Russ Woodard

At Home with Roby
Sunday, September 17th

This week Trent and Patrick are joined by Russ Woodard from Nixon Power Services. If the recent hurricanes have made you wonder “do I need a generator?” then this episode is for you! Trent, Patrick and Russ discuss the many reasons why you’d need a generator, and the process of getting one installed. Patrick shares how efficient Roby Electric is at installing generator, and why Roby trusts the Kohler generators above any other. If you have been thinking about getting a generator, then give Roby Electric a call!


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Good morning and look it's maybe. Patrick you guys will be electric. And WH jobs. We can hasten a new clothes you know I'm of sound that Stanley completely police Leo begin an integration process would dictate how the grubby family that I love. Here in the name that you would that be a child's Pullman. Our news family of company and partner our teammates. And you tell me a story he said you gonna come in you don't have a voice for some reason on to some extent on your big toe of what happened that you say you were now working for gene knows pizza. The tennis and indeed his feet on the media. And he'll break LA lead OK you don't pay that dollar to confide in me. Man heard the commercial loans for hurricane relief and all the president's own. That spurred and I Saleh in a star with the Obama and then own lenders dealing collared in a Winston. President Clinton and George and any sounded just like keep. Canadians President Clinton not just. And I'll let many got a voice kicked out of him. In ass they showed a glib something he said thank you was the senior Burris yeah I don't think he was capable of doing the whole. The whole. Cents. Illicitly commercial was a great not to his timely Peru trooper Russ water is coming on the soon. For Nixon power. He's the Kohler backup generator rent for the area also that was a tee and had just denied doing naturally now due to NASA hurricane. Power room yeah the united might be time thing about a backup power source which out thanks very valuable tool and tobacco voice source and you backed. I'll be a backup radio host hit a perfect justices on the number twos. I'm play the that I. I guess a better way dad. You an hour now last week in down of the Clemson. All burn gas right. I am not an alumni you are but but I can't get a hang out and you know we had a generator for a little tailgate. Town didn't drink and RG soon after decent round that'll tie that's right. In an after the game was over she said man that game was not regularly gains and tacit alliance is the rule of the game she said no was. To see you looking for life forty founders. You got it dead it was his defense a standoff in my brother went overseas and he's always bragging rights and for Auburn people out I think it's boardroom. For Clinton in silenced while. The tenth. Hey I don't have a degree get lucky a lot of that was how does not not our truly funny cows walking around saying go tigers in Arizona which warned Saturday golf grated me no way for you war eagle you wore a little slow the plane confuse. The console war eagle tigers and if you're probably a political muscles please. The planes claims that. Never heard of day but it I don't know we it was a good time I enjoy watching Clemson I'm proud excellence and the rivers represented the ACC very well and as a Carolina tar heel it's good to have an have Clemson and ACC Pamela. Now he beat Auburn to integrate I think they they audited Tom is good to get to a game like that where fans respect each other. So last week you didn't hear our show last Sunday we had does lead the founder and CEO leaning tree house energy and don't podcasts that show please my wife. I didn't even tell my wife to listen to receive podcast of this week. And she's light. Els a ratio would with with dug in and we're friends would Duggan an ass and I'll really you know. It she said man and a five if college right now and rather arouse a businessperson in town our lawmakers that story is our company and I mean if you're not proud leaning tree F found this out after the show. Leaning tree is that third fastest growing company in the world in 2000 is 71670. Our fastest that's crazy we talked on the side they were going three companies that are traded publicly traded it doubled their stock price here every year. And they're one of yes a liquid plumber liquid air force are. Profound and is Charlotte from Charlotte in zionists he knew what he sets I was pretty coolly into that he really sorry that this house. In his house as a street address that he puts suite 100. Citi would think it was a business address in the alien was filled with the nail on the likely would always tell people Mayan. Bit business lesson what might even a couple more today the business lessons to start today is. I think you're successful. If from the Al Sao looking in the in of people looking into your business and and that your leadership. You look like it's all gravy. But from the inside out you feel like Mike Tyson's been beaten on you for nine rounds in trying to make it dean or and you look like mark known that Sarah marketers there's no Olga. That is. True success does not that is as easy as people think it is that you want. And Anderson movie will Leonardo DiCaprio are really like catch me if you can't scrape through it tells about the little little fraud and now I got