David Chadwick
Sunday, August 20th

David discusses racism in this coiuntry and gives his thoughts on the solar eclipse.


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Off the VT welcome to the program. Patient don't know this is a faith and values program that has aired weekly for the last seventeen years here on news talk. 1110 W BT and I have enjoyed every single second of doing these broadcasts every Sunday morning at 8 o'clock am I've been away actually for the last six weeks I'd for a lot of different reasons one I went to. Budapest Hungary and now. Watched my son Michael swim in the world championships and I'll talk about that. In just a moment also had a couple of weeks away with my wife in the mountains actually missed the PGA traffic and all the was going on here partly purposeful because it wanted to and all of that stuff but I did follow it on television from other places. In the mountains in North Carolina and I know that my friend Ed Billick the producer of this program has allowed this program to continue to be the success it has been and it I know we have to record about four programs. Before I left because you knew that I was traveling internationally and you can obviously do the program. And a great to see you again wonderful to be back here live here in Charlotte and the programs that meant a lot to people this summer. They've Purcell welcome back and it's it's glad to have you folks have to take a look at his guest lists coming up in the next two months that some outstanding programs coming up but. David over the summer the Bible museum with doctor Tony sites and ad aired two weeks ago. That got a lot of flow positive hits a lot of people that I have talked with that that was a tremendous show we you realize they're building a museum. Now for the Bible. In a in Washington being Washington DC opens in November so that was two weeks ago when you can go the podcasts and check that out. And that it was (%expletive) was Jack Reed Jack Reed from the Paul giving us insights into the hole. Himalayan mountain regional what's going on there in the results of that earthquake that occurred a year and half and commanders devoted his slice so yes we had quite a few great shows on over the summer but the only welcome back in the look forward to go for. With yeah you don't we who entered the summer my wife and I not knowing exactly what we'd be doing we we knew that we had reserved a mountain place for. A couple of weeks but our son Michael's swam in Indianapolis to try out for the world championship teams and and a swimming doesn't get as much press until the Olympics is other sports hobby do he putted well you know it's interesting though world championships. Are the same trial format as the Olympics and Lester Michael had a chance to make the Olympic team and just barely missed it by hundredths of a second well he went through the same thing this year hoping you wouldn't go through the trauma of not making the team. And this year it he actually made the world championship team USA by point 012. Semi swimming is a crazy sport. Parents don't let your kids swim or break pure hearts in so many ways because it is literally like a fingernail touching the wall whether you're successful or not but Michael made the world championship team and the swimming championships were in Budapest. Hungary. On in July so Maryland I went there for ten days to watch team USA win the whole thing in our son Michael actually won. A gold medal in a world championship events of the week. No will he move on to the Olympics is is his partner is this his goal his dream still there I think his heart is encouraged to continue to move forward. Because of his success in Indianapolis making the team and in Budapest Guinea gold medal. Tier TYR which is the second largest swimming organization apparel suits and all of that. They've actually offered Michael a contract and they'd ask him to swim through the next Olympic cycle Tokyo 20/20 so. He's got does some people who wanna sponsor him along with two year and he's gonna go forward he's gonna swim professionally and I know a lot of our listeners didn't even know there was professional swimming but there is that circuit. Where the greatest swimmers around the world come together on a regular basis at different meats and different cities from Rome to Tokyo to Beijing to Chicago where ever and they swim against one another there's prize money and that's the way they make their salaries in order to live so Michaels made the decision he wants to swim through. That next cycle and try to make the Olympic team in 20/20 it's a hard deal. Lot of young swimmers are coming up will see but at this moment he's gonna give it a war I'll take a note but ever want some molten lead two minutes three minutes to an update. As we get closer to 22 well as any good dad you know you wanna brag when your kids and your proud of them but you know swimming has been a great disappointment for him again last year at the Olympic trials he had such a huge disappointment with great expectations he can make the team didn't happen. But he rally you know and in most of life is about that isn't it it's learning how to handle disappointment it's learning that though you have failed your not a failure until he quit trying again. So when you have failed like Michael did on the swim pool deck a year ago with the Olympic trials. He had to get up walk around the deck. Have a coach that's very important in his life saving him Michael swimming is not who you all our. You are a child of god who is a swimmer not a swimmer who's a child of god and as he did that. He became help the again well and said you know what I'm gonna try again. Thanks for sharing David hey what do we are common ups the show would well what you want to get into when we come back when this year story from Budapest Hungary that will set the stage for talking about what happened in Charlottesville Virginia. Last week it was a tragedy beyond words it reflects a continuing theme of racism. In our nation. That I just like to