Really Active Hurricane Season, The Emmy's, Trump At The UN and More

John Hancock
Monday, September 18th

Hancock talk hurricanes, Trump at the UN, the Emmy's and Cutting the cable cord.


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This is John Hancock. Another orange Monday is making big. But Erica advantages. It is lineup a lineup but lineups like bowling. Still want and you know earlier the pens of the gutter you're just. So we're watching and Maria. And and then move won't have to deal with Maria at least in a North Carolina until probably sometime next week early next week but. It's just another one Ameen were we're we're down at the Coca-Cola dog house collection money for the victims of hurricane or more on Friday. On after having raised some money for. The hurricane before that in Texas and and and I don't know do we start planning now. Here's what they're Harvey could not figure Harvey's been. Mom hurricane Maria. Way too early to tell whether that storm will hit North Carolina are -- go a few other models are all over the place. But they're pretty sure that. That rip currents can be expected along the coast next week and that's kind of what Jose has done as well. Jose. May pose. A little bit more of a threat up to. New England states in Long Island and areas through their because it'll be closer to land there there was good to say the outer banks but it still caused recurrent problems here. Mean North Carolina. And so that just too many possibilities to Wear armor Rio may go right now but it's start to look like Puerto Rico may take a direct hit and it cannot avoid a debt with a Irma. And then a lot of those islands that just cut devastated by her law are right in the path of Maria. I told by I doctor. William Brennan are over Charlotte about the mullah there was in his office last week. And he owns the place in Saint John. And I citizens still there and he said. We've seen some aerial flyover footage. And I can see. Structure. But that's all I don't know to what. Extent. Or whether the place is filled with mud and iguanas are what you know while wanted to says he set unplug and go up in the next couple of months and on and hike in their and yeah and NC wants to it's when we're Padilla's well it may be get ready get it yet. So Maria is expected to move across the already battered and battered Leeward Islands. And then nine headed towards the Bahamas. And that can happen as early as Friday morning. Category three hurricane sustained winds a hundred to forty miles per hour as of this morning and they expect that to strengthen over the next 48 hours. The British and US Virgin Islands Puerto Rico Dominican Republic via Turks. Caicos islands. All within the cone of Maria's. Probable path this week. And we'll just have to keep riled up but it's just it system. Unbelievable hurricane season and were it were September or over hurricane season ends in Y November. So I mean we've still got an awful awful lot of activity or active time to go and it's just. I've got friends down in Florida. And are not just. You know I got to a lot of friends down in Jacksonville because I worked there for awhile before I came here. And I have friends that tell Livan Orlando. And they just now cutters are starting to get back to us some semblance of order hot showers and power and about befriend underneath Terry and she said I never knew how much I won't air conditioning. But. So I had known that just a hurricane season that apparently. It's like no other although I I think back to and I don't know how long ago was because I lose track of time but seven years six years when was the one that. We had like two or three different hurricanes and just kind of crisscrossed Florida and fairly short order. I'm mad that caused a lot of people who packed up. None and say you know what maybe Florida's not for me maybe we should do I had to South Carolina or had a North Carolina or. So all arms and maybe that's going to be a lot thanks to everybody who came by they a couple of dog house on a Friday and broadcasted Nara donated to the cause I think you're still donated WBT dot com. I don't have a a total foray on Charleston won the next couple days but we raced us so Mo money fur. For the keys. Which are just absolutely devastated. And that's another reason we're gonna keep a primary or. And they can't take another one down there. So why you got that Tom. Gregg also underwent surgery today he's out Fortis is eight weeks that's a sad story. In that here's a guy that wanted to his contract renegotiated and and and and he certainly deserves to be one of the top paid tight ends and in the league there's no two ways no doubts about that. He had never miss two games since he's been a since he's been a Panthers as we gotta penetrate from a Chicago. I'm not so sure he would ever missed a game period. I think his winning streak goes all the way back to Chicago. Arms all the sudden the of these games played streak is over. And he didn't get the contract extension he was looking for but they did give him an incentive they added some incentive. It into their contract while he's not gonna meet those incentives now. Even look going to be the fourth the first I didn't ever have for 1000 yard seasons and roll. And that ain't gonna happen. No unless he has just an unbelievable low final eight games of the season. Are very it'll be less than that they'll get back with what about six games to go in the season. So I feel bad for feel bad for him because he's just one of the ultimate. Panthers but. I'm Panthers win yesterday nine to three. And and none and none extras New Orleans is in town this weekend and and we had a to a New England for a game with patriots who looked just a little bit better yesterday than they have. In the opening game of the season. Clemson dominated Louisville over the weekend that kind of surprised me 47 to when he won just kill them. Just kill them. And. Colorado had a battle with northern Colorado. So last two weeks we've played Texas State. In northern Colorado I can't Ike I can't imagine why we're not in the top 25. OK. Okay. Hand guided LE VGA dot com great show by John Prine on Saturday as expected he looked old but sounded great for almost seventy. I guess seventies not to that old but do we are talking Tryon and years we are talking about it. A big weekend stuff on Friday John prime being in town. My wife Adele I'd never seen him before. We laughed and he mentioned that juror to use another one to add to the list of those. To wonder how much longer you'll be able to tour. Among late bloomer on prime. Like within the last ten years probably. At one point he was dear Abby dear Abby and that's about all I knew about him and then I heard a song that he did call hello and there. Which is. About old people. And and do you get older it'll really old enough people discuss and attend ignore you. And that's what the tsongas'. Hello there. And it's say take it guys is great song and and in the end Brothers. Did a cover of I'll try and songs this is going to be you know gosh 88 years or so ago. Com but they had kind of gone through his catalog. Trying to find what they were. What they wanted to do do wouldn't admit I got into a conversation with Scott about prime in his lyrics and and that led me to explore a little bit more and enough. Like SA IR I referenced song of his old pictures show. At the hall of fame. Billy VT hall of fame induction ceremonies were. He talks about a young man from a small town Sid news room with the radio on. And tells me. And a don't look at the song is that. When the static gave way to the speakers that are down below. The restaurant on teaching. John James Dean. Went out to Hollywood and that is pictured a picture show. And that's a metaphor for to me was a metaphor of just expressed. I never knew what I was gonna do in broadcasting. When I got into broadcasting you you were just hoping to be. A player in your own