Russia in Clt Protests, Blackstone, Pole Dancing and Red Lights at On Ramps

Scott Fitzgerald
Thursday, October 19th

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You only have a multiple TVs in this review. One of them has that making Kelly TV program and yeah I think we might be the only people in the entire country watching the show I love. And even that we're not paying much attention to by having Thursday TI there my name is Catherine Joba. Conversation today going to include. There's a lot of stuff going. A little concerned before Bo walked out of studio. We era and a little conversation about the other situation in Florida with a Richard Spencer showing up and do in his speech thing. I got a bad feeling about it. Paralyzed in a real bad feeling about it though especially after the conversation to me yesterday. We took place the editor in chief. Of the other school newspaper for a University of Florida in they're in Gainesville. Yesterday. Attorney general Jeff Sessions was so getting grilled by Iowa senators. Including Al Franken and a lot of the discussions are no surrender Russia. Syria Russia just kind of inserts itself in the news all over the place these days. And you think OK well really it's never gonna have any sort of impact on Charlotte running. Russia is never gonna having any sort of influence on what happens here in the streets of the concerning. Books. That's not the case. In Russian troll farm. Two great name. You and I grew up I don't wanna raise no cattle. Hillary's most of Biggs alone I'm on race and Russian trolls. Armenia. And whenever she couldn't raise on the floor I don't know karma but they were here and they were involved in our protests. Even working with our partners at ABC news for the past two days and have just been able to confirm the details here there's only moments protest. Including the peaceful protest you see here from September 24 at Marshall park just days after they keep someone's got shooting. And this protest is well LaMont following on October 22. Congressional investigators told ABC news that two online groups black matters US and black fist. We're both be used by Russia and operators to reach out to unsuspecting. Americans. Encouraging and to organize rallies in some cases those activists even received financial support activist Conrad James from rally helped organize one of the Charlotte protests and he'd told ABC news. He was approached wild woman who claim to represent black matters you west he told them quote. They definitely were trying to stir up trouble very intent was obviously to have some type of emotionally filled a rally where people are adding fuel to the fire that was already happening. Our round Charlotte's it's important to point out the protesters themselves. Where they're on their own investigators say the Russian influence was only to organize the protests. And congressional investigators say the team I Russian operatives was clearly to influence US elections. And it's not the first time that this has been you know suspected. There was a a Russian defector. Came to the United States Stanislav knew and when he wrote an autobiography and so that the GRU which is one of those. This observed some subversive organizations out of Russia. So the GRU the KGB hoped to fudge about every single anti war movement an organization in America and abroad during the Vietnam War. Pero Soviets gave a billion dollars to American anti war movements. Which it's phenomenal it's a staggering amount of money. Considering that's more money than they gave to the Vietcong. To fight us. So that the old discussion the NME within. And sometimes are worse than the enemy without that would certainly going to be the case came goes back a long long way. Susan was soon as the war was over essentially since World War II was over. The being Communists. Started their infiltration. And some people say you know what they may have reached the upper echelons of our government at this point in time. So. In the elections. Anti war movement. Black lives matter of interest into Syria. If some of these organizations open up their books. And we can take a look and sort of true don't trail back Trace backwards the money came from. The only concern asking two questions. And then. We need to ask ourselves a question if this is the kind of stuff that's been going on him and gone on for long long time should we be shocked at all. That's the idea that the Russians tried to meddle in our elections. Investigations to. Ongoing Robert Mueller spending millions of dollars trying to figure this out and nothing new as of yet. It was a just Monday which is Monday that. Spicy. Personnel Muller so the the inner circles of the president are giving us some attention at this point in time so we take a break in when we come back Nathan Davis is gonna join us you to do we get an event coming up. Little shooting gun safety personal safety we'll dig in some of those issues imperfect perfect timing in light of what happened yesterday. In Baltimore so that's on the Wimbledon tournament. 11110 that it 93 WB ticked at 9:50 this morning we're has joined Jimmer I would ABC news. Conversation he's going to be Gainesville he says he's normally based out of Texas they shipped him down the Florida because. Some concerns about what may have happened with Richard Spencer at his speech there the white Nationalists will get together. They've already set up kind of I'll refer to as the battlefield and areas there where there's barricades so. Those are referred mr. Spencer going to be a one side those are again im gonna be on the other side so again 950. Is when that's going to happen. Lunchtime today Leyland excited about this and and in John Moore I wanna invite you kimono to look at I know he'll launch. And does to be Barbeque man and and we're going to be learning about some gun stuff they have done and I'm really really excited about this Blackstone shooting sports. And that Nathan Davis joins us now here in the general manager during. Yes got good morning good morning you're you're the one that's responsible to make sure that the lights are shining bright and displaced looks like no other. Gonna retail store ever in shooting range anywhere absolutely has beautiful place thank you capsule the beautiful place and today there's going to be an event and the starts are 1145. So. You know. We'll forgive me for having to get there at like 1205 so I can finish up shown everything he'll be fine we'll open can't do not know I know UPS are busy and you may not get a chance to follow the news at all. Hum good yesterday. Horrible situation we're in Maryland and an office park here. The bad guys showed up material is for work at the countertop. The manufacturing companies and shot five of his co workers. Three of them killed two critically wounded when he drove fifty miles away to another guy didn't like can go storage you don't have. And unfortunate this is an all too common. Situation the we're hearing about these days. And it invariably every time a story like this comes up. It raises the question what are what what I do in a situation like that how do I protect myself I have to imagine that a lot of folks are coming to see you. Is that one of the first questions that's on their mind about how do I protect myself absolutely it's very very common questions so what would it take them when they come in and say how I protect myself what's the conversation like. Well I think you know I think the the natural tendency is for people to. But that jumps I need. To protect myself and Anita far arm and and that is true and we support that. But even more important is the fact that they need to learn how to. Responsibly own and operate handguns. So you know we have we have. Numerous rights as Americans one of which is the the right to bear arms we re also the right to free speech that I would assert that just because I have the right to free speech that I am qualified to come in and host of morning this year right. I say oh yeah I mean operated dot. I very much roll around but his brain hears you chances are you a higher the IQ scale and Ryan you'd be just fine. I don't know but could it in the same way just because we have the right to own a gun doesn't make us qualified and a dozen prepares to responsibly do so says. Distress is going to the next level I think people engaged in China I think what you just said there's an important part is that we have the right the way that right become more comes those of the responsibilities yes. Prom and if somebody isn't trained if they don't really know what they're doing. It can be more of a hindrance than help me absolutely correct so if somebody comes in and day in you work with them to find an appropriate firearm. What's what's that process like Camilo I have no idea what do I wanna big into one little one you got some purple ones they Arab and it looks pretty cool. What is that process like that's right. It is different for every individual for sure. There's there's some degree of just a static appeal. And just what you like how would you let loose get them there additionally a component that's that's not the most important part from a functional standpoint. But really for us to for the key is first have been fine how will the handgun or farm is going to be used. Someone's looking for. A farm per person per home offense than in that many in outlook and very different and if they're looking for something that they won't we carry on her purse was I mean how's that different. Really the only reason for a it's a small compact. Arm took to own a met a smaller more compact arm is is so that you can't consume us that we carry on your person so that when you're out. Public events are places where in India like you just describe may happen and you have ax quick access to the firearm. But for home defense personal protection and in the home it's it's not. There there's no advantage to the the handgun being so small and compact ever larger frame tango which then provides from more enjoyable. Experience on the range when you're practicing them. A larger going is is. Easier and more enjoyable to fire than most a smaller 10 FY have gone longer barrel or what's out there there are a lot of things yeah a lot of things stop. Well a lot has to do we just the way but it for show. A longer barrel and anger in can be more balanced on the and probably most important is the the more masks then the more energy is absorbing. So the recall isn't issued there's there's a big explosion going on inside that little you know little piece amount. Also seen his eyes deal that would when he's at his biggest foot it is I Scanlon who will. I noticed that just yet it's a big suppose. I understand. And and in some cases a long guns were shocked and may even be more appropriate for home defense. CNN the reality is for home defense. It's it's an opinion based statement and a cost him by a bit. Probably the most practical tool for home defense has a shotgun to be honest I can't remember