Is The RNC Coming To Charlotte, Tipping and Egagement Rings

John Hancock
Wednesday, July 11th
Hancock discusses the presidents comments to NATO, the RNC coming to Charlotte, new ideas for tipping and engagement rings.

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This is John Hancock. Larry RS Wednesday as we can be pulled toasty outside. NATO will be our president started off today charming NATO pretty soon to watch all that take place they are both pledged to boost defense spending we'll talk about that a little bit. John carrier voices his opinion today wants to run is he ran for office and joyfully. What a vet. I mean it's a rumor comes out this week that Hillary is running again. And then the other sale and held by B Joseph Biden while old will Biden be immune in his eighties by the time the 24 year old front. And all the sudden Jon sure Kerry is coming out and well they got. So they give anybody. The first line of defense against Brett Cavanaugh has to make fun of his name. Preppy. Anyway he was on the confirmation class jury yesterday so we'll talk about that there's new poll out today that says actually as of last night. So make liberal heads explode. The GOP is likely due out keep the senate. In the mid terms. In fact they're predicting a 5248. Senate majority for the GOP. Think about that there's another justice to be confirmed. Now we just feel better than they don't move ahead and explode when my. RNC. Looks like it's come and here. We did it once before will do it again but this one. What are keep on thinking about Chicago the whole world's watching. It out and and an and until opposing sides and and in the end the divisive. Nature of the world today I don't know. As close as part of the concerns that some people have but that Tony Tony convention could be you know one for the books. And on the one hand you'll have an awful lot of supporters. For a trump editor depending on you know where we are overdue one that's two and a half years from now aware were way how did we do on terrorist. Are we doing North Korea. On how we done on NATO. What have we done with the United Nations are all like kind of stopped by the time Mo we roll around another two and a half years you've probably got a whole different. Well viewpoint and run on what's been accomplished what hasn't been accomplished in and then they had for saying no wonder what's the issue of the day what's the latest week that as shocked America what. So the RNC could be plenty interest to. I will do I read the news today at 435. There's a new Tom Petty box set coming out September. I could not be more excited. Oh by that. You guys downloaded I'm buying it. And I'll talk a little about the airlines troops and not all airlines are kind of reassessing their pet rules because people are taken advantage of it because that's what people do. Hi Anderson a small bathrooms on planes so they can get one more runway I know it's hard to believe. Did you could be much slower that couldn't you're already standing up. So I might to a news and a boomer Montana and traffic in and and all that Christa also anyway are welcome and not. We're still kind of that I experienced in the temple factor or haven't heard a lot of phone. I don't know what he's up to today but I would assume he's probably are trying to find out which all leads to what door to lead stood. Probably getting a little familiar with the surroundings I assume you still in town today. He's got any president. Led to a pick out he had said he had. Names down to about two yesterday. So why he's got some organization to do but today discuss some people to meet non offices to walk into and just kind of get a feel a vote exactly what it is that. 2.2 trillion dollars of lies billion dollars plus. Trillion that'll be you know that'll be what he sells the team for a 2.2 trillion. Problem. So out there there you go that's that's essentially what's on the you know on the agenda today interesting that via Brooklyn village concept in Charlotte that massive redevelopment in uptown Charlotte this apparently starting to become reality. This is what will live eventually. Eliminate Marshall park. It would also are redevelop. The ball boy Walton plaza building on Stonewall street that's un NATO source of contention for a many people for many years ball Walton was a man of not sterling gets disposition. So to have his name on radio building. Given no solution is crimes just a little bit questionable. And around but you know Marshall part goes. Well with all that to Brooklyn was the name of that historically African American neighborhood and a child that sat on what's now largely land occupied by government buildings in no -- and Marshall park. And now they've made all the you know that the education building is is is empty. That'll be the first to go. Brooklyn villages kind of what they're looking for able the put together by a group called DK partners. Seventeen acre site uptown Charlotte three phases total price of about 33 point seven million dollars. Include 12143. Apartments and condominiums. 115 of them for lower income residents. Well I don't particularly at all. 250000. Square feet of shops and restaurants 7121000. Square feet of office space in the 280 hotel rooms. It also calls for ale one point six acre park which will replace the five point five acre Marshall park. But anyway all that seems to be a little bit closer to a fruition and one more time reminder if you got a Smart speaker at home you'll no longer can't find a double. You VT on not tune in on you should just have to say Alexa or whatever your name is played WBT. And make sure that she hears you say WBT. Otherwise she'll singular difference station brought to you shouldn't have to say tuna and everything and it'll say and his talk 1110 WBT. On radio dot com and that's the new way to get WBT. On the Smart speakers so while there you go that's how that would go talk overrun NATO and we'll do that next. Hello Travis Carroll like the family member that you have did you visits comes your house and and they walks in the front door and he says. Well you look tired to be gained weight. And hadn't really mean anything by it just cut I'd just starts off on the wrong foot you know okay well look golden tired legs of a so good to see you again. I got audited but NATO today he you know walk denied to a NATO and basically judges stood told them in the Germans what is not a moment. An and I and I still don't think bad breakfast because every shot I've seen now basically is a table with really nice plates on it but no food I've seen no food. A whatsoever saw they I don't know at this point I think maybe somebody council breakfast. We'll just do the photo op in the lunged at them all out here. So why the US and European allies did sign a declaration stating that they are committed to improving the balance of sharing the cost and responsibilities of alliance membership. And they borrow pledged their unwavering commitment to a boosting their defense spending and but the president start off this morning with a testy exchange with the NATO secretary. Jens Stoltenberg. And press why the United States should continue to pay money to our military alliances while Leah the country's purchase industry energy from Moscow takes to direct shot entered Germany in that regard. And then I met with Merkel little bit later on after that. And trumpet he said of Germany were supposed to. Protect you against Russia that you make this deal with Russia explained that he just can't be explained. And down. And and so that was the big headline this morning and end all the sudden out of the blue. Here comes John Kerry. And he now you're who's got a low low low blood. But only thing I can think of is that because Carey's done this before from time to time he dislikes. Remind the Democrats I guess that he's still around. And you'll hear flew in all year kind of floater rumours from time to time that maybe he wants to. They don't. It back in the game. But out here comes radio blast Trump's comments about to Germany is a strange and counterproductive. Which I thought that would not. Was not the foundation that he ran for president on. Promised to be stringent counterproductive. I he said it was disgraceful destructive flies in the face of actual interest in the United States of America. Claims trump is setting America back this morning. My thoughts on president Trump's remarks in a Brussels he has steadily destroying our reputation in the world. To what some would say you mean his push overs. Yeah I did did you do what some would say what you mean. Just sit around a conference table being nice to one another so that you don't offend though while they are basically you know polish sheets right out from underneath you that's not where they would like to do that anymore. So I don't know we're all this lends either and but it was uninteresting Tom meets with Merkel a little bit later on told supporters they discuss military spending and trade and down. Guitars and sing near him you know. Make your comment like you did this morning and an end up with a person who is Ames and his remarks he was aimed at an and they end up soon enough. You know the two chairs for the press release. It was looks like he sat on thrown to me what is it than that chair. They've ever notice that the regatta I don't know this is gonna give us that. It it it takes away from his credibility. So. Anyway that's what took place in their NATO this week this the UK foreign minister of Boris Johnson none. As steadily recently resigned you know in Britain because that's that it is in that the next up for a for the president. That goes on dual Britain. Trees and made the prime minister there is in turmoil because this guy