market there was no such thing as syndication and all that stuff back there in fact. Even well halfway into my career there's still wasn't syndication. Wasn't syndication until. I've been on that I dragged technically new love until about two 87 or 88 and better than and that was rushed. Tom Joyner had. Started doing a show and she kayak you're what you were doing but he did like your show in Chicago and only get on the plane nor did a show in Dallas morning show in Dallas. Texas many jump on a plane and literally fly to Chicago into an afternoon show and and literally get on a plane to fly back to Dallas he was doing Dallas in the morning. In Chicago and after man that was as close to it. Syndication then it's. In Russia were Larry King on the mutual broadcasting network personal account. So I just always wanted to be a name in a town that I was that I figured that would be Denver turned out to be Charlotte. Kind of ironic because Charlotte. Like a lot like the Denver I grew up in from ever since I've been in town has been a strong growth market it's been a city that is seeking its status. That's what Denver did. Denver's got their status now. Big crowded. Crimes up traffic is as bad as any place in the country. Air pollution is one of their major concerns there. They got everything they wanted and now the natives out there are so sure that that's what they want it. Charlotte. Big. Crowded. Traffic's getting worse. If you live at the lake it's among the worst Traficant is in the country. And we got all the problems that. Big cities have rising crime rates and so on and so forth. So. We're doing not instinct thing tomorrow on a FitzGerald show were all get together Bo -- enough FitzGerald and I have 11 o'clock hour we're gonna have a sit down with Kenny Smith. Who's the Republican candidate for mayor. In my understanding is that wall do this again and do what's vial whilst. But we'll talk about prom stuff like that and and talk about growth. Our and the murder rate. And some of the things that we think that we head to head out of which leads to. Other problems like traffic. Mike told roads. Which probably cost the current governor is job. That in aged three to. And the other one that we know will talk about I'm sure tomorrow at 11 o'clock turns Scott FitzGerald show is affordable housing. Affordable housing will it well it is right now is at the forefront because we're coming up on the one year anniversary. Of those Scott shooting. He Lamotte Scott shooting the riots in Charlotte. And I assume you knew when you well know what's going on in Saint Louis right now dozens of arrests made in Saint Louis slow late last night. Late the last three nights. The this is ongoing protests over a former police officer Jason stock please acquittal. On Friday. In the 2011 killing of a black man named Anthony Lamar Smith. So when the previous day's peaceful protest during the day. For the most part. And end up followed by unrest at night. Including property damage in confrontations with police and in a much smaller number of people the arrests. That were made shortly before midnight when people ignored officers. And they're orders to disperse stock we shot Smith after Smith fled from the officer. I'm and is part or on a high speed chase as they tried to arrest him for a suspected drug deal. Starkly said he felt in danger because he saw Smith holding a gun when Smith backed his car towards the officers and sped away but prosecutors contend. Starkly planted a gun in Smith's car after the shooting. Dash cam video recorded starkly is saying that he was going to kill this expletive. Less than a minute before he shot Smith five times stock Lee's lawyers dismissed the remark has quote human emotions saying that it was a dangerous pursuit. Last night kind of an interesting thing happened with the police department you hear a common chant. One that is commonly used by the black lives matter protesters. Was being used by the police last night the police were walking down the streets of Saint Louis. Chanting. Whose streets. Our streets. Eight he. Heard. Saint Louis patched despite the Saint Louis post dispatch reporters heard that. And officers cleared the streets on Sunday and made more than eighty arrests when you know the demonstrations took a violent turn. So we're not clear whether the a police superiors approval of other police chanting that quote or not but that's what's going on in Saint Louis. We're kind of opened things stay a little bit more peaceful around Wednesday in the one year anniversary of the keys Lamotte Scott shooting. Here in Charlotte. You watch the Emmys last night. The I tried. That for prisoners for boulder wants. Did Vardalos ran late because of rain delays lightning delay I know how that works out in Colorado. I and that doesn't have a that was that was game and then all of us all stimulate Watsco Wessels. So bottom and and they had a Green Bay and Atlanta on last night and around so I kept on non. Checking in there and act and I tended to be Breeden endurance stuff and looking for things to talk about here at night and so anything I have on I'm not too really a great audience but. Anyway I switched over to the Emmys a couple of times I did not catch the opening sequence was cold air so I did not catch the air Sean Spicer. Surprise in the appearance. But it does seem pretty clever to me. If you were complaining about it well there's a surprise. People there you invite somebody complain about anything. Here here's a thousand dollars all of outlawed and are gonna have to pay the decks. In Asia. So laden but anyway I would tune in from time to time over there and it was just. Did you just celebrate. It's become I'll play it then don't they had a video awards shows have become more political than their political shows. They have. Com. You've just bidding knowledge by your peers. I'm so those who gives a damn who president of the United States news. So to celebrate your good fortune celebrate your talent celebrate your hard work celebrate your. Perseverance celebrate. The fact that. Somehow or another. The good lord all allowed you to make a living. As a creative. Into T rather and now I don't wanna use examples are as I don't downgrade anybody but I mean there's a lot worse jobs than. That then white. Those people in that room did last night. It it's like being radio announcers as you're you're you're it's an honor. To have at least some of the tools that it takes to be able to do this for a living as opposed to. However when doing this I'd be out Rubin houses or something like that that's not to disparage people ruined houses that's an disparage me. Not being wanna be outside on a 107 degree days on top somebody's roof male and asphalt shingles to it. But anyway women ruled last night and but it was all it everything every time I turned it over there just got political and everybody over there was taken a shot at president and that's on. But I I just got to. I was watching a part of the last night and I was thinking in my I always say I think about my dad now because I just turned 65 so I'm. When my dad or it is I've below before he was 65 but. You know back in 1969. When I was a sophomore in high school I want to be using hippie. I told the story before that I I got my draft number. Was already working on the radio station my senior year high school. All work study program a small 500 watt radio station and Estes Park KK EP. And I went up there. Whether it teletype machine was spit now. They were pulled the numbers for the draft my draft. And so I sat next to that. Machine. Great big old middle launched her. You'll box of paper down below what men and a defendant did and solid in all and does so they agree all the sudden it would print the date. Then it would pause. Then it would print the number. And it did that for every day of the year so I set there for a long long time waiting for September 6 roll around. Finally. September 