Review Of The State Of The Union

John Hancock
Wednesday, January 31st

hancok gives his imressions of the State Of The Union and discusses with callers, plus the latest on the Panthers.


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This is John Hancock. Or as a Wednesday's big big. TJ never does practicing our Nancy Pelosi about things. Do you have any idea she was and camera. I was really not know what no woman would get cut do and look at noises she did last night. State of the Union Address that body was pretty good president. I mess up all the it was pretty entertaining. I thought Lucy was a Posey was especially entertaining and and Chuck Schumer. Are found to be a pretty entertaining. And together guys named Booker. He didn't like he was have a real good time either. And when he ended did you see him. Break into the aisles. I guess Nancy Pelosi had to put out a they had told members of house and do not leave during the address. But boy you aren't as if I was her I saw walking down to dial. He couldn't have been. A millisecond past his last words before she was on other. And I don't blame her. She probably want to go see the video. The other thing I had go we show of all the whole time most watched the president last night was that he had an earpiece in so there's somebody could say Mr. President. Don't cut your hands when you clap. You don't pay your palms together or do something like that but because they're very big is that. When we you do that. You know it's a different than. 'cause I got to be just kind of disconcerting last night to have MO. Now he's he's taken a beating today in the press about applauding for himself. But I think he was moral apply that did bid to my biased view he was more applauding the idea. That had just been thrown out and he was. And congratulating himself on a he also seemed to warm up a little bit to the teleprompter. I did notice of the beginning of the address and he's not a great teleprompter he's nobody is no Barack Obama when it comes with a teleprompter. He has a little bit of trouble with that. Side to side thing. But today EG got better editors the address went on but that he had lots of time for it to get better editor was an hour and twenty minutes. But I thought he was good last night another one thing that I eight. That the stuck with me with a one line that stuck with me more than any other ally that he had an error. I had to go search for today I didn't hear any of the pundits talking about it this morning. And a mom. And and if you look for a you can you can find it. And then obviously. How it was received. Well would. Where would be in keeping with how that address was received last night deciding on what side of the of the political spectrum that you're wrong. So. Email Hancock and WBT dot com after viewing the State of the Union Address I cannot understand why the Democrats refused to stand up for border security. The American flag. The National Anthem. Bonuses for American workers. Low black unemployment. Merit based immigration. Jerusalem is Israel's capital. And the fact that 2.4 million jobs were created in conclusion I'm wondering exactly what does the Democratic Party stand for come through broad. That that's always the eight anytime you. That's why that's so that's part of the pageantry of the state of the union addresses to watch the opposing parties sit on their hands while everybody else in the chamber. I'm celebrates the ideals that are being exposed in the buddy was. But they kept under and is close ups of a Pelosi. And that's that's just. That's just sheer. I don't know what to call it. Animates when that wouldn't be a word when it. She. That that's just. I'm not going to support anything this man says even if I agree when it. And and I'm sure that there are people on both sides of the of the aisle that. They've become awfully bad attitude we we kinda I mean congress is that it. Example of that over the past years so we're gonna do anything that's why you have so many votes that are go along party lines. Nobody's gonna reach across the aisle because it's a political suicide do start within. And indeed you love you. You ruin any chances of good committee assignments and all that stuff on the other. So yesterday we came on here and we said in a word. Of the state of the union is. And so today. In a word. Describe the State of the Union Address from last night and then I'll give you a chance to explain. And no TJ put this up on the RW BT FaceBook page. And. Presidential. In one word in a word. Describe the State of the Union Address from last night 704571110. Presidential. Didn't watch they just went to matched all the letters together. Tony did you think I would think that was all one word. Outstanding. America. But it says MER ICA. Burger. Great patriotic. Typical. It was. Trash. Epic. Mega. Make America great again that's chatted cheating. But it's it's it's. Technically it's legal. In today and the need days of attacks did say of that would be going word. A masterful. Came. So wallaby Marten happy to a field a few phone calls about 70457. Know 1110 they had a. They had a a train. Republican members of congress on their way to a West Virginia. Today. For a retreat. And they had a and the train hit a trash truck. A train carrying Republican members of congress including Robert Pitt injure and Paul Ryan. Com. And others members of congress it had gone to a retreated West Virginia struck garbage truck. One person aboard the truck is dead the other seriously injured. A law no lawmakers were believed to be seriously hurt but one of those who did suffer a concussion was congressman Jason lost. Who's an old friend of ours and I'm an old judge talk show host Jerry WB take. Com and had gone back and forth between Minneapolis. Have been deadlocked here and I'll wind up into the job of Minneapolis in the left Minneapolis and came down here and did afternoons for awhile now know left here and Rebecca to Minneapolis and then got out of the radio biz and no ran for a house this last election and well was elected in he was hospitalized. With a concussion apparently. And tweets out where did I find this I'm fine compared to tragically the truck driver and thankful for our first responders. So apparently he's a do and find a cinema text message and no other not organ response from a regular I don't know but I told them that I'm sure there were. Our prayers being offered for among the city of Charlotte for his so quick recovery and. And so on and so forth so our anyway Jason Lewis. No favorite of many of viewers a good dough solid conservative and now. So. He was part of the story of this collision this trained fatal collision with the F truck today. There are a couple of doctors turn congressman that were on that to a train no Roger Marshall and Larry you know Bouchard on. And they both got out and administered aide to the other two people in the trash truck. This was in is it crews at CR OZET. Virginia which is up near Charlottesville. Amtrak train ferrying the lawmakers to a retreat at White Sulphur Springs West Virginia. So modify hear from a Jason although election nobody had to say and trade Audi. Says you know what politics is not really in my game now this was the guy you when we were talking of the primaries last year. Who would you like to see run for president awful lot of people said trig Audi and I remember talking no one person in particular and sending you don't have the name value and we had speculated on a couple of occasions. That he had been front and center and in front of the cameras enough in the last a year. Then I thought he was getting some really strong name value and maybe that would bode well for him as they future presidential candidate and now maybe it's still does but not according no is a statement today. He basically. Is leaving behind a committee chairmanship that he only recently. Obtained. And he's so hoping for a judicial appointment as what he wants is a conservative from Spartanburg. And he kind of change federal Washington's so political mores and social codes. And says he's actually long for the rules and practices of the legal world where a