Rain and Wind from Irma, Schools Take 2 Hour Delay, Amazon HQ2 to CLT

Scott Fitzgerald
Tuesday, September 12th

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So assume women always get the same amount of money for jobs ma'am I say go and I say you get what you negotiate fort until rowand was for the put together. For positional whatever their holder is the wrong approach for for which they have negotiate that's what you. Freeze ever and it's up female doctors it does ths sabathia male physicians are paid substantially more for these same work. So drivel. Three of them right now federal lawsuit against a Carolinas healthcare system not to run for it yesterday. Feel lawsuits is male workers co workers. Who worked as a hospital pediatrician was paid substantially more. And in the article in the observer talks about the differences and no salaries like 229000. For a dude. 197000. For female. So is this study is rampant discrimination. Horrors this or situation here where you know if you don't ask you don't get. 70457011. Tenths of a sometimes I think that it did. This kind of discussions of merit in that that the women actually have an argument here. In this particular situation again and you're dealing with high powered people if you are a female doctor bureau high powered person. You should know what your value is and you should negotiate like kill. We should negotiate as hard as you possibly can't. But some folks say well what your real need to do to amend this and correct the situations to a rollback the dudes pay to make it equal with the females. Odds are gonna work. He's gonna take my money away hold on. Hold. Everybody sort everybody over everything Equifax. How many Tony symptom class action lawsuits against Equifax. Well it's amazing how many how many people have been talking about the fear that roller stuff is going to work to be released to put a Russian mafia. Because we still don't know who actually did all acted here. So password changes that sort of thing you better argue on that. How much you're gonna vote today jumble I know you don't live within the innocent you sure you know so you don't enjoy astute you know not next time they'll be voter fraud wouldn't yeah yeah and Charles you can do do you. Regular renown after your rent your all your on Charlotte MacKenzie you know go on vote today you can vote today. I would suggest you do because I would imagine voter turn out to be really low because of the weather. So therefore your vote is gonna count even more right which deserved to be motivating motivating factor for me or do you even care. I talked to so many people era I don't really care. But I Nabil do anything any different than anybody else has ever done in the past ridiculous stupidity willow lead the charge. And therefore they'll be absolutely zero moving forward. It's kind of you a defeatist attitude isn't. Mean. The democratic process disposed to march on and we're supposed to participate in minutes of the founding fathers wanted to run. They ordered all intelligent people to a to be able to have their vote actually was just. Landowners back in the early days that now we all get to do it doesn't matter if you have a room temperature IQ. And earlier today the bowl have all. To give every single one of the democratic. The real ones the democratic primary challengers you're. Including the mayor and of our Lyles and then on mr. Ford. And they'll have a few wrenching things to say willow walked kind of highlight those as we make it through the morning. Couple other things are gonna get to your today a Ted Cruz has broken Twitter. Are you laughing at the overnight guys tell me about this one at a bad. You need to be very very careful. When you like something on life because even if you try to rescind it and taken back. It lives forever all the national windows live forever. And a pennant big discussion heated discussion across the country in the world isn't perfect about who you're allowed to marry. Cool. That's the operative word for the majority. Of these discussions. Now other discussions about what to you can marry and my answer that is hall. Buchanan he was dubious CBS sixty minutes into the weekend. Karen Travers and maybe she's going to break that down and what Theo White House reaction has been the best. 12 punch delivered within the space of just a couple of weeks your weatherman and a hurricane Harvey. 33 trillion gallons of rain over four states so far. So that of course if you listen to rush yesterday talking about a and sparked renewed interest in the relationship between. This alleged climate change and in extreme weather. And moral climate models predict that this alleged man made global warming will not lead. To a greater number of tropical cyclones overall. But if it indeed it is their chances are we're gonna have more intense ones. It's fascinating to look back some of the data. People's energy is going to be more storms. Will be average number of hurricanes making landfall in America per decade. Has actually fallen. Since 1850. Going the wrong way according to with those climate change people are saying and I. Before Hillary's arrival no category three or stronger storm had done so since Hurricane Wilma in 2005 which is wrong that's a long long time twelve your drop. But with two major storms in the US so far this season. The trend towards more potent storms. Seems to be building. The update as of last night. Georgia Alabama. South Carolina Charleston got hammered since William Jordan the damage is being in Charleston the main thing got to as the storm surge nearly ten feet high. A huge. Ten feet high. Jacksonville Florida and a three to five foot storm surge as well and in addition to the rain. Cars with city officials there say the worst flooding in a hundred years. I think the cadets already up ten. Including Florida Georgia and our first earthen South Carolina. And if you problem. Trees falling. That's gonna be a bad way to go. It is so there from around on your phone was sudden boom. I was on here. Who lands on your head. The other coverage over the weekend against very very grueling I'm glad that we have sort of moved on from minute by minute updates on what the storm is doing and just look how windy this is sheer look my hair is getting blown back when this rain sucks that sort of stuff. We are moving on now to you know the seven million customers that don't have power. The with clean up the U humanitarian crisis the girl that seems to be manifesting here. And over the weekend was fascinated to see you. This for reporters would try to find somebody walking on the street and say Oscar is made secondhand I don't tester some questions about the Enrique and threw a book that. And most time we know we're scared we're gonna bend down the hatches earlier plywood up here got a bunch of beer and don't have a party you know most folks on. And that kind of reaction but fox. One of the reporters. Walking down the other breach. Found somebody who. Kind of blew him away and they about the stormed to power the porosity in the rose zero safety and his wife bullet this planet very relieved to discover that as we speak. The eye of the storm is practically due south of us like 220 miles that day because it's crossing. The eightieth meridian. Which is eighty degrees west lawn you can do have a so I'm not I'm not so worried because it's so far away and it's bearing has at 8 PM west yeah. Well I just westbound it was 270 the high degree so I. That's only. One to fifteen. Above new west. Board through Dawson right so yeah this thing is moving and has been moving in a very westerly direction to. And because it several hundred miles south job. The risks are low so let's I'm not worried I don't think it's gonna get much worse than what we're seeing right here. Is the anchor say is he right. They need it. Because they they had no idea what the dude was actually sat out with that language actually met. Why are 275 degrees and running and you really and there are of course if you divide that by the square root of high. Adding hostess fruit pie divide that by eighty shear wind dire picture and of course what you what you are saying you know an awful mess. My goodness. One of the latest things in his come out of the solar storm here and this one doesn't surprise me really at all. When when Harvey it. Harvey hit the the Mexican government and immediately reached out and said we're gonna help you know we are here we neighbor. We're gonna we're gonna do whatever we can to talk previous systems for it to that you need. But as of yesterday. The Mexican government announced that they're gonna resent in our rescinding their offer to help Texas clean up. A couple of reasons one of them because of the earthquake that rocked them last week. A couple of different territories in the southern portion of Mexico and 95 people dead. Then came hurricane Conte of which whipped into a Mexican. Press release says the decision is due to the fact the conditions in both countries have changed. That texas' need for assistance has fortunately diminished. Blew right by airman didn't. Statement didn't say anything about her. They the initially it's a boats and vehicles and they had some my portable. Kitchens that they and also provided for a folks in Texas the observers are getting yanked back. The other governor of Texas have been and said thank you. He was one of the first to actually you know acknowledged the fact that the other Mexican government was doing something. President did not an and that's one of the things that (%expletive) them off. Truly did. And well yeah add to that the other comments about New Mexico being pulled criminals and the ongoing debate about you know whether or not they're gonna be paying for the wall. That's sort of start that that pushed the Mexican government over the edge. Should know. Judging by the closure of most of the shelters located in the Houston area. And from communication with Texas officials it seems that fortunately the current need for me just declined considerably. The Mexican government takes this opportunity to thank. Governor rabbit for his message of solidarity would Mexico after the earthquake. In addition the Mexican government expresses its full solidarity with Florida and given these severe damage done by hurricane Irma. Slight mention but no help going there. We did miss an opportunity there you know they they said sorry. That things are going on who were here to help we feel bad for you we share you know you're you're your your frustration. At these calamities. And then the earthquake hit cut you it. I don't think there was a single. Word of encouragement. Where we stand by you. No aid