RNC, Eric Spanberg, and Big Weekend

John Hancock
Friday, July 20th
Erik Spanberg of "The Charlotte Business Journal" joins Hancock to talk about the impact of the RNC on the city. Big Weekend and more.

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This is John Hancock. Don't you know. They're all there or is Friday as we can be. Hey I don't know if you've heard this or not but. The Republican national conventions come to Charlotte. The announcement. Apparently official. What is officially. The GOP pick Charl for the toy Tony convention enough frivolity is inserted no so as the fund raising and soar as they organizing and so I had to move years. And maybe few weeks. We don't know what it's going to be a July August 20/20. So it'll be here before you know. And you know this kind of impressive and really think about it about. Charlotte within a decade eight years. Hosting both. So I mean we're a world class city. And over the one thing if they're confined to record. He saw. I'll have to find the menorah put it. He. Only dates with. Spam burger and we'll talk to him until 4 o'clock today. At the end of one of spanned birds articles about two of the events. This guy named out Andrew Taylor it to North Carolina State University is a political scientist. And he's making the assertion that the perceived benefits of staging conventions has diminished in recent election cycles and for that reason he said. Major markets Los Angeles new York and Chicago among others no longer clamor for the quadrennial. Political conventions the way they once did. And so now. There are held by. Second tier cities tiny. Wait a minute. Why didn't somebody mentioned this two was at a time. Where we're going for the world class thing. Is there such a thing is. Second tier world class. This is not like go winning the NIT is that. Your champions but. Here you're your your beer you're also cut or not. But it says now there are held in second tier cities like Cleveland Denver and Charlotte. The big Fisher saying we're not going to play that game well listen. Los Angeles new York and Chicago really are innate stratosphere all of their own. But I just got a big Letterman and all that work. And emerge and our being who have been the first thing out of the gate or being a listed as a second tier or winner. Just didn't. We have a problem. I'll talk to spam burger until 4 o'clock about that and other things that are going on but today it's official the GOP is. A confirm Charlotte is location for the year 20/20 convention and there's also a way a great article already on the Charlotte Observer website about the fundraising which fell short for the DNC but not expected to fall short for the RNC and some of the principals have been known name do people will love. Head up the effort John Lasseter familiar names Charlotte businessman for a City Council member of 2009 mayoral candidate. Now has been named the host committee CEO. I'm Ned currently CEO emeritus of a Ballantine no owner Norwood north what office Doug club does via founder and CEO of Lending Tree. Walter price the head of the law firm Morin Ben Allen's public affairs practice. So whether already got some heavy hitters and Aaron knows the guys that are able to go after the big donations and and ask for the money. Don't be so much better than say that a Colombian TJ. And diamond and we have we have sun. So why that's what that goes on that tragic story in non Missouri. I'm near Branson. Dave I recovered seventeen bodies that was a moving figure this morning thirteen fort team. Still searching for more they found him. You had a fourteen people on that boat debt to survived at least seven of whom were injured and you have seventeen people dead. And the question now becomes why was that bowed out on that water when a storm. Warnings have been issued. And what they call. Duck boats. I have a a fairly precarious safety. History anyway if these were originally used by the military. USA has rounded up. For people who died in no duck boating incidents including a sinking in 19999. Which thirteen people died four incidents in which people died in new excluding. The one in 1999 where thirteen people died and eap counts more than forty deaths. In accidents involving duck boats since 1999. I don't know if that figure includes today's seventeen or. You that's seventeen would be in addition to. This is these are like half car half bode. They. Somebody will call and tell me what they were called. Into the little sports car that they had a one time that was almost like a Miata and it was. You can drive it into the water and it had load. Propellers on the back of it that would demoted you through the water I don't remember what they're called those but it looked like a wolf beyond her a little simple Monica. But this is that this is a major of people carrier. National Weather Service division with a severe thunderstorm warning in the area. A specifically mentioned it. Table rock lake at just 632. And we don't know when they duck boat began its seventy minute trip but the first distress calls came in at 710. So that would be a bow out. 3540 minutes after the severe thunderstorm warning was issued. And whether that duck boat knew of the warning before it set out. Will be a big part of the investigation the actual owner of the president of Ripley Entertainment Jim Patterson. Addison's cues me. Which owns the our ride the ducks company that. Is responsible here was on CBS news this morning. Two I answer the questions burger she got to give him some credit for them. And he said I don't have all the details to answer your question and know which should have been in the water. Give if what happened happened. And to the best of our knowledge we don't have a lot of information now but it was a fast moving storm that became that basically came out of nowhere. There's the Saint Louis post dispatch you've probably seen it on TV if you watched any of the news programs today. I have a a video that shows this a particular boat moments before capsized in the highways and no man they were rocking and rolling on the water's going right up there to the to the area where you know they just got into the boat. Made a list in sync. Tragic seventeen people bit. A lot of mayfield then music. All right now we're just talk about this tragedy is. Nerve Branson. Missouri. And. The duck boats. Just. Unbelievably tragic. Story and we got talking about the car the back in the sixties or sometime that they tried to manufacture I think they did for awhile. That you could drive right off the road into the water is like a Miata. Alone with Phil props on the back of it. And remember the name of it Phil cold enough filled you've ever that old car. Yeah it was an empty car empty car and Fabian amphibious and today's the last longer than. Melody of their electric collector's item now there's a bunch up more out CM RIR. You know on the motor sports channels in the N special start. Did they not last because they were dangerous like a core of air or did they not last just because they were under power just wasn't an idea for the times. I think you'll have an idea from the time they had they have redone at work there or in tribute score out there now. But they're best picture jet powered that a little propellers and stroke that they're they're big high dollar toys now. Sixty other good duck boats. Our order for the most part he checked into them they are like military surplus there are out there are real World War II. Right now and a lot of people bought them and he turned to me to tourist apps that they are. You can't really tell what the of try to explain to TJ you go to do the video is I mean you can pretty much see what's happen and amid. But it looked like it was listing from side to side and every time the side would go down you have these it it's fairly high on the sides but. It's what it's you know it then it's wide open and so every time it would list over the side water would pour over the sides into the boat and I'm sure than it would list the other side and now what happen again and also at some point. You probably had enough water inside the boat to make it just wanna go all the. Lay over. They were never real stable vehicle if you look at the old World War II will be. Movie videos you know World War II videos. Seen them in order make it into the Atlantic horrible. Yeah well and and and then he look at they'd bail the water on this like yesterday I mean it was rocket at Roland so you would you you'd be in trouble there for wounded duck boat amendment it was the it was say it was pretty violent situation they have Phil thank you appreciate call. Really tragic story coming out of Branson Missouri and a seventeen or dead so that'll be the total I believe fourteen of survived I don't believe or any of them are listed in a critical condition may be wrong. A seven were injured out of the fourteen people who survived. On a salsa video earlier of some of the survivors. Sitting someplace shortly thereafter and just look and completely wiped out I mean. Imagine what they had experienced and and no telling people when their party. Still not accounted foreign. I just really really really really sad. I'd had a little happier note heard from my Jeff Newton yesterday. They sold almost 6000. It tickets yesterday. For the saint Jude's house. And they'll be selling thirteen thousand of those but that's a new record for day one ticket sales and no sword you're thinking about getting air ticket for this year's saint Jude dream home. On you better go get that done dream home dot org or the phone number to call to our reserve some tickets a ticket this some tickets when everyone to do 1800. 