mayday career for a decades. Is quoted as I will not be filing for reelection to congress nor seeking any other political or elective office instead I will be returning to the justice system. Whatever skills I may have are better utilized in a courtroom and in congress. And I enjoyed our justice system more than our political system. He's chairman of the house oversight and a Government Reform Committee. He also serves on the house intelligence and in judicial not a judiciary committee's. And didn't say exactly what job in the justice system he might pursue but they're just happens to be an opening for a judge in the fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Which. Is his jurisdiction and now South Carolina. So while. That's good did that to me is a huge loss. Of a I'm a pretty level headed. Conservative. And I hate to see him leaving although maybe he just couldn't. Bid ended. His ethics and morals any longer in order to love fit. The direction. It would seem colonel William Perry. Well political system. I get a word in. Describe the State of the Union Address last night playoff forward to a man yesterday and now we'll give you time to explain should you would need some Michaels up on nine WBT 70457. All of it and hey Michael. I garden. I. Didn't get calling yesterday when it was one more. But. Was blank and that but good collection of politicians. Stop the bottom city county state federal. You can see a lot. Arrogantly. Adversarial. And condescending. No actions in their loot and mirrored the format. And what they say to him the rest stop. Highway you know I did decide to sit I was trying to think about the Republican response to an Obama address. I and I understand that there you know they sit down. No when when they applause starts as well lets us that's part of the pageantry of the State of the Union Address but I don't know that I remember and I'm sure it is in my own bias but. I don't remember such facial. Tom revolt. Like I saw from Nancy and I and Chuck Schumer one point and and Booker I I don't know there was says there was just seething. I don't know was it a gag wasn't anger here was. It it just was it just was weird is when it was it was just kind of strange. Well. I watched quite cute that they use more than I care to ever walk anymore but now that's Visio. That's the bottom line for many there they're all but saw that now in between them on the fringes. Of its politicians say pebble com. Arrogantly. Adversarial. And condescending. Which maybe that's why try attorney dowdy a guy like trig Audi is just say you know you can have this there so there's a better ways to. To spend your life there's a more productive ways to spend your life than now but her head up against a wall in and play and all he's a stupid game somebody wrote me a few seconds ago and said do that. Trig Audi a bit deciding he's not gonna run for reelection reinforces his view that the person it probably should be president United States would never go through all the crap that it would take to get the seat. You know big not to find one with a DN Knight country DNA. Abraham Lincoln I'm not familiar with the deadly gas. But take your judgment on Ambien the right canned goods. You know. But I appreciate golf on the other hand on me a FaceBook page and the in one word describe the State of the Union Address from last night Ellen writes in not one word but. And finally. I do not always approve of what he tweets or what he says. But they do approval what he's doing good. And I thought. When he addresses I kind of went into the address expecting him do probably just be typical Donald Trump and I and I thought there were areas where he was. I'm not really good really good. And there were times when the Democrats were sitting on things that I thought that they could actually be supportive of and I didn't understand exactly why they were doing it like I said he had one line last night that caught my attention. And I had to go searching for reaction to it today so I wondered was it just me that thought that was the best line to the address or. And maybe I would ask you now. What line did I hear last night that I thought was the line of the address can. And Helen got Colin on. In a word describes skating union address last I don't take that and then many of you zoomed right in unknown what caught my attention last night apparently caught your attention as well I had to go there has been press reaction to it. High end there has been and reaction to it from ma those in the gallery and and elsewhere. Of some negative some positive depends on know which side of the island issue were on as so much of that addressed it last night but. I thought it was lawn of the nine we'll get to that just sick of current as well but first. But to Chris who I think all the yesterday as though well in one word describe the State of the Union Address last night Chris. I would say you were reading your arm to quote our device. And you're talking more on the left side in the right side I'm assuming. To a certain degree bureaucratic yeah com you'll all donated to a certain degree explain that to me. Are well on him trembling in particular it may mean being. There are. Bring back America will be used to being. And there are certain people around the country. Bring back American who used to be read in the good thing. Not all elements of it no. Anything you wouldn't bleeding Japanese and reach it would surround. I didn't. Our local or pregnant. They're bad news learned and murderer and let you know our government people caller. All right me and. Presented that to some degree that may have a little bit to do with party. 'cause he's a Republican and the Republicans and and no and blacks and women and Latinos are more. Do do do do predominance of those people would probably members of the Democratic Party in new Democrats weren't having anything to do with president last night. Even non stuff that he said that they agreed with. You're good at Louisville and now we're very very little and the king of this steak and all I am. But the bag we learn Terry Nelson ever conceded but that's not true either. But say that to me get I didn't hear that. I'll brag I don't agree re going down the ice and old oil industry. Now consonants assure us who understood your. Yeah. We're about Abbott and now you were recruited and done all right I appreciate skull. British public hearing it and. Did you hear it. I couldn't. That billowed the black unemployment sort of it is alone now as it's ever been. I think that is true. And maybe I'm wrong but I think that is true. But that's that that if that it did if that's the line that no better than your cherry picked. I mean that then there's fact checkers all over the place today. About things that he said and did he exaggerate the belief yes he exaggerated Donald Trump. Did he take credit for things that day he may or may not be entitled to take credit for yes. Name one president is ever to the State of the Union Address that hasn't touted a good economy when the gun economy's good is being at least partially dune is. Being in office. You be you would be insane not to. It did add that that's is the way politics works that's that's those that's the swing vote thinks. That three and four that CBS did a poll last night that I thought was fascinating three and four Americans who turned into the State of the Union Address last night approved the speech. This is from one of the area the drive by media sources CBS news. Eight in ten Americans who watch tonight felt that the president was trying to unite the country rather than divided two thirds said the speech was made debt. Made them feel proud. Third said it made them feel safe. Viewers said the speech made them feel angry you're scared I don't have the stats right here in front of me but I did hear them say on CBS news this morning. That most of the people in this poll were Republicans. Now does that work out that's I guess that was my first question when I heard them say that this morning. How does CBS do a poll and 42% of the respondents. Are Republicans. Does that mean at 42% of the people who watch CBS this morning are