spend most of the program today in addressing that from the biblical perspective but also as a nation that's greatly divided it needs to come together. Hi everyone it's great to be back again I'm David Chadwick this is news eleven T in WBT will be right back. And I'm David Chadwick and just use 1110 W VT welcome to show it's great to have all of you listen today on the I have something I want a shared deeply from my heart with you regarding the Charlottesville Virginia situation last week. And what we're facing as a nation. On this really touched my heart like few other things I think largely because I walked through the civil rights time period. On as a teen I saw our nation move more toward justice and I was excited to see that occurred and now seems like we're taking some steps. Backward and it saddens my heart. If Billick has his Mike open he is my producer and friend I wanted to ask him to join me in this program probably spending all of the show talking from my heart. Two years it when I was in Budapest Hungary Maryland and I work. When they just walking around the city and it was in between that the world championships swim meets and we had. Several hours just to see what was in the city. And as we're walking along the Dane Yuba river if anybody knows anything about Budapest it's really two cities one side of the river called Buddha. The other side of the river is called parish and some couple hundred years ago they decide to become one city the capital of hungry and now named Buddha. Passed well as were walking down the street on the hash side. We suddenly see a series of about twenty bronzed. Shoes. They are adult issues men and women their art children's issues little girls and little boys and again there about. Twenty to thirty sets of shoes right beside the Danube River on the sidewalk where they sit with in three feet of the river on the sidewalk bronzed attached to the concrete. And some Maryland are looking at going what in the world is that all about and many people are pausing. There's complete your reeks silence as they're looking at this. So when Maryland I got back to the motel Wiig who gold. Bronze shoes Danube River and sure enough lots of articles came up here's the deal a. Hungary was overtaken by the Nazis. In the 1930s. And the Nazis oversaw and over. Rain and hungry for almost a decade during that time period well. One of the largest Jewish populations. Was in Budapest Hungary. And of course the Nazis had as their goal to complete eradication. Of the Jewish people. Those shoes were the places where Jews who were gathered together. And made it to kneeled down there and then not Steve Scholl soldiers would walk from one to the next to the next and shoot them. In the back of their heads and then pushed them into the Danube River. Now obviously those worn their liberal issues because they went into the river with the ones who just been shot. But they were she used it had been captured from Nazi concentration camps. In Germany and had been bronze. And attached to the sidewalk as a way of saying to all Hungarians. And all visitors who came never forget. Never forget the evils of nazism. And what they did to the people now parenthetically one other insight that came to us is win. Hungry was freed by the Soviet forces who came from the east and support of the allied forces in World War II. They've been overthrew nazism and took control Hungary and formed communism. In hungry. Which lasted until 1989. I'm sure that many of our listeners remember Reagan saying mr. Gorbachev tear down that wall in the wall in east Berlin and also that separated east and west Germany. Included all the Communist bloc countries like Hungary that were set free in 1989. And people in Hungary told. Merrill in the meat while we were there that it would be a coin flip. As to which one was worse nazism or communism but calls and communism socialism the people had very little. This one man at a restaurant who served us was a waiter around fifty years old he says I can remember when I was a child. That a great gift at Christmas time would be a banana. If we as children received a banana. We were thrilled at Christmas time. He said we didn't know we were pour and we didn't do the evils of socialism we just knew that if we got a banana that would be a remarkable. Moment. And indeed he said now on reflection after they've been set free and half capitalistic ventures as a part of their nation. That they realize now that communism was every bit as evil as nazism. But going back to the issues and win the those shoes were in evidence to Maryland and the and we solve them our hearts were ripped with sadness and made us angry again. And nazism and hatred they head toward Jews Gypsies ball lacks mean apart opt. Not see. Doctrine and wants to exalt the Helm as the aryan perfect race and anybody else was considered secondary to be eliminated to try to have. One pure human. Race and when you think about that how he began to equate that to some of the virtues and values that. People of faith believe in some Merrill to my heart was captured in new. As we remember to our time at the holocaust museum in Jerusalem about a decade ago in those same feelings. Surfaced. As we look at those shoes then we come back and we have short its full. And we noticed Charlotte's full having the kkk. Be a part of that rally. We noticed that white supremacists. Also called Nazis were part of that rally. And for us worsening their fresh all the realities singles bronze she's an. Asking yourself. How could anyone could any personal wanna be part of a movement. That would kill. People who were Jewish or anybody who's to bill different and less than human being and in thrust their bodies into a river without any regret or any feeling of negativism. And we're sitting there listening to the Charlotte's full newscasts last week and we're going. How can anybody ever goes the year he had and to me my heart baked when I thought about that. First all phys for Sharon. And not. Very few was get through experience you know of the European