Presidential Manners, NFL, Russia Probe and More

John Hancock
Wednesday, October 18th

Hancock discusses the Presidents rough edges, the NFL, the continuig Russian probe, I Read The News and more.


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This is John Hancock. Hey there hi there how there whereas Wednesday as we can big. Stock market is not just get a hit 43000. Hits. It is bursting through the finish 100 registered from Mike hundred some odd points 150 points up so much back. So I don't know large closes an hour from now but it's. It's gonna stop the Tony 3000 Nomar. He if you wanna. Become a fan of the president whether deserves full credit for order not go check your Toro on gay adults. I have a meeting with my financial advisor next week. And saw I was doing some homework last night. And NY one of the things I needed to do is go in and and and you get the balances to the floral on gays is Susan and I have been. And and then some other stuff investments and stuff that we've gotten. I'm still working. Well no it's not that good but if bandits. Now the fear factor on that is if you were alive in 20072008. You know oh what are. Where are quick knee you can received to this in her area of a toe and make you'll we easy. So. Read a bit diagonal. I'm all for what's going on know what the economy right now. On the other hand. The president is entangled in another gold star family feud. And and he's basically saying. I I didn't say that I have proof. But it today he is not submitted any and then there's some other people that have said and it's. I need to get I'm not trying to give him a pass I swear I'm not. Chris is zillow that the guy's name. Who writes for us CNN. Solos. Says it's entirely possible that the words simply got mangled. That. That trump was trying to express they are real sorrow. A somewhat. In articulately. It says the problem is or rather than not cop to that trump always has to ramp up controversy and drama rather than to play down. The guy. For whatever he is in your estimation terrorism in your estimation and no I know that runs the gamut in this particular audience. To Sami can do no wrong until somebody can do no right and someplace in the middle there is some of the some of the good and some of were wrong bad they're bad that he does but. He lacks in the social graces. He's you know I do we may have. Where we may have hit on this faster than anybody we had on this in the primaries. He's in new Yorker. He's got typical New York attitude. He. People outside the new York and there and then that East Coast. It up to Boston in that area through there. I a you know they're all used to New York attitudes. But they were talking about the midwest yesterday in the West Coast and even down on the south. People don't really like that New York attitude. That's why there was a phrase down here for ever I haven't heard as much covered recently proud because there's been so many northerners that are moved down here that it's delude to the southern used to say. Tardy all coming down here and telling us how to do things. It'd be way and in some ways it wasn't so much. Northerners coming south until and how to do it it was northerners coming south in the way that they told you how to do it. I'm New York attitude is a New York attitude it's a little brash it's a little bit in your face it's a little bit cut to the chase it's. It doesn't really. It doesn't really worry too much about the rounding of the corners and just kind of gives you that edge. And and that's kind of what the president does. And so from time to time he just says stuff. And you just think a year disk you disk French egg blue collar every shift. We issued a freeze though little bit differently and men like us they out I'm not try to give him a pass. He's he's stuck his foot in it on this one. He started the other day when he talked about past presidents and now they. Dealt with. All lost service members and and so on and so forth. But he has a candidate had a really public feud you'll remember with a gold star family and then. Now is the president he's got to dust up with it's started with a democratic Florida congresswoman. Frederica Wilson. And and normally that's all you literally have to say is democratic. Congresswoman and you would say okay well she's gonna be biased against him because I c'mon. It involves a speakerphone and a limousine. And Mayo widow of a deceased servicemen injured member who lost his life in Nigeria last week. And he told the widow of the slain soldier that are husband quote on quote knew what he signed up for. Shouldn't. I doubt very seriously that he meant it in the way that it comes off. But it's still just exactly the wrong thing to say at that particular moment. And he does he's just he is sometimes is just socially clumsy for our guy that's obtained the position that he has. You would think he'd have a little bit more. But he doesn't. Not in all cases. Frederica Wilson are represented it was in a car with my EGR Johnson when the call came men. And says that the call was put on speaker phone and they were in route to Miami International Airport to meet the body of Johnson's husband sergeant. Look David Johnson. Who was one of the four service members. Killed in nine ambush in Niger earlier this month. And when asked by a Miami station WP LG if she indeed heard trump say. That particular phrase he knew what he was getting in for. Knew what he it would knew what he was signed up for. She said yeah you said that. And to me that is something that you I can say in a conversation she said but you shouldn't say to a grieving widow. So insensitive. Well. What's taken place sense. Is Saddam. Is is typical. Trump. Administration. Are you know what to call. This is the part that I've talked about in the past that this president is just exhausting. And I don't understand the philosophy behind it if there is one. Because it's this kind of stuff. Debt is low hanging fruit. To anybody that either is. Pre determined to be opposed to this particular man as president of the United States or anybody who may be wavering. At one time or another. You know there are some people that also didn't say well I'll yeah I understand those but I do find some merit in. Fill in the blank and then you get stuff like this. And sometimes that. Merit then people are trying deck trying to hold onto but not really fervently. This gives the most I skies just a nightmare. Trump hit back at Wilson and tweeted democratic congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action. Parentheses and I have proof. Period it said it explanation mark. And that led Derrick calls on Twitter Ford tramp trump to provide the alleged proof. And for Wilson. Who appeared on CNN. To comment on the president's latest statement and she said. I don't know what kind of proof he could be talking about I'm not the only person that was in that car I have proved to. Well she wasn't the only one