Remembering Robert Raiford

John Hancock
Friday, November 17th

Hancock is joined by Keith Larson, Jon Wilson of WCCB-TV, Steve Crump of WBTV, and Larry Sprinkle of WCNC-TV to remember Robert Raiford.


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Billy Taylor trio Billy Flynn piano Charles owning a Sundays and Marcus Foster on drums. Lady bird as recombinant story dome preserved on the Bruce to label him. What's gonna have to leave in form tonight's adventures and sound we've had until the last dollar ever since midnight eastern standard time. This is Bob Rafer and transcribing tonight and tomorrow night's program. Hello I'm enjoying the Newport jazz festival Newport, Rhode Island. Back here next Friday live as a stand. Went through a report on file cabinet Newport. And maybe some and person words from some of the money. Contemporary musicians who will be there in person. In the meantime don't forget to Jonas that's. 12 o'clock tomorrow night for another transcribe dollar on the bench isn't some. Brendan and every night by the way contender and into twelve was. Just us playing music. On WBT radio. It wasn't long after I got here in 1990s that. I started getting all blows. Hand typed. Envelopes. With a WR FX the fox letterhead on it. From a guy named Rafer. And initially I think there were complimentary of about nice to have a new voice on VT or something along those lines and then as time went on get a few and they would be. They beat critiques of something that we had brought up but none and then he started call on the show from time to time. A long time Charlotte native will know that Sharpe Robert he referred who many of you know from the fox and all of his years with John boy and Billy. Well has passed away at the age of 89. He also has a big part of the WB UT history. There was a time after they move made afternoons and and I jettisoned myself off to on the street now and came back again. That they hired this guy named Keith Larson to do nine to noon. And I'll remember one day I walked into the studio and the obviously the male and already arrived and there was one of those WR FX. On the Lopes. From this guy named ray for. But women dressed to me it was dressed to the guy named Keith Larson. And it hurt my feelings. Big time. But then I came to find out that if you were on the air before between. The two well during the time the John boy and Billy were on the air you're probably gonna get one of those envelopes and he was probably they're gonna be complimentary of something you'd done that day. Or he was gonna tell you you were just full of crap. But he always say shots or to straighten that that Keith Carson guys are nine to noon. I'm not sure exactly whatever happened to him but I do know worry is right now is sitting over there on my number three how are you on. Not doing well and you Mollison Toobin Pam McCrory is not gonna get a letter from me for. Because they'll get I know he wouldn't unless you already have his 9 o'clock hour and I would imagine that letter would be something about what are you doing FF. So are you the you would just stayed in touch I thought it would be appropriate to have you injured Dave because you are referred to. Got color got close. And especially as of late. But that the ties that really Ballinger you guys were motorcycles and he was in on new correct me but the first thirteen of your rides for the kids. Yes first off it's I appreciate him to. To step out here tea. Ready for an. Bob would be giving me particularly being referred to. Issue. Devilish kick out of me being here. Talking with you about him. Not today because you know Bob loved BT. Of course he was fired from the team. Hand. Yeah we've yet you're right thirteen motorcycle rides we'll talk about all of that and vote no the few times I saw him over the last couple years since his stroke. The last time I saw him. Was just at the beginning of summer. In and I think it was the first haven't seen him since I was invited to leave last fall and he just loves that. He loved that he and it was like we now head beyond motorcycles are we also did some business were commercials are. Beyond all that stuff over the last 1415 years it was like somebody else. Fired by BT and he loved that we were in some sort of like that blood brother Chad who brotherhood something. Any got this weird little kick out of that so Bob were here today. Talking about you said he loved BT. There was a very cool moment got this from both Thompson today at the end of his appearance at our eightieth anniversary show in 2002. Where he talks about don't we be ticked. The best memories are when I'm mark this place and migrate 57 years of experience in this business. How market cannot have warm place in my heart heart told him lieutenant. The place does this place does that area of you may not have gotten there yet but you will someday. If I'm dead tell me about the first time that you remember ever hearing from Rafer because I'm sure the first time you you may have been aware of him headed time but it was that letter that basically get used say at some point who is this guy. I'm trying to actually backing up before that night should ask. So are you going to do a thing in thirty seconds TJ ORN and are you good for a minute or two we don't follow the dog. I'll say it's even a little low is weirder than that John truly because when it goes back to his before I came to share goes back to before I got back injury. It goes back to what I was you know senior vice president in this ad agency and amount of Atlanta and I'm running McDonald's advertising and much of a mile east of the Mississippi. And my team in Charlotte. You know did one of these meetings things abruptly into town and some of the people were in so we're having a meeting. And that the radio stations either and clear channel whenever people fox people. Posted us up their radio stations do these kind of things we were a client they host us we're using one of their conference room. And right at this point in time it's around 1999 or 2000 or something and I'm just off in my line of corporate stupid. And I had begun to go out of my mind that it can't stand not being. That's doing this is when you were thinking about getting back birdies and American American too so we get invited to go to. Are facts and be hosted at their willingness meeting and it starts at 9 in the morning or whenever stars were in the east conference rooms on eskolaste. And I see these guys. Just on the other side of the glass and other studios have since been remodeled. And I don't believe that ministers John boy and Billy are actually lives in the building in the morning there any longer no they're not but they were then. And I saw these guys wrapping off up there sure this won't die and then this other goofy looking guy with like a baseball hat on. And then there's older gentlemen the three of them and they had just gotten done doing their thing and I was right on the other side of the glass tournament. And in particular they were or hinting toward the older guy never told stories talk I couldn't hear a thing I didn't know who these people work but I saw these guys. And I knew what they were doing and I knew how it felt my saw this man. What I'm doing is staying any picking up newspapers you know is staying we're ready for dead and it was like that killed. I mean it did and here I am in this land of corporate stupid meeting on the other side of the glass walk you know it's referred him and so not probably two years later. I'm right here. And then you're envelopes story you know and and so I get the envelope from the sky. And then when I finally medium and when I met him was that your what was at the eightieth in in 2002. Whatever anniversary party we have that here. That he was the 85. And it's like wait a minute. If the old guy you that's you know you're at it and so it started kind of and I told him that store in. And so it kinda. And I guess got deep quickly. From there you guys had become good friends and Penn tells by the time you started doing the rides because he was there in the first trial there for the first for the very first want some are at home are big and up there's a picture of our union Bob one of the earlier rides referred that was out there for our first grind and all the way through thirteen. And it was great and people loved him so much time on on those rides and even after. He wrote a great big Harley-Davidson in the converted police motorcycle right one white one and it had the the police custom hydraulic seek. So he could pump air in it for his bust. Kind of a deal and it and that was a big