RNC Expected to Officially Choose Charlotte, BMW Now Number 1 Exporter of US Made Cars

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, July 19th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing an alliance exaggeration. There are too many go to some street. Those 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal but that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. Good morning welcome to the broadcast good to be back with fuel. And we have a couple of big stories with. The Carolinas in the spotlight it's probably topping that list. The announcements. About Charlotte's. The site for the 20/20. Republican National Convention. Rob rob. You just pick up my excitement no Putin may be very clear about something I'm excited. For the exposure for Charlotte that's a great thing. In any case. I don't think there's any doubt about this especially in the past few weeks as I've been watching some of the political. Maneuverings. Because it's going to be very evident. This state. Will be desperately needed in 2060. Got a hold on to the state and I think it's much more important. And there's bigger concern about here and there is about Nevada. I mean who cares they were talking about the possibility of Las Vegas and net. Doesn't do anything for them they provide a great night of entertainment. But ultimately. This is the real prize North Carolina going into the twenty toy election they wanna make sure. They make a big splash year so the site selection committee for the Republican National Committee. Unanimously. Back Charlotte's as the site for the national convention. This means this is the place. Where it's likely prison Donald Trump will be nominated for a second term. This all unfolding in the spectrum censure. These spectrum since your worst democratic predecessor president Barack Obama launched his own bid for another term in 2012. Charlotte toasting. A second national political convention in a decade. And formal approval. From this exit is expected tomorrow. And the summer meeting taking place in Austin, Texas. We don't have an exact date yet. But is expected to be late July or August of Tony Tony. Late July or August of Tony Tony. So what do you think about this are you excited what's really interesting to. The run up to approach. In the City Council as to whether it's sports is now my understanding is they can have done this with or without supportive the government. Local government Megan should basically saying screw you guys were gonna do this anyway. Because this is a business arrangement that's a much and government arrangement but there was a 65 votes. 65. Was the vote in the city council on whether to support this. It just blows my mind. And these are folks who supposedly believe in free speech and free expression. And the exchange of ideas. Clearly now. And I think it ought to be evident by now. I'm not raw rock supporter of the Republican Party. Even I think is his. There's really no. A principal. Argument. Against having the convention in Charlotte there's not a good argument to be made. Just silliness. Nonetheless. The decision has been made and we're moving in that direction I'd love to know what you think. How encourage you are about this what this is going to look like. And I'm very curious about this aspect of this discussion. You remember all the concern. The last time around abouts. Some sort of convention experience that mirrors that of 1968. I'll tell you there are people out there who are longing to repeat 1968. They really do want to see strife they wanna see violence. And I wonder. If the resistance. As they're calling it. We know continue to still be alive at that point. Anne's. Whether they might cause trouble. This is going to be an eventful convention not just based on what happens inside the convention but what happens outside. By the way. I'm interrupting myself here because there's a live interview taking place with. But those are you in South Carolina your favorite senators speaking. And he is. Referring to a request by the Russians to interrogate Americans. Absurd. He said I challenge you to find one lawmaker who thinks this is a good idea can I just suggest something to you. And because we're gonna a political error. Where. Much of what we tend to believe is based on who's talking. Can I just challenge you. To sometimes consider. That the wrong people. Can have right ideas. On this one I happen to believe. That's Lindsey Graham is right on the money is now referring to the drug administration is being naive on Russia I would agree with that too. That is very true. I mean think about this what we have set if Barack Obama even entertain the idea. Of the Russians interrogating American citizens. I mean think about this for a moment we would be. Just absolutely hysterical. With outrage and we should be. Jordan bring on the hate. Oh yeah but Julie Lindsey Graham no I'm not a Lindsey Graham fanned the guys are fraud in terms of being a conservative. He's not a conservative he is a campaign conservative. Which means during political seasons he runs as the Republican as a conservative. Other times. This guy has a reliable. Reliably on reliable records. And he gets the best way to describe it on this issue he's right on the money. The sad thing is. Because of two years. From Republicans aren't going to care. Limitless. I would love to get your thoughts on this. There's this ongoing saga. Develops before us. I was also reflecting on this for another reason. Think of the idea of giving somebody support. Let's say you support somebody 100%. And we all believe that nobody's perfect right. Why do you support somebody 100%. When they're not 100% right. I was just thinking about this up this morning. And I'd love to hear good answer. Doesn't matter what it is and what the subject is what position that person fulfills. If we are not a 100% perfect. Has anybody ever worthy of 100% support is there not a place. To raise questions and challenge. Because sometimes we can make a mistake. So I'd love the attitude of Paul the apostle Bruce said follow me is I follow Christ you know what that means but if I'm not following Christ don't follow me. To the extent that I'm following come along to the extent that I straight. And do not follow me what. Win would do well to follow this. We would do very well and it takes humility to save this and live this out. There are other people though who want you to follow them unconditionally. No matter what it don't give it to him. This is still this Coakley radio program. The contrast of perspectives. Don't commit on social media might social media page interestingly enough Jennifer writes this. Since I think you can support someone will not agreeing with everything they do more question of loyalty. When you used the term support I support my friends 100%. Through all they do right and wrong I may not agree. I may offer council but they were always have my support. Jesse did this is a different. Animal and I'm with