that was in that car with my Asia Johnson. Are her husband's mother to Wanda Jones Johnson was in that car and also in the vehicle she and tells the Washington Post. President trump did Richard disrespect my son and my daughter and also me and my husband. And she didn't elaborate but she did answer yes when asked if Wilson's version of the story was true. The Miami Herald notes that Wilson's press person. And the master sergeant among others were also in the car. And then that's where. Chris solos at that says here in posh entirely possible that the worst just get mangled. Calling our recently widowed woman he writes a soldier. Of a soldier killed in action is an incredibly difficult thing to do. And then he says you know even more so for trump who has had no experience with calls like these prior to becoming president and that would be. Unbelievably hard call to make. And then sell as a says and that makes it quote absolutely plausible that trump expressed a real sorrow. Somewhat in articulately. In art tick Q let lead. Close quote. The problem is that rather to cop to that trump right solos. Always pastor rank up ramp up controversy and drama rather than play it down. He's not a kind of guy that would say yeah I you know what. I did say that phrase and it's probably about Boller wasn't my best choice of which he would get. Great points. But so that's the latest and it in his it. Yeah I do it'll blow over and oh we'll move on to other stuff that no move under a legislation and no wall love. You know and we we should be talking about the I'd crisis capital of Rocca and serial falling to a US backed forces yesterday or we should be talking about. The FBI uncovering this Russian bribery plot before the Obama administration approved the nuclear deal all the money that was funneled to be a Clinton foundation and I and all that stuff. Or we should be talking about what's going on on FaceBook right now obviously in the post on FaceBook and Twitter me too. You know what that means. I do go find out. There's a lot of things that we should be talking about but now we're talking about another little. Moment. Oh were the president of the United States. Really didn't do a very good job as the president of the United States. And got Haley became that come from that's thinnest skin of any public official in modern times that is not New York attitude. Through this issue out the door based on those things alone. Hancock was though one if you was he knew what he saw I. Don't four was only part of a complementary sentence like. I was a brave and honorable man that that. That knew what he was signing up for instilled it did anyway for the love of his country and family sounds a little bit different to me that way that it does. If that's what you gonna could very well be we could very well be getting a partial. Com and somebody else saw along the same lines those claiming it was a compliment knew what he was signing up for instilled did not hesitate to do it. So yeah I if you take the phrase knew what he was signing up for an odd democratic congresswoman would probably are congressperson would probably be more than happy to do that. And just take the setter of the sentence and don't take they are beginning in the end then you're not getting the full story and so it would read different. If you don't know what. Accompanied it. Eagles are all valid point slow or we go to a Leon WB TJ leak. And John are you today gunmen. Good good yet I would absolutely compliment he meant it as and he knew he was getting into ate it at any rate cut operate so we are meant is that what he says. That stuff on that I just knowing how he talks and and knowing and watching trump since the eighties when money is in New York. Expect just and that's the style that is are there. He just he just absolutely just being taken out of context apparently there's. Well maybe but I mean you don't really know what what what accompanied that. That phrase or if anything. Right I cannot seem Intel on the mom you know well hey yeah are you stunned duties aren't up or so suck it up you know I mean you didn't need that right now there's no way. I can't imagine he would say it that way either but but EE doesn't always so proved to be socially graceful. When asked. If he had good intentions now you have a New York accent till the idea that you know that you're you're due out. And he's still there yelling out. Okay you know and and it is coming from a democratic. You know. Base that. You know as of yesterday I got my blue cross blue shield yanked away for me so anyway the grandfather policies so. So you have no reason to be on his side today is what you're saying. I have all reason to be our front side 100% in my political correctness that my president and we have got to ride out the window at the get more now. So I'm just stopped fed up with the whole thing apart being lied to. And everybody and Annie B democratic liberals look at it there right in line behind I don't edit now I really don't get it appreciates all thanks very much Larry got about thirty say its early years. I ran yeah but he he church service stirring occasionally but we knew that before you voted for a pro we elected him and he didn't mean any disrespect but if I was in that situation. I would want him tell me I would wanna talk to him Obama Bill Clinton failed I wanna talk to trump. I knew he'd met all the respect he respect military and I would serve under him I guarantee. That Larry appreciate gulping. Things move. And how much fondness. And take Jerry's phone caucus it'd Cayman but we'll go into some other stuff going on NFL owners and players held talks yesterday on a social issues. There was a bipartisan deal to our shore up obamacare. That is stalled in the overnight hours of not necessarily the headlines in your morning newspaper. I'm a big story that's not gotten as much attention is probably should prices capital of Iraq. Rocca in Syria failed to US backed forces so we'll we'll bring you up to date on that just a second. I'm judged on Hawaii sounds familiar. Blocked the newest version of the trump travel ban. There's two stories that are one of them is really getting some big times the coverage this FBI has uncovered this Russian bribery plot before the Obama administration approved a nuclear deal and an awful lot of money seem to be funneled towards. The Clinton foundation and all of this happened while Hillary was secretary of state and then another story that broker earlier this week. Joseph that recently released documents say show that the former FBI head James told me exonerated Hillary Clinton before the investigation into her email conduct had been concluded. One of answering questions that's coming up in Minnesota Russian bribery plot that came up is does that explain at all why Hillary kept or emails on a separate server. Now I don't know that won't know the answer to that question or not but. When you do what she did whether