Rick Elias with Red Ventures

David Chadwick
Sunday, November 12th

Rick Elias, CEO of Red Ventures joins David to discuss Red Ventures and how the company's focus is to make a positive social impact on the community


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I don't want to think that it's his eleventh in 1993 WP team welcome to the program in case you don't know this is a weekly show that tries to. Intersect faith and values with different issues in our culture throughout the world oftentimes have yes on to talk about their lives in history and that's what's going to happen today in just a moment. First let me thank my friends at Ruth's Chris Steak House and nap on Providence and also Perry's fine jewelry for their sponsorship of the show I really appreciate you believing in me and allowing me to do this now for. Over seventeen. Years it seems impossible what a blast it has banned. And what a great show I have for you today in studio with me is a recent friend and I've really enjoyed getting to know but also one of Charlotte's influencers. His name is Rick alive as he is the CEO and founder of red ventures. Rick thank you for joining me in studio today. I am honored to be here thank you for and yeah a red ventures help people who don't know what in the world is red ventures. You know. Red ventures is on a journey. So what we were five years ago we are today in what we will be in five years are not as important as to what we stand for. We believe companies are force of good and we believe that the inside of a corporation there can be a lot of very positive things happen so we are very much focus on social impact as an organization and so our success with a technology company. Which is what we are it's really just the gay was the right to goal in try to do good in the community and that's what we stand for. Well wanna talk about that later on in the shows some things you guys are doing which is most impressive enough relief. And honored to watch that from a distance and even you allowing me personally deceit that. But before we get there let people get to know you'd obviously hint of an accident there you are from. Puerto Rico or erased look at a guy came to the US I was eighteen to com to caller term. It's hard not to follow this great great country. And you came from Puerto Rico is not remember your story told me with very little in your pocket and were you dropped off at Boston College. Yeah Marshall Ellis dropped off at the airport in Puerto Rico lower back health care and apple has given a couple hundred bucks and he said go BM am rooms and I did not know what I did not know him I think sometimes. That sense of ignorance is a blessed because I showed up as a second semester freshman I was trying to play basketball. Similar professionally and I loved basketball is with a solo in the same way. It came up to him so I got I got on a plane inland and Boston and it was cold as can be used his cue from Puerto Rico and I realized really quickly that. My English was in good and so it was it was a rough it was a rough transition but I think communal of those and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I think I look back about a I got through that can get a lot of things so you went to Boston college and you spent four years this year getting your degree is that right that is correct and now's an accounting major site and after talks it was kind of funny. I took all my math. Courses and all the business courses freshman and sophomore year and I took almighty. Basic English might do in his senior year because I just need to get up dispute on my mind. And that voice is radicalized he's CEO and founder adventures on an amazingly. Popular but also growing company here in the Charlotte area and reeks of after Boston College what happened. So I have this. Lama to go back to Puerto Rico like I love my Ireland and always will it and come in or stage so I got. I had two opportunities again go to Michigan and in my MBA. In or art can go to General Electric and Mario. Randomly but wisely picked General Electric car ended up and then start my career and what was then. In this still is an amazing corporate platform to learn from and where was that. So I started in Philly for six months and ended up going to Japan for two year old recently so picture come in 1990 when Japan was in mainland China yesterday you know outcome of the next big. Super power in Ireland to Japan and it was supposed to be six months and after three months some memorable comebacks are figure away to Iraq. I don't know about unity they kept me around either for two years. Your single at this point yes. Yes this become back to the states yes I did it's of an idea I got into this is school I came back to do my MBA. And then after Dodd IE I realize that at the end of the play in the big game I wanted to play Willis in the US market and now Powell always have a spot in my heart and Marmara from Puerto Rico girls atmosphere and so hounded written ventures gave birth as a dream in your mind. You know I I was seeking. Life more than I was seeking. Business meaning I am I hot him in in in my and it's and so as a kid that I wanted to. Try to build my home business back then it was a supermarket in their it was a pain in the it was a bank is that it was super mark gave him. But bench and eventually I just wanted to see my grandfather was an entrepreneur apartment this I never met him but I think I always I mean deep inside me that that's. How I wondered