Rae Caruth Talks, Fergie's National Anthem, and President's Day

John Hancock
Monday, February 19th

Hancock goes in depth about the Rae Caruth letter, the national anthem performance by Fergie, and presidential trivia.


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And. This is John Hancock. Rush gets up Dave Oregon today. She's visited both those shots have a good good. Hey there hi there are other Laura's presidents day as we can be. Instead president days stuff tribute stuff like that I've got to know that'll keep your. Rae Carruth. Former us Carolina panther player Rae Carruth breaks his silence. He gets out October 20 something or other. And barring any complications. And hope schori our relationship and his son he wrote an open letter. Two. The mother of sure Rica Adams. And and we'll share parts of that with you and she has responded. To us Steve chrome. Sandra autumn's. And in its all pretty interest in the letters sesame. Forbidden from a plus 45 minutes three newsletter. So where will share part of that with you because it's it's it's pretty inching. Yes I actually wrote a letter to WB TV. Because he claims that his previous attempts had not ever been publicized or his previous no apologies had never been. Well acknowledged. And he said that. Sandra adams'. Does essentially. Created a narrative that best suits her abusing my words not just. No over the years and two in order for his narrative to get out he's more than complimentary of her. On in regards to her life dedicated to chancellor and but he addresses. I want the relationship was and what the relationship wasn't worth sure Rica and and what he would like the future to be in. And she questions some of that in her response to a Steve confident just watched a few moments ago. But there's a narrative out there now and she is always claim that when he gets out of jail she and chancellor will be standing there and we were always curious as to whether or not he wouldn't acknowledge chancellor or not and it appears in this letter that he wrote he would. And in fact would like to have some sort of relationship. With him. But on the other hand at the other at the end of the piece that sun noted WVT that was put together by a Serb like Morgan. Who are essentially got a phone call. I've got a letter but didn't know was and a BTV conference room on Saturday afternoon to receive a call from break Ruth's. And all of that we polling come to the WB TV page for three crew stuff so if you are. If you wanna access that Terry you should if you've got me if you were here back in 1999 were all this took place I assume that there's a certain level of interest to narrow though for you. As a the University of Colorado guy I've always had an interesting. What senator. But I don't think mine's any greater than anybody else's or two stood at a time that. The news and nobody feels really bad necessarily had. But they won't get to that in just saying is it's fascinating. No this was something I guess none of us really ever knew other row we'd ever really hear anything from breakthroughs or not. I at the end of the PCs they talks about returning to California enough. On and no. And then trying to resume a life. But if he was serious about wanting to establish a relationship with the sun. It would have to be here in North Carolina because Sandra autumn's Adams is not gonna. Moved California. So. But that was my initial thought on not on the whole thing mobile share bits and pieces of that too before you just sort of our president's stay saw things are plenty quiet around here. Parking was easy to find. There's not a suit in the plays course they don't have to worry about two. Georgian no TJ and I covenant to work because we'll act like any other best. Tests. Microsoft. It turned George myself. This was that minor and that. Yours. It's not it's not Bud Light is that. Problem. Probably the most talked about story other than the rate for a stress and that that's getting a lot of vote play on this holiday for many of you. A school all day for Charlotte Mecklenburg schools because it's although whenever you see that in the traffic this morning everything I've heard it so much there weren't a school bus in the world are out there about. And there weren't and does all the other cars were present so it was. But I have been anyway this is one of the make up days and they'll make up another one throw the weather related stuff that we had dinner sometime in March. The other thing I guess that's the most talked about story and via land today is. Fergie. And the NBA all star game last night which. I I don't know that how many people watch that. But. And how many people actually saw Fergie do very. Star spangled banner because in order to get to that you had to watch the rest of the pregame show. Debt at least for me and they don't market to mean they're not looking for bad enough marketing to. A guy my age. Then their marketing mortal when Nielsen made our agenda and I don't blame for that but thank goodness surely didn't expect me to sit through the first forty minutes of stuff. And then nowadays they did though Canada. And then they had to Fergie can amount to do the star spangled banner. And it is being wildly. And today. Because it kind of took on me. Marilyn Monroe a happy birthday Mr. President. You have it. I don't know if like listened to at all I've heard bell bowlers play and it's this morning and I kept on thinking to myself okay dead that wanted to hear all of it. Don't think I can do all of have been dead for those of you may have missed it here's the star spangled banner by referring it. Spurn me. And news school. Why don't throw nine. I I hope that laying. And one so yeah. Where she ripped off her rights we had good to. It's meant as. Hey. News is where she ripped off for legislative. It's. Am meringue is still oh wow. I. Run less fat. Changing your shoes into the ground oh yeah. Wow. Yeah. Song. And that's in new. Her game. And sure enough to Adam silver table. No matter. Imagine the we eat and. Loans. There and. And then and this guy arrests. Saying none. Cool yeah. And here. Playing. Okay. Yeah. Our AD. In out players. It is open. She had a national anthems kind of a slow bluesy rendition no star spangled banner last night two and a half minute version they went to the set after that Charles Berkeley that. A big news cigarette. Geez I do it and broken saying. She. She tried to put a unique vocal spin on it. Her up pitch was on its not like she'd. Yeah you know diverted bridged very diverted referred to his Roseanne Roseanne had no musical ability and all of inching. She sang. Better tempo no musical accompaniment and as sexy delivery not. Not do being received all that so well. So. Barkley said he news cigarette after the performance and secure as Shaquille. Said behave Fergie I love you it was different it was sexy I like to leave her alone. So love what you do when a guy of seven foot two. It appears that there's two or 900 pounds says leave her alone well. He did you leave her alone tell us hills are often say it's no make up day for Charlotte Mecklenburg schools. Public libraries are open city of Charlotte government open Mecklenburg County offices are open. Restaurants are open retail stores are open supermarkets are open gas stations are open movie theaters are open. Post office is closed. Banks are closed. We don't really take this. Acknowledgment very seriously any longer. But we keep it. So. On all the everything away 18 years ago that we it kind of took Martin Luther King gave the same way and and they raised so much else led the they I mean there have been people don't mean to refer to real certain race. But people thought that was so very disrespectful and so we don't do that anymore schools I think schools were obsession on Martin Luther King Day up frivolity and sued. So we don't do that a deal longer. And schools are open today but it's because it's a snow maker of David anyway yoga no mail today. Which is probably why I didn't find any in my mailbox