you on this when it comes to personal relationships friendships yes. I will support my president over the left period. As he did something really heinous. Something not made up by an immediate okay. Let's define what really heinous it is. We also have this from David who says you tell the truth I love it trump is a consummate liar. Owen a stable genius he said that at a press conference believe it or not. Yes after meetings in London he stated I am a genius a stable genius. What did you. Hello my goodness quite intriguing again showing the difference of opinion among crews in our audience. Good morning Jesse welcome to broadcast. Then factor have a lot of respect for him I appreciate your words and opinions. And Al really enjoyed a critical thinking that you're able that your audience and it really gets upset. Can compliment but what a. What are you stirring up today Jesse are honored that our art council members are. Pro freedom of being in. Under. At all I'm saying I am pro freedom of speech cook let's say they claimed to be but they're not displaying evidence of that by the 65 vote. At least five members here I don't know what they are but to think why do you know you're thinking this could go right ahead. Yeah I thought that I misunderstood you but I don't think the leftist pro free speech. In so far as their free speech is the only speeches they support. Yeah this this is really unfortunate because. There's no diversity yet for all the talk about diversity Jesse. But one thing they do now believe Ben is diversity of thoughts. No solely on one front line that is acceptable and that is the progressive leftist ideas but more radical the better. Well they also tend to in my opinion I think their own opinions. They perceive their own opinions as fact. And they don't want to accept the outside. Tax cut on the PG. But it's really good excellent analysis their Jesse. How very much appreciate your call and love to hear from you again some time let's go to Greeneville and chuck welcome sir. Good morning events in. Europe earlier techsters stole my thunder on supporting. Personal support but as far as truck hat how often we've seen that so often. Has he. Appeared. Absolutely. I'm in. Unconnected. This stupid on some issues. And who had people from both side the left or right thought oh my gosh the sky calling the sky's falling only to find out that he knew what he was doing all along. And I think blocked at times. Can we give an example of this joked. Oh gosh I'm I'm I'm not trying to be Smart out here I'm. I I don't think you are and I honestly can't like that specific example. Except that. It seems to be almost a pattern with trump he likes that. Two to ignite the last and loud and at times they even the right. And it and I think that often. Where he appeared that way. Is it intentional but I think sometimes. It's just trump being trump but I think he has enough sense. When that term to. Has advisors. That you listen to them more that we ladies realize especially when it comes to dealing with maybe somebody like Putin. But does that's my opinion that. And as far as that your your text you're talking about supporting personally we have to actually do the same thing politically. There are times when I. Oh wanted to or had to defend. Not only politician but talk show host where they've given their opinion I thought. I don't agree with that bit. But I love this guy and he's and your right to lead its say that we support people on a percent of the time that. We can't nobody does that I mean nobody is is there a high percent agreement would anybody. Yeah it's I think this is a reality of human nature of the price book what's the point of individuality which we claim to believe in chucked. Where we have diversity of ideas and we dare not squelched that could hear from you. Out of Greenville this morning chuck on the tech slide and we begin here. Someone a couple people commenting on the convention. Republican Convention in Charlotte. Vince on the bright side maybe Charlotte will get burned to the ground and now be a good thing. Tersely someone actually said this. Another person I'm so excited about this news I can hardly contain myself. Sarcasm. Prince the only thing that would hold water against having the convention here would be if Charlotte head to foot the bill for security everything else would be political posturing. Very true. Graham on the matter of battle trumpet and Russia Graham may be accurate but she stated he has zero credibility. Never met a microphone he get walked at this at a putt up. Yes he loves attention absolutely loves the attention. He and what's his face his. Good buddy Senator McCain. Yeah those guys Jordan to the hip. Same thing love absolutely love the cameras and opportunities. To get attention. Do you believe we would have been it's been boisterous and Obama acted like trump with the Russians. We may have an upset but he did in the weeds for fear. I'm being attacked as a racist. Yes that C is another factor that would have happened in this for some people. The general public knows spying occurs when every government including our own in fact we probably spy the most so yes. Russia has a good argument about warning wanting to interview our people to. The USA also interferes with a the country's elections. Look at Poland as an example. And so let's see he we have this wonderful text you should read and Tony Tony as a Democrat. So trump never problem winning because the democratic voters will not vote for you their vote for trump. Oh I should run for Democrat love this. I steadily surging for one minute trump bad Lindsey good that it was CNN you know you. You know I'm gonna call this out again your absolute and complete moron you really are. This is just really stupid. Nobody said trump bad Lindsey good. It insisted this is what's the idolatry out there. Is so deeply disturbing. And really years. And it's nauseating really gives. Vince you're the fraud. To us a favor and go apply for a job at CNN. The only could do was make attacks toward institutions and organizations. And people. Do you want to discuss the merits of this Russia position caught it let's have a conversation can't do that and you. All you can do and this is this identity politics as much as we have reported this from the left. This is very much alive right now with the trumps durst. It's all about identity. Trump good everything about trump good. Mainstream news media everything about it evil that. Republicans who say they being evil or bad or questioning even raise questions about trump evil bat. Democrats always evil bad. Post this this doesn't require very much thought at all it really is it's mindless is what it is. And this is what I'm talking about when I referred to orange Kuwait. You can support whoever you like. And you can bring the best of intellectual arguments to support. Positions and ideas and let's talk about those together. But when you're in the tank for an individual no matter