Processed To Death

Ask Dr. Ernst
Sunday, February 11th

Dr. Ernst discusses highly processed foods this week and how they effect your health. 


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The asked doctor Cho is preset up like doctor Aaron hurts a board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment seek the qualified healthcare professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor Ernst dot com for more information. It's time to. Transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour I learned from experts on how to revolutionized the health of those you love most. As doctor. Future hosts. Doctor here in its. Well good afternoon happy Sunday to you you're listening yes doc turns out I mean Rostock Aaron Harris does this show we're proud to shed defeat is dead. We'd be set free audio problems thank you for letting me into your house your car or where ever you're listening to us. On this exceptional Sunday afternoon I do realize Sunday is not a traditional day for my cell. Normally am on Saturdays at 3 o'clock and we were preempted due to some of the sports games. And that is habit a couple of weeks ago where our Sunday listeners said you know you come for. We have this nice time at 2 PM that thank you for allowing us to be on the air today love that you're here we're gonna shares having credible information about your health. And more specifically my topic is the idea of how we are becoming processed to death. And it's a little harsh to states but the idea behind it is the food industry. Is leading us to think that there are certain foods that are healthy for us. But they're highly processed foods they're not founded nature of their chemically produced their made in a plants. Rather than coming from plants. Meaning of the earth and things like that. And that we are being lied to on a daily basis that all this healthy stop. Is gonna keep you protected from things like heart disease cancer diabetes in stature as though I'm an opponent today on the idea that the boils you cook wins. The Marjorie in its use spread onto your foods. And you know the short means in all of this healthy. Vegetables that your consuming through the all wheel nature of them vegetables corn sole way. Canola X that trip are actually some of the most dangerous food products that are highly processed. They are now being linked directly to multiple. Types of diseases it's I want you learn how to you on process. Your life so you live. Instead of die early. I mean exposed a secret that has been covered up for probably the last. Gosh you know we're looking at almost fifty to seven years. Where aid to industry giants went to war with each other back in the fifties and sixties. As to what should we do. For the American health and what should we say is healthy when it comes to food. And down at the time the sugar industry. Was getting some pretty bad press now again. This is back in the fifties and so some of us might go again I can't remember that some of us might go I didn't even know that happened. So I'm gonna connect the dots today in the relationship. What actually causes. Major amounts of illness and our body with the respect of lifestyle induced diseases it is February so it's heart health month. And this has a lot to do with your heart health. So if you're someone who has high blood pressure high cholesterol high triglycerides. Or someone who wants to lose weight and feel great to be healthy you need to un process your life. And the challenge today of course is. All of this process food is everywhere I mean it's just your classic even health food store. And everything is boxed up and you know as being marketed left and right to us is if you eat this year Gannett. Have great health and you know this is good for your heart needs to get your kidneys your spleen and Wallace might be true. We don't get duped into the idea. Again that certain oil deals are highly processed an RE label in health food stores. As the greatest. Substitute on this planet you know cook your eggs in this and you'll stay healthy. Your cholesterol go down but it's all a big fat like listen and note that the thing that hurts me the most is when I walked into. The big chain health food. You know grocery stores in places like this. And you see on there hot food bars that they they pronouncing notes state late this is cooked in canola. This is healthy for your hearts Il go down not aisles annual fee stuff on sale. You know like they'll even have this end cap of like you know the oils are on sale and it's the canola this net cord in the soil and everybody's like I tell you that it's on sale. But every time I seen this kind of stuff I Koreans. Because the science says the opposite and sadly I know a lot of us aren't just you know sit down on a Sunday afternoon go and I'm gonna pull up the medical journals since he would it says about these oils. That's my job and my job is to teach you watch out. Did these cooking oils out of your pantry fast stack would get rid of them. If you have a health issue if you have a blood marker that is abnormal if you're sugars are high. And you're a diabetic you be trying to fight this you're going I