named Boris Johnson the UK foreign minister resigned. Tell story for months 24 hours after the abraxis secretary David Davis. Had resigned. So why trump had to Britain and maybe you'll meet with the Johnson while he's there and then he goes on to Scotland. And then he goes to Helsinki Finland weren't sure will be where he meets with. The Russian president Vladimir Putin. So we'll see some headlines as the days go on but that's that's the way that our data started that it sounded to be kind of a fascinating. I call it confirmation class because Brent Cavanaugh was in. In Washington yesterday for the first rounds. Not to meet with senators and just kind of you know low lay of the land. I'm I thought I thought it was kind of interesting because I was and I don't watch late night comedy is it congress in more not because of opposed to necessarily. A definite. Watch and if I was awake when I'm not awake at that time anymore so I don't socio might just catch the the replay every single morning. Almost every news source CBS this morning as a TV show that I watch are a lot. But they featured comedians from the night before every single day. Now if they tell one of the comedians has been. Especially funny and I they don't just feature of the ones on their network. T how would understand now on that would be cross promotion I get back. But. It's become a regular regular feature on the show. And it's always say drawn bash. And last night. I mean the the first avenue. Of attack for the liberals on Cavanaugh. Are one of those among the first there's been to make fun of his name. Well I mean they got nothing. Even Susan Collins came out yesterday and made encouraging comments about an engine Republican but. She came out yesterday she's she's supposed to be one of the Republicans that is that they have to try to convince took. Make sure that they get the votes that they need to confirm this guy and she makes comments yesterday about his a lower court opinion of on obamacare. And his statement in 2006 that Roe vs. Wade is a binding president and she's already stated in the past that. She believes in president. Well apparently so does me. So I mean that's. That's already a setback. I in Irish numbers attacking everything so anyway they they make fun of his name they they dig that they take off on his preppy name. And that late night comics were doing the same thing. Wouldn't even early funny stuff. So that just tells you that the late night comics aren't and for comedy they're in it for purpose. Nothing I think there was any doubt about that up until now. But Cavanaugh go through confirmation class yesterday and and so Woolsey were out Woolsey were all that could arrives. I'll we'll talk a little bit more about Kavanagh just a moment Republican National Convention appears that I had to endure for a Charlotte you're ready for that Charlotte. We don't know when exactly it will be on the Democrats are meeting in July. Which is earlier than usual. The next week after the Democrats have their convention scheduled in at 20/20. Would be the Olympics. So they probably Republicans probably wouldn't do that so maybe the Republicans do it in August. And so August 20/20. Or maybe July August 20/20 probably. Uptown Charlotte the Republican National Convention. I'm assuming Donald Trump runs for another four years. It popcorn. I have a comments via a tour of DC yesterday. Just do the capital. Huddles with the vice president and now McConnell and and Chuck Grassley of Iowa chairman of the judicial committee which is will determine whether two or recommend to improve the a full senator knock. And Schumer. Who probably wants to be the house majority leader as much as he cares about two defeating Donald Trump's a nominee. Com and so his onslaught is it is. Out in front. Arguing that the president probably chose Cavanaugh. Because he thought that Cavanaugh would best protect him from the investigation by the special counsel Robert Mueller in the Russian interference. Of the Torre 68 election. Which is can jump the gun to I don't think they've gotten anything yet that we know I do think. Cavanaugh is our written about the the need for free executive branch from intrusion to a criminal investigations and stuff from the past and and so that's were that's what Schumer is a basically you're jumping on. The other thing that they went hoped to do is to somehow or another. Keep this. Lingering through October. And and habit. Still open by the time the November mid terms rule along. And they are I've heard the I heard the term of railroading this nominee through roof trying to get vote in October. But as the Wall Street Journal points out because but McConnell has said that he intends to have the vote in the full. And the goal would be to have a justice Kavanagh ready to sit on the High Court when it opens its new term on October the first well. He got arrested July. August. September. That's. Seventy days 75 days so I mean somebody edited you know quick math I don't know of someplace in that neighborhood. Sixty to seventy days. Is was then the norm. For previous nominee is between nomination and confirmation. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. There are 42 days. Sonia Sotomayor or 66 days. Alina Kagan 87 days. The average wait for those three democratic nominee is was 65 days Neil Dorsey took 66 days to confirm last year. So bored so major revelation. It's up dirty fair timeline. To get. Cavanaugh confirmed. By the time that we role in June. The US Supreme Court who's sitting back down again in no August. So while low margin of error but like I said yesterday are few moments ago the Maine senator Russ Susan Collins came out in with a encouraging comments yesterday. And then there's a different poll out today that is so they're not really related to this but in some ways is kinda sort of because this is pretty fascinating I think. They had new poll. Which if you think about and I'm sure the greater good Durbin both sides of thought about this. Pascal and I was gonna get Cavanaugh is going to be your next justice. I just you know I gotta go good it's good to so one way or the other. Either mansion from West Virginia is somebody but a big hit he's he's going to be your next justice. But then what happens if somebody else bales. Or somebody else dies. Not hoping. And the president gets another appointment to the Supreme Court. Well if all the sudden you're majority in the senate was 52 to 48. That's still tight but it's not as tight as what it is right now with John McCain not voting in you're essentially sitting on a 5049 deal. So if you're holding out for a third. Supreme Court. Vacancy. This new XTO survey monkey poll shows the Republicans are likely to keep control of the senate in two when he eighteen which would ensure that trumps judicial nominee is. Would sail through the senate confirmation process Paxil has characterized the poll is brutal. For Democrats. And they'll discount appalled just like you always do you have they under poll that comes under the doesn't favor which you can believe. And any other business that we discount polls anyway because look hell on accurate they were before the last elections the none of that has something to be sent as well. But it is kind of an interesting litmus test the poll shows the Democrats in three states. Heidi hi camp in a North Dakota Bill Nelson in Florida and Joseph Donnelly and Indiana are poised to lose. Their respective to their respective Republican challengers that's not good news for all Republicans however because the poll also shows that senator Dean Heller. From Nevada. And each of the three Republican candidates for a seat being vacated by sage and that are senator Jeff flake of Arizona. Are trailing their potent shall democratic rivals so that would be. Three games two losses. But it tells poll numbers were holed up. Republicans would lose two seats and gained three more. And the net increase in one seat and that would give the GOP a 5248. Majority in the senate including the two independent senators who caucus with the Democrats. And so 51 votes needed to confirm a judicial nominee even the Supreme Court nominee. Trump will be able to continue to nominate their constitutional. Us to the court and see them confirmed and so it is likely. They think. Whoever they are. That trump we'll get to nominate another Supreme Court justice. And and who or how that would be I don't know and maybe doesn't happen in the next two years maybe it happens in the next six years but if he gets reelected in 220. And I know if you read the mainstream press. And you watch CNN or MSNBC all day long you think what the law and how is that possible the guy's gonna get crushed. But the numbers in the polls show exactly the opposite. So. You have to. We have Ruth Bader Ginsburg who has 85 years old. I would point out she shows no signs of retiring. And you have Stephen Breyer who is a 79 years old and I don't see any signs of him retiring either. But six years. That certainly means that does trump would have at least a shot and another Supreme Court nominee before it's also had done with pretty interesting on I'm sure the pole in just a poll. From axial survey monkey is not necessarily what they want to hear all the right now trying to figure out how they can block Cavanaugh and at least get to the November elections. Thumb so they cannot take though you don't get everybody home and I hear all the comments of the negativity and so on and so of course and that's where you go on now. Here via Lyles rights they op Ed piece yesterday about. While I want the RNC in Charlotte. G has some opposition. From her own party on her own City Council. And that is crop up are relatively late. It's as well our country