59216. No to the cost a hundred bucks apiece somebody will win that house there will be other prizes has evolved as well. But all those funds will end up at saint you'd sooner or children's hospital. And a like. Jeff says if you wanna spend a hundred bucks and you went house thus hundred Berkshire ever spent if you spend a hundred bucks you know when the house best hundred bucks your respect. Can't say Jews is just an unbelievable. I still can't quite fathom how they do what they do. But any parent that is ever relied on saint Jude for their child's welfare. I has never seen a bill. And in and anybody that's ever as I have in the last year gone through some medical stuff. And seen what it costs. You know I've got insurance sold but I see what it cost us see what my insurance company pays I know what I've paid on the outside. When you we you'd take kids with unimaginable diseases cancer and and and and stuff. You know the expense there's is going to be astronomical. And saint Jude's pay for all that just a prediction not to mention the research that they do and and the responsibility that when they first started don't when Danny Thomas for started that organization's survival rate of kids with cancers were like you know 240%. To do much better now it's mope around 80%. With a goal to get it up above 90% have been pretty effective in what they've done from saving more lives. Much less. Taking an awful lot of the burden off of families. Just just outstanding. Just an outstanding organization but anyway congratulations to WB TV and a Newton CHR dot com my builder in the builder of that house. Off for their first day. On and they'll sell out again this year no doubt in my mind and October the eleventh don't have a big guy half hour TV special no pull a name out and somebody will win that house and how cool would epic. That would be almost about a school is so winning 422. Million or whatever it is for the Mega. Millions jackpot tonight. You have a number. I do. And we have no shot. But you can dream. You can dream. Is just JJ says L when it's also done with him not gonna end up with 260 million. Who do better deliver on that. What would you do it 260 million bucks. By this radio stations. This is up for sale. Go to bed. Everything's for sale. But the right breast the piano I'd probably go buy a smaller feminist and Colorado were somewhat. When music all day long and overpay some of my best room. Hi Anderson Cooper's most embarrassing moment that I happened in Charlotte. The GOP is thick Charlotte we'll talk a little bit about the fund raising them for this convention vs the fund raising for the last convention DNC which fell just short. And trumps all lawyers in the news apparently recorded one of those a Dicey conversations with trump and Jimmy Greg court and I know you don't care. You won't care that Anderson Cooper's most embarrassing moment reverend Charles period you know he and Andy Cohen came to town recently and I guess they want to some. House party then to Cohen knew about them. And I don't know. What can 100 historically good that you don't have to pull by the Anderson Cooper every embarrassing moment in Charlotte which nobody cares. And like I Anderson Cooper and have been staying for Anderson Cooper it's official GOP picked Charlotte. All of the it's almost a sure thing it's it no it's a sure thing. Second annual national convention comes in a decade comes to our Charlotte in well about two years from right now. Undertake a few weeks could be into August before that's all over with the Democrats have party announced the old go. In a July of 20/20 but we don't know where. And at the Olympics are happening in July of 22 morning so the Republicans. It's kind of thought maybe one move theirs to August but nonetheless sometime in this. General time period. Two years from now. And you have the tape of soon to be sheriff Gary McFadden promising me and all access pass yesterday don't you. So that's what I want I want one and all access pass. Including all access sheriff's tests. And I want one of those headset thing he's with. Antenna. You know that sticks straight up in the air and then you if you got the headphones audible thing that comes around for your mouth. Our and a wireless Mike. Till whatever wherever our broadcast position us. And I just wanna be down there on the convention floor. Just interviewing whoever I want interview whenever I want interviewed him for whatever reason that I energy C a celebrity ought to be able to walk up and say. Day. Or just like you know that's all wanted to. So I've already got sheriff's permission. Haven't quite talked about just what the station yet. Just plant the seed. All Arafat can't do what station Namibia freelancers. I'll go to work for NPR. Or something. Charlotte won its second national convention 20122020. Pretty impressive actually when you think about it and we'll talk there expand berg at the top of the hour. Although he'll listing Charlotte as. Second tier. That's not gonna go over well. City enjoyed a pretty small group 20 posted both major gatherings of and there's eleven of us now. Which includes all the big cities. And but also includes places like a Cincinnati if our remember the list from the other day. And I wanna say Indianapolis and I don't know if that's true or not but those would be cities that would be comparable to. The RNC vote. Today it means Charlotte will be the host. And are around Maier block the bylaw aisles was out there for that and council members join her in Austin, Texas said they're confident that the off. Law enforcement officials can provide the security that do will be needed for the convention they've already got 201 convention experience. So we've got two years to plan for protest that we will know all happened that was a quote from a Miro approach and Julie Geisel. And Ed dregs is out there as well Republican council member he says were very clear headed about the political climate that we're in right now we feel the benefits to the city outweigh the risks. Businessman Ned current co chairs the host committee with Doug Webb Dunn who is the founder of Lending Tree and these guys will have a lot to say with the fundraising aspect of this and those are some pretty good names if you want to raise some big money. And the attorney Walter price. And the former council member John Lasseter will love be on the host committees exact here are lesser will be the radio host committee's executive director of current said that the our committee is way ahead of schedule and reaching the ten car the seventy million dollar fund raising goal. Odd to the point that I think that they think they've raised probably about 10% of them already. 2012 Democrats fell about ten million short of the goal duke. Shareholders footed about 6000000006. Million dollars of that. But the fund raising is not as handcuffed. This time around. As it was with the DNC. Pat McCrory quoted is saying. He'll buddy pat her show. I think he also used to hold political office but he's famous by these most famous were. I is nine to attend appearance your daily on news talk eleven to united country don't we take it to be their governor something bending. He never mentions that on the show so it's hard to remember but two it's mayor Newsom mayor. When he was a governor. And I think he was getting furlough. It was married to Charlotte. I don't know I can be confused on this but he's a big shot I know that any other radio show here which means he's. We shares time with the boat Thompson. To a noisy picture. Yeah he said dad to be one of the few cities and onto those conventions from both the political parties is a testament to the people of our state. So on that's his right here north Carolina's former governor in Charlotte's former mayor doesn't say anything in the year Charlotte Observer about and have a radio show here. It's so rare because I mean look at like a sky show. How many times they printed don't WB two is colors during especially into the play militant right I'm in sales stop. Place. We don't need any credit. Local business leaders elected officials have to raise seventy million bucks for the 20/20 are Republican National Convention. The they get about fifty million from the feds for. Security. And the last two convention cities. Cleveland and Philadelphia. Got to a bit ahead that much allowance I think can only spent about 45 million other. And a lot of the money if you'll recall we got a lot of federal money for security for the DNC into 1812. And got all sorts of new toys and stuff like that and in fact some of the toys they got they couldn't. I think they gave away at some point or another. But you can't have enough security four and especially this convention I would think. When you when you look at the poll political climate of the country which is seemed to have gotten more divisive and more divisive and more divisive as every year has gone on. And that certainly would be true it probably would have been true with or without trump. But it certainly has been done a troop withdrawal. And you just wonder at some point where is it going to boil over where is. Where do we rephrase. Chicago in 1968 and you just hope it's not here. But I have no doubt also that week they. A police department and a chief of police who have already been through the drill and and and they are experienced under conventions and that they can take the resources available to them and know be ready for whatever it has to offer you'll you'll might recall that Chicago did not cease to exist after the 1968 convention. Problem. Lasseter cities such confident the group all hit it's a goalie says we're not nervous about meeting our fundraising goal it'll require a lot of work. And. Democratic medal national committee had had had limited personal donations to 100000 dollars and banned corporate money paying for the convention and so that's why they fell short on that. And the Republican National Convention doesn't. Half