Russia Investigation Pulls in Manafort, hurricane Maria Decimates Puerto Rico, I-77 Toll Lanes Option

Scott Fitzgerald
Thursday, September 21st

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And I mentioned mistakes and the Russians. So much talk about today in the railing earthquakes and we'll fall apart go to helmet and vest of course. That matter who's gonna end this weekend Saturday as a matter fact we did a story. Played Russian army helicopter accidentally fired a rocket and bystanders who were watching these large military exercises. Just K 852. Helicopter big sucker fired a missile blew up a car burned a couple of folks who have seen. Blitzing so if you think that military accidents can happen in the wrong people shot that well it's certainly cat. Certainly can and that would be one of those instances there. This kind of thing that could could lead to some real bad things happening so we do have to be careful yesterday the president was speaking. Talking to the UN general assembly leaders of Africa he hosted a luncheon there. And he made up a country. You very much general I appreciate it and I'm greatly honored. To host this lunch. To be joined by the leaders of code to our studio is gone and give me. And am via Nigeria Senegal Uganda. And South Africa from high fuel Pia and the nimby. Well that Miami was and dear to Disney movie epics. So in honor of there. We're we're gonna suggest who to the president some noon. They're all included right here. You can actually endless list them all. Here's another one. That's another. They're fighting for independence. I'm in my. A lot of countries there and I had they're all. Cambodia and making you know it's gutter Pritchard Llewellyn now with the weather channel. Amanda and get a follow appear on what's happening with Maria strengthening heading towards Turks and caicos committee update your Richard. Yeah the 8 o'clock advisory this morning they have put out a tropical storm watch for the central Bahamas because they are thinking that they're going to be. Feeling some of the impact a little bit further on up into the bahama island chain. Club and urging warning continues for the Turks and caicos and the northern coast of the Dominican republic of course a lot of heavy rain still falling across eastern Puerto Rico and throughout the Dominican Republic. And of course they conditions there should start to improve as the day goes on and has Maria starts to pull away. Off from the Dominican Republican Hispaniola altogether. But of course the the Turks and Caicos Islands they're going to be the one superstar to cease some of the impacts Oprah Maria here over the next 44 hours or so. Today ends the models and North Carolina shall the Twain meet. That is a good question at this point it looks like a most of the other models both American and European models as sort of probable model ensemble so we have. Show everything. Stayed offshore of north Carolina at this point of course there is still some questions beyond that on whether. There will be some impacts further down the road especially for our portions of a Long Island in New England. As we move on an early next week but of course I think the impacts support the care Carolinas especially early next week. A lot of high surf a lot of beach erosion and that the gets going to be the the impacts at this point but any shift in the forecast models. Of course we still have five days to watch this before I think north Carolina's going to be in the clear. Thus it was something that will be watching as a roll through the weekend and early next week. Jose could flip around and come back in the states no I think goes say it's gonna pretty much a weekend off of Long Island and Cape Cod is not moving at all right now just a sixty mile per hour tropical storm and its expected a further weekend. I think the main concern is we've got a hold on to host Asia's longest they came out on as we can't because. Bad is gonna actually have an effect on where Maria goes. Because as long as it's states out there there's that weakness between the East Coast of the US and a big off high pressure ridge that's out in the Atlantic. If that. Well weakness full state air Maria will follow that we present a lot out of the open waters of the Atlantic won't impact the East Coast so as long as Jose's mayor we're in good shape on the East Coast this. Point judging and is no chance at all that Maria would do sort of a twist that we were. Not in fear of that Jose was in new. Yeah this one doesn't look like that's going to be the case it looks like a once. We get to number Maria out of the way you'll start to build into the on the open waters of the north Atlantic and will probably be us storm per Icelander Europe as we have moved into the middle part of next week's so. Once we get past. Tuesday and Wednesday of next week is not going to be really an issue for anybody except for shipping interest on the open. Latitude enough Richard Llewellyn with a weather channel. We'll get you another update here when the 11 o'clock hurricane captains of coming down thank you very much general I appreciate it and I'm greatly honored. Joseph host this lunch. To be joined by the leaders of code to our studio creator Ghana Guinea. Now I'm Rea. And Ambien. They're giving me. Giles to live cruises forgotten and we are here on. Columbia. MB OK now I'm Maria and MB yeah. My sixty's your time devoted to him and established. I yesterday visual. He one year anniversary of the shooting people amounts cuts and a mark Pearson had about two audio stream. Did you hold a candle mark. No I did not that it did not hold a candle we all went on last year trivial and a very low key event. That's what that's what I hear it's what I saw on TV and I think some folks are surprised as matter of fact that it was social peace when call. Well I mean what does this was put together by Charlotte uprising which is to be very fringe group that thinks politte should be disbanded in defund it. So they don't have a large following. The actor wrote they want Robocop. Yeah I'm not sure what they want to replace police swept. And norm you know Max 75 people there. Thought it was interesting Justin's car who was shot during the rioting and killed last year his mother was there and spoke about at. It it seems clear committed yet that the narrative that. Our Charlotte uprising is pushing is that just in car was killed by the police the family doesn't necessarily subscribe to that. So but it was very peaceful and they lit some candles and a few people came from the crowd and took the Mike and spoke most albums sort of blasted the police. But it was interesting that some of the older people they're says let's beat Pete or what are they get a lot of. I'm mad that seems to be one of the yet. The common themes from most people that we talked to his engagement. Conversation and that's what's gonna lead to change it was interesting. Is some of the interviews about mrs. Scott. Where she said that she doesn't see any changes in the police and I and I was really confused and scratching my head. Wondering what is she basing that upon what sort of interactions has she had with the police that makes you think that there have been no changes. Well I don't know if that's based on interactions or perhaps just her. Emotions talking you know certainly she's incredibly still grieving over their loss by. She is still trying to stick also to the narrative that he did not have a gut. And that if she would know what he had a gun well we played a clip last night from the district attorney. And who pointed out that she did impact nobody had a gun because DA text messages. Between business Scott and her husband where they argued about fact that he. I guy gets and I'm sure you've got him to several emails from may when a rabid. That just kept saying you know why don't we talk about this why don't we bring this up you know and then send it to the she was ultimately responsible for a Gene Lamont Scott getting shot dozens of very simplistic way of looking at things if good to but but indeed there was a gun he had a gun should have had a gun. He should've happened unfortunately it did. What do what was the consensus sure what was the thinking about moving forward that you got from this Mitchell listening to. I well I think moving forward the Charlotte uprising crowds still thinks that Charlotte police are violent agents of the state I was afraid you hear them. Use quite a bit in the states. Think the fight against police should continue but it was real vague as to what that really means and there were a lot of encouragement here. They would encourage the crowd come to this event we have please come to the defense will be a if but again the size of the crowd tells her I don't think there's. Can benefit if it is very small fringe group right. And and certainly not getting a big following gallant allies. Schroeder Verizon gets their funding many things have to be running on a shoestring. Yet if the option of they don't ever go up there on a good question I think where where do they get their money editors putting money into speaking of money on what sort of payouts are we aware of that have come from CB or from police organizations to. To folks who have been shot by police in this town. Well I mean we've had been shooting toward the city paid out large settlements right off the top of my head I have not. Sure where we are in the legal process Serbs through process and to keep a much country but the city paid up a lot of money. This really me shooting him. That happens several years ago where the officer was charged and then there was a mistrial in this case before that ever went to trial that he paid that family and a lot of and so the city you've been quick to pay office east bank. Yeah I had an interesting suggestion from radio listeners name's rob me and his suggestion was. We've got all this money that we paid out if we sort of take a double took that money ahead of time. And spent it on getting each and every officer the canine partner. That that could go a long way with stopping shootings because when his his arguments and I would agree with them a 100%. Those dogs as scary as hell and intimidate people and and then send the dog in first. And and then maybe we might do to mitigate some of these things moving forward so you buy a puppy. But tiger is a good idea has an interest or no it's certainly as marketers and I appreciate 80 that you do he was in the thick of things last year when it all went down. It was was a courageous to it was an act of courage for him to be a Little Rock through the streets would desire recorder. When. When things were blown a little on the goofy side to say the least Morgan Fogerty had a chance to stone viola Lyles and looking back at that day. It was a days that brought the city and a focus. So one year ago in the wake of the keep LaMont Scott shooting via Lyles as Charlotte mayor pro tem signed a letter to the community. Promising in part more jobs and more affordable housing specifically 5000 units in three years right now there are 2200. As a resident of Charlotte it's frustrating for me to hear that it took what happened in the aftermath of the keys LaMont got shooting. Four city leaders to step forward and make these commitments. Is it frustrating for you as well. In the sense that there might be a perception that the city's eyes we're not open to those issues before