and I you know was a driving out of driveways. End up banks are closed today. So they're golf. Union bank anywhere. In measures taken alone and you don't need a loan. You're already part of a debt. So there you go. Like having your own mother on the radio bend. The Daytona 500 yesterday Austin Dillon brought the number three card back into. But he. They winner's circle. Exactly twenty years after Dale Earnhardt brought the number three card into they winner's circle so that was kind of poetic. And a number of 43 car. Richard Petty. Not finished number it is it finished as second. First African American driver to. Did finish a race like that didn't I don't know what it was an old time sixties on. So. Darrell Wallace junior first black driver in the Daytona 500 since I think it was 1969. Of our remember correctly he finished second. And Danica Patrick. Multi car crash ended. The the 35 in her final our race. For NASCAR. Com and they did a big piece on her before in the air pre race thing about dar her accomplishments and it was and I don't mean just to be disrespectful necessarily but I mean it was. How about we bring back Janet Guthrie is accomplishments. President say it's actually. Washington's birthday today. Lincoln's words. Last week sometime. You know who's the shortest president ever. You know the tallest close to a tells pretty easy. What can fix work. He completed the game once. Kimba 61 Austin next Akimbo. Blitzer assures us excellent. Shortest James Madison. Five foot 400 pronounce. Could have been program recruiter I'm not taking a shot at our new program director of cinder we've had in the past. Bombs and by foot for a program directors. The new guy is Sutter what is. It told of five war. Rather Tuesday taking a shot the new boss don't mean to be doing that at all. I'm a suit to be found in the building. God is good. Paula Zahn now WBT hey Paul. Hey John. I was thinking about my bad side during the played the National Anthem. 93 year old one of four guys to come back out of a group is 143. Battle the bulge cheaper or arts bronze star. Doesn't go about their minutes and yes he's a sports at a first though until there's differ events. I think are not I think she's trying hard I don't think she means anything but I think a lot of people. Are under informed. I think that what she did what he would he would he would say I'm sure he would say you know that's the reason we thought. But I think to bring cheer to his. That that what they did and what soldiers and sailors and airmen continue to do all. It has taken with a little more respect. Let you know what I'm saying and. Yeah although I don't think she tried to dry I mean I have no reasonably that she delivered last night with Jimmy disrespect. I know the other par that you got to remember is is that. Your dad was not the audience she was singing to last night let's say that I mean there wasn't she was saying to an NBA audience she was singing to a Maloney all. Based marketing. I mean if you if you looked at the pregame to that whole thing that that thing was not based even a guy my age that that whole thing was based. And an audience somebody like TJ is. My age so I would rather think necessarily hold of the there this star spangled banner in the same reverence. Or have the cinema it's like maybe you and I do or that your dad would have a singer at the way that it was written the way that is supposed to be done. So yeah I I I agree with that I really believe that's the I think and I think that's where. Maybe this sad part or. God that it's served is that they don't they really don't mean anything botanist just bond analyst and like you said let's play ball but I get that. But by five going that route he just sort of shows that they really don't know what the sacrifices you've got in my much you know. Yeah well I had an Ohio you know I won't put sentiments in her head she. There I thought she was a little there was one point about two thirds of the way through that where she looked as somebody out of the corner mired underground and I thought to myself judges is more show that ago. So what are of that stamp what I you know I I would think that there's probably some evidence that supports your point but. I guy I do agree that I don't think she delivered it with the respect that it. That'd probably deserves. What in your order didn't thank you Tom brake Ruth is in the news today because he has two and a letter. A look at her final how many pages Alicia well go right here. Procure fourteen. Technically a fourteen page letter he he does a in Canada as a cover letter. And then he writes an open letter. To Sandra Adam sure Rica Adam's mother. His cover letter says so I didn't write this letter in an attempt to win anyone over especially not the public understand what an possibilities such an endeavor would be. And what it. And aside from that I have long accepted dale a lot my lot as they are social pariah. Instead wrote this letter and chose to make it public in an effort to openly confront and debunk the lives that ms. Adams continues to tell about me knowing full well. That in doing so it will only add to the public ire against me however. With the bigger picture in mind it is my hope that despite the increased level of negativity that comes my way what I have written will force the media and public alike to begin to challenge ms. Adams on the truth fullest. Of the statements she makes about me. Her claims of forgiveness and also her sincerity concerning our chancellor. And having I having a relationship going forward. So that's his cover look. In many rights and open letter to. Sandra Adams who I have met on a few occasions. I've had a chance to meet chancellor Otto on a few occasions. And. Obviously I can't sit here and redouble I'd I'd I'd I'd love to read the entire fifteen page well letter to your but I won't do that. But we'll share a couple places his beginning dear ms. Adams. Dated February 28 chain and this was a cent to WB TV. And a it to is a story that is being reported by Sarah Blake Morgan. And nick caution her. Who is there investigative reporter as well I think he's involved in this is well. They had to depiction they took AF photo I have a phone call from him on Saturday in the conference room here one Julian price place and so you'll hear audio of him. Very well spoken very articulate. Good voice same guy that we. Same voice that we made that you may or may not remember ever being interviewed following a panther game. He wasn't pay out there for long enough for you really have that voice ingrained into your. Well into your head and didn't testimony didn't testify at the trial also it's not a bush that you would pick out of two random but to anomalous. He our rights this letter he sister I'd like to begin this letter by thanking you for the unconditional care compassion love and support that you have shown no chancellor. Oh with from the very beginning of his existence it goes without saying that it is because of view that he continues to exceed all expectations. That have been set for as set out for him both mentally and physically chancellor is a strong vibrant and so obviously filled with joy and happiness. And many he goes on and talks a little bit about. Her. Interviews with the press and her stance and what she has said and how he's never asked for forgiveness but he disputes that it says he has in the past and that they had had correspondence back and forth and so on and so forth and then page. For. He writes mammy your gutter here you've gone on record in almost every interview with the claim. Then I've never made any apologies to you or taken any responsibility for the incident that led to the tragic loss of your daughter an impairment of your grandson. And this by far is the biggest falsehood that you continue to sell ms. Adams early on in my incarceration you would right. Send me current photos of chancellor and keep me abreast of how he was doing in return I would respond. By thanking you for your kindness. And on more than one