emails and a speculation is going to be. Well wide open in and told a story like that breaks and it's got a big time ramifications and now. Until questions like that are going to be ghastly wanderers Helen Gerri first and we'll move on major. Down. Very bad and I'd make comedy out on this quarter two soldiers. Brought it all personally and both confident though still firmly out or a low and what a great older they're. Loved one close. Well only at some point told you were actually able find enough force so I don't think this is any disrespect the president at all. Yeah well I I can't imagine that he would get as set out to be disrespectful. But like I say are your days he eats he sometimes lacked social graces the dismay anxious virgin shake your head golf while c'mon. You gotta Murray got to do about a minute. I agree with them but you've been a soldier in regard being told about health and no and other soldiers in my unit that that were killed in the line of duty. Non mobile. We're at televised that this one and I can say personally. That belonged you know president's call whether it be bullish. Or Obama. Don't know outnumbered short to my unit that envelope. Any president called them there won't tell. Aggregate very easy yeah. Letter right. Yet you'll get a letter but yet no no I had heard of no phone call from president lots of lows actually pulled out such of those. Now I would think and I appreciate caught Dugard via time prohibitive. An impossible to. I had to call everybody. Not to say that it wouldn't be. A nice gesture you give your life for your country. But I I don't know if that's if that's always possible or not. All right we are over a lot of speculation yesterday about the NFL owners and the players. Getting together in a meeting Annan. That they may yesterday. Discuss social issues that are both sides described as positive and productive. Jerry Jones could do it shouted down in the lobby of the hotel where they were. Where they were doing this that was. Somebody should there are no took it. And there was no confrontation or anything like that he was confronted by a couple people lobby of the Manhattan hotel where the meeting was so being known held enough. They are shouted at him about the white supremacy and although law and he'll listen to know said nothing and on the protesters. Were peacefully let away so. That was. That was what went on bear on hand at the meeting were Goodell and Tim team owner Tim ten team owners. And they are a handful of NFL players including I was going to the names of the players that were involved Josh Norman. Former panther Washington redskin was their. So. Players were not asked to stand for the National Anthem yesterday. The anthem protests were not. Are really discussed. You Roger Goodell the NFL commissioner said we spent today talking about issues that the players are trying to bring attention to a net there was the entire focus. And he said that they did national players to commit to standing during the anthem. But among the topics that they did talk about was enhancing the players platforms to us speak out on a social issues. We all learned yesterday. From a story on the hill. Or at bay hill or on the hill or how are you wanna freighters that killed outcome. That. Goodell and and no Doug Baldwin of the Seahawks. Sent a a letter. To senators. Promising to help the upper chamber pass a bill. Which is called the sentencing reform in corrections act that would address some of the issues of which the players say they have work to raise awareness. This is Chuck Grassley the Republican out of Iowa and Dick Durbin a Democrat out of Illinois and Sheldon Whitehouse the Democrat at a Rhode Island and Mike lead the Republican at a Utah law. Who got this letter they're all members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. And the bill seeks to improve public safety increase rehabilitation and a strengthened Chambliss is the way that the of the PR for this reads if enacted basically it would via. A step in in the efforts the nation to move forward. It's called the sentencing reform and corrections act it was first presented in 2015 has come up and down a few times. But it was at NASA and so would increase mandatory minimums for crimes like domestic violence. And would cut mandatory minimums for us some drug sentences. Of which there has been some disparity you know over the sentencing years so inept so anyway that's what took place with the NFL yesterday. Animals they were all that goes. He the networks are wine and a little bit CBS and NBC or lose in revenue because the ratings that are down. And whether or not that's all. Because of the protest but it'd probably has some. The to do with it. The Emmys are down the movie attendance is down meant you know I think. I think people are kind of tired of and having had the things that they. Enjoy to kind of take them away from. The seriousness of life the issues of life. I'm pushing their views of their issues of life back in their face. I don't watch football to find out what how you feel politically. I don't. Watch football go see somebody got to make a one handed grab. Jumping over defensive player. Lend an Indians that's why watch football. Or Rwandan justifies nature or. So anyway that's for you go on now and they're also was say. As of last night there was and I was trying to figure out so what are senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee in the democratic senator Patty Murray of Washington so who cares that they come up with a bipartisan deal in other words. These two senators sit down. And they figure out some way on how unknown shoring up obamacare that they can both CI dial on and they're from tutor for parties. But that doesn't guarantee that anybody else in Washington that it's gonna pass or anything along those lines. And in fact this bipartisan senate deal that was getting so much ink yesterday. Stalled within hours after being announced and the president was sending out mixed signals on it. And Republican leaders were totally on enthusiastic and noncommittal about it and it just seemed like a big story they're really should have been all that big at all. So long a bipartisan what. As senator from the Democratic Party and a senator from the Republican Party agreed on something. That's what we got to do now for news. It for staying. Judge you know why blocked the latest version of trumps a travel ban that's seems like deja Vu all over again. Travel restrictions aimed at according to the judge in mostly Muslim majority nations. Same problems. This last one saying it quote suffers so from precisely the same maladies as its percent of bridges predecessor. He said that the band falls are fails to bush showed that a national Alan nationality alone makes someone a greater security risk to United States. So latest band was to apply to people from Chad to Iran Libya North Korea Somalia Syria and Yemen all along with some Venezuelan