what it's. There's a problem there that's called idolatry and this post eight down with that with anybody. You can take that to the bank. This is still this Coakley radio program. We train moves on here at Vince Coakley radio program. The other story putting the Carolinas the spotlights. Is actually not so pleasant this would affect the upstate. Gonna talk about that in the bits here and its first brought to Joseph insurer on good morning Joseph. Good morning mark radar where you share. I'm look I'm look they are truly you. You enjoyed your reference to call and he would certainly in the like us today you know look he is riding. Around I wanna go or change the war on an eight. There are durable mine demanded unstable that all is where is like and how maybe your example. Or global mining business. So we see it fall leadership. Shortly. And so. When you talk about leaving behind somebody 100%. You can't do that same hole to complete who of course we should be probably we don't follow yeah. And so. People talk. A poor poor Obama port. But I call them. The wrong doing not call that he be it. Edit retire. And I would mention that in our conversation. Yet public forum but a home this point I cannot follow he'll he'll at all. Age you would not find many people today that voted for the current administration. That will call out who went crew needs to be called that they is there any. They threw too many rocks the past eight years but now they're hiding their hanging and it and called them feeling them out. He and company with a minute. I hear you Joseph it it's it's hard you know having said that. I'd also have to say Gerald that there were many people who are willing to call up Brock Obama. On the left when he was in office there and true there were some there are some profound. Some profound as examples of times where there's you know this and then the phone thing. I mean that was just such a whopper to make that statement. You know where were the defenders of the constitution at least those who we can pretend that within the Democrat party anymore. Who would stand up and say you know this is unacceptable sir. And wouldn't be so refreshing to to be able to talk about those types of bringing. Today. As a whole to that so many there's so many of the desperately praying that column out of the mouth. And tweak the leadership today. Yes it would be so we're Christian you know something else remind. You reminds me of two GO is an and I've I've mentioned this quite some time ago. The scriptures are very clear confidence and an unfaithful man and a time of trouble is like a broken tooth. Or a joint or in what is a blown out of joint. That get me. Best bit. And you can't get beyond that if a person is unfaithful. That is going to have re repercussions across the board but nobody seems to care. One quick question number let's go do you feel like today will following the playbook but never commitment. And I unfortunately. Yeah it may shed that we should in the be in the go out there that is standing up against the wall going up today. Well I'm I'm there with Q let me ask you one more thing Joseph. And I'm just I'm just looking ahead to the future. Whether it's 222024. Do you not think. We are in line to produce another. Megalomaniac. Democrat. If a Democrat is elected we're gonna continue. Producing these kinds of people. As an active Democrat. And knowing me any Democrat. I don't know what sort all the Democrats got it seemed like we have subsystem these mock sports. There may be a little bit that Kraft who rewrote a leader like their. But as well as one dead actually. I would care that battle and every effort I could make. And I believe you wouldn't really be here's my question though and because this is Mike greater concern Joseph it's not even the personalities. That are running. My issue is this is what the people want to joke they're looking for somebody who's gonna come. To power and they're gonna slap down and kicked down my enemies. And you know what that's why I'm glad that you are on the air Monday through Friday because. You put enough I don't true and hopefully that message will resonate stick that beat up going to good score. I appreciate that show thanks a lot fewer call this morning and an. Always appreciate your honesty. Streaky in my honesty let's talk about what's taking place the upstate right now. I wonder how much attention this is getting by the way because this is very very important and this isn't just something for the upstate this. Has repercussions for all of us as consumers. And as Americans New York Times. This headline tariffs imperil our hometown vistas in South Carolina. BMW. Let me ask your question I've kind of given this away already. The number one exporter of American. Made cars. What is it. Number one exporter of American made cars mean the company give us. General Motors. No actually gave you the answer early MW car up Powell. The Allen isn't that isn't that Shockey and that's part of the point emanates that's part of the point of making your job and now because on the surface. Would you not look at this way oh yes we wanna fight for America and Americans and American companies GM forward. Chrysler. Not so much. The number one exporter of American made cars. Is BMW. In fact the Spartanburg plant is BMW's biggest in the world. And the implications. For a possible trade war are pretty huge. For the area. It talks about a campaign. To get BMW to put a factory. In South Carolina this goes back to the history. There's actually a person has said. Don't give Atlanta the Germans. A reference to attorney official. David brits. A man grabbed him by the tie while he was in a restaurant. Don't give that land to the Germans. A two decades later. The auto maker has become the most important job local job creator. Burning the affection of a deep red county. We're one in ten people earns a living making vehicles or their parts one in ten and as I mentioned to you earlier. The Spartanburg plant is BMW's biggest in the world. It's tough to draw more than 200 companies from two dozen countries to Spartanburg county. And it is that German company not an American icon like Ford or General Motors. Is now the largest exporter of cars made in the United States. Turning the port of Charleston, South Carolina into a hub for global. Trade. I have a strong suspicion many of you within the senate my voice right now. Did not notice. We have more about this particular story. But this is a great starting point for us to realize these lines that we draw some times are not so easily too broad. About what he is genuinely. Quote Americans. We'll have that conversation and get true thoughts as we continue. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Seven Sherry which view. The story in New York Times is done on Spartanburg,. South Carolina. And how it's been impacted by BMW. And I repeat again. Then number one exporter of American made cars. That's a big deal. I mentioned this bridge character. Member of the county council. He said BMW saves spurn Bergen transform South Carolina into manufacturing. Mecca to the world. When you messed with a golden goose their fame late in your messing with me. Why is this important well today. The Commerce Department holding a hearing. On whether imported cars and car parts harm national security. This is the premise this administration's using to impose hefty duties if imposed. The tariffs would most likely have deeper and wide reaching repercussions for the economy. Then levies on. Fish or steal. Because here's a reality cars don't come together in one plant with one workforce. There the final result of hundreds of companies working together in the supply chain. They can snakes through small American towns and cross oceans. Auto makers they've lined up to oppose the measure. It's going to make it more expensive to build cars here and prompt other countries to respond in kind hurting exports. China already increased its levees and cars from the US. European Union promised nearly 300 billion dollars in retaliatory tariffs. The president put too much of the blame on Europe. European Union imposes a 10% tariff on American made cars compared with the 2.5 percent. United States Libya and European cars is this unfair of course this is unfair and imbalanced I get it. I don't agree with the president's language calling European Union a faux. I developed a particularly frosty relationship with Germany. He's deemed very bad on trade. Some workers in South Carolina want mr. trump to lay off their German patrons. Others are happy he's talking. About fitness and taking them to task for the imbalance. Open up the barriers get rid of your tariffs mr. from said of the European policies and march rally in Pennsylvania if you don't do that. We're going to tax Mercedes-Benz. We're going to tax. BMW. Jim Newsome chief executive of the South Carolina ports authority said he's concerned about an escalation in the back and forth with Europe on trade. So this is going to heard our report. Larry Kudlow bright house economic advisor said Wednesday he expected a very important offering trade. When the European Union president. John clog Joker visits Washington next week. But fleshing out a German carmakers would inflict could inflict new wounds in the upstate swath of South Carolina. In March BMW's chief executive. Eric Krueger said mr. Trump's auto tariffs have an impact on jobs in the US ended June letter to the Commerce Department. The company said it might cut investment in production in Spartanburg if selling its American made sport utility vehicles abroad became too expensive. But by the way let me insert some two year under a much you know about the auto business. The margins. Are very very fit and they're not huge at all. So we're not talking about a lot of money especially on the smaller cars. You take away the profit incentive. And why bother why bother manufacturing as many cars why hire as many people. Already this year BMW stopped exporting the X three cross over from Spartanburg to China to begin making more of the issue vis implants. In China. And in South Africa. And announced last week it would increase production capacity of 520000. Vehicles. In its two Chinese plants next year. Overtaking the total production in Spartanburg. You see folks we're we're not we can't look at America this is part of what I'm concerned about it. And I am justice raw raw America as the next guy but hey what we cannot look at this in effect him. There are things we may not like. But we've got to face the reality. Of the fact that we're not just competing and or dealing with the European Union we're dealing with the other countries like China. Here's what's going on in China. The Chinese Government announced they're going to allow BMW to increase its stake. In the joint venture in China to 75%. From 50%. Making it the first foreign carmaker to own a majority of the manufacturing operation in the country. So while we're seeming sending signals a hostility. To some companies. It ends. Trying to stir up conflict. You're the Chinese. By the way. Which one of these governments as Communist. I'm just raising your question here who's supposed to be the most restrictive who's supposed to be the most anti business. A low. Anybody bear. They're the ones who are supposed to be the most anti business right they're Communists. I'll tell your folks these folks know how to play the game. And they're playing it well. And they will absolutely exploits. Some of these things that we may be doing in an effort to quote get a better deal. Now I I eat respect somebody's sincerity and thinking that may happen. But I think you also have to consider the possibility. There may not be a better deal because they're better deal may be somewhere else. And we miss our own window of opportunity. Sure we had this discussion about the pipeline the keystone XL pipeline. Here in the United States America we were we were all over group Barack Obama. Because he's against this pipeline. So what if the Canadians just decided you know what we're not gonna for the Americans and this is what I heard as an arguments. They may just sell it to somebody else. Make got to make a deal with the Chinese or somebody else. See we thought that was a dumb idea to play that game back then. Is there a possibility. We're playing with fire here. Hence we run the risk. Of killing the goose that lays the golden day just think. About it. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the hearts they're Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so the liberty. This system fits Coakley radio program. How to return of our broadcast at the ends. I'm blessed are we sharing with you. Some segments of an article in the New York Times talking about this BMW the impact tremendous impact this company is head. On the upstate of South Carolina. Fans the state in general. But also. I told you this is a fact a lot of people do not know. BMW is now the number one exporter of American. Made cars. Don't wanna screw around with this. Over some suppose you deal. That may come about us on trade. Now there are people infected quoted in the story we're not worried about this at all. There are people who. Say hey you know we're even willing to risk our jobs. This person said American workers have been sold down the river with NAFTA and other agreements. He praised mr. trump for trying to renegotiate deals the president sees as unfair even if that approach cost some jobs in the short term. He's doing when he said he would do is keeping promises instead of lip service like every other politician. Don't tell are curious. If this is Georgia. Are you willing to take that risk keep in mind what I said before this is not just a matter of us vs country. The you have to consider you've got the possibility of countries she. Or country Deke that comes along. And they take our opportunity away. So this is too big a world for us to think that