The President's Proposed Budget and The Infrastructure Plan

John Hancock
Tuesday, February 13th

Hancock reviews the president's new budget proposal and specifically the infrastucture proposal. Review of the Olympics from yesterday and what is coming up tonight.


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This is John Hancock. Are as good test days we get big urban to Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday. The new Mardi Gras week before. And it was. Actually if you're gonna go I would recommend that. Because. Good Tuesday or Monday or Tuesday as just nuts. That's just boy on nuts but a week before you get a little bit of the flavor of the people are party movement. I'm not quite all the violence course and not all of these flow around it there either so you may wanna be there for the bead throwing season because there's. Well there's sideshows Tibet. Okay. They're not unlike a fantasy fest down in Key West on Halloween never been to that. I him. That it wants. My mommy wouldn't let me go back through again. Everybody good Olympic action no last night Khloe Kim earned her ice cream shall as extreme. Susan hour walk and through air studio today she was looking for the new Ben and Jerry's. Sure free your low fat or whatever his last trip. And she she said did you know it's been. Oh it no I haven't had ice cream since last July. Which for me is stumble eventually got. Diabetes type two and diagnosis so put ice cream right there I could I could but then I'd have to make amends for him. So I don't know I haven't really been Jones and weren't. And delegate to Harris teeter walked down that file and see all that and see all that stuff and there's a Hoggan does it matter with the pieces are cone and that knowledge yeah you know because of that where had a freeze or Estes Park when we had what we had to have emergency room prepared to go home threw them away that was last ice cream ever owned. Through to the dumpster. So are there we go on now and com. And make blowing kims are very cool story her folks. Came from South Korea so for her to go back to South Korea and no win gold and media Anderson ever did it. And I just it's just cool story so well. And knows sunlight to made big show so I think that's tonight. And talk a little bit more about the Olympics. Would you believe that blue would be a faster color than red. You don't think colors have anything to do with the with the speed the resistance they wind. Do you know that inside the US aid to either USA's snowboarding jackets. There's. A whole bunch of stuff printed on the inside of it. This is pretty cool the NBC Olympics answer grim account posted a photo of what's inside the jackets of the USA. Snowboarders and it's a list of English phrases. Translated to Korea and plush conversion rates the time zone change and Celsius to Fahrenheit chart. All that stuff is on the inside of the snowboarders. USA coats. Recall hot topic journal last thought that was but that was a pretty cool. Dario a little talk more Olympus global later on. You'll you'll maybe have to watch the news department. But we should be hitting no Sanders are we should be a warning you'll forgive me give you any results that would be on tonight so we won't spoil it for you must re. But I tell you ahead of time and I don't plan to divulge. Anything are currently although we aero watching with bated breath. On one of the TV screens and here. Cross country skiing. Vieira de man. Who. That is and those guys that we just saw there I think have been ended religious test the one hour mark. And I'm telling you want about eight minutes into it. If you're that far along. It you you you heard your legs are burning your hearts burn a near it's I mean as grueling those guys are in shape does like via. That's like the cyclists that run in the Tour de France and stuff through a you know right Oak Hill for a 180 miles get up the next morning and do it again. Unbelievable feats that to you just never would have never would think. Luke weekly had to assert the shoulder surgery so why he joins sickest. Peppers Julius Peppers just said the same thing. So anyway whether he'll not to whether or not she'll be you're actually ready for the season I guess they don't know team hopefully we'll be ready for the season. How much we don't know I guess it depends on this. On his sort of recovery on all of that stuff the out. Senate has begun on rare open ended debate on immigration. And that's interesting but what's really interesting. It and a couple things I found today is the trump infrastructure plan. And one is an op Ed piece that I found. That talks about. In essence it says hey you just got a big old reduction in your taxes. And now. There is some movement in congress. To increase the gas tax. Which for our normal household. To pay for all this infrastructure stuff one point five trio excuse me 405 trillion dollars of infrastructure stuff. Some of it coming from the federal government but a big increase in. States cities and states. And so on to raise the gas tax and error essentially saying no no use the gas tax money that you have right now. Smarter and use it for what it was. Passed to do in the first place wasn't passed for light rail and at Baylor it was passed for roads. So while all share that op Ed piece which you because I think that's plenty of sting and vile Lyles was in Washington one of I think there was. Five Democrats out of a whole bunch of people were invited to go to the White House and not talk a little bit about infrastructure and our money and sold and so forth and I she was invited so she went up there yesterday and so we'll talk about her trip up to a Washington a little bit. There is AF Florida bill that has been proposed that would pay for bullied students to go to private school multimedia force enough. And against it's against all of that and of course Mike what Doyle news and number remind him in traffic and are in the news today oh boy it took 430 and and all that stuff so well. Well that's what's going on tonight Olympics tonight figure skating. I if you are turning into broadcast beginning at 8 o'clock figure skating on NBC. Women's Alpine skiing it's all first run will be on tonight to go on NBC. Men's snowboarding half pipe gold medal final that's real C Shaun White tonight at. On NBC I would imagine they'll probably save that until closer to 11:30 and 8 o'clock so we can. Keep me from going to bed. And I'd keep an audience for as long as a possible cause he would be the headliner out of all of that stuff you also have figures scare that figure skating tonight to appear short program. And then no later on in the evening on MS and our excuse me NBC sports network go women's ice hockey. Which is that you were really get into right TJ women's ice hockey. Sweden vs Switzerland tonight. To pass this country's just beat the crap out of each other. President yesterday unveiled a four point four trillion dollar of budget plan that includes significant cuts in. Social safety net programs Medicare. Food stamps talk more about that in a second. Housing subsidies student loans. It increases military spending you would do run a yearly deficits of more than trillion dollars however the presidential budgets are. Are never passed as presented so load this is just the this is the beginning. It's kind of lays out the priorities. Start the debate. Our White House did use the event yesterday to unveil its infrastructure plan we'll talk about that mourn the second to interesting op Ed piece in US news and world report today by the president of Americans for prosperity. Which is a conservative political advocacy group that is a funded by the Coke Brothers. On willow get to that and couple seconds at well the budget yesterday would put 200 billion dollars in federal money over the next ten years so with the goal of getting. State and local governments in the a private sector to make up the bulk of what would be a one point five trillion dollar infrastructure plug it planning. A spending plan. The trumps your decided Doerr suggested that it may not be a major priority stating about congress if for any reason they don't want to support it. They don't want to support. It day it's that's going to be up to them. Oh what was very important to me was the military. What was very important to me was the tax cuts. Solo Towles who were all of that goes infrastructure was so one of the things that that the president ran on. The F food stamp. Proposal item and neo. Truck budget plan that was getting some attention as the F proposal. Now was released yesterday was this this part where they would replace about half of food stamp recipients monthly cash benefits with food box deliveries. Called the America's harvest