Russia, Syria, and More

John Hancock
Monday, June 19th
Doug Kellet sits in for John Hancock and is joined by author Lee Boyland, Neil McCabe of Brietbart News,  and Jim Kouri, Vice President of the National Association of Chiefs and Police.

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I love commander Kelly okay I'm sure John Hancock today. The dvd good to be review looking forward to a talking with the year coming up we've got a lot to get into on this. Monday John and feeling good today and we'll take your phone calls of course it's 704570. The eleventh in a delight to join in and be. On the program with meters really welcome to do so thin that TJ doing the producing and border operations of our show today and we certainly have wanted to get into really since the weekend his Donald Trump under investigation. Or is he not. Under investigation and I think that's a question we really. Need to find out I think at some point. Maybe the special counsel Lisa come in NTELOS. About the whole subject right that there whether. The president who said during a week that he was under investigation whether he really is. It is after all it's it's important for now only the president an overdose of the American people over the weekend is. Lawyer was on television saying that the president is under investigation. Well the president read recently that he is what a under investigation and once again it's sort of a conflicting counted coming out of the White House and therefore. Yet do I guess use your own judgment to figure out what is the real truth. The the subject of does the president think he is under investigation now for obstruction of justice by a special counsel but his lawyer says he's not. I think you. One way or another somebody needs to may be informed the president was arias and you know the president was not have to be in under any investigation at all. Maybe all of the issues surrounding his. You know his administration. Might have. Might have been because of the Russian situation but the president was not really under any kind of investigation. At least according to James coming the FBI director and that there was all the you know purely going on about Michael Flynn and some of the you know the the people involved in in the Dow trumps administration. In that transition team and. A giant thing of whether. Video the president should be. Look dead as far as the investigation but it didn't happen that way. I think James thome made it clear however the president however meddling in May be a criminal investigation into Michael Flynn. But might have caused you know another issue. And I think that's. That may be part of what's at play in because of his activity dealing with. The investigation it probably was doing that is perhaps interfering and think you know a criminal investigation now. He might very well be under investigation. By a special counsel you're as confused as most people are. That's not shocking I think. Kyle when it comes to the the overall. Issue about did this whole investigation to begin with people are asking where is the crime. That was committed where is the the issue that was really at that play where where is the overall. Action that they live to be investigation in the first place it is difficult. I'm really to know. It is kind of sort of hit and miss the issue with with the administration because the president wasn't under any particular investigation about Russian influence into the election. Until as it turned out the special counsel got involved you'll only get involved after the president apparently tweeted. Finley says what did Jim can only be as former FBI director said that we would not have gotten involved a special counsel had. The president not to ask Tommy to knock off the investigation in the first place. And so. One thing sort of led to another the domino effect and the president finds himself more lists under some kind of scrutiny but his lawyer. Nation the president last week tweeted that he was. And that it was all because of the guy that recommended him firing told me in the first place that's the deputy. Attorney general so you've got to you get that playing out today and the president's been rather quiet on the the Twitter front today and generally when. He's somewhat quiet on that front things seem to go better for him. When it's. When it something else. When the president gets maybe upset about something and goes to Twitter to. Maybe have a kind of the battered then obviously that did it changes sort of the equation but we'll talk about as we go along and also Russia. Has warned the United States. Dealing with a any kind of flying in Syria that. The the US needs to stay. Out of the year because Russia may. Be involved in some sort of provocative event because the US and down the Syrian. Fighter jet over the weekend that's also causing eastern we'll talk about that with our military expert leave boiling coming up around 335 today. Later we'll see what's going on in Washington Neil McCabe we'll give us the latest on the via the drug administration and what we have the president is doing here I mean it just depends on who you talk to you watching MSNBC and the NBC crowd you get the idea the president's administration is in great apparel. That's what Chuck Todd did you watch some of the other channels. You get sort of differing degrees. Some who how what things are going for the president if you listen to the president himself things are going well in fact no one Tweety didn't put out earlier today it was the between dealing with. His cell comments on the economy and such and that. America who would be you know he's making America great again and then there's the you know the news media would get out of the which means business then the things would be OK we'll talk about that 70457011. Jan if you wanna join in Simoneau floor. 57011. Then I'm Dick Taylor sitting in for John Hancock in will be right back with more here on news eleventh in WBT 99 point three. It's. And welcome back deck diligent giant impact thanks for joining us here at 318 has time here on the Monday. Edition of the impact program John that feeling well today so I'm. Sitting in Korea 70457011. Tim if you like to add your comment about something in the news today give us a call obviously the discussion that's been going on about the special counsel the idea of a Russian investigation. The trump short of a transition team and so on continues it is interesting though that. We need to have I guess you would say. Just consistent messages from. The administration about its brother you know what the president wants to put out to the American people here he's got his attorneys saying that he. Now under investigation yet to get the president on Twitter now only saying that he is under some kind of investigation but he's upset about it then it's all with China. And I think it would be nice if the president would just I just laying off Twitter I'm not one of those that thinks the president shouldn't be tweeting. I think it's it's more about the content of his tweets. And the fact that generally you wanna put that one message from the wideout Donald Trump is obviously the messenger. Then if if what he's putting out contradicts what he has his staff. Saying publicly then you've got a problem and I think that's it's created someone of that. Let's go above who wants to talk with us Bob thanks for calling and you're on news 1110 WBT 993. Hey deck out your way I'm going to do next. Yeah doing great thank you. Good I don't want it to fit feedback understand if you really hang. That it was an inconsistency. Between what trumps that and what Kate tackled that one though FOX News Sunday. Or is it just one of those notches saying if you remember when the Republicans. Win when. Obama had that unfortunate. Pray that you didn't built there. Everybody with that and yet he met thank you can't that he didn't build the roads and bridges and couldn't help cup lead the Pittsburgh but they're pretty good Republican. And I'm a Republican. They just ran with patent that the Obama thank you don't even feel Curome built and so I'm trying to find out if you really think it's an ink content. Does Obama I guess I guess you're gonna get me on both counts because I think Obama really didn't mean that. You didn't really build things he didn't just mean roads and bridges I think we're the other thing he had I don't see there's really much doubt here about the Jewish settler was fairly adamant on. What does three Sunday shows yesterday that the president's not under investigation. The president we have that he is under investigation that seems to be a