occasion I included an apology to you for this entire sordid situation. In fact a few years ago I wrote and apologize to you. Oh once more after hearing you claim that I had done otherwise during a nationally televised interview. He he admits that he had kept up with chancellor. Through newspaper articles that have been written Scott Fowler done a funeral. And one and NBC here. A Bryant Gumbel or somebody that do broad and a measure I think that may be the PC was talking about. But anyway they're there has been published city through the years on chancellor. And with saw draw Adams. And newspaper articles written and so on and so forth and apparently. Reyes kept up with all of that. He. He continues. Why you haven't publicly acknowledged my apologies. To you while choosing to go on record and speak at length about two the ones that you received from all walked in and Kennedy. Is beyond me but today this particular rely will finally come to an end. Ms. Adams I want to sincerely apologize to you for these senseless act that led to the death of your daughter show Rica. And the permanent mental and physical difficulties the chancellor has had to suffer through. Many continues mum. And like us say it say it's it's it's way more than I can really. Read here one point although if you go to the Hancock bridge WBT dot com. You'll find a link. Two the entire letter and the story at WB TV or you go to Billy BTV dot com. And find the same and if you haven't read the letter I would I think it's fascinating to take the time to read the whole fourteen pages well. Later on this afternoon apparently she has responded. Rica. Sandra Adams has responded with a interview with the Steve crop. And I'll talk a little bit awhile about what she had to say oh and we come back in just seconds you. Really fascinating story a flooded LE BTV dot com that is put together by us terribly Morgan and that Dick nick caution or to their reporters over WGB. Is a letter. An open letter that was sense. Two. Sandra Adams. The grandmother of chancellor. Our co Ruth. And and anybody that was here knows that they are rake Ruth story former Carolina panther from the University of Colorado. Sent to jail low you'll be getting out in October. Convicted of charges related to the murder shriek Adams. At 44 year old who was seven months pregnant with his child she was a shot four times while driving her car home from. A movie theater on note was re erode I believe bios someone that Peru today hired to pull the triggers the way the story goes. He was arrested twice in the months after the shooting first in November 1999 on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder. And then NRD was arrested a second time a month later in December 1999. After shriek Adams died. And you'll recall an FBI agents found him hiding in the trunk of a car. In the parking lot of a best western hotel in no Tennessee. And he along with three co defendants we're charged with our murder. He was eventually convicted of conspiracy to commit murder. Shooting into an unoccupied dwelling and using an instrument to destroy an unborn child he was found not guilty of the first degree murder charge. Sentenced to eighteen to Torre for years in prison and is scheduled to be released in October. Like the twenty something. Of this a year. He has are written us. Open letter to Sandra Adams claiming that all of his other correspondence has been. I'm mischaracterized. In the press. Saying that he never had apologized or sort and so forth and so state crime caught up with Schroeder with us Sandra items this afternoon and she just says is that as he starts his story off by saying. Actually this is mark Davenport that's reporting missed. That's Sandra Adams jaw dropped as she listened to rig crews voice echo a lot of mail laptop in the backseat of WB TV live truck and or Charlotte. Charlotte panther star wide receiver has spent the last seventeen years of his life in noted in a jail. I'm Sandra Adams set on no one side. It's what I've been praying for the he would have a. Change of heart. She said after reading the letter. 1514 pages worth. And listening to his so words from behind bars on the other side there was a lot of untruths and what I heard because I've never received any correspondence from him. Especially saying that he's apologized or that he's taken responsibility for sure Rica's death. She also goes on to say it does give me a sigh of relief because I don't think he could do I go forth. With a real relationship until there was some sort of repentance. She said I'm glad to hear that he matured over the seventeen years I'm really glad to hear that he has a relationship with god because I definitely know that was missing prior to this Sunday and he says in his fourteen pages of a letter. Not that he had dirt. I developed a relationship with god. Center Adams responded directly to Caruso where she so I don't see rake Ruth having custody of chancellor Lee Adams ever. I'm not concerned about him getting custody of chancellor. Adams says in past interviews she has plans to be at the prison gates went chance with the chancellor went back for Ruth has released she also has said that she is open to the Q having a relationship. But as for him being and in custody of him time. She doesn't she doesn't see that that is kind of the cliff notes version of his letter and her response. But you can catch all of it at. He had WB TV website or if it's easier for you go do other Hancock pages that would VT and you'll find links to get to do that including the latter. Which if you've got time on this President's Day holiday so read it it's fascinating. I've always fill time I tyrant recruits who was a written an open letter to us Sandra items. Through WB TV. Claiming that other correspondents he has had has been. Either ignored or. Not publicized that are there has been apologies and no social force she still disputes that but it's instinct are her response and and his. In his letter all load came through WB TV. And you can go to their website or go through a link they Hancock digitally BT dot com two find out but I what I did. I would encourage you to read letters for your shirt. He gets out in October. And apparently no plans to try to resume his life in California where he's originally from. And how that would bode pretty kind of relationship with chancellor I don't know. And he talks about wanting to have a relationship with him and a sister Sandra items and you know letter that she can't live forever and know that it should be him that takes care of chancellor and and then her response she has said that's not ever. Going to happen. And all the way. Well above and beyond chancellor's challenges I don't want to question. When he's ready weekend ask Jane and can't ascertain because I don't know. But. I would think that anybody that wants to have a relationship with somebody who was responsible for their mother's death is already fighting a pretty good uphill battle. I don't know that I would wanna have a whole lot to do with a man who had to have been responsible for my mother's demise. So. Keeping him mind chancellors. Of best interests and where his heart probably would be. That your generally would factor into. And he fusion relationships. She's always claim that she would be there when he walks out of that energy that jail cell on that prison. And I hope she goes and hope chancellor's error and I hope B a stops down before he gets into whatever vehicle he is there gonna right out and enough. That would be an instinct. And maybe this is the beginning she claims that issue's not received apologies he claims he's issued them. But maybe this is the beginning of ten month. I'm back and forth were maybe they can come up with some. Ground. That they can stand on together and. And start to have some sort of vote. Dialogue. Between the two of them wolves took whigs if the president today this is garnering big headlines offered to. And today to supported effort to strengthen the federal gun background check system. In