Ron Weatherly

At Home with Roby
Sunday, September 9th
Ron Weatherly, from Dry Pro, and a sponsor of Pitchin For Wishes, joins Patrick & Trent to discuss the sponsorship and business in general.

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The following is a sponsored program on WBT. Good morning welcome them Pelletreau beat out Patrick that's. Of these services along campaigns in president. You have reviewed the image companies. We or your host it's Sunday morning we are six days away from our eleventh annual corn hole tournament at freedom parking lot about that and showed today. Trent it's it's exciting time of the year we got corn always got college football we had the first panther game with a lock on man. So who. Recap. We record has turned a weakness in beat Furman. In Carolina Los California. While now I don't have anything to say about that but when he human and you McAuliffe tells a story. When he. Took over Bank of America when nations going to go to Bank of America. He wanted to take down the Yankees in this Bank of America was out in California settled. Think the Yankees got us we say and I'll. I don't know magnetic California I don't liquor. It's and publisher that's in the worthless debt OK Bob a debate when he called cinema go into the figures come about when I'm when I was in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach. I think they skip like the middle five states and jump on them Florida. That we can OK now we just being funny we are. Can I would we own we have rom Weatherly is again it's in it's funny during the break we're talking about branding. I'm Tate story we were this the Labor Day weekend we have we re into the oval but it it's Southport. Apple up of Monrovia electric car owners another boat going by his so far away keynesian. And here's guy ale Dutch advertising that you. Now are saying come from I'm looking around this those sorts of turnaround come back and the guys they've mark on a friend of mine from a first since the start succession group. Had had brewed by and his voted in was. It's like half a mind to do a little I can see him until he got close sounds like a man can do any solvent the red circled part there about the issue is in Southport. In a drain a Cain had money man Massey says she muddy Simi down on the alpha four. Yeah the water renting abode rent a boat I mean it was a 72 foot. Small one I think in Sydney two inches an excuse me that's it but if you're playing in the little the little street in old dean. It's a thinking man I got I got to say. We had a wonderful week and I hope everybody else did last week in but it. We went up the Labor Day weekend has little was sold labor today. We rode up to. I think thank daily lives out right outside of Winston-Salem has some a little town may McCain thanked him a bit but my buddy. Or bird he's been in my lap PO forum. For over seven years great gavel. Lifetime best friend. And his wife Terri and their daughter. And not come to my four kids and his wife's a very artistic he's an artist and he has come account app Iraq. And his mug girls were so excited. His family his daughters play violent thing they do this little camp that we did this year they didn't do it issued a Dunham for years and road. Random didn't figure this out after back. So they get together around that. This is the second town so we took our fiddles little road trip by our 45 minutes. And Terry god god god god rest her so she's so while some. She had all these games and our games for much dollars a month dollars or artist and they painted rocks. And then they paint a broad saint did this contest in the NA explain why they came out what disarm a lot money dollar for what she's cooking shows make challenges and stuff. What is key is bait these creative desserts and stuff like that and I have to explain it. And it was so cool to see much three dollar stand nine and seven. Create create this or in the and explain why they created and was really cool. And piper not my seven year old she she's a little sorry. And but she's so creative in each he had this long rock he she created pain and hot now in had this little room when found a little one. Linear Iraq and dated as a hot doll with a bun and everything in they had grill grill black remarks on it. He's got a big dog little bow. Hit a hit in his hand and Aaron was so impressed with all love him hate me he was like that is so cool he's I guess Andy Warhol. You know this is that could start to some this complaint Collins. And I or it was cold coming on normal bragged impaired on here but it was really neat. To CIT has expressed and so he he has to be afraid camino ethic as did the deed and I think it's cool that position that the big doll be. A maintain need a break teeth and I will tease with. Tool barbecue sauce painting it taste yeah I'm convinced I mean I was late in the tying off that takes the real news. Don't remember drowned when Reagan drove home on a -- that the they had asked what it's all about Armenia Tom Al Labor Day in and into a week in the same thing we we were gonna we're. We're gonna