Psychology, Medicine, and Faith

David Chadwick
Sunday, March 11th

Dr. Carmen Teague, Internist, Director Of Internal Medicine for Atrium joins David to discuss how to integrate Faith, Medicine and Psychology so that we can heal physically and spiritually.


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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is news talk 1110993. WBZ. Welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program that tries to intersect different issues in our culture locally around the world. It's always a pleasure doing the program thank you for listening now. In my almost eighteen year of doing this show it's been a blast and thank you all for listening. Faithfully every single week well on that the show today I have a friend who balances life probably better than any of honest with all she's got going on her name is. Doctor Korman Teague she's raised recently written a book. She is a doctor she's a mom she's involved in the community. She's a wife and how she does all of that I'm not sure but that's bold talk about today. Amid some other various subjects as well but karma is just a pleasure having you on the program today he said and I isn't on your program. Where you and I met long ago in the 1990s. At one place that's one of our favorite institutions in all the world university of north Carolina at Chapel Hill. And you know it's interesting you shared with me that after I spoke there at a Christian of it you and I talked actually counseled you. On your life and again as I've inner act with so many people I could remember exactly what I said you bit. I said something that helped you and I'm glad for that yeah. It's nothing they completely changed the course of my life actually right about that and the bug you came to visits an inner varsity. Large group meeting. In Chapel Hill you stay after it to speak TE readers. And just conversation you asked us what we are majoring in what we are dealing what her interests are. And I am 101007 counseling and in getting a Ph.D. in psychology. And dealing Christian counseling. Any use simply spur of the moment how many have you thought about getting married Corey. Before going into the Ph.D. academically failing in a higher education and I thought well no really. And you in passing said he man evidence that Gordon Cowell theological seminary is getting ready to open and Charlotte, North Carolina. You should probably looking into that wanna get a master's degree before pursuing PHT. And I left that night and I felt interesting immediately jumped on on a month and within three weeks had completed an application. Alison member of the very first incoming class to according column Charlotte and unit 1990. Well I know what was going on in my mind wise as you were thinking about getting that psychology background which I have myself I have a graduate. Counseling psychology degree from the University of Florida. You're not going to get the biblical perspective so I knew from my own experience would probably be better to get that biblical theological perspective for the and you got. The secular perspective where the two together and you really have a strong I think case for. Academic counseling and it sounds like that's what you did and I'm so glad you follow that advice. It was also can't act that classes for a year here and frolic and Gordon colony that decision not to offer counseling pertinent here at this campus in give program so much more popular. So hasn't had a moment of decision about a year and two there engineer to this program an atlas. Transfer somewhere else beat Dallas County to creek had anticipated or sell the house build cars that everything we don't swords and moved to Boston. And we have to and you need to boxed. And in that led to be in the pursuit of a medical degree that it is real. So you are very well educated or my dad would take educated about utility. Age 33 get a real job that that's okay. He still in Boston and a year he state psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane and in pain and she's. In that theory bizarre setting former. Colonies that surround me saying. He met school neck no no not going to happen I'm can proceed Ph.D. Cash deal real to me and I ended up on documents and reject it and universe not China's apple showed their whose loyalty came and a. Heap of we you know Carmen in listening to your background you have so much to offer us to understand the beautiful interconnected ness of body soul and spirit because god made us marvelously. In all three or a necessary part of our lives and when you're not taking care of the physical. It will affect the mental and when you're not taking your of the mental and there's a huge mental health health emphasis in our society today as there should be that affects then the emotional. And we really do need to understand how all of those interact only. Absolutely. And I think being physician is the most amazing gift on the world in the world because. When your body is broken it is amazing how open people are to spiritual thing. Can they do realize this world does not all of that there is excellent and that there is no a day. That you and I know we believe in that we'll have a perfect resurrection body and it will take no more it will have no more pain it will. I know more and what a great day. That will be especially as we look forward just in a couple of weeks to Easter which is the celebration of our belief that there is a resurrection in a world. After this one. A my guest today is doctor Korman Teague a Carmen has been friends for years he's a practicing physician here in the Charlotte community she is a recent author will talk about her book in just a moment. But also has some great insights into different things I want addressed to Carmen and that's one of them we come back the whole inter relationship between the spiritual and physical. And how we take care of our minds are spear to doesn't really affect our bodies in very positive ways. I'm David Chadwick this is news talk 1110. 