Radio is Still King, and The Migrant Caravan

John Hancock
Tuesday, April 24th

Hanck reviews Neilsondata that shows radio still reaches more people than TV or Smart Phones, the migrant caravan and more.


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This is John Hancock. Amazon's doing. Hole. Well they said The Washington Times today yesterday said even in the age of sophisticated cable TV and video on demand at. Old school AM FM radio still rules the nation according to Nielsen. 243. Million monthly listeners. But he got to always have and it. You're take. 243. Million closers. Each week mart I dishonest to be interest to get probably a little bit inside baseball when I thought this is pretty antsy because we hear a lot to talk undecided via business that. With all the competition with all of the podcasting with all the Internet with all those streaming with all of this with all the bat. We haven't worked for a company that believes in radio. Some seriously don't preaches that every time I read about ROC OO. Or CEO I don't know which one he has. The guy with the nicest tie. He's always talking about his belief and radio. 243. Million monthly listeners each week more Americans tune into AMF for radio than any other platform what's more according to Nielsen second quarter 2017. Comparable metrics report. 93% of US adults eighteen plus our older listened to radio every week that's more than those that watched television. It's more than knows that use a Smartphone. That's more than knows that are connected to weigh television type device or a tablet or a PC. TV reaches 88% of Americans 229. Viewers. Radio 93%. Of Americans. AM FM radio they say is the blue blazer of the media universe. Now what are believed that a hundred years ago. In 1922. Mum is when the stations started we just turned 96 but it SS radio is a hundred years old. Who would've thought a hundred years later it would continue to top the charts as the medium that reaches more consumers each week than any other. These analysts cited compelling audio content and expanding delivery options as strong or factors in the consistent appeal. Of radio. Popular format most popular. Pretty figure. Country. Number two of news talk. Then you have your adult contemporary and pop contemporary and all of that kind of stuff report also says the popularity of podcasts is increase a 157%. In the past warriors thirty million people now regularly download via specialized audio presentations. To their Smartphones or other devices. What does most of those come from. People with the radio or radio background. AM FM radio is America's top reach medium gives it mass appeal among diverse audiences across generations ethnicity is demographics. By generation radio has the largest reach with the generation actors 35 to 54 years old. Eighty and a half million listeners tourney in doing the average month. Followed by millennial eighteen to 3471. Point six million listeners turning in monthly. 95%. Of the millennial population. Turning to radio. Radio reaches 41 point two million monthly listeners among baby boomers. 55 to 6498%. Of baby boomers. Tune in to radio on a monthly basis. So pardon me all I going to my radio cheerleading. But I just thought that was. I mean I read the trades you don't. But everybody wants to discount radio and everybody wants to talk about how yesterday radio was and know the fact of the matter is is that we're still free. And you still just have to look like an on off button or turn a knob. You don't have to go someplace to a finders to you like on the Internet to it we're just there. And whether that's satellite or. Terrestrial or whatever the case may be. We've always been there. I was about to say we always will be but. The critics filming a wrong. Not as bad a day of from marine standpoint as it was yesterday although I didn't mind rain if you're gonna run have a craft a wad of chewing it's a rain out of it but I'm sure that'll help our water tables as we head into summer and everybody's Lauren and and all that stuff so well dust so that's a good thing. Article in the if you go to Charlotte dot com. The first thing you'll see was. He was once Charlotte's most feared returning now build deal faces a different fight I had no idea. I told my bill deals story and a number of occasions. Having the opportunity when I first got here to jump on a plane takes dispenser store open and Tony were no Hoover's that in general manager of the hornets at the time former general manager here at this radio station. They invited me to a travel with the hornets to Chicago. And I was to meet the a team at one of the airport. Hangers out there and so I got there Ehrlich. And sit there and this heavyset guy with long blond hair walked in not too long after me and a few in the sportswriter ready my hat. An overweight and here was longer than mine. Andrea sports writer. So. It just opened showed up he was they I guess the vice president of operations and stuff for the team then. And does so we all got on the plane. My two men's skis that over to the side of us drank water and read a book and Vince Gill and and Vince Gill Kendall gill. In back is back in the days when the ultimate country western performers playing for it we were murdered. It's or fly and do our we we take off and run away to Chicago on display in. All the hornets and I'm sitting next to a Sarah saint James is to be a reporter with channel three way back when. And I know Sarah van Allen. Because I think she was somehow or other related to the van Allen law firm here in town kill Burnett. And I was a sit next to her and know Spitzer kept on talking to this so long heavy said haired. And be a sportswriter. Not a guy I was sitting in the seat right in front of me. And we get to Chicago we jump on a bus we head over to the 00 here. Hi at O'Hare. And all the other players walk up to the calendar and they've got to our pre prepared keys for them and they handled their cues and they all had off to their rooms. Lobby was filled with good looking women. We can for the team I didn't see anybody go to anybody's room or just than just an observation I amid. So I Spencer said me just down here about 530 and and global one it out and go would be dinner someplace. So I got down there about a 550. And about the time I got in the lobby so did this. Heavyset long haired guy had to be a sportswriter. And I look tomorrow auctioned obviously were fifteen or twenty minutes early and I said Heymann and so John Hancock. Work at W VT. And now. We're about fifteen minutes early can I buy a drink. So we walked into the bar. And I ordered I don't know what I ordered probably JB in water I'm in cheap Scotch drinker. And he ordered some convoluted and yeah I think it might have been Scotch Attleboro or ever but it was some sort of a designer this with a twist and a bad number that knew him in and induced. Pretty picky for a sportswriter. So why he and I had a Drake can now than all the students Spencer told a game and so I ended up with this had to be a sportswriter. And spirits are still open and one other guy in and we all jumped to an area car and headed out to dinner and I don't remember were create time but the next day we all got up and we went walked a Miracle Mile. We cannot run an end of the younger belt boys. And they were shopping some of the department stores and Spencer in this head to be a sports writer guy. They were fine and stuff like 500 dollars sweaters this was 1990s so they were seeing like 500 dollars sweaters they were I don't. So was this had to be a sportswriter guy. And having them shipped back to Charlotte. And at one point they say to me you're not you're not buying. Put. I'm a radio. I get my sweaters a goodwill. I guess that's sweater when you're done with it. And the guy after you is finished with a. And then we go to lunch and then I find out that this had to be a sportswriter guys actually an attorney. And he