The Real Estate Market Is Hot

Kandas & Larry discuss how the real estate market remains hot and answer listener questions.


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Welcome to brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous. For the next hour best selling real estate investing author Larry go once and co host Kansas would help show you them anyways real estate creates an ideal investment. What we want to flip houses overcome a passive investor making double digit returns while others do all the work. You'll learn how on brag radio the leading the world to be rich and generous here are your posts from Larry and Kansas. Hello hello. Are you OK with this and us couture did. It and strengthening it and not Roland but I don't know if that's the girls in the grand WB two student who got the kitchen chairs. This is they think Tim are still at that all kitchen bar stool in me that residential. We aren't intended to earnings yet today we are in the back in the corner in the door. Yeah down says Glenn does I can't walk down steps right now because your game plan again. Yeah she's Turnbull. Yeah I think you. Can ride the elevator back. Of the dungeons. Yeah any guideline yet an addict and renowned. That's too funny little funny so if you're just now joining us for the first time. I'm Larry along with in it and we talk about rules state invested in the name of the show brag radio. And it is investing general state to be rich in generous we will to teach people. How to go out and be able to be generous with their time and money. And we usual stay flat more aid that's going to invest that is we've been doing it for three plus decades. Well. And you're. Well and we have and in doing every three of I have been doing it for three plus decades. And earlier do you plant and no not only due out on a known you just about as long. I mean first from a man you guys you hold you where you have appeared and said this many stop and. Well yeah. Truth and hello I use these adult homo life. I use that about her she is much she is mentioned in the united. So. It's yeah he might leggings and looks every inning. I told her when she turned 45 Obama her children for 220 twos. A nine iron at the. Again our mile and a reality is now actually it's here here's where it actually went as it when you turned 48. On the Mediterranean for 220s she said Larry you're not wired for the. Typically do. You I don't. That was that. Brooke quake and it really want jobs and rude. If Obama. So okay rules state. So we are here in the local Charlotte market arrow. This is in Lake Wylie we have rules they invest in business. Every hole sell real state. We bind so we'll stay at the same day using the Internet we've done deals and twelve different states right from our offices in Lake Wylie South Carolina. Many view of come mind taking a tour of the office. Seen what a real rule states working office looks like in mourning and you yeah they don't call may seek may she is standing. By so called her an 877 Larry go and should give you a free investors can write. Yet the digital version or she'll schedule schedule you for an office torn you can pick up the physical version many pennant. That's right you can combine meet Candace and I if we're in the office Candace has been on the road a lot. I mean domain and the other a lot there will miss you be you were executive assistant extraordinaire. Yet she does but yeah it's. I listen in June of travel and a tremendous amount and in July traveled a lot I told my wife the other day when. If you got it backwards. Went in June he traveled a tremendous around amount in July you have a lot more coming up. The it's been on their own. And I told my wife the other day when I came home for one night and I was back out. And I said honey next armament town almost a month. So okay please do you couldn't. The that was funny but. I know you lived in talking about people can each in their rules state questions to us. You'll have been setting realistic questions too and they come into our he has instant info IN FO. And brag radio dot com that is in the email address that comes to me and I just. Look like an answer your question to the not so jotted down only talk about it on the show so you'll get an answer twice. There you go there you go Mary again so while. So yeah of the rules that market is hot we talked about that last week and then in actually the real state market. I don't have a crystal ball but I'm gonna tell you what I think OK in the we're gonna come back and play this when it happened. So here's what's gonna happen. You can see the rules state market is gonna continue to grow in 2017. And then part of 2018. All right. The real state market has been going up and it's been going up it's at right now it's a sellers market it's a hot market which is okay because the way we buy. We biomed deep discounts OK we've we bomb at prices that are available public. And then we turn around Salomon there's so much easier to sell right now. Because it is a seller's market there's a lot of buyers up and the prices it's still not available to little exotic and crazy it's crazy. We had a house just last week it was Lister for 669. Under 667 or something we were sold it for 49 that. All right which means we bought it in the thirties. Well we look at a house last 32 on a break. And none he showed me the house and analysts listed at 32000 us plus offer eighteen. See that's exactly what I was thinking and that I mean as far as an offer amount the so we think alike like that. But also on the if you pick it up for eighteen I don't give them we wouldn't give it doesn't mean they're actually yes a ticket counter they knew they could and probably would countered. And even if they countered that you know 20/20 two or whatever which around the world market for 2528. Whenever torrential. Just like that innocent