Reverend Graham Visitation, The Olympics, and Dreams

John Hancock
Monday, February 26th

Hancock talks about the ongoing visitation at the Billy Graham Library including former President George W Bush attending. Reviews the cost of hosting the Olympics, and discusses how we dream.


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This is John Hancock. It rather rather we are as. Monday as we can big. Monday plus sale Monday it's getting better. Guys are very helpful that was due tomorrow rays of the sun. I don't see anything really government doppler radar standpoint right now little love mess up your afternoon I suppose that's subject to change that there's. System down between us pardon villain the green the Greenville and Spartanburg. Our Spartanburg and. Greenburg. But the matter little changed in that should don't mess things up solo tomorrow's supposed to be a nice state. On and we'll head back into hiring probabilities for a Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday night or Wednesday and Thursday. A mind since you weren't pretty well also part of its thick. They do. Hey there hi. We're all kind of weighed in on George W. Bush should know his wife Laura to all arrive I don't think they've arrived dear. Org yet I'm kind of monitoring our channel three because I nor their reporters or have an insider 130 you know also a lot. I'm kind of monitoring what they do our own joke illustrious routed to your Billy Graham Library as well low rating your arrival we a figure that possibly if there aren't any kind of schedule and all they should arrive at the library about 330. What that means more arrival time meant to go wherever they're landing I assume it's. Actually there and they've been under outcome and an unknown commercial general no American Airlines on it. So long. They were okay Verizon appealed on now I know Bill Clinton will come in tomorrow. And I guess as far as we know we don't know what they've ability Arjuna curry and pushed preacher Billy Carter's not coming so. I don't data now we do we do this and a couple of hours. So why we're all keep our eyes open on all that and a NC we're all that goes they uninteresting week the motorcade do Romano of the mountains. Through Charlotte. My wife was so one of those longer on I 85. Exit 2636. Wherever it is we're or orders have been you have a car track precious and Tony six up. Right there at Belmont. She Hershey random letter to all watched the procession go by. And I watched the better part of TV I was signed a 1 o'clock appointment on no Saturday's solo on I got home buyer well watch it very very uninteresting. To deceive people lined up on the streets and gone past south boulevard and east boulevard is sort of church as a boy. And an independent coming down to around street and uptown Charlotte was funny interesting note just to see you know that talent I mean you know those landmarks and I'm home. Just interest in south boulevard was. Trip I mean near you we've all traveled on to erode a thousand times Tennessee Billy Graham and a procession. Now going down an internal green mountain road and aids is it was so fascinating it was this fascinating to see what was in the background of the cameras also going to be an Angolan you would see Bank of America Stadium. And. And that was of course when it was Ericsson stadium was so worried in one of his crusades wanted to play those classrooms back in 1996. And and then when they leave trial on street in NATO ground stone wall to turn on south boulevard. You see the NASCAR hall of fame. And. And just inching did I don't towed to watch the whole thing and to see the people and it turned out to say goodbye and pay their respects and last I have heard. Billy Graham evangelical association visitation. Begin this morning and as of 1 o'clock they had 2344. Visitors. And has 2 PM they had 2654. Of 2654. And have seen some live shots and I assume that a line forms when the buses come. And and then the line. Dissipates and another Nextel shuttle's gunmen aligned forms and then the next and so it just seems to be pretty orderly and I don't think anybody is necessarily have to wait a long long time and from a weather standpoint we didn't have to put up a whole lot of rain this morning I don't think there was a steady downpour first say. People to Billy Graham Library were a passing out umbrellas at one point in two people who are desired to have them. So. Told this today and tomorrow. And now. And until 2 PM tonight and up from 8 AM until 10 PM tomorrow. And then the next thing you see a well loved be. Mr. Graham. DC. In the rotunda. And like I said Billy. Bill Clinton is supposed to be here tomorrow we don't know if Hillary's governor. I've seen anything yet and I don't know of any schedule yet it's been published or known of the bill. Clinton's. Timing or anything along those lines were awaiting known George W. Bush at this point hw is not coming in. Well they say that's for health reasons and I just don't think he's travel and anymore. And if you see him recently you understand that. Ages are definitely caught up whether. Either Nelson and out. Billy Graham in the rotunda. Where you start looking at the names. First pro first private citizen in the rotunda was Rosa Parks in a 2005. When you start looking at the names it's pretty it's it's pretty amazing 33 people. Total. 33 Americans. Eleven boomer presidents so 22 others. Have been slaughtered. Too low lying daughter at the US capital. Rosa Parks was the first private citizen so watered. No excuse me Rosa Parks was the last who died in a 2005. Graham a lie there are in on Wednesday and Thursday is so Republican paid their respects. Paul Ryan and no Mitch McConnell will lead a memorial service also wants the casket arrives or no Wednesday rescues we Thursday. Now Wednesday. The last person to lie in state at the capitol was so why is Daniel and away. US senator congressional medal of honor recipient Tony twelve Henry Clay was the first to lie in state. At the capitol and 1852. Abraham Lincoln followed an 1865. He was the first 211 president that ended when Gerald Ford in 2006. The largest number of people to file through the rotunda and anybody that was alive in 1963 will remember this because it was all part of the whole. JFK televised. Gosh everything assassination Lee Harvey Oswald Jack Ruby. The they. The that the for the family getting out there and walking behind a casket. I did Medved the salute by John junior. I mean everything. Power was a televised. Window JFK was in the rotunda to about 250000. People showed to pay their respects. It was not mean there was a line narrow that lasted. And I hear eighteen hours at one point. The term lying daughter dates back to eighteen Escude in 1998. And that's when the two capitol police officers were killed in the line of duty. Graham will be the fourth only the fourth private citizen to lie and no honor. So Henry Clay Abe Lincoln Thaddeus Stevens. Senator Charles Sumner 1874. Vice president Henry Wilson James a Garfield. Senator John A Logan 1986 William McKinley 1901 the Washington DC plan a planner. Pierre Lund fault. Re internment actually 1909. Admiral George Dewey. Unknown soldier of World War I 1921. Warren G. Harding 1923. William Howard Taft 1930. General John Joseph pershing 1948. Senator Robert a Taft. The unknown soldiers of world war two and the Korean war in 1958 John F. Kennedy. General Douglas MacArthur her Herbert Hoover. Dwight Eisenhower. Cigarette ever addiction Dirksen. FBI director. Lyndon Johnson 1973. Hubert Humphrey 1978. The unknown soldier of the Vietnam conflict 1984. Senator Claude pepper 89. And then the two capitol police officers Jacob chestnut and John Gibson. In none 1998. They were followed by the last four Ronald Reagan in 2004. Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks in 2005 Gerald Ford 2006. And no Dan Illinois senator. Daniel and away in in 2012 that's the list that's a 33 nobody else celluloid Billy Graham to that list. I don't take care unaudited and take place on a Wednesday and Thursday so big honor and and and and and and roll well deserved. It's not always popular to preach. Another word of Jesus Christ. And he never seemed to. He swayed. From doing it in behind iron curtain and wherever given the opportunity. So. Now where we are indeed I hear a lot of things said though this is historic this is historic this is this is this is historic. Along let everybody else but that word on whenever they want to but this is absolutely historic. Here are getting out to the visitation today. Because till 10 o'clock tonight. And seems to be a date doesn't hinder your mob scene purse say but it seems to be pretty consistent but I think you'll be able to get in and out. With you didn't do in some pretty sure time. You've heard all the last two or three or four days that there are shuttles running you can't park there are two of the Billy Graham Library C go to catch a shuttle in one would be from the parking lot of the operation Christmas child processing center which everybody can tell you is a 7104. Point. All of our you know that is. After anybody ever tell you word that's that's an area of 77 nations for road. So I I got a guy had not value I haven't actually Google value or get