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Sunday, March 4th

Patrick & Trent discus how Roby Realty and Roby Services can help you get your home ready for spring.


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Good morning welcome at home. I'm fat cats and over there be services along with Trent hates him. President in a motif from the Dylan and he's committees can needed that one I'll show you how much I'm lucky packs at a hearing. Showing you how much I love you president if this is trick hastened presidency of the Rooney family of companies will we or you're this sense that we're here not it's in it now with ruby. Joseph got a really cautious today I'm excited about it. I'm really be surprised on the force segment that dead people since they came to listen. Yeah me out here to get them back at that elated at the ban a low blow bottle and he definitely in the at that will be unique. Any animal love kitty cats and a did not put him in bags. The which in Helmand river and hopefully before we giggle and it is Sunday march 4 tomorrow is my father's birthday march this owns and predict my dad. Who's been on the says illegal and legal Bart bass Rodriguez Friday role was piper Burke to Riga. Wiley pipes. And harassment Els nine named after piper. The piper turned seven a scarlet turn seven apple have missed out February 24 to like new literal close with them with their partner I'll call. The deal and grow luck she's the do yet do what did you have did you all do anything special for birthday here. To that line I give tough love around the house immediately and now we we can't tell with that ice skating party was about 167 year old Cecil thank. Say it got to be not like Daisuke I don't either I'm not it is not yours not been fun I had Lynda Bird apart about two years ago and break it Linz and you know ice Haywood the girls. Is not fun mad respect for people recognized because you know it happened is that would happen is we watch the Olympics. These people are so good it's eighty and I'll tell you that ice skating rink was hacked. I think sneaky as to what Snyder won a Mac these you know I know my grown yet did a little beer was ice house. And I just really cold enough for such a suffer plank road rating myself back in the day suited their. The dead actually got to get says today we have Dominic constantly come on second and third segment he is general manager of ruby handyman is gonna tell us. It's hard to believe but you know of spring and around the corner we yes and honey do list items for sure need to get thank dominates like a rugby celebrity in the community or runny nose and eyes are in our country. And he had a toward this past year so we were miss and Dominic he's back he's in full force reinvigorated. The main pesos cool us on around the lobby he's got I think it's an it. Is there I don't letter maybe I don't I'm now I'm out and Lou he still had three strides. I'm Baghdad now I'll pull off Sox up me and my kids make fun. And I think my bed east to politicize economic planning hill but he went sort Sonia them mammy and implement shorts I now have Wear my stance sauce on you know and he seemed pulling off the law. You see it that. Don't ask me rhetorical questions as the scarlet Kia will be gone Aaliyah which then. The getting is we're out of town to Osama and Ali again you know I hey you wanna say hey you hit that and it. Hey hey man. Not only compared I have so I'm out I'm a manatee convention easy madness that that was trend using my voice that was he noted I was not easing your lapel or did you meet him he could yeah I would I went to have a one of the most relevant conflicts is that there been up I will say irrelevant relevant to hit some really good speakers it was really did a month. Caller who who's a very good part of our code generators that are on that their power division. Minutes is cooled to be able to goatee youth something like that with people cross country that are your competitor we talk about this all the time in trade secrets it is there's an infinite there's no reason not to not not trying to get it at. Huntsville Alabama or or Atlanta or. Or you are eating is market Sydney is special to be element. To interact with people that are more successful at that particular product. And we are in kind of walkway was a good relationship was that was really important basically we're. Patrick is honing his skills for a rugby services being your generator expert does that. I'm I think the very first day I read that tuchman at. Sharpen the saw sharpen a publicist shake shake the sack that I did a spell around me now. But I think that's imported I mean in any business and be able to get out and work on the business and does this novel be honestly got deeply can't facing bags and they'll maneuver. So who resented. This morning swim to dog ready to take mommy oh locate keep an Alley and I don't burlap sack black when you catch him. By the Gator makes alligator in the river now writing a much else. United that's tough market out there by scared to go. Don't know about like from property only golly now dig the gators Ayers now 30%. Last trot it out what is crocodile on her with a Dick at a garage to. All Lugar. And handled so so I just got back from mature they're always visiting them in a family business and student and an Alice in Louisiana arrest and streak we got a gas from Canada runs contreras come examine business. A pinkie west Canada above the lead in is the coolest guy Mark Melancon on the animal who says he's on call in from the in tic ten. But every town we go places we've this art it trailed with this group we do about twice a year. And and