Republican Budget, David Letterman, I Read The News and More

John Hancock
Monday, October 23rd

Hancock talks about the Republican Budget, Justin Timberlake, I Read The News and more.


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This is John Hancock. Walk here I'm here. But they're gonna deliver my shed tomorrow announced on the phone with finding out that the weather. Currently my ships not coming tomorrow. Pretty disappointing. There on the other hand. Tomorrow's a big day in Belmont you don't. The grand opening of the Harris teeter. I think tomorrow night's the taste of terrorist eaters things so it actually opens on Wednesday. Belmont is all abuzz. Aristide returns. I doubt I give myself most of the credit. A big guy as soon as we decided to build a house there are Belmont knew they need to pick up her game a little bit. And us earlier Harris teeter. We could just get a cantina 1511. But hey hey hey hey I'm not gonna get pushy I don't wanna. I want to get in order to be. Or be a problem. In my not so sure that the S south point red raider football team kind of beat Panthers yesterday. That's how do you'll how do you lead and all those categories and still lose the game I guess that's what I don't quite understand and Chicago against Chicago. And is that not a rookie safety that did all that. 75 and 79 year old that's not a bad day for a rookie. You might just make the team. So there were any Jackson was his name and a bubbles up a scoop. From. Curtis Samuel and returns it 75 years and then down. Later on pass intended for Kelvin Benjamin gets attempt by print talking Murrah. And down. And the city Jackson guys right there plex and out of the air run 76 yards for touchdown and that's about all they needed we we've somehow or other put up three points and Panthers had the ball for 38 minutes and 35 seconds to Chicago's 2125. The bears converted just two and third downs in the entire game. Panthers allowed a franchise low of 51 downs. Forced five consecutive three and outs in the second half. And somehow or another didn't win the game. You know if that's possible to dominate a game like that from the defensive side and not be able able to somehow Muster up. So anyway hard to watch yesterday. And I didn't. I have watched bits and pieces of it. One and spitz and I admire granddaughter who's picture is up on FaceBook yesterday and of you wanna know the moment that's the first time I'd ever Helder. Everybody else in the family and elder. I have my baby experiences ever really limited. And quite frankly she scares the hell out of me. You know the support to head the neck and all nine. Just so anyway bud finally yesterday. Every time I go over their mental have been two weeks that are retirement over there's an you're an older guy and and auger. I yesterday I just got news don't consider okay. And I sat there with her and she all the sudden looked me straight in the eye and that's what the pictures from and she just checking me out. So are your other grandfather that says he's gonna spoil me off. And I don't I gotta tell you I don't think I'll ever be quite the same. Because. Anybody that's ever gone through that. Grandparents. That's just the coolest damn thing ever. So as you know Susan would come up and she'd say hey you know what I wanted to over the kids this weekend. Would you wanna go and I've sat here. And now we're going back tonight. So I I got their grandparent bug some got a good week and we and so I decided to watch a lot of game the game is on while we are over there and and we left and we went cantina 1511 that stone dressed. And had talkers. And then now we are ran below is two find. Oh is that I need for my sink. And that we got home with I guess about five minutes left in the game and watch the last five minutes of the game and and and I didn't you just thought how can you dominate a game like that defensively and not be able to. Put up seventeen points. Arm. And I don't know I guess I'm. I understand that he's got all the tools but boy it does in my view did it here you start nowhere a little thin on the I cam. Thing. Or is it just after a stunning loss yesterday that you just got to find yourself. I don't know. They get tired of the outfits after we've lost. Dressed in black and answer the damn questions. Okay. Eddie Jackson safety is of Alabama. Hillary is from its got an email from Mo Lewis. Does that love the show progress on the grandchild and and then there in the subject matter is Eddie Jackson roll tide. So well he did. And really read any it rolled the Panthers pretty well yesterday to resign governor of hope we don't have phone problems here feel some static Calvin on Jeff you're on WB to eight. Yeah very download your show man. I BitTorrent. Typically let commercially you know last week about. Are dug this city Chicago and Guernica that there isn't because a warm up we hear replay. Also if I can find that 82 we we may I jog I can't imagine that's still available. You know when they're when they expire it's cattle like Mission Impossible this blue smoke comes up problem and and they just kind of a race themselves. How do you have pretty sure about that Jeff I appreciate your call. Yet Sarah and Jeff. Don't ever collagen. After a loss. And a Smart Alec you promo I can only control what I can control. Nobody comes to me and says hey John how do you feel about this Provo. Seemed like a good idea last week. Those of you on your second marriage you can know what I'm talking about right. You know it seemed like a good idea. But it and you know things change sometimes quickly. Like sometimes overnight. What seemed like a good idea all the sudden becomes may be not such a great idea. What we'd like to apologize to the city of Chicago is this for giving them any false hope that they may have from yesterday's game after they go through this season. And remain under a 500. What we'd like to apologize for is indeed false hope that we may have given the Chicago Bears. Whose coach is John Fox. Who is now on one is second third job since he left Carolina. Analysts that's kind of allows federal low blow too because I like John Fox. I like combating different views didn't do personally I don't think he and I ever got to be buds but I hear he's pretty good coach. Okay. There are rom some empty NFL stadiums yesterday. There was a plane that flew over green