box. Would contain items like a shelf stable milk juice grains cereals pasta. Peanut butter. Beans. Canned meat poultry or fish and canned fruits and vegetables the administration claims. First of all that it would save nearly a 130 billion dollars over ten years. Woody improved nutritional value of the program and reduce the potent solo for fraud. Not any of you who love error and I guess the old days of the food stamps are over another carrier card credit debit Carter something like Batman and every egg from ever getting phone calls about. For the dispersion back in the nineties people would call and say. That is left grocery store and allows us stood behind a lady who is Dutton and you know it was steaks and beer and just like badgers use in food stamps used to. Just appall people. Big consumer advocates expressed concern to families wouldn't know an advance or or have any choice about what food they would get. And also about how they would get the boxes. And so well but they wrap up that was one of the interesting no parts of stuff. Of the budget yesterday four point four trillion dollar budget for 2019. Has 0% chance of being turned into law but. It is it's really more vision statement at this point that it is a realistic a spending plan. But some of the key points no balanced budget plan surrenders to on the GOP goal of trying to eliminate the federal deficit in ten years. It's a concession that the big tax cut plan enacted last year and higher spending in some areas make that possible. And specifically the budget sees. 984. Billion dollar deficit for next year and seven billion dollars in new debt over the next decade. Gross of the numbers that get thrown around today when you think seven billion over a decade that's just almost like change and it. I mean when you're nineteen trillion dollars in debt. In and that's not even wider obligated to that's just. What is it fourteen trillion that the American taxpayers though or something like that. So when you start talking about seven billion dollars over the next decade does a new dead over the next decade to take all while while that's just seven billion. I mean that's just like. Two NFL football teams has no big deal. Military spending the approach your calls heard increase of us 716. Billion dollars for the Pentagon that would represent the biggest difference build up since Ronald Reagan held office. That would add 25900. Troops to the current force of one point three million ended duck calls for ten new warships. And increased production of the F 35 and the F eighteen warplanes Medicare cuts. The a plan proposes to cut domestic agencies such as the labor and Interior Department the EPA the National Science Foundation it would also cut Medicare by 554. Billion dollars over the next ten years. Including cuts in payments to hospitals and rehab facilities. Well there's the border wall eighteen billion dollars for the wall on the Mexican border and additional money to hire more immigration agents and the space station. Which has gotten some headlines over the last couple of days where they are kind of planning to end of funding for the International Space Station by twenty to 45. But the government with a lot of 150 million. To help make sure that private businesses take over the station's operation in some as yet unspecified. Capacity. And then. Trump also proposes spending 200 billion. In federal money on infrastructure. But that 200 billion mill yeah the billion yes. Is really all part of a one point five trillion dollar infrastructure plan. That trump is ready to roll out or has rolled out. And the critics are saying it doesn't include enough federal cash but there's a couple of interesting notes on that one in won't get to that only come back on the other side of DOA 330 news and one is an op Ed piece that I saw in US news and world report today. Which is written them by a Tim Phillips. Who is the president of Americans for prosperity. And Americans for prosperity is a you can go to their website Americans for prosperity dot org. This is a group that's been around since 2004. It's funded by the Coke Brothers David and I Charles Coke image is. A conservative political advocacy group. I headquartered up in Virginia. And Dan Tim Phillips the president writes an op Ed piece today in the US news and world report. That basically is entitled eroded to better infrastructure president Trump's plan doesn't raise the gas tax. And neither should any other approach. And he starts off and that's kind of what caught my attention was he starts off by saying you just got a tax cut. And before you have a chance to spend a dime of it there are some in Washington that are already dreaming up new ways to get a chunk of it back. Supporters of a proposal to raise 375. Billion for infrastructure spending wanna raise the federal gas tax by 25 cents a gallon. That's a claw back of about 25%. Of the total tax relief. And it adds up to nearly 300 dollars a year per household. And Tim Phillips. Of Americans for prosperity says how about we take the money that we're now already. Taking. Out of a gasoline taxes. And spend it smarter and some of the specifics will share with you next. So I truck rolled out this one point five trillion dollar infrastructure plan. Both parties agree that infrastructure is in need of some serious work. Decades of under investment. One point five trillion. There are disagreements over aware of that money. Will come from the plan involves about 200 billion dollars in federal funding over ten years that is to be taken from cuts to other programs which would include a hundred billion dollars in incentives to stated no local governments to stimulate spending on infrastructure. On things like highways and ports and airports. Democrats had sought to greater federal funding and a new revenue possibly to the hike in the gas tax. And White House aides say that the trump plan is just the starting point obviously for negotiations to select the budget. The proposal requires cities counties and states to put in at least 80% of the project's cost themselves before they can get to a 20% federal funding. Which reverses what we're doing right now moment they'd say that's an 8020 plan now federal to state funding needs look at for a twenty to eighty. I'll plan. Try highways and and and and I that I hesitate to say and stuff because of this editorial I'm about to share with you. These federal funding also includes about fifty billion dollars towards rural infrastructure projects. And obviously there at the Democrats in the critics are saying they knew where aid plan needs more federal investment and they called. Moves to speed the approval process including reducing environmental reviews they are corporate giveaway. But bureaucracy is one of the things that costs us money and that's what's pointed out by Tim Phillips who is because who is the president of AFA day of peace gives me. Americans for prosperity which is a conservative political advocacy group funded by the Coke Brothers. He does an op Ed piece today in US news and world report. Called a better. A road to better infrastructure. Trump's plan doesn't raise the gas tax and neither should any other approach and he points out we just got a tax cut and now there's people already don't wanna grab in your pocket and take about. 25% of that back from the he said the top administration's last budget did not call for an increase in the gas tax and neither does the infrastructure proposal that he released yesterday. The administration will seek to build on the steps that it took through the executive order last summer that. Streamlined the review and permitting process and established a timeline for projects to be approved. These principles are on the right track writes Tim Phillips in the op Ed piece. Good place to start. Would be reforming the way that existing transportation dollars are spent in other words the money they're already taking you currently pay. Eighteen point four cents per gallon federal tax on gas. Plus whatever your state gas taxes. So under the theory that that's a user fee you drive on roads so the government taxes the government bid aghast that you used while. Doing it to pay for maintenance soared to build more roads. But. Phillips points out. Too often money. Ray is to build highways and bridges is wasted on non highway projects. This is a problem for both the state and the federal levels about one of every five dollars 20%. Collected in federal gas taxes is now spent on non road projects like bike paths. And high speed rail. And bus routes. Beyond the direct diversion of money to non highway projects. Other roles. And the red tape that needlessly drive up the cost of road building itself. Writes Tim Phillips the president