investments are still open Spencer being an attorney as well. Both got to talking about. Cases they had tried and whether or not they never tried in a run a case in Chicago and noticed that the other well I knew it at that point I knew it was an attorney not a sportswriter. But I did know bill deal was billed deal until I'd been here about two or three years and started seeing his name pompano below with the Georgia and and Bruton Smith and noticed that the other end and I became aware that this was. One heck of an attorney. Not much of a sports writer. So bill deal had a heart attack in December and I use it to share in towers and are trying to get in via use of his leg back and he's. He's and is tied to an accurate. And recording the article by Ethier and James these. Under there is word about him from his mental standpoint. Ms. they are about as physical standpoint nah Agassi was at the last hornets game. And his serve is brother and kind of looks after amendment takes care of him enough. Danny deal a new video for a short period of time along time ago as well open anyway. I think that's happened and to build deal. And so I knew him for about ten minutes many many years ago bumped into him a couple of times and now he's always been nice and cordial. They're got invited to the parties. But I wish bill do the best hope. Oprah and I hope your best days are still had a. Yeah. That tab draft preview party was himself you know Freddy Garcia be out Thursday night so they're doing arrived for the drastic steps. So I don't should tune in tomorrow I'd put that tune in tomorrow for Charlotte six mark here is in the tune in Thursday from 6 to 10 o'clock with those Oki is no Garcia. And 8 o'clock and they'll lead you up to the draft with some insight -- will probably help you to enjoy the draft plus it gives you some stuff to dwell on because we don't picked a 24 so it could be a little late in the evening on mount. On Thursday before we finally get to the Panthers picked. And less they'd trade up. But even the speculation about trade up since over the mock drafts I've seen and have grown and you've you know farther than the teens are one also Italy Italy will be awhile but I got Iraqi awaits you where my Stewart. We funnel of the unifil for a I we will take a break and then come back on the other side that Broward county sheriff's deputies not just the one that we Disco. A resource officer apparently they all worked cowering behind cars and trees new reports out today it tells you all about that in. Probably not necessarily the report you ought to read. In New England yeah and and it's gonna report came out today on what happened down their heartland. And. The deputies who were among the first to arrive. To the scene. Of the Florida school massacre. Were found cowering behind their cars in nearby trees and had no idea or the gunman was according to an official report that was released yesterday released today scares me today. Now this is an account from fox. And I just rated exactly the way that it was written. So. I guess over time Mo when we learn more about what the report actually. Conveys. Will learn whether or not the word cowering. Should be the the verb to it's used in there or not but. But if that word is accurate then that's Connor. That's that's that's kind of disturbing. I don't know much about Parkland except that we know that it was multiple buildings. I don't remember what they called this building was a building twelve or something like them. So if you were running to the scene of a shooter and you didn't exactly know which building it was in on venue would be. So I head over it but the report is from the Carl's. Brings officer. O'Brien will continue details how he arrived at their Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. Minutes after an alert and active shooter went out find the Broward county sheriff's officers had not. Innards of school ball or instead. Taking cover. Wilkins wrote I saw approximately four Broward county sheriff's office vehicles parked in the west lane westbound lane with their personnel personnel taking up exterior positions behind their vehicles. I drove up just west to the campus building 12100. Exceeded my vehicle grab my day ar fifteen rifle and Don my tactical slash medical gear. As I was advancing on foot through the chain link fence I was advised by an unknown of Broward county sheriff's office deputy. Taking cover behind the tree he's on the third floor. Wilkens. Then added that he was joined by two officers. I had to enter the building where he saw the dead and wounded police officer's report was first revealed a by the Miami Herald. Seventeen people you'll recall were killed on this Valentine's Day or shooting. In the wake of the shooting we have heard the Broward county sheriff's office had received heavy criticism for their handling of the situation. And we have heard and especially reported that did this Scott Peterson. Who was the school resource officer who we all now know stood outside the building is the attack unfolded. And there have been different explanations from that including from Helm he also. So that he was somewhat confused as to where the shooter was so he was tried to determine that was his explanation for. Not being not bad and I'm going into the building. The former deputy denied wrongdoing are retired from the office before the investigation was launched. That's the school resource officer Broward county sheriff's office released footage of the year shooting Richard Peterson spending most of his time during the shooting standing outside of the school with his gun drawn. So while. So that report comes down today him and and that's not. Not real encouraging. There's a story about mark from pale Mike Pompeo he was. This time yesterday we weren't quite sure he was going to a pass Muster with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in his quest to become the new secretary of state but he did. He had. The reports yesterday morning had him in danger of being the first nominee for a top US diplomatic position to get a negative vote from that committee. The full senate. Expected to confirm him mostly along party lines but he had to get out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee first. Trump personally intervened to win over the committee members say have Rand Paul was one of the guys he had to win over who had just said that he would vote against recommending Pompeo as confirmation and he changed his mind at the last minute as said he'd received assurances that Pompeo like trump. Believes the Iraqi war. Was a mistake in that it is time to leave Afghanistan. And then there or at least three Democrats who have said that they would. Back from pay off for the full senate vote and that pretty much assures his confirmation there were so some democratic push back because they were afraid that Pompeo wouldn't push back against trump. Well as the secretary of state. Ambles who were all that goes I am not so sure that pushing back against trump as a member of this Kevin it's a really good idea if you're looking for robbery and long range employment opportunity. But I don't think any of these guys are necessarily doing it to for the money the French president Emanuel micron is. I'm in town are urging the DO president to stick with the Iranian nuclear deal. And trump is always criticized this nuclear deal and Obama era. Nuclear deal mum. He was gonna win the O 2016 presidential campaign it was one of deserve earliest ribs. He. He has given many indication that he wants the US to pull out of it next month and says he may do it but the I read Iranian top Democrat foreign minister Mohammed zombie Joe's. Now warning yesterday not to do it set on CBS face the nation that. All options are on the table. If United States pulled out said the US would just suffer a damaging blow to its international standing if he doesn't hold up to his into the bargain