of those handcuffs on impersonate. So that's not to say that cereal does get seven million bucks over overnight. But judge 2012 the Charlotte DNC host committee initially needed to raise 37 million dollars. Andrew cost cutting Garrard dropped that down to about 31 million dollars and still fell short because of the limitations on how you can raise the money we'll talk more about that in just a second. Debt and RNC. 20/20. It be exciting. Remember the idea and see all the celebrities coming to town just album. Five church. And remember all the celebrities were here those Indians CC had you have all sorts of and the DNC would probably gets a lot better entertainment than the RNC does although you would figure out that the RNC probably all have a lot more country. Music and some electorate Chris stable and remained somewhat down. Kid Rock to Kid Rock will be another town could be. Probably not dope I won't receive a lot of George Clooney. Oprah. Tonya. Qaeda could be here that's an exam to get there I live and work out here there's got to be a card ashy and somewhere. While that would be. News wouldn't it. Hey somebody is sailors are being famous is done on George street. Just got huge. Everything. For the fundraising has as started in LC were all of that goes seven million bucks but don't without the handcuffs that the DNC put on us. And on top of all the fund raising Cheryl little get the fifty million grant for the federal government to recover security costs. And the last two cities to host a convention. It took that allowance and it more than covered other security costs and Bob Hagman the city attorney for Charlotte told the City Council and to its meeting this week it. I thought of that money would do it would suffice and not be enough to know so wolf. C were all of that goes limited to see if the a parameter around the spectrum senator I don't think it was called the spectrum that was that was it not a Time Warner Cable that. Remember that the idea in the practice gym that you can see if you walked past. On the backside of the spectrum. That was where they had all the press. Was he walked in that back one of those back on doors that's where they check your press credential on everything in and if you cut a lefty walked right into that gym and a true they had all the press. And if you cut a right. Then that would take you up to where we were. At the main entrance of most of the spectrum over there on the epicenter side of the spectrum. And you would walk up those stairs and I WBT at the time had the I mean where do we are the first ones there we were right there. And then you had a whole lot of others because that's where. I can't Tuesday. But a lot of the Fox News guys though were on were fairly regular basis. And you couldn't get into way you couldn't you couldn't hardly get into the spectrum. And get to your boot are your poster your skybox if you want to own the networks. Without walking past our. Broadcast point. So that's why we would end up blessing and Sam Donaldson and all those guys so wondered by Jesse Jackson. And the guy whose name I can't take over and now. We used to be with ABC now -- feel lunatic good just some stuff with fox. Geraldo Rivera. And Geraldo hung around our broadcast point I'd almost so what's the point that we finally had to ask you remove. A and Gloria Allred. Gloria Allred used to look at a camp out at the desk that was right across from ours because it was the broadcasting point of I remember as Westwood One or somebody like that. But they only used it about two hours today so the rest of the time it was just sitting their empty and so a lot of the people that we're missile could replace two all part they're posterior as would do a market there. And so Gloria Allred whichever air email Noah and stuff there all the time. Until we used to get into conversations with her but. It's not a male on the planet that could. Dude it's not afraid of Gloria Allred. So I'm. The other side story. In the news today is the NFL's anthem policy is on hold the the the new National Anthem policy that was just announced two months ago. Has been tabled for the time being at least. Now with the league and the players union issuing a joint statement last night saying that they are holding discussions about the issue. And it read in part that the NFL National Football League players association to recent discussions. Have been working on a resolution to the anthem issue. And in order to allow this working. Are too odd to allow this constructive dialogue to a continue. We have come to a standstill agreement on the NFL PAA's grievance and on the NFL's anthem policy no new rules relating to the anthem will be issued or enforced in the next several weeks. While these confidential discussions are ongoing. This is a statement that essentially came out right after the Miami Dolphins players. Dolphins team announced that dead that they would suspend players who. Protested the anthem and they could suspend him up to four games. Which we give you built in excuse for not having a winning season. So the NFL policy that was issued in May. Ask said that players on the field after US stand during the handsome anthem. But are allowed to stay in the locker room if they wish. And then if you were out on the field and you didn't stand during the anthem than they were just excuse. Don't know OnStar they did say that they said that they would derby fine for any violations and it was left up to the teams how to punish their own players all. Miami kind of came out on the hard line yesterday and and also now they've tabled the NFL and NFL PA have tabled. Everything and and there are then they got discussions back again the players union filed a grievance over the policy earlier this month they said it's inconsistent with the collective bargaining agreement and infringes on no player writes. The wasn't an. McCrory this morning and I think it was his nephew. Who has don't several two hours of duty. And they went to us sporting event at one point in. I think at the time maybe governor referring to do his nephew. Washington players protest what you think about and and his nephew said my question is when will they stamped. And I think that's a great question. And that is kind of a question that is unanswered about this we understand the dealing and we understand it's not supposed to. Be. I guess to those who serve and and is it for equality. But it's not a perfect world. So when will you stand. Head WV VY. Tired of the palatial offices. Bear and bird last year showed business journal why oh why are you or me in Austin. Here are certainly feeding barbecue have our no we should probably be over Willie is how also with a Mickey Raphael. I don't know filing a report like we were working. Capital literally I act. Like an idea how are you know on sides of Bob Barton springs Odom do good to see if it's stopped off day here whenever I have no idea. Austin and yeah I'll maybe he'll make he'll brisket barbecue would would be you know in order. Well I I. Didn't check Johnny did it hit over a hundred today Baird it's got to be right. It's got to be I checked it's actually for each image and check to see what the temperature was in Dallas today were my mom is in is like a 107 degrees so I assume Austin's follow right up there are not doing in that category are John doe it that's crazy if you wanna bet. Yeah I barely a dry heat and Colorado I don't know that it's a dry heat in Texas. No I don't it's not yeah now I'm and I think you feel every bit of the 107 and the it's it is it's like living in Phoenix with the humidity. Now god not have evidently not that not a good thing. Well I it's official we don't have to say all and indications are or it's all but official that is official although well. I'm not so sure people are gonna really like the angle that you took in your article. Taylor. Andrew Taylor political scientist North Carolina State University asserted the perceived benefits of staging conventions diminished in the recent election cycles and for that reason he said major markets LA. New York Chicago. Among others no longer clamor for the a political conventions the way they once did so now other being held in him. Second tier cities. That can you these second tier or world glass. Is Irsay is there I said is this like winning the NIT your champions but. A picnic here's the good thing US about now having been here for so many years. There's never the slightest chance of insecurity within Charlotte. That's what I mean. You welding this assay you viewing even bringing the term second tier and this is just gotta make people cry. But that it's it's inherently cool. It is I'm afraid you're gonna be working in Wichita by the job by sometime late next week. Why you have to you quit all nuclear I would Wichita. That that heard. All you have that the Kansas business journal the backlog futures are up four and a half percent I'll be back in a moment I thought extra pop it at that but no conversion for you about again now I'll you the laity a Wichita that when they went conventions start going to Wichita than you know you've got to the controversial candidate but. But that it. Eight tier cities mail leading the facts it's going to be interstate idea I have not written. About another analyst I spoke to this afternoon. Who is very much of the these events don't really bring you much economic benefit year jobs we talk about the volatile weather sports or political conventions. There's always. A lot of back and forth and debate. But certainly. I think we're gonna hear more rabbit hole as you continue to look at these kinds of events and how much they truly pay off. They do give you can't shake and then how much that's worth I don't know but too wide to go I've gone after this convention and having been able to say. We did