contradiction to me it's the I think he is under investigation in at least in part with a special counsel. Because. What came out with the with Tommy in this or possibly appearing a bit with a criminal investigation I don't think it leads to obstruction of justice but. I think it's interesting he says he is and his attorney says he is not. Cannot offer an explanation that you would just consider your agreement which you can get. I you know it's good that. Written word is different than the spoken word and you can read tweet wanted to wait and I don't have it in front of me one way you can write it. For readers fears. I am under investigation. By the same man that told me of you know her from impatient with the fire come home. Which can't. OK or you could say. Yes I'm B and investigated. By the same man that hole and he took fire can't what do wit China. He was responding to the press reports that that. What could name starts with them him. The special. Right I mean well after he was responding to the number of some press stories of Mueller was expanding his investigation into the trap on obstruction of justice I agree with the on that. You know the president doesn't have to be informed directly from the special counsel if he is under investigation I think. However would be a good idea maybe of the of the council did that. We could kind of kind of deal would I don't know that it really matters so I mean it. If the president is under investigation for years he doesn't like it he doesn't like any of this. I don't know wise attorney go anatomy it's such an animate point about it I guess there's a there's got to be a reason Ford attorneys not you know I mean they they have a strategy they. They have a reason why they're doing if you have any idea why you've AJ sect low so adamant about it. I've been called he's not under investigation like are there. But and try to give him tweets. I don't you don't think tribe actually said that he that he is under investigation I mean I don't understand I know we're playing semantics here I'm having trouble understanding so. Try I mean every the tweet but I I don't understand why you think can beat Matt OK but I mean drug city is under investigation direct you ask me why I had thought that I would love to tell. And a good nutrients. He has CNN. Remark was an. Ironic response to hold these people saying that he's under investigation they would be like again. I'm rob the bank and I would then Diddy the way well. UK and Bob put out our rob this bank these pale purple lips or. I would bet my girlfriend Els but that I would bet my health ten minutes later. And you guys Obama don't buy into it. President to be girl is busy here's a here's the thing you're you're sort of taking BP position it sounds to me like that the president. Was in some Lee making a joking sort of snide remark about that I don't find the president to be that witty about. You know what he says he certainly not a joke your type. I mean the man doesn't tell jokes you know he does make some remarks I don't know that that really fits either way it doesn't really matter the president. I think he thinks he's under investigation you don't think he does his attorney says he's not under investigation. But I guess the truth is we don't know Elisa special counsel tells us. I don't think so and and I will cut and and I I and I include myself because. People are actually hear what they want it to be. And I'd hit that too and how you can see and if you did that couldn't but I think he would just make he was just pointing out the Ira. Let. According to the news you know you're limited 240 characters according to look I'm under investigation. For. By the person who don't need to do what I do it for that reason and well I mean that's of. Fair question and may you may be right on target it is it is difficult dealing with the of sort of the Twitter verse. Then we're having to do do with the president policy makes comments TV's answer questions in public bit. He might say why yeah I was under investigate drop on was there may be am not. And so it's it's very difficult really to get one in one comment from him that's why I think he does better. Studios really Bob when he doesn't tweet. Please attorneys say a deal with this you know I don't think very much is gonna come of it anyway and I don't think he does either. There may be some business dealing that he's spanned with the we view of some foreign government in the past and then maybe would come out I guess we don't really know all the things he's been involved in but as far as the Russians influencing the election or. Donald Trump somehow. Working with the Russians to beat Hillary Clinton that just didn't happen and he should be a no fear of anyone investigating him in that regard I can understand not liking it. I mean to have a special counsel on your back already just a hundred and almost 200 days in your administration that's not a good thing no doubt about it since. Well that that's true but it is but a lot of what's going on is perpetuated. By the leaks and rumors that the press is. Just taking and running with to a large degree you know that's true. So well I'm not disagreeing with the there either. I think the president though this is just someone who's been in the media his entire career and those other media operate I think the president would be better served by not responding. To all of the you don't on the truly for sure I mean I think yeah I think you respond when they get something concrete you don't like but then. Yeah I mean men don't get me wrong I like the tweets I just think the content of the tweets continue to get him into some. Difficulty does not necessary but did as far as the media person I love them yes. You don't have tweet about everything. That's that's true in every morning you wake up and it's like you know we having 90% chance of a Twitter storm of some kind after Obama for president truck you know. Thank you so much for joining us Bob we appreciate it. He's interviewing joining give us a call 7045 Simoneau eleven gin and the Twitter speeds speaking of Twitter for me is I dug radio can find me there and the Twitter feed of the BBT is at its WBT radio. If you like to tweet is sadly yes I've but again I'm not I've never complained about the president tweeting I think. It is a very effective tool but just as we're having sort of a discussion about what did the president really means. With a tweet that he said he's under investigation that's. I think indicative of some of the problems it causes. Because here we are back in divinity at least say that the president was saying that he thinks he's under investigation I do tend to believe that's what he said. But I can see where Bob is coming from that the president would be. To be declared the irony is that the Libyan deputy attorney general who recommended the fire call me when he fired him. Then hires a special counsel to investigate him I think I see the irony in that as well we'll be right back fairly Boylan would join me we come back Russia warns the US. Not to fly over Syria we'll talk about it coming up. 330 side Doug Kelly sitting at John Hancock here on the news eleven to end a BCD 9093 thanks for joining us here on this Monday edition of Hancock show. TJ doing their producing a border operations Florence and we're. Taking your calls at 70457. Olympic chant Russia warns the US about flying over Syria will talk to leave Boylan. Military expert in just a moment let's get a head. Who's waiting to talk with us and then we'll bring Leon of the program here they are calling your run news 1110 WBT 993. Hey how's it going today. I give you Blaine is good to have you on the program I don't know I don't want to have gone to watch our pocket I would boot order in the proved that. I think he did you then mr. action. Everybody in the media committee any thing that your troubled part look at what they put the Arco therapy. Everybody is I don't know it's great hero ever in the meantime he thought the Cuba deal. Nobody really paid attention to. I in Beijing aspire. Well you know why maybe when the books are written after this administration that's. Phil will come down to this you know situation where what a great strategy that was to get that the media all in a Tizzy about one thing or another meanwhile he's making deals. You know while we're not paying attention maybe that's debt I'd somehow I just don't think it is because I think people who have been around Donald Trump for years do you see. You know what the way he's operating as president kind of the way he operates his business. So I don't think it's that but the course as he's