who a live. So you are coming to Charlotte at that point. So I ended up living in Miami and San Diego or Chicago and then as Charlotte in 1999. I was gonna start red ventures. With them felt steam and we were looking at markets from film which earlier it was one of the. Decisions would. I'd agree with you on the city it's been my home for now almost four decades it's a great place and which to live. That voice of Rick Elias he is the CEO and founder of red ventures he is my guest today. And Rick when we come back one talks more about adventures in what you're doing here but also what happened in 2009. And an event that really changed your life that has gotten national attention I'm David Chadwick this is news talk. WBT will be right back. Yes we're ready hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this. Eleventh in 1990 WBP. Back to share with you with my. Yes in a studio today radicalized the founder of an amazing company here in. The Charlotte Carolinas region red ventures Rick from Puerto Rico sheared. Little bit of his history. Coming to Charlotte in in recovering something else people would love to know about your family. When you came to Charlotte to where you married at that point. I owe us and we were are so looking missed our family and now we pick Charlotte a lot because without this'll be a great place to not just race of this race markets and and so you have two children is that correct I have boy and girls sixteen and fourteen and they are amazing and last terrific well there's nothing like family my goal in life simply that a picture median. Kids and grandkids Maryland in the still holding hands at the end of our lives and that's a successful life and I just say you're scoring show I think you're gonna put you on bad at all four grand kids I mean. There's nothing like Greinke do you think you love your kids grandkids are released special because. You just love them and give them back and have to worry about inventories. I elegantly photographed you have something for which to look forward. Rick just again rid ventures is growing exponentially. What do you attribute the growth to. It's complete luck. You know we caught a wave. AM mute took us awhile to realize we call this whole caught this in and wave them. You know having a life on all of the keys to success is running with your luck and we were on with our look and we realize that this is. This is temporary you can look back at great companies in the 70s90s. Many of them have ceased to access that we are relentless in the pursuit of trying to ride the wave as long as we camp and. And let me ask you this you're known for your culture. In a lot of when he deals work for use while working for use. What you think the reason for the success what is the one thing you'd point to your culture that says this is successful. You know I've I think culture is not one decision. Or one statement as thousands and thousands of decisions over long enough of him. And you can't microwave a culture you can't just decide this is Michael to Alter our behavioral forms between large groups of people. So the cultural belongs to our employees it's our leaders and then everybody that has been there and is no longer they left their brick on the wall or the people and their today making it better. But you know culture is what unites as a as a group of people trying to do something unique and when you've got. It leaves no which is allowing food being served well box there was money that Williams bowling Alley you have. A basketball court in your love for basketball ways for people exercised throughout the day unique and that's not done in me place we just open our our new buildings so we just out of another 300000 plus you know. It buildings in the epicenter of it. Is basically read into university so we have building a learning and development center. I think today the world is changing fast enough that you have to keep retraining your employees though. This is going to be I think and the real. The real benefit of red ventures is you can go there game you know how fun learn and compete the good stuff but keep burning. That's fascinating that you're going to be doing this wished that just in trouble for your folks will be extra bringing in people from the outside actually did degree level experience. You know we will do it come. Internally mostly and then we would. But some of our nonprofit. It works to rule you know coach the platform but is not going to be open to the public we wish it could but it's this it's a different harder. One of the things you're doing this fascinating in the measure internship program misleading to technology jobs that your your links on he would forego college and the national averaged 30000 dollar worth of yet. And they can step into a job if they proved to be successful as in terms. For me if the semi 5000 dollars and immediately be successful without the burden of that debt which you talk about that. Yeah so it's called wrote to hire and it is a program that we have been prototyping for a couple years and our common reaching velocity and it's a it's a standalone fumble one C three and it's actually an apprenticeship. It's marble more about what you see in Germany in some of the European countries where there is a real alternative to middle income living that is not. Dependent on college so we have two tracks one track is technology and Leo are. Agree that's coming out that worked really hard for six months in seven languages is really really