motorcycle when I got to where he couldn't ride that. Really so well anymore who'll reject parts would put him on a different set of wheels or another you know from the right. But he loved them. And people loved him. And I have a photo here I tweeted out I'll show you I can find it but it's re forgetting off his motorcycle. And nephews from machines. And and the camera caught him peeking into his rear view mirror and coolness there before he got to walk around and and he referred. From the time I heard the minute news this morning I haven't been able to get his voice out of my head because he had such a distinctive voice then you can you can still hear him. And the other that I thought of was him standing by the side which actually be the front of Matthews on machines. Holding court because so when he showed up for the rides and stood there he didn't have to go mingle with the crowd the crowd came over to mingle with him. People loves that and and hit any was he did he love VT he loved being a part of the road with the rise in he he loved being a part of our show and of course you and other people here as well but. You know we know seemed to click a little bit he would he would call him command and he would be armed and just the fox people really. But you know hey. Then finally told him at one point don't go on the air while you're on the air here tonight. Well yeah that's sort of why he would come out sometimes after 10 o'clock he would. Call after 10 o'clock he'd be out this was over the years and not everywhere but in a few times here cannot. And then one day he called at like 930. And he tells me the story I thought you know whatever strength he says that they came off to a bad points that Bob. We know that's a big part of your life we knew we'd like that they are we going on those martyrs or even up that's fine he said but you know. At 930 you're still on the air here. Who would you mind that you know may be just being on the air here while you run you're here. And actually maybe they you know told him to kind of ceased to call the after the company kept coming out to the right although they had to realizes the paper points out the mark Washburn story about our Robert Redford passing away at the age of 89 that they're requesting something of Robert data necessarily mean there was going to be that he was gonna comply. He was not well and that's how we got fired. From and he took it as as you. No he was told to not get off and you heard him in your opening clip he's that's 1951. Inch you know he's talking about the Newport jazz festival. He is playing black Jack has he's playing black blues this is the Grady Cole era of BT. And they told him to knock it off. Telling Bob Rae effort to not cut off is not a path to to get something changed now. Many didn't Sony finally not tell them maybe that's what we found someone in common with him. Not that we've ever defied an order where are talking to a Keith Larson about Robert Aguirre for Rebecca just feel. Robert Redford has had passed away at the age of 89. I haven't I wasn't inside the loop enough to know what the paper stated today and that was about October I guess he really started going note downhill. But he had worked pretty rigorously. Talks that I have had with Koehler has so wife had said that you'd. Worked pretty hard over the last two years to try to do to get back when he could get Bakken. Apparently in October. He's started to weaken pretty severely. Tom we had him around here back amount day for the eightieth to sort of in fifteen years ago for the eightieth anniversary show any talk a little bit about his started WBT. I came to WBD from the big 50000 month flagship CBS station in Washington but I had because some family situation where I have to get back here. Especially Auld mug life and I've been in this business I want to come here to America. This is amount. So that was I came here in December 1952. We did everything we did radio TV enormous split stuff altogether and you don't us I don't I don't like to use your phone to go for exposing using your phone right there than we did a little bit of everything radio TV you see we also know on the radio BS or reporter and all of us knew that too. Turns to and so we did everything is a mystery nationally. I've nutrition related to maturity available at WB to WB TV. Preservers in Washington telling you had big time people are very CBS was in the same building. And four staff announcer together they show. For instance it was very difficult so I came back down there it was open session went great opportunities. I think because I did come. From a station the most non responder go to from here. Kyle is a little bit smarter Japan should know I wasn't very humbled you know what he's never been on my strong suits anyway. That's what made Richard Richard I I think I stole a line nears today channel three S made you came in with a Cameron did some stuff. And they said what is his legacy or something like that and I said something about I don't know of anybody in this market that knows ray for that doesn't wanna be referred when they grow up there and I think that was your line at some point or another but I mean that kind of was at he died it's almost and he died at 89 but the guy was completely active until it was 87. Yeah. The stroke was an August issue of a couple of years ago. Almost up until that. And yet he wasn't able to ride in that last run of that year. But up until in his 87 the year he was still going on our motorcycle Romo was the last time he wrote cross country with fed because he did that every year for a long long time to a net and that wasn't but. Four or five years ago that he could do an hours and you know he he stopped that. Count our talking America not that long ago nonstop that a couple of years before we stop mine and I was not Bob. Then I say you know with love Kelyn. That was Aquila. For having Bob known that. He had done enough of that but he but he also he knew that it is time to stop that the cross country right. But but he had gone on I mean Kyle's up to Tony five rides or something 23 wood Arenas and Bob had been on like the first Tony in a row now. Long time so maybe until he was eighty you know for a public that on the news you know 5007000. Mile long Kyle Petty rides dobbs our. Well as a driver Dan Wilkinson today and I was just kind of thinking about him and I was thinking to myself that since the day I arrived to a reference that are part of Charlotte and her efforts under any more. On men and I don't want some dumb like every other good poorly written obituary that took comes down the line but it's just not the same Charlotte. It's it'd Charlotte without Robert. His system and just a little short. Yes Charlotte is on is is short on real and organic in London and true character. Now was Zuma and I was gone yet you're. Hotline was running and be sure I'm supposed to be here. No and on the ice I generally when it comes to of people like you you I invite you and then a then I go to the meetings later so. Tom I'll let you know and and if I need some that all alas if I can come join you brought against. But to keep Larson page dot com if you're looking for a Keith Larson these days and thanks to govern and not talking about Robert did the information. I we're talking about Robert lire for. So let me take a couple of phone calls and if you would like to chime in I'd be delighted to. Colors Frankel called a few seconds ago and we expect to hear him again and number but he Wilson who started off of this radio station. I guess he was kind of my producer for a while normally sure that was official but that kind of was the your duties that he took on a many went off put to do mornings at the end. And many has just made himself at home over CC BO Wilson's world and I note in a band that has his picture on the side of it. A and and and I'm not sure how I'm not exactly sure what his job description is. But. Someplace on his revenue on his resume it says longevity so why do Wilson. I don't know I'm would be on the Holland earlier sorry about that. This is so that we were thinking and go to the meeting. Here. Not not the first time I've made Larsen and arrogant so that makes me happy I'm an advocate Ed as a radio kid growing up in Charlotte in your great bird on the air with Johnny and Billy it was. Yeah I had no idea of the history so I was sixteen years old and I would actually crank call wait for and is is that it'd be a lot I don't know about it on the air we give it. So I knew that I and he would talk about onyx. And then started review and then went over and ended up working in an end is it