government officials and their families. And. Drug administration today it was all based on an assessment of each country's security willingness to share information with the US just Barbara sorry that's so we'll see Ryan goes. So I say it's kind of deja Vu all over again Syrian city of Rocco which ice has made its capital. And soft could elevate is has fallen to US backed alliance of a Syrian fighters after three years. So. So they have no home anymore they'll have to basically go back to our what they did before I assume. Assyrian democratic forces said that the four month assault on Rocco was so over and that they could did that they had control of the city. Military spokesman said they can only confirm about 90% of the city had been cleared. But. The SDF is is Kurdish forces essentially. Along with a number of smaller Arab factions. And so that's David backed by airstrikes and no weapons and special forces and all that kind of stuff but so that that happened on the trump watch. On the people should be happy about that. We come back we'll come talk about well to stories that are kind of bubble and auto loans bubble and on top of the news and they'll probably get deeper before a toe falls back into. Not isolation in the FBI had gathered substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials had engaged in bribery kickbacks extortion and money laundering. I'm designed to grow up Putin's atomic energy business inside the United States and that was before the Obama administration approved via a controversial deal in 2010 they gave. Moscow control of this. A large swath of American uranium. So rather than bring immediate charges in 2010. The Department of Justice decided that they'd investigate the matter for nearly four more years. So some speculating because let's see who was the secretary of state at that particular time Alia Hillary. So people asking. You know does that explain why Hillary may be kept her emails on a separate those server. And when you start to get into their bid the details of this at all it turns into minutia demean. But it all documents indicate Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the US designed to benefit the former Bill Clinton president Bill Clinton's charitable foundation during that. The time that secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Served on our government body that provided a payroll decision to Moscow. Keep your side their side both sides. Draw drought followed the money. The other way which are about the FBI a bribery plot we'll have to kind of watch that and like you say when you really get into details of that it just goes completely over my head but there's an awful lot of money involved in now than you get into an investigation. That includes US attorney rod Rosen Stein. Who was an imply Obama a bomb up there appointee who now serves as president trumps deputy attorney general. And then there's the assistant FBI director Andrew McCabe who is now the deputy FBI director under trump. And he was involved. And both of those men now play a key role in the current investigation into possible but still unproven collusion between the rush. Russia and Donald Trump's campaign. And McCabe. The assistant FBI director now the deputy FBI director under trump. Is under congressional and Justice Department inspector general investigation in connection with money and his wife's Virginia State Senate campaign accepted into when he fifteen. From my Terry McAuliffe who's the former Virginia governor. At a time when McAuliffe was reportedly under investigation by the FBI I. What's the old phrase about absolute power and corruption in bottled water and money. So why the connections to their current Russia case that is say in the news right now. And now Michael Redd needs stories. The Russian dude that was behind all of this. Story that's now breaking. About the Clinton foundation. And and Hillary as secretary of state and I and so on and so forth. And better met my current. Who was the main Russian overseeing Putin's nuclear expansion inside the United States. Engaged in wrongdoing since 2009. And I'm. You go back or was. So you got connections to this current Russia case. And the Mike Koren probe which began in 2009. And Robert Mueller. Who is now the special counsel in charge. At the trump case was still FBI director then the same FBI that decided to let this investigation go on for another four years. And it ended in late 20s15 under the direction. Of then FBI director James coney. Earlier recall trump fired. Earlier this year and that was controversy all. Because. The president was under investigation that he fired the FBI director but didn't call me admits that he planted what email or. Leak something so that it would lead Jews amid kind of investigation. And then a story breaks earlier this week or maybe it was late last week. About recently released documents that show that the former FBI head James called me exonerated Hillary Clinton before the act investigation into her email contact. And actually concluded. Even circulated an early draft statement to select members of the senior FBI leadership. So according to the new transcripts are released by the Senate Judiciary Committee last Thursday afternoon. The former FBI director James coney made the decision not to refer. Then the democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for prosecution long before they ever interviewed key witnesses in the case. And according to the un redacted portions of the transcripts. It appears that in April or early may have 2016 mr. Tommy had already decided he would issue a statement exonerating. Secretary Clinton. Long before the FBI agents had finished their work. And as that the gateway pundit. A reported the FBI denied a lawyer Ty eleven jurors request to obtain documents related to Hillary Clinton's email probe. The reason given a lack of public interest. He was the lawyer that had been trying to get Clinton mrs. Clinton. And her personal lawyers dis barred for their handling of her official emails during her time as secretary of state so he meets with resistance. Among them the lawyers and now his request for information from the FBI files gets shot down as well. And they telling you have not sufficiently demonstrated that the public's interest. In disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests on the subject. So. Oh what a tangled web we weave. And how stories kinda start to inner mingle with one another and James called me who gets fired by the president. For no reason at all. Except it didn't now you know what went on here in the in the Hillary Clinton investigation. To be exonerated before the investigation even concluded. And it. He sales I'm. He puts he'll leaks information the FBI director links information. Hoping that it would lead do and investigate. So. Yeah yeah when you fire guy like that till. I just say you know it's. If we ever really knew what audited how