because it would showed that the US can't be trusted. So will OC were all of that goes as the time goes on. And a couple articles in the paper this morning about our Republicans planning to lean on Hillary Clinton attacks ahead of the awful mid term elections. We weren't so well last time. No I give up now you know why give up wealthy private tribe beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. I'm not a no public office isn't expected to run for office again. But the Associated Press had an article yesterday the reports that are Republicans still plan to use attacks on her. As a significant part of the strategy for the mid term elections coming up this fall. The I daggers are counting on Republican hatred of anything Clinton to. Do edited to drive Republicans to the polls. Social continue to be go to the villain and in the attack ads that they are run away for the mid terms Corey blesses. Hit that Republicans super pac called the congressional leadership on energy told the Associated Press I promise you that you'll see yet. Hillary Clinton's starring and are paid media she's a very powerful motivate her. It's about tell what she represents what she represents just like that of say Nancy Pelosi. Out of touch far left liberal positions. So that's the strategy apparently for the upcoming mid terms and that he can't wait for that Kenya. Former Clinton staffer Democrat does strategist at Jesse Ferguson dismissed the Republican strategy said. Comes from desperation. He said their obsession with her is evidence that they have nothing to run on and there are scared of running on the president. But isn't called. I'm. Investigation after investigation after investigation after innuendo after innuendo after innuendo. And and Hillary. Comes out from underneath a rock every blood to sixty days to. Complain about why she lost the election and I don't know who's preoccupied with who here. Bottom about job both Hillary and via plans Avaya next election new kind of dwell on her again. Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in the house oversight to and government reform committee that would be good lot of good lad and and trade Audi. Announced yesterday that the Justice Department has agreed to provide them with a documents relating to the FBI's investigation into why Hillary's a private email server that was the deal that was struck by those two guys. But a mystery galleries he's not run for reelection by a terror. It gives a few more trig outings like I can remember the first time I think I ever heard straight out he was up from somebody you guys when we were talking about potential presidential candidates spec our early. 2015. Or something along those lines announce several had called him and said Trey dowdy and Nyhan and I've said the timing was a well known who wasn't well. Known enough to have to run for president whose name value wasn't strong enough. It was. I and it probably is still isn't. But it's a lot more known now than it was then and and the more you listen to earn the more you talked to witnesses say conservative that. Keeps his head pretty. Pretty straight on this their shoulders. Well he and good lap. Met this month with the US attorney John Lohse. Who's been selected to our respond to Republican demands for documents. And good let him dowdy said in a joint statement we look forward to reviewing the information to better understand the decisions. Made by the Department of Justice into mourning sixteen into when he seventeen. Congress has the constitutional responsibility to preserve the integrity of our justice to Susan should do the star barred justice system. By ensuring transparency. And accountability of actions taken. So low we'll see where that goes but that's that's the that's electoral long over due. Was reading a story in the NBC on the website today. And it was talking again about Dick Kendrick Lamar winning a Pulitzer for this Iraq. All of dale. We just got a lot of talk Q do you forget may be that Bob Dylan won a Nobel. I don't know if there it means that their. Having trouble finding candidates aura for. But it. Kendrick Lamar. Getting a Pulitzer for they rap album damn. And the whole point of the article was kind of proves that the influence of hip pop can no longer be ignored. The appeal of your committee's message was clear rap and hip hopper art forms of staggering and universal importance. Now we've read stories. About. In fact there's there's one in the paper this week the guitar senator apparently is going bankrupt. Latest victim of the retail apocalypse could be guitar centered nation's largest music equipment chain. Last week they had their S&P rating lowered. And that's suggested bankruptcy could be imminent the company is a juggling about a billion dollars worth the dead it doesn't help the guitar sales are slumping nationwide. Which have dropped by almost half a million cents a 27 attain. Guitar sitar used to be called organ senator when he was founded in 1959. Switched to Guitar Center in the 1970s. Largest instrument seller in the United States with a over 280 locations. Well they you ask yourself so why is that. Why do you think the guitar sales are dropping. And is the guitar sooners struggled due to the rise of online shopping horror. The decline in rock music's popularity. And we've talked about that before Gibson guitars is having trouble one because there are deep in debt. But two would they're not selling guitars as much as they used to rule went into India and I hadn't really dawned on me Intel we read that story. About Gibson. Rock and roll may be here to stay but it's not the king that it once was it's not the genre anymore it's hip hop now. And so when you I don't understand rap and hip hop. But I always sort of drag I got to think and today my folks of my grandparents especially and my dad to a little bit lesser degree he didn't understand rock and roll. So our dads and grandparents were saying no us all of The Beatles. The liberal asked me c'mon. And I can be a long stares like Sinatra. Or Glenn Miller or this is just a flash in the pan well it lasted a good long while low longer than what are they what are expected it still alive and well but. For my generation. Do I take a look at hip hop and rap. We've got to look at in the same way it's completely foreign to us we don't understand the players we don't understand the language we don't understand. The message. It's not it's not something that's essentially and in our in our bones and our rhythm system's own streak. What is just is realistic and B and our kids. Thirty and below. They certainly know hip hop and rap so for us to look at hip hop and rap is not being legitimate. Get a yes. Hi it's unbelievably legitimate right now and that's why Kendrick who comes Moammar won a Pulitzer for dam because it is the expression in the musical expression. Of the new generation. And as strange as it sounds. Rock and roll. Is starting to paid back into the background. Like big band. Remember the guitars that are gone bankrupt and that Kendrick Lamar winning. The Pulitzer for our rap album and now the two might be related in some Mo way shape or form with a rap and hip pop being art forms. That. Have found their importance. And rock and roll being Asia on rays that. May be one of the reasons that guitar her and Gibson and Guitar Center in places like that. The young people aren't necessarily going for the guitars anymore and that shows the dominance over rap and hip hop. And for us in my generation for us on student discount rap and hip hop would be the same to me. Or at least I can do our parents did scouting the rock and roll that we were listening to. As it has just been a flash in the pan and none not having any legs to it I don't understand rap and hip hop but two would not give the medium it's it's a do. But I respect but would be to discount them on the way that our music was discounted by our parents and I think