Rex Tillerson, Student Walkouts and the NFL

John Hancock
Tuesday, March 13th

Hancock talks about the firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the planned high school walkouts and the NFL.


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This is John Hancock. I fired like three. Had somebody here that learned they were getting fired all they read. Played a trade website called all access. So while he was on the area was commercial break her newscast or something like that every Null access city. It was read about the guy who was to get it over his position. So during those. Was there at 5 o'clock news you've ever this team here. I think it was during the fodder gardener is of the for a partner as he walked under the GM's office and so does. AL all access says son being replaced by. Is it necessary from Peter finish today show. And I don't think you did. You know remember that don't you perhaps first ever bill. First ever on it and. Jason Lewis they were to bring in Jason Lewis back. I think that was the scenario I think it was Jason. But JR he was written all access. And also new looked out learned to talk about Jason Lewis returning to work WB team. So our. Current senate didn't extend her fifteen minutes and walked on all of its good to have edged party that. This is a big replaced those investors are permitted to do the rest of the show and we've been I don't know what the answer their question was but I I think because essentially came in here and grab stuff went home. And I've never been fired by tweet I have known I was. Are gonna get fired. Two and a half weeks before I got fired. I was in Jacksonville. And I knew they were shopping my job around because one of the people that they shot that it was a friend of mine and she told me on the Aronson. You know that I was just offered your job. So we've just got to settle in the news for about two and a half weeks and no waited for a Napoleon the office an no remembers sitting and there are us vs a pull me in the office and they start going through this. The general manager who's still for an amount. Went to this scenario of what a tough week India that it. And I've filer in a rush interrupting him and saying listen I know why I've been here so let's go to the outskirts of the chase America is quite frankly at this point I don't care how tough we can you had. How much notice and how much severance. And no they said there's no notice there's never Ernie noticed and radio there fridge and get on the air and two in blast him term apart. I'm most people are too professional to do that but they don't give us any credit for that got. And that some people aren't so there is a risque at all. So there's never any. There's never any notice. Yeah yeah you vote when you've done your last show you find out that that was your last show. That's why Jack Daniel beginner on Monday as to do is his is his final broadcast it. For I heart radio I'm here because they didn't they give him a shot to. After whatever so Monty in years it was. Five minutes they walked down the door and out the front door. Ludicrous. But. So there's all there is no notice and our own Orwell and offer you. I think they said the time two weeks Everett's. And they had just signed a new contract with me within the last. Six months or five months or something like that two year deal. And no three months. And I knew they had been shopping my job for like the last two months. So I ER I remember tell them on the head honcho from oh West Palm Beach, Florida had come up which I appreciated that was nice show respect that he would drive all the way to. Be a part of the firing. And and I remember looking than him saying you guys negotiated a contract with me in bad faith I know for a fact that you were talking to a regular order name is now. For the last two months so you guys negotiated with me in bad faith so. Up to a dud all of maybe you'll be paying me more than two weeks. Now I'm a lawyer get in touch with him a picked up my stuff and started to walk out mister OK we'll give you three months. I still don't know if you've probably give me about a year and a half when it's all said and done with you wanna settle on that are news wandered away and leave medicine while destroy it like it at. Well and I got a little over a year severance or won't. So. Life is good ever fired by tweet 7045711. General editor David a had just stupid questions under the age you hear about this fourteen year old girl who used her parents credit card to rent a house. Like an Ambien date type thing so she could throw a party for forty kids. But in the word got out and forty kids turn into 200 kids and they trash the house to the tune of about 40000 dollars for the damage. And so the homeowners have agreed not to press charges in the parents have agreed to pay 20000 dollars for the repairs. And I was reading that started in or Sega to myself what is the most trouble you've ever been in. Because I would too I would think that would be some pretty considerable trouble I've been in trouble before but I don't think got better and and had been and that kind of trouble. So. Anyway we got to and. Are different directions to go Rex Tillerson is out as the secretary of state Hmong Mike Pompeo. Pending. Approval of course. Is the end. Our Father's Day broadcast has been moved till Thursday. So Lola do Father's Day on Thursday and I'll look forward to having you all call it and now tell me about your dad so. Tony Fortier that we've done that and that in essence. Is what the show is all about his cell of people calling and talking about their debts. And if you've never heard of before. It probably saw us pretty simplistic and it is announced probably wires so. And so works and if so dramatic and we vote kind of accumulated some music goes with it over the years. Father son songs and was it John Smith that's my dad and I'm Mike in the mechanics of the living years is kind of the theme for the whole show and it took comes out of it. Passing a my father 24 years ago on March the sixteenth so we'll do that on Thursday the fifteenth because we've got a NCAA basketball on North Carolina and a big dance broadcast here. I'm starting in 245 on a Friday. And then speaking of Jack Daniel and now and Larry sprinkle they will be in on Monday. And to 4 o'clock and you'll reminisce a little bit about two or radio passed because those guys represented an awfully long to. We Daniel's been around forever. And Larry sprinkle has been around forever. And was. Overall we wanted to leave as my understanding. Up prosecutors say they will go for the death penalty in the Valentine's Day massacre. That could still change but you'll love Woolsey were all of that goes. And toys are closed. It looks like and I don't know if it's happened today or not but they're talking about terror and Toys 'R' Us could close the doors. And that doesn't make Hasbro. And and the toy manufacturers happy. And I for the life for me can't figure out how. I guess it all comes down to on line but. Let my first thought about all of that was. I mean this is kind of like the bookstore thing where you walk into a bookstore and you you see a book that you wanted your take a picture of which are told voted to go home and order on Amazon. Because if you don't have a place to go. Her hands on experience with toys. Just even look at them. I remembered that I this gets me every Christmas because I go out shopping for kids first thing from time to time. I have no idea what a six or seven your eight year old wants not a clue. The toys have changed so dramatically see kind of got to get in there and talked other parents and so. If you don't have much Toys 'R' Us store to ongoing and at least brew house. Wonder what that does to the toward market overall but I did I just can't conceive of the most dominant toy store. Are there others. I mean there's there's an independence but not to. Even the independents have kind of fallen off to the wayside. We want what Wal-Mart target Viet. And with all due respect to Wal-Mart and a target that's three. Rows. They're usually been picked through so badly that you can't really tell one from the other presidents always kind of been no chaos. I don't know I find that just amazed we'll talk a little bit about to rotate Toys 'R' Us as well. I read the news today oh boy comes up at 430 boomer traffic all kind of stuff cigarettes and I com. Michael Rubin was the e-commerce billionaire owns fanatics the web site and some other stuff that was say in the news yesterday is the new. A possible new bidder for the Carolina Panthers