better but that's suits itself Charlotte but it's nations toward broad enough and I 77 million probably throw a rock to 77 from a the from the parking on no those of you OPEC shoe boxes and stuff for operation Christmas child I know exactly word just. Anyway that's the one the other is the Charlotte valley business law. Ed 5613 Wilkinson boulevard. Which is right there I think it's called Ashley or something along it's on actually. There's a there's a police building were they auction really put off cars are there on the corner where they auction. You know old police cruisers and a personal swords over is right across the street from now. It's about parallel with where you started your head down Wilkinson boulevard when you start running into the parking lots on the left hand side there. All blew down at night. It's it's in the general area but it's a stone's throw from your main entrance into the airport drums so well. If that's more continue Torre 5613. Wilkinson boulevard. Or 7100 forest Pointe boulevard you can GPS that but just off nations Ford near I 77 and then of course the reporter. And like I say from the live shots and I've seen. Apparently a a line tends to form obviously when a shuttle buses first get there but they are take care of that and do order a men. On and then your you're out of meant another bus arrives in so you we're not seeing you know massive long winds tremendous waits. Time and even the crowds have been I mean it went well we'll have all this up over to get a deal that'll be a pretty healthy number but as of 1 o'clock this afternoon about 22300. People had come through. As about 2 o'clock this afternoon 2600 almost 2700 people could come through and know so I'm sure were. Pretty close to 3000 by this point it's not over the on and that will continue until 10 o'clock tonight and we're awaiting George W. Bush and Laura he wrote an arching piece today in the Wall Street Journal opinion piece how Billy Graham changed my life. And I think just from this listening to the station the last four or five days you're familiar. But to some extent of Milwaukee took with Billy Graham and I talked about the fact that he had been drinking too much at that time but there's some wrenching stories in this opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal and all share with you when you come back. There will do that afternoon as which is next from. Okay. It's. And. Rex Graham arrived into that Billy Graham Library about ten minutes ago. So and I had just saw our own no. Joseph Gillespie. Say that to other starting to set up things over there are so they're expecting Mary George W. Bush anytime now we have no. Official confirmation that journeys land under. Law is on his way but that is to run happen momentarily we expected it to happen about 330 so it should be a well in the works on what can save Franklin Graham has arrived at library and he will be he will greet bush is when they come. I George W. Bush is featured an opinion piece today in the Wall Street Journal and some of what he writes about has been well documented and and an audio from other times that he has spend at the George. If they have Billy Graham Library. And stories of that he has told about his son meetings with then and the influence of Billy Graham on Helm. He the wrote in his book decision points. Dead to. Doctor Graham and asked him go take a walk one time with him around no Walker's point opened a Kennebunkport. And and at that point W asked him about two it is life and there are there are good doctor Graham mass throughout his life and Texas and untie it and and did they talked about Laura no girls and so on and so forth. And then after he got back from. Good to Texas say he got a package from my doctor Graham there was a copy of the living Bible and and into it and been instant. Strive to new disorder and so forth. He just talks about his influence of a Billy Graham on Hilemon talks about to the time in his life which is well documented Barack alcohol played probably two prominent role. And he he ends is at peace with third in the Wall Street Journal he says a final story. One night while dad was away on a trip during his short presidency a mother and I had dinner at the White House. And eventually we got to talking about religion and who gets to go to heaven. And I made the point that the new testament says clearly that it to get to heaven. One must believe in Christ. And mother asked about. The devout who don't believe in Jesus but do God's work by serving others. And she then took advantage of all one of the benefits of being no the First Lady she picked up the phone and asked the White House operator to call reverend Graham. It didn't invent and that is a perk. That's not something I think I could've done says that. Well doctor group. Ellen attacked. At a question. Oh if we have been able to get through I bet you'd taken the calls us from what I understand doctor Graham. But. W continues in his Wall Street Journal opinion piece it is that it was a long though before his reassuring southern voice was on the line and he told us as I recall. Barbara and George I believe what is written in the new testament. But don't play god he decides who goes to heaven not view. Any doctor pearls certitude. Gave way to wake com trust that god in this had this figured out better than we did. A rights W. So he ends by saying those of us who were blessed you know Billy Graham benefited from his deep convictions and personal example his wisdom and humility is Grayson purity of heart. And we know that this life. And are skewed we know that his life. Was a gift from the almighty and I rejoice that he is now in the company of god whom he loved so much and served so well. I and I think anybody that has a fairly good does strong. Foundation. So not to sell the Mets. Is a good Christian I that that almost goes back to video of people who have. Do led to Barbara's question of than those who say they believe in Jesus who were devout and say they believe in Jesus. Or maybe don't believe in Jesus but do God's work I serving others. But they've given that did that to me has been the theme of this since last Wednesday and that is. If you believe in what Billy Graham believed in. You you really can be nothing but. I'm happy. You're sad for the people of his family who will no longer be able to see him talk to. But you've got to be happy for doctor Graham you are achieved a life goal. And that's kind of what. And would W wrote in his so Wall Street Journal piece today anyway it's. I hate have been edited W and and Laura are doing a charlatan and a moment and into into Billy Graham why averted a moment and as we see that's starting to unfold bill will look. We'll see if we can't go out there and and get some of the commentary that speeding up. And doled out by a WB TV Romeo get to that point. Winter Olympics I closed last night in now south Corey L actually would have been yesterday morning when it not real time. I'm. Did you watch any of the closing ceremonies mr. Olympics. Did you try. Now. I didn't try it necessarily either but I did find myself going over there because and this was a whole lot of other stuff going on percentage. And. I don't know. I've had a with a bear. It's it's a bad attitude and it. Went dead they're yeah I mean it's a different culture they had a rock band on there they had some luck kid judges Whelan on the guitar of one point and I cannot really zoomed in on him. And then they had some band and I don't have a band was and I didn't I know wasn't good enough wash your viewer to. Figure out who are wise but if they were lip syncing it was the worst lip synching I've ever seen in my entire life. It looked like they are broke more. Focused on their choreography than they were having their lips move at the right time. And the senate problem maybe it's on some sort of a time delay or the same the audio is not matching up with. I don't know. But. It's it's always act as the closing ceremonies are always kind of anti dramatic. Because you already know who won the most gold saw that the dramas already taken place the people that there were supposed to win and one that's great the people who weren't supposed to one in and one. That's great to people who you thought we're gonna win but didn't. No that's dramatic. That's that's worth watching Mets. But by the time you get to the closing ceremonies. You just gotta think OK well at. I guess them. I guess I'm done there's an article. That I read about why almost no one wants to host the Olympics anymore. And they show pictures of old Olympic venues that are just that are just turned into ruins. And did you know that all that stuff that the reason that the young is a bit that the cost of that stadium that we saw the closing ceremonies that last night. Which cost a 109 million dollars to build. You know what they're gonna do it that. They're a terror down. They say the cost to the stadium all coming out to an astounding ten million dollars per hour abuse. Jung Zheng is AS city of 40000 people there's 35000. Seats in that stadium. You'd have to have Elvis. I mean is it did did you know wait at the stadium willow the world will pay for itself. So lied to senate seems of the Florida or watch and they are TV