is at a tipping point of incivility Charlotte is a place where we valued diverse six periods is an inclusive dialogue the current political climate with it's divisive rhetoric and harmful policies does not represent my values of the values vote Charlotte GM's. But Charlotte is the side of the RNC we can show that our city is about inclusion and leverage it is. I'm an opportunity to demonstrate our values of respect while watering our differences. And I don't know if you actually get a chance to show all that as the host city to a convention are not it. I think good depending on how the convention goes and the protests and though what happens in the streets and what happens on the platform and those speeches that are made in the delegates that are. Interviewed and that says more about the convention and know what the host city actually gets to. Save or demonstrate. I do understand the value. In. In knows it and being a big leader said he. And having had the ability to host conventions I mean having done the DNC is already out further and our cap. Now we haven't had a Super Bowl yet but I mean it's those kinds of events that basically take you from. I'm being another city as opposed to being a top say 25 city you're atop. Forty city year a top fifteen city or something along those lines Lola. Image. But on the other hand. When I think about divisive. Conventions. In my lifetime even though it's been fifty years I still remember Chicago. We just talk about the the other day because it's been fifty years since 1968. Kennedy Bobby and Martin Luther King and I mean 68 was an unbelievable year. But one of the reasons it was an unbelievable careless because the convention that went on in Chicago. And one of one of them the important one of the concerns. About hosting this particular convention. Is the what if factor. And America's gonna be a fever pitch and you notice. We're not gonna become less divisive and more combed by up over the next two and a half years not gonna happen. And oh man that next convention will be. For the Democrats will be. Do or die. Now they think it's do or die with this. Supreme Court justice. Parallels are says after all the best opportunity change minds and influence decisions is through engagement I focus on inclusion not exclusion. Perhaps more importantly she writes the RNC's economic impact on our city's working class can make a genuine difference in the lives of families. This convention. Would provide our community with opportunities for employment and business growth. That translates into a more people eating and our restaurants and shopping in our stores. New jobs for freelancers and additional ships for service industry and I suppose all of that is is so true enough. It would certainly appear. If you read the Wall Street her street journal that Charlotte this. All British UN as close to winning the twenty joining GOP convention as you can not possibly be without actually getting beat. Now the official nomination as of yet Tony's got some comments on that hey Tony how are you. Bernard been awhile without token you know ran. Well that I got a history show host module old man but I figured I don't buy maybe I shouldn't do that's. Good job or are we do not believe Aldrin baker and bell ring leader and that it. We're gonna go along in this area in the car Icrc could become another dollar real. He called. They're bigger probably don't have but it reporters. At a Wal-Mart bigger event grumbling. At the pollen and that provide recovered but they had no problem right. We have well at. Yeah you're you're I accept your opposing it from a philosophical standpoint more than you are. Any other reason I don't know that that's. I don't know that you necessarily do edits an economic. If it's an economic. Plus for the city than you both Florida and her Republican Democrat I don't know Oprah airbag right or you're. Well my eight. Does the Democratic National Convention might. Have destroyed our city it didn't. Where you you got you got their own leader and all that clearly there are one America. And bring him Amin added one that there may do what they're. Dedicated to Martin about the walk their talk on the Warwick dollar won't require. Only the extent they wanted to. Because because. Because Charlotte is always had a large and dietary already complex about being a world class city and nine in their own don't mind they have not achieved that yet so whatever they can do. But to continue to put themselves in the big leagues is worth the risk. It love it not work the rich compelling and there might be to sort of got away on the Ellen I'll Bunning and Edgar Colby or insult real outbid and out well. He kept going up and all of bigger fear. Well a guy our guy our guy can above I'm offended does that do you think everybody who follows trump as a bigot. Opera mart. Now well Ben Europe where are then you're just a victim of depressed that you watch in the TV channels that you listen to like get to know that I can do about that. If you don't have the ability to think. For yourself or to watch both sides of an issue and guitar German what you think is good to what you determine as bad. If you can't get the North Korea issue and see that maybe we're gonna hit up on more stable ground out of that or the terror thing. That may be some short guard term pain is gonna lead to some of long term gain. They are they. Look at the nation's pro adds there's no reason to listening or one side. Our prepare our border are now well now you are a moron got our editor. Yeah well congratulations Tony are you just make just made a total ass out of yourself. Senator word permanent album is now well you're one of the worst colors we ever do that ripped look prepared here don't you read but you respect Kim Jong-un more than the president of the United States Tony you're a moron. Appreciate you all very much and I met moron and I really none divisive. Loving. Sort of all inclusive. Way. Well there's no hate involved. They are more. Them. Not a lot of reaction to joining us. I don't know voted to go butch Vogel but Tony's ninth. The RNC looks tigers had no our whale Wall Street Journal can confirm that yesterday at a nearby Lyles road. Ed piece as to why she wants the RNC go here. GOP near selection of our Charlotte for 22 point convention was the headline that are renting a male Wall Street Journal. I'm Republicans familiar with the site selection process they party officials have moved away from Vegas is that convention site. Apparently. Trumpet originally thought the biggest would be a good place but given some of the Tom. Challenges. That the president is. Is had to deal with the things he's been in office they thought maybe not having the convention at a place called sin city might be. Or maybe you ought to do that. Listen anytime you hold a convention political convention these days. I'm. It could. Be anything. Brett if you love if you if you sit around and worry about what might happen. Well and you'll never leave your house. You might get killed in car wreck. You might get killed and convenience store. You might get killed at your office places. It's got a like an old adage raised talk about people who are afraid to fly. Never get into an airplane probably the ones that are likely to have a Cessna come through the front windshield. He just can't live in fear. It in Libya the political side of this. I have probably will be contentious. And that's where you. That's why you get the grants from the federal government to pay for security. On that's why we had security the last time around and well philosophically whether or not you per view you will like it dude this president or this party. And that should really play no. I did it shouldn't play any factor in you know whether we do the convention or not. The convention is supposed to be an economic plus for the city. Odd so whether it's Republican or Democrat or. Libertarian or for whatever the case may be. If you're political relationship and anything to do with whether or not you you wanna do this or not. Now I understand that Braxton Winston and other people would probably disagree with me on that but he you're either. You either bringing it in here. For all the reasons that they convention is coveted by some cities now Tony did bring up a good point. About the only city that really made a serious bid for everybody else has bailed out. Well Vegas. Is not even really officially here and they just have enough venues out there that they can better take it if they need to do. Including a new stadium is being built for the soon to be a Las Vegas raiders. Which would be done just about the time that the conventional roles and their. So apparently I mean I do think there's some validity to the point that there's an awful lot of people that don't want him hosted this convention because. Of the volatility possibilities. Or because philosophically. They don't particularly care for the style of this president. I don't particularly care for the style of this president. But I do think it's got an interest in some of the stuff that he's doing and I don't think you can make a judgment all of that as we sit here today. And as I accuse Tony of and I'm pretty sure I'm correct. Tony is a victim. Owned the press. And what they want him to believe. Tony does not have the ability to take a look at an issue. And see his side and see the other side. And then solidify. His opinion. With fax from both sides. Tony is a singular thinker. So I can not like this president because of news. Weak moral and ethical foundations. And insane tweets. I don't have to like him personally. But I am kind of intrigued by the fact that he seems to have their cronies to stand there and look somebody street in the IA. And