offered. To Mexico as a result. So. There's just kind of this common courtesy thing you know it's sort of like when. I know somebody helps your rake your leaves. You say thanks right. Then you look over in their yard envoy the leaves are follow all over the place and then you just kind of turn your head and ignored them. It's not the American way so I think we need to figure out a way to step up. Under Henry channel little bit I know that we pull back a lot of aid to countries across the world this for an aids stuff. But should that be the case with our friends. And I saw no. I think we need to reach out. And Jim a big go hook. You know. Maybe maybe you think I'm black and what we need to do is we need to keep all of our money in our own little piggy back. And I hear that argument I understand that argument but you know you give a little and you get it back. And generally the laws of the universe so make you don't get back. Until you give first. Vern my lack Jabber what. Are. Burned yeah sure yesteryear on Coca. Hey that the fact about wrecked early and that should short. Legally are GB MK reality show Merkel well we walked chipper knows she'd be going down through. Eight the Mexican people. And their country well that's good that's about private entities. Via via government to government. Governor governor brewery workers coming bush were recovered in these short. Skirts or look at network had a fellow Russian people know I I. Are we did that they're quite often you know samaritans purse that sort of thing but generally. Those organizations reach out to our internal issues first. And I'm not saying you know what we need to be there would billions of dollars and made but it just would have been nice. I'll send a tweet. That would work. Camilla nights when a six or break him back Karen Travers on what Steve Bennett has said. And the White House's response teams also held Bennett is going to be attacking some GOP folks that are up for election. Could get interest staying on the way. 930. How funny Scott FitzGerald resolution today and you any excuses come out to be inevitable right predictable too. Ted Cruz. Twitter now people are you know I was tablet to attack you know by those pesky Russians were maybe some intern. Then all these social media Tim may be a secret to my Democrat intent on political subterfuge. Whatever the case. It is all but certain that Ted Cruz. Will deny. Having liked a pornographic clip on Twitter. It's a sick plant John door to the here are the facts. Monday evening the account belonging to cruise or like a video clip. Posted by a sexual post switches that's the Twitter handle. An account who has no other reason for being other than to disseminate pornographic videos it's two minutes twenty seconds in length. And Ted liked it. Immediately was. Taken away but not before the damage was done. They deserved and screen shot it and people all across the country ever are laughing at it. It's actually taken some heat off of the president trumps Twitter account at this point time's gonna Karen Travers with ABC at the White House here. And Bannon had DB first interview since first public interview since leaving the White House and done that had. To have caused some ripples swift in within the folks in Washington Huskies have certainly a lot of things can go oh McGregor yeah. We were active there we were actually. Are over our unit here our White House team we are watching it together on Sunday night and eatery feel a lot of clips at a time but it pretty eager to sit down watch together. And you know there's a lot of questions that come out of this in yesterday's. White house Press Secretary got peppered with that and Sara Sanders joked it's getting more questions dusty disks since he Steve Sanders he's he's he's Danica. After he left the white happened when he was imminent but there's a reason for that he's talking a lot more now he's left the White House he did and made this interview was sixty minutes gave a speech in China today and I think it's going to be interesting to see how he tries to flex his muscles and he says he's going to be the presidents wing man on the outside and he certainly have far more influence. We be reined in trial trump supporters. From the outside to break par his political website when he did his chief strategist inside the west wing know yeah he's going to be a megaphone and are you just usual and he doesn't have to hold back. He had and that's something you yeah exactly he says he's just an add to keep the president's agenda he didn't have to listen to. Other opinions from within the west wing anymore he was going after them in this interview certainly. Saying you know he got blocked at certain points and they needed frustration of working with people who weren't in his view all in on the president's populist economic nationalist agenda. And now you know little bit of the pressure on Capitol Hill talking about. The Washington establishment in need of the swamp culture here. He says is both parties but really this messages for Republican leadership and certainly no the president hasn't been happy with Republican leaders in recent weeks have. Yeah Texas a GOP senator John Cornyn. Process I wish they would focus on Democrats instead of Republicans he's referring to. Steve van saying that or he's gonna eyes some primary challenges to some of the folks in the GOP goes incumbents who were like you said aren't supporting the president. And certainly in the message on Capitol Hill yesterday was this just is a distraction and normal at this you know get away from what were trying to do. But you know we get real nervous and and we see he's threatening this now it's really difficult and skis may actually in town to see it challenge to an incumbent especially in the senate. The viewer who have tons of money. They have already you know a thirty yard head start on anybody that would challenge them so I don't see it happen too much but. Even just signaling that it's a possibility. Would have a senator rethinking how they gonna do their strategy little. It's not forget. Nobody fought. Trump was going to be Hillary Clinton does and has an insurmountable. Hill now I am and Baylor and still has access to and a world what's the name of that Cambridge analytic. Which which is that data driven marketing tool help Ted Cruz when the primary and that helped drop when the presidency so. If I were one of those GOP senators or congressmen I'd be a little on the nervous side. And you know we saw this in 2010 that the Tea Party either a lot of challengers then and you certainly some picked off sending come in some just cause some waves and you know that the Eveready pay attention to the state is still a little early years in the ball. I never dull moment I think that quite often and Natalie. She seems to us to bear out be the case Karen Travers with ABC thank you for the okay Jared Kushner is under a little bit parts in books from the attorneys around the White House. Have been pushing for him because a lot of so just another one of the political rumblings is going on in the White House. Still I think it's hard to talk with what drew did. But fell back on track after. That guy he's a straight arrow don't forget about that you know he's one of those dudes just be squeaky claimed. You'll be real careful look at my clutch once again we'll. Horn stuff comes your way. How can you deleted tweets. I don't know I'm not and an expert on Twitter and also Ted Cruz in the cross hairs I'm sure some folks on the evangelical shuttered and will hold on just flat compared. That's a little perverted thank you much coming up at 10:15 this morning. Charlie is going to be making a run at Amazon via Amazon is going to overlook another huge facility. Inject about five billion dollars into a State's economy we'd like to get the New York Times says now about an hour we are not a run. Jim we can overturn that concept with a guy like this September 15 where your interview featuring. So it's still a fairly young school you're right coming out how many weeks have accused in the school over Europe through three he has the handful substantial. And we have won a major with two bus incidence. So far. We have via the drunk driver must it must version right and then we had day a crash that was on north on the north side to tell I do believe. And then well we've got another situation let's hope this is not something that gets repeated on a regular basis also room. Afterschool today six year old Mattel Laney won't more than a mile through the brain and storm arms procurement. Grossing busy tech is DG world in west Charlotte after being dropped off my school bus is Paramount terror. And I didn't care means. You know I found. His mother says the first grader was never supposed to be on a school bus at all she says she texted his teacher at Ashley park elementary today saying it was Mattel's first day and after school program and asked to make sure he got on a bus for that program. She replied OK got it. As Miguel's walking to his grandmother's home he set another school bus pulled up the driver picked him up and dropped him off that his grandma's. That's Allen's mother found out what happened and her son had been law. As negative I could have because the mid hit my car. Astray now been thankfully Canada could be kidnapped. A CNN spokesperson told me via email CMS is aware of the concern and actively looking into the end that. We're checking on the transportation changes any encouraging parents to follow protocol for making changes to students drop off schedules. Kind of automation it is does not happening in that nobody Sam and NATO with the Tampa so roughly three incidents is this as of right now. So by the end of the school and you're going to have more bus incidence where that number. Surpassed. Homicides in Charlotte. I don't know which number one of the smaller. Doesn't know it's coming up on 950 right now this is it was eleven to 993 WB two. I yesterday the the UN Security Council they decided. To make some changes in their approach to North Korea things are getting tougher putts on rivers. They're here to grow up. Heard but that was Mormon incremental if you will salvo of sanctions not not everything that say the administration wanted to. Was talk of having maybe a full oil by hand on North Korea. And some voices like potent in Moscow were saying look don't pay to Kim Jong on into a corner because then you're gonna have real trouble. Phil keep the door open slightly and that's exactly where we are right now and at that there's a little wiggle room there could be more sanctions down the road if there's say another nuclear test. Also opened the possibility the