right now and Franklin Graham is a standing out in the limos are arriving soon George W. Bush appears to arrive. At at the L library. Can you look crank up channel three audio for second. You now that the motorcade has come up to a stop and inside. That's suburban SUV is. The president of Gerard George W. Bush and the First Lady Laura Bush and it's not an understatement to say that perhaps no one. I had a bigger impact outside of his own family certainly. Than the reverend Billy Graham I'm George W. Bush they met for the first time back in the mid 1980s. He credits him with really turning his life around affect everyday and it. Op Ed that he wrote for the Wall Street Journal this past weekend he used four simple words we've heard them a lot from a lot of people yeah he changed my life. And he turned him around George W. Bush as a young man we know. I dealing with some things maturity issues I was drinking and it was a conversation with reverend Billy Graham. That really turned his life around got him to stop and well of course to the White House a few years later and now we know that Franklin Graham clean up some old photos today. Former president George W. Bush wit that Billy Graham and his late wife. Ruth and it was just really interesting to see that course. So why George W. Bush and Laura have arrived at Billy Graham Library has just now happened there on their way down video sidewalk we will go pay their respects to our doctor Graham and know what kind of keep arise on. Oh when they leave and and tribunal earnest when Billy Graham of hardware would be. I'll probably closed down for a sections while they return to the airport pretty short drive but Franklin Graham. I and George W. Bush make their way to on the sidewalk as we speak and into. The former residents. Of the Graham's I was curious as to whether or not they go into the library first which I think is what you do if you go out for visitation he started library in the market rate of the house are going directly into the house. George W Bush's arrived to Billy Graham Library. And though we'll be back on news talk element in 993 WB kids. Again next president entourage is not nearly one very presidential on charges. I'm sure like to our vehicles. So Rubin's. The former president did George W. Bush and his wife Laura are near ground as we speak. That by Franklin Graham and others. Walked directly into the house. And I was trying to see what was going on with. Where they are aerial shot and it looks like they may have walked down towards the tent. And but I'm not so sure they went into the tent. That they're construction for video funeral unknown Friday. So bugs so those same scene will be reenacted tomorrow at some point I don't know if we know what time but to Bill Clinton has to arrive whether or not Hillary's with him. No I don't think that's been. Verified one way or the other. So I don't know if they're traveling these days together. But it depends on what day it is. So weigh anywhere that so we're all of that goes. We're talking about the Olympic all of the go over here to a Cindy consistent you just left the library case and how are you. Aren't doing great how are you I'm good see you just left the library I talk a little bit about your experience you parked your car or the shuttle lots and and come right over there than what happens. I did. And when you when I got off the there were staff members standing all along the way. He walked into the library and then out again to go into the house. And every one of those staff members and they were probably. Want me what I think the economy. Thank you economy. And then when I walked past that Kathy get. Standing at the end that the attack get worked Franklin son Rory and Franklin on why. I'm Franklin well right. And they said thank you for coming. And shook our hands. I was so impressed with that did not expect. Yeah no that's very tall order if they have wonder if they plan to have member of the family there is much of the time is they care if they're kind of taken shifts to good to ensure that the family I know they were. Well I say I know it's only got talked to any of them but they had to have been. Awfully impressed with that motorcade the other day and watching all the people on the highways and people the one lady I saw blowing him kisses. Kind of got to me but don't you just did I don't know just that the whole lot tries to Charlotte was so it was very moving very cool. That's when Franklin put on state books how much it meant to him and his family I think they did not expect that either. So maybe they felt like they needed to. You know Schiller president. Outstanding at the end of the calf get a maybe they will take terms but. I was I was just so impressed and then. All the gap people saying thank you for pounding and I'm telling you know really at my blessing and a. Now now I'd look listen when I went by the other night Thursday night I guess to pick out a press credential. I went up the woodland entrance and no was greeted by two really nice ladies and and I could not have been more polite and said no you need to go. Around this car in and out there and you'll see your Shaq and and going to there are so I pull up to the guard shack. Gentleman comes out and I Citic is it okay if I park Tierney says oh yeah perfect 21 and enough. And so I went in to get my pass and there were like five people in the air and I got the same treatment that you just do it. Thank you for coming thank you for covering this thank you for and you just to kind of feel like or I don't know its own. It's there that there are all on the same page you will see was just the it did just a really warm feeling when you wanna step on the grounds there on time I'm sure they wanna make sure that that's the way you feel. Barkley. Sat. Describes it perfectly and that's what it might. Was it I've ever been and also so what news so what's it like to be an Allison casket in the earth and and then the room and none and then doctor Graham and it just kind of. Very moving for me is a huge huge theft in about how there are some pictures. Thought the apparent that his parents and all the kids that all the grandkids. All along the walls and on the table. And then now is it small and even there were in the cap hit is there and it's small. But it's a very moving the look around and see all the pictures and realize this is how he grew up. Yeah now and then then that they don't put it up and therein therein are welcoming UN time like you said you discuss welcomed the payout thank you for taking the time to call until also appreciate your. Apple though lately thank you Don. Tiger hilly version no Laura Bush arrived to deal library. Mo within the last two. Twenty minutes fifteen yeah about plus twenty minutes and no I don't know if they're voted they departed our not to gristle coverage seems to flow. I got away so road. Doesn't appear along tripled to save him a Bill Clinton tomorrow haven't heard anything that I know promote Billy Carter president trump will be here on Friday for the funeral. Which are starts at a noon. And of. Course. Director Graham goes to Washington. Two. Opera great honor. An honor that's only been. Oh doled out to 33 other people. And the US capitol be honored at the US capitol join up. Bunch of notable Americans as he lives and owner at the US candle a capital of the rotunda. And eleven of whom were president's so. Pretty cool pretty cool thing their. We talk to order tyra to Olympics. Over as of last night. And. There are a host cities are starting to. We come few and far between. Back in the seventies sometime or another in Denver had been accepted as say Olympic city. And the citizens of Denver far remember correctly went to the polls and said no. We don't want it. And it had to do with a lot of things. Would Traficant expense and no sore and so forth was one of them. That you start to read dead this of this article starts off slow this has to armchair in South Korea are. Built a brand new Olympic Stadium to host the winter games in this year. So two weeks ago for the first time they used it. And then last night. They closed down the Olympics and. 30035000. Seat stadium cost a 109 million dollars to build. Which actually when I saw that figure are thought to myself now that's pretty reasonable. Com. It was used four times. And now it will be demolished. Because it's it's in a town of 40000 people the county it's situated and has about 40000 people. So in order to fill the stadium after the Olympics in the paralympics are over. Almost every single person living in the area would have to attend an event there are simultaneously. To us fill it up the stadium below those soon be useless to the local so they do turned out. They built it and then they're gonna terror down. And because to the stadium will come to an astonishing ten million dollars per hour abuse. And that's just nuts. And the good bid that vessel they terror down I I'm not that was kind of stunned about that although they've got pictures in hero former Olympic venues that are just turned into ghost towns and area are just in ruins and. And they talk about the Olympics a powerful symbol of why fewer and fewer cities Byung Chang especially being the symbol of why people around the