Republicans. I watched CBS this morning. I'm an independent but I would be more closely tied to the Republican Party than I would do of the Democrats. Nine and ten Republicans said the speech made them feel proud while just over half of the Democrats said it made them feel angry. Independents who watched the speech nearly half of whom got themselves as presidential supporters. I've tended to approve the speech after hearing his State of the Union Address most viewers think the policies that they heard and I would helped Belmont. Personally. Most viewers in the CBS poll had a favorable opinion of what blood trump had to say. About the nation's infrastructure immigration and national security 54%. Of the speech watchers. Gave him a lot of credit for the current state of the nation's economy up from 51%. Before they watched the state of the union. Saw I did that the reason I had the good the whole reason that I actually copied and that off in the first place was. It's a CBS news poll that was favorable to the president's first State of the Union Address. I've kind of surprised me. And then you get into fact checkers. The first two I saw roll across my eyesight this morning were USA today. And the New York Daily News. And it and actually. Yes. The president exaggerated and in some cases. Not stated facts that probably aren't true. But by and large. What are you said was slowed. What was what was accurate. Or was not so outlandish. These claims are accurate. That's largely true. On tax cuts in bonuses for some workers go above all that's largely true on taking credit for solid economic games. He takes credit for the state of the union for solid economic gains since the election we created 2.4 million jobs including 200000 new jobs in the manufacturing alone. Says USA today those claims are accurate. Job growth has already strong under a Barack Obama's administration and that is continued. Now the fact that trump wouldn't bring that up. No you don't bring that up. That's like say in word vision you know we're rural we're proud do. Get the car of the year award for our shabby Malibu. Is quite frankly we think prompt Fords but not really great product right now. Then happened. They have black unemployment rate is at the lowest. That it's ever bitten. But. We just looked this up it's been going down. For some time there have been some peaks but by and large. Since 2010 big black unemployment rate has been going down it peaked a little bit. In mid. 2011. And then went down. And then rose slightly in the middle of 2013. And has been pretty much on a steady decline ever sense. So the statement was factual. It is at its lowest of all talk. Now he can he claim credit for everything that's been going on since. January 2010 no. But he's been he's the beneficiary. Of a trend that has been going on now for some time. But that's what you do in the State of the Union Address in both parties would do that would take advantage of now he did say last night that we've enacted the biggest tax cuts and reform in American history. And he's been corrected on that several times. And apparently he just chooses to ignore that of and that is one of the places that the thought they effected checkers Cayman. The new GOP tax bill ranks far behind the one passed under a president Ronald Reagan back in the early 1980s. And analysis from this fall by the nine partisan committee for a responsible federal government actually put Troy ounce packages the eighth biggest since 1918 and as a percentage. Of the total economy Reagan's 1981. Cut is the biggest. Followed by the 1945. Rollback of taxes. That financed a World War II. I saw the president likes to continue using that. Even though he's been out corrected several times. He said no we are now the and exporter of of energy to the world. Fact checkers say he is misleading. US is exported all sorts of energy for decades if I trumps referring to the US becoming a net exporter. A country that sells more energy than advise. I he's jumping the gun on that a little bit as well although we're headed that direction the federal Energy Information Administration said that the United States could become the net exporter. I'm within a decade. And we just talked about that last week thanks to an upswing in oil and gas production. But that energy of boom started long before a trumps elections so. But they you know at that that they did this president's going to exaggerate that's that I'm not Nestle SA and that's okay but it has. Just that's what they built and that's what state of the union is. You come in. And just the natural swing of financials. As soon as the economy often a better direction you take. You take credit for. No bush W couldn't take any credit toward. Bibby gives a good Dell and hand basket during his watch his fault no. Years of policies and banking decisions and and doing business in Macon of questionable loans and all that stuff added to that one it doesn't happen overnight. Who benefited from that Obama benefited from that city take good credit fart heard it. And things are have drastically improved in the last year at least if you're looking at the stock market. And the tax cut and what that is paid any any should've taken credit for all that last night and he did. Where my door and but the one line I should get to the 11 let me go to Michael good Michael was kind of the first in on this and we'll talk about this when we come back after the 4 o'clock do so what was the line that that I picked up last night Michael involved that was the yet little line of the address. Error. American murder were her yes. I thought that was a great line I thought it was I would you call that a double entendre not necessarily I don't suppose but I thought it was. I he was. I thought it was great to point out iPod did to some extent it has been taken negatively obviously by the Democrats but to me. It just put us all into one big pot yet be a yes Dre dreamers have a dream of being able to make something out of themselves in this country and now most and the majority of the population here. Oh wants to see. Those dreams realized or wants to give those that those kids that opportunity to to to do that but. American kids have dreams too we all have dreams that's what this country is all about is if you have a dream. And you're willing to work for it. Chances are you can fulfill that dream it won't be easy and you won't be handed to you but you can in this country still be anything you wanna be. Exactly one plane that caught my attention to our. Word he amount of money that are there ask them for infrastructure. Then we kind of beer that made me. Marine for eight years ago or thumper would be shovel ready infrastructure project of and I bought some money for that feel like we're doing it. Again and again and again. Well we're behind behind it behind what we did the last time Mo was just a good tip of the iceberg we have allowed the infrastructure of this country bridges and highways and otherwise. Good to go we we had we we didn't do lard do maintenance on it as time went along and it's all added up so. Essentially it's it's like taking a a measuring cup and and and trying to take water out of a out of a gallon jug. It you know yeah you can do that for a long long time you still haven't really essentially admitted to an event. No I I I agree with you adjust with the amount of money that they're putting Ford quote unquote infrastructure. Leo the truck driver I've been dead be a little bit more of that out there. Yeah well where I had now that I'm always astounded at how much money it cost to do any thing that to build a told lane or something like that so. When you start talking trillions of dollars in infrastructure needs. But did you see how many hundreds of millions of dollars it takes to do what seems to be not a simple project but. Hundreds of millions of dollars to me is a lot of money that should be able to go along way and sometimes it doesn't go the long away as soon as well I don't think it should so. I'm sure a lot of that has to do what government waste and contracts and and no soul and so forth but you know I trillion and a half just did what