Review of The Charlotte Primary, and the New iPhone

John Hancock
Wednesday, September 13th

Joe Gillespie sits in for Hancock and reviews the election results, the new iPhone and more.


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Well good afternoon Joseph obesity and John this afternoon here on WB two we've got some breaking news off the top. School shooting Spokane Washington. Breaking this afternoon one student killed five addled injured. May be less for getting conflicting reports on the injured it happened at Freeman high school south of Spokane. The shooter is today in him in police custody at this time. So far there not releasing and he many details. Of on the shooter I don't know it was and a teenager is it. An adult I don't I don't know what that's all about but. And it seemed to me that it had been a little bit of a time anyway. Since we had one of these in any description and boy here we go again I was. At a news conference at the school Leo today. And his lovely school. And that. Point you know. I was Leven and I just flashed on. The fact Chris. Schools are to safe places they used to being. I mean. I would never have those kind of thoughts. And now I'm walking away and out of the blue I think. I wonder what kinds of security and I'm Don Dolan. Yeah there's security when you go into the school and things and and done biffle got plans and preparations and resource officers some of them and things like that and it was a great place but I just. You know I just honest I only you know we never would have ever thought about that krona per. About that kind of Soviet I was troubled schools sometimes you don't because again into a fight. That that was the trouble at school you know. But. To have that kind of violence so I know it's for a way but I wanted to be aware shooting at a high school in Spokane. And there was. One person killed and supposedly a student. And three of five people injured in this shooting this afternoon. Who do were kind of gets you more details on that we're gonna talks more about couple thinks this afternoon. I was talking about world politics about the mayor's the probe primary. Which. Was it who turned out to be moral and news story more of a night that I think anybody thought I was going to I was lucky I didn't have any preconceived notions going in the last time. Now was assigned to go to O'Brien no Lyles. Campaign. Office. And did and was an interest in the evening and turned out there I'm getting text about the ninth from garrison news over it to. Over the mayors and knew he cinema Tex go and he may be on this story EU we may have been on. You now on puck and I say. It was it was an interesting experience I'm not mean here long enough to know her. And he was interesting did to meet members of her family. And losing interest in scenario because we were not. In a big hotel ballroom. We we weren't arrest strong we were in a campaign office in a building. That. Down along all as. It was crowded in got a warm and bill. Through and all that stuff and who's very interest in the evening. The people that where there. From Cindy mostly friends and family. A lot of family and to that was neat to see the interaction in the candidate had with all these people. It was a very sincere were. Almost like you were in the you know in a private affair as opposed to a public affair. I mean if you were hugging people and there were tears and it was a big night now old what what can we expect going forward what the race going to be like. I have reached out to radio. No one of the top political writers here in town and he similarly I'm good to go so US to work and something right now don't keep working to see if we can't get him on the radio under the surgeon's only get his take on that. I'm also got some audio that you probably haven't heard. Despite all the coverage you've seen and heard on this race. Then there was some an opportunity for what they would of called in DC a gaggle. Which meant that. We got to go on the hallway reporters. And talk to any candidate before the results rant okay. He did you drove for one thing TV wanted to have a little video to cover themselves just in case it no one I was gonna go down one was gonna end. So they have some video to go to have some audio to go to some interest in some interest in questions asked. And some uninteresting answers and she was up. I was very interest infamy. Have not spent time with. Kenny Smith and very like to do that I had spent time covering. Jennifer. There Roberts is an issue she's been the mayor. And I had I had a couple of little of the encounters with the with Ford and so but I really have it was an alibi you I wasn't. Terribly surprised. I mean you could if you could've been convinced me that any of them but one I'm probably would've bought into it. For various reasons so anyway that's part of the conversation this afternoon news if you got a good and contribution to make on this or. Or what what's your take on it I don't know. In Benin dented the mayor of one a lot of the mayor really do. I guess they set the tone. Plus they don't really unless there's a tie vote on council they really don't. Think a lot of places and smile and say thank you in pass out awards and do things like that it. And then narrow kind of a bully pulpit but other than that. Obama's power. Do you really can't. WBT traffic thanks to hunter's bill for ice 77 exit Tony three. Joseph Gillespie sitting in for John today. Fund last night I was up when political reporter. And Mark Garrison who has an eighteen year. Real reporting this. Suggest that I covered by goes he was going to take. It to the mayor since. He just wants. There. I was at a wearing blaze last night on the live line Jim morrow lose one lead means of political reporters writer Jim good afternoon. NATO could appear that I don't I'm not okay were you surprised by the election. We have very much. I was one of those people that thought that. I'm Jennifer Roberts where it would win and maybe without a run up a question about the letters you would have to. I'm go to Iran all turn out and I would as surprised as anybody else but what happens. I I mean I don't. I've only men are a couple of years and and a cover and they don't really know the other candidates exit and just hardly at all. So I want that as surprised but then again. Chris you know this up this happened in the last couple of years. Some tough stuff happen on her watch up to she could prevent any of it. You know I think that caught up weather and you know I was going under the assumption that she had a pretty. Strong turnout machine and hands and very. Very loyal voters. You know and and certainly is some LG BT organizations factor pretty strongly. And you know it is here to cure here a couple of years ago remember that she did well and not in the first primaries he. She let particularly the first primaries here over the incumbent and then caught filter. And a couple strong African American candidate there an hour. And Michael Barnes and you have that. Then you deleted by accident I mean she did did her homework she get a lot of war. Yeah nobody smooth can really out worker her on the ground and yes he did well on African American precincts. Not. And I'm pretty much all over elements together in the run off. Where it mayor clogged filter and I've beat him and that's. I would never underestimate. Her getting her people to the polls on and on. This case they appear that this wasn't. There's something I was thinking about today and and I I haven't covered that much of covers some how come I happen of I came to town as she was running for mayor the first time I went tended some of the debates just to see what that was all about everything. It seems to me there's that she couldn't seem that this makes any sense to me at times uncomfortable. In her own skin. She she she runs and does all these things you know and and speaks and and and it tends all of these things that you do as the mayor. But summed and never felt to me that that it was a joy is staying for her that makes any sense. Well I don't know about it seemed to me to always enjoyed. Look you know politicking and campaign and then. Yes she did well in. I remember back public Ambac today you know back in here and for the Connecticut mansion. I'm back in the mid. 2000 early 2000. Immaculate the ticket thereto and yeah. One that picket her. Stewart career I've done that konduz she ran her panic reaction and of course you as the chairman of and so. Yes you have a following in. You know. I think what you did that time was. You know she lost a lot of African American voters that he. Even non. More than she had two years ago. She's she had a the black caucus has now endorsed via lull. And then this time the black caucus who have. You know are really had him lock at the polls you know lot of call there candidates want. Even want to then have a lot of name recognition. In their districts first they were typical on this here