Ransom Ware, Jerusalem, and Kids First

John Hancock
Wednesday, December 6th

Hancock returns and is joined by Joe Gillespie of WBT News to discuss Mecklenburg County being shutdown by Ransom Ware, John discusses the Jerusalem decision, Kids First and more.


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This is John Hancock. Actually knows. Hey there either mother or as a back as we can be I don't know if I had food poisoning or had the flu it seemed like it was a too short for the flew into. If you are too short for food poisoning in into. You know one hour and every ambulance. Too long for the flu and Doug too short for the flow into long for food poisoning and you'll again. Bear with me this going to be a long bit. Try to get back we got just a few kids first and this is just not a time I can be gone solo more were able to stand now for more than a couple minutes at a time and knows who it was time to go back to work. I and I start off when Joseph Gillespie who are just as returned from lady Mecklenburg our county. Meeting on non. On no ransom. A sorely pay and it did we pay it on the deadline 1 o'clock now. We haven't paid it yet but we might so what does a deadline mean then well we've they have established communications through some channel. With the folks that did the ransom and now. And so there are aware of the fact that they're still considering what to do. Is there are. If there's some sort of a communication a line of communication open does that not make the ransom people more vulnerable to detection. No my politics they think they're from Iran are Ukraine. Seriously and I don't know really. How much. Enforcement power would be a heck of an either or they don't really care who they get I mean made the right way we've been no we've been ransom where you're at the radio station not in the last year year and a half somebody asking the warmer we targeted specifically. I don't think there's a winning any way to know that. Plus I think it's just so much of the stuff sent out they claim it's up 6000%. It's like pacts like the 6000%. And that the people do when that have have taken in billions of dollar. It's like to Asia and a jar of fish bait and thrown it in the water and all the sudden some of them get fish until I don't. Ominous southern oral care who'll. Result although. Would they would do would be I don't we work ransom for 43000 dollars so they had to know that we were smaller potatoes and what they got a year. And and do they know that I suppose by a well what they have access to once they have access to it while this is a different outlets like a big one ME a ours is something that there was just like one person. And so they sent something to one person. And anybody that one person opening it up or whatever they did they won't go in specifics about them apparently opening it up it. WB TV was reporting a noon today that they thought the them they ransom number had gone up to 700000. And that immediately made me wonder. Gosh today read all the publicity because this was on the nationalistic right. So what all the sudden it's on CBS this morning then that means so we kicked the price up. Yeah how how well did you see what we got this time but if you say it's from Ukraine are so much that I. I doubt that they were ought to especially now that Charlie Rose has gone round and we'll be watching wet and flower on they have now there's no waterboarding to rather watch an ABC like everybody else weren't. Solar geo what did they say ago and so whatever they do it's days. Whatever this solution whatever it. Do if they pay. It would take it do me for that process to start than they get a key. Unlock it and then they have to check the key to make sure it's not infected it's gonna cause more problems so it's a multiple day. Experience if you pay that's gonna take them. Considerable amount of time and indeed and not have to go through your own information and make sure that it hasn't been compromised in some way shape profession. My issue due to some point as much as you can do that when you consider they said they have what 45000. Employees around. And they had 5000. Servers 500 servers 48 of them apparently were affected. It's son. It's a big problem they're on as in the forensics think now they have talked to the FBI they have talked to the Secret Service. Well. Are and say well all or no comment because they never really come candidate they're not really. I am that good I don't think there is it really concerned is they are right now a lot of them who. Is a fact that hey we gotta keep this thing back on line you know we gotta get this back together again now the big problems they claim that every bit most everything's working but slow or. Jailed or booking a Mannelly either manually ability out manually. There was a person their from a department. It in and they provide transportation of people that have medical appointments. Now big deal with a about 16100 people. May be a and of those people. The people that have the same appointment thing every week if they take you to. You're going you're okay but people that have signed up for this to be picked up and it's kind of a special case they've lost those records to you have to call them. And reset bet that I revert DSS is affected by this. Diaz says stands for department of social services. I think some now but but apparently no. Secrets have been revealed but it's over there and they say Jason is a save. SA got I don't know oil sits like later the story comes out those are okay well listen we've put their work 43000. Social Security numbers but other than that and the counties have it. Mantra to righty Keith Greg. The move was very. We kept repeating about the the the forensic investigation is under way at the wanna be transparent but there's and they really knock on assays are things for a couple of days until they really. Are surely right so we don't know if they'll do anything today or we don't miss when he indicated I asked specifically. The you arrested are so when he got to make your decision should before the end of the day. And I would assume they have to. If they're already get leeway on the deadline these people aren't gonna go forever and they that I did some pointers as say OK and then to what they do if you don't pay. You either resolve your