used to be Michael. No no no it's not down. You know I appreciate the gulf Arab youth you have a great favor and you do thank you you know you take a chilly and happier than a trillion and half their employees. Talk a little money. And. You know. Nobody was talking about last night that was Leo was the president channeling John Lennon last night. Boy that make you Democrats just don't turn over your drift it. We don't want run Donald trump and know John Glenn mentioned in the same sentence together. They can get that I thought it was highlighted the address an asset to our watchful thing and and and quite frankly I was. I'm the hand clapping started driving that's. I'm not for the reasons that the Picayune bush presses. Picking up below where there are blaming him for plotting himself. I just I think he was applauding the idea. But I also got a comes down to president elect Nancy Pelosi should just to know what to do their mouth last night I don't think the president quite knew what to do with his hands. So a lot of the and it did and that's why people. That's like people clap with the palm of their hands or you know you kind of go Suzanne and so it doesn't and he. He is getting his hands cup so it gave you one of those. They were united giant. Seward tube. And the microphone picked it up and it was it was kind of disconcerting. But that'd that was. It was just disconcerting because it was disconcerting not for any other reason. They want that the longest State of the Union Address ever President Clinton still low holds that designation by about eight minutes. Just before trump finished. I read this this morning I thought there was a pretty inching just before a trump finished Nancy Pelosi made eye contact with the Joseph Crowley of new York and appointed towards the back of the house chamber. And the second he says his last words. She was out of there and I'm almost sure and I and I wouldn't swear. But they did like one of these long shots of the house and I think that was her there was broken it down the aisle. So where she obviously had some over the amount should probably need to go. Pour herself a double or something around. She had warned house Democrats not to leave the chamber mid speech. Militarily. And now so so that's that's that's were that went fact checkers are in and out and so on and so forth I thought his guests were. Thought his guests were good. It dot com and a couple of occasions and I'm not gonna go into detail because it'll just make me look bad. Some of them oh were kind of. Over dramatic or I don't know what I want no one or phrase that but but by and large I thought his guests were good and I don't tell remember. By any president. Really. Yes yes they make reference to them. But boy he really accentuated them. I mean he talked about their story and he had them stand and he had been acknowledged and he had them. And then what once the once they applause tried doubt a died down. They and he. Generally had something else to say to them. Elizabeth Alvarado and and our Roberta edits his B Robert Mickens and Evelyn Rodriguez and Freddy Cuevas. The parents of Kayla Cuevas. And Nissan Mickens who were two girls that were. Gunned down by MS thirteen gang members that was pretty emotional. The young men. Preston sharp. Who are launched the flag and flower challenge. When I first Salma Lawny ascend up in the chamber on the young man sitting next door I thought maybe it was baron. But I thought while big bear looks different to me tonight. Wasn't bear and it was this kid who I noticed they are graves out and I think California memorial. Didn't all have flags and so he underwent. Mission to get flags for all of the graves. 43000 running for president said 40000 or someone remind my number number I heard was 43000 or 4000. Don't matter how many thousand very cool thing that young demanded. Celestine you know CJ Martinez. Supervisory special agent for immigration and customs enforcement so Homeland Security. Whose unit led due to the investigations that have led to more than a hundred arrests of MS thirteen gang members. And as a man in Baghdad's. Lucky to be alive I would assume. Com and made officer of the policeman from Albuquerque, New Mexico Ryan Hall arts. Who are runs across say homeless woman. As about predator shooting heroin or something and us stops her and says so you know you're gonna be doing harm your baby you know long story short he and his wife end up adopting that baby. The baby was their last night I assume that was the baby. So they adopt that baby from the parents who suffered from addiction. Pretty powerful stuff. Pretty. Pretty good and pretty good pretty good people. And then the line that it caught my attention. I don't want the what I thought was the line of the whole address. Americans are dreamers too. Playing on the use of the dreamers to refer to the generation of immigrants who came the United States as children and know most of over an hour in their twenties and thirties and and he said Americans are dreamers too. And depending on what account and who wrote it that you read today. Either. It was. Accepted. In a very positive manner or in no peace I'm looking at right now. It says most of whom are now in their twenties and thirties and then he smirk to. Americans are dreamers too I don't think it was a smirk and I don't think it was a shot at the DreamWorks. I thought it was almost all encompassing that don't we all have dreams. Tonight I'm extending an open hand to work with members of both parties Democrats and Republicans to protect our citizens of every background color religion and creed. My duty and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber. Is to defend Americans. To protect their safety. Their families their communities. And their rights to the American dream. Because Americans are dreamers too. That's what the whole concept of America is about. Is that you have a dream you can reach that dream you can fulfill that dream if you're willing to work for. Part of the problem and America is people want the dream fulfilled they don't water works for a they don't want to. Suffer the setbacks or the setbacks stop them for pursuing the dream. People who generally. She huge dreams. Won't let anything get in their way. Or circumstances. Get in their way and sometimes dreams are killed by eight. Situations that can't be. Can't be helped. Not the first time that the president has drawn a connection between Americans being dreamers and and dreamers as a group whose status in the United States is an urgent policy issue. Trump used the line and they on the campaign trail do when he are capped the are pleased to turn attention to. Our poverty at home with the let our children be dreamers to use that on the campaign trail. In mail official White House statement after the attorney general Jeff Sessions announced the end of the deck a program. The statement read above all else we must remember that young Americans have dreams to. So he's used that before. But I thought it was. It was the one line that caught my attention and it was the one line to me. That not only put all those kids those Decker kids in one. It put us all in the same basket. It didn't matter whether or not you were an immigrant or a and in naturalized born citizen or whatever the case may be. We're supposed to be the country of drifts were supposed to be the country where dreams can be fulfilled. If you're willing to work hard and you're willing to. And you're and you're willing to pursue that dream it's not gonna get handed to you. But the reaction to that last night. Newt Gingrich liked it. Newt said. Americans are dreamers too is why president trump is so remarkable shifts focus from a small group to the whole nation. These Center for American Progress. Senior fellow there a liberal think Tex and Americans are dreamers to the line was intentionally divisive he said I didn't get that. But then I'm gonna be biased on me. Other side so maybe I can't say that but I don't where where's the divisive this and now. It wasn't. I didn't think it was delivered with any malice. Odds will elect. Most of the take away from PRI and I WNYC. Said