and take a chance on losing. Whereas before we've always just kinda seemed to wanna make sure that we got along. Or apologize for America and he's not apologizing for America he's tried to put it on a stronger foundation. I appreciate that. I don't necessarily always like those with the way that he goes about it. But. I'm willing to sit around I think for a little bit longer and see what the results are. Maybe I think you saw oil stocks that sucks but it you know. If what if the results. Now the one thing led them a little BitTorrent on his I'm really happy with the tax cuts. And I'm really unhappy about us continuing to add to the national debt. But we'll see where all of that goes I don't know organ and up on trade I don't know or we're gonna end up on North Korea I don't know we're gonna end up on a lot of things that are going on right now. But at least were out. At least were in their mixing things up. He walks and a NATO this morning and insults everybody and then gets. Basically all that NATO people do a sign an agreement of you don't compliance so to speak. In fact he had the NATO the head NATO guide video talked to earlier this morning. And basically saying positive things about Troy ounce leadership and why things are why can't companies are now paying more the freight for NATO. Because of Trump's leadership. Now he may not believe that what you said it. But he was just in the president's but when he didn't sale which means that he's got so I don't know said this doctor and actually anyway. I don't know how much time Tony's over Tony's call before. And Tony's like a guy who are peas and electric fence has been under understand why get shocked you know. And if you just read up on it than it figured out. But he doesn't. I'll go weird sail over Mitch on WBT had Mitch. Very when you say yeah. Are you were certain downtown. Charlotte part during the the democrats' convention argued server as the Democrat invention itself. Everett this service tell ideally mean serviced. Bureau or your prostitute. I wouldn't. All the help they. You rely. And I'll put all that. Office that they you know go oh costly than it needs more hope you're okay all right I got punitive coffee copy one of the two. All right coffee all right keep on. And I would go into the dock Somali building downtown and they want to keep it hush hush there about a year. It's five years. Look behind. Perry were all here you yeah. That there were going to be bright big building first stockpiling. All right well. They're words there are more probably more plywood into building there wasn't literal or vote. Our member that you couldn't you had to get through a barrier to get day within no block and a half of the of the spectrum center meant you were and I am well do we all remember that remember how many cops are brought in from a I'm from out of the city the dance and cops that came in from more or they from Greensboro or something like that I mean you know those security at a grid at a convention Republican or Democrat. Is going to be unbelievably intense there's just no two ways about. And and it's over. The majors over that. Didn't George vendors window World Cup to me I have no idea of what's the difference between extra time and overtime. Yeah Croatia just kicked all of that that's who you're rooting for why. Not. Your have Croatian. Check his green card George. I saw Croatia just beating England and so that means Croatia in France will be in the finals. Which happens on the fifteenth. That's that's that's my design Novo world can. I didn't I didn't even know that much except we gotta the last four in the end and that's all that France was in the final so I figured that whoever won this one had to be in the finals. That's as much so anyway there you go oh hot off the presses Croatia. In. What what is an extra I. Thought. In extra time. I'll just pick the winning goal and beat England so it will be Croatia in France. So big. I and the RNC is apparently. Coming to Charlotte Johns up on WBT hey John are dead and you don't. Thought to pack it into actual on. I like the article it. I'm good good good night you won I won supposed to make it. It yeah I know that day there was another guard figure that out. God it seemed surprised that I know what color it is are belligerent comments. Non ought not surprised at all there and attack I think he's more than norm than is that the exception. I've got I spoke frenetic indicated it would save lives other media out Bay Area and he thought based book. And it is an outfit and pretty much left people we don't personally I'm really just crazy. But he's got 7200. Friends and let me Talley who I have been lit the can. It's all that's almost nonstop. Conversation with this guy. And you want to predict other. Basically. These folks they bedding unit supports strong. It's you know Nazi Europe actually has there whatever particular number attacked more a little left is a course but it human beings can city. So according to have to but it doesn't halt like I ever think like that. It is as some kind of power right. Was honored at the likened a respected. I don't have doesn't necessarily have wanted to care for him personally. Good to be somewhat intrigued by his ability to a negotiated end. You have an enough backbone to take a stand now maybe when it's all said and done with. He'll just get prompt and no go down as one of the worst ever or maybe one it's all said and done with. Will look back and say wow it was nice to have a guy with a spine in office that got us on stronger. Trade ground. And got us out of the Korean mess and got a and I you know I don't know we're all we're going on that. But he at least eight he at least doesn't Mandy Camby is way. Through policy and I don't like his style but I'm intrigued by what his results may be. That's about where others that as part or this morning document open and Arctic. Shouldn't book critic I shouldn't really liked it but intellectually should build it some of the policies. Are doing all right and contrary but she pulled it. That out and found her art gallery is open to kids they don't work by auditors to pile on and and slam. But most of my friends are Colorado California. And on and I I'm not so sure I'm welcoming some of their houses because I know work right wing not talk radio in Charlotte, North Carolina anymore. A man I find that to be sad day because what we have in common oh was the love of the outdoors and none in the mountains and music enough. All the things that we ever had in common we still have in common we may not see things exactly the same way politically. But we still are you know I don't understand. I don't understand why we still can't took care for each other. Well. But it can distorted things are probably told point. And not a good or. Well again I don't know what were we hadn't been on May not understand were we are. But I mean does a new generation. We've kind of got a combed by AIG to generation coming up I don't know where they're gonna go up politically but I mean are they going to get to the point where they. But I've got to get tired of the the two sides just digging in and getting nothing nothing accomplished horrible somebody finally I mean. I'm Smart enough to and I'm not all that Smart but I'm Smart enough to be able to go watch CNN than go watch fox overnight that they may in the news Supreme Court nominee. Are and see the bias on both of those networks. If you can't see if they do not looking. You're looking at a one written in opposite of course that the left didn't like brilliant but it was and they like it is now and Barack Obama himself was one and even votes. Left wing prominent political figures but didn't see it right there and collapsed. So that's going to say. Well what you did to some extent the right did everything they could get an Obama his way to make sure he didn't accomplish anymore than they wanted to accomplish and that's the same thing the left has tried to do to us. They did to trump I mean they're all both sides tried to vilify the other guy. Well you know dark and light side that I didn't you know it didn't hit. Obama supporters. Could occur are only 10% of voters take a little work. Or anything like that so that they that's pretty much but that apple politically opposed to the guy but I never turn my back and you want this court. Do you think the money than him the most is that the number of people that would say oppose the RNC coming to Charlotte do you think that they do that more out of fear of what's gonna happen in the city. I'm from a divisive political. Possible Chicago in 1968 deal lord of the U think they do it more on philosophical grounds of I don't want those people in my say in my town. Well on my humble opinion guy who had mentioned that maybe Europe and the previous caller or. About some kind of civil unrest but in my opinion count they got it. When other words wants it. Oh yeah. And doesn't necessarily want it for Charlotte but he wanted politically. Oh sure yeah sure but it wouldn't mind she. You can do about that either. Now well I don't know will say I you did say you can't say it's absolute yet but it certainly looks like it's a common and not quite frankly I may be very well retired by the time I get Syria none November of that year hum. So I'll just wish all the press and all the media people love. Oh the best because I don't think you know there's there's probably a pretty good chance I'm not gonna have to go down there and mingle around and I. So although I may go down and just mingle around and it. So I do not appreciate golf thank you very much Lola take a break here I come back with a read the news today oh boy next. That did Jesus in the studio that are exploiting the World Cup to me clearly don't know what they're talking about you because they're still playing and they will for about another eight or nine minutes I think. So it's Croatia to. England won. There is no. Extra time. Don't ET's Santorum there towards that doesn't look good to with a a movie that I saw 25 years ago. So anyway it's not Loria. And is not going to be Croatia and no friends in the finals yet officially yet yet. And if you have any questions about the World Cup I'd call WS and see if I renewed his Georgian in they're going to be no oil field whatsoever. Spectrum thinking about walking over there of speculative I guess clarification on what the hell's going on. 192 days and two the. Or 28 to 873. Days to go. This was the date July the eleventh by the way at 7-Eleven days get a free smaller Prius 7-Eleven stores until 7 PM tonight. Yesterday he argued girl I've view dressed up like a cal you get a free chicken sandwich today it's a freeze or trees I don't know what seven bulldozed. 