in I would from time to time I would lucky not to be in the studio with mr. Rafer. And get at a great time I went flying with him one time in open cockpit by plane into the red Barron pizza. It almost killed me. And we got to leave airplane workflow the same time you don't want plain out and the other. Re not done that I needed admitted he jumped out of that airplane our parolee was then and just said. Our. Programs like an eternity Gauguin at this so now you rightward everything they eat the same they're writing or Egypt. Hey you wanna talk about living life to the bullet he did it he was legit and he was real. Impact that they need to give him an award. One of those magazine things down broadcaster of the year old little staying in. I told the story of how I was sixteen years old work on the line BA and would crank call great effort. And I said and I'm tell I've never told yes sir and eat. Glared at me I wanted to die because apparently he had no idea. And that Rupert I curmudgeon. Good guy everything is just been an idiot at the stat loss but I really feel honored to have been in the studio with him because you've played those clips showing that BP and so that history I don't mean a lot of people and Charlotte know just everything that they've reproduced everywhere that he went in of people that he was let you talk about a radio legend. Is Robert eager. There's a story about the sun dial that sits in the front of this building and I don't remember what the up particulars were but he stole that sun dial psalm one time and put it somewhere and got an all sorts of trouble with the Charles Crutchfield. And then they brought the sun dial back and and I wish I can remember all the details and they and then maybe somebody knows the story. But it's it's laid siege it's it's it holds. A purpose of legend around here. And that's Sunday I'll stay itself still sits out part of the building and I don't know if they're gonna have a memorial service Toro rape murder or not but. It wouldn't be beyond me to bug get together with about four guys and steal that sun dial and take it to his funeral because after. It is it's part of the legend at WBT and he said something and that one cut about coming here in December of 1952. Where Riordan December of 1952 Wilson. I I wasn't even a whisper of a plot of a thing I would know I would let given her. I don't know where are you. I was two and a half months old. Wow so and I've told the story before because he he at one point worst working for the CBS radio network and he was column the Kennedy funeral. Yeah and and I heard I heard that yeah I heard a piece of tape one day on John boy and Billy of him doing that called the funeral. And I'm telling you I knew I it's set me in the back of my parents Ford galaxy station wagon I know for a fact. Coming home from church one day or coming back from someplace that I heard that broadcast. With that voice. And when they have the anniversary shows on NB a there's one. Where they play back a good chunk of that audio on the big Kennedy anniversary they'd take they've played every year everybody here. And and here and that on the TV show really and and just. That really step distinctive boy that he had in just that. That made it so hard to explain but it's so good and and I had the audio haven't heard that it got to be all month somewhere. Golan and of that because it is is reporting armed. That to your procession. Don't wait and his voice and that bet that he did it with its heart on gold. Done exactly the way that is supposed to be done it before anybody knew how to do it. So the other side of that is he did that with this web Britain's and that witty and the and that that whatever avatars were bigger that that would end. At the same time macro margin rebel. Guy who now who has said that I've said that Robert B rate per and he meant it and if you ever gotten a conversation with them I had a U. All the gallery eating a bag giving and they tell you how really lies but I didn't TV show over their couple years back I need to go on to that tape up. And it it didn't didn't he would still using a typewriter everything you heard him talk about on the radio he typed it up on his typewriter. Now he never used anything else and then then don't listen we we've brewers made reference to his curmudgeonly way is a number of times so let me tell you something. Inside. That curmudgeon was a heart of gold there was are all there was a really sweet guy. Article in there it. Story is very familiar kid there's another guy who will be even rabble rousing and all payment W BT now who's been doing that and getting people yet and Adam. But harder goal right there I don't think there'd be a John Hank Aqua that I Robert decent hour long lunch. And the church that wouldn't be John we'll talk about it Hancock it's funny how that gets passed along in that. It's the domino theory. So the doctor Ed and man I tell you out in any great. By the great glad do without me heat I missed an egg diet vegetables and I appreciate let me wander over here and sale at a bill WB TA Dell. Hey John I'm sorry I'm great thank you very much other TV district court thought there are remembrances Robert de. I had a job in 1972. Worked spent a lot of time doing nothing but listen to the radio accountant cars for the city of Charlotte. In Japan director came to their DI SC 1240 which was the top forty radio station that compete with big way. Anyway long and I think from 6:15 AM or so since they've decided it's gonna blame. Classic rock Bernard classic rock top forty rock. Then he would start playing in her own. During the drive time to start playing and jazz and big band. It's an imminent I can't do they care reform are gonna help you break format I'm always sure that went. In any Adelaide you are here remember her last name your first language injury. And he started talking. So they're. We're just human error and he would go liberal and he was the conservative. Any of the first got us there are regular but he spoke out that he lived down low where terrorists in the river moderate motorcycle and Richard Dick there was a crook and on an owner and owner and a conservative. Bottle bill Charlotte and he survived for a while and finally got kicked off the air bury it completely changed what was going on generate air. And ambassador remembers where it is early on when he was at. I don't have David when he was there are a fixture this station before that one of the job or Billy show it yeah other stations. But I just got blown. Jim Baker playing came to town. There's a places now the municipal bond tie vote that was called plum crazy and before that was. On PB Scott. Is he is Sam store now. Well as the fact behind the same ash towards the man's club they'd like he brought you have got on it was regular guest on assure them morning. Through an appearance as they're assigning appearance. The major battle stages Harley-Davidson. What you have gone in him. But I can black leather revealing motorcycle gear and I think there was his color it was the fact that. Half he was there was I appreciate golf there was only one race for time we were pretty lucky few to be able to experience and. And it. I think two times news Betty I've only got thirty seconds. But talked to me it's great for yet. Did you know that he played on golden girls and their love interest who are the girls went on the air. He was on golden girls he was on now Matlock a few times he did a bunch of movies he almost had a secondary career as an actor over the last twenty some odd years. Thank you very good but what I remember most out of its own unborn Billy was so funny so funny. App and and an in your face and and Betty appreciate all that's one of the things we love about referred they ask me today what made immunity can mug made it unique was. He was really wants. And I told the story a thousand times and I it doesn't necessarily apply to music radio where you're trying to fill gaps in between songs and no I do that kind of stuff that's that's one got a radio. Com but when you get in to talk radio or you get in to a morning show or something like that. They put you in front of a microphone at some point when you decide to be a radio broadcaster you put on the headphones and you assume the position for history. And you you've you've you've you you do what you think you're supposed to be you become a radio announcer. And I think you spend the rest of your career trying to figure out how to be yourself on the air. And I think it's what's helped me be successful here in Charlotte and I absolutely we'll tell you that that is exactly what Crawford