and I got people there and I think. There is what somebody told me that there there was Jennifer Petit to. You know they've got a lot of battle last year. And not have investor call up weather and up if you Scott's shooting in the protest age could hear him and you know all that amendment that was opened up that's enough for any at any term. I think so okay let's talk a role in this push this forward that I was with the bill Lyles secretive group last night which is very interest in. I think they'll I think congress stop a lot different from the mayor. And other people and mean yeah we should've put a little caveat in there that there's so election left to go absolutely and the pan Americans salute the strong Republican cancer in the league. And have a peacock could that are left Republicans candidates came within four or the sides are and so Jennifer. Two years ago so yeah I don't think anybody got to make too many in right now but I'm not think I would I think I would be. You know kind of a calming presence. You know very and effective. She knows what she's got children do have a lot of drama. Our home but. In Arabic she get the job done. That was why I fell last night by him. By being an election night. Ate it blew it it was more like a family just a family gathering. Well and you and people would just. It is she hugged a lot of people saw some tears in her eyes a couple of times in just profoundly thanked them for help order over a bank server being in the air and met family members and it was just sort of a family affair and Nate. And I think they were sort of in shock because you know she she took that lead and it just didn't change. Yeah you know that was surprising too because. You know I think people are used to seeing early vote lead. Flip or flop back and forth I mean Obama wanting down early vote in 2008. In North Carolina pretty substantially. And by the time the final vote Koran you know most of that had gotten a rather than it. Ended up winning about 141000 votes. I think people are you the right thing and seeing an erosion of that early support for him escape it didn't happen. Jimmy McKinney. Well he's. I think he's conservative Republican any kind of seemed to the mall there vote. Mayor Pat McCrory. When he was here and you know here's the mayor of Charlotte being here we're up here and and I particularly as our last few blocks from where he grew up and you know he's he's kind of a mainstream Republican defense. So. He will run an interest in race I think you know it certainly starts with a financial affairs. When he's got 350000 dollars in the bank. Our hat at the end of last month. 40000 dollars. You know there's a mismatch there about it the primaries showed that the money did really make a difference. It's going to be interesting to hear this thing roll out Emmys. He he's already sort of painting by as if she were. You know news Jennifer. I think he can do our wants and in that's the truth is that there is not a lot of daylight between them uncertain terms a lot of it here but. But they're different people panda. I think he was looking forward to running against Jennifer because. He was more of a lightning Iran. Proper people and people had a more this or actions or our. One way or another and you know now it doesn't have that luxury and so. You know it'll be that'll be an issue focused campaign affect. Well the good news is there won't be around off we get right to left. I know what we do for the death. Romantic or something it and don't know when they get it it's like cool what can they really do I guess they set the tone. He kind of can set an agenda but I mean they really. You know. Well you know that they've they've been they've become known that case right I mean not look at look at that app or when he was mayor. You know he doesn't have an era power. And he went mayor doesn't and then that it really with force of personality and I'm McCrory was. Are the top cheerleader for the city and and and had an agenda you know any pushed it through in the agenda was light rail. You know transportation planning. And some drownings happen and he he's in they would you wanted to do any different I think as an American they're. Jim thanks and give us some time today. My partner circuit Crocker daycare. That's immoral with the Charlotte Observer who one of the things the political reporting team here in our town with his take on the election he said he was surprised. I mean. And just it's a new day for John. This system and target says it's recalling nearly a 180000. It dressers. Because they can tip over and pose a risk to children in the Minneapolis retailer says that it has received twelve reports. And it's room essentials for drawer dressers falling over collapsing. 23 year old children were struck by a Dresser but no injuries have been reported. Consumer products safety commission says customers. Should stop using a 118 dollar Dresser immediately and return it to any target store for a full refund. But aren't selling 5000. Of the dressers were sold in the US and 3000 were sold in Canada. The dressers which were sold at target company's stores and between January 2013. April 2016. Came in three colors black expresso. And may twelfth. To be careful out there with that. Further some unkind to talk about but are afraid if I do. We were gonna come after me was like. And it's it's a permanent Tallet to talk about it. Without mix making it sound like I'm out of position and I'm not. Because it's about dogs. And that's sacred I had a dog. I grew up with a dog we have a dog with our kids to preach love dogs. Do we have to eat with them. I mean do we have to us all we go to a restaurant now and we wanna sit outside on the back on the on the deck. Do we have to be surrounded by dogs as of four in the kennels. I don't have a problem with dogs I'd like dogs. I want everybody in Charlotte to have a dog I see them their lovely the do we have some. Could there be a separate dining room I don't know I'm not like from a full brick I don't think that they're gonna throw off. Pleaser something due out I just something about it I mean I've got all these peels at my feet of water and people are feed these things I mean. Is it necessary. I know businesses are but it wants to give long. I know people well every. You know. Every millennial in town has a dog that's cool I'm glad you do better you lose shelter and it's all good there walking them and it's all. And what they don't want to go to be alone at night so it would take with them. But I'm going there are does wanna sit out and have dinner and why. Have a beer. Has some wings. No me and I got these dogs all around my feet. And it's like. What could really separated a little bit. I don't think this discriminatory I think that would just be. I think it would just be dry heat. And had a lot of lives with dogs dogs or animals. We had him in the house they slept with this it was truly a sports actually be healthy to do that help you sleep that's a good among all Florida. I just don't. I just for a while we have to eat with them. I'm not truly know we have to do it. Our fifth. There's there is there is an issue. Going get into a bit more certain into a little bit don't talk a little bit about this because it. You have from the Equifax story at all are you just kind of tuned it out I've kind of tended out okay as Equifax and it could just a little rushed thin. Bubba Bubba block and I kind just tuned out one on. I thought today I would do an interview and and I did. And I'm Tonya disk is scary. And it's not like always happening to people someplace else. Skip this is happening to people here. Saffron of people here. And there's a way you can find out. If they that your information. Doesn't cautioning not to hire somebody to do it. And we'll get into edit after Walker's I think that's. I'm gonna have to go do that and I don't want to put away I was psyched. Well wanna find out that they stole on this information Obama gonna do. And I found out from that conversation so I didn't know that you guys probably knew that you can't get a second Social Security card. Did you know that. I don't mean that you can't. Have apparently and I need to researcher at this person told me. Benefits soldiers Social Security number you can't get a new Social Security card. I mean obviously viewed here I guess if yours is lost or something you get a reissue but. I thought well what could you Disco and sending a number. A Q it was a credit card it's engineer number. Let no one knew that they jumped one Kennedy caller we have a case a couple of weeks ago when we think somebody jumped on was trying to charge something only carted. Point of the bank. Text and immediately. Ended December about a didn't seem right and Mobley we kill that card and they sent a new what does that card was taken out of service and putt. I need to find out about the Social Security guard thing because I had done I never heard them before. Because of