fingered based on the true story he now works pretty FB Aaron catches criminals. So it turned out good but it but the great thing about Cambodia's him and you got to. He got to act like your special before you special solo. But I remember the gods name did that really was based office frank something that he. And it nail yeah of course Travis Tom yeah yeah and we'll have a trivia game at 2 o'clock. And protect the real quick on the sports topic the Buffalo Bills coming to town the day at 1 o'clock. Court Sean McDermott don't you know blue former defense coordinator now as head coach of the Buffalo Bills. Sweetney man I think we take them I hope I don't know last season early only beat. San Francisco Purdy had. The Leo not all the good and we went six NTN and so I don't know I just saw my fantasy team to win and not a patented. I say. I don't care if I am body and the nice part FM but he's got to get some more now man he is not heeding the other open receivers and and I can see. Watch him last Sunday the frustration on our receivers I mean he missed about four feet. Total amount. Yeah and hopefully not listening that he doesn't size on you might come meet my panorama comic geeks say hello to have you on the radio show talk about you are connecting data health Seattle and inspired by these lions tigers and thank you for what you do for our team and our city can use their usual since I don't I share. Which reduces Tia for I will be glad it worked out how generators today we have. Russ is littered representing color generators of auto we love. And he he worked and make some power who's a great partner prior to please stay tuned. Learn about home generators will be right back. Good morning welcome home through. Patrick with us from rodeo electric. Champion. I can tell I just figured out that my dream this country Cain tells the kids talk back. And life losing cameras that can write it meant their real lastly record did you move from a camera standpoint I can dance predict. Which we cannot rule us what are. From color really from Nixon power know our friends and Nicole or distributor for the area. Alice let's say everything we settled the first segment that I was gonna do all the talking from here Fuller not down. Russ title body bigotry into your. Good. Generators series there are timely topic on this show. It's been an interesting a couple of weeks as far as the Russian. And all the reaction to and then going on with. The storms almost hitting creating a panic in a stir. And credit market awareness it almost every storm. Blows through you get this. About a new image for about eighteen years now for. The color distributors and then in the Carolinas in Georgia and Tennessee Kentucky. And it's. It's an interesting time because people don't. They don't think about it until his front their on the doorstep and the storms on the doorstep and to do proper generous offer some guys home. It's almost impossible to turn things around in Ben's like it was in the snapple finger period. Wolf it we spoke a little bit about us on the first say met. Yeah you represent you work your company is side Nixon power solutions. That's correct it's a mix of power services services serving services and set. We're a hundred. It empowers a 104 year old company. We've found a back thinness well 103 will be higher for this next this coming year. We were founded in. 1914. While. Actually a railroad supplies. Distributor. There over the years as inches of change and everything when we became the only way its sole power. Companies for his Nixon and that's that that's all we do is. Stand behind prom. Power solutions. Wolf. The cool thing is I have a lot of mile Lapierre who buddies and brother earns. Young president's organization gas from the southeast on here with me. And Ron Stanley isn't a lot PO with me he is he lives in Nashville. You know you're located in salary I'm looking in the Charlotte area. Nashville is our. Corporate headquarters. It didn't it Willie the only Greensboro it's always been is always been Nixon's corporate headquarters. I'm mixing eastern part of the Geneva family of company soon. Which was Covington Detroit diesel Pella windows of the Carolina guy. Was a large holding company of that. As Jim Becker was the president CEO and founder of his good friend with if you call it think you know. They started with like he did they they. Think this refuge Jack Collins he was T. Boone Pickens for T. Boone Pickens. God and that he would bring in and put together companies. 'cause they had synergies together and market them into the in the industries and mix them. When Ron took over as president he's the only company left that of their original Geneva group. In the Iran's green and he's he's he's Carolina boy. He's Carolina boy and we met we actually met almost tripping cubism winter is we met an asset you know we have already Stanley companies and we do this we do today custom residential cut because some commercial. And that we also have electrical services business fingers always Charlotte was certainly is a reveal much egos. We'll buy you a strangely during an orange juice and it was free so he drive it was defined their Ramos cheap so we hit it on non kitten. But that came back and tell the passionate when I got it right you only lament this cat he's like oh yeah regarding barking together just. Do we just start or you may sell cola product we're you know we're trying to motor partnership with Kohler