own problem or. Does the fighting mad and start to go up and they make it worse. Well I suppose I mean everybody on any new year giving you this problem can we double your problem I don't know. I whatever decision the price would get higher okay that's why nude and wanna go with a point 3000 try 75000. Instant now now. Since it is so big it's a big problem is showing it to our attention I'd like to see it go away is not gonna be quick whatever it is. I'm all right Joseph bluster from the WT newsroom who was so down their when the county commission of the meaning of their 2 o'clock this afternoon that. Talk about whether or not were were or paying a ransom to order computer files. My back into in two other counties such control the city in the counting I understand Estandia city has pretty much. I'm separated themselves from county file also on the city file should not be affected at this point to a noble look keep rising New Year's on that. On NC what's going on give an update on kids first and just the second toe got a couple of nice checks in the last couple days. And our 124 annual kids first for the now for the homeless and near homeless kids this is the 24 you're we've done it I should've for the Bindra the last two days of fundraising and this'll sound egotistical but if I'm not your company and every day Justin happened. And no we are way way way behind where we need to be unknown overall freaking out and I don't know why you know we've never been let down by who by all before. But I also realize that just like some of you like to send a check to me Iowa Julian price plays I got a couple of those in the mail today. And I don't even know that we have the address out there anymore if you go to the Hancock bridge WBT dot com we have an address a post office box did you consider checked to that'll go directly to our kids first of the Carolinas. But does some of you like to do it the way we've done for the last 44 years and just mail on Hancock a jacket one Julian price play Charlotte 2820. Wait. And not an and that's fine too. We had the auction last week for the I'm ACC championship game we got 800 dollars from that from Katie construction services. Was not to gonna mention that last week because the guy bought it for his daughter. And she was big Clemson fans saw apparently that turned out pretty well for her. And then I got unmarked envelope today kids first Kara John Hancock WBT radio. Julian price place. Charlotte, North Carolina 2820820. Bucks cash inside it. Right there TJ about short I guarantee that you can us in me cache it'll get Taurus post ago. Not ruin my karma over twenty bucks. But a million and a half in my hand. Now wouldn't do about it. I got to relies letter today from all lady. It's a lady who ventured to come yes ms. Terry. A Robertson morehead city North Dakota or north North Carolina. Come from John. Oh dear John my hazard and I have a great good fortune to be related to and right. She is my sister in law and no just oh by the way I know and well and and I share of the alone for peppermint ice cream. That's where we originally are bonded. And last time I saw her was the Bobble head night she got screwed out of her tickets. It but. And spent a long time supporter of the show in his place and has said day and has a hard the size of Charlotte. So it was no surprise when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said the perfect gift would be a donation to kids first. Many thanks for all the for all you do for children kindness and generosity. Make the world so much better place and no children happier and healthier Merry Christmas mrs. Terry Roberts and since reject. For a fifty dollars in and Wright's name I think that's so cool communal standards we get that from time to time. I usually make a donation two kids first my mother's name. Because we're comic under the same point in our family or the words none of us really needs stuff we've been. I'm pretty fortunate so so anyway that's when tech came in the mail today and then yesterday while I was gonna get a phone call. And I'm no voice mail which I can get through email and. Michael far. Who's the general manager of new wave of Rolex. Fool if I remember the story correctly. So my teen years ago somebody donated a football and basketball or something like that to us. And he called me and he said hey I own this company called new waiver Rolex and I can get you cases for that basketball and a case for that football. And he brought him by the station and I think he brought a check along with. And as the years have gone by he has just never forgotten a scene aid has never dust. And so yesterday they call me and already maybe had no the front desk calls and I get to send us says he brought these cases Bible once for a football and we have an autograph panther football also wolf. Put that in that case. And once for a basketball. Hornets. I don't have a basketball. Doctor Neil. And all right our North Carolina. A delicate period championship ball would be no we have been passionate. And on the other one is a great big old. I assume it's for a Jersey. And I just happened to have that number 59 blue. Luke key equally autographed Jersey. So I just told promotions go down to my desk and get that acrylic case and see if it'll accommodate that toe loop key equally Jersey. I'm so when we get to auction that off a week from tomorrow on our on air auction from 3 to 6 o'clock we'll just throw the juror wilders but the Jersey on the acrylic case if that's what it's war and and then you get the whole package. So that's that also. Over the weekend rocket kids first. Had their benefit concert. At town. The rabbit hole over there on 1801 commonwealth avenue. And I don't have their final total. But they had to autograph Carolina rebellion guitarists and a whole bunch raffles and they they do this every year. This is kind of the younger demographic cover fundraising arm but it's I don't I still to this day don't know recordings came from. But every year they do this it started that. But to place no dug in Chop Shop Panetta went to Amos and this year it's that the rabbit hole and they've put this concert on every year and they usually come in with a pretty good chunk of change forest. And one of the things they had this year was to Tom Petty autographed