than an hour right now so some properties we've actually paid more than list price for. Occasionally. When they're missed price that's one of the things that we teach you how to do it three day of business well but a lot of talk really quick about the rules state market. While I was on that so what I think's gonna happen is. In 2017. He's gonna continue to see the market get more more hotter OPEC for more hot air more powder at Buddha and truly gooder. Notre but I. And it's not gonna slowdowns. I'm trying to work your word into the fact that figure I'll. Just how much you alliance aimed at stopped and he's not Larry Mac in this isn't the go slow. But it's going you can do is all about and it is going to start slowing down okay. And then at the end of 2018. After has already slowing down. Yeah not out and I didn't know why you didn't do it attracted to you mean loan. So again the market is going to start increasing. At a smaller rate the end of 2017. And into 2008 team. It's not going to be like it wasn't 2007. We had a brick wall occurred. Not at all. But you're gonna start seeing stuff go on sale more you're gonna see more properties come on the market. The interest rates are going to start slowly going up they just increased not too long ago a little bit less managed. The Scotia. You know not much right in so the interest rates. Are starting to go up slowly. And because Obama has held interest rates down for eight years and they've even showed that throughout their administration. That they held interest rates down intentionally OK so it was a false think so now that the market is hot interest rates have got to go in Horry. But just remember guys trees don't grow with this guy okay what goes up. Must come bail us out yeah exactly so. The wait listen what we're doing it works and how to market a cold market and help market the down market a buyer's market and missile okay. Doesn't make any difference we show you how to take advantage in the markets. Any way possible right that's right that's exactly right so we can show you how to we've got a three day event coming up. Whether you want to invest passively just write a check from get a monthly check on real state pleasure your 401K maybe is turned into 101 K. You know when you're scared of the market though. Unstable financial markets call may seek it starts with one phone call I remember one of our student. He should I I was listening to radio are heard you guys are made a phone call also may actually and on bombshell of counseling up toward grand in my my write about Guatemala stories like that so called home EC. 877. Leery go you can schedule a tour. You can get a three investors Kia middle include a digital copy of of my books on homes have tall. And getting started and rules they day trading. And some other learn in this wild dvds CDs even asset protection books and ask her about a three day event coming up right here in Charlotte 877. There you go. Fully had that. I've radios in the it's would let his hair and. Clinton and her songs sometimes they are keyboard songs from from there to get Parcells. And the Delaware where I think I'm all right I don't Internet hero with a. It app whenever. He look I think anything that. Also you switch it up with the so Tom must send me talked about the market and everything irradiated to take some questions or did you and other surveillance and not the market for. The only thing I want to say is just to clarify. You know here it is middle of of 2017. You're gonna see the market continue to go up but it's gonna go up slower than has been you can see interest rates continue to go or start to go up even more. And go up a little bit more gradually. But you're also going to see around mid 2018. In the 2018 the sweetest RC a term. You know it's like a curb like a bell curve. And we are at near the top right now and right and it's going to start going down soon so I just my prediction. Who amount to say borderline though but right now making money we're gonna listen to this again and at the end of 2008. And I must say. Not yeah. Exactly. They have rights so I know you have some people that'd be mailed in some questions that we're here. Well immediately questions answered so. Yeah this is one and I seem to land their questions husband before when we were talking about arm. Custodians are custodians and things like that because now they're asked and I guess a calming me with that which is you don't just use one. The Sodini had multiple custodians so they airlines you know you know why do you have more or multiple custodians instead of just wants. That's a really good question I think I do need to do a little bit of capacities. Perhaps it. We're going to. I need to explain a little bit about this okay. So. A lot of people do not know that you can actually invest in rural state in a retirement Carol. NA 41 K. In a health savings account and even in a cease Coverdale education savings account lot of people don't know it. And and it's totally legal has been done for many many many years. And the reason a lot of people know about it is the calls it does take a little bit to administer that through your custodian. And that's where companies like Schwab or fidelity. Or Wells Fargo or Bank of America or any of those that sponsor IRAs are are are custodians. They don't allow real state in the home calls. There is more administration than somebody just say in a 100 shares of this mutual fund or 500 shares of the stock right right so. You have to have what's called a self directed. IRA. Custom. And all you need to do is just Google OK Google knows everything they even let you know if you don't house style did you mean the whole state. So are you gotta do is is Google all right Google SD RA that stands for self. Directed meaning you can direct the embarrassment yourself about rules state by notes. You know