Bay's Lambeau Field dragging a sign reading a real men and NFL owners should just stand for our country. When they won't yesterday twelve. Told players. How many players are there in the NFL. 500. I don't know others. What thirty teams 28 to thirty James. You got forty some mud they had drug 12100 players. Yeah so 1%. And if pictures showed Gomorrah stadiums with a half empty seats. But pictures can be deceiving. If you can show a picture of any stadium in the country ten minutes before the game starts it'll look empty. And in a lot of cases you can show a picture of a stadium at halftime. And mr. you'll pretty empty. But. TV ratings will tell the true story on all that and and we'll see what happens was to whatever they're Tampa Bay lost yesterday to buffalo. New Orleans beat Green Bay yesterday. The rams. With a really young head coach beat Arizona yesterday shut them out 33 to nothing. What's up with the Denver Broncos. Chargers shut out the Broncos 21 to nothing. New England beat Atlanta last night so low it and grin Liz. A whole lot of ground. And we got Washington at Philadelphia. Tonight. So there you go on now. Friday. Skew actual would have been on Thursday when the Republican led senate passed a four trillion dollar budget plan. And that clears the way for. For the effort to try to pass strong sweeping tax reform proposals. That'll be a long slow road because it's got to go through senate and everything else now. But that would dip they can figure out a way to get this done would be the first tax overall on three decade urgent planned narrowly passed 5149. In the house. Everybody voted along party lines except for Republican senator Rand Paul of Kentucky who joined the Democrats in voting no. So we'll see where all that goes divided Republicans in congress or. Our our tackling a pretty ambitious overhaul of our tax system. And there was an article today or yesterday in the in the New York Times. That said that there was some speculation. That. The times and courted some sources as saying yeah. Bigger for a OK you for a one K would be affected. Said that the current. Annual contribution cap of 181000. Would possibly be lowered to 2400. Dollars. And as the president came out today and said done no one will lay a hand on your 401K. Now I don't know of everybody else but I I think golf moral one K you is just the greatest thing ever. Because if you commit to it. Mom and give the maximum amount that you can. And I should not be giving you financial advice by the way. But in my own experience if you commit to it and put the maximum amount that you can afford into it. And then four get about it. At some point or another you'll look down there and say whoa. I don't remember when they first started offering 401 k.s here but probably late ninety's or something like that. And I've maxed every year since and no my wife. Doesn't Macs but she's puts a pretty healthy contribution in there. And that balance. Now combined with some other stuff that we've accumulated over the years and no radio station owners and have been more than generous to me over the last forty years that. When they sold their stations got a little. Bonus check because of been instrumental in their success and although blah. And I Jefferson pilot when I got here in 1990. Had a pension. When they sold the Lincoln financial got fourteen years of pension money. So put all that together and and add that to the 401K. And I doubt there will be buying Alexis every year or are traveling to Europe but I don't think we'll starve to death either. So the 401K is I think just have the greatest way to save money and and compound interest in the idea. With lowering it from the eighteen of the 2400. Do would be that you know because. You lower the contributions were generally who would generate immediate tax revenues for the government. About a 115 billion dollars a year but the president says no. Nobody will lay a hand on your 401K. Ha. Here at trump agenda survey over the weekend. In Atlanta on Friday. To don't quite understand I'm a registered independent. I didn't vote for trump. Why what I beginning arteries area that I live in. Casting doubt he would Debbie primarily. Republican. Dear fellow American. We got that right. President Donald. I have read that first line of thought to myself off. So whose supporters call it here and tell me I'm a jerk. Now the president's calling me and writing to me. Asking me for my advice apparently he holds me in no higher esteem than many of you do. Turning our country around after eight years or Barack Obama in the White House will not be easy. Letter goes on to say as he works to put our nation back on the winning path you'll be counting on patriotic men and women like you know. To ride to stand behind him. When you wouldn't stand in front of the British. President trump has asked me as chairwoman of the national Republican. Committee. To reach out to activists. Like you all across the country to get your feedback about the issues being addressed by Republicans in congress. And him in Washington DC so please take a moment to complete and return the endorsed trump agenda survey. Please do not delay party leaders would greatly appreciate your response within seven business status. We want to hear directly from you on filtered by the biased media. Your responses. In the enclosed trump agenda survey. We'll give us real feedback that we can point to that shows where the American people stand. So that we can count or the phony poll numbers and slanted studies put out by the Democrats and her special interest Alice. Not reading the whole letter to beyond just reading you the basics. Please take a few moments right now it'll let us know if you want trumpet no Republicans in congress to fight to. Build a border wall and strengthen border security to stop illegal immigration. I don't wanna stop all immigration. Illegal immigration. Do I want to low reversed President Obama is unconstitutional. Executive orders. Do I wanna bring accountability back to the federal bureaucracy. Why wanna cut jobs killing regulations to help the economy the economy berkadia economy growing. Do I want to repeal and replace obamacare to I want to confirm federal judges who pledged to follow the original intent of the constitution. Do I wanna withhold federal funding from Sanctuary Cities or refused to cooperate with