world. Hey want to host the Olympics and NB. Don't want to host the Olympics rising costs in horror stories of unexpected debt in the increased burden of white elephants facilities that are expensive to but useless after the games. Have made more and more cities a little wary of hosting the Olympics in a recent years one of the reasons a Los Angeles is a perfect venue for the Olympics is they already have so many places that you can that they can use. And I guess there was a discussion for a good many years of maybe it's time that we come up with permanent sites for the Winter Olympics in the Summer Olympics. And at the time everybody thought no that's no no no I don't want to argue that and resides at that would just beat. Politically impossible because. Because then you get into you know. Dictatorships and. To the 2004 games garnered bids from twelve cities around the world for the 20/20 games approval shrank to five bidders and then. The 20/20 two Winter Olympics in the 20/20 four Summer Olympics only got two bidders each. And in fact for the 20/20 four games the International Olympic Committee decided to do something unprecedented and instead of choosing between one of the two bidders. Paris and Los Angeles. It awarded Paris the Olympics in 2424. Summer Olympics. And it gave Los Angeles the 20/20 eight Samper Olympics and experts say that the IOC decided to give it to them. At the same time for a simple reason they are afraid no other city would want to host the tournament by the time the 20/20 eight bidding started. Now the Olympics is the greatest and oldest sporting competition in the world. In cities have historically looked at playing host. That's a prestigious event you talk about things that'll put you on the map. Did you know Yong Zheng before. The last. Few weeks. But at what expense I mean at what cost. It's it's I don't believe it's an unparalleled opportunity to showcase. What you have. Sparked this case what you built. And in turn attract new terrorism and foreign investment but skyrocketing cost of Maine hosting them more of a burden that privileges announce that in some experts think that the bids to host them. Could vanish altogether you have a host. Is that you you host the Olympics that it might sound like a good idea and it is a great opportunity but. The reality of posting may say in this article is just took blood go a little bit messy year than all of that first. The sports facilities almost always cost more than anticipated. And since 1960 no Olympic Games have come in under budget in fact nearly half of them end up costing more than twice. As much as was expected. And then. Additionally cities tend do find that most of the stadiums. And fields and courts and other facilities. They're often built for the games are simply useless after the Olympics are over and there are enormous size makes them difficult for athletes to use it for fans to fill up. Nobody in the world they say this is Victor Matheson is a sports economist at the college of bow all across assist. Nobody in the world needs a 101000 seats swimming arena or a 101000 seats skating noble. And he's right. In what she did so hard other converted into an NHL. Is that when city's attempt there are retro effect Olympic facilities to make them useful for other sports a can become very expensive very quickly London's attempt to converted to Olympic Stadium for a to a local soccer team. After it hosted the games into when he twelve ended up costing as much as the stadium itself. There's little evidence the city's C a substantial terrorism bump. Not because beyond the games themselves and then you complicate things further. And that is that hosting the Olympics has become a neighbor riskier proposition out is because. Things like 9/11 and dictators in the IOC's business model. It's expensive. Many recent Olympic Games have become so my pop they have had some high popping up prize stakes. The Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008 cost forty billion dollars. The Sochi Winter Olympics cost 51 billion dollars. Rio summer 201613. Billion dollars to Yung Chang. Not gonna cost about the same thirteen billion dollars. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks this is the cost of security at the Olympics has skyrocketed. 9/11 post security. Has about two to five billion dollars to the price tag just to start went. The two most expensive Summer Olympics in Winter Olympics in history were hosted by Russia and China. Analysts say the fact that they are both large non democratic countries helps explain why they set records for how much they spend. Then they're dead they're not accountable to the people. Democracy is if you're all the sudden want to go out and spend forty billion dollars. Democracies are a pain in the butt. For decades city's. Olympic bids. Have been about more than just building sports facilities cities tend to use those bids is an opportunity to invest in upgrading infrastructure for transit today in the city roads and public transportation. And tourism hotels and parks. In China and Russia both use the Olympics to invest massively in their cities and they did it to improve the cities themselves into impressed the world. But they also did it because they could. And while democratic leaders have to be mindful of public opinion when making investments in the Olympics. Auto perhaps don't have to worry about that as much. So they have much more freedom to spend wildly. That's also where you're gonna run into a problem of all the sudden you say well let's just come up with a a permanent winter and summer games locations. While you do that. That's gonna get political. They say unless the hosting committee are the competition model changes most cities will continue to see the cost of worthwhile as worthwhile. Are those of the autocratic nations. While those say experiencing. Though hosting the Olympics and then the past people would have done it before we'll probably wanna do it again. The pattern has already emerged. In the most legal bidding rounds the two final bidders for the 20/20 two Winter Olympics. Does Pakistan and Beijing. Neither of which has to worry much about public opinion ended it with a jaw dropping costs the three other bidders into one H 42 Stockholm crack cal and Oslo. They all dropped out midway through the process because. Of local political opposition. To hosting. Not just because of the cost but because of the security. So. One of the reasons Los Angeles got the 2244 games is because they were afraid they wouldn't get bids for the 20/20 four games so they awarded a Tony twenty games to our Paris and a 220 floors to our. But to Los Angeles. And that's why almost no one wants to host the Olympics anymore. The have made some comments or just after the suburban that Joseph left the Billy Graham Library with Diaw for the president and his wife Laura amend talked a very brief very briefly about to have a visit I think a joke. But I blustery Augusta mall ideologue that's all assuming you'll hear that in no video newscast or coming from Mike Doyle on news talk 1110 WB two. But. He also made reference. And this may be the first time that he's a spoken in front of alive Mike since the entourage Romo Black Mountain two or Charlotte due the day he also made reference to. How overwhelmed they were with the numbers of people and standing on bridges and on and everything else so. Very brief comments. And and then just basically your talked about. The impact that the out pouring it have on mount on the family so that's that's very good I'll. You're shot a thousand bucks comes up that tough for thirty credits for thirty news will give you another word to a text to seven to 81 on national contest but got a shot to. When 2000 also will tell you how to do that doesn't come out of that a news I read the news today oh boy is coming up front around here corner. The S Supreme Court rejected dead trumps request on the dreamers today's so the justices will not intervened. And suggests that the program may continue after the deadline that was set up march the fifth Cirillo legislatures are under no. Hardcore march 5 date to get all of that done the US Supreme Court rejected trumps. Highly unusual bit to get to justice to intervene in this day in this controversy over protections for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants the other justices today he refused to take up the administration's appeal the lower court order that requires the administration to continue accepting a renewed applications for the deferred action for. Childhood arrivals program. And I administration had just sought to bypass the federal appeals court in San Francisco but the Supreme Court there well don't know and I we're know we're not getting her out. 1919. Active. The US congress established to most of the Grand Canyon does the United States national park. All the National Park Service or the 2657. Days in the near 308 days to go. Tim murders Lee introduced wild word oh worldwide web on this date first web browser 1991. 