of Americans for prosperity in this. Op Ed piece in US news and world report today. Planning requirements and duplicative. Environmental reviews slow work and add to costs and there are labor mandates. So called prevent a prevailing wage requirements drive up costs. Because they tie wages to the union pay scale in the area are rather than the truly prevailing average way of us wage. He points out that the Congressional Budget Office. Estimates that. Repealing the prevailing wage requirements of that Davis Bacon Act. Could save taxpayers thirteen billion dollars over a decade. On federal construction projects now the Davis Bacon Act has been around since 1931. And that is a United States federal law that establishes the requirement for paying the local prevailing wages. On public works projects rural laborers. And mechanics. Davis bacon was passed by congress signed into law by Herbert Hoover in nine in 1931. So the government. In essence what Tim Phillips is writing a in this op Ed piece it world news report. The government doesn't need more money to spend on infrastructure. It needs to spend the money it already is taking. From taxpayers more wisely. He says that the gas taxes among the most regressive taxes we have lower income people pay a larger share of their paychecks on energy than do the affluent. And higher gas prices. Affect the price of nearly everything else in the economy because those higher prices also drive up the cost of transporting goods. And just as with the tax itself those higher prices fall hardest on those. Who can least afford them. Congress he finally points out. Which just did a good thing by cutting taxes by 80% for the American or are cutting taxes of 80% of the American people. Should now do another good thing and ignore calls to raise the gas tax and instead enact reforms that insure. Every infrastructure dollar is spent well. So that's kind of been answered to the Democrats saying. Raise the gas tax. Dude the president's proposal that what has been before 80% federal spun fifth of funding. And 20% state local and so on. That reverses itself almost entirely and again this is just the opening. This is just the opening argument to that was only proposed yesterday no one of the things that I thought was interesting was by Lyles are very our newly elected the mayor. Was one of the few Democrats to meet with trump yesterday in Washington when he unveiled that infrastructure plan. And down. It democratic leaders haven't been relayed to complimentary of at all. And it would. Or could. Make it harder for Charlotte to expand its transit system. Com. Which has been estimated cost as much as seven billion dollars with what they want they were expanded to where it's wit with and they were the other one line that runs from Matthews to the airport they want a line that runs from uptown new Juan lake Norman. The Charlotte area transit system wants to build those two rail lines that could cost as much as seven billion dollars. The citizens of Charlotte this is what Lyle said yesterday in a release from Washington DC. The citizens of Charlotte expect the mayor in the City Council to work with the federal government to ensure that our transit system highways water and energy infrastructure a world class. I stand ready to work with the president and the leadership of both parties on Capitol Hill in partnership to advance infrastructure legislation that creates jobs. Makes getting to work easier improves our environment and prepares our economy. For the next decade and beyond she then added two she looks forward to doing our part to our bringing home federal dollars to address. Our infrastructure needs. But there could be fewer federal dollars for city's infrastructure. Under Trump's plan which only calls for 200 billion dollars in new federal spending in the rest would come from state and local governments. So that would put the rail lines in jeopardy. The city's first two rail lines got a 50% federal match the Blue Line of the Blue Line extension the city in the state paid for the rest of that. The trump infrastructure proposal would he would reduce the federal match to 20%. So for a twice a seven billion dollar plan which is what. Did them the Matthews run and the and the run up to lake Norman would cost. That could mean that Charlotte would have to find an additional two point one billion dollars in funding. They say Charlotte could attempted to build the transit system to the federal transit administration's. New starts program. Which is separate from this new infrastructure plan. But. Have to say the the drug administration hasn't addressed on that whether it out that 50% match would remain. 24 people attended that meeting yesterday five were Democrats vial Lyles was gone. Prefer against British and she would be invited out of all of those of people. So there you go just go blank also on the infrastructure that came out yesterday that I founded string including the op Ed piece from Tim Phillips who was the president of Americans proper prosperity. I'm a lot. Players delivered to a comeback and they if you say if we go over the phone 7045711. Tenths Hillary Micah WB TA Mike. John why don't you. Talk well about a prevailing wage. Now. Com. Even two or thirty years around Charlotte. You get opera violate Java byte but endowments are real salt record up to get home called it's so much better. We called a federal job. It ties wages to union pay scale I have for that area mom is so. Do. Even labor pushing a bra him all the construction site right lawyers are going to be like in at least one dollar an hour. Well and that's and that's all that work you know and that's why this Tim Phillips guy that wrote this op Ed piece for a US news and world report Betty he points out Congressional Budget Office. Said that if you repealed the prevailing wage requirement of the Davis Bacon Act. That you'd save about thirteen billion dollars over a decade in federal construction projects and his point being met thirteen billions could go to reputed to go to roads these sand take the money that we already getting gas taxes and spend it smarter. You know John I mean it's not so we'll put aside that's how little program always jobs and so. No nuclear Costello Kabul Roosevelt and railway job I don't know about six months for the temporary service Gerlach contractor. And a the Milwaukee market not any really any better than a regular job of opera wage. I'm in construction. Job this earlier it was like a prop you know that you know harder you built in the council Lotta times. Trying to get our content people who loser. Motorboat from you know as far as a bit and got up but. They do what's a lot of money. Now well and anytime. I mean I've been maybe it's anytime the government involved you've got to figure efficiency is going to be one of the first ball starts to and that's the other thing that the president pointed out yesterday Erin proposed yesterday. Is that we cut the time for getting all this stuff. Mapped and approved undue a reasonable time instead of you know taken what our record with a time period was two to five years or something knowledge. Let's get this stuff go and what sort salt cut the bureaucracy out your because that just cost money in waste time. Yep well around all right thanks appreciate call. I decided to I said those are the two things I was trying to blown up on the infrastructure plan today. And and the budget and both of these are opening salvos neither one of them is going to be as it is written today. And one of the things I think it's. Largely misunderstood about this particular president is any time you're at the beginning of an issue. He's always going to. Is negotiator. So if you're hoping to make up fifty dollars she asked for a hundred. And and then you Whittle your way down and if you're lucky. You get 75. A mom and if you're not then you get 45 in elbow you start. By asking for more than what you are below what you expect. And and that's the negotiation that is president and and that's why the opening salvos usually your our our way out of bounds and that's why they always get such jail strong reaction. The Washington exam. Under this last weekend. Was taken all of Washington including the the president but they were basically standing up for Rand Paul. Who. Stood up at the last second jewelry called to try to derail the budget deal. And he said that the deal would demolish the biggest substantial accomplishment of the Tea Party movement and that was us. It is the sequestering. The spending limits. Set that course for 300 billion dollars in spending hikes over the next two years. And and and and Ron Paul as it was say and stuff that you know more government spending goes hand in hand with more government power and his government expands. Civil society an individual liberty contract. So big government that is the enemy. And that the more the government spends the more crowds out market forces and and civil society. Democrats they point out in the Washington examiner fees would rather. Government called the shots as opposed to markets conservatives are supposed to trust markets by spending more they're showing their true colors. That's the whole emphasis of the deal next time is that they they conclude their op Ed piece by saying are they can editorial in the Washington examiner by saying. So the next time Republicans complain about big government eroding individual liberty. The free market and civil society. We have to the remind them you bought it. What Rand Paul was to basically say to Republicans was. You're supporting the very thing you say you're against. They have barbershop quartet guys the yesterday. And tomorrow is a Valentine's Day and if you wanna contact those guys and get a quartet out to. Was saying to your Valentine that I need to make your reservation. 