I'm the oldest sister brains in nice from point 740. Com. On the second oldest is aghast this sorry Gloria turn forty in gene. And every tell me Getty's crazy places mobile remarked is so who adventurous. He wants to go lights and a original steam power planner. Yes we wanted to go noodle and I mean he tell more about noodle and shoot and alligators now when it would tell pet alligators. But he likes to do stuff the specific to that reason we tell Moore made bag is like people. But I get to do some cool stuff we did not it was cold and it was really rainy. We did not mingle or go alligator at a more polished as chemical was all his work he said he says it's about to. Yes it is NASA's nature's worse in it worse and hard to get to places that Arctic in the media would have to circle. Down as an Indy yea takes like six planes to get there about. The US Cole in will learn some from him he's crazy he's great friend gave great got to bounce stuff off. So coming up we have Dominic Thompson women talk remind him behind his back so large. Talking about war how he each house ready for spraying water things to do in this market spot. Will be right back. On the back. And I asked for relief services along and he's. Family of companies. We or your posts Dominick Thompson is in the house staff sergeant staff sort I'll play and all other than other for years you play I. I heard today and in our Ernie Els I'll play along Richard you please hear a deed is military jacket on a hill. You get a three strides Patrick knows what's Aaron got to Canada stands out I don't know if thou be a good camera jackets aware know how you found cannot do it any didn't he not do any catfish noodle and wearing a jacket like this that he had officials the common people get really into that would get up played Alec can erect basketball league has high school. And this guy had a tattoo on his arm that was CD just let go in the back of his caller that's absolutely striped and on the entire caller the stunning new nose and I gave my main dollars a year rip it. FF I think that's like tells Scott west side you know Newt. Asked me two years ago Jason I'll put a ball when he was an attack these I don't think he's get intense snow morbidly was. He told me he would get a rugby test to only chance of operating like 500 dollars a year. If we did we and hang out for fifteen years laughter that. You have some 500 dollar yuan a month on one of my family business guy has. Agenda back an hour. He's fifth generation construction company. 140 years old. In Nebraska. Does big commercial construction. He has a Nike tattoo swoosh sound moment. Well I don't say cutting out I doubt it for a special sister got. So it turns out they're real quick about catfish gravel and new land grab what little under done you data outlets and vote like goodness for the ice here -- right yeah you should you're armada on that I can let them nab volunteered and is at a very few hope the candidates are banking got to go all the way under and right yeah and and you gotta get out what day did you get out of the hundred pounder you might be down you know home he's got charm you know and I've heard that they've got some scuba divers go down on the dammit lake Norman and they go that wears like a 150 gazillion like this as simple pleasure like yes the size of the -- boy yeah our. And I say you Patrick he's like six not that if there must how impressive was restored to this on myself I asked the heat. Fifty Kayla did you itself may Keylon obsessed with the dominant closer or somebody's got they keep you handle this is comfortable with he guys and he is that there is both on the home on that home with the gal oh really. Smith Ethel list let's talk a little bit about about ruby and the media you back in the Saudi run in the game to win it to businesses did you busy. Wouldn't let me let's remind the audience what kind of projects that they can call me money for gosh we. We calls for all condit's office for this. I tell people that they're the list of things that we don't do this so much shorter than the things that we do it right out but the popular things are anything from I'm about to buy a house. I got a home inspection list. I'm a little concerned where move and then boom boom boom. I'm literally had a conversation this morning and I happen to be drive now with a on road and I was parked in front of the guys Newhouse. While stock until one found did happen within the area here and I said Lon Sidney and browse right now anyway you get did you get a deposits egg Dominic. No not yet we'll have details that would do little for the benefit of the horse. Getting the system in the heat there's more of these dudes in in that oh gosh don't do you. So if you're somebody listening audience in and we say it's time meteor not assured it in your will nervous to make a phone call Sunday. But your wonderful resource because I know you're you're like us if he can't do it. He has eight whole plethora of people that she can recommend a 100% unsure which is aware resource for across the board if he's actually I mean if there's something that we truly are not a good fit for. We can at least guys in the right direction we're not hanging up on we tell me a light. Teeth cleaning teeth cleaning yeah I know good Dennis exactly yet and Italy in an orderly outs on the culture and race in that regard compared to river. Don't grab an alligator so I mean. Chaos in the springtime we're doing a lot of rot repaired stuff right now because people organize their houses coming out of hibernation the stand and they're finally sort of mother yards again right. Where they haven't been and they're looking