tough this is where it's that. You know while they may not wanna go to college are willing to put in the hard work and that we have a cell struck in what is really interest and so destructive it that were graduating. About fifteen to eighteen kids now a month so the machine in the flywheel stars in the what is really cool is we're gonna open up the platform. To all of the companies to use so will help recruit all frame Opel board we paid. Basically a stipend simply a close to minimum wage after getting train instead of gay pain to go to college you're getting paid to get train. And then I'll we think that this is one of the many many things that needs to happen in Charlotte if we. Wanna be known as a place that actually gives apart and so we're very focused in now. You know in the in the inner cities in the zip codes where the opportunities and marketing who were working with community leaders on the area and and we're just getting started is really really exciting and to see these young adults show what they want them and you've seen in six months later and the showing you pictures of their howls of there claw our growth. You know off of hope. Thank you you know you we are spreading hope. Across 80% of our population the outlook have lost. That's five and a half million young Americans in our country. Between eighteen and 24 out of school now. Work thing. And then when they get employed often times and are under employed and they can't ever make ends meet current and the disk is an advantage for you as well because you can watch within these kids are the kind of kid you want and you work company and culture. Absolutely in in all in for us really we can hire other people so it is it is really more about. Given them you know like a platform to launch their careers from so that's what we wondered opened up we are the prototype insider advantage my hope is American rally over there. This is leaders in the Charlotte community that want to invest it takes real commitment. To build apprenticeship programs and give hope and opportunity. Toward youth. Well it sure is going to solve the upper mobility problem this is one of these solutions it's going to allow kids to. Get out high school have a job be able to make ends meet immediately and not fall line so be it ten years from now. Short means like. Its inability to help people fall and no one knows that better than you given all the work that you put in two years looking at them the opportunity task force here and that's how we met so that was good you know I'm glad that you that that political common basketball committee they go to Italy a good win for us less thanks Fredricka lights is my guess today ECU red ventures here in Charlotte wanna. Fastest growing companies in the nation and cricket is one of your Philanthropic part of but. I wonder how much of that might be connected somewhat at least to an event that happened in your life in 2009. Euro on an airplane coming back from New York City Charlotte which feature story. Absolutely. So it was a it was a cold dreary day in your city. I remember because I walked all the way up to go play hoops in the in the upper west side of him. Admirable walking backward like it will be. Tough to live in this cold weather all the time at those Olympics for the nine elevenths inner city kids from New Yorkers are tough basketball there are you the game in that was designed had a couple business meetings held coming home I remember those coach humans on and the YMCA anyway yeah. My son was in first grade at the time that it was in the in that as we took off. You know were climbing through car at 3000 feet and all of a slow and you hear this massive explosion. I had a really good seat that there wasn't one the so we won the you can see the flight attendants ice. Right away and I looked at the flight attendant in the you know what it looked like nothing it looked like widgets that. You know me at it's something we're going back after the slumber and turned the plane round. So you know aisles going back and I'm thinking about who's gonna replace me coaching that might come. In for the better part of a couple minutes nothing is happening meanwhile. Captain Sullenberger is making decision after decision any which of them he makes differently and you haven't delegates here today in in you know with about ninety seconds he'd lined up the plane with the Hudson River that there's no room Libyan pilots and river and you're you know that I do think that figured and scholarship and and at the and he turned out the end is and there's something you read it yet magical being in the cylinder flying in this guy with known. Indian he said the only through which he said the whole time. Which Willis brace for impact. Those are not the word you want to know and I look at the flight attend that again and I saw her eyes on my. All life is over. In the magic to me of the experience blows the night eighty seconds wind you know you're gonna die. This is you're actually trying to decide is blowing up evidence breaking into pieces in the mobile river. Bomb in but not suffering not not in anguish game you know it may furnace. When nothing happen to anybody so you're free to talk about that experience and then. The kind heart of and the New Yorkers and everything that comes as the missile with a high highly recommend it. But after that elegantly built but let me go back to you. In ninety seconds yeah your life is over yet talks more about that really the living in regret or