who shouted put. That does sound of a shotgun. Cock in Iraq in the sun right into it to a bad guy who's one of the most terrifying sounds a clever gadget that's a universal sound everybody knows. It is not a little pucker your right up slightly in May get rid of Magdeburg bring me the Rottweiler rather deal with the dog. So let's go back to that's the situation in Maryland here and and let's compare and contrast that with something or somebody. Does bad things with something like they are fifty I've heard gun and shooting ranges in places like that really kind of like hyped up. Those scenarios and try to instill this. I don't know this is overwhelming sense of fear that's not the the right approach to go into learning this kind of pride. Supposed to protect yourself is it now am I think it's it's irresponsible and opportunistic come. On the part of people in the firearms industry to playoff that fear none of I think the best approach to education is. Is very practical grounded. And knowledge base training and correct so let's say I find appropriate firearm for me to reluctant to carry you do concealed carry classes we do focus right to learn how to do all we view an auto loans at take. A concealed carry class in in the state of North Carolina is saying it's a state mandated eight hour class kind of most of which is classroom training and and most of that curriculum. A focuses on the the legalities the legal issues surrounding. Consumer care practices sub. We always encourage our concealed carry students. To understand that that that particular classes is all about legality we have other classes that are more about practicality and how. To got you okay so be the legality what I need to bring me a number two pencil. It would be a bad idea bad idea okay because I make mistakes and have to have and race are there as well. So that's one side of things then the training to be able to actually respond. In a dangerous situation that's a whole different world trying to rent it is the kind of so somebody is concerned about workplace violence armed. Do you Hampshire and airy news or UT how do you teach somebody that steps to take how their brain should work with they should be thinking about where they should move. When something that when an incident like something like this ends up happening do you work with people on that. Yes sure we do well what we focus on the most especially in initial phase training classes is just repetition. I'm muscle men during boot most important things that it is like like any other. Physical activities as in I think about it. Related to any kind of athletic activity that you you've ever engaged in repetition again that repetition muscle memory doing the same thing the same way every time. Repeatedly said that when you do you find yourself in that scenario that the physiological. Challenges that your facing the adrenaline. You know shaking hands all of those things are mitigated by that cuts out repetition and connect. What what are your ranges like and how are they different from our from other injured yeah. Blackstone. Has a really unique approach so our ranges are. Untraditional. In it in a number of ways when their. Exceptionally clean part of that comes from the engineering the type of bullet trap system that we use his is different mustering just. They also noticed the lighting is different and maybe most importantly the climate control is different you'll always be an act Karl. Global temperature controlled environment and cool and they know you have folks that are out there on the range to help you with an absolute most of my colleague trying ranked officers did OK if I actually wants to cultivate good and give your phone callers can they show up houses were firth for today the along stomach like yeah just show to show up will be ready for your equipment food and -- commerce issue with you and our VIP space okay. And what couple minutes from uptown. On locus of rush right okay wanted to be there to Barbeque. And kind of a lunch and learn situation for you here today plus everybody shows up it's a free. Our of a strange time right right plus we're gonna registry euphoria a corporate event that's something you wanna come and check out because. Who wants a boring Christmas party right get together in the range appreciate you stopping by Nathan Aussie at lunchtime again Blackstone shooting sports is the place to be. Today starting around 1145. So pleasure god Karen Travers and ABC's going to be joining us are coming up the there's the battle continues about soldiers and who said what does he said sheets sent its next. She's. 1105 others shot asks 1000 dollars about just. Look at your voice in my hopefully I will be you. Simple video get your word we your numbers you text that word to that number and then life could be much better for you would you do with a thousand dollars. I could come a long list of things that I would like to do that. Will get to the president's tweets here momentarily down below sweep in the morning. That's our kind of what you remember her when who was at this Amazon about Orange Jews and so about a orange juice in the morning or something like that. It's not quite PS same as the other member of the warrant from Apocalypse Now I love the smell of napalm in the morning like Victor has Dolan agree. I love me some tweets in the morning so well we'll get to those Karen Travers with ABC is going to be joining us you momentarily. Still this flap. And neither side seems to be letting go of their position when it comes to. Calling our fallen soldiers' families. And we have the of the allegations by the representative out of Florida that sort of to the president dis respected. This particular family sir Huckabee Sanders says she has no that's not the case. The president said that there was proof. Did there was proof of thought what the conversation was all about. But yesterday's Sarah Huckabee Sanders admitted that there was no recording was anybody surprised about that Karen Travers. Now I mean hell we've certainly heard the president to act. Couple months ago suggesting. In a tweets two Jim cone means that he might have had recordings of his Oval Office conversations or dinners have come means. That never panned out either what is what. Do we know what is recorded within the White House or how much of the other the president daily activities are actually recorded. We adults you know I I think in generally good assume that there is perhaps of foreign leader calls him a transcript purposes later because you know destroying have a record of that but I don't think they never officially said you know. This time yes that time no. And what isn't is not to mention okay so. The gold star. Families and the real hullabaloo that's surrounding all this this is he said she said that there is up pointing back at prior presidents. Where does this stand M and what's gonna happen next with the homeless. Yes that's a good question and it where it stands is the president says he didn't say it would congresswoman Wilson says he says. Bill White House says there is no recording on it but that there are other people in the room to back up his stance on this including John Kelly. Who of course himself is a gold star father the congresswoman says other people were in the car and heard this conversation and indeed they sergeants an army sergeants mother. Spoke to reporters and said you know she scans pilot the congresswoman is sank. Hey you know if I had to speculate as to where it's going. Maybe today we're not that talking about this all day but at some point if sergeant Johnson's widow. Does decide to make his statements and Ian Bennett pancakes and up to another level especially if she says the president is not stating that. Truth so we'll see if we hear that we hear the phrase gold star friendly what is the actual definition of gold star for him yet failing who lost someone in Iraq and Afghanistan okay and it's just goes to use the second worst that I backed check out exactly and I think. And I'm guessing there's some sort of posthumous award a gold star of some sort. It's more like an advocacy organization I guess or saying you know we're kind of all in nests. An and for families to be able to connect got you. Tom that seems to be a dog pile when it comes to the president about this situation there's a there's a kind. He's actually from a North Carolina again and Chris Baldridge that's just hear the president promised to write the check. What is the status of that is a White House says that the check is in the mail. Yeah and that's exactly what they said yesterday any news this story came out the Washington Post reported that after the briefing yesterday after we saw from the president so you know they weren't responding to it on camera. Yesterday but did say yes to check is in the mail order frustrated that this has turned into another ugly chapter but you know. The precedent thing to worship him reminding. The president and started all of this on Monday when he was asked about the new share ambush what happened there at the questions and why didn't he. Respond quicker here happened two weeks ago at that point. And the president started talking about what's he does for the families of fallen service members compared to what predecessors. Do you sit you know that's where this whole thing began. And that of course it leads to very simple questions okay he says he's called every family of fallen service member well there's been about three dozen or so under his presidency. Washington Post when I called everybody and some of them say they never heard from the president of the news about half of them said they did. And this one father who lost his son in Afghanistan in June and said that in the conversation the president. Crawford did write him a Tony 5000 dollar purse and lunch back when the father said he is having some trouble making ends meet. He told the post the check hadn't Tom there was a condolence letter but nothing inside and he's kind of surprised that the same times that okay you may just been a thing the president said on the phone. The White House did say yesterday that the check has been sent. Has there been much research. In to help the past presidents have handled fallen soldiers 'cause. I noted that President Bush visited a log in and day and wrote and and talk to you know a lot of famous but there was so many who died under wraps around you wanted to. Numbers are very different yeah of course but there was outreach to every family letters and then in addition to calls and personal visits at. Staffers say that you know didn't didn't. That President Bush met with hundreds if not thousands of families and President Obama also met with many to enforce. Karen Travers with ABC I appreciate your insight are going to be another dude busy day up on the hill and with the White House. Morgan take a quick break it when we come back we're gonna get and do some of the other tweets from the president earlier today already. Jim rise and join