6. Pause. One and him. Well. One dead you're don't. One dead you're gonna get drafted. There was it you know. I don't I don't read that particular time this would have been a year before the factor as opposed so at that particular time there was no reason to think that the Vietnam War was gonna. Start to wind down of the they'd only goes so far the next year than ever they didn't they went up to 105 the next year they missed me by five numbers. But in the process of all of that I had to go before the draft board. Because I decided I was gonna file conscientious objector status. Now my dad. Is proud World War II vet was a proud World War II vet air corps. Colonel. Pilot. And and he DD definitely I was a part of the greatest generation. And I had a backbone to prove. And so I'm. I wanted to serve in the military. Want to be hippie. You never would let me grow my hair the way I wanted to that was always an issue in our house hair link the pair. And the local draft board was headed up by it. Is a small town. So. Bill Burgess a guy who I went to high school where it was in the class below me who I never really got a long way of his dad was the head of the lower mortality draft board. So I when I decided I was gonna file conscientious objector status. I do go up before mr. Burgess. And my dad went with me. And mr. Burgess and my dad knew each other because we knew throw open the small town everybody knows everybody. And dad was a prominent citizen error and mr. Burgess was prominent citizen there and so when they got around to me and asked me some questions and so on and so forth at one point he talked to my dad. And he said mr. Hancock. Do you believe that your son is a charges objector my dad without pause said well. He's not. Thanks dad. But it was right I just try to get out draft. So I it dead. Dad told the truth. So I got watch stuff like I don't watch last night and I watch an awful lot of it and not all young people but there was an awful lot of young people there are very changing world. Oh where things now that were acceptable. One time are more acceptable now. And becoming more acceptable by the day. And where values and religion and and mentor and so forth are not. Held in highest Steve many longer but seen more as covers were. Being a big hitter be ignored I was a shallow minded or whatever the case favorite. So I watched that last night and I and I thought about my dad. Who must tell you watched me in the same vein and thought to himself. You stupid little SOB. If you had any idea what you're talking about you say you're opposed to the Vietnam war in your problem then you're very well it may be. But you couldn't give me three reasons solid reasons why you're supposed to Vietnam War I sat down and asked you about it. And then I just won't watch the awards are my last night that is thought the same thing about half the people were there there against this are there for that because it's politically correct to be against that or for the us. They don't have in a lot of cases don't have any foundation for the reason that's just the way that it's. You just follow the hurt some way that everybody else thinks the way I'm gonna thing. So. It takes kind of some of the joy out of the Emmy Awards which I usually like awards shows because I don't like the arts and I like music and I like acting and I liked up. And TV and and congratulations. You know these are talented people. So why don't why care about your damn politics when we're here to celebrate your damn talent. So I watched it last night but I can only watch it and small spurts because quite frankly it just. I don't know if it's like porn lemon juice into a paper cut. This big guy just got tired again stung every five minutes with things that I believe in or don't believe. And we'll talk about the emissions second. I guess I wouldn't dare say anything nice about Jane ponder on the show what I. Which you look at last night. And you try and she did she got a revision as humorous she's got Tony seven year old Sergio. So but this year Lily Tomlin and a Dolly Parton have paired onstage last night at the Emmys doing kind of a nine to five reunion. So. And I couldn't figure that was her I knew what was but. Anyway she looks good how old is she now. Every seventy so mentioned. Oprah present the final award of the night outstanding drama series went in the hand maidens to detail they they cleaned house last time. Sean Spicer came out surprise appearance thus was Stephen cold air's ideal. I are pretty much knew what the tone of the evening was going to be when they pay extremely gold bear to be the host maybe because. He's making a living you know they he started the show and nobody was watching him and he started teeing off on trump on a regular basis and now. Targeted sting that as CBS this morning which I tend to wash in the mornings. But I think the other on morning shows to. Have a segment on the late night. Comics. Arm. In the more I. And sort of the newspapers. And it's pretty amazing if you really think about it how much power. The late night comics Hal. With their rhetoric and our humor. I think that's always been a case to some extent I mean I think Carson had his. And Letterman and Leno and I mean political jokes have always been part of their fair. On and probably biased from one side to the other. Jon Stewart. I miss Stewart on TV but I mean you know only one he was more hard on the right to me ever was on the left although. But he had his moments were it was funny unknown at the expense of both sides. But now. Every morning I watch CBS this morning may do. Three minute whatever it is segment. On that features the lines of a late night hosts and it's you know it's all anti trump. Because that's easiest comedy to write right now. So. Anywhere I knew it was going to be bias when I watched Joseph last night and outside to some extent I guess probably went in or know when I was a gonna watch long segments at a time because I just didn't really. I just don't really care what your politics are more interested in your tell mortgage and in your movie humble origin in your TV show I'm more interested in. The journey your story. I don't give a damn what your politics are the so I had tune in but Dow and other as I said earlier I think the awards shows have become more political in the political shows. So our Sean Spicer makes a surprise appearance last night during cold air's monologue. And why they didn't dress him up as Melissa McCarthy and Cindy not on that thing I have no idea that what it is very. But. Cold air said he mobbed by saying he had no idea how many people would be watching the Emmys and all of a sudden Spicer wheels out onto the stage with a podium kind of like Melissa McCarthy debt on Saturday Night Live. And says this will be the largest audience to witness an enemy is period in person and around the world that of course is recalling its Clijsters trump ordered claims that. About the bigness of the trump inauguration day. But the 69 primary Emmy Awards last night. And then there you go. So while. And I haven't seen the ratings nobody heard about the ratings. Will suck. Because other people don't care much Dem politics either. For a night that's supposed to celebrate talent and achievement. They spent more time. Running down the country. And they did. Celebrating talent. Entertainment. I can't packet dead WBT dot com Dolly kept a classy wallow Lilly NJ went all political have more respect to be entertainers kept politics out of it I have to say go there was no rough look the know through the Packers the last to ship them in his. You know we should all low oil should wash I forgot about it and that is Ken Burns. Documentary on Vietnam was on her first segment last month. And I don't watch Ken Burns all my older along. So embedded and somebody else brought that to my attention what really makes me upset about that is. Meant to record it. And so on those are kind