Priscilla Johnson is a Candidate for NC House 99

Carolina Focus
Tuesday, April 24th

Priscilla Johnson talks about her agenda should she win the primary in May. Tammy Fitzgerald with the NC Values Coalition is fighting for change in the sex education you child is receiving at school.


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I'm mark Thomas. And this is Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. WTD. 1079 win. 10256 turned up the captaincy. We're looking issues events that happen for the for the Carolina. Charlotte region and you. Welcome. Was so glad you could join us here once again this morning. On Carolina focus and it's a great morning and the the election season continues and has has been. Our habit over the last few weeks. We're talking to some of the candidates. In the house district 99 race. For the Democratic Party the primary. Because it's a little bit unusual. We've got four candidates who have. Tossed their hats into the ring if you will. And registered to be in the primary and we've spoken with couples already and this morning we're been talking to and meeting. Priscilla Johnson. Who is a candidate. I guess the community activist has been in Charlotte for quite awhile. Welcome to Carolina focus ms. Johnson. Now the community activities the mullah miss a community volunteer. Emanated some detained person now I have worked long and hard in this community to improve the last of others. Let them volunteering as a lens but he meant. Working as a volunteer in afterschool program for disadvantaged students. Working is say blood trance. Recruit an organize and fled donation amblin. Also working to find homes and affordable mortgages. So it may be autistic community organizer OK okay I I stand corrected as an anchor record which you've been very active in the community. Four for how long your native Cheryl T and how one it would first motivated you to kind of get involved as a community activists as someone who wanted to help out the community. We're actually analysis going up my parents and stealing each one of us it was sevens seven sewage and each one of whistler and we hit it we had to do. Volunteer work it was and it was not not negotiable you had to do volunteer work and so as a result of the and we became. What you Kyle community civic activist in our community and it just kind of took over in just a fight about foundation. The route that would really get released died it was like in 1982 anything eighty to 1980 fat head disaster. I was at a good point in my life and I wanted to CO there was someone. And I knew I need to give back to the community had a desire to do with it and the first thing idea was to go to CME's. And register to be in translated into for a little girl yet apparently yen a chow. In my area and I work with their infant there they challenge he has some problems with the juvenile system and and I get a vile with the League of Women Voters. A sequel and observation but you've announced. The offending members. How they would treated the main theme. And we were the FO was to act as ups of patient is. For fairness. And from there just it's another type of volunteer work at least I now wanted to be navigate with a nice town residents. With some kind of steal a delay in the now and so I enjoy that type of work in house so. Being in the community as a volunteer in a community service it has he given mean any of the map opponents. I am able to see. He year infielder paths in the issues of faith in those residents in my industry. I'm also a would sustain aware mad be an active in that community I have been able to stay aware of pants current and future issues. Affect an out history. And so that that that girl was sort of the catalyst to kind of got you started that was the spark that led you down this path. Two to where you are now running for house district 99. And that you say she was. I guess you're kind of putting it in very nice stones she got caught up in the criminal justice system is juvenile. Would have or lack of a better I mean dude. So there's no no doubt it's the just exactly we were referring to her family members are caught up in. In the situation and I think it has sometimes you know when we hear a family issues and family dynamics and affix it to enter into. And she was caught up in that and so as a advocate for her. And and making it. The fairness I have fail me I get involved with the legal women voters and from the legal women voters. I get in with focus and need to see how one if I had a thirst for more. To be more active in that community Africa wasn't doing enough since I graduated from focus on me this year with a bunch of great people. And get the leadership skills that I needed the and went on to do some other things in our community. Let me ask you this because I've looked at your your website and some of these issues that you move highlighted. Did this happen to be it domestic violence situation that she was caught up in. Yates DNC was and you can see them glow with they have anonymity sentiment that well that's right here on paper had enough. We'll look you're equipped. Employees at mile high staying in and right now how cram Imus in the it is kind solid but more importantly. We've seen out domestic cram as Kelly in this prevalent now among young loomed. Missing units who's in clinical and a lot of the missing ballots. And that is something I want to focus on what some in the House of Representatives. I do want to see no drop policy. Where the victims regardless of whether they bring charges and that we need to face fool with this with that with those charges in biggest difference with the utilities excellent. Now you saved the domestic violence is going down to younger and younger ages. Is that parents. Engaging in violence towards their children. Or are you talking about. Teenage couples. We'll we've seen teenage couples. That I engage in domestic balance against one another enemy to want against the avalanche. And the allows those seen mania and children