don't understand. I've cut out all these carbohydrates. And it eating healthy stuff I'm I'm not using butter and using margarine in them. And I'm not you know I'm I'm cooking with olive oil and doing all the right stuff yet I'm not getting battered he has ever if anybody ever felt like that. Give credit has come back and it's abnormal and you do all the right things and nothing changes. What if it's because the change you made is actually not the changing needs to make what it all the healthy food you're eating aren't actually help the and in the world of acts. And your health this is huge and listen OK here's what happened in 1950s. There was. A study that was done it's starting to connect the fact that the amount of sugar someone consumed with directly connected to their ordinary heart disease risks. Clogged arteries heart attacks strokes except for a in the fifties and sixties the researchers and payments sugar is the caught. Well they sugar foundations in the sugar industry said we don't like that because nobody about our product. So it was discovered. That in 1965. They sponsored the very first ever Harvard. Heart study that pointed fat and cholesterol as the cause it was all mostly made up and it was paid for by the sugar industry. To say. Let's create a new pattern let's teach Americans that facts and cholesterol is causing heart disease not the sugar we don't want the science to come out little people to freak out. Are gonna carve out this new diet called the American diet. Low. Fat high carb okay we're still paying the effects of this today. Not that long ago the journal of the American medical and did journal American Medical Association. In 2016. Published Sunday in the sugar industry coroner heart disease research cover up. They found out that their whole thing had been sort of ammo caught on did not disclose the fact that sugar was known to cause heart disease. And cholesterol and bad that worked so what happened was we bursts this industry of vegetable oils in the fifties and sixties and listen if cholesterol and that's gonna cause heart disease by removing that we should the heart disease go down what's happened is gone way up. So has diabetes. So has all major forms of illness so I'm gonna teach you today at a un process your life. So you'd get your health back and get invites you to an event that I have on Saturday February 24 it is my heart health summit. If you have high blood pressure cholesterol triglycerides you want to get fixed seven a four. 906209. Forts free tickets 7049062094. With a quick break. Number I back. But immaculate six gas doctor itself. I mean Rostock fair narrative that you needed on this special broadcast of the aspects are so its Sunday edition. We're here today to share with you. Natural techniques that you can use to clean your health come back. Rejuvenate have extra energy do is wait feel great all of the and down my show topic today's how to un process. Your life waited. We live this sort of process to death mentality when it comes to our foods when it comes to things we do and what I think a lot of us don't realizes. There is a heavily processed nature to it specific food product that a lot of us use on a daily basis this sort of a warning not call to action. I'm asking our listeners to remove. Processed vegetable oils from their diet. Moore says specifically if you have high cholesterol high blood pressure high blood sugars. Or you're dealing with some sort of health effects because recent researchers point out that they may actually be the fuel. Aggravating the condition. And they're not as healthy as you thought they work so this brings a challenge because. We are told things like olive oil. And canola oil and corn oil and vegetable oil. Aren't that healthy oils to use the you might be cooking your eggs in him he might have already cooked in it yes 2 o'clock counts it's. He has opted in the afternoon but. The idea is that so many of us still think that these guys will be soils are help before us. And you know the labels will say it's heart healthy and you know year you're gonna see it on mainstream news media and your friends are gonna say you know I I I went Mediterranean I changed my diet I'm using vegetable oils and I am. And cooking everything an olive oil with the legacy be viewed it really careful about the oil to consume because they're directly connected to. Our help if your eating the wrong oils. The more processed oil to consume the more process your body becomes the more unhealthy UB com and we're seeing things like. Heart disease cancer diabetes eccentric climb so if you're someone. Who has high cholesterol and you're wondering why I eat the dietary change he made is hampering your cholesterol numbers down. Take a look at are you consuming vegetable based oils. And you might say you know I don't do that but you know if you go out to. At a restaurant. The majority opera in the neighborhood of ninety to 95% of restaurants are cooking their food and canola and vegetable oils a because they're cheap. And B because they believe it's the help the oil to cook the food and okay. Never too if you're buying foods that are processed or packaged or you