The Rubber Band Reprimand

Kandas and Larry answer listener questions, and discuss how to use the Rubber Band Reprimand to improve yourself.


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Welcome to write radio which is all about being rich and generous. Every week your host Kansas and bestselling author Larry going to show you how to be rich and generous by investing in real estate. Broadcasting around the world on the rank radio network from the flagship station WBZ and beautiful uptown Charlotte. Here are your host the rock stars every state Kansas and Larry. What's happened. I don't resort. Also the jobs at good job making the man the legend. Yeah governor radio voice that you've. Got a. Let's vote them out a lot of so look everybody's been well we're back from me three day we have three day event last weekend. In Charlotte was well him before him that that's. Good. They deny you any concern you they run together for me because I'm always on the road off the wrong. In I mean you'd keep the. Lining. Like intently. As her little violin and a well while we cook. That's funny for being poorly saying he Abby on the road count on. Being able everyday guy and it's only a minute and went about it. That's funny. So we're supposed to be talking about rules stay right. That's what the show's all about. Be rich in generous brag radio right. We teach you how to invest in real story when that's active capacities of one doesn't matter to us. We can teach you if you wanna go around flip a bunch of houses to be real state day trader like the book I wrote. Getting started rules that day trading or few more foot pod houses or whatever you wanted to or if you want to dispute past semester just write a check. And and have mailbox money committed right which could teach you either one right yes. And that's all you got a little about a cute yes we can beat you either. And it's not and it's you that's on and you got the Texas. The B you know I. Like humidity. And like rain at all and hey yeah I'll expect imminently before Alina off the mound lining. Up. It's like that Seinfeld episode out there are good looking or ugly based on the light. Think it really evident about you decide. Of course not of course not just came up on the right now. We humans enlightened anyway. They anyway about real estate. Oh. A wanna share first I want to share a little tip with you guys. Right it's something that we started implementing an office in a really really excited about publisher about there's a lot of people opted out habits. That you need that. This year. The things weapons that might need it at all. Aaron. So anyway. So. Every morning we have a Monday are among them. A morning meeting we have a morning me. Every morning at a Monday you do with it there's that Friday it. And we have some kind of a some kind of training I don't know if that will be cells training or if it will be. You know just motivation or life or something like that. And and then we have a short devotion. Somebody in in the organization doesn't than we equals with a prayer and but we do this every single morning Ari. One thing that I learned a long long time ago forget where I even heard it but it was called the rubber band reprimand you learn. We are. Was it from you and it was under the wanna tell you know things they forget. Where they come from their earnings just see on the listen I know I was doing it in me we're in their name. A gym around. Oh. Like right up there would all of my friends I don't know. It was the article you know roll Jesus you. Oh. Or from a central. The. Again and clean them out there. I don't mean we heard the Iraq have been mainly never came back around we heard about it at the same. A good idea. So. So here's the thing. If you have something that your either trying to do or not do like maybe that was like mind was we went through we've got about a dozen people at the office right. And we we wanted to I ask everybody to dozen or fifteen yeah about senator. Bob fiber eleven. About five or eleven people people always ask I mean people you have working for my standard answer is about half level. And if you only need peace in the it is Meena thank him opt and I look and you're. Visit they everyday. I'll bet it. You're right right so anyway. So we went around the room and had everybody tell me what is one thing that you would like. To either stop doing or two. You know throughout the day if you start if you catch yourself doing it. You can reprimand yourself and we got these big rubber and I still have my alma alma wrist right here and I acted it out art and I am. Model. That's when you can barely read what is says. So. In which our anyway. Anyway that listen this is a really good idea I'm trying to share here and you keep me off track you know ally. So we went around the room and no more than three times because of them so awful email all the time. Am I mean you know will you know if I get distracted. Hello I'm like me you know you did Allen and now we're gonna. Blow the it ease. The. Or whatever his house was right. Let up on zillow. Found the appropriate. That wasn't reduce outnumber. The men. In the movement online it's mine mine is down. Only do one thing and it. No multitasking. Is your horrible. I am. If you read the book the one thing so come on I mean how