Rev. Tony Marciano - Charlotte Rescue Mission - How You Can Help A Loved One

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Thursday, August 16th
Rev. Tony Marciano - Charlotte Rescue Mission - What They Do to Help the Addicted and How You Can Help A Loved One. WBT's Mark Garrison on the constitutional amendment flap and the I-77 Toll Project.

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I'm mark Thomas and this is Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. If he's DT. 1079 the length. 1025610. W offends the where we look at issues events and happenings that affect the Carolinas the Charlotte region and you welcome. So glad you could join us here this morning once again on Carolina focused and you know the summer has been chugging along and we've had some had some good weather had some hot weather. And one of the things that we don't talk about a lot during the summertime because the weather's nice. We easily saved mr. Winnick it's cold and nasty or maybe workers or hurricane or something like that in the area. And that's the fundamental issue of homelessness in Charlotte. But it's it's a thing it's not seasonal by any stretch of the imagination. And we wanna make sure that people understand that just because it's not so in subfreezing temperatures and so on and so forth. That there are people in the community that that still need our help. And to that and would like to welcome back to Carolina focus the executive director of the Charlotte rescue mission. Reverend Tony Marciano. It was reverend Marciano welcome back to Carolina focus. Great to be accurate it thank championship now this is you deal with this every day this is this is your life. Absolutely I mean right now we will have. Almost 250 people living under for Charlotte rescue mission either redundant program or guest that's from its program. Trying to restore realize some. A life of active addiction to drugs and alcohol. And the other is the drug and alcohol addiction is. A big part of what you do. What's I I guess give us a little history of the Charlotte rescue mission because I think we got a lot of new people. Coming into the area that you know they see all the shiny buildings in the sealed prosperity. And I'm sure that's something that a lot of people don't even kind of think about because when you moved to an area. You don't necessarily think about gee I wonder what the homeless problem is like in this new town. And so do us a little background of Charlotte rescue rescue mission where you've been how you came to be. And how this all got started for you as as a wife mission. Mickey 39 Christian businessmen including the father of evangelist Billy Graham found that the rescue mission. Did you think that rescue missions to bed shelter and clothes people sort of helplessness. Butter and 1990 we started releasing first competitors and rescue mission and struggling with addiction and turning back to the streets. So in 1990s we decided to focus all our energy on people certain predictions. Poverty and hopelessness and get something that's. Pretty much not provided for this population. That we can provide professional. Sepsis city's recovery programs. And do it. From a Christian perspective. Yes sometimes you have a friend that needs help from addiction and sent into Betty Ford Center and there the licensed clinical addictions specialist well that's what we have shall rescue mission. He's the perk our staff every day who are counselor resins to build a new foundation. But I'm like the Betty Ford Center we get mr. hope of god that sound in Jesus Christ and well they gave me that identify that higher power we deal. And we talked about the grace and mercy forgiveness of Jesus Christ. And I think that's like six months after graduation. 70% of our graduates are still clean and sober. Vs the national average of about 14%. And that's that's a dramatic improvement over like you say what you see normally. Statistically when people do seek help. Particularly the the homeless population. Because it's one of those things that. I know in the past few years. With the Affordable Care Act. There's been a Porsche for various types of addiction treatments and so forth that are now covered under insurance policies that. Hadn't been previously you see as for them on television all the time. You know come to our fabulous clinic can make sure all the wonderful things in the it's like a day spy and so on and so forth. That's not really what you're all about though is it. There were worried about is taken somebody whose life has unraveled. For 102030. Years of active addiction. And what we uniquely do is we work from the inside out and we try to find out what's part of their life. It is a common theme that runs through so much shortly with these addiction that shame it has killed since I done something wrong and god forgives you for that. Sheen says things camera on a defective if you do that you would like me they've gotten in the cut would like me either. It's so we do is to be really address that issue of shame in that individual. And rebuild the life from the inside out with the goal of returning him as contributing members of society gainfully employed. But it treatment becoming business owners and tenants with that you were becoming homeowners who want them all believed to be a part of the fabric of society. That's dependent opposite kitchens. That's dependent shelters but truly depriving them for them. But mark for the generations to come we've looked that far down the road. And we're speaking with the executive director of the Charlotte rescue mission. Tony Marciano here in Carolina focus. About they're year round mission to help. Those with substance abuse problems. In our community the homeless in particular. Who have those problems. Because so often times they really don't have any other place to go. What what sort of background to these people have that your Richard dealing with I know a lot of times people think. Well that's not me that's not my family that couldn't happen to me obviously these people are. Not quite as good as my family because we would never have those problems. But what kind of background of these people really have. You know addiction affects one out of four