culture and prison and you in Maryland deathly do that but thanks for bringing that that back in sharing that's. It's it's it's hard grouping your word it would David where does where does this evil column where does that word is that originate. You know us Christians and our hearts we can't fathom where that will veto it out. I'm a theologian. I'm a biblical Christian and I try to understand life through the lenses of the scripture. You know for me a biblical worldview is the only thing that makes it to everybody has a world view through which they look at life for some there's a natural philosophical. World view which basically means. That the material world is all that there is new trying to understand life. Through that lands and thus evolution comes other theories like that so there's no understanding of the supernatural no understanding of the spiritual the eternal things like that. While others have like a near east turn booed a Buddhist Hindu. New age world view and and what does that mean it means that you look at life through a series of harmless. In that a five perform well I'm reincarnated to a higher life form if I perform poorly hammering incarnate to lower life form. There's an endless cycle reincarnations going on in our lives so we try. To behave well so the world reincarnated. Better when I was in India. A year ago I walked around so many poor people and I saw cattle walking around in poverty and hunger everywhere and I asking Indian why don't you kill the cows and use them for food. And what you help these people who were starving in the answer was intriguing said I don't want in Europe their karma. He said they're getting what they deserve from a previous lifestyle I've also crazy to me. But it's a world view while another world views of biblical world view. And what Christians believe is that god created this world perfectly in Genesis one and two it operated in every way that he wanted to operate. At the end up creation on the seventh day he rested and looked at the six days a creations that it's good in the worst things are operating. The way that god intended them to operate. And and he had a perfect relationship with a god their hearts were pure loving good desirous of one another and got himself. They walked around the garden in. Harmony with god communicating with him and got live their lives Scott said you can stay in this condition at Eden which means paradise just don't eat that one tree. Of the knowledge of good and evil don't you declare. To decide what's good and evil leave that totally and completely to me. Well there's an enemy force called the evil one who came in attempted them to eat of that tree they did so and introduced into this world since it shattered. Everything. In every part of God's once perfect creation is infected and paralyzed. With CN. It affects people's human sexuality it affects their relationships. God never intended in the key bitterness strife divorce. He wanted marriage between two people will last forever but soon shattered that idea. So in Jeremiah 179 we have disbursed. The heart is wicked and deceitful. Above all else sin has shattered the human heart. And I believe were berth with a bit toward selfishness. A bit toward arrogance. And pride in always joke with the congregation at forest filtered that I pastor now for a long time but always ask them if you don't believe. In the doctrine of originals in just have a shot. And as you have a child in me asking this question do you have to teach that child to be obedient or disobedient. Well the answer is obvious you have to teach the child to be obedient because there's a natural bit of rebellion and disobedience from that child. What if the heart really is Jeremiah 179 language deceitful and selfish pride pullen arrogant above all else. Then that's the source of that particular problem of racism that exists now. In people's hearts and in America today and I do think there are common graces like good parents like a good society withers morality. That. Put a squelch on the evil of our horse but when that doesn't occur in the heart is left. On abated to go and do whatever it wants to do it will move and all kinds of evil directions and one of those beep to choose to hate. Rather than to love see you asked me the question what causes this it's a group of people who are by the human heart. Pride full an arrogant. That part has been fueled by other factors in our culture and their family lives personally. And they've chosen to enlarge that hate. In every possible way for when you put down someone who's of a darker skin you'd you'd and you say I'm better than he has or when you say the G two is evil and I'm better than the Jude that exalt yourself and makes you feel like. Your more important so that's the so worse. Of the pride full racism. That exists in Charlotte for what we must confront in our nation today. No we come back room but I was caught turn people as Christians how do we how we handle what do we do. We're respond to something we'll let you wanna you don't get to thoughts of biblical perspective on racism and what god decided to do through Jesus to solve the problem I'm David Chadwick this is news 1110 WBT will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this his views eleventh in WPP welcome back to show. What I'm doing today is reflecting on Charlottesville Virginia and the kkk. And hatred. Of white supremacists. And not sees nationalist. Who are. Introducing a new evil into our culture that really is it knew it existed back in the sixties and obvious ways but. We thought it had been squelched and now it's coming back again and I'll give you some insights into why I think that's happening. In just a moment but before I do them. It Billick my friend a producer has his microphone open as well and it'd ask me in the last segment what's the source of all of this and of course not and asked those kind of questions at. I go to my biblical world view and I believe that god created in Genesis went into everything good in Genesis three we rebelled against