know they're in a box or there microwave meals are there. Quick meals you pop in the oven there's a high likelihood that they contain corn oil soy oil canola oil etc. Because these powers to beat wants you to think that this is they help the oil. Where did all this come from it stems back to the 191960s. Because of the fact that two things were happening wine. There were articles being published in the fifties and sixties point team. The rise in coronary heart disease in America to sugar. Not cholesterol not that's not clogged arteries but Heyman Americans eat too much sugar. So guess what that sugar industry said we don't like that. Because we like our product we like people to buyer products you know coffee and sugar is fine. Sugar and no cookies and cakes and sweetness that Mike you know the amount of sugar Americans were consuming with climbing drastically. Today we consume more sugar than ever before. Thanks to the fact that a Harvard study was published in 1965 that said. Fat and cholesterol causes heart disease and their began this downplay. On fat fat became this entity. Americans that I don't like that and we said we'd love sugar like sweetness but honestly when you dig into the history of it. In it was recently exposed this I'm not making any of this up in November of 2016. The journal of the American Medical Association published an article saint sugar industry. And coronary heart disease research and historical analysis of the internal. Industrial documents. Where the sugar foundation. Was sort of exposed. For paying for that study. They paid for the Harvard study that that said fats and cholesterol cause heart disease we should remove backs are now. In doing some digging we now discovered. That it actually does sugar industry cover up it's the whoops we didn't want to know sugar causes heart disease we wanted to point the finger at someone else. It was the birth of the American diet. Low fat high car. Which is what you probably are currently still doing. Even though we know it's a complete farce and it has nothing to do with your health if you think low fat high carb is good for you. Think again the researchers actually showing the opposite. Now the challenge is this a lot of us are paying the price for this ignorance and paying the price for this sort of am brought to you by. Research and we're getting sick as a result that I look at this is a natural practicing physician on the chiropractor. On the wellness you know detox coats. I help people to change their cellular health. I have lots of clients who have reversed high blood pressure for the last twenty years. Are no longer diabetic their numbers are looking great in their medical doctors are going oh my gosh how have you done this. And yet they say stuff like well I started going low carb eating lots of healthy fats and started detox in my diet out and what their doctor here is Waverly high fat. You're gonna have a heart attack it's it's ingrained in American thinking we'd being. That if you eat that you're gonna get back to clog arteries but the researchers saying the other way. Now here's the problem in the United States right around that time frame and had those articles came out and that you know sugar does not cause heart disease. And stay in that you know fat dies we started looking at where was all the fat coming from we realize man you know like we'd a lot of lard read a lot of blotter. We you know a lot of animal fats like red meat and things like this so here here became the birth of the red meat causes heart disease cholesterol causes heart disease. Fat cause heart disease potter causes heart disease and this massive campaign with formed to brown the late fifties early sixties to say. We've got to do something about this okay if Harvard says. That's cause heart disease we believe them because it's Harvard I mean come on but again the truth of it was Harvard was being slipped lots of luck to publish that. We now notice that tank. So what do we start doing what we started taking fats out of foods and we started changing the fat Americans eating and we are this industry. Known as vegetable oils. The consumption of vegetable oils in the nineteen hundred's it was near 0%. Because they didn't exist. You have to chemically extract. Oils out of vegetables and ordered them to be in a container that you could pour in solitary exit things like that with them hopefully you guys can understand that's. But here's what I think most people don't understand. As the consumption of vegetable oils has been climbing. Near to that rates where in the a person's diet we're hitting close to seventy to eighty pounds of vegetable oils the year. Remember in the nineteen hundred's it was nearly zero vegetable oils per year. When you look at the graph of the amounts of oil consumed per year in the United States about since 1968 an exponential Linear increase. If you overlay. The incidences of heart disease in match is it almost nearly if you overlaid diabetes it matches almost nearly if you overlay overall mortality. Death in general if you overlay. Multiple scores has hit a disease. And graft the incidence of the disease in the United States from the 