us from ABC and Florida in Gainesville where things really nothing. And have a little concern quite a bit concerned about your business by Richard Spencer and pulled dancing Olympic sport or not. We know what John more votes. He loves to sweep that they. Legacy and her and I have to I'm the American president for prime minister. The best tree climbing through the best for Clinton. So this morning he's been pretty busy. Russia sent millions to Clinton foundation and we can all agree with the the current tax code is a burden on American taxpayers and harmful to job. Creators. Americans need. Hash tag tax reform. This was interest notified. This is a this is interest in front of nearly Russia investigation. Workers of Furman involved with the discredited. And take dossier. Take the fifth. Who paid for Russia the FBI or the dams. Were all. There's interest and I find it fascinating he's using the other words discredited mr. Garcia. Because the investigators don't think that it is at this point in time. Moeller is doing what he can to. Disavow what those folks. They think that that there is some veracity to some of the claims that are in there. Some of the clips. This one can argue rightly yesterday for 6% of Americans think the media is inventing stories about trump and his administration. It is actually Muster much worse than this. The interest and stuff. Interest in stuff. Soviet president he certainly does love himself some tweets from Roy Moore is is running. For a position. Senate position. You know in Alabama he wants to be good dude. In his interest and he had an interview with time magazine and he made the case that NFL football players and conceivably anybody else. Who fails to stand and put their hands over their hearts. When the infamous play is not only unpatriotic but there are lawbreakers when only says it's against the law you know event. It was an act of congress and every man's stand and put their hand over their hurt that's the law. There is a code word discusses this. But it's not law it says should. Should. Legally it's a very. Very wide open wide open word has done so now including recently got to it earned a terrorist he's a writer that. We have air we brought him or catch a look at it told me they we Tony we're gonna switch places. Oh so forgive me on that but I'm glad that you're here. We'll talk more with a higher pitchers you about the of the NFL what sort of sit down they had. But they they packed Japanese Goji at a Texas. Instead of center to Gainsville what is the what's the atmosphere like here we via the B pending speech by mr. Spencer. Well I think arguably its its tendency whole Lotta bitter is this thinking that having one out of it you don't know what happens it should it take you to quickly and what happened in. Charlottesville Virginia. People are sort of on it sure some students are sent another look up to date and oppressors have canceled classes altogether. Apparent source concerned about this big Q the kids given what's going to happen here this afternoon. This speechwriter Richard Spencer at the ups the founder of the so called alt right the leader or so and all the national policy institute guilt. Give a speech this afternoon it to that 230. 2:30 AM are you going to be attending the speech that you don't know what you have. Either inside or outside any other I applied for credentials that it's not the school that's making the decision it's the end PI have been the policy institute. As it's making that decision haven't heard back from them so. There but I think that they're inside outs you don't get it may be historians doubt site they're viewed the response our other people beyond. That's cancers supporter or people who might be inside that well the other Al alcohol included law enforcement who spent a lot of money. And build a new man power to ensure that this is a safe bet. Yeah come the I got called the battlefield and let's hope and pray that it certainly doesn't turn out to be that case but they've got barriers agenda and barricades and an enemy and they are set up and ready for for something to break out. Hmmm what does that light can and he had a chance to see without all looks like. Short short yacht it's mainly your control and it's happening in middle of the day by design they don't want scheme unique here. Or nighttime event like job I noted no carrier tortured and Charlottesville for Olympic below make sure that there's something worked. Security can be made in where the police that local police is state troopers everybody. As chain to maintain order that's really what they're going for here it's up to try to quell anybody's freedom of speech or good troops to prevent it worried speaking against. Richard Spencer to Munich to maintain public safety. Death. Yesterday I spoke to one of the women who is part of the other local newspaper there for the school and as of yesterday they had heard. Of any white supremacist groups right nationalist groups who are or kkk members. There were organizing. To show up there any new news and in regards of that. Well no not not from that and but I suspect that there will be people all political and ideological stripes here. Updated its ante on the anti fascist organization. That it was says so noted there yet at Berkeley people wearing masks and they were playing pro a lot of violence that happened there there's an Orlando. Paper chapter if you will can't cheat so that we were talking about coming here and as part of it adds that the policy of the small is that nobody can Wear masks. Around this event so boring at the math or carrying a weapon or carrying a and it could be used as a weapon. Is being prohibited today are better again part of the effort to try to keep it safe. Gather in favor allowing the water bottles. Right via Sola yes going to be very Spartan. Well the misery of purse or backpack and other mean is gonna walk in there with the we're that much of me baby should turn it into a nudist event and that way they know that and nobody's tearing its own bed whatsoever. On Jim I don't know for if you if you've heard this story or not to their reserve. There beat the protests that we had here in Charlotte apparently the Russians have. Helped stir some of that up here and it would be surprising to see that some of the GMT five groups or some of these groups that are that are fomenting violence. Have some connection with the Russian trolls are have you have you heard that story it's fascinating. Upper distorting I don't know operation there is that they're connection quite a bit rushed but. It is I think that the folks here of the troopers this school and everybody else concerned with the really didn't concern about where the where these ideas Soria. That threats of violence coming from the just wanna make sure that it doesn't come to foolish. Yes indeed well Jim be careful be safe today announced footing getting an update for you tomorrow. About what happens in Gainesville Tim Ryan we've ABC but there's a Florida brewing company there that served as they did kind of a neat thing. They they knew this was happening that are that Richard Spencer was coming into itself enable offered you a free beer. If you bring in. Our tickets to the event. So what they're hoping is. That you'll get tickets to go see Richard Spencer but you won't go. You give the tickets to two via the brewery folks and then they'll give you a free beer with the idea that they want to provide. Empty seats. Prefer that they wanna make as many in DC it's as possible. For the for the events are fun to be fascinating absolutely. Fascinating. I mentioned a little while ago the the Olympic folks. They every once in awhile they say you know what maybe we should considers new sports. You know. Maybe we need to include roller skating tour you know you think about. Softball there's going to be a new one when the you want to chipped in Tokyo karate surfing. Surfing is now an Olympic sport whether dude. So were being lazy and taking days off work can turn you into an Olympian. And they're giving some real serious consideration. Two pulled dancer. I'm serious pole dancing behind yeah loophole through. The hangover part American Bud Light that's prepared for the Olympics as well. Holy Moly. So I imagine the conversation between the other parents in the other young lady who decides to become a stripper. Here's Peter's Viejo honey. I am training for the Olympics I'm gonna bring home gold here. Coming up for the next half hour here we are breakdown story about the highways here and it's sought gitmo on the highways you move on ramps and nobody will listen to him. DOT in folks in Charlotte got a solution to that win and I think it's a hell of a good solution red light green light yellow light sockets on the way on WB two. Those three I got the joke. I was a line about the pole dancing thing. It's funny because I don't know what I have done to. The reputation deserving to be essar from. How we had a. Very males as I've just got to there's no way there's no way go overlooked holding hands and be an Olympic sport to making this up right. No that is not. The case at all. Big global association of international sports federations. Did say they're giving some consideration. True pole dancing. Are becoming an Olympic sport I was pregnant and Carla. Jo Moore loves to talk to want stone's throw the Jewish prayer and because of the pole dancing right and I guess so word kind of triggered a thought that colony that group who would've known that that Jerry Springer could potentially be the launching pad. For somebody's Olympic career. He's got a lot of olympians on their closer than that every few days. Dodge ball that's another weather considering to a to be an Olympic sport. Foot goals. They're just make in this stuff quote. I'm not making it up they're making it up that's why you have a reputation as a big BS I beat us here at the armed poker. Is a sport. They're considering that again for the for the Olympics. And I had to guess the good news for the other poker players. Used it to. Cigarettes and watered down cocktails so far not on the list of banned performance enhancing drugs. So. Might give us give us some new reasons to have to watch Olympics. Hollywood you don't they're sitting on the couch and your stern Tim women on the poll hey good USA USA I'm just being patriotic army. And I will stand at attention. From a National Anthem. That didn't come out right. You did not coming back. So why highways. So I always hear it it just absolutely sought to get on you know you're on an entrance ramp. And as I 77 in particular seems like when I go south to like buy into all that sort of an arm. People just don't know what you'll. You know me southern hospitality sometimes doesn't seem to be. Par for the course when it comes to getting on the highways but maybe we need to take a cue from Atlanta and what they do on the honor ups. I think supreme interest in suggestion to put red lights there. Traffic is big slowly and often dangerous here along