remote possibility. That the Beijing and Moscow can actually open up by dialogue. A forum Specter tried to talk to the leader of North Korea touch and that's all we can't right now where. Where none the wise very big glass half full or half empty guy you tell me. So they'd they'd like you ship they really didn't. Put a big giant kibosh on them there. Banning all textile exports and prohibiting all countries from authorizing new work permits for North Korean workers. I know that they're both of those are source of currency for them. How painful would this be the doesn't seem like it's a big staying. Hate going to be has it marginally painful yeah textile they did it's a big guy earners to the men neighborhood of one point two billion. Emeka you know very very cheap cheap clothing and exported X Federer around the world. A lot of the construction workers go to places like the Middle East from North Korea. So that's gonna they're gonna hurt Pyongyang but not in the way that oil would have or maybe in the future hurt. The country but we're not there yet. Did the windows open to talking of if the US than anybody else want to get around a table. Both the American shake out because something that we some catalyst to break this somewhere down the road. Yet no freezing international assets of the the folks within the North Korean government is as well as Kim Jung on. How difficult would that be I know that that it's happened to the the McGinn ski case with some of the other Russians. They froze assets from its is that something that we just we'll flip the switch. I'd say yeah I mean yeah I mean electronically I think it would be easy having said that. How many top level North Korean officials you know our our jet setting around the planet Donna Maggette left. Phil why is more symbolic in that fifth. Yeah then don't yet people came to mind did tight as the one to get out of the country too often because we'll see. He is is pretty cool out here so big specific. Larry in the middle lass vague when the could really put her tomb would be complete. Ban on oil from going into the country and my guess is sort of what you alluded to another test and a that when may be brought up. Yep I think you're right and again hated it should be you hear voices like Beijing and Moscow they don't do that don't have that well. Knew we we may be that will be able loaded down the road or miraculously we might have some talks. The political wind usually where where it goes yeah. Okay so. I appreciated Tom rivers win ABC the UN Security Council did decide to make some changes things are incremental. But they were on board to do. So resolution. Is on though isn't cool for the North Korean regime to change its behavior. The Security Council will not back off. In the face of North Korea's assistant pro locations. We sermons. It's repeated resolutions. He does sneak collective will of the international community. But we will continue to put the maximum pressure against North Korea. So that it should lose seriousness. And takes concrete action. Towards the goal of denuclearization. Today we have enacted strategic measures. And it's together with the existing obligations. Add up to the most stringent United Nations sanctions regime. Placed on any nation in the 21 century. We have enacted measures today. That showed how determination. Tax. I think determination to act even if sister's baby steps. I I agree with would prudent and with a China you know on a proposed final corner. When you put a rat into a corner and they got nothing to lose. Them fixed and kind of get ugly. Philadelphia. How often you hear new stories about Philadelphia. I don't pay much attention to it but there are a lot of folks who are a large swarm of insects trade a big giant buzz in Philadelphia. Don there's an experts are saying maybe this is an exodus from our from the hurricane. But literally it looks like millions and millions of these bugs are flying around. Twitter. As anyone in or around senator city tonight noticed a total swarm of very small books flying around everywhere. Another Twitter and the tweets is wise or swarm of bugs blanketing south Philly right now. You know what she's stationed right brother all Eagles fans and trying to get tickets. It's it's funny because you think that there be some sort of I don't know bug doctor kind of person that would make a statement about this but the other police. What was called police. Are Canadian staff I don't know I'm on wireless or emergency. Cops say they don't know where the nets or whatever they are some folks calling them flying ants have come from. Bono we don't know we don't know where these nets came from. But in the cup and has to give that announcement. So I'm not gonna do you do it none I'm gonna do it try to give your darned if you well. Mean they have to push somebody forward to say all right let's go on talk about the nets. So literally billions of them and I'm sure there's some folks there in Philadelphia you know diocese did to descend this is a plague of some sort. There on the way they come and get us so those are the bugs beyond the movie it was a phenomenal success. Hundred and something million dollars in its opening weekend. And it in its passage received at some psychiatrists. Got together and they wanted to find out we have is our expanding real bind this fever clowns thing. Apparently there's a real psychiatric. And psychological reason that some of us don't like them. Steve Schultz. Harvard Medical School. So as Jersey primal instinct called pattern recognition in this is to blame this is a pattern recognition allows people. It's gonna take some caution when things are just off a bit and they say they clowns. Troy monsters. Are based on two week human shapes. And got that creepy permanent smile right fielder with a going to be up to. Which leads to hold rove phobia which is a clown hope. Not as common as it's made out to be in the media. But it is real so therefore if you are a fear to. Like much you. We'll have a support group we'll have a tonight out in front of the radio station 1 Julien priceless 7 o'clock. You bring your own car. Amazon can we get them to come to Charlotte a lot of conversation about that that comes up the tab 1015 here on the BBC. I tried to get the job with a bikini for reach to places. They. Or otherwise they wouldn't wanna hire. You know why stokes why your packs. And my man boobs are big and it is that lawyers say it. Which cup size too like me and she didn't. I like stokes a little while ago with a good. My emotions have changed they've gone downhill. There's a a new list of a potential motions for people the it used to be scientists thought that there is just a handful. Feel we could do you know happy sad depressed to collect stuff but and now they've added day. Well couple dozen or so to. How weakened field including our admiration. Stokes I used to have admiration. Federation. Men and women. Appreciation. Yeah I had that not anymore after the boob joke. Anxiety. Hasn't gone quite that for you remember push me over the edge awkwardness. To the motion. I do have a bit of that I'm sure you do as well. Boredom. No confusion no discussed now. You might have that for my man groups. Envy. Some ladies that might have some might envy of my man groups. Excitement. To let's hope not I don't wanna know about it. Same thing for sexual desire and romance and now we've visit. A spokeswoman baca. I don't know if he's gonna come back or not after where they need some new you know geez they get those emotions certainly do Steve Bennett is causing eight. Well a bit of a ruckus a bigger of a to do it and in the White House in other circles within particularly the GOP. Again sixty minutes is where he started opening and fire. In the end trump went around the room and asked him what the percentages he thought of still winning. And what's the recommendation right start off from rice said you have you have two choices either dropped out right now or you lose by the biggest landslide. And American poker history can trump. Consumers it's a great way customer who has starter start conversation we went around the room. And you could tell I can tell from the incoming of politicians I can tell from some of politicians lose there where there is a natural inclination of politicians. Target are to be so overwhelmingly. Stunned and shocked by how the media comes on you know the trump wasn't mad and I told is aware and I was Alaska to speak and I said it's a 100%. We have a 100% probability of one. And that's the first time argues. To have done that and every point campaign when he was in trouble asking him to double down on his rhetoric double downed plane in terms of appealing to his base. To try to appeal to the American people onto the working class people in this country absolutely you know why because it was a winner just like Tom hello down double down. Cannot be I'm pretty prophetic. Because when it all came down to grab and women by whatever. Past statements divorces. The perception. Of misogyny racism. It just didn't matter. Spoke his mind Chris Christie screwed approach could have been on the chump change but no Steve Bennett tells life. Bush Saturday to me as a litmus test. It's a litmus tests. And I said it the other day the general Kelley to run the show also things afterwards could say it's O line I remember. From the movie the wild bunch William Holden user right before they change gunfight at the end. When you side with demand side with him. Okay the good and the bad. You can criticizing behind him you side with him you have to side with him and that's what Billy bush we can show me Billy bush Saturday showed me who really had Donald comes back. To play it was better angels all you had to do and what he did. Was go out and continued talking American people people didn't care they knew Donald Trump was just a locker room talk with a guy. And they dismisses it had no lasting impact on the campaign yet. Did you see the mainstream media that day. It was literally he was falling into Dante's inferno we took names on them person to do and you kind of I gotta I gotta you know Marshall got to get my black book and I got to. Christie. Because of Bob Billy bush show we can ten was was or not looked as for cabinet position. He wasn't therefore we don't Millie bush we can so therefore he doesn't get a cabinet position. I told him the plane leaves 11 o'clock in the morning to draw on the plane or on the team. To make upon didn't make the play. From the that was a eight plotted move Florio missed alarm clock. The the one thing. That and that surprised me there's a lot of things that surprised me out of the the interview but one