993 WBT. I'll be back in just a moment. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is news talk 1110993. WBT. Welcome back to the show. My guest today is doctor Korman T she's recently written a book entitled motherhood. Medicine and made him a doctor's journey of finding called in chaos. Carmen is such an interest in personal calls her background not only includes her medical degree and she's a practicing physician here in Charlotte. But also she has a deep psychological. Background where she. Received graduate degrees in counseling and psychology to she has waited together those two things. And Carmen before we move into a mental health conversation right now just wanna take a moment and pause and remember my friend woody Durham. I know you into the university I Carolina and you remember his voice as well don't use that those days when he would call the Tar Heels to victory one more time. I just a good man. I grew up as a child Leanne and I remember sitting in my again listening to Woody Herman called games with my parents and jumping up and down on an off accounts and an actress student. There is nothing like hearing would heed our call it came and it is not listening live out his voice and that is such a huge loss for us this Tar Heels. Well you know and for people to know coach Smith like idea played for Dean Smith or you listeners who may not and a red North Carolina. He lost his memory as a part of his dementia before his death. Which is so sad because that was one of his greatest strengths he would meet you in ten years later remember use that that was just a great gift from god that he had. Woody's great gift was his voice and his voice was taken from him as a part of a strange. On disease that ultimately took his life on several days ago. But he was just a wonderful man and I interviewed him for the book that I wrote about coach Smith he spent two hours with me cheering the -- stories I'd never heard before insights and a coach Smith I'd never had before. Such a gracious good kind honorable man he will be deeply missed what you think absolutely. And his presence and calming voice I think it's something you'll. We will not be able to replace him for being on Al Ali's here as police I think I will too and they're just an iconic understanding of broadcasting back I think in the seventies and eighties and even ninety's this. Ole miss today and I don't mean to be missed algae can say hey the good old days but I do think there was an iconic gift of broadcast film that some people like Keith Jackson and other people had it. We just don't have today but. And woody and rest in peace and I think you and coach Smith probably Europe in heaven playing golf right now and I know one thing coach Smith your memory is perfect. And woody your voice is as clear as a bell even now. Carmen peak time is great again to have you on the show you are a medical doctor you have a seminary degree in counseling and psychology. This past week Kevin love the power forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers. On this extra wrapping good looking guy he's a multi multi millionaire and NBA all star. Henman playing real well had an injury force as well but he started talking about the fact that he has regular. Panic attacks. Now some said O'Connell you're kidding other started saying no this is an important conversation our culture needs to have mental health is a huge issue. Then DeMar DeRozan who's on all star for the trial raptors came out. Instead not meaning to tease all the movement itself because it meat to I've got this mental health issue as well. And it really has garnered a conversation it's probably. They needed for years mental health is a huge issue in the American culture and even for people of faith they experience mental health issues which you talk about that. Absolutely I just wanted to say a Manson has Brothers thank you for having the courage to be honest. Because we all struggled with mental health issues and we are kidding ourselves if we don't. We are truly fiercely wonderfully made your mind body and spirit and from the phone call in Genesis where broken. And that means that I thought processes in the way our minds the work is not how god intended it and that means the chemical balance tampering if not how god intended it. And I spent so much of my town as a physician talking about mental health. Because oftentimes as you go through a litany of complaints of I had a headache my stomach hurts I am tired all the time I don't feel good if you continue to peel back the layers of the onion