1891. Does about a year after I got here. And who would have ever known. They still think about the first time we ever got a computer which was probably 45 years after. They had put out computer I'll never forget this they've put a computer in. Common area where we all had our desks every Bogans and Mike Collins Don Russell Weller desks and and they put this common computer back there at one point they'll staff meeting. And bode well and at one point they sit out I'm an email we're supposed to be checking that every day but most of us didn't have any idea is it. They sit out an email on day at that from now on from this point forward. All the details. Of anything that we're doing WBT related will be. Released here. All memos will be released through email here. But none of us knew what we are doing so probably about six months later they figured out that none of us knew what was going on the radio's good because. And out of Israel and the computer with no reason to. Computers are still something in the in the future. And then. The first one of Dallas I think was 9594. I don't know what it wants. And AOL. Diallo. You've got mail yeah I know they're very cool. So afraid if I hit a button I was gonna erase everything. Brett web crawler was up though when that went home web crawler was the first think. Do we have moved I was afraid we real news web crawler we went to some other program that I got to talk about web crawler. I can't survive a web crawler. White House was a lockdown Friday after a driver rammed a security barrier. Lisa Marie Presley says she's broke she's suing your business manager. Not her fault. Buying all those houses and do all the sent him. I don't think she ever knew that they came dew and AM. Don't think I ever knew that can do it and didn't Elvis Presley states still has recognized him. And he's still in the top ten list of dead celebrities and them she still get parts of that. Are you worth about 141000 dollars now. You gave money for the divorce from Michael Jackson. Us sort of traffic there we go abroad you by hunters shall Ford as a pretty soon and it's a 23 and number remind him that may boomer you're worth more than Lisa Marie Presley wow. Kimono that didn't. We'll show you know I don't think it had to do with your famous apparently that's not at all yet I thought that after graduation present you know in the connections you make right it just means you probably have a business the better business managers and she doesn't know I don't know what your wife's name again have a -- it she's gotta have planned man she's gotten easier to affect my all the bushes are left out and so on now get ready for the clintons are we doing otherwise. Her mercy and improving conditions on I 85 in guessing counties do a bit slow but at a police as submitted exit fourteen east Bessemer city and a collision reported sapped out an exit seventeen US three toward one of the traffic flows improving now they really are putting up some heavy rain moving suggesting chaotic. If you're searching for an alternate for some of the back up so US seventy fours in pretty good shape but just not have a collision all know loaders road near Ottawa broad north also to the east don't start this road north of these found independence. To the south on highway for if you want to Beverly crest boulevard. And near Barbara and onto a Glaxo Marvin road just east of Cramer road you Mayweather would Jim Wilson wrote as an alternate. Prime time at a 45 Alberta exit if you want independence objection thirty high 85 less than 22 minutes. WBT weather channel forecast partly cloudy tonight after this rain quickly moves through partly cloudy and 38 cent tomorrow sunny 64. 5700. Serial 63 of the queen city. Next update at 450 boomer by Kenneth WBTs traffic. Your love Saturday did you watch the curling. US. I did not really I I've watched bits and preserve a very nearly locked into it. And I guess at some point I got an update on my phone does that they had won that the US shocked the world and so that I can I tune in their. I had no idea how many rounds curling goes eleven days ago. 101000. Years is like baseball is like a nine inning game thing is that they way I tuned in about six and and an elitist when they just actually locked it down. But it was pretty cool. If you do Leo it's. It's if it's I don't know it's like oh Vienna stoned and watch and they marvel. At the you should be just got to pledges of all mesmerized by it and its employees figures self. What are you doing. Now. Now and Rivera Robert where. People watching it 00. Well it was pretty good and they Americans want him you know do good for us we we go to we shocked the world. Won a gold medal and a curling including the guy that looks like Mario. But the rain had the most passionate. Our McCarron international airport in Las Vegas has boxes for travelers to dump their we did did you see that story. And an overwhelming number of applications for janitors Aldrich 200 bucks and over to Billy VT newsroom ago or Mike Doyle has todays big story. Thanks John former president George W. Bush and his wife Laura in Charlotte this afternoon traveling to Graham library to visit the casket of reverend Billy Graham. Died last week at the age of 99. Lauren are honored to be able to come and pay our respects to. The Graham family. And more importantly to be able Sega back to. A person who is influential in our lives. And influential in the lives of millions. Assure us this afternoon at the Graham library with thousands of others from all walks of life of filed slowly pass grams casket today. It's the first of two days of visitation. Former President Clinton is expected tomorrow Graham body will. Lion on earth US capitol Wednesday and Thursday and then it'll be returned to Charlotte for Friday's funeral president crop expected to attend that. I'm Mike Doyle the stock 1110993. WPT. WBT loves you so much if you ever tune in you don't hear news you tuned into the wrong stations use talk. I'm free. She that's our club that I sit and didn't see an hour and a half ago Lawton doppler radar it's sheer palm I don't know that it's dropped to raise substantial amount of moisture on this yet but heard start to look pretty ominously over here are almost west Charlotte studio so what. We could do there's a there's a string it goes basically from my Greeneville all the way up. It's kind of like an I 85 storm is just gonna wander called on no through so worried you may see if you're between Charlotte and no Greeneville you may see some. Most of showers I don't think anything substantial tomorrow's supposed to be beautiful normalcy rain again no Wednesday Thursday. Listen sprained right around the corner think about that you've won that Pedro paver patio or that fire pit for a long long time called my guys has secured turf. 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There's an element hit 99 pareto Levy G traffic and weather together thanks to hundreds billboard I 77 exit 43 and boomer behind him I thank John Webb. Every delays under way on outbound of the for Brooke shirt like that Berkshire freeway as well as John Bale freeways admits there's an uptown Charlotte. He went on Brooke shares just before ice every seven and delays go back to north prior art. On westbound John Belk is that just before I 77 with a blaze now stretching back to kill more. So there's really not a good alternative for this now because now there's that third incident report it. Morehead street admits it's going to be a slow way get your way out of uptown this afternoon westbound Berkshire west found John Bale can win some more history have a business sugar creek road Graham street to the south of highway 51 of Beverly crest boulevard northbound highway fit to want to start his rotator Matthews. Had the southwest on shopping road west. It rocked Ireland bribe your drive time before a tribunal good for Mexican IE five victories 23 77 less than fifteen minutes. WBQ weather channel forecast partly cloudy overnight after this ring quickly moves through the overnight low 38 tomorrow sunny 6465. Rock Hill 62 and a clean city next update of five former prime Kenneth WBP traffic. And. Our. Tim Tebow got heard it this spring training your degree was in spring training with the Mets right. He's been playing it safe sprained his ankle Avaya a freak mishap on the field stepped on a sprinkler head in the outfield the matzo attorney facility down and reports say illusion here and Mets announced last month the Tivo was one of nine additional players invited to it's a spring training so we'll see where all of that goes. Malcolm Alexander. I read the news today oh boy just in his twenties when he was thrown into a Louisiana jail for 38 years. One slight problem with that he was innocent. Nonprofit organization called the innocence project reopens that case. And uses DNA testing to help exonerate him. And they were able to prove his innocence so while he was in prison he was raising a puppy. And they were allowed to interact in a common areas and Malcolm decided to rename his dog innocents. Or in her short. And the day after Malcolm was released from prison. Bailout aimed at taking. In home with him. So that's pretty cool story. So if you're a dog you've just been released from prison. Let's first thing you're European carpet. Everywhere. That. Table scraps that's probably worries been eaten his tables Europe's. Robots clones of deadline relatives so there could be a reality soon. Now