been fairly successful in business so maybe it'll work out for. A. I think revenue own. So you bet it interesting but so. Misinformation that's that could be part of it I think the president just ought to quit tweeting about the Russia stuff. And that and then let this administration move forward would want is a really good agenda by the way it looks like the members of congress the we Republicans in the senate and the house are saying that they might do away with the August recess and try to get. The repeal of obamacare through trying to get tax cuts through that would be a positive. Move I think let's bring leave Moreland on where this year. Lee is military expert Lee is someone who's been their frequent guest on my programs about the various issues especially those dealing with. Via military is background was handling a nuclear weapons arsenal during his time of the US military he's an author down you can find his writings it. and also on his website it leave Boylan votes not at least good to have you on the program today ally. I am fine thank you providing me. That's always good to have a in the NC state guys to like come on May be clear things up. I've before we get to this. Issue about Russia and Syria what do you think about the conversation I had within just a minute ago view that. You think trap is using Twitter is a way of getting the media author game or do you think maybe. If he would back off some of the tweets dealing with a Russian thing that would be a better issue. You know I don't know being through that I only heard the last few seconds took the under or your discussion throw hard don't know exactly what was Serb. Good bit. The phone Donald Trump is gonna do what Donald Trump wants to do and he's going to tweak if you want to Tori and auto. I think we just won't get used to it live wouldn't because what do you agree or not. Now you probably do sometimes and other if you don't well that's just the way it's going to be. I think he is. Pilot pay you to count our country and all you punch him he's going to combat twice and. Now you're right about then I mean we're really agreements into each really disagree but I want I here's a guy I want him to be successful I want. His agenda to go forward and I'm concerned about leaving that gets in the way of that leak. Well he's just moving right along with everything that he can do it can't pass laws. He's got all of the stuff that has to go through congress has bogged down by that by. My real weak kneed Republicans and very. Determined. Opposition from the Democratic Party both. Because that's that's not something you can do very much about except good on the radio like no other person took daughter are used 22. Rally the people to called a congressman so. And we're senators and take quick. Gulping often get the job done you know and there. I put a few cents on the new it's really operative here that is you get some weak kneed Republicans. In the senate you've got to you know we have a very narrow majority in the senate let's face it trump went after people like Marco Rubio during the the primary John McCain. He sits a negative things about John McCain I don't know about Lindsey Graham are not been Lindsey Graham you never know exactly where aliens he's gonna. The only in depth in this thing and so we have a very slight majority and that's a problem I think don't you. It's submitted a major problem and I think rubio come around he's supporting trump I think he realizes that he wants to space senator Hannity. And trump get along he'll probably based on a terror and McCain I think McCain has got to get over himself I don't know whether it's possible or not but the fact that. He is so impressed with himself and put it he ran for president and anything can actually I acting like he wasn't elected president still has enough. So he and Obama ought to get together and both level play pros got off. Because Obama thinks he still proved that to so now we got killed. The former president took one legal one legitimate former pro Taiwan thinks he's a former president. We building up the works. I know that sort of reminds me when when Al Haig was. Was with the President Reagan and he said. You know the that it would finally have really beard did that thing at the White House did you know where I'm in control of the White House and Reagan finally have decided gonna say goodbye to him and and he says there's one problem between you and then me now one is. Did you think your president and the other is dying you know the that's well I think that all spoke person the carrier really big club but if that's what does Obama think he has. And he just you know we disregard the elections the they went what should they matter. But let's talk about Syria and Russia now because. We shoot down this plane over Syria. A lot I think you may have been one correct me if Iran if I'm Robin is it seems to me you were saying sometime back that we should tell the Russians. Not to fly overs series declared a no fly zone. For the Russians and for us to control the year superiority there and we didn't do that now the Russians are basically telling us the same thing I've been. Well. A couple of thinkers think tanks first we gotta remember that we shut down Assyrian play not a Russian play. Now now there might have been a Russian in the cockpit and that's something that nobody got talked about but. And North Korea when we had a Korean conflict or war orderly wanna call it the forgotten war. There was a lot of Russian flying and made. And you know the fire for stop and remember people talking about hearing me. Tenor playing. Conversations between us to make and they were making Russia. So maybe it would shut down a Russian pilot of a Syrian playing I don't know that might be what's got rushers so upset and they don't wanna place so. Hearted just may be. Mandatory Saber rattling because well we took action and now they got rattled or paper just to show that they're they make big. You know under the big. Another big guy on the block the he we're not the only one. I don't see any real serious because states Turkey shot down a Russian plane we didn't should go to Russia play we shut down period play. Turkey shut down or Russian plane and they did they rattled or paper all the that that was the end of it much that's what's gonna happen here at the news. We haven't isn't it isn't shooting down a Syrian plane in essence. I'm dealing with a Russians here because the Russians are so much in support of Syria. We all feel really in the real world that's true what Andy. Can deal fantasy world that we live in where everybody's gonna have all these little lines and everybody could just do this event stay on their political those dotted line. It was a Syrian play. The real problem is. You're gonna get rid of these Syrian government. And we got so many people you've got what five or six different groups. Fighting among each other and against each other. You buddy Ron bucking backing some of them you've got Russia backing some you've got. We are backing some. It's it's a no clue if it's so it's sort of insane asylum over there trying to sort out who's on first base. Horizontal. Well who from a rocket today you know that might be a better way to put a group of Mosul today. That's the priest who gets could've had a ball doing their. Baseball routine norm are Iraqi and Syrian city. But that's why I was asking another show today. Leo that the Russian involvement in the Middle East united look I think this drop has done a lot of good things when it comes just to foreign policy here. But still we didn't we spend on the mean years of the US policy trying to keep Russia the Soviet Union back in. Out of the Middle East. Keep them from being a player. And Obama is led us down this road when he took his serve from being really the great influence or of a world events right he pulled his back in their for the Russians took advantage of this. And now they get some of their of their military. You know ships in port there in Syria they. They actually on the ground in Syria they of the they're applying these missions in Syria this is not really good that I. And then we have a president now who who actually city favor the idea of Russia helping us fight nicest. I don't know too many. Military people really thought that was a good idea did you. No I don't I didn't I think that take he. They he's not a military man he needs support the military been very gracious to the all kinds of benefits the people you don't hear about talk. But he's not a military man. So. If I don't think people. Quite understood the consequences of that statement when he made it and he's he's still making statements that he sometimes does understand the consequences if the Cody didn't narrow up and they. And be. Every word has so explaining the world of diplomats saw the film and. Well even if he doesn't understand it I want to leave even Amy doesn't understand it doesn't matter does it because Russia is already there. And I know we're not exactly going to be able adjust maneuver them out of the Middle East with some sort of great still brilliant foreign strategy or anything like that. Russia wants that port and they'd also like an air base and I guess that's gets them would do exactly what they want and I don't think she. Fall short of a real conflict you're gonna move them out I don't think so Obama let them get in. They put down their roots and are not leaving an idol duality that. That's what I think we did legitimately drive them out because we let them get you know we could hit you on and it's all yours now we're saying now get out you know I think that's that's exactly rightly hold on we'll be right back. On. And welcome back deck diligent John Hancock. 