I 77 several hours before during and after rush hour as it is on most local interstates. The Charlotte regional transportation planning organization has narrowed down from nearly 250. To fifty armed ramps where they'd like to add traffic meters. One of them is terrible road at I 7070. The idea is to keep traffic flowing by aborting the platoon of cars entering the interstate this video from Georgia DOT shows what is similar setup looks like an Atlanta. The red dye holds traffic momentarily and allows only one or two vehicles to merge onto the interstate every few seconds. Basically slow the amount of vehicles coming onto the interstate when time allows you the interstate traffic to move more consistently more freely. And every reduces crashes. The cost of the project which started about 300000 dollars per meter. They would be paid for by the money from vehicle used in gas taxes some drivers are not a fan of the plan I feel like there will bother me I mean that is our real life. Essentially you have to possibly stop and wait for the next people who. Emerge over Tulane have a woman who moved here from Chicago where the meters are already being used thinks they work well. They're they're convenient the fact that you allowed people to emerge on the highway a little bit easier. I don't see that happen snag I didn't feel like I got back up too much. I thought she clarified that it will only get to backed up. Well that would be an issue if you are stuck on the highway you know and and you have to John Morrison and nature calls regularly checked up I think is a fantastic idea we think 7045711. Times. I am a fan of anything that is going to make getting onto the highway easier and safer. I mean times have you ahead one of those yellow book seeds almost. Situations where you try to get on and then you know you're almost. It's almost by and the fire mileage play any close calls making me not a minute battle truck. I work on some tiny piano couldn't via this cable don't care though the front right up on you know they do. They they do 704571110. Ted even in DC in that area and and your take on those lights. More like a charm yeah explain why her hat and how how does that work for you mean. Well instead of having terrible I try to jam at the interchange you have an alternating green and red light. That. Allows traffic to. Space. Entered the moving lines. More than just everybody is trying to jam it's regret it's a great idea it it just makes science class but they pay and makes cents. Yes no I agree we view of that and as somebody who's let's say on travel and on the highway in I'm in the right lane and people are trying to merge. I. I would much less likely become a jerk if I'm just looking at one card trying to merge is supposed to you know fourteen of them all stacked up you know. Their wallet that. To approach or other the lights are near the top of the ramp so what is says go. You go and you're very likely to be at interstate speeds when you. Yet to. The emerging more. I had good boy that's a very very good point. There does appear. If you're at the end of the and you you're zero. LSU got a mas are rotting and you can go zero to sixty in about two point nine seconds plus going to be a rough road to to go out there. No I think I'd do I'd be concerned about some backups what happens. When the ramp gets full the feeder streets. Very every action there's an equal and opposite reaction to. I guess the feeder streets and slow them down like the the lesser of those two evils 74571110. HP to. Reared its ugly head and I'm Corey had a conversation but that would put counsel which some of that come up here on WB two. Had a pretty good seven team coming 1105. Others shot at 1000 dollars and four K they give away continues. Voted it's about five had a little fun for you to a final after him after rush. In the final five for the ride home we John Hancock and I am feeling that if we can put these red light. On the racks you make your ride into work and your ride home. That much simpler. And ideally that much safer Gary you've called 704571110. Reggie did your take on this. I probably do it today I'm living large manly and all behind me. All right very good. Erica got a pretty good that could be euthanized them out we lot and they used to be years and years can I go out there every year for the last thirty something years. During the ability to hike that would lead into the fourth of July week and we can only. From what I have been more there when it happened you know back then that I would walk on the drip you actually do well the only problem where it doesn't work. Yeah we've got these idiots. That are texting and tweeting while we're waiting and then. The truth about everything but if people would just do pay attention. When that light turned green get rid of it though he got no problem getting on they work fantastic. I know people that we've got white though it could I have friends and their leader. Well I'm glad you clarified that because are there other reasons that people look head on out there and I did not wanna casting his versions on either so. But you know I. You know I got to ritual if you go to do we want whoever the people oh you know it's it's a great place to go order but it was close to that. Yeah I would normally there either. And Gary the accent I'm guess in this southern Texas. Usually your accents southern Texas right. And your aspect to it had died in addiction. Thanks for the call is there any downside. To having these lights on the ranch I idol thinks I'm trying to think one. If you got 17045701110. Doug Kaye you're on WBT was haven't. Florida got a you do it and given it everything I've got. I lived in San Diego in 1988 and had to contend with those stupid things every morning trying to get an 805. To get to work. See here is how an interstate system works is called limited access is and it's designed that way for a reason you merger at high speed so there's no least slows down. What happens when you put these flights in the air everybody has to come to a complete stop. They have to wait for the lights turn green. And now instead of merging at high speed and getting directly to traffic. Now you're out there part along 1520 miles an outright each car especially get the air conditioning on you step out and doesn't move. And everybody else on the freeway pass to slow down to avoid running into the back into your car. And what it does instead of arming everybody up bomber rams were they belong with that they were intended to now everybody slows down and accept the entire freeway system and lets you actually driven these things and have these kind of problems. I'm always so good to me or know people like it well when you're out there in those things it ain't no fun and it's not the way. The interstate system was designed to tilts. Well I'd I don't know that the interstate system. Ever in the people that decided ever imagined that we'd have this many free and cars on the road either. No you know designed after the auto body who don't get that goes to Germany had to remain for high speed access and no matter how many people around their work. There's loads are driving properly is not an issue he start muscle something that ain't broke try to fix it you're gonna have an even bigger headache. Well it is broke as of right now. And every driven through Atlanta. Okay did did it work for you there was at the same sort of situation you have in San Diego. The last time I was in Atlanta. Whereas our TV show down there back in 2008 I don't believe that they had them whenever solemn vows passing through any way to get to Roswell sort never interact with criminal enterprise data interact with them. And San Diego and it was a headache. We ask you this you think it would be a big difference. With how much of a difference with every depending on where the light displaced because of the light is placed. Right is very very end of the ramp you're right you're going from zero to whatever speed you can end and you ain't gonna be jive and so well with the traffic inserting on their. But if it's further back as one of the previous caller said that gives you enough time to a known to. Jump on it hit the get that loud pedal and even if you've got the air conditioning on unless you drive and you go he should be elegant speech. There's a very good point was in San Diego were at. Right where you were shot which is part of the problem okay the only problem putting further back up the ramp is that they're going to be backing up traffic onto the main road which try to get off let's get onto the interstate yeah brilliant no win situation. Which would be safer though Maine. I would that back deck on a main road Tyrod yeah I've I would say Beckett back it up on the on the and a feeder road would probably be safer. I'm yellow they were the safest thing with they and what would make the most sense it just McKeon rants about. But maybe 15100 feet lover which you have what it time to get speed and work your way out I'll give you an amen on backing up in either direction. I'll give you an amen on that it there the play those I don't know what they column as a so I really is shepherd what is it called when you're on ramp is the same as the awful ramp you know. For somebody else like. Lucy I'm trying to think 77 when you up on. Freedom is not that's out there. Here's the two here's the example that I hate is if you're Ron let's say you're on Randolph street become an end up town and you wanna get onto 77. And you you're trying to emerge on and people that are on there are trying to get off to go independents. And oh you know in you got a couple hundred yards for. All sorts of idiots on both sides to try to go the direction that they're going and I bought up almost brought the rest are three or four times and I and I only do I don't drive and all that much. Well you know here's love most about Charlotte that they are adopting all the things that every. Other place in the country has rejected like the diamond crossover so these roundabout routes. They even maturity jug apple up and how personal. And it's like the stuff didn't work anywhere else and now we're bringing everything here and trying all the experiments. At the expense of us who actually use the roads. Osu not disagree with the other round abouts. I like him I think they were much better. The problem would send is. When you have a lot of traffic coming from one direction they will. Inevitably dominate force if you have a red light or stop sign. Then everybody will be forces stopped within belt around about what traffic is light yes you're right they work a lot better than heavy heavy traffic. You're always gonna get one dominant lane coming in and nobody else has a chance to get back out into office. Well that you'd have the same sort of problem with. With a light if and for example I'm going south on Providence in the morning in everybody's head north on Providence. And I wanna take a left. I'm it's going to be. And dangerous. As good enough to sit