the real problem in fact. And skier to get out of my house. Or have a panic attack every time I drop across the brains. Or and so afraid I'm gonna die of cancer and leave my children without a mom. And there's truly nothing physically wrong that I can final Perry's of labs and batteries of tests most important thing I can provide to ban is hope. And reinsurance. And still has not seen it sometimes is not just medicine I want to get that just a second but sometimes it is. Where there are thought to dwell in this mean the Bible talks a lot about. A beat transformed by the renewal of your mom I use that scripture with patience all the time and I pray for it and. And I explained to an eight year. Emotions follow your. You have to think positive thoughts in order feed to feel better about what's happening in life around and when you live in a culture that you're constantly bombarded with. Negative thoughts but if you watch a lot of social media or television you have violent images and grossly sexual kind of stuff that's constantly entering your mind so you will feel all. Badly if you put that stuff in your mind and that is a reality TV isn't reality in also reality your blog article what I call FaceBook I can't. Everything that has posted on Twitter faced a letter it's perfect people good people they. Crap out there that pitchers that no makeup pitchers that if I don't look so good news pictures and people are surrounded with compare idols. And they're always comparing what's going on in their last happening around them. And it's not fair comparison is very few of actually honor apparently dirty laundry on a regular yeah studies have been done this year than the most. Often fell on feeling when someone gets regularly on FaceBook is in the past me. And that's not a good emotion it is not because it eats a way to physical and actually came cause a green by hole in your body that sometimes can be emitted and that's why people say the person's green with envy it can really destroy you. From with in and says so there is a thought life that you got to help people psychologically. In getting well even people of faith. With what's going on in their lives but but sometimes vicious physical sometimes there are physical deficiencies chemical imbalances that's causing the problem talk about that. You mentioned that recently one of your time is Allison thankful because I only sees that term. You know I can sometimes people at any counseling to Alice purple in place until you recognize and address the chemical imbalance in the brain. We sometimes have to start the year and in follow with counseling with Sam teaching with near the end of routinely refer all of that. But sometimes chemical imbalance is just off. I am not sure that there's enough money to an older. Have brains that developed to meaning zeman gaffe prone back. In my last time I remember my first cellphone late thirty pounds of isn't that had a thirty minute battery. I remember my first computer caring at this at UNC Chapel Hill mad at me and you have to have a fourth floor doorman FFO and current member. All of this technology I guarantee every patient comes in the rain to teeny a look at and I think how many Smart and I says you have only. And they usually have to have a personal one and a professional line. And ask say an attorney than parents 6810 minutes how many times people tried TK you reach out to touch you. The barrage of information that we expect is he in this generation. Is astronomical and when your brain and our snaps as we're developing we can develop the ability to maintenance. Until we exhaust. Chemicals called Eritreans are our brain just trying to I mean it's. Sometimes weeny little chemical helped to bring that level of America it's in her back to normal. So we can then process that data from X-Men some we just need to turn off the option Ali yeah. Yeah let's do their jobs don't say exactly that voice is doctor Carmen Teague she's a local physician also has a degree in counseling and psychology but she's written a book we'll get to in just a little bit but. Karma or talking on middle health right now and the truth this to you mentioned the fallen Genesis three. The world just non operating as it should and there are environmental factors as well that could perhaps. Because in these chemical imbalances we just don't know and probably won't know until we get to heaven. Absolutely. And I do think we expect a lot of ourselves and we. Probably try to do more than we probably should it. We don't have a frost very well in our culture or in anything that we knew and I routinely. Counsel patience and step back take and and listen to your body pain and lack. Your maker ST yeah what about exercise and I probably should. Emphasized that because god made us to move tab he certainly hear Alan talk about where 30 this morning and I routinely just ask that easily with the integrity. In telling a patient to do something I'm Ellington now. He was great data around regular exercise does release chemicals in your brain in your body that make you feel better. It's very difficult to get people tend that's. Mentally went exhausted they're tired they're overwhelmed and again it's mind over matter if you make a choice to make exercise routine part of your life. You're going to feel better