lieu of the Florida massacre last week. He president spoke on Friday to GOP senator John Cornyn. But despite a partisan bill that's designed to strengthen the FBI database by prohibiting gun buyers. Are of prohibited gun buyers and APA reports while discussions are ongoing and revisions are being considered the president is supportive of the efforts to improve the federal background check system that was. Sarah Huckabee Sanders. In May have the Press Secretary in a statement. The bipartisan background check legislation would be aimed at ensuring that federal agencies and states accurately report relevant. Crime information to the FBI. I know what you think and. You don't have a lot of confidence in the FBI right now the other we'll talk about them saying the FBI is is like a big battle. I and it goes well before what happened in Florida and deed goes to some extent to. Oh the president dismantling it. To some extent before we ever got to this point and then finding out that the FBI it. That did the major theme of the press conference following the shooting in in visual Florida last week was that if you see something tell someone. And now everybody in the country is saying why. People did see stuff people did you also want it never got out of it never got to the Miami bureau had never got out of the FBI's offices. This is kind of reminiscent at least in my mind. Two the problems that we discovered after nine elevenths where they communications between the CIA and the FBI worked strongly question related and seem to be able to get information from one office to another. Com. As somebody USO work from time to time. In an atmosphere where we couldn't get a message from on. One office two of stereo. Big communication these days that I am not so ashore is one of our biggest strengths. As good as a society as a culture. And known and maybe we need to figure out how to do that again. Especially with the FBI the measure the so bipartisan background check legislation was introduced after the air force. Failed to report the criminal history of the gunmen slaughtered more than two dozen people to Texas church. So. On the same standpoint you'll recall the last year the president signed a resolution that blocked an Obama error rule designed to keep guns out of the hands of certain mentally ill people. And other our legislation that dismantled some Obama era stuff last week. So while. I'm sure all of that will come up students survivors of the a school shooting net Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in part one last week in which seventeen students and teachers were killed. Are calling for a march on Washington on March the 44 to demand action on gun reform. And also planned to visit the State Capitol in Tallahassee this week the announcement yesterday came as students blasted lawmakers are not taking action. As a school shootings continue and a few lashed out at trial for a tweet Saturday in which he contended that the FBI was. Too focused on the Russian investigation to create two to react to warnings about this nineteen year old shooter. Who had been expelled from the school last year there were several students who spoke out passionately at a rally on Saturday. Always some targeting the National Rifle Association and and and donations to politicians and some students making appearances on the national Sunday morning shows. The but the White House said that trump well hold what are you it's calling a listening session with students on Wednesday and then meet with state and local security officials on Thursday. I'm that'll be interesting. These are the kids. Who have made it in front of a camera. I think everybody. Is surprised that. The than the majority how articulate they are a well spoken they are. On whether or not bearer. Cinemas are. Aimed it directly or not that's up for you to have ascertain in your own. In your own minds. They're dealing with a lot of emotion can you imagine. Can you imagine having. New York. Seventeen of your fellow I don't care how big schoolers. 3200 people was about. Seven times the school size that I went to. Seventh to twelfth grades when I went to our junior senior high school and a small mountain town was like 500. But can you imagine. Having somebody take on you know school pride and you for your fight do you you do cheer for the football team you chewed for the bad basketball team and your past these people in the halls every day and you know the teachers and you all the sudden somebody goes and are. Takes that away from you. I can I can't even imagine. I mean that literally I can't even imagine. In our Broward county public defender Howard Duff Finkelstein said whose office represents the year shooter. Said the accused shooter would likely plead guilty of prosecutors agreed to two not to seek the death penalty. I first reaction to that is gonna barbaric nobody else got that option. Nobody else can opt out of the death penalty about a week ago not last week. James and Kimberly Snead parents of the. I'm a friend of the shooter who it took him and after his mother died last November. Told the F Florida sun sentinel that newspaper that they were shocked by what it happened. Kimberly Snead said we had this monster living under our roof and we didn't know. We didn't see this side of him. Crews kept the AR fifteen that he owned and allegedly used in the amassed heard other weapons locked and a gun safe and James Snead thought he had the only cable said crew is not too bad another one. There's say there was a story over the weekend. I'm pretty lengthy piece on the couple. The so Kimberly and James made. Here's a kid who lost his dad a decade ago. Lost his mom last November. Who was they a friend of their son. And their son comes to them and says it's. He got no place to go he's got he's got nothing it's gotten can we help him can we take you men and they open up their home to him. And now they go to the quote is we had this meant monster living under our roof and we didn't know. They said that he's seemingly. He seemed extremely depressed once his mother died but that he had begun to feel better. They also said there were no signs of behavior. Sometimes associated with mass killers like animal cruelty or anything like that in fact they talked about their two dogs and six cats and and said that he you know he. They talked about how normally blows right out the night before the shooting and now nothing seemed to be out of place or wrong. And it I mean it's that you do it's fascinating and you would like to I guess in some party your mind you would like to think oh c'mon. But. One thing I've learned about. People who want to deceive you. Drug addicts for instance. They had that that is the good liars are good liar. Good receivers are good receiver. From. Saw ai I I feel for them because they opened up their hearts to Oreo stranger and only to have this come back rebel load they'll be like asking what if questions. For the rest of their lives as well although. It says crews had five or six guns including the legally purchased a so need. The father of that took command longtime gun Omer owner insisted the weapons be locked in the cabinet. He said the shooter and only asked him to get them out wants. Or twice once he said no another time about four weeks ago we allowed crews to clean one of the firearms for about fifteen minutes. Is that I thought I had the only key morning of the shooting. She needs son told us follow the cruise wasn't going to a school it's Valentine's Day I don't go to school on Valentine's Day he was a Maake. Adult education course senate are working on his ged or something along those lines they had made him go to some sort of school they had. They don't wonder when they bidder agreed to take you men they set down certain rules. And no one was ready continue to pursue some education more on this in just seconds. This time interview over the weekend in the Florida sun cent. All with the couple that had taken the shooter and Kimberly and Jamie Snead. And the than the