somehow. Everything revolves around America and if America doesn't exist that somehow. We've got some sort of leverage. That we might have had fifty years ago we no longer have it you're the fastest growing market in the world right now. He's probably China. You've got more people entering the middle class more people able to make purchases of cars and other goods. That's what I'm thinking if I'm one of these CEOs. I'm thinking myself you know if if this environments going to be that unreliable. Why am I gonna screw around with this. Planet goes somewhere where I'm welcome where they're not gonna try to play games with me. Let's go out to a call from Chris good morning and welcome. Our go to certain Maurizio writes good morning sir so they'll double an expert on trade and foreign. The old. But I do Knoll. They're all from the look into your show the outrage that many of those conservatives have would be the debt in the budget. And truckers trying to. Makes her rights whether prongs and just say things break. Or insinuate that this administration or America itself is anti business. Person who said that Chris. Or are you said that you said that yourself just a little bit ago I did for the break that. No if this is. And tidy muted nobody got toward your word you're used anti business. Yeah. Here's what I said let me repeat what I said Chris if you were thinking of eight country you think should be anti business. Or in some way creates a hostile business environments what country would you think of first. I'm new lawyer Ira do you think China I would I think he's trying to make. Things Specter and health care business and I don't think we're trying to. The old strong Marmol or act like we deserve more wouldn't want a bigger shake with the rest of the deals. That everybody else's you know this is as purchasing under we're not trying to make special deals were try to make rare deals. An NC so you're you're. Optimistic that that's going to be the result of this. While I can tell is the only guy that I voted for our he's improving economy Republican to be a 4%. GDP for the first time in all very very long time. China on the other hand that dial one to almost as low as 6% which they haven't had in I think decades. So that it you know I know there are a lot of beer. And we can talk about helping all. There's gonna be jobless to below Austin you know we're gonna look bad but at the end of the day. We're gonna talk about future generation dislike the sacrifices that people of America made the past four Americans in the world. Did you gotta you gotta suck it up and you gotta fiction short term debt to get if if it'd been already too late maybe we should just start hands up Wednesday. We're troops are gone we're never gonna get these hundreds of billions of dollars back. In grade ever. So let's just freaked out about the Tibetan freaked out about that but not actually try to do anything about any of these sentenced I don't know maybe we maybe we should it. Don't I would never suggest we give up and yeah I think the question just becomes the method by which we tried to level the playing field but I I'm with you in the goal of trying to create a fair environment I think that's. That is a worthy goal Chris I do appreciate called great to talk with you let's go out to Darcy good morning Darcy. I did mine won't. I have a comment about BMW. Okay my granddaughter works for BMW. And not South Carolina. And they are based in Germany and they actually have her and her fiance in Germany for. Sixteen months. They know. BMW is called Bavarian border work so I'm pretty sure. Germany makes it. Pretty great amount out on the I don't know about the exportation. BMW from Germany that I think it's amazing that we do that but I don't know what people novel. Connect BMW did Bavarian motor works and it's based in Germany. I didn't I think this this was a starting point Darcy the point I was making here. Is that this German company has put itself in the position of being the number one X exporter of American made cars. And that was the the point we're making here that's. You know if you're concerned about things that are American made providing jobs for America ends or here is a perfect example. All of a company that's doing just that that it would seem we would not want to put barriers in their way to make this more difficult. That's true self. Okay I'm I'm a little confused. And Germany explore more our do we export small. The point is it and here's how this works Darcy. Even know even though. Germany owns the company. They have become the number one exporter of American made cars they've made the choice. To make those cars race here in the United States for America in Spartanburg. So and so they're exporting more American made cars than GM and four urge. And Chrysler. Do you get the idea hearing here let them we can't just look at those as being bulldozed the genuinely American. Companies producing American jobs they are supporting American jobs and I think that's the point I'm trying to make here are saying. They're there for fighting the the means for American jobs and it's the same can be said for Toyota. You know by putting plans here in the United States of America what have they done they're providing jobs for Americans. So why you know we don't wanna provide an an atmosphere that is in any way hostile. That makes with they do much more difficult I appreciate your call their Darcy. And you were one of the reasons I mentioned Toyota ma I have a sister who worked for Toyota for years. And they have it is this the same thing in Kentucky. Kentucky as you might imagine is not exactly the wealthiest state in the world but I tell you what. You you talk about the town of Georgetown Kentucky. And Toyota has completely transformed. That town. In my going to be against them and what they're doing because they're a Japanese company not. On your life. Let's get your thoughts as we continue to broadcast this morning. Also coming up. We'll talk about this issue do we think that it's acceptable. For Russians to interrogate Americans. Say would this. This is still this Coakley radio program. If you follow the events the past few days you know one of the other controversies involving the president's involves. Russia and the possibility of allowing. Some sort of exchange of interrogations we get to interrogate. Russian citizens who may have been involved in criminal activity. More specifically connected through this collusion thing with Russian investigation. In exchange. What I mean approval would like to grill American citizens what do you think of this idea. Should we even consider this. I'm curious about this let's go out to Preston in South Carolina good morning Preston. Good morning event data today right sir. Yeah I'm on a couple of her answer this question is hard interrogating US citizens than them and carrying out. They got the same way in the military that's a no go he'd never need to let that happen and they try to