70455413. 01 we've been pushing this for probably two warriors. And I always get somebody need complimentary emails when it's also hadn't done was because they send a quartet out. Odd to your Valentine's. Or wherever you want to go place of work or bridge club meeting her crib you won't under go. And Sarah major Valentine. With they're all learned tuxedos and they take arose out of missing a couple of songs and they attempt pictures and it's they eventually did they do what which collapsed. And it's a fund raiser for the gold standard chorus and that's for you can also make a reservation gold standard chorus dot org 704554. Is thirteen no one. If you can allow a four hour window for the quartet to arrive don't worry you're sending a little cost you 59 bucks. A two hour window 79 dollars a one hour window Doug 99 bucks and they even do phone delivery now. 25 dollars and Ella sing tour over the phone. But also. And no money doesn't grow on trees but you can still do the candy you've instilled in the flowers you can still do though but I'm just telling you what if she's not even expecting it especially if she doesn't listen to talk radio and has no idea that we talk about this every year. If a barbershop quartet comes by and sings two songs who worked in presents her with a rose and now I'm eventually do this right. I'm thinking and you were off the hook for valentines day news here. So there you go. Outdo yourself this year and call the gold standard course. Gold standard chorus dot org 70455413. 01 they'll be here there and everywhere. Tomorrow. And now our own mark Thomas weren't so and I kept under. Mark still here. As he's involved with the group that suited up and Estonia and I think they're part of the gold standard course as well. But today ushered in Gaston County you might call that a number I have an email for him and I don't know were put. But they're doing that up and Estonia to a San fund raiser. Gold standard course dot org 70455413. North. And he had the flu. There's a Japanese company drugmaker. This says it has developed a pill that can kill the flu virus. Within a day. I read this the other day and thought. That would change life as we know it. Even if the experimental drug lives up to the acclaim you won't be available in the United States until next year at the earliest. So it's not gonna help you this year. But then this and a late stage trial. On Japanese and American flu patients. And they are finding that for the people who took the. She had nog. And company compound. SH IO in owed gee I should hoagie. It is good at the end. Com median time taken to wipe out the virus. 24 hours. Much quicker than any other flu drug on the market including Tamiflu. Which the trial showed took three times longer to achieve the same result it quickly kills the virus and would reduce its contagious effects as well. She and auggies experimental drug requires a single dose. Patients have to take two doses of Tamiflu a day for five days this is one and done. You still got 24 hours a crud. But. A long. She had no he's compound and Tamiflu take roughly the same amount of time to entirely contain your flu symptoms. But you know he says the compound provides immediate relief faster. And the scientists at this Japanese company have leverage their work on a blockbuster anti HIV drug. To create become ballot which works differently from the existing flu medicines. This blocks the flu virus from hijacking human cellular machinery. Com. Switzerland's Roche labs has acquired the international license to distribute this experimental drug. The World Health Organization just says this could be a breakthrough in the way that we treat influenza. Deed Ted Japan's drug regulator is fast tracking its approval and could approve it for use in Japan as early as next month. And Roche labs and she NOB. Say that they will apply. The four US approval this summer. This son as you well know the US has been hit with one of the worst flu epidemics in years and transmissions are now at the though most intense since the pandemic of 2009. The first line of defense is vaccination. Although the vaccinations aren't always effective is sometimes they don't do you know target all these circulating flu strains. Scientists around the world are seeking to develop a super vaccine to prevent all strains of the flu ready breakthrough remains at least a decade away. But this sounds like a pretty good deal to me if you get that you take this pill 24 hours later you're done. Says less research is gone and developing new drugs to treat the flu once people are infected. Only a handful of such treatments exist including Tamiflu existing drugs allow the virus to hijack cells. This struggle would not. Now there was an article a couple of weeks ago in. Oh do you have that. I just look good for you can grab a microphone if somebody wants to do the a singing a quartet thing in Galveston County -- they call and how do they get in touch with. They call Herman. At 7048644871. That's 7048644871. IQB that's so I have a later on sort of you know when I plug in all of your good I'm good I'm still here and worm not a quartet were chorus. You're gonna get you're gonna get like Indy tennis. While wow. We're not we're not good you guys travel like a minivan. You are cut power. The effect we do or a caravan in effect and a little bit of that too easily have a couple of minivans that were. Mirabelli PW or you are you probably hit tomorrow guests and carry out that's a good question I'll note that tonight at when we practice at 735. But two usually we try to get maybe 1012 something like that and so I'm called Armas so if you do. Mecklenburg County call the or get in touch with the gold standard chorus gold standard course Dodd or you can do an online reservations 70455413. No one or if you want the chorus to come on over fifty bucks. Call Herman had 704864. 4871. And you can book your singing Valentine no they are and noble hit that a couple of times today before we get here all right thank you mom appreciated. And there goes off singing. And are the flu season. What was the last number a 140. In North Carolina have died from the flu this season. That's just unbelievable admin. The article that I found in CNN a couple of weeks ago. How the flu turns deadly. Now ever since I was diagnosed diabetes type two back in July. I hear all sorts of stuff. How are diabetics are more prone to. Being sick and give males are more prone to being more sick than females and diabetes as those bad day. And another risk to the others are worried about diet but then on the other hand when you get the flu there's that one period of about a day and a half when you think you might be close to it. And then there's that other about eighteen hour period where your hoping bigger boat close to it. Flu season has already claimed the lives of many children. 140 not just children but people have died in North Carolina from the flu season and that was an article that. Close. From February 9 saw last Friday so I'm sure we've added to that number since then. There were when this article and know CNN was threaded. Back end of January there were 111965. Laboratory confirmed flu related hospitalizations. From October 1 in January the twentieth. Add to those scary stats the World Health Organization estimates that the annual flu epidemic results in about three to five million cases of severe illness. And globally. 