sun this needs son told his dad. On the day of the on Valentine's Day that the shooter wasn't going to school. Valentine's Day 800 school on Valentine's Day. This apparently want to crews had told them the shooter had told their son. So mister Snead army veteran and all. And obviously family with some heart who took in a guy who had just lost as soon as mother in November and said he didn't think too much of it until later on in the day in the afternoon his son called him to say that he was okay. And there had been a shooting and he had escaped the campus. And he told his son to meet him at the Wal-Mart next to the school us Torre was gonna pick him up and as he drove to the Wal-Mart to pick up his son a Broward sheriff's deputy called him. And asked about the shooter whom he mistakenly believed he was asking about his son he had no idea where where the word cruise was the shooter was. And then he was so soon after that. That he had this dreadful realization. Of what was going on that oh my god. The kid they had taken in that their son and asked them to take him. Was a guy that might be responsible for all of this any immediately called the deputy back and asked the officers. To please rush to his house because he thought that the shooter might be home and his wife was at home she was working on night time shift. On and on at the hospital. And I end so he was a merely worried about his wife. And so they all arrived there at about the time for another good she Kimberly Snead was okay. And the couple was so taken down to our headquarters for questioning and while they say they were in the lobby they saw crews being led into the station and at that point I think one of them screamed out to a ball higher or something there was no response. Fifty days. In the year 28 team means we've got 315. Days ago it's February the nineteenth. Two years ago on this date presidential candidate Donald Trump told Fox News he probably needed to act more presidential that he would do so quote on quote. Pretty soon. Smokey Robinson 78 years old today it's Oscar week and Hollywood. According to the national science survey. About a quarter of all Americans incorrectly believe that the sun revolves around the earth. And in Hollywood those people involved and Oscar week believe that the earth actually revolves around them solve. Loneliness. I read the news today oh boy has been linked to the risk of premature death. Olympics tonight 8 o'clock NBC primetime coverage includes the conclusion of the figure skating ice dance competition. And dead gold medal finals in women's freestyle skiing half life. And two man bobsled. Austin Dillon. Well in the Daytona 500 yesterday after Erica Roy. Balmoral look. When does spinning off of video front bumper and turned number three on the race's final lap Dylan drives the number three car which was made famous by Dale Earnhardt obviously when it comes seventeen years to the day after. Her car was killed in the last lap crash at 2001 Daytona 500 and it comes twenty years. Did the day after Earnhardt scored his only Daytona 500 with the number three card in the winner's circle yesterday SpaceX. Delayed its Sunday morning off falcon nine launch that we told you about on a Friday which was to send a terrible starlink broad band satellites in the Spanish radar imaging satellite into low lower earth orbit. This so log shows from the Vandenberg air base in Southern California was delayed for a second time to allow for more testing on the upgraded nose cone. Falcon nine is scheduled to launch now on Wednesday. And nine at 17 AM. Eastern time hour time. Man in Georgia facing an animal cruelty charge. Possible deportation after a video surfaced of him into other guys foresee needing a goat. Whiskey and cocaine. I'll give you have to go back home. Countries do national lotteries are growing again no winner Friday in the make a two million so that's grown to a 185 million for Tuesday night's drawing and Wednesday night's powerball is now worth 246. Million. They've become number off of those things. So that there's no winners more often. Just my opinion. Because I don't think they'll be one this week either. And that Georgia ally asinine the odds are. 23 members of the same family kicked off a cruise violent brawl broke out on the carnival cruise line ship in Australia leading to 23 members of the same family. Can kicked off Libya trip. At least thirty people aboard the carnival legend cruise ship injured during jail fight Friday. Unclear how the mid sees squabble started the fire which broke out on the eighth night of a ten day cruise prompted the ship to dock and New South Wales. And after the 23 passengers all part of the same family were removed from the brought the crews continued on his journey. Yeah. Pretty clear there are proud and he gave. The south. The thing that. Lincoln's actual birth. A it was a week ago the twelve. George Washington's actual birthday is Thursday the 22. Led by god we got and a three day weekend out of this soleil will tell you what your browser birthdays are. And I'm tackle Colin book all the president's stand that you let's assault on good barrel. So today's president spent. And everything it's open except the post office and banks but everybody else that I can see is functioning. Including because of the snow make a day Charlotte Mecklenburg schools were and session today. Although the traffic is still a lot less so apparently because an awful lot of people of the day off. Or maybe it was just getting all those intercom Charlotte cars off the road and you know maybe that's what held precursors we're there there's there's really nobody in the building. Our old standard on all in the parking lot there was nobody here scared to death I was afraid go urgently bonus. Stuff. You're from now. Small city Charlotte. NBA all star week 2019 we actually have more hotel rooms and no we would have had mortars closed evident when he seventeen and we lost that because HB two. Adam silver reinstated if so was next to next city up is us be our second all star game. You were here for the first order 1991. You should have been. There was absolutely nothing uptown Charlotte they took an area across from what was then first union plaza. Which had Larry Johnson Alonzo Mourning and mugs he bogus painted very large up on the side of the wall very cool. But does that would be what Wells Fargo plaza now. And I don't think that's relent Arcadia is. But anyway that area right into their whole bunch of abandoned store fronts and they put in temporary night action nightclub action there was a fat Tuesday's in their deck rebar. And I don't remember all the rest of them but they created an entertainment district down there that was. Steal acquire tomorrow and interim we we we room grew reminisce about this because we've waited we just. In 1990 when we just greatly made fun of the whole idea it worked. It absolutely worked. And Bill Clinton was president he came to town and they brought his mustang to town from Arkansas I got a chance to go drivers mustang I think that was out of the airport or something. And Arkansas was in the Arkansas won it that your. Final four NBA all star game in Vienna Austria that was what they did the big city downtown you're right I'm a completely office. The all star game was when Dee Brown from Jacksonville University. Pumped. His reeboks and on the slam dunk competition. That was very cool. Anyway we got it next year. And the population was less than half of what it is now. And here we come out quarter of a century later and were a lot more prepared for it now they yesterday the game was in Los Angeles. Staples Center. They're used to. Stuff like this does is like no big deal to them they drew the grammys and the Oscars and all that kind of stuff and it's Los Angeles and you got built in services celebrities and and we'll have celebrities all over the place Tony nineteen all star game will be anything but normal for Charlotte says the observer. Many us cities visitor are my. Oh estimates