Remodeling in Charlotte

At Home with Roby
Sunday, August 13th

Patrick is joined by Dave McGuire of Roby General Contracting, subbing for Trent this week. The guest this week is Mike Waite of NARI


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Morning welcome home for a I'm Patrick and Katz president of revealed lecturing. Along with. They need to. McGwire. CEO boat that Andrew wrote the construction and who's filling in for ten hastened it is at a town this week Dave welcome. They surround me round and round two for me down to it I think in round three might be in the near future Arnold all of this turn it really lice on villain or a musher. Will we all know the trend the entrance day that he he brings the audience in with his his wonderful ability to the story talent then and in and we certainly miss and I think you deal wonderful job as well. It's great to have you Dave weakness in the side things talk about it we have Mike wade is our guest. Yeah very sodden via a sort of only feedback that I get about me is actors some suitor news. So called soliciting stories athletic. Wants a serious than a serious voice there via alternative to. Utterly I don't have one of those now's my series was the Dave looking aside we've we've had that big week this week. WH tops plumbing has become part of the ruby family accompanies it couldn't be more excited and you're excited you're team's excited it Stephen Donaldson. And his team and how spawning they're wonderful people Latin. They did they go above and beyond news fabulous plumbers in you and I've had no in this company for. Yeah fifteen years want law or about may severe of course are long past an hour of personal draws on sold them. Elements applause and implement fishers and always had a great release of Stephen talk about storytellers. Is yet he's the best. Going to that he he would be on in the next coming weeks even dolls and is is the is a manager of hustling has been the next for 27 years he started when he was eight and as it is a classics. Or have somebody that's here we talk about you know workforce development and and it'll be topic later in the show but. Mean yeah Stephenson a perfect example someone who really Smart hardworking young man working as well you know he's he's learned the trade on the craft you know a great leader and and innovator in now is that the leader manager of Doug gates also. On both were no we're thrilled how to amend you know any Tommy can. At a team noticeable flaws what the review way right. Correct doing things right way to go roll hard work ethical great quality product good people thus overdue and so we're we're sub very excited. Was in they have wonderful tenured people Lorie and Kathy in the officer are great men in you know with meant TJ and and Branden Antonin Charles from our. It's been a long term relationship for especially for Dave now working. Directly with cops plumbing it Ferguson and obviously you'd directly with house coming as a subcontractor to Andrews or me. And then it really electric is well I mean we've we've lean on on them for for any kind of plumbing needs that we have. And then back to us for any kind of electrical needs so that. It's cool to bring to your point to bring in a company has a like mind as far as customer service is concerned. And we're we're happy to be able to help our clients either of you Brandi even though Hobbs is doing that indirectly sometimes as well. That deal to help you with the city star on our clients. What plumbing needs to come up whether it's a new water heater already got a clogged drain. Or you need a new water line amend and is one of my friends and we've had on the show Mark Williams in the sporting Jan. I think he's lined up Monday tomorrow to get is water line replaced by house farming. So there's a bunch of things that we can do to your point it's all about servicing the client whether it's. That remodeling job whether it's a commercial construction job was commercial service job. Plumbing electrical handyman or reality we were here to help and that's really that's that's what would sort of binds us all together. No so second another on admin and took another box with a with a woman w.'s show us yet naive you're right. It in it I think you brought us some sort of cool as well is is is Stephen Donaldson story of a starting out at eighteen is that the as a I think the determines helper which I don't really like that term I think it's more of an apprentice right it's hard out eighteen in in an I just I see a Stephen by telling how long he's been with the company. The work as they edited to where now he he he runs the show and there it's his it's really. In a team effort but that the Stephenson head man who he has very he beat you might be Asian ambush he's got way better hair than I do miss the cut at. He's given me a hard time and I needed Eric had finally got one. But Dave we we have my quake coming up not on the on the next couple segments and a and in use become treasure of Mary. And we sit on the board together and Erie something this is very important to us questions the president of the HBA. So we try to align ourselves with these great trade organizations. Can we learn a lot crichton and we can add value estimated that maybe it is is getting started in the industry. Get us right now and we've we've we've lived through we've got some of this experience were dead and every day but. He Tom you know any any time you can Foster positive relations with industry partners. And like we've we say on the shall Tom resin publish also absence of those who were to London for gonna do something we're gonna do right number gonna leave. So you know the lesser role decade Dave we're gonna over inputs on the spot to win the PGA championship today. Ninety's Willis doesn't tell you take box TJ. He's ism tribes and did you make you make did he he must submit cola bottler. You know model that you know are are really don't know Patrick