and apparently he's lined up because that was it was speculated yesterday that he probably. I think Forbes is estimated his wealth at two point somewhat billion dollars but they thought he would probably have to come up with. Another partner in order to have got three billion dollars. But that he would have to the availability likely would not have the ability to buy the team on his own on which means. He may be worth three million on paper it probably can't come up with 680 million dollars or wherever as. So he's up pulled together this Joseph's IA Irsay. Who is a billionaire minority owner of the Brooklyn nets basketball team. He's. Alibaba China's biggest online retailer is he's the co-founder of that so he's got more money than knows what to do with the Yale graduate worth about ten and a half billion dollars. And then as part of that group. They think might include Diddy. Who couldn't buy the team on his own but basically could put it pretty good chunk of change and it. Did he's proven himself to be a pretty. Pretty good businessperson. And then staff curry might be a part of that group as well. So that's the latest rumor this float around on oh with with the hedge fund manager David tapper and the Charleston guide been Navarro. And and then Felix and bought us. Although it startled look like there's little lying sometimes when a Felix about a story is breaking worried too makes it sound like very. They may need to really tumbled for the money guide to load make. This about a script made. May need to find their 680 million dollar guy to. So. We'll have to see on that ditty scares the hell out of him because you recall in December ditty was were the first ones out of the blocks saying he'd like to. Now on the team I will be the best NFL owner of the you can imagine I will immediately addressed the Colin Capra Knick situation and put him in the running for next year's starting quarterback. Well boy that makeshift one. Root for him Bennett. So anyway that's the latest rumor the F Panthers are gonna lose Andrew nor well the all pro guard to Jacksonville. Hilo side the biggest contract for a guard ever. And starlet to delay is that I hadn't to buffalo and you could figure that one out yesterday after buffalo traded thereof defensive tackle. Cincinnati to move up to number twelve in the draft. And you just kind of had a feeling of starlet tool it was sitting right there. With all that they Sean McDermott and Brandon deed and all right all the guys that are basically. Carolina roots no starlet to allay who's probably underrated. Who do love blogs up the middle of the line allows. Shorten all the other guys. To do their job. Didn't have the stats just just dig scared to guys every play. So anyway let's delays hidden off for which are bums me out because it took me a season I have to figure out how to pronounce his name. You remember what we want to draft him and nobody could figure that out we were all tripping over results. Well I mean you know not of these in a good results. And started. Talk about. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson got fired by tweet today. Good afternoon John you stored and frozen food factory I got freshmen I can't make. And credibility Tito come. Never been fired by a two week. Did get fired once by a twit. This. Well there's a larger trial. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson is out. And we will be a working through march the 31. Trump removed are Rex Tillerson secretary of state replaced him with the our current CIA. Director mark Pompeo. And been well replaced Pompeo to head the CIA with Gina has spilled. Which would make her the first woman to head up the CIA and she's got a pretty interesting back story is so well she's tied to the agencies so waterboarding program. So we'll talk about that just double seconds to let's get to Tillerson first. He found out. He may have had warning that he was gonna get a tweet but today in essence they say he found out about same time as everybody else did. And tweet to and prompt we didn't. The news and thank to Tillerson for his service and then took off to a California or is now. I'm touring board are you walled prototypes and and all that stuff so busy day for the president and go undone California. You know he'll get a warm waiting greeting out there are. California they love the president. President treated Mike Pompeo director of the CIA it will become our new secretary of state he will do a fantastic job thank you Rex Tillerson for reassess service gymnast analyst. But I will become the new director of the CIA in the first woman so chosen congratulations to all apparently that's outsource and found out technically. As. Trump takes off on his California trip this morning he tells reporters that he and Tillerson just disagreed on things. And he has singled out especially the I ran nuclear deal as an issue. But that career thing came together so fast I don't think he ever touch base with the Tillerson on that either. And to some extent may be one of the reasons for the move is because Mike Pompeo as director of the CIA maybe has a little bit better grip on our North Korea have been. The former head of ExxonMobil I don't know if that's true or not but maybe that was part of the reasoning behind all of this stuff wrecks and Tillerson and and and trump and discriminates on a number of things. So this was so writings been on the wall like this for this for a long long time. I'm president said Rex and I have been talking about this for a long time we actually got along quite well but we disagreed on things. And when you look at the I ran deal. I think it's terrible I guess he thought it was OK I wanted to either break it. Or do something and he felt a little bit differently so we were are not really thinking the same there was up. Story that soap kind of float around out there are some players that Tillerson may have been working to undermine the president on the Iranian deal. Tillis is departure came as the secretary arrived in Washington earlier Tuesday morning no way he came back a little bit short of an overseas trip. A visit to Africa. And. So that's. I guess if you're called back early from a trip that's. That's the equivalent of Tennessee in my office. Or is boomer said. Once you leave your lunch there and come talk to me for a minute. Properly to statement shortly before leaving on his trip to California said he was a proud to nominate Pompeo to. To replace Tillerson said his experience in the military congress and as leader of the CIA has prepared him well for his new role and I urges swift and drug confirmation. He added want to thank our Rex Tillerson for a service. Great deal has been accomplished over the last fourteen months and I wish him and his family well. According to the White House Gina has all the director deputy director of the CIA will be nominated to replace. Director Pompeo. And if confirmed. She would become the CIA's first female director of Pompeo said in the statement of the president's decision if confirmed I look forward to our guiding the world's finest diplomatic corps. In formulating. And executing the president's foreign policy. Now then I end me. Confirmation. Process. I'm writing I can't write taught the same time. I can do the rub your tummy and don't pay your head thing either. Here's reverse wondered. With his decision the president's decision removed from Mike Pompeo the CIA chief to the secretary of state. They nominated Gina has spelled two. To replace Pompeo and etc. to be the first woman to run the spy agency. But she is not without controversy. And she will have to get that confirmed by the senate. And I'm pretty safe bet that big critics will raise the issue of her links to the CIA is controversial waterboarding program. She was in this was reported last year during the confirmation process to become the deputy CIA chief. She wants ran a secret CIA prison in Thailand where terror suspects. How were water bordered in 2002. I'll lose a day. Those aveda. And Abdel rom and although not Sharif. They were both water boarded their zubaydah was so water boarded their 83 times. In PR notes that says she is accused of destroying videotapes of the interrogations after a congress demanded that they be preserved that came up and her. In a process to become. The deputy CIA chief and we'll come up again. She joined the CIA in 1985 she made a name for herself and Covert operations. A time magazine notes that president Obama's national intelligence director. James clapper this is Obama's national intelligence director. James clapper said last year