of forgot about all of them are big day for the president tomorrow enough for the UN. President's going to the U ended talk about Hoon. Big speech (%expletive) tomorrow. About it organization that he hasn't always had nice things to say. Nikki Haley former governor of South Carolina now the UN ambassador has been a pretty active over the last a few weeks. So I trumpet tends the first session of the UN general assembly this week and his big speech is scheduled for Tuesday. Tomorrow. And but he's got a packed week of meetings though with fellow world leaders all the time no China's president's not there are. Number. All's not they're from Germany Vladimir Putin's not going to be their. Some of the big topics that trump is expected to talk about tomorrow. Would include North Korea. And I ran its nuclear program. And global terrorism. And he'll probably talk about the Venezuelan economic meltdown. I and UN reform among all of those. Haley offered a preview on Sunday issues on the one of the chargers yesterday that's that I think personally I think he says I personally think he slaps the right people he hugs the right people. And he comes out with the US being very strong European close grow. So he meets the president meets with the leaders of France and Israel. And then he hosts a dinner with Latin American leaders and Venezuela will probably be video topic for them. And then he delivers his big speech. That the of the France and Israel and no Latin American leaders as alternate. And then at the big speech to the general assembly is tomorrow his first as president. And then Wednesday he meets with the leaders of Britain and Jordan and Egypt. And the Palestinian Authority. Any host a lunch with. Oh leaders from Africa. And then Thursday. IA in addition to meetings with the leaders of Turkey and Afghanistan in Ukraine. He hosts a lunch with the leaders of South Korea and Japan. And and then that will probably be it I would assume that meeting will be key in determining what we do next in regards to North Korea so it's a pretty busy week. In his I read about all the meals the dinners and lunches to lunches and dinner. All with different people from my different parts of the world. I'd like to be the meal planner for that. Because you gotta be careful of sensitivity is and likes and dislikes and maybe they just I'll go to McDonald's and get nuggets like you do with your kids. The president was a busy on none. His Twitter machine. He mystery over the over the weekend it was especially active yesterday are referred to. The give John as soon as rocket man. Do you think Kim Jong-un known to Elton John is. The end and those. He didn't seem to be a guy and it's. Over sooner I was and Elton John tunes doesn't. Trump tweeted that he in the South Korean president had discussed North Korea and its ramped up missile and nuclear testing during a phone conversation and the eroded but he said. Asked him how a rocket man is doing. Long gas lines forming in North Korea too bad. UN Security Council voted unanimously twice. In the last couple weeks to work tighten economic sanctions in on North Korea. I Nikki Haley said on a state of the union it's on CNN yesterday we have pretty much exhausted all the things that we can do it the Security Council look at this point. If North Korea keeps on with a reckless behavior of the United States has to defend itself for defend its allies and anyway. North Korea will be destroyed and we all know that and none of us want that. None of us want war. But we also have to look at the fact that they are dealing with someone who is being reckless irresponsible and is continuing to give threats not only to the United States but. To all their allies or do something. Or something is going to have to be done. So while this week we'll probably go a long way in determining. Exactly what to what needs to be done so that's the one side the -- administration is considering closing down via. Recently opened US embassy in none. Havana we talked about this very briefly on on Friday. Betty and it was almost surreal while we're talking about on Friday because as something's going on and it that the embassy and meg Cuba and some hotels there. With some sort of a sonic west and or some kind of some little brother but. A string of unexplained incidents that has harmed the health of American diplomats in Cuba. And down and they don't know what that this they that the United States has an identified either the culprit. And Cuba says they don't know what's going on for a device. But investigators are exploring the possibility of sonic waves and electromagnetic. Weapons and a advance spying operation going wrong could be part of a but this is 21 medically confirmed US victims diplomats and their families to some who have permanent hearing loss. Or concussions. And others suffering nausea or headaches or ear ringing. And this is happening like in the middle of the night. And know the bell wake up and I'll walk Cortes subsection of the Roman and it's not happening and then they walked back in and they end and all the sudden something. Bizarre. That's why we didn't spend a lot of time on Friday because it. It's almost without explanation. Some of the victims said they felt vibrations or they heard loud sounds mysteriously audible in only parts of the room. And that led investigators to consider may be a potential sonic attack. And then others heard. Nothing. But then later develop symptoms hearing loss and stuff like that. Are Cuba said barely don't know. On the US has said the a tally of Americans affected can grow as more causes our case has become oh detected. This was. The last reported incident was reported the end of August August 21. So they're trying to make a decision to either shatter the embassy even temporarily that would Dele. What they call a demoralizing blow to the delicate detente that Obama and our Raul Castro had announced. I Tillerson was on CBS face the nation yesterday. And he said as world leaders and top diplomats descend on New York for the annual G-Unit judge UN general assembly meetings. Trump won't give his first speech on the major global platform. Cuba is also represented at the UN not expecting. Trump will meet within a Cuban leaders or or officials. But who knows we last time they were all together for a good G-8 summit or something like that meetings took place that we weren't expecting to take place. Investigators say they've explored the possibility of sonic wave learn electromagnetic. Weapon or advance spying operations that are gone awry. I US has not ruled out there may be a third country or some rogue faction of Cuba's security surfaces migrant serves as might be involved but they don't know what it has but it's harming American personnel and so. So there are threatened and to a close the embassy and there even threatening their kick out some of them. Cubans from the embassy here. So that would not help at all. And then the other thing that's going on it's kind of bubbling under the surface right now is two top officials are heading that the president is open to negotiations. That would keep the United States and then. Via Paris. International environmental packed. Who did the Paris deal. Armed. Tillerson said that talked about that yesterday to reset I think under the right conditions the president said he's open to finding these conditions where we can remain engaged with others. And while we all agree. Is still a challenging issue. The national security advisor HR McMaster said trump would certainly consider an agreement for sticking with that deal. If it quote on quote benefits the American people. So that'll bring up further questions and outsourcing this has got to bubbling under the surface because we haven't really seen it but that would. I mean he's reversed on some of his signature policies and campaign promises and none. I don't know forty think that is is that. Is that a matter of trump