our music or approved our parents wrong. I did some extent our parents probably prove their parents wrong. So alarmed that that crazy Glenn Miller. You know that bed and then. That party and while brought Ian. Auto people Colin response 704571110. Kevin you're on WBT hi. Hey John what's gone on how much are you. All doing good I don't dispute anything that you said however I would incurred you do located. These same individuals that have recently bought a Guitar Center also have purchased IR. Radio or bought IR radio before they bought guitar. There and unit is that I is that they're very good reputation is that they hedge fund company. Correct him. And I don't even know where the hedge fund company now stands. With I heart given their new. Structure. And in bankruptcy and I in no way and everything's gone on with films on not even sure world those that are aware where those guys stand with that cause that's that's that's been Noah realigned. I did not know that they owned a guitar senator but. Hedge funds if they hedge fund buys your company your screwed. Right and it seems believe that's what they're going to do is they've purchased IR radio and it's gone bankrupt now they purchased. Guitar Center and it's. There have been three or four months later that he went out of that so it is just into the same pattern over and over again. The head of the hedge funds didn't they hedge funds did not bankrupt. I heart radio though I heart radio. Back in the ninety's was buying radio stations at a rapid pace for 25 to thirty times. Times cash flow. And that just was a that that that was a Randy Michaels deal and that was say that was a model that just could not exist the actually be. The hedge fund companies that bought into I heart. Have made back at least the money they invested it in originally. But the I heart business model was doomed to failure because they own so many radio stations and they have assumed so much debt. If it had meant for their outdoor company they would've made it this far. That's who cut now. But you know that the you know it's just seemed like it's the same pattern over and over again that the time had come in heard fund company. Now well today hedge fund companies are got a way to make at least their money back. I can read and embryology guarantee you that much and you may be very wide on the on the guitar sitar thing but why was the guitar sinner of up for a hedge fund to me by ended in the first place and had duo of had some sort of struggles for a hedge fund decide to jump in there in the first place. But he did yup that's with no yeah I don't but yeah I don't know all the particulars and another separate budget noted it's all the same. People so yeah for what reason or another. I appreciate got to say I'm not so assured the hedge funds that you point the finger at. I think these companies were already and a deep do do before they hedge funds ever decided to get to involved with the I and I and that's a bad Dexia instead of my knowledge right there. I don't understand why hedge funds. Put their money and operations like I heart. Which was doomed to lose which everyone and especially after the recession hit. Radio stations aren't selling now I don't know what they're still in cash flow now. Six times cash flow seven times get I don't know what it is but it's singular digits it's not the 25 and thirty that they were paying for a back in the day. I know several radio station owners one in particular I talked about Tuesday before yesterday that I worked for and he was one of the guys who benefited from that they've they came in and and bought his you know. Twelve and a half million dollar FEM operation. And paid you know 42 million dollars or or something. And you couldn't sell those stations now for six million bucks. I don't know where all that money goes or doesn't just disappear or somebody ends up with a John you're on WB TI. Hey John how you doing today you. Do well do well to sort of Simon you know Kevin makes a great point you know Larry I I myself did not was not aware about. No the I heart radio group buying into find Guitar Center. I am and you easily and usually on point about dom don't like that. It's the hedge fund company that bought I heart that also bought the guitar sooner rather than I art buying guitars and. OK he had. But no in and you're certainly right about the advent of hip hop I mean it's it's it's definitely. It's definitely. Earned its due and argued throughout the problems look at ourselves and Gibson go. I give who has had. Several quality control issues for the last couple years and a lot of the older players that that we're spending you know 23. Upwards of 6000 dollars on guitar. And finding who you know that they have several issues. Nearly that much money I mean it's hard you can kind of stop buying it. Now I'm in it haven't Mercedes for a while I don't know what the quality of a Mercedes is right now but for. A ten years ago Mercedes was going through the same thing you weren't getting equality you were paying for. And gift card I think Tom. You know brick and mortar storefronts even the changing or your send mash your Guitar Center. All the late deserved. Having problems. Really more so since the advent of you know each day. There's an online now I'm site called Weaver. A lot of these people that sell used gear and it and it's you know financially more feasible to body. Good quality used here. Indigo and pick up a guitar and Guitar Center that you know. Eighty people had their hands on it it's got being that got nick issues you know and and and and that wraps in the papal retail price sort. Are your guitar player. Yeah it or did you know when you beau go by guitar do you not those still wanna have. Good dude dude don't hold it feel at play at. Experience it as opposed to order something online. Well you know I've I've had you know at first you know years ago. You know at first I was leery of barring them online. But even when you buy them online. You can still you know if you buy one from a Guitar Center online. If you don't know if you know you'd get it in your hand and it doesn't work out you can always just returned to return now. But you know a lot of time you know did these guys these guys are you in retail being here and I met some really great you know. Tax and sales people Guitar Center but it also meant a lot of guys that are there. It's it's a page yeah and you know you've got you've got 1213 year old kid picking up expensive guitar. Not treating them with what else. Now nog I got through I enjoy it parent doesn't think the route the recycled market the used market is and I'm part of that being equality deal if you can. If you could pick up a Gibson guitar. From 1968. As opposed to. Admitted it's in great shape witnessed at a guy here at the station. But I do just that I don't know which model or what you a year or anything like that but. A much coveted guitar when he finally got it. It needed claiming to the degree that he did just what you just suggested he sent it back to a man they just sent him a refund. But down real guitar for aficionado. He knows what year. I'm a less Paul was at their best. Oh yeah I mean that's that's the thing the other thing toward a point out too is that you know a lot of kids. I mean I'm a little younger people are a lot of them are picking up guitar all you have to do is going to YouTube. There are so many kids. Uploading videos. Who whose efficiency at there age. Is incredible. I mean it's far beyond what I would at that age. And that and that's the one of the great things about YouTube Q is that it can pick up things take lessons learned things on YouTube. So they're they're out they're they're picking they're picking instrument up. So I wouldn't necessarily say. You know guitar itself is on its way out. But. Well say sales are guitars are down to I think it really growing up. Well image you say that because you're looking at YouTube