being in a victims of domestic ballots went his them elderly. I'm guardian are younger guardian and that concerns me. We can look at the statistics here recently in C the number of solitude and infants has been abused by the year abuses and I see this sense that we need to focus. Well I know last year loose it wasn't a record for the number of homicides in the city of Charlotte. But it was there was a spike from previous years and several of those who did involve. The domestic violence with you know. People killing children killing infant children you know whether it's through shaking or what happened exactly. Is it I think that's the kind of thing that your big you wanna focus on. Yes album like this seat in the hell like to see the stadium illuminate. Those those types of domestic issues alum like to see them folk I would like to see. The state do something about focus and more light on balance among family members. And specifically those yet much religion and becoming victims of this this is skin is becoming is becoming prevalent to get an out of control. Oh now again are you referring to infant children or are you referring to teenager both orphans and teenagers because I I think there's food there's a certain line. And not to get off on on a tangent. But we were talking about teenagers were talking about young adults now we're not we're really not talking about children anymore particularly for talking the way you are about. Quote unquote domestic violence. It's because these people are in some sort of romantic relationship. Something like that absent which that's not a you know romantic relationships are not. Child's play him as it works and so what we're really talking about our young people who are. Functioning adults and engaging an adult activities. And having problems and our problems right in and use at their writing in him and sued and then and having children right and reciprocal commitment then of the recipients of this abuse or use it and I agree with you wholeheartedly on March. I mean it's it it it looks as though. Were not training young people. To take on adult responsibility ship during gazing adult. Behaviors. Irrespective of legality I agree with that yes. So what do we do about it. Clifford how do we how do we address that Yuri used to be in a years ago and I've had this discussion. With others on occasion. And people got married when they were 1415 years old. And made that commitment now. We don't see that at all years you've got to be eighteen years old or older and you know the the age of marriages. You know in the twenties almost thirty years of age now and some cases. Actually gonna have to do a better job of educating out he is both in the homes. The community. In this goose is goose can do it now. I'm an advocate for the summer thing some of some of the things that go on an out community I would like to see. Screws get involved in this who does a good job of about within six education week you know this prevent teen pregnancy this briefing at six feet transmitted diseases. I also in the homes in the community we've got to do a better job of educating out keys on the responsibilities. Of what it means to bring it. The challenge to this world would it means to be responsibility means to be able to support that it's now. I think a lot of this still missing ballots come from. I think it is. Due to a lack of the children these young people are not known what they do when they don't have the job to support keys in so. The as a bunch of frustration yet they can escalate into domestic ballots that would get the do a better job. Of educating out keys and a list of programs out there that works may do we need to advocate somebody's for programs and eliminate those that don't give good results and income over programs that give better results. And we're speaking with Priscilla Johnson who's a Democratic Party candidate for district 99 running in the primary coming up in just a few weeks. First part of may you can have the opportunity to vote for her or. When proponents. Oh record I'm gonna make any endorsements here. But I want to ask you you talk about. Maintaining the prosecution. Irrespective of whether or not the victim wants the press charges correct is actually okay. In talking to some of the other candidates. Four house district 991 of the things that has come up is the fact. That so many black men young black men are going to prison getting prison records criminal records and therefore become. Virtually unemployable. At that point. And is you do you talk about having a job in being able to support a family but if you have a record such as this. Gaining one was to be much more difficult how we balance these two. It is going to be difficult to balance and I think is gonna take community and vomiting heated and first of out under seal you come from understand their concerns. But the theme he has if if we if we have someone acted as continuing being this Lee habitual abuse it. We need to get that person some hip now I would love to see some type of programs. Instituted in how our county jails to help facilitate an anchor and get out of hinted to. To motivate and rabid anger in a different direction. While at this saying man they get to be responsible for the Kramnik they commit. Something like 83 strikes and you're outlaw would you support something like that three felonies in your imprisoned for life not think this said that there's no I don't I'm not advocating but I am not advocating for they would am advocating info as to file OK let's get this get this thing. It's an abuse it. Habitual abuse in this give the stiffer penalties with the Plymouth is flooded the same track. Less hair sometime and because this is so prevalent is becoming prevalent. We need to have programs and a price through this some cities that hand is we need to have programs. In our jails it would hair here this anger in a different direction motivate them to be productive citizens. And ways to to combat that anger before get sent