the Democratic National Convention that gives you some cachet Jacksonville Florida. Can say you know they hosted a Super Bowl error. May be our new owner gets assay. Stadium morrow does something that the NFL fines favorable and gets us a Super Bowls all the sudden they nearest city advocates say. You know we're one of eleven cities that hosted both by a major political conventions and we've had a Super Bowl committee gives you cash shade so that you can bait. Start a list and and list your credentials it's it's like a good resume. That that is true and it while Michael has meant to run or city partners as you know what to think that he's said to her provost today is that. We you have to constantly remind people that you're on the map that you are a city where major events coming go where they do well. And the reason you need to do that it says that you're part of the conversation more the company is looking to expand nor win. It's thinking about opening a new branch in the southeast and so on and so forth so. There is no sort of black and white answer on this but I think it people tend to talk about it very much in black and white weight and so. Eight it's. It's murky and it's nuanced and let's face it. People don't do well with nuance is certainly not in the social media world so. That's where we are I'd take both sides with a grain of salt when it when I hear each perspective. Yeah I don't wanna selling Bob Morgan over the Charlotte chamber parliament but it would it would both of us have been around long enough to know that there was a time when we talked about this being a can do city. And no he was the humor calls so the world that would dirt in the bill leaves and they encourage fields of the world that would point their finger on all of us naysayers are so radio talk show a close and so on. Alliance say don't underestimate us. And and they've proven on too many occasions that you shouldn't have underestimated them and are consequently they've built a city now. Who I thought it was very interesting yesterday reading in the changes in the skyline changes the hotel changes the apartment changes the development changes just from 2012 or talk in six years here that have taken place. And that's because this was a city that never basically faced their limitations they overcame them. Yet that's exactly right and again as part of this interview with the with Michael met today and he's popular one he's just live metric of course not spoken to. He went into some of those examples. For four but it just like one you remember during the Democratic National Convention did the Google. A while launcher that was so popular and spoken out so much well that's now a skyscraper 300 south China on streets and you can go around uptown and point out various. Spot where. Then vacant parking lots were converted into huge temporary. Party sites and other things that are now all apartments or their country store or their other things so. There has been a lot of growth and a lot of progress and years after area. Much of that stems from. And that. Constant reinvention urged I think sure this had for decades though. Eight hits a double edged sword AM a lot of that is great sometimes it looks a little silly but say what you want to. Charlotte Nell long have had both. National political conventions has patent quite decent patent you know within a span of eight years or they won't head each one I should say within candidate. You're well and one of the great absurdities of the history of the town in regards to our drawing a major. Event. But that worked flawlessly. You know exactly or a goal and was when we had to build. A fellow entertainment district for the final four that came to town and Bill Clinton came to town with it because Arkansas was. I'm in a championship game and they brought Bill Clinton's mustang to town so we can drive and a hundred yards for the had been able to drive a car along long time. I and you had this fake entertainment zone fat Tuesday's an otherwise down there across from what was then first union plaza. And we all who plotted if you build it they will come well they did build it and they did come and then they tore it down after they left but it was successful it was as people acquires baby and man it was it was brilliant. Well as John I'm sure that you know people because I do as well to. Had only been to Charlotte for that as the and then came back here a year you later and nasty hey what happened all the bars and restaurants enough talent to. Can't help find out that but definitely that was temporary. At the same time that we had a sign off 77 is that we heard about the recession and decided not to participate. Exactly exactly and every one of these one of the most striking differences obviously is that between that final four and now. You actually have people who live uptown you have these stores or restaurants a lot more restaurants and and residences. There's you do have endorsed what you're starting good at least give us some retail and so it's been a pretty quick transformation. Relative I'm speaking. And I think at willow got to come back do you just say it but I think there's going to be even more retail by the time we get twenty. Two years down the road two years from about right now or expand virtual business journal we'll get rejected him second. Historian brands and just gets worse and worse nine members of one family were among the seventeen people who died in the duck boat accident tools. Members of we survived. Just. It's tragic. If you'd be since virtually those folks. Barry expand berg is on the line with us we've been talking about the convention you know one of the things it's not mentioned much and you want talk two Dockery Clark was a former Bank of America marketing executive. And he points out that the combination of business and community outreach opportunities that were created by the last political convention some still. Well being pertinent today are too big to ignore I you don't even think of that aspect of all of this. Yeah that's right you know I've been darker Archie and she. Headed up the banks Olympic sports marketing among other things before. Working on the DNC. And she mentioned and a number of community outreach programs and ambassadors program. Things that we were that that I ever call but only upon being reminded because after. The event and these things just continue to use to begin to assume that they were always here that's a big part I think of war I think. The new host committee for 20/20 will look at is how do you spread out not just the benefits lead up to the commission but what will. Have a lasting impact beyond that so it will be interesting to see what they come up. Part of that stuff like habitat for humanity and environmental campaigns and I knew I'd take some of that to security money that comes your way and and equip your police department if I remember correctly. They ended up with some equipment that they really didn't need they ended up giving it away and at a later date. You're absolutely right John they did they gave orders and some other police department and of course there there were millions of dollars sort of equipment. They did hang onto it and continue to use it I. Seed receive. Fifty million dollars for security that this happened whether it's Republican or democratic. Whether to Republican or Democratic Convention so. That is expected to happen here in 20/20 soak. That's another aspect where it'll be interesting to see what they do with the money how they benefit from it. And also I remember that the courage to police chief comp money he was here are part of this department. Been led by chief Rodney Monroe. But he will be presiding over this event so different. Vantage point for him but he does have a lot of experience the event of this scale. Tom. You guys says show business journal has an upcoming addition of luxury living and you contributor piece in there about our old friend Larry farmer and music with friends did you go to disease each optional. I thought I was going to get no and then I had to go out of jail because that is when the NFL owners approved it David pepper so unfortunately I did not video but our photographer did and she says there was very very entertaining so. I hate it I didn't get to go but the reviews are pretty strong for us. The an article is interesting and and I forget that I forget about this because like I should do this thumb. Music with friends we've had Larry on a couple of times. Has 500 members they pay 16150. Dollars annually I think there's a 550 dollar feet too good to join. But you didn't get three experiences a year. And I'll like judges recently easy easy top came in and played Magloire one theater 600 seat venue that's where they do a ninety minute set was easy top UN 500 your closest friend Bonnie Raitt. With Darius Rucker came in Aretha Franklin's been down there are the Diana raw Sheryl Crow steely damned hard Hall & Oates. Barbarism none entertainment business. And he started this club. Deal and all sorts of people have been an involved in this hotel are great what a great thing Glenn try IA Joseph Walsh of doesn't know solo performances for music with friends over the years. I'm Gladys Knight Norah Jones I mean added to sit in my glowing theater and and oh with a few hundred people and watch that what a great opportunity. Twice I was just saying a year DRG you heard big music fan you've seen plenty of back over the years makes this the big thing is. That often times the artists themselves are. He did a better major more excited because they like the uniqueness of small intimate venue and so. That that gives a little bit of a unique flavors well and you know that this is well beyond the test stage at this point this is you know dead decade or more. Brand name artists coming