people and somebody misquoted me once and said that Tony that it went up for people are that it it didn't say that. But it did say that one out of four people are affected by addiction. It could be a mother father or sister brother son or daughter and nobody ever talks about it nobody brings it up it's a very Christian church. Nobody discusses the and I watch people struggle. With a loved one who is an active addiction addiction is not a respected person. There's no matter about which you're thankful looks like for your education. It seeks to destroy and what I need to convey to your audience. Is that its primary. It's number one and it never loses. It rears its ugly head and it demands to put it can ultimately. It's fatal. If somebody did we get the help that they need. They probably will die from some aspect of addiction. Whether it's a vs little over a car accident in true telephone pole. Crack cocaine induced heart attack or overdose. Her time in eventual deal. And so we did the person into treatment that the person. Learning how to build a life of recovery. Is that we liked changed for the individual. It's like changing for the fans because I promise you. That attic getting care about the family members who just wanted to let some cash. Out of them. So that they can continue an active addiction and it could destroy his mom's marriage number that marriage. They don't care. Because wages again addiction is primarily. And they want to do everything in his power to get whatever they need to remain active addiction. It does affect all of us. And we and we we talk about addiction and scorcher primarily talking about. Things like substance abuse whether it's alcohol or were other drugs. The people get addicted to. It's not something I don't think anybody sets out when there. Seeking. When the first time they take heroin or something like that they're not saying I wanna become an addict and I wanna have my wife destroyed by this very thing. There motivate that's not their motivation their motivation is usually to escape something is it not. Correct and you know we we talk about the opiate epidemic right now. Somebody is different surgeries and getting three days with the pills to get thirty days with the pills considerably feels really good. An opinion or so that the pain in their bodies but the pain in his soul goes away when they're getting high. And they had to like I need for pain pills the doctor says now. And they get a parent because it's cheaper it's more available. If we look at this person is now haren had a and the capacity to forget that way it could be as simple as getting pain medication for post surgery. And getting hooked on it you're right nobody writes they're basically your book my goal in life is to become president of Charlotte rescue mission can be built a life. No whatever writes that. Yet it happens to people and where and premier members raised their hands to say I have a low one. Can you help them the answers always. Yes. Integrated member times that semi members have researched and that a special rescue mission called and said. The typical one family where they skip church on Sunday and they went to visit the verdict it was an attempted Kanka. And they said you're neck and it died there was that they had died. And they got showered. Through detox. And a few days later got a potential this commission has changed everything as a person like you would eventually go off. And go to college. And becoming a minister. But it started with president cystic going to that tenth saying you're not gonna die from alcoholism to look at that it. And I think that's one of the things that aren't you say people. There's a shame aspect up that of it not only from a person who is addicted. But also the family members the immediate family members that does that. Cause them to. I don't say they don't wanna help but does is that a barrier for them. To actually stand up and admit that yes they are part of this scenario. And that they have to take action. If I could have cheap people stand alongside each other and one of the individuals in the attic. And every at ex wife is really call it Coke addicts are co dependent. And that whole attic enables the attic to remain inactive addiction. Three agency that the collective that's it we're now. The color Atticus turf not a conflict because attic desperately needs approval. Because radicals but sacrifice everything in their life. So that the addict doesn't face the consequences. Of their behavior. Different attic as long as you're going but I can still get whatever to stay high. The relationship continues on. And it's until the couple had a gets the help they need to learn that though. Is a false sense that no because. No no no longer be on your out of jail no I'm not independently come in the did you are back no I'm not paying your rent though. You can't live here. But it had more conversations with parents. With 23 year old children were in active addiction and exit tell your child. Either country Charlotte rescue mission or their out of the streets. Any answers so there's an element sent her daughter to dying in the streets of nice city in your son or daughter is going to die in your house. But ultimately addiction will win and you're sent adorable Dolly. You have to see doses he would help stabilize that add to that a parent's say I can't do that. And then unfortunately sometimes I get the phone call to say. I'm sorry to tell you about senator Dodd. And it's because that Coke addict simply isn't really. To get involved in an element program to get the help they need sitting villager enable their loved ones. Do you see it that more with you're using a parent the child analogy is that the preponderance of the cases would you say. A lot of the follicles like debt I it's I've had. What situation with a father. Who is pretty cash and the sense that the car that you can buy food and a father would not talk to me. Because the father news that I was itself in those days are over to compete with boyfriend and girlfriend. Has been rife. Grandparents. A lot of times in the attic will manipulate the grant Perry in the grandparent feels justice tender spot for the grandchild and say yes here's ten dollars. It's fifteen