we we feel that they're. Top tier if not the best Brandon generator world. Hum. So we worked on this partnership and and we we've had some sales through the hurricane. Recently but I will say. I speak openly about this. Fifteen years ago we didn't we we we would voted to help with a generator and generators so somebody generator. But but they were a little more rare has nothing knows some things that's now all. The price point though it's a luxury item the price point has came down. The quality has increased and I really think it's a necessity. Alma on upper middle class home. Well did them the market the market places changed over the last. Do right of the team a real signs home back about 19999. When Y two K was about to. To hit in the whole world in shock came lately and live their life to a case had. It was in an instinct time because the entire world was panic combined Jenner and putting on homes because they did not know what's gonna happen though. And and and what happened there was that it turned into a situation of and awareness that you know disagree it's not as stable as we thought it oh yeah. And it has become a hit as the society has become more more depend upon all the things real period is our cellphones. And electronics and have battery life. And the systems with Helena wasn't home itself computers. All those things plus side. He can't afford to be without power anymore or you cutoff for the entire world. Will you write Russ dominant type she's my questions carefully so I can only ask if you recall. I got the recall in my mouth as we speak there's there's a free plug for that brand. That we were talking before the show and obviously we get awareness generators and hurricane when ice storm comes. But there's a ton of other reasons had a medical being one in your own people might not think about can you share those with us. I'll there's there's a myriad of reasons that we have people a perfect example is. And we just develop that we've we've just developed a new product. It's actually. I what are called in team effect I think who have who would give him one way. And if he would have got to make a wish into or out of Cornell Saturday and a wish foundation move them to give more puzzling. Show will be Sunday so don't miss women who have given us oh I don't know Rwanda in Cuba. Is cute you know the what is an anti GQ is actually a battery power and murder provides about two KW with the power that'll run. I'm normally for a day day and a half. Without having to be recharged and also listen solar capabilities with a but in murder KW you have to elaborate a little bit that they incidentally pervasively keep sheep like seek pap machine working for someone. Overnight as the powers to go out. And not have the non hazardous fumes of the generator would create so you can actually have it in your home and in your bedroom and not have to worry about. The affected you and him as a generous facing internal combustion yeah that's more like a life safety. And it's actually battery and I insisted this is entry of a big battery. And and his they have like a battery but instead it's got to we'll partners and it's about a hundred pounds but you can really and instead it down. An inch of get up to the machine to recharges and we've been using them for. Lot of different reasons. Flounder being in other things that are that go on also where you don't a lot of noise and but that's the real meat product it was develop bipolar. And but who come to the need of a generator for home. He's got hero you're here freezer or refrigerator. Paul you're good you're heating and air. All of these things powered by electricity. And. You don't want to inconvenience anymore. Blogger Yemen like I said if you're an upper middle class house or above. I think it generators like having plummeting home personal opinion. And I think then it teach you families operating you have a couple kids or will weather your pro young professionals that don't have kids and now answers. Thomas worked a lot these days and like I said there's. The generator industry specially coal or as a brand and a and a manufacturer of the generators. And rugby electric as the installer and have worked a lot a kinks now Solis Solis kinda. This and the standard business now. We we see more more or do we sell probably just from the Carolinas alone in the cola brand. Which I'm kind of practical privately held company. And and that's one of the things that there's a synergy between Nixon. Roby uncle as we're private companies. With a long thank your business but will launch in your business if you notice the shirt somewhere and today it says. Up from machine to one that's shirtless like 45 years old ticket sales represent colorfully here. Two and a lot of good things happen in 1920 did. Possibly Somalia column started today a new road families coming this night for Russert we stick around I'll light a tell more about the color Brandon well color does because when I tell people about it we hang out with us for a few little Debbie blitzer we will be right back you listen. At home with pro V. Stay tuned. Welcome back at home with ruby. Pension accounts reveal lecturing split between decent and Rudy. Stanley companies we are your clothes stinking listening audience thinking we're we're here we're Russ Russ water. As I say and Australia. What are the best thing ever said. Russell Wilson's at a show Russ has been talking generator tall which is very