home. Not some of them some people who said that. Because of the lack of two parent households. In our society today particularly in the black community. And although the white community is does not that much different. When all's said and done. That that has exacerbated the problem. As far as not having a father in the home has a role model for these young men as they're growing up. They have no wonder really look to others and people in movies music popular culture. As their as their guides. PC anyway that the state could. Institute policies. Regarding divorce or. Or somehow get a more and a solid family structure to help some of these young men to have a male role model in a positive way. How would want to see the state cardinal won't take you debt grow. Simply because Adams atom believe that the state needs to be in every aspect about about Lance. And there are some situations. We're. I mean. The statement to dismayed is debatable as to debatable statement the as some people may group without without a father figure in the do extremely well. The Islamic group with. Mud pit filed in the home and they don't do extremely will. So you have all types of situation right I understand that and I'm talking about it in in broad brush. Generalities of two parent household generally has better outcomes than a single parent house typically typically yet. That's with that that's the agreement I'm looking for a start right there policy for the PS typically yes so you know kitty is there something that. Could be done. To advance the concept of two parent households. He had missed eighteen came in saying I mean they did a two parent house and distance he happened they certainly get involved in marriage. Witty sit and be in hockey in the army and it's it's not something that they seem to think isn't isn't in their daily wick. A commitment to put it that way. It it is that it is a big problem. But you also mentioned education. Is something that you want to. Seed improved upon. I was for breakfast this morning. The YMCA prayer breakfast to right so people on now know we're taping this on Wednesday morning and sore for a Sunday morning Harry. And one of those facts that was thrown out was that 60% of third grade students in Charlotte Mecklenburg. Do not read at grade level. That's absolutely right I can attest to that because I have volunteered and a title one schools in his scene first pool the educational disparity. Now when you infecting. That a lot of these keys don't care in an extremist in their homes. The education gap is proof. Well let me ask you this didn't quite bluntly. Why does somebody need the Internet to learn how to read if you don't how to read you not to be able to understand what's on the Internet in the first place. This seems to me to be much more fundamental. That somehow the education system itself. If 60% of the students about if if any corporation have a 60% failure rate. In for example the Ford Motor Co. had a 60% failure rate in its automobile and truck production nobody buys the red wire while we buying this. Becky initial quest to lead agency failed UC I think it was 60%. Rephrase. 60% are not at grade level not at not at grade level and you know complete fairly active and they need let me tell you lack. When Howard did most recently now we're gonna kinda won a title when scoop we hit his second graders. And after school program. The second greatest couldn't read them as they're greet them but they could read on the second grade them you can read on a fair agreement but they didn't care in an. Excess income to do their homework accuracy and again the year. But the thing about these keys that. These key is can land the key is sit there and they have the education and care they can learn. We can a program that they gave us computers it was so many key is an after school program we can only use computers when the a week. And do you know one day a week those keys was so exciting. If it's like a twenty via and they learned they aren't quick on the Internet in a. While I guess and when in that this is Qaeda is somewhat the same question C you can use it didn't need a seeing if if children need a computer to learn. How did the computer BB invented and they come to pass. If you need one to learn at it I think I think you know I think yours it's it's one of those things that were saying we need this particular technology. Win. Our per our grandparents didn't have any technology whatsoever. What I can fading he is in and can hit these troops into Iraq they know how to. In the second Greek plays that they now work with here one student who was your proficient on in an. He taught the keys had to go in look full words in south Atlantic and you type in a word in Philly today dismissed bill these keys. We're able. To improve somewhat but not as much as I want to back hair and it inundated the it pronunciation. They were able to see the worries they were able to take the system in mainland games out of them because you know nowadays they have Ali's will gain types that you command and they were very very. Geared to rule it. It this system and the deep period. And we're speaking with Priscilla Johnson who's a Democratic Party candidate for house district 99 here in Carolina focus and a host mark Thomas now. As far as these advances does this dove tail with your efforts that you say you want to modernize the stem education for students is that. Is that a is that kind of re leading with this. Now lease net so clueless we have keys. How close. Those things needs to be of greed is good politics now we need enough command of Timmy did the fundamental thing enough command of the reason Iraqis are so and so far back and as we don't put enough funding. What I am saying is those keys Internap taken stamp program and it now in the stamp program. We need to keep that modern dance because every day the exchanges there are changes everyday. And as far as. You say you want a minimum wage of fifteen dollars an hour that's statewide. Statewide had