in there and membership has held steady if not grown so which seems to be a formula that's pretty successful. There's they are new entertainment venue in my hometown and Estes park at the Stanley hotel and I think it sets about 300 people not Estes Park has never had a a situation like that before and so the night before he opened for the favorite Brothers David Crosby performed up there. All right Three Dog Night is on schedule to be you know the bacon Brothers just perform their drug Graham Nash is coming in in September. So you can get booted these hall of fame big time names. Us sometimes on their way to another show or sometimes to do a private intimate thing as you point out in your article. We'll Springsteen come in and do love music with friends no probably not in less his career takes a dive then at some point or another. You know I don't AA all our he hears about it and decides that that was something he wants to do but. Man it's say yes he did did did the talents out there are and and it's an end even your article points out that tough harboring some cases is. This kind of make head do expand his horizons and head get music guest of might not have been his company Tebow won it was all said and done what he said wow that was great. Yeah I am one of the things that they really pushing this idea. It's not your personal jukebox it's supposed to be. Eclectic it's not going to be any one. The genre or Sarah so if that's torture looking for you're you're going to be disappointed but if you want the unique setting. And you wanna get variety of styles. This may be a good fit for you. Hey I didn't look like it's going to be a stifling hot the so weekend although our rain showers are going to be probably especially tomorrow night going to be. Oh moral effect for forest but at least he it'll be down just a little bit have a great weekend thanks for joining us know all look forward to talking to you again next Friday. I'm very take her out urged members Charlotte business journal senior staff writer joins us so we can on a Friday afternoon Stewart talk about the news and of course the news today is as official. The Republican National Convention coming to Charlotte 20/20. I read the news today all boy. Including a segment on women and nudity. Homer male dominant musician you know next time. All right David and 201 days into the year. 164. Days to go it's July the twentieth 28 team. Carlos Santana 71 today the Apollo eleven mission commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot get a Edward Eugene Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the moon on this date in 1969. 1993. White House deputy counsel Vince Foster found shot to death in a park near Washington DC a pair of suicide. 2014 US said that evidence suggest today Russian made missile was fired at a Malaysian airlines flight image seventy in the missile strike killed. 298 people aboard that she's four years ago. But the thinking about the stuff. Pennsylvania woman has been ordered to fork over 121500. Dollars for all the tolls that she dodged on the turnpike. And now as a cut rate. Remember what she was like she owed 96000 bucks or something. A couple of mount Dora Florida won the right to fight against the city over the right to keep the exterior of their house painted like. Famous Vincent then go. Masterpiece and it's starry night fame. CNET video from a restaurant in Savannah were the waitress slams the customer against the counter every broke serve. We'll miss whether all of you war that is second but. Barely gives family was there within. And if you here's the McDonald happened spend at least one dollar at the restaurant they will give you a free order Fries each Friday for the rest of the year. I think they just did a poll on down on Fries and McDonald's still comes out number one. Okay good bid that they are the best. And I have a thousand years but they are the books. So if you walk into a bookstore it smells like chocolate. It probably does smell like chocolate researchers in Belgium discovered that a for bookstore smells like chocolate shoppers will stay in browse through the titles longer. Didn't experiment also discovered these subtle scent of chocolate increase sales and certain genre is the food and drink and romance novels novels. Increased by about 40%. So the waitress group forgot. Had his wife and kids in this place. Now I know Savannah but I don't know has my son to live down there for a long long time Vinnie then go goes. What would be doing in there where their kids. Anyway they have video I mean if you see the video. Bryant sure when he has his name he walks past this waitress and. Grabbed himself a butt cheek there is no two ways about it. And. He grabs are. Amelio is turning Bolden. And she was having nomination grabbed amend. Grab him by the shirt rip you off a little bit and slammed it into the counter. Any what a small guy. And does she can be seen now pointing the finger at the god given rupees a reminder of the enough police were called and he was arrested for sexual battery. Right there in front of his wife and kids. Microsoft I read the news today oh boy reveals first known mid term campaign hacking attempts the Microsoft people say today it's their recently detected and help block. Hacking attempts against three congressional candidates in that marks the first known example. Those cyber interference in the mid term elections Tom Burt is Microsoft's vice president reversal of security and trust. He declined to name targets but he said that they were people who because of their positions might have been interesting targets foreign espionage standpoint. As well. As an election disruptions standpoint. And Mega Millions tonight 422 million dollars. Saturday's powerball jackpot is at the Beasley 130 billion why even bother. Mean he wouldn't end up with what seventy million bucks by the time it was all the pay out about this that the other. Think we talked about the Mega Millions last Tuesday. Three people won a million dollars they didn't win the 400 and so one million. A million bucks the white guy has so much after taxes and all that stuff is like 600 some odd thousand bucks. We'll add that to whatever retirement savings you already have for them. Or are start off with 600000 dollars for retirement savings or pay off the balance in your house. Pay off your cars and maybe even get a car. Yes or charcoal. More people own gas grill 64% of girl owners have a gas grill 44% owned charcoal girls I have both. Do we use the grill there the gas more than we used the charcoal. And why I don't know because you can tell the difference doesn't settle anything former New York Times food writer author about how to grill everything ago was asked his opinion mark Goodman says. If you wanna cook outdoors a lot get gas. It's so much more convenient and the food tastes great. And if you're all like the experience of building intending jail live fire than you're charcoal person. Other factors like taste budget and convenience can influence the decision for you as well also ask yourself. Why are you buying your grill. You just wanna cook on the basics for a family and friends or do you intend to smoke I mean do stuff like that are you feeding an army area you don't figure out those questions that you can never figure out which side you wanna. The deal is is that you can buy one of those. It's like 49 or 59 bucks or so from my dad. The hold up things that go like leaned against the wall and give you lots of space. They knew the charcoal if you want to open up the gas grill loved because yes if you're gonna go out there in the third chicken breasts or report show yourself on there. But the answer is both. Alex. Could you get away with committing a crime. Genius us. How meaning if you look at all what you learned on TV crime dramas 25% of adults think they can get away with committing a crime. Another 25% of adults say they actually believe that they could solve a crime because the knowledge they've accumulated from episodes of a detective dramas. Americans have fifteen perfect. Days a year. I read the news today he'll board. What makes Americans days that are well finding money in your pocket would be one sleeping in without us setting an alarm lying in bed listening to rein. The nation's top to remind boosters according to reduce steady hitting a dog. Performing small gestures of kindness. Enjoying a fresh. Baked treats like up high. Also high on the list according to the study the average American has 204 good days each year. And fifteen self described. Perfect days. Perfect days. The data involved. The beach and nudity. Well you just saw me maybe other. Women in nudity Glamour Magazine survey of female nudity we'll talk about that coming up next. Coming out of Austin, Texas because of the convention. And. The awarding of the our Republican National Convention do or Charlotte today the delegates or are they are Republican National Committee was meeting in Austin and so all of that to. News say is coming down there are made or is down there may be sorted out council meetings and some of the movers and shakers. I'm also coming out of Austin, Texas news bursting tortilla chips. Firefighters in Austin called do tortilla chip factory after pallets suddenly burst into flames. Light hearted death FaceBook paste the Austin fire department to a shared photos from the scene ended tortilla chips are a big business around these parts we take them seriously. As they are also was they are responsible for holding all manner of very important things like K so. So also not shows. And at various other sundry items that are critical to Texans everyday life and well being so imagine how distressed we word to be called to a fire order tortilla chip factory earlier this week not once but twice. Fire was safely put out no