here's twenty dollars I'd let you. Immigrant justice thank you grandma. You know I needed this for books for school they're not buying books. They're going to have to buy something to get high. It's a what I often do win but I get the phone calls. He told me that everybody will get everybody in the field. And I say to everybody I need to know who that we could weekly gains at a major alt a lock arms. That you'll all agree to sit down. And haven't given myself number. And I say we use saying you know and that attitude lights greens that you incident never want to see you again can you hold on to that you know. You call myself numbers and I'll talk to your knowledge because what you do is probably agency July. But to take effect in the years ago. And had a mother called me today that few members raining cats and dogs. And her son had relapse in Communist or the commander in chief have to go but that is outside the strange message you can't go. If she says to me of cheating myself and worse for the dog and since you war. But if you what you saw and in the house. Everything we've been lost. The sense how different than me that he eventually went away. And that's what he called me and said I'm ready to get help. Two years later he's doing glee that is because mom held the line and say no even though her mother's throat was leading all over the place. Achievement teach me later and I love her wisdom. Rasheed since Tony what I thought help my son hurt him. The but I thought hurt myself. Help him which he says it's very counter intuitive. So you think it's gonna hurt him help. Which is gonna help him hurts and you have to think in opposites can continue to. And we're talking with the executive director of the Charlotte rescue mission here in Charlotte. Tony Marciano on Carolina focus on your host mark Thomas and we're talking about. Their efforts which are year round and as I mentioned at the beginning of the program work. We often times focus on homelessness and you know rescue missions in general as a concept. Around the holidays and when it gets cold. But their mission is year round irrespective of what the weather's like outside. Because their primary focus is helping people with addictions and doing so from a Christian perspective. And reverend Marcel I got to ask you another question we talk a lot about the hope you are an epidemic here on Carolina focus it's a topic that. That seems to have vote a tremendous number of facets to it. That. Any number of angles that you can comment from. One of the things is. As far as that goes. Is the criminal aspect to it that is say the the criminal justice system angle to this. That. People are facing prison time. And not being put into. A facility where they can actually get help to get rid of habit. They're being treated as a criminal for their addiction and for lack of a better comparison thrown into a cage. Without giving the kind of help that they need. Are you able to. I don't mr. Murase circumvent the criminal justice system. How do you work with or in concert. Along side. What's your relationship as far as that goes to the criminal justice system and how they treat addiction vs your. Ideology when it comes through addiction. I think we have a good relationship with the legal system. Well people on probation parole whatever it is. Country Charlotte rescue mission and our residents sign every piece of information. What that means is that if they decide to walk out their probation officers have been notified and they're going accord. And that is a motivation on their part to finish other rescue mission. And that's huge because part of the nature addictive behavior you don't initiative and start. So without Harry in this sense dangling in front of them they would just normally could this commission come up with some excuse. But now they finished the judges will look favorably on them. To be reduced her sentence or do something else like that that they're facing jail time I would love to see people who are struggling with addictions. That do jail time to get the help they need because as you move all the smoke and all the various and they're really into awarded individual. Who was I'll use the word and exercising their pain. But getting high. You know and I guess the folks about that there's been a rebound the province official rescue mission. Haven't if you were here beyond their disease that the drug throughout the system. Have you here doing things in your gut you never felt before people raised their hands but how mean we just look to get hired assistant to get into the game. In over his hands and say you're gonna have to learn to work through it they'll be the hardest significant. So I think it takes about it is no legal system. And get him into treatment lecturer rescue mission or other places. Then what happens is you know. We're returning him back to society. Clean and so they're incredibly gifted talented individuals. For whatever reason went out of couple holes opiates or government. What can have the help that they need rather than incarcerate them for text that was in years and that hasn't changed their life. And I guess the giving you mentioned. Addictive nature do you do you find it's you know these people coming out you say they're very creative and so on and so forth. Do you find that to be somewhat of a common thread. That people who have that personality type tend to be more prone towards. The diction. And I'm Magnus I'm asking you to kind of put on a doctor's happier in a way. I can't say yes and go to that. Because again addictions not a respect of persons. Some people are genetically born with that so that once the alcohol it's their brain. Intercepts and takes over that's why people don't understand that it's not a matter of will power if that amount of them they just stopping to drink. There's a difference in alcohol abuser and an alcoholic. Alcohol abuse entry 25 Beers. Stop anytime they want. Pretty alcoholic once they taste of their brain tends to you know stop into the handset out. So there's just genetic predisposition. Or there's also the fact that some people. Intrigue their way into the active addiction such that. It changes your brain chemistry and there. But full blown panic but it estimates