guitar. And Diane had 2000 dollar bid on it. And then somebody made 2200 dollar bid on. And it sold for 2200 dollars. And rumor says it's gonna be in the auction on Thursday. But it's gonna be in the auction. I don't know what the starting price is going to be on yet. I'm the one that paid 2200 bucks weren't. I hope my wife's not hearing this for the first time. I bought it to put it into the auction. If I can't get 2200 bucks word and keep them. But would get pictures of it out there but it's it's a fender guitar. Animal would bring down model and its it's signed by all the Tom Petty Mike Campbell Ron Blair. Scott Thurston. Steve peroni. I'm been marked change all of that all lives all the signatures on this guitar Tom Petty guitar couldn't come at a better year with all due respect Tom. And so we'll put that on the auction next Thursday and I may start the asking bids of about 4400 bucks on the I'm just say and now here's what I'm thinking about doing well no I shouldn't area children. I'll wait till Thursday. But I have early pregnant idea how to get 4400 dollars work. So. Those are just some of the updates. In regards to our kids first to know some of the things that have happened. Now we know the Charlotte knights are covered by a week from off Friday they have night there will have the bike drive itself Mecklenburg high school and bring in a 31 bikes. In bike for every home date that they have. They do that every year so all look forward to us in those guys Tommy you'll note and no company. And I got a story to tell you at 330. This afternoon. That about a little girl. I named Ella. Who are somehow or another read the mission statement. Of kids first. And decided that she wanted to do something. And her idea is just the coolest thing. Is it Jason TJ that do the prom dress steel. Well this is kind of what she's done but not with prom dresses and out went to work on by the way every year Patrick. Photographer he brings just unbelievable shots athletic shots. Cam Newton shots city shots. And he brought by I don't know five or six just beautifully framed. Are out photos of wall built to be in the auction next Thursday as well so Europe today. For right now kids first the Carolinas dot org the Hancock page WBT dot com we can really use your donation. Do people will not the FBI lawyers game with the artist and I wonder as the coach and we wish him the best he's addressing some health issues and the other to step curry who want twisted his ankle. And that's not good. Saw one of the things of our camera Sharon Sanders and kids first is that share intends to try to inform me of stuff. And shall I send me. Six emails. Having to do with that. And so when you do that. And you go to your email. You read the first one is safe right. And so I did that and and she tells you about this really. Unbelievable program that is literally and Ella has started. But the deal about the emails the weight that she sends them ms. Bender you finally get to like the fourth fifth or sixth one. It says read this first. It back at bat so that you have ideal lots of how this all transpired. So Bob I I got to responded to the first female that I went through the other four got all the details of this. Many of you who have been with us it to kids first bird. Oh long long time all remember the average family. And I it was orderly was Dorothy etheridge won. Indoor theaters the little girl that called on time and she she started collecting toys or. Whose toys. Stuffed animals or something like them. And her Sarah and her sister I think was named Sarah and I'm not so sure that the littlest one there always is to bring me hot chocolate. Was named Vicky. Although I was looking at they're trying to go to their website last night to make sure that I had the names correct. And if that's Vicki now. The buffalo they're what happened. This girl not bring in mean hot chocolate anymore. Up anyway just the coolest family JoAnne average big get a good brother fan. And she got jet to got to meet Scott David on a couple of occasions. And that was very cool and and her husband bill. And the averages were with us for a long long time I can still remember stand out at Sherron Presbyterian Church. I'll collect and bikes before we moved all over to south Mecklenburg high school. Cold as it could be but JoAnne and I out their. How can get kids the right bike. And just I doubt I'll never not. Remember the averages when I think of kids first because they were just such a big part of it is that it is time went on and and quite frankly. Time goes on Monday about you know the girls are grown one's seventeen and you know I mean a lot like current college by a bubble law this that the other. I'm so people moving a bit people migrate and they migrated out. And down that's kind of what this little girl named Ella reminded me elf. Heard from L as mom actually share and heard from Ellis mom and I'm probably gonna butcher named but I think it's a Veba. And apparently she's a WBT a listener. And she goes to tell me. About Ella. And grace I would assume graces the youngest daughter. Ella is a little girl middle school. A much better picture of the two over right now to secure as they can be both of them wearing Ohio State jerseys. I know it's like a sickness you know I wrote a Mac message you know I'm married to a buckeye. And yes they knew and apparently. We both married to a Penn Stater. But did they send me a picture of Ella and dad. And an Ohio State Penn State game and dad was weren't in Ohio State's watcher. We just stand up for your school. So. Ellen's mom. Tells us the story. Through email to share on. About a bunch of middle school girls. That have an idea Ella had an idea and it is now just grown huge and here's the deal. She error she writes Sheridan she says we're huge fans of your organization meeting kids first of the Carolinas. And it was short mission statement and the info. On the about link. That really got us hooked now I find that line to be especially interesting. Because when you're right mission statements. You know these are geared a month. You gotta say solemn. But I mean Hulu whoever reads your mission statement. Well I'll tell you or did the Stein's did that's irrelevant. So I was kind of gathered taken back by that idea that they. That they read the mission