Reminiscing About Charlotte Radio with Local Radio Legends

John Hancock
Monday, March 19th

Larry sprinkle of WCNC-TV, and Jack Daniels former Charlotte Radio personality join Hancock to discuss the history of radio in Charlotte.


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This is John Hancock. Rather rather lower Monday as they can be. Although I have command heavily heavily my my brackets are heavily damaged. I'm very thing it. JJ. I mean my brackets. Designed. I cannot wait for March Madness. Next year but. Ahead of Virginia and a Michigan State in the championship game. And did Xavier is part of my final four. An original reason even go look at him anymore. So. Gosh what a weekend when a four day stretch. I'm not so sure that the top teams are I think they're they do what they call it parity. But there's not a whole lot of gap between. Via top teams. Are what or perceived as some of the top teams and moreover is perceived as. And did you have to Google. UMBC. So iron today that they had a good trademark everything. Retriever not trademark you're NBC not trademark sixteen. Now over one or whatever it was a trademark that they tried they vetted trademark all the stuff. And and they gave Texas say and how would they play yesterday. Kansas State. Gave they'll run for their money I thought maybe there were gonna what do you got to about the last five minutes of the game I thought there had pretty good shot on that one as well. So on February and for those view still enjoying the the brackets and have a great time. I I enjoy the games. But. Holy smokes Nevada. Looked like they were just. There have been Cincinnati was just gonna kill. And they come back from a big here and rode. Wave behind. When the game. So are there random mr. all of that we they opportunity drive down to Simpson bill South Carolina nor Simpson villas down around. Greenville Spartanburg just blow Greeneville. So Valenti shot down narrow cold front porch. Lauren my hair guy by the name of Sam Caldwell who was originally from our Charlotte and so we have to read about it and so we wandered on down there antiques and farmhouse decorum not. Spend some money. I don't know that I've ever been to. Simpson bill before. Can you repeat that part of this stuff where you said hey you have senator Simpson bill. But. There's another antique store right across from the front porch and art had a truckload drove filled with stuff so a lot of mega you have to go over optical wrecked out there have been anyway thanks to Ben called roaming appearing on there they were really nice. Small town and have a tied down. And guy that was in the store. A friend of then called roles so long ago so it goes out to his truck and he brings back this orange nylon. You don't strap with with. Millwood could do it did. The ratchet thing on their stuff like that. And he would let me pay import. So woman throw the box and send it back to him but it menus gathered. Mean that don't cost much and get like four of laboratory boxer so like that but I mean you know all of sudden he was given me the strapped again we get to stuff back Coleman. That's a small town. Hospitality. A problem. Jack Daniel. I'm I had a good good good longtime friend who hired me at the end when I know I was homeless. When I was radio homeless. After I. Became. Are unable to continue here in 1999. Jack handled tired meter go do. Mornings at the end for a couple of years new rock and Hancock Heath in west Suzanne red. And and then clear channel bottom and and and ten minutes after a clear channel officially became the the owner of 1065 the end. I was asked to leave. So I if I ever do write my book it's going to be called my ten minutes of clear channel. The right to vote. But I anyway Jack Daniels feminism Benny Larry sprinkle you're having. He's apparently it's he's got a few jobs here in town. EF floated around editorial for awhile. Embroil seized undies at some other stuff. Expected to radio TV legends from this area Jack Daniel's been involved in Charlotte radio now for forty some odd years. Well Larry sprinkle has been involved in Charlotte media and radio for I think longer than that. Was. It would we've you know was partnered with Murphy in the morning and as had more opportunities probably leave the market than anybody and just decided to enough salary wanted to do. Still Robert WC NC is there a weather guy over there. But Jack Daniel's been under a no compete when they fire you in radio depending on what your contract says you have to go through a period of time were. You can't speak on the public airwaves. It would upset the balance of life. Somehow or another if Jack had been able to actually say anything or even mention his name. On another radio station in this market. Clear channel would have gone belly up the entire corporation would have a cease to exist. So much power does Jack have that had he been able to Soto essentially. They had determined headed time that all well don't forget who Jack is in six months. And so Jack couldn't speak for six months. He was like. There's gonna get drawn with felt liner right. He was like Helen Keller fur. For six months he just. And and and then now all of a sudden. He can speak on the Schroeder waves again and so a lot of so he's come in and today we're gonna talk healer sprinkled voted for climbers in new issue debris is about to Charlotte radio. Between the two of these guys they probably got more stories and know more about. Big waves and everything else and and and W BT and competing against it and and then just got a great source. So low while Larry sprinkle injected Nolan at 4 o'clock so I'm looking forward to that we'll just a radio reminiscent of a little bit brackets are dead. That's the way that goes if you're a look at some to do tomorrow night brought forward the evening news Kyle Petty and David Childers or play and Dell's going to be with us sometime next month get closer to the race season. Heat. So other go on that album. My brackets are dead. I don't know that I've ever. I'm not a huge college basketball fan not a huge basketball fan but I am. This Florida stretch a love March Madness. I and I love it for the very reason that all although this week it was almost overcast but I like the occasional Cinderella. I was kind of root for Tony Bennett continues to player for the hornets and he seems organized guy and yeah I mean you know here's a guy who are takes a job in the ACC had no I have to go up because Roy Williams and you should ask you every year and it has closed ever have a chance of view deaf to do that may he's proven to. Bit BA. A pretty good deal flow for them. So I was root for Virginia in general or rear turn away but Virginia loses. Two. University of Maryland Baltimore County. Well. The Labrador Ers know the reach rivers. And nine and then the rest of the weekend number two seed Cincinnati. Loses to Nevada. A seven C that was down by 22 points. And Michigan State loses so I MEI I had dug Virginia Michigan State played in the championship game. So my brackets were dead dead men and I woke up this morning kinda Xavier lost they were in my final fours saw it is no reason for me to even continue. But it was a man it was a great great weekend Syracuse who had to play a player and game in Dayton. To get into the tournament there and a sweet 68. That's just nuts. So I'm. University Maryland Baltimore County. Became the first number sixteen seed to beat a number one seed ever. Up until that point. 01 and 135. For a sixteen seed against a one seed. So that never happened before has gone by the little wayside some other things that have never happened before duke. Has never played against North Carolina. Did you know that. A team seeded lower than number eleven in the final four never happened. A number five seed wins the national championship. Never happened. A coach with a beard. Wins the national championship. Never happened. We'll see how many of those. Records fall by the by the wayside. The brackets are debt bomb USA today Friday. Bennett has you VA locked in for a long Iran. Tar Heels are out Texas Stadium mud and has beat him. Kill them. And it would appear that the Charlotte forty niners now have their new web basketball coach and he will load BD Virginia associate head coach Ron Sanchez. Suspected to be a confirmed as the new coach of the 49ers today. Nine seasons under at Virginia under Coach Tony Bennett he was also with the Bennett to for the three seasons before that it Washington State and apparently was a volunteer assistant. In Indiana for a few years before that so that should be Ron Sanchez. Should be the next you're next to a head coach. Of your Charlotte 49ers and that's how that goes another bomb blew off today in Austin. Austin police appear to have absolutely no clue. I'll fourth explosion by someone that they're now calling a serial bomber but they are now asking the public for any help that they might offer the interim police chief down there and asked residents to hand. Over their home surveillance footage after Sunday night's blast. We're clearly dealing with what we expect to be a serial bomber at this point. Sunday's blast involve a trip wire which was different from the other two. For par was attached to a package left a new era residential road. Couple guys 22 and 23 years old are and the hospital expected to recover the first three