creek he raped her master. A guy you heard that was the guy he wants so. Steep drop from WB TV just wandered in two video room if you've been in this market and all you knew Rafer. Tom all indicated that we just did. And it wasn't because ray for made it a point to blow all got to come meet us it's because we all made a point to go meet ray for. Very true very true and you know one of the people we had on the line earlier. I'm talking a refer on the typewriter there would be times channel three news throughout built in my mailbox Abbas also upping McCain. Where something for like an old underwent a literal royal typewriter. I didn't even have to look at the return address on Michael board referred that it again what did I do this what do mess up this. It was an Underwood. You realize there was an oil according go according to mark wash burns. It was an Underwood and no this was long after the computer had to have been invented but I was I gonna have anything to do with that. Young and you know you talk about some of the amazing things are a reporter in terms of bigger broadcasts remiss market. I remember getting to sound good news first space in this building in 1984. And across town channel 36 took the time the call letters were different roles WT CQ. And rain bird was the main news anchor okay. So they did away with news for awhile in the 1980s and one of the things and had a really interesting. Lineup of local programming you panda Jack Daniels who you know I don't know you very rarely slump from the end when you're there. By doing a show called let's dance it was like a local first of American Bandstand. You also handle Roger direct who's known news four's Mark Twain stuff from this bowling for dollars. Then you had Robert. You have this call in show and rape are sitting there with this red telephone I mean I remember. The Promos worries there will loose this ball up beneath and this angry look any. You know pretty much came off as the curmudgeon but I mean he was he was disliked I guess say they. He radio talk show host. But doing it on TV he was doing Imus on TV before Imus is going on so well and it mussina latest Jon Gruden television commercials recently at the desk with the phone at all the beach that was all that that's almost as soon be in stolen for Wafer that was the shell PL a YS Emmitt but the thing about it even going back to war not any and referrals and mantra many seasons. From the standpoint of worries you hand it very somber very. You know more I hate to use the word morbid but I won't move but look the John F. Kennedy funeral procession was you pull on every year and you hear. You know the horse is close in the precise and and you know referred describing the case sonim NF sort embarrassed bats silent for how we just talked about that was Wilson. And an end and it in and the style. Was perfect. And now and the way that the way of doing he set the scene in the way that he would pause and and let the background. Oh like a good play by play announcer would do but he did that before it'd been invented on that tell you're supposed to do what he was doing at the way that they finally decided it was supposed to be done. Oh he's up the standard format and it wasn't all those things of where you it was it was so good. It was television without the pictures. Rafer has that moment and in that instance in many regards. Pena pitched Russo radio Islamic he won't call radio either of theater of the mind yeah pitches which is not all of us kind of grew up with but they don't really do anymore. The old CBS mystery theater that they used air overnights was soon was oh it was a great example of old time radio and noted and and I miss a stuff like that because it really showed them the power of the medium. Let one of the last times I assume that you saw Rafer was so when they dedicated to plaque down there on Zambrano Israel. Several years ago and you know if if if if you knew anything about Robert B refer he. He he he he carried WBT he radio in his heart I mean I can think of all lose the zany stuff that he had tumbled to unborn and only that sort of thing but. He always had a very special place in his heart for this for this building for this particular place when we were downtown. You know the story. And I and I guess there's various interpretations of the met in all records but I interviewed re referred I'm. Bet plaque was unveil write down Tryon streets and going back to the legacies of of over Charlie Crutchfield and impunity Thompson or Thai boys or the people who have Lotus is a -- from all the folks that have been of course this microphone and referred work you know army he worked with Jim Panos and he was one of those. But help Jon and spent the craft in the medium that you and I both Jolie he also is one that Joel Larsson and I talked about this. Aid to some extent. Set the stage for the reverence that some of us have where you are worse sometimes you may not be though you may be on the wrong side of what's been requested of view but when it's all said and done with it's got to be gets done no way that was supposed to be I don't know anything about that comes to news guys on Libya but develop a funny thing was the story Dario for breaking format and planting some of those big bear markets but then again if if if he knew anything about referred he was a guy that took pride in. Educating his viewers and educating its listeners and the other thing you talk about him being 89 years old I remember coming to town some verdict plus years ago on going to a station party are got an invited to your to your table some folks to WC ANC here's Rafer. In a Speedo. Swimming laughs I mean and the thing as you know he did he show the bigger he show but I mean you know he he was a man he your traveler's body to be quite honest but at the same time. You know he was he he he he was a lovable curmudgeon that regard. He which are British music here early 1950s sees the leading announcer here at W BT and there had been are mired in Birmingham Alabama action had been a riot Nat King Cole had been the victim of a racial attack. And and he got on the air on and has told his listeners about this quote attack that had taken place. And he condemned the racial violence what you did not talk about racial issues on WBT at the time it was forbidden and as so Rafer talked about that. The S station manager called him and said stop. Quit talking about it but he didn't he kept on talking about it and then those bridges the station manager called him and that was the last time Rafer worked here they fired him. Yeah and you know knowing refer he even takes pride in mass story assurance and and and and the fact of the matter is there have been times I've been over. You know worked artifacts from various pieces with a marina room for documents for stuff. And yet you EC reports to ask you receive that benefit Underwood typewriter and then you would see lots of any peace you know stories of his name on it and the like so. They don't not only was he somebody who set the stage is set the standard. But he still believe in the craftsman and provide an amazing example. Do you know the sun dial story now. There's a dead dad and I can't remember the particulars on and I feel so John Darwin that this Alexander I'll sit out front you know he's doled out wants. And and and so incensed. How we handle tacklers for mosaic. He stole that once NSA may Charlie's Crutchfield so Matty couldn't see straight and and I don't remember the whole story but that's sun dial is a big part of brave for legacy enough first thing I thought of today was. And I don't know what the plans are for memorial service or anything along those lines but if there is one I'm tempted to get the eye on dial into the sun dial down their to the funeral I'll routed the I think he'd appreciate it. Hey I think you're dropping in our John thanks for haven't appreciated you come from a WB TV. Just a long list of for the people that bit don't wanna go Telerate for dude will never forget two men actually never forget you're gonna go talk to Larry Spiegel and a sprinkle and we'll do that just couple's second. I was just there are load our buddy over at Ted WC MC EO Larry sprinkle hey man how are you up. Hey Gary doer I'm gonna seems like are the only time I talk to you recently is so when we have a passing. I don't know if you know unfortunately Jay Thomas that last summer and I was actually on the way out of town. And then it's South Carolina went. Heard heard the news so review. And I think back to one rate for war for Archie was that it's an old W Archie. There are very PCQ many years ago