Americans are dreamers to a feels like it could quickly become. The all lives matter of the immigration debate. So that that but it was the line that caught my attention. On and then almost like a good lyric. Or any time somebody puts the right words in the right order. To catch your attention but generally for me with my love of music I'd say it's say it it's. It's somebody that can that can twist of phrase. In an inner great lyrics and to me. I thought because Americans are dreamers tool. I I thought that whole paragraph. About his duty in the sacred duty of every elected official in the chamber to. Defend Americans to protect their safety their families their communities their right to the American dream. Because Americans are dreamers till. I loved that. Here you're really is and you make the Delhi VG Trevor boring you may be causing a problem that's they're. Our baby boomers just really. Big fan of people who can do really is. You can do really is and may Ford Taurus station wagon. Adamant that they have been you've got you've got to tell what's. The good that sort of sit. Let me go to your column that'll come back can now talk about the democratic response last night the very glistening. A representative Joseph Kennedy this is why I would never be able to there's a thousand reasons why I could never do the democratic responsible but I'm not a Democrat or any kind of a political response. And why any has shot I ever do on TV is generally fairly short. Obama sweater. Amman Patrick Ewing at the fell lineup momma slaughter. So if you put me on camera for too long. I start to glisan. And no that's. I don't know afloat Joseph Kennedy last night was glistening urged ruling. But I've kind of gotten to that stage of my life to. David I'm drilling do. A drilling glistening. A response to the State of the Union Address. That now what they're looking for. As Richard Nixon. Tim is up on WBT HM. Thank you don't. Want about we'll. Elect Barack Obama look like I don't get I don't and the ball. Which are all I guess is good exercise but I never have quite gotten that either. You know I wanted to come forward. And I know that. Throughout the night and I. And he's only been at that actually president drop the clapping along a couple of what was in my mind at the top. I'll. And all that well why whoever whoever deeply the world and the article on. And you abort and everything lane and calculate they didn't they go back but I would like. You're I'm sure you don't get back core I can hear it well talking of freedom and. Breather and that's it that's the deal live on desert near where an headset with a microphone that you know like you're I'd Devi the time life operator you get that thing close your nose again here your breath. Yeah and you know in I I didn't see it but I I rate went down and it it quite fascinating are the single outlet. Democrat. Like. Eight but on your over the West Newbury who don't know John Mark. You know I. I think that people are absolute way pot the older ones and there they want sure important I think that helped by. On this aren't there I am absolutely there are. Well we'll find out I I'm pretty sure we'll find out demo I'm I'm glad we can help your verify why the hand clapping know what's happening last night and a and I appreciate your phone call Tom. Well we'll find out of one of the things that happened is the president was leaving the gallery last night they was overheard saying to. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina against Jeff. It basically cents on the along to him about they released the memo. He was shaken hands stroke was shaken hands with members of congress and he's leaving the house chamber following the state of the address last night and and Duncan said something along the lines of they released the memo and he said oh yeah now don't worry 100%. This was on the same day that the White House had said that they would do a good undergo thorough review and bubble lawns and so I you know I'm assuming it's gonna get her released. Democratic response was last night as well representative Joseph Kennedy of Massachusetts. Gave a grandson of Robert Kennedy. And and all anybody. Kind of can really say today is that. He it was. Either had too much lip gloss on or he was drooling. I and the big line he had last night about the president was a bullies may land a punch. But they can't match the strength of the people. All right last year January. Which means we're welfare as Chris just this does seem like just a lifetime ago. Just made it. 31 days into the year 334. Days to go 1930. On this January 31. 3 AM introduced Scotch tape. Baseball hall of Famer Nolan Ryan 71 today Justin Timberlake is how old wooden. 37. Felt very good TJ where's your big terror just to blackmail so. That in Britain. To Toronto cops had to be treated at a hospital after they consumed edible marijuana products taken from arrayed in no started seeing things. Newspaper's investigation reveals that lots of celebrities paid to get fake Twitter accounts. Followers have been. And child experts are asking FaceBook to police dropped the new messenger kids that because they think they're kids under thirteen are ready for it are they not also worried about predators using that as well as a source of what kind of a bad idea anyway. I astronauts. Food. May float around inside their stomachs you know however to have an astronaut comes back they've lost weight. Have read this last night this is. It's been like twenty years since the first permanent crew was sent to a live 250 miles above the earth in the International Space Station. And in that time scientists have noticed a peculiar trend and that is that astronauts just can't seem to keep their weight up. And while many have suspected that weight loss may just be an inevitable consequence of spaceflight. There's now some research new researches suggest that the cause may have something more. To do with management according to the head of NASA's nutritional biochemistry lab astronauts food may essentially be floating inside them. After they eat do do micro gravity conditions. And this tricks the stomach and thinking it's fall. Why can we apply that to weight loss here in the country. In less we all get into. Rooms that good or you bring it close. Bear B&B let's all homeowners and apartment dwellers ran out to there's space is like the hotel rents rooms. He used to that after many of you don't know. Now for people who need a place to wrench. This is brilliant. Garage time Carr and his used Andrew core it's just launched garage time as an online marketplace to allow people to rip out their garages. Or even just a slab of concrete at whatever rate they want to for folks who need a place to work on their cars or motorcycles or other projects for a few hours today. More a few days. Or he got a guy who wants to restore car. And you got a garage that you are not be using or did you just to soon make some money off of lady restore the car in your garage I guess that summer is gonna make money off this thing. You got to sit down some guidelines I don't necessarily want him while working on the carburetor 1145 at night you know our. Company make some money by taking 10% or whatever the arranger pays to the garage owners so that's the way that goes. You up. You personally Mayo only be consuming like 4000 calories on Super Bowl Sunday Dario figure that I just pulled out of thin air according to Leo calorie control. Counsel these snacks eaten by Americans watching these Super Bowl contained four million pounds of fat. The amount of fat consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. Yeah. And the problem is. Pretty haven't terrible Sunday. Or like or go to. Rings yeah. We are so messy. Roy just what you like about a yeah I'm not a big winner. Not Joe's. Susan can like take a hand and OK and Phil went. You know garrido as a result of Georgia. And then just cover. All the venues in the ground beef in the weather it just sour cream and guacamole what are you find more the merrier. And an executive at all day long. Stock market turtle bit better today than yesterday I'm 72 and a half for 72 point 50 