there wait for a long time than on than a block in the left lane enormous and everybody is Gordon Deal. In the same direction and I am there's only one going for them to use because on their block and you know. Yeah and that the problem is the most these rows were not designed to handle the amount of traffic that we currently have today. Well yeah we go back to the you know one the year earlier promises in the in this conversation. Otis cook right the main how many people or Charlotte Tony years ago. Who writes does does the bigger solution will be to widen what we already have a try to consider tried to do something different because the basic ideas work we just have to make the road to accommodate them. Everything they're building down 77 now what he should've done what who has made with the call expressly northeast have opened New York or what are coming in from. Once fire telling going to the other you don't get off to go throw. So you have one interstate just channeling all traffic to go through and the other interstates that Helena local traffic to get on and off the works. Very very well tonight I get your Atlanta had those things Chicago quite a few roadways Chicago to the same sort of thing. Tom who do bad you weren't around making these decisions 2530 years ago dug. Around Robert I think you know what not my fault. We didn't talk about roads enough that he would obviously that that's your creative expertise and that we should have focused on appreciate your call. You can always find it downside is there's always going to be a positive and is going to be a negative. Damn I guess when it comes down to it if we're gonna be reasonable people what we need to do is figure out. You put the the pro do the Franklin then the pros in the less left column. The ex cons in the right column and then you see sort of where balances out. Because you can't make everybody happy Jeromy everybody happy he's gonna look like a fool. And you will have to be miserable. I'm a break him back you'll join in the conversation about that 704570. You haven't had we'll get to the you know HB 2.0. Thank you governor Cooper. We'll get to that in the next half hour here on news 1110993. WP TI but straighter 25 pounds. And a child what happens when you mix those two not a very nice situation evolved the story coming up. Other side could put some raps on the the concept. Of lights red lights. On the highway ramps and and I still think it's pretty good idea of some folks and those guys US. Mitchell had so far in your rear you're looking right in Alaska in the 200 there it's got to to Jim I jammed new you're on WBT was evident. I live up the third has torn through its loans Jillian wrote off 77 other territory between your ability to be nice carpet. And let governor say about we need to extend those on ramps 515100 feet well that's a quarter mile I don't went into it I don't think we have a lamp oil. But even here you get these jokers that get they get you know get off the record road get up to this where quite acquitted itself that traffic starts. And they stopped. In this state or continue. They norms down but he. You know it's supposed to be what it is there's the murder gonna pick on emerge slowly and they just stop there don't go to the end of the merger going to get to the full speed. That they can't emergencies that Travis Olympic says the traffic is gonna go what this is that you know we will keep going most of its time people try to pull over. And let them merge people at the end but sometimes the traffic is so bad they can't do. When I moved here 23 years ago. Under receive an article from the people from people like myself who were built from out of town to live here before. Said that they complemented the show opinions on how. How currencies though there which courtesy they had been let you out of a parking lot of a barge angles there's something you know. But now people run red lights like it's crazy. And I didn't just out in in San Diego but for what decrepit school out there and I'd never seen these. The red light at the end of the or perhaps. I thought it was a pretty good idea now I think that guy for the without an 88. Well I think these lights turned out time and time you're hit adapts you know they've got some kind of a simpler that itself. When the light goes on there and my son who is from here this guy used film and he liked them because they were great idea. Yeah I I like the concept of an and I liked him when I was drive and an Atlanta. And I'm trying to remember and there's been another another city that there are used those. Can't remember now. Can I remembered a schedule Ryan burrow at a Chicago ranked they have those lights there in Chicago. Money on the ramps. I'm sorry do they have the the red lights. Bonding the entrance ramps that that only around on you know one card it's time to try to merge under the highway. There are no way we've got some flashing yellow ones could yeah I I know exactly what you're talking about it I believe I just saw those in Las Vegas couple weeks ago a kind of strange yet. He had a really stop on the break and wade and then you're you're so antsy to get out of the interstates system each at a gut it out. About well if we don't we bring Amazon to Charlotte and at the 2000 jobs we may need to come up with some other. Sort of traffic solutions today's the day though they've gotten people need to have their bids and not a. Absolutely absurd put down your pretzel turning your papers it's everyone's gotta have those bids in now that doesn't mean that the U wrangling in the conversations. Are over by any means but that's. The initial bids must be ended. Amazon's got the process now of Al dwindling these probably fifty or so. Applications down to just one and they're gonna make that decision and 2018 requirements I have to be clustered international airport. These headquarters need to be near an interstate system more highway system you've got to have a population. Oh well Ryan get all excited and we looked so very. I don't know that the F flashing stuffy you know the clever gimmicky things that a lot of these cities are doing is gonna make it all means difference. Yet you sort of talk about biting when it all comes down to it what's the nitty gritty what's written actually written inside those proposals. He's going to be what's so what's most important thing Stacy Portland Oregon what was what was your take on those lights out there. Well they work they work really well especially win you have areas where you can't have a very loan. We don't blame. They worked really well so they have a really. Sophisticated roadway system out there are going across the river from the old down to the new town. And it works really well. I think the biggest thing is that they do have. Bullying and playing better or are varied loan to. And here I think we have plenty of opportunities to use collided probably insist on. Here and would we should use it especially where we don't have the real estate to have a very long bully envoy yeah I believe in the lane. But the biggest thing is there's a lot of our own ramps and so. All for just a short but I agree with you. They're too short and then in many cases. You're trying to get on and people trying to get in the very same lane the jury and trying to get off on you know on the exit the goes to the road that you were just getting off. That's exactly right you would use the dual purpose playing. We have one here again Estonia that they're that they have right they don't own three point one south ID that they're going to the big. But the same thing you've got out clover leaf blamed some of the rail where people get off lady outside Al record for a 21 side or no. But being when you company that lie you're expected to use that same lane to try to get old bridge 85 north that it is a cluster. Yet as. And I'm glad that he and finished near the rest of that phrase it's normally don't go to his head and I will cluster the station appreciate your call upon. Brian Bergen cut off and and Ryan just about fifteen twice seconds your last thoughts comments on on the on the Amazon deal. Yes somebody that I did have been pretty splashy stone Kress George offering to change its name to Amazon even offering Japanese goes to be the mayor Birmingham Alabama putting makeshift Amazon boxes all around Tucson sending attack this to Amazon to try to lower himself we don't know what Amazon wants we don't know what Amazon needs rather than what they laid out and I will see in the coming months which decision to abandon making line. Cactus bush that your game made it just didn't think it may yet. I'm still thinking. Owners groups. Plus thousand pairs of those little always George Schultz. 50001. For each new employee about. Some of the possibilities there. A break and back and elevate him to give an update on some big footsteps here and 832 point oh McCrory. I was right in the thick of at all undies and think it would again at least as far as what happened this morning. We both times stay with us is on the way WB 21046%. Of my name is Scott FitzGerald I don't know five that a shot at 1000 dollars a court case today. Giveaway continues. I want to again extend the invitation to yes I'd I'd like to give you some lunch and I'd be giving some free lunch and and that is today and I'd love to meet you have to say hi to you. You can put a ridiculously horrible face with the name. If you come on out to be a Blackstone shooting sports is on Wilkinson boulevard. So glittery Ryder on the court from the radio station here and just what 45 minutes from uptown and so if you can make it it starts adrenaline 45 and and have barbecue that there are some good stuff and then we're gonna learn a bit. About personal protection. You mean your journey into the world of firearms it will go that route. You may get there you go notices for me I can't wait. To use this one hour of free range time cause that's what you get for shown up so if you are already a shooter. What he got a when what do you miss out got lunch and you get an hour of range time absolutely free plus everybody who shows up. He's not in the running and in registered. For a corporate event to be held their. Bad Blackstone shooting sports. And the Sunni be with the oil and grow and I'll have a corporate matters Christmas party or something like that. And at a gun range. Well until you see this place it and you you you when you walking you realized the same like no other place he's the you've seen before. It wouldn't sales guys you're gonna win Lux is hitting country club. Yeah no sweater drinks though they may know she really really want to. Canada's biggest steel largest climate controlled range in the region. You'll love it so amounts him look at look to see you it is a Blackstone shooting sports lunch and a discussion about firearms and fifty issue time. I haven't noticed it yet that it it is and and produce a situation and deal with my car. Was less everybody new car just been a while for you. The blow