or he's left her so that not happening. In fact there have and another kid. Followed. There are bothered nearly three million followers gains party of seven is what they erode. They're pregnant. Fifth child be joining me a gains current children they've got a break twelve LO eleven that duke nine and in the case sevenths so while. A fairly if things aren't all that bad between Joanna jump they're worth a gazillion dollars and they're expecting so congratulations to them. Hey hackers have a great weekend be careful out there in the rain so I'll leave you are no good hands with Charlotte it takes to mark Harrison and I'll see you back here on Monday at 3 o'clock John Hancock helped most beloved. How to here.