bombs were left on doorsteps. And appeared to be targeting African American families. Sunday night's random victims were white. Police are working under the theory that all four bombs are related. And I'm no expert but. If this one are involved a trip wire. And didn't necessarily. And was going more for our random. As opposed to maybe eight targeted. No I kind of wonder if you might have a copycat bomber. Well on their but they were probably no better that I. So up police are working under the theory that all four bombs are related though the latest one showed jail higher degree of sophistication with the trip wire. So well let's see what happens and know what comes out of Boston in the next a couple of days as to whether or not their surveillance video load that is offered up by anybody. I shows anything but you have a string of bombings in Austin. Four separate explosions the first one coming on March the second. Julie Guy in his home north just north though eastern part of Boston. And then the next one was on March the twelfth. Ten days after the first bombing and you had a pair of explosions. So that was three and then the fourth one hour. As of yesterday so four in Austin and lots of questions from. Jack gentler sprinkle coming in at 4 o'clock after the news and and reminisce about Charlotte radio or media and in fact have gotten a half dozen emails from of people that are are talking about their reminiscing about those several different things looked as Jack about his little dance party accurate and if I can remember him nothing was. Houston hosts TV show that was like he started off in PEG. And then PG went to a Disco. And I think he stayed with them now during that period and they. And and there went our urban or whatever was what they called it whatever they called it background. And then he would take KR OK RW Karl kill. Laurel cures for Larry what's wrong. So I'm not so sure dejected and pick Larry Bird to come over here and talked just today. But Jack's been under a no compete or has it been able to get on the airwaves and Charlotte due to contractual deal but has no compete just in to do recently and so was it won't come on an announcement that with us. And and Larry I'm happy to have. Get Larry back on the air again I'm happy to talk to Larry the last time two times we talked to Larry it's been with the death of Jack gale me or death of so it's nice to be able to talk to Larry today. Without having somebody having passed. And so on so so that once a good there. The. The weekend. But it's just. Well from about the time that the attorney general Jeff Sessions. And a loaded Andrew MacKay of late Friday. And I'm. Bank customers pension is retirement and that certainly saw a little. And it's just been nonstop. Frivolity. Now lawmakers from both parties rallying. Behind us special counsel Robert Mueller yesterday. After one of presents a broader Trump's lawyers Cobb. Ty Cobb. Said that Mueller's inquiry into Russian election meddling should end it soon. And so that fuels concerns driven by the media. And then. You know the bigger cities gonna fire. Mueller. And then everybody gets all unglued about that. Although Ty Cobb. As our president is so lawyer said the president is not considering your discussing firing Mueller but Lindsey Graham. On TV yesterday saying if trump tried to fire Mueller it would quote. Being the beginning of the end of his presidency. Trig Audi. You can't questioning conservative credentials that guy said of trumpets and the senate should act like it. And trump. Back on his tweet machine. Over the weekend has sums could be tired dirt today angry or weekend or tweet storm. Tacking Mueller and James told me and Andrew McCabe and so anyway it was it was pretty active weekend if you had time do a come up in between nine games of the NCAA is soon it was a pretty inching. Tautou watched. Obviate. Exe doses. Guy by the name of Mike Allen writes today that he thinks. There's a huge clue as to what to Mueller strategy is. And that is think obstruction. Not collusion. And a that's an interesting guy that's that take away this report that he writes a natsios. About what he sees is a huge clue and Mueller strategy. In his conversations with president Trump's lawyer. Mueller has been focusing on things that happened after the election including the firing of James called me and Michael Flynn. Rather than on things that happened during the run up. To the 2016 vote I thought that's what the whole thing was supposed to be about was collusion. So apparently I mean if you believe this that if they couldn't get in they're closed on that. Well and they change horses in the middle of the stream. But James coney. Leaked memos that he wanted out. I would think that to fire able offense. And Michael Flynn. Was he not fired for lying to a pence. Saw. I don't know. But anyway Mike Allen says so eat things that that Mueller now it's looking more at obstruction of justice then Benny is it collusion. And both of those stories have on. Well whether it's obstruction or collusion has there are the Russian thread running through him. Trump us celebrated the firing of the former FBI official Andrew McCabe. Now over the weekend and that prompted this little warnings from lawmakers in both parties that are worried deter the president may positioning himself up to on fire up the so special counsel. But they've gotten numb. They've got no they're shorts and water over them before so I'm. Ty Cobb his lawyer. Said in response to media speculation related questions being posed to the administration the White House yet again confirms that the president is not considering or discussing the firing of the special counsel. But today if you believe Mike Allen to take on that thing it'd it'd take it appears that his focus has switched. To a more of obstruction while in office not collusion while seeking office. DF fired FBI director Andrew McCain created memos apparently documenting his conversations with the president trump and former FBI director James combing that's a story that came out over the weekend from the Associated Press. And down he apparently has given those files to a Robert Mueller the special counsel. He is also granted Bil or an interview about the circumstances surrounding police. Ouster last year. Carl we also had made private memos detailing his interactions with trump to lead down to the media via a friend. Why is that not far rubble of that sense I guess that's what you have your fired. Trump said McCain but I never took notes when he was with me. I don't believe he made memos except to help his own agenda probably at a later date same -- lying James tell me. Can we call them fake memos was one of the tweets from the president. Over the weekend. Vladimir prudent reelected 77% of the vote. He I was at a field of eight candidates. And the other seven candidates have all come down with some sort of up poisoning. I'm giving. I think. What about all the people that didn't vote for potent. And they all been found dead in England. So. Critics say Russian elections are kind of way. Sway no democratic. Predetermined outcome have been deals so Woolsey were all that goes. And I'm. Cambridge analytic up. A data firm. Suspended by FaceBook Friday. And by the way Facebook's just didn't. Beat to death of the stock market today. And so consequently so is the Dow. But tech Cambridge analytical. Data firm. Contact. In contact with lukoil and Russian oil company and twice 142015. This is according to a New York Times report on Saturday. When questioned last month ahead of the first British parent company denied any knowledge of business ties to Russia and and Saturday the observer a London reported that the company had harvested fifty million. American FaceBook profiles. That you wonder if you are wonderful. We exploited FaceBook to harvest millions of people's profiles and build models to exploit what we knew about them and target their inner demon said former Cambridge analytic and employee. Christopher wiley. That was the basis the entire company was built on Q Cambridge Politico was they are trump campaign contractor and a 2016. I don't know and I agree all the ins and outs in the wears in the what force all of that but we ought to wonder is. FaceBook. How freely or they allowing people have your information. Besides just the guy who wants to sell your Coke or Pepsi. Stock market Dow Jones is down 373. Point 29 today. He. He laughs through his tears. Com and they're sitting right now at 2457322. Closings so what five minutes away. Nasdaq's down a 147. No point 907. Monday 33409. S&P is down 42 point 65. At 10270936. FaceBook is down no almost thirteen points. And FaceBook and the CEO Mark Zuckerberg came under fire from lawmakers in the US and Britain yesterday especially after reports in the New York Times in the guardian. About this a data analytics firm that we just talked about there were so linked to the trump. Presidential campaign Cambridge analytic here's the name that was obtained they obtained the FaceBook profiles of more than fifty million users. Without their permission meaning the profiles of the people there and have their permission. Allowing it to use the social media activity of that large chunk of the United States' electorate to create psychological profiles of them so that they could be targeted with political ads. Via. The UK based