it will follow and I am wildly passionate about exercise and expecting people to put that part of Alaska tell them. He wants to be me. They eat at UNC Chapel Hill professionally you have to practice if he want to be healthy you can keep your body he ability to maintain. So we we only have a couple minutes too we need take a break game but I want to wrap this up because I think this is so important for people out fear. Who may be having some mental health issues. You're saying that down first of all make sure you exercise. Can make the calls that releases serotonin in your system and make you feel better make sure your eating well. Hydration to drinking lots of water. That's an important one to tell you how many times my homework on the water bottle and again and at the time during the day Clinton be careful about all the technology to Smartphones and everything all the stuff you're feeding your brain you're saying that as well too and sometimes it's okay deterred at all. Excellently Kate the Sabbath rest you emphasized and god made that a deal with us he said one day. Just take that away just arresting and you're saying people need to. Sleep more that's another issue too and our society is it because lord intended Estes and a third of our lastly. It must be important. Very few people actually get that eight hours of sleep a day and as you age I understand there are now pushing up to the nine hours and saying you might even need an extra hour in your aging to help you recover. More of what you've lost in the path absolutely and you're also saying that he needs some help him get some help should know the counselor it may be a chemical imbalance that little pill can up and help you be able to function regularly. And Kosier docs are we can prove that. But the most important we provide is resources. Along and that some accounts. Doctor Korman teak thanks for those insights because they're so helpful remember folks were body soul and spirit all three. Or inextricably connected in our lives and when one goes awry it affects all of them make sure you're taking here. Of every single one of those places in your mind your body and your soul when you do you become healthy person doctor Carmen tee let's talk about your book when we come back and maybe chat with this is news 1110. 993 WBT will be right. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 1110993. WBT welcome back to show. I hope you are enjoying it I certainly am and before we get back to doctor Carmen Teague let me just make this quick statement feel like you're the show in its entirety. Go to WBT dot com scroll down the weekend shows look for the David Chadwick show. And you can hear the podcast from beginning to and I think you'll want to because apartments and absolutely fascinating guest. Also wanted to mention either one of our new sponsors is moments of hope its it this is a new media ministry that seeks to be a voice of reason for everyone who's looking for a fresh perspective. On why Hoch. Is ultimately found in Jesus so please visit David Chadwick dot org and sign up for the daily devotional that I write every single day or you can follow me on FaceBook and Twitter. You can read my blogs and you can learn more about this national ministry is now on serious satellite radio family talked 9 o'clock eastern time. Every single day Monday through Friday would love to be able to talk you guys not just on Sundays but every single day. More for this major reason to give you hope. That's what I wanna do folks I wanna give you hope in Jesus because I believe he is truly the hope with a whirling can help you deal with all these. Difficulties that surround you and and doctor Carmen Teague there are many difficulties. In this world even practicing medicine now for how long oh goodness cents 2000 and want a case over the last eighteen years or so have you ever seeing things quite this chaotic have you ever seen fear and anxiety quite this epic. I'm its all time. And partially because. It's an act all our social media. So maybe it's not just that has gotten more worry it's just that we know more simply because it's available to us via all our. Smartphones and other devices. So how in the world. This question before we get in your book to people deal with fear if your counseling someone who is feeling fearful and anxious. What would you say to. He too needs. Think in the air is understood any relationship and the universe. And if Tina. That the creator and universe on so you've. Got his forties house and so is it as simple as the old phrase that someone used years. Decades centuries ago. Turn your caters to prayers. So is saying god this is too big for me you gotta take it its first Peter 57 thing cashed your cares on him because he cares for you mean is is it that. Simple I try to make it as simple I have four children at home and many of them expressed fears about various things from accounts the next day to. Somebody Bellini on the playground and I routinely say if we are scared about reflect pray I am from. And we truly had to take that away ability we have nothing to see are not even from and that. The next flight is better than. Well it is the ultimate answer faith I think and I used the phrase all the time you're knocked on the door in my heart and I sent faith to answer and