many times do you find yourself now here's what you do that's the reprimand reprimand. You put rubber band around your wrist. In any time you find yourself do and what you said you don't wanna do you pull it out as far as you can and you go. Right snapped your wrist. Had not didn't have a quota and it wasn't like you can get yourself three times multitasking a flurry of popping up like here's this. Added at this now must suffer in the very beginning from like the first thing. And you'd like a half hour mark and I got to mark time left. Number but it's even now he checked you know a couple of rights yeah. At least every three minutes to the right. So morning noon at the end of the day right. When Russia jacket but see I have opened my computer so like whenever I move screens. On what boom there it is. Rate. Snapped Thursday. Right so. And you said you've got a and you said three terms you said there it. But you didn't have any instinct urged that any returns to me and would but the goal in the key is okay. The key is to find something that you realize that you are doing that she shouldn't be to ignore them. Implement business stuffed them and it's also fun something like that in the end. Come up with some come up with an idea. And then put the man known as happy and make sure thing you know how many times have you snapped journal wrist. Started it was Monday or Tuesday of. The thing we yet Tuesday. And I don't know how many times with them myself with the first day it was a lot because I'm constantly pulled in multiple directions and haven't to stop what I'm doing. Two. Handle something handle you know fire and violence that's that's going on so I did do a lot that first day but not so much. On yesterday known. I had to do estimates today. Or Wednesday. Thursday of frank. So I didn't. So considered even do on the weekends. While good for you. Well it starts getting ahead thanks Jeff. It's cleaning your head in and I don't have to do that much of that arm you know. It's solid there. You know we take a break here just a minute when we come back. There was one person that gave themselves up to him about it. Here are thought that you guys do not want to miss this this is not an area. Okay we're gonna make you know useless against him that mom. More time now he does give 877 Larry goes calling at your investors in acting as a digital version out here email or have a physical version ready for you to pick up by the office. Think and talk about the next upcoming three day. Office tourists are mentoring programs in any one can you call 877 Mary go well there that. Welcome back frank radio. And best female they severe engine and let's talk about them less than we are not reprimand reprimand which are currently is and initiated. It is great I love it a love that we is that when I was a stockbroker years ago. But it does Wear eighties it does work at it really does I'm Kelly if you say with your game ready to say that this little story and get ready go into she's not coming at me. The only thing. Until the teller its government she don't listen to you anyway on the radio she doesn't the no on the don't listen to view and not plan. Your mother in law does she and yet. So so we went around the room and everybody picked this thing and and you were talking about I got to do something to reach her house before you know that in return. So you'll Malone. The things she picked out she didn't have to start the rubber band reprimand to she can't. And her two was not saying in the explicit. Right easy to say any bad and think Tannen telling us how my mother's assault and I heard the never ending on the show and he says the badlands. And he actually has creation like her. Home Greg and grow in fact the funniest part of this. Was was she was that explains she's. And it is much more. And that's it well some of those things DC anyway and she said one arrested that man into a week I don't know. Added yeah. And I think that they would you say every time of the chip us now. He does Stella and whether that night but hasn't he gone to that we had to get to the hospital after that. And time she had this never Lara. Hoffman a couple. Do unity even after word yeah. We wanted him and I and it keeps Edwin dinner Emma and played. The this boat rentals or is it the government and airlines. Hearing at select areas. And not prominent. That's cool hey what do we have happened this week in property. We have a lot go with a little bit and news for the people news you can use in that regional of the original. And then at least as many needs. A how about some Larry's learned a little bit of a look at the OK. Let's get to some ways like the old rules that. Evidently I don't know what happened in the opera I think whenever property we got a couple hub of properties offers accepted. All of Hud properties down in Georgia. Right in his immune Georgia era era I think you know I think we're gonna end up dropping one may we made a dent in the drop them both well I'm not sure. But but we did get a couple of law hub offers accepted I mean the one and it was like. It Marie's was listed for The Who has list of like seventy or 80000. And we got to for like thirty or 40000. But the problem is on the middle note where you know one of the things about a minute you guys know there's two ways to