company Cambridge analytic up. Got their user data several years ago from an app that claimed to be for a psychological research purposes. Which some 270000. People downloaded. And because of Facebook's rules at that time the app was able to pull information from the FaceBook friends of those 270000. People. Which is Howard got it wig and got it to fifty million. And FaceBook suspended Cambridge analytical on Friday over allegations that it kept the improperly obtained user data. After telling FaceBook that it had been deleted. They democratic senator by the name of Amy clos blocker. Said that does Zuckerberg needs to testify before the senate saying quote this is a major breach that must be investigated it's clear these platforms can't police themselves close quote. And another Democrat senator Mark Warner stated this is more evidence that the political. That the online political advertising market is essentially the wild west and it's clear. That left unregulated this market will continue to be prone to deception. And lacking in transparency. So that's one of the reasons that FaceBook is taken such a dive today almost thirteen points. And is under us summer pretty inching scrutiny and when you start. As it about this over the weekend when you start. Gonna although the data that Google has mind on you and FaceBook. And. I mean we all voluntarily. All started with MySpace didn't it. And there was actually something before MySpace when they're TJ. But MySpace was pedal like the first. Mass market. And then it and all the kids were on MySpace. I do remember we did a show on MySpace onetime. Enough illustrator Gina was in here eldest unit at the time. Twenty. Nineteen still low in college and she couldn't believe that would did that mean the old guy knew about MySpace. Whatever happened to Justin Timberlake buying MySpace and who's gonna turn it into something you remember that. So long and then also this FaceBook thing comes along. And FaceBook essentially was supposed to replace MySpace because all the adults and found out about MySpace. And you know or adults. We ruin everything. Just like adults did when we were kids. Never wore another psychedelic or tied IT shirt after I saw my dad one. Just ruined everything you know. You got a lot of Grateful Dead concert in your dad's sitting there. A sudden you find a new band. Saw Bob. Anyway FaceBook. And and Google. Member Google they just started off with that there's a search engine and they were slow much better than everybody else. And then they grow and they grew and they grew and all the sudden now they got all the information on you and FaceBook. Started office just be in an unbelievable way to find people he hadn't run into in years. Re acquaint yourself with people that used to work well third you went to school where than. Sometimes they would find you so you do you do hook open to our FaceBook you'd turn you know you'd get you'd. You're going to FaceBook one day and all the sudden there was somebody that you hadn't talked to a fifteen or twenty years they'd want to be your friend. All man it was great like running into somebody at the airport. You stop you're talking a gay catch up appeared in all. But in the middle of all of that. All these things turn into these monsters FaceBook now is almost like don't be yellow pages the white pages until you almost have to have FaceBook even. You don't have to bring you almost have to deal. And then they take all this information and then you find out that. We read that thing last week about FaceBook where you can go in and change your settings on all this stuff. But you don't opt the end anything you have to opt out of things. And consequently. If you opt out of some things then other services that you like on FaceBook don't function any longer. He ever tried to get out of messenger. I try to get out of messenger a couple of times I hate messenger 888. Messenger. What was wrong with just texted. But if you get out of messenger that all the sudden there's other things features and FaceBook they don't necessarily work for your longer. So they've taken all your information and and they're making big time but money out of it and they're compromising it. You know you're the victim. The willing victim this. Show for young lady. I guess you'll be sucking up to run and hit to the idea. Heavily on having to explain the volume toddlers freedom. Has been in TV for worrying too long way way way too long. Target the Larry sprinkle just a couple of seconds let me go to Illinois Jack Daniel who was finally able to so hear his voice through headphones on. Yours earlier waves again you united and free again I can speak again anybody wanna burn now and avocado. I didn't think you know what I'm just happy to be here I didn't think you'll would have I get a minute I wish them well and their future and increase your endeavors they. Dario thank you. Jack Daniel's been no part of Charlotte radio for forty. Seven years 47 years and Larry sprinkles been part of our Charlotte media. But radio has first right. Yeah and I saw how long 72. And many years is that it was that are Q. Nine a WR PL. Actually. That's restart 1840 WR PO or when did you get RO curious. He later is there a year later in the area until we get escaped. Many AM and letting him and they told you are so cute to be a partner to someone or deferred batteries and actually did WRQ at that time was a mono. FM only station. And they needed someone to run an automated all these radio stations to run that baby sit that. And to do production production director. New weekend show and maybe do something with this guy named. If there's anything going on there so and they know that evolve and they were pulling him up from the big eight down and Jack yeah they'd been there maybe you've been there six months report came he came up and get rid of the preview stay half. It's nice to talk to you without having someone having passed you know I haven't had a cussing and also does a good thing you know Jay Thomas died in no we had you on the air for a few minutes then and then Jack Gail just passed recently and no I got a rare call from me there. I guess they the head of the ejector annual enough to Larry but the Jack Daniel opened. Okay we'll click play blurry thing he played. No there really Larry's uncle primary goal. You know I'm not thriller Rangel Ollie Italy's great old Gerald Lewis all the warm turn real the real Larry sprinkle please stand up wait a minute how can you guys be Larry's Rangel I'm the real Larry sprinkle. Everybody needs a little sprinkle in the morning on the new 95. And in the hands and the guy way bank is using a fake name isn't and the guy who think it's using his real name not if it isn't. So was after. Murphy left Murphy anymore left. Two in 1980. And they gave Jack and I an opportunity to do a two man show together and all the rude awakening this. That was smoothly released few months later in the and they. They brought another guy yen a day named Randy Miller dollars and done he's done very well yeah Randy Miller was here in and they finally said well you know you bill Maury show give you opportunity. It's under the should Obama itself for a couple of years before they brought in another. Murphy in the morning gunning Jack. Murphy who's. A firmer in the morning then another word he ever recaptured quite worth the rumor in the market their prodigious market pathology Thomas and merchant or no pressure role Iran. Don't ever. Following very successful morning show no matter how good you are. It's not gonna work we don't we try we try MB which over the thing called rude awakening basically it was a metal. Heavy metal music or H oh yeah two crazy guys if it was on the air today probably do well if they did do well so we're looking for an opportunity. Now if you go by what you know call letters Jackie started PGA. So I tell me about Tony Tony Tony Hunt. But. When I was a PG first it was stereo and on here. When they were rock and led top forty you know now. Hit top forty up against you know weighs in at that time BT was playing music. And then we went to Disco 98 when Disco became popular. And went from like under one point one rating point to like a 56 share and you stayed for that I stayed for that yacht. I used to have the Disco machine that I would travel around and played dances and I just say is that when you did the TV show. No TV shows later the TV show was communities okay. And then know when Disco died and Steve gold and did Doug Kaminsky part Kimbrel Disco records. Then we flipped it to power and it was still almost suburban radio group. Auto bomb. Belmont and seized seven days I couldn't get anybody to hire me. And I started spirit and in nightclubs and we were playing. Forget Babe Ruth and stuff like that and then it went Disco and I stayed for the Disco thing because that confinement has to pay recently by about tonight and her donor. At the time and then I stayed through urban cowboy and then at that point I said now I guess I gotta get out of here. Before we continue to have one question yes but has named Ritchie have like a feather duster on top of his home. I don't know. I thought it was I thought it was a rat quite frankly I have I have no idea is that a microphone as a fellow like you a cute little animals within this I wanted it was a terrible for you know you would know better than