back in the mid eighties. That was slated to turn it. Not well actually Westinghouse. Has broader. From turner OK and went out salute another group the record was there for her maybe 345. Years. He actually didn't useful while he'd he did a talk show for a suspect in the mid eighties cult. Call rate for the where people actually called then. Armed by cell phone. And it was like is your typical radio talk show on television with them and I mean there's there's there's nothing like he is the most unique. Individual personality. I've ever known and go to we throw around the term legend. The we wait for what's alleged that they he's he is a real alleged it was near that guy Hugh Hewitt art and history and I just I loved every minute. That's still there on the when he worked for a outside you know like it was like going to school. It's thought it would think he says did you learn from. The good the bad and the ugly obviously if he. He are. I I stole line I think from Larsson but does somebody asks me about his legacy and message and there's nobody on the radio and it doesn't wanna be Robert. I had made that such a good analogy end it and the thing about rightward. I I can know who need life vicariously live at this guy the that he did. Every saying that most guys who like to do the make you brag about they would do it than he does. I needed and I remember a lot of the segment brought back probably the early ninety's but stabilized rate per. It's such spent the whole blame them you know from the you know from the time we went on the air when John portability. And not fear. Over Concord little coffee shop over there and then. It looked like okay irreparable let's let's put you on that yeah you motorcycle over their. And we follow him around and then and then he said. Well Larry you know I'm a pilot I was. Gloria I ever bet most of the airport outside you know their work Concord airport now whose whole grass strips. Not too far from it and he talked either. In the in Concord. Any air piped lookup I'm talking about a 1943. Piper cub who I made it look like you've been sitting outside since ninety point three says it says Japan. Dutch. That's that it's cool and I know that's an and the thing is when the cameras on. There on the other I was like the saying though Santa Barbara for. So I you know I can't have it taken away reluctantly climbed into the open cockpit thing. Gay put on the old style faceless football helmet. The old classic one not whether the plastic. Did you hit the ground and a hell yeah want to eat them when he walked try to examine the plane before it took up these cities but that didn't sit. I had tart that I got that football helmet. So rejected that would guy and we. They won't matter this is a grass strips so we actually down on them started where you go gosh this is all on camera every single boot disk. And upload target that they give us some weeks. Live to. You know kind of lipped about where we got up in the air. And flew around concordia but I think that I need to trust these may be. Eighty miles an hour and then he starts doing little acrobatics that that's so far that that's okay ethic really get out of position they analyzed the so we landed at. The landed safely but the guy once one of the kind and it has stories coming under the cheaper that you talked about it. The amount of literature without South Carolina bit. Do that you go straight about obviously worked a walk on guided delete she'll be at Washington. That you're the story about rape murder and Cronkite on television. Well now I knew against young Cronkite was a young broadcaster when ray for a visit GOP. Okay so what happened once you know it became friends. The late word right before he got to know Cronkite. So court sides on the year on WTO Pete television doing the news. And rate for your early days of television television TV news reporters or radio guy at the time. Didn't really know what was going to talk he said he walked in the in the studio. And walk right in front of the camera walked slider for a Cronkite. Who garnered a war guns I don't know who we did those but I hope we learn you don't walker from the camera simple war Clark got it and that's. It is an eight or ten feet sought. The Cronkite was the just kick his you know what afterwards but it looks like. They became good friends that's that. Our Mark Garrison. Who are skews regional the last two U low works in our news department and I should preliminary let him tell the story but he said he was working in New York wants and they had a strike. And so they brought in this team of people. I assume they were all CBS people. From all over the place too low fill the holes slow wall this a strike was on and one of the guys that showed up was this southern guy. Named Robert Redford. And Gillespie's said they all looked at him and thought you know this southern echo what's he gonna you don't know we're gonna watch this guy you probably don't know is so from a hole in the ground. And they said boy he set down in the chair and never missed a word and and and and turned out to be the consummate professional. And that was the guy that basically saved the day and now. When when Robert went when he turned it on I we we we've talked about his call on the JFK's funeral on the CBS radio network. Perfect mesmerizing painted the picture theater of the mind unbelievable radio. You know speaking of that well a member talked directly about that moment to those those moments of describing that they're quite often there as a film strip. Well the that whole funeral procession. And they actually matched great for a bit with that so trip and you'll see that occasionally aren't on network. So it's a film would love raped or radio. Commentary. Matched together and you'll you'll quickly see that. I mean the guy's history immediately literally broadcast industry. Commitment from the early days deputy chief back in the fifties and then then you became a great news anchor what do you want he wore flats and good news. Stay quite often. Would barely get back to the station that jury better whatever. And you can actually take. A couple of lines in use he didn't read it he told the story. For that time in his career he didn't need to read it means he knew the news he was in news that sovereign. It occurs to me that we should have done a show within the last say year window he was trying to battle back from Leo stroke because. I I die I didn't have a chance to talk to him at. I I'm sure I don't know why I just told B knows. How much most of us respected him. Com and and what a place he held not only in May and our broadcasters hearts but just a minority in our demo my glad my career past your path heart because I hope he knows that I hope we knew that. I think he did you know he does he would. You know he's the kind of guy he is saying there Ellis on the old curmudgeon everything that. That is down deep inside was this big hearted guy you know a guy that really if you needed something he was air force. Efficiency that he didn't match graded that overtly. You know I'm Bob rate per get out of my way but actually it was a good guys. And and I think that each one of the suit also stepped. The church our careers have all been enhanced by. A way to story or a look forward reference. Or just know that guys knowing that you this is a true that your input received putting quotes broadcaster yeah he was the ultimate broadcast. Hey I appreciate you give me some time thank you for calling him and and I'm gonna call you in the next few months and it's going to be fur not somebody passing away. What Stewart. Writer John thank you so much thank you Larry sprinkle from WC NC. All right take them 321. Days into the year 201740. Four days ago seems hard to be true doesn't. Seventeenth day but November. It's a week from today Thanksgiving all be over. Nothing puts amateurs. 