around and like wild that god there's a guy that's not good India and Asia Seychelles McGrath says fallen off the paint peeling paint is peeling and they just haven't looked at it and six months and that's that's pretty good advice and leases to meet them on the scenario I'm I'm I'm gonna listen shows Sunday morning. I'm gonna be outside cut my aggressively it's nice stating that day today what I eighty said gutters. Basically what are we liquid or look for different things maybe I need addressed this good question so the first side of it is gonna be peeling paint so you know that the paint has failed. And that that and the pain is what keeps the would protected so if you look around the tremor around her house under the roof around windows and doors and you start to see that pain is feeling its download that's a bad thing and you wanna catch that while it's just peeling paint. Before it turns and a rotten wood and an especially in this market as hot as of this market is. Home inspectors will nail that to a home inspection report and a and a heart beat it shows up. All the wood raw shows up and a Camille scary you get it if your potential buyer and you got a home inspection report which is payable on July 4 for a it comes back and it it. Did you you can think that the house this fall apart. So and hopefully that's not the case that we work on a lot of practical stuff like that will work a lot of fun stuff to win you know springtime a lot of people it's persona. Little upgrade I not even expensive upgrades. The sometimes we're just. Installed him back splash or. Paint a new front door fund colors summed it just feels like spring in them and commentary doing an event splash of but no impaired new parent fashion tendencies shirt and a it's as an accessory and makes a huge difference. These shipments and we talk about means. Inexpensive things is recipient ousting landscape lighting to bring up all the time sir it's Lou for for for the bang for the but the dramatics plans such a big difference the dramatic improvement in those things that make you feel bad right right guy snapping David Larson a video out to a couple of this yesterday is. A military fellow top I don't leadership at a graduation nieces the most important thing that you need to do in life is make it to bed every morning and yes and I don't do van. I don't might not bad though but I do other things in the morn gave me confidence the way he said was to give you confidence in May she have a better outlook on day. In treat people better. And act to open a lot higher buys. Pool lessen our eternal in this Lewis this was Lou when you're dealing with your home. Sometimes is about how make you feel absolutely I know I'm very effective by the environment and in the room on this out of the deal. Is a ceiling lows cluttered at night in my house is cluttered. I feel stressed out that I got along with that to do is on my house of the stress right now want to stress when I go home. And now wanna feel comfortable. Today that it lacks it is historian at the tree appoint and Dominic your point is well mean making yourself feuded. Yeah it's like it's like if you're on and on a trip but worried should you buy something connection media the public in a bar on Amazon or. Maybe a little bit less that you and had a story to tell and I bought this that these people when I was at dislocations that. I I think your point of it doesn't have to have a return on investment is all about money. Is really important are each Almonte a fashion Tennessee's a bomb like that from as Coca nearly they are the sunglasses that data eyeball on this conference Abra mine now they're probably a lot more expensive. They affected it always remembered where I was who has Witten were going to beat. Petri your sadness at what point was sick. We all do it out in a slowdown is rather hold memories. There we it's. So the tells story about dominate highlight the books when he first Arnett against a pretty against with the red highlighted what I think got lazy Larry is how makes him the red dot. How much we have Roby who really. Rebbe really grow and was in his third year now. Starting get its legs underneath this Sany Thomas over there are big now or are still a great job her son Travis is now. Working with the systems that we've we've we've partnered Wilbon Townsend really get taken out service level but. How much do you are real estate agents we work with a lot of agents I gotta get calls every day where either an agent has called. Or a homeowner has called said my agent told me that I had to call L cause cause they knew that we'd be responsive they knew we'd be professional timely get it done right. And not cost a fortune but that's a scary and Greg is as it is inspection reports he didn't act like 68 pages or local scores Unita mean I have recently it's like yourself for anybody under eighteen I'll implement the kind of get a few realize these are things that are important stuff. Everything on here is some it's going to be 5000 dollars as you're not familiar with initiatives is intimidating pulled out and it makes it seem like everything it again like your house fall apart their route that you love you want there to bring love it. And this is the one you want and then you kind of feel deflated because you get this like he says 61 page on so we can help sort through that help people understand hey. This is either a big deal or is not a big deal right let's just focus on the south that is a big deal and maybe educate all mad and help you put your money's about another's word of advice to a home buyer and home seller. I cannot stand it when people has just gotten out of