2007 Merriam Webster announced that it added the word Jai enormous to the dictionary. And I 1955. The phrase in god we trust was at a new all US currency what that would never happen again whenever. Phoenix was I hit by Yale monsoon dust storm I read the news to billboard Warner Bros. wants to build a six minute aerial tram when the famous Hollywood sign when you think of that before. Tourist attraction. They have your bit to the Hollywood sign. I have. The Al bar in Australia is in trouble for after a staffers dragged two drunken and gorgeous women outside left them on the sidewalk. And Prince Harry gave his nephew prince Louis say special gift for his christening it the first edition a first edition of winning the blue. 101000 bucks worth. So they go their mom. Tom Petty as you well know. Huge pity for him. And over coming up. On a year October 2. And Tom Petty is boxed set of unreleased music is coming out in September. I would just talking to my wife Susan Israel's to a lot of Tom Petty on Sirius Satellite Radio. And now. Let's talk about all the great live cut since you're here under from time to time and all looked out at Tim Mayer radio we're trying to unify us and it'll be like to vote how they can they play a couple of cuts that I've seen no roll through from red rocks. I'm passing a lot of Gainsville cuts he would go back to Gainesville worry was from and not a lot of lives stuff. And over the course of his professional career that spanned more than forty years Tom Petty release a vast amount of material including thirteen albums with a heart breakers and three solo projects. And our coupled with mud trench. And then you got the will be areas and all of that and a dozens if not hundreds of covers and outtakes and live versions and stray besides and he. A lot of his songs covered by other artists. So there's a lot of unreleased music inside does his so vault. And for CDs of it will be. Released coming in a boxed set called American treasure. Which is scheduled for release on September the 28. Which just happens to be conveniently a couple of months out before Christmas. Actually a few months out before Christmas. But nonetheless I imagine it'll be under a few Christmas trees via several include previously unreleased live in studio material and alternate versions. I should be about sixty songs in total. So while I don't know how soon you can pre order that but to. Be no streaming. On that for me that will be judge totally yeah. I am not the box that. I this is official because it came from the Associated Press. Croatia advances. To the World Cup final for the first time they beat England two to one. An extra time seemed a vital is indeed few minutes ago and Ed. 130. Yeah. But where were pretty sure this is right Croatia. And France in the finals. On the fifteenth. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Pay no attention to the guy out via phone screen a bit further broaden the boards TJ today. All right trees or fees of 7-Eleven. Just around the corner from her home or office 7-Eleven on the calendar and so the say the convenience store chain is just celebrating by offering free solar breeze from eleven to 7 PM. I think they've been doing this forever they estimate that they'll hand out approximately nine million slower priest by the end of the day. I'm brain freezes is that about six and a half million. You know that when I got here in 1990 I think there was like 27 elevenths when I got here in 1990. One was an Indian land and one was. And then those disappeared completely and we were a city major city without seven elevens for a long long time now that I consider that to be a catastrophic loss or anything but. But nonetheless as somebody who had always been around 7-Eleven stores they recover the first convenience store of its kind that open until 7 o'clock in the morning to 11 o'clock at night you have to remember that was. As back in the days when TV went off the air at midnight. If not before. That was huge. And slur peace man when they first came out with that Coca-Cola and Jerry slurping. Alice. That was that was as big as the pop tart. All right we I say that a hundred times effort we just kept releasing it the World Cup player misses the shot hands immediately go on to the top of his head. Why. Psychology. After failing to score an era goalie failing to block the Golar players you know they raised their hands and they placed them on their heads apparently the universal gesture to signify. How in the world that I missed that. There's a professor at the University of British Columbia Jessica Tracy. Who says the gesture of signifies that you know you messed up. That did the two heads to the top of the head that's the you know you just messed up. Gesture. It tells another I get it ansari therefore you don't have to kick me out your group you don't have to kill me. 1981 study of soccer Desmond Morris included the gesture in his catalog of twelve player reactions to do feet. He says the hands on head gestures they foremost self comfort. Something humans do when we need to do our reassuring embrace. But have no one immediately available to offer one had seen among non human primates as well apparently. I don't know. It went eight dismiss a goal. They do the same thing. So just in case you're wondering and sad news out of the world of ugly dogs. Remember the ugly dog that just got to crown but two weeks ago the Bulldog with a foot long tongue and died. Judge job. English Bulldog just won the title of world's ugliest dog a couple of weeks ago at the annual competition in California. For owner Megan brain hurts at the dog died peacefully universally Monday she was nine years old the dog was overweight. I'm just saying. 7-Eleven day he's going to know about Sierra. Patrice Murphy's I believe it's Steve. I big job how are you. Yeah I remember me but I remember that our ride your bike and not looking at about a group were up soda bottle. You mean you do to tell deposit. Yeah I think so model the 7-Eleven and we get a little love ice cream bars or are wheeled her out yeah I just felt found itself. Now a dead at deposit money is stuff like that I've dated back when network back when penny candy was a penny or an hour and now we're showing our age. Remember the problem number yup I thought our. Yes you guessed I used to steal money from my dad to go down about baseball cards. I. And and I've finally fessed up to him when I was about 26. Thought I remembered dad he was very proud and I'd have little felt Tagamet Oklahoma City and fifty fickle aren't. Such a lot of blind date the date sports or something like baton. But the symbol the simpler days. The similar day as when they when are when they. Still box or refrigerator box can keep you amused with a four for weeks. I got up and revealed that cigar box that you give it to them and that. This thing there don't get paid job. Yep and they're on where they are absolutely gone never let down thanks Dave are appreciated. Study of a thousand kids aged nine to sixteen. I read the news today oh boy four out of ten have received negative comments about the way they look. One in four children worry about their physical appearance because they consider their parents or B one of their main worries in life. You remember those days. It. It paints you for the rest of your life it does. I mentioned in hum. WB two hall of fame thing. For every kid. And missile encompass many have you heard included many of you. I in me. Who was ever among the last picked. When they were chosen sides for. Whatever. Football basketball baseball. Don't ever let anybody. Anybody ever tell you you can't. Just being the most. Arrogant adamant SOB and a planet and now go about your own business and and then you can waved back get them later on in your life and say. You can't hurt me. But he remembers stuff like that I remember got a kidney Frank Robinson. And not the one that played their for the Cincinnati Reds. And he was. This is like fourth or fifth grade. And he ran around with a kid named Jerry tunes and Jerry tunes went on dual play at University of Colorado and was drafted by the Oakland Raiders. I'm Terry tunes just beat the hell out of me one time. And then picked a fight with my best friend. They didn't invent Frank Robinson his dad was. Was like a football coach or somebody like that. And just the all American boy. And I ran into Frank Robinson might go thirty some odd years later he was to sell insurance for state farm Allstate or something like that. And up and no harm in that. But I just thought it was and they do it was far from. The status that he had when he was thirteen. Men now finds his wife and now mechanic lover dead in the garage. I read the news today oh boy guy goes home to his