and now they are and will they remain open. I mean I'm a student of history and I really pay attention of this. We've known these issues have existed for a long time we've known about how banks red line properties where African Americans couldn't borrow money. Where we've known that women can't get business loans just like other folks can't believe down best but sometimes. It gets you focus a crisis of crises like that can get us focused and win now very focused. Basket focused on not moving forward here. We will examine leading up to it my guess is when two years rolls around I won't nearly be via the ordeal. That the one year anniversary has been this week and cross your fingers that that is indeed the case you heard the voice of by Lyle see her again coming up on Tuesday. During the 11 o'clock hour as we get ready for the mayoral race we talked to Kenny Smith. We'll talk to vial vile -- double probably do it again with both of them as we get closer to Election Day North Korea's foreign minister guy named Marie -- hole. It's got great names there. He had an interesting. Reply to the president. If you remember the president said that the United States will be forced to totally destroy North Korea if you thought Washington was forced to defend itself. Or its allies against the country's missiles. He's a rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and his regime. Which. They dig up as north Koreans all fired up he you know which preakness and reporters outside of his hotel. And he he cited a Korean proper. When asked to respond to the president's about to destroy his country. The piece is there's a saying that the marching goes on even when dogs bark. He says if he was thinking he could scare us with the sound of a dog barking. That's really a dog dream. And we distribute tweets and reply to that you know. In Korean a dog touring is one that makes little sense. So that's era there will be returned to what the president had to say. Armed as far as North Korea goes the well all all options are still on the table. If you happen to really be a regular reader of The National Enquirer. There got a tweet from them this morning that talked about the death weapon the doomsday weapon that the United States has that it has the power of 100. Nuclear bombs let's suppose Lisa is big giant laser thing that we're gonna used to destroy North Korea so that we don't action after you know actually have to drop bombs on a we can just laser at them to death as if it were an episode of a Star Wars still so that's our that's what's happening there Puerto Rico has been absolutely destroyed. Maria has wreaked Havoc unfortunately I think I've ever been everywhere across the island completely out of power. Via the mayor of San Juan. Was on TV yesterday and they were asking about rebuilding. And who just so so moving Justice Souter try to come up with the words to describe how she was feeling. And did you did you see the tears starting rolled on her face. Usually on down her face the president has a declared a state of emergency they're so money will be going to help out. Governor Ricardo says the president we are we review and the people of Puerto Rico so help is on the way. State of emergency we're here in that too often are we state of emergency. Florida. Texas Puerto Rico and hope we don't get another one of those for a while. At times go to 1926 Karen Travers going to be joining us your momentarily coming from the White House. And and and as we move on we're gonna take another look at what's gone on we've North Korea and these threats that are coming from there. The world. The rest of the world not so thrilled. About the position that we're staking out that's coming up here on news 11101993. WBT there's a lot of tacky people out there in the world. And I'm not saying that just because just to the news is that have nothing to do those things try and enhance their jobs. But these folks are there behind attacking. Zia and engaged couple. That that has told other wedding guests. That they need to pay to attend the wedding. 200 bucks yeah yeah 200 dollars. Good look at that. Yeah when they get they get a couple of things Ford theater three night stay at up to the hotel on the spot you know it's cool in the game room and on the cover stuff. And no argument and all of the groom is a relatively on the tight side. But he started mapping out this this plan to spend about 3000 dollars of their money to cost per unit to cover you know alcohol and food naturally think. But they want a bunch of other money. From these guests to to make the rest of the dream wedding a reality. That is just tacky 200 bucks a ticket. What did you guys find any of those on stub hub. If she may disagree scalping tickets outside of the winning the hope that. Do you. Good to a Karen Travers of ABC White House correspondent did not in new York at this point in time following what the president is doing and we're all kind of waiting. To hear what's gonna happen would be Iran deal the president says yes he's got a decision on what you know. Any any clue yet. We know. President once did that way you seem to be enjoying. Teasing reporters yesterday and I made up my mind that I'm not going to tell you and you know we seen this before with the president he loves this element of suspense he did it with his Supreme Court named. And he is done this with Perez the climate change agreement. I've president really would ignite his word that he did make up his mind on this but he doesn't do an answer right away they have until October 15. To recertify a this agreement and it Murti Dennis twice since taking office last time was back in July 8 in ninety day increments that they have to do it and the president has certainly been very clear in public recently that he. Doesn't like this deal. He thinks that Iran is violating the spirit of it but hasn't set any specific hard evidence as to what he means by that he spirit is very different than actually violating some of the terms and notably. Secretary of state last night. Confirmed that he. Group that all negotiated this for countries that were involved in this they met here in the in New York on the sidelines of the UN. During agreement that Iran is in compliance with this deal so Manny can box in the president in a little bit. Yeah and and obviously there's there can be clandestine sort of operations that we don't know about. And I guess you could almost assume that they're probably going not mean yeah and that's what the president was saying that you know that this agreement gives Iran cover to do what they wanna do what but. Get pushed back and that is well you know there are inspections and there are checklists and things that have to be done that the president you know just. Not trusting that Saddam that he thinks there's still pursuing this path to use nuclear weapons and a programming and he wants to stop that he. There's also another part of this and stop me if this is too cynical but he certainly have. Obama Sarah officials people who were intimately involved in the negotiating of those who just say. The prison terms Lester undue everything we did you know not even knowing or in not even give any specific details but. If it's a deal that Obama signed he doesn't like them play and that kind of goes back to the other roasting. And your president do at a row of trump. Before trump even became a candidate didn't fully understand and remember that creatine is Debian has gone it's what he comes JS these are referendum on national. Late yesterday it was revealed that special counsel Mueller is looking into some actions of the president. In particular that meeting with the Russian officials today after Collie was fired what we know about this. Yet this is you know perhaps the most clear sign that Robert Mueller is looking specifically in the things that the president has done you know this. This starts as a question of Russian election interference and meddling and then it's a question of Russian. Collusion and who if anybody would be talking to at trump campaign or trump associates. And you know we talked about just how early did you apparently the onion you know it's. There's all of these layers and sometimes these investigations where it ends up these so far different from where it began. And when the investigation is happening the actions of people in relation to the investigation end up being investigated yeah that sounds kind of crazy but you know that's what we're seeing here right how president trump reacted to the investigation firing Jim Thome the whole firing of Michael Flynn. And you know pushing him away that's now a key part of this week it's time to call that is grown up. The original thing didn't start with did the president obstruct justice but DG now in response to what's being investigated. Right on other documents homeowner wants is the. The White House documents about the response to the media questions about the your trump tower meeting with Donald Trump junior out of the question who was in days of the planning. Session for that on Air Force One on the way back from Germany who knew how their responses India what do the president duke is no of course is still a lot of uncertainty. The White House pushing back on the reporting we've done or not but. Did the president dictate the hand were byword of what Donald Trump junior should say. While others in need senior inner circle were pushing for more transparency yet so again the plot always taken zooming mrs. this is a never ending super just it's pretty soon it's not going to be. You know tomato soup is gonna be chunky superior because you keep thinking about browser analogy there but now. I'm Tom Hanks and you know it it's it's just a lot of these incremental updates it's it's not necessarily like a bombshell every day but little pieces yet. Well you traveled with the president and ambient. Just head to head by an unimaginable Arroyo got all right take care drivers at ABC appreciate the update 9:40 am Bambi. That is going to be on coffee mugs to. I think even if we get that is my my vanity play everything. Cot. Races don't you know. Like you don't know. You will than a minute it's. Gotten it's gotten as a problem. Most don't like gotten more comfortable polyester Alicia there was C a better idea school in Nashville. Black students were invited to to have a web dinner with the president at Lipscomb University. But people were offended. Because. The centerpieces there. Had stocks of cotton. I think it is beautiful. My my son and and and now my daughter in law when they got where he got married they wanted to do things. Inexpensively. And instead of Daniel huge things of flowers and bouquets and all that they may it's a really beautiful centerpiece is rift with cotton stalks. They suck because they get the pointy things on but they were beautiful. And so many students their literally got up and left because. The cotton stalks were there and they considered that to be. I don't know slap. The history of African Americans picking cog years ago. And that's extended to hobby lobby all of a sudden. There's a a controversy and social media because somebody in Texas wrote a FaceBook post blasting them for selling. Cotton plants. Romans is so wrong on so many levels but commodities commodity which was gained the expense of American. Slaves little sensitivity goes wrong way please remove mr. Kohler. Drug is polyester is going to be