statement. And L what comes up with this idea and she was hoping that her pierced her friends. Would agree to quote unquote give in style. So she asked for a meeting with the head of the middle school that she goes to to see if she could promote her mission her idea at the school. And he very kindly hurt her out writes her mom but there were some other larger projects going on this school already now I can understand that. Entirely. Because people will come to me this time the season and say hey can you help us out and I basically have to say I gotta tell you have a I'm not to my. I teeth and and kids first right now I can't. I have to put all my energy towards this I can't. I can't not be successful. In this kid's first deal where we got thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in toys and bikes and and obligations to 82000 kids we cannot fail so I have to put all my energy there so I understand the middle school. Headmaster. And hissed in gave his priority is entirely. So Ella goes to her home room teacher her advisor. And this whole room teacher agrees to let Allah used the classroom as a drop off in a storage and she gets a couple of her friends involved and here's what they're doing. They're collecting dresses. Dresses that they've had but they no longer where they've outgrown or something along those lines. Our neighbor donated a wardrobe Brack big hit she says. When LO was permitted to use her cell phone and apparently L only gets thirty minutes a day on her cell phone. She would message your friends and asked for dressed donations. And out what's the thing Mason TJ do it's called secondhand Palmer something like that right and they collect prom dresses because once you won't want them what do you do with them. And they make them available to people that would normally would not otherwise not be able to afford a prom dress well this is kind of along the same lines. Our kids have never seen the likes of some of those stresses that they've collected there beautiful. And there are and merited their they're not worn out by any way shape former. Otherwise so that's what Ella. And and her sister. I grace I'm assuming. And all of her friends have gotten together and have done and they have been there are her friends had just a predator mom says have been so gracious in their response. Well there's a picture here of their clothes rack and it's filled. With dresses for little girls. I shouldn't all little girls middle school girls. I am. I just think it's the greatest idea this is thinking out of the box. This isn't this isn't always got to get John a bike all we've got to buy John some toys all we've got to give John some money. This is hate. We've got. Things that these kids that he helps don't have. Here's something we can do rather than to goodwill it or whatever the case may be. So. She says we have a secret girly slogan. Quote unquote we don't do bikes. And I guess just that's right down my sarcasm lines I think that's just in I think that's right. Forget the bikes. You get to dresses. So. Her mom right Sharon congratulations on your inspiration to give from the heart. And right before bed tonight Ellis said her slogan for a charity would beat you before me and do little down you won't be. For. Me. The letters you beat the number for me. Down on paper. So there's a little girl. And her friends. With a big heart who have decided on their own way to help kids first. On NL I hope you're listening to the radio and grace I hope you're listened to radio because. I am so. Trout. To have people like you won't. When we talk about all of bad things that happen in America and all of negative things that happened in this country and more we question the integrity of our country on a daily basis here. Tom you have to look no further than right there to find out there were just as strong as we ever were we're just as good as we ever world people like Helen grace prove it. And just out. So I can't wait to see which finally collect I can't wait see what all goes on and and they go after those some friends called sweet girl cookies dot com. And they're gonna block you know at this thing and I'll tell you what they wanna do or just second but first ignited traffic because I've just been talking for an hour about kids first the tar get for being gone for two days. Did you hear about Jerusalem shall get on the haters over on Canada notably young ladies are really set an example man that is great man that is I think and well what I want and what what a great foundation yes you know I mean there's and I was talking to somebody earlier and I do what they may or may not know right now is what they're doing for them. Community not and they're filling their heart with love and I'll remember that and I'll grow up and teach that to their children and and it'll get passed down through the generations and yes that's what makes the things so cool yes they can carry on that carry on carry on mandate is fantastic news and I love stuff like that John. Can't wait mag hill worried. All right I've. Told go to Jerusalem when we come back carrot time persons. Real person per son's. Of the year was announced earlier this morning. The tax reform bring a tune to what's wrong with tax reform looks like Al Franken may step down tomorrow low part of the improper behavior hall of fame. Matt flowers wife according to her father has. Put an end of that one. And she was finally seen in public drop her off the kids that are school low without a wedding going on in the father. Is essentially saying no that one's over. I can't imagine why. Osprey court's been pretty busy and and we'll continue to talk about kids first because this is crucial that. This week leading into a really busy next week. I'm not only our final week of fundraising next week but. Thursday as our on air auction from 3 to 6 o'clock and then Friday. Is what I assume will be a should never assume. But the Friday's south Mecklenburg high school which essentially is a byte drive but we taken a pretty good chunk of change that night as well and people bring toys and all sorts of stuff and we've got food trucks out there are now we've got all sorts infrastructure and a pattern to drive thru enough. Both Thompson will be broadcasting live on dog believe the gyms Nokia and Marge