in and I was second I could tell you Jordan speech was in the lead going into Sunday with a chance to win. You know be one of those I guess talk Mena five or six players ever to end his great career Grand Slam him for the other group grassland. I sure hope he's there I think that's a great story seems like a wonderful you know audio man. I I really don't know but it will be certainly fun to watch LB can inaudible what a wonderful week a sports of course we Libby career record says that I'm asking date to predict the future we we recorded on Tuesday. At least to keep that a secret I think the cat. Is at today. On our pre recording says if he did it right. In due to gambling advice for the NFL season from Dave Dwyer president displayed this Wednesday right is will do it yet the Panthers Nadia I guess. Ali see you cautioned whoever can hit the ball through driving rain he picked I think I think the greens will be slow. Rory is on a couple Tom's. Coal hollow and on the radical change of course but it sure would be need honestly he salt like Rory and and and Jordan and in the funnel and be critical but to the Panthers. Yes what we're they played like this leaves the slicks have Brit panthers' season on PG AUS role exciting. Permanent Panthers what next week at the does titans a belief in college football's just around the corner. Well folks should listen at home with ready date McGwire is filling in for Trent haste in and Mike wade is our guest from near Charlotte. We'll be right back. Welcome back at home would throw back pass. Along with the aid for McGuire. From Andrew regional contact. How to do is filling in today toothpaste and Dave. You're here you're kind of a pro at this. Well you have kicked me out the haven't received any warnings from this FCC it's the ticket is still so here. We'll watch it producer guess estimated that I think the Charlotte market is familiar with he is very familiar with at home with ruby and our company's Nauman has. Then I was the executive director for nearly for quite some time down that's the logic it'll intra forest USO love. We are at join Bob Mike wait who's executive director of Mary national association of the Ramallah and industry for the Charlotte. Metro area. Mike is a stalwart in the construction industry and he leads a wonderful group both contractors and subcontractors and suppliers and other folks supporting me. Remodel an industry here in Charlotte and now Mike is. Does such a great job is really. He's armistice celebrity on the national scene four from there and so he he's got a lot to all of wonderful things that you like to share today about what we're doing and the remodel an industry where I didn't were. Happening now a lot good morning John and I really appreciate your welcoming me back and think this is my fourth or fifth time honestly say is didn't get up there. Now and so is and a frequent guest I get any miles or anything like that. And we it will work on a frequent guest program later that Mike you are a wealth of information for both. The industry trade partners within their remodeling industry as well as homeowners that are interested in remodeling or having counselors is done there com. Yeah exactly it's really important to us to be visible to the homeowners because a lot of times book. Everybody did you do listen or in the studio right now knows at the industry itself doesn't have a great reputation or some bad guys out there. To take people's money that it now they take advantage of situations. In the industry itself does not have a great reputation how ever the national association of the remodeling industry is the only professional association. For the remodel her and we vet our members very carefully their license their insured homeowners aren't take on liability when make an invite a near remember into their home. Do you need to do any sized project. So yes it's real important for homeowners to know us. No I don't know who we're who we are what we're about to that we always hear this code of ethics we conduct business the right way we're good citizens. Well that's wonderful mice and if you're you're rice and it is important in without the without the homeowner without the designer than it is. Performing the remark performing or are having their own service for the remote on the other hand we don't have association we don't have an industry and quite frankly Dave and I don't have a job so it's all about the end user. The customer and that's what you're saying is that Mary. Near Charlotte north ordinaries a national organization. Can provide that homeowner with a resource or or eight. A potential construction partner vendor partner did advised by the code of X code of ethics and you're holding your hand our our 201617. Membership directory. Believes I'm. I remember correctly the very first page says code of ethics. Correct yes served to those of you listening in can't see. It as soon as you flip the page opening Patrick corrected the code of ethics and this is what draws us all together this is our common bond. In it is a national brand and assist ordinary greater Charlotte we have to. We not only have to we're delighted to. They're here to this the code of ethics and and we we take it very seriously and that goes for and David mission is not just three more hours for three hours of the core of the membership. But the subcontractors suppliers vendors manufacturers and all the business services that keep the industry in motion. Adhere to the same code of ethics. Mobley the one of the one of the reasons I think is it's this very applicable to Ivan a code of ethics and saw Ramallah and is. If you're if you're out there you may have done a re remodeling project or maybe you have a non. Remodeling is very personal note contractors inside your arm around your family. They could be response for a walk and off the bomb and nice mixture of the house secure and you're coming going to meet. I'm not sure