19100 still today an almost exactly. In statistical. Outweigh you see from the 1960s forward we have been getting really really sick. And it's kind mean an expert at the rate almost that of matching that of oil consumption United States. It does not take it rocket science to put two and two together and go I wonder. If it's the introduction of the vegetable oil that is also sparking. I'm ultimately you make its decision tank I've done their research on it I've seen it there's not researchers say that these oils. Are causing inflammation causing disease because they're highly unstable because economically extracted. And what happens is when you put an unnatural product in the human body it does everything it and he due to get rid of it. And part of that process it's Korean inflammatory response as if the oil is a virus were tumor or disease. So what you need to do you need to do it's these oil immediately. Canola. Also known as rapeseed oil corn vegetable soybeans. Sunflower south flower cotton seed sesame peanut okay. All of those are unsaturated. Oils that come from a vegetable source Mora last. And the problem with that is that the moment that they are heated. They become oxidized. And that oxidation causes damage in your body so if you're cooking your eggs in canola oil because you'd think it's heart health the you have actually created a highly oxidized to bury toxic food product that you're consuming because it's process. Almost all vegetable oils require a chemical extraction. And if I just use canola as an example. The way canola oil is produced is to take the seeds. From a rape seed plants. Highly pressed them to kind of make this little Kate looks like I am out Mike pancake almost missed emotional together. And then you extract them using a heck same process you washed them this tax aimed for almost an hour. And you get this sort of chemical due to looks very waxy and sort of like very oily. And you have to do you motorized gates you have to chemically but it clean it yet the lead kids yet to do all the stuff to it. And what happens is that process creates damage to the original oils that are found in very low quantity and the seeds. And not the byproduct is a very heavily chemically produced oil. And we now know that this stuff is ultra high and it inflammatory bats we know all kinds of stuff about it yet you probably right now are still using that oil. So if you're consuming the oils that are related to what I would call. Did disease state in the United States today canola corn vegetables soy bean penis sesame cotton seed sunflower south flower. I'm highly suggesting you you ditched them right now. Also it's not just that it's the saturated oils like Marjorie in. Or at the onset what I'll call sort of like the partially hydrogenated oils that we find in things like all those buttery spreads right earth balance. I can't believe it's not butter. Marjorie and all the things. If it's something you can very smoothly. Sort of like with a knife rubber over your food again very very dangerous because they're process. Chemically extracting. So what happens here is this we've been duped into this lie that low fat is the solution to having great heart health and having good longevity. And if you want to have a back to have vegetable fat and did you know as many cards you feel like having because they're hidden in everything. And it comes back to the idea again net. It defeat the truth got out that sugar is actually what causes a lot of people's sickness illness and disease. We would have to completely revolutionize. The delivery for food process today because everything is loaded with. Naturally. Occurring in even and what I'll call. Highly processed sugars artificial sweeteners and things this effect and is also fully loaded with these vegetable oils because we take healthy that's out. We have to put the epic inference taste good so we substituted these vegetable oils back into it. My call to action for you eight thrown out get rid of them removed them from your pantry immediately stop cooking with him beat if you're suffering from the health effects of the pack to be eating anything for so long. Why don't you join me on Saturday February 24 and do many total heart. Health make over your gonna learn the top three causes which you now know one of them is danceable consumption. But the other two causes of high cholesterol high blood pressure high sugar high triglycerides. If you wanna get off the man did you wanna lose weight feel great seven afford 9062094. The tickets are yours free normally 25 dollars 704. 