arsenal be a part of the broadcast this year as well up there they're good frees me up to wander around and stick my head melt people's cars and I'm meet your family and and pitcher dog and and none at all and that's just I just love it but we 700 plus bikes last year. If if you don't do anything get there early enough I don't know what time the the framework how struck will be rolling into the parking lot last year they had two trucks. And I don't remember how many bikes they brought us last year but it was 200 and some water out of Roanoke have been 300 some marred by expertise are like eight guys that all work out together all yearlong. And and I had an August and make bets with each other images this at the other end slowly but surely they build up of our Reza more cash. And they go ought to know by bikes with a and it's just coolest thing on payroll for the barking up or you'll see pickup trucks that are loaded to the Max with and we'll hear stories of arguments taking place at Wal-Mart and target stores throughout the land of people fighting over bikes to bring him to us on a Friday night's south Mecklenburg high school. Now if I urine one of those situations and and we we don't judge. And you can't buy some Biden can't help us out financially this year. Then come by and give us some time on Saturday. December the sixteenth at south Mecklenburg high school from about 1 o'clock in the afternoon on because literally have thousands of presence that need to be wrapped. And a student center earn a gymnasium that these should be set up for the kids party that will throw for about 400 kids the next day. And then we'll take care of another 400 to 600 kids is that we goes on. But we any kid has never gotten a bike promised before we'll get a bike and you get toys he'll get close and get shoes. And some a look at Christmas trees and decorations to take home I'm sure my sometime next week will be begging you all for artificial Christmas trees. And a decorations in fact if you wanna take the initiative and no bias artificial Christmas tree and have been very. And and decorations and stuff we use that to dress up the student center in the cafeteria. And then at the end of the party for the 400 kids we care and all down and put it on top cars and sit at home with people. Including leftover food which we always have we'll be asking restaurants for help put him up pretty soon until. And we send that food home soil literally we provide Christmas 400. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of spam us. Our I say week all of us you mean. What we do kids first of the Carolinas dot org help us if you can't. December the sixth. 340. Days into the year 2017. There are 25 days ago what is that nineteen to Christmas. Are you ready. Stephen Wright is 62 today. Maybe they funniest and unknown I think everybody knows who is Fred. When you start thinking a funny guys he's not the first guy that roles offered by Dynegy ever to sit there and let's listen to him monotone on Scott just nails it. 1768. The first edition of the encyclopedia Britannica was well published. Now if you're under the age of forty you have no idea what are talking about. 1877. The Washington Post newspaper first published. 1884. Washington monument Washington DC completed. Russia has been banned from the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in South Korea. So congressman John Conyers says he's retiring after yet another accusation of groping claims came from a woman who said that the congressman groped her. In church can't predict it. I don't think that's. Through them. I think that's uncalled for. Skydiving Santa have you seen this in Florida. Crashed into a tree it'll light pole before hitting the beach broke his leg. Santa kind of an. He did boy goes through this street. And it's pretty amazing. Weight Watchers is added 200 new items to its list of foods that you believe that calorie guild bargained Gaza is not one of them. And McDonald's is going to produce a new revamped dollar menu. And if you want the breakdown on that it's called the one dollar two dollar three dollar menu it's being rolled out January the fourth. The dollar items will include sausage burritos big chicken sandwiches cheese burgers and soft drinks of any size. The two dollar items include sausage but riddles. To peace buttermilk Krispy syndicate chicken tenders should nick and genders. Bacon and make doubles and small mex cafe shake smooth these and Barack days. And the three dollar items include these hostages we've often would they be triple class prayers for triple cheeseburger happy meals or happy meals. And a new item called the classic chicken sandwich. Which I imagine would be like a bun. And he's kicker. We'll think of. Did you pretty close do give particular. Piece of lettuce or tomatoes to. Pickle. And it we'll pick one and chicken sandwich works. Southerner the fifth. As long as Ron insurgent of fast food. Taco Bell is testing a French fried stuff Brito. They found they were playing back in November it seems they really are bringing French Fries to the milieu. And I never really thought of that before but there's not for tries to Albertville. The F fast food chain has announced that they are rolling out a burritos stuffed with French Fries it's like stores. Those lucky enough to find one under local menu will have to. Three Fries stuffed choices. The California Brito ground beef cheese guacamole and salsa and sour cream. The two poll table read oh same fillings but swap the guacamole for a creamy chipotle sauce instead and the supreme. Which is like the last two bit ditches the Glock and the triple they saw us and adds tomato and sour cream and I guess what there's Fries and all of that. For now the indulgences are only available in Charleston, West Virginia. Too late December. And we don't know if there's some plans for nationwide rollout to just yet or not. We went to McDonald's in no Charleston, West Virginia on her way to Ohio buckeye game one Dave and so I swear to god. The guy the caliber had 666. Tattooed into his Mitt and it is a knuckles. Not the little finger not the thumb the three middle fingers 666. Uprising that. Now. I'm drug we're gonna turn now. We were back a little bit earlier about they're girl named Ella. And her friend grace and hand her