timely for war that if the current weather ms. Rubin have in this all of the US. And Russ represents. And sell skoler generator products Kohler power sources. And we were talking you'd have a bone to pick with zero us before you educate our audience more. Last tees day one of my best friends also another lot get a fellow solve so almost almost common. And and reached out to Patrick and inquired about a generator. He lives in a pretty big house and Black Friday. Afternoon we added Herman's started. So tell tune initially own tees today agreed to do the thing not a but he's a nine. And by Friday we had a color generator. Completely installed perfectly run an ad this fills. Then that's that that's actually a pretty good when the cause that's about the normal window. Hall of came to town should be doing generator installed because of how long term question do want properly. That installed generator properly. You have to involve electrical contractor. Like roving he also have to have a mechanical contractor like. Like like like Rovio believe his as is it is becoming yours yours but yeah this is all it is about to become. Because it requires an internal combustion engine and is making the power and you have to have the fuel to provide that fire which is isn't going to be propane natural gas or diesel. But to properly sized generator for someone's home. You have to have someone come in and actually do the size envelope calculation because no two homes rely. They can be the exact same square footage that the power of the each person needs for the things that they have and they run. Can be totally different. And that and that and that requires an expertise that. Truly someone easy to be in and worked in the industry long time and train while. Could license like food contractor understands that can actually. Putting it let me interject a little bit. But what I think you're trying to get that is if you wanna back up generator for your house trying not to wait till the Wednesday before a storm is coming and 2 to install it this is April. You and I spoke on the final 2 o'clock Tuesday 2 PM and he's in a mile away. Your buddy tell me him inquired about a dinner iron asset Fatah. Little too late for our own that bill and you sin not to remind Miller works on now so I was impressed with Roby. Electric's service. Representing. The generator industry in the Kohler Prague and for our clients I was extremely impressed with Kohler turnaround and ability to get. The proper generator fully Q we keep we keep reluctantly keep about two million dollars worth of generators and immature because we but there was service a five state area. And we have a lot of dealers along the coast that either delegate Joseph Willman dealers are or performing his. Saddles thing of anybody can be you be a good partner in the good times but when times get tough that's for you can tell you can really count on hand and the business lesson of today. And and I can easily gauge how well mud mud dealers have served your world the community can have these quotes out there because. Those customers at the close of our been put foreign sized you can get them on acute. And get them installed McCarthy in their hands. But if they're just now thinking about it as a storm hits you can't properly get out there and defer and meet their needs because. Not every house has now require the same side. Generator pals are what we're saying is. If Armas scared guinier lawless Howard and lose power. Co wrote on a generator Collison now analysts dozens. Take our timing unit right and and not be in a rush for the next on them but also a you know 1015 years ago when our top of people about generators they had the larger homes always say hey you might is one of the two main arteries are just a master suite your refrigerator and air conditioner wrong only it. So you don't have to oversize a generator one now the technologies change so far. And the price points come down that now we got to pay. Ala deftly lifted when your whole house seal skip a beat. And if we need to back off of the week K year. Exactly and that's and that's the first thing and a lot of new tools have been brought in. The the knee on Q which is different than being cute young Q it was actual monitoring system that you can. He was a homeowner can be washing was go along with it generator power fluctuation if it comes on or our needs to be exercised or anything. From your cell phone from her from a laptop computer and your office that you can do that and when you install he's in right now. The technology his gun to the point that you can manage these loads so. Situation where I would normally had looked dead to say this is gonna be a 100000 dollar project. We did Jimmie Johnson's house a few years back there and in Greensboro somewhere people can ask where it was lakes. 