when they cancer fear was gone. It really is true that doc I'm just not going to fear God's in control and I give all my care to him I choose to live that way. Carmen you've written a book entitled motherhood medicine and made him what major write it. I came to writing about kicking and screaming I'll be quite honest Tom I have very little margin and I'll I have sports who work full time. Volunteer and community in the past saying on my heart was fighting back three years ago I attended he wings or feet or church or his tail. And a challenge of the speaker was the one thing they actually donor heart that you put in a that you have been ignoring pushing it back and saying ninety. And I knew it was right a bulk about the story. Number one my belief that option and number Q. How my life has been completely unclean hands. I've seen verse proverbs 1921. Which says may may play in all things comma. The killers will be and and I have stumbled over the part after the common my entire life. Even coming to Madison. So I came home from retreat and I said to hunt and if I think the speaker set and he it to means that well. I've been telling you that for years. I'm like thanks a lot and I think that. According husbands are great do or we haven't heard if you aren't a lot of late. I'm egos I don't count he has a couple months past patients at another of my partners Keenan. In an of course introducing herself she's element the grass yes it will. He had a nice for someone when he Iraq which she's here to book. Comedian. He died on the name of the book and those fighter and that you can contact. I think differently and I definitely there several more months. Only took a couple months later infamy. A professional conference and a husband and me text in the middle of the sessions. Saying you're going to again. Phone call from a ten teen amber. In fattening answer. Never sure enough phone rang out of the national and you know the copper and he answered Italy even payment mean he acts. Any difference as the ghost writer that aren't here payment considerable if that team New York Times best sellers in the last 56 years. I have no idea how much has been contacted this woman they connected by Twitter and she simply call the husband let me call you encourage you right. Like its keys the is this really. She said I'm not taking any projects he met my. Your husband thinks this is something you should do and I just wanted to colony courage. And I thought well OK get back in the conference and has Netflix anemic volume like yes. Finally it's often called the book and tear on him. Apricot. Explain to her that I don't have a right I don't know what I'm doing but I feel like actively on the hearts write the story of my life and sway public option. And feasible you know how to write. An athlete I don't think. So she said simulating. And order have what I had about three hours later she calls mean she's. Said you don't get of the comments he says this is short story and needs to be interval. After that I don't know what to do how to start she's helped. Sit next to yours. And with this wonderful women beginning at that particular. And she eat me time to ambiance created story board. And from that point out it was like the story had been in there all along was to Julie and cathartic process to do. Any Houston so much. And that voice is Carmen teach she's a local family physician she is an author her book is entitled motherhood. Medicine and made him a doctor's journey of finding home in chaos. And Carmen if you had to say. In one being sentenced what your bookish trying to address what is it. Life is not perfect. Any don't have to have a altogether and doesn't have taken note the way you plan to. For it to be full and fabulous. Until bless Steve and people. Women who are being given alive today it seems like you that they can have the perfect life and if they just work hard enough they can have. The careers they can have motherhood they can have a great husband and making it all work perfectly together and you're saying that it can be done but it's really really hard and who's going to be a lot of chaos as you try to make all those things balance is one any parent. And it's never candy and chaotic and it can be messy. And some days aren't going to be better than others but it can be beautiful. And it's the KX and that's what I want to express because I think many. Professionals in. In their careers thing you have to cheese between being a mother or and be having a career and bouncing on having perfect kids or whatever. Different accounting deepest I. I write about in the book you need to ask for help she's Heatley harm does that help from god or other people all of the gonna. Com to recognize. I need I I in my hot announcements in town trying to get through every day but also recognizing that it will ask for help. We have players that have been part of our seemly for the last couple of years has stepped up but it had. Com. Give me the opportunity to say actually I do need help in that birthday party this weekend please help me figure out indicates this again and house has to get them out. That's hard to AT&T on. You know one of interesting factors that's happening in America today this not getting talked about much is something it's a new word cult can listen this. And