videos which gives you wait widget only tell you that there's a lot of YouTube videos out there of kids playing guitar but it does it give unity the analytics or does it give you either. The real numbers Qatar sales are declining there's got to be a reason for that and it's either. Because he used guitar market is now or applicable. Or they're may be less interest in guitars because rock and roll is not. The number one music genre with young kids anymore it is rap and hip hop. Well I mean you yeah I can't argue about. So I don't get me wrong I'm not I'm not churn on the demise of the guitar. But I think to ignore rap and hip hop is to be like our parents who ignored The Beatles to know said oh come on November last. Music aficionados. Who has defended the big guy W today 70457. All of until we go over until the cap BMW PGA Kathy. And I don't argue. I'm good it makes look shadow always. Just want to say it but they look at their allowable clean it out so imagine that cassette tapes. Which we all have own dvd now that are up and we'll look at that I'm and so forth and I ran across warm we have. A record or stick her on that basketball for a murderer. Well rhapsody in blue as an addict you which each cassette actually. And have the circle of the mark and the date in a year of 1986. And it's. Well I enjoyed listening muted with my mother were. It's much as she'd probably get into way like France and wherever I'm earlier Neil Young didn't aunt Betty Parsons. But she would sit. And listen with me and I would sit lesson with horror and meet syquest just had your way and that was so great plains are not sick or hurt. Talladega and who would have ever I mean in our generation who letter that we've been talking about something from 1986. BM like are remnants. I swear in your blood is 'cause I mean most of all of us were hanging out the sixties in the seventies so the eighties still seems pretty latter day. Allah or me that it that this is probably enjoy. Well that actually need sick and I called my mother can enjoy even Dave Letterman. She ecology candlelight bailout slept psych camping every hurt this. He meant every person there. Now which is our school by mail because that's cool that's why music is so cool mayor my dad was a jazz guy. Honor that we always had jazz played in the house and the senate drums downstairs so my love of music. Came from jazz. Although love in my you know on my mind a growing genre is going to be a rock and roll but it was they it was because there was music in the house that opened me up to. To being attempted to love and. Oh absolutely absolutely well I ate my greatest memory my. Luscious part my husband and now now the name a look at me we went which are my mother and whom she memorial all in Chapel Hill. Well gosh. It's a guitarist so cool Panama got my brain is looking out roaming right now we got the best. There will play again I got a gun and seen buddy rich with my dad I'm not so sure I can undergone a nose seemed. Tom Petty with my desk and pop up. Very very not sound very sad but you know public shoot baskets or animals in this. Do you full music I was clue sorry. They're unlike you am I sorry I'm not. I had a runway. I appreciate it thank you. Thank you all right I'll she goes we'll do the same CO the other side of the revenues available next. Dark jerseys big watching doppler radar and aghast and Johnny and did you Mecklenburg County where we are on the edge of Charlotte. He's pretty active storm systems so. Overhead and they are pretty active when going up over a lake Norman and head towards 77 court order as well so batten down the hatches up. Oh weather is back again 114 days into the year 251 days ago. 1704 on this date regular first regular newspaper in the United States have been in Boston it was called the Boston Massachusetts. New look letter. First published on this date April the 44. It's William and Kate had their third child baby boy but she's royalty. And they had heard. Out of that hospital bed carry that baby I mean why wasn't seven hours or something like that. Unbelievable. Cilic like she just walked out a beauty pageant. They're all done make a bolder and spit out their old and the babysitting hours old. I think she's got pretty good health by the way if it goes to assure there. They're hidden back to the tone for the double life dude try to make him feel. Reports say that Amazon is working on a secret project to create a home robot more on that in just a second authorities at Miami International Airport had this done unmanned several times to remove him from a American Airlines flight that was still of the gate. Any any good nut case knows you wait until the flight is in the air before you have to be stunned to work. Amateur. Amazon is reportedly working on hold robot. He's been working on this robot project a code named best. Over the past few years exactly what it this domestic robot will do it's still a mystery and Amazon doesn't comment on rumors and speculation. The robot could act as. A mobile Alexa armed. Echoed device. Perhaps it could be in these steps of I rots. I robots a room buck. I and handles some degree of housecleaning or maybe it could be focused on some other aspect of the Amazon empire a roving entertainment hub of streaming music and video Laura. How to teach robotics home shopping companion. That's priority is just so that like a dog at this follows you all over the house and the one good all we need. Clorox Pollack's or a Clorox or this and it is it would be best book best stuff. And we'll see. I was government. Rosie nobody sees fit their robot in neighbor rafter Rosie but it didn't suggest that whenever name robot. Oreo apply for a job Google yourself. Then have a cigarette. Before you apply for a job they say Google yourself in a check your social media pros were not so pleasant stuff more than one in three employers say they will automatically disqualify a candidate because of something that they found on line. If you've got something on your FaceBook pages just filled with four letter words and and stupidity. Or are you. Cast doubt in the middle of the street. Maybe the maybe have the greatest marketing idea. Older Americans using social media more than millennial holes surprise anybody. It surprises me those the millennial so obsessed with other phone well not so true actually researcher Nielsen found that Americans ages 35 to 49. Use social media forty minutes more each week. Than those ages eighteen to 34. Gen X hers were also more likely than noble ideals but their phones. At the dinner table baby boomers even worse. So you can talk about kids these days but actually it's kids' parents these days. This when your allergies are killing here the last two days of probably offered to release them at their regard. So all of that they're goes. Remember the migrant caravan. That we thought it had a broken out as it was good crossing Mexico. It's still coming hard. And now the president says so. And a lot of man. They are stowed away on trains and they. Hung out and shelters and they tracked across Mexico and there are hundreds of a migrants from Central America who will look. I show up at the US borders soon. Few dozen members of the caravan of already had gotten to the border there are hundreds of others who will bush show up within the next few days. And many in this caravan say they plan to turn themselves in the US authorities and asked for asylum. The migrants say that they're fleeing violence enough poverty in Central America and they hope they'll find safety and security in the United States and the president is already making it clear he's he's not gonna be rolling out Padilla. The welcome mat it's a bit of few weeks since we're first heard of their journey. And then waited near a whole lot about it and that was it do you remember all that that was when nut trump but decided to deploy the National Guard to the US Mexico border enough frivolity