injuries no damage to the building. Bursting towards. Your chips in Austin, Texas. The new Amazon feature helps anybody with an iPhone. Find odd parts. That might otherwise involve a trip to a hardware store this is pretty interesting part finder. Takes advantage of the phones excellent optics to scanned measure. And I did a fine all types of fasteners and other pieces of small hardware. Once found the app asks for some additional information screw type. Ed dive drive type. Like you know Phillips flat head to want to run. Before leading you to an appropriate product on Amazon. To get the tool you open up the Amazon app. Touch the camera from the isle home screen. According to Amazon the tool can currently identify over 100 types of fasteners. Which could represent thousands of parts. It's gonna get to that don't you think. Mean there's a lot of technology that. You could already pay with your phone I think colonials are more brave about that and what's the one called vin mot. I mean no way we did a fund drive here recently. And somebody said can I pave I've been Mo. So I mean it's a whole new world out there but your phone and this all like this Amazon app you open it up and use their camera technically and that zeroes in on all sorts of measurements and is that the other so it's going to be to the point where you can't find a part you take a picture revenue and all the sudden Amazon or something like that finds it for you. Pretty fascinating I mean that would that you know twenty years ago. That'd been so space age it would it would shock you. It's still kind of shocks you. But not to the degree that he used to. Arkansas city has tossed out a law that bans dancing on no and no public on a Sunday so. TJ. Good Arkansas now. City of Fort Smith, Arkansas Farley joined us this year 28 Jane that's for the city director Andrew good recently repealed an ordinance from 1953 that banned dancing in public on Sundays. City spokeswoman says so that no one's been arrested or ticketed for cut loose on Sundays and a two decades but. There was always the possibility. And it. Under the anything can go viral these days even abandoned furniture at somebody left a couch on a sidewalk next to a Palm Bay the road in west Melbourne. Florida. It's apparently been there for several weeks. But recently started drawing attention win residents started excessive excess are rising it. Somebody added to throw rug to the abandoned couch. Somebody didn't put a coffee table in front of the abandoned couch. Someone added curtains. And a house plant and some other living room items it's been dubbed hash tag that couch. On social media after Kenny Johnson a candidate for the palm bay City Council recorded interview with his campaign manager. On the couch. West Melbourne Florida officials have not revealed what their plans for our for the couch. Did you. Did you Wear when you're okay. When you were a kid when you're young when you were trying to make a living when you were trying to outside an apartment did you ever retrieve anything from they are dumpster area or find something abandoned someplace that. Like a couch. Coffee table. I aid retro. I don't think I ever got a mattress out of a landfill or over an aura dumpster or anything like that. But I know for a fact that I guts the mattresses that we're probably. Hand me downs through you know 27 different. Places are or got it from somebody else who very well they dug it out of a dumpster. You just not quite as particular. We urine your teens and twenties as you possibly are when you're in your fifties and sixties. Women and nudity. TJ let me borrow his Glamour Magazine. And ideally by as it for the articles. And there's a survey in their own female nudity. There's four of female there. 74% of women are gone swimming in the nude 74%. That's most intriguing and scary. Think of the water displacement in some cases. 66%. Of hunger around the house naked. I've never walked to the mailbox naked but I have been halfway down the driveway and John Donovan my boxer shorts and none of courage to. I don't think you can tell by the road you know that I mean all the that you can think of the realization you don't John your your public figure you're walking out through your mailbox in your underpants. 46%. Have visited a nude beach. Susan has led murder of two hedonism do it do grill one day. 44% of played strip poker. Or we can do an hour on that could week. Don't worry is 171814. Of the darn. 42% have slept regularly in the noon 41% have done housework naked cleaning up the bathroom doing the dishes vacuuming with the top three choices. 34%. Sun bathe nude 22% of streaks. In 19% of posed for a nude portrait or photo it's. Radio. Brothers Boy George British Open weekend. Dale Boone shot block him. Yeah all. Everybody had an off ramp Subaru is soon to be inducted in the North Carolina music hall of fame don't. And a guy who all the sudden ran across this band called the David Brothers. Back in the early part of the decade. In the early part of the century. Has discovered a couple other guys named a Bruin Brothers who are playing tonight at 7 PM at the US national Whitewater center and they are applauding interest to. They kind of look like the Everly Brothers. They're from New Jersey. Their it's Rupert and Henry stand still the stand soul. And and you got to go out and see them if you've never seen him before or. I need to know more Google them RU EEM. 7 o'clock tonight US national Whitewater Sydor and they've just cuts and tracks with the Rick Rubin. And adult Ramsey or. Which are also both associated with the gay Brothers is many of you well know and man if if Rick Rubin and adults can do for the ruined Brothers what they've done for the gave Brothers has to be pretty exciting stuff. So I got a text message today from our route from a dolphin Ramsey records. He also apparently has another act called the national reserve. And they will be supporting John Moreland had music in the mill in Hickory tonight 730. And then you can see national reserve. Not only tonight and Hickory but they will be in Charlotte tomorrow. At the music yards. Which if you're not familiar with the music yard there's restaurant are. You're Max speed shop is on South Pole over. And then there's a place called southbound. Which are owned by the same people I think are a lot of the same principles and in between those two is this thing that they call. The music yard. And that's where the national review will be playing tomorrow night that's a free event starts at 7 o'clock. So log audit no support g.s above some Dolph Ramsey were music. But the Bruins Brothers tonight national. White. Waters that are. And that's a free show as well and you get more information to a US NWC. Dot org. Boy George and culture club the B fifty twos and the Thompson two n.'s Tom Bailey. At at PNC music pavilion tomorrow night at 7 o'clock so some eighties nostalgia going on know their culture club B fifty twos. I asked to TJ if he was going to see a quick George tongue in cheek. And he said nobody you'd like to go see the B fifty twos. And I saw a picture of the B fifty twos recently and I'm not so sure that they've held up any better than I have been there of the B nine to each of us. But I guess tremendous deltic standpoint you probably would. And but anyway that they did nothing else that should be a fun show tomorrow night. I'm from Malone and Shaq to the church of the poisoned mind 20 Boy George to other Thompson Twins bassist vocalist Bailey who has sort of been making electronic and world music in back onstage. So that'll be 7 o'clock tomorrow at PNC a music pavilion PNC tonight at 7 o'clock is Lindsay sterling who has some kind of unbelievable violin player. Probably Sar on what was it stars and Mel America's Got Talent I think we're America probably first saw her and Evan essence. And that's your concert tonight at 7 o'clock at the PNC music pavilions so listen mode good music in town. And then you have this local grassroots music festival called Barton stock. Which I believe take place tomorrow tenth anniversary. With their biggest headliner yet perpetual groove. They a mix jam bands electronic roots and funk and jazz and Ellis road crews play in the broadcast is there Brody and Coke is there are Lisa de Novo. Paper crowns say and dog friendly. Is to be wild be outdoor event that took 15305. Black farms road up there and hunters hill starts about 5 PM set you back. About forty bucks. Barnes doc ten year they have both done now. So coming up next week is. Dave Matthews Weezer in the picks these will be an unknown Wednesday at the PNC music pavilion Matthews is there on Tuesday. And so when is Michael McDonald that story in Rock Hill Tuesday. Yeah fifty gives us tickets are still available. Michael mcdonalds got to be thrilled about that. You're a big weekend is that temperatures are down a little bit the air rain. Chances increase especially as we get into work tomorrow evening and then through Sunday and into next week. But the nights are home all weekend long Pawtucket. Four tonight and then Indianapolis a series of Indianapolis starts tomorrow we've got to a Friday night fireworks after the game tonight. Which starts at 704 Charlotte knights dot com if you wanna purchase tickets if are there are still available Charlotte knights in Pawtucket tonight. Then us Saturday a fan could win 50000. Dollars in the series of starts against Indianapolis game starts tomorrow would be B and T ballpark at 704. And then of course Sunday is the other kids run the bases today. I Indianapolis planned that day as well and that's a game that starts at 1205. But the temperatures won't be so stifling. Action pretty nice day out there are today dew point is pretty low and done humanities pretty your reasonable as well so on nights are home this weekend if