Biden goes one on. Listen there's not anybody I would rather that I would love to see more than my grandparents. But this wouldn't be down this would be clones. I'm not looking for a twins not look good for artificial on both very good. Saw I think all as to argue about taken to Billy Graham route and sea of like America maybe reunite with them and in a different way rather imploding. This sort of some work to do artificial intelligence has been infiltrating almost every aspect of the human life the last two years there are scientists now that don't wanna use. To delve into the afterlife team aside just in Sweden. Working on robots that would be a fully conscious. Copies. Of an individual's deceased loved one. The aim is set to create technology that recreates the voices of the deceased and he ability to answer simple questions. So the stupidest idea I've ever. Civil but I don't like or how are you and then their voice that you think you're familiar with says. Biden. Get off the sofa. What are you doing in the living room. But you know that's just for company. What do you mean you won't eat your Brussels sprouts but. Come to dinner amber having liver and onions. I'll eventually they intend to continue to develop the artificial intelligence so that it's able to understand and answer every day conversational questions the researchers want their creation to be away for people to reconnect with their dead family members. And potentially. Real live old times together. And. No because that's not. It says is the stupidest idea ever. So. This comes around every now and then and it's come around again and it's just bizarre the Simpsons. Actually predicted. Teen USA's curling upset. Have you heard thus. If they did again this is a long running animated comedy that has displayed an uncanny tendency to kind predict future events like Disney buying fox. Number that. Or the the fiber corruption scandal or Donald Trump's presidency member that we did that. And they just nailed another one day after facing elimination the US men's curling team battled back to pull off an upset against the favored Swedish team. And took home the gold medal on Saturday in the early in the Olympics. And it was soon pointed out on social media the the Simpsons that depicted a similar team USA triumph eight years ago. Though it was in mixed curling. In season two when he won episode boy meets curl. Homer and Marge for rate curling team. And wind up taking home the gold for the United States. And guess who claimed the silver. Sweden. The Simpsons. Wade I ahead of their time on her way to winning the gold medal for the 2018 letter Olympics Khloe Kim seventy year old snowboarder. Used her tweets to let everybody know that Sheryl Lowe sued. And has since she's become a gold medalist she has been talking about food a lot. And now she's on not a cereal box to caption me. A sponsored incher Graham posted she wrote you know. You'll no way I think about food too often which made me perfect fit for. Team Kellogg's. Social beyond the box as some who makes so Wheaties on Kellogg. General Mills. Now. But good for and the rogue score all that ran onto the Olympic course did you see this. Squirrels scamper on a parallel slalom. A giant slalom course Saturday and Jung Zheng. Inches away from tragedy is Austria's Daniel moving went racing by. Stupid squirrel. And the woman who wore the I don't do doping T shirt. Every wasn't sure it was a shirt letter of a teacher or not. Failed Olympic doping test. It's like the guy on the you know biggest pulled over and I later in the bumper sticker that says I'm not drunk. Interview with the Associated Press earlier this month Russian bobsled pilot I can't burn out her name not d.s got. Sir diva. So another Olympic athletes had warned. Terror warmed to her since she had been allowed to compete in the this year's. And during the interview she was wearing a shirt that read I don't do doping. Now on Friday the Russian bobsled officials confirmed that she had failed a doping test. Tested positive Sunday foray on medication used to four angina. That has been banned because of its effects on metabolism. So. She needs a new shirt. I'm adult. Or something. Along those were. 5 o'clock ACF 5 o'clock news or more Olympic stuff and. And some maybe some more of Graham's stuff to us and a becomes available in your shot to win 5000 bucks next hour in about 530. Am Charlotte UB TF and Chester BR KH DT Charlotte. You just talking elevenths that 993 WBZ. The first president comes to Charlotte to honor Billy Graham at 5 o'clock I'm Mike Doyle. Former president George W. Bush and his wife Laura paid their respects to late reverend passing the cast it's set up and grams boyhood home on the Graham library property in south where Charlotte. Bush says the famed evangelist was influential to his family including his father and former president HW bush. A late Graham and dad were great buddies. And no I know we wish she could come too. Many not moving around much these days but it spirit and heart this year. Bush one of several former president expected in town this week to pay tribute to Graham. Who died last week at the age of 99 former President Bill Clinton expected in Charlotte tomorrow and president trump on Friday for the private funeral service. We start eleventh 993 WBTs traffic and weather together brought you back holder's bill Ford I 77 exit 23 here's. Homer thank you might have delays underway on Jon bill and brochures this afternoon this report is sponsored by orders stayed on the west fell brochure approaching I 77. And delays began now under Graham street for westbound John Bale higher ups go back to third and fourth streets. And one of your brain alternate have a collision on morehead admit right fix of the football stadium have a collision on those sugar creek road Graham street and also drove north on sunset road appears very. Smear Matthews on northbound highway 51 this artist's roads. And to the west on Wilkinson boulevard at Allegheny street shopped at road west that Rock Island roads you drive time ice 77 headed northbound to make sure lever broke your freeway to exit 2500 trio less than 22 minutes discover an active person centered in the retirement with an amenity field 231. Acre campus at folders gates. All minded voters gates CC RC dot com next update 510 boomer vying Kenneth WBP traffic. The ranger pushing on to the east and away from osh and Dell looks like we have clearing skies behind a fraud took tonight in Charlotte down to 38 degrees been awhile since we've been. Donna thirties we had such summer like reading so last week. High temperatures in the mid sixties tomorrow some sunshine other weather feature approaches Wednesday Thursday with a chance for rain showers. And low to mid sixty's for they semis I'm Scott larger more from the weather channel news talk 1110 and 99 through W VT. This popular rain over the immediate Charlotte area right now if you have your pockets are mixed in willow moved quickly to the east. And I don't bringing cooler temperatures are where the rain is actually following the temperatures have dropped about ten degrees. In the past half hour down to 53 now and potter's spell where we got rain reported also when Charlotte we're down into the mid fifties. While we're still at 65 degrees down in Iraq killed that rained just about to move in. To the Iraq killer area but it will be brief. WBT what brought you by Charlotte Comfort Systems heating and air conditioning. A fatal shooting today that's a nearby went to university into a lockdown. Was partially captured on FaceBook life. The victim identified as printers Robinson in his fifties. Was recording without Sophie stick on Jerome street talking about his phone being stolen he had just been to the police department. When he was approached by a man who stayed mostly out of the camera's view you'll laugh. You left it about you all back. Robinson they're telling him your online on FaceBook live in the a man apparently holding a long gun of some kind. How far those four shots and then ran off camera fell to the ground pointing upward that Amanda Monica in the man with the gun jumped past lens the gunman remains a large. US Supreme Court today dealing a setback to president trump requiring his administration to maintain protections he sought to end. For hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought illegally to the US as children you'll laugh. For now the drug administration is essentially stop with Dhaka. Despite its desire and the program so and it regardless of what happens on the hill and in the executive branch about the future cash. Up right now the courts are saying the program has to continue. At least for now. That's Supreme Court reporter KHO says this spring court justices did not explain the reasoning but said the appeal was denied without prejudice. Indicating they'll maintain an open mind on the underlying legal issue that's still being considered by a lower card. Sales of new homes fell in January by about 8% from December and the increasing cost of buying could be the factor according to Michael Neal with the national association of home builder we have. Seen interest rates on the horizon on fairly dramatically over the mosque and Barbara keep