absolutely not not a local option no say given communities that you so someone living in. Graham county. Robbins bill is gonna have a fifteen dollar minimum wage mandated. Justice they are in wake county and met them. But you know weren't marked in order for us to really really really be this state that we want to be. We get to we we I'll have to make some sacrifices we are going to have to compromise. Would not going to get the it. Get the airbag that appears now. Little education funding as possible we're not gonna get the Dylan Lou they're not going to get the head of pain in people that tend Allison now. Fifteen dollars and is not a livable wage. And I'm quite sure if the state does this at the mandate that and that's the sad to put an increase is going to be phased in does not like is can be fifteen dollars for a ground Monday. Notice can be phased in and they may take. I mean it's a phase and how long would you like to see if faced an anomaly in three years no more than three who OK so it would go up we currently it is that. The minimum wage. In similar ways narrow his list seventh when he champion stayed in aka iron. So you would see may be. A two dollar and fifty cent increase every year over the next three years we would have. Suiting noted to get it because state in the implants should get the 151000 now there's not a livable wage but he is thing we've got the focus will tell you something real quickly. When I graduated from Haskell unit option and command and how Oscar go to college while you hit optional to commit a crime has done well with the union without a union. Now a days we don't have that album like the sea to stay in the auction Lannan focus more on attracting skilled based apps into a house state then. You can get the job of that to use a vacation Macon middle wage income you can also use it to to attract doubts that train into the training. Internship and finished yet and certifications. He has advocated that we're gonna then skis coming out. And it and a decent age and make a 4050000. Jobs. Can you talk about more skills based jobs what about plumbers. I'm that was mean some plumbing work done in my house. And in talking to a guy who came out to to do the work to give me an estimate which. Believe me fifteen or two hours from art paper that estimates. He's talking about Megan well into six figures as a plumber. While price threw those out to be a alluded to we're not attracting as lankans and that's summing considered a steel based job as a lot of people through the term around. You have to hand some type of training to be a plumber you just can't eat. Now quite subpoena can never you know there's a comic I promise that when her face Kia based on top of that we Uga get a certification. Now quite sure if he had a certification or some type of Diana intimate mom so you're including trades in that as well absolutely not just white collar because I think that's where. And as people who listen to the show over long no I'm kind of a fan of micro the dirty jobs guy. You know we a lot of times we look at jobs like being a plumber or welders something like that you think well that's not. The kind of job we walked. You know we wanna white collar job where we do. Work with computers all day or something like that. Yet these there are are very. Highly technical jobs to do the right. And they're very high paying job to Libya's until we seem to overlook them a lot of times in the overall scheme of things. That would none of those you know being a plumber is not gonna fit into the stamp program as such. Okay nice ENN opinion market taken in at a country if I had to think and of course my job without actually a modern. I hail motto and that's the stamp program. One bullet point. The and I hand. Focus more on attracting steel based job skill based apps can be permanent can be linked with the thing. It read you know now we're going into green is solely can be those types of jobs to put his finger in a couple of we have. And unfortunately we gonna hand these jobs that pay them that the bail wages outright we have those we have clean those up haven't start somewhere yet. Yet it got him those jobs it is is sister does so in reality and and we have nothing in between and then we hand the the white college this is for the tournament tickets. Abby and it could. But we have nothing in the middle we've got that we've got to be reached at can we get the green camp began. Because if we don't do that didn't have a good economy. You have a good because the economy when you get over get from Matt and nothing in between that doesn't make a good impact army. What can it. EU as a state legislator. House district 99 do. For affordable housing. Which is another one here. Another one of the issues is affordable housing. Not that was Clancy. This disease as a state representative. There is there is one thing advocated for Lance you know advocates for then again this year an author. Legislation authorities and then he has to recline. Did it bring development. This deal situated and develop so the senate descendants. Of the air. Housing. Falafel and about how falafel at my house now for the you know you mean lower income. Affordably Eunice. All all things are affordable. Let us not just not the person that you didn't dollars an hour there. Okay he isn't it is that is that I would like to feed and I know that the sensitive candidate and notice something is fan native. No commandment of half the and it's happened he has tried to do it that well when they listened to do that they can't salute. So no we don't hand them this statute Albert like this heated stats in May not be allowed but even a bit helps. So as far that that would be what you would wanna advocates for was any kind of development so you're talking about. Having something in the planning and zoning and that development. Law in North Carolina which is fairly universal and it's news there's the codes are pretty much the same across the state there are some exceptions. But you would like to