I. You're you're the one that created the they that the Nate monster we know he's just a brutally came over here and apparently dropped your name to get the job I don't know about that but Doug. Jim good reference now. And I think for the sanitizing station is a great commerce that is a intercom one of the comes as I thought that was really nice a sanitized so when Kenyan. It wears that that in the lobby you know really in there hannitizing station also adversely and we must have stolen out from Arista. But I've never done a show feeling disciplined rated revenue judges assigned still others as you can't bring your firearm and capital yesterday yeah if only we know so the first thing imminent Larry lifts his and original as in the NR what do you do that dance party thing. Let's dance solos he was doing 1985 he was doing whether they at 36 it would cause I was actually. Little of everything I was doing it auditor of nearly an on air announcer Brian whether. Promotions and Jenkins 1985. And I had that I had left the Q and go on to Z 100 of Indianapolis which is now a fox. Nine and I'm point seven. And I was working there and audition for the the host of less benefits. Now did that affiliation with that turn into our affects. Or was those are just two separate and I just kind of let my dance moves to was told Newsday two zone has to be PCQ that's what's so brilliantly at BCQ television days. You know that was that was on television. And got a guy that produced that again in Terry Maine is still works for us you know it was just you know an exceptional producer that the bad John a music it was like. It was an American Bandstand in Charlotte and then if you're old enough remember Jimmy cogo where there was the Coke goes contain no sir you're an 85 east yeah. This is all legendary and it's all stuff I've heard about but I don't know that I've ever truly headed put out. Chronologically as well what happened and word happened and when it happened I was working in the radio on I got a chance to go audition and we've we've taped on. On Wednesday afternoon. And for the first two years of the show. We were in the studio there on the off the road and in the end they created. A news department and made they needed the cells so they. Kicked us out to Carol Owens we do love them here when first they kicked us to glory days how he and the others boulevard which was real audio files of one. Dance. This is old Charlotte radio and this music history right here. No last season we did do we did our show on location from Kara winds near the dome. Wait school whether it was going blanks into an album you know. I looked up over the weekend. I look up Larry sprinkle on the Internet. And all the sudden the first thing that pops up is the Internet Movie Database CI AM eating area. And it's is an actor known for fire starter from this trick or treat and King Kong lives and I thought. Not that it would what Tony failed adhere that I don't area and Rottweiler go. They're very there're so many in there that I did not mention that I am thankful for that bird. Yeah I had back when I was there radio I had this whole. You know dream that the Brian radio is theater and acting inning commercials and they got a lot of good agents here GTA which is still around. And they got me auditions and so I ended up in some new lows some forgettable some. Released and they're still out there most I get a residual check for fire starter. The dollar 23 last week at this sort of joke. The one that I did King Kong lives ago won 488 cents about two months ago. So those that there's a ton of money should protect his Ozzie does Ozzie yes Oz we're together. Let's say it's called a high tech horror movie and it was produced in Wilmington filmed in Wilmington I play a talk show host name mark McCain. Went to Kmart McCain Neeson DJ hero and it's so they hired Ozzie. Not to come off the road on his tour to play an anti rock and roll crusader. So what they did is they braided his hair down to lose you know look thinner than Meyer. Does now and he played this guy you who was against rock and roll in his whole crusade was to do away with the there's a scene in there were I'm I'm doing an interview as mark McCain. And aussies sitting across from me and he's going. I would you. To take a look at these albums know to these these are just treacherous these dreadful and each one is an actual Ozzy album. That isn't what these people doing Doug Jones would. Didn't know how he let let me go to fire starter. Drew Barrymore nine years old. You learn that she's gonna show the Libya got no I don't I don't have the clip. Yes she was nine years old I've played a cop they security guard in this and cheap relations nine years old. Issues these star this film are sparse charter plane low growth could actually start fires. By looking intensely at something or somebody. And diamond this I was security guard the airport as she starts a fire of this. Us army guy who's abusing his girlfriend that I had to chase him into a bathroom where he's putting his feet out of toilet. My lines are. How would your heads up now. We let me get my feet out first that get out here. There you go that's my big lines that are stark. We have a general manager that you can be fired just by him looking at it. It's it's it's and today I'm just thankful. Larry sprinkle and and Jack Daniel and phone lines are open. I noted there's an implant phone calls you better get an early 704571110. I'm mullah come back and continue our conversation with these guys just few. Only at all. Forty some odd year old radio there's not there's too little older than four years old are radio legendary Jack Daniels in studio with this says no Larry sprinkle our radio no TV and got has been a part of you never left town I know I guess that's my biggest area you could have gone the JU. JJ Thomas you could have gone with Murphy in the morning to Chicago. You just your Carolina got. That's exactly what is of when I was growing up we live by failing I've traveled literally. That's just a mobile Memphis is saint Jude Joseph. East Africa southeast Asia the Middle East so Israeli I'd just like I'm gonna stay here and I'll like Charlotte. We're gonna big waste of your Q2 great radio stations. Stand paid. Decent amount of money to anybody that he's who he thought was worthy of it so I thought. Don't want or need to move on and you know Jay said and he said you need to come will be New York City and I had a chance to go there Murphy. Several times away soothe him it's nice to fly to Chicago. And we would tape comedy bits that the stations so they hate the I was on a show for the first 45 years. But can I just felt like should the Charlotte had something. And obviously it has a lot more than the sum that I thought back in those days so just happy I was happy to work their radio station. At the in my life and I didn't feel like you need to move on. One of my great experiences. It to W BT and my time here was funding and may be came to town and our Murphy came in and you came in one night and I've never met Murphy before but I just. And Jack you can relate to this stalls the old morning guys they've done. The top 40 morning guys. That they still lie and I just marvel at a they had to create their own characters and had a reactor than interact with themselves. If you get a mold enough they had to queue up commercials on real real solution before parts of the main. If you told a jock today your radio guided Dave can't do all that in between two and a half minute record do you tell your on your mind. The bad meaning Murphy was just special treat women to have the two of you guys sitting here in the studio together was just a really interesting. This evening. It was very very special because with that evening Jim Murphy was next to me we have not set in the same. Studio in probably about 25 years and you were playing some of the bits that we did the big boys WRQ. It was flashback to me it literally felt like. We were on the air again together and it was almost. Theory that that feeling we had that till that evening so who's your who's exceptional. Whenever and head for the news them come back on the other side and not doing our revenues today analyst today I know wool load key in on Jack Daniel he starts off MP EG which was a rock her to time. And then we'll kind of get to word goes from there because if you take the path of Jack Daniel you cover an awful lot of what Charlotte radio has been and I meant as some point or another you were in this building I was when I first got here in 1990 used to come over from time to time to see. My Donovan Mike Donovan. Obama but I didn't really worked with a sorrow you know ways and in that that's and that's how I met you. And you end and you actually the reason I knew we noticed as you would start be in the hall and say don't let him get you down the you're doing fine and so I was appreciated that I do know we was put hours appreciated him telling me that I always thought the. Or stereo Jack Daniels who is allowed to be heard in the Charlotte airwaves again after forty some odd years of being household name mind you was sort of he could run down an entire corporation of Ritalin the hurdle assessment so we'll now now the people of totally forgotten about him we decided to put him back on again I appreciate it. And and Larry sprinkle blue does so much time over