yet. Thank you sister of the direction we're gonna have to go. Until somebody figures out that there's you know something racist about polyester. Was oral comment to everybody assumes into the solutions that was gonna Jim rhino they received an update on that. On the hurricane here disaster in Puerto Rico still everybody without power. Yes see everybody without power in bed getting it restored its gonna take some time it's not built like. Florida where they had utility crews and cherry picker trucks ready to roll in as soon as the storm blew away. This city didn't like about an island that island badly days damage can and in some cases destroyed according to the governor of Puerto Rico may neighborhood. Simply flattened and now they've got to get crews in their to try to restore electricity to avoid the social problems that we had in Florida. Including our people are dying of carbon monoxide Courtney because they were using generators inside or electrocuted themselves. That you got hospitals that need power they're running on generators now so. Yup it's good it's that desperate to or rushed to try to save the people of that island three and a half million of them. From that are really perilous situation. Wonder if anybody has done the math yet to bond. Adding the devastation of Harvey and Irma and Maria together mean that this is unprecedented. Better the United States in the United States territories would go through this much disaster. In such short period of time. No he I don't think anybody has done that yet but there are groups and companies to do that core logic here. It took a look at itself Harvey and company it's going to be Tory Clark 26 billion dollar storm did not yet that totaled up. The derivation the destruction from Burma that'll be done but it did consider this get a kind of terrifying. Bed till we still have a couple of months left in the hurricane season that you're statistically. And there I consider this pill were down to the old the dams Marie NL good going alphabetically. Then there in 2005 we get out of the wilmots we were in a. Do it yet couldn't. If I remember historically some of the stronger ones or later in the season so well unfortunately that's the case could did also want to see what happens is here has been. Really unpredictable and and although they did predict it would be very busy some of the storm so kind of Dixie bell might of their own. Yep on hurricane Maria it's and ain't done yet to still stamina I met through work. Through the oceans right now the models say it's gonna turn out Tennessee and and not affect the united states coast which should be. The good thing devastating forced their scientist were were watching via massive giant piracy Bo observatory. This is the big huge John I think this was the one that they had they showed. In the movie contact me Bo Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey yeah that was the one just a thousand foot dish. That is that is used to receive radio signals from outer space. Fascinating stuff and but as of right now it looks like that's gonna be okay. Normal scientific operations should be back up and running on Friday obviously will be using a generator Doug you called us 704571110. Cotton. It's a course as racists were about polyester. Well polyester used to pick the content so of course that's gonna be deemed racist is well polyester used to pick the cotton. Remember some here. Polly Esther oh that was a person's name gotcha yeah but a book that you. Yes I gotcha what else is gonna be considered it releases what. We're dealing with such as stupid issue as such is that they're trying to acquire some well. You do it's everybody's got a trigger everybody's looking for a reason to be offended and I don't know that I'm necessarily offended too by their offense it's just it's just getting so. We Dick it's getting old it's getting ridiculous and it makes me. It makes me Stew so cynical about when there aren't things. To move be offended by. That's completely understandable like a little boy crying wolf at some point easiest tuna deaf ear to everything a lot sent illegitimate happens to everybody is tired hearing and I and it has actually know tackle. Whoever I'm I'm right there with you I'm right there we get Tom Pritchard called polyester. When they might might granddaughter that. My daughter does know that yet. So Bob Brett writes in I'm willing to bet the the person who was on social media slamming hobby lobby was not wearing heads to polyester. So doesn't that make this person hypocrite. Or is that Tautou logical for a these additional flexed understands. He has. I would agree that. They're not drive to eastern North Carolina either because there are acres and acres and acres of it alongside the Imus radio in it mean if they don't like V displays in hobby lobby in effect which combines their. Yeah Brooke what kind of rash were big head if they haven't drive through an actual cut it would be constantly perturbed and I would imagine yeah I mean there had just might explode. Actually. If they heads would explode it may be what we need to do is set up a tour in everybody who gets triggered by this was put on a bus. Send him through the fields. Jim writes in. Is it politically incorrect to drive south. But it. Fed's interest and pushing you can't drive so that that there would be considered to be offensive to some people wouldn't 7045701110. In the world is going to hell in a hand basket that's what's actually case more earthquakes. Holy Moly. And I when when the one hitch. In Mexico I didn't have the premonition for that would but I thought you know what we're gonna have another witness when and I thought this yesterday. And they do it six point one quake off the coast of Japan. And notices are east of Fukushima. And that's bad news. Viewed is horrible which sent those three I'd Fukushima fish flying everywhere. There was no tsunami warning after the quake. Com just remember 2011 was a horrible disaster that that the tsunami caused that meltdown in the other reactors and nuclear power plant. So low end as far as Mexico goes beyond the death tolls at the 230. There's an. The desperate effort to get a thirteen year old girl. Underneath the table was buried underneath the rubble of the school. So they are racing against time to say occurred so that that's a story this folks riveted. More than 500 members of the army navy together with 200 police officers and volunteers from working at this one site. And another earthquake Los Angeles three point six. And then another one this actually several of them underneath Mount Rainier in Washington. And then we have the run in and south western Illinois. So earthquakes and hurricanes in the threats of war. No wonder there's concern Christian numerology is who is. Predicting that the world is gonna end on Saturday. I mean there's time we buy a little left to somebody like this writes good Al's gonna get a brass that'll save you some time to the point now with all these earthquakes and hurricanes. It's we're not questioning whether or not the world's going to end on Saturday is going to be what time is gonna and on Saturday living tiger and WB 2 good morning. Good morning. On your government IQ eight I retired an out had been I would not picket the it's sick and it is it I can't block. It's I don't apply that they don't pick cotton they weren't this is why they didn't do so for example or pretend it didn't. And they automatically assume that that this was going to be black people that we're doing. So how over these kids. No. Oh okay middle school and high school kids Deirdre enemies of the future of America. Hello are in big trouble early Wednesday. Bigger trouble Paul man of course he's certainly in the world of hurt and and it looks like the White House. You start to circle the wagons in the vultures flying over the White House. Looking for some documentation Russia probe continues. We'll dig into that committee weighs 10:15 this morning event. Jim Puckett good join us in the 11 o'clock hour talk nice 77. David Schultz is gonna join us here pretty Smart guy. He's via Hamlin university professors put. Site to be joining us are committed 1015. But his take on the latest developments in the Russian probe you're supposed to say it's a witch hunt. City and revenues start to tighten. Running administration. Sherri even hanging on for a cup. The ministry called 7045701110. Last hour we were talking about cotton and if you have cotton stalks on your on your table. As a centerpiece at city on a racist statement your take on that. No but I have picked cotton. You have I have at big man led by a cup in nineteen fit into war not when did you start. Went was let that word. When I was six. Here go to an end how old are you ma'am I know it's inappropriate to ask them guess in 39 right no opt opt. I'm proud of my eight I thank god let me live that is that this fact 75 good for you ace combat picket cut in half. How bad that it outlook Paris top. They have blood stick it out so bad it render at that anything that make you re mad dog. That's not easy work by any stretch is it. No I now know what I would let outlet built picking cotton yeah. I about not cut. I've gotten that may slow. And some bad they had their pick it would not yet know I agree with you I'm at a head the ticket to me it was good job. Do do not jobs but I have worked body he has been the word out and to me that would not do. Yeah 'cause a lot of jobs that are hard to do did you constantly get little holes in your fingers 'cause when when I picked up the centerpiece from my son's wedding. Which was cotton stalks a beautiful. If it's really short demeanor poked my fingers I mean is that like is that always the case of any always sharp like that. Oh yes and I Lavrov mom acute depict 200 pounds that day every day. And I hand you bit me so they'd let you get rattled people. It's no real work it out saying it was but gain a vote they would applaud gain above. At home at one tag. I'd be a crowded house as a a lot of you be fighting to the last biz he wouldn't. Read our. Vote. Yeah all of it may very random bit cut back yeah we all that didn't they in fact it was related to. Well you did what you had to do right yet then I'm the same way when has grown up you know I had to bail hey you know that was. That's what we need the do for our farm in a horse farm and they know yeah it really hit cotton news like I build my latter through my last bailing hay up on a truck. In 1983. Never look back. Never look out brother did this yeah it's no fun either. Sarah I appreciate your call and then I appreciate your insight and god bless you for Livan as long as you do hope you get another thirty years dear. Well thank you have a bad day and give the best that I got. I think so much here. Appreciate you have to either so the other political polls that are out politicos and on the front. The president's approval rating has risen gone up four points. Four points and a generally that is are being attributed to how well he's handled the hurricanes. The that they mean. Don't want any disaster you know go to waste right. You know an amendment cynical way he took advantage of what was going on and do the right thing and continues to do that is that is a matter fact we guests. That that his poll numbers are probably gonna go up. As a result of via speech at the United Nations. I haven't seen any poll numbers that are specifically. Attached