of them was what a big mistake. The komen decision what shall we talk about inside the White House James Coleman was fired. Correct. Just remember your serve. You in favor of him being fun. It's been reported in the media I was adamantly opposed that I don't talk about private conversations whether the media report I was adamantly opposed to two games in this case immediate right. I was with the news reporter you're right I am a big believer in this city. That it's a city of institutions not individuals. And I think you have to look at it as just institutions the FBI is an institution. Did this speaker of the house is an institution. Took the majority leader as an institution. Okay the Justice Department and institution. Haven't institutional logic of how they perceive what they're gonna do you can't get caught up in individuals. But have you. And since you see that. You have enough that you wanted to go to war. I guess Mitch McConnell. The leader of the senate. When I go to war witness and you just said he represents an institution he does represented institution. As another institution that. As part of the battle. Which part of the Cuban state. Whenever we come back plus we'll talk a little Amazon can it come to Charlotte which cross their fingers and open up the coffers and our laws since seventy and each time talk Amazon momentarily Judy. A lovely day to vote and a. The natives are getting in your devoted. Should know. Mine was stopped and here are real candidate color all the attention. OK I recommended to everybody you wanna have a good fight with a best possible candidates so that that the American people here in Charlotte. Have got a wonderful choices to to be able to ponder upon. So Judy appreciate you join in the conversation here it is good to like April with the yet the observer. This could be an incredible debt for Charlotte defending we can get Amazon HQ to. To come here. Bode well we get a bit of a hill to climb no. Certainly. Flying in the sun. Announcement last week that they be seeking proposals from. Guy you know basically any it's committee that meets that their criteria. The most major cities and you add in North America are expected this from Medicaid because I'm you know I honestly it's that fantastic opportunity for metro area. You know Charlotte you know meet most of their criteria I think that there underlying concern that people have. Just because it is quite a competition and so I had said that they're due October 19 and you know it remains to be seen I. Exactly but I happen at Charlotte so it should be pretty exciting. When somebody puts together a bit when they when a group of government it agencies in the region here put together a bit. What what will be included in something like pitino. Is the basically Charlotte Charlotte would have to. Outlined exactly like how I you know how they would be able to facilitate capacity of this size and the workforce. Talented they have I there's there's actually like link Amazon has provided that they can I follow and basically the metal mine. It's you know it's it's. Came across the board yeah why you know workforce talent I don't feel like proximity pay airport and I master and that. I that's with a bang and I you know they have to demonstrate that they would have some sort of he no ability said. Being able how's that many people are you know be able to let that facility grow organically however it would in times. And that it's it's a fairly lengthy app proposal and it's expected said you know. Diet and fitness and the pay a lot of manpower on behalf that I every minute municipalities that I then he has. Yeah that would be involved I know that the Washington Post put us in a kind of in the running for that to the New York Times. Said not Bob a nine and a part of that was because of your own cultural opportunities here and and I I find it fascinating. Because I think that. They could go hand in hand if somebody would make part of their proposal. To add cultural things or whatever might be missing. Then they could go hand in hand just because you have such an influx of people. That you would be able to accomplish so much more do you think people are thinking that way or it's hey this is what we got take nearly the kind of thing. So that cultural edging at and I think he would. Probably consider that a bit of a subjective. Piece this criterion and that new York times of looking at that makes Charlotte N Indianapolis. And particular. And it's interesting because and stay at that they ballot. A factor that attract the uneducated workers. And if you look around Charlotte the millennial demographic is exploding young at the evidence then you know that. Thousands of apartment buildings that are that are both under construction implants. You know this John thinking back there decrying tax sector. Things like that has really and then important and attacking and people here so I. I think that's particular. Critic for the middle with a little bit up for debate begin I have come there are a lot of young people moving in here. Gotcha so some of the other criteria. A hundred acres of real estate that's available that has infrastructure here and then also the the idea of access to mass transit at the site. Those could be a bit of a bug a boo boo as far as in the state that would give us a better better leg up then something like Raleigh Durham right. Absolutely. Absolutely. And other things better. You know going to be touted in particular for Charlotte you know as advantages then and you know they are criteria is that they have to be something. That a prospective city has ready or you know planned to if it is kind of how it's a facility of this size and I think it's. The fact also Charlotte has one of the busiest airport in the world mountain that's worked in our favor when recruiting other major preparation pattern expand here. Archer relocate here and so that's that's the huge selling point and that I know that they will be clearly emphasizing that wants. Absolutely yeah. So high quality of life we certainly have that when. But I am a little upset that that we don't get the and the recognition that while 1% San Jose there's plenty there San Francisco the good people to go there would be ill afford to live DC. And some can't I mean there's a lot of big cities that that they say had more than we do I think we might have a bigger upside and long term potential. To be more inclusive of them in the outgrowth of the community you know. He bit there's certainly a lot of factors that work in Charlotte favor I think one criticism of a place lake you know Denver or. And today aired. You know any other place. Over on the West Coast of bay doesn't offer that quote unquote geographic diversity that they opposed to with talking about them. Amazon my Emmy and you know this is again purely speculation that that's but a lot of us get it right now. Let people are saying they Amazon might want them sort of on the East Coast president you know complaints on a different time bound. Some place that offers on something really different from what they have already in Seattle. You know they pointer late Q that the area's low cost of living. The fact that Charlotte and North Carolina are. Always eager to jump buying attacks since that as they and other regulatory and that has to come to the company said. Relocate here or expand here. Other view it you know that are not given there's several I huge advantages but I think the region has not the day. You know get that help us exponentially and raining out but I think does they're certainly working and child's favorite. Dutch and again can brawl with the observers witnessed here today who was going to be leading the charge of putting together this proposal. So that would be that Charlotte regional partnership and the Charlotte chamber which is pretty. Standard I think that was probably to be expected that chambers said that they will identify potential sites for the instability throughout Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. And that's that's a bit more specific and I guess I was expecting. And that. Partnership cut overseas. Multiple count me as some militants there in that it would you know be bright and Mecklenburg at this pace that Mecklenburg you know. That's sort of narrows things that a little bit more I think a lot of people are speculating on whether they will. I you know look at it like an underserved area with a lot of that they think had how that is you know this could be an opportunity to uplift states. Certain part of the community or something like that. They had especially Charlotte and Mecklenburg County as where they'll be looking. And neurotic city last thoughts on this news today. You know I think it's going to be a that's pretty tough competition. Is I think says. If any major that I you know I can they would there be any major city in North America is gonna look at that with Internet and certainly most. You know a day that most major city in the US is popping in there has then let's go for that's a lot of people think that. Amazon might already have their mind made up and maybe they're just looking critically at dealing term because he had packed with Bennett and things like that. I'm not sure that's the case why I think that. You know in this in this bidding process that certainly going to be scary. I can I did so everything that's schools in part it's certainly gonna try to put that past. But boy yes I'd prefer if this was like a dating app hopefully I don't know which direction you sweepers and left or right produces say yes. I think you're quite right for yeah I was very coy that was kept. Pretty good Katie Katie for all over the observer and an update on hopefully something that couldn't be truly transformative to our region. Amazon could be coming our way that would be a good thing we're at 25 receive 50000 jobs to you but let's bring them on them. The election. Maybe it really called elections of primary. Primary election I guess he wants to get very very specific about an hour. Boat had a chance to talk to. Ask the three different democratic hopeful which the the two that are trying to go after Mayer Jennifer Roberts. We think certain who's got a leg up on this. I I have a fearless and be Roberts I don't know why and I think probably just because I think is going to be a low voter turn out. And the ones that are deeply entrenched firmly behind her that's going to be coming out in in big numbers but Woolsey Bryan Lyles Joseph Ford work Jennifer arrive. So I'm looking forward to is preaching on talking the more voters have been popular for the last several months and you know I'm gonna erode further I can I think. We