him and sin has shattered everything in God's created order. We have evil human hearts that were conceived with even as babies and we hope that that will. The moved toward goodness and light by good parenting in a good social culture but when that doesn't exist people who have. Evil hearts will have their evil parts inflamed war and that hatred will increase. And I think we're seeing a group of people who have hatred in their hearts were people who were different and they are the source that is. If I'm different than they are and I can hate them and makes me feel better than they are in of course that's human pride. The source of all issues in our lives to god knew that the result of the fall would be hatred he knew there would be racial strife. And racial difficulties didn't start in America the history of slavery and evils up. Those who are of the difference in Hugh Haiti and other people goes back to a regional creation and it's been in existence for. Thousands upon thousands of years in fact if you look at racism you'll see. That Europeans. Had is supported their culture before it ever came to America you can look at. Africa itself and find that many of the slaves who were captured there and sold on the slate boats were captured by other Africans. And so hatred has always existed in the world we're just seeing now manifested in our culture. Even more so on and it does have its rooted in slavery which was evil beyond were a dozen events culture we think we're better. What this country is better than how we allowing this to exist and would lead to a well let me give one inside before trying to answer that and I think that god wanted to view with him when he came to us in Jesus and god on the crawls. In what you see in Jesus as a desire to give a New York. That that's what Jesus came to it was the new heart. A heart does not filled with hatred pride in judgment realism but a heart filled with love grace compassion and kindness. And when someone invites Jesus in their hearts they should have a heart of love Jesus in John thirteen 33 and 3040s it by this. The world will know that you were mine by the way you love one another it's interesting that the greatest evangelism tool that Jesus left his church wants lie. The way we love one another which speak to world filled with hatred wanna be a part of love not hate interestingly as the church was formed. On. God brought together people from all different kinds of stripes colors and backgrounds you see for example an axe thirteen in the church Antioch which is a very. Powerful and privileged Roman city. A place where there were all different kinds of ethnicities and backgrounds in that city. The formation of the early church's leaders wise black. Why reach. Four of those who were socially upward those who were socially downward but they all came together in leadership of the Antioch in church. Expressing again this idea that when you are in Jesus love. Is the primary virtue and it transcends. Across. All different. Colors social strata is all things and interestingly Paul sitting deletions 328 he said if anyone is in Christ. Unit they're new creations and we're no longer male or female Jew or Greek slave or free. We're now one in Jesus Christ and that verse he talks about how the church will have. A trains racial idea the world all love one another and that will be the place at the world will see. Love being lived out in an image being in the story the good samaritan when Jesus most famous parables. But he ruled that stories of samaritan who was a mix bloodied Jew and Gentile. And he's the hero of the story were the Jews the one who's. By the side of the road the Jews the Levi and the others who have judgment to Liz and that he wrote is a mix bloodied Jew and Gentile but one against the Jews. Who was the most racially hated. The hero of the story was a hated. Person by the Jews so I think Jesus was trying to say from the very beginning how would bring all people together. Allow all to be one I want to transcend this hatred that exists among people and my church should be the place were people love one another care for one another. In no other way and the world will be drawn to that love in the way they seat being lived out. So that was the intent of the cross that's what. God one to have happen and in the Asians to Paul talks about how the restraining wall that separates Jews and gentiles now has been torn down. There's no longer that that separates us we come together. In love so for the kkk to claim to be Christian for example you sit back ago. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You can't call yourself a follower of Jesus. And say that you can hate another person simply because of the color of his skin or his socio economic background or any other reason the Christian faith is the one place. Were all those barriers. Haven't broken down and I have a friend who says all the time. That the gospel first of all reconciles is to god he forgives us of our sands and then secondly it reconciles this to one another. And we lived that reconciliation. Out. With love. Support one another knowing that the ground at the foot of the cross is level that all of us indeed the forgiving and love of god and that as we are forgiven by him in the command is now. Love one another. And as we do so the world is drawn to that message and hate is overcome with law and we see conquering. The human heart would Jesus came was not to bring a political power he came to change the human heart. And when people love one another it is the most powerful force in the world. If you answered that absolutely absolutely within the question comes that you ask. What do we do. In and I can only speak to those who say they are follow words of Jesus but I hope I could appeal to the better nature of all humanity but for people who really are. Faithful religious law of god and love their neighbor. We've got to choose to a lot of rather than hate in your message to those that were also caught up into the politics all this will they have to choose first ball to and