355. Is a time news update coming at top of the hour. Here on the WBJ and leave Boylan is still with me here military expert police website is Lee Boylan books that can check it out. Also his page of Amazon. That done as well. Of some of his writings his background was hailing a nuclear weapons arsenal in this. The US military. Coming up Neil McCabe will join me after the top of the hour and we'll talk some about the year Georgia. Six congressional race why are we why would we discussed that well. It could be indicative about. Maybe have a mid term elections go down job is not popular in the sixth district even though it's a heavily conservative district and we'll talk about that some. Timmy have been a few minutes for the big election tomorrow. Down in Georgia. We let's talk of the further we we mention about how present Obama really got us out of the Middle East. And Russia moved in and now Russian warning the US basically. Do you believe nothing much is gonna come out of this right the Russians are just then they do is just bluster they're they're warning us not to player jets what happens if they we do fire jets and this amount they get shut down. Would get to be Perry. Very very area we back to like a Cuban missile crisis situation event happens. Well. The danger is right in on Ohio much latitude I think trump has given via military a lot more latitude how much latitude direction details. What they said the way I read it is that they were going to start cranking out or. Aircraft with their anti missile system and other work fleet tracking radar will come along and light up. But guess Claire didn't say they were gonna fire on that gets. Figured that there are correct it wolf a pilot when I won a the alarm goes off that he's being cracked by a played with targeting radar if gets the adrenaline up real left of them and hard start pumping because it. That's the pre glued to somebody launching on the poetry and not pretty with the new metals let's. Very very very serious thing now. Have I ever do you know much time to react so if you're locked on by. An enemy the system like that Demi you're probably your training is you're supposed to react to and in fire on them first strike well that's. So would be incumbent if they're for war was going on here you would allow Internet an air launch stellar radiation missiles that it is faster if you could and and Ortega basic action dumping players and chance. In this situation it's it's a warning it mean to get the heck out of the area were warning you and probably just what will that would turn around and pull out. I don't see anybody starting shooting because if broad if they launched a missile let up for our aircraft inspected they have wanted to get out. Have retaliation could be instantaneously almost because you're so close together if we didn't know without without air battle between Noah Russian and them and knew it. Gifts I don't. Well that's a problem when you have two nations like that we have these high powered military's being that sort of close you know having a military deployed ride in a in an area like Syria mean that that's really the situation mine it's quiet concern. And then again you know we don't really know what Donald Trump would do as president we. BMO track record here prudent doesn't really have a track record as I think the weather Donald Trump how he reacts. I think that's exactly and I think potent trying to find out what couple do this as he's been waiting for an opportunity just gives it to lump. And he's gonna start probing with these with these kind of statements. To see what will happen but I don't think he wants to have an air battle and it more than we do you know hit it at that point you're almost at war with each other and there's no way in the world you're gonna contain a purple spot on the ground if war breaks out between Russia and United States public. We've got airplanes and a year now about Russian has airplanes. Whether or not either side effect they carrying a lot of warheads I don't know. I I think maybe I hope we know but. If you get out of hand to fail I don't think pollutants that has any desire to. Get to the point where a miscalculation could actually called upon major war between the two countries. I think what he tried to do is get a measure of carpentry what he's gonna do when he starts. You know giving them and he's gonna keep jabbing like this that if if that's the way you measure your opponent. You don't wanna start of all out brawl what you wanna find out you know bullets I guess rip fully with India while police Walid is the all awfully like our left parliament who who grew red line to none. Wipe them off with a slave as soon as nobody would looking. Yeah I got recommended prudent. I would try them when it was Donald Trump. Yeah because you're trying to pro I think it's a little probe just to see what's gonna happen but nothing if he's also want to see if all of this nonsense going on about. Weeks suddenly an investigation has actually weakened to drop them and that lead we're gonna have to leave it there hasn't run up against a glut thank you will be in line we'll be right back news update coming up. Next on WB to me. And here we go 405 Bechtel is sitting in for John Hancock Monday. June 19 edition of our program thanks for joining us is John that feeling well today. Our phone number 70457011. Pins you can join us anytime during video programming during the hour Neil McCabe is gonna join me as we get going. This start this hour he writes for a ride Bart died down Neal has. Background as well as served in the Middle East and now also in the military and such Indies were burned a number of news agencies he covers Washington. And writes his articles that bright bright dot com you can check those out field like you were coming nine good to have you on the show today how are you. Fantastic. Great great to be with you and to all the soldiers out there rough. A belated happy hour. Both say yeah it's important. Well that would be absolutely and of course with his news out of Syria I guess we have to give rise on he knows what might happen I was just talking to someone about. The fact we have do you know the Russian. Situation in Syria the US you know the playing a role he'll be shooting down of the Syrian. Playing on over the weekend and you never Melamine it's Bruton could be. Putting down drove in a position near where he makes some kind of action I certainly wouldn't underestimate Donald Trump of eyewear. Vladimir Putin but I guess you know I'm not in the business of I'm doing mrs. fairly bad so will but I think you'd be very careful or should be very careful about it. I know Doug never trooper like yourself result it's gonna be a little skeptical the president like. I think it's. What a lot of us were hoping. Well it's that. President Obama. We're basically seeing up United States go to war along with our our allies in the baltics. Our NATO allies that's going to Latvia and Estonia. And then of course there's pole in right behind them and those guys you don't want a war very badly and Obama seem to be getting us. On that path and there was no hope of a lot of voters in and constantly talked about it during the campaign that in my you're wearing. I finally finding some common ground with Russia with our common enemy of al-Qaeda. In crisis. And then you know maybe you're the way that we can get along with her escalate. Five. If gavel to my people in Washington think just being held there on a war with Russia and I don't really understand