my good yes they don't like about you I was lest anybody got two years' notice and have a spare tire. That does. Okay. AAA is on the there they're on us on a roll here. We're saying in their than their Hong talk about it well you election to confuse bad situation for that new car manufactures are taken spare tires on the cars. So a lot of more income or the spare tire anymore. What the hell yeah took to cut out a little teeny bit await. While the other saying it's an effort to merge most conclusions and you generate. No spare tire mean even one little teeny tiny donut deals if so beautiful tie what do you do well I guess you're too comparable. I can tell you I used to sell cars idea to sell brand new cars and there was one model that we sold. Of all the models did not come with a spare tire that was the single most you largest disappointment no not ego. For the customers that we're looking at the vehicle because it would smoking over real good open it up butterfly it's like a take out the worst spare tire. Well what actually comes of this and flip inflatable device it used to re inflate your flat. Then that this was sounds great but people were it will spare time and a doughnut. Smoke and up and butterflies yeah it is just opened up the doors looked chunk of got you okay now I understand. Used all of France done this well so Tony it's fair. 450000. Drivers stranded without a spare tire last year alone. I don't think that's there's a very your idea that just butchers may. There's just make. When you're on public amateur you strip at the fat lady in South Hadley saying and here the minutes it was a deadly situation written that. But Brad Garrett ABC news crime and terrorism analyst is joining us here now and we've heard stories horror stories about some flaws in public Wi-Fi and then in layman's terms what the hell is his main debate. Well what it means is that bad guys just figured out the encryption. It public Wi-Fi baby at the airport they need to copy shop eccentric and because they dug up that they're able to literally can't monitor. What you're doing online because they've worked around the encryption so. If you're paying bills secure doing whatever you're doing they actually can watch it they can collect it. And it's one of those things got that they you know they literally have to be close by so. I'm not certainly suggesting that every Wi-Fi and every copy shop and bigger restore somebody trying to intercept. I'm just suggesting that clearly it has happened in the vulnerability is clearly there. Brett can that once. Ones that are there India and they've they've not take advantage and exploit this vulnerability. Can they continue to stay with your computers and only while they're there and in that location. Well this particular. Integration. Is really chest. In reference to that particular white lies so let's say you shut your life file liked. A minute later it would disconnect whatever they're trying to do it. So you know one of the suggestions. Sky is you couldn't you couldn't bio services not very expensive and called. Virtual private network for EP SM VP then yeah you can buy that a six or 56 bucks a month. And billionaires probably like five that you get through. Your VPN because it creates all the extra encryption just straight year. And so it makes it much harder for. These type hackers. Didn't hit two years Vick you know if you're in an airport obviously they're giving average out of the people they get a why. Good at it you have that actual encryption that is gonna go around you they go to the next person doesn't. We just Tunisia today. Jagr safety bubbles a little after somebody else. I love talking to Brad Garrett I look target river sometimes you just may be really paired up and you know I kind of meeting held that help help still paranoia is the car after me spare tires Bobby at a horse story about this. Well our. Are caught in the last such year old male or renew callers to Hondas bought are reporters. He's here. You saw ought to not have a spare but it does come installation kit in the styrofoam box has a com. And canister to appear you squirm in your public bickering corsets yup. I'm sure they are ripping your tires are an open and that you care about 200 dollars or spare tire care clips bird burger and Jack Campbell. 200 bucks it cost much yeah to TrueCrypt is something like that problem. Again what do you do there. I was fired me course my daughter's grown up a college or felt compelled again that when I was there tyrant. Yeah you don't yet mean especially our young ladies don't leave you stranded there are those relationships in the Marco archer for. Oh you're up just sit there or should I use it but I'd I'd used to blow up balloons. And I was just kind of guy who thought for sure. Never ever real ball marker are male punctured this remark that healthier you're stalking them or no work. Value right after you after you get bagel shredder beggars group you're absolutely superb. For Tribune says there are no with a cumbersome. So way. 325. Pound woman a lot of good chance to get to the story but all revealed it was a tease this will do it right out of the chute on the other side. You were sit on your kids love never set on him. Or gently have sent upon a child. Like like during a tickle fest oh yeah and ultimately their pants you know I kind of if but. Never as a punishment. Just say a few 102 point five you don't wanna sit on the Q okay. I'd I don't know that I wanted to bring Toni heard and understood only eight. But in this particular case it was a disaster you have to disaster story coming up after the news. Money money money why we have that 1000 dollars in the right now have quite a thousand dollars. I would buy me 65 bags of mulch to. The expense of vegetables I don't know what you do with the values and opportunity for. Takes this court at all OW LO WL. To seven to any one for your chance to win a thousand bucks got you got till 1150 to do it. It's a national contest message batteries supplied folk are just rules available at WBT dot com again the word is how lol. 72881 for your chance at 1000 dollars. All right so this is very strange story. Quite often we hear I don't know we hear things about adult doing stupid things. To try to maintain discipline with children. Usually if if they get to that point the Aiken is usually too far gone because they didn't do the right things you really want. So. Deserve. Veronica green Posey. 64 your only and in the end in Florida. Heard her cousin Calder. And said I need to come over here and help me courage and my daughter Derrek Lee is so if she's just got out of control. Weird family situation you're the other mother gives us 69 years old. Father 62 years old so she had his baby when she was sixteen years old. Loops don't. Notes. So so mom to death Posey come on over here. And I hope nobody is pulling his kid and and didn't start off well the the woman allegedly struck Erica with a metal pipe. Before. She sat on the child. And parents for their. Derek is dead said that. But Posey was sitting on his daughter for about ten minutes. Before she started complaining of breathing problems. And Joyce 225 counts. Sitting on a nine year old. Hope remotely. That's a lot of weight bid is just brutal there alias. Who is your mind when they hit it goes through your mind we did OK here's the best solution to discipline this kid. Let me let me squad on down on top of so she was on a water for ten minutes. Matches are complaining of breathing problems and then I stayed on another two minutes before she got up. And I when she was content. They called I want Russert CPR. But no such luck. Cops and they've never seen anything like it before. 325 pounds and can. Weirder and weirder and weirder. World news. Do remember the other TV show what do they will with the we usually run like on a Friday night out of the Wazir devoted television show but it was about standing up are actions. To a caption dudes that wanted to hang out with a young ladies. Remember remember there's just so the ballot the white haired guy again host yeah yeah I was at Comair is a name and I'm gonna show and a 102. I do one episode I remembers that they have cameras command there's this dude standing there in his underwear we have beer and cookies beer and Doritos or something like that. Oh yeah. So you do it's our I'm just saying now runs a moon and you know men. Are known what torture me. Why in the world. They're not listen to this this this report from WS OC about a food lion executive who. My mouth breather they would just dumber than paint. Henderson hill police say 54 year old Paul Robert will Croix was arrested. And charged with conspiracy to commit a first degree statutory sex offense. He's a vice president with food lion based out of Salisbury. Investigators say LeCroy was communicating with who he thought. Was an underage girl on mind at that turned down. Now he wanted to meet her for sacks for that girl turned out to be a law enforcement officer. Officers have seized computers and cell phones for the investigation. LeCroy race Linkedin page it says he is a vice president of pricing. For food lion don't tonight we went to his home in Concord if someone did answer the door but told us they don't want to comment about this. The Christ being held at the Henderson county detention center on a 100000 dollar bond. Food lion told us they know about the arrest and that LeCroy was suspended pending further investigation tells us. Thing. What dude. What what kind of brain does it do you have to have the stand age to be controller around on the Internet and to believe. For even a single. She mackerel the second. That an underage girl is really really an underage girl who wants to have sex with the I played I just blows me away. A lot of people fall for. And how I don't know I don't know I know it is an extended. You know somebody that is an acquaintance. Who married in two some folks and I know. EU beef go for that thing and he got busted really I think he might be in jail right now while that you know. Yeah we I didn't there was a morning disk jockeys Cincinnati. They can you can't member's name for you he showed up. At a hotel. We is condoms and beer. And so the knows that was really bottle rockets or something I guess I can't remember what it when he showed up. But a big game got popular busted investments of time in jail and this guy seemed halfway no laden on May be navy Donald fifteen or twenty years and now. Off the rails ego yes indeed. And entering those you know win over the hill. Fifteen or get to Tawny Wright. Where is. When you look it's everything you know that's pretty Smart person know they've got to be an executive at this company here. Now. Know everybody's got some dumb on the inside they'll open a break him back a give an update on the at the bigfoot story that that I wanted to get to. And an episode about one way that can certainly screw up they future job. That's on the way and is 1110 patty that three WBT. DiMaggio my name is Scott FitzGerald and a graduate us. Graduate assistant double BT. Sure we. Have a story about a Paul Robert acquired. The concorde demand. 