beginning to get a better understanding of how things get done in Washington DC and. And is that changing people's opinion of the of the job he's doing. And to some extent deadlock could buy off festival has been going on for the last week and a half with Schumer and Pelosi. I don't know why am I the only one that finds out almost refreshing in that he's actually a trying to get stuff done while letter everybody else just sits around and Dickerson. Bickers and and and gets nothing accomplished which is what we've done now for about the last eight years. I'm not so sure that the president's not to tell McConnell and Ryan. To stand instills not an option and longer. And out pretty urged to follow all of that politics she would've heard about on the Emmys last night because. They don't follow stuff like that they just take the surface stuff. Well apparently on me canceling my Rolling Stones subscription as led to the demise of the entire publication bridges exactly I was hoping. That I would bring down me. I much prefer a Monday were they are rag consider very glossy. Magazine. The I can't make music magazine I don't know they've been iconic for a while they're politics is just about a slandered as you can get them in fact they've been no busted on. Well they got busted on the on the campus rape story that was that didn't do their credibility or indeed any good. Arm and I finally got tired of their politics. So. Join us again I subscribe to Rolling Stone for a long long time. Anyway it's being put up for sale of New York Times reporting yesterday that. Young winner punts to us sell his company's controlling stake he owns a 6051%. Of he had sold the rest of it. To our American Media which is probably who's gonna end up buying miss but anyway he plans to sell the company's controlling stake he and his son and guess who's now the president and chief operating harder or officer a book. The winner media. I hope to be able to stay on at the magazine according to the New York Times for that decision will be after the buyer. Winner said that he hopes to find a buyer that understands Rolling Stones mission. But Rolling Stones mission hasn't been what it wants lawsuits now. And then they veered far more under politics and so on and so forth and gotten farther away from music. Which was which which is there although I SA that they were pretty political back in the sixties do they were taken up causes in Vietnam War and John Lennon I think Lennon was was a balloon that was the first on the cover ever. See that dumps all of a sudden I'm thinking no. Punt first cover was Lenin and include the re draw roach clip. I mean one you can actually take off the magazine App Store and use. Was it Lennon. Founded in 196750. Anniversary is coming up in November of so are Rolling Stone is for sale and bring us money we can. I don't think I'd buy a magazine these days anymore than I'd buy any radio station these days anymore than I'd buy a newspaper these days. I and that's not to say that we all need to somehow or another figure out a way to transform ourselves and just still being illegitimate and radio is so finding that podcasts and on line and so on and so forth may be a big part of its future and newspapers are. What good despite shoulder in the Charlotte Observer is that I kind of expected to and again I knew the newspaper was gonna get thinner and thinner. I didn't know that there daily edition would be so far behind the scenes that I think they print now if it's not in by 8 or 9 o'clock they don't have it. So sports scores and stuff like that are completely out. Mom and I thought their website would just get to be kicked butt because that would be their bread and butter of but the TV stations beat them on a regular basis on breaking news saw I don't know what kind of surprises me I'm gonna rooting for the observer of rhythm for a long long time. And not Rolling Stone magazine. Oh well back. All right eighteen days into the month of September. 261. Days into the year 104. Days ago. 1789. The American government took over its first ever loan. Took out its first ever alone totaled 191608. Dollars that he wants them. We're digging out a few more cents. When you have eighteen trillion dollars were. 1851. New York daily times which would become the New York Times began publishing. Robert Blake 84 years old today. And Friday. As the first day of fall. Donald Trump let a kid who's a fan of his mode the White House lawn kids like verge. And you or something like that raising young entrepreneur or near a city of rated respected the the president's business acumen or something like that to me and so the president let him. Mode Rose Garden lawn person Micah. Huge. Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary started last nine researchers have developed a skin patch that melts that. Toys 'R' Us is preparing for possible bankruptcy how can that be. And in Japan Coca-Cola has debuted Coca-Cola coffee plots. Monday Night Football tonight should get you'd better early Detroit Lions are in New York take on the giants I don't know Beckham's playing or not. I have him on one of my fantasy teams. It doesn't help. What about us what about the fantasy players like get they tell us what's going on on Sundays when we're trying to pick out Carolina now I got him as our starter tonight and I have no idea whether or not resume play. Bands to play can't go are you a bill. JJ watt and is hurricane Harvey fund. Total raised on the U caring website. 37131917. Dollars that's bad that's unbelievable. 209429. People donated. Flu shots signs are already up and Europe pharmacies assault. Your doctor could be pushing it as well. Does it all is it is it too soon to get a flu shot is it too early via sciences inconclusive as to how long a flu shots protection actually alas there are some studies that show of the flu strain hasn't mutated. Last year shots still protection you. Other research shows that your flu shot may not even last eight months. Especially if you're over 65. So on early flu shot is definitely better they say the no flu shot at all but your best bet is to wait until say maybe mid October. And that way even if you're immunity will last six months it'll carry through the Peco vote flu season. My new doctor is all but drowned flu shots and I've never gotten one. So I don't know. Is this the year. I don't like the idea. It's. I don't play videos. Moneyline continues. Google's Chrome. Because chrome is taking on the annoying auto play videos this winner Google's rolling out a change to its browser chrome and that won't make surfing the web a little less bothersome it won't let videos automatically play. With sound. The news sites do that. There had one going in you can't find it. Newbies like some side do a video bar on notice CNN her ESPN personal like that epic. That drives me crazy. I and good news if you're bacon fan. Is there anybody that's not a big fan. Pigs. Fans of bacon. US retail prices which soared to record highs this summer should do begin to ease soon wholesale prices of pork bellies rose the summer caused by a stronger than expected consumer demand and a tight supply. The average August retail bacon price reached an all time peak of 624 per pound fourteen and a half percent higher than a year ago. Naturally the bacon price spike turned off some often wholesale pork go belly prices have fallen about 50% in the last few weeks so that means. Lower bacon prices are coming right around the corner. All right there's an Ohio woman. Who. Replaced bouquets with rescue puppies for her wedding day. In a bid to help these dogs find homes sounds cute and it. Those potentially messy too. Samantha Clark and their names came up the idea to have these puppies and her wedding after she saw another bright do the same thing on interest. The the puppies were carried down the aisle took Clark's September 9 wedding by her bridesmaids. You bridal party also took pictures with