corrupt politics really wants it's got all the elements money. Power. I councillor like people say hi guys I can't pinpoint it I'm not Smart enough to be able to pulled play and be imported together and explain C. But you don't have to be a genius to understand that this campaign. Financing. By itself. Alls get zillions mud millions and millions and millions of dollars. People don't pay out millions of dollars unless there's a return. What would be the return. If I spend millions of dollars at. A Chevrolet dealership. I get cars. If I spend millions of dollars on. Political campaigns. What do I get. Favorite curse me out. Or position nor status ordered ordered. An ear. So. Now last couple days. I've. I think it was FaceBook connect first on this on a couple of days ago. And somebody had put down it was just a singular. I don't remember who was because I've got like 5000 friends on FaceBook and Iowa really truthfully know about. Fifty of the but just a singular post from somebody has had me too. And I had no idea. People put up posts all the time that's not self explanatory. Tom and I don't have time to go back to figure out what it's all news so. Then I see a post like the next day and it's some. Female just absolutely lambasting. Some jerk who had made some caustic comment about me too. And I still didn't get it. And then last night a wander around and I'm doing some more stuff. And NIC as somebody else T an awful on somebody's reaction to meet to. And I said why is this. Even know. Alyssa Milano. Is hanging out of the house the other day. And a friend. Of a friend of hers on FaceBook. Suggested that. Something that struck her as a great way to elevate this Harvey Weinstein conversation. And she took the idea that Twitter. And I don't know how many followers Alyssa Milano has but I assume it's considerable. I've shot actress and swords over. So she takes the idea to Twitter and she posts if you've been sexually harassed or assaulted. Right. Me too. As a reply to this tweet. So that's what it mean to means. These are females that are saying yes. I've been. In that. I've been sexually harassed I've been assaulted. That was Sunday night by Monday night there was more than 53000. People who left comments and thousands of women had declared meat to. Sharing their stories of rape and sexual assault and harassment across social media. In some for the first time. The hash tag was treated nearly a million times in 48 hours. And some left edit simply meet two and others opened up about you know what abuse. They had undated that they had never you don't shared before the public. Lot of said that the whole idea was to elevate the Harvey Weinstein conversation placing the emphasis on the victims rather. The the perpetrators and offering a glimpse into the number of women. Who continue to be victimized. The posts have gathered steam beyond Twitter on FaceBook there were more than twelve million posts that's rice sought comments and reactions in less than 24 hours. By four point seven million users around the world according to the company. And in the United States FaceBook said 45%. Of users have had friends who posted me too. Even before that. There was there was I guess there was a social media trend Bakken 2014. That was quote on quote yes all women. And those were post that had women knocking about experiences with sexual harassment and sexism. And then before that there was a Toronto Brcko was a youth activist and she started a quote unquote meat to campaign. In 2007. To let other sex abuse survivor know that they were not alone. And and that's who Malayan a Milan Alves centrally credited Bert for her inspiring work. Now in response. To India and I haven't seen one of these yet. But in response to the outpouring of emotional stories from women. Claiming me too yes I've been sexually harassed I've been abused. Now you've got a small contingent of men who have posted. I have. Noting shock at the groundswell and remorse for their own past misdeeds. And I don't suppose I would open up to four lines to ask. You guys if you would do if you would BA I have or not. I'm but I'm. I'm sure that there's probably some stuff I did in my used that would probably fall under the I have category. Taken advantage of a situation nor whatever the case may be I never raped anybody. Obama but I'm sure that I was out of line or that. And are under ought to describe it I never tried to be a dog. But. You know you work in the nightclub business it. You run across all sorts of elements. It would take a lot of guts to put I have up there is a guy. Pretty honorable he got the guts to do it. But anyway it's human wander and through a Twitter even wandering through FaceBook or human wander around the massive response that's what I mean two is all about. Demonstrating what many women have already known that Americans in this is a step to chew a mayor may not have ever heard before. That Americans are sexually assaulted every 98 seconds. And that one in six women have faced rape. At least the way that we define it today and am not questioning the definition of rape I'm just saying the definition of rape has matured over the years. To wage. We used to write it off is old boys will be boys. We don't quite right it off that way anymore. No I we have heard from. Pesos Campos. The security guard at the at a Las Vegas shooting at the Mandalay bay. Just disappeared off the face of the organized not these that these do you find him he's not talking headlines declaring he has banished. Even mysteriously. Vanished. They've even checked in with snow still decide what is the actual. Well snow says in the world of dead at the big difference between vanishing in just merely withdrawing from the public eye and that's what this campus dude has done he's not missing. Biggest police officer tells the website. He's not under arrest. But he's. The guy who said he'd been shot in the hallway outside of panic room six minutes prior to panics larger shooting spree of the other country concert. Jason holding concert going on down. Well below. And Campos was praised as a hero but then authorities later revised the timeline to say that he'd been shot about the time that panic began shooting at the concert Sampson Campos was going to address his role in any interaction with the panicked. Well last Thursday. In spatter media interviews buddy were abruptly canceled and many just kind of disappeared. So. Campos union the president. Who was actually help coordinating the interviews in the first place that he was told only the campus ended up and they'll walk in medical clinic. And reporters said a security guard are these security guard now parked outside of a Campos home on and neighbors haven't seen him he's a hero one neighbor tells the Los Angeles Times but nobody knows worry us. So while other up the hotel told him do I get the hell out of the public ire he decided to get out to the other guy does also admit timeline now has come under question enough. Mandalay bay depending on what the time memos could be under some pretty severe. Lawsuits so when it's all said and done with the but paces Campos security guard Mandalay bay. I'm really sure where he has. Mary Ann or ginger. And why I asked that in just a second it's October the eighteenth. 