290000. To 650000. Deaths. Fever and aches may feel terrible most of us don't die from the flu however influenza and the complications disproportionately affect people who are 65 and older. They account for 80% of the deaths says this William shaft or. I'm from Vanderbilt young children and people who have an underlying illness like heart disease or lung disease or diabetes. Are susceptible to dying from the flu as well. Pneumonia. Sepsis. Heart attack chances of a heart attack or increased six fold during the first seven days of the flu inflection. According to a news w.s as stated that it was just published under risk is higher probably for older adults. Heart attack occurs when the blood flow from the heart is abruptly cut off this also is called acute Mario party all in far action. New study did not identify the reasons why flu might lead to a heart attack. Obviously. Children under the age of five. Our are. The overwhelming majority 99% of the children under the age of four of five who die from the flu illness are in developing countries. So why it's play serious stuff but the Japanese drug that's on the horizon and could be in Iraq area next week one pill. 24 hours. You're finished. I thought of two things a how fast do you want that drug to be available. And V. How much money you think that that a lab will make for a discovered something like that and would it would that cut back on of people getting flu shots if you knew you'd. If you know yet Torre for a done. Anyway we'll keep our eyes on that. Phone call phone open and can control. Third day about stock market gains not a lot but. Better than 11100 point drops. Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 39 point Soro point 2% closed to 24640. The NASDAQ. Composite increased to 31 points or point 05%. Close to 7013. In the Standard and Poor's 500 index rose six points. A point 3%. And closed 2662. Wells Fargo up two point 7%. Amazon apple a couple of percent apple up below 1%. So that's what do it's they way the stock markets. Faired today over to William at 704571110. They William. Thank you. You're not sure you mentioned. Some of those cuts were going to be disaster program. And you call them like a safety net. Well I think they're the safety net that there would be expiration date. It's more like Hamlet you know people who have been added that there is thought that they never had been a safety net if they got all. Oh yeah I said that that's troops Brad that's one of the problems is fitted to it and then that's one of the differences between the parties we've talked about that is do you extend a hand to help somebody or do you give them. You take all their incentives away from a mind just provide them with. Oh with a life further advance the old died there of people on bringing this phrase but I think it's a good phrase in that his teacher man to fish. Anything is himself for a lifetime give a man a fish and you know it doesn't really give him an incentive at all. It's indicative basic local bluegrass and junior the public out. Thank delegate people get sick get it together. Although correct me if wrong and I don't have all the numbers in front of me but there are limits now as to how long you can stay on programs. Yeah at least on the food stamp program Medicare cuts. That's you know though though the thing he does in the budget is to cut by a foot 554 billion over the next ten years and that includes payments to hospitals and rehab facilities. So I would assume notes understand what he's trying to create their. Is a little bit account of a bit accountability. And make things a little bit tighter so you have to be smarter with how you would distribute. Yeah. Good work I appreciate it all off he goes and will get ready to do the same come back talking Olympics are in the news today oh boy is coming up after the 0430 news. Again Mayo Valentine's Day deal if you want male quartet to our show up by a tour. The place of your Valentine tomorrow 70455413. 01 or gold standard course dot org miscues we gold standard course dot org. And a few like a chorus to. Show up and gassed and county are Herman Hester would be the guy to call 7048644871. To a book your singing Valentine in a guest and a county did you rub. This was the first night of the Olympics on the first night. Of those figure skating did you hear about the wardrobe malfunction of the one. She was out on the ice. Looking for a name bin. An American citizen who trains at the end no the ice arena. Wardrobe malfunction Saturday competing in figure skating event four South Korea. Five seconds into the routine her hook came on done. Not just any hook so hooked it held the whole costume together she essentially had to escape with her arms. Arch to the back. So that. She wouldn't be naked. And there were a couple of times I guess where they do way. Deep dip or something like that and it was good touch and go she got to that they got our blog eighth place by place this door but. I guess you could have been a lot worse or. I guess they don't. They did they don't. Give you extra points or nudity do it fast. 44 days into the yearly are. That's hard to believe it's our priorities are big and how fast no longer of Christmas was that he was fifty days ago Christmas. 341 days ago as February the thirteenth 1866. Jesse James and his gang committed the first armed rogue bank robbery and United States history during peacetime and liberty Missouri. 2000. The last original peanuts comic strip appeared in newspapers one day after Charles Schulz died. Chuck Yeager record setting test pilot 95 years old today and Peter torque of the Monkees. Poll. 76 years old. That's arguably too. Parents are upset over a scene in the new Peter Rabbit movie were rabbits intentionally pelt the allergic mr. McGregor wood Blackberry is. Sending him into. Wall Street Journal reports that FaceBook has a strict rule about office dating you can ask a coworker out for a day but at the answer is no you can't ask again that would be considered to be. Harassment we talked about about. Lions. At a private game park in South Africa attacked. And age. Approach your. Water and I feel better about. And they had Japanese drugmaker has a new medicine that killed the flu and 24 hours Olympics tonight 8 o'clock NBC primetime coverage includes figure skating pairs short program. And the snowboard half five gold medal round which will include their Shaun White. And the 142 Westminster Kennel Club dog show 8 o'clock tonight on fox sports one. And tonight is the sporting and working interior periods. And I judging and the investor show will be awarded tonight as so well so interior breeze. Which means it will be flipping back and forth and back and forth back and forth trying to see the west Steve it's involved. It'll be so little flu flu dog and it won't have a chance because west you've had such a bad attitude. But the west he'll be great look at. After Vermont. Jerry sand fly drills being sued over comedians and cars getting coffee hit show about comedians coffees and cars and you've never watched it on line it's it's spurred by I think it's a scream. Somebody of some critics who say well you never learn anything no. And up. According to the producer who is now suing him. Jerry side filled Christian Charles. Says he pitched the show idea to jury in 2002. Claims that the basis for. Comedians and cars getting coffee in his lawsuit Charles says Gerri turned him down initially saying it was an incident doing the show. Charles claims signed bill called him back in 2011 asked him about the original concept and they went out to went on a shoot. Two up for a pilot with Jerry in the driver's seat but according to documents appeared to aid by TMC. Jerry and his team were totally into it and came up with the a production budgets in the marketing plans and all that stuff. Also according to the suits idol got mad that Charles was claiming ownership interest in the show wanted to be paid like it Charles says Jerry ditched him. Went on to produce the show without him. And claims that signed filled his earning 750000. Dollars per episode for the Netflix hit which he wants to. That was created by credit and financial compensation. Attorney for besides also the lawsuit is delusional juries independently created comedians and cars and I'm mr. Charles only can cock that his claim. After the show became a commercial success. You do it was an Internet success before it was a Netflix. I guess Netflix is growing out of good bit of money and do it but just when it was just a feature on the Internet. That's what I like to. Also goes. And that. It's a new study I read the news today oh boy that shows that in the 245 years since high times magazine proclaimed April 20 a time to light up and smoked marijuana. That traffic fatalities have spiked 12%. On that date. We just BO what does fall under the category of obvious. Maybe now. Now they compare that to one week off before or after researchers University of British Columbia and Vancouver say that