playing a role. The median price of a new home nationwide also dropping four point 1% last month compared to December now at 323000. The Panthers a cut ties with two veterans defensive end Charles Johnson and defensive back Kurt Coleman. Biggest reason appears to be the team desire for cap space and releasing both of those players will create a lot of it. Johnson ranks second to Julius Peppers in franchise history in sacks and forced fumbles and Coleman had a big year his first Carolina season 2015. When he was third in the NFL with seven interceptions during that a Super Bowl run. A Wall Street today the Dow rose 398. NASDAQ up 32 S&P gained 84 points and Mike Doyle knew stock 1110993. WB two. Friday the president was at C pac. Politika a conservative a political action conference. And vice president Mike Pence. Was there as well. And they had a speaker by the name of Mona. Sherron. CH a REM. She was escorted out of the Conservative Political Action Conference. Com for her own safety after she. Took conservatives to task force supporting politicians accused of sexual misconduct including Roy Moore and president trump. She doubled down on op Ed piece with the New York Times today. She said I'm glad I got booted the C peck. She's a conservative columnist and shear wrote Sunday that nothing. She was initially has says says she'd noting that she was initially wary of accepting the invite to speak at a conference that was so like. The GOP. Becoming heavily trump defied. She noted how it's it felt kennel like they had Twilight Zone episode from. For old time conservatives since trumpet emerged. And that many have succumbed to with numbing regularity. To the new order. Now this is say a woman who says she's a conservative and then there's no reason I had that I know of but I don't know her ins and outs in her life story or anything along those lines but basically what she's saying is that time I was a conservative before we had Donald Trump. And and had Donald Trump technically is no conservative he may have done some things that make conservatives happy but he's no conservative. So she goes to what is the Conservative. Political Action Conference. And she doesn't walk the line. And they get her out of there they say for her own safety. She was. Asked to sit in on. Mean to panel addressing sexual misconduct. And she said it is is she isn't willing to let the bad actors take control and so even though she anticipated her auction enter our audience would be a hostile she accepted the invite. So she was asked about female hypocrisy by the panel's moderator and she answered by saying that conservatives credibility on sexual ethics. Is rightly challenged when they don't stand up against people like Troy opened more. And the boos started flying almost immediately. And she said I actually found it kind of freeing. It must be done again and again. By those of us who refresh our scares me by those of us who refuse. To be absorbed into this brave less sinister cloning staying. Called trump ism. But those of us who refuse to overlook the fools frauds and fascists. Attempting to glide along in his slip stream. Into respectability. Shall let a firecracker and Angie. Her for a may not wanted there are for a man probably should have been in the right place but doesn't the right place anymore. And in other than the fact that. I guess you haven't hardcore. Proven. Roy Moore and and now president Tom Borough available of a sexual misconduct. Urgency you're exactly. Where she's so. Badly wrong. Which I'm sure we'll always be my own fans. And just you in just Fisher moments. It's another example of are our current tolerance her. Tolerance. He blogger trump let's US delegation to the young Jiang Olympics. Closing ceremonies this weekend Jews around for a few the last events and. American athletes found themselves a slammed on social media whether they posted something nice or something nasty about it. Bob's letters Lauren gives innate Webber both separately posted photos with the president's daughter and no White House senior advisor and they have both got flack for it. The who. What has have been critical of the Olympics. Especially vice president Mike Pence. Who led the opening ceremony US delegation and the trump administration got blasted when he tweet to do before walking and our Padilla closing ceremony so proud of all these people everybody here has worked so hard to make it to the Olympics and we have the opportunity to walk in the closing ceremony well everybody except he vodka. Honestly what is she doing here. For her part Gibbs tweeted dealt with salty of vodka and a white house Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. And said it's important to remember that we don't have to agree on everything to get along be civil with each other and enjoy each other's company. And said to critics being nasty to them would not solve the issue and don't get me wrong there are so so many issues and I am capturing the full experience of my first Olympics. They are part of it and again whether or not like what they stand for are not. She levers that it is an active duty US army or green beret. She wrote about how much his young family and daughter's life had like a bunker. Who watched the event with his family and he responded to what to say he called haters with a photo saying his girls had a truly special experience. It didn't matter if there was an Obama Laura Bush or Reagan or Clinton or a trumpet was just somebody. In a position to do so as to do so making the Olympics that much more special for my kids I appreciate that. Coming together. Is. The Olympic spirit he writes. It is supposed to be enough. Athletes tend to do it pretty well. But apparently. Some of the rest of the folks still available overworked under. The Canadian ski cross athlete David Duncan and his trainer Willie rain and his wife were arrested in South Korea after police sale vehicle was stolen and the driver was impaired at the time of the arrest. They won't the last time we heard about an Olympian stick your vehicle just slightly faced. Rain had a blood alcohol level of point 16 legal limit in South Korea has point 05 all three have been restricted from leaving South Korea though there are a case will be. Expedited through the legal process Duncan who finished eight. In the S ski cross and Byung Chang has said in a statement. I would like to apologize profusely from my inexcusable actions. Words are not enough to express how sorry I am I have let my teammates friends and my family down I would also like to apologize to the owner of the vehicle that was involved. This didn't get nearly the publicity is a Canadian skier. Didn't get nearly the publicity of. Just to lock me. But maybe the events were it. Maybe mr. Locke is a bit it was a little bit more hope now. But anyway there you go don't get drunk at the Olympics and and and steer clear vehicles. And alcohol vehicles seems to not be a good mix for olympians. From all the way is due out fail ought to make a medal in the Olympic Games. And especially in this grueling thirty kilometer cross country race. Which would take me a lifetime. In and that would be in a car. And he ever cross country ski in all my guy. Holy smokes I mean you. This is like the biting the heads cycle assume you know. Right a 180 miles up hill and then no get up the next morning and do it again. And you just think gosh you can do that while we go out Colorado we see guys you know look back on bikes going up trail ridge road. The time he gets double trail ranger at 121000 made hundreds fevers 600 feeder road to somewhere I don't know what it is but it's closed its system. There is no lawyer. These guys are just like super human. Anyway there's this guy in this thirty kilometer cross country race Australia Olimpia and a Teresa it's probably not a guy John. Stab Lowber. Discovered the most excruciatingly. Regrettable. Weighed two failed to get a metal. She got lost. She took a wrong turn. And she got lost. And she ended up in ninth place. It happened after she had already covered 23 kilometers while she was. Running. In second place. In line for a silver medal. You meet people and what if game the rest of your life. She was so far enough behind eventual gold medalist Marguerite barrage Dornan. Don't matter for now to just your pick exit. On Norway. Odd that she apparently couldn't just follow the leader and instead. Of closely following of course markers. She appears to of butter no. Lost her mind and veered off that our own direction. Now I suppose at some point I mean big you're. There's got to be certain amount of that word you really got to push through because it's. So at that time you just kind of head down and just go. And not pay attention to our warrior going just just get through. Breakthrough that wall. They were found to be extremely says. She was out the middle nowhere. You know or the middle of nowhere is. Science has figured out where the middle of nowhere is. I'll tell you know. We're the middle of nowhere is when we come back in just a few seconds. Every bit in the middle of nowhere. I think I have into the middle of nowhere. On this continent a small wonder. We would allow some other country have the middle of nowhere we've we want to go