9062094. Out of meat she'll. Analysts view there's he can fix your health to take a quick break when we come back more about how you pick that art house. Good afternoon happy Sunday Ulysses gas stocks turned show host doctor Erick Erickson and I love the fact executed today. We're discussing this idea of that nature that you might be processing your body to its death. And encouraging disease and invite sickness and illness in your life even though you don't think you're doing it which is sort of my gosh are you serious about this. So we spent some time this this date talking about how. Of the foods we consumed the most dangerous for your health overall. Are processed. That stool based oils. And I've been spending some time digesting down which ones you should get out of your diet. What they do to you except trip and I'm gonna give the list again because had a couple people message just ever break. And I realize again today Sunday am not normally on Sunday so how do you connect with that's how do you mass suggest W you know I'm let me know if you have a question head ever tonight. Eight FaceBook page to them also broadcasting this stream alive. It's a you can unit with me right there I's FaceBook dot com slash ask doctor Ernst that's a SK. DR ER and as the so FaceBook dot com slash asp dot earned. You'll see the video and I am looking at you guys right now point at Q. You can share that you can like it you can you know common blood being go to my website which is ask doctor Ernst dot com in the top right hand corner is a contact button. Toomey continued you know directly in had a couple people who have Babin listens they say. Okay wait a second so like canola out corn out festivals out. Why. We're gonna amid digest that a little deeper but you know what everyone wants to know is will. What I do instead expect can't you know thought Tim eggs in canola oil enough both the cook with things like olive oil what do I do OK well here's what I want to understand. The reason I want to do this is the scientists knowing that we knew heat vegetable oils which is why all of us do with them. You actually caused them to become oxidized and oxidation is known as inflammation is known as eerie to patient. So when you eat some things that could connect your irritating your body year adding oxidation you're creating sickness disease. And stress according to research. But if you heat up what are known as natural fats things that haven't been highly processed or chemically extracted. They're more stable they don't get oxidized. They're able to get in your body in their natural state even when they're hot and they can help you to heal so that would be things like coconut oil. Or MCT oil. Or butter again borders been sort of backed back and forth left and right over the last couple years were now recognizing it that great cooking back to the really good oil for you. Which is a form of clarified butter how low which is the type of like batic comes from. You know animal products you can even use lamb fat or duck back or grass fed you know beef fat. On and will we wanna do is heed these whales. Now there are healthy oils that you can make unhealthy. And can cause you to get sick which is again part of our topic. Is the idea of MI doing something to myself that is supposed to be healthy but it's translating into ill health. Olive oil by far. Is the biggest. Challenge IC from those people. We think it to get oil to cook quit because again it's been labeled heart healthy. It cleans your arteries part of the Mediterranean diet all true when it's in its brawl on heated state. Cole. If you cook eggs and olive oil you are now oxidized that oil you're actually increasing its the Kremlin might concentration which is a known carcinogen. And year cooking food and making it unhealthy for you. Olive oil should never be heated. Or cooked with because it creates an oxidation state. Nor should any not to based oils like walnuts pecans macadamia. Nor should any feed based oils like flax seed oils which he has seed oils that. Now the challenge is going to be this a lot of us are doing this right where cooking with canola were cooking with. Olive and we're thinking we're doing something good for hearts were doing something good for help. What we're finding out right now is that. The studies are showing that those oils vegetable based the whales. Our not only gaining oxidized we heat them but they're very very very high and inflammatory. Type of that noted that Polly. Unsaturated fatty acids the Omega three sixes and nines. Because of the chemical extraction process what happens. Is the Omega six amounts starts to increase and the Omega three amount starts to go down. Now all not only do I have an oxidized back. But I have won it creates inflammation this year. Is the secret as to why process vegetable oils are also leading to other illnesses and diseases with in the United States and within your body. The more you become inflamed. The more your body becomes toxic the more it starts to become oxidized and almost all conditions today are linked to inflammation. Let me just this the view of things that are what we would call inflammatory diseases. Chronic haptic ulcers or acid reflux. Rheumatoid arthritis. All three of colitis sighing yes sites parkinson's MS lupus cancer diabetes heart disease. You'd TI's psoriasis. Eczema. Acne and the list goes on and on and on we could say cholesterol problems blood pressure issues blood sugar issues except here. When you have inflammation in your body that chronic state of inflammation invites. A attempted healing process. Your body wants to turn the inflammation off. And the way it does that is by spit now all kinds of chemical markers to try to reduce inflammation. And a lot of those chemical markers