use thanking you did the best you could what was going on. He died at its its surprise me that I I was not. Scared. You were no I was not scared I was here very sound no I was I had I did not know you don't know uncle Europe put their right thumb. And I was really sat because I ate I love life I love my family I felt like my kids were too young not to have a father. Come in in all those things but I was not sound I was not scared. Com and that was clarifying from me so that meant that while I am a human being and I have many imperfections of man made many mistakes I think I was. You know in the trajectory that dose try you know live. The eighties the meaningful life and hoping regrets you're in during that time to thank me wish I had to get there are a lot of things I wish I could dual. You know in the in the world the more around the time that was weeks. In I realized that I Los caught up in so many things that at the moment of truth when your life is about to be over means so little. Mean you realize that we we as human beings in new society just waste a lot of time and energy on things that the matter with people that do and Anson that we only about thirty seconds but the plane hits the Hudson River yeah. And you realize pretty soon that it didn't break apart you're still alive. That was confusing for a sector. AM you know one win win you know wheat wheat land them the right side of the river in this both Picasso and whatever and right right. I finished with a story here but I ran into captain Sullenberger of CBO has seen the movie movie slowly it's it's a wonderful bully. So I go to Gupta somber he stressed they're still with full uniform were sitting at the premiere music captain thinks there very much. Four for saving lives and for your work and he said I was just doing my job. What a great statement that I think about him all the time. While what let's continue the conversation on the other side of the break we got to take a moment away Rick allies is my guess CEO red ventures. The amazing miracle on the Hudson story he's unfolding Forrest I'm David Chadwick will be. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is used 1110993. WET welcome back to the show. If you'd like to hear the show in its entirety go to WBT dot com scroll down of the weekend shows look for the David Chadwick show and you can hear the program from the beginning to the end and I think you're going to want to news. Because my guest today is Rick Elias the CEO red ventures. But was cheering in the last segment about his amazing experience. Flying back from New York City in 2009. In what's commonly called the miracle. On the Hudson and Rick I'm just curious about this as the plane is going down and you and your hitting the water. Was any kind of a spiritual moment for use any kind of introspective. Prayer or meditation occurring in your heart. Absolutely. Absolutely I think you you realize that you know alternately. Com. You law are an individual that is connected to humanity's connected to everybody around you and and very much a part of of the of light flow of who we are so. Had to deal with exactly and you know it's. It was very clarifying from me how important it was and that changes trajectory over adventures because as a result of that that's when we decide it we're never gonna go public when they're gonna sell. We are only used adventures as a force of good to the best of our ability. Well let me go back to some news to the last segment but the movies solely you know obviously seen it is an accurate. It's accurate as it relates to the plane itself to be a movie house to have drama so there's this whole drama the problem of its tour now but bit. How would fill in Italy when the movie and that I felt like I'd just be in the fight game. I know and I watched it I immediately text did you consider what what's where you and I remember that it wouldn't be and I went oh my god I do and believe it because movie seem to capture that moment so vividly him and in what happened afterwards. Two years later was the opportunity to shear your experience on it talk first question is how do you get invited. To be apart of a ten at all. You know I it's a community. And I had been going to Ted for awhile and in your new year asked to share things in for a while Heidi I just in feel like fuel is something that was worth sharing and then some friends encouraged mis all right. Set tale moment to share this story and I was really really nervous you know idea I've spoken Bill Gates spoke right before me am I kept thinking in my head at Sesame Street song one of those is not like the other. That's like what if I go raw Meyer and they took him. In my back legacy of the union vote. It was pretty special. In it now has news your story via your Hudson six point 66 million. Used by the way when it's that you might when he gets more people watch it nobody wants the number 666 as part of her name but six point six this is a bit out of regulatory. Whose mean it's astounding is been watched by so many people. You think. That's calls it touched so many people's hearts. It added that the messages is is for people is you know we we ought to live life in the press. In having too many policy that live in the past him and and bill for give ourselves. Or forgive others came in waste a lot of time in the past many of us live in the future postponing. Life and life. Doesn't wait for you so light ought to be medium in a live now in the if you love somebody you ought to column a