nowhere. And did The Beatles do a song about the middle of nowhere. No. They did a song about the man who lived in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere man. Beck do you adjust to kill including amazing facts about dreams do you dream. All right did there and nowhere. The northeastern. Town of of Glasgow. Is according to and I'll go rhythm. Just about as far as you can get from anywhere. These folks at the malaria atlas project at Oxford University. Studied. They study DI intersection of disease is geography and demographics. All that it's gonna have no idea if that's why I'm not. The a huge team spent years building a globe spanning now map outlining just how long it takes to cross any spot on the planet based on its transportation dives. Vegetation slope elevation and more. Armed with that data. And hours and hours of computer time the Washington Post processed every pixel. And every populated place in the contiguous United States to find the one that best represents. The middle of nowhere. And it turned out to be Glasgow Montana. All the towns with more than a thousand residents blast go there is home to 3363. People. In the rolling prairie of northeastern. Montana. It is farthest about four and a half hours in any direction from any metropolitan area. Oh more than 75000. People. So there you go. Next time he's saying I don't know Aurora the middle of nowhere. Check your map for Glasgow Montana. Maybe that's where you work. Or maybe that's where you thought sure. Maybe that's where you were supposed to be there. Was it just Coca-Cola that judge you know all the new flavors of good diet joke. Just introduced two new players and coach coach at. Her her goal is adding somebody new flavor options this marks the first time that the company has done so since they added Vanilla Coke. In 2002. He had to new flavors will be Georgia peach. Which want to do reduce oil which until on the got visit caps it got started and. Coke did. In in Georgia. So I guess returning to their roots Georgia peach Coke. And California raspberry. Which would be like. Cherry Coke but not wouldn't. Coca-Cola says the attuned new fruit flavors are low locally inspired and are intended to hearken. Back to the brands handcrafted heritage. The new flavors will be sold individually or as four packs of twelve ounce glass bottles. Nationwide. So there. Will be no that is I can't be dragged its replica. Us scientists have defined a wisdom and they debunk the myth that it comes with age. Wisdom isn't necessarily something you get over time scientists on Oregon State University researchers took a look at fifty study participants who are participated in dramatic life events. They found 64%. Or 32 participants view that these incidences. As landmarks in their journey towards self discovery five said enduring rough times helped them find self acceptance while others said drawing from their personal strengths. To get through tough times helped them overcome issues that. They could not change such as death of a loved one. The lead study author is a doctor Carolyn Baldwin and she explained the adage used to be. That with age comes wisdom but that's not really true she says generally the people who had it to a work. To sort things out after the difficult life of them are the ones who arrived at new meaning. The take home message apparently according to her is what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and smarter. I've always thought that when you're at your lowest. We know when life just delivers you did the very bottom of the pile that's when you basically start building character or depending on some of the character that she's built. Anyway I debunk this study that's about celebs page does go with the wisdom or wisdom comes with age. That's one of the two. The buzz. Anonymous comments from readers and the observer or when your children are leaders in your leaders are children you know changes coming. You're a degree of all of these I just think some although most of these fuel lizard is basically these are. Readers' comments that they write in little short shots make you think sometimes. Wanna see a serious teacher shortage. Well concealed carry in schools are required teachers to be armed. What made no doubt is now. No Mo. And that's true. I still like note up have been there for a while. But I guys still like note just like the idea of note off but that's what happens. I'm a brother and gosh it's got to be twenty years fifteen years. Twenty years so whatever. The guy who originally was one of the owners of our partners. Well I think it was the smelly cat coffee thing died. This and would no doubt was just start and terror you know people were starting to say hey there's this. People have taken this section of oh what is that 36 straight Davidson. And and it's starting to become something. And then become anything yet. But evening news might have been open neighborhood theater was still don't but it was bringing in better when bringing into bands as Freeman now for darted to but I mean you know it was David's assaults all of it surely. Almost like a hippies used to take over a section of us some towns like Boulder, Colorado and kind of turn it into a cool place to go. And then as soon as that happens. Then all the sudden money starts ago and they have a guy who opened up a restaurant with the 49 dollars and not much else and a paintbrush. I'm gets pushed out by a guy US you know 120000. Dollars and higher staters. And and I don't notice still got a flavor all to its own but. But slowly but surely it's becoming. Price prohibitive houses and everything else and so they moved to another section of town. And some little that's kind of great plaza Millwood got started it's kind of you know. And it becomes trendy and then the money follows that and does not always bad and wrong with pleasant that would. But it's drowsiness nor it is and it's a trendy in the bars are packed and it's. It's it's not what. It is when people started to have discovered. You know eighteen years ago. That's called progress and cultures through the whole Lotta stuff that you wrote convert into about a there's. My daughter my in my granddaughter. Never you never I did do they dream. They must. While they dream they smile or this wallet about. Really pictured. There and they've got such a limited. I don't know I'd say is so watch and I figured that. A blind people dream. If you've been blind all your life do you dream. As reducing about dreams over the weekend has had people become blind after birth concede images in their dreams people who are born blind do not see any images but have dreams equally vivid involving their other senses. Of sound smell touch and emotion. I never knew that. I know loved when they are put me on this met Foreman and no blood pressure medicine now for this died dvds tag to last July. My dreams are just bizarre anymore not bad they're not scarier it is hard to happen I mean just just bazaar and people that. People showing up in my dreams these days that I have no idea why they're there. It says you forgot you forget 90% of your dreams and within five minutes of waking half of your dream it's forgotten and within ten. 90% of it is gone. And and you had dreams that you woken up from a and you thought to yourself cash. That was so vivid are that was so I'm. I won't forget that one and ten minutes later you're try to remember what all us. Everybody dreams every human. I'm being dreams. Except in cases of extreme psychological disorder but the men and women have different dreams and different physical reactions men tend to dream. I'm more about other men really. While women TNT agreement equally about men and women. We only dream of what we know. Our dreams are frequently full of strangers who play out certain parts. And that makes sense to me sometimes you'll have somebody show opened a dream that you know you kind of wonder why they're there. But for the most part if there are other people around they're kind of they're not the people that stand out in the dream but there have been supporting cast. So they are. They are there are real faces of real people that you have seen during your life but you may not know or remember. Not everybody dreams and collar. A full 12% of cited people dream exclusively in black and white. The remaining member dream in full color. Would that be the Andy Griffith syndrome. Dreams are not about what they say there about if you dream about some particular subject that is not often that the dream as well as about that brings speak at least speak and I deeply symbolic language. Quarters. Have more vivid dreams people who have smoke. Cigarettes for a long time who stopped have reported much more vivid dreams and they would normally experience. And external stimuli invades your dreams it's called dream incorporation editors and experience that most of us have had. Somewhere over us sound from reality as heard in our dream our incorporated in some way they similar though less external. Example would be that when you are physically thirsty and your mind incorporate that feeling into your dream. So there you go three and stuff I never knew you probably knew Weaver and mark garrisons coming up next Charlotte six Aussie tomorrow's story.