federal immigration authorities do I wanna re equip and rebuild our military. Do I want to encourage domestic exploration and production of a domestic energy sources. And renegotiate trade deals put American jobs and interest first. Together. The president me. According to this. We can make America great again. Draining the swamp and re instituting accountability in the federal government is not going to be an easy task. Page two. I got this whole survey thing. Do you believe that they really want my opinion. Or why already big assist. No. Fund fundraiser. At that. On the flip side of that thing it just happens to have low will you make a commitment to stand with president from the Republicans and a congress as they fight to put our nation back on track. And make a girl America great again. With a box red. Read yes exclamation point if I click that box you can count on me I am pledging my support with the contribution to the Republican National Committee. Well skeptic that I am. Does this mean. They just relieve won't my money that'll really give a damn about my opinion. Arm is that being too skeptical. Surely. They want my opinion first. And if I've got in his spare change. 25 dollars fifty dollars 100 dollars 250 dollars 500 dollars a thousand dollars. Other. Well other can be zero there's it's not listed. Maybe I should clicked other input zero. No I cannot make a commitment today but I support our president and his agenda and I returning my survey document with the contribution of fifteen dollars to cover processing. Can't make a commitment today but here's fifteen bucks. No I do not support president trump and Republicans in congress signature date. And then no although. All the information below type of credit card does so on and so forth. Do you support efforts to eliminate the federal common core education curriculum program for K through twelve public schools yes no no opinion. Are you optimistic to president trump Republicans and a congress will pass reforms and conservative policies. To improve our economy strengthen our society our securities is we. And protect our freedom yes no opinion. So anyway that's where all goes they actually you get into the second page and it talks about the massive wealth funded liberal establishment that's got to Oregon toe window of oh wait a minute well funded. And then it says please complete return urgent to survey in the pre industrial envelope. And help the Republican Party continue to rally voters and president trump. Mass commuter included contribution. So. So what do you think I'm just curious skeptic that I am what do you think happens to the actual agenda serve. Although not up. I have to get something for sound effects what do you think happens to the actual agenda survey not bad not the contribution she. But the actual agenda survey the actual thing it's got all these questions and answers and and and so on and so forth element twelfth. Twelve questions. Think that's what happens that and then make cash the check. Are. You think that's legit you think it actually the Republican National Committee you think vampire does some of people. They should never really quick Eminem because. Christmas is coming so you know people are going to be taken Christmas jobs are gonna. They're gonna do this they need to go out and hire these people now before there's if those lucrative Kmart. RadioShack jobs. Emails killer there is or was it just me. So would that be a compliment or is that kind of they soccer. Impressing Hancock LE VGA dot com. Regarding the RNC surveyed once I received has not asked that correct questions like reducing government spending or stopping being policeman to the world only asking leading questions as far as the contribution. I tape two pennies to the survey mailed it back. Take his two cents worth. What do they edited that and she milieu would do mention. Reducing government spending. Because part of the tax overhaul it's been proposed. Does just exactly opposite of that. Which I I guess is to be expected but. Nonetheless. At some point so we got to start woodland down the trillions instead adding to it sent Republicans muscled through this four trillion dollar budget plan. And the houses poised to adopt it. And the ground has been laid for some serious work to to begin filling in the deet tails. And and whipping up a complete tax legislation. The budget plan provides 401 point five trillion dollars over ten years in debt financed. Tax cuts. And the federal budget on Friday. Came out and the government reported that it had risen 666. 666. Billion dollars. For the just completed fiscal year. And eighty billion dollar increase. And so. Plan would eliminate the federal deduction for state. And local taxes could no wildly popular break for use by some 44 million. But it adds to the due to the outlook for the figures zero about the plan calls reduce taxes on most individual slash the corporate tax rate soared and so forth but that's to the national deficit and head and and and too many holes. There are answered. Like the income levels that would fit into each tax bracket in what might happen two other deductions used by middle class people to know actually how it would affect individual taxpayers. Or. Other looming unknowns how it would be paid for and how much you might add to the mounting twenty trillion dollars in national debt. Are Republicans close to be the fiscal conservative ones on don't Republicans will be the ones that are. Are dedicated to doing something to move them back in the other direction rather than adding to it. Just ask the question. Com. I would ask Europe prayers for hall of fame. The Li BT hall of Famer Ty Boyd and his family. We and mentioned not too long ago couple weeks ago. The are birth date of and boy did more. And mentioned that the time that she was. Struggling with. Cancer. And she lost that battle yesterday although I don't want to phrase it that way. And so and Boyd more passed away yesterday or heard from are her brother Robert earlier today. And down choice want to Boyd family to know that they're on my mind and I know that a lot of WBT listeners. One of the beauties of this radio station is that it's been around for nine to five years and an awful lot of our listeners have been around for a long long time to. On and many of you still remember the do I avoid days. The morning show