be a landlord flip houses whatever. And SD IRA. Custodian. OK that's all you gotta do is Google that and there'll problem out there I mean a tremendous amount Obama out there. But there are three that I know liked. And trust and you and you. Right and and same as you use I use them as well so I'll carrier announced while exactly so. I used three of them anomaly give you the names of them right now so you guys can do little bit of research. On the first one is equity trust trust ETC dot com. Equity trust. And they are probably the largest okay have been to their offices. They have a representative comes some of our events. And now we've done events together and stuff like that so equity trust or trust ETC dot com is the first one. The second one is camera plan. CA MA PLA in dot com. Under Carl Fisher the owner of camel plan really well in have been owned our families have been many vacations and cruises together and deep sea fishing together this guy knows deep sea isle of tomorrow he's also in our annual initiative and he knows. Self correct and he knows what to do and how to do it and how do the right way and how to make a lot of money doing this and he's just awesome he really so caramel planned. Dot com is yellow when you can actually watch a video that Carl and I did together. Larry Collins dot com forward slash IRA. Wearing orange dot com for slash IRA and I know the link still works on digital yesterday uses in the downtown and yeah. So and the third one which is also really really good and it's the one that I have my son's. He asks any act that's education savings account and that is quest IRA also have a little roll there as well. But quest irate dot com QU EST. Are they dot com Quincy long is over that he's the founder of that and he. There's also tremendously. Knowledgeable. Is that a word he has a tremendous amount of knowledge and then actually in Ireland and in self corrected retirement accounts. And they also have Bob. But also have their financial friends cruises. That they go home and I usually speak out of the fact I'm going there in September we're going to Alaska evening so I'll be one of the dozen or so speakers that are. And I will be talking about self correct retirement accounts and he he as well as Walter Wofford onto that. It's just a great group of people who do worse movers and shakers which is pretty cool so. Anyway so all's questions. About waddle I have so many I don't use multiple variants well well number one is so locked couldn't talk to people the ones I know what can trust. I can tell all of our students and audiences like this. That here was that I know like and trust and union an option right and plus I do believe in diversification. As well spread their risk. 'cause I have yes because I have not been the custodian is risky because. Like any they're regulated. By the same regulators that regulate banks right. So they have to have your if if it's in cash it has to be an FTSE. Insurer bull. Institution. OK so. But like I have a have a Roth. I have a traditional IRA or Roth IRA in the traditional IRA my wife Pam has Roth IRA and the traditional Ira. And now also have a safe harbor 401K. And in addition of that also have an HSA. And an ESA. So have those spread out over different council something happens to one problem. Maybe you know what if what if I was to happen to do what's Conan prohibited transactions. In you can Google that term is well prohibited transactions. Right. So if you do prohibited transactions and our way. They could called. NRA and you have to pay taxes on all of the money. Up front and the IRA would cease to exist unlike before one OK okay. So who prohibited transactions were emotional stuff we talk about it aren't in as well the three day event coming up so while we can go over that as well. I love doing rules listen guys I don't watch stocks and bonds and mutual funds or any of that. Anymore I'm don't I'm tired of putting my money and to slump and I could not control right I can control rules state because I know even if the market is here. Right here can't hide they can't hit it to have a hot if I'm buying a property at light. Neck. And so keep your head and a liar and an end and if I am buying a property. At 70%. Of the value right the market to dropped 30%. And I'm still poll. Right yeah. And that's how we've also properties we wholesaler properties so the buyer who's buying them from us. By the time that via the fix about they have 30% equity so the market could tank 30% and there's still hole. He showed me in the stock bond mutual fund. Or anything like that that could dropped 30% he didn't you didn't lose anything now yep peoples that we don't lose and she sell. Yeah but her or critic though not exactly so much Alan exact you can't sell that make a proper Charlotte and even breaking even running. You're gonna lose money right now it's got to go up even higher percentage is to get back to where Wallace right Romania. It's painful. That is that is so. We do have a three day event coming up with we're gonna actually bring a couple of weeks and we were actually bring an expert talk about self directed retirement accounts as well. Well they're gonna learn the three day. No compassion so messed up so much up. There's our congress than you talk about asset protection you talk about. And daily trading though there it's his motto. Negotiating analyzing making offers. And there's so much more stuff. There is lease option seller financing. I tax planning creating passed and then come virtual assistants we ever so much does give me see if 877 Larry go. I'm in seeking if you register for the Charlotte three day event will be right back. Yep we're about to break the radio network. This place there in my. Random. I'm gonna now understand that commercial. When thus public who will we shouldn't say they weren't ourselves and play our