somebody gets all this information. And that's the number you really you really want to guard. Because. This Equifax thing is scary. This is really bad and it's it's nothing you did it's nothing we did wrong. I mean we didn't. We know. He'd only done those stories with the media you go to buy gas at the pomp they could have a scammer on it. It in the if you were more careful you might know this is so this is from parent like that at all. So that's. Has happened and we've been following this story this afternoon from out after near Spokane Washington Spokane. As a shooting in his school. High school wants students to apparently dead several students were injured and the shooter is in custody. And we need to know more about that story than we know right now and they're still working and we don't have all the we don't have all the tracks on that. We'll get some more of those to you that I guess you heard Mike who's been reporting on the of this horrifying story in Florida. I was hosting can down there and I lost power the other night may be needed to just tonight I don't know why but I did in the they put a fact. But with the weather we're having your wasn't an issue. I have to thank him Florida. Warned. You don't if you don't have air conditioning in Florida. And if you if if there was an air conditioning the population of Florida be about 250 people. You know I really would be and and they would have to be living right on. The ocean I mean they couldn't eleventh they couldn't mile an enclosed and now. Unlike. Tragedy down at six nursing home residents who died in Hollywood Florida. The district we do a loss of the home's air conditioning after the hurricane Irma struck Sunday. Causes of just doing investigated by the Hollywood police department. The statement from the nursing home. They're your rotation senator confirms it had a prolonged power failure to the transformer which power of the facilities air conditioning system. As a result of the hurricane. There were still first responders and it got warm and hot that is not that two minute process. I mean. It's certainly get really really hot contention call somebody can can somebody do something here. You don't have any at a I don't get it. I just don't get it. Good afternoon showed us this thing done dumb PT and from. He's a Twitter trying to find a sign I've kind of back to a apparently ABC news's reporting that the president. Some of our conversation with somebody. I was indicating. Something about the the taxes for the higher income might not. I'm not come down as much. I don't know about you with this whole. The tax thing sounds im mean. Well wouldn't we all like to pay less taxes. Fine adequate and it could be telling stories if if we said we wouldn't. But all love. Conversation about whatever this tax proposal was gonna be. But to me seems to focus on the people making the most money. Now unlike George here in the mobile me up there they make it a regular make in the big money and when you know if we just. It will fully cut this business thing back then they would then spend more and hire more and stuff. I don't know whether they were not but. Why can't we start this from the other end of the cycle. Why don't we say what would it take. To get most of us. A break. Nor would it take to get most of us to break. Now. So so we paid less taxes but what would it take so Starwood that premise and say OK that's gonna cost acts. There must you'll we have to do on the other end to make that happen. Because it seems to me did back during the recession. Millions of those lost jobs. And a lot of a lot of CEOs and people like that got big raises. And that's beyond that they do what they do and I realize there's a lot of stress when your lane and hundreds of people off this difficult I mean seriously. But. Then then then you're not men that I've heard are in the campaigns. The conversation was not. How they're gonna directly put money in our pockets. Well we do this we do that then. All come in all higher though all. I don't know what they'll all do. I know figure out how you can help me. Okay. Bigger how you can help me. And us. How can how can help us. More discounts for the students in the does that is due to college loans and all that kind of stuff. The Dallas Lincoln today won't be nice. Okay. Planets should help the people notably there heading towards fixed income world okay. You're heading for people that are going to social security and maybe they've got a retirement. In whatever it is in Muster gazillion years I'm sure is not going to be enough to live the life would like to be. Figure out a way. To take less money out of the Social Security checks. Some kind so above a certain Ager in this particular lesson out of that and we're gonna take a little bit more. Out of the people let their prime production years not been crazy with some. But a little bit city. That way he you'd actually be helping people. Say it's a crazy concept. Mary's on the line very good afternoon. Figure out how yeah how okay I've had a little issue but I know Morgan threw an hour you get aren't doing well you know up. I I knew it it it's a problem that I don't know it's solvable because they've got twenty trillion dollar debt. At 3% entrants and those that debt payments interest and it's 600 billion dollar a year. Social Security is is set to be bankrupt in like 20/20 820 Torre's salary. At current. Taxation rates. Com. Sixteen and come that we get any kind inflation people with fixed incomes are going to be hotter absolute. 31% or retirees as safe and not think her retirement. And the bottom 50% of Americans paid zero federal income tax now that they. Those securities yeah there. But they're not paying federal income tax 68. Meaningful tax cut. Even if you say oh well other rich aren't in there in that hurt you right for our new jobs they're but they're gonna back that did acknowledge that in cash. So even give a little bit of a tax cut. And like you cut federal spending you're not a wedge a wider way it's a wider gap. In the debt. And there'd be no appetite in Washington cut federal spending. 70% of our budget is six. Caught in I don't know. I I don't know what you do election drastically cut spending and energy. Increase taxes. At some point. I don't I don't know that it's viable. I and I don't see any. I'm Donald city nice solution to this and like I fixed income and I also don't think our Social Security a little money be raised nothing to it now. Yeah yeah I mean Weimar public print money until they had hyperinflation. You know we've got a lot of debt. People so where inflationary. Inflation well. You know. We've got a lot of debt. And raising interest rates is only gonna increase. They debt pay down. Ford truck or a lot of trouble. Mary thank you thank you cannot and should mention inflation that's a word that a lot of younger be little militant that word means. Throwing lucky you. Not ready to find that out again those of most of the I have a live event reports OK a lot going on more politics talk more other talk. More reasons why you really got to take take some precautions when this Equifax thing. And we might even get it does so different kind of a take on the job. It was kind of take on the new phone banks are they're alternatives. And make sense that have as much whistles and bells and cost a whole lot less. Trying to find out that I'll have more coming up. Good afternoon dug up and do your job ahead. Hancock this afternoon. We'll talk up that mirror in the old primary and well no run off that's for sure glad garrisons in the studio. Very charming hotel behind the scenes story here. Joseph was that file miles last night and I was over Jennifer Roberts and and he texted me a picture of the food that I Joseph death he texted me a picture of the food they were serving advise Lyles had. Or she looked amazing I have recent chips and carrots I was afraid about one in those wings have four different kinds wings. Real big clinic Q let me tell you beans. The thing with us now and especially health program you're on you're probably not in much. Rerun it listen I I don't know if it is Jennifer is trying to save money food was awful. They had this one little hand of these a little meat balls now look they're not supposed to feed the media there for the people who brought Eric I decided are not that it I look at those little meet Arnold long enough. They were horrible. And I and that's all I had. Some light moments this all. This was crazy good man wanted me doing so could this forum cousin wings it was a Q but there was a huge thing a means. And us law mean there was some XQ left over they can be FEMA army today fresh rolls. And the brownies and in their brownies. And it's still loose enough. So you went to the UCU's check this out huge US niece of one that you go to trial while I don't know if I'll cover general. Or because at least somewhat of my expertise to guide cover this continuing. Political saga. You outta school