creative or not become a creative person I've never been drunk in my life. So I'm not sure that they actually think it's but I do know that when you have this genetic predisposition. Or your trick yourself into it. This is meant to compulsion since I have to treat after to have pictures and it doesn't show up until you're ingesting alcohol with a picture of choices to what you do. The body takes over and it doesn't stop into the mutual passes. It is remorse and guilt and apologies. Two days later this cycle restarts itself with the industry this year talked about the Vatican two before his whole family system. I think atomic love to talk about that who went app and you change they act now history opiates heroin whatever it is. It is like somebody threw a hand grenades into the family room. And we're all assembly members bleeding from the shrapnel out of integrity. Yeah it feels peace. And has no idea of having. The cause of everybody's life. By the time they wake up and so abrupt but suddenly they're realizing what is that they apologize. To genuinely remorseful. Sincerely apologetic. But because of the nature of addiction to three days later this cycles that repeat it's awful again solicit calamitous for help they need to say. Enough is enough is enough. And you think can help or else. That things can change in the system. And we're talking with reverend Tony Marciano who's the executive director of the Charlotte rescue mission. Here on Carolina focus. You mentioned earlier and in some of the examples you've used you talk about the woman's son. Who's banging on the door for an hour and a half and then finally goes away. It's also it's an equal operative and addiction is an equal opportunity employer. And it doesn't just affect men and I think a lot of people when they think of addicts they think of men and they don't necessarily think of women. Immediately. But that's a big part of what you're doing is along with this is it not. It is you know six years ago we expanded business that would its facility from patrol boat 220 foot facility. And or do we take the women who take women and their children and at that look at them and just the struggles that we've gone through just to keep themselves and active addiction. It really destroys your sense of self worth and self esteem and so. Yeah that's the problem is as severe for women as it is for men we don't think about it effect we almost have out. Double way of looking at it of course Harry get strict December reunion it's good old uncle Harry. It is Sally distraction to launch. That we do have the struggles candidate wins then become fanatic verses eleven and yet. I've seen them struggle and I've seen them come around the other side skeptical when individual. Who came conditions. Doing well and showed up on Easter holiday observed communion meal. And just was standing next to me as I was about to do depression since you've never read it says it is and she'll tell you that interactive addiction when she was after the worst. She looked good supply closet network so a bottle of hand that it tries to remember that it was 70%. Alcohol. And trying. Think gallons of handset ties to just take away the achievements from the from her addiction. That's that's pretty serious. That is very serious in this race say you know people look at an attic and say they're just that people could not have went. You know what I ate ice speak at churches and cynical person that pack up slowly there's a reason. Because eventually isn't clear is out. Couple folks that are left to me and they say can I talk to you. And that's code forests of America we've been active addiction. And has to machine to task in front of the class. Can we talk to privately. And we talked. You know part of my goals this September is to break. That hole. Stigma of substance abuse and you know we're launching a campaign in September. Entitled somebody who has some would you love struggles with addiction you're not alone. It is targeted and designed to help the person who is the co attic it's not designed to fix the attic. It's healthy the co attic if it was though in that enable that person because if they. Coke addict gets help me. The radical automatically have to seek help. So your intent so in that sense you're actually. Like you say you're going after. Not necessarily the individual addict but the people surrounding them that are and I we talk about it cabling in the and that sort of thing co dependence etc. And and those of the people here really wanna target because there's a lot of those peak for every addict there's probably at least one or two of those correct. There always is state and and it's also a friendly system. We don't think about that night and I didn't go over really really fast. But they are stereotype is principally forgive me put it that that's the attic and bombed the collateral. For what he's doing to have a bit marriages have kids right. So the first child becomes the hero they know that opinion that little wobbly. It has become over achievers in their captain purple team captain cheerleading team voted most likely to succeed. And Kenny Goss went crazy with the child number one so they have a second child child temperature and that's called scapegoat. And nobody wants to get that does get a hold. So much out of there whether the principal's office in the words child with the twos in the principal's office getting detention. And they only hear if you are just like your oldest sister brother to him would be perfect. So nobody wants to visit their if you go public with have a third child and this is called the lost South Pacific to the middle of the home alone. Had to get it you're the leader is behind. This is the kids have to be cheaper by the dozen addicts. Aren't here they both have made this that the child becomes invisible and says. This there was crazy a look at the oldest sister brother I'm gonna become invisible and fly below the radar the totally compliant. He'd never break the rules. And mom and dad say see we only have one problem child let's do it again. In the fourth when is the kind of an effect of it's going to be a while citizens face. Here's to grow up in this whole thing. I think they've tried to assign that campaign