own commercial and learn our show Chilean I don't know. Who knows anything spread out kind of thing we're hearing now. She we'd like to do commercial our show we don't we don't listen to a. Anyway move rattle we got another meanwhile Mike the right. So last last segment we were talking about self correct and Larry's we're gonna go into a lot of that in deep detail. At our three day training event. This win this next question could kind of seed ended that if you've got some money in an IRA or whatever. So this next question then sun what do I do T it started. In fact have a little bit of money but I don't want to take on another full time job. We need to order they do to get started yet he would like they apparently they've got a little bit of money but it. Maybe they've heard in their real estate's really active mini. They're they're not sure of how to get started either passively or how to use the money to send their IRA to and that's the world's they would too that you just a scrap. Well you know Candace and Candace. You know you've heard me say this for years. Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. Even minerals yet so if somebody says I have a little bit of money what you do. Well first thing we need to do is we need to find that little bit more about you. Already there we got to go a little bit deeper and pay and he just because some people say I have no money to start. Well my first question is what. Alex can come into no money almost doesn't only mean right. Some people this I don't have any money that means they don't have but half a million dollars united date and some people assail having money that literally means dream peanut butter and jelly sandwich yeah. Everyday at yesterday's two to them meals a day cup noodles trivia I'm Italian it happens that it does it does. So first all need to know is is how much is a little money right or some money and being right. We also need to find out. Several things here we need to find that your likes. Your dislikes. It restricts your weaknesses your assets your liabilities where you are now. What are you wanna be what your goals are what your dreams are who what how much passive income you'll have much time we were put into list. And then we can devise a plan. To help you and that's one of the things we do our three day we sit down and talk to you one on one right at our three day. And we have you fill out a map to look Mathis. The map is an action plan and it's got you know got questions on there way and not action Clinton and map not actually. Anyway. It's got questions on any kind of held on May be huge. Physically understand where you are a lot of people think there and in different plays when it's all in their kid that when you put it on paper. Certain things can and can come out a certain way and then whenever our gossip don't you ask me you know sometimes that's really hard questions. That makes people take it as different look. Adds up at their situation norm may help him realize Paula do you have that available to me you know they just a look at all different avenues finance announced. Based on the east maps and answer some questions on the maps to help formulate a plan so that you don't leave in the same position entering when you get there. You've got steps that he and Tate. To change. The situation. Insurance. That's factually true you know so many people go Bob books and you know CDs and go to seminars and and I even talk about this in our event yeah that that. They leave their and there are a lot of pull their Harris parallel they don't know what to do where aren't we Immelman actually play and you get a hold we don't want this to be just another seminar you've been to you your seminars come through town. You know it and and and. That doesn't help anybody like when you're talking about they have daily even in underneath me it doesn't help anybody it doesn't. You may think it doesn't matter to us like let's say you you come into our program. But it does matter to us we really want people that are making money in doing things in action takers because those are the people that are gonna talk to other people. Not the people that decided on the shelf and don't ever do anything with an all they have got that I had that thorough knowledge is not doing anybody any good. That's so true that's so true so that's what we do at the at the three day event we're gonna sit down 101 with Tim we have professionally trained. Education consultants okay. I never really heard that term you know until the last few years but now we have them right. I didn't know what that term most of playing gotten college degree right although my wife history. And for the so but anyway so. You know we will find out where you are where you wanna be like traditional extra its weaknesses assets liabilities. And some people warmer water being rules state is a business. And some people were being and we'll stay just as a passive investor and we can help you do that. In the colonel how much money you have to start with we can map out a game plan and show you OK surely that's not like if you sit down with financial advisors in the past. Or talked to two people who were in the stock market. We're not talking about you know investor money here put in X number of dollars per month. You know is not a plan in Anaheim pursue it you were returned you know in the next. 832. Years you're gonna have. You know million and a half dollars it's not like that at all right or gonna do was wounded devise a plan to help you make money. And do it in and of most tax advantaged way. Which means you keep it goes listen taxes are the most expensive item you'll ever pay for right. Taxes are so we're gonna help you devise a plan. And get to a point where you can have. Where you're doing a lot of business. Of the rules state investing in a tax advantage plan and some of