hand these inspection reports because of the recession that we and in the housing market was the impetus. Where they get this big long important people got to do an overdue and yet do doll. Oregon bottle I ask Craig at my house I don't know anything that's life itself I trusted partner like road be Cheney man and I'd be really in bombing Thompson. And answered by say what should I do really do wish I really consider listen I'm not absolutely. Are so you we stick around for FEMA I'd love to going to take this is some tidbits of business information and have a good tauzin. If you hang out low long absolutely thank you. Welcome back home with Rick. From rookie services along with me hasten from the Rooney family companies we all your post. We're joined by Dominic Thompson patent case. The handy a handyman can be done land a handyman really easy manner that's I don't know I just can't zealous play than any dialogue that can be dolls all that is all that again if he can you please please please please. Higher. Any man named Manny I'd need to I mean neck I have would be where what would you call him. Everything to be pretty easy dragging any means hole I got an all this let's get a couple of the NB a it was descriptive field says gassing is fully paying and I got it this. Plus his main earner. So I don't see these as these taleo. But knowing you have watch out Italy via I'm laughing but I'm also laughing at myself because I'm without child divide you know getting out like I guess it is is that stuff. It's our children's book writer Patrick did. Yes a basic character until endless that they can and create mine line I'm just chicken. That Donna we're talking about handyman and he retire from Nike new house I think that we coined the phrase the union ruby ready really ready I am Benedict is with with really really is well which really falls under the don't hold ruby Stanley company's umbrella. But they you're given us some sort of tips on the last segment acting to worth repeating analyst ST go out near yard this afternoon in you've taken a walk around the that your house definitely. It would sum up how some of the Pratt. Cool stuff and would rod and and your and that kind of stuff always comes up but as rainy as it's been in this winner and this are obviously early spring Wright is seems to me. I'm not a meteorologist but it seems to me that it's been extra rainy the past few months and well my last summer it didn't rain once it's being in the Middle East so maybe I'm a little skewed. But drainage issues in people's yards have been kicked out the water away from and how do you rent an eighteen would all this all this water. Man slaughter houses that are they're not friends it's nice and coming it would drainage solutions has been on the big thing to. That's on that's on the practical side mirror and I said unless they know we're doing a lot of fun stuff to you lot of a lot of really cool interior projects and like Eddie does hurt like feature walls. This thing is it's like your lingo I think that's too I think gonna show us the basis of towels or how old is here to disease. Right yeah feature roles are huge you to the other there's footnote ulcers. Michael -- -- only you can always cool things that we're doing with trim the yen as trim tool all and then thank the entire wall one like monochromatic color and it just adds so much pop when you walk in a room and had so much drama to that room when you walk in your head turns you can't do. You can't help but see it. And people don't really fun things do with ceilings he's. An exciting all in all I didn't really an elderly or so as this around that is until to save the drama for a mama. But now he demeanor excite that is good and I you brought a little highlight that stuff we're going to claim thanks you know chip and Joanna for. Bring in chip lap around we're doing a heck of a lot of it a minute I'm really glad man has room. Daalder row and and my wife wise chip and Joseph Helena Wright ideas it I think the entire car chain us to not pack ain't got it I love it I can't watch anything to Asia had a well I think there are the most honest and straightforward and in transparent so all eyes last seen him. I'm right good to me she's like yo U think its funny should make stupid court volunteers got a funny because he's kind of thing I liked about dollars and low later and I'm joined notre alert and his phenomenal regular business. But he is they don't redo that kitchen and 24 out now and tear and utterly utterly a little bit realistic path and they're still unrealistic donor budget. That part is probably fail that is truth yet but I say how much have brought decals I've grown caller of the you know came a little late rate is at 400 dollars. I do not move. While all calls to fit easily rattle and well it they get a big addition on the bag in a bull but that made a lot of things popular and they've they've made a lot of things hot. In home remodeling and we see right here in Charlotte. Like crazy we've even I think desk I'm glad you brought that entity people sometimes think handyman it's like a toothpicks stuff. Brightness and talk a lot about that yet I mean he's not about hanging pictures we showed us the number Christmas lights talk well we enough seasonal decorations the other day only downer okay saw a case almost switch gears a little bit little bit about business. Case because you are. Then leader and president of rebbe chain email which is our newest new Islam we're trying to get you back in and back here you know back on the ground. Arm and were really working in an. And Roby we we had our our partners to go home. Coming in and do do a