that. He was happy that she had been nominated for the number two post. And that she was widely and deeply respected by the workforce. And I don't know when the senate confirmation process begins on all of us but I guarantee you that you all know her name. I'm sooner rather than later because the water boarding thing you know is gonna come back up again. And and Mike Pompeo light up that he'll get a free pass but he'll probably be a lot smoother ride the no she will so that's the news coming out of Washington today. On the same day that there's a high stakes election kind of a high stakes election going on you just heard during the newscast. Richard Cohen. It's going up against Connor Lal men they have a special election for the eighteenth district up in Pennsylvania which is actually kind of stupid because. This is such a short term deal. The opening came from the GOP representative Tim Murphy who got caught up in an abortion no dude thing. So they're doing a special election and this being held for his seat. You have the Republican state representative Rick Chicago that's why the president was in Pennsylvania would within the last week. And he's facing a Democrat whose name is Connor lamb. And it's Republican Democrat. Connor lamb is kind of an interesting take because. He's pretty Republican friendly he's pretty. He's 33 year old guy this is the Democrat. Described as handsome former marine and prosecutor. But it also describes him as being a moderate. With the populist tinge for instance. He was against Nancy Pelosi and embracing an economic message akin to by the trump message. He has voiced personal opposition to abortion. He has fired a semi automatic weapon in the first campaign had he ran and he approved of Trump's new tariffs. This is the Democrat the one that they're trying to convince you not to vote for. And that's why the store manager at beginning of the desert people are having to vote against it. Either they cattle like bond party because they understand ours by how important it is people Republican in the office. So on both sides have gotten love rival profile. High profile help of their the president of course without Biden was up book campaigning for land mine yesterday I think it was. Thus a code sixty year old described as a staunch conservative and one of those. Legislatures biggest abortion Brothers and that's what's going on in Pennsylvania today McKee Brian that is well. And and tell you until you get fired today have by the our president well I had assumed by the president is a personal assistant John McEntee. Was escorted out of the White House sudden. Yesterday. Literally escorted out of the LY I did allow undergo back get his coterie anything. That is a radio move. That's the new radio move. The cause of the firing was unspecified security issue. I don't think that's been defined yet. Third White House official with knowledge of the situation. Basically. Said it was unspecified security issue. Problem. They ask Sara Sanders about it the white house Press Secretary should and we don't comment on personnel issues. The a trump presidential campaign issued a statement saying that to mr. McEntee and this is a guy who's been with the president for like three years. Com not a real high level job which is kind of a golfer willow joined the 22 when he effort as a senior advisor to the campaign operation so he's out of the White House but he's on the campaign. All one of the longer serving members. Aides to president trump. And wasn't as well known as some of the people who have been noted jettisoned to recently. But has this is according to. Wall Street Journal. But was has been a constant presence of mr. Trump's side for the past three years he made sure mr. trump had markers to sign autographs. Delivered messages to him in the White House residence. And over the weekend ensured that the clocks in the White House resident were adjusted for daylight saving time. Does those file level. Apparently he had some got this it clerks security clearance that. John Kelly must not have thought was soon warranted because they they are loaded pretty quick he was removed from the White House grounds on Monday afternoon without being allowed to collect his belongings. He left without his jacket. Wasn't clear why exactly he was fired he indicated to a colleagues that it was say issue in his background. Several White House officials have lost their jobs last a few months since the White House chief of us staff John Kelly imposed as stricter security. Clearance policy and. And those charges were prompted by the departure out of their part future of the staff secretary rob Porter. You'll recall and then it OPEC's. Which means that saw the White House is not nearly as attractive and is to be. I don't know what that would do for efficiency necessarily but I'm just saying. That little storm that came through here yesterday. And made things miserable and cold. Is. Is now hanging out on the East Coast. NBC in a video of the East Coast they are getting slammed and this is like the third big storm that they've had up there. So they can't wait for a winner to get over the job another winter storm blasting parts of us know wearied. New England. On whether Obama again blizzard conditions. They're expecting up to two feet of snow. Region is still recovering from tune nor'easter earlier this month that cut power to millions of homes and businesses National Weather Service issued a winter storm watch for northern Connecticut Rhode Island in much of Massachusetts. Intel later on tonight. And the storm also stretching and parts of a New Jersey and Pennsylvania and New York. So while. Other just it is tired winner. Don't blame. Com and Willie Nelson is bringing his outlaw music festival to Charlotte on May the 25. Announced today so we'll see if we can't get to make your outfielder. Pop and no sale owed to us I'm I'm not gonna be here on no fry that Friday their play and that PNC music of two billion with. Elvis Costello and the impostors. The old crow medicine show and stir Jill Simpson. And a pretty good bill would damage you've never seen Willie. You better go do it. Before you can't do it again anymore. And he's. He is he's just Americana he's just. It took apart the fabric of the country needs. Plus if you stand close enough to his tour bus together contact but I think if but anyway it's coming on May the 25 PNC music pavilion tickets go on sale of the public god Friday this Friday march 16 at noon. At live nation dot com. But they announced that today and number throughout feels become a harmonica player for Willis we joke about reverse over the years so well below please get him by phone. And maybe see if you say in town that Thursday before and they knew we had. Often studio give enough. And you agrees with us and most of what we always come at a town may the 25 tickets on sale this Friday at noon live nation. Television news is they have biggest. News the day. Firing over Rex Tillerson as the US secretary of a state to be replaced by a long Mike Pompeo who is these CIA director and he will be. Are replaced all of this so pending confirmation by Gina Haskell. Who is the deputy CIA chief. I and has some hope for strong tries to of the agency's waterboarding program which came up in her confirmation to be the deputy chief and will no doubt come up again. I India in this confirmation process. Up until all of that news broke this morning. The big news though us the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee had finished a draft report after a year long investigation that concluded that there was no collusion between. Donald Trump's presidential campaign and nor Russia. DR represented a Mike Conway as the GOP rep and he announced that the committee had finished interviewing witnesses. And that they roll a share the report. It's like a 173. Pages long or something along those lines put in essence. They. Issued a report bomb Democrats on the committee are are not in compliance with what stood GOP representative Mike Conway had said. The Democrats on the committee who didn't know the GOP members Randy me investigation or that they had put together a report on their own. A little miffed but come away told reporters were found no evidence of collusion. We found perhaps some bad judgment. Inappropriate meetings. Inappropriate judgment in taking meetings. But only Tom Clancy the spy novel author or Vince Flynn won in the same. Or someone else like that could take this a serious the series of inadvertent contacts with each other or meetings or whatever and weave that into some