it. You know is it just sort of go through them up ya know where with a plate is well you know China. Now China has territorial argument disputes with at least six of its neighbors and some of them have turned violent. So maybe that was the war was gonna be fair I could be something was gonna happen in Ukraine could be something happening in the fall that. And then of course you have you have Syria. Everyone wants to avoid a direct confrontation with Russia. Because you don't wanna go to war with the nuclear power and so that direct confrontation in the baltics is Al. Acting like crop who learned to get along with with China and some of those. Players there are so we can yes escalates there. Ukraine I think that's gonna be allowed this summer and that leaves us with Syria and I really think. Where this thing got a heat up as a proxy war for everything else. Right there in the area and I hear from now afraid we're gonna look back at the offensive end. As something that still wasn't an aberration was actually sort of the Harvard it'll be much canary in the coal mine. Well mr. McCabe motivates them to you says did diamond never trump for your cheap shots at Maya are the I have goal always maintained that I am a sometimes dropper or is just like you know with a sports team I'm with you winner guy I mean it's. FF OK I don't have little straight that out right away. I would be going back your point about Syria are. I'm Margaret Roberts reporting that they were brought up here but now with the poet yeah I gadget. I just wanna go back to the have the issue about Syria though you'd be so we could look back pocket that OK what is so are you suggesting we're kind of in the Cuban missile crisis. Barrier here because I'm with you a nuclear power to. Major militaries like the US and and Russia attending going head to head that's not a good thing. I mean not ironic given up our Internet outcry that would solve. But president Kennedy are always diplomat in general working on plan during negotiation. And then and then when you're you're. He can give god sport respect he told his brother listen cut appeal directly and not a record back channel called in ambassador Carol get rid of those missiles to Turkey and it was over. I mean secure mental crisis with patty cake compared to what's going on there because not only you have crisis. And al-Qaeda. And you have noted that Syrian free army which is basically. Al-Qaeda guys that we pay for. Then you have the president Syria side in in his army. And then you have the Arabian. And that you have the Russians and ukrainians and Russians are nominally allies that they don't really get alarm and then let's not forget that Turkey is involved. Syria the border with Iraq. And then Israel not to belittle our best. And so and then of course let's not forget the current dot. Their courage their rendered so and go back to that is your cocktail for trouble. No I agree but and I'm lectured you misunderstood my original comment about this I think who needs to be careful. More so than even Donald Trump because I think. Now dry we don't know has gonna react but I would sit I would suggest to most people he won't react like Obama did. Feel drawn a red line of some canyon and back off I don't see that get it from this guy so I think gruden would be very to be very careful about Hallie action in Syria because I think. And they don't drop is more likely to go with his generals and they're more likely to do advocates and kind of action. We create I think your point and I think you're right on. Definitely trump. Whole matter who apparently that's why they nickname mad dog. And so you might not often that when your face the phrase that's what kind of yeah I guess he figured his back. I'll keep that in mind if that ever becomes an opportunity okay. Basically I think the last person who called the mad dog to it's it's gonna stay in it a rip. Quite well at that. We have seen he's back in Afghanistan. President trump has basically given Matta and the panic on. The latitude. To manage that war as they see fit. And I would suggest that in the Iraq theater. United States forces are being far more aggressive than they work under President Obama I you'll remember that it did you know. We were gonna liberate mogul like before the election I don't know puberty I don't appear old enough to remember what. When Obama would deliberate mogul he's never going on off. And equipment Hillary lot. They're actually got shouted out I I don't know I have that I will tell you that acting is ramping up again. And it's it's because trump is empowering. His commanders. Back and not 2011. I heard Obama put a lid at 50000 troops that racked. And it was such a hard lyric that the president unites states managed personally. That you would be troops in in Kuwait. Waiting to get back into Iraqi big had to wait for you to get in a guy had believed they were counting this one includes. You know in and out of theater because Obama said the B Albert hey if anybody went over his cap a 50000. Well prompted me. The company is as ripped out back page of the playbook. And and we could see some action but. Every administration comes in thinking that that's correct is one thing and then some other Brett. Sneak up on them and when George eight when George W. Bush came again and everyone was focused on China and North Korea. Yeah I remember testimony where Iraq Condoleezza Rice adapt. About you know other things that you say hey I'm worried about. What about North Korea right now and and that turned out not to be that thing that got it. Yet I do understand the united course I've been on the radio for a few years. And the back then when when bush took over America remember having conversation would that would callers. And like of course he's gonna go into Iraq at some point in their finish the job you know and in all that mean mania was sort of speculate of course I was in the the big military town at the time and many of us thought it was just a given that at some point George Bush would do that and then of course the NT 9/11 and that you know that kind of changed I guess the whole scenario but I think a lot of us kind of thought that Iraq was going to be on this the target list even then. But or your right nothing really happened was North Korean eternally and didn't happen during the Obama years and now it's it's left up to Donald Trump to do something about it. No let's not forget that for the program after the gulf war every Democrat that want it to look like a tough guy. We basically say something to be decked out why didn't tractor president George W. Bush go to back you know HW bush go to Baghdad mullah. Court wanted Quayle in the vice president it's about eight why did you go to back when Clinton was president. Every time Monica Lewinsky. Testified or been used vehicle some cruise missile. You know like ability and every time data so that Monica and that's what I decrepit parliament. Because there aren't you know obviously Clinton was not only try to distract Americans by lobby the cruise missiles and Iraq but he would also every time. And went then what's hot on saturn's ring. He was reminding voters that George H. W. Bush. Left this firepower as selected and here's the thing you know you should've gone to Baghdad. Then of course. George W. Bush goes to Baghdad where the Democrat. Or what you do that. Yeah exactly. Well my favorite George Bush comments about the Bill Clinton launching those missiles during the Monica loyal Lewinsky situation he called it sand to thumping. The fact. I feel old I will be right back in just a moment here it's 415 we get a check traffic in and all that coming up here next Oreo and news eleven to end the WBD 993. San metaphorically do on the John Hancock showed that jealous feeling and others Monday June 19. Does not feeling well today and I'm not talking to me at 7045 Simoneau 1110 hit me up on Twitter my Twitter feed is that I dug radio. And you can join us any time left him open phones here coming up in the next half hour Neil McCabe a bright barked that time is on with me right now and we'll talk about the other congressional district down in Georgia B six and congressional district where the special runoff is tomorrow to be said to be the highest. Are the most of the money spend it any congressional runoff race in history this is a highly conservative district. Newton Newt Gingrich used the bonus district of Tom price served. In the district before I get to the appointment is helping you in that services secretary. However during the the presidential election Hillary Clinton lost his district by only 1%. Some of the local