and sued over that. But as more migrants are getting closer to the border it's likely we'll see some some more. Political rounds. And. I'm here and some of it back to my head. Where's faint. Some individuals and. Smaller groups Arab split up along the way so that the large contingent that that was at one point I think they thought about 12100 is probably more down to about half of that size now. The largest contingent is now much smaller than it was at the outset. About 12100. Migrants from central America convened on no Mexico southern border but now they think that group that group was probably closer to 600. So it didn't dissolve what kind of thought it had dissolved but it didn't. Bottom line is this there are hundreds of migrants that are still in the caravan and they're still headed to the US Mexico border so. There'll be some sort of a showdown. And actually. There's nothing new to have large groups of Central American migrants come to the border Nasser asylum that's been going on for years but. This caravan as it nears the border. Is already getting a lot more attention than the other groups I have in the past. Neither side has so much interest in the in the proceeding going quietly when they go again here. Trump tweeted Monday morning that audience that he's instructed his say head of Homeland Security not to let these large caravans of people into our country. The federal officials announced plans to send more asylum officers and prosecutors and immigration judges to the border. If the members of the caravan in the country illegally they will be referred for prosecution for illegal entry in accordance with the existing law according to the Department of Homeland Security. Secretary Nielsen. Those who turned themselves again and asked for asylum. Then end up can end up behind bars all officials evaluate their claims. Com and in that can be done none expeditions Leo or not. And those who I don't have a valid claim. Then would be swiftly deported but if the migrants. Weren't allowed to turn themselves in to the border and and proceed with their cases that likely will be met when they. The Wu within outcry of legal actions from immigrant rights groups. Who have already filed a class action lawsuit. Did that last year. Accusing US officials of illegally are turning away asylum seekers at that point some would argue it's what they're doing legal yes. They did it's it's not illegal to come to another country without papers and asked for asylum international law requires countries to consider that. Consider those claims. But while love Mexican officials deported about 600 participants of this caravan this particular pair of them. The government also gave some migrants the option of a Seeking Asylum in a Mexico some of them decided to accept that offer. Asylum is protected status that allows people fleeing persecution to live legally in another country it's not easy to obtain. I in order do. Qualifier for asylum for instance in the United States they'd have to prove that they have faced persecution in the past or they have well founded fears of persecution. Due to their race or religion or national or general public. A political opinion. Maybe there are a member of a particular social groups over the along those lines. And the chances of them. Getting asylum is is pretty slim as well number of factors contribute to storm you know whether or not somebody get winds asylum but. More than three quarters of these immigrants that are Seeking Asylum from El Salvador and Honduras and Guatemala. Between 2011 and Torre sixty lost their cases so that means that 75%. About 75% were refused. So mom. So we'll see what happens. We won't know for sure until they get there. As to what will happen once the caravan reaches the border but asylum seekers generally followed two steps once there in custody. One is say the interview with an immigration officials the first step to the asylum process and an orphan asylum officer finds that person's fear of prosecution or persecution. Is that a credible. Then the case is referred to an emigre. Should judge and then there's detention and that could last for days or months or years. Depends on booed particular case. So adults traveling alone could be transported did detention centers across the United States families would most likely be held in Texas. Where they have to family immigrant detention centers. Then you've got immigration court. And that's were asylum seekers make their case. Some. Pretty tough odds there. And there's no guarantee that they'll have lawyers to help them. And then sometimes people with pending asylum cases are released on parole sometimes there remain detained until those cases are completed and trump. As you well know has said the justice practice of letting immigrants with the pending cases leave detention. Is one of the problems that we have and that's where you'll see him tweet out at all. So the caravan that we thought hit kind of broken up then and dissipated. May not be as large a caravan as it once was but it still represented hundreds of people and they should start though we'll have already started showing up at the border but in the next few. Few days we'll hear more about it and wolf. We'll see what they get from the administration's reaction is to all of that and how all that's handled and I'm sure that'll become a political football as well. The NFL draft discovered upon thirsty we'll talk about that in just a second. The Buccaneers. With their date three selections are going to have an interesting announcer announce one of their picks volatility about that. And I did notice at least for the people in this room. Unattractive people make more money. What. We are very. NFL draft previous show so I gym and frankly alpha. The big picture of the night and I bring some love some pretty exiting inside. Frank. I don't want. So he's. I don't know there's anybody else that could say they've been due every single load panther game he seized on the call on every single one of them. So lo does some pretty inching inside and we'll have a here 6 to 8 o'clock. Behind the scenes perspective on now the draft full impact the Panthers at this season so why that is Thursday night. On the radio home your Carolina Panthers news talk 1110993. WBT. Tampa Bay Buccaneers and RI NFC. South division aren't trusting one of their day three selections in this weekend's NFL draft a slap it on Saturday. Two an unusual announcer. The Buccaneers. They're going to have a pair it. Announce one of their draft picks. Now I say about this last night you did the the team announced Monday that shot as job. Apparent from the Florida exotic bird sanctuary will reveal its fourth round pick. On Saturday. From aboard the pirate ship that Raymond James Stadium the bird will be joined by the caretaker. Stephanie drips. John John is an eight year old and Catalina macaw. She has lived in the Florida sanctuary for four years and we'll have a life span of seventy to ninety years. Her previous owner had to find her find a hole for heard due to not having the time to spend with her. The NFL against the draft on Thursday San Francisco 49 he announced at least one of their a date three picks with that you bochco. Art two. From the Star Wars movie franchise. But the parents got to be a pretty quick start having I don't know much about parrots but. They picked the pivotal player. You have no idea knowing who they're gonna pick in the fourth round. So he must be able to McCaw must be able to repeat. Immediately what what. What could possibly go wrong. And with the fourth pick in the NFL draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a select. Ronald Reagan. Always stupid burden. Anyway that's what they US Olympic team none men's curling team is gonna announced multiple selections for the year Minnesota Vikings. From a curling club in and Minnesota I don't know of the Panthers are doing anything interesting