are seen. As you having ill health. As an example last week I talked about how when your inflamed highly your cholesterol naturally goes out. It's the same thing is if you're running in aid raise your blood pressure and your pulse rate will go up because you're running. And that is it safe for me to stay running causes heart disease then. No but that's that we do we say oh my gosh your cholesterol high your blood pressure tiger took that there's a hike you're gonna have a heart attack you're gonna have heart disease. Well no their risk factors they're not cause of the facts that make says they don't cause the disease. We cause the disease we make ourselves and healthy because of making imports sources in understanding what real health if it's. In my opinion for you guys that stars Danny something. You need to know that what real help is this your body healing by itself. Give Maine your body what it is designed to how and letting it take care of itself by itself. We were never meant to consume highly processed. What are known as plant based vegetable oil how to I know that. We haven't been consuming them in large amounts except for the last 56 years and we're paying the price for it as a result. So what's the take home message right now for you. Yet those oils out of your diet get them out of your house stop consuming them and you'll start to see yourself begin to heal. What are the oils we wanna get rid of well again it's canola corn vegetables solely peanuts sesame. Cotton seed oil rice bran oil south flower sunflower. Just cut him out heretical. Go to my website asked doctor are stuck comment entire list of which ones to ditch in which ones to act so it's easy duke but remembered that just getting rid of them. Doesn't negate the fact that they've been causing damage your body for the last 30405060. Years however long you've been consuming them. So you need to do something to detox that damage in effect that you need to reprogram. Your health. And I'm inviting you to join me at the Holiday Inn express and suites here on Saturday February 24 for a total heart. Body make over its heart team because it's February and it's Hartmann. But if you have high blood pressure cholesterol triglycerides sugars. You're looking for a win on the medication 7049062094. But 704. 906209. Form at stake quick break and under attack. Good afternoon happy Sunday two year olds you listen to gas sector ourselves I mean host doctor or nurse stands thanks for tuning in to Sunday afternoon we are discussing the idea that. You might be processing your body to death. I can still mean highly processed foods. And more specifically highly processing camera extracted. Oils were talking a little bit about the oils and the fact that you eat and how they are directly connected. To your current health and potentially to the condition you're you're dealing with it its high blood pressure cholesterol diabetes. High triglycerides if you have some sort of health effect even things like thyroid conditions and diabetes and heart disease and you know I'm autoimmune conditions rheumatoid arthritis. Also if collide with the rise says the list goes on and on and on. What were now discovering is that as soon as we added. Chemically extracted vegetable oils to the American diet we saw this exponential increase in their consumption. Thanks to the sugar industries. Money to say no we're not the cause of American health it's fats and cholesterol that the causes of American health. They funded a study back in 1960s. That was pushed out by Harvard to say sugar isn't the problem. Cholesterol if that's the problem. And as a result we designed this ran news sort of dietary shift which was low fat high carb standard American diet. As a result we have been getting sicker and sicker and sicker and sicker. Not better and better and better they had good intents writes let's pulled at bats with pull the cholesterol because if that was true we since the heart disease going down. Which is the diabetes going down misty cancer going down instead we're cynical op why. Because many take the fat out of food yet add more chemicals more processes and according to what the sugar industry wanted. You have to add more sugar this is not need just spouting my opinion. This is based upon a recent study that was published in the journal of the American Medical Association in tired old. Sugar industry coronary heart disease research historical analysis of an internal industrial documents show lane. That back in their fifties and sixties the sugar industry said we need to take. The American interest away from sugar being connected to disease it shifted to fat and cholesterol towards disease. So the whole thing became exposed in 2016. Yet chances are you've never heard about it. Because that's the way the cookie crumbles okay now here's thing. What I'm teaching you today's the concept that if you wanna break free from taking medication for something if you're taken high blood pressure pills that were taken seeger pills that are taking. You know water retention pills if you're taking blood pressure medications if you're on a hill for something. You have had very high likelihood