Newark, New Jersey home Monday night. Opens up the garage door finds his wife and her lover dead in the garage 39 year old woman 56 year old lover also her mechanic. Killed by carbon monoxide poisoning while having sex in the car. Now that's not good for them but that's not good for him be very you don't really want to find out that way in the first place and then. Is that a blessing in disguise you find him and they're dead. Surely that can't be good no law enforcement sources say they believe that the wife were also paying for her car work. By having sex with a mechanic. So have you ever paid for your car repair by having sex with a seven Hala. That I don't park. All right tipping first arrived in America in the late nineteenth century and was condemned his bribery and quickly banned. And out and maybe we have the right idea back then and we had never should've opened talked into accepting this discussed about anyway that's what a guy by the name of Brian Palmer on slate dot com wrote a few years back he wrote that. Tipping. Awful for restaurant employees tips have virtually nothing to do with the quality of service. And not so pleasant for customers either the gratuity is Nellie moral obligation and he's right. So here's a tipping idea that he recommends. That we were you thinking this. As soon as your chipping practice two you're cerberus of those as soon as you sit down. Virtually every other employee American knows how much that they'll be paid up front for whatever service they provide for you. Car mechanic knows what he's getting per hour elections. And tip off flat but reasonable generous a dollar amount per purse. And in your party the servers pay shouldn't be linked to whether or not you have room for dessert. And tell them. In other words when you sit down and you tell your server. So they know up front. You're getting three dollars a person. Are two dollars a person or four dollars a person or something along those lines that's his idea. The tipping process. You kind of keep them you gave I mean to some extent the idea is. Better service better tip right. 10% used to be the beans. And then it was fifteen what you get ten or fifteen now that means you Denis sucking job. The 20% pretty much means now but how about you wanna sit down look at the waitress and say hey there's four of us do and a job forest will be B three bucks a person. Don't they don't work. They have you're asked dubbed by Harris teeter on her way home much and they don't forget the girls are out for a peanut butter in July. Folks in Belmont are doing growing good appreciated. Other new Belmont store were actually guests in county again this here are for the first time this a year the two stores saw among open guest and Tony will load joined via. Peanut butter July bandwagon now we're all over the Mecklenburg stores any Harris teeter. I'll help hungry children to summer with the peanut butter in July a program we're done now for about five or six years and all you have to do is do a choice to shop to local Harris teeter. When your past the peanut butter. Jar list below long line. Greg speed a book and throat in the barrel under way out of the store extra jar of why I personally like just. But. There's red binge shall see the signs has WBT's logo on that and the jar goes to metal and a food bank and that'll end up with a local family. Well we've got occurred learned over the last five or six years peanut butter is one of the superffoods. And their kids requested a lot and no we cut which has raised hundreds and hundreds of pounds of butter and peanut butter. And so are and when we all just do our part and buy me a whole bunch of them just by me ajar. And then just do that every time you go Steve Stricker for the month of July and knows it'll all add up details WBT dot com slash events. But pretty easy next time your Harris teeter buy jarred peanut butter slap and in the a barrel and a will take it from of their retirement tipping. And Howard's first got to America and the nineteenth century and this new guy has this idea of announcing your tip practice to your server as soon as you sit down. He says virtually every other employee in America knows how much they'll be paid up front and and he says man you should when you sit down you should don't tell your server you know repaid three dollars a person or what are Curtis you've decided. And that way they know right up front for people twelve bucks. Technically the incentive is supposed to be that. You get a bigger tip if you do a better job. The old days of not tipping for doing a psyche job those are covered up by the wayside they'll change out the door of the meat cleaver if you. If you do that tool you tip 10% that pretty much gets the message across diseased as what's the main 20%. But they were already Segovia the new tipping idea people calling on tipping no no request reserves they're expecting may have a solo home run with a David's up on WB TJ David. Are you don't know a great X. We are not bad. In that year actually certain what he'd introduce. So I looked breakfast. Oh. Mom and pop diet he put Murray. Are one dollar bill on Andre or tell or brought this is your chip. Q do a great job. And chief executive topic throughout went or supporting English or more. A it's all the sudden you're down to four dollars do you think your man a better keep my eye on that coffee cup. Charlie Sheen in order and initial certain people that or air but he got right circuits are are. Now I'll go do what you Richard have done this. I almost. Two years old on up or realize what alone on a white sugar. And you have got to know. And there's no way and a newborn and what you wanted to let me. It is Saturday I guess there's a masculine kind of a club resort wagered that's still with us. Okay that's when somebody Edie did that all the way up until about five years ago. Oh yeah absolutely which are downright Iberia and street. Each element AT&T. And I were together in my city has surged seven dollar balance and look there's been a while. Because I was curious how you thought that would be received today. I blocked and they knew according to yeah yeah. You're done that. Aren't that you do. I don't I don't like it because. Are large to extra are all support it extremely well oh yeah. I wish. I know I. You know I don't want you don't so Joba yeah well have you ever worked and hostilities your work in restaurant business are a little bit not to know our. Yet just out of lives is my point if you've ever worked in a restaurant you're over chipper. Astra now. I like your dad's method I don't know if I got the guts to do it either but I like the idea depending on where you are be better in a diner than it would be good wrestlers I suppose but there are buds I cattle like the idea of a lay in 81 dollar bills down on the calendar and say and this is your tip. Let's see how much is left when you're done see you on good job that we're running out. I think that's pretty good signal series they did the if you laid on the coffee. And also you looked out under seven and not eight bills on the table and all the sudden that says he'll man I better shape up or a better Q my on that coffee cup that's that's pretty cool. Don't they David thank you appreciate you all are about to collect that method job Brian you're on WBT hi. Page I'm. Meg going to be a first time ball. I don't do you curb. You're over 20 years and I am I putting Albert bell for thirty years and I've been out. A long time AM. MVP lautner back my father within radio. And I don't victory in Warren. Begin immediately bedrock product marketing of their dignity PO I took it would come and watch out or do all their work and. Where the word that he spent part of he would do his stuff brought. Lacrosse Wisconsin told looked confident. Iowa. Out of DeKalb Illinois and in my home town of street Charles Illinois vehicles on our our what the Chicago or be in good general manager and first small small town general editor Peter you'd have more work or don't airmen and just telling you know if it. You do do at all. And now back in the days or did take readings every thirty minutes and do all that kind of stuff. Oh yeah I I can remember in my bed literally. And yet running in and out of you noted the radio station because he had been you don't you don't merchant third. You get bill that Bagram went back to may do you have going to determine the good news you have. That doesn't get those good old as you did noted that time but those were the good old us. He had a right to drive well I thought I would add beer gear kept it got you got to because. Why you have my father's he's been gone for big premier power nobody. He's dead he's he told me long time ago. That kept in America and I'm. That means to ensure proper that he. And and that originating. The whole globe how does that do you have what you're given it didn't happen agreed commodity. For that purpose to ensure pockets. It does very content network you know V. Of the grandeur who. You know told you how how they broke out tipping. Into a big deal quite good my other right no easier than ever you know Google that dispute replicate that. But that's what he always seems there's. I've heard that it'll and I enacted into me like we've had this conversation before somebody may have discounted debit to do ensure prognosis on the I had. But I had also heard. It also kind of ties into the last caller where you put the money on the table ahead of time and say that's all yours providing. You your prompt with your service and if you're not then it'll start to bad that amount will start to to go down. Yeah I thought that was pretty cool I know. A cool way to go but I got to I have an uncle. If that's the way it quite a while ago big