do rules that you can go deeper go wide. In other words if you wanna by distancing the Charlotte MS they metropolitan statistical area you can go deep enough but if you're gonna go deep ridiculously warm central area. What you gonna have to do is you gonna have to do Craig's list the zillow Rupert art com. And sons. Bird dogs property located urged you have to do direct mail pay per click advertising and just a lot of different sources property we choose to go one right. And of course you widen captured geographical area right in the that when you have to do 5011 different things right so we can do hide. And we can do zillow whores or as we say in South Carolina. I. And I look at filler as I say the and then. You know maybe some direct mail or or FaceBook. Right right. So. So here's a good keeping one dimension even though we go wide there's some properties that are just too small. Roster by right. It might have been established area were played in a row. Is not normal world or how to get the traffic there at three felony. Here's the key. You won't would be about fifteen to twenty miles from wall more. That's that's written. In light under that Goldman. The I'm lucky me. All right that would. From a Wal-Mart. From a L long ago though Lama and tell me that it wasn't Mexican alone aren't. I don't speak Spanish and amendment Allen. And or Wal-Mart. Public that we pull up. We pull up but there's some people this on the street corner as soon no right but we pull. And I said don't do this oh wool mart though. And India. All about the local. And on our. Speedway all right so. You wanna be about 1520 miles from an from Wal-Mart right. Another good indicator is 1520 miles from Home Depot Lowe's. It so because that's where you can mark in Africa producers. So we did we got to Hud deals this week. We sold a couple of houses. I'll whistle one in Florence we've while and we sold one and all Lander which. Well there's our oldest two properties been on the books. What I'm adding we've talked about them before being and kind of problem properties egos know everything you know what you do a song enough you're gonna lose money on some than so. These houses one level we had thirty aid and the other one we had 39 and fish in and and we're selling them both for 35 each cutting him off the books and there and displaying only got it yet you gotta do is get it. Get witching day Stan Fisher Coakley right. Well we don't do tutored. Elliott and for the Phillies attorney out in the minimum yeah. Just give them an inventory and get the money back that you hell yeah cause we need to earn money while winning a million ordeal now. Exactly exactly so so we did sell those two houses we also got another house. That that we got under contract by in. I don't know where was somewhere near gold Borough Grafton. Area we've got a couple houses and is built where no we have another one that we just got in that and very similar area that were in. They repaid in. 74. And was solid for life. 899 or something like that and but it's a good picks and flip house opened to districts and flip also were whole selling that one. And there's a lot of price drops Cornel I also don't and that maybe not know what he means that your wholesaling. And now look at your notes that the man the legend and the myth right there Lebanon in the written. In the jumping the dominant. So wholesaler has basically in her op and we pay. I. Look at the guy like he just like Don Blake and dump it department and an end. The pot and cook that god and created not for people Abbott house close on. What's the what's rebels of the Mormon in the hole. Thanks to think that the so eloquently paid we get. Paid as a professional negotiator. Where we're making hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of offers. We found that one Jim of the deal that we can under contract at a deep deep discount and then we add a little bit of money to impassable. To somebody who has to fix inflict it. Or they're gonna fix it up and right now. Or like the personally sold all under house to write that we had facility discount. Or at a loss should say yes a lot of they're gonna fix it up they're there and the person didn't do the work themselves. They got 35000 cash they're gonna fix it up and move into me yet so as a. And it still does but then again position I mean it is that as a bad deal for us they are feet. Repaired value group who is 70000 and a house right yes so I mean day it does any damage or is still gonna put the buyer and in good position. That's been an estimate that's awesome awesome is it. So we got to we got several houses and contract this week got 2000 contract of sale. This week. And and we got to take a great. Idea yeah if he doesn't tell you about the investors give her turn to cook and producer popping. He does wanna know what's in the investors get a running at a copy for yourself heating umi call 877 Larry go. You can also text 8038976063. Tech text the word brag BR AG. Eight at 38976063. Anything get a copy of the digital investors get that way as well both Larry's books. Some additional training things like that we gimme a call 877 mango if you wanna talk about mentoring programs are upcoming three day events. Taken on the historic and I mean everybody I began the physical investors it. We'll be