them are even tax free Michael Roth IRA. Or roll so long forward today in the two puddle on the money into those plants and we can help you regardless your situation. Garza where you are re one of these we can help you get started devise a plan but it all starts with a phone caller makes it. Yet may see eight tenants and Larry go. She can earn get cheating investors kid kicking in recent information any it started. Punching each year register for the Charlotte three day event on its fourth fifth and sixth in London. You know when you get reddish or for that probably thirty minutes after you register and using emoticons and it's got the map. Attached to a C a go ahead and fill that out and then Aaron intake and taste and good hard Tom in Maine Sharon achieve. Understand the questions that have been asking you that real full file into the into that are going on storm. The only way anybody's going to be able to help is if you're honest with yourself first in the with the second. Armed and that's pretty much in any situation but it does come after you get registered along with other hotel and event information and things like that but 877 Lang go to get to her arms show notes from today are also info at Bragg radio dot com or with Macy. England's lone. When us all off the stores. Yeah they could come by and into the offices you know real work and rules state investment in office you get to meet all of our people one of our Ed consultants it might be wrong in my beat David in my beat dean. And they'll give you a little tour. They'll stop by our office and you can beat us if we're. If we're in the office of Candace has helped me out on the road speak in somewhere. Or not like in meetings and some of them yeah but even then he will not imminent with the meeting table stopped her. Let's meanings in saying we have our property meetings everywhere Hank. And a letting Courtney says they're ready to say hey girl hey I. Students opening. Slow so called Macy right now 877 Larry go. Future investors skill which includes a copy of the rules they day trading book and Slovakia and the Hud homes half of we're gonna tell hung books right. Not hug book hunt how. I was hearing is say what do you mean we were given the whole world will find the time hunt have given away in Arizona on books we are have an order a lot but I thought that was weird you labor. The microwave digging through mutual. In a dungeon her guns and. It a but a so called Mae CH seven simulator go you get a free copy of the rules they day trading book. You get a copy of Holland holds half of how about hot houses at 1540. Even 30% of list price we did the deal recently were we got 35%. Of list. We paid for this house. And we turnaround sold and many close to 151000 dollars on bald and sold at the same day. Look at both of those books will teach you how. Who gets an asset protection books you also get a self directed IRA book as well. In the world that we'll learn new all the miles out to self directed IRA is right. And it was written by one of the pioneers in the industry that helped get this whole industry started as well. So call me she HMOs and Leo come out we'd love to meet you so you say hey. And if you signed up for a three day where we can hang out we can teach you some rules state. Investor the right answer rank equally ranked. Welcome back to Gregor AM. And that your keyboard with a foot pump in this hello Mary got into Kaymer. I'll answer I think yeah it's so funny and you all have a hair faces like you actually have insert name here. The truth that makes it even better. The delay or into the room and it the American and CNN's fund means. I know I like Lebanon it's funny. So through those really does add that have been with this throw off. -- even if you join us for the first time for a segment is not favorite Signet and our whole show I know we have a lot of fund through the rest of the segments and we teach a lot by the fourth segment. Is where we're really able to highlight students. That time and have been able to get started in end on their first deal done their fiftieth deal. On and in people letter make a difference in their communities in the lives of the people that are around them. Die or with their time and or blessings other real satanic granted them or given them so today we've got Carly. Are you there. And she's the curly Howard you do it. And they RE. We're just doing all summer dual shall we really really appreciate you taken the time out yes man this afternoon to. To be able to kimono and share a little bit about yourself for neural state investing in how you're being a blessing to others. We really appreciate it has Carly is one of our students. She's out there doing deals did you get just get started but she's she's worked at it and that should be in a blessing to other people right Carly. That's also how we can all do right combo. That is that is Carly why don't you tell our listeners a little bit about yourself and about bureau you rules they business. Am adamant and I and I and I have. Have two boys. My youngest just turned nineteen then injected in real estate and he'd been. Work in me that did. Get them. Under the properties aren't a lot of dollars it paid it. But he and great deal that I actually look at it may not quite a few of them that he can't let these threats and I get that he knows the model. And know what I'm look implored he's great sports every. To be able to find them some properties that help me save time. I have been looking at myself I can look at a property. And what model is that they are working Lance. We thank you and the Caribbean rich not nothing. That is great that is great so the filthy rich is model is. Where you're buying cheap houses you're turnaround and selling them for about three to six times what you paid with a down payment and over financing. In the near collecting the