catch finished. They fish for two days. One day almost all day and served in Kansas single fist. Second day when we ran our Seve to his last July you read it abuzz with yeah did catch any fish it was we cuddly cut to a little you know we call pin is. And finally caught a flounder and it was maybe six ounces large B to think that thing was Moby Dick Scarlett didn't want letting go I think she had a name for it. I think it was Freddie to flounder and that we had to let Freddie ghetto in net. A sad moment so when Scarlett is disappoint in this sea hag count any fish in the survey data goes and pulls out the big wallet and ransom by -- it's nice to have mom and dad helps with the coliseum that are confident we have four people on the here as an all allows man he's trial right after an analyst gonna do this right what do we don't yet Canada here though I'm just saying in my crotch there's not -- there's something to be said about about booting admittedly it in the water went like that that was a lot of fun I can see how people get it really ended and only narrow landing beach office -- down -- and -- get owner. With Brian Prosser and we go out to hang out here on this it is up on that and and number river rat the highlight votes anyway have reits are monopolies aren't. Bit but GE get the catfish melnick a toddler river Lake Wylie. You get the salt water O'Neal live up any vehicle the coffee lip and taste salty down on the toes those a little different flavor. I like that playing of the campy silly like an eight day old can't plan on a sure catfish in plan to lay off fry just the same but he. And if you have never heard the story of the great to Taba Damien Clarke Stewart from Eastwood homes. Stepan hammered at eight day old bloated dead no going to be hot check out. It is Mel sort of light that campus. So. We have my number one big old fish in here today we have Ron Weatherly. With a drop broad foundation and crawl space specialists is his name is eve ball boy is mine now later. But he's got a wonderful arch brutal story great business. Hang tight. So it's. Welcome back at home with a birdie on Patrick Pass from these services help alternates and the ruby family of companies. And don't give him the movie. Now that with Iran Weatherly Ron went early though most seasons. He had better and as we sat on the first no I hear nervous when Ron's ours yes. Let's first he swears not even nervous perfect. We talk about a month ago and I got nervous at breakfast except that is not our kids got sweaty to have SO. But Iran I think the first time I ever came in Debbie BT India to eighty radio recording added I did. Commercial solace home when he your commercials. Like 1512 years it was someone have we'll have them pull the police and I'll shoot over him related. And always make fun of each of the global poll your voice and a media voice is to think that I mean Ron your commercials are are one of likely dead outside I think you do really good job of getting your message across. And we'll have to take French radio voice telling has like three years of experience in the radiation. He does pretty good yeah I agree I'm definitely lessen our risk than it used to be knows. Against the leader Marshall and tell you what I hated. Was coming and and used to that discussed our appeared and he would do right these commercials a form. New take me for ever eat the right yet it would take me forever out messed them up saudis what to do it myself privacy. And just goes to there's just practice Cain don't tell them are listening audience in detail how old we we were scripted for about the first year year and I happen and we went. We do the Scripps away I think our show has gotten a lot smoother. A kind of giving it did this more difficult to be honest with the when he had a script we have all these things to like you have to get to. And he sort of leave a good point and good conversation to get to that the today and his wife like you have to get to say now Christian just smacks their lives in that. They ram running you dear saint nick is she's she's here today so be careful not to talk. I I typically tell gas off tackle mark take her out I just got take about a shoe strings because. Mostly string attack. Well we'll Christian is gonna come on for the fourth segment because obvious and coral tournament is next Saturday. Enron you guys have being you to you and your company have been so gracious to be one of our top sponsors this year which which we really appreciate and Emeka which does as well. We were humbled to be a part of for me. When it when I look at the company right and dusty what trip and the rugby team has done you know they've created a system. And I'm sure you gusto put a lot of effort into it but the not a effort you put it in the originally and now. He's got a little different and this thing is running and I think it'll go for years in the future and you've you've helped change a lot of lives with a. Well one assert its is some there's some model you know I mean now was kind of my thing is allied to do things they emea late business coming