you had a security had to be bmg ballpark tomorrow from tended noon albeit my hometown Harris teeter Belmont. For a peanut butter in July. Let you don't have to welcome ceemea the issue up particularly want to and I'd love to see tomorrow between lieutenant who an awful lot of people from Belmont come out I looked in the don't want barrel yesterday. And it's about two thirds filled. So while that's good I understand barrel up enough Matthews is a pretty pretty full. Haven't heard reports from many other stores but do we go all the way until the end of the month so adjourning Harris teeter Mecklenburg County your guest and county dropping jar of peanut butter in the barrels a noble got a took. Second harvest food bank and they'll distributed to our kids and families around the area. Why at a time when not only is a peanut butter highly requested and don't get a lot of it but it's just a great protein food. And you've got kids that are in schools that are getting those so launches any longer in those meals any longer and so was second harvest tries to fill the slack up on that among other people like assurance Sanders and kids first and so while. It's a perfect time for us to be doing up peanut butter in July and that's what we've been doing all month long solo winner and a Harris teeter in Mecklenburg asked in Japanese buy me jarred peanut butter. And toss it in the barrel were all sponsored by Jeff I got email today from a lot of people there are work with here. Says she couldn't find any Jeff that are Harris teeter sew up early the the peanut butter in July is is working pretty well you don't have to bide Jeff. But it is the best. I do go low sodium. Which one it is but it's gates killer I mean it's killer. So second harvest food bank and a Harris teeter thank you and I thank all of you a party bought some peanut butter and torn and and barrels the barrel should be right there at the interest to your store. And sometimes it's hidden right in front of you it's a visual look around a little bit forum but they should be there. And will be at two Belmont Harris teeter tomorrow starting at 10 AM until a new and so on come by and I'll say I'll look forward to. But I mean my neighbors out there. The other thing that's going are we were giving away tickets to this over the deal week is the 2018 international champions cup which is presented by Heineken. Liverpool FC against the Dortmund. That'll be 4 o'clock on Sunday at Bank of America Stadium and understand tickets still available for that go to Ticketmaster dot com. And and get yourself some international champions soccer. And do a bit to a Bank of America Stadium or Sunday after a 4 o'clock. The British Open. Going on as we speak. I just to kind of run down the leaderboard a little bit Zach Johnson is in it 600 Kevin Q Isner the a leader yesterday from Mike Aiken South Carolina. Is so also hit a six under so those guys lead in the clubhouse everybody's done for the day Tommy Fleetwood and Pat Perez and. Zander shoe fell. I'm sure that's right pronunciation at five under Rory McIlroy is that two strokes back at four under. Culture is four under arms looking for names that you may be looking forward Jordan speech had a pretty good day's shot a 67 today so he's three shots off the lead at three under Rickie Fowler. Shot a 69 today he is three under. I'm tied with Jordan's speech and others via cut was three over just oh by the way and everybody you can think of including Phil Mickelson made the cut. Tiger Woods even par. So he's a six shots off the lead. In del Webb Simpson. With the Charlotte ties shot a 71 today after a seventy yesterday so he's one under par that would put him five shots. Off the goalie Jason Day is an even par shouldn't 71 both days Tiger Woods shot 71 both days he's at even par Phil Mickelson. Shot a 73 yesterday improved to a 69 today so he's even par and now makes the cut. And when I got to the cut. Just kind of looking at names and so wandered on this lust for your. But when I get to the cut the first name Justin Thomas did not make the cut he's for over. And Sergio Garcia did not make the cut he is for over. So mom. Just some of the names that you may be looking for and. But Erik Kevin tick Isner is. From Aiken South Carolina continues to be in the lead along with Jack Jack Johnson. So you got that got Major League Baseball cubs in the cardinals are doing a series cardinals fired their manager last week so that would be muted occasion how well they're doing in the NASCAR boys. Hang out in New Hampshire. They'll be back on a Sunday after a Saturday night race last week 2 PM. On mount MS. On NBC sports network. The monster energy NASCAR cup series New Hampshire is 301. I assume it's 301 miles. Everybody's got to be different. So that's your sports calendar and that's your. Big weekend calendar things to do it Leo light and again all remind your ruined Brothers. Another adult Ramsey were. Discovery. And just produced by Rick Rubin as well and this may be your last chance to see abandon this caliber of free Adobe of the US national Whitewater center tonight starts at seven O clock. Mean there. Throughout the night created out all week long party of big weekend temperatures and do voids and all of that stuff get to be fairly reasonable we will start seeing an increase enough. Our rain that threat especially by the time we get to work tomorrow cloudy skies during the morning hours in there that can be followed by thunderstorms in the afternoon. If you're headed to the mountains those are rains are expected tomorrow morning and by the time we get to afternoon early evening. Could see some months some pretty a pretty good chance like 80% chance of our rain tomorrow night. Is when the thunderstorms. Should do occurred during the evening and then we'll see partly cloudy overnight storms may continue work. Armstrong. Gusty winds are coming through the area low 69 degrees for tomorrow and I want headed to Sunday afternoon with thunderstorms as well mid eighties. Upper sixties for your lows and then back into the workweek with the mid eighties low eighties. On for Monday Tuesday no Wednesday. And if thunderstorms and no shower so warm and it's kind of a trend the world want Vernon to. So good news bad news for those of you are looking for some rain to probably get some enough for those of you who are hoping not to get rained out. Like at tonight's game mode you'll. I'll probably have to take an umbrella out there just in case self that's a win at different temperatures will be a lot more reasonable won't be so stifling heat that. There was a Minor League Baseball team that's getting complaints about a special night that they threw way millennial night. But it was kind of way they went about it Alabama Minor League Baseball team has gotten some backlash over this upcoming millennial night that they are doing this weekend. And and people are not happy because they say it's full overly stupid stereo types the Montgomery biscuits. Who are the Tampa Bay Rays double a affiliate. Came up with millennial died in an effort to attract. Younger fans. Became tweeted last week. Brought free things without doing much work well you're in luck. River walk stadium will be millennial friendly on Saturday July 21. With a participation ripped away give away just for showing up. Napping and sell these stations along with lots of all the condos. If they don't part of that or they get is if you want things free things without doing much work is probably worthy or rogue book came. Anyway it hasn't gone over all that well. With some of those Mullen feels that there are targeting. Some of them calling it condescending and insulting Mike Murphy is the team's vice president of fan engagement he told Fox News 80% of the people in our front office or colonials including myself. And we're just having fun with some of the cliches that people I'll point out about millennial us. So Internet to some extent I guess. At that point the finger at themselves in a way. But people so you may not have noticed that but people are very sensitive these days. He said he sorry if anyone is offended they're going ahead dealt with millennial Knight wouldn't change anything about their approach to it. Well sure you would if you had to do this all over again and you probably would change the way that your. But anyway it's millennial letter. The Montgomery biscuits there's got to be a marketing something or other involved in that under. Because you wouldn't just choose biscuits what did you. She's biscuits. Maybe you would. Maybe you would choose to. Seems the young people are seeking any peace and quiet found inside churches even if they don't believe in god this is bizarre. Com whereas surveyed more than 4000 US adults found 30%. Of eighteen to 34 year old say that they go to what church. With a majority saying they only go about once or twice a year. About 70% of respondents ages 25 to 34 say they go to church once or twice a year. The data shows eighteen to 24 year old are most likely to visited church compared with just 31% of those ages 65 and up. And 22% of those ages 45 to 54. The study author and theologian doctor Trish can't the F. Says young people are attracted to churches and cathedrals because they see them as quiet and sacred spaces. He adds that the younger set has become interest in and spirituality. Through the rise of techniques such as mind fullness. Which was leading them to church you know if they don't actually believe in god. Well whatever gets you in the building. I guess is fine by me. It used to be and I don't know if this is true in this day and age or not but it used to be. That any episcopalian church. During the day would be unlocked. And used to be able to walk in and an and sit down and episcopalian church just about any time you want I don't know that