7080000 dollar should do is tell us the number transfers which you know because we didn't have load shedding capability anyone under run hole outs yeah. And now we could do that house. For half that cost balance because it balances loads and and managed got us on and off with the with the technologies available to us today. And now you've got some great people that have to bend this training schools in the service schools that they understand this. And there's some new sizing tools that that remains the Kohler that they can actually sit down from a customer. And at the kitchen table at their home and design their entire. Power system right there frontal. Hand and having on the it's on apple format. And I think it descent Patrick suffered a reflection trying to come element that you can actually shows and talent why you're sizing and generator with this new tool. And then this caught up in order Shrek must now. Now I might get east do you mean I'm not in those cameras are watching you generator stuck his generator star site and not really kind of mine now wanna know about a minus. Yeah now we began in the basement. You don't know what's she doing on average better nine Intel bought senate that day also. When I tell Babel that that we really are fond of the color generator products they go I didn't know Kohler made generators we yes they do. And also were from the custom residential side of the business for 660 plus 67 years. And I have Kohler. Fixtures bathroom fixtures in my house or so Lou Koller has been making generators for how long. Since 1920 they all while they that this story this is that that is told and is an advertised a lot. Is the first expedition to Antarctica. With admiral Byrd. They they took. 23 polar generators. Don't anarchy can be used to power the campsite and everything and they had to leave in a rush. And they left the generators their election and come back. Two or three years later they came back and all they did was pull out and put in new spark plugs clean up the Indians and him and the general are fired up like that. And that's one of the histories who have for the call quality and and the ability of the color generator and clothes a special company because. Not going to leave plumbing they did the generators flooring me on the though the the golf course there in the hospitality center of the American film. And so they're put it is a it's. One of the largest and most reputable privately held companies in the entire country and and it says a lot when you can actually. Beer distributor someone were to form that can sit down and talk to the man that owns the company. In fact I'm hoping this year that we can. When they're become February minions get sales going and things happen after rove and I think there and that there's going to be. They'd dealer conference which is their first ever amongst the dealers they have distributors around all come all the time. In Cabo San Lucas could well at the new resort did this music health also told I don't know let's recap the Mac and half hours there are also very Dana estimates in your anniversary in December decisions decisions so we knew we were able to get there. Real quickly got about a minute left he made a comment about replacing spark plugs old generator if I have an existing generator and I'm listening position and window I need to look at replacing it with with newer technology. And how often don't need to services generator AK less alike for the generator in the server scared chart hum must or should join generator. For most of the colors I would recommend. Ten to fifteen years you might look at replacing it. If is there I have some and Russell bagged and the Y two K friends are there still run like champs Islam as a maintain and taking care of them good maintenance contract with the local dealer. These things were run. They're black they're bullet proof that this whole range in his most amazing thing I've ever seen as is top industry engine in the industry and if you take care it'll last you know I got till some customers about these things. So this thing will probably outlive you hit your if is taking care a quality product we'll run. Losses been very educational very interesting how can people get a hold of Cutler if they want color generator wing wing had a they found out about it. All anything they can go online and they can look in the deal locate an oath in the show me an electric dot com and you'll find it will be a little indicator come myself rodeo leisure dot com and it. Probe be elected that come rove is there who are my top Busan Charlotte area. Thank you Russ thanks for being here it was very educational. I hope you have a great Sunday night we'll be right thing. Maybe things linked companies and I got so excited adolescents and lost the police. That would did Clinton clintons racists I don't know Amanda pollen gets gets some people who gets me. As Apollo. I don't know if you disagree here or is it is that following. It might be if you listen the first acknowledge you alone to the Clinton Auburn game Saturday OK I gotcha politics consignment houses saying game I still have mob voice nor yelled out I don't understand. The daily chat bell sounds Ol Russ ordered outmoded air with colored generators Nixon power systems. I mean just say it Manning called road mile tricky Jewish and haven't a generator Staal line are about Wilson's education cholera be electric. You cannot afford 3346447. Counted but still got it need to have an existing generator and you know pressure win last time I was there to the streets would have somebody take a look at it. But you know there is no matter what the brand new management and regulatory terrorists is any generators. We canvassed pajama service contract. And ring amok neither of which is the worst thing is to have a generator and in the stone comes it doesn't worry is powerline and it I don't know. Once tell the story about one of the first and nutrients slowing on you know let's say mid may vary greatly loved the best ever in Guatemala nicest people in the world really we wonderful