golfers is so more thing I try to do that I'm like good. But it but what the golf says it is it is if you're not Gooding you have struggles saying you. You don't play well. You know. Yeah yeah you gotta fight village you got a hold your head high you got to keep be persistent you got enough how to lose you know lose with grace. And actual the core hole tournament. Was originally eleven years ago designed to be that NBA an example of our business career or life. And we didn't know where we're real goal in the we knew goal fold. And it and I said this Alaska shows. When I'll sell in the vision in my demo brother Marc Boston a hundred will let them managing in ten years will raise a 100000 dollars seniors wanting years we river one point you know. And now you 250 year. Yeah we're guns well I think our goal this year is 220 this one's so. And we get pretty consistent right below that on a new role on this but we're to drop them back on a trip and you go to business plan up. Yeah. Well when the Berkshire shareholder maiden warm Buffy got mail poll done in 2000 in spring of 2008. At the that was funny we talk last week about how to never happen if you hadn't had a pat you know glass I had to sell it anyway and we are at the peak of our times. The week fault fluids and stay persistent student at and T and eleven now is our first couple years which is truly cool. But I didn't know what I wanted to do. I know all wanted to do some to polish our domino our clients our vendors and our subcontractors basically what we looked at as the rugby family. And our internal resources intend to give him tasks to do some Coleman Ares things have committees. People buying in. People do and some besides some just trying to turn a dollar for profit remodel or builders and house you know from Santa at the time. So site are people need to be more bigger picture because we mean human area on the border town yes in that live in that. So that was kind of my whole thing in Alice I will have a party and half of every training you know we'll get some mileage deal worked tavern is that the more added tack room black Aggies to. To allow us to get one average and well by our class fighter vendors will give shirts made this propaganda. And in my wife in her genius at what every time this is 2008 every time you get together with your buddies. All yelled do is. I don't do this like corn hole now wanting to do that in this a good game because swimming can play. You're not go off with four people and play golf all day your own network and off for me was like you know at thirty people stand around watch in a game. She site so there so many good components plus a strain kneecap was on the tree and plus she can brand on the boards plus as mobile he can do it anywhere I mean there's a lot of stuff says. She gave me out ha ha moment my first child was sick we were in Charleston trying to get some medical advice it didn't go well I mean devastating trip for young couple with their first out. We're drop them back. How was determined to find some good in this an asset may be will you drop on the McGinn on my laptop hand but a business plan together. And she consulted me. If she does every day. Love that story and we're humbled to be a part of it and that's a good death team builder report came as well. It happens to be my anniversary weekend and thought event for double weekend a couple years but my team's been there yeah. Look to work on when this. When you've been up you've been a strong supporter needing you might get good good charisma for your anniversary become. So. Tell mama tell mama that the Ritz is the wrist is this is the second half at a ball game romance Saturday. Ulcer that hall is dead and a stunning days. Say so we were talking about this summer make science does. I want to give a little brief synopsis of of where you came from and how you business started but I always say 1215 years ago mean you started the home business as project managers. And you would come look at jobs and you did a great job and we met through an area in just in general. Richard your name now is drop pro foundation and crawl space specialties. Specialist. And just because your business has he involved wanted to make sure what just drop a note proper. Not that's a great two great ball you don't wanna start the business it was all about basements because. A whose to a corporate Clinton. And Deborah Tom and ray and there was a few houses that would call us come get the water other basement. And saw started based at what a proven business. The challenges here in north Carolina's not as many basements is what you think right. Luckily there was crawl spaces and we were able to. To get a at a time where. And the thousands were being built tighter calls more problems in the crawl space and we were in the front of that social got to build the business but as we've grown. Now we do mold remediation we do structural pairs of girls who do foundation repair concrete lifting. Colorful boards down. And our name really does speak to everything we do. Yeah yeah yeah I mean you have a similar