are great community and people pulled together and tough times I am you know I'd I don't mind competition I think it's good to have choices but. I'm joined pretty confident and certainly enlivened Iranian voter research and end contacts since I've been hearing the community and com I feel like. I'm ready to head forward. And so what will Wear your Dave and Intel you go you've why you've already voted early voting I think. Are correct. Absolutely absolutely I will be visiting polling sites across the city. Continuing it's not a voter and lol I'd be busy all day doing that. And prevention voted for. I don't log on to little while today about it ourselves here probably. This ought to consider doing you testicle or arrogant as if to look here's a little and access. When I voted for when I ran for student council president back in high school I voted for myself even though my opponent was much cuter than an option and what would. What would convince you or sway your vote today. Because there are gonna be a knock an endorser you know we have polling places like she mentioned and target the voters. I don't know that there's anything that anybody could say on a day like this that would make me whole we'll I didn't know that. You wanna keep us safe our homes mocking bird there's that's very nice have you. Well you want to affordable housing here in insurance alone may and I'm so glad you brought that up. Oh I don't you what the schools to be better. Column I didn't know that about you I thought for sure you wanted to burn them all down. Kind of a waste I don't know how anybody goes in the world of politics and when survives it mentally psychologically. And and socially. What happens all the friends yet. If you get some new ones I guess she gets a newest. Ones who have contributed to your campaign so we'll say it's primary day and of course we'll have all the other results for it. As the day goes by data breaches suck yes they do we've seen him with that a target we've seen with a lot of big companies. Could potentially. This Equifax breach be the worst thing that has happened to the world of computers and our privacy ever. Actors can with ABC you're still trying to figure get a handle on just how nasty this is gonna end up being at one of the fears at this point in time. Well I think lived with the big fear is is that 143. Million Americans whose data was exposed to global well actually I haven't stolen it. And used for nefarious purposes. You know that there hasn't been any proof of that yet. But that's one thing that investigators are trying to do to get a handle on an enemy can't figure out why Equifax. Which. As all of this information on all of these American. Do beautiful Wyatt wasn't better protected from from a cyber intrusions. Do you think that. Baby is such Christian could possibly be and and it's. It's not like it's a you know a American girl doll warehouse that that has got hacked you're. This is that some of the most vital information that any bad guy or bad woman needs to replicate us. And a potentially destroying everything that we got. Well it's true and the that the team did a good thing about Equifax is that you don't really control your interaction political facts. They control your information to determine your credit score right so next time you get alone and all that but the that the data is still is being taken from you regardless of whether you've actually ever checked in with Equifax before. That's part of the infuriating thing so you have. All of these people who's the data is out there through no fault of their own and who are now facing the prospect of having it used inappropriately. Class actions suits what do we know about these so far. We noted to have been filed and that more are probably coming. We know attorneys general in several states are. Taking a look at to see whether there is any thing that Equifax should have done or could have done differently. They're also looking at a curious sale of Equifax stock by three company executives. That just happened to come right around the time. Equifax discovered this data breach yes the company said these executives. Didn't know of course about the debris to the time but that's the timing of the sale would sure curiously. As well we did another ship was sinking when we stole that lifeboat and jumped overboard no we're in we had absolutely no idea. The the class action suits. They're gonna have to prove I would imagine that there's been damages done other than. These are the security breach of somebody gets it but doesn't do anything with a well there's still be grounds for class action suit. There would be if the data was not appropriately protected there there sure could be. And and the go to a class action lawsuits claim that the other bit data is handled negligently. There's also be peace investigations. Which could result in criminal charge right. From from the different states if in fact there there there was they they willful blindness to this kind of an issue. 143 million people I'm just imagine the TV commercials come on our way you thought the other mesh cousin your attorney it was bad. Just just imagine how many commercials we're going to be seeing where this. Yeah I mean c'mon clothes over and under over and under on this amateur he's gonna jump into the fray on this. Well you think there they've already jumped in some others there's probably no. You know no reason to believe that more won't and and and why shouldn't today given me the enormity of the breach can now. You know and I don't know of many people may have actually been compromised hurt your 443 million people is bad news. Drive time two give my laundry. Jumping to the class action suit. So a break in fact when we come back the the iPhone and new ones it's coming out and just got. Folks all excited and pucker for two different reason what so what are they we'll talk about it. There's 11109 and entering a degree to do so today made the world primary is beyond me. Council yeah. Have you want to mention that out of ten people to. May have an idea who is actually running in their particular district. It's just not pay a high priority. Seven did not vote Susan GM hi you called 704571110. Glad that you did your take on prior. Mary voting. I I'm Bob courtroom or other here or there or are there are pure arm where you could get Lauren. So Cheney Marie figure out or Washington very. Your heart rate Kurt. I have to ask you. What. Put that question in to your mind. Well that you know outbreak hit be acquired drawl that coffee shop as we begin two ladies room looking get them in there. Sir your favorite bird. But. You know our Ali unaffiliated voters say Mecklenburg County of which I am watered back. It is what Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Mario late primary. Reputed site single awkward side Obama. They're not decided to drop mile long Republican affiliation and go our affiliated. Doctor Barbara hill. Why did you vote for Hillary because you knew that somewhere need to have this image of her in a bikini serving your coffee. Well go cower like yeah palatable I don't kick Gartner murdering her and her husband you know previous fifteen years night. And opt out there who want Hillary. I had no you didn't Iraq could side Obama. What their background and I don't know what a year you're not alone and is a lot of people students and while there are more outward but today. Are more you know you can vote whichever. What an affiliate you won't cure period number of voters prepare for robbers today. And the call I think people like car matching waters here are important. Well Barack Hussein Obama that are done more for the lie and the limited government people. Alpert and anybody alive if you're according years. It's always good to have a finger to point out isn't it good points Jim I think that maybe what we need to do was just encourage everybody. Don't think about the issues just think of who. You would like to see in a bikini serving coffee. That should be the deciding factor that should be there should be good to have read rookie with the ABC and a high phone rumored that we SE today Brent. Yeah I mean we will certainly repeat something good the only piece of hardware we know absolutely are sure that will be on display is the news Steve Jobs Peter. There in Cupertino at the grand opening apple campus other than that or just relying on rumor and speculation and some high profile leaks that seemed to take place. This weekend so we can look at it if you don't who gets to be slightly upgraded. Toward the word you want Alec I don't have an effort that would that might not be domain not that bad but that's the sort of thing we're talking not just a little incremental changes. And it works I can get stepping everyone's talking about the iPhone at it again at ten years that the first iPhone. Yeah debuted and that could complement a 7000 dollars. Do you think that that makes it appealing to a certain group of people words like it would be as far as having a status of the apple of the in the iPhone has always been. A little bit more of a quota status symbol in more of me and identity kind of by 2000 dollar phone that's like my foot no flashed around a Rolex. The award at least like saying here's my new computer and sort of all I care about right that's same price as a laptop at the end of the day. Left I mean a really good left the exactly underlining and apple laptop like. And so what you're talking about it is late I think. These imaginary this specific set of people that want to be sure that they are sort of at. At the forefront of Smartphones are doing right now and if I don't text if it's any sort of as described in the rumor mill right now would sort of re imagine what an iPhone looks like gone would be that those top and bottom black band gone libido. The hold button and acumen and actually have a button to press kind that you just navigate everything on the ultra large screen that's. Are you instead of having fingerprint scanning on the button you have facial recognition we point the camera at yourself doubted how what would have walked by just knowing that you've B owner role in front of that. Is well sort of souped up displays and things like that but it. You know made it difficult to point one thing that would make it worth a thousand dollars but it had to do that sort of accepted that wants to be at the forefront of things that you that that would be the appeal. Yep and wireless charging. Obviously would also be you know the wireless. Airboats to go along when you're gonna listen to music Fazio what good that would make me nervous not to have at least one button on it. How many times if you