on television. At did the 36 but has a radio history. And we were just watch and on nine Carol ballots phone over there. Commercials that you shot in when was that 79. Levi's new it's rebel could I did I was a radio I had a whole other career doing freelance. Commercials. The movies whatever you know I had a good age ATA was great agency in the me out there was he was popped our own lair pop star here you know. And I did you know whatever whatever offer me some mixtures cashier there are those who dabbled in nets who quote not a raft John title yet clear that a lot of them my careers gun you whores god ever since it yeah. Yoram. Also making a minute thank you for a very clear idea that's Larry right there let's is forever. I'm not somebody wrote then that this is managing questioned said Derrick can you please ask Larry is he's ever met Elvis Presley. Not to me and I this long comical when they have. When I was in Memphis WPS radio. I work seven a midnight on the way home I would passed by Grayson who lived in there in their fiscal white haven. I used to pass by and I would see a bunch of guys saying I'll make this as short as I can and I don't know this but Grayson on this day 1957. Or is that like the anniversary is thank you very much. Ligament I have any I remember well. I'm on dormant right now waiting so anyway I used to past like graceful on the way home. I was sick of what you guys outside the gate hang announce a one on his studio to give the nerve just stop then. Walked up to the gate introduced myself I have back in those days at a different and radio name some Larry Lawrence from the UPS that they were all hearing the night. Then they're like five or six of them and then they threw for his be hung out I said. Cannot come back again I get to know the gatekeeper whose name was. Investor Presley Vernon. Presley so brother it's always is father Vernon. That's an old rule also one night the knowledge Vince is really quickly one night Ralston in the remember this is long before anybody knew what. Elvis did his lifestyle. When he was up when he loses sleep. Since about 2:30 in the morning and investor. It's they call any news well let me let me just ask the. If you buzz wanna go to the movie. Nothing will go to the movies do thirty mourns two of the guys and yeah as soon as yes yes it is yet there's about six man there. Okay so we're standing there and Dresser says each what do viewed in the last two cars get of those cars and follow them and will take to the movie of the U okay ruin the movie. The first Carly comes up is as a Mercedes. Windows are tinted the window closes sale. In in the front seat driving is usually yell yelled in the last two cars team when element in theater Gonzales step at. Have they hit. Fifth fifth fifth of the woods so we in the car we drive to the mid to fear that the mark he is on like it's 9 o'clock at night. The concessions are going but no one is in Eric's of the people who worked there there's a there's six of us we want the end and I care river illnesses. Manager like a stage manager of the GeMS remote camera they guy's name but he says Joseph was busy election drug induced. I commend your used to go halfway down takes a seat there and you'll be okay. So we go and we sit down about ten minutes later. There comes when we found albums in Memphis not Memphis mafia all those guys and all was this in about five rows in front of us they showed two. First run movies are what they were. I can't remember what they were. Don's consultants for the from almost that you fully opens so we go we go in the lobby were hanging out there in June as it just stay right here. We stand there and outcomes. Elvis he's not dressed like for a concert. But he's dressed so over dressed to go to a movie at 2:30 in the morning is at the wide beautiful shirt open shirt. He's got the medallion he's got the flared pants the boots immaculate. And until India this you know I'm a guy but this is a beautiful live at a relative. And sojo says ocean and meet any gazelle I used to because. Assuming this is Larry Lawrence from Debian PSI reached out I shook my hand in his. You know mum on my first manager Hal meal and he wasn't DJ there a million PS is given each. And with who can district personally and think he's so I felt like an eight year old kid that shook his hand person that was it that was. Movies and Elvis. One of those moments yes you can relate to this Jack or your radio news figured yourself this is so cool. Oh yeah oh absolutely I usually do every now and then you end up in the situation and you just think to yourself. And have itemize standing here. Google's Larry Lawrence night here. News talk 1110993. WBT with traffic and weather together that's how things are going to do that. New start 11109 and I'm three WBT traffic and weather to be against. Take Cho Jack Daniels played young Jake you know just start off everybody give him a Gardner's talk 1110. Not in three WBT traffic and weather together. Beer is bloom daddy boomer on campus but they reject prayer and already I would do it come out now. Thank you Jack great out here pay out of ironically we have a traffic report starting out of one of your favorite stops in this area what is that Cox road guests don't go beyond up. You can tell. It. Right let's wander on over to the front 704571110. Jack Daniel is with us and Larry sprinkle this with us and Parker you are on news talk eleven did WB today. Or the Mars he is there are. Parker yeah. Oh Larry sprinkle that you sound. It's right here there's been so many years since I've had the opportunity to say hello to you how are you. Well I'm doing so well and I gotta tell you something about that I have here in California for thirty years I'm still jealous of all they have do so and you've got bright guy. Well thank you Parker remember the times do we would compare each other's squats. And so in California how do you compare that to Myers park. Well it was great that they are not yet another level it Hollywood. That as I'm about fifty yards from the entrance to Sony studios Larry. A good idea thirty did nothing about Beck I think about get a bite on the career. It's about time to a what do you what do you miss most about living in Myers park giving. You. Well whatever I always thought that when I had to go to heaven and be buried on the eighteenth tee box there at quail hollow. A but my parents don't like they're above the. Any any particular you know I know that you and you have a few out there after after a round of golf which you're. Which your favorite drink of choice nowadays are back in those days. Where every atom in Q but true a member that Larry and a I thought our economic yeah yeah hell did struck you wouldn't think Bob Bob Murphy Murphy in the morning. About America at me elmo's vodka tonic followed he has done I think I was addicted booed him. What about your favorite kind of music but then you've we're gonna do increase the and Adobe is again you know people don't know a thing about it analyst Linda Dick dale and some other stuff with a lot of policy is gone out yeah and. I know general Johnson the chairman none of that shag and gone on his own everything out there. What edge jagged older than me you know this. Okay let me say that I got back to the back Jack Daniels or get the minute please do that you're there are Aamir by the I arrive to tell you you know the whole Parker Myers so radioed sketches began with you you know that I'm just glad that you have to try and not the we're in oh great chicken all day long like go girl go together yep and can you hear the I got them felt their vote second then and that's but I can't and that there are certain idea dole losing Parker don't lose it down and hot. I'm Paula that together over yet they've. You know engine Jack wrote this sketch. Ballpark Europe. And peaches and it would it would give an old saying about rampant sketch produced it got don't care about tornado tore his Linda Lemmon I don't remember that yeah. And tell the whole thing happened murky heard that a lot of run it Monday morning he did and the rest is history that joy that web. People still talk about Parker preachers Myers in the movie adventures that you guys have a best actually actually entice say that's actually Ted Pritchard who was on the year with a sit there WR Cuba Iraq general Taylor Buchholz then he went out there would have been very successful career radio out and then Southern California. But I did you know I've I've bad did geez. Tony years out here to I'm I gotta tell you miss you guys so they were too great radio stations that worked out. The first one with all of you all might still dear friend there in Charlotte and the last one here at. In the in Los Angeles you know KN EC media Southern California heavy metal flag ships and we played them. We think that we may simmer. We make some inroads into the radio world out here January you were thrasher right. The thrasher director at them I did the morning for twelve years I would also on what mark and Brian for a couple of years out here. Extended pirate radio and then backed UK NE Seattle and I've I've got to I've had a good run in the Pentagon still look at at agent does climbing now down about them. I want that one day it'll have before you today we love you we miss you out here you get a lot of friends there yet you need to get out for visitor