polling Donald Trump is dead like a 60% negative rating in his district. I don't know how it's gonna turn out tomorrow but the Democrat has been showing. Rather strong you know poll numbers. In a race against a lady who has run for statewide and won statewide office before in Georgia Karen Handel. What do you think about this race is this a referendum on Donald Trump. If so is that bad news or why would Republicans vote for this Democrat anyway whether you like dropper not I don't get it. I think what the problem here is that you send the wrong signal to the voters. When when the Republican Party basically arranges. For a moderate. Dow bushman type. You think this week someone who what would necessarily a strong trumps supporter. Is sort of you know not necessarily associate with the Tea Party and so. She wanted to I comedy fewer than eight or ten people running back primary. And he managed to to win a plurality and she know or you like. Colonel with the message to the voters that. You know you're here or more conservative. Candidate there are more pro crop candidate. Putt for par. Welcome part I'm normally we don't normally I would agree with you on that but if you're thinking. If if the estrogen negative rating in this district and I tend to believe that because I know that. You know in Georgia you in some parts and especially in the northern suburbs of Atlanta he's not as popular as he is in other states in the south like South Carolina North Carolina. Tennessee Mississippi Alabama. And it was a bit that would be more reason to vote for her right because she's not a big trouble narrow and she got so we don't they show up. There have the problem is they're she doesn't believe in the trump program it to you basically get to give people a choice. I'm gonna support the president I support the conservative agenda. Or not and you're now I guess in the final week she's coming around in right you know got you got to circle on it. Conservative but people in Georgia know that she's never been a hard core conservative. And so. The method here's what you don't really believe and that's you just say you're you're just reading the slogan that they put on you know a five by eight card. You know we just don't believe your passionate about this stuff people. People are looking for that interrogate and that intensity. Are in the candidate in the police towards the Democrat running. You know he's absolutely committed to those who left point program he's committed to the program opposing trump. And and people fear the people feel that he believes that these passionate people sort of speed up I think it is an important thing to remember. You what you alluded to. Is that other states might be overwhelmingly. Conservative. But there are pockets. Liberal and democratic stronghold not just minority communities black. Yet people might be surprised you know the kind of liberal that they bumping into an Arctic North Carolina or Atlanta certainly you're in Georgia. Certainly you're in the democratic now. Her right you know right about there really an internally there been more. As Midland a grows has been more of an influx of maybe some. Some liberals into the may be moderate liberals or whatever into that particular district and M I played a role I think give if if Handel loses tomorrow night to. So I'll buy that Michael and as soft on. Footer but it if they if she does lose to him I think it's more that the likelihood that the conservatives just a home right it's not that they. Yeah okay she's not a really strong metro person should not strong conservative necessarily but they stay home that's that's really the way he wins don't you think. Can you not agree more you know I mean yeah. Yeah you're right it happened and England are what Jeremy Corbett was down twenty points. You're down on the all so far so much that you treat them in fact that she could call you up election. We don't really clocked you get a guy which he didn't count on. With the big guys are great community Pete if you worked up eight showed up and live demo. As a matter of great great parent. No it does matter you're right mile got to leave it there thank you. We will talk to you again soon my friends check him out on Twitter mill at W McCabe. And also his writings of bright Bart died John coming avalanche of over the line time 7045701110. Have you like to comment about what we're talking matters on the gets in the news give us a call 70457. Though we limits in. We'll be right back on news eleventh in WBT 993. And 4036 John Hancock showed that Phillips sitting in today on this Monday thanks for joining us here we'll get your home we'll get to a traffic news updates. As we go along between now and 6 o'clock TJ doing the producing more operations of our program a program. And your phone calls at 704 or 57011. To answer an open mind that. This half hour the president has been tweeting this afternoon. I like to say it's a them severe does Twitter storm warning. In effect for all of our listening area the president was winning a moment ago about the conversation. Actually very similar to what we're having would Neil McCabe just a moment ago about the six congressional district in Georgia. We have John Ashcroft. Who is the Democrat running never been elected before he has some polls have him up by seven points here with the runoff election tomorrow. And he had Karen Handel who meals not Brill but I just so happy about she's won statewide office I think she was secretary of state. It one time but and it's true she's not necessarily the most are the strongest candidate here the deputy U district but. Nonetheless she won the primary and it's Republican vs Democrat it is a a situation where you have high negative ratings for the president in this district. Now whether that translates. To a Democrat victory tomorrow I certainly do not know. Had been in Georgia long time and predicting elections in Georgia can be very tricky business but I will say this that. It seems odd that just because you dislike Donald Trump that you would still. Are you would allow us sop to get elected here but maybe that's what's gonna happen with a have to find out but dropped waited Karen handel's opponent. Can't even vote in the district he wants to represent because he doesn't live there which is true. He wants to raise taxes and kill health care on Tuesday. It has also route Norman who's running for congress in south Carolina's fifth district will be a fantastic up to me and cutting taxes. And getting great border security and healthcare. Vote tomorrow so you've got those races going on and I think in the case of we Georgia's six district. Race it they can be very close. But Dow drop Beers tweeting about Karen Handel and and what he says is true impact I think it was a free beacon that down posted a video just a little while ago. They reported for the free beacon. Decided to challenge should be comment that top is made during the campaign that he lives just around the corner. From the district there he's not in the district but he's very close to the district yes he lives down. Town Atlanta. Near Emory university and this guy anyway walked said above is just around the corner should be able to walk to it. And he walks and it takes him two and a half hours to tip ticker. Two miles of actual home but whether that matters to the people of these six district who does have to find out in city I think if I solve actually wins the election tomorrow you're going to module prepare yourself. That this will be deemed divide the leftist mainstream media as a referendum on Donald Trump. And that trumps negativity in this race really hurt Karen Handel in the had the chances to win this history it would be tragic. For those of us who support the conservative agenda to see. This particular district come under. The hands. The Democrat party because after all this is a seat that Newt Gingrich held for a long time. Tom price. Onetime top prize won this district by 23 points. Donald Trump won this district by one point during the presidential election that's the significant difference here and believe me they're not that many. Liberal Democrats have been moved into the district since the presidential election or since the election of Tom price. For congress so there you have it and then we'll just say but if if let's say there's one launched there in those two races or two losses. Cut to the Republicans in two loss of seats there it will definitely be played as a referendum on Donald Trump and I pray elude. What some people think he's going to happen in the mid term elections all right for forty yard time time for a traffic got a date