there's another scenario where you have to be more careful about who you wanted to hear how also. Therefore thus it you can't just about anybody and you need to have a trusted. In an area member and you know I'll. Mossad is some aboard the the first we. I was on the ethics and bylaws on committee and essentially he sound there was so. A complaint or something like that I got brought up near there's a whole committee and panel. That reviews the person hears from the client side in the conch underside mcginnis we make sure that it is worked out fairly. For for both parties there so we take this ethics on the balls very seriously and they're. When you make a great point David to its debt they're remodeling. Project and in itself is of does require a whole different relationship between contractor or homeowner style like. Custom home builder which does have a it's the relationship is important. But when your re mile and you're gonna run people's things and their families. Their. Their schedules. You have to have a more in amend and I'm trust in the level of trust in their relationship then you do and a lot of other service related industries. What is your right if you just teaming union listened to at home with Roby state McGwire it still meant for. Trent hasten today I'd I'm Patrick like Isaac I guess they might wait from near Charlotte. We're talking about remodeling as a whole both from a consumer's standpoint and from an industry standpoint. And I think the if you if you listen to the first segment during the first portion of the segment. What time how personal this is. In it really is it we have we have a counterpart on WBT. David dole who who has he had them on the prevention on Saturday mornings. I think Dave always puts it will meet when people calling asking hey how I slid to contractors. How to isolate the remodeling professional in Dave David kind of just basically says hey did you marry that person. Possess how that's how much are gonna know about you. As for just being around when the kids are getting being around the kids are coming home from school. Mean they're part of the damage during that project and that's imported. And Dave I knew it injury do you guys do some things it. The sort of set yourself apart maybe from some of the other industry face like taken in the paper in the trash cans and checked in on the dog and things like that why it's so important. Well really I mean first and foremost it is this the Golan roll right in treeless you wanna be treated and and him were injure Roby and all of our review failing companies you know we're looking not like Tom relationships right now and you know if it's the right thing to do and do it man dog it is important to build that trust and we understand and respect the the intrusion and what now looks like and happy no no matter if it's the the most the perfect Ramallah project is still an obstruction to their daily routines of laws and we understand that certain. We just try to do the right thing and make sure that it's a wonderful project and great experience safe it's clean and it's and it's awful right. So. You know we did it. Well in Davis found it found somebody it's an industry made the news that subcontractor Arabia vineyard and listen to the show. To a new wise injury to be so involved why is so important TI no lights on poured into money with our only services in Rhode electric but added that. What a Y at each has instituted a that your time is as treasurer this year of near Charlotte. Well. I. Think it goes back to how we viewed the industry and our role in the industry you know whether it's Don Trent hastened. News our CEO of relief public companies served as president but on the board for many years are you Patrick and your role. President reveal what Jerker. You know impasse and on dollar long would you see that. It's important for us to be a leader in the industry and to help the industry know we. So what we've got some pretty good. Experience and and can it can help boulders that have been there and then you have lead by example and we believe an area what do stands for mean the truth as. There's not that many places in the industry where. You can really associate yourself assault the mat. You don't just pay for right you can suffer a lot of stuff and say Europe. Top notch Contra under you pay your fees beach clicks and stuff like but you know you've got homebuilders association and you've got. Mayor really I mean and and those are bound by code of ethics and vessel we associate herself with and other businesses like. Indy was and she mentioned and encourage congress trying to drove aside areas for us so why why you serve and in some of the benefits of volunteer leadership and organization do you believe in. There you can now we can use learned some professional personal development skills by being surrounded yourself with other leaders in you're industry an adjacent industries. Which can be around. I have picked the elite. In and I don't want him to leave the studio without mentioning that in the studio with me right now. Is the national chapter president of the year has awarded to last spring business me and in Scottsdale Arizona mr. Patrick and the guys like with broken electric. And also one bit. John coroner young professional award for under four professional in this country with his Patrick fantastic with rove electric. Well Mike was talked about this before the industry needs a lot more younger people under forty so I think that there was as many people meet again against I appreciate you saying that. Well I hit into immense and you say they're a little bit tongue in cheek but are owned and that's another thing that industry. Itself and I didn't know how we're gonna transition to workforce development which the industry is not a young industry it's is an agent industry and we'll give them. What will Mike let's talk about deck is I think that's that's a topic in itself especially for