to bed and asked that question but that would certainly be my guess. That he's going to be he's going to be moving in the right direction. I'm Robbie you called earlier today and you have some thoughts on the O'Keefe LaMont Scott's situation. You've tried several times so don't give the opportunity to run to say hello. We're going to want a good job and I got. As though working in the presence since then there's still a lot of activity would gain. And if you look at some of the pitchers they're cute skull and very sharp. Looked a lot of gang member. They're trying that some of the pitcher on the Internet. Put all red on. Chicago all year oil. But that didn't justify what happened there aren't working at fault or not. And you never know what our audience you hit it and an epic epic god. They need to keep it can't help but but don't touch. Not a 100% in it you never know that situation figure edit it out. We had. Robbie I mean mailer does send me an email list or send me an email that he made the suggestion that. I may be a better way to approach somebody. Who hasn't done initially is to to have all the police officers paired up with a with a police dog and shoot and send the dog in first. What what was to what's your. I don't thing I don't like about it all the bulk resell it you don't want to kill it now. Would you rather have a dog died and approved the police officer shot. Yeah at I would and so. And the situation may encounter right there you know god outweigh the I mean you haven't played here you have. Different things you let the decrepit house or you're in a bit torn. All they're doing but yes this just back to that the acute shooting just it was that got into the water but the crowd of guilt but the other cap. Car just in crude are both united blood gang. That I don't know I haven't report aired any reports on that directly. Those are your comments should maybe somebody can attest to that situation I appreciate your call up and again I thank you very much for your stations. So metaphors. Is he gonna turn. Stability. The other folks that are involved in the Russian investigation it's the schedule the third tigers we'll talk to Richard Schultz about that we'll do instrument David Schultz. Just take out things wouldn't break coming up thank you MS Martin temp 73 times and I'm Scott FitzGerald glad that you would this year today. I'm Robert Mueller special counsel his. Asking from. Not a big surprise but it for more documents and a doctor David Schultz joins us now. Hamlin university professor of political science also very well well steeped in the election law. Graduate this year today so I'm a lot of these meetings that that mr. Moeller is asking about. Tom. I'm guessing there's some real concern within the administration which meeting would you like to start with a. Like I'm up with a lot of beating them concur with. But you know the most recent story about him now that a Ford offering perhaps you know no regular briefings on on the campaign you know with Russian officials a private grief yeah yeah I mean that's probably a I don't know maybe have a committee to be old school or old wider open like that but. I don't know about you I don't like the idea. Foreign governments especially the Russian government. You know you don't stick in the November elections what do you think. Another kind of bugs me to a man and a lot of countries it would bother me nugget that you regretted it would bother me Kyra I I think our election should be decided by. By united they could open them up by other people know I agree with the under percent. Tom what's your take on the the investigation now or the look see into FaceBook. A 100000 dollars worth of ads that looks like they potentially came out of rusher was Russian money they paid for those hum obviously it's kind of a psychological operation. Would that be considered. I made meddling in the election just by running ads for. Yes a terrific first after the federal law that the federal law on the books. That says that it is illegal for a foreign national. Well including corporations. I'm to expend money for the purposes of trying to you know influence you have collection until you know what that her general legal principle but even if I won't beyond its. The law but they've ethical principle. I think I get most of the I wanna say what 99% of the would say that again foreign government. Shouldn't try to influence the Obama our elections and again going back like that before we should do it ourselves until that bothered me about FaceBook FaceBook. Loyalties seem to be more to the dollar that they seem to be part of the United States and that really bothered. Yeah well then again. Would somebody who's taking an advertised with a salesperson who's handling the advertising even questioned where it was coming from or what was even involved in the defense as long as it wasn't. Considered to be obscene or offensive and my guess is they just probably plug and chug. That's the might get the got a ball so. But I know a lot for example on I don't know what you're patient policy if for example you know in terms that they take political ads or something like that but I know a lot of stations for example you know wolf. Well we'll ask a few additional questions the terms of making sure you know that they're not violating the law and things like that. And traditional media I think if if savvy enough you know to know their obligations under federal law. I'm not sure if all sucker bird or a big game yet FaceBook home that you have to think about these issues. It always needs to be disclosure with a political edit as to who paid for tomorrow and then I'm not sure that extends to something like those kind of digital plans but I imagine. That and what Ramon is now asking the White House to turn over some documents. Related to some of the president's actions. Surrounding both via the firing of James combing Michael Flynn. And then also the who who got together to discuss how to put together a B reply. From Donald Trump junior about that meeting at trump tower with the Russians so if the president was involved in crafting their particular state there was a problem would that be. The first stop this I think it depends what a one scenario if if if if trump reason for firing Kol leak on our unrelated. Do the issue of the investigation into. Bid for the 2016 election with the thought he was on incompetent or like that. The president well within its ability and that relevant right. But the reason why he did that well what an effort to try do all obstruct justice or to impede investigations. Or if it is work that if Donald Trump's work home or staff for their help all precautionary incorporated fell from junior. Kraft testimony in a way to sort of even they need investigations or hide the truth. Although the obstruction of justice and better as a violation of the federal law. Gotcha. There's a lot of staffers mean everybody within the administration seems to be lawyering up at this point in time why would communications. People hope hicks is so I just picked up an attorney. As if somebody involved in communications what could possibly be. But charges or or problems or she would fix. I think they hear it could be either outright obstruction of justice or could be aiding and abetting at this point if they knew for example. That what they were passing on work what they falsehoods or alive. Or they were engaging youth offender practices. But again it's try to impeding federal investigation. All that would be wise it would be from all that effort to obstruct justice or aiding and abetting. In all votes would be considered to be felonies under under federal law. He's been important to understand that you know that the whole bunch of laws out there you know anywhere from lying perjury for lying under oath. While obstruction of justice. You know that better out there for the purposes of preventing people from home. United States government from pursuing the bad guy if you people shouldn't forget for example that Bill Clinton you know even though he wasn't finally removed from office. Com com. What got to what effect he lied to a grand jury and I guess people. Thanks Tom what is the policy maybe this is this is reaching here. One of the things a more muscle looking into is what happened when the president met with Sergey Lavrov. The day after he fired James comic what is the policy on recording. K and document in what happens in meetings how does that work. Generally somebody if he's taking no doubt especially at a high level meeting like that you have to think and it generally the practice that. That's the somebody here is recording something they beat us. Audio recording but transcribing yourself think. That way at a future point there is that a disagreement between the Russians the United States completely agreed to help but you know what if we agreed to a dog or make up something here what if we agreed to some type of provisions for treating you like that. I think we want to memorialize that make sure we're clear on that for the two sides the walk away they both are buddies so that the value to that. And how many listeners out there have negotiated business field and then they don't like it died in an hour later two days later they forgot what they've agreed to. Right or no I didn't say that so therefore you know you can't hold me to that as. Jackie and I felt so I would be surprised if both the conversation. Farm although probably. Audiotapes of at some point he had if not that I guess there's somebody there. We hope that you were quote working at a recording secretary or the not refer to at least give some general note sent. Eric Ghiaciuc and then the next question about document. Visitors to the White House or visitors tomorrow Largo is it a law that you have to move to always have a list of who the president has met whip. No that was the policy that the Obama administration. I'm ahead of any previous president had in terms to think that we're gonna create this as a public lift home port for especially the White House. I'll have a visitors laws. It's not required. And especially not required a tomorrow Largo all we got a private residence like that I but it raised this question because tomorrow Bogle become essentially a place of doing business and again I think of many states that the North Carolina has equivalent of that. You have a quibble the open beating laws and things like that that require. Did defeat a lot of that kind of stuff to be made public. Gotcha again I David Charles is witnessing today Hamlin university prep professor of political science. Last question for you here Hillary is is doing her stomping around here sell her book and all. And one of the things that she stood in amateur who she said this to. Was that she's not beyond the idea of a challenging. The election results I I'm I'm not exactly sure of the exact language. Can't find the story run at the moment your products. That that to mean sounds like she's she's circle and in the event that trump ends up going down to band trying to cut off at the past the idea that that then. Vice president pence would take over as a business it is that kind of what is he feeling that at all. Oh yeah abacus that make any sense because at that point called trump has been number elected president along with vice president. I see no constitutional way forward to enter into it now to be able to challenge