over there and be out of the way. Well that turned out to me is sorry do I did text do you go about and use their way through the evening and as it you've got the letter now yeah. So. I talked to Jim moral while ago he similarly surprised. Well I just got off the phone with with. Viral trials and I Cedras said look this was a slam dunk I mean you beat her like a drum by ten times was this really an upset. And she says you know some people see it that way but I don't then she talked about how hard they work in that 20000 phone calls they made and then getting their people out and says she sounded like she kind of expected it. Now on I I didn't get that feeling being their last night a shock at all. Right I didn't get beaten nobody was boasting around. Him to lose eating for one thing that's been doing it but. I mean ever ever rouge just sort of and you're really really happy obviously the way it turned out there and then it was. It's sort of strange. After the concession. On television to watch a concession. From Jennifer. People cheer a little bit and vice at all be back in a few minutes. And she left the room for about ten minutes then she came back pretty much read the statement. And he would take any questions and now we're off so she feels pretty good today. Very good she was very excited. She's of course and good job one is a candidate for her is to raise money because I think she spent all the rough forty grand what she and I astros' old words you spend your money because you didn't run much television and she said well we just spend it on a lot of gas getting out and knocking on doors enough phone bank and and then beyond natural as a very specific. She's got some heavy hitters in her camp. Like Hugh McCall who used BC unit for America he supports her and she said I hope they helped me. Raise some money. Well. Shouldn't interest in ration. It is I mean did the conventional wisdom says the Democrat win and you've got what 48%. Democrats cheered at 22% to Republicans in the city of Charl but. I mean you got what 28 point 9% unaffiliated. And so she's got to reach out to them those are the ones that Terry Kenny yes Smith has got to reach out. Well well well it was an interest in moment less and I really hadn't died and been around a roof work. And I thought it was very much it was it was more just like a nice family gathering. Then it wasn't she seems not to put on airs. No she's very down under very down to earth Shia and seems very comfortable in her own skin easy to talk too easy to talk to and not. So he's trying to come awful little tougher retirement canny move from. So will be interesting to see actually kind of careful with that with horror listen I think if. Hey you know I played the sound byte for her her he said oh she's nothing but another version of Jennifer Robert Ryan. I think that's the wrong strategy for him in all candor I think that will bite him he needs to try to differentiate himself. Without really. Hitting her right with that rap because I don't think federal workforce. Mark thanks Yemen. Sunny with a motion brushes some food on to Noonan yeah period inherit from her party last night. I was very nice okay now as much as he signaled the behind the scenes immediacy. And they're dead there's that ethical debate. Do you eat your food. Our own truth. And I am probably old school you can't buy Amy with a plate of barbecue okay you can try but I it's probably not gonna work. So. There's some reporters. Do we didn't do anything in them. And then there was one shooter TV photographer. And he saw his opportunity and he went through twice. He got he got planning he stacked it up and it is target. And I kind of did. Potato chips and some carrot sticks I'm basically I didn't wanna look. He's he's very Guangzhou which are aware and wings it is me. And that would have been very tacky to be trying to cover this thing members covered with of but I wonder Olympic while with a salute them for good. But it was a it was in whose interest in gathering. Yet time let's let's do this bring this upon up over here we we've talked so much about her we haven't talked much about him. Both talked it is Kenny Smith this morning. Not allowed mayor pro. Is essentially. Almost hit her separate and could have been met crackdown so for us it is still work still rolling in here's. The general election and we are focused on infrastructure. Safety. Job it is that we make the most important quality and and the contrast in that differed between the two candidate it just a start on the September 13. Is it what had been the primary when many thought we're gonna run against the mayor Robert. So the strategy doesn't change but did you know I've talked many times on this show and hi is it safe to say though that you were surprised with the outcome last night. In fact alone that mean we we expected. There's not Iraq off. Between the two under that scenario that you know we're we're we're ready for it we're in we've got a strong team and play. We hit our turn now number yet keep a man we are 8000 birds. Where one district is great and not an out on the ticket. And so we got to the net magic number that we wanted to period. Without spending much money chip on our name not being who we are. We're ready we're gonna come into. The general. Rick about 300000 dollar cash advantage and that is growing we got several ripped. Coming up in the next few days and so we'll be right. Here we go. If it came moments spring training ever pick certain character regard we hit weird friend about a VP pick they strip. Kitty can we could not be more excited. We've got an abundance of enthusiasm on our side. Both people are they won't change the chaos. Thought the past two years so lack of leadership. People are ready great decisive leader who can make decisions. Stand behind them and more importantly doesn't bring. Thirty years of bureaucratic government experience brings real world experience and a vision for the city. Kenny should talking about Thompson's warning India. Idea I like a bat that's the best game on part is that that's part of it. Game on pitches and catches already reported. And do that. Did you ever working campaign. I've never worked to campaign I always thought of covered a lot of them. I always thought that that's a missing part of my education because I think you. I'm sure. Until you actually work inside one knew really really don't know. What it's all about and it would be up. It would be interesting. To to find that out. And a so maybe maybe some day but I'm not gonna find somebody I really feel like a lot of work for on a campaign. I'm I'm I'm become a harder sell I think you know I got older about move about I just don't wanna. You know I did tsk just grab it and go for any of these people. Just look this is for John this afternoon scored twice to Mike if you're still there. Talk to me about this trickled down business I don't know I believe in that. Well I mean there's a lot of things to go in Portland. And a lot of roots born into the text Ku forward. The reason so that the government ordered. Home ownership. Group had couples together to make sure. And that flows into the and the unfunded pension program we call such cute. So we're not making it up they should you take a look at the purgatory that's what social or projections or cold which shouldn't that social during your problem we're 28. That's all based on the first. So there are several things involved in net so if you Rio. Our own risk. Excess and percentages of the tax rates on people that may be able to quote quota or it. Then we'll make investments investments didn't trickle back. Whether it's and Starks Barmes. Here and we're creating businesses hiring people if ultra Wednesday. Good the thing that works there it is what the bottom farmers who are making the baby's. That we thought we would make when we created some of these programs are excellent security. You. We need to fix immigration. To allow people that are criminals of all your travel or by us. Into the country. To help fix that problem you know the problem is now that we have to redefine marriage. And those things there in the hold worship as well are an incentive to have babies anymore. So we just need to look at the whole thing and take a look at why other food cold clear and what's going on. Well I just wanna hear something in all of this. The boom there's gonna help me. Now. Only selfish about having most of us who have borrowers are great and it as opposed to a guy may get a gazillion dollars he's gonna get a big break and arrest others well you guys are we okay. Now some right arm. It is there it is blown it is the reform more than one issue and it's gonna take more than more. Tell you and I. Do you ever people. It's gonna take more than more reform. But we need to take a look at the hole actually stroke inducing systematic but I don't think it's clear. For somebody to pay a 30% that are incumbents somebody pretty 12% of their income