do that in the military soldiers back in the day. And it just never got through and the military is and or citizens should be trying to process stay there Paul and other things that would handle that level below want to get back to Norman or tiger open at Saint Louis. My father retired from Chrysler. My grandfather retire the presence of a mile or more got a high school when that they hit and then Chrysler moved to Mexico. At that point. We were fourth generation opportunity. To go to work for pride ourselves when they're gonna count in the military is that not all our friends that chose to go to work for Chrysler shutting him. In the Saint Louis area and ended up happily to their careers when the plant decided packet from the Nevada go to Mexico and it really did shake things down the people understand this. They can build up a community like you say but they can also turn down communities that have been up and running for decades in my case price it was their 75 years. So what happened is knowledge of the people on the planet losing jobs for the people to support the pilot parts vendors seats seat belt whatever they lost their jobs so that triple aside. On economy. And thankfully it was counties still robust but it was able recoverable some places adult and then have been ghost towns and I'll leave it at that. Well I wanna rescue here pressed an idea ever concerned that. This kind of thing can happen if we in are you concerned about possible trade war. I have no problem the trailer outside a wide because. Will be by the understand we're dealt with a country like China that float their currency is no country like Japan did not run as efficient as they could. Germany as well give example I was offered contract in down economic contract overseas and our current reading gotcha works for you. European. Make Tom. Bad guys go to Germany and then as for media contract in Germany I wouldn't get a tax free status and I would rather pay 35% of taxes in their country. While has there been out at the turn around. The pay federal estate taxes United States. And that's what the Germans have a hard time getting contractors like me to work for their national defense or the defense the DOD is because they make it unrealistic and unfair. So it yes bring on the trade wars because like the dormant so before you actually costing jobs. But in the process in the past we've bounced status sometime and it takes sacrifice when Bill Clinton did in the ninety's. Not just chilled. The auto industry beloved to the south of 1995 think about all the textile mill battled and everything and yet they counted were effective that I saw go away when I first moved here. It totally intact to the south and agricultural standpoint. So bring on the trade war because restore the strongest economic outlook under the law and by the way we're about to be the number one oil producer again so we're about the Middle East and. We're talking about that story just the other day why I appreciate your perspective their Preston. There are great to talk review again. Preston who is wonderfully served this country always great to hear from the let's go to our call here in Charlotte from Jim good morning. Yeah I'll bet. Almost certainly there's there's there's a lot of new reissue of the free trade and automobile production not been hearing it all all I see you back in the 1950s. You walk spiritual war. I'm right here her outlook are used are just throwing the Japanese huge circles particularly particularly where fool. Now I've already replaced by a majority. And so are Koreans through Koreans have done playing aren't there stories we're basically given both the Asian countries. Our blog entry furry figure our economy are therefore true. And they were you lucky you talk about both the automobile plant to Japanese to determine the course you've been talking about a man got an assembly plants. Here you have to study that was part of the UAW is requirement government for farmers politically the bigger they had to give a bright. Yeah you're right that is so they start requirement Japanese and Germans to builders assembly plant here we if you read the overall he sticker on both of those big goal. You'll either be injured. And Detroit age or still might mean you're playing many of them in German. No not award the top dollar you're supposed vehicles. Yeah the fabric material the interior demolish you out Mo exactly coming from American suppliers. See some of that but purely my feet made out of this country. But this terrible luck American companies. That's what's happening in this country not the actual guts of that car the actual. In cult are combating Indians media were still Lleyton apart and many are still Biden are depending on the main important. It's what you eat the back of their. Court about we try to bear Dublin hearing has ever let this 67. Days' rest or play it can't into the main news. We have never had free access to those Margaret Japanese market trying to give it your plan as tight as it can pretty. I mean we're sorry but you don't protect our people are very bad to look into manual all armor level. And that's our name is pretty much true about yeah. I'd be all right and we can better survive in this world where my home page is to continue to cut government is financing quick as we miss. Including actors say it's gone from America which you. And and make our industry is up significantly. And turn the American people warns there will ever take care of them well. Amen preach a gem. Gut grow government why don't under the law portable right here show American voter. Are coming up with all our programs back that I can get people all the old mayor he he he he he he. He took extra employer back at work Kerry and Mecklenburg and fairly Charlotte. Everybody around metered strictly personal to people walking around as you walk him or get red checkered opinion of government war. But the way it then you're aware of Americans thought dilemma that got their spiritual arguably had no chance of competing with the rest school. I thought got the night. I already jam. You know and Jim you know drives home a good part of this which which I think is really important for us to keep in mind. It is vital that we get government under control. Get it under control. No one of the concerns I've had for quite some time and it's frustrating to watch. You know the Republican Party supposedly the party of lower taxes. Right lower taxes and less spending not so much in recent years. You see a change because we have Republican administration nope. You infect you have a pretty hard argument or to be very few adjustments. There have been made since the Obama administration. Yes the regular militaries getting more money isn't that wonderful. We're continuing to balloon. These debts. And our debt is continuing to increase its going the wrong way. So we can talk all you wouldn't play that the terrorist game whatever it is sooner try to deal with trade. But there's