deal I'm. He did something similar. The he would he brought in and they'd better get what to lower dollar. And at county tip right up through it you know route seventy and 89 you can look through 2000 you know. Video could bring in a big old tiger silver dollar and advocate and a person. That doesn't restaurant because I know my uncle you know. Head over to our news bag so you know how much did you tell. But but he knew that they would get hit in the silver dollar. Had a hook pretty juicy stuff. Brian appreciate your longtime listener thank you bet you are all right off to go which are about two dollar bills not too long ago. Two dollar bills or novelty go in there with 52 dollar bills play those on the calendar and considerable one dollar bill also neck of the catches their attention to all of everything one more on that tipping even though love. Red cross and ancient story of women expecting pricey engagement ring. If their partner. Is glee. Pageantry now know we are Jones up on Billy VGA jump. Yet you how you do on an I know there have been problems. Particularly depending on what kind of restaurants. Or how they wait they haven't done some of these restaurants club. Wait wait stepping down by collaboration you know we've or five or six they're able Serbia toppling back. I estimate that it's been suggested it's just too dramatic for me tell you what I. I'll look the waiter waitress in the my workers. Kind logically if you go out for artistic talent I'm good karma good tipper split that I expect there so I expect that. Checked the water glances the bread bowl. It always seemed to work I want kind of a seamless dining experience. And I also talent if there's any problem getting the food out letter now. And it does work better that way and I'll expect morning maybe 25%. Brought down by doing that you're really works best for me. Just the suggestion let them know you're good. Yeah I entered peppering you wanna armor. Our future if your regular someplace in this is the fact is there's effective in small towns are for instance Belmont or problem and now we've got to know the owners of the restaurants and now we. We frequent those places. Group. To be redundant frequently. I'm up and so I've never had to tell my guys think word is kind of gotten out that that guy's a twenty plus percent different. And if you if you're tended to him he'll take care of you no way a consequently. We seem to get great harvest and no Belmont but I think that's almost a small town mentality that the word. What I agree with that but the first time around that's probably going through what you've become recognizes their regular their going to. Jeremy yeah there. Start very well. You bet thank you appreciate it. Problem. So this is fascinating to me I never really thought of this. Women don't know what is are not hung up this hung up on looks is guys are. Well I do I think it's absolutely true. I didn't mean that Derek go to bed take anything. But I think they'll look for. Older more substance than just. George Clooney as soon as you know. So one an average looking man marries an above average looking woman he is praised it turns out that these women aren't aren't saints a new study finds women expecting pricing your ring. When the big stone. If they think their partner is I'm going. Western Oregon University showed 590. People. It's always the methodology of the social studies that were they lose weight but anyway good ideas fascinating debate. Western Oregon University showed 590. People a photo in a brief description. Of someone of the opposite sex who had been free rated as attractive or unattractive. Which is kind of caddy units on righted the they then told each participant to imagine that the person is their partner female participants were instructed to pick the smallest engagement ring that they would be willing to settle for. Offered by the man in the photo and male participants were asked the size of the ring that they would buy for their imaginary girlfriend. And that's kind of disturbing as well. Imaginary girlfriend thing. Embargoes get your. I got like a beach ball. The results showed that men were more willing to buy a large expensive engagement ring when they imagine themselves proposing to a beautiful woman and a woman expected to. More expensive rings if they envision themselves was an unattractive partner. Let's say the more you read about the methodology of this study even more falls apart. Are creatures and explained that the findings suggest that men typically use symbols of success to entice more desirable partners. And I think that's true. You've seen. One thing give an example right now but I just give myself in trouble. Com. And that women are happy to settle for. Less attractive partner if it brings us something else to the table like money. There are ethical and there's. I know some are pretty wealthy people. Who are all that attractive. Who have really starting wives. And I always wonder if you earn that position if you think yourself. Or if they if you know old secretly in the back of your head. There's no way she would be with me of work for my bank account. Just an example just to think one now. You think Gilani would be would Donald Trump of why and for his money. And that doesn't mean that that's the sole reason that she's there are not good trying to insinuate Devin I'm just saying. Well power. We agree if you're if you're the leader above all world renowned rock and roll band you're the lead singer that I mean you know that overcomes a lot of ugly. It's gonna need a big engagement ring. Israel studies survey. Women expect a pricey engagement ring if their partner is ugly. We'll come out at your flying. You know that it yes. Here's Taylor Ross sudden Billy VTJ Ross. I played all of you should OK then listen to these countries got up. But. Follow engagement rings yeah I gave my life pretty much engagement willingly them leopard like a 20 September woman married fifty years. Congratulations. Should I explain to us. It was. But yeah well. We are glad they'll finishing out of Portland soil some brilliant I'm chasing yeah it got a lot sure nitrogen. We will not GAAP and that. You got me a lot of women. If you you know maybe page you know what they're talking parachute at 38 with both I. Think it'll have a whole I think actually in your body. If you don't. That you don't need him. They're not I had my chances and so I've never done that got out I look at last year that the last split that 38 for met. Yeah navy you never been winged on its bill. That's true or not equipped with go to my grave with him not let thought. The practical loses big congratulations on fifty years that's. That oil that we don't like a tornado except memorable for good or gonna outlaw have a slightly you'll make it to be notified this has a lot of both of you don't. All I enjoy Cheryl thank you may appreciate Juli isn't such a long time round I'll throws Russert who shrank at WB TH ranked. I get a job that Don let me tell your. I don't mean to Iraq when you got up close like if I give my life cigar brand what do you think about that you want all the good looking guy. All I ever seeing eye dog loves me in the private oh awful. And a strikingly. Amazing sense of humor Chris drug alleviate Jihad. I don't you know 800 of them. We thought and outperformed. The mirror while the public can stay on the ID reader bella felt ordered I don't know yet man. And that they play around cannot all right. And she looked over at him and you look at carries and I wish you questions. Hollywood director and you know you have a big panel and a the Mercedes and while the millenium ago when you're damaged because we still look pretty. Similar Beltre and Myron Fisher hall that's still look at. But I sure she. A group though that catalytic or not the democratic. All right thanks appreciate it yeah I don't. I don't know there I mean that is that you get to know did you do in the given them minor psychology and all that kind of stuff and provider and you know what's ingrained in you and so on and so forth but to have. Now I I I I hit the jackpot. My wife's just not a jewelry. He does not. So I worked for me she's not a close or she's not heard. And I guess she just as soon travel and again good Ohio State football game Moshood goodness and do everything blood Ella works for me. Not really into cars. Or hobbies are expensive. I get married just 42 I if you look search long enough maybe you find perfect wants. It perfect job. Reducing from office team PR newswire top ten reasons that people say they'd quit their jobs while people equipment jobs these days. You know within the recession where you wouldn't leave your job because there weren't any jobs out there now the job market opened up a little bit. I've you can afford to start look around a little bit if you've been miserable where you've been since 2007. Media. Well maybe there's light at the end of the title they did a poll at 2800 workers ages eighteen to plus. I employed an office environments and a 28 major cities. And they said there are thinking of your current job what's the most likely reason that you would quit. 44% said. Pour money. 12% said foray our company with a higher purpose slash stronger mission. Unfortunately the Billy Graham Library can only hire so many people. 