sister Alexi. Who are came up with a an idea and have. Started collecting dresses. These are all middle school girls my understanding is and they're going to to exit this collection addresses other party been down under the kids first store at the McMullen creek shopping center. Right over the by metro diner. Those of you know find a Matthews roads were the Burlington factory is and chilies and and the right over there by the dollar store that's where the story is secure its first store this year. So like this to such cool idea of what they've come up with she used her phone time shall allocated thirty minutes a day on her phone don't. Extra friends and asked for help and she's come up with a collection of I'm girls' dresses and they're gonna donate those it's kind of like Jason TJ do what they're a second hand from. Our bodies are prone dresses these are distressed dresses just and it got what a beautiful assortment of stuff they've gone so far. So long we are talking about them earlier they've got a friend. Who owns a business here local. They creek called sweet girl cookies dot com. And if you go to their website you'll love you'll get hungry. But they have baked these cookies all here in Charlotte and they ship them anywhere in the United States so if you're planning on. Sending cookies to a client. Or family members or friends or whatever the case so others here are Charl or whether it's anywhere. They've agreed to donate 10% of their cookie sales to kids first. I hate to use their kids first as the code. And check out. And you have to have your order and by the eleventh when is the eleventh Monday. So Bob. So there you go on that sweet girl cookies dot com local. But they ship anywhere in the United States and if you're planning on sitting in cookies out is kind of generic gift two test of one clients are friends or otherwise. You sweet girl cookies because kids first to get 10% the cookie sales. If you play shorter before a Monday. And that all comes out of the Ella group as well very very cool stuff. And I'll tell you more about all story is the the next few days go on but does is just one of those things are kind of unfolds in a kids first every year. Stories that just you know basically kinda happened we've Wells Fargo. Sharon Robinson the museum manager over the Wells Fargo historical services say here in Charlotte has also made available to us again another one of those giant ponies. There we have every year this year it is named Bridget. And does so we'll have one of those to auction off. I've never been a five year old girl but I can't imagine what waking up Christmas morning and seeing this almost life sized stuffed horse in the living room would. It's gonna send especially if they're role horse fanatic so we'll get all the stuff up on the web site to a pretty soon. Week from tomorrow is the kids first auction here on air three to six clock. And then a week from Friday is our big bike night six to 9 PM south Mecklenburg high school. Also got a certificate today from my doing Norwood. Two from a land Walters in a PO Wells Fargo are corporate. Our responsibility in a communications relations but we got our passes war is. That is. I certificates of the oil Wells Fargo championship certificate is good for two of weekly ticket books. To the 2018 Wells Fargo championship April the thirtieth through May the sixth it to quail hollow. And does so we'll have those up for auction on the kids first auction a week from tomorrow. Add WBT dot com three to 6 PM. Patrick Schneider photography I got a chance to see what he brought by today athletic stuff and beautiful shots of the city. I'll get those up terror so slowly but surely were starting to build things. Got an acrylic case from morrow buddy who always brings us a new wave crew likes. I and also gives us an unbelievable donation every year 6000 bucks we got from mode Michael far this year but he gave me an accrue. It case for one of our panther football also adopted two football also so we'll figure out which one to put in that. And we got an acrylic case for a basketball I don't think I've got a basketball yet but doubles latency when I went to a transfers out of all of that. And an acrylic case for what is her as I can tell as I was running through the office. Offer a Jersey. I mean like I shadow boxer a Jersey. Well we just happen to have that kick look kick late. Extra large. Autographed. Carolina panther blue Jersey. That'll be part of the auction next Thursday. And I told them go get that thing and if if the Jersey fits in the shadow box. On that holds us all letters were all bought package so I mean you can have that we're ready to mount on the wall it would look really nice. So our thanks to new wave acrylic for a doing that so let's just couple of things that we that we'll have on the auction. Other also will be a Tom Petty and the heart breaker autographed guitar. Oh with a pretty steep so asking price. Starting bid. Because some moron already has paid a pretty steep asking price. Oh afford to get it for the auction I don't know who that moron would be but. Hopefully he won't get sick between now and the end of this senate campaign over on at least for the next two week and a half. And by the picture that up but it's very cool and it's signed by all the heartbreaker says it's time by Tom Petty and it's signed by a Mike Campbell and Ron Blair and Scott first and and misty for Ernie and in my attention. And so would grange fender. It's a nice Qatar. So love to that'll be up for grabs. And we'll just have to wait and see what we're gonna do what the starting price on that one and what I paid for a so we'll see where it goes. Nobody buys it I guess it's mind. Then I'll have to explain this to Susan. He's driving home right now saying. You bought the guitar. Yeah but hello and it's. Tom Petty. Fall and back again this year for the auction a week from tomorrow through to 6 o'clock I years' worth the royal toilet paper. 