those with if graduating or their kids going to high school college daddy's Greek socialist and at home with ruby. We'll be right back of my equate. Welcome back at home grown and Patrick passing from reveal electric. Along with Dave Dwyer from interim B who is setting today for ten pace entering his dad talent. In Davy coming and we get some fresh new teams that have to roll into the new segments. I'll bring those who didn't I dude there in my back pocket they got a few to for a few Kerry won this MP3 players around walkman while allotment. Well another source of this when it's amazing how that industry has evolved in ending back and that would eighties that we carry the inbox on the children and went to lawman in victory now right mega success today your phone and argue weird looks at the wide. We'll day McGwire is doing intra pacing is out this week down in our guess is Mike weigh in if you miss the the first couple segments can backing grabber podcast. We announced exciting news in the first segmented and define the accident EH house plumbing had joined the ruby family of companies. So we can now help you with your plumbing needs. Is there inning though the for the second said it would mr. Mike weight from Mary we were talking about. Workforce development MI is I've learned and as we've busily about become partners with the stakes at WH jobs. It you know we've always had trouble with electricians and in this been noted we talked about that even here in off Ayers well. But the plumbing industry is in the same boat there they're lacking trades people there are. Yeah Aron you you're right it is in national. Account go to news weren't epidemic coast to coast border boarded aborted the city number one issue facing. Most of the skilled trades is there's not a new generation of trades people. In an industry and the average age is right around 54 right now that's fairly scary. There's not there's not this new generation that wants to crawl under house is get on Russo and turn up. Pipe wrench etc. in midst. And there are more probably our biggest our school is too. Showed this next generation that there are opportunities we're talking about career opportunities not just jobs career opportunities that can lead to. Business ownership and couldn't people who work. Good to solid honest and honorable livings. So I'm. That's everything I mentioned earlier exit than than the industry doesn't have a great reputation now that's just in and in business practices as as soon as an industry in reputation but also as a career path that doesn't have the best reputation. And it's it's an unfair reputation of the carries because becomes and in the studio with some very accomplished professionals here. That are replacing very accomplished professionals are doing something else but. You know people heard that I admire and ditto. Any. Junior high high school college student or post college student should have the aspire to be like around or whip. But it's easily on the says have been trained as a great job and it always gives it at a very sound business lesson we call the business lesson of the day. And for young onto work and you're out there are some of his interest in entrepreneurship the business lesson today is find something that people don't wanna do and do well. As has a tremendous opportunity not only to become a Trace person but if that's what your your daily Wiki isn't he wanna get into business for yourself. I'd be starting at a trade IP of a very good way to find a niche market that they could ultimately provide success you know I have. So literally but it you know we have to get out of that where if you can't go to college get into it you know given to trade to the services. He and is it's not an either or their clinic college educated dragged him in the room with some here college educated professionals. That I wouldn't go into the trades app post college. I mean and they don't go around your office she kept people with the current degrees marketing degrees it's there in economics etc. And and then you either embarrassed the roster is filled in with people with other types of experience and expertise will you mention numerous. Around by accomplished professionals and what he's talking about estate McGwire Manger Avian RRR fine producer TJ TJ by accepting that theory for anti social. There's days you you're kind of like me I mean we got in this industry maybe not. It wasn't really necessarily what we'd. Thought we were gonna do only graduated college that. Dave and others started Ferguson enterprises and their management training program. And that's really how we were introduced in in here we are now on and we both are firm believers that this is a sought opportunity for. For young people in the that's kind of how it happened the tees it did it did happen. And a way for us but due to the reality of it is out how would've loved to have been exposed to this month sooner Amal life great point and our remember. Guess destroyed 91 money two bozos mosaic formal junior high to Tom and we had a shot cost. And I really liked it not nom nom mechanically inclined like. The the vast majority of our folks an injury could be butts. You know and it was really cool and then I went to high school and there wasn't anything there that. Represented the trees are woodworking or anything like construction and allow the call to major dent in management. And I just by chance found both companies have Ferguson had a career conflicted you know for management sales and came up through. But you know that the issue is that we talk about. People not understanding not knowing that the reputation they're not exposed to right you don't I don't see it just on a personal musher that are administrators and and teachers. Out there are truly understand industry admit and the potential that a house. And the fact that gosh listen you know. You can farm out you know accounting you can form now financially conform