to resolve the prosecutor felt I think he just sort of playing to the base and try to sell a few books. Yeah okay then do you wanna take your sock and stuff and intermountain you want me to use mine are buttered up the equate to under your dirty water out I'll I'll make it makes sure it's dirty look better get back to David Schultz appreciate your time you've got a blog had to simply find it online children take Blogspot dot com. A variety of national local current crop Schultz is take. Blockbuster Blogspot dot com. Loss of data is a pleasure I appreciate your insight and indeed the rush investigations going on stilts and Newt Gingrich still says it's a witch hunts. Is it. This time tell coming up it's not the time rivers about north Koreans on the way next. Receive the other video of this poor little girl that but whether foul ball and start devastating. Absolutely devastated. And to see the reaction of the team. Wow. India. Calling yankees players and Maine just didn't believe me in tears. Should do OK apparently. As of right now. But can you imagine what if you are to be tough Frazier. To be the one that. Have to blow off. Do we need to minister putting up some some safety shields for baseball stadiums. And that's that Major League Baseball says no we don't wanna go that route. Killing intimacy of the game. How long's it take before they have to make good. But could change because our people and I know keep an eye on the ball keep an eye on the ball Brad Garrett with the ABC joins us now here and error. Robert Mueller Paul man afford being it's a wreck rock them sock them robots as an. It would appear yes it does so it started with a it would metaphor when we know when and actually all started. But via the FBI no knock entry into his residents there is kind of a kind of bringing to light a clear picture of what's gone on. Yeah I mean. Just by the nature of what we know outside about the case. And the very logical reason you would do you know not. Is that he has not been forthcoming about what documents he has the right information he could provide. And the concern is we have to articulate sister of the church. That he could be in the position to destroy evidence before you can get to have. An essential residents say there's no knock and that's all exports. Structure and as double doesn't have only a white collar crime but in this particular case is just so much at stake that the that I guess there was really no other. No other option what's the likelihood that you can demand for is going to be charged. With a crime perhaps money laundering or tax division. I think here it looking more likely that that Whitaker. And like guesses as security before. Actions. Not related. Took her campaign. Beckett he's been obviously dealing with the Russian entry years. Supposedly has parents is they receive millions of dollars from Russian oligarchs. He's got several dollars state for insulting a reference the president of Ukraine back from the bird years ago. So if you didn't check all the right blocks. Back then they can be intra. All right what is the logic. Behind going after man afford first know obviously there are no other. They're they're picking flowers all over the place in this garden here but the bit he's the one that they focused on a win after. The most aggressively first what's the logic behind that. Because my guess is that they believe he may know them this far as. Trump campaign connections there Russians because. And yeah you'd have to ask yourself you know that you bring him. Overtly onto the Internet campaign to an early 2016 inning exits like eight months later. You know what he brought in just because of the connections they wanted or needed whatever the right word is I don't know. We'll have to see how that that's sort itself but it. You know yeah I suppose in an interest in short order number of wobbles clearly has a lot of experience politics. Accept or eccentric but. Another Russian part of it is it's hard cases. History what the Russians is is quite interest interest you when you look at that in the context of this case. Right and and the whole follow the money concept. They know that there's money there first question of whether or not it's dirty and then who does the dirt also cover. Well correct then the you know the goal here in all of these cases is. To get to the top of the mountain you have to start crying and it anyway along the way you find people that have important pieces of information that can help you. Get your ultimate goal. My guess is that the airport would be one of those potential key players. To get into the top of the mountain in fact there is a top to the map. So as you watch this and it would let's say it's a chess match and you're watching it and somebody you know. You know does the rook and moves it over here to unit to the king for an ego rule the it was a good move. When you watch this investigation. What are you what are your career what are what are you saying as far as who that was a good mover how how are you are watching us. Yeah I think. A movie that we know. Obviously against mandatory and there's lose against other people we just don't know about. The physical injury eccentrics satcher. There is yeah I think I wrote at gitmo is that you are C. Are the prosecutors not keep in mind that a group of prosecutors are lower as probably at some of the best. Prosecutors in the country. Extensive history in money laundering. Russian organized crime orchard you're gonna look at the Russians look at big business deals. You can't really leave Russia organized crime out of it is is probably in the middle of it so why. Not so it's the same as the government it's a branch of the government essentially. Well I think that's accurate yet and so anyway that's. So so in other words are heavy hitters look at this that really know what they're at. Yes it's it's a stacked team to say the least it's. That's a 1928 yankees and the funeral look at it that way our final thoughts Brett. There that this investigation has no I think a permanent state. And over just who worked. But expect I suspect more things like metaphor in the future but don't expect this to be over soon. Because it's just too complicated it's gonna take a more. No you're right it's it's a game of patience and a smaller cuts abrasions Greg Garrett ABC. Crime and terrorism analyst and a former FBI guys sort he knows his stuff. My dad used part of the other program here so baseball logos it's in the face with talk about the story. For sporting events is getting too dangerous. Borders is it a matter of fire be where you better keep an eye on the ball 500 temperature. Slim fifteen Jim hunter joins us we'll talk up high 77. And prayers. Firs a topic of discussion in the play government chambers. And Underwood there Jennifer Roberts decided to do which is to say now Obama nov two two prime prior to me. If you. To that a public input restaurant. Bus. Train. Plane. Or automobile. Looked out the seat first. What got to make sure there are no tooth picks poked into VC two then go into your posterior and Charlie you do it kind of cringing. There's a division and is in court. He's charged with sticking tooth picks into breast seats so that commuters protect themselves when they sent out. Good carefully so that sentence nobody. Can booby trapped. Multiple seats almost every single ski on a bus with three toothpicks went boom boom for all receipts. Jerk. This awful it there well there really any help the left but it has a terrible. I didn't do what all of saudis what a public. A hopefully are used that would make things that would almost make it a biological weapon you know if it's got some saliva in all I can step on it. Mean I'd been I was a kid known as a teenager you know we did the you talk a little teeny hole on the ketchup packet. And then you put it under the toilet seat you know where the that's a classic but it is an end some that comes out in Durham both of them they have news. Ketchup stains on the back to their pants. Little deviant the idea that is entering that soon play fully Bastia. As opposed to something like this that would actually hurt somebody. I'm trying to remember it was. That was my idea fifth grade reading teacher's name usually big and having. And has if you're in trouble she would put you underneath her desk. And then should scooter Sedin and far. I. Am I'm serious that's cruel and unusual punishment editors and she would tell people that that's what she would do it. And wherever mark Foster. A user multiple times. Multiple driving and and his mother Kaman and mister Dotson was your name in the the mother mrs. Dotson walked out in the hall. And mark Foster never got under the desk again. Then again he never came back to class and can't you move on what you're diving like that like nasty little pranks. Yeah ideal thumb tack in the you know upside down the he term you know rights of Plano on a seat elementary school added that a few times did you really yet and credentials to cancer to attain those it was kids those other kids we mr. Salter mr. saw earlier was Syria. Homeless somewhat senile. Algebra teacher that we had in things of smudges and drink yet to controversial group. And he's least he's on his pointers in the stick pointers in the Tampa so almost every day we would put a condom on the end of the and and he would. We look been. Look around disgusted and tapping into the garbage can then move on to to plus you have to expose three Y equals whatever the oldest. Time rivers a quick update on what's happening when Maria Puerto Rico just devastated him. Yeah I looked pretty bad we have you know the whole electrical grid as well. Infrastructure needing. See a lot of work there fill us it's bad it was that was so predicted that did have some problems they certainly have. What about North Korea blitzer let's switch to the other side of the world here the president making a very very strong speech and some folks not reacting so so heartily to it. He has got to look out of a mixture hydrated. BA guy it's a very very serious serious subject but of course we had the foreign minister of North Korea yesterday dunks or reporters in New York. Re young hole and is asking about his reaction to what the president said that Gary bush seemed to show would be the total destruction of North Korea. And these said that the president speaks like that now own doubly barking and all right so but I think. This that go back and lower back or forward to playing pong ball on that score but. Japan is kind of a step the president saying the clever dialogue is over more pressure more pressure required. And he likes the idea that all options remain on the table. On the other side of the coin you have people like your Angela Merkel. The German leaders saying look a military solution would be absolutely inappropriate thinner you. If you Google will do whatever we can't if you want us we can we can all probably and you will will will get a a location also there for you guys if people could show up and around the table where we're fine with that. Yes I don't think the president is in the back down off of his position they're what was the the overall world reaction to his speech and that here in America it was. He's quite positive and it looked like his poll numbers are going in the right direction the tour. Rest of the world. Yeah I thought I did it went up a little bit I would say. A caution. Cautioned