see a state level. Mandate that says if you build X number of housing units mean would you have a number in mind. Percent to 2% was what would the percentage big. I was speaking 1820 I would like to see. When it tablet from my understanding in top goalie as some some bit some ramps and live within fifteen about fifteen to 20%. Let me ask you this it you know you in person buys this house for let's say. 40000 dollars just double figure out of the air okay. The new new housing development goes in this mostly 200000 dollar homes and I'm just using numbers arbitrarily here. But there are ten or 15% or 40000 dollar homes what's to stop that person. Who bought that house for 40000 dollars turning around and and selling to someone 450. And crisis obese to police. Same place for the and I can't imagine something like they haven't Karen and then those stipulations because it big on TV. If you don't get a house city. Fair market rate but not pay a fair market price and price it is a stipulation that would keep you from cell. There would be some sort of deed restriction how valid that would prevent someone from selling a house like that because I can see. In a situation like that. You know some other developer coming in and buying all those up and an opening 40000 dollars let's say and then turn him around and sell them for a hundred mask the acting economic estimates that this sometime in the street and he said. And again we're talking with Priscilla Johnson who is a Democratic Party candidate. Among several for house district 99 primaries coming up enough. The first part of may so we're giving them an opportunity to talk about the issues that they seem. To feel or what are going to be most impact full for the citizens of house district 99. And we don't have a ton a time here just a few minutes but I did wanna ask you about. Health care affordable health care and prescription drugs. Because this is something that is hitting everybody. The Affordable Care Act for a lot of people isn't so affordable or fining out. What can the state of North Carolina do to help people. OK if food but here at first about out and number one thing I would have loved to seen enough command and do was to expand Medicaid is steal Mac too late. Week into the Medicaid expansion and not only lived it live that he of right now we have the last semi chipping and towels most of median and hit people without. Health coverage. If we can expand Medicaid that are within green cover it. But it would also bring jobs back as far it also how to bring jobs because if you have if you got if you luncheons Umar. A million and a half people with Medicaid to go have to get invited him to do the work at K Medicaid is is not gonna cut mean. And did that making these tabs people who you do go and an eagle hit campus that as you're gonna need. Administration. Administration. So good so would you favor rolling back some of the restrictions on entry to some of the nursing schools and that's sort of fingers and I was waiting lists and it's not easy to get him. The nursing if you wanna do it. You know I would and none on the we will know that doesn't we don't have throwback restrictions on nations who will be get the Disney should we have no more nations lose it teach would Nixon facilities to educate. But no at saint been Medicaid expand to a not only brings to a brain more coverage for additional knock Iranians in our cell. The description the description drug policy is at a site is it keeps the trick relating. I think milk colan and power Jeff affiliate the crabbing need to come together with the with the via. The pharmaceutical companies they sit down and see if we can't work out some type arrangement we leaking keep the costs of those strokes now. And I wish you one more quick question. Would you support a bill legalizing medical marijuana in the state and Carolina. I would support a bill legalizing merit medical marijuana because I do know people that it. The multiple sclerosis and one person is epilepsy they have told me that it works as senior worked with a three and as multiple sclerosis. Priscilla Johnson. House district 99 candidate we appreciate you being here on Carolina focus that. It's been added an enjoyable time in discussing these issues with you. And we wish you well on the campaign trail and if you get elected me we can talk you again. As I point in time thank you market have. A great date since YouTube thank you this. You've been listening to carols and a focus on news talk 1110993. WBT. 1079 the wind one or 25610 WFNC. It's also available for podcast that WTT dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas. Stick around we've got more. You were listening to Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. WPT. 1079 the blink 1025610. W a frenzy to also available also podcasted WBT dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas and so glad you could join us here this morning once again. And a lot of protests have been going on and sit out some walkouts. And people taking action. Two do things that. To hopefully big change in the world and that's something that I guess is is always pretty much off on a good thing. The people go out and try to be active two address issues that they can are concerned about. We've seen a lot of it on gun control and students walking on the school's. And so forth but there's something a little bit different coming up tomorrow Monday April 23. And that is going to be a sit out and what this is is a a movement to discuss national sex education. And and joining us now from the exited. And joining us now from. North Carolina values coalition the executive director Tammy FitzGerald good morning Tammy. Good morning mark logic you'd be here this morning what are what's this all about how did this how did this come about what's your problem. You. This really is the grassroots movement started back for a drink it. It mom and crop the country who want it can be currently excellent pay their children during class time. And that