system's audit force and we're really working to get our systems better we have such great clients. Such great services and such great associates. The site we have all these great gasses let's figure out how to make it easier so that's what Roby is all of bound has taken and making it. Making it easier to work were telling our seekers but it's it's harder everybody designate the area around. So who dominate ye ye think in that way so assaults on the have you as one of the leaders are all on the staff thank you at the senate so yesterday I had breakfast. With cocoa can't see there colonize Corso Korea according Kovacs also lies she runs a concierge services in company's Charlotte. And she works we were were so many of the same clients and she was so. I mean relieved that we Yang Ming Yang so much and I had never matter. I think you tell Yi Yi kind of put us together and and doesn't let go one on my good clients in good friends that she works for only Wear for yell or for sure. Sur La. But she was talking about. How's he used this a couple years ago and now how she uses this how our service has done. A quadruple 180 in and how were provide for an hour whose -- ease of transaction. Mainly excited because we really had meanest crash the server style that. To make the communication that much better but they'll point Bain. We had the same great people being in what we're always trying to add great great people great great people lose serve people. But it is more about how you communicate share. Oh I think it is very compliment don't give Coco shower I'll also clear coat got a brown haired love forty she she. She'll manage your home your handyman stuff she you know she brokers a lot of that dusk as we get such great service. But she also does everything for a customer I will take. Take you to Dennis that's ahead at this is at all it was real refreshing to see somebody NN business this will only grow rude. And and won't do it right and provide better service and als and the inputs about commerce Austin. Was writing your email comment about hate shared secrets now I think we do you almost every single week amount of using the I think that's wonderful that we need that in your point just because he had the knowledge implementation is really the key NASA data that is a challenge with anything right. Yeah and it's on ten different things in your business the Conn implement a mall the same time. Your level of a success is probably not going to be there also low we have is that there is the commitment and the diligence and the door to. To keep pushing keep pushing keep putter today and nodding said the no for an answer and asks. It's easy sale you need assistance in a community that is needed that you need good people you need client base that it yes. Force and had tests. Decent for a really wants that Ford and three stems back some towns where he'll say ninth round Mike Tyson's fight it is stated it didn't. I am presented in the ninth round of Mike Tyson cry about it I don't I don't Holyfield did. Although we know how that went to a really cool little lowly paid Alice icing gets hungry about the tip rammed it. I believe I mean these guys I have metabolism. Atlanta doesn't Douglas it beat that is why is. And those dirty stopping. Them. But it echoes of acted to give Italy secrets are really Nelson's seat because I really don't think there's ever an original idea. We're indeed on the snakes that Buick and introduced Gregory another seeker do again another CD that's coming up on the next segment it is the secret. It is go to the pool or is that another there's no silver bullet train solace I think I said this on on the ownership but I must say it again I think like. 58%. Of Americans grown adult Americans don't have a book in our house including the bop. And 82% of Americans figured out ahead 82% of Americans don't ever read a book in its entirety. After educations. Attacked and Weathers has solar collar whatever you do. In the data was saying this was talking about being unhappy Ian and learning in and products. Grow in and succeed in basically say don't read a couple boasting. Face it if you read 383 books in one feeling you've become an expert on that field that's that but this definition the figured out. Why is because these millennial are reading books they're reading their due and on the audible sound in all. Say yeah. Reads books but she ally that's candlelight as millennia hills and cherish. Their owner fountain. Mama slaps on the normal I'm reading the Bible they Dominick I carry on the wing opposite. That's five every year we met and I don't mean millennial but I kind of like Ellis 36 a 37 and on the edge alimony and India where pentium generation it's what Dominic was shipped velocity give us give is she key key point for the lead audience through hard work pays man hard work impatient senior and Ali. Action is always better ideas a hard word patience action. Don't out think yourself. Dominique thank you for being here and I are able get out of calls today a 70433454771. Road or ruby services now dot com Roby service is now dot com. Welcome back at home with Truby comes after the passing for review services along with ten hastened from the ruby. Stanley the company's. Trends we have a very. Special guests and yes this surprises out as Tom Moore who were aware our segment here ever for a day stage a little bit. Friday the second marks the second was on national employee appreciation day. I think we've said this on some previous shows kind of have been in a bag for this show but it for this whole month last year. We started a program and it at the rebbe family companies is called the road