with the parents meet the emotional needs of the children. But the addictive Sammy it's actually reverse. The children the emotional needs for the parents. If the children growing up in an alcoholic and we don't get help. Per beam that just children in an alcoholic family. It will become an alcoholic. Married alcoholic. About. So every camera diagram definitely a better retreats. And if that is people go hat that you know there was an assembly and got to know nothing about Japan. But and a half and the systems operate. And ears to hear the scapegoat for the lost child in the crown. And those rules are responding that's not who you want but it god created due to be the rules are signed by the family. To keep it in equilibrium. And as long did you stay within that role and it looks okay. But what if you have to step out of that role whether he ever say doubts about the whole. We've certainly in the outside with a man. Reverend Tony Marciano with the Charlotte rescue mission. Again go over what you're going to be doing in September. To address the the co addicts in that peoples' lives those little bit more about that we will have a couple of minutes here. OK we have a web page called recovery work and C dot com to repeat that again recovery works and C dot com. If you go to that web page there's ten workshops we do in the month of September. You don't have to register your name here you know I just nothing just an incident could constantly don't have any handouts to bring its extremely anonymous. And we're gonna content and we've talked about addiction and we're gonna have. Family members to enable there and their loved ones ever to have some of those who wasn't able. And how would you be able to stop have a change shall we wanna do that so addict. The tools necessary. To say it was you know once that happens everything else changes its recovery works concede dot com. And that's in the month of September coming up at Charlotte rescue mission are you gonna have the the meetings at the meet at the mission. We are not. When you let it go to the web page in the am. The workshops to scattered all around town to make it easier for nervousness to attend. And give us that website one more time if you will it's recovery works and C dot com. Irvin Tony Marciano with the Charlotte rescue mission. Hopefully we've reached someone today and it's gonna happen one of the time so we've. Were she to be in Europe Caroline's. Thank you for having me. You are listening to Carolyn focus on news talk 1110993. WTT. 1079 moment. 1256 tend to be a tendency to also available to podcast at WT dot com. I'm your host mark toughness. You are listening to Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. Deputy VT. 1079 the link 1025610. WFMC. It's also available to podcast at WPP dot com. Thanks for joining us once again here on Carolina focus and it's been a very very active week news wise. A lot of things going on. An event that has never happened before. Five living former living governors of the state of North Carolina got together for a press conference this week. And joining us now to discuss some of these issues Mark Garrison. You were in Raleigh covering this soiree what the what what's going on here constitutional amendments I mean there's a lawsuits flying around here what they. What can you tell it's hard to sort it all out. Basically there are two constitutional amendments on the ballot that voters can then decide on in November. And the two amendments would strip the governor of some of his appointment powers. One would strip him of the ability to appoint. A judge if there's a vacancy on the bench the other would strip him of appointing like people to the border transportation. Instead. All of that would have to be funneled through the general assembly. So these five former governors. Three Democrats into Republicans like whoa we don't think governors should be stripped of all their power and of course governor Cooper. Wasn't at this meeting that he agreed if they're throwing he's suing you know he sued yet so he wasn't at the meeting this was the five former governors it was really. It was interesting to be in the old state capital would these these older governors. Jim Hunt and and Bev Perdue and Pat McCrory and Mike Easley it was uninteresting but they all passionately made the case. That Republicans in their view in the legislature. And that if Pat McCrory as a Republican he blasted them he said that it's a power grab. And they plan apparently to lump. That'd take this whole show on the eroding go to several cities and try to convince voters hey don't vote for this although even Bev Purdue acknowledged. A lot of voters just don't care about this it's like a case that the legislature points to judge or governor who cares so getting voters to be really interest in this is going to be. Challenge it's kind of like one of the more challenging questions on your ninth grade civics class and it's okay seriousness that when you know it's what's the big deal yet but. They're challenging the language. That's part of how it's written on them in the for them from about referendums coming up in November. It's not just. The RV appointment separate. The judicial appointments separate from the other. Language you yes or confuse it does and it is confusing and and and the way it's written on the ballot is a little confusing in fact part of the court challenge and I believe. Has to do with how it's worded on the ballot although. I think Cooper is trying to get a judge to just. He raced these two from the ballot altogether that's probably not going to happen I wouldn't think but debt. There could be some changes in the language I think it's one of the thing you can destruct me and and maybe it's Turkey was well. We both went to North Carolina were not native north Carolinians. But for years. Until just recently it was. Kind of said that the most powerful legislative body on earth was the North Carolina legislature. Because there really wasn't any oversight. The governor didn't have veto power he has a fairly recent thing I mean that governor get beat her yeah we you know we look at it and and is this something where that are taking pac authority or is this they're just taking more