we need to get out see you there. As one of the K you know era actually strange thing is gonna have. Wait let me back there because I know that I art radioed that to you Kevin did you wrong their jacket. I yen. You know they aren't here that there but not. It whether it out there that you know more millennial. RO or listen to radio commercials and are affected by those and you know then they are television. And I want to let you know that if they believe that then will I can say cemetery plot on the eighteenth street oil. Ted Richard negative. Sentiment is that. That the digital and a better appreciation. You got a John thank bigger joke around. So it was true plug and put upon them Oscars tipped somebody wrote Larry wants to know when was that did you in a Murphy did pass the league club. Probably ill take so heck maybe it took me here at the castle club at the Charlotte, North Carolina who just. Asked them. Just has little club. Came on in nineteen as Murphy came to town. In 190 or six pass those shortly after that 76 until he left to about 1982 anywhere from about five years we did the pass Lou club. Then when you saw baker show up mr. Graham's funeral did you again you did say a word today he's been stated loaded into an untargeted. A it just turned and walked away bit. That's done that's history for you. Yeah and Jackie is that sometime in this building was it was it. It was 1079 but what was it called that that was WBZ wide. So that was before sunny and all that kind of stuff out there was they work on that 1079 men we were you know it. Well late auto aid deliveries to a and this was that that was what the technically that's where John boy and Billy Conn at least met each other is that where they were put together Tom boy came to the market and 1980 from Tennessee. We're had been doing nights. He says I believe he started doing nights here for a really short time. And then they put him on in the mornings in the TV campaign had Jumbo wearing a cowboy hat and a shirt and boxer. The underwear and a pair of boots that was and he was dancing that was the campaign launched John born in the morning and then Billy was copyright her. And he was mark the end in very funny up and down the halls and Bob Kagan. Thought he would put those together and see if there could be some chemistry in Minnesota Gilmore Girls were born. Had but that was really like right before you had you don't trust. That was eighty no that was that was before I got here OK I was eighties probably eighty to 83 about the time that. About the time that Murphy left that's when Jumbo and Billy sort of took the crown. At the top of the Charlotte more than you are going to be in their boss over at the a sort of many years before he went to they don't. Yes I'm Jack Daniel Larry sprinkle and no we're back to all of them just feel. It's. Stereo Jack Daniel Larry sprinkle blood to our long time. Legends of our Charlotte media radio television and none and the like both of MTV alone. More TV and radio for you. As soy which is them while looking back on again that that's the reality. 33 years. Full time as NBC Charlotte coming up in about a week. A sergeant free Lance Lear when Ted Turner owned the place back in the mid seventies Sonia. Overall more time and television are they they're very rude with so many people that don't realize I had a career in radio before. Working and NBC showed television in the he could you think 33 years. Tomorrow's ten years old either of their 43 year that when he whenever you have to be an all timer to remember. Back in the building inspect the wings have European if I say you read drive pox he is what does that mean to area let us all make you lay the men reflect tax and sonic man. I'm here to bring joy and peace to the world all my proxy sell it re dropped. Yet those sunny man isn't this is the fortieth anniversary. Of the cartoon but a cartoon character but Dayton kind of aid 1978. Superhero kind of character that was under on Chile team back in those days. Andrew Lindsay Lowell who is a producer worked a big raised the bureau Q she created this character is she needed somebody to perform the characters so she hired me. And I ended up wearing tights and it took me two hours to come out of the Dresser with sites is it true there's no way ya ya know what got hammered one night and came up with something that and I think I'm not really. Do people write me by and Cox he's had to face hello friends to all my Joseph had his own life and yet it. There's an alphabet there is a dictionary assignment dictionary. And we we still contest when they you know give away whatever to the kids in the it was. Sighing man came on in between all the cartoons or when the afternoon in Chile team back in those days. And then he would Kamal with the advice and Kamal with contest. When we had konduz better than ninety said. The a's sending nine you have voicemail email you don't have anything except letters and phone calls. We actually shut the phone system down from Charlotte to Atlanta the contents we will assign them. In 1978. September 19 should be somebody sent me a picture of a poster that you signed for him back whenever that was seven win with the tights and who's selling enough now that was a great leveler heads that's still where occasionally you know. Just to be different you know. The other night. When I was programming no warm. Open looks very strand Pennsylvania I did afternoon drive up there and every now and then one of my older listeners would call and complain about Sunday afternoon guys had done on the radio and it was me and and so I would put her on hold and then when I got a second I'd come back and I'd say this is a live on the program director of us has been a problem she don't know what the problem was let's say well have him executed her alive or not. And miss some I got armed only ever have you ever answered a phone call from the map room. From the map room visit visit the somebody wrote me OK immediately think about this if it. This where I was in the map room video you Vista that you would put somebody on Holden and you would be the guy in the map room explaining the new weather maps at channel. 365. Every conceivable phone prank imaginable. Long before they had caller ID which is ruined ruined my phone prank career. But yeah I've done yet up belts people all over the village called it and are we talking every single department do you girls who. Gonna talk to Larry's great ability up eleven minute. Yeah Sharon should Franken engineer and you know things the blues from the police parliament. This is martian camping a southerner. And there's fifty people they talk to before they finally get to me. I'm when I was in radio and in Greenville, North Carolina we worked I worked in a there's a there's a modified trailer is what it was. The people call in and how would transfer them all of the building to its fifth floor eight floor. It when a guy came up from an agency says I thought this was a forty story building you guys through. I've been transferred all era trailer. Let us go to modified trailer. That we lost an account but let me take both you guys Specter the beginning. Jack. Radio how doubted that happened where did you when did you get involved when you at what age did you say to yourself yeah I think that's what I wanna do. Umpire about fourteen. I was just a big music fan a famous dad for them because he. He would played all this music for me. He had me into the standards you know Frank Sinatra Dean Martin. Paula so when I was very young and then course big ways. Radio was big influence big influence on me and my dad was friends with. One of the cameramen over here that did the Caroline camera. And before I went off to college my dad arranged. You know visit of Jefferson pilot. And so I came through the halls and I've looked in solve the you have in this building there was this building up and saw all the studios in the TV station and I was it already a gadget freak. They simply you know with my walkie talkie and hold up to the speaker and broadcast my cousin. In who's out pump in the backyard and so when I got these Carolina went straight for the campus radio station. And actually had a little bit of involvement with the high school radio station Conger high school WC HS. It was very small it was only broadcasts in the morning launch an after school. But it was where a bill turner came from we talked about. A richer when was involved and as well also. It was our got the bug early on then. It's never looked back. Although talk gonna wanna talk to both you guys. And I'll include myself in this but I don't toe hold a candle to you guys you've spent your whole career in this market really rare. Yes and Larry you've spent your whole career essentially in this market mom and that's just unheard of it's unheard of for somebody like meeting 128 year run. But you guys have both spent your whole careers technically in this market I think that's and I'm done I think that's fascinating. Well I got bounced around the you know who have who early on radio started the BBDO for a city as a kid fourteen year old kid on our city's roads and with that. Who's not very good for all the I had then I ended up but we moved to Ethiopia East Africa somehow get a job I how I got a radio Ethiopia first American ever work on the air there. Those are two years they came back and I