rather than complain about it the mom and turn their frustration and actions. And their state. And encouraging parents but crop the country to take their kids at school on Monday April 20 better. In protest and a graphic. Gender bending common unity permitting sex education. Part yet. You say early education. You know I am I've been around a little while I went through sex education it was I was believe I was a junior in high school. At the time of the football coach. Which was kind of funny at times. Until putts if you do a coed class on sex education. So you know some of us have been through this. But what has changed over the over the past few decades what can you say it's. In you know encouraging promiscuity idea and and so long what. How how was that. What is happening at a factory like planned parent that nation's largest abortion provider. And the Human Rights Campaign the nation's largest LE DT activist groups have a lot to the school. In order for equity the issues that they are posting on society. And that a couple of examples in Charlotte there app Ellen on. Under the disguise that means impact bullying program. He DC. And Mac school district has adopted welcoming school which. Is portrayed in the anti bullying program. But it actually. In the eighth primary and net organizes and work it matters let me and it back and soul and transgender queer ideology in the classroom. And they are unique class time to do is starting kindergarten to eighth grade. And the parent in Charlotte news and formed a I mean we try to keep them informed. There have been at a meeting that I'd be in the government building we met with. Clayton milk the superintendent there and it's cool that thing to have a deaf ear to the widget and the parents. Because what he had been taught in school it. There are women children and traditional acting out and structure are harmful. Encourages children questioner candor. And it includes some well crafted for lightning strike deep at his role playing games India's discussions in order again and kids. That homosexuality. Transgender Adam and other forms. Sexual behavior are normal. And it treat children who might disagree as being harmful or. Probably and senate and then let it partner out if you look at their home page you can see it from the very beginning they teach books and the classroom like Jacob Manger. Board globally and address. Read prey on which was actually he's there in Charlotte at battery read prey on his belief that he truly believe Corey said. This preparation in cheers that anti bullying policies that are specifically named Corey. And as RT lesbian gay bisexual transgender and queer or and really doesn't address other forms of bullying. I was gonna say Boeing's been around for a long time and have room. I would call it as as a child as well that you know certain people were just. Much more aggressive and would take advantage of boos. Less able to defend themselves. So. No nobody believes that any child to people for any reason including being gay or bisexual or transgender. But this curriculum as above and beyond in trying he would. Paint these behaviors and hate in a favorable light and encourage children to question parents and her. And we're talking with the executive director of the North Carolina values coalition Tammy FitzGerald here on Carolina focus. About the national sit out. Coming up tomorrow. April 23. Here in Charlotte and there's going to be an event that down at the government's senator at 5 PM I believe. So if you wanna participate in that but what I wanna ask you about is some of these things for example in the press release talks about pornographic sex education curriculum. How do you define that I mean I mean obviously you know we are talking about sex education. Bears almost an in here it's pornographic nature. That some would interpret. Simply because you're tired discussing the intimate biology. Exactly hit it again are on fattening and agony and biology and reproductive health. We have. Harvard partner would be neat Ian and well in Jacksonville. Yet. Goal for. How to act real. Into the curriculum developed and here. He can't play your game needs taxpayer dollars it commanded. And your thinking there Eaton. I'm among shall. Now children are being at her house and anal and oral. Out of an actor race one another in them. Question the topic and that being presented with situations. In the work that. Like getting girl around that aboard in can make out her. For certain people will eat it could be that primary criterion for sexual activities. Per Atlanta bureau. You know under understand. Would happen instantly marriage. But these are Brittany areas situation to children that parents would not agree with it. And the but there are even pornographic. And yet meet at the state. Who are the insanity law that currently prevent it. The cure it children. You say they're exempt from the obscenity laws. And how is that established. Well we have a state statute. That prohibit people from that Ernie and Hannity and miners' children under eighteen. And yet in that he will be an exemption for school. I can't explain why and it they're thought that was good idea. But it went out the rule to keep things like anal and oral sex. They discuss the use of scandal. During immoral acts. They teach kids how to get birth control without parental knowledge or consent and all of the work first sixth seventh and eighth grade. They refer children to plant here it back up questions or work of the GL BT national help center. What I find interesting about this is the fact that you know and are very regular basis weeks we hear about teachers and students who were having. The illicit affairs. And the teachers are universally condemned for that but your saying in this particular in in this particular area. That where as someone such as yourself for myself that would show an eleven or twelve year old a given picture. We would be prosecuted. They're exempted from that. Is that basically what he's saying so even