or not. Maybe they can get one of the prospective owners. To do they can do addictive than the Big Three or four of them and have each one of them announce. I don't think that's happening. Disclosure agreements everything they can amount to draft pick adult. So anyway that's that's what's going on there can't wait for the NFL draft on just one of those. Talk about this with and also Summers today I I'm just have always been a draft junkie. Elect follow auto like study had a like thinking about it all like prognosticate yellow bow of the mock drafts of all that stuff. So Ron. I don't like it as much now that they moved to Thursday night and another two rounds on Friday night I used to like fielders were started at 10 o'clock on Saturday morning you've got to be drinkable coffee. You set they're all free again day long. And no watch that stuff and then if you are really sick individual you were there on Sunday to. If you're their Sunday Al you're you're you're dedicated. I keep track very much and now with iphones and stuff like pitching got to keep track of the picks without having to sit there watch her back in the old days you'd you can do that you've you had to be sitting right there. So right Aaron Thursday night first round I can't wait and and that means all I'll be excited to see what we do with the second round as you know there's going to be players are left over that. And the more you study the more you learn about who the players are and and then you think oh boy you you get a player than you start to sell yourself on the fact that. It's going to be great disguise going to be. But very rarely. Does a rookie commander in just have a huge unbelievable impacted happens ask New Orleans. But. They never quite. Provide the excitement. That first year that you were kind of hoping they would. Through that deal bomb about says the most people say they work out so they can eat what they want. Tell you about that just a second. All right people people who need people. And an ally has made there lineups. Official Tina Fey and Amy Schumer will Lowe's said to the oh season 43 years their final hosts for the after this the for the season Moran. Some. Final two holes for these Saturday Night Live 43 season Amy Schumer a set to return of for her second posting stand on May the twelve. I'm musical guest Casey must graves. May 1916. Of they back cut to headline the season finale of musical guest new human Irish. And we authority announced that to Donald Glover is a pull a double duty on Saturday may the fifth cinco de Glover. He also serves as a musical guest under his son wrap pseudonym of childish Gambino. So you'll be doing everything. That. Judge Judy you're watcher. We figure she's worth. 47. Million dollars. She and CBS won an enormous victory against de LA talent agency recently that sued the network claiming it conspired with the TV jurist to scam the agency had a prophets. And an LA county Superior Court Judge ruled the CBS decision to pay Judy 47 million dollars on a year. Is legit. And what she was worth. Revel entertainment. Had do had a deal to get 5% of the profits from the show but since storyteller and CBS's said the show was actually running in the red because that led to pay Judy an enormous salary so they sued. Rebel claim that it was a conspiracy between CBS and Judy to prevent the agency from getting any cut of the profits. A rebels seem to be saying that Judy wasn't worth 47 million dollars a judge beg to differ and it seems a judge Judy's deposition knows a big factor when. When Judy renegotiated her deal. CBS tried to counter her demand it. But she made it clear there would be no real negotiation and it was a take it or leave it offer CBS caved the judge said Judge Judy was worth it. But today and 47. Million bucks a year. She gets thrown out. They've party seven here 47 area enough where you know you're talking real money. Comedy central's going to rose Bruce Willis. Be the target of the next rose cable television no special scheduled to be taped in no Los Angeles sometime this summer. Air date the names of those who will mock Willis. Should be announced sometime soon. They've done this with the previous celebrities. Rob Lowe I think our roast. Justin Bieber. James Franco Charlie Sheen Pam Anderson William Shatner. Is just to be big governor they did dead Danny Fontana one time. Tom Desi or old buddy those of you listen to beat you for a long long time remember Tom busy you know. The Danny Fontana roast went on for. On and on and on and on. To the point it at some point we just wanted somebody didn't pull the fire alarm. And the last Wanda roast. And I can't do this story justice because you had to have been there. I'd Desi right and and believable sense of timing. And most to stories across Chile where we're almost as zero by the way your last Friday was the twelfth anniversary of the passing of Henry Bogans. Melissa Greer. I think was eleven years the former meteorologist over channel three she was she did she passed away at the same day date. As a Henry did. There anyway the late Tom does Leo was the last one at this ridiculously long rows for dinner Fontana. And all we all run there was were to be over and I'm busier since that. And he walked up on to the podium and he said Doug last night I was up in the mountains. And I was preparing my remarks for tonight. And my girlfriend came out and said you can either. Prepare for your remarks tomorrow night at that grocery you can come back in the cabinet make mad passion a love to be. And at that point Desi are just walked off the stage. And it was the most perfectly timed. Because we all want it out of their moment I've ever since. Everybody just lost control and then went home. So I like gross. Like short rows. And I like it when the potatoes are just slightly bird. And investors are okay. No. Well a lot of people that work out say they do it so they can eat what they want makes sense pretty slow start thinking actually poll of 2000 adults revealed that took 38% a woman women polled admit that they work out so they can now free rein on know what they eat. And our friend and now Colorado. I several Colorado blood in particular. And he got married remarried I guess about 1015 years ago. And and he's always been a big bike enthusiast and rides the mountains and anyway he he got her. Riding bikes. And and I knew her knew them before they got married. And and and and I said how did you ever get her on a bike because he has what I knew or she just was not that. And said as soon as I explained to her that she can eat anything she wants and as much as she wants as she went out riding a bike with me. So I mean they do some unbelievable 607080. Mile trip some of an uphill. But. She can eat whatever she wants still. There's a burn some calories. 40% of women so that they would not agree two way a night out with friends without first going to the gym to compensate for it. 33% of men also admitted going to a gym so they can enjoy a more. Calorie fig diet. 86% of all the respondents say they enjoy eating Keller fix foods. And get that work out Gina I'm don't ever got I hated. Just ate it. I get up early in the morning and go do a three and a half miles of a treadmill. And if I don't if I'm not out there by 5:15 in the morning that it happened and if I word day if I do if I don't do it in the more if I don't do it the first thing get it out of the way. So I'm walking back in the house before 6:30 in the morning. That I won't do it if I had to go to leave here at night and go home and work out for an hour. There would never happen. That's just me known me. More than 80% of those polled say they CIA had diet and exercise is a balancing act 33% also admit they are more likely to watch what they eat or drink if they don't. Feel like they've done such activity to eat what they want. So I don't I'm doing three have miles but I don't think that allows me to eat what I want and does the diabetes type two doesn't allow me to eat what I want either so that's not why do what. I do because of the diabetes type two that's the reason that on no 30% say that they have but turned down an invite to 21 night because they knew that they would not have enough time to exercise before consuming the calories. Fifteen that's my wife 15% say that Phil dance more than usual on a night out to try to make up for the calories consumed. Which is a great idea but it's kind of I don't know. Out of place for your standard and Jack in the Box. I bet I think. And 31% say they'll walk instead of getting a taxi to make up for what they. Which is probably an option I can do go to Cantu unit parked her job considered to 122. Still well this that ought to take care of it. While women according to PR newswire women say they alike men with facial hair. You Wear holds up there'll be. The poll of 500 in two US adult women. If 58% say they prefer a man with facial hair over clean shaven face. I always thought this was the exact opposite. 