Reflections and Thoughts Of Dr Billy Graham

David Chadwick
Sunday, March 4th

Graeme Keith, Chairman of The Keith Corporation and friend of Dr Billy Graham joins David to share reflections and thoughts about Reverend Graham.


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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news 1110993. WBT. Welcome to the program in case you don't know this is a faith and values program that tries to intersect. Different issues in our culture locally globally it's always a pleasure doing the show seventeen plus years now and it's always great to have this opportunity to talk with you about different issues that are surrounding us. Today I really looked forward to the show because I have in studio with me. A friend as my guest who was a very close personal friend of doctor Billy Graham a we're still dealing in the aftermath of his death. On the loss of this great man to this side of eternity. But how many people's lives he touched will only Kevin Walsh showed that one day. Graham key is with me and again Graham was one of doctor Graham's really good friends an advisor in so many capacities. And really is a great person have on the show today to give insights and a doctor Graham and to celebrate his life. His death his resurrection and his heavenly departure and now he's with his wife Ruth and all those who loved him so dearly who passed away as well. Graham thank you for being on the show with me today. Thank you use and so is the players would be. Will Graham how did you first meet doctor Graham had major French ship for. I was a brain manages. Park road show up things which was close to where. That is followed mogul Leo it right where his form used to be like yeah this Durham Nicole and and mr. gremlins would come down about once a week interests adamant that this in tow ruby and every time he left the Wednesday. You know I want you to meet my son so that unlike vivid. And a in 1958. He walked in the bank and he would Billy Graham we've. And that's when we first met. And then again involved in this. Crusade. Late. Yeah in 1951. Here in Charlotte yeah all right so now the Bo Zhang arena. That's where it was held and then and knows proceed though and 1972. And then of course the big equipment at the stadium and 1996. It was a tale of the actors. Now a lot of people have jokingly. Read your article that you had done about you Indy Charlotte business journal last week where decision you were unable to saying Lou. To Billy Graham talk about that. Well in 96 several of the people who were routed the program association. Came to me and asked me what I consider serving as the Hamlin bankruptcies and a and this really don't have the time to do it right now and liked to do them maybe it's going to be involved McCain serviced him. And a couple weeks later Billick told me in its music come up his home in my entry and have lunch with. And I did. And after lunch food talking about a number of things and he said. Understand Davis uses service Hamlin crusade. Yeah he did the Nevada and it is no I don't think I'll will be able to do it. And that's when he said. Well you know program if you consider serving. As chairman of the day Tuesday. You'll never know what it means to you until you get to heaven. When I say that I had no one Gordon say as I couldn't. OK I'll do the old heavenly wrong word and illegal enemy who can turn that down. So you did share the 1996. Crusade here in Charlotte and it was the first event. It was hailed in the panthers' stadium of of them a football game. We had to do a lot of extra things to get. Enumerated them then that. It was a wonderfully successful. Crusades we averaged over 73000. People every night. Phipps Saturday night which was used night. And we had to put Jumbotron. So like 1101000. People elves unbelievable. As a of their successful. Crucially in India remember the. Time he spoke when it was raining all day in everybody's still came of their umbrellas their raincoats on. But when he got up and spoke suddenly amazingly surprisingly. It's stopped raining and he spoke with the power of the holy spirit upon him touched so many people's lives that's exactly right remember that have now. And you saw the lives of many touched during that week that he spoke here did you. Michelin did amazing the response at the end that during his all ethical and people this poured into the stadium effect we have the do a little something that's never been done before. They were concerned about people getting out of the stands and onto the field. And so we had to build special steps for that. And then. The rich and Fam as is would we consider covering the field and it. Only way that we could go over the field is to. Rent from the Washington Redskins. They wouldn't rule that code of entire field. And it took about fifteen trip truckloads of it together down here from Washington but we did used. They're good cooperation within the NFL best voices Graham Keith a friend of mine and I Kelly good dear friend and I'm so thankful have you been my friendship circle but. More importantly for today's purposes a friend of doctor Billy Graham and we're talking in reflection about his life. In and so many things in the waist he touched people I'm David Chadwick this news 1110 WB ET 993 of them will be. Right back. I'm David Chadwick in this is news at eleven chin at 993 yep and WBT welcome back to issue folks. Well we're still celebrating the life and ministry of doctor