something else stereos and faced a factor we are a debtor nation. And there's a recent force to be no reason at all let's act quickly try to listen in on stage and got about a minute stand. There are you doing gore problem is the one thing about but these emerging economies this is a scar up with. Does get Chinese economy there about eleven trillion last year we were thinking. But the fact that I'm lumping people don't take into consideration. The fact that we produced that much do you pay what 350 they attracted to name people and they do with the they have. So in reality it were about six times more efficient than I L might some RRR. At least the extent to which are still capitalist. Now with the with BMW. That they they have the BMW. The they that's the car situation. Some. But that won't or report saying what. I'll let you collect your thoughts and we're gonna have told you through break as we've got a hard break coming up here. And we'll continue our call wave stand in the east sprawling metropolis of cloak and this is still Vince Coakley radio program. So much fun and here. Back women's coach could radio firm has been talking about. Tariffs trade BMW. The auto industry. Other related subjects coming up. Critics are by this issue of the possibility of letting Russians interrogate Americans you think there's a great idea also. What do you think about this idea of a four day work week this seemed to be getting some traction Bruce like was this the eighties Charles when we're talking about Newark. And it died out what happens. Okay she. I mean that respect I would minded but I mean come on it seems all this talk seems to have died down and it's. There's a lot of interest lost. But there's a surprising. Result of the study that was done I think this was done in New Zealand. And I hope the corporate world starts to take notice of this. We'll take a couple of quick calls before we go into the stories first Jerry in the unions good morning. Anybody. Out Bobby party election yes. And yes. All right. Our. Idea aren't I'll work for by the way as talk to us tortuous all look like the go ahead of -- Thank you are right. Yeah hey I work firm a supplier any upstate that applies BMW. We may see everybody out there are gonna play out. I spoke where it stopped by happy about that last week and he was clueless. Stop your work first of all I'm I'm starting July sport that the other night Arab. Four. On the Sabbath. Try to put up 40% terror on all the cars come over from me. RB US that's a huge deal and really hurts. That BMW plant in sales of error are unique cars that go there. Which is the X or X five X six soon to be expelled. And and that's a fact that's the bad happening right right now now. Many RV ER BI and your European card on companies when they won as well and a certain country. They have to build from cars there so if they didn't sell and Brazil or Thailand or somewhere they have to build a small plant and they built the cars. So they can go all the all the different model. And I respect that BMW is going so I have off beat. Hop production of these tipped cart somewhere in Asia. To beat this 40% terror. And one at bat to bat it takes away jobs from the assembly line. And Greer South Carolina. And place who have come and I don't know Australia. South Korea Vietnam and Thailand wherever the app that wherever they at least bring that up. SI NFL not block. People were talking about Powell. Be it be embodies that right after this we're gonna hire a thousand people. They came out what that statement. I'm June 26 2017. Seventeen I didn't hear golf lender Trump's hair scum comment commonplace. It's not a good thing pretty upstate and I help people understand that. Jerry I appreciate you talking about discus what's intriguing about this. And and can you seem to be affirming the point that I was making you know we have this idea that OK here's this thing between us and the Europeans or whomever else. Ands and in the point you're making is. I can't plenty of other places to go it doesn't it's not like the other some exclusive. Thing that they've got to get America. You know got to provide their goods to America or do this with America they could basically say screw American camping Jerry. Well no. Speak because this plant is too big. No I'm not saying I'm not saying that I'm not saying that they completely. Get rid of American operations that's not what I'm saying what I'm saying they can make adjustments. So that these terrorists do not matter but they do matter to us because will have the net loss of jobs that will not come back. Well comeback. After trump or or else after trump Bob ball down pretty neat. The big thing about it is that how much money do you in baton. You know plant in South Korea and make cards. America and South Carolina. And a fumble in South Korea and shipped to China and what truck made jets. Wake up one day and changes buying it did get too much pressure and then you've got all its plan all the money that bad. Europe Europe or Europe born poured concrete. You're you know hiring people and then got let's go to eclipse all proud you don't know what can do it. And you brought up another important point about business and you would think he businessman would know this. One of the things the business world does not like is uncertainty. Crap. Absolutely not something I'd bet. Iran had and there is uncertainty and it's paid. Could hurt its military I do appreciate your breath away and we can hold on the line because I'd love to may be touched base at some point. And find out how things are going you know if this isn't a matter just about discussion today is about what happens three months from now six months from now a year five years. We've got to think about the long term it's not just in the short term we were talking with the stand out clover earlier in the we were gonna given some time to collect his thoughts. And yes we are going back to stand. Good morning and do you still have those thoughts collected now shares. Yes I did it look like I don't want me to floral when you when you're trading with countries is at various tax rates. So if our corporate tax credit which is opening round the 20% ranked brick or let or governor our companies compete with countries. Where some pleasure the corporate tax by 10%. So that you would just so tired of what you're really doing is using government money. You're transferring money from taxpayers to make up for the different already. Some second the second link. Can't be were to take you to take car what they've been like the case of BMW the labor is here. So the label was an imported so that you could really literally Eric Carson based on. They also provide based on the percentage of but on the percentage of the cup. Got a little support in the cargo that you produced here simply import the transmission and the motor achieved at the labor ear senior produced a terrorist tie that into a can't. And the bottom line is how that book is done