that the all star week economic impact will be about a hundred million dollars. Ever since we did the Democratic National Convention in 2012. We think we can handle this kind of stuff we will we'll shine. All star weekend will be a who's who of celebrity's who comes I don't know Los Angeles you know has a mall built in. Media from all over the world will be here. The game will be broadcast in the festivities have been broadcast more than 200 other countries it's not actually the all star game it's kind of a giant crescendo of the whole deal that that the action starts Wednesday and Thursday the week before. Traffic will be heavy. Los Angeles is used to that we are not as much. Game was supposed to be in Charlotte and no 2017. But does the league opted to relocated in July of 2016. Because of our house bill two. And then they are commissioner last this spring. And reinstate the all star game to be held in Charlotte and so that's what will happen 2017 and 2019. I'm between those two years a little lives changed we've got more hotel rooms were battle look better equipped to handle the all star game. And about 15100 more hotel rooms this time around in fact and then you'll have the Blue Line extension opened which connects uptown. Two UNC Charlotte. All star weekend actually starts probably about Wednesday's. And concludes. You know when no we have a next year it on the 56. Birthday. Of a hornet's owner Michael Jordan. And you have to think he'll be front center for this all started. And I draws to a close on the thirtieth anniversary season of via NBA of an NBA team in our Charlotte. So. All that stuff you saw last night. Be here next year. Will be a big event. And were vying for that. Republican National Convention Tony Tony so if you take the all star game and have we were to get the Republican National Convention. I'd be pretty cool dude and you'd have but two big events. And a cornerstone story for our growing. Glowing city on the hill. We'll try to call it uptown. This from the old neighborhoods it is uphill. They say one star ratings are the worst you go online you read reviews about dead nearly anything commonplace these days but it turns out if you get a one star review that's the worst in more than one way and it is if you think about it when you're going to other reviews. Don't you go down and you look at for five stars in one stars. The floors that the reason to Asia don't give a damn about. If you see a bunch of ones you're on to something else if you see a bunch of five you might stop down and read. And then once you read some of the fives then you go looking for a one to find out okay so what's the downside of the product but one. Data journalism blog price and Comex. Analyzed a 100000 online product reviews and found that 40% of one star reviews have at least one spelling error. This is one of the reasons that the ones stars are the worst. Vs under 30% of the five star reviews. Because if I have probably because a five star review would actually tell you why they liked the product and a one star review would just say something like. This sucks. How much time you get to spend. Right now I've had a negative. Five star reviews are most likely to leave out periods at the ends of sentences likely because they're shorter and Forestar reviews of the most likely to leave out apostrophe is. And strangely enough they say after adjusting for length three star reviews. Have the most frequent errors. So there you don't. We'll talk about the hottest new toy trends that are coming in because in New York City right now the American international toy fair sold for whatever you'll be by a new. Next Christmas we can got to tell you what's going on there. How we got some facts about US presidents and President's Day test. That I bitchy you flunk. Like just drywall no I don't wanna use your question headed down onto the floor. Want to flounder. It's big flounder what was the name of that food I want and while that was. We've been able house. Big help already in the 5 o'clock hour know your flounder. Of an earlier about they are shooting out of Florida which should continue to be big news obviously over the weekend and will continue to be a big news. With. They are planned march on no Washington. Set for a march the 24. An announcement yesterday. That they willow there will be a and to demand action on gun reform to visit TO state capital under Tallahassee this week. So there's number of things going on but no one of the things that. Became obvious late Friday. And into the weekend was the FBI. And their failure to. Take information that had been presented to them. And not act to an end to get it to the Miami Borough so that possibly. Another shooter. Could have been. Discovered maybe before him to some extent. The FBI is a feeling pressure that was the nucleus of an article that it was. Thumbprint over the weekend. You start off with unprecedented criticism by the president and Republicans and now the admitted failure to act part of potentially life saving tip regarding any the Florida school shooter. FBI you know I had to admit failure or neo Florida school mass shooting. The new FBI director which was signed by Dutch from crucial race is so facing pressure from all sides as he tries to right the ship of prior decisions. While some that took place before his watch like not charging Hillary Clinton with crimes are related to the use of her private email server. Crucial ray apologized a rare statement admitting no the FBI's mistake these Florida governor said that's not gonna Kennedy thanks ray should be out. Trump on a Saturday suggested the FBI I was spending too much time on the Russian investigation when it failed to follow up on the up tempo about the guy who would dare go on to shoot seventeen people and high school last week in Florida. And the alleged gunman arrested and I confessed to the shooting but according to a police have a David has stayed appointed a defense attorney said Friday that he is willing to plead guilty in exchange Florio sentence of life without parole. FBI set on Friday that as someone who are new crews called an agency tip line on January the fifth and left information about a cruise is gun ownership desire to kill people erratic behavior and disturbing. Social media posts as well as the potential of him. Conducting a school shooting. The FBI confirmed already that someone did warn the agency weeks before the shooting but that wasn't properly followed up. And the whole emphasis of the press conference that happened the day after Valentine's Day in north Florida was if you see something tells someone. And now everybody's saying when you tell somebody. They can't get the information from point a to point B. FBI admitting that tip should have been assessed as a potential threat to life. Forwarded from the bureau's Miami field office for investigation are pro forwarded to the bureau's Miami field officer investigation. But those protocols were not followed. Until the next question beyond that would be why. So last Saturday after the rally held by survivors calling for action on guns president tweets why didn't the Democrats pass gun legislation when they had both the house and senate during the Obama administration. And then he says because they didn't want to another just talk. And I'm not so sure of the tweets like that right now are in his best interest. Because you're oh you're you're you're dealing with the people that are road dealing high on emotion there Seau guy. By the name of Robert Myers. Vince Coakley brought this up. And rob Myers. Is a I'm trying to remember what you cease. Like out. Of did dorm management. Consultant. So thrilling way to run to block. And he wrote a blog it was pretty interesting and he said there's a way to stop mass shootings but you'll like it. You know it'll like it because it's going to require you have to do something personally as a poster shouting for the government or anybody else to do something. But he says if you're ready here it has noticed those around