while the study could not assess whether marijuana intoxicated drivers. Caused the surge in vehicle deaths. On the hi holiday called for Torre. They appeared to be the most likely culprits the impact of marijuana some Psycho active effects on drivers is of particular concern given the fact that six US states now permit marijuana to be sold for. Recreational used customers. Who are 121 years of age are still working on that. On the still working on some sort of very system. I believe so that they can tell they're not sure of the info under the influence or not if you pulled over they don't really have a sure fire system for that yet either do they. Hi guys some blood test. But I'm not so sure that would show anything more than you had smoked it within the last 24 hours or something like that and maybe Dave give zeroed in around a little bit closer now. Don't properly it is tough proposed budget for the year coming here Monday were terrible level of earlier and it calls on all government of funding for the nonprofit that supports the nations public radio and TV stations to be axed this has been no brought up and a countless times before mother road actually. Happens or not who's to say. Big debate has been for a long long time about the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and whether or not it's still needs government funding considering how much duplicate programming that there is and how many stations are now as opposed to when it was first. Started and so on so forth but under the I proposed budget the Corporation for Public Broadcasting would lose all of its 445. Million dollars an annual government funding. The CPB. Supports national public radio. And gives us funding to a PBS. Which is almost Sesame Street. The nonprofit also distributes money to support more than 15100 locally owned and operated radio stations around the country are reaching 99% of the population in cost each American citizens about. A buck 35 year. Sure Mike called would not go along with this now but you know I met my wife. When Mike Collins and I went over to WT VI public broadcasting. Two shootout. Promo commercials four Mark Russell was coming to town political pundit. And does so Mike and I went over. To shoot this commercial earlier in the morning one. Mike was program director your WBT at the time and and I had just gotten here I don't know within the couple Beers year through. And up my wife and Ayman Al wife. Then. It's just an attractive Brunette to die. Going over the it was in charge of the shoot Schmidt is really stupid little political straw hats and all this that this stuff. But as we walked around the television station I remember Mike saying there because he was working to channel three cents. Do we know at noon with Barbara McKay and doing no meter all Jules meteorological they're doing whether reversed. You might recall that at one point and a CBS this morning Mike went to new York and in a week with the Harry Smith another crew opportune to New York doing no weather and but he walked around TV I looked around and goes look at this equipment. It was all state of the art it was all brand new result it's slick is a QB and it's I assume I know I assume it's still that way. They had stealth that that. That did the channel three didn't have. Or they had new worst off than channel three didn't the diamond gentle breeze spends plenty of money on a core of a bully because we see all the stuff they throw out in the in the back. But he was he was walking around talking about look at that public broadcasting taxpayer money. Get the beat get the best there is when you're don't have to have. Is his tune is probably change a little bit now because he's an institution now on. Under public broadcasting here in town and should veto that held the job still very good friend. But. The money for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. In a Trump's proposed budget would be eliminated. And convinces you that argument goes because that debate eskimo open number of times over the years you heard about the North Carolina gall. Guys are Christian do grow. He pretended to be US army general wanted to impress a woman when he unexpectedly landed the helicopter at the headquarters of a North Carolina tech company and be read the story. It listed him in the paper is being a mechanic. In Raleigh I think but the guy's got. Apparently has unlimited funds and has a home in Chile and they think it's a flight risk because of his resources and 57 year old guy he's been charged with pretending to be a military officer Homeland Security special agent says. This guy Warren army uniform. Falsely claimed to be on a mission authorized by Donald Trump when he landed the chartered helicopter in November. Picked up a female acquaintance that they apparel it was trying to impress. And took her on a helicopter trip because he wanted to compressor and pursue a romantic relationship. It doesn't say how he knows how to fly as chopper or how they had access to her. So without impress you. All the way up until the point I guess that they are rescue. But then on the other hand. It's imaginative. It he did take a risk you must think you're pretty. It also the paper also listed the fact that he has a girlfriend. Back and is other players though that that that they've. Said that that would that would be a few points off the Tamara and off the O impress Lewis wouldn't. We'll leave it right. People. I'll come back what the final hour just a second have you heard about this right to try bill. We'll talk about that lawmakers in the house appear to be. Making changes to this right to try bill I pay on experimental drugs we talked about the flu. Remedy that the Japanese company has for you take one pill and be done with the flu and 24 hours. This is a completely deal is that but did the right to try it's very controversial. Which kind of surprised me but all explain why when we come back under the sun. Heard about the legislation that was a being proposed by lawmakers in the house. Called the right to try bill on experimental drugs. And this would let terminally ill payola patient's request access to treatments that the Food and Drug Administration hasn't proved yet. I and they want the house to take up the senate passed bill as is. But that's unlikely well that night to our riddle brother who's a wanted to find out what the controversy was good if you're dying. And there's something out there that might. Help you. Yes. Proponents of the bill are worried about the changes that may fear that they could have caused the legislation to get jammed up in the senate which passed the original version with a unanimous consent. And then a couple of weeks ago few weeks ago trump gave the legislation to jolt of momentum when he endorsed the bill. During his State of the Union Address. And the legislation has system other backers that are working to get it over the finish line and well and that would include. Charles another David Coke they're conservative vote mega donors. And vice president pent seems to be in on this thingy. And signed a version no ball right to try legislation when he was governor of Indiana. Those involved in tweaking the legislation say they are trying to us strike a balance. And it's unclear exactly what the potential. Changes to the bill might be but proponents want to ensure that they don't detract for. What they are trying to accomplish quote we are worried and concerned. That what is being contemplated is really just reforming an existing program that's according to Lowe's start early culminates senior policy advisor for the Goldwater institute a libertarian think tank who. Wrote that the Al model legislation to and for the rights trial loss. The big potential changes to the bill have not been made a public so we don't. Well in essence is exactly know what the legislation but it's received some push back from some patient advocacy groups nearly 40% of which sent a letter in opposition to the bill. To house leaders. Morning that the measure would likely do more harm than good and those groups argued that the current regulatory framework is meant to protect patients. Adding that the FDA expanded use program approves 99 point 7% of requests for patients to try. And experimental drugs Onassis what they're saying is part of the push back is. Is what you're asking for already exists. And they also noted that patient access to unapproved drugs. Might not actually increase if the bill becomes law since drug companies are required to provide the medicines. The supporters of this caliber that terminally ill patients should have. Every tool at their disposal to try a drug that can help them. And they say the decision to try and approved drug is personal. And one between