BM any form of racism. Bigotry. White supremacy. White nationalism. We cannot be afraid we cannot be timid as we face these evils in our culture so I would appeal to all listeners that whenever you have a change. With any one that you may meet kind DM. The racism that happen ensures full Virginia and what continues to bubble up in cultures. All around our nation and if we don't speak op Ed if we don't. Shatter the silence with our voices of condemnation of this evil the evil will prosper. And I would say secondly not only should we speak out against this evil speak up against anything that says we should hate rather than love. I think also I would continue to encourage all of our people to. Build relationships with folks who are different than they power get to know an African American if you're white. African Americans you spend some time given no white people and come together listen to one another. Cause I believe with all my heart empathy is the pathway. To progress Massey that again empathy is the pathway. To progress as we learned to hear from one another learn to jump inside each other's skin. As we learn to feel what others have failed racism hasn't. Gone away since the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Racism was still alive in America in the 70s90s. In the 2000 and many African Americans have stories being profiled. And being pulled over by the police simply because of the color of their skin things like that week or like need to understand that we need to jump inside their skin and have some empathy. I would extend a 22 elderly folks that are not like Q whether it's other cultures other Hispanics. Other. Other people that think differently that it and you it is the yet extend it through a great girl and an a and you shortly now has become. Are people moving here from all over the world. And on the east side of Charlotte right now we have. People from the hole we have people from Somalia. We have people from all over the world one that spent some time getting news of the film and why did they flee to America there were a lot of reasons they did so largely because of persecution. Because of some hatred and bigotry in the people in power in that country's hearts. Also one mission one of the things in acts 1726. Paul said this word. He said all of us are descended from one man I find that fascinating all of us are descended from. Adam eve. And if that's true and I really do believe it is because the Bible teaches that night and they biblical worldview if for all descended from one man that means we all have. One common ancestry. And that means that were all the same that we might have some difference in huge differences we might have a few other ethnic. Differences but in our hearts we are all the same and if that's true and were one human race and were all the same. That the colors that divide us black and white are in significant there's only one color that does unite us and that's the color. Re dead. The color of the blood that Holtz is through the veins of all of us medley to say that we are yes we are created out all those of image and likeness of god and absolutely and in that image. We find our unity and in in our evil hearts when we receive grace from Jesus and forgiveness we realized. We need to extend that same grace and forgiveness to other people. Which allows racism to abate loft to increase our society to be one and win we are unified folks. We will prosper. As a nation I'm David Chadwick this is news 1110 WBT will be right back. Yeah. 1110 double BT it like that song don't you Travis green intentional won a Grammy it was really great so are we had him on our show earlier in the year and while little he reminds us all we need to be intentional in our lives about loving god and loving our neighbor that's what the song basically says and that's been the thing that they showed. As we look at the racism that happened in Charlottesville Virginia. The uprising again of neo nazism. White supremacy. And what we need to do about that especially as people of faith warning that a lot of god and love our neighbors bleeding love can conquer hate that's been the essence. Off today's show in it you'd asked me during the break why do you think America. Is so divided I'll give you my quick cancer. I'm I think what's happened is progressives. Which just another new name for liberalism. Have a desire to recreate America they wanna put it into a different form than it's ever been before with government controlling more. But I also think eliminating institutions. That have been very precious to many people's understanding of what life should be the obvious one is Mary which. Then you have a group of traditionalist and people ask the question how it's 63 million people vote for Donald trample out of they voted for John Donald Trump they voted against Hillary Clinton and the progressive agenda. They are people who believe in the traditional values not of racism out of segregation they don't walk that. But the traditional values that they think America has used to become great principally. Marriage and the family so you have progressive trying to remake America into a completely different America. Given other group of people I'll call them not even conservatives I would call them priests are that is the trying to preserve. Values. And they largest at odds with one another they couldn't believe more differently and there about 5050. In our nation now the alt right. Of that preservative movement aren't the kkk. Extremists that showed themselves in Charlottesville Virginia. They're not really part of that preservative party like I'm a part of that preservative party I'd deny. And to cry against the nazism the white supremacy of the Charlotte short for people. But I am part of a group that things. Wait a minute what's happening in our nation G cake Chester and was a famous British theologian in fact he's the one who influenced. I'd token and CS Lewis in a lot of their biblical theological fought. And he had a quote one time that I've never forgotten he said. If