now lots of things are hitting anything I mean that you're look at manufacture and see how much does change right the innovation is industries that your users. Hey we need your household or fix pretty major route fixing your plot Towles walked out there's no robots come and do enough. That means those are jobs and are well paid jobs for folks so. We're just trying to get the word out mass part of this were forcible McMahon we're talking about. So I only one of them. We have programs that we're getting into right now is that boy scouts of America has and exploring program and this is the career development program that that they. Offer choose. Scouts aged fourteen to 21 AM and embark bound by the way. The demographics in this were really I open in 58% of the participants are female. And so we are now here Arab. Going to be the skilled trades six point post in this for this district as Charlotte Mecklenburg district. And I'm really excited about that we're gonna kick this off in October goes through the spring. And we're going to expose is manes scouts. Male or female to the skilled trades and they opportunities that are there and do business. Lessons they can learn to make that life lessons has the soft skill lessons that they can learn. With similar the most accomplished professionals in this market. Yet so it's. It's a wonderful program minute and it is a while also you are different businesses insides to Mary to. Com host. The an event where they can talk about it could be one could be masonry another one could be carpentry plumbing electrical. On HBC and so you know it's about an hour how Claussen get a chance to. They do there's there's there's some just textbook Lauren but then they get his hands on to right so I was pretty need. Wendy I think I think it's important that he might it be said male and female and he says 51% 58%. 58 Anderson. Defense interests in our pose for skills trade skilled trades. Our female if you don't think that winning Indian construction industry go follow Caylee in the cave. Or watch anything that she does because she is phenomenal they are still a couple times. I gonna get her out podcast we patter on we need we need women in this industry quite frankly. We do and it especially when we're very aware of it as if we're an industry that most of those home decisions made homeowner decisions are made by the women of the house. And it's and there's. We can close that communication gap a little bit but also. That there and I don't wanna discount. Drafting an architecture engineering interior design amended there are a lot of other. Pieces of this industry. That herb may be more appealing to the wind. Well it's only one thing. In general much going to be sexist here women are typically must organize. Their better communicators. Right. And and in our industry communication organization is number one and number one day so it. And hey listen if you're. A lady out there young young ladies. Check out check out. Construction could be Griffith by analyst and our board of directors Karen darting with distinctive design build remodel. A female and she just got a certification Sheehan has proposed certified read my hours and I'm excited about that and look at. Lisa Brown mr. brown construction you know involved in there they just won a national award going to we need more tech. Nicole schools be with. Nearly Roby. Raleigh car vice president Rawlins. No sir I said there are there are some good strong examples of women contractors in our market we just need to make them more visible so that they inspire more women to get into it to the traits. What will Mike as we wrap up we have about 45 seconds and then stick around for the 47 we're gonna talk about or make a wish story to re. That might give us give us the 45 seconds tally finding airy. How to find use and what's come and update the next couple months the chapter okay well it started and www. Neary Charlotte dot com missed near Charlotte dot com their shoulders continuous. In that's where you can find a remarkable finalists are counters confront a little bit about who we are what we stand for in a in the industry. Those are the Oscars the remodeling industry are coming up November 3 we will host edit electoral looks USA. This is we will recognize 45 re modeling categories in some of the best work in the country seven right here non market. In the national spring business meetings in national Cody awards that's contrary to your worst. April 18 to 212018. They're coming to Charlotte. Well folks Mike weight near Charlotte we perceive to have on news a lot going on the CD with this industry. Neary Charlotte dot com Neary Charlotte dot com realist and at home with rove who the right that. Welcome back at home with great. Fast from the electric along with guest host David de Cuba. McGuire from injury of the general contractors. Who just wrapped up the Mike wait for near Charlotte a wealth of information in the industry both for homeowners and folks that are actually in the industry. If you missed the last the first three segments of the show go back and listen to warm. Myself as wonderful a hat he's a veteran our show intervention in the industry. We we also talked about. WH tops plumbing team has has is now part of the ruby family of companies says if you have a plumbing need out there WH top house plumbing. Has been in the market since the nineteenth 1920s they've they've being so there's there are lots when he father's loss they do they have a wonderful staff management Stephen Donaldson so we're really thrilled had been for the team this very excited. Fantastic performers great people. The days. This is very citing what has become. My favorite segment of the show and an eight in part this one times you'd guess has before and and attend deals the same way. And I think this concept batter later Christian McCall who do you is out of maternity leave with her but they're his son Jack. In his or her creation