had a phone where something goofy and locked up and then you had do that. You know 11223412. To the other buttons there in order to get things every booted and gonna get you would go to do that are no buttons. Go to the tactile look of knowing that you can press something and something happened and it is relatively reassuring the ideal witness as a human even necessarily the housing that you would have to practice as often. Even started on because it would simply. Oh weakened by itself when you picked things up but it doesn't only. Feel that reassuring to people who want to be able to touch something and we found that out with we don't like blackberries are so popular for so long it. People that you know did not necessarily trust is glowing screen in front of them that probably could do all sorts of things and and inevitably would fall short. At some point yes I I still have never. Crossed over into that world where I I can. Say that I love V the digital. Keyboard. I had much more preferred when you flipped out the keyboard in your head of the mean I could go fast was that this when I feel like a Dutch hero. Yeah up. And what's gonna be interesting so that's the hardware that we're talking about it all Symbian is gonna see sort of the software what is inside. This phone I mean one of the things we've been talking about a lot of augmented reality they are EU member of Pokemon go into the game that sort of layered animation all of do things that were really popping up on your camera she had a little Pokemon showing up at your living room now imagine a remote she. That. And smaller if you walk away these the sort of think you're gonna start seeing more and more and end this is a space where apple plans to make a big play. And that could be coming today. And it's going to be an event is this something that people can watched on the road or is this. You know for a select few could I know that there's like a live streaming a live blog gonna put. Is that available to you know the unwashed masses such as myself. Yes gonna pay me apple always like streaming live from their cited takes place in the beautiful they've had taken place in a brand new repeated Steve Jobs auditorium in Cupertino that they don't just turn things like that 1000 feet. Filled with its fans and tech journalist you'll hear people who wing it hauling over every new reveal. And then ABC of course a lot of stream of the whole thing and commentary is well and added that he didn't go to big day every September. There's always things to sort of come out ahead of the big news question is. You know apple came the first thing not only that but also this it any new surprises there will be just a few hours. Now my bread milk with every Celeste questions can be a big day for Tim Cook this could. Believe that day where he he reveals products that that truly demonstrate. His vision and his leadership don't you think. Let's try and eat it then the issue Smartphone has become that. He don't have these momentous steps anymore I mean it didn't doesn't. The step of going from no I don't in the world to an iPhone in the book literally daequan and let it all feels very incremental way time after time after time. And apple kind of ceded ground to the Samsung's of the world in the Google of the world as they create their own phone. And at this point in a lot of regards wireless batteries. Is Dario wireless charging. Facial recognition that these could have done another round in the path today and at this point Apple's playing catch up their job will be to beat. To do it bigger and better. And perhaps for diablo put some of these software intricacies and blow. Good enough for an argument ABC the iPhone coming out ten years it's hard to believe it's been ten years since the debut of such a a world changing not just life changes and a world changing. Invention. Jennifer Roberts by Lyle to Joseph Ford who. Who of those would most likely get in line to get these new iPhone today. Well. Agile for. And so. Financial issues in the past break right out of bankruptcy losing his been diverted to Republicans. Look over the actually he would be like. To have it wherever it. Jennifer Roberts. I think she might be one of those three who still has a landline. There's good big. Are kids in line at all times right that's still one of the rules of being a parent and if you don't. Some bad things can happen and when some bad things happen to a beautiful place. I'll tell you what we can be. Disheartening. Depressing. And disastrous future home away. Lie detector test for politicians about. Brothers up before I think what we need to do. Is have every single person who is an office and is running for office. Flow through a series of questions strapped into a lie detector. Brilliant ideas and talk about this before. Another reason I bring that now is attorney general Jeff Sessions he has softened up for the weeks and coming out of the National Security Council to warnings. Think about doing things floated the idea of giving a dozens of lie detector tests. Time and clear whether or not some items will be possible moment to it appears to be a good measure. Two sessions frustration with a loose lips right now. Interrogators would ask subjects what they know about leaked transcripts. Things like a president trumps phone calls. Documents things have happened in meetings that sort of thing. A guy get them. PO little severe measure figure that their recent department. When you wanted to work for that improved. Most of them aren't but I think they should do it for everybody who's in office. We have some some fascinating questions what questions would you ask. What would you 70457. Or 1110. Ted Cruz would have to tweak his answer go on on that went. And you say that again if we look at not a pitcher and now how creepy you sounded good and when you do that. Have you ever pocketed. Any money you know or have you ever made a a a a vote your it was your vote ever swayed by money that somebody gave Tia. Yes I did yes. How about two. Who's creep here who annoys you more Maxine Waters or Hillary Clinton put. Him. And Michigan say it was time Brent. Do you believe more. Mister senator. In aliens or bigfoot. When you add that could be an important decision you know. But as far as for voting goes that's who Yahoo! let my mind might decide to pick it's a dividing line there there really is. Here's president Trump's hair orange or yellow. There. What would you ask if you can get your politicians on radio on a lie detector. Just think it would nerve. Bob passenger. Running a lie detector when would you ask. At the blue widget. Do you Wear silk stockings. From Alyeska whatever politician. I asked him first. They looked really comfortable and as they do about that they really I think I think it would be. I'm not going to if you put me on a lie detector I'd have a hard time answering that it. Would you sleep with a sex robot. And I think that's terrific question. Of course it would depend on what the robot look like yeah Bryant. Therein if it was my little pioneers like they're not now Bernard DD TC three PO and other than that there's greatness. Would you build a wall. Query Chucky cheese for adults. Two days at the important questions that we need to know as Americans. There's a group. Has anything you've ever done stayed in Vegas. Isn't is that the slogan what went out of the biggest days and things I'll betcha there's a few things that. Have stayed in Vegas threw us some of these folks who are not officially thank god Jimmy called up 704571110. Am glad that you did and hello there. Well I can't mess. We saw how distant are. They were dead that would assume that they know who the interns on. Ground. Practiced every bill on network yeah I'm bill come back for more rodeo when. The funny thing would be if if she wasn't the hottest intern she was just the one that would. Can you take what you. Thought well hang in fruit right and in particular are pretty at least that's terrific but. And Rick Barrett Timmy you do the same. You do the same time I think this is important that. The Wii is a country where is as of people. Unify around what it is we would really like to know. About our politicians. Mean people say that are pro life whether they're pro choice or that their program and or that their pro this or that there that. Today you know Juan FDA poured all the Muslims you have an opportunity to sit him down and ask the questions about the issues that are important to you. And then we wouldn't have to relying on. There opposition. Telling us what those people are about. There's little illustration do you learn more about a politician from what they say about themselves. Or from what another politician says about them. I think that he had the negative stuff sticks more. Which is why somebody like Roger Stone or in years past Roy Cohn. Started the the attack gets because they knew they work they knew they would work and they certainly do. And that's what one of the things that happened on FaceBook and we haven't even gotten the bottom of that when he as far as what kind of has replaced on FaceBook but they were not positive ads. For the candidate they wanted to win views were negative. Ads and let me get. To defeat the run which I don't like. So I've got a suggestion as far as a that we conduct and ask politicians on AI lie detector. You know what I love to hear about it. You need to keep your kids in line even a judge he cheeks or someplace that has living things. And food and tied together with a whole thing be a bad deal if you don't details coming up here under with a 10993 to be beaten. Talk to other folks who will be tortured insider self. Make the change still it's his ball staple mean let's face whereas if you're grown up man we always go to the orchards and you ready for the fall you know pumpkins and then that'll Schneider and that sort of thing that took. Some folks about Rwanda for others and we'll talk about the just moan Jeff Sessions wants to open a lie detector to the folks who work within the NSC the National Security Council I think we need to. I think we need to lie detector tests all of our politicians. So what would you ask some sort of questions. Cinema 45711. To dog you got a question for the lie detector for politicians. They're good morning got a so you know I would I would start by saying I'm I'm not sure if you if you're familiar with the nonaggression principle. But Mike my question would be it is the politician. In favor of using force or physical violence. To either. Enforce or compare old. Are complying with civil laws nonviolent criminal laws. And and in our case in point would be. If it's someone fails to pull over for