they're taking him that ever happened taking back more authority than they've had and interestingly Phil Berger who is the yeah. GOP leader in the senate he was asked at a press conference or you're just trying to take. Power away from governor Cooper any laughed and said well yes and chilies and other things haven't taken it will take those two so a lot of people think this past. Pretty funny sell by at that but I think what you find is that. This is in some ways directed at Roy Cooper from the Republican legislature though they deny it they they captured and other terms of no this will better serve the people and make appointments less political but. That's kind of hard case to well in in in light of some of the things and of course this is a state level you know we look at. The US congress and some things that are going through with judicial appointments right. And people are talking about how it's. But no matter where you fall on the on the particular issue of any particular nominee. It used to be you had to have a super majority to. Approve someone for a minute of the federal ban Digisette monotony and all but not anymore am and that was members of the Democratic Party who when they were in a power rankings made that change and now it seems to be coming back to bite them on the bottom a little bit. Don't the Republicans kind of look at what they're doing here. And and think some day we could be on the other we're always gonna be here and this you know the sort could cut both ways well yes and and the governor has raised that issue today they said look kid this is not a Republican or democratic issue it's ultimately an issue about the balance of power. But right now Republicans and probably don't look at that and just to be. I suppose really correct the way that the judgeship thing would work if voters approve it right now a governor can just pick any. He's pretty much got a free it. The way it would work if this amendment passes is the legislature would pick two people send those two names to the governor and he would have to pick one of those two. And of course we still have the restrictions where you do that to be a member of the bar Mets were going to be on the bench right. Mean that was something I think it was instituted really not that long ago with in the way probably here. So whereas before you and happy meal a year to be a judge which. You know from a certain perspective. Some people might think hey that's okay what's wrong with make that you know that's shake things yeah and which you talk about. You know the separation of powers and we've heard I know former governor Pat McCrory who his. Here on WB ET Monday through Friday talking about how this is a constitutional separation of powers of the shall not be. Infringed upon and so forth you know our democratic system is imperil. But they played these big national civic play these kind of games and that's probably not what I should be Howard should be praising it. Now politics as a game and but that's that's kind of what it is I mean they're kind of role in the devices that we're going to be in charge and we're gonna change things around and things are constantly being changed as to who has powers to do what but if you if if the legislature just passed a law that made these changes. That's one thing but if this becomes a constitutional amendment and it becomes hard to change as it is in this state constitute well even even laws that are passed are hard to rescind I mean it it takes a simple majority to grab something in the long answer but. In order to repeal that law you do need to leave it to people thirds or three quarter majority to repeal would give law. Which we could debate that if she was well as how you know as to whether or not that's that's a good thing right. But I find the the argument that you know our democratic process. He is somehow in jeopardy with these changes. And and I see what's happening with the 77 hole road project. The voice of the people is in various legislators. Where's the democratic process in this little soiree. That we're seeing. It pretty much seems likes the meeting was held. And we're taping this on a Thursday. Meeting was held yesterday big I 77 meeting. The State's secretary of the Department of Transportation is gonna be here and he's gonna make some big announcements. And not so much yet this is. I. County commissioner Jim Puckett said it was bait and switch. Because the governor had tweeted earlier big announcement coming on I 77. So everybody was sort of prepared for. For some reason for the DOT transportation secretary to come to town and say I've got a plan. To get rid of some of the tolled lanes. Well what he said was hey I hear area and we support your idea of getting rid of some of the tolled lanes but the bad news is we can't do it. The only way we can is to go back to the legislature for more money. Maybe as much as 800000. Dollars 800800. Million our skis B 800 million excuse me out guys as alleged 800 million on the high end. And which that's pretty serious money and he said and even if the legislature approves it we could start on it. For seven years and so everybody in the committee room was disliked. This is not what we were expecting. So there are a lot of angry people who thought they were going to get a solution to a told project that they hate. And they're not getting. And you mentioned the 800. Million. On the high end bright. On the low admit it was a rain 300000300. Lawyer on the low end yes and but that's just to like turn some of the lane one lane into a non or am I guess my question is this you say 800. 