54 you have different mug shot of him in the area. And story in the observer and looks older he looks a level and that thing looks a lot of movement looks like he was ridden hard put up wet. I'd like maybe may be lusting after young girls ages you could be it. So he screwed up a job that he RD head there's interest in way to screw the job that you haven't even had yet there's a there's a she's a great story. There's a cop in trouble for polling over his ex girlfriend and I know it sounds horrible right when it gets worse. The reason it's worse because that Florida cop who pulled over his ex and her new boyfriend. And really a couple. Seems Christopher Combs 22 years old he is they could debt commission studying to be a police officer. And the reasoning could all his ex girlfriend over. Is because he borrowed his daddy's patrol car because his daddy is actually palm beach county sheriff's deputy. Oops. So prosecutors say had his dude pull the couple over maybe new boyfriend stepped out of the vehicle. Not sure as of right now whether or not a racial threats made. But then the other real police. Showed up and arrested this this this mental midget. It he's been ordered stay away from the couple from the couple and a department spokesperson says she's no longer a cadet effective. Right now. Law. No ifs ands or buts. Too human to human opportunities that will salute to tell you wish quite a bit like a guide there's a quiet. You don't see. Selig. So that this year things were wish Griffey. My potential career. We thought it was all done. Here in North Carolina the a some cops folks call will be huge black guy on the state other folks said you know what this is just a demonstration of who we are what will stand up for. HP to sort of reminds me of that little girl in poltergeist. Because in a way. It's bad. They one woman called an eight foot betrayal by governor Roy Cooper but he's is just an important step to make sure everyone is treated fairly. So a lot of controversy has come down today. This choice between public restrooms in North Carolina. And state law deciding who can answer which one. This is a step forward roll those steps include executive order number 24 Al signed by governor Roy Cooper dog it also included a proposed legal settlements. Between North Carolina. In the ACLU. Today is settled her. Ones or go to many. More so to take care at least since state offices today's changes need transgender people can now choose which restaurant they used. It also forces contractors that do business with the state to offer the same. This is a way to ensure that trends in north Carolinians are not going to be discriminated against when there and call. Tammy FitzGerald the instinct values coalition. Couldn't disagree more and it's clear today. Do what he stands for is allowing men into women's bathrooms. And having to strong arm of government come against small private business centers. We're just trying to live and work according to their beliefs. The project impact could prove huge. Right now north Carolina's executive agencies put nearly 55000. People to work at in vendor contracts. And that is a network of almost one point five. Billion dollar billion dollar. There's so you have thousands of others the back and forth different Indian it yet again. Earlier today on WB two's morning news. Public Thompson had a chance to talk to governor McCrory about it and of course you know both. Had asked that question and here's the government respond. Overweight is a lot more questions than that that the media does not ask you first were bald governor I signed up there were already sort of degree prohibited discrimination. That I side the only thing left that was so bad permission so the whole the whole question as wire Jennifer Robertson would confer shall remember. We've gender I candidate regarding bathrooms and showers. What they're going to brought us up and they cannot seem to drop that sort of debate was there a recent problem that was identified the past 44 our future. Week or month or nine months. Or they pay back VH Rasheed for the millions. What they got campaign contributions. Are they admitting that the so called repeal of XP to. Didn't really change anything. Are they tried to change the subject away from. The lack of progress made on the hurricane was so bad news now that this week Tuesday and or street or arcade Matthews a lot of trash culture still irked me. Is that because of a law soon. I doubt it because the proper administration is reversing. All the Obama administration. Previous order so on this issue. Or they tried to change the subject Merrill because of the mayor's race coming up to get people out there potent. And really again raise an issue which there was no problem like they did two years ago it and a year ago in the governor's race. I think it raises a lot of questions. You're Merrill that he assign this so we're gonna have a bathroom police. Across this state near Charlotte against private contractors cause the company's. They go all that. In his or are they going to be threatened with a jail sentence like that show wall bid. For a afar and I just don't know the details. What do you expect there where it took a lot of questions what do you expect the response is going to be from the largely Republican legislature. Well that's another thing a bit there they're opening up another dispute you know every award. No they arrested this issue until Jennifer Roberts spotted. Notes again they're trying to find a solution to a problem that existed. But it worked politically for for boy. It ended up not working politically wolf for. Jennifer. In her reelection I think because people are just frankly tired up but so. That the Turks he is very powerful and contribute a lot of money. And they were never happy with the so called recon you'll. Because it really didn't change a thing as an observer who loves to play at about disrupt what they are asking the tough portion of the bill it's. You're just alien Russians yet next to a mayor race and I guess I think the good bit cool other raises a lot of questions why there why yesterday. I want to do work in a minute. I got about thirty seconds and there's another huge story today and that's the deadline that for the submission of the Amazon. I headquarters bid we talked about this some yesterday I got a lot of us feedback from your comment yesterday were asked you. What was the biggest business deal and it happened during your tenure as mayor you pointed to the by the third parallel runway at Charlotte Douglas. I'm asking today because this kind of thing is getting a lot of our attention to you know what is in this bid we don't know all that's in there but if you had did highlight. One particular attribute of Charlotte in 2017 that would make us stand out from all these other places that are in consideration. What would you point to. Goal one is the airport. Which is a lot better Denver because of dislocation much better than Boston because of the traffic. It's the location and the devastation of a one stop airport for the rest the country brushed the world's first city of course sides that they you can have a heck of a lot better quality of life. Enact a lot cheaper that's standard of living our hearts that are living for a lot less projects. So board we have so much to offer. So I looked for the seed at the guilt of a proposal that everyone's going to be given this going to be a free fall. It is going to be a free for all and hopefully when that's from result on who were on the short list. For those who admitted some it's amazing and so my folks' opinions. About how little. They think we need or should. Give away dams on the go and come here to where we just can't throw all his money out of and no. It doesn't surely no one of the examples I gave was Chiquita. How much you came to move their headquarters here. I think maybe they move their headquarters from Cincinnati. And if I remember correctly. For the regular look at the of the votes in the other gray matter there. It yeah they set up their headquarters and they all sorts of bush and senators and in money and. Just didn't just RVs humility doesn't the president and how many years before they pulled out only three years like two or three years. Love you made it just couldn't let remain unscathed. Is there is there a way of the world of business to get to the loop and I can't tell. Decades ago. Imagine feel a bit frustrating it's going to be. What we're gonna so reasons for a long long time virtual us that's so frustrating that would be. Three years she away. A break him back bigfoot stories and kids and Niagara Falls some wounds. Stupid parents their involvement into the sort of way and I'm Libby taste they. Almost there. Rush is to be back today. Not a fan of just signed up more stuff. That the word rush we'll be back through 1206. You'll hear B the overtones. America thinking here's an Angel of intent that if we don't be too. So today's. Very tense day you would hear about revenues and and I can certainly understand why. Richard Spencer he's going to be making his appearance in Gainesville Florida at the University of Florida. And now it's all hands on deck. This morning there's a state of emergency. 