Billy Graham is just hard to believe home grown person here up on the street in our city named after him. A lot of people don't know that in the might 1930s. An evangelist by the name Mordecai Hamm McCain to Charlotte. And did a crusade and he preached and preached and preached and one person came to faith in Jesus and he was really discouraged because the numbers weren't there. But he didn't fail to realize that that one person who came to faith was Billy Graham. And that one person has now preached the gospel to literally millions upon millions of people around the world so I would say the Mordecai Hamm was a great success because of the one person who came to faith because of this faithful is always remember. Dear friends that god doesn't necessarily judge success by huge numbers he judges success by simply being faithful in the moment. Where you war so in celebration of doctor Graham's life I have indeed a studio with me. Graeme Keith I Graham. Is a very close family friend of the Graham's and has been for many years going back to in 1958. Crusade here in Charlotte where. He was a part of that then shared the 1996 crusade here in Charlotte which was eminently successful hundreds of thousands. Up people who attended. Graeme many people I've that would love to note doctor Graham from the inside EU have been able to form a close family relationship with him. Went to mine for many times did you not. Yes I did they do is we did know a close relationship. Canon helped him from that on his personal affairs and things like when you head. A number of books that he had written. And the royalties would come in. Bill that would give it all away. You and after several is. You know maybe we'll set but trust for use. Just in case you Leo all bearded he said they'll war about it. I'm not only of I don't know. Hallway towards supplies does that answer doesn't really yet know all the way in nine years ago and fortunes throws with Oakland. In taking care he's home. One of four Tuesday. Well many people ask the question why is he so popular you know for decades would annually be selected as one of the most. Popular men in America and it. I history and I think one of the reasons is because of his great integrity. You Maryland and I were in Mon tree went time had a speaking engagement and and Graham watts who is one of my friends I've known since my days at North Carolina. Way back Quinn are called in invited Maryland to me to come up to the house and meet with her and Ruth who were there. And so we'd went through that winding road and went back to their house and Graham the one thing that hit me he was just how modest. Everything laws he was this great man of god to preach to millions of people. Obviously like with the books and other ways he had money coming in. But he was so generous he did not profit by as opposed to a Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker and PTL back in the nineteen. On eighties here in Charlotte who used their ministry to profit themselves greatly he just never did that did. No he really didn't and he was course as you know. For sixty years things have been one of the ten most admired. Men in the world and but I admire him so because he was unquestionably. The most humble man of government and alive to be. They call him what do most celebrities. World rural here via. So he. He says Bulent I'm. Talking about. His popularity and that sort of thing you see him. I hadn't done anything. I've only been in the minutes. And. I remember in 2007. And I think he wants from the library opened up in received an invitation to go be part of that grand opening holes on the front row. If he was introduced and hundreds of people there stood up with the applause that became up Aureus and he became increasingly uncomfortable with the long jeopardy of the applause finally got everybody sit down and I'll never forget the first words that came out of his mouth he said. I must decrease. And he must increase a quote from John 330 where John the Baptist Saul. His hundreds of followers storing the follow Jesus he's sitting on what Imus decreased Jesus must increase and that's what doctor Craig and Graham said. At that very special moment of the dedication of his ministry publicly at the library. Remember when. Franklin and I sat down with him and talked about building collaborative he was not very receptive to that it Thursday's that I don't want any memorial to me I don't want any museum. And we sit there and that's not what this is Colby. This is go be an extension. Of your ministry for another fifty years. When he thought about it and prayed about it for several days he finally agreed to allow us to build a lot of them. So you think his humility. Is maybe the greatest qualities that he possessed and allow people to admire him so greatly. I think that's certainly one of the things that you know he developed a reputation because people respected him so. That way of he would go. A 100000 people would. Come to hear him preach and you know I don't know I don't like is anybody like that anyway in the world. I get asked all the time who's the next Billy Graham and I go I don't see that person on the horizon do you. Know moderately though he was so special. In everything that he did. And really bill. The anybody. That is in his category of popularity. And integrity. And and humbled us. Graeme Keith as my guest today local Charlotte businessman but. More importantly was a very close personal friend of doctor Billy