are all sure what you're. That's not a fair percentage of what. Now or not. Well some of this to me not having Social Security. We'll set up and who's also set up at a time when people that work for companies for a long time had pensions. They have a pretty much done away with that. Okay so little that the then the deal was all gonna have IRAs I'm ever going to a meeting about IRAs. A long time ago and it was explained that if I just bought this I. Well that's a good thing if you have that money every year to put in it. But some place along the way maybe you're having kids and maybe you got colleges to pay for and on and on and on so maybe don't have that money to do that with. So we've become our branded on the other hand now. Corporal Julian and I'd. Was married for seventeen years in the World Cup breast cancer and died so pharmaceutical and her mail being with all of whose ramifications. So look back at Baylor junior and I would think everybody's individual circumstances. Call to a collector to collector as soon as we need to take a real world. It all but we're doing and government. And figured out because some of the create chances like you were saying all wac and we're sort of up in lies. Things worked out to be a certain ways right last Serb term. Change this is not there. Out things changed. And absolutely plus. Bump somebody that was designed to help this for a person like in retirement. And now that the of the life net. Go ice boating. Has gotten that dimming that is you get zillions of people. You know dependent. On it and and that no I'm not saying that they don't have good reason to be dependent on an and then we don't need it but. The thing is just. If he's he's like it's. Hallway out of control. How we access I don't know and they had no idea is to go back in little bit glue things that we put out. When we established these things. And figure out they don't exist anymore. Would split combo would look at report. Well I think maybe flat or they wouldn't be a bad plan. Could someone as you know New Delhi overall pick in the same percentage. You know what I would nor would it. Might be simple I think this kind of figure it if you remove some kind of I have enjoyed my mortgage interest great detection don't give me right. However. This it's written that for. Everybody tees to same percentage. There hunger and probably be willing to give it up. Some would work and Mike thank you McAuliffe thank you for all the on this afternoon. But it sure it's 427 WBT. You can. Good afternoon journalists listening John this afternoon. Then it's a ghost buster. Talk act. I've never seen that movie. I'm sorry Anderson classic. I've made fun of it over the years but I've never seen it. Our comments prisoners seniors usually. Well OK I have seen expendable one in twos and count. This is evidently not. I wouldn't wanna do a body count on those movies okay. I mean way Clint Eastwood his days Iraq's somewhat okay. And body counts. But but this is the rifleman on TV I was a kid he's director of an expendable guys they just. It this is just crazy power. And the one on the other day on TV in the finals on on election part of it. It was two or three doesn't matter it's the same movie. You think you're right. It's the same. It's the kind of the same crazy flick. I'm gonna have problems have got a grandson a new grandson my only grandson my first grandchild. Rouge only. Fourteen weeks old. How my got a culturally. And I wanna be politically correct with him. But I'm gonna have to introduce him. To John Wayne movies. Okay. Explain it somehow. Explain to him that these people were always our friends. The Indians were not always our friends the native Americans we really conflict. Not being judgmental we did but I want we'll watch these movies with him. And in today's world that's gonna seem a little. You know. I'm Paris dealer I have to watch that who's in that. Okay yes I have seen the previews I remember what it came out I dismissed it. And it was a is funny really funny. Luck. Zairean and go to school one day he's good isn't solvent as a great adventure old it. There's all kinds of needs have to chug Chicago. Blew like Chicago. Definitely have to do that. When. I like Chicago is of great Greek restaurants in Chicago. I missed degree fist last week here listening tram its traffic couldn't. Park and do so and it's always good. So anyway they still to come this afternoon a couple is doing to get into. All abuzz zoo was about the iPhone the new iPhone. So I got a whole somebody who laps of faith and in the comes to talking technology duct frank and he's an expert and maybe I'm one got some input from doctor frank on this thing and and I want to find out what else is going on they get all the love apple knows who else is doing stuff. Who us got an amazing phone it's gonna cost is less money may. Because when you get an openness thousand dollars thing. He didn't and it sees some some pretty rare air you know since this is crazy. Now boomer ran out already in reserve one he wants the acts of the all the last. With an official recognition. With. They'll about facial that the it dollars and horror movies and act that. That's what it would that it now that's with good to your garbage. Join us VW VT. Charlotte Observer with a story out this afternoon. About. It's bricks just speaks. And I'm sure you know but historians. Tragic he took his life and it is sold out also all the stuff and all the things he might have been involved with what ever. He had this wine collection I guess it was amazing more than 4000. Bottles of wine. Okay. I'm not talking to buck chuck here okay. She is is some serious winds. So they're gonna put up for auction. An accord is strong observer auctioneer Mike Solomon says it may be the largest single owner wine collection put up for bid in southeastern mid Atlantic states. It's gonna go up for sale old. September 22 23. The iron horse auction. So incredibly rare rare bottles Warren. And. That's a lot of wind. I mean do you find as an investment you drive to show off do you buy that it has to be. Old someday I'll drink that. Yeah well some new little wrinkle that one. I don't know I got about. You about a dozen bottles but it's not it's on the madly. In. The case of chateau left feet Rothschild. It's considered one of the best ones in the world. Well. I'm but they don't have a tasting Nolan. I would think if you think peace is something like gonna be proper to open one of the we'll taste. This just to be polite never anyone people knowledgeable and so that's that's coming up. Well. Quite a deal. 443 W BT and WPT traffic thanks to hunter's bill for high 77 exit Tony three. Right rubber. Good afternoon during Joes and improve on this afternoon from WB team. Military says fifteen Marines have been taken to Southern California hospitals now for a tank caught fire during training camp penalty it was an amphibious tank. Most are practicing some landing the sentence him amphibious assault vehicles. And somehow. There was a fire apparently. Inside the tank. Domain and Marines. Tiptoeing Associated Press that the people particular hospital they have no word on their condition. I heard this story as you heard the story and I didn't pay as much attention to this story is like could have. And should have been today added some follow up and I learned some things that more than piqued my interest I'm talking about the credit monitoring. Equifax problem. The all of that information has been compromised. I talked to Tom north following president CEO Better Business Bureau southern Piedmont western North Carolina. A 143 million people you know it's. And what the data that was stolen this is gonna have to greatest impact on people of any data breach that we've ever seen bigger than target bigger gun. Any time and is primarily because that's because so much of the numbers of people both with the stated that they got. You these cameras up or Grail mean they get national security number date of birth name address so I probably need. How do we know if they got us. Equifax. Has really well web site setup that you just go that far Equifax dot com and then there's a portal that you can go to. In the Astros the last six digits of your possible security number in your last name I did listen. Earlier this week at the end and unfortunately. My wife and I are effective but my son and his life par. They happen to so that's easy way to find out if you're effective or not and then if you are factored. They got a whole suite of services that you couldn't line up toward those are tree at church pew we're encouraging people to take advantage of. You know without with the lots of people but so many people in the world and you think well the chances the odds with an after what you just told me. That's chilling. I don't in two directly and everybody can go to their web site and see if you were impacted. Sooner rather than later and if you are impacted. Sign up for those services Gretel