take of people are mindful that you know. Previous administration to basically you know kick on this issue into the into the long grass and the problem is the longer that North Korea has to work on. Missile systems and end nuclear testing. Means that guess what you year year year time scale we have shortened sandy eventually they'll build a two to put these things wherever they want them. So. It is it is a cautious interpretation in the west would lead certainly in Europe would love to see some kind. Are talks going in everybody but but everybody looks to China that's the game changer what are they gonna actually jump out and actually be a catalyst. For change. And that we haven't seen that. Yeah no we have not so what do you think Kim Jung. On is just spending more time and attention. Two right now would it be. Building more more missiles or trying to come up with the clever nickname for president dropped to a combat can rock it kinda crap compared. Maybe you've got a multi yeah try low level it could be hot tub rivers appreciate your update there and thanks for both. Roll with the hurricane and taken us to North Korea appreciate it very much yourself idea that the jerk I mean. You could almost call him what the tooth picks due to people. As the tooth picks perky when you sit down on these buses seats. And he's he's in court for the clintons and have a couple thousand dollar fine for this. Mentioned a couple pranks that that we did as kids deemed well you were you a naughty boy when time. Oh no naughty boy from crazy cooling your morrow I classroom luck for a period before we Arabic final cut. So they couldn't get into that classroom by I have another at this site from a final test. Are you super glued to door shot. Super glued that door lock was it was the lose the teachers in the classroom. Though an overly Democrats and we let them be good for you were doing there and I just walked by nonchalantly. Put people grew up through it and sprayed it into the queue up. So we couldn't get in their hearts as. So I had another night this study did did other kids know that you were the one did you take claim on our album. The net and on the outside so you like crisis into claim for roadway exactly but in working you have a military police investigator office I work lord that you press work. Somebody got me. We January I went over just as my body laughed so hard I nearly had a 1 o'clock in the view. I took it to windows fashioned out of his office window didn't seventeen degrees outside blow com. Calmly close the door. So I got back from lunch and in his interview me. She wasn't there yet he comes to run around screaming and I get them back to when they'll bet that they were freezing for the F if you that was pretty fun has pretty good. As and that was you to them what about them do you. Yes so I had a problem taking garbage out of my garbage pale and I actually found a bigger military garbage pail per offer size. And I would all just step on in Corsica on the step on it were shipped out when they come into my office they took out all the trash it. Filled with water may be about free from the or is number I'll put a plastic bag over. For some trash on top other. And then I went by and pulled my foot right down into a garter belt although ordered to stop the tractor has started out pretty. That's pretty good when that when you can when somebody can use your actions against you. That's that's pretty brilliant and oh yeah like out. Just bought carpet we are yes indeed and the military the world the military seems to be like the the kings and queens of pranks. 00 friend and partner for search and perk are square and will store all their outlook that could not sure do appreciate your call no problem there are many of your day. Him and still the best when that I ever did. And I get told you this. You with the drop ceiling you know these are politically style thinks you're axial Texas Austin did whatever they are you can pop a mop. And that's where all the wiring and everything goes. So we're junior year. We released three chickens below the ceiling tiles. And the way the school was buildings on one level so these chickens could run everywhere. And I was and I guess source and structural look north Somoza reload bearing that. Out of 3040 kids in different classes you're gonna honored are paying them a boost him in there who knows. Well I don't know maybe some chicken and I got a and that was one of my few visits India principal's office deserve. Turner who turned me and somebody tribute. Somebody always does is allows Iraq has always right there are no no rest it was just chickens it was just Gigot Jim pockets going to be joining us in the next fifteen minutes your talk I 77. And may be won't even say a prayer it's on the way on news 1110993. WBT. I cannot. Got to push Drudge and thought it was going to be joining us via quite interest in the eyes 77 situation has been a long long time. Go there's an update on the consultant speak stuff. Have taught him about prayer to be Gardner. Does Obama not to open and they have to. So this takers on that mound account ahead. So I guess video president of the United States was speaking at a luncheon with the African leaders. What part of the UN general assembly get together and all a Twitter lost its mind because how the president spoke about it country. Thank you very much general I appreciate it and I'm greatly honored. To host this lunch. To be joined by the leaders of code to our studio Korean Ghana Guinea. And am via Nigeria Senegal Uganda. And South Africa Zambia. And I. Which is not a country at all. So we'll my suggestion is good to if you would like to re name all the countries in Africa here on. There's one okay that's a big. Blum has diamonds. Denial is the. All great mantras I don't yeah. I am via dynamic. Jim enemy gonna get you come and appear you know they just a moment Richard Llewellyn I know we have a new optic Canada has come up from the hurricane folks about what's happening with Maria. Where where we think tennis is gone next. Well looks like a marine is gonna start to turn more toward the end north northeast and eventually to the north. And the move on out into the open waters of the Atlantic probably somewhere between the North Carolina coast and Bermuda the model guidance has been. Pretty can we're pretty much issue one consensus. On where this storm is going to go and it's betting on Jose he's still hanging off the New England coast as we head into the weekend coming up. They hurricane center of what we're there at 11 o'clock statement said. They're thinking that it will probably end up going into an extra tropical say these. So probably won't have that tropical characteristic anymore but that wave of low pressure's gonna continue to hang off of Long Island in the New England coast through the weekend and Marie is just gonna follow suit. And try to come up in that same area as we make our way in early next week. Not so what minimize the damage that. At least no more future damage there as little as possible movement toward anything else brewing out there in the Atlantic that that looks like it to become an hour away and be something of of of that note. Well looks like finally we're starting to see the the cape bird season starting to shut down a little bit that we still have what's left of leave it sitting out in the Atlantic. Of course so that was a tropical storm a couple of days ago and they kind of all fell apart it's been just kind of hang on out there with a cluster of showers and thunderstorms but we're not really expecting much in the way development out of bad. I think the focus will shift toward. The western Caribbean in the Gulf of Mexico was removed toward the end of the month and we will start to see the possibility of some tropical development there as we make our way. Toward the first of October but looks like overall once we get. Maria out of the way it looks like a wolf finally gonna start to calm things down there and get some quieter weather in the Atlantic basin for a change. Judge if we go past if we get a bunch about a bunch of them and they you know alleged euphoric. And we use up all the letters. Is there another list that we go back to start winning again. You would actually will go back to able started off with the Greek alphabet alpha beta gamma we will go with those things we did that in 2005. A little hurricane season mayor and looks like that's all we're going to be does dealing with a again but I don't think that'll happen this season the looks like. Of course we could still trees and tropical activity but we've still got a long way to go in the alphabet before or use a ball. Letter now so we don't get rich and well with the weather channel. As always thanks for the inside looks like things are gonna get better as far as Maria goes. Let's go to a gym now you called 70457011. Had Jim hi your ability BT. Yeah. At the nappy bag labeled Hillary a third consecutive whatever they employ our look at the board reform all the ball would get stretched. But well I don't indict the angels were trying to get her and you'll share and I'm other miners who share up there. You wanna early the Georgia now and where you're at where we're looking into well where. Using a delivery where there's angels in the outfield I saw that movie. Richard did you do the right Jim stink about liquor early in the morning knows about liquor at record how much were those vials 300 clear foreigner but as for well. Kirby a special occasions that Charles. Good microphone here click. Talking about expensive. Bottles. To my wife to. Ruth's Chris long term begins Thursday. And they had it was have to contact Bryan Murray was so it is anymore times at the same cute yet here they haven't won there's Louie Louie the third Louie the blue we. If you have any good in the lead crystal. They can't turn that that rotates in its own. Yes you know how much how much is a bottle like that before almost 12100 bucks last I looked is probably closer to 15100 no. Ten dollars for upon I think it's fifty years plus. And then it's being held before it's sold. No way you know. Fifty dollars could move fifty years fifty years. So what is it a shot late 150 bucks or something I think it's more than that I literally like 225. At a restaurant for a us nuclear. Yeah you know just captured their down know nothing cute tie. Yeah. Every every ship is in a toy authority to tell exactly right cut broadest there's been talk of 300 dollar bottles or whatever that you weren't very happy with just running Martin VS OP which is still only about 45 dollars for a if the ball. What is this a priest in from very special. The sound of Philadelphia there. I was you know how I think it's it's very special. Old. Pale I think is an actual the only thing you regularly as probably quote I. To talk to would've Obama hits it straight and ambient but. It's time appreciative audience. I break him back him when we come back we're gonna talk to to puck out of commission. For a few things on the agenda talking about my 77 being one of prayer. In Perry meetings would be another way so stay with us is on the way here on his limits and that he died three WBZ. Thank you much and wasn't good morning. My name is Scott FitzGerald. Very today both Thompson and chance to history with a government operate. Governor mayor Cory. We talked to had a commissioner Jim positive momentarily but Jim I want