1000000800. Million right turner million on the high end. But to buy it out totally would be somewhere between 500. And 800. Yet for 300 we could only get one blame well it that every hundred I'd have to go back and look at the chart again that you would get. One addition role. A free lane in one stretch and you would get another additional free lane and another stretch. And you would also get an expansion of the bridge over. Of the lake. They I think they factored that in there as a possibility twos so I mean it would be pretty extensive project out. The transportation advisory committee on lake Norman when they heard this I mean they were they were just fit to be tied 11 of the committee members Sybil this is a nothing burger. Which I don't know what's funny but he could get if you're expecting something great and year told those sorry it's not gonna happen so. They're they're angry now at governor Cooper because the governor has sell Long Will do something about it will do something about it well he's not doing anything about it. And that this thing is I guess from a monetary standpoint. We talk about it's gonna take years to get this thing develop that's that are etc. But if the state and I know they don't have a checking account with you know 500 million dollars in and necessarily. But. Why doesn't it make more sense because you know the cost is not gonna go down as time goes forward never gotten yeah that's always goes up. So this is going to be the cheapest are going to be able to get out of this thing. It at any time. Why not cut the losses and say okay. Centro the corporation the Spanish company that is running this thing and is gonna collect and where we're gonna write you a check for. 500 million dollars we will Richard it'll go away. And if you wanna come back and try to sue us. Go ahead well his a couple of answers that I wonder if they appeared to spend. 200 million dollars on attorneys' fees well I think it if if they were trying to buy them out and the number is still in dispute what a total buyout would be. Then you would still be left with unfinished he'd still that I have come up more money to finish what I think. But some in the legislature would like his let's let centro fix and finish the project. And then if we go in and buy them out or try to convert some of the lanes will add money to that. Now. The interesting thing is that the DOT did say yesterday we are committed to some day completely buy out the project but they have no idea what that would today well Lou the contractors for fifty years so it right 49 years from the script I mean that's that's the way to sort of things. Aunt and it took over 25 years to complete high 85 widening from 77. To the west side again stony. Asked me how I know from from the fifty so we're not looking at anything happening quickly and into these deals over. But they also say there's they're going to have some of the lanes open by the end of the year though they're saying. Everybody I've done driven out there and I'm looking at this you know what they said was they would have the whole project done by the end of the year and nobody in the room believes because if you ride up like say I 77 DC mounds of dirt near bridges still will be built it's hard to believe they can finish is by the end of these. Does that not is there not any claw and I'm they're probably isn't is there any sort of clause in this that says they probably is a completion date of acts and if you don't complete their war but I mean they've been writing contracts like that for highway construction and yet usually just a matter of penalties as opposed to. Enough money that. We would get rid of century and well I because I think that you know it's certainly you know people are looking for different options as to. How to deal with this yet he is the the amount that the polls are going to be. It could be as much as twenty bucks or more going Arlen morsel and that's. Which is. It's a staggering total match up well I think I'm I think what's gonna happen because as pat Coughlin pointed out recently they have really both in the new roads in the north and movement member count in years. Decades yet. And the traffic is just horrendous. And this is probably not gonna help any sort of congestion Mona. And of course we not even talking about light rail which. That was pitched years ago damper on the south side as being in an aid to help traffic congestion and pollution. All my. As some other things they threw out yesterday is as things they might try to negotiate with the told company. The DOT secretary said for a local people who need to just get on there and go quickly from one exit to another. We may look at trying to widen the shoulder a little bit and make the shoulder Alain to be used during rush hour between certain exits. But again they would have to get permission from centro to do that and there's no real incentive for central to two to negotiate it's really like trying to. You're renting a house from a nasty uncle and and you go after you've signed the contract and try to get him to lower the rent they have no incentive to lower the price of tolls are too play ball. Because they got a fifty year contract Macon. Thumb you know Thursday and I think that's what has a lot of people up in arms as the fact that this was done and which. Nine which administration did this thing initial darted under could Purdue but was signed. Under. McCrory. So it's not it's not a partisan this is one of those things that is rare. It doesn't really seem to be tremendously partisan issue. It seems like it is now they don't happen. I. And a fifth the governor kind of campaigned on well McCrory elected I'm gonna end this this month as Cassidy had denied happening you know and maybe it's because he can't just walk in and say okay. Kill the contract. We're talking a lot of money that would have to buy out the contract and Republicans in the legislature are saying. Especially from other parts of the state they're saying we're going to give you a lot of money they could be used for other road projects system by this out. And they also Republicans in the legislature don't want Cooper to appear to be the guy in the white hat to solve this problem for north Mecklenburg K honey and win a bunch of votes so is lot of politics in play here. And we're talking to Mark Garrison from WBT news here on Carolina focus about the high 77 widening project. It just seems like one of those things that has been ongoing for years now. And there doesn't seem to be any kind of solution coming from Ollie or there doesn't seem to be any waited to make any changes. At least from secretary trochmann who is the head of the DOT. That he's kind of been in this thing from the very beginning he's kind of been in the revolving door and oh yeah Peters. Here and everywhere he worked for Bev Perdue he worked for Pat McCrory and