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Wednesday, December 20th

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All right holiday movie season is your love the story earlier this week we talked about an app. That won't really help you if you go to the movies no it doesn't tell you Showtime's instead it gives you movie. Maurice shop. Theaters are packed with the last Jana. But with so much action on the screen do you what do you do if you have to. I felt that it was a little bit too long in some spots. Movie critic Matt wolf says Matt's problem. Don't order that extra large soda and you know what I mean yeah I. If you did she didn't know what a minute to minute of this. Thank you gotta go you gotta miss some things. Should you get up and go oh he's so much. Well fortunately there's an app that we'll show you the best time to duck counting go to the bathroom at any movie. It's called run. I actually managed to get an excellent people and in practice and I clearly describe what you're going to be missing. Jill Florio and her family have a movie blockbuster on their hands they're -- tells you which scenes in a movie are find to skip for a potty break. And yet gives you a synopsis of what you miss. Takes a lot of work to do that. We try to fit really aren't not that we don't bother anyone on any and we go and live. Hard and it hi Larry and we used in on our own son extreme bow illumination we can fuel our writings. And a wet packed in lunch so. And a lot in Daly and the crowd cannot be like on the cutting people definitely. Now that it will work. And the go look at I'm Rita and it. Read black cat and take care didn't. Regulations how he feels. Yeah okay. Well what is the ideal scene that lends itself to say then I can get up and European messiness. Agree it actually something that we can summarized in an option. Apple and at romantic if we don't want an egg comment paint and the comedy we count on in this big humorous scene. Enjoyed things at him once beloved we are you getting as firm as Alaska national. We're agreed and we try to avoid actually seen. What's very quiet I mean and he can can you not heard it before and your life okay yet another car chase with a great people. One of the coolest parts of the globe. Yeah we're really proud of that feature all you have to do is the timer at the appropriate time and it could define your lap. It'll buy it give me equally cute. So how did you guys come up with this idea and does one have you ever really small bladder. I. Jill Florio came up with the idea along with her husband when they were at whole launching teen com. And lo and he's comfortable on the pace of beauty. Beauty stain is and it. Hugely long movie about the gorilla and we're watching it and we're like OK I gotta go gotta go. They figured out the best parts of King Kong to miss and started work on their app. Now all movies and when to go PR of their life. Sweet yeah 160 movie split more every year we have our whole family involvement. I hit it five or six each week. Jill says it's fun work and rewarding because she says the go. Has been life changing for many people so who uses ago. Yeah we can get my women naked women had to wonder we hear more from thank you naturally on very good article. On and wait it. Young people are parents people are pregnant to get people thinking about all the time are certainly. It's. Standardized. Payment it made them able to enjoy a movie can. It's a great app it's called run. Though what has some ads on lying most apps if you don't wanna see the edge you can buy a around three years and yeah.