business model IGB bond you try to figure out how you can be vertically integrated. Do things more officially stating your Bailiwick what have you stain your your core competence. And what can you provide your customers like rugby or your correct homeowner were Contra under what can you provide in the makes life easier and also gives you. Processor that's right and it's about the customer experience and so we we don't wanna get us wait Q4 outside of what we do. As long as we can stay in our core services that we don't really having hot dogs we can to clip about a good customers what's hot now. How boat is something that McDonald's. You know they could sell it right but it did at Dubai it. They don't not a price and up that on how to cook it has just outside the system. And so we like doing things that are inside arsonist. And her death for her like that term. It's Iran I mean basically keeping eat it but this is sorely sets are in the carpet clean and admit it does and how he got on his business. To be honest with you what really went bad about what timeframe we year was at when he said he had now hah moment like man. This crawl space stuff and ended dip below them the floorboards as you say there's a real opportunity here. I think you guys who really one of the pioneers in the market for for king and that design there probably were others. But now seems there's a ton more than there were when you first got started. So I started a carpet cleaning business like came to us. North Carolina and were to come towards me from Danica and others in a military army brat just moved around a good bit. And and it appears North Carolina Baikal. It's been a good they're good time so I don't we're gonna go bat out. Act like pace is good I never heard this story I know you came from carpet cleaning industry. And I'll tell you eat it seems like there's so much more. People that specializing crawl spaces in net at arena now public I Andre I think because code has made Alice's tighter than and I think humidity in this trap and moisture and stuff than in the Charlotte region right now as an honor. So that's great man we're here with Ron Weatherly. No hot doll looks drop pro foundation and crawl space specialist I'll learn some of them wrote it down a hot dog McDonald's I'd be mom memory next time. Hang tight we're just gives star were wrong when. Welcome back then on the ropes up that's fantastic from relief services along okay since the ruby family of companies. Jim we have Robin Williams the media who can we were. Going down memory a memory lane rocked a little bit of a carpet cleaning curve ball list. This is right after he was talking about he doesn't have any hot dogs and his business and if you miss so I don't know if that is. A dozen great analogy go back and get our podcast is on segment to. And round of the French view yeah why he stays in a certain its business sectors. There are all under the floorboards Iran cart weekly he would admit those go back down here sure it. What year did you come to Charlotte. Gosh camera exactly probably 9595 again yeah I at any beauty came here need huge picked up a carpet cleaning machine where all the winter. That's working third shift textiles oh okay and sort of doing that during the day. There for three years to truly couldn't get off the ground you know I mean it's not you know you don't would not not dollar. You know it is in Olympia calmer little coupons that of course and so I just wasn't something that I could build dumb a business off of I felt that. And so shut that down to textiles for a little bit come learn how to do people manage people. If from their found a child brought to work Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday during the day and work Friday Saturday Sunday twelve hour shifts at the top. And was able to build the business for about two years that went. Started raining and my dad had just retired from the army that say pops. He's he could do well out the private sector he can bounce around if he had this job what tower that's a poll that if you know my dad. He's mechanic can you say it diesel truckers or call any China. Letting go well. And so paid. He's what do cockpit cantankerous. And slightly but yet he does his patients is number longer in a Monday got along they loved each other kids and too tough conjures throws so he joined dent. Kind of went from there. That's cool and wait you wait era Zach. From left to go back and really look you know we started 99 have borrowed below start 1001 ceased. And Ruben and stuff that did that. Categorize yells my whole oak group. Because I was beats on feet on the ground every job we look at our you're gonna forefront of it so law. But I but yes so we've their own at this thing 1718 years as vertical Bronson on it in 99 do you wish the initial name drive pro. His drive coat dry clothes at a franchise. Lost about 151000 dollars on that bill and I change the branded drug pro. You know now what I'm trying to do us what are provincial 60% among business yet and Allen do what you guys did you change the brand five years