on the I doubt it closed 4614939. NASDAQ up nine points S&P up. One point 38. So a little bit better than yesterday apple was up just slightly point 46 I don't quite understand what Apple's doing with the excellent first of all we read a story. Ten days ago. About how this phone might be short lived on its own anyway that they may. Because of what they plan to release next week next year. And then today it looks like the iPhone. Actually isn't selling as well as apple had hoped. The Wall Street Journal reporting this morning. Sorted deciding out to the source familiar with these supply chain as saying that apple plans to cut production of the phone in half. As the winner is ending. I infected journal cited others as saying that the a production cut might actually be even close to 60%. The iPhone X has been plagued with. Manufacturing problems. And social reviews and complaints about its thousand dollar cost. And apple won't put out its first report on iPhone X sales for that for the quarter that and last month I think we'll see those tomorrow. So maybe that'll kind of tells a little bit about what's going on at apple we were and Susan and I were both on none. Apple I've fives. Five SI guess. And though we were due for new phones and so we had kind of waited for the gates. And then game news that the age for coming out and the exes were coming out. And though we had no desire I don't doubt that it was good. Well I don't to go look at was fined 2000 dollars for phone Biden V eights work inexpensive. Baghdad the for the face recognition and all that kind of stuff when I first got my eight. I did the thumbprint recognition. And George. Told me. The bad thing is sporadic. And for about the first month and a half the thumbprint recognition thing worked great and now it's sporadic. So I you know under a now I've got kind of wanna get out of that and the other thing I don't like about the ages it's got a five number code instead of before number code. And I realize that's just such hard chip on my film that I have to plunge into extra numbers but I just don't like that part of it. Also I guess they're available or the are the the maps charging mats. Available. That was supposed to be one of the deals and the camera was supposed to be much improved. But I don't know what to I don't do enough with the so why and where I am happy with the aid I mean it's you know it's it's fine but it's not that much better than the fives. So. Georgia switched over to Samsung and talk to an awful lot of people that are doing Samsung's and they seem pretty darn happy. I'm not unhappy just. So we'll see what happens with the iPhone acts the facial recognition thing is set to me was kind of like buying a new model car. Don't buy a car. The first year comes out let them put that thing out in. Iron out all the problems and is somebody who owned one of the first Ford Pinto is ever I can just tell you right now that. And my dad actually bought that that I was. Forced to drive it. School bus colored Ford Pinto. Without seats for awhile we voted onto that story just a recently. Get ready for the return of water beds. I never understood water beds not even when I was say I hippie. I just never. They just never appealed to me in any way shape or form and they I never slept that great autumn. And I never thought they were Draper and anything else that. Might take place on a bad. Water beds were way a big deal back in the seventies. And the inventor said they're planning a big comeback. 71 year old Charlie hall says say he sees millennial loving water beds. A once he improves them with temperature control they already done that right. Palmer waves head they do that too with us some kind of a top they put on that. 'cause the original ones. Good lord you better be taken drama mean before you got on that thing. They'll be on the market later this year apparently initially at the city furniture chains in no Florida and you can expect the new and improved designed to run new. About. 2000 dollars. Yeah I will let me know how that all goes toward. I think I'll just stick with my physical memory foam. Which is still the best honestly were well political correctness. Now someone is saying that notre Dame's leprechaun. Mascot should go. We'll talk about that two guys who stole a gold bar from a museum. And how are you actually well see the blood Budweiser collides dale also showing up during their Super Bowl. Do all that next right after the 505. Which is next. It's 505. The Beatles. As well and then nine to nine. Paul Simon is 74 years old came through town and not too long ago with them last year wanna say may be a little longer than that. I'll put on a great show here in our Charlotte I didn't see it but I am an awful lot of friends who wandered on their and it's one of their road to one of the shows are credited dosage. Because the guys just unbelievably a talented and but anyway he previously had teased his retirement back in 2016. And the New York Times and many announced yesterday that July 15 28 teams. He'll take the stage at London's Hyde Park and that will be a farewell performance. He'll be joined by air James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt who'll be on a tour anyway come in here as a matter of fact. And other should be some other guess it'll still be announced Art Garfunkel you think. One song. Who knows we interviewed are alarmed or was it to eject you couple years ago so much time. And it was all we can do it and not ask the questions that they told us justice not to ask. But we we were fine young men and many and we we didn't. In court he may did the de Paul Simon made to New York Times back in a 2016 when he kinda tease his retirement he says. Show biz doesn't hold any interest for me. It's an act of courage to let go. I'm going to see what happens if I let go I'm going to see who I AM. Or MI just this person that was defined by what I did. And if that's gone. If you have to make. Up yourself. Who are you. No I don't know how much sense that makes deal but it makes a lot of sense to me. A wondered that same. It is in fact one of the great lessons I ever learned in radio was why one of my mentors was a guy by the name Danny Davis were tripped radio station called KIM and in Denver. And Danny was kind of at the end of all the great. Boss jocks that had gone through K I am in which was another one of those great top forty radio stations and everybody remembers fondly we just talked about. Jack Gail just passing away we talked about Murphy in the morning good manager Thomas and out of that aero. The greatest radio era I think ever. Top forty radio in the sixties and but Danny came and in the early seventies and still was a big big big star and know Denver on KI amendment cage or no we radio. And at one point I N I new Kitt dead new Danny pretty well. But Danny became Danny. Went to about three marriages or so and India he became Danny Davis the radio guy. I think he lost track with a kid that had moved to Denver from Boise Idaho. And it just always kind of taught me to. Put some division. Between your radio self taught easier to do a talk radio could you can be who you are instead of. Tried to. Assume some sort of persona. But. Two but I've often wondered the same thing same thing that up Paul Simon just said. Tom I'm going to see what happens if I let go. And then you're going to have to find out where you just this person that was defined by what you did or is there something Nelson there. On and I guess that's one of the enticements and fears that I have as well when I'm not John Hancock the radio guy anymore. We have. Guess we'll find out. Not this year. Hopefully. Tell us as you all love press conference plus meaningless they Super Bowl today. And talked about the investigation of a Jerry Richardson and who's conducting madness and the other and I talk a little bit about two the NFL was certainly like to see Carolina Panthers stayed another Charlotte and some NFL owner and I haven't read the story yet to is quoted as saying things would be pretty tough for some NFL owner to. And I take the team out of Charlotte we read individual person article which is