1968 on November the seventeenth I can tell you exactly where I was I would Bob Chevron station on Melbourne avenue and Estes Park co worker. The reason I know that is because they had the black and white TV on a note was snowing outside. And there were a whole lot of people coming into the gas station. I was watching the New York Jets in the Oakland Raiders. And all the sudden you film heightened came on. And so this was the date 1968. I would have been days sophomore. This would have been right before they send me off military school in BC preempted the final minute and five seconds of a very close NFL football game between the jets and raiders. Oh with a film Heidi which prompted just those small outrage among sports fans. On this day 2004 Kmart announced it was buying Sears Roebuck and company for eleven billion dollars on network out. I guess the part that surprises me is that Kmart but Sears that Sears didn't like by Kmart. Gordon Lightfoot 79 years old today I read the news today oh boy prosecutor in the Dallas district attorney's office was fired after a new over driver reporter. Are recorded her violently pro violence profanity filled their ranch against him. They painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. He was has smashed all records selling for an astounding 450. Million dollars what was that big diamond the big diamond we talked about yesterday 33 and a half million. According to 24/7 Wall Street the most expensive state in which to get a divorce is California. And us SpaceX flight blasted off yesterday with a payload so secret that no government agency is even acknowledging ownership of it Saturday Night Live will be alive this week. Chance the rapper is the host Eminem is the musical guest is our chance to fight could break out there. You have to competing rappers all of this thing. I it's a new episode and it will love again it will air alive an all time zones. Normal time here on the East Coast 1130 on NBC. All fairly we don't believe the in vitamin claims. We've I am. But we don't believe in the claims surveys that most Americans don't believe the ads that claim vitamins hormones or herbs can delay aging but they buy these products anyway. In the survey adults mostly believe that healthy living is the way to prolong youth. He majority thought that they'd age more slowly if they exercised. Didn't smoke ate fruits and vegetables and were overweight. Are probably right now. Cyclist who gave us Donald Trump the finger. And his making big money. Like I go find me page that was set to support her. Mo has now surpassed a 1151000. Dollars. She was fired from her job for flipping off Donald Trump's motorcade. That she won't have to work for awhile on not Halloween and an attempt to get ahead ever employers finding out that she was the woman in the picture. Julie brisk demand told her bosses that the government contracting firm like FEMA LLC. And she was promptly fired. She was told that these snap which Richmond know made her profile picture on Twitter and FaceBook violated extremist social media policy until they fired her. And then somebody set a goal for a mis. Said page forward and now she's got a 1151000. Dollars and now. I don't know what I says about our morals anymore but. That's pretty good unemployment compensation could beat severance break. Unless you get two weeks or every week that you've been awesome place a new but then nobody gives that anymore. Yeah. That I know anyway. Off to the air traffic center that we go brought to you by Herschel for I 77 X 23 boomer Montana and boomer NAS survey irregular churchgoers. One in five say they've done at least this at least one time. One of five yup. 40% say they put an empty envelope and a collection plate. And into our Kamal can where you can you get to felony faster than that I guess murder ya know now. Charles Manson who served with him that and we're sort it deep in diablo pouch now well nobody knows and and you're off the hook them well there you go on. Our old friend Robert Aguirre for Baghdad this morning 89 years old. We spent the better part of the first half zero the first hour and a half of the show but first half hour Keith Larson. No walk back into one Julian price place enough. Well and reminisced a little bit nervous about the Robert. Charlotte just seems a little void right now without Robert. It disturbed. Those of you know it you know and those of you don't don't my understanding is is the jumble and bill are out of town. On and so on I'm sure there are part of you're making a beeline do I get back here to work to do their own thing and a senate no earlier to our Randi. Who's the producer Robert John Boyd Billy show. Randy had an interesting quote in the newspaper today and don't have their article right here in front of me but to he said do you talk a little bit every Tuesday everybody makes a lot about you know the old curmudgeon infect. The headline in the remark Washburn story talks about Charlotte radio curmudgeon robbery for dies at the age of 89. Any was. On any prided himself on that. But he also had a heart of gold. And Randy. Brazil says so. What could were not as they do review article in my hand always said Bob was everything that you thought he was so when you heard him on our show crotchety. Tight an opinion dated. But he was also sensitive to undermanned and I could make him cry just by telling him I loved him. Which I did often. And and I saw the soft side up over Robert do as well. The last remembrance I have of actual conversation with the him was one of Q Parsons them rides and I and it ended on our. Deck here at one Julian price place. And are ready for an hour had back to our cars at the same time so we wandered on mound through the parking lot of one Julian prized place in just talked about this that the other and I'm kind of caught up hadn't seen each other for a while. And we talked about WBT and we talked about me and we talked about. Good when I got here and when I left him when I came back and for president for his bed many things as he did in a Flores. That much time as he Stewart John boy and Billy and Morgan for the CBS radio network annoyance over the and and and all the acting really did done now new reason TVs and I he's still all the warm place in his heart for the for WBT in its history and so that was something that we had in common itself. All miss him audiotape with our Larsen and I it is up on the Hancock originally BT Doug comment it's and it's also love that my FaceBook page. And as soon as I can now get some of the other stuff out there longer that's up front that are so well but anywhere Robert dia identity age of 89. We all kick off a big weekend in the second part of the big weekend. Holiday on ice is opening tonight in fact holiday on ice is opening in two minutes. Although staff although effigy guys is my understanding providing everybody's been told. And all of the links staff and the BT staff. Well we'll all be down there tonight between 7 and 9 o'clock both Thompson for my WBT morning news Walid broadcaster as he always asked. But we'll all be have merit the hall of fame plaza tonight to roughly 7 to 9 o'clock to be a part of the broadcast tonight kick off the opening noble holiday on ice. You can get all the hours it'll be open now till 10 o'clock tonight and then open again tomorrow from 10 AM until 10 PM. And then open again on Sunday from 10 AM till 7 PM closed Monday and Tuesday. And then the hours all next week through Saturday will be 10 AM to 10 PM. Com and you get all that information when every needed at holiday on ice Charlotte dot com. The Charlotte agenda dot com had a nice article about holiday on ice today and they are that it if you go to Charlotte agenda dot com you'll find out pretty good. I'm synopsis of admission is ten dollars for the year on skates fourteen dollars for the skate rental. Admission is good for the entire day. So if you came in in the morning and you paid live there the of the fee. Then you come back in the afternoon skate on the same ticket. So Bob season passes or forty dollars with your own skates fifty dollars with a rental sort your plan on coming down and skate with us more than. Four times. By the season pass. Group rates available for parties of a sixteen or more private two hour rink rentals are available for all parties of 25 or more. Outside of business normal business hours. Special skating birthday parties are also available 325. Bucks for up to ten gas sets ten dollars a person after that. And that includes cupcakes and balloons that are reserved section of skate Reynolds and hot chocolate and goody bags in games. And a whole lot more so the operating hours are essentially will vary by age day. What they're open now tonight tell Tim. Ten to ten tomorrow ten to seven on Sunday closed Monday and Tuesday. And then now Wednesday through Saturday 10 AM till 10 PM holiday on ice Charlotte dot com. At the hall of fame class we'll see there tonight at 7 o'clock seats. Radio program. Your basic holiday on ice high school playoff NASCAR championship weekend. Your big big big big weekend holiday on ice is now open there. Upheld outdoor skating rink is so ready to go for the holiday season will be all be down their broadcasting to night 379 o'clock. So along come by grabbed several Paris gave us enough. And be part of our fourteenth holiday season uptown were back at