you remove offense. That's been put up. You'd better first find out why the fans was put up in the first place. We see a lot of us believe that Mary each and the family for example. Was created by god and not by us were not the authors of what mayor urges supposed to be and we believe that the health. Of the nation is primarily found in. That marriage and family structure where a man and a woman are committed in covenant. With one another for all of their lives my my mom and dad were married for 63 years before the past week Maryland's. Mom and dad now been married over 65. Years a Maryland I've been married almost forty years and that's been passed on is what about you how long have you been 35 years Georgia I'm in good for you buddy and I know you fires and we're gonna make it for as long as were. Both alive and we're not going to. Get out of this marriage relationship and the kids are raised Writely a loving home where they know mom and dad are battling one another. And we believe the help of the society's found in that particular definition of marriage and family that was the fans. Not put up by Americans even 200 years ago was offense that was put up. By god thousands of years ago this with the Bible teaches and we've seen western civilization generally live by that principle. Four hundreds upon hundreds of years now all of a sudden within the last decade you've seen progressive. Remove that fits. They've taken it away they've re defined Mary aged. And I think you're going to see in the next years and people don't think I'm right on this but I really do believe them right. You'll see things like. Polly mammary introduced as. Valuable. On accepted part of mayors and let's tally it basically is open Mary it means I can be with whomever I want to whenever I want to I think you're gonna see polygamy I really do I think that is seeing people say wait a minute if mayors now between a man and a man and woman and woman is decide about what I feel and what I won't. Well I wanna be married to three women like him I'd be I think you're going to see that more and more and Agassi. Us polish. The boundaries. Marriage and the family even more so you got people like me who say I won't handle X and I think it's wrong it's going to Wear nation of other saying no we think that's perfectly okay and I think that's the clash. And you have Donald for now stepping into that from. The conservative perspective a lot of people thing I'd only like him but as in Hillary Clinton got elected. And they are supporting his views the calls he represents for them. Like a Supreme Court justice who has those preservative. Values as a part of his life and I think that's why people continue to cling to him even though it honestly. He leads so totally differently than I do and in so much of what he says in his bombastic attitudes. Is not who I am. And I find myself almost daily going ouch why do you do that but I think that's the reason that nation is so divided right now. Between the progresses and the preservatives. So what do we do we pray. We continue to believe and we in the program may be with this thought on prayer and trusting god with our nation that he oversees all with the eclipse tomorrow. An amazing reality is it's going to be something that we don't experience hardly ever. Yeah why why why all the hype and then what's the watch out but what does this assigned from. I don't think creation as a sign from god so your thoughts well I think he eclipses magnificent it doesn't happen very often people gonna look at it please make sure you got the right glasses because they're can be I game image that does occur. I think it's going to be a phenomenon that causes traffic jams and people to be your date with one another like few other times. It's gonna be the PGA on steroids in certain places. In our area but I would say to people as the eclipse occurs remember it is not sign from god about I'm going to destroy the world which some people were saying I think he's just a sign from god the creation is magnificent. You know like you said in Romans one Paul says one of the proves the existence of god. It's creation for those who have a soup on philosophical natural world view which is only material does not believe in anything supernatural or spiritual. You know they don't have any faith in god they probably got even exist but for those of us who look at creation we go to. How could be got you look at the ebb and flow of the tides. Photo synthesis of the plants the movements of the stall hours in the planet a collapses like going to happen tomorrow. And you look at all of creation and it's perfect order east say how could there not be. Create toward how could you say this just happened my dad used to say all the time. That to believe that creation just happened in some kind of thing explosion is like believing that an explosion in a printing press would automatically miraculously produce an unabridged dictionary. It just doesn't happen that way he can't have the order that we have in the universe and Nazis create were behind so as you. Think about or look at the eclipse to more folks as you look at creation every single day believe God's in control his world yes it's a fall in world. Yes there's hatred evil bigotry judgment realism. But there's awful law. There's a lot of people who were trying to make this world a better place in which to live and god is in control over every part of his creation. Don't fear don't be anxious trust god he can control this world he can control your life. David welcome Bach. Glad to have you looked forward to another great year here on WB TO show thank you had in the it sure all of our listeners how in every program hate. Love god and love your neighbor. Love god and love your neighbor if you'll just do those two things you have a lifetime's worth of work to do you'll defeat all bigotry. Hatred and racism. And our great city and our wonderful nation will be all that god intended it to be I'm David Chadwick this is news eleventh in WB ET how for a talking with you all. Next week.