posted on the Hancock originally BT dot com about a lot of the times they're threatening cities with moving it turns out to be folly. And whether or not Charlotte really needs a new stadium or not and could you outfit it. Could you put out a roof on it could you put a canopy over it or something along those lines in the answer to that is yes pretty expensive but yes you could. And WC NC as of last night is reporting that there are six hotel until buyers. For the Carolina Panthers. We are currently we currently here there are about six bidders. Those who are interested. Comes from James Mitchell. He said that to read Turkey over it to NBC six. And they expect things could change as early as next way because you'll recall they were told early in the than the early stages of all this that things would pick up after the Super Bowl. I really thought about that but maybe as early as next week we start to find out exactly who. But the bidders. Potentially. For your Carolina Panthers. Stormy Daniels not a meteorologist. Yeah stormy Daniels is the. Well they keep calling her ex porn star former porn star but she's the one that. Allegedly had the affair with the president although she issued a full denial yesterday and then ended up on Kimmel last night and wouldn't answer her questions. She's a she showed she's doing appearances and strip clubs. Or put. Put a and B together here can we please. If if people were still buy and penthouse magazine. She'd be an episode this month. She alleged the alleged affair that she says she had but the president. Which is caused all sorts of speculation about the other relationship he's having with mole on your right now who by the way did ride back with the president of the White House from the state union address in the same limo last night. But a anyway I'm statement yesterday she has said she was denying the affair not because that she was paid hush money but because it never happened. Now if you can't believe a porn star. TMZ. Noted that the signature on the statement was very different to other examples of her signature. And Daniels commented on the differences signatures when she was on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Last night. When he asked did you sign this letter that was released today. And she's replied. I don't know. Yet I. That doesn't look like my signature does that. Media reports that when Kimmel kept pressing her she handed that sheet could be bound to fall by a nondisclosure. Agreement. But then in the rest of the interview. Daniels described the alleged 2006 affair indeed jail in in touch magazine article and a 2011. But last night with Campbell she acted like someone. Talking under a pretty elaborate non disclosure agreement but. She refused to discuss the alleged affair above all blonde even when Kimmel read excerpts from her in touch interviewing tried to communicate using up puppets. Com yes puppets. She then held up a dull herself wearing a gag. When Kimmel held up a trumped all. No she just happened to have the bid to all right no so this is all staged bit this is all to promote what John. Her appearance across the country and strip clubs. So after the interview her attorney. Tells the guardian that it was definitely. Daniels signature on the statement. And she was just having fun on Kimmel and being her normal. Play full self. At the expense of I guess the president of the United States that I'd view you don't know I don't know. Jimmy Kimmel doesn't go. Donald Trump knows. Stormy knows. But. Right now she's just out promoting. She's has been porn star who now is try to do our collective us a box on the tail end of of a career. It's ours again don't. At least that's what she told seizure. Stormy Daniels Hewitt that would big ex porn star meteorologist you think that would get some viewers on TV. She can does she can fill in for Larry. Larry sprinkle stormy Daniels. And I'm just trying to help. Elon Musk is selling flame throwers. What could possibly. We go wrong. If you like for backyard flame throwing. And news. But it way to how long is it going to be before somebody goes and it. Like some convenience store clerk gunfire or something yeah. Farewell talk about that a second and yesterday when we're talking about stadiums and whether or not to the cancers we need a new stadium and again that Joseph person article about the folly of holding a city up for a new stadium when we really probably don't need one here in Charlotte. Torre's Felix but that's. Good things have some pretty good points but what the Super Bowl cost you in taxes. People in Minneapolis there's been little federal money. Bully get their money and returned about previous Super Bowls will talk about that only come back next nice to have you around. News 1110993. WBT. Always guerrillas have a vested Tom Brady's Bibby was. You retire after this. Reason why is everybody wanted to retire. He's forty. But he's. He still played it pretty good levels soil so roll up groups. There was an article a neo street. Because were in his conversation about the Panthers. Being sold and the most vocal. Group that we know is bidding on them they'll want that we actually know this bidding on members to Felix a modest group. In Felix has been pretty wide open since. The get go. That in his opinion. The Panthers need a new stadium. And there have been articles Sandra WC and C. About total land down there by Carol Owens. Which. I think is right on the border in encompasses north and South Carolina I think there's tax benefits to building in South Carolina but. Do you argue buck the trend of cities that want to keep their us stadiums in their cities. I which was some one of the reasons that we moved to the spectrum. Toward Al live up there on time arrival in modes basketball arena uptown because everybody wants to be downtown and that's were. Well what there's 33% more people living uptown now than there were but four years ago or something like that so long. You would buck the trend but then on the other hand there's not a whole lot of room downtown to expand and one of the things that part that that ownership it's like now like Jerry Jones out there and AT&T stadium in Arlington and others. Is to own the land around you so you can so you can pick up that parking revenue as well that would not be the case with Bank of America Stadium. The the other thing the feeling so points out is you needed domed stadiums so you can be attractive to outside events final force. Super Bowls. And it seems to be somewhat of a trend in the NFL now that if you build it they won't come in other words if you build a new stadium. Then you get self Super Bowl. Which would be bloody exciting. But it does it pay for itself the answers now. And in the long term answer is is how much did it actually benefit your city well. In Jacksonville Florida become a Mecca after they hosted the Super Bowl they did you know yet you remembered that Edger. Tampa. Didn't build a new stadium but they put under and 62 million in to their old stadium and they're getting ready grows their third. Super Bowl. Do three Super Bowls paid for with what you've spent on the stadium. Some modest says you need does stadiums and and then in domes and thought Desi get their big concerts well. Was playing stadiums anymore Elton John. I can't think of anybody that the stones I guess if they play but. I'm not ensure the stones are looking to fill a 100000 seats anymore nobody doing stadium shows anymore there's a bid to. Rap music's too fragmented. You can fill up the spectrum. Can't fill out Bank of America Stadium. So and the final four. How many of those do you get your lawn. Maybe one a decade if you're lucky if you've been given to some sort of rotation and you. Have to have a really enticing a reasoned and to come back while Minnesota they've built the dome stadium they've got a Super Bowl it's on Sunday. This year's Super Bowl exist because Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota handed over nearly 500 million dollars in tax dollars. And while Super Bowl viewers will watch NBC. And Anheuser-Busch. And PepsiCo and intuit and you know they throw around millions of dollars