wonderful gas. Patrick in Maine pacers' first malt. We were open and he wanted to generator act kind of work with Timonen and nice house nice generator. And really really strong project had a decent hard skate beaning retain a wall to get it in there it is how's it yeah messed it up the diplomacy of he didn't wanna seeds were intact urgency greater us via split with the accident outside his house and whatever it rained a lot and earn a process money deal trying to get it in then all of a sudden this ice storms common. And now all lower we gotta get generated and bashers out there I think this Sunday night you know what you're doing your pattern analysis. On the nightly talk about it he's bills favored gathered their partners in crimes he does all the stuff. Suggests. Jets and pats got under way at 10 o'clock and I went currently use illegal guns getting dark and you don't have Amy don't you bossi was frigid. And and now got a nine. And then diced almost common citizens January February 2010 and yet he doesn't feel that in December on Christmas I think the the series had a Christmas from my breath its says its December 2000 and Ian writes that says for some reason in Reagan and I had guests. A baby and a half at this than two babies it is silly when now for some reason to her mom's house Agassi lives in a little less reporters write us. And up 3:30 in the morning. I still has rocketed her own power is doing now own profit import mail and my phone rains a rollover may end its Bill Berry. I go all my gosh this is so terrible. Strike me down around I answered if online hello. Any extra and I just got today yet. The power went out. It is and my lights flicker for about five seconds in the in my house lit backup. He said now look down a rather than a soap Valerie says the greatest I guess it that is the greatest phone call I can ever happen. He's a lot notify target date dirty no more than it does it typically not good so he knew oh extension when he said I'm sure your heart skipped how long did it didn't seem like. From the time he says the power went off I'll man it's elicited the generator turn on you got. I mean it's let me say in answer finally I went from a cowboy boots sewn. I news nobody yet they. In but no work now and sometimes sometimes you have good karma a would treat it let's let's change gears is a little bit coral German. It's funny we were we record the show quantum was yesterday yeah we go oh wait we think we have exceeded hopefully Baath. Now only sold Sunday but. Race 225000. Dollars for make it was a central and western north on that's 38 wishes content 225000. And net race to make the words not gross net nanny going to break down our China and our expenses net. You pretty good at math thirty inches and six roughly 6000 dollars a worse. Branding which is for children was life threatening illnesses. And it's better to be. To do or to have or to experience and there's nothing better so. Go check it out Google Google to court Halterman Google are pitching for wishes PST CH I Ian for wishes dot com. Google that insect gal lap the results but this wonderful lesser were 38 leases in earnest tenth anniversary. On the last segment for the last ten charities with Tony was Hillary. Lead not so's been a wonderful wonderful season for the right and reaffirming woods. We'll keep things I take that statement that you just named one I can't believe there's 38 kids have to have a life threatening illnesses as it is. Which that's not enough there's a lot more than that in our area as as you mentioned we had a corner kick off party on Tuesday. On the wishful. There's a lot of media here. Ali gas so the cool thing is my middle job brag about a row and ten their car owner radio. She had a birthday in July she just marinate it she came to race in my wife and said hey. Her for my gift solid blight my friends to give money Sutton donated to make a listing ranch house was verses have toys. Now's our idea so so this past Monday. The forum and kick out party Aden sponsor party on season in the Fordham and fort terminal Saturday. She she got we will mother Alicia offices all the wish wallet put a star on the wall for every sound is being ran and wish in this past year to all law has dollars wonderful. In is she a gave him the 175 dollars this race. And I got it. Teaching a lesson that all came from her precious little to execute. That each 175 dollars these will be 225000. Yes and that's a serial. And yet. Means the world. So so I'm very proud but we're very blessed that. We were we were able and and I'm very blessed I had the vision and a dream for that for pitch him for wishes in and now. We've raised around one point five million dollars in eighteen years should see this is this year. Very blessed my partners allow me to do with our team and company as embrace our clients have embrace associates files. The traditional to some of the important people on the team for this year's tournament trip Communist. Yet Travis Thomas. Christian Nadal at home with baby delegated really well Melissa white side did also Chris Webber ever make it was dale de grace and we're we wouldn't be able to deal without our clients and our vendors here stay here is our co partner for three years now held fatigue in 75 of the two Tony seven if not thousands thank you hear cities such great partner. Thank you for everybody. You listen at home we'll throw B I hope you have a great Sunday will be back next week for all.