Graham the Graham family giving us reflections. Today as we look back on Friday being his funeral celebration and his. For official departure from this planet are recognized by his friends at that 2300 person gathering for his funeral. Graeme wood would you say also that his popularity. Stemmed from his great integrity. You're not only his humility which of so evident but his integrity mean there was never scandal. Beside his name as you look at so many religious figures today they have something that has stained their public presence but he doesn't have anything at all that I know off. That he didn't really it doesn't. And I agree review that is integrity and he was. He was always. Just. In his sermons. Preaching directly from the bubble and India. He said he had friends and every religion is friends to a Muslim men and all other religions and he Nev. Criticized any other religion. Aegis. Spoke the same message every time and that is god love you. Any talk about the cross of Jesus being the way to forgiveness and that love being accepted by you. Another thing to hit me when I thought about him last week when he passed away it was. I'm the PTL scandals here in Charlotte were just awful and ugly and for a a pastor in a church here in town it took the church ten to fifteen years to recover from that. So many people making fun of Christians. But doctor gray when time was asked about Jim and Tammy Faye baker and he never ever spoke ill of them he never. I'm curse them in any way he always would say I pray for them and I love Jim and Tammy Faye and when Jim was imprisoned doctor Graham called him and kept in touch with him. But one I'm numb an amazing man not only of integrity and humility but I've just expressing the love of Christ other people you saw that first handed you or your. You described it perfectly aegis was. One of those special people that you couldn't help but respect and Loeb who calls. He he preached. Only from the bubble and when you preaching he stayed right with the about the effect he noted in his hand and hold them. He was speaking most of the well he had an event in his life for one of his close friends who vandalized with him walked away from the faith and believe the Bible wasn't true. And as I read his. Autobiography he went into the woods and wrestled a whole night with going is this book true or not and he finally came out saying it's true and if every part of it isn't true none of it's crucial I'm going to preach the Bible. Everything it says and not worry about people's opinions and that's what he did did. Did she do it and I remember a scan him one time about several things in the bubble. And usage you know. I don't I don't know the answers to them. In the sit. And it undone on the stand everything in the bubble but I accept the things I don't understand. With faith and yeah I remember him saying one time it's not the 5% in the Bible that I don't understand that bothers me is the 95%. That I clearly understand the effect at at that others may. And that's what he clearly preached and did so simply too didn't want to let a part of his genius button. Anybody that was sitting in the audience could thoroughly understand what he was saying and because of the way he said it then. He was so enthusiastic. And he preached it people. People just admired that about you and and as a result of that they believe him and and just as you know thousands would come every night when he would. Give these older coal and and I can't help but believe it all of those millions of people. That life was their lives were turned around in his crusades. They were up there waiting on him it had to be incredible celebration list when they're Morton I don't know how long and eternal state is. But my guess is if there is a 24 hour day in heaven. There must have been multiple ones necessary like you sit for all the people. In heaven to thank doctor Graham for his life because his preaching brought so many of them in to have and to be with the lord. I agree. If you if god have said well done my good and faithful servant. He says it left Wednesday morning for issue. I read a story where he was asked by someone. What will be the first thing that you'll say to god when you get to heaven and doctor Graham said I will say have mercy on me forward. A senator. And in the person as well what then do you expect to hear from god in doctoring purportedly said I think here first of all you are forgiven. And secondly well done good and faithful servant. I think that's what he hurt when he was in heaven for the first time last week. Graeme Keith as my guest today Graham is a local short businessmen been here for a long time is a community pillar has been apart. Philanthropy and so many different ways I can't even talk about all of them I'm honored to have him as my guest today. He's a close personal friend of the Graham family is giving us insight into doctor Graeme as we celebrate his life. For the final time he's gone to be with his award in haven't I'm David Chadwick this is news 1110. 