of the national football league's premier event. Folks in Minnesota will receive almost none of the benefits thanks to a 150. Page list of NFL demands that limits the revenue received. By the city and state moron that just a second yeah. If you factor in interest and other costs. Minneapolis and Minnesota will be funneling 678. Million dollars in tax dollars toward stadium cost over the next thirty years. So taxpayers in other Super Bowl host cities. I've already learned this. And hope that their team's owners let the stadium survived a long enough to pay for itself these days. Stadiums the last 225 years 2530 years. We'll get ours are already talking about replacing our sort is that twenty years old. So Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta is weighted to host the Super Bowl next year. But only after Arthur Blank the falcons owner. Astra replaced the Georgia Dome. The Georgia Dome wasn't even twenty years old yet. That project cost more than 700 million dollars in Atlanta hotel tax dollars. Taxpayers an NFL host cities counties and states have been paying an increasingly high price to host the league's biggest game it's nice prestigious dale L I get the Democratic National Convention. But is it worth that I think that's what cities and fan base is have to ask themselves. The city of Glendale Arizona home to the Arizona Cardinals lost between 570000. And a million and a half dollars hosting. The twice fifteen Super Bowl. Because of public safety and transportation costs cost more than a million dollars on its first Super Bowl in 2008 after paying for the 308 million dollars or 68%. Of the 455. Million dollar cost at university of the Phoenix stadium. Indianapolis and Indiana taxpayers spent 600 in nineteen million dollars to build Lucas Oil Stadium for the colts. They still owe millions in debt on that long imploded RCA dome. He had debt will be paid off until 20/20 one for its trouble Indianapolis hosted one Super Bowl in 2012 the depth they for all of that now. Forty niners let's San Francisco went to Santa Clara to throw a 114 million dollars at a new stadium and put these cities stadium authority on the hook. For 933. More. And the 49ers have done nothing but lose attendance cents. Better be careful what you wish for you might just get it keep all that in mind when the new owner comes in and start screaming about haven't avenues stadium so we can have Super Bowls and final force really. We want them. The time I turn on the TV I was like 545. So what do. And Al Conklin was talking about the full blue blood. Bruener reversal. So. I know what I don't know. Wraparound front porch sure and looked off to the west of there was a no there were no clouds obscured my view organ I advantage as bright as it could be. Back to walk down the driveway to get the newspapers and or there was like Kevin somebody out there with a light. But couldn't tell anything. It didn't you know I didn't dated barrel wasn't at the stage where it stood takes on the orange you worded and on those laws that are as beautiful. And it'll be beautiful game and I don't suppose although it tonight's not the official. But it's it's alone. A really bright one. But I guy against and ignore it I saw shadowing on at the said the other but I don't know that that. Just looked like the man. The nervous cents a since I was a kid to man in the moon. You probably still unhappy about us landing on his face. So somebody is saying that Notre Dame leprechaun mascot should go. Which is get rid of everything. That the cardinals. That's offensive to two blue birds. Crows. Orioles. Orioles are offensive to cats. Cats are offensive to dogs so they're the Panthers and. One day I after a Major League Baseball announced that the Cleveland Indians would stop using chief Wahoo. In the Washington Redskins slipped a giant bird to rush the rolled six or ninety teaching. Because you know the wall who thing many native Americans find that offensive ESPN host Max Kellerman said on Tuesday that it's a time for Notre Dame leprechaun mascot to go to. And for the college team to stop being called the fighting Irish. Kellerman acknowledged that to many Irish Americans are offended by notre Dame's nickname and now mascot which shows they leprechaun with his fists up but he. Said that at the same time many are. And besides that element also pointed out that his job in the sports world as two or raise fire or there's no fire to be raised. And create controversy. Although no along the lines so version moll Janelle hill otherwise you're you'll be taken all sports center of your. Is that kind of anyway Kellerman said. Natives Terry stereotypes of a marginalized people that offend even some. Among them should be changed it's not that hard one person backing him up on social media was Major League Baseball network host Brian Kinney. These sort of an Irish immigrant who treated for all saying. They've never met a single irishman offended. The Notre Dame mascot is an embarrassment. Notre Dame's website says that the fighting Irish was adopted at the school's official nickname in 1927 although story suggested it could go back as far as the 1890s. And the site also says that the most generally accepted explanation is that they. Press coined the nickname as a characterization. Of Notre Dame athletic teams. You know they're never say die fighting spirit and the Irish qualities of grit determination and tenacity. And the website also points out. That the term likely began as an abusive expression taunting laid. Directed toward the athletes from a small private Catholic institution. So anyway that's the next limits in the cross errors. And all I know for Notre Dame missed that they beat my Colorado buffaloes in the Orange Bowl back in 1990 and know we all went back to reveal fountain blue hotel. And they were the nicest people ever. People buying me drinks left and right because those were and my Colorado university stuff and know they were all console agree. In the the next year we beat them. In the Orange Bowl. I don't think ever got back to the hotel that night so I can buy the drinks. That's the way that to have a thrill about ghost Elon Musk is selling flame throwers. Just the worst idea of all time and I think that's his quote. He is known for forward looking big scale projects electric cars and rockets and and stuff like that but his latest is a flame thrower he's got a company called boring but boring company and ever. And they have established for the purpose of creating underground tunnels were transportation under a congested cities in net typical must big idea. It's also doing some silly side projects. Last year it sold 50000 boring company hats for twenty dollars each and at the time. Must to waited after 50000 hats we will start selling the boring accompanied flame thrower most people thought he was joking. He's not. Apparently the company began selling flame throwers this past weekend for 500 bucks apiece. He sit out all lighthearted message about it posting a video of himself on answer Graham playing with a flame thrower. And tweeting things like when the zombie apocalypse taps and you'll be glad that you bought a flame thrower now. To some extent it's not a flame thrower like you've seen. The military use and stuff for it shoots it Al how far feet. Yeah I mean a large this one goes. 23 feet. Why it. He says it'll work against the hordes of zombies in the un dead or your money back. As of Monday. The company tardy sold 101000. Of them and if you're wondering if owning a flame thrower is legal. He must tweeted that the federal government says that as long as the flames length is under ten feet. They're allowed. Kenny said our design is Macs run for at least danger. I'd be way more scared of steak knife. In less somebody's pointing the flame thrower Q that's why I say how long do you think it'll be before these things get out on the market. That somebody gets torched in a convenience store or some spousal abuse some bigger brother or I don't know I value to paint a scenario. Sound like a bad idea. Flat. But I have no idea. It sounds like a bad idea period because Mark Garrison is next. Period Shaw's.