we've boomer and that's brought you by hunters Ville boards. Hey thanks a lot Doug evidence of that now and south of Mecklenburg and keep an eye for place where this this report is sponsored by Sonny's barbecue collision reported. Lancaster highway at Ballantine commons parkway southeast Charlotte Randolph road near laurel avenue to the northeast the plaza near Milton road and on Harris boulevard near technology dries. Your drive time for IE 85 headed north. Round exit 38 high 77 exit fifty concorde can hapless. Now less than 26 minutes celebrate barbecue season with a new pit master recipe really upset Sonny's. Big media real season smoked a real and in season again served just two resides in bread for just thirteen 99 Sonny's Barbeque local pit masters is 68. WBT weather channel forecast thunderstorms are a couple of maybe severe overnight with a low seventy. More thunderstorms tomorrow with a high 81 and now picking up rain around bigger case stretching up north to Belmont and Estonia. So there were some rain right in the neighborhood in 86 and hundreds Rio and the queen city. Next up data for fifty boomer Montana WDT all day tied sabre travel. All right coming up there on the big stories saying Iran today at 440 wanted to bill Hancock program their delegates sitting in. I look at fifth of those. Possible storms here we have a severe Twitter storm warning from the White House. That's the thought trump. Has been tweeting this afternoon here apparently not busy. Did have today one of the funny are stories. And I was talking to somebody about this earlier today about Donald Trump he's been one night at Camp David first time that he's gone to. The Camp David for free weekend. Andy's been spending his time often at Merrill Largo down in Florida and a lot of people are upset about. That even some of his supporters because you think he's spending too much money flying Tamara Largo I think it is kind of a shame the guy owns ablaze. But I guess the cost of Air Force One insecurity in such as his sued mounting up. As he heads a Merrill onto every weekend or one of his other homes well anyway decided to take the the weekend at Camp David. And that's. I know there leaks from the White House maybe you believe it or not but there was one story over the weekend that Donald Trump just hates Camp David. That. There's just too rustic for him I was a jokingly telling somebody that I guess is not enough gold plated stuff. If you fading a filly ran their Camp David may be the golf course is not as nice I don't know. But in any rate if this is a meal of the of the place where the president is most secure. On vacation and that kind of thing but. Anyway there wouldn't the president then came out with a tweet later today about how great Camp David was. So you have to wonder if that story. I didn't really think much about that story when it came out that you know is another leaking story. That's what we get out of this White House. From people I guess it was damaged probably did he didn't like Camp David it's OK with me I'm not I don't think many of us would somehow be offended. If president drive doesn't like an idea I used to say that if you won the election. Now trouble is gonna pay the White House because wanna dump compared to trump tower now for many of us that would be a step up but not for Donald Trump. Right give David a step down forward Donald Trump. And so anyway comes out and it's a beautiful place great plays military does a great job you know by handling Camp David. And all of this but if you come out and said you know let's just a lousy place we got to upgrade the White House and a great Camp David I'd be OK with that but. It makes you wonder that story was true after all okay we'll be right back it's. And I show continues here for fifty dude I go to the end. News update top of the hour then your phone calls always welcome it's 7045701110. We'll have more news in traffic next hour of course. Twitter storm morning and continues in effect for all of the all of the Americas from president Donald Trump who's been tweeting this afternoon. Especially about the congressional race in Georgia that's that's pitching summit such deputy prime about it though. The guy running in the Democrat side doesn't live in the district it isn't a mandated that you live in the congressional district that you run border but it's considered to be more appropriate that he do. But it's not no legal sort of a qualification for running. But it is says certainly fair game for the competition to point out that you don't live in the district. Therefore boy are you running the represented the people around you should be representing your peers. First of the election tomorrow will be and I already have seen a couple of stories on here since the last time I. Was chatting with the about this that the roughly will be a referendum on down drop. That's the way it is today show today. Are traded some other TV program to make ABC's Good Morning America this is a referendum on Donald Trump. They're doing so because they do believe that I saw will probably win this district. I guess a version that is not a really a strong candidate she has won a statewide office can handle. But it's not someone. There's has generated a lot of excitement. I'm not sure I agree with what Nielsen a few minutes ago though that just because handle is not a a big trump supporter. Does that necessarily would hurt her in this race I could see that being a possibility if you know she were running for district that had been overwhelmingly in favor of Donald Trump during the presidential race. But this is a district despite it being a conservative Republican. District in the suburbs of Atlanta this is not a district the Dow Jones carried very very despite of 1%. Over the Democrat Hillary Clinton in the presidential race so. I'm not sure that makes a difference in this race. I think it may be more that there is a lack of enthusiasm. That's going on now people just don't like either party. And the Republicans are the ones in power and they're not real happy with what's gone on here. Because let's face it we were told that if you elect us as the majority. They're both the house and the senate and you elect a president. That comes from the same party even if it's someone that I think many people didn't think really was who's gonna win the election. But if you kind of decide to go a way that is not traditional we convict someone who has a lot of experience in the in the political ram we will with someone outside. Sort of the of the political hierarchy. Gonna drain the swamp all of this in and if we put TN. Then it was going to be. Business not as usual but was going to be business. They're getting rid of Obama here right off the bat. How would you replace it or not just repeal it you were going to take care of tax reduction. Generous some of these so regulations in place some that's been done through executive order the use now. Trump has been able to reverse a lot of the onerous executive orders by President Obama. So that has happened. But from a legislative standpoint. Very little has been accomplished I think a lot of people upset about it. How to use a lack of enthusiasm was like why bother right is Karen Handel. Or. House office not to make much difference nothing is going to get to be done so why should I bother Glavine. And run in this district and I think that's part of it we don't have tweeting in favor of them handle this afternoon. And is criticizing also who doesn't live in the district also some new show on spy pictures out his white house Press Secretary. Now is going to be. Something that was expected but he will oversee the White House communications office apparently. But at least that gets him out of the line of fire here every day with effect trying to enter questions from the hostile mainstream media and also the media that. Points out defected to spite your might say something during a morning briefing but then that by afternoon. The president might tweet out a different opinion so. I did have questions not upset about this but he is now out is the white house Press Secretary bit. He still will handle the communications office also the Supreme Court has apparently ruled. In something that will favor the Washington Redskins keep being. They're named the Redskins. The Supreme Court has ruled that. The just because it might be an offensive. Trademark. The freedom of speech means that you can't stop them from getting a copyright on it. Now don't particularly think that the name Washington Redskins is so offensive you know I've gone through. I've gone through this with people before. You