sort of a fiction page turner spy. On novel. So they are draft report goes a little bit further challenges the assessment of the FB ICI AN SA that DR Russian interference and an election was done to help Trump's campaign. But the office of the national the Office of the Director of National Intelligence issued a statement soon after the announcement yesterday and said. It's stood by the intelligence communities findings and and all this won't. In the Democrats on the intelligence committee are expected to issue a separate pork. I'm from the one that was issued by the Republican members yesterday and I'll be headed up by Adam Schiff who we've become responsible if I'm familiar with. Top Democrat on the committee. And he suggested that that by ending the probe the Republicans were protecting the president charging that history will judge them harshly. The Democrats have said that the Republicans on the panel who are in the majority refused to call some witnesses subpoena some documents that I would be relevant to the investigation while talking to come down to Mueller anyway. But anyway that was that's what tech came out all of that and the president headed off to our California today and spoke to troops in San Diego. And is to headline a big Republican fund raiser in Beverly hill. And is. Checking out. Bits and pieces of the wall. Prototypes of the wall for. And his speaking two. To the press I think right now can you get to. Let's say that is Sears is typical. I believe this is lives his life. Now it's not a lot okay. Let's just say typical that fox should be hearing alive C unit would not. The president spoke to the press a little bit earlier and I was talking about the Jacob with Tillerson and all that stuff so long. The attorney general sessions. Called on federal attorneys to swiftly and aggressively prosecute people who rely on background checks while trying to purchase a gun. Lying on a background check is already a felony but officials say that it often goes on prosecuted. This is all kind of coming out of the park on shooting. The directive is one of the steps that the Justice Department is taking in me in the wake of last month solar shooting down in Florida. And the White House is also launching a federal commission to address the issue of gun violence in schools. Which is being headed up by the education secretary Betsy do those. Who's having a week. Of her own. Because her sixty minutes interview which I have not seen. But apparently she was so hard pressed to answer some of the questions and. She's an advantage if she's. She's taken a lot of heat. Now. I could come and there was an article that day from the Washington Post. Which analyzed her interview with a sixty minutes are kind of coming here today whether article from CNN which analyzed her interview with sixty minutes. But both of those in my opinion were. Or worse so slanted. That I finally just decided it probably wasn't worth your time or mine. The Washington Post is actually put out a video that highlights for areas where she appeared to struggle with her answers. And couldn't say whether or not the number of false accusations of sexual assault on school campuses is lower than the number of actual rapes or assaults and Bobble law. But then I got to tell you when I started go to look for the Washington times of the Fox News or try to find their take on it to see if I could come with some sort of angle that might have some middle ground. And that proved to be. Pretty futile as well. So all this look at Betsy demos story sit on its own and you can now go to the news source that you find the most comfortable with enough and and just leather in the buyers that you are. That you feel like you would like to most of elaborate but apparently she did not shy and the other night and apparently the president would admit that she did not shy and the other night and one of the things that she did not talk about was not visiting us schools. Conscientiously not visiting struggling schools. Which is kind of a weird statement to make you think that that's where she would Spitzer and overtime. Back to. Studio sessions. I'm going after people who rely on background checks that comes out of Parkland Florida and trawler reporter prosecutors today said that they will seek the death penalty. Against actual shooting a school shooting suspect. In the fatal shooting of seventeen people it Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high. The office of the Broward County state attorney filed a formal notice today. And does scheduled these formal arraignment for tomorrow on this 34 count indictment including 171. Degree murder charges. The attorneys for the a nineteen year old shooter have said that he would plead guilty of the death penalty was not pursued in the Valentine's Day massacre. The action by prosecutors yesterday does not necessarily mean that a plea deal won't be reached and that they might not still Pete seat but it does point. I it would appear the only other penalty option for cruises library assist rural life in prison with no possibility of parole. And. And a cowboy if you if you can't get the death penalty for killing seventeen people are known. Like that they know what's at four. I imagine and then maybe get into an argument as to whether or are we should have it or not but if you've got it and you don't use it for a case like that then what's the point. Read article in the I'd. Wall Street Journal this morning about designing schools to stop shooters. And this has been discussed before. But I don't know that I actually is seeing some of these. Preparations and schools that have already. Made adjustments to do things like that. They talk about the designers of a new nineteen million dollar elementary school in Saint Paul Texas which is called George W. Bush elementary school. And the blueprint for the school is an upper class Dallas suburban neighborhood intended to stop a school shooter. They have sparse landscaping. They have numerous windows on the front side that you have a clear view of anybody that is approaching the building. Injury is a multi step process visitors enter a vestibule. And must be buzzed in tied to the main office and then from there a government issued ID must be scanned through a system called Iraq or. Which alerts the child molesters our charter lurch for child molesters or anybody flag to keep out. They have really wide hallways are devoid of any of the nooks that make it harder to hide or avoid. Video surveillance that is Yule ball by school administrators as well as police officers and police in a patrol cars. Think about that I had an IQ I don't know what school you went to but the school you went to the halls were the doors insect. In other words could you have hit it could you have hidden in one of those in sets going into the door so you have my high school till. I talked about bill my friend John Phillips who ran into the restroom one diamond. Through an M eighty down the toilet. While Kenny and I went down and had no one of those items in sets so they don't. And we are auctioned to. As we knew John is gonna come flying out of that bathroom door as Sega well just about the time we anticipated he was gonna start coming up that bathroom door. Your game mr. brutal the principal. And I mean it was it was perfect timing. As soon as brutal got right. Do that bathroom door. Your game John man I've been flying out of that thing. Andy Ram I mean literally ran into rural and knocked him down so that two of them are sitting on the floor down on the floor. And about they have a whole new. I. Know followed by a wave of water. And now the last time John Phillips ever attended a public or school. But it was those in said areas that kept us from getting busted for being part of I mean we are there to watch. So other up but knows them anymore matter of security wide on ways to board of devoid of the notes. Says every time there's a school shooting we try to learn something from them this is an Ian Halperin. Spokesperson for the wily independent school district or were bush elementary is located. The district has regular lockdown and emergency drills full time security officers trained in active shooting is a school shooting situations strong ties with local police including. Holding regular meetings and now providing officers with key cards and access code so that they can now rapidly enters schools if needed. And Texas. Is one of the states that allows with the proper training. Teachers to be armed to mark correct I think that's that's kind of there. So love anyway that's because some of them bookstore and on down in Texas. Designing schools to stop shooters along with everything else has been discussed just recently. Cinemark garrison of Charlotte is six. My way of homo last time. Which I'm prone to do he'll be on again tonight at 6 o'clock followed by Roy Williams live in the Dave Ramsey and and Mark Levin. He was talking about. A new study out that shows Americans spend billions of dollars shopping while drunk. This would be the equivalent of they all day is going into our peaches records and tapes stoned. They tell me. And then we knew I would get up the next day you would listen of the album that you bought which had been playing in the storage you would think. Why did I bribe us. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and no news survey shows what a problem that can be when it comes to shopping. On line drunk version. Of shopping. And a McDermott. Is one of those that so listed here. She's done it. Surveyed by personal finance web site finder dot com people impulsively shop and blow up their budgets when they're drunk. Survey shows Americans spend more than thirty billion dollars while drunk last year. Mitt outspending women two to one. That's also guys c'mon this is also where you're buying something I'm not saying. I'm saying this and your wife would probably not approve of like like I love the let me just use a lot of guitar. Or a new stereo or something like that. Well if you're if you're drunk then you can somehow or another justify. Why it's okay. It's when the boxes sit on the front porch in your wife has picked it up and put it on the kitchen calendar that you all of a sudden may have trouble with the explanation. Survey shows Americans spend more than thirty billion dollars while while drunk. Shopping online while drunk nothing new consumer psychologist. First wrote about it a decade ago says it makes perfect sense. And alcohol gets to the brain that affects the cortex these terrible cortex which lowers inhibitions. Heightened emotions. The way to fix all of that he put everything in your shopping cart if you want to women don't hit by until the next morning. Or apparently there are so chrome has a plug in called ice box which means that you would all put it away for like the next. Thirty days you put it on rice. Or maybe you just stay away from the computer or you been drinking. 72 days. Into the year. 293. Days to go it's the thirteenth. Day of march. 1987 Bryan Adams hitter than I became the first commercially released. To us that single. In the United States. 2002 on Fox's celebrity boxing Tonya Harding beat Paula Jones you remember this. Danny Bonaduce beat Barry Williams I thought Bonaduce body. But. Donny Osmond. Somebody beat the crap out of Donny Osmond or maybe this was the second go around. Todd Bridges beat Vanilla Ice. I remember that because you expected a rapper to be able to fight better than them allies the 2012. On this date encyclopedia Britannica announced that it would no longer publish herded versions of its encyclopedia. We got a second hand shops and antiques stores all us of all the time and redundant you'll see like a whole set of a four world book. Jeff world book when you're a kid. Really said no bilateral or my family was all better Rios had world books all sea world both the white ones with the green. And I think every otherwise tossed out of the red blood those are really old but the old. I always look for the one with the human anatomy that had all the clear pages for you could like is very cool. Anyway. The website pretty much took. Good good Internet pretty much took advantage of that encyclopedia Britannica and was shelf space. Reports say that next year Buick will try to get rid of its middle aged image and remove the Buick you name from all of their vehicles we will be replaced by the name of have been near avenue near EV ET in IR. I thought Buick it made our lives are pretty good. They've done a pretty good job of kind of changing their image reasons. This is not Oldsmobile had done that to what they were right back don't campaign about not your father's Oldsmobile. On anybody's Oldsmobile anymore. Ever near. Avenue here. People still talking about education secretary Betsy to those horrible answers to interview questions on sixty minutes or read the news today oh boy or judges ruled that the lady who won that 560 million dollar lottery KM. Remain anonymous. And a seventy year old Utah woman Susan jail for trying to hire. Someone to kill her ex husband. Has now been charged with trying to hire a fellow inmate to find someone new to kill the first person that she. Hired Derek killed her husband. Well. She sounds a real sweetie. You know walking her house cookies cakes. Assault rifle up. NCAA tournament starts tonight the play in games first 4630. Tonight true TV. Ally you Brooklyn what is ally you stand for a quick. So. Long Island University Brooklyn. And takes on Radford. For a shot at a place in the NCAA tournament and me a second game tonight will be saint Bonaventure vs UCLA quickly if you. That's 9:10 PM tonight. Is your play in games the NCAA tournament starts this two night. That 560 million dollar powerball jackpot. The New Hampshire woman. Jeter lawyers have been arguing. She was she she was afraid she'd be overwhelmed with requests for a share of the winnings it was concerned about her safety says she did want to go public but she had signed the back of the ticket. In the stated argued that the names of lottery winners must be disclosed to ensure that the prizes that are distributed. Fairly and that winners are not related to radio lottery employees but in the end the court sided with the woman saying. Disclosing her name would amount to an invasion of privacy. The judge dismissed. The State's argument that disclosing her name would show the public that the lottery system is above board. He said there was no evidence at the New Hampshire lottery commission was engaged in corrupt activity and noted that the winning numbers are drawn enough Florida anyway. Still the judge said the winner's hometown Merrimack a New Hampshire a would have to be to call disclosed he said there she could. I'm not be identified by that bit of information saw no reason to keep it secret but does she darted collected the money they have ruled earlier on I just got the money I think last week. They had already ruled that she could except bigger than ever lawyers could accept the cash they had to get under some assumed hammered LLC or something like ten. But does the court yesterday sided with her numb. Now I don't know how that'll play anywhere else but stood in New Hampshire I do know that if you're buying a lottery tickets here if you buy him in South Carolina you can remain anonymous are viewed by Ammon North Carolina you can't. And as we all know you've all got a great chance of winning the lottery to begin work so. Hussein bolt has a line of hot sauce is available in Australia we're of course he goes. He's looking a revolutionary as the F food industries bringing Caribbean flavors to Australia with his. Hussein's insane not hot sauces. Eight time Olympic gold medals decided to do more than just get a sponsorship deal with a brand that is already established and instead. Made the move to get in contact with Chile farmers to create his own product. Hussein in Hussein hot sauces come and three flavors. And they are inspired by a bolt family recipe while of course there are. Original Jamaican spice. Mango and three Chile and pineapple and jamaicans bites. Coming soon to an Australian shelf. Near you. I. And is now. It's really ideas. Coming into ovens auditorium on April the fifth. Got a pair of tickets for you to go see them you just have to be color number. You may never TJ you know color number eight. And 704571110. Color number eight Georgia pitcher information you're going to see Three Dog Night April the fifth ovens auditorium at just that doing. Danny had no we can happen goes along those lines 70457011. Braylon guy and Washington who apparently India Panthers will pick up reportedly will sign with the no with the Panthers win no free agency officially opens on no Wednesday. Three year deal worth about 24000011. No million guarantee it's been a source for a first four years so what's Washington fourth round draft pick. Found success particularly when playing in the slot. According to a pro football focus no cornerback allowed a lower passer rating in the slot during the toward his sixteenth season and are Braylon. Given his agent constant level of performance throughout his career Braylon was one of the most impact full free agents on the market he's also been a durable presence in the lineup with only four missed games. In four seasons. So that's a little bit about a guy that that in a whole lot about but sounds like they may have found. Goodwin. And I kind of percolating underneath the surface so long and it's icy go of the Panthers making a move rather than somebody making a move on to panther player. So. That's latest news just came down Leo pike a couple of seconds ago. I just figure football. Participation in high school football has been steadily falling in recent years and all of that amid mounting concerns about the potential for traumatic brain injuries. Leading to go lasting health problems they say overall participation in high school sports has surged. From less than four million student athletes in 2001. To almost four point six million last year. But participation in football peaked in 2008. At one point 11 million athletes and then has declined almost 5%. 