500 police officers on Hollywood work. The National Guard activated and ready. My mom called me was like please don't go outside and all because today this man Richard Spencer a self described white nationalist. Is making a controversial speech on campus Spencer helped organize and all right rally in Charlottesville Virginia. Which turned violent or are you prepared for violence we're prepared her for anything that could happen here. You fear for your safety and up Florida Spencer not commenting. Officials at the state run University of Florida initially turned down Spencer request to speak boat when he threatened a First Amendment lawsuit. Administrators group led to. I'm urging all of our campus says stay away from the event tennis because. What a supremacy like him extremists like him really thrive. On attention hitting confrontation. Spencer is paying more than 101000 dollars to rent is building in covers security inside. But outside the budget for law enforcement. He's already well over half a million dollars Spencer tweeting this image referring to himself as hurricane Ricardo. Are you prepared for violence we are prepared to make sure violence does not break out protect people's right to free speech while also keeping them safe. Given him safe in touch with everybody hopes were that if things don't go running and Tom did it is interest in newseum I think it's on the alligator brewing company. They have offered to people if you had tickets. Pseudo suspension streak they're well into if you turn into tickets to the she Spencer speak they'll give you a free craft beer. That's pretty good deal bringing you the tickets are free I do believe now so William you know loosening. And the reason they're doing this and they're hoping that people will turn these tickets and and then leave empty seats initial that the do's and speak into that many folks college town free beer premier the I can't legislate defeat in Iraq and free beer. Yeah the good. You're attendance is almost guarantees. Tomorrow and we sort of other we can were to go back to Gainesville Florida and get an update from what the other women and she's media editor in chief. A real in the local. Florida University of Florida newspaper. Pensions and wedged in a suggestion so we'll we'll do something with her again tomorrow. Com. Getting a picture. Getting a good picture when your on vacation. She important stuff right. Should be a matter life and death the name in this this thing about this Paris or some stupid stupid things and this went. To do what useless to the story. Some. The boy was sitting on the railing. At Niagara gorge. Oh Canadian side of Niagara Falls so that mom can take to clear picture. I can't sit there about it says technology and a little bit left Florida and many adjust his seeding. And and I lost his balance of the film backwards eighty feet off on an eighty feet. Look at the parent is stupid enough. To what their kids sit on a railing that's perched above. You know many people like that. The same candy would sit on a child if they were 300 pound probably right yes after the samarra. Family tree researchers see if they're related we were so careful with Lipton Niagara Falls allows us. In junior high end very careful about their railing anything having to do it. Steeple locations there plus the railing this is left answers although it's that all the time always let everything's what are other. And I'm not a big fan heights even you know I remember going to other Grand Canyon loop and this was with my first wife. And she was a rock climbers skydiver to she's crazy you know militia type two personalities. There's twenty ranked blue collar to the thrill seeker. Anime in Britain just. And she was right there and she got it right on the edge and she's you know she sits down and she dangled her legs over written it about made me throw up. Bridges Logan a can get on a tight DWD. Wasn't gonna back up but I thought I would not be that he's. Good DW community be doing double duty. So. I don't know if there was any charges or anything against this that this family but it just so stupid. Good news is. He's gonna be okay is is the way that it looks originally. He hit his head and they thought it was going to be a life threatening injury. It turns out for some time and hospital theirs is conditions have changed to a serious but stable so good news this. Vishay never worth. You can always Photoshop right you can always Photoshop. Absolutely. Yours. So probably come back there is a a Russian connections from the local protests are given the update on bigfoot. For sure and if you are culturally ignorant. More you can certainly work your way through our court systems here in America he writes Greta break him back here to be reached. Sometimes I think. I missed my call it life. Should have been a scientist. And there are others like research scientist you know college women and academic world. You know there's always a cafeteria food clothes ten year tenure will straighten. Plus the other. Web coach you to Wear when you're doing experiments and that sort of stuff increased awareness I'm sure they do you think viewers are just like a stereotype and cliche thing. I'm a nutty professor Warren. Let them that band that just. That proves yet for the skull beneath the Troy. University in Alabama. They had some scientists and their. And in their gig was true. To research depression. Which is a very very real situation here the United States and in and I can remember the number the percentage of people and who suffer from depression at some point time and life. And you think what that's an honorable. Terrible feel terrible you know field of study. Until you realize that the starting depression and fish. Don't laugh. Don't let's not a laughing matter of not less fish. Very negative and a mood disorders. Another reason they're studying it was because apparently and I and I may have never heard this before. The generic chemistry between fission people are very similar. Which is another bonus science things is no let's. Let's check out there in her chemistry. But if officials dropped into a new tank and if it swims around the top of the tank within five minutes it's not a breast. But if he swims were on the bottom in. Most Coke can around with a boom and then. It's a depressed fish fish are friends not food to put a bill and Melinda. And if it tries to jump out of the tank. Two two. Take a slight the oxygen and you really know that the trojans was over the deepen or fish do you know. Or yesterday I gave your bigfoot update of course we are your official bigfoot stationed here. And in the southeast. Action may be even in the country I think we would that's a claim that we can that we can make its own. The dentist this British program. This is the official radio show. Of bigfoot in the United States. Manage every Gonzales as we discuss yesterday's it paranormal expert. Once again. That's the calling and that's where should've gone and PI ahead of the northern California just citing from a farmer who said he saw six big streets ran around his ranch. Big treats. A big footed. Big four I don't know I mean and then you see that. Big trend geez yeah. So the farmers say they want these dues was runner with a pig over shoulder and any trip you hit up. He had a pipe. Drainage pipe and the truth in blood overhead. That he dropped his big. I'm gonna need to dig up the pictures there isn't a grainy you know very very grainy pictures of those so that's one of the apiece is a bigfoot news. There is division when there's another update in Dennis came at a Tucson. It's another farmer. There's a there's a theme here. No they do it is farmers ashamed input as because they were a lot of chemicals that they could Vietnam and Anderson nor can not insecticides and pesticides if that's seven Dustin there. Seven deaths did you breathe in that stuff and what seven dust. It's like you duster a cabbage is to keep them the mosque off fogleman worms and need to look at mr. farmer over here but I MRI. But. What a lot of rhetoric. Whoever it is to say that again I was scratching my upper by mr. Ed let's say they say it say that again Iowa I seven dust to use his seven yeah and it is like junior cabbage plants start coming up beanie and you put some and you put that tube sock in the need dusted on the leaves. And then there's there's this white moth flies and lands on the cabbage in Isa but this way keeps it off they don't like tomorrow through yet. Seven dust but that's not and that's based. So you sort of a farmer than as a winner Sanjay there's some time ever seen a big foot down now and I yen destruction around seven don't believe so I don't believe they Kirkuk. I do believe for Obama believe. So anyway they said there was a camping. Only Mongolian rim area of the of Arizona and he claims that he saw a fast moving black figure with a black fish British coat of fur. Tonight finished reading the book. What ours do not go camping. Then slapped miscues. Accident finished reading a book when I looked across the campground and I noticed a very fast moving figure heading from north to south. It was a very large bigfoot. It only lasted about three seconds but I was looking to see it at all. So I think that it only lasted about three seconds this is excuse for not taking a picture. That. He says it was too far to identify facial details of what he figures at the creature was at least eight feet tall. It's so. Did did did did say that it's gonna be real there's just too many. Alia to too many sightings how can you deny that you really can't I mean the truth is out there and and really hit the bottom of that mean I really think that we. Why isn't there like a Senate Intelligence Committee that is are looking into. Had a big foot did you imagine like Al Franken asking attorney general Jeff Sessions about bigfoot but I think that being hysterical scene. Betty I'm are you here to to back up John Morse claim about the the little bugs in the seven most. Yeah but that's just primarily used for granted it's. Tactic that army mobility. But Boca for a mostly for a bit does that like make the roses look funny. No matter. It back to the my mother in law at its heroes it's. Did you count him Kenny Gemini one album. The guy out there is roughly fifty. Yeah it is the step that it is the seven does keep you from meeting the roses. They did a okay. And I'm just check your body we keep me from meeting the roses to bedding men and welcomes the new. We do it our all or her right you donated the U mother. Yeah out what happened. Haiti many left she dat but she still may. She is dead but she is still mean. Keep seeing power from it would try. Oh that it worse than. Our other parks and all she does that say though. Why did you they hold on did you go to her funeral. You know gas via. May incur other papal. Oh wow so she was a popular lady I'll betcha Betty you didn't spray. Or sprinkle seven dust on her body to keep the bugs away from her in her death digit. The girl apparently at the I got. Carter are damn thorny roses to shove him in there. Many appreciate the Colonia in the update on that and I'm sorry that. That it was such as a sad relationship. There's a mother or is it what would then get this mean there's a lot of mother in law Selig did issue is still please don't I think it. I'm glad my mother a lot of listen this radio program very often. I mean if you notice they never say anything about my mother in line that's. I don't know she knows hit men that she knows people she's connected with a mob. It's most hum did you know that when you die you're not really dead yet. This one blew me away when I read this. Sure you come. As a team from NYU. He said he patients who suffered courier at cardiac arrest or articulate construct. You know in the heart of hearts stop for brief period of time then. That's when you're died right so when there's no blood going into your brain that's when they declare you dead but they do this thing would your brains. And in this scans in your brains and then your brain what kind of lights up the business really weird strange thing right at that moment. And then if you happen to go through CPR may bring you back then. They all levels of all sorts of different stories to tell about what that what that felt like when after the brain activity was Norma. I would get a hold of Doctor Who has studied this. Maybe some proof that there is actually a consciousness and in my mansion questions for folks when it comes to deal with a friend. So appreciate you times go shoot some guns joining of Blackstone and a we'll see if there's still that I wish you blue skies and green light stickier.