and infected stuff. It's the time or a morning show that I think all the morning shows are. The kind of held up to. Agree Cole was one thing Grady Cole was applied your radio time Boyd took over for. Her Grady Cole and established day. A litmus test for 1 morning shows supposed to be. Here and Botox and certainly aware of that and certainly owners that own a daily basis and certainly president that works its way two. To add to that standard. But I Voight is a guy who I was in the studio and I was announced from the hall of fame and he was at our ceremony in June on the 28. And we just loved boy the does the board family here and can't even tell they were broadcasting from the time voids studios so. My condolences on the loss of employed more for the time Boyd family. And the services will be at saint Gabriel's on the Friday I think probably find that in the sea creatures so inclined. But. I would ask your prayers from there not only and board Morse family two the time bush family as well. Right here's the latest National Weather Service in Greenville Spartanburg there is a tornado warning until 445 this afternoon for. Southwestern could Thomas. Northeastern Rutherford. Western Lincoln County. Northwestern Cleveland county. And southeastern Burke county severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado located nine miles west. Excuse me northwest of Shelby. Oh over there near appalled Phil moving northeast at just 45 miles per hour. That would have been about. Four minutes ago. So a tornado warning until 4:45. PM. Southwestern. Could Taba northeastern Rutherford western Lincoln. Northwestern Cleveland. And southeastern Burke counties all in North Carolina. Until 445. Dangerous storm will be. Save our bill would do false then. A route to 10 after 4 o'clock headed in from multiple Phil launder all area. Other areas that could be impacted by dangerous thunderstorms that cooks bills sunshine pleasant grove and no avail. So. Now moved to a basement or interior room of the lowest floor of a sturdy building avoid windows if you're outdoors and a mobile home road vehicle moved to close substantial shelter and I'll protect cells from flying debris. They say heavy rainfall could hide this tornado so I don't wait to see it. And if you're in that general area just make sure your receive secure place will comprise open on all of that a tornado watches in effect for all of us with a new and he plays a North Carolina South Carolina a note. And I can hear my voice is pretty much are under a tornado watch until 9 o'clock tonight. But the latest is a warning for southwestern Cobb and northeastern Rutherford. Western Lincoln northwestern Cleveland and southeastern Burke counties. Cesar. Bell would and false and would be the areas of most concern of between now and the next a couple of minutes so well. We'll try to keep you posted on that hornets if they've got enough players to put out on the field orbit put out on the court skews it. Or in Milwaukee tonight. Then a home game against Denver on no Wednesday and a home game against Houston on a Friday and then a home game against Orlando. On now Sunday so while back on the road tonight and then home for three straight and Graham and they are just. Beat up. So around even their backup point guard. And they have been thirteen birds and I can't think of his name runoff and the guy that we got from my European leagues. He didn't make the trip to Milwaukee so I don't know what they do at that point pull people out of the stands I suppose. I'm David Letterman was honored down last night for his contributions to American culture he. Against the Mark Twain prize which shows are really nice procedures honor received DiMarco Twain prize for American humor. At the Kennedy Center. I praise for his imagination and his comic daring and his heart. Posted more than 6000 episodes of his original Late Night with David Letterman on NBC and its successors CBS. One know multiple Emmy Awards. It was a writer performer and producer. He's never been known and they say here as a a particularly political comedian although I got good. Argue with a little bit. He certainly lettuce. Politics be known the last few years of ratio. He there was an unmistakable. Political tent in last night's ceremony as you would expect there isn't anything now that has to do with show business. Several of the comedians honoring loved Letterman took shots that into trump. At stunningly surprising isn't. I Jimmy Kimmel praise to a lot of Letterman profusely recalled a monologue that he delivered on his show shortly after the 9/11 attacks he said today have you. You'll let us know it was OK to move on you let us know it was OK to laugh again. Did he led the way for all of us and he does get credit for that you'll remember that was. When you come back windier when you start telling jokes again that was. That was like CNET first airplane up in the sky again after all that took place it was a pretty pretty strange. And then Kim also noted in that same monologue go Letterman offered glowing praise for the the New York City Rudy Giuliani went on to become one of the you know vocal Republican trump supporters and gambles that last night well Dave. We all make some mistakes sometimes. So I'm. Steve Martin said Davis always had excellent instincts what better time than now do I choose to look like a confederate war general bank in front of his. A visit appeared. And anyway I assume that'll be on TV at sometime. When the DNC was here we had a good time mess around with the defenders and remember bill of. And now Larry bud melman was another character that to our guys that he just turned into a superstars and tossed and watermelons and knows stuff off that five story building and stupid pet tricks and stupid human tricks. So there was that's that that's what went on last night at some point to an era that I think Pedro. So we'll see what's going on there are all ominous a story that's a may have papers today. The US is preparing to put nuclear bombers back on 24 hour alert. Preparing to place their fleet of nuclear armed B 52 bombers on 24 hour alert for the first time since 1991. I'm sure that has to have something new with the escalating tensions with North Korea I don't know that they specify that per say but. Barksdale air force based on Louisiana being renovated so the B fifty twos would be ready to take off Hideo moment's notice. It awhile since we've since we've been on nabbed. 