99 point three FM WB TO for talking with you all in just. A moment. I'm David Chadwick in this is news eleven tin that WBT. 99 point three FM it's great to have you back on the show if you'd like to hear the program in its entirety with my guest Graham Keith who knew doctor Billy Graham personally are very close friend. From the beginning to the end go to WBT dot com scroll down to the weekend shows look for the David Chadwick show and you can hear the program. Via podcast in its entirety. Graham is just wonderful to have you on the show today for those who don't know I agree and Keith has been a leader in this community for so many years been a part of numerous Philanthropic. Out reaches. The goodfellas is a part of what you've done for so many years to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help the pour in the median the oppressed you have a deep Christian faith yourself. On the you lost your wife Gloria recently. Two through a long. Illness and I'm sure that that she is now with doctor Graeme and heaven and you're having some rejoicing there that she's no longer ill as he is no longer ill but that you saw doctor Graham just a little over a month ago did you not. Putted David in. And he you know reviews so sick at that difficult for. Tall growing UNC ya hear you it is. This kind of paying and don't wait known alone take human it was really blitzing. And I'm of this. Hope and believe it my life was on fraud rule when he opens the motive and I am absolutely certain ability. When a with the same. When she was with me. One of the nurses say it could be you know. Missed these thesis. Doctor Graham really do like pews. But he loves her. A you know there's a verse in the book of revelation that says in the prayers of the saints ascend to the war. And it's in the context of the saints being in heaven. Implying that the people in Hammond are still praying for those of us here cheering us on to our finish line to be faithful. Undue ward. And if that's true your wife Gloria was one of the greatest prayer warriors I'm no law. And I am sure to this moment that she's in heaven praying for you praying for me praying for your kids grandkids great Greinke it's. And she is lifting us up regularly encouraging us to be faithful to the end she was a great moment face. When she really was and we hit 63. Years. Obviously. I know which is. And not hurting with pain in the last few months really tough phone line but. When. When I get a little lonely myself I think about where she years and then and now. Everything's perfect for the current students cellphone like you needed to and it it really when someone passes away that we loved deeply there's that relief. And grief isn't there and both of them at the same time. Absolutely it really is and it's hard for anybody to really understand it. Until they have. This day and if lol someone that is that close to it. You know most of wonderful wife and we've lived together for so long and and a wonderful friend and known for his. Six it is an I think you would say probably the best tip you can give to. Mary folks out there is to make sure your spouse is your best friend absolutely and just love spending time with her will. I'd live your grief with UN have said you on numerous occasions that you'll see your again. And you know that and I'm sure that's what partly gets you through your continued grief until you see your again. Well I think these factors related. That's what keeps me from you know being lonely some. Thinking about myself rather. Well and she's praying for you Graham I believe that all my heart of the prayers of the saints this into the war like the book of revelation says she still praying for you and for all of us. Question that. Graham family doctor Billy Graham's family is going through this relief and grief as well have you seen down cents doctor Graham passed away yes. Those who have them full cup allows. On Saturday when the money or it's Calabria. And they had a little ceremony. There it was only the family and they were Canada to invite me to be. But. There was this this sense of grief. The missing because these not ways vacancy team. But there was also sense of joy. Among all the members of the famous biko's. They knew exactly way it was and they viewed. God was Phil welcome him having a long way. Millions of other people live when they have that problem and then. Changed him one of the secrecy and for Smithsonian's fourth thirteen says we grieve with hope and I'm sure they're doing as well as you war having. Miss fewer beloved Gloria in such a depth. That you never known before. I'm let me ask you this. Doctor Graham used to say that off all of his I think five children that he had. And was his most gifted oratory and his daughter. And who we both know and was a friend of mine when I was at Chapel Hill and she had a Bible study every Sunday night invited me over to be part of that her husband Danny who's also in heaven I'm sure part of the great celebration. Played on the 1957. UNC undefeated national championship team and end is really greatly gifted communicators and Al oratory is she not. Oh she is huge he really does a wonderful job and all of a presentations and and you know she has the respect. That a fault. People. People really enjoy hearing her because she too preaches directly from the Bob and and she. She makes such a good presentation of candidates there one day and she's probably the best. Baker and into effect. That's a that's a what she was on the show. A year ago she was the chairperson of the national day of prayer. And at that point again doctor Graeme was not in good health he was suffering and I asked for the question. Why do you think the lord has allowed him to stay around these 99 years even when he has such bad health and here was your answer anything may be the reason the words keeping him around here is at least partly to pray amidst these dire times in