it's with our up rooting going from city to city we lose our family connections. Which in the back of our nation's mine has always been a place where we turn to get help but that's no longer there either. And in Britain right now they've actually even formed a minister cabinet position called the minister of loneliness. Some badly that I believe if I see it all in all they every day in two or so and connected. So you've got to find ways to get connected to other people and ask for help absolutely. I am blessed wonderful and we have two amazing godly parents live about an hour away. And then I had to incredible in laws and enough or. On parents and I'll still living apparently if you're trying to. And they can't help with running kids around and picking somebody up that ball practice or whatever so I had to rely on others. We jokingly saying we need to take a village and we text and email back and forth to see who Catholic kid and plant and then. Carmen if you've got to listener out there is one mile life is chaotic and it's imbalanced and I don't know really what to do what would be. From your perspective the first thing you counsel them to do. Finding an abiding faith in Jesus Christ and realized it's OK you don't have to be perfect. Council and to look around and find the resource as I have with an honoree each and are open. You keep coming back to this theme. I hear over and over again of its okay to say I'm not perfect. And I hear that regularly from you in our society which demands. Such image. Outside. Making its perfect. That is an income grew on message but one that needs to be heard today because if you live in that perfectionist mindset you will be for ever. Anxious and under the tutelage of a culture that does not like imperfection that ball. Doctor Carmen Teague is my guest today her book is entitled motherhood Madison and made him a doctor's. Journey of finding call in chaos will continue the conversation in just a moment. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is you talk 111099 point three WBT welcome back to the show my guess doctor Korman Teague. Her most recent book motherhood medicine and made him a doctor's journey of finding calming chaos Carmen can be gotten on line actually available. Trying to balance being a mother job and all the other things that come upon your plate and if you're not taking a penny of this sort I am not com. In the course of writing though I kept asking god why my goodness what what is the purpose. He clearly said give it means every damn this much is being donated to an organization called blanks that worldwide. Which is based in Charlotte and supports ministries in Haiti Nicaragua and locally here. Just helping TU home get people out of poverty and help and raise awareness around healthcare. Not good for you one of our campuses at forest filled the waksal campus has a relationship with Guatemalan we just did a huge project down there to build a school and in. Doing so I met the leader of the school who told me that 80% of the children there and that swamp area or sexually abused. Eighty percentage just unimaginable so things like what you're doing what we're trying to do to help other people especially those broken poverty ridden areas. So helpful so meaningful thank you for doing that. The Affordable Care Act in the future of health care in the United States have to ask you Ann and by the way I need to know here. That you are the director on internal medicine for the Mecklenburg medical group as I understand extreme health. Let's say yes -- out new day with Hinckley that's about forty internal medicine practices through out the area Mecklenburg. Medical group being one of them. I'm very black and very honored to be part of a leadership role in. Seniors and at health care started to hit the front page of the paper and every national news strain. With changes I looked around well how health care can change a lot in the next couple Beers can either continue to see patients in just watch what happens. Can set the plate and be part of these conversations and really try to steer and be part picking informed decisions from the frontlines. And they had the opportunity to be part of leadership in this organization and they can't help this huge we're. Close to the fourth largest not for profit health care delivery system in the country. And that means we have a lot of responsibility to take better care patients. What's happening in health care I had that magic. Black box or. Crystal ball I would be on Oprah instead of talking about. Your book could be selling. He is brilliant but what happens is we have to deliver health care better. With fewer resources. Different. And I differently I mean we have to take care patients. Coming in to see if we got a leveraged technology only we never have before. We understand how to keep virtual visit Sweeney to understand your face with patient all the I'm Smart I haven't. And brave new world from and we had a theory different here seat she you. I would never discount how important. To take action with your health care provider doctor. Because he. And patients. Every. We have to figure out better ways to me how we'd we'd do. I love being a conversation I love being part. Having a physician's perspective and conversation. I'm. Not much upkeep