you who seem isolated. And engage them. And now and and teach your kids to do the same. And instead of having kids to get bullied in school. Have a kid that's got the backbone of the guts to go over there and sit next to that kid and and at and and have a conversation with a and in your particular case. If you got somebody that's kind of strange in the office. Then go up and take the initiative don't have a conversation with Erica. He says and every one of us did that we have a culture that was deeply committed to ensuring no one was left lonely lonely and is being what causes these shooters to lash out in his opinion. I know it sounds awfully simple. But he said people with solid connections to other people don't disk indiscriminately fire guns of strangers. And he says I know what you're thinking that's never going to work because no one is going to make the effort to connect with that strange kid sitting by himself at lunch each day or no one is going to reach out to that bulky awkward guy at work. And ask him about this weekend. And he said you're probably right but that's a shame. Because that might be one of the solutions to what is ailing us right now mourns a second. This blogger writes what you want here. He says I can tell you the things that aren't going to work in this country ban all the guns. Ban all the guns part two. He's in assuming you can actually overturn the second and outlaw every firearm in the country than you'd have to go out and get them. There's 300 million of them. Other things that he says are going to work bands scary guns like BAR fifteen. Keep them out of the hands of bad people. Do something about mental health. So like go free psychologists visits for everybody. And he says even if you could to people who have done this haven't to have been mentally ill by and large. Let's not forget the a medical reverence records are private would you endorse mandatory psych screening for everyone Noah and those records being sent to the government. NE SS adult videos something else it's not gonna work and that's do something. What you need. Well what you ought to do something he says okay well what do what do you have in mind I don't know but it's so much as somebody needs to do something. Okay agreed but what even Obama has had two assay in his latest speech how routine has become. There is nothing the government or any other organization can do to prevent these events you can effectively keep drugs out of the hands of those intent on doing drugs. You can't keep beer out of the hands of high schoolers intent on getting beer. And you have a huge supply of weapons everywhere and concrete federal law protecting those weapons and you have as much luck passing their regulation against tornadoes. It would be equally as effective so there it is. No entity can do anything meaningful. It took toward a disaffected person hell bent on committing such an act but you can't. You can talk to your co worker for a few minutes you can talk to the kid at your physics class that appears to be all alone you can teach your children do the same. To make sure that no one is left to feel totally isolated because that's the breeding ground. That's. Where the seeds are planted. Just a blogger some dude. I don't know I enjoyed it. Sounds to me like maybe into the the solutions not going to be somebody's idea is going to be all of our. Our effort. Time to turn a society around. Did you know standard Jacksonville the world was flat to get people that are that we got today but. Thomas Jefferson had a mockingbird named Dick. Jeff. Mr. Jefferson used to all walk all reveal White House. With. The mockingbird on your shoulder. Even trained a mockingbird to eat food right out of his own Mao. Six presidents had no children. John Tyler went the other way fifteen kids. Virginia has been he birthplace to the most US president's how many. Eight. Now and maybe a kind of flip that and said one state has had. The most president's foreign mirror what state Virginia would have been pretty easy pair wonder how many of us we're gonna. And the term okay. Was started by those around Maarten van Buren. Who was referred to as okay which was short for old candor hook. Which was his hometown. In New York. President's Day. So you guys Pritchard has the other. Where the president's on mount Rushmore. That would be good to see there and I've been there. I give you Washington. Yes Jefferson's one of them Washington's one of them. No. Theodore Roosevelt. Tall guy. Lincoln. Thomas Jefferson Abraham Lincoln Theodore Roosevelt George Washington living presidents. HW bush. W bush. Clinton. Carter. Obama. Trump yes it is the obvious. Longest married. Still living HW. Been married to Barbara for seven. 21 when they marriage. I guess I had not realized that 73 years. And left handed president's. James a Garfield. Herbert Hoover. When did the vacuum cleaner you know. Harry S Truman. Gerald Ford Ronald Reagan. George H. W. Bush Bill Clinton and Barack Obama all lefties. There you go. Presidential trivia. Nobel Peace Prize winners Theodore Roosevelt 1906 Woodrow Wilson in 1919 Jimmy Carter 2002. After you left office. And I know the one that galls many of you Barack Obama 2009. I haven't they have big American international toy fair in New York so what they basically are discovering this week. Probably has awful lot to do with what's gonna be hot this Christmas I know you don't wanna be thinking about relationship but. Every year about 30000 toy enthusiasts and entrepreneurs and industry insiders Romo over 100 countries descend on the Big Apple. Off for the annual American international toy fair which show wraps up this week. Big focus this year is on educational gadgets. Now kids also wanna have a good ol' laugh so the areas I was watching this. There's a lot of gross out stuff. Now I'm probably. In too deep thought. With. Tragedies. School shootings. The ethical. Direction of the country. And so on and so forth but kids have always had. Even many posts that. They you know there's there's there's always been kind of but we never really marketed it we all laughed and to fall edit stuff but we never quite marketed to react as. Think puke was about the first thing I can remember. And then you had fig dog dude knew and stuff like that Abdel they've taken all that bear gross out games are expected to just fly off the shelves this year. Like the pass gas dog. You've spent a dial. And you pick a surprise sent and then you pass it around and find out who's smells what it's like us scratching its. They say that millennial nostalgia. It's gonna be big this year with toys from decades past like my little pony. And light bright and even beanie babies. Yeah go find those troubled beanie babies that you been saving all these years that you thought was going to be worth a gazillion dollars some near. I guess that would make no sense when used to when you think about. How many TV shows they recycle white wouldn't all. Toys. Although a lot of over still around today. A move or remote geez make way for a share global holograms. Seem as Vera by a virtual friends lets kids. The egg can use their tablets and phones to collect and play with the menagerie of cute viral critters. And turn them into holograms you can you can actually create a hologram of yourself and share it with other people. Will that be bigger with kids or will that be big what gives parents. One of the things that they are finding it the American international toy fair in New York this week should you may have seen photos on social media. Well families adopting dogs or cats from shelters and pampering them back to full health. So now kids can jump in on the action with screw off a low of kids take a little ball of all fluff. And by washing them in water drying them off and floating up their fur. They get to rescue their very own stuffed animal. That's just that's just a way to sell stuffed animals. Not that there should be any big problem with but. And this year the marvel movie verse turns ten. And and even the