that detain at least before the corn hole tournament we highlighted make a wish. Story. Just because I sleep eat as you know the coral tournament is is isn't as a vehicle to raise money for make a list. Let's in this week we're gonna talk about Trey Erica. And trade his latest is I wish to be I think renal associates to be to go to he was to be Carolina panther. The Panthers. Yeah I mean did they do such a great job. So here's Trace story trade is what many describe as a crazy sports fanatic it specially for his favorite team the Carolina Panthers. Since he was young to keep pounding mantra of this team has always run through trays ears. However after Fay was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma the mansion means something even greater to him he gave me the strength keep fighting. When it came time for trays wish there was no brainer that he wished to be able to step out of this life for one day in the confessional NFL player. For the Carolina Panthers. On the data switch to Bank of America Stadium Trey was asked to sign a one day contract. And we think given his very own personalized Jersey. After Trey was all geared up he walked out the fields in the afternoon learning place. Running drills and catching to throwing balls. Practice wrapped up a train the team. Shouting to keep pounding mantra the guys have embraced him like he's one of the attorneys mom and I didn't and at peace bounced every time I read these stories. If it really mesa air on that clinics and a. Yeah that's a mean that wonderful. I don't on the number of studies it is that you cannot qualify how much those four. You know yeah people that are fighting in they differ struggles with her but their hopes. We each year right data mean and that's that's why we do Cornel turn it right I mean. And you've you've really been involved for the very first since the very first one if I got that victory doesn't for on the second round 2000 my very first want the Cayman turning Chara got us. His crazy ideas and we were you know we ran whether it's you know 2000 intent here. That's unbelievable the first one of course is that village tavern I think we'll start out first feud Phillips covering great great supporters and not teammates or their goals some are still there. Both so there we went one year it's a lot of horror I'm there that yes and we were trying to figure was growing or tie affair with a do. But there really wasn't a big enough a lot of parked in the and so you know we had the rule is simply don't work Little League that we've been a supporter and since I see some fog and they control both base fulfills our they're trying to freedom park and so with that parks and reckoned. And door fully big granted us the space and so we've been never sons. We I think is to cool as well to know a bit. Unfortunately a sponsorship deadline is over but he is we're talking about near Charlotte I think one of the things that we didn't talk about is how we come together as a group where weather year. It could be considered a competitor. And an area name it it's a common camaraderie. And we get along and we're all sort of coming together to go after the common good and that's the same thing happens at the Cornel term is through our sponsors and we have. Sort of a who's who of the construction industry not only different trades and also from insurance agencies banks people that is that is. Type industries it also come out and support generals did networking all around. Everybody I mean some konduz our clients' businesses. Heck other costs riders slice amenities is is a sponsor this year and we've got a great partnership with gunmen armed. So yeah I mean it's really everybody anyone that wants to. Support make it works out bands for kids and then via have a grade me and asked overblown today tells them what wiggled its September. OK so Saturday September 16. Anderson freedom park right there on his baseball Phil's on to a Phil saw how good the corn hole tournament it's an NCAA bracket style Cornel tournament. And then the other other filled one bouncy houses and then magicians and all the kids stuff face painting and and all of com we'll have great food in and we'll. Just that you have music and discourage its so what you're saying basically means in sponsorship may be closer still tons of other ways to get all you can sued the biggest biggest thing would be. Arsov for a team okay right so two person team. It is six dollars you get to teach certain and some other goodies and on all that money goes directly to make it was 100 persona so. And you can do that and also if you if you want if you can't maybe make it out the choice to make a donation or both you can do were taken individual donations of some 100% to to make a wish. And you could just go to the website and it's a pitch in for wishes dark comp. That's pitching with. PI TC HI in OG Thailand and India for. Before which is stock now okay great since September 16. What's our goal this year at an avenue we say never going to say we are we are trying to do it upwards of 2101009. Is really the goal so not sleep yeah and so hopefully we'll get ever so closer to. One point five million raised four make a wish collectively since tenth annual pitch in for wishes. That's pitching for wishes dot com. Check it out even if you're you're unable to player may be your at a town that day. A you can still make a donation on the web site all donations go directly to make a way to try to de son and a 100%. So but yes there's a great Tom even if you're in the neighborhood and in you not short it's about common incidence of the public I'll stop by and enjoy yourself would love to have. Well folks thanks to listen in use at home with Rudy will be back next week day McGwire will be guest hosting next week in my head of those who turn house grill. Check out pitch in for wishes dot com special thanks to Mike weight from Mary. Neary Charlotte dot com will be back next week.