now he's working for. Governor Cooper and McCrory likes to say. Hey he helped write the original contract. In and day and he he and then went for a while and worked for private tolling company. And he was asked yesterday point blank do you think this is a bad project and he wouldn't answer the question. But plenty in north Mecklenburg think it's a bad project and this this just comes down to political pressure. Everybody in Raleigh knows. There's 30000 votes sitting up there and these people are angry is a nest of hornets over this thing in something's gotta be done. But who's going to do it who's going to get credit for. So well and I think that's that's the really sad part of all this you know we talk about the democratic process and in the people having some influence on their elected officials. It seems like the people in north Mecklenburg Connie Karr. Impotence. They are I mean it this depends on not to get too technical here but the problem is at least according to the DOT is if you wanna Alter the contract. And go to more free leans rather than tolled lanes. Then you've got to go through this complicated process to allocate more road money. And the people in order Mac numbers saying wait a minute. The money to do this with and sign the contract came along before you changed the rules on how monies allocated so the legislature needs to just get involved and fix this and whether they can make that happen and is. The open question well and that was the one thing I was gonna ask you about this those. Standards of determining which projects get funded and which ones don't write. Wasn't in place I was saying OK so this one went through that process no it no way did not it it was this was long before that happened that's and in I think they certainly seem would seem to have a valid point to say. You know now because this has been opposed from the get. By sun NASA McCrory likes to argue that. All of the elected leaders in northern Mecklenburg County many of whom got voted out of office worked for it because. They were first told look the state has no money to widen 77. If you want this to happen you'll have to agree to let a private company do it hasn't told road and everybody. According to McCrory. It says. That everybody agreed to that. That's true but it's also not true because as soon as a lot of the details of the contract be became public the public was in an uproar. And so a lot of people have oppose this for a long time. I guess my question would be and there are people who debate whether or not roads should be privatized in this country on this Reuters I privatized or I've heard those arguments and you know we can that's it's an entirely different debate. Other states. They have. Turnpike commission's. Pennsylvania we turnpike commission here in North Carolina then why aren't they building the road well then why why does this have to be turned over lock stock and barrel in median. To a private firm and that's a really good question at the time that the contract was signed everybody in Raleigh seemed to think this was the best fastest way to do it was to let a private company do it. And they got regional groups around here to sign off on the idea but North Carolina does have a turnpike commission. And dead it did in fact we're gonna be paying tolls on 485. And as some other tolls down near Munro on the Munro bypass the same and the turnpike commission runs those and eventually if we buy out. The I 77 project and the turnpike commission program. Well in that bring you bring up by 485. Mean there's a an entire lane. Totally and use sitting there waiting for one tolls. Well. What. Why not why not do it I mean I mean this is did incident it's been completed for years the paintings done it's ready to drop off. It's not like it's it's not like it isn't being completed its their piles of dirt and that Wayne. It seems to be ready to go there as a look into what's holding that up. And I know this isn't part of what we agree to talk about know that that's fine and I don't have all the answers that right in front of me but I know that. This has come up before but it it they're waiting until it's at a fully dental project. Mark Garrison at I got its good news bad news. This isn't over if it's not over you're gonna hear or stories about it and if the people in north Mecklenburg have their way. Maybe you'll get out of paying some tolls boat. None of mark Pearson thanks for the North Carolina folks there man. And as a follow up county commissioner Jim Puckett was on WPP's morning news. And was none too shy about expressing his opinion on the high 77 coal project we. It's. Completely agree with you about burger almost the sense sort of a bit of an answer has been pretty general purposely and an additional polling. And it's an additional clinical slate Mormon. And that the problem. Is that secretary bodman had to operate under the current law these strategic transportation investment well that. I and content preakness what the other road project in this year than any other product that. It was the and and and agreed upon both for the law went into. And mood the legislature and the governor put together and I am trying to get that done. And hold this particular project out of that comparison project would make him compete against other other road because there is no comparison. The thing is unanimous. Means nearly unanimous. Agreement but every one. They boost followed it won't block the museum world for our state. And beat the crap and you shouldn't change. The state government can't get out of the Olympics. And we can't own worst wall. The political infighting and going that would sort of our kids are competing on economic development. Problem right now is an economic development problem that is baking the enigma portion in the journal of one hole. But that sentiment that there are people call it now. Starting to understand that in the state legislature to stay in the government as I DOT. Have to understand that this is political those. Bill and Lowell spoke to view that. Thought they say we gotta stop playing a little bit this semester behind the look for the live there. Thanks for listening to Carolina focus on your host mark Thomas and until next time he well.