you to to listen to what the governor had to say about this whole line 77 deal. They consultant hired by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Who recommends that this report out this morning. That the state consider a complete and delete plan for the tall lands and that means the project would be finished and then the state would buy out the contractor. What's your reaction to that. I hope the Cooper administration has paid his consulted because. Those reviews are voted its done and it's obvious that that's what the options and always has that one of the options. So that's good news news the partial observer put it the paper. It's it's more effects symbolism and fact of everything we sure observer for Gupta were put in the newspaper that same article that attorney general Roy Cooper. Approved of that contract or at least. But as did not have any private or public objections to me or anyone else about that contract. And he satellite and responsible for the legal part of that contract but also for the consumer protection. Part of that contract the article also did mention that. Good news DOT director hire by Roy Cooper is the architect of the poll late. Originally other Beverly Purdue and then stayed with BM had left me to go work for a consultant. That does hold weight that he made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing just that. So loved his community directors say expert told wage because he was for the architects of the ice 77 poll late. And contract which. Sadly I think a lot of voters were misled during the campaign men and by the Cooper campaign. Up well. The attorney then attorney general's role in this they have now the current DOT directorship. The big decisions going to be who pays for if they care what and it's. And the legislature is gonna have to get involved with this because there are gonna look back and say well all the local regional political leaders supported this. And that's why I signed up to it because they all voted for it in them after they voted for it many of them pretended that they didn't vote for so. Very complex situation and I just wish the people of north sure what we're given more accurate information by the local media and frankly by the troopers and. Truman so have. Both barrels against against governor Cooper there don't you think they're kind of commissioner Jim target. And yet. Sadly we need. To do it they get the barrel amount a little cooler than UConn comeback in the but agenda but we have what has happened if there's so much. Misdirection. And not comment that is not accurate. Lauren yes the current secretary. Worst part of the phone conversation. He was not in the best of my knowledge. Part of the eventual contract in the mind of the project. That went out to only one company per bit. The second part of that is. Former governor of McCrory repeatedly. Says. There won't sleep that this is what the people walk. Even though we had multiple resolutions from the towns in the county thing. I don't care what went there in the past we now the reach into the until absolutely do not want this. And we also is that you could not gentler sort of it's nice that your now after we have invested a lot of time and a lot of money. They are. Oh Forbes or Pat McCrory as saying yes we could cancel that follow all the that we could cancel about an outburst or that cancel and the reichstag was 25 million now. But at that time he's that you can't do it now former north. 400 million and we do not the paper this there are options out there about I'd you can pay it forward and oh. He'll vote conservatively. We did the river north Carolina state legislature. I helped. Voted present now or never got to a vote in the senate billboard number eleven comes on the planet but the legislature and they want floated. The gentleman can't. So what's gonna happen next she would get this consultant got a couple different recommendations if you had to guess and and put some money on. Which way this is gonna go would you what would you say. Well I think there are brutal brought to continue to work on just every single day discussing it with people in Hollywood local folks. Looking forward in re used to bowl of portable. Our solution the big project I didn't think the project changes. I think the state ultimately have that they ownership of which they shouldn't there that they should never given me at that weight for this year's. And we have to look at strategies that allow us to pay it forward to the very large mistake would've loved to him about. Don't I never make small inexpensive but there's no hope is that big lord wants doesn't bode upper. You know this is a big goal to seek that absolutely here. We got to Ralf who would like to us to talk to you about this year ralphie told Lanza McCrory and you're on WBT county commissioner Jim target as well. I missed block it. Wonder what kind of pot. McCourt was smoked them when he thought that you in the fifty years right away that road everybody important. People like in the mass carnage like ray were AM all these visitors up here said that that was a bad act not a bad idea. And you know the longer. Who benefited mop fairly. You know. Well on the ad or their political fund raise. That would be removed any reasonable question ask it yet ask somebody their votes please but smoking go anywhere though that the Daria. It but it clearly have a bad idea and a bird. What went and McCalebb fourth. Clearly expensive without any ambiguity was the problems and elected leaders were misled. About how this project would unfold. And so for those people who originally signed don't have this saying look I understand there might be willing to do yellow band playing project. That that all along they were Mitt split about what a minute plan project debate they didn't terrible climate for fifty years. Tamara subtle way to a foreign country. Dumb dumb. Not a big families. Somebody may money openness you know I'm not gonna point fingers and say you know of that person's core of that person's curb that person's Cora broke when when there's a deal like this. Nobody can really look at and go achieve there are note that there're hundreds of precedence for this that are just so. So positive and such a success mean somebody somebody had to get paid. It's it's it's either that or just. It's stupidity Allred who mamet level I have observed before I've been level. Don't come out of a room where explain the details of this project that the people didn't go I don't know we go about it if there's regularly clearly just. They're it's the Hotmail if we need to make money what we can do it's we can put that Jennifer Roberts into a dunk tank I'm sure we get done and get a bucket to their. Until she is decided as of right now to a curtail praying for a City Council meeting send. So I guess and other folks are gonna decide whether another move forward is what's via what's accounting commissions take on matters of prayer start every meeting. Yes we we have the training and we we both under the same old that the city does a trillion European super famous statement it will lead prayer for a partition but whoever. I'm living there when she jumped a little tidbit I had this sudden later. We will not play I think it'd be born. The board to decide what their policy will be not just the mayor and how they want it. Mecklenburg county commission has that'd. They're it'd probably love not a prelude. A denomination who like to look for your good for example we should love for alienating raunchy disorder many more brutal war. You know the name of ala that we can all for a great player that is really what generic. I would have to decide whether I want to do that or not almost all of won't go this. We know what he would feature never prior. On May opt not to lose but I have probably always did this every wherever you're in the public golf those files saying. Didn't hear it just destroy things that I. Four I do not smooth studies now suggest that I wrote earlier touching down at the border or anything else until we know what we will continue to play. But it may be a little world all. More generic got you know. Chaotic Richard Jim targets weather center and I appreciate you are doing an issue today Jack I'll get you on the other side. Think depression be with prayed to god denomination not but thank you so much Jamaican Wonder Woman hot like much till I'm 34 is your time. Jim Huggins talked about I 77. Trying to come up with the solutions that when. Slow and all of the entered into we have now. Timothy Erie Canal I know where Jackie called us 7457011. Times you've got a solution for this. Do you do now of course I'm just a lowly contractor. Not not the educated in many ways of the world but. Anyway I have always fountain. And I think it still holds true. That any time in fraud the coaches should take contractual situation. Become is automatically loaded. All they have to do is prove fraud in this than is absolutely right with fraud everywhere people have been paid off. Trying to get this thing stuck through. Would have to do just declare fraud and don't get a couple of detectives working on it and you could have just been disappear instantly. Dealing anybody's thought that are ready and action and if so why has it all dummies they're they're all paid off further oldham audited under par. Where would you look to find fraud in his situation like this secure if you've been in a contract in world where does it normally manifest itself. Well normally manifest itself with where's the money don't we didn't want and how much and why are they getting that much can stand what is the men being used for. I didn't follow the trial. So a couple of detectives could easily. Turn up many indications. Of fraud and that's all the would take to bring it to court. If you think thought oh. Should Jim bugging mr. listening and maybe maybe he knows an inspector clue sort Ers are two. You know orchard there. But yeah I might take if you check I appreciate you hanging on. Nick assuming the good pointers for our word there's I don't know any sort of crime that is a behind the scenes on this than it would make it didn't know employed. Vehicle stuff appreciate I appreciate the insight com kids they tend to fight from time to time right. You're Brothers and sisters multiple errant punch him in the nose it's from thank. Do you want them to continue to fight most of the time. It's like let's break them up front. The rules of fight club right the first rule for and you know what the rules of Franklin park in California Marleau username. She was witnessing two boys eight years old Freddy we'd each other. And then the fight ended. And and both teams went home. But apparently Marleau didn't like how the fight ended so she dragged him back out in the street maiden flight to get him. If she's not related to to either of these voice Clinton. Oh what was going on what would listen lapses in doing at that moment in time. And how much looking at things involved. So she'd been charged with me it is a big deal felony counts of forceful abduction of a child. Physical abuse of a child causing injury and a misdemeanor count of contributing to the delinquency of a child. So hopefully enjoy did you enjoy that play. As it was it turned out to be a paper view that is for sure that is for sure. Jerk of the year award. And goes to somebody. In in Spokane Washington. We're that's where is Spokane is where the