Arafat. There are back. Eleven. I do I do I thought that the people. More than 10 but the stories that well and so we're talking about from about the deals we we guys this past week. Yeah we are we got we got three housing counselor to it's one. Bill and an eerie how mature about this other deal that were were. With. Generally again you. Know I got this is this is the. Sat out sometimes when. You do get some of them that clicks right you you've got a person and you're seeing and some potential at that and then all of a sudden this opportunity just like opens up nearly in this cast perfect. For this C. Will Lehman somebody in the company to a new seat and that's what has happened. So so is that it's it's shortened work moment he story that he's into thrown. Almost the lead in the area Troy who works in our office. As an acquisition meant and melons and right. So in other words he's he's column realtors all day long making offers or in the last files. Well during 1 of the morning devotion. Raymond OK it was well CO Kirby yeah. OK so it's Kirby it was one of the dollar by. The story here it was sort of pour hot ticket item I can click right. Anyway hypocrite. So. He got to talk about how place element late in that do the demonstration. To close. Until on the by the concealed by the door to door. That is a close. I mean their armour clothes that are sent. Right you gotta be making coffee does is they can't have coffee caught the Brennan coffee for close but I. So that's really good so. I love that. We're talking about the movie and Gary you're you're you're you're gaining an address that Detroit so. Troy is talking about all the different things they they did he do to make sales to sell 2000 dollar vacuum right. Slow. In this medium like and he's close he's salesman. He need to be making offers limitless property shoot over emails and talk and realtors he needs to be who went directly to this horse right. In all of the sellers. So. In citing as soon as the meeting was over I ran in your office that. Before I was ever. He's like the academy like this. Agree here and it's earth and Eddie read listen to us and can't see that you people are in Ian. He's like keep looking over at leader in the meeting. And active feel and I know what comment and so after the median got a mom in my ear right on me hearing and then closed door. Think through and around the. And yeah. Selling the seller right right he needs to be in home my god don't get me wrong. I am a firm believer in sales if you have a good product of the service if you can help somebody you have an obligation to close them and sell them right. You know you get the idea if you know you're gonna helpful. And and listen they can always say you know whether it's social house of somebody buying something doesn't really matter that can always say enough. But immediately. Talked Candace about it and she agreed. And then we talked to Troy about you can do you like to do that come up against them to look at what they. About a flier is a marine in my hands so. This guy had a had come to our web site. And an opted in about challenges property. And the house will forty man man for this house I it's a little brick house in Columbia, South Carolina. I don't know why retirements at Columbia SC. Like South America I don't know that there's anybody in Colombian etc. that'll be a heroic but that. Anyway so the house is in Columbia, South Carolina it's in and out got tentative pay him 500 dollars a month right. And has been rated as high as 700 dollars announcement for five dollars. So anyway. Troy is on the phone with a he's pulled up comps you know while he's on the phone with a look at that it enough. And compete 2000 dollar 49 and I plan. Here is bring in at 500 dollars a month a lot of people think a lot of people will say you know you should be able to your house should be worth one person. You Ritz should be 1% of what you pay so 550001%. Right. So Troy is a wonderful. And you know I teach this and he knows this. You know if you're not embarrassed by your offers to write so. Troy says you know based on one on Symbian based on poor and the comps were comparable sales of one on CN. He said. I don't think we can probably go much more than 220. Annual the first in the gas atlas and I'll take twenty. Like. I'll take what I mean goes from 5220. Just like that right. The story's gone over an hour. But what happens and in addition to that. It was so often he was so excited weren't lately and. He would have to look at that house in a mandate and Mexico's best seller right he's ourselves. Excuse us mr. And disposable or all of our assets so Indians went out there and there's something of a vote. Plumbing type issue or some open where the clean now is back that they have to root out the sewer drains or whatever slow it. They had somebody well look and it looks like it calls three or 4000 dollars to fix it permanently but says that you know acted. I acted rude or maybe I'll make you make it make it work you know you have to do it was well so. Whenever whenever. Actually calls him he says well you know I mean with all these plumbing problem everything. You know I don't probably going to be you need to be around. You know Robert's hand you know maybe fifteen passes out that fifty. Right it goes from fifty took