21 point 06 million players in 2017 University of Pennsylvania researchers said the decline quote. Is associated with media attention focused on in such passions. Or brain injuries among football players close quote soft. Stats I was reading last night about. High school football players not participating at the same level as they had in years past retire wreck cast yesterday. Not the Arab transit system that the animals. And now people are putting masking tape down on the floor it's making a square on the Florida cats are going to sit in the beloved George says his cat didn't do event. Cats are all both feared and loved by their humans. And a solid black cat named grins wants. Objects later. Solid black cat. I never thought twice Veronica headers in the kitten but people were tomorrow get weird and out. And he should sit there across the road stare at them. Anyway feline researchers says that while the behaviors are definitely mysterious one of their favorite activities is to knock every object. In their field of view off the off the counter or off the bush I mean if you've ever Medicare you know that's true. And so why do they do that scientists have some ideas about why cats love to show our stuff off tables and shelves. There's a cat researcher. By the name of me killed Delgado school of veterinary medicine UC Davis. And he explains quote a lot of camps knock things over because they have learned it is a quick and easy way to get their humans attention. It's also possible they say that cats impulsively. Knock things over. And that's just part of their hard wiring is as hunters. Because your cats instincts tell her that Ed that paper weight or that Knick knack could turn out to be a mouse. And her poking Paul would send it scurrying giving her a good game and possibly a good launch. So that's why they do that Jim cold shower just won the oh he's always one of my neighbors. There are no but no he's not. Belmont. Cost. Jim Walsh ours is one of the fittest OC Three Dog Night another pair to give way tomorrow another pair to give way on not Thursday which also be our Father's Day broadcast. And now we'll give away your appear on. Friday as well what we won't be on the air Friday until after the game enacted by B sometime well into the 5 o'clock hour we're not exactly sure where we'll. Hit the airwaves on a Friday but once you get finished listening to UNC. In the big dance. Stay on 1110993. WBT because of of winter to discuss the other Three Dog Night sometime before all we want her out here at 6 o'clock on Friday so there you go about. How we wrap up the five all CU and just a couple of minutes news talk 1110 WB 2993 WBT FL. Tomorrow and I. Could be a national school walk out this is this. Women's with the organizers of the women's march on no Washington are calling for the seventeen minute walk out tomorrow to protest congress in action to do more. Then no tweet thoughts and prayers in response to the gun violence plaguing our schools and neighborhoods. There's a a couple of dates that are out. That are arranged. Seventeen minutes school walk out is technically to take place at ten AL although Charlotte Mecklenburg student also may participate in this but not necessarily go by that timeline all explained some of that to you the second. Students standing outside for one minute for each person killed and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. Our national school walkout organized by the national women's march Riordan and then there's a long march of our lives that is set for a march the 24 student led event will be will center on Washington DC but people are encouraged to. Most local events as well. And then on April the twentieth terrorism and national high school walked out that is scheduled for April the twentieth the nineteenth anniversary of the column by and school shooting. And if and that's kind of having trouble or gaining traction my understanding is what we'll see what happens by the time we get to April. Students then nerve would be encouraged to Wear orange leaves school at 10 AM enough stay out all day. March 24 is AS Saturday. The other days so tomorrow. But it is Wednesday obviously. So lomb. And how high school according to the Charlotte Observer students willow walk out tomorrow morning observe a moment of silence and author of seventeen people gunned down in Florida and and spend. 45 minutes talking with a elected officials about solutions. South Mecklenburg tomorrow will participate in several in school activities related to gun violence and an invite the community to join them for a candlelight vigil afterschool. Outside of Davidson days school tomorrow students will display gun control signs to our traffic passing by Charlotte area schools are preparing for tomorrow's national school walk out. Students across America plan to leave school for seventeen minutes. And commemorate the a mass shooting in Parkland Florida. And as students at district charter and private schools across the region say that they were devastated by the slaughter of teams that they can relate to and are inspired to. By the courage and activism of the Florida survivors. Charlotte Mecklenburg school board members and elected officials from the state county in nearby towns have agreed to a common listen to the house students talking enough. After the need a better protection a lot of administrative. People are embracing the surgeon civic engagement so this is not necessarily being frowned upon as long as it's. I'd done and some sort of responsible manner many schools including Myers park. Are allowing students tomorrow to leave class briefly to gather in the courtyards and athletic fields is a national movement calls for everybody to rally at 10 AM. Some though are timing their events to coincide with class changes and other natural breaks. Others are trying to avoid the distraction of a walk out and the chance that things could get out of hand as they did when you had some of these immigration related walk outs last spring. And does south Max for instance the vigil for their Florida shooting victims. I happened to sunset after school lets out. The American civil liberties union of North Carolina has been no fielding calls from students and parents that are worried that walkouts could bring a harsh punishment. Schools cannot penalize students were pro testing or voicing political views. Though they can't impose the penalties that students would phase for missing class. So we'll just have to see hopefully the hopefully the kids will do this responsibly in the schools. Will be responsible in their response to it. On March the 24 that's the Saturday Charlotte area students will take part in another national movement. That's called march for our lives. And that is focused on gun control. And then April the twentieth there's been talk about it all day student walkout against gun violence on April the twentieth but that on some some trouble getting traction so we'll just wait till we get closer to. Much April before we before we see what happens there but tomorrow. Is the first of the national school walkouts and it's scheduled for 10 o'clock tomorrow although us south Max doing the vigil tomorrow at sunset. And battle prior to be one of the stories we'll be covering about this time tomorrow so we'll see what happens there. Wander over and take your call from Tony on the school walk out tomorrow 704571110. Hey Tony. Hey Al I do what I'm doing pretty good column I don't really end up dead dad. Cool walk out as even being considered I mean I don't send my child goal. For the cool to be able. She's