a doctor and a patient and they know that the right to try requires that the that a drug. Has passed to the FDA is phase one testing. Which is a small scale clinical trial. And is still undergoing ethical are skewed preclinical trials. At the agency so in August the the us senate approved the right to drive bill. That Johnson had championed by unanimous consent and that requires that every senator back you know just signed off on. While trumps and talking about the need for congress to legislate the right to try as a way for patients to. You know the you know that no other treatment options do I access investigative medical products that may help them. Any men are brought it up as I said in the State of the Union Address. Today I want to give them a chance here at home it's time for congress to give these wonderful Americans the right to try. And in bed. Since the 1970s Americans have been able to access. Investigation all drugs. When they have no other. Treatments available to them quote expanded access permit seriously ill patients who have run out of treatment options to request unapproved drugs via their doctors. These requests go to the companies developing the drugs which decide whether to grant the request and then the FDA needs to sign off on that request. Right to try proponents of so much. Better Americans do not have sufficient access to investigative drugs but instead of doing anything to help persuade companies to make their products available to patients. Which is key for access. They set their sights on the FDA and they accuse it of keeping patients from promising experimental medicines are being promised experimental medicines. And that the only solution to the problem they argue is to cut the FDA out of the picture altogether. So. The question I guess comes down to why does the FDA need to be involved anyway if a doctor and patient are willing to take a chance on experimental drug why not let them. And they say that that's because most doctors are familiar with using investigative drugs. Investigation all drugs and they're going to need guidance to translate their good intentions into the best possible medical care itself. It's called right to try it's still float around out there it's still being debated. And it'll be incident to see where all lands and we'll try to keep our eyes open for an and see where it goes. But on the surface if your guy and I would assume they should have access to just about anything. Com. What did your doctor probably you know. Should be involved in that decision as well. Article says that despite the name the right to try doesn't give patients city new rights. It doesn't require companies to provide the drugs being requested and instead it takes the FDA rue brief fuel way. And for companies that are hoping to receive. Eventual FDA approval for their products giving away their drugs in development without sign off from the FDA is a non starter nobody will get access to drugs. Under this legislation so that's why people are opposing this and what sounds good on the surface. On May not work good no in practice there's a Biotech by the CEO by the name of Kenneth smoke. And he told the health subcommittee of the House of Representatives say energy and commerce committee that no ethical company will provide drugs under right to try. So then the question isn't all that why does draw why does trump keep on saying that this legislation would give guided your patients they are chance. It doesn't he know that his own government already provides thousands of Americans that chance already. And that people from around the world come here to receive drugs that they can't access in their own countries. And does he not know that the FDA has been working diligently to N able patients' access to investigation all medicine's. Don't both. Through both expanded access and new types of clinical trials that are open to a more patients. And the answer this editorial is apparently not in steady claims that this controversial legislation which. Despite having been passed in 38 states has no results in no patients getting. Access to drugs that they don't already have access to. Via the FDA's program. That's were all the confusion goes it's a bit. On the surface it's called right to try and you're if you're dying that you should have access to experimental drugs. Budget but the controversy comes in the fact that you already do know. Yeah but how you get that involved with the FDA. Yeah is what's at the heart of the matter so very go. Thirteen. Rascal flats is that have a back to our Charlotte the back to us tower two were announced today they'll be at PNC music pavilion on Friday June the fifteenth and a ticket to go on sale. This Friday. Friday the 16%. 10 AM live nation dot comes so arrest of flats dead and share going to be with them Carly Pierce's well PNC music pavilion on Friday June the fifteenth you heard about the is girlfriends all time favorite band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Most overrated band of all time but Julia had. And Ed is so lug. Media buys tickets. Because he goes to Belfast this is they bill Belfast Ireland story. And the best of intentions he gets tickets for his girlfriends all time favorite band Red Hot Chili Peppers in the days before the concert. They come to a realization that actually he didn't buy tickets to go see the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The California ban that. Every song sound the same. This spiral gyro of rock and roll. But he bought tickets for the red hot chili papers CH I LL YA. Pipers. The most famous bagpipe band on the planet. Half northern Irish rob chesterfield native bay regular visitor to a Belfast so response these tickets. And snaps them up. Printed out the tickets presented them do his girlfriend on Christmas Day had. That nobody noticed that they would be seeing the wrong band. You see what you wanna see in the spelling is almost identical also. It was only until the Wednesday before when her oh and his girlfriend wanted to know who was supporting them. And she couldn't find anything about that it did go Red Hot Chili Peppers performing in Belfast. She wanted to know who was opening world. And then they realized that they had flown to bill passed this bill test to see these bagpipers. And she said they all you're doing blab about it they went to the show this a better good time. Well hit at least the song sounded different. I don't know I've American summer you'll because you all of the Red Hot Chili Peppers so. I apologize. And. I Utah mom upset about a school policy in which sixth grade girls can't say no win boys asked them to dance. Makes this stuff up root who comes up with a who sits in the board meetings and decides this is all a good idea. The mom says it sends the wrong message to young students about the school. Claims though the policy is say a lesson in their kindness and respect a spokesman for the Webber school district told the mom that the dance has been. Set up this way for a long time and is meant quote. To teach students how to be inclusive. These spokesman said. Please be respectful be polite. We wanna promote kindness. And so we want you to say yes when someone asks you today outs. Close quote. To which the mother should a look at straight BI and said no all. Mom appreciates the message she says but she feels that there are many other ways to teach children how to be accepting. She says forcing students not to us say no teaches them the wrong lesson. Prior to the dance which is a voluntary students are told to fill out our cards selecting five people. That they wanted to dance where. Delegate listed at. Whoever school district and I Utah. So if somebody comes up says it. I mean how. Hotel I learned how to deal with rejection. That's how I learned to send out hundreds of presidential radio jobs and not get any of them was because all the girls and told me you know at school bailouts. Reminder Valentine's Day is tomorrow Lloyd if you want deal barbershop quartet to come by and listening to your Valentine call 704. 554. Thirteen 01 or go to gold standard chorus dot org this guy is wrong with this yesterday we've been promote numb for about twenty years the use of those fund raiser. For the a barbershop quartets gold standard Taurus dot org or 70455413. No one. If they can show up within a four hour window for 59 bucks a two hour window for 79 dollars or one hour window for 99 bucks so they can do a phone delivery at 45 bucks but. They dress up in tuxedos. And that's a class act and they show up basing couple songs and present her with a rose and take pictures in the whole nine yards and nobody that's ever had it done is it just totally breast. And all the other women in the office basically a stand back and say well I wish my husband to do that for me. And it's just very cool thing so if you wanted to come and asserted your Valentine's 70455413. 