291 days into the year 74 days ago does that make six. Need not I didn't dance averaged 68 days of Christmas. Of course. Grand Ole opry open on this date in 1945 Mike Ditka 78 years old today and dawn wells. Ginger single guy guy Gilligan's Island. Ginger Marianne. 79 years old today it has now there's neither. But the answer was always ginger area. Religion or that kind of thing. There SA are crowned funding. Crowd funding campaign he said to raise 213 billion dollars to purchase Anheuser-Busch. Are you with any. I Asus has been defeated lost the capital city of rock of Syria. An informer says that Russia trolls were ordered to watch house of cards to learn how American politics really works. And they calf was on the loose in Brooklyn. Does that happen. The whiskey Bible names this year's whiskey of the year Jim Murray is whiskey Bible announces the best whiskey of the year and for the third year rode the award went to Viet temple made mud and North America. This year's whiskey of the year is buffalo traces colonel EH Taylor for ordering. Scored 97 out of a hundred and Murray's yearly described it as having one of the most wonderful noses on the planet he's described as having one of the most no wonderful noses on the planet. A referred to the alcohol or Roma said the last year's winner was the go broke her rise thirteen year old. 2015. Overall winner was Crown Royal northern harvest rye which this year took the honors as the Canadian whiskey of the year or second place in this year's overall competition. Read breast twelve year. Which is the highest ranking and Irish whiskey has received India history in the book. Be a Bible by the way Jim Murray's whiskey Bible 2018 now will arrive on a store shelves. On not November the 28. A robot. Masseuse. What could possibly go wrong. Named Emma. He is offering Singaporeans. Hi tech back rubs with gigantic metal arms and warm silicone tips. Which is creators say perfectly mimicked him it did the human touch. The robot began work at the clinic this week performs. A type of massage tracked it stay in traditional. A Chinese medicine MO which stands for expert manipulative. Massage automation. Consists of a white metal arm with heated silicone tips that mimic the human palm and dumb. Customers massage while lying in bed fifty bucks customers get a half hour of robotic massage five minutes of massage by human therapist. I and around twenty minutes of acupuncture. I read a story I've got injured someplace where they think that. Robots. British education expert predicts that robots are going to begin replacing teachers in the classroom. Within the next ten years. Could you get away with more or less on our substitute robot. Sir Anthony seldom vice president of the university of Buckingham says intelligent machines that depth to suit to a learning styles of individual children by reading their brains are facial expressions will be part of a revolution. 01 on one learning. Ending having our classes of children by the U era since they won't be able to learn at their own pace and so there you go there plus you could programming on lefties just album it did teach exactly the way that you want that teacher did speak. They can do things like teach that the civil war was about slavery and oh wait a minute we already do that. Thank you Mike dawn wells and it'll always itself. Dawn wells was Marion and Marianne was always the answer that ginger. Apparel yes that is exactly the opposite. Dow Jones didn't just. Walk into the 23000. Or so and it left. Into the 243000 zone. Puffed 160 point 16 Dow closes today at 2315760. NASDAQ up point 56 closes 664422. And the S and paid. Up. 01 point 90 and no closes 256126. Source pure wondered if the Dow hit 23000 today yes. Absolutely. There's a new world record. For naked miniature golf. I'm 47 men and no women set the record in Sydney Australia on Sunday. New event was organized by the young and newness. Of Australia. Which would be. Why in a and I estimated that spells anybody doesn't. Well backwards. And again I don't know restarted. Padding participants were eighteen to forty years old. Naked miniature golf new world record. To anybody else thinking about the old story well out good Johnny Carson and Arnold Palmer whose ex wife a former wife the if you've never distribute Dijjer you know there's some people in their cars right now are going all wherever that story. And not to see your idea for it could tell you what and just Rogers picture. Others are Roseanne revival it's begun production the cast is all back no one notable exception. BS stars. Reunited on the said yesterday. For a table read of the premiere episode. I entitled twenty years to life. Felt like any of armor really busy right now is that except for the guy who didn't show up which is a Johnny go lucky who is played David he didn't show. We don't know that he's not showing but he wasn't there yesterday. He apparently is on another Big Bang theory. So we don't know if he's participating in the reboot of Roseanne or knob but all the rest of where there are Roseanne was their John Goodman who played Dan was there are Sara Gilbert who played Darlene is there Laurie Metcalf. Who played Jackie she was there yesterday Michael fish when. DJ now DJ was just a little Tora let me. You haven't either way this show first started he was just you know it had Tora Tora. So loud so I don't know how they fit him in there now he's got to be tourism Rogers old. Leasing Lawrence and played Becky is back Sarah chulk who also played Becky but will originated new character or I could get comfortable. That is due to the Iraqis. And but not in attendance Johnny collect you've been anywhere there's a reboot of rose and solo. To be a good term for all. There's a study out headline out today you can exercise yourself to death. And this is especially true for you white guys. So all give the parameters on all of that it's not saying don't exercise. But apparently you can exercise yourself to death. So while way they've been adds that it in the study affected daddy of this study claims that men who exercise over seven and a half hours a week or more likely to have plaque build up in their arteries. Which I don't make a lot of sense to me. But also not making sense is that the effect it had on white men but not black men. And they say you shouldn't stop exercising but. I don't know tell you I see some of you promote your brought your body parts off for me it's have a burger. That's all play. It's 505. The parents. Okay. Yeah. And now we're. Yeah. All right K then our draft. You know just to have to shake we asked you the other