ago. About ten years ago had nothing may have been OK the bread yet but I can't even rebel told logo looks like yeah well well yes so. You ask you we were tell my this before shows and you tell me you're working on ten you bring your brand was a little stale I mean I think. Outdated I don't think merits but I think when you're when you're inside being self critical I think that's good to have we had a get Tommy and work at this and now. Do you pay was from up north temple fire and ice in. And Mike good ol' boys' families a Lotus gas tight end in we wanted to build a web site. I mean I think it was like twelve years ago when we originally change it now I see evolved into the rebbe and we you know has been originally. That custom residential when that was our primary business and our really our only business that Tom was a squire and it was a light. And red sands and we would put a little Korea on top little solace service top and Aldous crowd moan don't and alum remarks mark in the east and rename a hotel he had a pretty sound like little house is old iso nine. And Alice before her by had a fancy sound an air by cardinal Francis on and we got more sleek good movies and it was kind of plays which game. But he said before it Doug this is like a four if I wouldn't have a website he said before we go to our web site I think our logo Louis Dale. But after everybody brags on an all day every day. I think our motive is still when you look at regal and. Moon. Okay we can get steamroller okay government is the best logo levers to forty years older by things as 65 years ago already two partners holed it out. So. I says we have Gary hasten come in our designer and process yet to rule is you got to keep the square and you gotta keep the color red light PC dot. A month later he comes back sitting at the table is Chris Maynard who worked Almonte are better for some of Tommy in Tom and Chris were ourselves gas. Travis my brother my dad Ron monk would Don in my grand Magdalene was still around at this meeting mrs. he passed away within a year of this. And he hands out these the lighten pap was and he says food and the first he has thirty renditions of our new triangles and ago. And I open in a first one is our rail logo with a black background and a triangle. I think I got kicked back to people who. Due to work out a particular range it's late and I fell all the pressure coming man mean. And they're right we're spending tens of thousands of dollars and did you get to requirements and they're both broke. It investigator yes and this is also on the freeway and I didn't think it was awesome at all that this is all some but did you missed the two requirements and that this the to swear in a red light and what was office black peaceable grand vote for legal bar and I think people managed code. But I think it's a larger business skill. In hand you know and so when when I look at that you know down the road. It's and a lot more expensive the change that five years ten years from now vs now you know we're pretty committed. I say this little lady luck on another yes sir I think that it and it and it set up the triangle then has said of the evolution of our business. And we knew in my wanted to commercial one base we gave us a square version of it but I'll tell you he this stuff up and let the wall now. And her academy damn I what are you don't want our pain has got 101000 dollars needle even he said it will be in the mail. NASA whoa whoa time out he solo he said let me ask you sound you said in five years you won't everybody to think this was your sixty year led. He so let me do my job and you do your job. I got reasons behind this explain them as we get it do you trust me if I actress she diploma house. So yes we're hand I had it. And now four years later I got word of pars and might Harley com mail when they sent meant I was just run on the road south to you sons. Man. That sixteen year logo is. Fouls like dying it for years was the first Hamas so my thought that logo with sixty years in Indian Mike Cassidy appliance order on the house that doesn't silence from the garden ethnic. So he said he's in the senate how AM thinking about oppression a mile logo up a sudden now it will be a platform from groove right as I have these different occasions and you launch a rather detailed story well. You wanna they'll look at it this year what you do you know it just don't agree back into it needs to be sticky it needs to be trustworthy. We attacked our country in simply yes and salads when you go to about your you yes that'll add value at the end that's a little. Act and feel I just tedious to me back into of yours so not think is good I think at paying the taken a fresh view of it. And that's why we have Christian now she takes solid heated she says some men right. Our slogan for this year's corn hole karma was a little. Little racy guests. Little Adam and Adam connotation it could've been taken up a screen. A well by you late this and Emeka which said the exact same things that. It's the need evaluated ascendant and then when you change it. That