implement. Their political views about job. I don't think that's appropriate. And this deal I don't understand what goals cannot. Punish the student. And I don't did that in the first as I don't think the stuff I don't think the schools are implementing. Or half philosophy on the kids the kids are basically. Trying to scream out about the frustrations that they have about the current system so. I don't know that they're implementing Yale belief system and do your kids there no I don't get. Well we did down not so sure I don't think that that's healthy to. Were is it organized protest in this country. Or if it's done responsibly. And I think that's kind of a good thing like I don't like the exercise of an all nominal hippies so maybe maybe that's what I like about it but. If it's done and it's K in its day in order and and it's followed by discussion and vigils and so on and so forth I and I don't know I I I think it could have some mild positive benefits. Not that you blew upping the little party political bigger debate that may have been that didn't realize it while got to play a little bit. Coming up did it can be and they're gonna be eager are completely while helpful. Well it's we just exhibited by what we just shared with you this has been organized and discussed and planned now for weeks so this is an an impulsive. We're all walking out at 10 o'clock tomorrow tied the deal this is something that. School administrators and students who barely have worked on together so that they conducive some sort of a responsible man. I disagree wit it not that I did not think he had bought out go build. And I don't immediately if not being in that Google play in the night build their backing. What there are doing and the reasoning that it is what are your kids it is and his talent. Not. Gate and total our. Oldest and opinion. I don't think any but it hit in the capital under should be able to little void of the lack. Did all right I'm glad you're not my dad the thanks don't appreciate the gulf. Right off goes Tony. Right over the clothes or go 704571110. And now Michael is not the WB DA Michael. MM. I are a little. The date for the previous column I I agree that we kill in some regards but here's the problem I think it's fair to say the debt. The school's first and the education system. Would be very much in favor of the agenda that is hiding. These protests. And really be clear I believe we need to find territory avenue available to protect our students. That includes in my opinion the ability put those teachers who actually. So basically. I scary to have the light to do so. Are accused the problem with the protest and reporting going to do in the first time. An organization. Wants to have a protest. Of abortion rights or stay agent centers and it's it's something totally contrary. True what the school basically. Would like to do because it's how do you differentiate and discriminate. Against one group's protest. Or you don't analyze and another protest where you do not think. That was the poor call the first question is are we get opening pandora's box. To allow essentially. Protest or eighty and every reason under the sun. Well this can hurt this is in the cross hairs right now solo. I know I don't think that you basically stand down and allow protests every time some something comes up in Naia school. But this is that this is in the cross hairs right now and this is a national. Our focus and yes there are done more than one side on the focus but this has been a national focus in this also. Has a sense of organization do it that has been going on now for about a month or three weeks or whatever it's been since Valentine's Day. So this isn't just something that you decided to do on the spur of the moment everybody got together this afternoon that they were walking out of school tomorrow morning. This has been no more owners and nor focused on that all of that saw I think it's safe and mentioning exercise. In in what they're doing com. I I think you're exactly what you're saying. Comment but more right now all schools getting shot up. Mom I agree with them my I don't know what the solution is either but this but but Bert to keep on allowing them to happen and just offering up prayers and none and hope. Tom that's frustrating for these kids get the kids are scared right now I wrote about school places they should be. Now maybe that goes to a conversation we had earlier about the way that they're constructing schools now differently so that there are safer. And and maybe it does come into whether or not the debatable arming teachers are having teachers that in some cases are armed if that's what they would like to do and go through the training. I mean all I I think all discussions are open for this. I like the idea of students' understanding that they have a voice. I agree we will keep John I'm not trying to. There protesters. Are. Did you try it I'm just suggesting. You'd eat pure rationale for why you support this typical national also airs. And it has been organ so does that lead when an issue comes up. And it's organ out a mop and advance we're going to still let that happen regardless of whether that something this coup by basically wouldn't. We're leaning toward or. I guess my my impulse answer would be you taken on a case by case basis but this has been a debate that has been at the forefront of the news now. That front page news every single day for over three weeks. Absolutely actually believe that it's been it's been that the four front and the issue of gun free zones being soft targets. Have been in the fourth spot for years I report. I understand that but it adds a bit every day for years this has been every day since spark when happen this is focused on park won Florida this is focused on no seventeen students that got shot that's why it's a seventeen minute walk out. I understand all of the rationale there and they do. Welcome to. Right off we go Lola take a news break him back on the other side gets abuses March Madness back so we'll make more your calls of hear their when they don't get back and dogs don't bail women more than men. I'm gonna miss that period. I retired about fiscal walkout national school walkout protests tomorrow that's actually in essence to honor the seventeen people who were killed by via the a Marjorie Stoneman. I Douglass high school in north Florida. But. The seventeen minute school walkouts set for 10 AM. Some schools will do that differently they're doing a candlelight vigil that does south Mac tomorrow it to a sunset. And but this has to be out from a national standpoint organized at 10 AM students standing outside for a one minute for every person killed at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. Has organized by the women's march you used in power meant. And they are as it is written here say they are demanding that congress do more to protect schools neighborhoods and places of worship from gun violence. That'll be taking place tomorrow I'm sure by this time tomorrow find out what the effect was when we alligator in our Charlotte I was go into a phone call it'd been on hold for awhile and I should just own up. One of the points I think she was gonna make from the notes that I saw was that's why this has all been organized to make sure it doesn't. Fall into chaos. And anyway that'll Woolsey wrongly goes tomorrow I think it'll be you know account interest in our story. About an adoption agency that was splitting up twins for a secret study have you read this. This is why people don't trust the government I was thinking about this study today when I was chosen into a thing on flu shots. And they were talking about people who got flu shots and then still got the flu. And then and then they don't read a lot of us are skeptical on flu shots. It's some sort of a conspiracy to Rhode. But I mean think about it for a second. Based they've they've ardea of said that this year's flu shots were not as effective as what they wish they would be so they're putting something your body. With mixed success. And some people who got that put in her body are still getting the flu. And we're almost at the end of flu season and there are still urging you to go get a flu shot. I don't know I did that visited so you think welcome on. The government's not going to you know and I know you're right they're not. Let me read a story like this. And you and anything is possible. Agencies government. Organizations. Individuals are capable of the most sinister or. Or stupid thinking ever. There's a new document Terry. Called the twining. Scares me documentary called