42% say they prefer a man with a clean shaven face rather than a a man with a facial hair 71% of millennial age women say they prefer a man with facial hair. Over 65% of women said that they find facial hair attractive. 57%. Describe men with facial hair as masculine. And or handsome. And I don't have a pole here for what. For the percentage of men who like where this issue here right. I. I had originally BT news or Mark Garrison is that put the finishing touches on Charlotte have six which follows us and just about seven minutes and the 6 o'clock news in 605. Real mr. garrison had general a year dirty restaurant Tuesday well look forward that's all I know that's coming up I'm not quite sure I understand though why I think you're gonna talk about the C events principle I'm not exactly sure why she's. I know she kind of disrupted they. A gathering that was not necessarily there for her but I can understand why she's in trouble. Well and we don't know to what extent she's in trouble the school systems that they would deal wit that what she did was that there was one of those rallies last week queer. Some kids who were listening to a speaker about gun violence and she started talking about how she's a deadline marksman shooting skeet she likes venison from hunting and then talked about her high school days when her boyfriend would go hunting early in the morning. And bring his gun to school and leave at the truck and she thought that was just fine so. Some parents got sort of upset about that men though the school systems being a little KG about what they might do or not due to our our ski protected by oil off the nobody ever shot ski before I'm terrible and it. No oblong not a big gun enthusiasts but I have momma big enthusiasts were the Second Amendment so I don't I don't quite understand let's let's say she may have been. Her timing may have been bad. But that did did there was nothing in there that is questionable in an ethics or morality. And no I have had venison our revolver that. Yes I have to it's really good fit as she told the kid take get to know me and I'll tell you some interesting things and so I I think more than anything some of the parents question the timing when it's a gun violence rally and she's talking about bringing her boyfriend bringing a gun to school when they were in high school blows it's interesting audio analyst. It is different time yeah and that is exactly right and ended the factors that she's in trouble because she had the audacity to mentioned a positive aspect of a gun yeah. So. The battle over schools and Matthews this is just. This is fun to watch I probably not a fun to be a participant but it's. It's really interesting and I think you're setting the stage for other communities around Charlotte. I had to basically say hey you know what we ought to vote in what's going on know with our low. We'll schools. Yeah and it's getting really nasty some school board members at least one said two of us sent a threatening text message to some of board members in Matthews essentially saying hey. If you vote for this worship their kids all over the county. So it it's it's a nick it's come down to be kind of nasty and it's still up to the legislature whether Matthews. We'll get to have its own charter school the bills passed the house but to the senate to a may take it up for the next month. And you don't know what restaurant. Mirror your. Why do and when I'm the food truck full flies. I don't know what oh what about word Charles go all. You know he went to his favorite steak house. Is the most expensive join in town and he talks about how to eat cheap there I think his his plan. Back door dumpster. And that would do a lot of bottled water. Could be I don't know I don't see Joseph I don't see Charles during that. I can't even get you need a jacket the mark stock so I of these guys drew you'll try one here and there won't odds evacuate near known just a couple of seconds. Pay out unattractive for the people make more money it's are here and it's. To intend for it must be it has to be true I've found it online so it is then it's got to be true. Pretty people may seem to you don't effortlessly. Glide through life. But in his study reveals less attractive folks actually make more money. Researchers said. The London school of economics all this is London. Royalty has babies and leaves weather like six or seven hours. They. Oh and the University of Massachusetts analyzed data from 40000 Americans. Who were interviewed in rated their own attractiveness at various points over the study that was. Thirteen years long. The data shows that participants who were more extroverted. Conscientious. And last erotic. Made significantly more money than others and very unattractive participants. Always made more money than those who were just unattractive. Trickery unattractive. So if you're like super ugly. You have higher earning potential of British you're just ugly. Well it is going to be a very average for all those other good looking people. Seems unfair sub continent psychologist doctor Al grew Alex for Dara. Who was not involved in the research says this correlation may happen because unattractive people were found to be less open to new experiences which showed Maine. Correlate with a higher earnings. This causes very unattractive people. And like to be in that category. And not just on the director of your very unattractive. So very unattractive people more likely you are committed to to their job. Allowing men to climb the professional ladder more effectively and there are four or higher salary. Plus you know being you know burdened down by all those bosses hit no onions. I bet that that. However this result a contrast with previous studies which are found that in general less attractive people earn less compared to their. Better looking pierce. So. But that would seem unfair tilt unattractive people should make more money very unattractive people should make tons of money that's what I think. You're a Matthew McConaughey thing and sometimes. Yeah. Sometimes you can just be too cool. Or try to be too cool he's coming out with a new burba and he's had three years ago as most of you may know I started off as a creative director for ale brand of a wild Turkey shared that about two years ago Reuters the master distillery Eddie Russell. Started talking about creating a Berman that would be his favorite he says I'm from Texas he's from Kentucky we talked about how we could. The bridge those two and we came up with a verb and that is my favorite in the world it's called long branch so soon you'll be hosting a Matthew McConaughey launching a new suburban. I would just suspect that even if it wasn't his favored he would still marketed because they're found to be a paycheck in there somewhere and he needs to kill that myth that attractive people can't make money I think that's what's going on there.