they can swing go with it every Christian is that I had a Tom Alan and Erik Kolb Madden I would have been. My favorite charity would've done me now that's a popular drug out. So allergic bit what's so what she what you gotta look for a thousand here mr. dropper of. On the horizon you know it's I think is the same. Same jokes subject that probably everybody's thinking about the trade war right now it's how to retain good talent how to train home. How to load of people mistake for 5101512. Lifers. So I think you get a little bit of us as she grows you don't know your trounced a few data fail right now and it takes there is no doubt they'll we fill up a lot today. You got yet thing growth does geography. Andy yeah I don't they're really geography let's do moral lead socialist do more service bettors are reprisal servers for our current customers. It is keep our focus that's right and I think growth has focused more. We both grew out I'm not saying we don't do work outside the Charlotte region we have an office and then we lightly toast. But we've we've grew out and we grew back Ian. But you'll have some will really have so much bandwidth yeah and the what I found is that but I guild of further outside. Some things that make much culture what it is. Are there because of the people. And it's really hard to duplicate that culture other locations while Iran give a plug for your business in their one thing that you live dot. You know for a business standpoint. We we wanna help change people's lives and and really what we live by as a fill that if if I can change my leadership team can change lives by employees. And then they will be so passionate about what we do as a company that hopefully they'll be at chase alive for the customer. When they're there in front of them and that's really what we do. That's wonderful how can people get a hold of it I go to drug postal still stuck comps for all of us what dry or criticisms on. And I wanted to compliment USC do a lot of social media we do a fair amount social media opera is still it. Eight you you're your team is living that you're not in the pictures and airline hey we're at this conference were don't want this my favorite team and they're saying it. You're not they're saying it's warm enough that large an amount congratulations. Thank you Trent thanks for joining in this Ron. Hang tight we got Christian McCall on the shows who. Welcome action on the red wings and hasn't been any services hello Trent hasten the ruby family of companies. Just finishing up with a rom Weatherly from drive proves. I'd opt platinum sponsor for for our core hole they would just coming up next Saturday freedom park. Now with the talk about the last few weeks which is a great town introduced Christian McCall welcome back Christian morning thanking thinks that me and Christian has been odd couple weeks again as as those filling guess Dylan for Trent. I'm Joyce is a great job at the Christian. Leading into court altered amenity your hands or make a fool you got a lot going on the Cornel term is right around the corner. Yeah is also need to know it. Well this yeah this is we are down to the wire that turn and is this Saturday September 15 that freedom park. Says team registrations is as close sponsorship is close but we still want people to come out tedium and it's free to the general public you'll have lots going on. On with big music. I obviously can watch the Cornel games going on that lots of activities for the kids. You don't have to actually play any event come on have a good time so half bounce houses and based cleaners and food and funnel cakes and not gonna get stuff so it's gonna need a town. Hey I think I got some brownie points as you always give him give me in my list of net. We've Tom on us now to around my only my nostalgia people that have been burning for eleven years yeah Ron being so one on the panel I don't think that act together to him anymore you handle well and right yeah. Platinum last week on a radio show we have Louis Quinn with painting knowledge geez and care take management. And through sitting here and listening about the court Moshe Cornel terminate came in as a bronze sponsor yet they don't write him and and then went out of the hospital and they're too they're too late to. Have any branding on the server. I anything services that are doing when they wanted to jumping in. He says makes your velocity more fuel a mountain in Iraq and that's good he's got to come to the business we have the week we have though brawler sponsors is more like a business development. Cook out right at our office and business of business given you more. And I can't get a kick out just our opportunity to say thank you to gather those people in the smaller environment. Com Tim to a hamburger and a cold beer and say thank you for. And that leads me into our wish story for the we huddle it and network and they have on their business because our goal is. Our sponsors all give their money straight to make a which cracked the make a wish foundation of central western Colorado. They get it tax credit