the hall of fame plaza and we cannot wait to. To see a slip and slide around though the ice skating rink eggnog jog is going on this week in Charlotte motor speedway where their lights are open no functioning as well 6 PM a not tomorrow night is when the egg nog jogged will it take place. And I'll give you more details on that just a couple of seconds southern Christmas show also going on. Shot a lot and. Golf. Eggnog jogging is. As the Arab. Creative bluffing points out. Eggnog and jogger two words that should never be placed together. But that's the best. But break catcher tacky a sweaters and best Christmas customs they say bonus points for the customs with the lights. For the untimely death family friendly run walk. Portion of the proceeds will go to was speedway children's charities 6 o'clock tomorrow night in Charlotte motor speedway and they got the lights on another already for their holiday season as well also run. Gets up out to the speedway. And when they turn lights on in the can't build it out but soon. I southern Christmas show is celebrating their fiftieth year under new ownership this year Charlotte's largest holiday showcase goes through the nineteenth. Add to park road expo park expo in our conference center about 500 exhibitors in chanted village of a doll houses and miniature scenes and and all that stuff Sandoz hanging out down there are show hours are 10 AM until 6 PM on Sundays. Mondays and Tuesdays and 10 AM till 9 PM all other days. Cost about ten bucks to get in two that park expo and conference center is over there on a briar creek road. Right across from Luby's. So. I would stop in Luby's. If you're gonna be over there anyway you want. I wonder for many judge types of agility. Got rare press release from our ready Brazil load the John boy and Billy show regarding the race for all read that to you just seconds. John Glenn really network and Rand. Following is a statement from the John boy and Billy big show. Which originates in Charlotte Billy RFX a nationally syndicated regarding the death of Robert. 89. We are heartbroken to share the news that Robert G Rafer has passed away following complications resulting from a stroke he suffered in two when he fifteen. Bob was an integral part of our show and although he was our resident curmudgeon at large. We were blessed to know his softer side away from the Mike John boy and Billy stated. All referred. Had the mind of a well read intellectual. Trapped in the body of a grumpy old guy who holds court on the end of the counter at a Waffle House. He was a fan of Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra he could command a rowdy crowd had a bar with a heartfelt rendition of Dixie. He could talk about anything because he had done a little bit of everything. He was a huge part of what made the big show a success. And it was a real privilege to know and work with them for the past thirty years. Rafer did just about all one person could do in a lifetime except actors age. He was a broadcaster. Actor pilot parachutists. Motorcycle enthusiast and bungee cord daredevil. All the way into his eighties and he fought to the very end as we expected. The big show general manager and executive producer render Brazil said Bob was everything you thought he was when you heard him on our show crotchety. Tight in opinion dated. But also was a sensitive tender man he was a self proclaimed from legend with a gift for calling things like he saw them. Without worrying about those toes they've got in the way. For nearly thirty years might work day included deep picking the sounds of a manual typewriter in the office next door. I'm really gonna miss that sound. And that man. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Sheila and his children and his dogs to quote Rafer. Said that. I said that. Godspeed brief services are pending. Shelby wandered back in the Belmont tonight we played a week before last. Tightest playoff schedule low worked out so Shelby is wandered back in duo play video Belmont red raiders tonight and felt point red raiders. So I that'll be a big game man the last time a Red Cross from the brand new Harris teeter in Belmont traffic was unknown unbelievable that a lot of people covenant from Shelby. And I would imagine this will be no exceptions so that did that to me here's the game of the a game of the weekend but then I'm a little bit biased on that since that's that's my new hometown new school but anyway I don't get a red raiders and Shelby have yourself a nice time. It's the last game of the season. Maybe I shouldn't sounds so cocky. It jaded ought to be a great game and I agree agree again. South point two I got up on him fast the last time around and it just seems like children never recovered but Shelby is had a pretty good habit of being North Carolina teams so it that it has pretty strong program. There it is high school of playoff. Time. Throughout the Carolinas. The Taylor east side placed number one rock kill south point tonight. That's an eleven and one against a twelve and no hailed. Around the south iron dale. That's 210 and two teams Charlotte country day and no Charlotte Latin. For the North Carolina independent school. 28 title. Why is tonight Porter ridge Dayton for takes on number five Harding ten in one minute that'll be at 7 o'clock tonight. Myers park and Butler Butler won the game not too long ago back in October the 648 to seven Myers park is eleven and one Butler is eight and two. That game takes places 7 o'clock tonight. North Mecklenburg. Nine and three at number two Mallard creek who was undefeated at eleven and oh so there's some and there are some killer games on net tonight. Providence to Greensboro page. How fed del west Forsyth. East Forsyth at west Mac. Vance and two coroner's bill Glenn. AL brown itself fired jail. Stewart Cramer also up in no Belmont takes on a Charlotte Catholic who is undefeated at twelve and no. Weddington at hunter Haas. Crest. Add to Jay M Robinson Jim Robinson's ten into an crest has been a power for a good long while they're 84849. In for the sure. And Rockingham county takes on kings mountain so well there are some are great games tonight we'll see all that irons out and and none of and no like I said go red raiders. NASCAR championship this weekend. He got the last four Kevin Harvick Kyle Busch Martin Truex. Brad Kozlowski. Kozlowski was in on an air show what was that two racers go along those lines. Kind of rooting for Martin Truex quite frankly he's the only one out of the group that doesn't have a championship yet and he drives of that team that houses themselves out of Denver Colorado. How they do that now. I have no idea but I hope this is a true wrecks this year or so we'll see what happens. There are Myers Miami homestead. It's a Sunday erase it starts at 3 o'clock and by Sunday evening we'll have a new champion. Or at least this year's champion. I'm for this year's NASCAR season college football talk about that the second juror Sunday's slate for games on a ought to apply wait for the Panthers. 1 o'clock game on CBS ravens at the Packers 1 o'clock game on fox Washington at the saints. Port 25 on CBS patriots and Oakland and NBC night game Eagles that the cowboys. I'm Greg Katz we're durable yet contender. Box worst celebrating football season win Monte Cristo tell getting packs Darryl gives us the details Greg our new until getting five pack includes critically acclaimed brands like Monte Cristo and Romeo plus each bag includes a surprise gift like logo golf heads ear buds are cigar illustrates its. Cracker Jack of a deal Darrell the retail value these children have packets 65 bucks but exclusively tinderbox you'll get if you just 4995. -- a touchdown less than half price for five world class cigars from Monte Cristo this sure acquire any -- Gator watch your favorite team this week it would money Krista is tailgating five pack a 65 dollar value for just 2995. And remember the free surprisingly each bag available exclusively at all area Tinder dry stores comes to the world's best cigars today that shelf parts Ballantine arboretum and I was straight moral uptown where our Monte Cristo lounges are always very tender box. Video last week into the the Renaissance festival load is so well a lot of their final whose mom. 10 AM till 5 PM tomorrow and Sunday free child admission is part of the deal this weekend when you donated canned food to the festival entrance give a kid in. It's a festival food drive and there are probably supporting the second harvest a food bank so that's a good thing ran the RE EN fest info dot com. To. Not to get information that you are