lot in the fuel an apology you shoot. Gold pass were about you know forgiveness so it dizzy you know it's I think it's a message Joseph. Clarity around living in the present. I think for me did the second part of it was. You know very much about eliminating negative energy I think we yen negative energy has always crying like from the if you you know all you need to do is listen to the news and listening to. You know that I wish I could replace the news with hope. Is that they give it to stimulate we give our. Our our brains wheels one of opportunity I think we will live differently in the last lyric where you don't make sure that you're clear on what's important to you. And and at that time by it was really. You know seeing my kids grow up and what I've learned as a teenager is helping my kids troll. So that we even got as. More often changes that they teams don't necessarily not neither parents just the opposite street they neither pairs more than ever needed it very much so very much and walked through change and those difficult jail where their record to my guess is Rick Elias CU over adventures sharing the miracle on the Hudson experience when he was on that plane. Nine years ago with captain Sully. Rick so you would say you're own personal life your family life and our red ventures has been shaped. Was dramatically changed by that moment in 2009. Very much and I I made a pact to myself. I waited a couple days on Paul kind of became clear what they just happen and I asked. I give myself on only one test of life and is the Baylor gonna die I'm gonna ask myself the question. In its simple that I'd make the most out of my second chance. I've been given bonus time I should MB here by all accounts I should not be here in I just need to make this bonus work. When you know I've tease you with this but I think it's a good question and they that your real meaty bit. I think god has kept she ran down the coast go work for you to do which honoring right now is a possibility. It'll be humbling to think that Rivera and they give us a well. I. I'm gonna I'm going to do all I can't abuse the best person I can and you know we're all full of you know humanity we all half things were working on but I I clearly hopes so that this was my chance to make my war my life worth living. Can we do have second chances in life I believe that with all my heart absolutely I think at times in my life when I came very close to death science might break into my home and I was. 23 in my mom and dad were way and it was theirs for the taking care of the home that week you know woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning with a gun three inches from almighty and his three guys in under the home they were looking for drugs and one of them. Held a gun to my hit for 45 minutes and basically told me five or six times you're gonna die. They tied me up and poked me with the gun all over my head and ribs and just it you're gonna die. And so for 45 minutes like you I thought I was a dead man and I had to rethink life at that point which really important to me how while wanna spend my life it was a dramatic experienced traumatic in some ways as well as I'm sure your experience was but it forced me to ask the question. I'm living in my here. What do overloaded with my life one of those are life changing moment they really are indeed. While I'm glad day I'm glad they spur you that mad that day because you're doing great work well thanks Rick hooked together we're trying to make Charlotte a better place in which to live in this world a better place to live. And in fact you still have a huge heart for your homeland Puerto Rico and obviously Maria. Just blew through and calls devastating destruction to Puerto Rico. You've tried to really help in a lot of ways make that a better place what are you doing. In Minnesota within a couple days of Maria I got a number of phone calls from friends from life saying hey I wanna help I'm seeing the images and I wanna help so whatever you're doing. I come in in II right I'm not good at taking on this people's money also everything we've done in the nonprofit side other three nonprofits. We don't use outside capital. But I felt like he was part of my responsibility to calm become the front man for a lot of my friends I announced that I was gonna donate up to five million dollars if we could raise five million dollars and we've raised about half of that so. In and JJ watt as well I wish. They raising. That's that's the varsity team were like that the president yet. Blood were guy in the and I've been down twice in the we've brought a lot of supplies but when I went down to root for Borough Park and we make a difference in. We're gonna focus on rebuilding. It's called rebuilt political. Rebuilt our in we're gonna focus on how seeing for the people that are working people were the government is not going to be it would group. Help them in the way that he will help others though were little where were removing dirt we're building home. What we've been down there again two times you just mentioned described for us the devastation what does it look. You know the first time I went there it looked like that was gone either back in time a hundred years or forward in common under years it was it was the you could not. Recognize this beautiful island. Boy you can recognize the spirit of the fighting Puerto Ricans and now it cut united when Barack. Twelve days later thirteen days later and the sun it was is very little how progress