a police officer when there are possibly speeding more or driving up their headlights. And they and they refused pull over or is that politician in favor. Of the use of force against someone engaged and they're not correct. Certain serious sentient they do despair and and I cheat I speed chases and all that kind of stuff to work to bring that corporate two. Today you have to bear. Right or or for someone who who does not for example maybe they don't pay their taxes. I is an exit. Into politician in favor of these aren't showing up with guns to you that to take away their also. And you're only referring to civil situation is not criminal situations that touch. So the make or break down and you know break on your door for your involvement in divorce or something along those points. Kutcher -- good question I think it would be able to go tell a lot about the other person's. Character demeanor and what they consider to be important. What would you act politician with a lot of take your 704571110. Windy hill orchard cider mill this is a place of people gone for a long long time. And and you pick your own apples at least you could. But that's changed Mathieu Gosford would go into your orchard destroy and sure enough Tony tell me what happened and some party Cooper's blew things for other folks on. They've got via Wi we opened up for a regular all season for our yearly traditional apple picking. And we had the great problem of too many people coming up and things just got a little while and. What's what do you mean out of hand I mean it's could have a crowd. But when a crowd gets too big some people go a little above and beyond look there you would normally expect them to do what they hanging like monkeys entries. Yeah anything you know climbing trees blown apple that each other com comment on farm equipment Damon Jones and things here and there. You know a lot of it was a really intentional but a lot of these folks that come visit farms they're not used to visiting farms anymore. And they don't know quite what they're doing by climbing trees or and that's sort of thing. A lot of it's you know an education sort of thing we look haven't crowds but they need to be controlled. Tell me. So is it as and the Phillies ever happened before remain and and what was your reaction to it because my guess is. It's a pretty pastoral group of people that typically go picks him apples and then all of a sudden boom it's like 'cause they turn into the incredible Hulk here. DA you know every year we have we have crowd than our facility is designed to handle crowd and we love it you know being popular is a good thing. These crowd that showed up this past weekend I don't know where they came from but we have never seen a turn out like that before. And so a lot of work you know we're used to go a little bit of damage every year you know who we believe we we expect that Tom would come to expect it over the years. But this just went above and beyond anything we've ever seen and it's it's it's hard to get angry. Because yeah are your customers and you do love having him here coming out the visit and participate and that's the all traditions we have here. So yet and you can you kind of have to temper your anger a little bit and try to correct them and stop that. But this past weekend it got to the point where we we just couldn't put a stop to it that we we had to end it all together. Kind of my again Matthew go screw it went eagle orchard here today so some people were climbing trees to go who. Who did you have like big screen TVs up in the branches or something they mean that it just to go get apples people were doing this. Well like they say this the best apple always at the top of the tree I guess so that I don't want their work work quite within reach an apple start to become scarce you know you know up they went trying to get there on. If I have some got stuck in a tree what would you do. Well I. I I would think we have to get forklift out get a good you know this is all though it at this safety thing you know people all around the trees is an issue com comment on farm equipment tractors are are big and heavy pieces of machinery and if a kid was fitted the wrong lever and take things out of park yeah you pay to think what would happen. Yes we'll. Do you think you're gonna give it a try again next year may be have a sign that has just you don't hear the clear rules and we are armed with paintball guns don't get out of line that kind of thing. But that's where we've we definitely will not let that stop us in fact you know we're still open every weekend. Thursday through Sunday now through Christmas for the rest of the season. There are still some apple look there are so we'll keep taken for the rest of the year and again we love folks coming out we look forward to it every year. Matthew you're familiar with the there was typical black water right to death. Kind of via military. Contractor. Security yeah so I don't wanna thank and we can talk about this. But I know we've been an active listener brings you that probably would join me to create a militia. To protect. You trees and then there Apple's new property next year I mean we'd be dressed up like Klaus and we would be threatening everything like that that we would be there to to help you. And and keep the crowds from they'll lose in their minds when they're that sought to reassure him. Oh it sure is always there it's thick it is I'm not sure how the Second Amendment and Apple's tied together. But it seems like we can create a connection your harvest festivals that still gonna happen. Still gonna happen that's yearly it they'll always the third Saturday in Iraq there were tickets go on sale now. Tickets are on sale also that would be if it's that there were two to October 21 ranked enough apple cider and apples and here rides and all that kind of stuff. If if you've if it's already been a family tradition awesome if it hasn't. Then not go ahead make it I appreciate you could join us here today and I'm sorry folks reclining your trees it wasn't me I swear it wasn't me. But probably not this time next time may be met the guys are without windy hill orchard it's. Good. This is I don't know it just a sign of society where there is we've just become less. Listen gentle less appreciative less respectful. Too bad because politics is a couple people ruin for everybody also for the good news is like you said the harvest festival. Still happening October 21 it's just eight bucks a lot. Make it part of your family beginning of the holiday season because let's face it following that is it's all over years over after Halloween right. So a break in back and I want to talk to you more about. Writers actors what questions would you ask her politicians I think this is vital this is truly vital to have a working democracy here. In the United States of America so join me be a great American 70457. Of eleven set such questions for politicians. If you put a little lie detector where would you don't. From Jersey attorney general Jeff Sessions he's not real happy with leaks coming out of the National Security Council he's sort of this idea here's what do you. I don't have a way of motorists are lucky in a row however I'm willing. To work on my like he drove. Please upload the idea given dozens of lie detector tests to folks within the NSC. And were funneled about leaks that sort of thing you didn't have been leaking information about you know the president's phone calls. Are leaking information or documents in meetings and that sort of thing about it we didn't take you beyond that not just about leaks. The what do they think. Mean what if you could ask the potential. Or a current politician when laws on the books that you would just given up. And then have to give me an answer and then if the lie detector went off you can tell they were just giving you a political answer right as opposed to what it is. They actually believe. Gary you call 704571110. What's the questions which you wanna make sure your politicians answered. Attached to a lie detector where if they failed and they got caught lying it would drop them right into a moat filled with alligators. Well I think it's probably want all want to know. Do you enjoy. The feeling of power and control. Move. And do whips and chains excite you expect crowded malware and I don't know all the way were that it's got. I drove it I think it would be fast it would. That segment that they had that always. We are frustrated me out you know the condescending. Look we know what's best for you we can we're gonna tell you what you're gonna get and what you need. And and it is frustrating crawl so I don't know we're going back. Yeah maybe another question a follow that would be do you always know what's best for your constituents. Where could pop up or think you'd be very about exactly yes the other is delusions of Granger and things of that nature should give question I appreciate it. All right I you have an awesome day. 7045711. To would you risk. What has been do you think the war on drugs is working. Do you like our policy in the Middle East. Would you like to. Shove a monkey wrench. In to Kim Jung and steer or in. Not gonna go there when that. Despite pretty good idea I ended that thought you know get this up. Are Muslims gonna kill Wallace. I'm really get us some really serious questions. And if you think about some of the bid the very biggest issues that are out there that did that seem to bother folks short or cause them to vote one way or the other. Just only move a certain number. Guns. Do you favor gun control. Then you find out truly whether or not somebody's an NRA supporter. Or if they're just acting like there. Legalization where I wonder if it's right that should should should not really you should should prostitution be legalized. You find out. It's kind of a lot about people and other brain works. Do you do it once again I think was one of the most important ones. Do you believe more and aliens or bigfoot and explain what that we have made for an absolutely yeah oh yeah. Not you know really alien bigfoot spoke via the you're really telling recruits come mother's British so that'll be good jurors who have we just ask have you relied. And then they cannot plead the fifth. And at that. Ask a VS both of them have you ever cheated on your spouse while. While office. Am. Have you ever. Committed a crime while you were in office. If we if we really had a poignant pointed. Hard hitting system of doing this and questioning people ahead of time I think it would change the landscape of who would decide to run for office would weed out a lot of it certainly would. Yet there be a lot of scum suckers