though are we have an issue with. Students and teachers. You becoming romantically involved shall we say. And that's always viewed as a problem. It seems like we're setting up a scenario where it's almost. Starting down that path I hate to use the phrase slippery slope but I am not sure well supplies. Well this material Batman teach children about. Reproductive health it teaching them how to hat different form of sex. And not suffer the consequences like pregnancy or. FDBs but it really even is not complete. On the equity and pat how children contract sexually transmitted infections. Preventing pregnancy mansi gears and permitting anti ice and yet they're mainly concentrating on preventing pregnancy. But I would. And then the thing didn't work that in the seventh grade is where they interviewed all the gender ideology. And employment situation that they relate a story of a child. Telling his parents that he today and the story inferred that anyone who did prison homosexual behavior is again on the actual crew. And then he can DP world he is being pregnant you need to work two of the children. About topics that should be only presented by the parent. The parent should the total authority and freedom he defected with their children. And yet what we think about that these programs well in school and get real. It's an effort outside interest groups that are listening. Behavior that people don't agree. On kids period it back and Wharton and happily for him. And we're talking again we're talking with Tammy FitzGerald North Carolina values coalition here on Carolina focus. And but you say that comes in the seventh grade and but it starts didn't power early does at beginning since kindergarten. Well that welcoming fool and happily cart area is K through eight program. They get real is a second program that began in the sixth grade and get it is a great said that you think it. Form. Instructions. To get through to kids. Big big effect education but he's being anti bullying curriculum. And then met recently in Charlotte isn't anywhere EP. Board of education. Changed it multiculturalism. Policy to include. Sexual orientation and gender identity and in the power he would that and we'll teach you about. The culture with these are new cultures. A crop off subject here is in the curriculum and then there are there are multifaceted. Way that they're coming after he would. I guess I'm just nigh eve. When you come down to it because three years you say 67 and eighth grades they're teaching sex education. For three years. I don't think it takes that long to learn doesn't. I mean look how effective are their teaching methods of it takes them. Three years to communicate what you know before there was sexy education for the world public schools there were people. And other big people for quite a long time so obviously people have been able to figure things out shall we say. Without three years training. That Betemit just this is just it strikes me is like really. This raided a larger point we can bet they're reinforcing. These behaviors anger appeared in years so they're actually hard Wired News information into children's brains. Especially with the welcome school curriculum start kindergarten can you imagine teaching kindergartners are. That meaning and that turned back actual transgender. Gender conforming in here he gender expression. I mean entrapment in kindergarten. Hardly realize that there are different between. Him and the girl sitting next to him. In terms of an academy and yet we're teaching it be termed it as part of the curriculum. It your binding term empty signature indicated. That they know starting kindergarten but it do we work. Your personality. And yours is treating it like. The kid can decide and then now what you there would be and it blew it can change from day today. And these are happy it did in net anti bullying program that parents are not required to be noted that these are going to be taught in school. Our art wallow in North Carolina required here being. Education. But they're welcoming school program because the class of he even talking about sexual behaviors. I'm in allow the school. Not bad I can hear in that. Maybe can parents need to know this going on until the child comes home and sit at the dinner table with the parents. And begin to talk about art class that day. Did this happen all that encourages. Trained some programs in in quite the opposite where. Child will come out that the eighteen year cracked me and I've heard this story is happening in Newark where teacher brought. He's got into the classroom and he is part pray. And read the typical like one of the ones I mentioned and then an out that the boy was going to be how girl from that point forward. An actor collected cheater. Into a pot. Of and you know eat you know you're important to pay any type that shouldn't eat. You dare won't. From school that in years certainly not going to ask your permission. Do you teach your child. What's the age of consent in North Carolina. I own. The leap. In the devers and talk about changing a year but I think it sold. Changing it to what. To eighteen. So a person doesn't have the mental or emotional wherewithal to make the decision to actually engage in. These activities until they're sixteen now and they wanna make eighteen years of age yet. At. 567 years old they're being and introduced to these various concepts. At where they're not even going to be able to legally. Involve themselves in it for another decade. Well that and added the great point I mean it it really is true and if appointed should be great. Else. Because I scan ice ice you know you see this and and again. Maybe using the the teacher student. Involvement and sexual relations blitz everybody condemns. Universally. Unless of course it's of female teacher and a male student in which case. You know most of the guys are cheering. Another irony but. Who were you know were putting these putting these things in front of these. Kids young adults in some cases if