other that the shooting. At Freeman high school was. Well on student died three others injured. But a couple some parents are we're told via text. That their daughter was fatally shot. Daughter was fatally shot center rejects. True. Via text it's something about and she's not breathing the daughters breed not breathing and she has died. So the parents mom media and went to the paramedics and my daughter is in respiratory distress distress what's going on had received information. Doctor first responders the police to school nurses not him nobody knew anything about it. And then she turns around looks towards the football field. And lo and behold there's your daughter. Of course it was a an indescribable feeling of relief she said. But. Then it turns into absolute anger and disgust she says I don't know what type of thinking goes into a person who would be willing to do something like that. To text and and take advantage of the tragedy. Would just mean that we're talking. Additionally your work here. There's absolutely amazing the end the number was it was what we did used to be the number of a friend there's. But they had gotten a telephone somebody else had picked up that number I don't know. All right how they would have known. To reach out to this to the parents and that they knew the parents would mean who knows how they ended up known each other don't do that to get sick twisted people. In the world sick twisted people. If if part of the holiday season was going to be free to pick up another part time job. Wal mart's not in the in the mood iron this year. They they general and there are thousands and thousands of people temporary help and I could be doing that instead they're gonna give their regular employees more hours. And that's kind of the early this move. To make their jobs more attractive to me as a Wal-Mart workers and a content on the employee turnover so if you are hoping to snag an extra job. Do elsewhere for that there but they had an opportunity to talk would vote Thomas. Coach Thompson both Thompson and its chances I would repugnant. So it goes both ways doesn't believe we'll read people say how that conversation fascinating one about yesterday's coming up we'll do for your next. How big story yesterday out of Oklahoma City. Unfortunately. Its another option. Please officer opened fire. The management of his home. He was approaching them and he was holding a metal pipe. Hello all unveils his shot him match DO Sanchez. Saw Jenna would go on the other shine with a taser even though. Witnesses were yelling that he was death. And couldn't hear me officers yelling at him. Please captains of the officers didn't hear the witnesses before they fired and as Sanchez who. No criminal background at all that I don't see. As as an as a case officer who fired the gun has been placed on administrative leave so yet another situation where unfortunately. Somebody's dead and and this particular situation I have to imagine the other police officers. For loosen their lives. Yeah in our anybody likes to pull a gun and shoot anyway. So people perhaps. French police officers and this particular cases trash. Well I'm forty it is your time yesterday was the the one year anniversary but the issue of Keith LaMont Scott. Police officer shooting. Of course chip or putt they sat down and an earnings topped its happening I mean maybe was sitting Padilla had a conversation with I'm ornament both Thompson and interest in sort of came out of atlas. How did yesterday go because we know. We knew would happen a vigil we had a press conference with the family members of Keith Scott Beckett the site of the shooting. Now a lot was talked about about what you all were anticipating. With yesterday's anniversary so now a day later how are things how did things go. God everything worked out our. I think confidence appears there's all protesters. Protesters didn't peacefully. From there where a lot of events two to celebrate the work that's not happened over the last year with partners. Barbers and people archive Gregg Jarrett you know it would throw those a lot of positive going known as well and now we had no issues were happy to see that and we continue to move forward. Did you have a chance to see the a press conference held by the family Keith's got yesterday no I don't know. Do you mind if I play a clip or two from this to get your read to react Turbo okay I'm gonna play you this is from the the attorney for the family Justin member. You know this is bath or one of the OO more difficult pressed offices that I myself have ever had to give. And I say that because. We'll be rounds of state law. And Carl ordinances with regards to the citizens review board. Prevent me. I'm talking about. The very thing that every single person in this community has wanted to know from the beginning has worked defects. Right there are things that have come to light. That we can't disclose. The city good. And that's up to them whether they will or not but I can tell you this there is a reason. Rock for the first time in twenty years. Since the commencement of the citizens review board that the city of Charlotte. Did not win. As citizens review board appeal with regards to the officer's actions and any given instance there's a reason. The department. The city put out some of the recommendations. Chief broadening you know what's your reaction to that. Yeah there's no surprise there but. On the court. I'm still of course what I'll say is we put up the recommendations which we can in my law. We are continue to look at how we can implement. There was some reasonable rational. Recommendations made by fifty. An indication of anything negative. Want to applaud the BR before their volunteer work to. Do some important for the community they've made recommendations that was in the looked to implement as many as we possibly can never really more now and relevant. As far as all the other rhetoric around that's part of what happens then. I just ignore Chris we've got work to do as far as the facts. They're actually pretty clear to people willing to repay them. Based on the review and determination to be a hot topic is very comprehensive the first time I think in the neck level of detail. So anybody who most of these facts before you need to go over the DA's office of meddling can read catcher leader and a great deal of information and great that would be kill about the true facts and that's what were basing our. Determinations on in as we move forward looking to look at the CRB recommendations in and make our organization even better. Gonna play one more cut here from his is widow a rookie at reiki is Scott yesterday the last. Anything any changes now. I don't. I just want to community to know that. My husband was agreeing to keep the Moscow with a great name and we lost a great name to community wants to remain a matter way. He did in his past. His past was not him. On September the twentieth of last year they didn't even know who my husband was this makes it very clear when they've placed them believing him I didn't even know who he was. So good I have no faith it's. I'm not saying I'll call today that is not what I'm saying. But it's just up and my shoes came my mother didn't come home to us. What they went home for the years. So that was his widow speaking yesterday what your response there. Again as a symbol fourth. I was up and apparently they did suffer a loss. As far as how come through both our people might not want to hear it but. They could have been significantly different outcome. We've any sort of epic encounter. And particularly this last one of the archives obviously repeatedly kicked with the want couldn't help but the weapon now. And that happened we would not be having this conversation. If this is simplistic as that sounds of the true. When we get people who cooperate. In an armed and countless. We can communicate and be escalate as soon as we get their cooperation. That even in the squabbles. As soon as people. Cooperate with lawful order. We bring resolution without harming anyway. That could happen a decade as well but that's beyond. The police officer's. Ability to control. We have to get cooperation. And we can communicate and be escalates perfectly equipped and unfortunately it didn't happen like September. We talked into the chief of police Kerr Putney here live on W beechy. One of the questions now the media family attorney and I Ricky has got took a few questions from the media yesterday one of the questions for her was. Have you spoken to. Officer Benson would you want to speak to him and she said no and no a Mac question for you is have you spoken to him can you give us any kind of update on. Officer Vincent because I think it it in all of this the last several days we hear a lot with her a lot from the family we don't know much about how he's doing these days. Yes I've spoken to him number comes my. Trusting contact. With anybody is going through such a dramatic effect. He's holding steady he's doing good work. Again my heart that it's mainly due they've been through quite a bit. Some losses could never come back from the situations such as this. I think even using his corner and he's resilient he's coming back he's doing good work force. I'm not gonna disclose anything that we talked about that's between him and me the only way you get better from him. Respect what he's trying to do for this community to make specific. Well yesterday obviously the most turbulent night of pro testing in this week of course is what it is the one year anniversary. Things went OK last night everything was peaceful. Any reason to believe that it would change tonight or tomorrow night. I wish I had a crystal ball out to pay for sure definitively but what we think is we'll have some more protests peacefully. Obviously if anything else I think would be ready for but I don't anticipate any issues. I applaud this community for. I engaging in some typical conversation. And I think that is a relief well foursome and I hope it continues. As always I appreciate so much you being accessible and coming on and talking to ascend. We appreciate row which do for the community. What about the thing that I represent both they'd be fantastic or for the most part they're very very good people and now been supportive. Every time they do when I believe to the right thing to do hold them accountable when they don't and I'll privileged and honored to be working at such a great group of people. All right cheaper but they along with both Thompson from earlier today and who's eleven tonight an entry to UDT. One of our sports teams is leaving did you notice. What are you most successful these sports teams moving to Dallas. Holy Molly. 35. Million dollars is what this. Tim is gonna get fifty players. Of envy game. Can't be real athlete and this. Be an athlete on the street. You know that kind of kids I don't want to play computer games a league of legends two of the British. Around the clock and you want to become a professional. We'll face this kind of money is on the line kids that we're due to a scholarship and high tomorrow we'll get together again do the same time and there will be strapped in on. The weekend a middle area. Verizon was another long week it'll make it through you have done so well thanks for your. Participation in the conversation they would get the most of them I wish you had your first guys and relax and taking care. Now MBS.