12%. Said. They don't feel appreciated. Dubbed George. Did you feel appreciate it and at Frito-Lay. Yeah. Enjoy your retired. Twelve resist other board unchallenged by work. Seventies. The 7% said they're they they grew their job of that Camille was better that would be the reason that they would take about quitting their ultimate closer to home. Fashioned this day and age maybe you know some of you wants a bit at home. 7% said corporate cultures is not a fit. And and 6% this look the bottom of the list of that this was an interest in 6% said unhappy with the boss. I mean I know a lot of people that are unhappy with their boss. But. I got issues had to learn and no life that at some point or another year you're gonna work and an environment and are getting along with everybody that you work with. If the boss happens to be one of them oh well. It's not that that's not ideal. He just got a hold you love you're at your fate and end up following his announcement. Anyway that's. Bad direct your call your car key flaw didn't know foil. If you heard this. You know that your car key fob can be hacked. First demo I think we ever heard about stuff getting hacker just got a major was baby monitors member of that that was like ten years ago or so when he's at one. Really are you kidding me. And now you know Smart speakers and all that kind of stuff in fact Mark Garrison Charlotte the six just had a conversation about. Rom on Smart speakers. I mean if you if you operate your whole house off of that front door locks and no windows and does that the other hum somebody hacks that they've got access to all sorts of things in your era house. But if you are. You know you don't just have to know where you left your keys you may or rap that say your key fob and aluminum foil. You ever seen anybody with a car fob Laura Ling and holly Hubert is they have cyber security expert FBI alumnus. Says the elf oil trick used the most inexpensive way to protect the fob from cyber attacks. She explains that thieves can buy legitimate devices that amplify the fault signal. Drum you know indoor whether it's at in your purse or your pocket or. Are just about anyway they can then not copy code from that far below to actually break into your vehicle. Covering your key fob with foil can now prevent thieves from gaining access to it. This is an issue they say that the auto industry and insurance companies are monitoring closely. These days that's scary thing or would you read about from time to time is of the and a lot of computers that are in your car now engines and and our communications and other you know hackers can. Get your car so you're driving down the street somebody else has control of it. Just bizarre stuff. Don't have computer thing's going to be the death of us yet. Thank you pretty sure. I Tom Petty 1965 Gibson SG guitar going up for auction the one he used on the Dylan to oral tell you about that won't come back in the. Just go away if you watch you know hornets are early games they played tonight. Head see. And thirty believe. I have I don't know what that's on ES PM maybe. But I haven't watched enough commissions with the rookies are doing it's also force of their play tonight and then they're getting into some kind of a bracket deal of summer league championships is that you know there's so whether they win or lose tonight has to do with that. I don't the rest is scheduled WBT newsroom we go remark garrison has so packing up and ready to wander into the studio for our Charlotte it took us six. Is it it is that you. And is it practically. I'm starting to wonder the L because I've gotten noted that the mayor the accessible. Via Lyles. Apparently is not talking to market should not talking to anybody. She's pretty much run avoiding reporters on this and she file in the that on the Republican Convention coming here she did finally write an op Ed and put in the paper and today she. She's had a mark I just can do an interview I'm too busy and I just said terse admit or are you so reclusive on this and she says. I'm not reclusive I'm just busy. So we'll see the but Robin Hayes had plenty to say he's ahead of via state GOP and he's pretty optimistic we will win the convention. Well I think everybody. Eric ideas at this point and the actual vote that would take place among city council on Monday that's more ceremonies that it is really binding and it. I think so yeah I mean. The city has to accept some my as some grant money for from the feds for a security and things like that but yeah as a ceremonial more than anything. You guys and did you Google has got to the airport today ms. he's still trying to figure out a way out. It. Before he left you like amateur prominent denounce America's. He hates hope walk long distances that the airport. Once he gets to the news section of concourse say hopefully he will look join us live at 63 as extorted because the media is being given a preview of this massive news section it's about to open up. And we saw Paris doesn't pictures India pay per row week ten days ago or something like that but you know it's amazing to me and I understand that construction is an inconvenient and all that stuff but how they do this stuff and still manage to function is a fairly amazing to me. It is how is out of the airport in fact the other day ended despite. All the construction ET it's kind of not that hard to navigate around and I'm I'm with the wrong kind of amazed and how they pull at all. Yeah it good back the last time I was at the airport which was a month or month and half ago coming back from New York was really the first time I'd looked across the winds at others the rent cars at the that we just to be or a park that's and it takes keep moving all around them. All right well love sold at a preview of concourse a from a joke a lesbian and no of course willow see if you actually makes it back to. Station minutes 44 hours so that'll that'll be good at and success at six tonight. Yeah well this is a great story it's a follow up on a guy who us kind of stumbled into the laundry business but now he is opening up high tech laundromat in Charlotte. The watchers no kidding sound like jet engines because they spend so fast you can beat NN out of there. Quick. There's this guy thinks that today if you got to go laundromat in ought to be quick easy and fun so it's pretty entry story until they spend like assesses the jet engine yeah and it mayhem when they have like forty times more g.s and a jet engine puts out and I mean when the clothes come out of there you don't need to put him in the dryer. Her wall if you stand too close to it she asks why. Why is pretty close I don't think my cheeks library there. When you have some. On but both sets I ever got us I got a person I've really more than anything else so look at five mark shares of all water on an era providing you can find his way out of the newsroom and I just double minutes or Charlotte has six. But I and that's say a preview of some of the things that you'll have posts is always a whole lot more I was in severe Charles yesterday you finally made it out to Brooks. Sandwich shop. And gave a unbelievably positive review. Which was a good thing goes I was afraid we're gonna have to run him out of town if you didn't tell you cannot not like Brooks and he had been here of judge Charles has been in town for a long long long long time I can imagine he's never been out there. But he he and his wife finally went out she wanted to go for a birthday and he can't wait to get back and that's Brooks and it's pretty simple. But it's pretty darn good so were good they're good review last night from my Charles. To. Brooks sandwich shop on. Our Charlotte six with markers in which is coming up in no just say a couple of minutes ago era no sale at a Jacqueline W Ricci we're talking about a gonna take area bigger ring turn ugly guy hey Jack how are you. I'm that's it that's most handsome guy ever because I got while I have an engagement or an election. Span to both of our when you arranged combines strong extra dollars in aid to. And yeah. Our way to predict did you get married in 1733. Out to you about that this whole of this year's. There a little I got lucky that you like or don't like to spend money. You talk about hit the jackpot yeah this. Ma'am minds and I'm on such as they are she's not really into jewelry she's certainly not in defers and stuff like that enough. And designer clothing and all the stuff that women usually get to attacks were having Eurasia she's not a shoe horse first day. You know I take erupted due to a Columbus, Ohio once a year to see at Ohio State football game and nine she seems pretty damn content. They have breached its Montclair won't like that yeah normal Florida gives me a lot more money just isn't yeah and Tewell. I don't they're getting they're sort of workshop I actually. Well I guess I don't spend dead too much of it America's and editor of we're doing all right but but I spend more and she does I guarantee of that. And I know London I would stick you know shelled. Joseph beat somebody up over two bucks and I'm you know on the go just businesses judges give the two blocks of so hey I'd listened hijacker thanks appreciate golf. I Broncos Jack another Rizzo talked about Tom Petty boxed set of unreleased music coming up in September. They're gonna release it on September the 28 there's an. Along with one of them is a top pat heritage auctions. Announced yesterday that the auction will occur on July the 21 there's the guitar was the one that heady play during the 1986 tour that he up. Now he and our breakers made with Bob Dylan. Portion of the proceeds from the sale that guitar will benefit to Southern California charities the midnight mission that helps the homeless and ten as the animal rescue fund. So why the guitar and the top hat being sold by patties friend Norman Harris. Who runs a rare guitar shop inherited says that Harris sold the guitar to petty originally. And then peddy released retarded to Harris leaders later and and bought a different guitar from another rare instrument so well. If you want a shot at a Tom Petty 65 Gibson SG guitar it's on sale starting July 21.