twenty to fifteen. Like that in two phone calls right. So now. Here's where we are right. The guy went out there it looked aplomb and everything and he's right now apple August practices note tools were sent to the and I really believe we unit for a under the name which is wholesale to a little more the bills they'll be in a spread there that the landlord can. Replace that pint three or 4000 dollars and he's got to ten and are in place. Islander dollars in salad in a property now with that as it is. Don't go anywhere they don't want to go and they're happy at some things that upon that won't stand by our humanness and I didn't I mean. On the little story. And he's agony now. Anderson fly hour. What was the ancient picture. And our our. Act of arson. At. The listen this this is the greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches but revealed to you know his home. Riches. Through it and sent an. It is securities are talking about me are accurate he must have then it picked. Up on a problem. And he's probably not even list right now is so anyway so guys lead to some there's deals out there people's they were in a seller's market. I mean we really aren't solar market right. Right but it all the pins on some money situation I mean you never know somebody's going through we have no idea what the seller this house with facing. Apparently he needs money and he knows there's a bottom line he needs it fast and he needs it now yet and you can we help accommodate that. He's what we call it motivates. And that's what you look for when your buying properties you look for and motivated sell or not somebody that wants to sail but somebody that. Mean he announced its act that's right. Somebody needs God's we have an event coming up in Charlotte Charlotte NC little. Ethnic fifth Saint Louis and then after the Portland and then after that it's. Yet part of her Hartford Connecticut. Ireland in an all we got a dollar so we got one coming up in Saint Louis you can go to leery Owens lie of dot com to register. In 97 dollar seat reservation trees that we know emotional. Of that money back to you and it occurred. Yeah. Yeah I mean we are they legitimate mama don't let a little bit and it could come and all of our good for a let me show you we got to learn made a play at some point let us show you we got some learning. Call canvass and get the free investor's kit or just you know past information about the event and stuff right careless yet. We need to stand up for the Saint Louis event. And it three is coming up an April definitely take care of 4877. Larry goatee Ganassi is the digital investors skid since you via. But let me know the same on 877 Larry go you can also text the word BER eight T. 8038976063. In at least announce you as well that way. If you have any questions that anything you name me an email at info at Bragg radio dot com or kiss my fat 877 mango. Photo Mac to brag radio. Ali is my favorite segment here for a famous always love it. All of inhalants segment. In some mind. He would even have to do that and he just listens and then Alon come in the studio and you intensive listen and I know right there will be out of Livonia I'd love it now. Then not. So. Anyway let SS fourth segment so this gives us a chance here around brag radio a few dozen or less than those for the first time. To talk to students or how I students that are investing in real estate just like we do. Like how we talk incident so this week we have dose of what us. What's happened in Jozef. Yeah how are you sir I. Are you okay what you I have endured them we're doing great we're doing great sorry that Helen couldn't be with us on the level the radio today but we really really appreciate you taking your time out guys Joseph Addai Helen his wife. Our our inner circle apprentice program students. And they're out they're just crushing that their rocket in Roland and I'm just so proud of what they're doing I'm just so impressed. And so Joseph to tell our listeners a little bit about Melissa's John Hutton. A tree and it started doing the only date we fueled by you'll. And arguable borrow oh and while many years people in the going to be. Nineteen year and it wasn't there are ways you B got a mortgage and live and who got a lot of money into a down payment principle and so. And then leave being. Tool mainly cold chip and the a lot of deeper and the pro chip but they did not like all of them. Mean pick up some promo other gorgeous ball in the Vietnam like compute your broad. And only evil and you true met Larry and different not government user group. It will be realized that. This is actually what you will lose control. Or am I there. It started doing exactly what we. By do caption other people money. And so imputed. Either okay or wrinkle their training. Pan polite very recently. On Friday and actually being sold 10. Four cash. And believe it I don't think we've all in the refining and and he got Nicole from the one lady and she got an homage to warn you. 2.5 thousand dollars down 101000 square feet 101000. Then 180. Yeah I did not even know where she's going to be. Well let's go to. And should go okay now live competent pointing to follow. Annual cash though so much. You were or how much you wouldn't give it to me. Told being negotiated that little bit and the Soviet period. They've completely. Wired big pot of money toward Jordan so immediate credibility of equals. And told you bought the people that oh. Maybe he thought it was but I thought oh its war between may be light for their vehicle before. Right you remove it. Before you go to big structural. Warfare and deposited. Holy poetry it was a very it would really nicely and I unfortunately am not that there would you go away. It was nice. It was nice. And other media the old. They're so. We don't know are trying to enter could actually what you view life. All of you delight of the Olmert right hand Danica and the people who appreciate it. Pan and Soviet Switzerland. 