I've ever been to New York gonna have a monitor it gonna to saint Patrick's just because no that's a place my dad loved. I always vote light on voted candle for him when I've been no New York. But that's just such a magnificent church were blocked in error when we were there a month and a half ago two months ago to a catch. Bernadette Peters and hello Dolly. End there was a service going on I don't think I've ever been in there when a service has been going on pipe organ was sort Franken and beautiful thing. So there you go on now and and my boss story of the week. Deals with public supermarkets. Grocery store workers searched through a landfill to find a three year old girl's favorite toys stuffed animal named bunny. You ever have even if you don't necessarily remember did your parents ever tell you that you have a stuffed something or rather they used to be here. I've got mine I don't remember what its name was. But my mom sent it to me I think it's been guided. But apparently there was a time when if this thing was. If I do know where this thing was. Frivolity and sued. So here's this little three year old girl favorite toys stuffed animal named bunny. They go shopping at a public service of publix grocery store and a Daphne Alabama. General Rachel. And her daughter Madison. Realized that the stuffed animal was missing Madison was heartbroken so they went back to the store the next day to ask if anyone had founded and when they came up empty. Our Rachel told and turned to social media to help in her post was seen by the public manager by the name of a guy by the name of my game hard. And he checked security footage took the time to go actually go watch the security footage. And saw that bunny had been left in the shopping cart and was thrown in the trash. Now quite frankly that's a dumb move on some employees. Part to start with them in just lost and found body. But anyway so the store manager sees this gay are Richards. Recruits three store employees. Which makes you wonder if this was voluntary or ordered but anyway they go. To our though landfill. And if you've been to a landfill. Is not a pretty thing. And to go through the garbage looking for bunny. And they found bunny. And so gay are washed it three times he said. Better be careful about that too because sometimes these things are so wore no better you wash it off of Parker. Anyway he washed it three times and brought it to Madison surprising both the little girl and her grateful mother they think via public workers on a FaceBook for doing that so there you go. That's money. That's my heart warming story to a good. It always. Half off to a battle of the store manager for big effort that he did but those three employees who had to go to war landfills through. Mom. Double check that shopping Gardner that would do. The. The last time I had about a week that well welcome mark Harrison and now for Charlotte assistance he's still an informed vote Thompson all next week Nelson has finally decided to take all and entire five days of vacation. I can't think of anybody did so more deserving nova so much time off than a Bozo marketers who will be doing the morning's. And will we'll we will make do as we have to with with the people that we we'll make do with that Tom. This. Duck boat accident. Nash gets more tragic as you were read at the nine people in one family and our in our. And that's terrible enough but then there's two members of that family who has survived and can you imagine. Unarmed. Today in new we'll talk to one of the reporters who's been there on the scene and that paying is is at the bottom of the late in other trying to figure out how to bring it up and they really. There was another duck boat on the lake it did at the time of the storm and it did OK so their a lot of questions about why this thing went down have you seen the video. You know what I have not I need to go take a quick look at it as I've heard it's just unbelievable. Yeah the waters are rocket and Rolen and duck boat has high sides on it you know it also is completely open know all the way around and it it from the angle that you see. It obviously is listing from side to side so I'm almost thinking that it went from one sided water poured in over the edge and it went to the other side in water reported from that edge and at some point you get enough water to narrow that it creates its moan momentum and turns that thing in and visited normal role. Apparently it's sunken forty feet of water and enrolled in doing eighty feet of water. AD feed waters where it is now and thus are bringing an up and has not going to be an easy task either by death. And the guy who was driving the boat was well below there he was kind of like the ambassador. Their for Branson Missouri and he didn't survive either so it's terrible the. The guy who owns the company was on CBS this morning this morning in and I thought that took a lot of guts you know religion wasn't there a forum for publicity he was he was our broken the biggest. There's everybody else. Well it sounded like Charlotte's mayor was just a a but not only happy by what party issue with I get up and that. I'm telling you if Braxton Winston runs against her for mayor which Erica have a sneaking feeling he might he got his television commercials today with her being praised lavishly by the Republican national convert. Committee but yeah its official. Then there's the conventions coming in via Lyles was kind of the star of the show down there even though she's a Democrat. Stay amber and I were talking about the actual economic benefits and sometimes that's questioned his sorrows so forth but really what you get out of this is cash it. But we have way we've been able now for eight years to say that we hosted the Democratic National Convention no we've done a final four and basketball and we've done this that the other the only NBA All Star Games alone and so forth. So you start to add to your resume and now you've got a city that says. You know we have the can say after 20/20 that you've done to both. National convention so it's a it's it's cash aid type thing I think and that and that that is dividends did you get really put a dollar value on. That's exactly right and look if if the convention goes off without a hitch then everybody who wanted to bring you here looks like a genius. If you get truckloads in busloads of troublemakers who come to town and smash windows and caused problems then do you think your audition ghetto get a lot of the morning and I told you so yep. That's exactly right. All right it's Friday so you'll do your getaway air travel Saber or go on. Charles again take us up to this cool ranch that is in the clouds. About 5000 feet up a mountain near Maggie valley had just sounds spectacular facility expense account. Andre warning to investigate as he always seems to be going to great places for the weekend's the weekend and then even more on that ended they each and every restaurant that you want to do and found a and I think in the guy's got an expense account more than all of our salaries combined I think you may be right about that. You know may be the smartest guy in the room and easily and it's just taken us a bit more on the few good years to figured out answer right yeah I think you're right about that part of our man partners and look back his stuff up and no wander on over here no just a few seconds so with the Charlotte have six. Thereupon that he thinks. And you. I've I've been in pawnshops before it's been decades. He has stood there's this. Portion of Denver called former square which is very true and there are no and and may actually it's been trendy and indeed trended in and trendy again. But he used to be rhythm we're waved back in my game east on the bone song out now you can't call the bombs another homeless. But. They also had a whole bunch of CD. One shops down there so we know we were. You know heaven or little garage band stood in high school and stuff we'd good jump in John's 59 balls wagon. And head down to Denver and go to learn more square invite. Amplifiers and guitars and stuff like package you get on dirt cheap so well. But anyway people pollen stuff across America. Convenient source of cash for thirty million Americans every year upon guru is a national online pond chart but the site and says that these are the most popular things that don't we bought electronics. That now when I first read this I thought to myself these are the most popular things that gets stolen. Did you get dog something. Electronic should be odd because they also happen to be the most possible. Antiques collectibles 9%. Electronics came in at 30% most popular things that we bought or elect our electronics and then that would be based on. What people also go to pawnshops to buy. Antiques and collectibles 9% tools and equipment 8%. In tools and equipment are also untraceable. I mean if you got a whole bunch craftsman tools and hammers and who knows who they are or work. Jewelry 5%. Designer clothes and handbags came in at 8% of how can you tell the difference between the designer bags and handbags that you buy from the authentic guy on the sidewalk in New York or the release stuff that you paid dipped over the top dollar for fell apart. He watches 4%. Music equipment 3%. And then other stuff just 27%. So there you go there. Pleasant enjoy your weekend appreciate you being here all this week we'll see you back here on Monday it 3 o'clock. I enjoy the low humidity of the decent due points and then grab your umbrella structure you're headed out tonight our excuse me tomorrow night on through on Sunday. Because your brain percentages pretty high. But the temperatures will be reasonable and the nights are in town all weekend long and if you go to our Charlotte knights dot com you can see on ticket availability.