might need I think you can find a discount tickets into places like Harris teeter no soul and so forth so would do that but the results just full. And art teacher in marketplace they'll final weekend. And if you get down there around the kings. Kitchens food court. Just around the corner from that as a Booth called a lot of leathers and that's our friend Karen whoever's the sticks and stones tone of the co owns a unit. Sticks and cones food truck that we talk about all the time. They also have a Booth this year at. At the Renaissance festival what other stuff. Belts bracelets and accessories and stuff like absorbs all the corrupt enough. And tell her we just enjoy her direction Charlotte symphony orchestra and conductor Christopher Warren green will join to be joined by a grass fire against violinist. Benjamin Bellman. They're doing to Beethoven and Brahms which includes a performance of the Beethoven only complete violin concerto. Our concert also includes a Beethoven's overture to the consecration of the house and Brahms symphony number four. That takes place Friday and Saturday nights at the Belk theater. I and tickets sold such a backed someplace between thirty and a 137. Dollars 7:30 PM at the gulf the reader on a Friday and Saturday night so that's part of your big weekend. Holidays at the garden. Talk about that in just a second. Holiday on ice is open in fact our big grand opening broadcast with all the I've been seeing guys in the link personality is MLB TV will be from 7 to 9 o'clock. My headed up by a vote Thompson from WBK's morning news. The holiday on ice opened at 5 o'clock this afternoon in the big broadcast from 7 to 9 o'clock so come on down and escape with us and we'll be open throughout the holidays. Primarily. From my 10 AM until 10 PM close on Mondays and Tuesdays. Sundays from 10 AM until 7 PM but for a wide open tomorrow from. Well until tonight enjoy a 10 PM and and tomorrow 10 AM until 10 PM so. Itself out there and do that up in no Belmont area Daniel still botanical gardens. Holiday at the garden and that is opened. And the the Chinese lanterns were gone in Christmas is in an open nightly except for Christmas Day at 5 PM live music in horse drawn carriage rides and roasted marshmallows and hot chocolate model trains in the children's discovery trail and a lot of kid friendly activities as well. On the holidays at the garden and Daniel still botanical gardens will be going on the rule. December the 31 tomorrow. The angriest. Stand up but we know Lewis Black. With his rant white and blue tour is. Add to ovens auditorium. 8 o'clock tickets 39 to 65 bucks. And much like guy next week's Black Friday record store day did you know that's coming up next week leisure. Here's an Al there's the option for those of you love comic personal local comic shop day. Celebrates locally independent own comic bookstores across the globe with limited edition releases including hardcover graphic novels and know variant exclusives that will only be available for sale that day. Charlotte's rebel base comics and Scott's collectibles and an apple Serb part of the it to local deal Ando border land comics down there and Greenville. All of that is free colonel on a Renaissance festival we told you about annual speedway our Christmas begins a Sunday. And that'll be followed by the we told you about this earlier the eggnog jog on a Saturday night but the speedway Christmas opens up on Sunday three point seven miles. A beautiful lights and ends on the track where you'll find Santa and a petting zoo and a Christmas village in movies and know whole nine yards. That's become a real tradition Charlotte motor speedway. And again that starts on no Sunday. On the eyes open until 5 o'clock all the less than an hour ago Sorrell would for the season not big. Move the grand opening of a broadcast tonight from 7 to 9 o'clock we'll all be down there so I'll come by and say I would love to us CO. Armored her skates and and spend Friday night to going around in circles. Which I think with a Stevie Wonder song when we'll go around in circles. So holiday on ice that should be a good our fourteenth season and we're back it to the whole famed plaza. Which is good because there's a wild wings cafe director of which means I conduction and stay warm and eat well. Buffalo Wild Wings spent. I should target erosion. Right so got check go enforce. The bush twins are in town tonight 8 o'clock my glow and theater Jenna Bush Hager. Barbara Pierce Bush presenting an evening of personal stories and universal revelations. Conversation will be moderated by L Laura then wrote pull. Who is the founder of the Charlotte clothing no boutique capital. And again that's him going no theater Burma fair replaces a nerd town 8 o'clock tonight. So you may or another known about that sports we're talking about earlier. Duke is on TV tonight. Saw Mayo posting on a FaceBook Kaminsky is down there it took Cameron. Southern plays duke tonight. Fox sports. Is the a channel and. B 7 o'clock for your start on that. I and then you are get into the NASCAR championship the extent of these series are racist tomorrow at 330. The they monster energy championship starts at 3 o'clock. On NBC on a Sunday. And Italy the B Kevin Harvick Martin Truex. Brad Kozlowski or Kyle Busch. And I'm kind of rooting for Truex is the only one bit and have a championship so far. Told you earlier the NFL games so with by a week for the Panthers joy of your choice on Sunday at 1 o'clock CBS game ravens at the Packers. 1 o'clock fox game Washington at the saints. For 25 game on CBS patriots and Oakland. And your 820 game on NBC will be the Eagles that the cowboys college games just to pick a few Virginia at Miami is a noon game on ABC. Pretty big game Michigan or Wisconsin Wisconsin still undefeated that'll be the noon game on fox. Illinois and Ohio State that's where the lovely Susan will be this weekend along with our son now map they broke lineup tonight to our go to that. Game wire might not going because there's send an alumni c.s which just could not suck more. Com and sold my wife has one that was just go sit and whatever seats are available I on the other hand. I just as soon pay big dollars and sit someplace or you can actually see the game. But she's the alumnus and not not so. Although it would be worth the trip or downed opened a lane avenue up there urges to watch. Crying cola ads puke. We just could pretty much what it's all last where it. Ohio State and I'm sure they'll all be talking about their grade point averages and not a big story this week about the cheating scandal in Ohio State. The so the 330 game is Illinois and Ohio State and for all of you asking no Colorado doesn't play this weekend. I Georgia Tech getting duped that's at 330 game on now fox sports ESPN new 730 tomorrow night north Carolina at Wake Forest. UCLA's southern cal ABC game tomorrow night at 8 o'clock and that you tell Washington game might be pretty good too although I doubt very many people care too much about pac twelve in this part of the country. And so that brings you up to date on what's going on in sports don't forget this is one of the final this is the final weekend for the place to be. Which is the concert photo gallery down at night gallery. Which is being put on by our buddy Daniel Coston. That thing's been going on since a June so I hope you got a chance to see it but if you haven't wander on down to the night gallery. This is the guy who is really the photographer of record and it's always been concerts but he says man he's really kind of expanding himself but these concert photos are unknown believable. And they encompass a time period from 1995 all the way to 27 team saw hope you'll go up there and support him and the next thing ought talk about Daniel costs and being involved Brit. Is this reunion show. Four people with. Who love love the double Doria battle beyond December the seventeenth so really already just around the corner about a month away. Neighborhood theaters where they'll do that when he federal levee down there and crisis in the us stragglers in the big cars and it's only letting off people that'll be the next thing would get down to up. Night squared night gallery of spirit square and now a check out that Daniel cost and work our place to be concerts in Charlotte. 95. To 2017. I'm on my way to a holiday on ice I don't know if you are too. So I'll see you down there or all see you back here on Monday at 3 o'clock. On news 1110993. WTL leave here with Mark Garrison and Charlotte in sex next. It's gonna have to leave in form tonight's adventures and sound. This is Bob Redford.