they're still you know 80% people plus had no electricity. After him what it's now probably 36 days and think about how hard that would be 80% 80% and they just fire at the end of the energy Contra con you know that the contractor levels gonna do this so. This stuff in when when your infrastructures that fragile and it goes down it's really hard to bring your Barco so who's already fragile Lorie Kane got very much just exposed how fragile very much on its in its part of the bigger. It shall put recoup recruit him bankrupt for a long time him you know wheels up fault is not as important as the Halloween before. And they are regularly taking a vote on whether they want statehood or commonwealth or whatever I would that deaths of them at the end of the day you know that's like like it's deciding you know where the governor's school there has been here we can have an opinion okay that they don't ultimately decide. Rick what can people do if their listeners right now who would love to be involved in helping to rebuild port Rico what they do. There's. David Bacon. That they can follow me input and they deceive the announcement of this in the link to domain name in LP will be honored to. Take custody of someone's investment and what I tell everybody that has donated we have over 2000 people don't it is I promise you though since a matching the money when no matter what I'm gonna treat this you know. Very fiscally responsible. Am and in no it's not just your homeland but as you talk about the miracle on the Hudson and how you feel connected to a larger humanity. The bottom line is they are our friends our associates our common humanity were suffering right now. So if any you could diagonal Rick's Twitter account is that data yet but we will face real well there's it's a policy threes though. Couldn't while I appreciate so much your heart for helping or hurting because that's another port or common humanity that we need this year. When you take another break when we come back let's get to know you'll more personally in your hopes and dreams in the years to come I'm David Chadwick this is news 11101993. WBT we will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news eleven team in 993 W VT welcome back to the show I hope you've enjoyed it I have with. My friend but also one of Charlotte's real leaders. Rick alliance of the CEO of red ventures. Rick your offices are down. Toward Indian land is that not right in the South Carolina as well that. Correct that's correct but we have offices in the university area we're about 700 employees there now we have offices. All over we have office in Brazil in London in. In Atlanta and New York so where are an all over the place with. Your leadership is noted by meaning. And folks I know who talk about you'd talk about two things one is the culture of Rei adventures which we covered at previous segment I hope folks might. The listener that to school band of the BP dot com for the David Chadwick show. But also your leadership that you really are a great leader so question. If you had to give one leadership tipped to all of us out here who are leaders in her own right would it tip the leadership. Is a privilege. Right and I think I'm not sure markedly I'm trying really really hard I've never done this before businesses when I drive into red ventures in UC it is beautiful campus. And a lot of he's going up by. Hey Libby too much. But the no column people last week you know when you see you this do you feel very proud and I talk very simply not pricey car payments. All ice he's carpet. And there is that this is still random you know witnesses in. The fact that we are of this success was one big accident and marriages. I deserve no credit for it I just on the responsible deal pushing myself and then trying to do. As much as we can't as to whom much is given much is expert. Now your quote the Bible if you knew that I of course I'd like a bomb course there are reports I know that's a of course at. Rickie you have said. That when you walk around people don't necessarily want to see use. Because you hold them accountable for how they work to talk about that because some people think oh. Servant leadership which I hear from your lips you wanna serve people help them become the best that they are created to be. But also you hold them accountable for the way they work. Please reconciled attitude differences. We it is a difficult place to get into and as a difficult place a statement we believe that we must be competitive with the world and to do that you've got to have a performance points. You got a house of belief system that in all alternately you must win. In your Rina to them win in the broader re. So in red ventures attracts a lot of people that play some supporter some music or something because they're called triple. And what you see in our culture is that deep deep deep sense of competitive spirit but for the greater good enough for the personal. So you'd love sports as an image of success that you obviously have that in your workplace you know people to perform well and win and I've said repeatedly to my staff and to the congregation nightly let me take something. Winnings a whole lot more fun than losing I would rather even win ugly than lose beautiful I mean winning just better than losing there and you believe that in 92 but she just got to operate in a way that has integrity. Yeah. As a part of your work that. And and to me winning. Is that the only real failures in life is when you