day and misery to think about Anthony boarding here watching Schoen is a CNN that at some pals around the country towards stuff. As celebrity chef TV host cooked and eaten a whole lot of fancy gourmet food in his life. Discuss he has a quote disgusting. Shameful fast food secret. He told us to the Boston Globe and a recent interview that he can't resist. The macaroni and cheese from pop lies Louisiana kitchen. That the same as published chicken. Present a different deal. Same thing so there's a pop us right of the road from us. I don't think a macaroni cheese is on my new diet but. He said late at night I've been known to sneak in there with a hoodie on I always get nailed people are like dude. I'm gonna put this on interim. He also admitted that if he can't get pop eyes Mac and cheese he'll go for a KFC's as a second choice baca. But I think I've had KFC's it doesn't stand out. So anyway. Anybody else addicted pop lies Mac and cheese and then my other question to be. What is your fast food. Secret shame I don't. TJ put this up on. The WBT FaceBook page did the Dave and some of you have to say. More than I do and that's Taco Bell tacos. No Jack in the Box doctors. Which are disgusting. And I'll take three. I just went into the right know Delhi's website I can't find their menu what so what that. I was supposed to know they still do that all the kind of deal here not. Why would they take the menu off the web site. Lest they're changing every day. Greg kept secrets from down Ryan Miller right across from think it's. Right next to the burger company. Over here in the almost prostitution exclusion zone. Com. Or here's some of some of the people on the WBT. FaceBook page said. 79 cent Tony cutie. You've done that. They got me now I'll never buy gas anywhere else. Little Caesars crazy bread. And all eat the whole order myself no sharing your doesn't like that where you read it before you get home so. Then you throw the container away like someplace before you get home so they wanna use even the dumpster. You go pick up the pizza for the family in the new eat something like the crazy bread and neutral dollar all the evidence away before people of the driveway. McDonald's dinner box all to myself with the Diet Coke of course now. The two big Macs extra order Fries in prison gradient does and a Diet Coke. Jack in the Box chicken fingers. Much familiar with those. I'm telling ya I don't know what it is about Jack in the Box talker assert that they still do for a buck. Deep fat fried Lowell and David short kind of meet that. Shirt that is me. I loved them and I haven't had one since I've been vetted fast food restaurants since the diagnosis but they're. But now that I'm talking about American be headed that direction. I. The new study out there it says say you can exercise yourself to death. I don't think I've ever been close. But. Too much exercise can kill you and this is really fascinating white men who work out at least seven. And a half hours a week. Are nearly twice as likely to suffer from heart disease as those who do a moderate amount. According to a new study. Researchers in Chicago compared 25 year exercise patterns and made a discovery that very active white guys. Are 86%. More likely to experience a buildup of plaque in their heart arteries part of a middle age. It didn't apply however to black men. And I don't think that they found any evidence of an in women either. It suggests that high levels of exercise over time caused stress to the arteries on the arteries. Leading to higher coronary harder. Are artery qualification. Health suffocation. Which they Arab. Abbreviate is CAC. Now scientists don't watch it quit exercising. And unique to this particular study is the valuation of long term exercise patterns from young adulthood in the middle aged. The study group had eight follow up examinations over 25 years from 1985. Through 2011. Starting at the age of eighteen up to thirty years old and then finishing at 43 to 55. And researchers split participants into three distinct groups based on physical activity patterns. Group one was defined as exercising below the national guidelines of less than a 150 minutes a week. Group to do. As meeting the national guidelines of about a 150 minutes a week and grieved the group's three. Exercising three times above the national guidelines. Of over 450. Minutes a week. So that would be. I'm Ken since it's 548 times or seven times six is the red at 35. Eight times six is 48. So would be about. Eight hours a week. Exercise. Ted over all those groups to relive the days that those in group three were 27%. More likely. The nose in group one to develop CAC by middle age. And windows findings were divided by race and gender they found that white men read the highest risk is they were 86% more likely to have CAC. There was no higher odds of CAC for black participants who exercised a bad upper level. And while there was a similar trend they say for white women it was not statistically significant. So you can actually. Exercise yourself to death. They say that you shouldn't stop exercising based on this study. Com. I mean I've just got back on the treadmills were talked about and lost weight. Com and a healthier and eating again right and and so on and so forth. But I generally do. 123. I'm probably five hours a week. I do about three and a half miles a day and then sometimes on Saturdays at your five miles of the drug. I'm most takes me about an hour and twenty minutes. Three and a half miles takes me about an hour. 61 minutes I think replica. So I'm so none of that upper big 200 like I should be worried about exercise killing me. Anyway I you can't exercise too much. Now written a Renault thing they're good completely different deal national highway transportation safety administration doesn't track how many road deaths are the result of phone use while driving would be surprised about that. Because crash rates pedestrian deaths traffic deaths were way out but nobody's tracking Y and it probably has to do with. Cell phones and your attention span on the road talk about it next. Are you a morning person. You are nice person. But time and days your best time of day. Yeah I think I am a morning person. I and there was a time in my life when I didn't think I would ever. I could embarrass seventies condemned by a higher me and radio I was to a nightclub so I was you know. Get up to 10 o'clock in the morning. Who walked the dog show. Take in Napa one get up for floor take shower go into the club. Get home about 2:33. O'clock or. Sleep delta and watched agog show. So I thought you know the nightlife. And they know good life. But it's my life. But now I had that I did mornings and radio here there and everywhere. Various times in my career and I think that kind of got me into and so now I met my wife targets of at 5:30 in the morning so I would you know. Once alarm goes officers don't. You go back to sleep and it's that. Tossed