24 hour ready alert status not seen since the Cold War ended in 1991. That means the long dormant concrete pads at the end of the base's 111000 foot runways. In Louisiana Barksdale. Could once again finds several B fifty twos parked on them set to take off at a moment's notice. The air force chief of staff general David Goldfein said this is one more step in ensuring that were prepared. I look at it more has not planning for any specific event but more for the reality of a global situation we find ourselves in and how to ensure that were prepared going forward close quote. He and other senior defense official stressed that the alert in order had not been given. But that preparations were underway in anticipation that no one might come. And putting those B-52's back on alert would be one of many decisions that would be faced by the airport air force. As. The US military response Stewart a changing geopolitical environment. And that includes North Korea. And trumps confrontational approach to Pyongyang and are Russia's increasingly potent and and active armed forces and and all the other thing that goes on their. During nine his trip across country last week Goldfein. And that's the general that we. Air force chief of staff that we just mentioned Dave golf on. Encourage German who think beyond cold warriors is for ICBM's bombers and nuclear cruise missiles. He said I've challenged air force global strike command to help lead the dialogue. Help with this discussion about what does conventional conflict looked like an with a nuclear element. And do we respond as a global force if that were to occur. And what are the options he said and how do we think about it and how do we think about that Terrance in that environment. That's forward thinking but. We'll scary. Well concerning. He was asked of placing B-52's back on alert as they were four decades would help with to Terrence. And general boldly and said that. Hard to say. Really he said it all depends on who. And what kind of behavior that we're talking about and whether they're paying attention to our readiness status. So while Barksdale Louisiana and some of the other bases with the nuclear bombers are preparing to guard dead to build storage facilities. For the new nuclear cruise missiles that there are under development. And during his trip Goldfein in said. They've gotten updates on the preliminary work of for a proposed replacement for the 400 plus. Minuteman three Intercontinental ballistic missiles. And the new long range cruise missiles. And goals he had set our job is options. We provide the best military advice and options for the commander in chief and the secretary of defense. But. ID one that would be 26 years. Since we have are prepared to open nuclear bombers back on 24 hour alert. The times they are change. How well they are listening area of southwestern cantata northeastern Rutherford western Lincoln northwestern Cleveland and southeastern Burke county there is a tornado warning. In effect until 445. So approximately 22 more minutes. And so OK keep you're looking and a mob mob from auction a TV. Our coverage of this so a lot of us letters you know it's above. Above Cheryl little bit to the northwest of us. And and moving in through through that area. It's not quite to maiden in that area but it's it's is solely to its it's in Mill Valley that you get to the before them. And then there is a a tornado watch in effect. Until 9 o'clock tonight for just about everybody that or Qatar Auburn no comparison I heard real Lincoln ingested in Mecklenburg and union and I go on and on and south Carolina's all the all of the counties that that are within our listening. Area as well although Lancaster union York Chester and all of them so. A tornado watch in effect until 9 o'clock tonight tornado warning in effect right now until 445 southwestern Caetano. North eastern Rutherford. Western Lincoln. North west Cleveland. And southeastern Burke county all in. In a North Carolina and will continue to keep our eye on no weather watches and make sure that you have the latest information on all of that. You're about the cub scout that was kicked out of the Denver question lawmaker on Colorado have you heard this. You think mom coaxed him or do you think this is just some really sharp kid that did his homework and eleven year old Colorado cub scout. Kicked out of his DN. After he questioned a Republican state lawmaker about her position on gun control. And a controversial comment that she made back into mourning thirteen about health and black people eating fried chicken. Aims at mayfield. Cub scout group was told to come ready for their October 9 scouting meeting. In Broomfield which is just outside of boulder. Between Denver and boulder you go through Broomfield to get to boulder you're going to on the Denver boulder turnpike. So they were told do load to add to come ready for this October 9 scout meeting with questions for the state senator Vicki marble about issues important to them. Aimless. Mayfield. Told senator marble that he was shocked. That she had sponsored a bill allowing domestic violence offenders to own guns and said quote. There's something wrong in our country were Republicans believe it's a right to own a gun but he privilege to have health care. Eleven year old kid. Coached. Or just maybe exceptionally a student. He also told marble. That he was quote. Astonished. Eleven year old used a word astonished. That he was astonished. That you won't blame to black people for their health problems. When she denied that she measure which she nudged denied that she had done a marble drew criticism in net 2013 for seemingly drawing a link between now the black people and eating fried chicken and barbecue. And she said she was saddened that her comments were interpreted as disparaging. Now this eleven year old names may fields mom Laurie mayfield. Said day local scout leader told her later that the topic of gun control was inappropriate because of its political nature in the her son's questions. We're disrespectful. Now I'm going to assume for a second doubt I don't know the circumstances let's just say this is just a really astute. Eleven year old or some kid that really did his homework and took his meeting where they are elected officials seriously. Is there an age limit. From what you should be able to confront or ask your elected official. You have to be voting age to have a legitimate question. Marvel said she didn't believe mayfield believed. There was they are quote element of manipulation involved by his mother. And I think anybody would probably as soon that come an eleven year old kid with questions that point and but Gloria mayfield as mom denied that saying that she and her son re surged marbled together. And that she just typed up his questions. Using his own words. And I just don't suppose that is out of their question the realm of possibility that a kid would use words like astonished. Bribed. Let's just say city. They're good could have been a little bit of a feed going on here. All right aid in October the 23. 