like because. Even if both. 143 million people that's a lot of data that these scanners haven't it's gonna take a while the sort throughout the day it happened a couple of months ago. Some third. I have no doubt that this state has already been bought and sold on the dark web. And as soon as it's been the scale recipients they're gonna be working to take advantage of it. How can we protect ourselves in the future from stuff are. Hollywood. Number on some things you can't really miniature and are actively applying for credit were suggesting people have a credit freeze put on her put on their credit reports can all three credit reporting agencies. Is insecure victim of this that's going to be free to you. In that double stopped outside the gulf stopped a scammer from applying for credit harder part intro alone her own. A mortgage when it's not going to be stopped though this is probably the scariest part of this there's other things to your Social Security numbers are huge for. Primarily. IRS you're taxes. The end when things gamers who become very good it is filing false tax returns being getting refunds. Fraudulently. Under your Social Security number and it's they've got a 143 million Social Security numbers. But achieve anything that one of the first things they're going to be doing is filing false tax returns in getting those reforms from the federal government. And that will stop you bench from filing your taxes. Because we Arabs would reject your saying hey purity files to. Toms is all frightening only. It would do we take we take steps forward it in the room that we use these cards all the time we go and do business and and then oil that we have to worry that maybe they're set up to steal our card numbers or something right here at the machine and then something like this happens. You know we've we've got all these access law at our fingertips flew all kinds of amazing information and companies due to budget. Fallen into the wrong hands like this and this is frightening. It's and true for consumers like you and me in mobile listeners are so it's very helpless feeling because there's nothing you could have done. To try to stop this you know you can be shredding all your personally identifiable identifiable information you can be. Charging your your credit report annually you can be checking your. Bank and credit card information every day and that's what we recommend people do and especially now that this is that I didn't sense of awareness. Those steps you still need to take but it's still very helpless feeling to know hey these guys on my Social Security number. And there's no getting a new Social Security number that's that's what the solution used to being at 9/11 changed all and there's no getting into Social Security number. You just gonna have to deal with the fallout. And protect yourself as best you can. Are you serious you can't just community Social Security number are not allowed. Wow. He used to only things to their real he couldn't go I'm glad to have the information but I. That's where the whole other interview to talk about that topic Tom one more time Equifax dot com is there we go. Equifax dot com and then there is say that's prominent on the web site right now on what about the data preaching click on that. And that will take you to a portal where you can. Check to see if you were. The victim of dust and I encourage people to do that much sooner than later. Tell portfolio of the Better Business Bureau now I'd George who now which are others earlier and he still researcher apparently you can. You can apply for a new number our replacement credit card. If you're being harassed abused during grave danger when using the original amber if you can prove. That's someone stole your number and are using it. You must provide evidence at the numbers being misused and that to me issues is causing you significant continuing arm okay. So you can do something that is going to be kind of a hassle I guess to go through and get that done I thought that was relatively easy but apparently it's not. So I don't know I'm kinda wanna check and I kind of don't wanna check. And sometimes. It's it's so busy can get on designer and 43 million people are trying to get on courtesy. If they were in fact compromise. Crazy I mean we've got some sleepless night checking out a big if and find out about 2 in the morning wouldn't have been nice and allow wanna panic. All right we go up or go on our federal cool yeah. So I'm gonna take you backstage on some news coverage we did last night and have a man in the thing mean can you an idea. Oh what was being said my home. Reporters were working that story and there were also gonna get an expert opinion he's fast he's an expert. On this I phone thing and if there's some other ideas that make more sense than cost a lot less money L and more coming up. Your rusty WVG for some resources just I just saw this. On Twitter. Observer reporter and this afternoon that season the Panthers. Have. Released rookie kicker in seventh round draft pick Harrison bikers a look at that to kicking thing. Now resolved apparently and they picked up cornerback clogged areas Gunner. Who off of waivers you'd been released for the Green Bay Packers okay. Let's go behind the scenes of metal last night I was covering vials. Instead of having a big party in a big room. She had a gathering her family and supporters in an office. Their office building. And. As early in the evening as the results were just starting to trickle in. And it looked like she was Lucia and she was leading. We had what they're calling gaggle we went on the hallway. Reporters television reporters from the couple reporters and me and had a chance to ask personal questions. 'cause not knowing what was gonna happen throughout the evening. And TV wanted to be covered in case they were being you don't have to go early and they didn't have any sound nothing was a resolved so this an account while tracking okay this is going to be some. Dropped packaged it starts off and she's kind of describing what's going on in the room in there. Where there was kind of a party separate party win there hoping to really celebrate there was some food and stuff and and people are Marron know we had a chance to ask personal questions. And there you know I have to say I grew up and a big family. And they all came up I mean I can't tell you seen. The smallest who has one year old and you've seen the eldest my eldest brother in there and so lucky I am truly grateful for them truly grateful for them it's. Zones and its staff and family there some other friends and family and not all Bentley but supporters yeah. And the handling and the owners and everybody that makes an hour that's my youngest brother right there. His sense. OK guys we and in do you want what you wanna do. Actually what I want. Today wine is to come and and figure out how to get citizens more engaged in the problem solving that we have to do. I believe step. The people need to on this agenda for our city and we've got didn't determine how we can best do that I think traditions. Are great but we need some new pass forward to. Should it be victorious and what's your reaction. And I'm pretty neat stuff that's. It's one say this. We work really hard to get our message out to voters and they believe it believe denounced they've. Heard me speak about jobs and housing. And great communities in great neighborhoods. Infrastructure for our city. So. I'm grateful that the voters came out and they believed. In the message and even more so they trust me. To have that masses. What is your strategy for defeating Republican candidate in November. Let's get tonight guys before we start talking about let's November light please. Just give me that opportunity for a moment I'd appreciate that. You any highlights OK as you went around and campaign anything that really sticks out as you can do close here. I have to say one of the finest moments was when I had a chance to take a picture. I'm a voter a woman whom I've known and respected for years it was a hundred years so mrs. derived. I'm so grateful that she came out and voted for me I'm grateful that she gave me the chance to. He was hard because I really think that was the moment that made my day. And what's your are your top priority in terms of the issues are you focused on should be victorious you mentioned a couple like affordable housing. What else are really key focus areas for you. I don't believe any one thing is the focus on what we need to do is figure out how to knit all of that together and take action on what we have. We even talking about some of these issues for so long and they are so deeply entrenched I'm just looking for a way to break through that and begin to do something about it. Did a couple of days were going to be real live a year ago which some pretty bad time. If you really get. He moved past them. I don't think you have to get past it I think you have to own it. And