went to were Jack and I we both are these fellow pirates so. He went to the campus radio station I went there gave them a tape to get used. Look quicktime people who Vuitton cup what do you mean you know. This is campus Tribune WGCs it's cool. To grow to cool those that are and so would hunted to be OOW got a job and big well radio or to sign up pay for do it early campus really bathing. It's really two crew encounters media that was the start of the L brought fascia amp T had voice inflection it is like Thursday's that I was hero's welcome everybody views it can let your money that we orderly thirty Gloria let me sprinkle the broadcast youth. Somebody that was it. And you can't say it is the graceful. No that's even cooler temperature eighty. In the event this yeah I don't think you can deny radio either boomer but also Larry it was sort of broadcasting Greenville north Carolina at east Carolina. And a window understands and has tried this on POW ask your outdoor where they used to have all the Wear the clothes would be a stuffy I think you're studios were actually in that window wasn't we were right there in the room yes he lives monitor. If you think we have method and he had messed panic get married to tear destroyed by the Tommy compared to Cuba the other four towers at outback. There's a great story I'll do don't do that just as soon as I heard you. Pandora. A longtime friend judge Jack Daniel and Larry sprinkle in studio with this who represented. Big gut chunk of the last 040 some odd years of our Charlotte to a media. I'm a mom proud to have him on the show this is one of those ones that you'll look keep Larry I would beer remiss of I didn't ask you about your health and now are you doing some juror may 69 accident and yet this again it's pretty worried their furlough. I appreciate says that they John thank Steve because you you can certainly kept in touch with me. This to a may fourth will be the second anniversary which for me is I look back and loses sometimes it seems like it was just two weeks ago the suns like their. A horrible dream but I was. Severely injured and it ends you have really bad shape for live several months there in this community is such an amazing community. Who was of words first all the people were Ford in DC Charlotte and the great staff here. Imagine that there biblical Romo and making those folks over there. The three stay in touch and we made sure with the news that when it came back and a job. This community is so giving and I'm so thankful for the when he reached out through prayers are found at the prayer works there's no doubt about it. And today I'm yeah Leon and I don't we say a 100% on that front concentrate on and as some severe injuries but. You know consider route was then I'm thankful to be here among here every day and dogs keep moving. You recorded in the paper as saying I guess sometimes being in this job you don't realize how big an impact you have on people's lives. You tried to all of us at thinker I try to keep our egos intact. I knew it and and certainly there's enough people to QQ missions to make sure that's figures a year egos stays intact. But you don't relate give yourself the credit. As to impact that you have on people's lives until something like that happens and it's it it's really put in for your face. It's overwhelming them in even today when I go places are people who obviously have really seen me face to face in the Alaska aren't doing we'll sit there. Nugget hugs from people. North America the Hershey store there's always someone comes up has come duel in the sun prayers from either Franklin here and I'm just. No it's it really is overwhelming need your somewhere long enough that I have been in Charlotte. For 46 years now. The radio and television so I guess you know if you like an old shoot against real comfortable against people who get comfortable with the unity of order lookers the old you were glad he's doing an era that. Unfair question if I told you that you had to make a decision and you can only have one happier career radio or television which one would you do which won't do would you check. That's so unfair bet that you because in my home my dream is a kid when I was when I was four or five years old I was fascinated with television. SS anywhere whether one with the way the manager health well what's and so when I was. Ten years old and so the radio station the same time and or visit WT OV radio what's assumes of my dream was to do both. It's a Tara had to it's also about love both dearly grade. Or exonerated yeah yeah I got a group of more at their word the SARS the preakness if you're crazy stories. The radio obviously because it lends itself to them but. I've had such an amazing career in television have loved every minute of it I named John of the it would be impossible I'll have to cause du coin toss because we're each one. The match is the other in their own unique way I've had fun in both both. My days a radio especially in big ways bravura Q there's nothing to match that. It was a party every day it was a journey every day. It was a dream come true and you work for some of the great I mean broadcasting greats Jim Thomason and merchant or go down in the national hall of fame restaurants are just. Pretty good talents as a dam good not necessarily an hour mentor. Imagine a Catholic and Evan you know people aged Jack came aboard Jack came on the I was had been there a number of years and Jack and he was one of the most persistent. People to wanted to work frustration he sent tapes and videos in words long before and people at videos. Every month. And he it was each one was better than the other about why she'd been working there. There's always that this guy needs to be in this building your remote got me the job it was the question that I did a Mission Impossible table liberalism photographs about you know my mission was to work for. Big ways that we are cute and I've got to know John the end of the attention of Jennie OJ came it would as he has such a positive great attitude about everything. I've never it never negative. A knowledgeable guy great voice and just provided all the you know the extras that we needed those field and avoid that we had that time it's very convoy has. You a look back at forty years or radio reject Charlotte market obviously it's all changed. A totally different now. But politically different you when you're proud of the market your party your history here. Well when I got into the Charlotte market I believe I have to do some checking but I think our market size was around sixty or. Or 58 somewhere in there. And to be able to be in this market and and and watch it grow. From that size to the market 24. Depending on you know what. Survey you look at based on how big it is. And to see. It go from our single station you know ownership. To do lawfully and then. What we have now we're which is the cluster mentality but not just see the talent that's gone through here we just talked about but look at I mean John boy and Billy and Bobby and share. And and ace in TJ and I mean all the shows the syndicate out from here from here has really been pretty an amazing thing you 44 I don't know for a for a market the size I think. Probably it's unprecedented how many. Chose that are syndicated nationally actually originate from here. And I think Charlotte has always been a great radio market. Has always sounded to. Bigger than it was. That's in due in part to Stennis is Kaplan and that mentality it's due in part to people like Charlie Crutchfield. Yes hello who basically they'll hire people and let them do their jobs and and realize that it's it is show business it's a business but it's show business and and you know many of my 47 years I was and into programming. And that you sort of have to manage the hallways and always felt that if people were having fun in the hallways you could tell it. When they were on the air and if people weren't having fun in the hallways guess what you tell us to. Mullah Dexter given me again when I needed to give it to protect protect hey thanks for governor we have that we had a great time haven't you over there like a timeout period well and but it weenie roasts and I got to do all that stuff I know Ric Flair coming out maybe it was hard time on stage that was fun and why give you a lot of credit when when you came to the end we were just a couple of years old and and were young and your targeted rock station alternative rock station and we didn't have a social conscience yet and you brought that. When you came with through the kids first and remember the bus trips down flood hurricane Andrew went out to eastern Carolina people that aromas of Floyd Hurricane Floyd it was boy now and then that sort of put the end on the map as far as his having more than just. DJs in music we had. A place in the community and thank you for that. Good to a good friend Jack Daniel knoller Frankel thank you guys are here are some time they don't want to do this again sometime we will update. You thank you for the way you do what you provide some issue your great part of this community in every man people love you. He gives so much has community I'm just so thankful that Janet Taylor Cochran do you think he's. And your money mobility. Forty dollar punitive about six I know they're radio has only gotten floated the bill passes. I'm original