be rock star we do every quarter. And this says we do we have done four quarters up until now so it end of every show for march were gonna do. Have a have our red B rock star home and we have skills lion. Good and good morning and he speaks yes yeah and I enjoy say some real quick that you said it did Friday is national employee. That's an appreciation day it's actually a day then it's on Friday the second. Massive deficit but I don't go to school and it and I think is precluded the commissioners small business person the road Iraq's are pretty good idea. You naming teacher had agreed to that might be the business lesson of the day value year employee sweet yes and we we staying and how low skill willingness skipped bail with the since 2006. Islam and win. Two doesn't say tentative 2006 there's been a good I don't wanna forward Alfredo or air I mean it is simple math. And if anything and I wanna say some about skill so silly but this revenue rock star hell we we we started. Started it it's a peer to peer recognition. A case it's nominated by other peers and they get her to get a reward and I think the the group rule or consist of lucky couple day trip to the beach or solemn. Yeah the it's lived choose different things and there Russa it's. Quite impressive package all put together for employees. Will we want aren't we all chipped it you'd have a reward it's a reward you learn it we do and we didn't do it but. And and skill was our first one skips like I said he's been with the over here's Elena say some of Belsky. I remember. Skill was skill was our biggest fire ever read the Tom and skips Dinara industry for awhile. Look he he is a veteran. And and his own company Google great company. 44 memory years to some business away from us and this used to remind me of that. A lot just after I told a story yesterday. About you know when I was two who got about eighteen SR thing about business a sort of notice and other contractors sounds and architect sands in designers. Saudi sounds that he knew early we know the signs so products today. You owner right streets in Arab media puck he also I want an unknown in this skipped lying in. Lion or Molly is that that's correct in my in Vermont remember our murmured son and NASA sent solid get a bag and do my. Inventory while I drove a dump truck every day and I have Beckett is at an afternoon out of the office much in and asked my bed. Who's this gas pay scale line he's he's very very respectful. Say get things Abacha is Stacy Buchanan did business and nine in an hour later. Turn. My younger as I was more on the executives out of ruby. Who was the Fella you work where. Morgan spears ordered spears who is alleges this mention this. I think it is not not come kid and I think that more Morgan spear is it I mean just like he scale but they do need yellow join forces. And you continue to take power. And that's in general the what. It and I think Stevie had sixes in the Nikki remodeling a home especially news that it is he gets more difficult and in. You have such a calming demeanor I think this homeowners app or a or three years subcontractor before. Purely electric in you always have such a calming presence and in the end in a world. For people can get. What's the word I'm looking for have a little bit aggressive at times this. To get the leader the head man on on the job and dad being used. Had a neck calm demeanor I think he goes along way in sort of easing the homeowner through the process is is saudis remodeling a house. Now it's nine minutes. It's or does it very stressful. And to. Make is easy for the clients as possible. Like the film out from beginning you know there have previously has come and happiness is Garrett. If it. It is remodeling as difficult as that is we try to make it is painless as possible. All I always tell clients and people is it's a gain in Yang yet and I don't play year it you're talking on a very well. And I am very grateful for you at at our company and in my brother is we all are obviously. Good for priests recipient rearrest. Which you have clients that are Taipei they run businesses that while people they travel all the time. And your Little Rock. And I'll tell you. Does your event earning you've had your own business and and and you Morgan work together in his business and yet. You. Are always willing to change and adapt. To new systems and new things that are gonna make us all better. Leo that's there remodeling. Difficult situation by itself when there's always changes for me their produce in. Like to we evaluate new things that's what makes uninteresting. New home construction gloom and no more cut and but I you have to you have to think about to remodeling schools. There's so many new different things that ties together we'll remain at including a client. Began mainly in Utah laugh about this armor morale is sitting in 2006. When we negotiated your tires it was probably the biggest cover position US air and I think at this. One of the biggest conversations. It was definitely one of the biggest conversation we ever had a business I think respectively we have we were where I was to your room make out late. Ellison and that truck it was cold I think most men Leonard found I think it was July. I don't. But I remember having that conversation it was very respectful. The skip a wanted to say congratulations for being in the first for every rock star and thank you for being. A staple. And a leader by example our team. Well thank you trend team is a word we're all. Working for the same Meehan. That's also. What thank you for joint news today I hope skill can put you in the right spot seek and have a wonderful Sunday.