that your diet is extremely high in processed vegetable based oils because they are connected to a cause. And affect also you know high likelihood you're consuming too many carbohydrates for what your body is designed to have. Which is less carved senior currently eating. So we can take our diet and radically transform and cover health turnaround. But diet teen is only about a third of your total power for healing your body. There's the toxicity associated with the fact that we live in a world today and it's fully toxic. There's the neurological side of things in the fact that our. Our postures and our spines and our nerve tissues are becoming more damage today. Were sleeping in it Kirby positions were more stressed out than ever before so there's an entire program that you can engaged to get healthy. And the first step is understanding. If you think what you're eating is making you healthy you might be sucked into a marquee in nine. I'm offering a chance for anyone it's taken high blood pressure pills cholesterol pills if you're taking a medication for your health and way out. OK February is heart health month and when I'm doing is I'm inviting our WBT listeners an absolutely no cost to sit in a hotel with me. Spend a couple hours uses about one and half two hours so I can lay out for you exactly planned a protocol and a guide. To knowing what is causing your current health issue. There's only three main causes of sickness today and needed a general toxicity issue it is a diet that's gone south is creating inflammation. And creating got issues anything neurological and balance within your body is communicating to itself. You fix those three things and I have personally seen blood pressure cholesterol diabetes heart disease and things reverse themselves. So the called action would be this would you be willing to sit down. On Saturday February 24 at 11 AM with me and not have to pay for it at all my seminars normally 2.5 dollars per person. Had a couple people messages and hand how to come to this and when is it so here's the details Saturday for every point fourth. 11 AM Holiday Inn express and sweets tickets are free I begin at 7049062094. That call line is to be answered by my event manager he's gonna simply say when your name. Mr. phone number. How can I city's status to you what your email address and you guys kick completely free access. As long as I have tickets left which right now we have fourteen remaining for that fourteen and nine other going to be gone in the next fifteen minutes. So here we have this big lie that we've been told with his facts eating them is gonna make you fat clog your arteries to we've been told this line. That them vegetable based oils are heart healthy they're good for you. And three we've also been duped into the fact that we don't understand. That the foods we eat are causing inflammation causing oxidation. So we're processing ourselves to death by eating. These convenient food products. Most specifically were processing our oils. And we're thinking that there healthy look did you know that lately if you watched TV ads you're seeing more and more ads for what kind of oil specifically. Warren oil's been pushed vary very heavily right now. And I hate to say it but it's partly because Americans are cutting getting Smart going maybe catalyst not a good forming. I've seen stuff and it's bad but corn right corn is good but still it. Well Mazzola in its latest marketing efforts trying to stay that court oil can lower your cholesterol better than olive oil. As that they're trying to get you to buy into this idea that corn is the next new greatest oil that may be you've been upended that hey if you have the Mazzola corn oil. Go throw it out as fast as you can because the challenge is this okay. Mazzola actually. Put forth in an email campaign that was brought about by the food aid to get to know who she is a checker at food BA dot com. But they sent an email to her stand on the ms. all the oil that you are inquired about contains genetically modified ingredients. And among the food regulatory bodies that approved these ingredients there's an agreement that they're safe. At the oils are extracted from seed kernels using a solvent notice tech's game that was the email that they sent back to her sane. We know that we used genetically modified corn and we know that we use insolvent named Haq saying to extract it. Well here's the problem anytime you use chemical solvent to check in oil. They don't fully removed it from the royal York consuming so they're small Trace amounts of exchange inside the food product. Wise these things are genetically modified its means there hi Elise parade. With month Santa's favorite chemical roundup work like the state so what happens is this. Those corn kernels come into a plant. Loaded with chemicals. Specifically roundup and other pesticides and herbicides. They're genetically modified to have a different amount of fact inside of them which is more of meg six bats. So they're like batted kernels and then they're crushed down in this sort of mix it looks like a paste. And in their washed with this taxiing to pull the oil out now in the process. It