which we live. I think it's to get other people you know what when I meet people around the world and talk about the debate are encouraged in the air okay. And they're focused in evangelism. Because father still lob on the planet. It's amazing how just his presence on the planet. Infuses other people we. With a hole and with a purpose and the energy and their pain and I think. I think one big reason is palm's just because of what he means to the Christian church large. Also believe that when he does. Go to Hammond that if he if he goes before Jesus comes back and takes it all the European. They'll be you know they'll be a lot of news report going to be a lot of things that are put out. On radio television Internet to. And one more time on the gospel will be priest of the whole world because I cannot imagine anybody could describe a like Billy Graham without also talking about the gospel. Graeme Keith in studio with me dear friend of doctor Graham's. Graeme we hear that and you realize with his passing last week the gospel now has been proclaimed again around the world. Like never before in that it has been estimated that he preached to maybe 200 million people live but that doesn't include the way he used mass media. Television radio print and the computer later on it and when the beautiful things are contemporary technology is his sermons now can be preached for. Decades to come until Jesus comes back who knows how many more tens of millions of people will hear his message and be saved. What's really interesting to meet as we'd listen to and talk is again that the caused his death millions more will hear his truth. I think it's funeral. Thanks Friday will be something very special because imagine people. Not only be of more of the United States they'll be here from all over the world. Because he was such a special person and he and preached and I think a 185. Different countries and a so people through the media have been exposed to his. If his sermons. The they may not have ever seen him. And a crusade. But. I think they have millions of people out there that feel like they know Billy Graham and. That indistinguishable. Forties it's recognizable. Any place throughout the world. We obviously had record this show before the funeral on Friday and you and I both will be present there. As will be president Donald Trump on and other. Dignitaries as you noted from around the world he was able to walk with power but not be influenced by that power. What do you think was the reason for that. I'm just think that's a part of his humility I mean he just. He's. He respected. People that would in. Major. Importer of positions. Like the president. Opening of the elaborate. Three living presidents rule here and they they'll spoke it them. I think and then when you look back at. All of the president's that he was close to. They all respected him so much and he was in vases to all of his probably most embarrassing moment though is when the Watergate tapes were revealed and you heard. Richard Nixon's foul language and Phil have been duped by that didn't need this it is the views he was somewhat embarrassed about. That was unfortunate but. You know that's when a parent in the way of mr. Nixon told him. We know the. Truth is all of us try to discern people as best weak hand but we can't always be right in our discernment and when you're dealing with power you have powerful people who know how to do those kind of things to. Make you think your there's somebody that they release art and we found out who Nixon really wants and I think doctor Graham learned about the dangers of trying to cozy up to power and I heard Ruth also sit him on many occasions be careful belly. Be careful. That's a let's talk about their relationship when we come back with a Graeme Keith I'm David Chadwick we'll talk about that in just a moment. Means of came here. Yeah. And then you. Easton. Excuse. I want. And if you believe that god is a good good father you know that doctor Billy Graham and my mom and dad passed on Lorie keep the wife of my guest today has gone on. He's a good good father and they're replaced withers the tears suffering. There's only joy and actually they're looking forward to those of us who believed to go be with elm and that he tore a life with them. Graeme Keith as my guest today local Charlotte businessmen philanthropist just a wonderful friend for many years and if you are recognizing his voicing going. Where have I heard that voice before perhaps you've gone in the Wells Fargo tournament and on the first hole. Heard a stately gentleman that give up and introduce all of the golfers and that voice is. Graham Keith green and how long have you been doing that. David. That has since day one of fourteen years. But I have a wonderful committee that. And I did stay on the first to you most of the time and and it's interesting. Initially in place to be coach you have an opportunity to meet all the different. The players and and most of a really nice guy from. And good number of people faithful that tour which is amazing one of them being named people may not know this is you were. Our son in law your grandson and lost you'd be Webb Simpson right and whip his. Such he's fine golf we've played so well last week but. He. Because the way he handles himself and he's such a wonderful Christian. I think I admire him boy as a person that he uses. Then. Then it and this is the gulf of yeah he's been on the show as well that the man of faith