and turned twenty minutes at a time look at the clock to a time and just have to so I'm. So I like morning's. I did nine to noon here for a good many years and I've never gotten over getting taken off of that because I love better shift. And you got out here like 1 o'clock 2 o'clock in the afternoon and no you didn't have to get up at 3 o'clock in the morning like you do for a morning show. But are you either you Richard best in the morning that if you give your if you think you are than you know lots of company from other morning people according to a poll Gallup. And that poll also 1000 US adults were asked what their bet their best on the typical day. And the answer 55%. Said morning's 5 AM till about noon 1159. And I did there's something about morning's even in radio there's something about morning's everything's new sports scores are new weather's new news as new. Everything solos it's it's a better time today. Some afternoons 15% said they were better in the afternoons noon to 5 o'clock evenings 20% five. 11 o'clock and then late night 11 AM until 5 in the morning 6%. There worked that shift. And worker prolonged but there was a time when I was working now Marriott hotel in Dallas on the students freeway. And that was my shift like ten told. 7 the next morning or something like that. You got an hour off someplace in the middle like from 3 to 4 o'clock in the morning what we. I had a dead checked Linda bird Johnson into a room one night to two at 1215 and her children that. As most exciting thing that happened. Hold them jump. They were also asked to this one hour of the day was their personal best in the top three hours were 10 AM. 9 AM and eight jail. Morning people are particularly common among people with high salaries. Breasted 70% of people in households earn at least 75000 dollars a year they prefer morning's compared with 40% of those in households earning less than 30000 dollars annually. So waterboarding people out there apparently. Now they're steady at big bug the guys depressing at what age are we no longer young. And the answer. He is 35. If two it's I remember at 35 vaguely. Moreover 35 is the age when men reach peak loneliness and women hit peak Boehringer. According to a separate poll. A new report by the BBC's. Suggest that mid thirties is the time in our lives when family pressures in financial responsibilities combined to cause problems at work and at home. And we are forced to be mature whether or not we like it or not. The outer world sees us differently as well suddenly were removed from the young people bracket into the early middle age bracket I think that's crap. Because I think it's especially in your thirties. You Euro euros billion euros if you gave it you know if you wanna get old buddy or your attorney Jim get over under thirties but if you wanna still be part of a dynamic demographic and stuff. Well but they're saying here is 35 is the new 49. Now Biden's. Everything today. You have the distracted driving is killing people. But did you know that the national highway transportation safety administration doesn't track Keller road deaths are the result of both phone use while driving. So traffic deaths are way up but nobody's. Nobody is in charge trekking out why they're up. You would think that they would have. And some treasury Somerville new go really. There's a group by nonprofit lobbying group that was supported by somebody who lost someone. To a distraction driver. And it's called a stop distractions dot org. And said that the problem of death by distraction has gotten much worse. I inevitably get behind somebody traffic out there men. You can tell the once there on the phone. And they've been meant to some extent. I taught myself couple weeks ago I'm doing that same very thing and a very have you seen the commercial or the guy's saga greater Carla this kid kids in the backseat. And all the sudden he goes down a look at his phone for a second. And little kid runs out into the street to get his ball in the last thing you see is their guy slamming on the breaks to avoided the kid but he probably didn't. A bad impact have invented a bad thing to have an impact I mean I don't mess around much on the phone and no I usually don't which only get to a stoplight if a check at all. And I don't wanna get into the habit of doing that. But you know once in a blue moon I see it go I see a light up so I know some comments on this wanna see who it is. And I'm driving on a back road someplace. And all the sudden it just kind of Kirstie that you really. You really haven't been aware of what's gone on for the last 500 yards. It doesn't take much. I don't wanna be a guy hits the kid to run around the house voted to change that ball. They say over the past two years after decades of declining deaths on the road US traffic fatalities surged fourteen point 4%. In 2016 alone more than a hundred people die every day in or nearer vehicles in America. The first time the country his past that hole in a decade. Our regulators. Still don't ever really good idea of why crash related deaths are spiking. People are driving longer distances but not tremendously so. Total miles were up but just 2.2 percent last year. We seem to be speeding and drinking a little bit more but not much more than than usual. And together experts say the tees up ticks don't explain the surge in road deaths. But there are big clues. And no one as you might have guessed is the substantial increase in Smartphone use by US drivers as they drive. The second base say is that changing way of which Americans say use their phone while they drive. What do we know we're pretty much better done in talking texting Twitter or FaceBook entry Graham and we we use it for everything. So they say finally the the increase in fatalities been largely among bicycles. Motor cyclists and pedestrians. All of whom are easier to miss from a driver's seat then say a 4000 pound SUV you'll see that out of the corner your eyes sometimes if your. Not paying attention but you won't see a guy at a motorcycle. And then they added that that the bottom line on this National Safety Council found only about half of fatal crashes tied to know mobile phone users were coded as such. India NH TSB. Databases. Smartphones or kill a lot of people. And the national highway transportation safety administration. Then track how many road deaths happened as the result of a phone use while driving there are a few states that track at. But it's only like about eleven of them. So I it would seem that. We're probably a little bit behind schedule on actually tracking that because I'll bet you if you saw the numbers of how many people died because of distracted driving you'd be stunned. So put the phone down. Turn the radio up enjoy march garrison was Charlotte at six. And a rival alive. And don't take anybody with you on the trip. I don't mean in the car I mean. Take anybody out. Show I'm not talking about dating but.