deduction for them. And we're just an incubator for that but our goal is to give them more value in business growth and branding and the donation will eat it trending SF but we talk about Lewis and aim and I have to we had travels and he were Carolina and medical equipment the same thing I think it. People are certainly does more than just sort of a bunch of contractors having a big event. And it's really Charlotte business to eat any industry is taken advantage of it. Right yeah Mamas proud moment is this not a bunch of contractors anymore subcontractors as sources it is is sister act to mean. Of the business community in the greater Charlotte area right. Philly really do through the cut down through. You know the bracket are we really do our best to connect those people. To connect them with our teams that they can meet everybody on the injury be signer of the commercial side but also connect with the and always has her hands in the pot on the bracket. There has not I missed that. Are. All the little Christian instigated this time random entirely fair I Travis and always play with bill colossus and let's talk about. This wind story and yes why you're here get the debris of Oregon coming and coming up to the end show you're gonna wanna make sure that we get a chance. To tell a story on talk about the could I think it's Segway because this little girl actually be at the cook out with us guys have a wishing fastener that comes out and tells tells their story. I'm so shall be at cook out with this and I am actually matter. Her family spent at the hairs here determined that we help with every year's part of their sponsorship. Comes up that her and her family and her battered out of the score keeper. So anyway there and their real good ambassadors for make A wish bad. With her outgoing personality inning and a main demeanor which kids Ellie is best described as a ray of sun sunshine. She loves all things cleaned her favorite animal as a unicorn and it's given the chain issue even though ice cream and pizza every day. And only four years old so he has courageously faced incredible hardships in her life. Being diagnosed with leukemia she spends most of retirements and doctors' appointments and hospital visits. And through at all so he buys her disease bravely and never let her smile waver when asked what her one true which could be easily shared she wish to visit her best friend Gianna. And Lake Tahoe while staying in a cabin with a hot tub. From the nanny from the man is Ellie and her family Iraq attack handicap and they couldn't believe they are finally there and at the wish was actually happening. Incredible house with complete with a pool table maybe Raymond of course a large hot tub after getting settled in it was time for Israeli Ngo and as a union. Zoe squeal with excitement when she saw her best friend an agreement instantaneously filled with nonstop people since my house. Together they play in the snow buildings and then making snow image snow angels and sledding. And after a day of fun girls couldn't wait to warm up in the hot tub that Sony had been envisioning for so long. So is mom capture this moment on camera and said I got really emotional because the picture just captured the essence of the wished it was exactly was Eliot wanted to do unit and talking about. At the end of the trip so we did not want to take about a Jian and I was happy to have spent so much time with her best friend the trip was a much needed escape from data daylight presenting her family. And after the trip her mom said the trip was really special because it really lifted so we spear axe getting to see her friend and that she still loved her even with her short hair meant so much to our. So that's that's that we story and I remember hearing the story lob from her family and it really was the big deal with the hot tub that's not a CUS said there's a really cute picture we'll put it up on our FaceBook page. The so we hinge on another little friends plain hot then sent out. They're great family and as she said you know this is when they spent eight years here at this is a couple of years after her way so. She spore when she got it but I'm she's doing on Allen. Yes they traveler around to tell their story. That's really secrecy deal a really good job of town historian and really make people understand what and when exactly does intuition it. It's funny how we always reminisce these kids ice cream at Disney World and I in late. Miss some little mind could not mine knew that some detail that right the kids always tar file which I think is I think it's a cool right where Brit. Going into halftime there's always about the kid you wanted to get a hotel any lollipops holiday if that was his thing hey he's paid by the pool and they serve lolly -- saw daylong whistle portrays I think you know the lollipops with the huge thing for him and it's filled with Christian I love this watch your face light up when utilities which stories a thank you for being here as our parents com. And the corn hole tournament next Saturday September assisting yes beat there.