192. Roles 98000. Sheets could be yours it's 505. Autograph Booth Kingsley Jersey probably had a shadow box. And at Tom Petty in the heart breaker autographed guitar all part of the often that'll take place here next Thursday 3:6 PM for kids first get a good day at work today. Good thing needs of your money kids first of the Carolinas daughter or my. I'm retired now McDonald's revenue dollar menu going to be a dollar to dollar three dollar and we talked about three new off. Rings from Taco Bell which will include French Fries. French Fries stuffed burrito as well all sorts of stuff and. And a Pizza Hut. Is gonna test wine and beer delivery. In never have believed the house. Between Amazon and never have to leave the house. If you lived in Colorado. He never would leave bounced. RUB 927. Pounds. But. Pizza and a buzz. Thirty minutes or lust at least older than. You are mirror those days TJ baca Domino's. Delivered to your house in thirty minutes are free. And then there were two British retreat is given award. I delivery options include six packs of Budweiser and Bud Light shock top and local Arizona based craft brew for peaks Beers. The up actual cost a flat rate of 1099. The company is set still deciding on the details on no wind delivery. Which will begin in January the pizza chain began selling alcohol and it's sit down restaurants cross country in a 2016. Taco Bell also recently introduced beer alcohol. Frozen mixed drinks with tequila rum vodka and whiskey bent only KFC chains in Tokyo and Australia have sold beer with their chicken in a recent years. But a pizza will be testing wine and beer delivery I don't think this though market is one of their earlier on south Phoenix I believe was the one that we just so there's stuff. Israel started. So if you want you could fly to Phoenix get a hotel room and beer delivered here with your feet. Tell me all. Get your act together. Greek tavern on a Tuesday. Originally fired a server group posted a customer's receipt on line. On which the patron. Complained about these server being gay. You heard the story. You can you can agree with homosexuality or disagree with homosexuality or you can have theological differences are right or whatever the case may be. But if it's theological and your filled with this much hey. Maybe you better check your code at the door. Restaurant chain said they offered the server his job back after they interviewed him and learned that he may not have understood the accompanies confidentiality policy. And the policy prohibits posting credit card receipts on line. I would think anybody in the restaurant business should know that. But I'm not so sure the guy should've gotten fired either our gay waiter made me wait knows what the guy wrote on his son bill. Our gay waiter made me wanna throw up all my food. Patron wrote this on a receipt November the thirtieth apparent two Hickory tavern to Wesley chapel location. Ruined my experience tonight I will not be back. Rural Australia retirement. No other patron also posted a copy of the receipt on FaceBook on Sunday and said a sweet young man was fired from his server job at Hickory tavern for sharing a bigoted note. Left by a customer. What's helping find a new job. Hickory tavern who got a gets put in the middle of all of this released a statement confirming the firing and that insults aimed at that server had been left on the receipt. And said we strongly condemn the insults directed a watermark team members in remarks left by a patron on their credit card receipt. We value diversity and do not discriminate on the basis of race gender sexual orientation nor for any other reason. We also value the privacy of our patrons and posting our posting of credit card to receipts violates our confidentiality policy. So bomb. They go on to say that although the team member was initially terminated for violating this policy. After further discussions with the team member we made the decision to offer his job back we strive for to a strike the right balance between supporting our team members and protecting the privacy information of our guest. I'm by Tuesday night. That receipt had been shared with the about a 161000. Different people. And one man posted they'll be going back there. And somebody else wrote to I think people need to boycott Hickory tavern Wesley chapel. And one woman wrote this is so sad and frustrating. I quite frankly don't give a damn what your sexual orientation is providing you'd provide good service. I truly not in my damn business to begin with but to have. That's just hate filled that's that's just. And you if I as I say if you if you love. You have theological differences well homosexuality. I'm had been may be ought to have a theological response. To it as well. Love the sinner hate the sent. Anyway Tom. 'cause subject matter of this in the news these days Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday about that closely watched case out in Colorado the baker. Who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple and a 2012 city. He can't be forced to use his artistic talents for something that violates his religious beliefs. And you have no. Ginsburg and Kagan and all those marked double on one side and then you've got Robertson. Those slow lined up on the other side and so it's probably gonna come down side to our justice Anthony Kennedy. Who wrote all the high court's major gauges are rights decisions because he's always the deciding factor like that and I would say this probably doesn't guru farewell for the Colorado baker mobile Seaver and all ends up. He. He's ruled pretty much. On the homosexual side do before so we'll blow we'll see what happens all that but they heard that case yesterday and that's a long time coming to. Well they name the time person of the year this year this morning. He candidates were at Jeffries does the Amazon CEO richest men in the world. The dreamers. Thousands of emirates living in the United States illegally who were brought here as children by other parents. Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman director first woman to direct a film on that made more than a hundred million dollars in the opening weekend. Kim Jung and now remember this is an an honor this is. This is more of a a statement of your. Standing. As a headliner. Not necessarily a positive trait of the killer they want to sing a couple of times. Or at least once Kim John June was one of the leader of North Korea's rose one of these but I made the short list for the person of the year called cap or neck. Former San Francisco 49 or quarterback who I did you not just except us Sports Illustrated award just last week and was given to him by beyoncé. That works. The meat to the movement. Movement that aims to shed light on the prevalence of sexual harassment and no assault that took off after allegations against first producer Harvey Weinstein bit. Dan has just kicked into high gear with accusations against dozens of other men in positions of power in Hollywood and media and business and politics. Robert Mueller was one of the finalists the shortlist for person of the year. Crown prince Mohamed bin salaam 32 year old crown prince of Saudi Arabia. I'm just recently led a sweeping crackdown on businessmen and members of the royal family accused of corruption. I'm Donald Trump won it last year he was up again this year and the president of China. Was a given day a second five year term this year and achieve new authority reinforcing his status is the country's most powerful leader in a decades while the winner was the meat to movement. The small wonder and I don't know that we've ever seen the dominoes start to fall faster. On the may have fallen on now who would have ever thought that horrible RV while we found at the Harvey Weinstein was a dirt bag. That it would lead everything that has led. Al Franken will probably step down tomorrow. Tom. Matt Lauer. Marriage apparel is over small wonder Charlie Rose really of all people. So on. Kevin Spacey. But we names just common direct people who are pro forget about things like Louie CK. Lot of powerful people have fallen to meet two movement your person. Of the year. As the date that a lot of people basketball plans look forward to San Cisco warriors are Golden State Warriors are in no town tonight so staff curry I was home. With a sprained ankle and not playing. And our best wishes go out to us Steve Clifford the hornet coach. Who has. Oh away from the team to address some health issues undefined. I'm Stephen Silas will lo be the interim coach and they say out of respect for difference privacy the when it's all have no future comment at this time so we're not exactly sure what's going on with the coach chip Clifford but we wish him the best and. Staff Corey not playing I don't politics. Diminishing it's too bad jury's still held a team to watch. But and I am I imagine steps probably there are so long. And don't be throw popcorn the backers that are somewhat but. Burned up steps facilitated time they come to town onetime beer so Watergate and sprained ankle happened knows them. Good where's yours were in town over the weekend dad chill out from Clinton. It's the top defensive player. Heisman Trophy finalists were named Lamar Jackson reigning Heisman Trophy winner from a Louisville. And I quarterback is one of home baker mayfield video quarterback from Oklahoma the other one and no price Loeb the running back. Can Stanford. Would be Europe three big guy candidates. Monday afternoon on Senator John McCain called do is a Twitter followers to help you reach three million followers have you heard the story. It didn't go quite the way they had hoped he urged his followers to spread the word and help is account reach three million. The call came just days after McCain and voted in favor of the controversy you'll Republican tax bill neo Twitter was so quick to respond to his so plea. Following the tweet McCain began losing followers at a fairly rapid place in fact. He started with 2999926. Followers on Monday. And as of 7 PM that evening he had dropped 202 point eight million. Oops. Overweight and obese people who eat almonds and chocolate every day may have lower cholesterol than their counterparts who don't consume those foods yes. Eating olives with chocolate may lower your cholesterol. For the study researchers tested cholesterol levels in 31 overweight and obese people for four weeks all of them followed a typical American diet. Every day for another four weeks they all added almost 13 a couple almonds to the typical diet. In another four week period participants added almost one quarter cup of dark chocolate and about two and a half tablespoons of cocoa powder every day. Everyone. Also had a four week period of adding both the nuts and the dark chocolate with Coco in their diet. Adding just the amount just the balance was good news or for the study participants combining the elements of the with a dark chocolate in the cocoa also good. Associate you can get away with a you just have to measure yourself kind of sort of pace yourself. Women are naturally fitter than men I read the news today oh boy study says women are just naturally fitter than men. It comes all down to the progress of processing oxygen officially. Females process to oxygen 30% more officially the male counterparts. Quick oxygen intake. Is the measure of fitness. And its associated with they reduce risk of muscle fatigue. So there are women just turn naturally Federer. Than men. And it. FaceBook is rolling out our free. Ad free messenger kids. Out. It's going to. Told messenger kids IOS intended to be installed on a child's apple Smartphone or tablet. But be controlled from a parent's FaceBook account I guess that was my first thought was. How do they keep the the sick people from getting in their preview app is available for download at the apple App Store. As we speak we. However played this so far this year to all leave you with this nice some mental quiet. Traditional. Christmas Carol. And I'll see you tomorrow and burn. Jim amongst rose staying. On an open time. You hear ops are stripping. I'm mention. Are you in Times Square and fresh delayed by the lie. They hope to ask you news and then no drinks. Some. No you may hear the season. Tiny rat race. With a crisp golden. All moved. Really really. First. And now wins so. I'm season strength. The movie some homemade Jim among. Or this. You. All I'm. And every hungry Shia. And so I. Rushing on. You keep them crew. Is as juicy to. Let's hope they get sir. Many times as many way. Use today's teacher now. Your goal. Mind handing me the alarming news dogs I have starters. I mean much lead opponent. That moment. All right Hamburg. Now I guess you're gonna say you're my man. Until one day and how would you. And so I am new mom vote really. So massively. Around chipmunk pas de. Chip monks to move. I'm not. Really sad. That it ended this way. Yeah. Here. No one.