monthly payments. Or you can also sell that noting cash out. Or shall partial note in your money back and then have them back in cash flow coming in cattle are building your own annuity right. Yeah exactly and that's what I did did which is a wonderful. Oh great to tell us about your most recent deal. And there I did my third via I had tied them up property at ended December that the sport and a theory at exit that closed. And that's happened up for the bank that went bad. I I'm actually had a hundred people respond to that how that one to buy it. Quickly and I bought it fair. I like 7000 dollar. So you pay 111000 for the house. That's great analogy market. I'd get it do you think that FaceBook was really the big thing because armed state but there's so many. Rent. I'm. Pages that I went to the county and I found the county site on FaceBook and I let that. And I posted it there and I got over a 105 points or. While now when you say the countless blogs T tools on the or when you say the county web site. In other words teach me what. We know was what county web site was an old FaceBook how did that work. On this particular. Property that down near Wilmington, North Carolina and so just outside their that and academy. That I let. It could hit three or. For our brand. They the pages and that I attended. Search for those found them and had to depict it happens locally or do NN. The price than their mortgage and everything Madani and and the local brand. So they're like the marketplace groups on FaceBook. Yeah it does cost them. Don't be huge hit by that they'll actually get a grip on the story even though I mention. While we need another house Aaliyah. And in my mind you know. Minimum Joseph did son house for. About a percent Nissan for 47 now did you have to do look at total rehab and all that stuff to this house or what. Net and I did very little to do it and let about the condition I didn't need. Campaign and you learn but I that would let them by thousand dollars and I predict the price that out by that and let them now. Yet a let need to be done but I left edit and to them because it figured they would in particular they wanted to and. So you did not rehab house correct. You won't livable house for 7000 dollars on just trying to point this out here because people are like. Kim my house for 7000 dollars at the blower upper not a fixer upper. But it does or doesn't it. Absolutely we're up and ninety little girl on. And married couple Fayette say they love it. So you sort of for 47 how much did you get down. Grant is still that's great that's great and how much are they paying you per month. Almost 500 a month so you got 2000 and have filed thousand in this house. Plus closing calls of course yeah which is now lots may be grander fifteen and there was an even without guys we have 600 and all in. If you get the a hundred dollars a month. So if if my math is correct okay. If you have 6500. A month. 500 times twelve to 6000. Now I'm no genius then but that sounds like a 100% return on your money the first year to me. It is but I actually carry on a park like minute and I made much more than. So so tell tell about that how does that or how many years was the no foreign how many years did you actually sell for cash. I'm the market is fifteen years but I felt I beard then and I got 70000. Florida's five years. So okay. I love disease Shannon just like to imagine that this is textbook unions is exactly what we teach in this book read it. As an up and put it an old so. You sold five years were for the fifteenth so somebody wrote you a check out how old you are wrote Hewitt checked. For 171000. Dollars. And and now their gonna collect those 500 dollars a month for the next five years but after those five years. Didn't get to collect the 500 dollars again right. Such huge a love I love all of we gotta we gotta talk about the bragging part lo Duca you're so ugly really got a couple minutes left but. First of all congratulations. I'm so excited for it you got one down and many many many many many more to do OK you don't like it. There you go so tell us a little bit about how you are being generous with what whether it be your time or your resources. Well with my time my big thing that I do is I teach first grade ascended school. Can I get about 26 year old Henry and the morning. When it 26 year old student. In Sunday school to any eight year old. I'll. Be. Keeping an. That's slow. That's. I can't take that time and spend with them and he then things that they wouldn't. They don't know yet before I get to than any indication. They're big prayers and you know the pan across from the him Marion our father that they don't know the other candid Q and Kyra very cute it was good that the that's right it's not these that and in about think. I think that will be my seventh here. Now I'd been doing that are sometimes. That is also what you know I'm really really really proud of you you are a text books do you got the education you needed you will update you did it. And you make money and now you gonna have your building and then you would be where you have some cash flow. And you get a blessing to others Carly thank you so much for being an old and we really appreciate. Who think he enjoyed it won't have a great day. Thinks he. For more information about what Larry in Kansas discussed on today's brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous got to brag radio dot com. You can also call 877 Larry gopher for investors get. Or to schedule a tour of the office or get more information on upcoming events that's 8775277946. Tune in again next Saturday as best selling real estate investing author Larry Collins co host Candace teach you the latest strategies and techniques the pros used to make money and real estate. It's brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous on news 1110993. WTC.