296. Days to go. No actually to 96 into the year. 69 days ago. John you took the embryos. Say. It would be like oh receiver watching the ball go right into his hands. C news that resort 2001 apple unveiled the iPod on this date officially went on sale November the tenth 2001. 399. Dollars. IPod revolutionized. The way that we listen to music but to digital in the whole nine yards. Unbelievable. Up until that point I used to take cassettes. And two speakers. And I don't walkman a disk man. We go down and grilled Jamaica or something like that so I packed like twelve CDs and choose speakers like you use with your computer. And reduced man so I'd have. And then when they with the iPod came out. I can carry thousands of songs. And no speakers pretty amazing. Former talk retired player up Pelé is. 77 years old today and I met him once a thousand years ago on a dance Florida club that I was a working out. But that had to have been forty. Years ago. So he was still a young man when I met him he has already retired but he must've been his late thirties when I met him. There demo see your birthday rolled around I think that I thought he was sixty when I met him personally not John. A World Series begins tomorrow Astros I owe you Yankee fans. I show you Astros fans an apology if I thought it was going to be yankees after they've won three straight. But the home team won every game in the Astros look pretty strong. So Astros in the Dodgers Astros have already been in a World Series as a National League game. And now there is an American League team that says a record all by itself. Com. And then Thursday. The pre order for the iPhone acts. If you're waiting for that. And for those of you were waiting for daylight saving time. November the fifth. So that would be what. Weekend after next. I'd number for the day is twenty million. Pounds of candy corn purchased in the US each year. You made a lot better you made it. Well our lives I hated. It's this year waters on solidified sugar water serves hundreds or. Looks nice in a bowl. But there's other things a look good to bolster yourself. Like fruit loops. Justin Timberlake go ahead the halftime show. A Belgian there's no wardrobe malfunctions in this one out confirmed Sunday that he'll head that this is the third time he's been a part of it. His goof around with the Jimmy Fallon and broke the news sun no Twitter as well low last month Ryder reported that the singer was the front runner. After the halftime show on and I liked out like Timberlake I think he's kind of a Sinatra hard times on the heels will still be pertinent. 2030 years from now. But I don't really care about watching him so that'll give me 1520 minutes to go or. Go relax. To some miles. I the president to sign an executive order making it possible for the air force two immediately called back two active duty around a thousand retired pilots. Consumer reports are read the news today oh boy has released its annual list of the most reliable vehicles. Fox News. Apologized for broadcasting an interview with a fake navy seal who lied about his combat experiences and all of his medals apparently it was called. By. By a listener. A guy who really is a navy seal. And an investigation revealed that chocolate company's. Have been secretly paying for so called a medical studies that showed that chocolate is good for you you Brent all the stuff about dark chocolate this the other. Yeah studies that have been paid for by the chartered companies. Mark Cohen in town tonight McGowan theater. That's a great venues seat anybody mark Cohen would be pretty good venue deceive down their SOA Cohen in downtown tonight the US. Is prepping to put nuclear armed bombers on 24 hour ready alert we talked about that a little bit earlier. And Mac and cheese lovers preparing to flock to Chicago in just under two weeks for the fourth annual Mac and cheese fest. Celebrate the dish by featuring variation spanning continents and cultures 65 bucks. You get a limited samples five drink tickets and a chance to vote for the best Mac and geez. Top chefs competing for the golden noodle. Scientists gave marijuana. To have fish marijuana. How do you do that. I guess if you're smoking the salmon you go ahead and at. To see if it would make them relax. You've heard of animals before tasty treats fortified with a marijuana oil for medicinal and recreational use in humans well. What if there was an animal designed for animals scientists and Levin on filed. The Fed had not I'll tell floppy of fish pellets laced with Canada's oil. To test whether or not the drugs could make the fish chill out and maybe even grow faster. If you bungled back report the refrigerator you know tater chips brownies. The collapse be down a federal Tampa to be stressed about other than maybe fisherman. Farmed intensively NN may have bid to maximize the amount of product fish farmers could number into the market some Fisher Europeans have become incredibly congested so that would be their attention. A living at such close quarters can lead all sorts of nastiness for the fish including reduced water quality more incidents of disease fish bullying. All of which is why it would be nice if there was something that could they could feed the top theater kind of take the edge off. Arsenal beat North Carolina to Lapierre will be the last Lapierre ever to have access to it. It'll be the southern Lapierre that after wait for everybody else to legalize it before the unfortunately the pot pellets didn't quite have the mood altering effect of PSI to settle for so. Back to the drawing board. 