10 yeah and Dixon almost Carolina. And it looked double what local boy to law. Right my clear that I don't think he does the uploading. Do you know outlook I'm talking about the right out bibles and your future. We've tied to their room. You remember that your view of it. Yet and contribute on white bronco on the senate side who. Those are also not trump. It was their trials. Well and the shot yeah it was turned sideways it was a face in the road like this should be. Yeah exactly why it and yeah. Yeah again income the idea in cool because people tell us what started. Yeah actually spent by people with a lot of and the accused pinnacle you'll know those awesome that is great. Yes skillet until now and go what actually. What they actually adjust bottled. People want signed cool wool mart and you're so cute whatever they are both definitely Sunday. And Belmont. I'd definitely somebody you'll pay people. We allow school to have to do today and you'll read in the history of the signs of him and sort of don't mix the Wal-Mart. I I. Next the Wal-Mart that flow of. I wouldn't know it surprise. Yep well I am done. Give it I'm started to build a deal with talent on our pockets exactly. Like hilarious there. You've got mad because you needed Florian can you do. Pain and not a long not a manager. And it looked absolutely. Oddly people of that pool or can believe in drew and I cannot be winning major wrinkle cream could do. This story absolutely are great and you've spoken with my life and I actually can get visibly. Get pretty Soviet because it feel elderly or children again and again it's yeah I don't it will carry me. And thinking OK maybe a million also we've got called for a month maybe we kill hugged them both before and so. They negotiated. Really argue it. They negotiated 900 dollar limit their under 799. And they build a Rocketboom may be 79 going to be a belt and going to be okay. Because it David Mandelbaum. They got a 900 dollar diskette that. 900 dollar. And it and I BMW the lawyers and people. On the war. And I love the outlook. Does and she'll lacking. I felt like a lot of good Florida is again an island. It was very scary you mean national health club and so you want to be under and you're. In the people that he would probably ideally. You know Florian being here. So this is why people equipment change and we didn't go well what you are currently deployed on all because they're gonna change we can. And so. Many years you have your mortgage. Pointedly noted that march. No more than life. If you went one year you know and is going to be completely different ball not a problem. And I am amazed people a year. Lyles a look at the Palin are you get. Are happy and feed me in the company can't stand the lot of the day parade kicks for victory insurance and mortgage. While that's a better deal than you could ever have imagined in my right. Yes so it played into it was so myrtle very funny I thought well what do you wonder didn't read what they've been able ambivalent. And they wanna you're heavily gimmick that's a win win for everybody. Okay. Wow wow. Now that's how she sold for seven in how much did you have an. I told you bulletin for. Story. Why am I believe or 31 of black oratory tool and being viewed something Politico. Light sport where remotely like 800 dollars are outside. You know the light. A law and probably good if 800 dollar and you're out tomorrow going to go out there may be doing is doing. While that's great that is great and now you got 15100 dollars a month coming in but they did work it down 900. The that the. And so give you go you go me when you negotiate and to go about it I've grown up 6000 dollars. Yes so it means that my mortgage is going to be in favor of you being followed them. Then like moral. It is occasion and you in it is the case not certain that the and I live the favorite to beat. While. That is also. I don't pretend you're nice guy though looks like so yes. Joe's got it you are the men alleged that mills. And I'm so proud you I mean I know you just about a couple deals but I know you guys are doing a lot of deals could gradually. Thank you Larry and Candice and that's gonna wrap up today's bragged radio leading the world to be rich in generous. More information about what Larry pianist talked about on today show or to get a free investors get. Call 877 Larry now that's 8775277946. You can also go to brag radio dot com. Make sure to tune in every Saturday for ranked radio leading the world to be rich and generous. Larry in Kansas we'll show you how to invest in real estate and the many ways real estate free T ideal investment. Here on news 1110993. WBZ.