toys are celebrating Hasbro is releasing a new line Amanda's deltic Taurus. They've got to meet I have no idea what do you marvel movie verse is. But it got me to thinking about that. What are the things that used don't hold up to your face. And you had the desk with those still shots and it. But it would they were indeed it was almost 3-D it's since she went to such a dimension your mind could just go crazy if you I had one of those in your of them talking about you. Do you master. And you put the little disk in there are. And then you have been you pull it cranked down and it takes you to the next shot. And it had depth than it had cholera and an ad and I mean it's been forum probably missed out environment and spent 45 years since I've looked at one of those. What they they did they had they had an ability at least back then to take you into a whole different world. Of course that was a whole different time periods you and back when the time machine black and white. Are you still love that movie because it did did did you wonder if you know would you go forward go backward. Still unsure of the answer that question. Over the weekend. Plus pay out there was good. Negotiated did you. Far away the number one movie the other. But there was another big film that was out there are at fifty shades freed. And in case you don't know that those were the two big films over the weekend. These former is a widely panned installment about two lovers in Seattle. While the latter is a critically acclaimed marvel film a blow out black superhero so it was kind of a big deal is of the Atlantic station theater in Atlanta Georgia. When they accidentally. Started playing fifty shades of freed to the audience that it bought tickets for the black panther. Don't you know they're frivolity and suit on now in Georgia and other people be sit and appeared on. Our hour and buy our tickets to read our were in the wrong theater or the. Twitter shared footage just from within the Atlantic gestation of the unfortunate mix up in you can hear people in the background laughing incredulous look at the mistake here was eventually they're from. Imagine that was. Pretty interest and. Apple. Known for its nice minimalist. Modern looking phones and devices that May Day in their new headquarters in my matches as static never and they built a pyramid in New York up. And not Euro up there and saw it I assume is still there. All the last very cool. They kind of done the same thing with their ring Shea. Office and you may have seen pictures of that features a lot of glass open last year but. There's one issue. Lot of glance. Employees keep smacking into the glass. It. Surrounding the recovered to you know California. Based building or 45 foot tall curved handles of safety glass. Inside or workspace is dubbed pods. Also made beloved glass. According to the people familiar with the incidents and employees so walk around distracted by the iphones and keep on walking into the and hit the glass they says. Like a bunch of confused birds. So must staff and resorted to sticking post it notes on the glass doors to all marked their presence but they were removed as they had detracted from the building's design. You would think maybe they'd put. Frost and Apple's older news on that but anyway that's. That's one of the big gift. The big problems they're having no heard apple. Gibson guitars. Imminent bankruptcy after a 116 years in business is the headline today. It's not like they don't sell and they may they sell about a million billion bucks were little mud but. They're debt services just unbelievable Gibson guitar falling on hard times. Softer guitar sales are part of the picture I'd never really thought of that but. Rock and roll. Is in demise. Number one judge John Ray now for young people is rap. That's that's not a guitar sport. Company here remains delusion debt with desperate sell offs to a service the growing list of creditors. Bringing in the scary alarm according to the national post is. Who can uncovered this whole story about the worsening financial crisis. And back in 1952 the company produced its first signature less Paul one of the most famous guitarists of all time. One question is whether sagging guitar sales are are playing a role here there has been growing problems for years thanks to surging interest. In our wrap. I and other. Genres but not rock and roll pursue a broader cultural shifts are also putting the guitar in the rear view of the mirror. Indeed they re occurring. Our rock and roll is dead cliche may finally becoming a true and seriously impacting Gibson's bottom line. Moody's downgraded. Guitar Center last year. Who sold a mega retailer sold massive amounts of guitars. They're saddled with more than one point six billion dollars of debt so the. All the whole guitar thing I would think you'd literally and it may have said this someplace in the article and I just didn't pick up on it but I would think the other problem to that is. A brand new Gibson guitar may not be as coveted as a used. Gibson guitar. It's telling drums and I'm not a drummer anymore but a farmer to go out by just that I'd be looking for an all subtle Edwards not a new settle Edwards. I'd be looking for old soldier and symbols not news Elgin symbols as sometimes the older stuff. At a craftsmanship to it that bad very bad and don't play they don't make anymore I don't know about guitars but. I used guitar that's been well taken care of and and has some seasoning audit I think that's especially true for acoustics. Might be. More coveted than they are brand new shiny ones. So I saw the stupidest. Kind of so stupid I brought an end here. This was laid Twitter. People online. Good. Twitter argument. And I wrote brain dead and I was thinking well let's just the stupidest thing ever seen in my life before going back and forth and other people overcome and and and so on and so forth. And the debate was about whether or not you wet the toothbrush before putting on the toothpaste or after. That started read and end and it became fascinating. To me. So. People on line we got always finds love and argue about no matter how silly and last week day after Valentine's Day. Was whether or not you wept the toothbrush first or put the toothpaste on first well I thought about it today when I aid. Took third cap off my. Electric toothbrush. And opened up the faucet and let it before I put the toothpaste on. Anti that is just what I've always done. You don't have to know sometimes I don't do it. On that really lazy day when it does do good Rudy during the vote that a group. So why anyways some of the answers it sucked me into this conversation. Dry toothbrush. Exclamation point. Wet the toothbrush put toothpaste on wet bat boy again then brush that's law. Somebody says Paul why wedded first. Wedding get after does the same thing plus wedding her first makes the toothbrush slippery. When you put it on. A woman has the whole system Jews and non I always whether it was hot water because germs. And then with cold. Then the toothpaste. Where would that and then the water again no one wants a dried toothbrush. And then finally the last one that I went I've finally said John. What are you doing that. Get on with your life. Then there's this one iWeb the toothbrush but I squeeze the toothpaste on my tongue. So there you go it's kind of like the toilet paper thing you know over or under. And of course over is the answer it's got to like the peanut butter thing crunch years broad and of course crunch is the answer. And now you have the toothbrush the wet or dry and of course the answer is. My story and I'm sticking to. Well I don't know if you'll have fascinating stuff like that in the next hour or not. But chances are it'll even be better. Mark Pearson was Charlotte the pictures coming up next on the President's Day and I'll see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock John Hancock Charles bulls forward and we are. Out here. Well John does and fresh stories coming up but we do have a reality.