winning reaction. Which tells the story of a New York adoption agency. That would split up twins. Without telling the adopting parents. In the 1960s. Louise why isn't services would routinely split up twins and triplets. Without telling the parents that the child that they were adopting had a twin. It was done for a secret study by a psychiatrist by the name of doctor by Oleg Bernard. Who believes that adopting twins would thrive more in separate homes because they would get more individual attention. So this is some wacky doctor that's got this theory and so she's decided to take it upon herself. To do this study experts today says there's no basis for what she thought. Many of the twins led parallel lives before being reunited the documentary talks about a dog Roush and Howard for Iraq. We found that that they wrote when they were twins they both got married in 1992 they both coached hockey they both have children who play hockey and they both Wear the same number. Kind of weird how. Ever think you're a series of birth are different that you were adopted you rest your parents and your doctor or morass of my moment on to us. Think my dad says something about your daughter kitty we would have been better than this yeah. I definitely the NCAA tournament starts tonight from Long Island University Brooklyn plays Radford starts about 640. Game time 630 on true TV and then that'll be followed up by a saint Bonaventure vs UCLA. And about 109 net 10 PM. Cinderella teams that I don't just provide a couple of weeks entertainment according to some studies their success has long term effects thanks to the exposure from the NCAA has. Smaller schools she rises and applications and endowments you'd have to think that was true for brought or. Don Zagat would you have ever heard of guns Agha. Places like Wichita State I guess I'm kind of surprised that I mean there's a players a school in the U play and I had to look up what LIU dash Brooklyn stood for I've never heard of them before. We're gonna live up in the northeast either but Long Island University Brooklyn. March Madness pulls in more TV advertising revenue than any other post season sports franchise one point 15 billion dollars no surprise there according to wallet hub there's a 19% increase in pizza orders. And a 9% rise in the resort dirt orders by fans after their teams lose. People got eaten. Doctor's report up to a 50% rise in the number of mastectomies during the NCAA tournament is that because here is going to be as that are outline around anyway. Felt and if if you have to spend a couple of days' rest on the couch I guess that would be as good reason as soon as any other. Sunny tomorrow or actually be cooler tomorrow and we work today is not as an 847 degrees predicted for tomorrow. Maybe a little bit windier tomorrow 5025 miles per hour the clear skies tomorrow night so that means will be called like down note below freezing thirty degrees. And then we head into some better weather by the time we get to Thursday mid sixties Friday showers possible in the afternoon but highs in the low sixties. And Saturday mostly cloudy but I think your rain chances are fairly slim low fifties. Sunday. Sun and clouds mid sixties. Mid sixties from Monday so hey it's march. You were expecting. 82 and no humidity. That happens. According to a survey by the outplacement firm challenger gray and Christmas. Fifty million Americans participate in March Madness pools. And then you ought to get that bracket filling. You know they say that cost employers about one point two billion dollars and unproductive workers. Assuming each worker spends an hour filling out a bracket I just think that's crap. Why when and ask Chris crow were WF Lindsay yesterday senator you got your brackets and he said well I haven't filled mine out yet this was yesterday before it he went on mere three. And he said do you study years or do you. Just did medically bread and as I just I don't know enough about it I don't follow college basketball enough to run. To route to study at. So I've probably learn a lawful lot in the last ten days. And with the I'd listen to what Charles Barkley in most polls say and they don't in the big shows that are. So slugged it's no wonder I don't but anyway I I've got to Michigan State winning at all. And only because Michigan State kind of caught my attention and Izzo always seems to be in the mix somehow or another so that there's my philosophy. Yeah I won't be winning my bracket. But I do have the problem. The odds of picking a perfect bracket. Our whole lot worse than winning the lottery. Nine point two Quinn trillion to one. Of picking a perfect bracket Ole. Why would you like to do that just wants could you imagine how much money you can make on talk shows and I mean the next you're around would you be in demand. And then you suck. But it wouldn't make any difference. They say assuming each team has a 50% chance of winning every game odds of winning the powerball about a 175. Million to one. So it all gets started and I would play in games and and enjoy that and in the fourth though than the four greatest days of sport. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. Just because it's just nonstop and I'm not a big college basketball fan but it's nonstop. And it just always seems to be a storyline going. And it's panel like the Olympics you know yeah you learn about players and hardships and where they came from and and and sort of self worth pretty pretty instant stuff. I'm speaking out Father's Day we've moved Father's Day broadcast our Father's Day broadcast to Thursday because we've got to the Tar Heels on the air at 245 on Friday so a lot of that. Kept us from my doing the march 16 that we normally do Father's Day on. So Thursday we'll open up the phones at 3 o'clock and do a Father's Day Friday one of the UNC broadcast we should get on the air sometime after 5 o'clock. And if you are here between the end of the game in the into the post game coverage you know 6 o'clock O you'll ever shot at a there are three dog nod to our ticket so we'll also we'll save a pair for that. The for Thursday we were gonna have Jack Daniel who are now and I have his voice back on the Charlotte Airways because there's no compete from being fired has expired does so we're gonna have Jack Daniel. And Larry sprinkle commander in just kind of reminisce about radio in general those guys. Have been around. It all the way back to big ways and and and and before. I Jack's been instrumental on not only in me in the beginning of in the forming of a 1065 the end but was back there are effects in the day and stations even before that. On his whole careers since fitness area Larry sprinkle former partner of Jada the late. Murphy in the morning and not so anyway they were they're coming in non now on Monday. In the 4 o'clock hour and we'll keep around for awhile almost just reminisce a little bit about to Charlotte radio and we weren't happy to take your phone calls tonight you can talk about things that you remember from Charlotte radio or not. Well and stuff as well maybe you'll even asked Larry about being the tidy bowl man. Which you would have thought that sometime oh and I was floating around the country trying to build a radio career that some day I would know the guy that was the tidy bowl man. And whether or not that would have been a big deal to me at the time. So I'm anyway that's that's it Father's Day on now from Thursday and Jack Daniel and Larry sprinkle cumin and on Monday. Well as part of a broadcast today. And then most amazing story to me is that bankrupt her retailer Toys 'R' Us and Nomar garrison just walked in you haven't heard anything today about them closing their doors permanently have you not yet know. Just the most could shut all of their US stores as soon as this week. According to several reports which is terrible news for people like Hasbro. And Mattel. And smaller companies so JAKKS Pacific can and no spin master a little companies like that but the idea that Toys 'R' Us. I guess that would just leave your targets in your wal marts in Europe. So I asked a question earlier our Toys 'R' Us like the victim of what. You do people go to Toys 'R' Us like people go to bookstores and seize on that they want to take a picture of and and go home and ordered on Amazon. Because it just seems ludicrous to me that Toys 'R' Us would be the dominant toy store for all of the country millions and billions of kids. And have financial problems. Seems almost impossible you'd almost have to via NAFTA to run yourself out of business felt here prior enjoy.