becomes cooked because it heated and it starts to becomes sort of them oxidized becomes trans batted a little bit things like this. And what happens is it it's basically really nasty it's smells like it's out rotting so they have to you deal motorized it. They have to bleach it and then at the pour into a bottle so when you think it's corn oil. That's what you're getting. Now the the challenge with this is it's it's a highly loaded Omega six poly unsaturated fatty acid which when you do the research. Actually has been linked to Cree yeah eighteen heart disease. And creating inflammation which is going to elevate. Your cholesterol levels to make you wonder how can they say sorted things like this month partly because again it's just a marking employed by states viewed as oil. Lowers your cholesterol you either believe it or don't but most people go well hey. Let's try it I have my cholesterol I don't like taking the medications that I can eat this oil and Laurie I'll be better. But the problem is that not do that. What's going to lower your cholesterol what's gonna help you to get health instead. Is following the guidelines that I mentioned before cut out the process that oils replace them with natural. Healthy oils. And be careful warming. Don't heat the natural oils that fall into this category olive oil. On the Colorado oil. Flax seed oil she is seed oil walnuts pecans macadamia. When you eat those in their cold state. They actually help you to. Let's want to heats up royals to cook it right so when he used coconut or in CT or blotter. Or even the fact that come naturally from some and animals that we eat like doc and lamb and beef. OK you can cook with beef fat like talent in this affect. So it's real simple. Step number one is becoming aware recognizing. That pretty much your whole life you've been lied to sugar is linked to heart disease more than fat and cholesterol. If you don't believe it start digging in in doing research number two. Cutting out fat from our diet and adding more chemicals and toxins is sugar is also linked to the creation of disease including heart disease. Number three adding vegetable fats because you think they're healthy tiered diet is linked to inflammation oxidation and damaged. Which is further making our cholesterol or blood pressures are figures triglycerides Klein. Which is further making us sick. And before we sort of close the show up to bad as what you think you think you realize that this truly is how it happens. You think if that the food industry at large goes hand. If people eat this way they're number ski crazy if they're numbers get crazy they go to their doctors. They're doctors give the medications. The numbers look good so they keeping our product it is like they grade is sort of non. You know ploy out there. But if you want a way out you have to become educated you have to say to yourself you know what. I'm not gonna do this anymore and it changed my life and do something different and I promise you. You can make it happen you can get out of a merry go round you can get off the monthly prescriptions. Of the subscriptions of the medications you take you can change your diet actually go okay. I learned that what I was doing was bad for me and I'm switching on doings of the healthy and I get that you're gonna be like I hit deep water now. Yes I get to eat eggs and not worry about my cholesterol yes and the scientists saying it but the risk is you're gonna have probably. A hard time believing that so look here I'm I'm offered via. It's hard to show the science they graphs and things like that over the radio that come to my event. I'm gonna literally show you the hard truth that shows that the whole thing is made up. That the science supports what I'm talking about. And then if you just get rid of the vegetable oils he clean out your diet you remove your toxicity. And you give your body what it requires the foods we were designed to consume. Then your cholesterol can come down your pressures can drop you sugars can come down the normalized. And you are now. Living free you're feeling great your energies up you're excited you're saving money you're not having said go to your doctors off and you're healthy and everyone else thinks you're crazy. But that's the whole point because we want to be different we wanna be healthy so here's how you did it's Saturday February 24. This is your last chance right now to get these things for free 704906209. Ports tickets to mine asked doctor earn heart health summit. Saturday for every type fourth 11 AM holiday and express and sweet here in Charlotte. And it's 7049062094. I promise you one thing you're gonna go to that ain't go Mike Cox. I had no clue now I know what to do number two you're gonna leave knowing exactly what test you can get. And what you can do to prove to your doctor. Pitcher numbers are gonna improve it had to get up medications and lastly you're gonna learn exactly how to maintain that for the rest of your life because it's really easy. 7049062094. To hop on FaceBook dot com bust ass knocked our staff four minutes of fun for you guys. And look forward to seeing you on Saturday's weekly thanks again about.