don't learn the lesson. So we what you have to be willing to win and lose the key is to always in the last. And that to me sports are exciting because if it challenges the human spirit to what's possible we watch sports because we'd love to watch history. We don't really because we we we are you know we wanna be a part of history and I think that's what sports brings out is the human spirit. And it never is shown more powerful and when somebody comes back and as a victory when they think they're gonna lose all those kind Orrin Olympic swimming. How proud are you know that's. We continue to see him were cord in them Michael is. Professionals what you'll see what happens with his life. Replies my guests RC over adventures rigged his real quickly people. Letting me know your laughable warn it so yeah I love basketball good got the seat right next to the bench on you can take over the coaching of the war and it's you know what I like to peek into the huddles we've been run the play and so I think that's. I mean real one of the absolute best coaches in the MBAs he's on the status that doesn't get the this thing you know claims that a list of a cliff it's amazing. It is funded and have the TV on the big agency user can. Involved in the game but I know it's something you really lie and parties and it's that's that two hours that I give stress release and I get problems mines myself when something that I enjoy watching him and love bringing. Friends and especially my family this McKenna. A nice time to go. One final question we're getting news into the program you word dream for Rick dentures what would you look there's the five years from. In how electric company to still be thriving to still be a place where people can komen changed the trajectory of their lives where people calm in both can have fun and be successful and do well put to good. I won written interest to be a different kind of does this model. And not model in the way you go to business but the model that we that we are in our community in our society. And the fact that we don't wanna go public or wanna sell we have leg gold in the ultimate outcomes are welcome as our journey. And I hope that you know the next deal takes it to the next level I'll run out of gas at some point and someone in our building two there will be running this for decades to come I'm gonna paint the first point five years of under here you know. That's how noisy it. And interestingly you or Mariane. Your love for basketball with the red ventures outreach which you talk about that quickly yes so we we started life hoops nine months ago important issue with our Matt Carroll and then a bunch of volunteers all all our programs are. Full of rent enters volunteers at how weakening gates in the community and we're literally going and partnering up with a YMCA and some middle schools and building after school basketball programs for acute in the inner city. For the get to a reading big a meal they gave great basketball on Fridays they played a different sport every Friday it's year round. So we start with a a forty Kitts last spring and it's gone so well. That we're we're aspiring to be at 200 it's by this spring and biscuits are incredible that I can not be more proud of our news it's called life hoops. And you know do we have this chant 123 we are and then 5456 like whoop some disputes is. The our our staff is changing lives so they're learning how to live life by learning how to play the game rightly Basque doubles an excuse in at the end of the day most of the kids that are there now -- even got passionate about possible they just want a place to go every day aren't. And we're putting all sorts of experiences around them that is given them a chance to expand how they see the world and how they see themselves in the. Oil I can pay for my kids when they were teens getting them involved in the sporting their choice also wore them out and allow them to behave better yeah for sure for sure. Rick we just don't have much time left and wanna make sure I ask you this question on. Is looking to make their life better and try to move forward in life and Euro life coach right now to the twenty to 30000 listeners that I have weekly what would be your one piece of advice that you would give them. You know I I think that many people. Are struggling there struggling with with with. Things that are happening in the life and wield the you and I have bad days he and I have days where the responsible if feels like you know we may now be able to. Meet our responsibilities and I always think about. Don't give up. Don't ever gave up when you look at it day that it looks like the sun is never gonna commodity screenings sold hard and it is so great. Behind all of that there's a blue sky you just got to get through the storms were part in I always tell people when they're really down when they're in on a place so. No hope is to remember that behind all of that there's tools guy you just got to get through with the best you can. Rick alliance CEO ray adventures thank you for being with me today giving us a peek into your life your practices I really appreciate your time honored to be here thank you for having me. And everyone may die in this program the same way I in the program every week just a reminder hate two things in life love god. And love your neighbor if you just do those two things you have a lifetime's worth of work to do. I'm David Chadwick this is news 1110993. WBT outlook for talking with you all. Next week.