who would just say you know. I thought I thought I would like the on this and get noticed bribe money in you know and haven't flies to Washington balcony where Mike comes to Internet. But no. A little boy dead because of that one question about the John Deere tractor and launch a ready at the hotel room Jeff either question asked politicians. Got a very Rory eleven large man. Mark worked will be do you know out of borrow they checkbook that's Debbie good question anybody in particular that you would ask of that that of although all of them everyone of every single one of them. Live Naomi to clean out of their recruits know Roberto barrel to certain well you have. I don't know that that I disagree with you they probably had somebody who who did it for them. I'll bet to they may or may not have trusted or they may or may not have said. India slide a little bit of that on the side here in those to get into this this boot to a merger in the corner and wolf we'll split it Lara. Absolutely. Then little brown paper bag of certain undergoes. Dinner table sparked protests broke. God knows where but anyway yeah that would be my question can you are sick quote what. What's what's sort of bags to pig food comment because a lot of emerges pigs. You know a bit but then I mean I'm serious a lot of them are. This to agree remote to your question. It's how deep do you does your during her lips move when you read. We can decide whether or not their mouth breather or not. 70457. Elevenths and what would you ask a politician what would you ask Jennifer Roberts. What would you ask fine line ups what would you ask jewel for. We reviewed an answer before you go to the polls for primary physics today. 47. Every once in awhile somebody says. Hey let's have a press conference and show people something really really cool. It was from went awry. There's are some folks in Japan this particular area in Japan thought to be a really good idea to show reporters in other folks a blood sucking tick that has sparked panic. Because it carries a disease it's nasty and they're people who were dying as a result of this. So they bring this to account and they put it out on the table. And then they give the a press conference. And looked out on the Tex go on I. Ten and as you can imagine the room freaked out. The rumors showered with insecticide. The the dude that was running us as we should have been more careful about safety management there's the as the areas in a position to alert its people here. I mentioned the other reporters in there Shana. Look me up and down. And check. So. Judges always make precautions I guess would be India at the bottom line so maybe which had to put a light in a lie detector and politicians or have you ever let a poisonous nastiest. No tic loose in tea and encourage and shot good morning your WBT was evident. Mexico don't build the wall. Mexico is going to build the wall the wall there would get wonder why don't like you know I mean you know it is. That's a lot. Think you guys about question about happy at one program which you don't want to sort become an equity got divorced three time. And then you've got to cut the call quality award X questions. It ever make their hotel too tall an order form so I mean. There's that question to check the our politicians got the big one and offered. Right you're emotional and I mean that's come up with a real question you're you're already talking about things that that we can probably demonstrate. Or that we already know about so was so deep brink reached deepened that imagination viewers this. You know I know you that's a gray matter that words are very very well you come up some really good questions are a real question that you would ask you politician. On a lie detector will be. Well my mop biggest thing is there is an agreement mall there what will work and you don't even hello Stuart. No we don't put less support to death when now what are. You're part two that's when you would ask any politician. Is word they stand when it comes the good book okay. Mine but give me that when James hiked good morning you're on WBT call 704571110. And I'm glad that you did good morning. I was so Lamotte thank you. But I think it's gonna think they're so we need to ask Jennifer Roberts how long she'd been married Jew but wolf Hillary Clinton. Do they have a ceremony I guide I was I've ever been around since January. Yeah all this general so you know I wasn't invited if there was away. But it there but there muttered well. So. I'm not sure which is up more twisted the fact that that you think they're married or the fact that you think that Hillary Clinton is the devil. Could be a mean I don't know I've I haven't probed. But I will probably miss a few more questions I guess so thank you some good stuff appreciate you you have an awesome day. You have an awesome day Todd writes in. Here's question for the for the lie detector who has given the money any person any business any organization that has given the money give me a list. Those low risk. I used it to start out with a yes or no question has anybody any person or business or your organization given you money. I don't they say yes then. That's when you get up the staple gun and stick their hand. The left hand assuming they're right handed person to the desk and say you're not leaving until you give me a list. It's kind of a violent image but I like it. Super glue would work to be a little sneak year Willie high Buenos via us. Carlos has meant was evident I would ask. Eight there are pro or against any limit under terror you know an office. This so if somebody else you know you'd listen jetliner about. Change. Would they be. Four. Term limits as soon as I guess is is sort of how you're looking at things so. Who have. How long should you be in office should and should you be in office more than one term may be a good question this. Could be a good question I ask. I'd like to go back to the idea have you ever considered mirroring something that wasn't a human. And I'm not talking about like that blue lady and I avatar couldn't because they're not real must mean cartoon characters don't count. I'm talking about something that you can actually touch. And there's a dude in Alabama. Does not like in anything other than typical male female marriages and he has an idea of something that he wants to marry go through the courts. Just to prove a point. Man object marriage man man marriage man woman woman manage are all equally not part of American Heritage. They're all equally insane marriage is an individual rights and fundamental rights and existing right based on a personal choice and autonomous choice. For self identified homosexuals. Can vary obviously he's an individual right this. Yeah exists right fundamental right for self identified polygamous self identified zoo files and self identified machinist has a constitutional on the Stacy defined marriage. Which marriages is a constitution permit this days to legally recognized him. Just interject people ensured two very chipper hurry up above her and there are a lot you can delegate count shared some computer hardware. Moon. He wants to marry a laptop. I'm making this up I mean sometimes if my lips are moving there's a false and that's coming out of my mouth. But today in this particular situation he truly says he wants to marry a laptop to prove a point wanted to go through court. I don't know that that would be the electronic object I would. Maria married to. Not a blunder. Definitely notable and doing nothing would moving parts or sharp edges. Could do that it. Can opener blue enough maybe securing. So like Germans the German women mentioned that it encourages a curry is a woman so that student while Samaria laptop. We we've talked about robots taking over the world. And we've seen. Various stories about the sex robots but up until now. There hasn't been as sex robot to make a television. Morning show debuts and so you so so easy you can switch their over. To the family united a walk and have a sit in on the sofa amongst the family yes yes my children as they say what Samantha so she can be a home. You just Oscar for example Thompson well the children's US something that an announcement how old are betting on that driving through except they also machines. Yes you know they say tone for us in the cost they really they really enjoy tennis so loving mechanic and. Announced not to realize that surround that daddy daddy has Texas rat pack and it's time to stop Romney. If I'm not as I noted that strengths. I think the world's changing. Pegged to world changing I say that noted to justify my strange behavior the world is changing. So of this this was will holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield. Most of the other host for the British TV show this morning. And they were introduced to. I would guess you calling family man Aaron squire and his sex robot Samantha. That was kind of weird how he was talking about how the kids are are included in that she'd take to be the kind of thing where you'd have a special closet. Yet you know it gets out and right. There is opposed to. Having her sit there on the idea on the sofa watching wanted to prove videos with you. It appears that the the robot can talk and I asked quite a vocabulary. And knows some of that is is normal conversation. But some of it is. Stuff like. I can take many times. About what is she referring to visiting. I take it all. So she's greedy. Israelis would sounds like this is agree all the burritos that just peachy dose to reduce got hooked up so well. This guy's in love with his his stall and and his wife doesn't have a problem wouldn't. She says well. It's. I'm happy with us the righteous as a woman I'm not offended to have around and I don't think she's replacing me. If she's got her own robot. We heard it come up contribution. Apparently. What is it called when there's more than one person an extra. Version are involved in the intimacy. Where they call it. The trio. Try Amber's found yet. Freeways. It's at today that's via coney dog with chili and cheese it's a three. I think he had the term of would mean Tony little bit different from Samantha and does this do Dennis wise. I guess the world is changing. I used and get the memo yet but a part. Thank you so much for the conversation today it's always really good line you make it's. You make it truly wonderful to wake up to give me this opportunity to join god willing and the creek don't rise. We'll do this again tomorrow. We have an awesome day till then. I wish you and yours and everybody that you love they've never but it made me and everybody would you vote for mayor and blue skies and green light.