Mary to Dowd. Our Greg in India Gregg as you were sons and Indy your daughter in law. I doubt as your granddaughter Mary to Webb Simpson and McVeigh does have a wonderful relationship the people of faith and raising their children for the war it's just neat to see. You had a great story you told about Gloria your wife and and how you introduced people on the first tee share that place. One day I came only afternoon and and feasted do you man if make that suggestion coach he was sitting idle first tees would stay with. To Israel. And nothing but a OKO. Film institute. You know you'd do a good job of introducing all the players. Which seem to have. One more enthusiasm. When you Kennedys in your grandson that's half a and in that it realized that one out try to calm that down in the future. Oh our wives aren't they incredible I mean I exits so often mine. Picks up on things I never pick up all and and they are so necessary and in completing us and making us is one. Even though it is to me getting back to doctor Billy Graham and you were dear close personal friend of his. You noticed his relationship with his wife Ruth would you talk about that some. They handle a wonderful manage. The only problem that was there is if he had to travel so much. That Ruth really had raise of five children and she did a beautiful job of of and they when he would come home they would have. You know time together and Ruth. Was. She was helpful to Billy also because. She would see things sometimes all people bit. Maybe you were trying to take advantage of him and his ministry and and she didn't have a Tuesday. Two. Suggests that he be careful or be concerned about. Certain people of certain places that he would go away and so. Ruth whose. A graded buzz that the Bill Clinton and was very involved in his ministry. She is the one who said the best marriage is made up of two great for givers. And I've never forgotten that I've given that marriage counseling to numerous couples I've council. And my guess is their marriage wasn't perfect they were there to human beings bumping into each other and they had to practice forgiveness with one another as well. No question about it this. And she also was. One who. Said about Richard Nixon for example. Really need to be careful with him even before the Watergate tapes I understand that with that. Special wife's early. Warning radar system that they have sometimes that we don't see is me and she warned him about. Richard Nixon and he had to learn the hard way he wants those tapes were revealed but that's the kind of marriage they had watched additionally be in intimately interacting with him. She's in his sleep but as animal things when it was necessary. And she did it. In such ways it really always. Respect you heard by the great relationship wonderful she says that. Spending her life 50% of the time with Billy was greater for her then spending a 100% of the time with any other man on the face of the year. Which is just a beautiful statement and it. Humid. Humorous statement one. When they suited. All the responsibilities. It really puts own news is that motive maybe of the followed divorce. And she's no. They have maybe even not the but she did believe until death the port and the others but you know there are united now isn't that one of the great hopes we have as people thing. Graeme believe there now we only had just a little bit of time left and wanna make sure that I gave you the chance to. Share your deepest reflections on doctor agreement what you would love to leave with our listeners Tuesday. Well as. News such humble person he is old news emissions. And not the wonderful outstanding. Personality. That posed to him would be fences walls in the mine. And then the world. And he was annually over over here you repeatedly on bills sixty years. The ones that. And the he was just wonderful. Person. With these personalities. And integrity. To to live of the gospel says two ways. You just really couldn't help but leave what issues. Humility his integrity his modesty is generosity. And he was consistently that person and that's why people admire him so much no scandals by his name. Whatsoever. If he could speak to all of the listeners here today through you what message do you think he would give to those listening today. I guess David. One thing that he preached in every single Sherman. And. Would hope that anyone in this game of this would believe it but he always. Started and ended did so. With. God loves you. And then he would Goran explain. How you should who have failed. But he loved you for being and that was in every sermon that we have a pre. Yeah that's that verse from first John fourteen and not that we love god but that he first loved us and gave his life is an atoning sacrifice for our sins. And that's the gift of forgiveness isn't it that was his message your sins are forgiven because of God's love through Jesus. Factor. If you risk of that forgiveness. He will if you genuinely useful if he will forgive you and then if you live that life. You own your way to heaven with him you have the gift of eternal life right. Graeme Keith thank you for your presence today and I look forward to seeing Gloria. With you in heaven and doctor Graham my mom and dad and all of our loved ones who have gone before us and everyone remember this message has continued to love god and love your neighbor doctor gray would want you to do that. As would our lord a lot for talking with you all. Next week.