understand it and really take that time and effort to understand this community. Needs to be different. But we have to build that trust and accountability Allen a culture of trust and accountability with our police department. Because that's what's necessary in the community I have actually said we need police officers I've voted for a 125 police officers. But we need him to be able to walk up to the front porch now who's living in the house so that people feel. That they don't fear the police that they believe in them enough to work with us. Hello miles last early thank. Better campaign. Journalist VW HC. CNN now reporting six people died that for a nursing home. After a lost power. After Irma. Don't get that an old ansari. Heat. Six people wasn't cements couldn't get some help or are they checking on them than they realize. I realize they had her mom I don't know what the situation was in Hollywood but. Having said that. Surely could have been somebody did something. It's such such a tragedy. Such a tragedy. A picture from the no Houston flooding I don't think I'll ever forget and you saw it. Other people sitting in that nursing home. In Houston. Some in wheelchairs. In the water was up to their waists. And it was like they were just sitting there watching TV year. Playing solitaire emitting. Early on got out OK I got them out there. But to. Florida I don't get that and I got to really get in the woods story out of it I mean it wasn't. So that six people. I mean. Why is somebody going crazy trying to get some help in there. Now it looks like from the video that it was a pretty real big place with a man a lot of people. Because I was talking to medical. They didn't dispatch. But they have prepared their ambulance bus and they were explaining to me that that's one of the jobs that they could. Couldn't do. Because they can accommodate. What what am I mean that bus. Eighteen there thank. Santa Monica in their boss. And so they can roll up and get people out there into their bus and ambulance bus and an. Take him someplace else. And they get him some help. You remember your members in Chicago back in the nineties he has heat heat is just tremendously dangerous to people stuck in an elderly people. Hundreds I think died in that failure is the way it was awful evident in you know I don't give a little miss Mike there's six they would have all just die aid. There would have been you know. I mean. And it's gross I guess again there's so much on everybody's mind of horror right now panel only Sony if you steadily at a place like dad and I guess they couldn't get people out. Now that's some elderly people in homes don't have family attention to. Yeah exactly some family sticker there elderly family members in those places and forget about him sadly. Various. If we don't PT sitting in for John sent. Rumors incidents and those changes. And in the afternoon. They're both there Duke Energy restoring power to 313 thousand. Carolina's customers post Burma expecting to restore the remaining 57000. Violate Friday. 3700 Duke Energy workers making repairs and multiple counties crews using below the cut temporary roads and artists in areas. More than eighty miles of power lines 300 utility poles 100 in front transformers were damaged. I had power outages that I could believe that. I'm I'm sitting near it I guess I got friends in Georgia saying you need these messages meaning as his old or cure Gloucester power. We're sitting here having a drink and some trends came in to be withers and everybody's here and Obama. Feel pretty glib. And in my lights flickered. Come back kinds okay. Few minutes later I was stoop but I didn't charge the phone. Look bad ball one of those little emergency deals. Anyway philosophy until the next morning I could believe it is I didn't hear the wind. Was in howling. The rain wasn't pounding. And so the next morning. My own door good Duke Energy was polonium. And and they fixed is not about current a couple of lessons from out of so that. Can you post some of you probably do the same thing I want out. Saturday. I thought I'm gonna supplement amaze supplement. I've got in the way of equipment and know where as I've got. Got a little flashlight. And got a a bigger life death fare like. And that I cannot I'm so I wanted to this story and I. I saw this long why not try and and it looks amazing little light. You know not really very big almost like a big big pencil him in a wide countrywide. Being Leeson now don't all turn them away from doing internal I didn't through a lot of big delight. And it wasn't very expense less on by at present day it took AAA batteries and you know I think it'll that's good I can get those in their put that in there and then I thought. And they're rolling him any phone back up of course she could go to the car charger phone. That's our ball one of those little deals for that today it's charged up and it's good for a little bit time. When you know more like a charm the next morning and I and their power outage. I took a little light in and limit set an accident very edit it if it was enough illumination bounce off the wall almost to read. And then I use the of a little emergency power. Two love to power the it's a powerful and I could just. I could continue to. Than that in particular my addiction through boomer talk and traffic yesterday I was out covering up people voting. And I happen to run into a voter named Martin. And besides talking about the election he was talking about something else that was on his mind. I'm originally from the Netherlands. And there are in this if you like and senate two million bikes back so it makes sense there must be a reason for it. The weather is not half as nice as this year and everybody writes about and cars are being eliminated from the Center City. So he's talking about public transportation and he's talking about bicycles and he'd be he'd like to see if we like to see is once every week or once every month. A big area of Center City to be shut down. To transportation. And do you have to use those kinds of transportation modes to give in and out of there. Just a couple of days ago cats unveil the next phase of Arthur Calder envision their ride initiative. By showing off some new bosses. And I had a chance to John Lewis who is talked Tammy CEO of of cats. And find out about them what they were doing we re branding. Our fleet on the boy that's a part of our envision our ride enjoys we'll also. Re modeling our entire bus system to make sure that weekend are being made. Our bus routes as efficient as possible we'll also wanted to take the opportunity to bring all of the family. Links multiple cats mobility options under 100 himself as the the last couple years I've been here. You know we have one color scheme for our. Light rail. We have another for our local bus have a third for our sprint or service through the fourth for our street car and I was surprised how many people said. Cats does. Bus and rail. And street car. And so I think part of this is taken that opportunity integrate all of our services under one brand that is entirely recognizable. While we're also. Re modeling and process. And he said the new line is coming on. Is the one that was delayed and that's coming on and that and that's now back on track to open. And and so there Roland. WABC news time. Fun for some time. Laugh. At me. Controversy for John on WVG I don't know I heard I didn't get to watch the news conference. And I know roll out of the new iPhone okay that's a big event. McCain it's a big deal. I'm not that sure it's it's a big deal as a was a couple of years ago there was still a big deal. So they roll up these new phones in the headlines are all about the expense one of these phones is like 12100 dollars. Well. Doesn't make any sense at all for anybody to have one of those so I call mine expert doctor prime VG on out he's a tech expert to talk to him about this phone. Well until its interest they know it's all collapse. You know everybody's been waiting for the iPhone can for a long time there's some interesting features that are in the phone. I think the biggest challenge of course is the price you know it's so basically 999 for his 64 gigabyte. And without cellar phone. And you know it's I think what you gotta do it all these things like that this many times all my viewers my TV segment you have to go to these stores. But he's thrown in your hand and look at them and see what fits for what feels right and see what the Faldo about. You know doc. That the money is it is is crazy. And somehow. You remember any doubt you do you have a phone for a year or two in the year provider wanted you to upgrade it. And they've made it really easy and financially it wasn't a problem. Well it's an investment. Well there's an investment I mean you know there's and that's the other thing to do you have a look at I mean you know they'd they'd reduce the be eighth in the eight plus an air. They're interest seems solid when