them. The seven week old dogs. Does that ended there's no such thing doesn't agree puppy or seven weeks wrong cure. The animal or rescue where the dogs came from reportedly has received a lot of extra adoption application since the wedding so that's cool that's cute. I'm here cried dirt. In flight movie. It. 41% of men admit to crying during inflight movies. The out. To the and so was that the trip to Colorado back in March. Where I think on the way home mom I must I had to must have been on our new American Airlines plane Maria had the whole entertainment. Thing in they had wrested the seat in front of you. And not only that but I mean you can do interviews I think you can also a plane GPS you can punch up a thing and it would show you where the plane was a man in the path that it was so the route that it was taken. And we had to go around the storm and so it showed us more or one around the storm and that was very cool in the movies and that's were I watched judge Jackie. Because it was an hour and forty minutes longer or something like better that's how long flight was so Mario. Soares or walks that. Survey from Virgin Atlantic finds 41% of men admitted to burying themselves in blankets to hide tears in her eyes from other passengers while flying. Well there's a difference between heaven tears committee rise in boo hoo again there. There's no data on women specifically 55% of all respondents admit to dig a little more emotional on airplanes I don't know whether it is scientists think that. That phenomena and Israel but they're not exactly sure why it affects men so profoundly either. They say there are two possible explanations one is just lack of control and the other. Alone in a crowd feeling of being on an airplane makes people upset. Or that flying on a plane means that there aren't a ton of a distraction so why travelers can really focus on the media that they are watching more so than. Then maybe they might at home. Yeah I don't know. I you keep that in mind next time your pick out a movie to watch in flight. Like like may be field of dreams wouldn't be the best it. The best or Brian piccolo or you know as a bid the big time. Guy Pryor's might wanna I wanna avoid that kind of stuff. I six people are very have been no cooped up on Mars like habitat on and Hawaii ball. Cano since January they finally emerged from isolation on Sunday this is this so Mars research group. And then it says they devoured fresh pickled tropical fruits. Vegetables and a fluffy a good strata casserole. After eating mostly free dried food for their isolation. What does it sound like I'd want I'd be going for a five Durbin he and food freeze dried stuff. Murmuring. Fluffy eggs Stratocaster roll. Itself or your yearning for a visit. Fresh picked golden tropical fruits. Crude for men into women are part of us. Study designed to better understand the psychological impacts of long term space missions. And Mario you know they affect you would have on astronauts. So the data they produced while NASA select individuals and groups with the right mix of traits to best cope with the stress in the isolation and the danger of of the tutor at three year trip to Mars. Did the deal on the Mars deal though is that they got a way to get you there and I'm a way to get you back right in that part of the deal that you get there but you never have a back. Are you deal with that part of it. US space agency hopes to send humans to the red planet by the Tory thirties. While isolated these crew members were spacesuits traveled in teams whatever they left their small dome living structure. All of their communications with the outside world were subjected to a twenty minute delay which the time that takes signals to get from Mars or earth anyway there are out. And meeting fluffy egg through north stride it is it's 505. These. We. And I. There's no. And and I'm. And when these aren't easy if you love yeah. Mirror and it is viewed the home. How mad rid of those fuel Iran oh loyal hall. Mean have you. When you ask you knew Lilly and it's all of this. Do you Louis here is that he had do. We'll. Okay. I am. And save me. Young. I'm so they. Your honor. We were out tire last night ruled earlier in the hour of Toronto last hour but the rewards. All right and how they've become more political than political shows. Arm and is. Is the same time mama read an article last night in a website somebody cynical techcrunch. About Americans cutting the cord. And and we talked about this before in new increasing numbers in fact rush was talking about the slow but it. Americans are increasingly opting to live without cable. Aura satellite television. I thought it was into last night for as much as I know Hulu. Ed nominations last night for embrace. Netflix gets nominations for. Amid the whole world of television has changed is to be ABC NBC CBS. HBO maybe. I'm in now you've got all sorts entities that are. Take your memories. People are watching TV that you have to be. In front of M Wednesdays at 8 o'clock her Friday nights at 830 to catch Mary Tyler Moore and do it anymore. That's one of the reasons I think Nielsen's Evan trouble with our ratings is. Big they're kind of based on people being marijuana it's supposed to be there and instead. People are now opting to watch what they wanna watch when they wanna watch it that's for TV has changed entirely and that's why Americans cutting the cord is no big deal because people don't have to be there at 830 to watch something anymore. So the trend is moving faster than ever before and according to a report from. 22. Point two million people. Had just have cut the cord and that's just this year. Now I haven't seen the cable companies coming to kiss my posterior over our moderator or anything along those lines are trying to keep me. Maybe if you call and try to cancel their movies and they try to keep your I don't know. But. That's an increase of a third of oratory sixteen and amount of people that are of cut the cord this year and then there's record numbers. And that's the number of people who have never subscribed. To cable or satellite television. And they say that will reach about 34 point four million this year you don't fall into that category do you TJ but your pretty close. I mean if you had that you headed. For a few years and a new do you bail. Since you've had it. And you're thirty. So you better when you were 220. Because that's what you did. The report credits the growth of live streaming in over the top options like a direct TV and YouTube TV for the increasing pace of drug cables declined. So I I'll I died I'm very curious. I think one of the reasons that people aren't cutting the cord is age. People like me are more reluctant to let go of what we're familiar with what were. I like Kevin access to what I want access to what I want access to it now but then how much is that or. So have you cut the cord. And if so what is your primary reasons for getting rid of cable and if not are you considering at 70457. All of intent. All right and. If you're traditionally up to deliver that cable or satellite. And numb and and that's not a matter of fear for people in my generation it's moral they. I'm not really sure how it works. So why do you cut the cord and if so what are your primary reasons for getting rid of cable and if not are you considering an. I am I guess I would also ask what is your primary sources of home entertainment for instance and are you still use in cable. Or ai is an Internet or is it Netflix or is it YouTube or Andy do you get what you mean what what you want when you want it. For instance tonight's game I'm not all out on on Detroit Lions at New York Giants but. Well how are you what were you we will you watch tonight's game JJ. Game do you have access to it. Yeah so seeing. It's free on what. Oh. Saturday nor code years. Failed to go on are you doing pretty good pretty good now loved talking about the public conversation