there you know reach the age of puberty. And expecting them not to act on. I like teaching them math and and saying don't don't add subtract multiply and divide. Yet that is what happening in him. Parent would not explain the fact that occasions it there and children in the term liquidity needs in the work as they get what get real achievement. They get nearly the only one correct and there are many of them out there. That hurt them but this is especially egregious because it would develop clean pair. And ever heard it yet to Planned Parenthood they have questions. So it is really pretty slick business model. For the abortion industry. That data going to create more business. Did instructing yes pat pat back then and it being anything imagining it at an early day she said that they held. Be able to perform or abortions. Yeah it's known as a little bit of an aside and I don't wanna go down this rabbit trail fully but you know Toys 'R' Us is going out of business. And and they had they issued a press release talking about the fact that so many you know that the birth rate has been declining and people just are having kids there for the not buying toys for kids. And therefore it's gonna having and a definite impact on their business. And and a weird case of irony. They have been contributors to Planned Parenthood for a number of years as far as their charitable donations go so. But I just offer that as an aside. Now back. Very interesting I added that but it debt in mind that many CNET dot here. Yes we don't point toward that were boarding a oddity. And any other dot people and not connecting that abortion pointing at some point cotton economic crisis in the country. And we're talking with Tammy FitzGerald the executive director of North Carolina values coalition here on Carolina focus on your host mark Thomas. And I coming up tomorrow on Monday. The 23 of April is going to be a sit out at its the government senator 5 o'clock in the afternoon. I hum what's it now as far as like the people getting involved in this. What's. What sort of involvement can they have is just going to be going abound of the government center and standing around 5 o'clock. Wore out there. Are several things that you. They're the web. For the fit now is called effective ad been out dot com. And it can go to the web site. You can get more information but also with the web site you can sign a petition. And yeah he can print out a letter. For the typical here's the album your problem vehicle maker may April and and yet. Correction to government center. We're asking people eaten at any attempt to Charlotte but he again. Air. Where you have all your child at school and sent a letter in the grand Ole. Even if they're not teaching it hurt him in your school system it will send a message that they will remember it written about adopting. Curriculum. And track meet these curriculum army police only school that. Permit pot they come from the State Department and public construction. And then they got represented that the special enter expert at travel day time again at this school system to adopt them. Some important people know about it even if not happened yet in the school system. But on Monday we let out a huge crowd out by the government center at 5 o'clock. We're going to happen activists mommy there she blocker protect it. She has potential and a she really started inspect it and out management. Legal line with her on it because it is really agree with issues that we're working on right now. We've been working at Charlotte for a year count me in it call last year from parent teacher and counselor at Charlotte. Thankfully help. You can't imagine what they're teaching their children in school. And that we just kind of stumbled into it and have technically been shocked but did go on and really we can't tolerate any longer caddie your taxpayer. He can promote sexual deviant and gender confusion there. I mean it can't happen with the. I was gonna say that you know these sorts of activities that. Which he says that they're promoting these things have been going on for millennia as long as urban people. So I don't know that it's again I don't know there is something that people need to be taught. In so far is. Eventually they're gonna. Figure out on their own to a great degree. That various things can be done so to actually being. Having a curriculum as such. Syllabus and all that good stuff. Seems a little bit. Perhaps more than is absolutely necessary. Because people are gonna do these things anyway. I mean they've been doing them I'm homosexuality been around for a long time and that whole thou shall not commit adultery thing has been around for a few weeks to. There is anything. Yet that it. And there are. Not in around from like he did during world and that's what they're from the curriculum. There are doing the things that even people are. At bargain because it shocking that you keep it did take a writer Ian. It should be done yet again last week that it would make education. In the contract. Which degree she and DNC in partner acting isn't 400000. Dollars. And here. This money from the federal government. Can dramatic after their education. And yet they're going to turn around and use that money. On page yet in C program that is again I'd say they're saying here choices. We commend all of these behaviors that we've been talking about and venal World Bank masturbation. Are currently. In all situations that children. Really don't need to be encouraged to participate in. That written already great that they're going to do it. Demi FitzGerald North Carolina values coalition the national sex Ed sit out is Monday the 23 5 o'clock in Charlotte. In front of the government senator thanks to be North Carolina focus thanks Pete and Mac market. Thanks Louis and Carolina focused on news talk 11101993. To PDT. 1079 collect. We'll comprised extensively offends the social billable to podcast WT OT dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas until next time he well.