now. Bear country the country is pretty much all but stole all lobbyists and campaign don't mention team couldn't discern what it's about social reality all of you know that I had expected or industry. You have no way I wish you really really got in the nuts and also study or actually mole or not. And goodness you have. You've you've got a great point here. And you know it it isn't the best thing to simplify this and and for all of us simplify this. And have the government involved as little as possible. That's critical outlook he got the color definitely cholera to go to it clearly your tax rate as low as possible and turned American people loose. Cares what Matt for us because we what we would outperforming everybody. Iberia I'd love stand I mean that's that's what I've always heard about America we have the best workers in the world appreciate your call their stand. We have I don't think we have anything to fear. And unfortunately I think this is a lot of what we've. Then subject you are in recent years we've just been scared to death. About what it's some other country is going to do and taking whatever away from us. Tents. Ultimately. I think we've kind of an edge with technology. Hands. We can stay ahead in this game. I don't think we need to be focusing on yesterday's game. What is what's coming next. Can we be the trend setters rather than the people who are trying to figure out what happens. And recover from it. Coming up witnessed our about this four day work week. And so the idea of Russians interrogating Americans god forbid. So before taking the other calls if time permits here. We have this in the USA today why is trump open to letting Russia interrogator Americans. Including former US ambassador Mick fall. This firestorm over president Donald Trump summit with Vladimir Putin has broadened to include the revelation trump is opened. To allowing Russian investigators to grilled American citizens. Including former former US ambassador Michael McFall. The White House confirmed. Trump was considering a proposal from the Russian president to allow Kremlin officials to question McFall and other individuals. In exchange for allowing US investigators. To sit down the questioning of twelve Russians. Indicted on charge of trying to undermine the toy sixteen US election. If you may remember this the president refer to this is an incredible offer. Actually used those words. This have been. Condemned by critics and dubbed absolutely absurd by the State Department. White house Press Secretary Sara Sanders had a request had been discussed. But there wasn't a commitment made on behalf of the United States. Who are these individuals why does Russia want access to them and why with the US be willing to cooperate. That's the question. They call a former US ambassador to Russia under president Barack Obama served in the role win ties between Moscow and Washington. Deteriorated. After earlier for by the Obama administration to reset the relationship remember that. With. Hillary Clinton in that moronic reset button. And there there was such a joke. He wrote a book on his tenure in Moscow and this can contentious relationship with prudent including when Obama signs. In particular act into law. This was about a tax accountant who died in prison after calling out fraud by Russian officials. In this particular act was supported by a mix fall. And impose stiff sanctions on Moscow. The person referring to are Sergey magnets ski. Nicole's book from Cold War hot piece details Kremlin attempts to discredit and harass him with tactics that included dispatching protesters. To his front gates and criticizing him on state media. In fact we crawl was named a person of interest by Russian prosecutors in their case against bill brouder. An American citizen an assertion. Of magnate ski. Could push for the passage of the law slapping sanctions on Russia. Ultimately prudent is seeking to arrest of former ambassador. Please consider how outrageous this actives. Disco but disgust no less between our two presidents. Dramatic fall wrote on Twitter. I hope the White House corrects the record in denounces and categorical terms this ridiculous requests for imprudent. Not doing so creates moral equivalency. Between a legitimate US indictment of Russian intelligence officers. And a crazy completely fabricated story invented by prudent. This is pretty serious business. This whole bill broader story in fact this is worth following up on at some point. This is a very intriguing story I think I have a book. It's been written on this subject. Ants I don't think this is gotten the attention it deserves. Nonetheless. The conversation is happening now. Very important conversation because I certainly agree with the writer of this particular article we absolutely should not. Should not. Provide this kind of access of Americans for the Russians. I mean it's. I can't believe we're even have to explain this to some make any sense whatsoever. I'm let's save the conversation about forty workweek for next time we're with you because I wanna give this more time. It really. Deserves more time for discussion first though let's take a look at the day in history. And good end to upstate studio and law and so good morning and good morning. Is this dreary there as it is here it's pretty dismal new AM unfortunately. Plus it's sunny in here where you want to pull my goodness I'm pretty at all. It's true there are four questions here try to brighten it up but these. This was found by a French soldier in Egypt. This is a stone that's unlock the secrets of hieroglyphics. That was a major hand there what was discovered. A dusty first would that major and have helped duke and it certainly would have. Yes else's name when I used the let me repeat the last line this stone unlock the secrets of hieroglyphics. This let me give you another hint. There's a business that advertises. Rosetta Stone. I've loved it I love that I love it see you can't tell me I don't give good hits although that was much better than the first. There ago. Let's see. This is the site of Seneca New York. He is. This site of the first women's rights convention and what else is there in that city's. Seems appropriate you have a women's rights convention. What else do you prepare. You can there are so many jokes I'd now that we're makes her a joke and on the go I don't know okay that's a safe answer it's a women's museum is also there it's okay. 1941. And this person major leader world leader used this sign for the very first time. And this is really con there's a lot of other people use it to. Still peace time poll no it's they have these side and four to six jury you know no yeah. Also the sign of Niro and it's evil. Two day where we can watch out for that one. Hey would you believe we're actually at a time home but hey it's been real it's been fun a great start creed Alonso later on velvet. That's. Have agreed to proves god bless you. This is still fiscal clean radio program.