65 pounds of weed included with a couple's Amazon order have your own about this one. They immediately called the authorities. My question is. Would you. I would just I'd be so paranoid that it was a setup. Some Amazon customers in Orlando got a surprise when they opened the a package that arrived at their doorstep they ordered plastic storage Bill Owens. The storage bins came with 65 pounds of pot. Marijuana was in boxes inside the toads and as soon as they opened up the boxes they were hit with a strong odor they called police they seized the drug's launch an investigation. Couple said that after going back and forth with the Amazon for more than a month they got a 150 dollar gift card and the following message. I am unable to do anything else at this time. The old. Trust me. You've got enough. 65 found marijuana customers that they don't want it all the wondrous an apology. An explanation about how that could happen. So would you use reveal or report all 65000. K I just got to. 31 pounds of marijuana or admiring. Amazon. Order. I about Mac and cheese whole foods is gonna have a Mac and she is far at their new dim vision. They're a whole foods here that has a great big deal they may have a bad part too. And we'll see after 5 o'clock it's 505. Got word of our own Charlotte smacked down Mac and geez I'll tell you about that just today. It's. And. They have amassed just today emailed me and said. And visit me a link to a FaceBook. Page on my Mac and cheese fest that is planned for Charlotte. We just talking about this big when it's going to be held in Chicago this'll be on Saturday November the twelfth. From mutt too until 6 PM. Brought you by elevate lifestyle project benefits project table gonna do rooted their rooftop to Tim at the epicenter. Now senator will be tempted. If I've colder bad weather. It's a Mac and cheese competition and a ground and air craft beer tasting. Two in this on the fly kind of participating restaurants more coming soon river's edge. That it that's at the white that I guess there at the Whitewater senator kit cashew we've been there before black fin am Merrill club. Strikes city pint central the locals scratches deep broke kitchen chef Jason swan wearing her swagger he said. Jack Beatles peculiar rabbit smoke barbecue grill. LaBelle skis. Graceful kitchen and chef Hunter Smith will all be putting forth Mac and a whole bunch participating breweries. And RT agents. And Tony well catch more up on that but it's coming up on no apparently on. The eleventh of November. Can bring a dog no it spirit gets drilled it's not safe for the animals they can't bring your dog. But in most cases you can bring your girlfriend. Various severe thunderstorm warnings. I'll around the state. Northeastern hired help counties southwestern Davie counties north and our east central art hill. I northwestern growing and there is a tornado watch in effect until 9 o'clock tonight for any county that can hear my voice no north and South Carolina and all surrounding counties. And we've flow in a number of tornado warnings come through us some ridges golf and talked about closed roads and downed trees in the Cleveland county. And the cells that were under right now is just about as lively as we've seen all day long. I wish I can't see. I'm trying to get this is moving towards the north and I'm trying to see what follows it. What would be coming up from the south because rock kill looks like it's getting some relief. As opposed to what we're getting right now we're right into the brunt of it. But I can't see farther down south to find out. What our expectation is otherwise I would tell you don't. Hang out worry are for the next half hour and mansi a further effort rooted in let's couple that I I can't see exactly. What it is it's behind it pumped up on watching noted that tune over to the TV station was set a power surge here. I'm so a couple of our TV stations went out but I've got channel three back up and and I can't quite CEO from theirs either so while. But it's miserable out there right now and as boomer said we rely a lot on know the traffic cameras and no boy visibility is just zero. So long. I don't know I need fiery ER do hang tight for a couple of seconds someone BC you know what's going on know what's coming up from the south. Well and whether or not we're gonna see some relief here in the next 'cause it's looks like it's moving at a fairly quick pace. So world and so they were will continue to watch that for you and and try to help you as soon as we can. With FaceBook and Google still struggling to combat fake news. What to Wear one and I say this morning CBS news's Ted is. Is touting themselves as real news. I'm nobody else thought of that. I thought that was pretty clever what do you believe it or not I don't you know that's a deal but. They were tout I don't know if they were just touting the CBS morning show or if there were talking about their news department in general but they. But there's slogan right now is real news. That's that's somebody's bank and FaceBook and Google still struggling to combat fake news especially during crisis like video Las Vegas shooting in the plumber of broad proliferation of false contents. That might seem like an unstoppable flow and if that's your opinion beat you might be in the slight majority. Pew survey of over a thousand of tech expert and scholars found that 51%. Believe that the fake news problem will continue to get worse. And those who believe technology won't stop efforts by fake news generators had two major arguments one. The desire pleasing content will. Will inevitably feed the fake news machines. And that technological advances. Will outpace our ability to comprehend and control. So the 49%. Who believe that we'll get a handle on fake news have faith and eventual attack fixes. Along with a our own human capability to recognize a collective threat and collectively organize a solution but if you really break this down. A little over half. And if you want let's just say half of the tech experts say that fake news can't be fixed it. The problem with fake news is. An awful lot of people buy into it. We're monitoring the storms as they head north. And expecting a little relief. It looks like rock kill in Fort Mill in that area through their. Is. Caller says it has just operating in Rock Hill. My guest