01 or gold standard chorus dot org you can make a reservation for that and they'll be out tomorrow doing this all. Decade long Olympics back up tonight at 8 o'clock you'll find. A primetime figure skating pairs short program tonight women's Alpine skiing swallowed first run. Men's snowboarding may have to live gold medal finals so. The flying tomatoes should be. In in full force tonight and figure skating pairs short program. And then later on this evening on May in BC. Sports network women's ice hockey which will be Sweden and Switzerland at all on the bill for tonight. Last night. It's seventeen Khloe Kim. Pretty cool story stunning gold medal victory and a 93 point 75 in the first run. Of the women's half five final. She ended up making history or third run she scored an amazing 98 point 25 back to back. Meant 1080 degree spins. One on each side of the half five a feat that has never been done by a female the Olympics before she said I knew if I went home with the gold medal knowing that I can do better wasn't going to be satisfied. That situation I did put down a really good first run and it was like I can do better than that I can up one up myself. The third run she said was for me to prove to myself that if I did that I can go home I'm really happy and excited. That makes her the youngest female snowboarders. To win an Olympic gold and the youngest female team USA member to win gold on snow. She her parents are from South Korea. She did it and South Korea. She said it means a lot just to be able to do it were my family is from a lot of pressure but I'm happy I was able to do it here and do it for the fans of the family and her father. Shouted American dream when she was crowned champion. Said when I came to the United States this was my American hope and now this is my American dream pretty cool story. Okay. Okay. Slowly kill wolves all kinds of junk food I had no ice career marred she's mentioned that prominently but down. She's say slope self phenomenon and a gold medal winner. And she also may be the first person to tweet about ice cream during your competition which earned her the undying love of junk food aficionados everywhere but her ice cream tweet wasn't an aberration. She has a a lengthy history of tweeting about her love of junk food for instance. Did you know that she also lo loves juror rose. And pizza. And the flame in California staple. In and out burger. Which cited by the way they're dead right it opened one in Colorado the people line is already started to form. And Daschle of those flaming hot she goes as well. Joseph intruder. There's a Swedish by happily by the name of Sebastien Samuel son. And he's living up to his vow that he made on social media to cut off his long blond locks after winning Gail silver medal in the men's ten kilometer pursuit of the winter games he said that. They may have to wait a few days but he said does some of his so superstitious teammates have been met have advised him to wait until after the team's really just in case for as good luck but. He made a valve that he'll cut his long hair if they won a medal. And David what do medals. I'm really has other competition you've. You go to and they don't want him do. Suppose it Sampson. The guy or straight from his error. Believe I followed the same category. It's. There are some are Russian athletes who were banned from mark participating in the Winter Olympics in that Yung Chang who were going to have an opportunity go for glory after all kind of sort of load while smaller venues scale. The year Russia prime minister has a signed a decree to hold alternative competitions in Russia for athletes who weren't allowed to or given to go in South Korea. The competitions will include this speed skating and short track speed skating and by half the lawn and a skiing and bobsled and will apparently take place. Right after the Olympic Games. Russia was officially banned under from the Tony eighteen now winter games by the International Olympic Committee in December after the a multiyear investigation uncovered that extensive state facilitated doping program. So that means about seven the athletes were barred from a competing. There are a 169. Russians participating in Byung Chang. But they are doing so under a neutral flag and are officially listed as oh they are in they're a band called. And they are pretty good for about five minutes were very. Olympic athletes from Russia is what the LAR stands for. And other Russian flag is not flown during the opening ceremony will be on display at the games the country's leaders are. A banned from attending an official record books will show that Russia 10. Medals now. The Russians are quite as evil as they may have been made out to be there is a Russian Lugar. Or would that be illusion or its pollution. So he would be a luge her. In The Beatles do us all about that I will lose your. Offered day this Russian lose your. Are just one luge or would that meet what he'd be a little heat. Offered Chris. Men as der. May as deserved. His sled last month. Silver medal winning. Master explains he didn't know he didn't think he was going to the Olympic city wanted to see what does someone could do on his sled. A masters that it dead didn't want his name. And who do want didn't want to name the Russian but did did say that he was that the young Jong Olympics. Saw before of becoming the first American man to win a medal in the illusion. Mad stir. Was I going through a terrible slump he hadn't been on the podium since Torrey 1516 hadn't cracked the top five in the singles race yet this season. While he was in a lot via for the World Cup there January 27 to the 28 this mavs juror was told that a Russian wanted him duo wanted to offer up his sled. And he turned the Russian guys up on it took a sled for Iran and blocked field. Said he was good too big for it to be realistic option for him but still has said he was touched by the offer that's the spirit of the Olympics are there. Plus I just wanted to. Do some positive Russia story. Four Russians they take a beating this year in this country. Sweethearts that they are. So blue would be faster than red an Olympic speed skater right. Colors matter at the Winter Olympics. And not just gold silver bronze seconds matter and speed skating and male sport worthy gap between golden. And and off the metal stand entirely can at times be decided to go only with the assistance of the finish line cameras are running at two or three. Thousand frames per second and colors and seconds have intersected at that the young Jiang games. At these speed skating oval Norway has exchanged its traditional red uniforms for the untraditional blue. And that was a decision that was based on seemingly nonsensical. Rationale. Of all the colors across the spectrum. Blew a big reason is the fastest. They researcher from the Norwegian skating federation explained. We had not chosen blu if it had not given us a favorable difference it fits the speed profile. For the air resistance of the fabric. I think that's why I'm so much faster in blue gyms and I am khakis you know I've been to have to say at. Anyways I'll pull off but a study comparing me cognitive performance between the colors red and blue conducted in no 2009 by researchers at the University of British Columbia. Found that the blue group. Performed better on quizzes involving imagination and creativity and that could conceivably come in handy they say in speed gays skating. As skaters quickly evaluated make split second decisions based on location. And an opponent's own performance. On the other hand that same study found that the red group. Excelled in tests requiring accuracy and attention to detail. And those are two prime factors in speed skating success were the best skaters are defined by inability to reach. And then maintain. A perfectly repetitive basis. So according to a 2004. Study. Of a Durham university in England. Which I suppose is what right next to duke university in England and write down the road from university of our North Carolina and Angela. According to bet that that study they found that don't when it comes to do Olympic Games red beets blow. So you're watching tonight and somebody in blue loses to read. They go. And why would you have no doubt if you were wasn't and this program. President's. It's not for content and we're nothing. I think Justin Rose who is supposed to. Speaking of how did Mark Garrison Charlotte sixers coming up next tonight we'll see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock Jon heck I Charles post below it and we flush. Out here.