that comes up all the time. I'm 48. And if you haven't heard about pulling TV. We met now slaying. Corning yep here it just barrier broke through or. They could get for your Internet. And that it's phenomenal. And you you basically pay 4845 bucks a month for most basic package. He had yet again. And then all the girly channel that my wife likes. And I say may be stemming. The Sunday ticket on the baddest of them a Bengals fan vote. And a local channels you could do you get global channels. You don't suffer local jail that I have something called a it's like a satellite that it's called it's they saw on. Shopping network this. Receiver basically. And yeah I have a lot of remote but you know that's the most could not cost efficient way to do it now. On this so you can get channel three channel. That it SOC and channel nine and all us up pretty well if you want it. Yep absolutely and that's that's free that's not but the one times some purchase have you ever owned cable. Yeah Bakken back my dad and me when I was. Literally my parents they're paid for them. Pay per one automatic college and it was I couldn't believe we've honored in Turkey 175 bucks a month. Today including matters are just a cable you have that did include Internet at the time she. Now I just say for Internet and I guess. I figure out the best way to get detailed that a lot. Now they I appreciate you get restarted everything you very much that's not bad journalism and appreciate that to come heard on the twenty year old we have. Probably more than they say we don't. Card 22 and and Tony 2.2 million kept. Court in TV this year. Increase in the third over 26 team. Then there are the cord it never is. The number of people who have never subscribed to cable or satellite television has reached 34 point four over a million this year. So we're asking have you cut the cord and what are your primary reasons for doing that and if not are you considering it and what is your primary source of home entertainment for. You know cable or Internet or Netflix or YouTube or whatever the case may be too Jim we go on WBT hey Jim. There are local channels laden yet realm CBS 42 years Charlotte and DBS 58 years Charl that I can't get okay. And not you have to pull a rabbit ears application. They can't Kay who points 42. There what they call 42 point through channel. Thought paired lead they don't understand somebody year NHK. TV out of Ukraine and we choose to upgrade the Japanese equivalent of our public TV. And boy it would Rory aside however every thirty minutes they do and then segment last week warned let bad Erica got through the sort of laughing BMO. Yeah HL board for two solid hours later about the burglary speech that would lose Ben did that give exactly where it landed and we are suited. You know I guess if you haven't declared that bad Erica got. Bill Murray out there today because it is you know. Where you get your other channels jumped. Well much much. Nobody else I'll use rabbit ears you're distraught but I have another heart remote wipe or through western we've got what they call the great legacy cable package got there. That's only about twenty or thirty channels. I'd have to carve out more of those satellite deal that if you like Robert channels maybe I could pick up 42 point two and their leader of 42 point three. Now that's that's still PBS type thing as far as is if you want to watch the game tonight how would you watch it. Not having cable here in Charlotte I don't watch it however you did and you mentioned that a year ago if you were you Bobbie well remember quarter. You know yeah. Lob thought Chad is more in the NFL game and up there right here a mud pit stop computer it will jerky but I watched my first a lot of the rollout it is spelled gains. Now. That still wouldn't have aggravated but they're good to them. From my point I guess being. I want access to law want access do what I want access to it. So I can't watch the game tonight than your solution doesn't work for me. Editor don't get me wrong I'm not all hot too would throw around Detroit and they are New York Giants. But I don't follow want TJ had asked. And you cut the cord. On art WBT home page shirt. Did you still have cable and home phone lines we did this when did you do this TJ. But a month ago. Last week. My wife and I only have Internet with the spectrum TW CU we use our cell phones so we there's no need for land lined up for TV we have a digital antenna and roku. Then Dave says they are heard John talk about this before I dispensed prevail landline eight or nine years ago as I'm not able to justify having one. I simply makes no sense so that's about bones. No TV no Internet I have radio in my car on its always on 1110. Which we appreciated by quite frankly our picture kind of sucks so. Your right now. Anybody that's over the age I don't know. Let. If you had cable primarily. Since the old days of rabbit ears. Where you or TV where he had vertical hole he had contrast you have all that stuff and when does the of article one don't use whenever you hit the side of the TVs so hard. It would bruise your hand. And that would fix it since those days in cable came along. And so we all signed on to cable. And most of us have been on cable now for. Decades. And so the whole changing sphere of television. It doesn't scare us we don't understand it. I bought my son. Broke true. Age Christmas is ago. Don't like that I had no idea what we're getting in a any started it tell me you at all it's rated as this does that so and so forth last night on watch in the enemy's shows being nominated from Hulu. I've got to remember when Hulu was. Elbow wasn't originally TJ it was like. You can go find old time television shows are so right. But I mean that's all they were originally voted to go see. SpaceX or something like that I go to Lulu. So Americans are increasingly opting to live without cable or satellite 22 point two million cut the cord this year. That's an increase of a third over 2016. And then the cord never people who have never subscribed to cable or satellite. 34 point four million this year. So I had to cut the cord what's your primary reason for getting rid of cable I assume it's probably. Yeah Al. If you. Are are you considering it. And and what are your primary sources of home entertainment for instance cable or Internet or Netflix or YouTube or so until work. But I am gonna ask all of you and I it's not that I wall at a hot on the on the Detroit lion no. New York giant game tonight but there's a football game on tonight. Com. Now let's let's say it was to Carolina Panthers at the Denver Broncos I would wanna see that. So if you can't get that been your solution doesn't work for me. But I am curious as to what you're doing so are runners up on Billy BTA. Scares me Troy is up on WB TH right. Really worried about it. We'll know here every. People here. I don't know right. The people. All right I'll big yard try amateur which on hold because your cut in and out on me on on our illusion but I got a huge in a better cell phone areas all come back to you just a second. And no Melanie go wrong on WET hey Ron. Yeah hey man are you did a great text. I haircut court bought about two years ago. Quote. I doubt or melt or duck hook Oreo. And mark our resource well nobody mentioned Cody that's that's a big part of it. Top but I also do Hulu for tonight's game I'll be watching it all who's playing TV. This is a look at. Not the best solution now become the qualities that have always end you know yeah. Depending on your connection really. I've got Hulu I've got Netflix and have done and as long as well until they've had. Fifty bucks a month. Now you're. Amazon and I got Amazon now because I've got to my an echo so I prize so bad guys saw it I take that anyway and so I already have that. Netflix I haven't signed on to Africa's amenity that. I don't know if that's what ten bucks a month so that's no big deal. Who wrote