O'Neill looks like it's coming out of the woods. A little bit. And so you may get a little bit of a respite soldier hang it out uptown Charlotte right now trying to see if maybe you can wait for things do us come down a little bit. I've given about fifteen minutes and I'll tell you what's the latest is when we come back. My heart just goes to VA. The video. Above my front yard which is slow week. So look pretty intense up Bur not guests and counting. I'm retirement Halloween candy when we are under a Friday. Reese's kind of cups ago once ruled sweet tooth change may Eminem's have taken over the top spot in the candy store dot com number one. North Carolina. Halloween candy. Then I have had we're Eminem and there you have him you know look. California based in candy store dot com news did ten years of sales data to rank the top. Halloween candy for each state. Our Reese's cups finished a close second in North Carolina to Eminem's baby Ruth did not make the list even though baby Ruth hit it's a first home run in a North Carolina. Got to love get those little miniature vigorously I was a kid. Still like to. South Carolina candy called Cai candy dot com ranks number one. I'm candy corn ranks number one. In South Carolina. It. Followed by scandals. And hot tamales. Well I got demolished. Nationally Reese's peanut butter cups ruled the Halloween candy world followed by Snickers. They used to like to buy those for myself in the bags thrown in the freezer. Demolish your chief. Truex caps Eminem's nerds butter fingers sour patch kids Skittles. Hershey bar all of that according to candy store dot com or just a second. Kyra Halloween candy and what's the favorite candy store doesn't release state by state rankings but nationally circus peanuts. The most reviled. Listings are nasty. Candy corn now ranks high in the Carolinas especially South Carolina rushed to the country begs to differ second worst. Thing you can put an Halloween bag. Wax Coke bottles ranks third worst. What was the point of those. Taylor that's what you did is a kid. That stood out and that was a Coke in there that was. Probably so they're trying to get rid of. Who wafers. Chalk. Although you like to chuckle when Sonia. You know better kisses. Tootsie rolls. Try what tootsie rolls. Marty's. Licorice couldn't bloody Mary Janes. Mary Jane's not gonna get caps. Based in a fan I can tell you love Mary Janes ever zevil bars anything that's like Kathy. Based. Can't do that anymore earlier can use. White like taffy with notes and stuff and and I always love those things carry that stuff anymore. With the caps right off your. Fairly kids come to Charlotte the they say if you wanna face the audition this is the way they put a bridge deck like a moron. You're watched let's make a deal or the prices rider. I mean of these people have been counseled schooled. I don't know I can't tell you did did you. I don't know that I can do that not even for a car. Not even for four cylinder it it. While Brandon true horror. And then I did this showcases like you know 181000 dollars all of these the car was about fourteen ground. And you have to get a better car for me they're just really a very excited. Eligible families have five members related by blood marriage or adoption according to the show's website the tryouts families will play a shortened mock version of the game. And now compete against another family. It's coming to our town November the eighteenth in the nineteenth although location wasn't available and I saw this article yeah. Are key to be chosen for the air show is to stand out. The important thing to us is show how energetic and enthusiastic you are. Do your best to show us why your family would be great on the feud. Interest to families can apply at the a local try out online at WWW. Its loan terms as I've said that. Family feud dot com slash audition. And if you make to the local audition are you can't make it to the local audition. They say you are encouraged to apply it with a video. According to the web site. I got different you've got no shot. So there you go on now and what Carolina is Carolinians are afraid up. Of city old Fiat. If you live in the Carolina as you might be afraid of them. Gamble phobia. Is the fear of commitment. In South Carolina people are most likely discern to a search for a a city Ophelia off if a fit the oath phobia. Or whatever I just said the fear of snakes. Which you have reason to be this year got copper reds coming out all over the place. Even for Halloween just connect a phobia I assume you know the after the number thirteen America's most searched phobia. Xenophobia described or defined as a bimetal Webster's is that fear or hatred of strangers. Or foreigners. Or of any thing that is strange or foreign. And if you're scared of clowns. You're not alone. Cruel rough phobia. At the top of the list as well that's sort of your clowns this Americans are also fearful of corrupt government officials. I don't think there's a name that you can't mispronounce from now on. Gov a phobia. So there you go on now and World Series starts tomorrow first World Series was in nineteen excuse me 1884. The Providence grays of the National League swept the New York Mets. The first. Three and nothing. Charles read born pitched in all three games from province and did not allow any earned runs. The first World Series between the American League in the National League was 1903. Cy Young in the Boston Braves be honest Wagner in the Pittsburg pirates five games to three. 1912. The facade. I'll be at Times Square building posted a sixteen by seven higher electric scoreboard broadcasting the play by play. Of the Boston Red Sox vs the New York Giants World Series somebody with a megaphone announced the game New York lost that series. 1922. To the World Series was broadcast over the radio for the first time. Second over ever subway series with the Yankees have beaten by the giants four to nothing to. With one tied Babe Ruth had the only two hits in the loss. 1947. The first World Series was televised for the first time but only in New York. 1951. World Series was broadcast coast to coast and another subway series the Yankees beat the New York Giants fortitude Willie Mae is. Had only four hits in the loss. 1955. The World Series was first broadcast in color and it was another subway series that year those bums in Brooklyn.