bit earlier on the 78 day of 2018287. Days to go march the nineteenth Elvis bought Graceland on this date in 1957. And coincidentally 1988. Michael Jackson bought his ranch in California and built his own personal zoo or amusement park he named it neverland. First day of spring 1215. Tomorrow. Fifteen minutes into the Rush Limbaugh show spring wells Brian Brohm sprinkled. Spring has sprung follow spills over here it's okay memorize all summer. Sonic pull out a new flavor to it slush is. Pickle juice. Talk among southern boy. At sounds southern doesn't it. Google just supposed to be good for eons from. Appreciate perform. Donald Trump judge junior's wife Vanessa has filed for divorce. Violation matching news coming out of the White House. The main political candidates for these state house who insulted one of the park when Florida shooting survivors has dropped out of the race. Then there's still a thing about that was he was running unopposed. So he can't even win a race that he's unopposed in. Genius and Vladimir Putin won his reelection securing his position for another six years his fourth term. As a president 475 million dollars in the out power all winner in Pennsylvania we don't know quite where yet. He's not to my knowledge since I've been on the air. A single winning ticket was a sold someplace in Pennsylvania. Matched the numbers twenty to 57596066. Powerball seven. Jackpot from Saturday's drawing is the eighth largest ever for power ball. Tomorrow night Mega Millions that jackpot now up to 377. Million. And 37 million adult Americans binge drink. We'll talk about that in just a second boomer you got a chance to heaven or did you picture taken with everybody but I wish gonna spent more time and he has studio. That was I was a lot of fun I enjoy seeing those guys and they're great they're just through the best the very best yeah there really are there really aren't good people yes sort of yes sir a lot of Charlotte history rightly accuse this great man thank you John Graham and amend as a fantastic you have no thanks for coming by everybody loves boomer. We've we've advanced that's a nice things to say about you ball especially well all we are between breaks so means the law down. That means lots of thank hasn't snowed again if I had to save his duty yeah I trashed you for everybody else was thanking his or not somebody's got to do with that hit thank you senators. From the 245. Million adults in the United States. 37 million of them are binge drinkers centers for disease control and no prevention says 37 million adult Americans consume seventeen billion drinks during binges each year to about. A six. But the US adult population binge drink about once per week. The official definition of binge drinking is at least five drinks for men and at least four drinks for women more than approximate span of two hours. I think the two hours would probably be there. 'cause like it if I were sitting around. Brigham Martinis with somebody united have to drive. I don't think I'd do five and two hours but I can certainly do 5 and an evening. And Scotch and water I don't know about anybody else but. Again drinks Scotch. So. Anyway those are the steps. Mode just I'm just a reporter removed coffee. Americans can't get enough coffee coffee affects metabolism and greater ways than previously thought our coffee update coming up in just feel. Email reaction do I haven't Jack a manager Daniel and colors prevalent today. One of the around. Well pilots in my time here is those shows like baton. Hanging out with the BT legends and and sometimes it's the death of Henry bogey and it brings us all together or it's and and it was an awful lot of anniversary shows that included Henry and rocket Graham. HA and I'm Floyd type Lloyd. You know tiger and I are treasure ever started been mentioning names Arthur Smith. Prior proper send I'm in all of that. It's just been a joy ended ended ended know the Russell's in the slums and Mike Collins and a merry June roses and and and all of that is. As mid do in my time here awfully fulfilling. But then there have been a like I mentioned dia a National Association of Broadcasters came to town ten years ago or some like bad and we got to Murphy in the morning to Miller sprinkle in the studio and as Larry said earlier. First time they had sat side by side in twenty some odd years. There's a jester meter me and earth. And the old top forty guys the masters a top 40 radio the old morning guys. That to me that's like me Babe Ruth that's like me and Ty Cobb that's. Those guys theater of the mind those guys did. Paxson mills was an old friend reminded voters agree morning guy. But Murphy and and then. Over the last 1015 years when he was in town and had to do is national. Sirius XM show he would use our studios here and a lot of the times it would be the studio there was downstairs were I have my desk and cubicle and so they gave me a chance to you don't sit there and shoot the breeze and 1520 minutes at a time and now. So all of that has said been fulfilling but did to be able to call Jack Daniel know Larry sprinkle friends. And Jack. A hired me at at the end. When wouldn't when I had those who leave here for the better in there from the station. And beer guy who ails me. As he needed a chance to make your bracket do. And so for me to have a place in Charlotte where I can go do my time out on and probably be of some benefit to them. And then be able to come back toros close to being the first place. All of that is suspend awfully fulfilling for a kid who still remembers beating the pavement. Forty some odd years ago wish and somebody would. Open a door give him a shot. Charles given me a shot you all of given me a shot and all of forever be grateful for that and none. Willie Nelson does a song called well past my halfway in time I'm certainly don't what best might have done enough. In my career here. And in the next three to five years I think we'll probably slammed the door on that. But more what are what are great ride I've had and it's because of friendships and people have been accepting of me and first time I ever met Larry sprinkle already knew we was. Big ways and he's never been anything but positive and supportive of me in the same reject Daniel least come by here to hang out with Mike Donovan a former film program director and there were friends and so I would do about the time that you all were. I'm just trying to beat to hell lot of media and so when I first got here go to Jack would see me and all of say. Hang in there are doing a great job love what you're doing. And that it was those old things like that people that you respect. I have been there I had read about Jack Daniel in the trades for years and years and years so I knew who Jack Daniel was. And so I was that was a big joy for me today to travelers Frankel a know Jack commit nearer and object. On the object comes out of his forced retirement. You know find something to do. Back in the Charlotte market again there's too much she's the best music rotator. From a program director standpoint is one of the best for matters of ever seeing. It proved it at the end for all those years. And when he would take over what was the other what's in the station over there like. Or whatever the other one is that he would take from time to time and then up from time to time you know he would end up in charge of magic 96 point one. But every time he gets its hands on the radio station the ratings improve. And it's because he knows how to build a radio station he knows how to pull one together he knows how to rotate the music in knows how to put that he knows how to run a radio station so. He's Toobin too valuable too much experience. Two positive. And attitude. On that there can't be someplace for him in this market saw mom I'm open until this marketer Wanda it's awfully darn close. Will allow him to come back out and and in due world when he wants to do before you retire so my thanks to both of coming in today Jack was the reason we want. Beginning many Europeans is no can be was over and wanted to. I give him a chance to welcome back you're not be on the up 50000 watts to. Here is a voice and a pair of headphones agenda come. And then heaven Larry sprinkle and druze and obviously they're good friends and have a long track record together and knoller is just the icing on the cake you just everywhere he goes sees the icing on the cake you'll never meet a nicer guy. You'll never be a more humble guy. And he didn't have to be. And I and I and by the way I did did I. He out works everybody in this market and I think he's measuring himself a little bit more now since the accident. But there was a time when I don't think Larry said noting anybody. I mean he did every he emceed every charity event in town he was here there and everywhere and he's. He is just really. Made his place in this community to it to be exactly the legend that he isn't part of the Charlotte broadcasting hall of fame and so that was a great joy for me today to have both those guys in here and down. And while maybe we can do that again sometime front. Although shows what the old radio people whether they be WBT people or whether they VR Charlotte radio people of destroys a great honor for me fifth. Should be able to kind of be be a middle guys and let them do their stuff so Australia legends I got one coming up that.