you think about it a lot of the features. I think the people who will by the ten jokes are people who are really you know there are apple followers they really like the apple products is something that they have to have. Thought you know it's the gadget I mean that some people find a way to afford it that's just the way it is I can tell you one thing for sure. You know their competition which is Samsung and basic competition. I've got some great followed on the you know US mile in the email and we were talking about doing the interview billionaire alternative they're certainly has. And I think this city this Samsung galaxy S state NSA plus. Are excellent phone and they have many of the features that the iPhone cabinet including they have a sharp you know display its five point eight inches. Well they've facial recognition that had that fast wireless charging. And they also have on the water resistant so when you look at what else about there there are some other companies. That have alternatives and of course they have some just introduced a note eight. I'll recently and that's incredible you know that's a tablet now that's retake the tablet telephone after that word comes from and you play island together and I mean the real estate on that mean this site will stream. And the screen itself is gorgeous I mean it's beautiful so they're alternative air that's why I think you've got to go to the store. You know where you plan to buy it whatever your carrier is you need to look at them put them in your hands. Seated differences but I guess one of the other things fitted just hit the other news news today is that. Samsung is also offering a two to 300 dollar discount. On on their phones if you have an old phone to trade him so long you've got a bowl full working order they'll give you between two and 300 dollars off. I'll be. The F Satan SA plus and that brings it down into the 400 dollar range. Well and that's a lot different than a thousand dollars or 120 my dollars I mean. Well you know what I would say to if you got that kind of money to spend you know what I do bite the bullet. And you know go for the F Bader SA plus the viewer if you are sitting front and if you wanna do the iPhone and then the rest of the money to the people of Florida yeah. But he knew that you know I mean this is where it's kind of values doesn't in other words what you're willing to stand for what you need are what you wanna house. That's a trick raging on and he's the best Andy is gonna website doctor. What's new doctor frank question DR frank dot com as his web site and he's found in a blog. What's new dot com blogger dot com. And trust no there are alternatives out there and smoking. WBT traffic thanks to hunter's bill for ice 77 exit Tony three. Our problems is evidence of a bank robbery apparently reported back robbery and gas and county going to have you BTV. Led to a police chase and eventual crash. Incident began when the PNC bank on new hope road was reportedly robbed police say a chase ensued the suspect crash on highway 321 solve their crowd urge creek road. It's not clear if anybody was injured in the robbery are the crash no names have been released so that's what took. And that's what happened there and and in that incident. And well. Capone election's over. It's like boom. The deal last night and as soon as it was in action and them. Markers is gonna do some more we talked to vile miles today kind of she's had a chance to kind of think about her win and talk about that these computers talk to her little bit about it coming up at Charlotte at six. And that the Panthers apparently have decided that. It's good to know is in the case isn't good now. But he's on he's he's good to go good you know then he's going to be okay. Because they cut the southern got a loose. The new kind of brought in to put some pressure on him to back him up. The sky above and Harrison a bunker. They let him go. And then they've picked up. You picked a pretty. Cornerback Darius broader. Off of waivers who's really spur of the Green Bay Packers so I hope mr. Grunow. So is all of those magical jobs kicker you know you to walk around. And here. You know attack at all talkative in a grip on his nine degrees into us have to go against him. But when they calling in. They expect you to do it if you a lot of money they expect. If you could put that. Really upright over. It's a good racquet if you can do it that Qichen thanks. Over these different Johns afternoon. Under control of the six. Freezing users have to bank robbery. Gas and counting. Tragedy and then nursing home down in Florida. As a result of for our mind the heat I was thinking about that the other day that. You anyway and didn't have are you denied but. It's a friend and not have the coffee regularly got up. You don't it wasn't a problem. Because it's such crazy hot here it's warmer Nona was now more humidity but. House think about those people are original let's face it one furnishing their B 200 people in Florida. And they deliver on the beach because this for the breeze would be. And. Iron on different days in the senior citizens in six people died at the center. And apparently there was a hospital. There's a hospital but literally yards away from this place. And that they couldn't get it together and they were talking about in the state. There are still. A 150 facilities out of nearly 700 this important organization. Who won the overall association that don't have pro power. There are 683. Nursing homes in Florida with a over 84000. Beds. The colonel for an agency or for health care administration which licenses and regulates he's facilities in addition there are more than 3100. Assisted living facilities and over 99000. Beds. And some now. These people that I guess a day of three of them died there and three of them that are done at the hospital. They've got eighteen people over also there. That there are now patients in the hospital. It was this terrible terrible heat. Came on. And so without any relief. In the you know today to you probably couldn't get Windiz. Anatomy fame and Mozilla kind of things that you stand it details a little bit. So. Just a real tragedy down there. I couldn't believe the other night that we lost our power when any meat curing me Fannie or any heavy wounds. I didn't do near lower crazy rain. But. We were pretty lucky in that we sort of sidestepped most of that which could have been. Coup are all worse garrison was cut open he's cut his. Unload the right hurricane. Green Hugo. Yes. And as a child reporter did your parents to accuse. Tests are you that are alive and I was a grown with children and at that and we're worried bear. As sharp and be TV actually I had let BTV and I was running my own company at that point. Area our house. Ordered up and the storm pictured him this year and after ago meeting of the beach of course is was were shared and always debate oh yeah it was much worse here exact where. I remember we sent a crew to the beach from Winston and set truck. And that Myrtle Beach wasn't a big issue download Charleston had more issues that's exactly it's like the next day. It's crazy. I mean it's like learning this can't be right downstairs in the outcome happened. And it was a big problem there you career that was. Diana was soon covered hurricane Diana. Which which was a weird storm because she just sat off the coast for awhile and then finally decided okay I'm coming inland. And plowed into Wilmington and morehead city that was. No it was a good experience because it's first time I've ever experienced raining sideways that sting statue. Fredette death and not experienced it but I've. Wrote out a couple of typhoons overseas in the navy but frugal as it goes a little bit of Britain experienced. Epithet at a that affect you said. We need you down and help out I'll listen to rated GM so in Europe in June down the kitchen and and help out MS cook and true. And so. My job was hanging over the garbage can dump and entrees and a pen and that's where you wanna be in a typhoon as you say throw it overboard and saved exactly yeah you're a breeder and a typhoon goes half the guys were already sick of the big guys the guys it didn't get seasick Christie's it music Canada day. And I didn't existing hungry for colon and like Ellis an appetite in that. But it was there was quite a ride and a huge task since Tim Johnson if you own a house. You can place on the beach. You just have to know that the chances are you're gonna time. And if you live in. The keys in Florida. I don't know why you too good but if you get hit with pyramid there. No I have not you heard us talk about I I'd like I've never been the Mikhail it's. You've got to be dedicated to make that drive that I cannot rancher on the way I've never had and part of south tour it was. Knew it was worthwhile Fey thanks for joining us this afternoon. John back tomorrow probably maybe okay that's all good ever be happy I'm mark is actually shows that.