that about ten bucks a month the big one is playing and I bought fleeing for there to based purely. And then a five dollar add on for the support package can you get. Top of that majority of the old cable channel that you remember not all of them but I would say 675%. Of them including. Albeit via. But you're still just at what 3545. Bucks a month Brett now as opposed to go out. Go ahead as opposed to me and I don't know what I pay for TV quite frankly because I'll have the Internet and and a landline tied to that and then that's another place right. I should get rid of my landline business it's just redundant. Worse still for Mel so we have to have a landline for the security system. So. Now stuck where that that's a good point I have B ethernet. And that's all I used to just streaming and there are night our competitive that there are nights where because we can watch it whenever you walk. We just don't want to think yeah we just sit back and in my large tobacco joined tonight. Then figure this thing and provocative got Ron I appreciate comment thank you very much elsewhere. I'm gonna go back to Troy and civic got a better solo so with the Detroit hey Troy now aren't. I would take either the pattern that's also so far so good. OK good deal think your primary question is how you don't watch it though it's nothing ultimately the interstate and so far haven't Eddie issues were watching papers games using local channels. I put armed. Cut to carry a lot they point four months ago. And that the dish it were and not an art we have not looked back and take. How it too big of an antenna my house but I political art gridlock all sides antenna and they're gonna get about 37 channels and I looked in Denver right on the lake. And I employ and yourself and go small and it's nice on the the channel. So year on individually and all the local channels and so and so forth. Oh yeah and and what their status stats for me that needed just channel flipped like I had the cable and satellite know that. I did that satisfaction out of that and really troubled program numb my life and I like watching kids like to watch it's Netflix name. Yeah you know it's introducing gazelle as long long time ago when Henry broken retired he said I wanna go home and I wanna see what's on TV at night because he'd been doing nights for so long. On the and I told him in or you're gonna find out there's nothing on that night and now that I got nights. Free my guys still stand by that I've got the TV on all the time. But there is nothing I'm religiously watching you know they're good guys diners drive ins and dives. Yeah I catch it when I can find it. You fixer upper area but I mean as her network television in shows and stuff like that I don't know they just don't grab my attention anymore. Yeah from our news and get satellite radio and actually it really watching news with my kids around three and I'm getting my news in the car to and from work. Or satellite radio now clearly that's not really need it all meter and we get some local news stuff that's cute but again we need that but that's local channel on the cable sports. Now they had tried thank you very much better appreciated next time up in Denver all look for your Clark drizzle all day and general. I'm sure they're not tired yet I would say this. I don't wreck it it's not necessary get the smaller antennas to save money you'll still get a lot of channels that loans they come into. Not gonna thanks appreciate it. There's eleven did not do that through WBT traffic and weather together thanks to hunters shall Florida high 77 X 43 and Mike don't. Hey thanks John. I'll see you still seeing major problems on 77. This reporter sponsored by universal windows direct recede in major delays on 77 both north and southbound although they are easing up a bit. Our south of the city you may wanna try. You highway I'm sorry south boulevard or. Nor try south Tryon street is an alternate also I 485 southbound. We're seeing major backups there from I 77 all the way over to Providence Rhode highway 51 ligature around that. That disabled vehicle still slowing things down I 277. Near its the entrance to independence boulevard you may wanna try Monroe road as an alternate have a collision uptown Stonewall herself trying to sugar creek road. Near north grand streak with universal windows by one window and get the next window freeze 0% financing for 36 months. And this week only free installation go to universal windows direct. Universal window Charlotte dot com you're Charlotte weather today partly cloudy high near 85 tonight partly cloudy low near 64. Currently it's partly cloudy there's a lady for talent queen city it's 83 your next update is at 6 o'clock I'm Mike don't WD TL. Daytime Supertramp. Here's tonight's football here's an example of something they might wanna see and not and can you still get it under your new TV system. And I arises as why don't you are tune into your new sister station at W offense CEO where I think Westwood One still does our radio Monday night. Plot that's fine I actually don't wanna see it. And the picture on FNC sucks as bad as the picture on WB 28. The army itself wanna see it again and he says he would have you avoid all the brain dead commercials. That well no you don't. Already has been known to have a few very good commercials too but I did not. And to do grade my own media bud. I think we just got done with one that went boy you're on WBK hi. They got married a boat I'm good thanks. Third the first British regular cord cutters search phrase you're. Murder room and your wireless router that you'd been living flex cable company for forty some years if you do that where this probably about a 10340. Dollars. He can bring at all the cable company will set it up for you you. Connect the court the way you do have committed their stricker harper back to a store and you'll make your money back on that it's just earmarks. Obama playing TV of its 45 dollar basic plan filed our at all purple sports fact is that an extra five dollars for a bit. You know brands home and NFL network. A ball that until efforts 45 dollar welfare and ever on. Botched by NBC spoke Sunday Night Football and also watched like the banter just bails sepia. In an extremist somebody people have gone back to antenna which is exactly were we all started before we all thought we had to go to the cable. Bill. The number I've bottling partner if you think about that box have you read my cable company that wireless modem and router not Paramount around or was actually bottleneck in the signal coming in my house from all our old senator. Well there are greater than that that's fire. Com I have better Internet service I was senator my house. And that expenditure if you think about it overall those two years you've done 1045. Dollar a month search 4030 years he says thousands. It's albums and you know I don't have a boxes Lou in the rooms anymore. And best serve one trip up baker wants to take advantage over that well Robert moved got a bad start it girl. Now hey thanks for the tip thanks for the call appreciate very much a short time Stephen now hi. Yeah I thank you very much one to report that I ever since mine umbilical core was glad. I've never had table in the seventy point 75 years. So I've played and I'll stop figures probably 2000 more you know to spot. We're relying on that pleasures like eleven Iranian government cannot have a quality measures while only indictment that. So you're divas don't you just don't give a damn about TV. I outlets announced Paramount example and others a lot of mud. We're gonna run again in Denmark power to via except that doesn't quite. Which we don't want love. I don't I get TV. If I can very accord which is kind of what we're talking about bay listen if you knew that TV congratulations to you I can't. I got to see a newscast when news is breaking I gotta have access to. The networks and cable networks still.