and development and health care better for everyone. And in patients as well it's a complex conversations. I mean it is poverty continues to exist in our nation and you have. Rule areas that just don't have health care needs we have to also had just the rising cost for other people like you and me. How does consisting. Where oh don't say it but we are. Are popular at the baby boomers age and she and Medicare world. On. Different model and we he student fee for service and we are moving to different and Carmen how can sustain itself you know with the aging population the way it is at some point Social Security Medicare. How can those who are younger and healthy sustain those who are. In numbers unhealthy and getting older it's just seemed like an unsustainable system numbers don't work therefore we have. To figure out how to deliver care differently. More cost effectively with limited resources you know the current statistic. On is that very few physicians are going into primary care on the general internist and not specific to the last couple years is 2%. A medical school graduates are going into internal medicine. Internal reference primary care we deal with complex patients typically an aging population. We are dying very. So we have to figure out how to leverage the brainpower and the knowledge and experience pace and I'll primary care physicians and expand that. Over multiple patients have we figured it out. No but are we working very hard to decent apps and that's because of the specialties that doctors are going into friend right now for the general practitioner of the internal medicine person in the managed an internal medicine and pediatrics bully you consider more primary care. There are fewer than there have been going into specialties. I think that's gonna change and shift it just hasn't shifted yet and yet socialized medicine what do you feel about that as you look at England and Canada and some people say look they they all have great health care systems and. It's just the government supplying it all the single Payer system you have any thoughts on that real quickly not favorite idea because the more regulated and the more. Single Payer you yet you even a rationing care. And and that is not a conversation that think we have in American health care very often. But if you are 72 years old and statistics showed it. Your life expectancy is not more than five to ten years that you are not going to be eligible for dialysis. And that concept. Is so foreign to American health care that. I think we it would fly in the face of what what do you don't have access to face on some statistical model and that's a lot of potential last night and out. We as Americans are very DC getting. The kind of care we want when we want if we can't afford it and we have to be able to provide the same level of health care to for it to matter what. The cost basis. That voices doctor Korman T get her book is motherhood medicine and made him a doctor's journey in finding common chaos on Amazon to go to your ball bookstore you can find it there folks all the proceeds go to helping kids in the Caribbean area we need data especially. And Carmen just 11 final thought. Whether you're young or old you believe as I do but especially you from your medical standpoint. That we are fearful and wonderfully made and we need to take care of these bodies that god has given us to just talk for a second god has put in our all our bodies that work. Healing constantly even from diseases Jesus is the healer let's let faith and practice be apart of our regular care. He actually patients all the time that I don't healing and I have absolutely Jolie and published to be Condit. Copper at prescription and Alfred ice I make I am referrals. Heal anyone that's not my job. That job and they get bored and happily the body is fiercely went mainly due killer cells and people often ask people. Why is better and I a look at and I am not sure there's not a day bacon as I mentioned that I don't have to with the patient on if I don't know. And it's OK to say I don't know sometimes that's all they will let's do this battery of tests and keep it will lead us down at. But I think medicine in a humbling. Calling and profession because. I can't explain to. While things happen in the body to lady. I don't know I totally don't get it. I feel the same Lance still just as excited about helping people feel better I'm hope and healing and a lot the first payment of any. You focus on faith in god the spiritual does affect the film that absolutely that's what I explore a lot. Doctor Korman Teague thank you again the book is motherhood medicine and make him a doctor's journey of finding Coleman chaos. It's been a pleasure having on the show today thank you for your time thank you so much for having me and every one widget please do this do you also find health amazingly I think it's almost supernatural and giving her life away that when you go serve other people it releases. A help from god within your own social do this for me today love gobble your heart soul mind and my and love your neighbor as yourself if you'll do those two things. You have a lifetime's worth of work to do and you'll find help like never before I'm David Chadwick this is news talk 1110. 993 WB ET Al talk with you all next week.