know this kind of used to be redskin territory long before the Carolina Panthers. We're in place it was sort of either the re you re the redskin fan are right in Atlanta falcon fan. But. The Redskins were founded by the original owner who happened to be a member of one of live native American drives. And also the logo Redskins was actually created by a native American tribe they can Minnesota. Some of the original. Founders of the Redskins were active there all the buried a native American cemeteries I mean it's it's astounding that this never really discussed about the the history of the Washington Redskins. And so while I understand on its surface people who have been once again Inaba thought much about history they don't know much about the history of the Washington Redskins. That you meet illegally to the conclusion that this is some kind of racist bigoted. Sort of logo but once again upon further review as they say in the sporting world after instant replay. Toward the we go to. The the judges to decide on the replay whether the view of the referees made the right call then you see that there's more to it than just that. You know it's it's always amazing to me how we. We target bad knee jerk reactions from the right right that's how often has a newspaper complained about some conservative talk show host. Making knee jerk reactions about one thing or another well is kind of a knee jerk reaction on the left but they've been pursuing this to the point they thought. That they did that make it. What's that all of illegals the right word but it would you couldn't get your copyright approved. If you had something that was offensive. That is some sort of offensive or racist. Logo name what every might be without really get it copyrighted. They're for the Redskins would be basically have a business had to change logo because they cannot afford to lose all the merchandising they would come in from a copyrighted Ritz yet bill. Well it didn't work out did it. How is that working out you guys so that's a so the Supreme Court rules that is free speech today. And that's certainly good ruling we'll talk about this along with some of the other news of the day when we come back in a few minutes here 7045701110. Hit me up on Twitter my Twitter feed is that so I did radio in baseball died down. Backlash I dug radioed locality of the John Hancock will be right back with more on news eleven to end a BBD. 993 don't go away. And welcome back 505 overtime here and news eleven to end the BBD 993 John Hancock program to tell it. Here TJ doing the producing border operations of the air show. And then we welcome your phone calls anytime during the hour we've got to the news in traffic. And such when we can squeeze in your time if you got one at 70 or 57 though eleven's and Jim hurry up conservative base dot com is on the line with me right now and there's so much out there to talk about GM good to have you on the program at this afternoon how are you. Well Kerry Kirk Kirk group talked. We just found at the John Spicer rarely has been reassigned in the in the press secretary's office he's no longer going to be the guy giving the white house press briefings you just speak. Hailing the white has communications office he's going to be sort of out of the line of fire may be for a while it's probably good for him. But wonders those are taking the arrows from the national news media now on. Well I I kept hearing the name. From Fox News Channel Kimberly Guilfoyle. Who I think would be graded dirt first of all she street Smart. For a kid like like yours truly. That you execute tomorrow. She used to be I mean she incurred tremendous. Background. She put herself through law school that working at Victoria's Secret model so what we reaching here on the art. The Sheikh quick. And she's Smart. And she know how to question people. She knows or take questions from people. Where I think you would be an excellent choice. Because she'll lick those skunks. In the media local go where you're really are screw it. The way they aren't here refer Spicer. Are they didn't treat him the way he treated. All bombers. Press Secretary that's for sure. The guy used to get up there what was your. Very our eye care members waiting for you to join him and learn earns two Josh Ernst. Love the guy before or are very can't call our. So I don't remember what you guys do you have the first one of the first windows media the news maker could if Hillary remember that there's a thing about it. Here's the thing about anybody holding that job Jim is that. You know you you have that the administration seems to have an opinion in the morning. And in your press secretary sort of issues it but then later in the day something else happens right I mean no job tweets or there's some kind of differing. A statement by the president later in the day of what the position is do you think maybe that'll probably give these press briefings. The fact that well I I think he would want to appear at the time though that I think he reloaded yet. From China into a link goes on their promises and campaign promises. He's done more than Obama's period where the entire year. I mean Obama. And yeah it went so well he got he got health care Trulia he didn't do anything. It does congress get their big health care oriented it was fine. I really think that got a red. So you know he's our hands on type of president. Are you know hundred delegate. Because here are you would be used once in the business world and he would go very successful where the rare. And most people probably created one. Warren. Fortune. Merits our alliance how many actually created a reconstituted. Is. There's they're listeners they're in trouble so you gave away it could get some trouble Wear out without government money don't stop sitting. No subsidies. I mean you guys could put them down. You know that the that the companies were were were. Having trouble meeting payrolls and immediately be. Not all of their their ran basically double the work we're worried about paying their rent you know them under their payrolls. You have done which is that you read them Becky Betty I. The child oh well Obama. Well Leo. I mean there's there's no doubt bit yeah there's no doubt that the many of the people criticizing Donald Trump they've never really created any jobs. An insurgent. And in that certainly part of it I think Jim hold on we've got to traffic updates we'll be right back. And that goes into John Hancock kind of feeling good this afternoon and ambiguity here. Jim Carrey's on the line with me from conservative base that kind of get along law enforcement background. We'll check traffic again within the next ten minutes big story just ahead so stay tuned for that as well. Jim obstruction of justice. That's being tossed around quite a bit. The president's attorney says he's not under investigation. The president says he is under investigation for faith. I don't know v.s under investigation for obstruction of justice by the special counsel or not. But the term is thrown around a lot you have of law enforcement background. What it if they if the stories are true will go that far. Mean we can bleed Jim co mes testimony before. How congress the other day that the president dance in the bag down of this you know this investigation in the Michael plan and that. He may have then gone to the national security director and also the director of national intelligence and then something similar would then there wouldn't be obstruction of justice from someone with a law enforcement perspective in your opinion. No no well you know first mall where is decrying. The revenue from decrying. So I would look strapped to suddenly obstructed. The investigation. They're not one shouldn't approve. They're been presented by the Democrats here who might soar. While that at a machine not stroll from from California. Representative Alan ship. And he had not saying not if I went there would have been like. Al Capone. Played by. One of these actors that you see her cousin there we got not saying not. We have not been sorely you know Jim I've got a little on the same line. We view that you know even the president give technically be charged with the destruction of justice because they affect sitting president cannot be indicted. And but he can of course it could be you know part of an impeachment proceeding if it ever got that far. But at the same time just asking. You know the law enforcement guide to knock off an investigation or. Or back off one doesn't seem to me to be. Something that kind of gets to the point of destruction of justice hold on Jim Courier will be back to give it. And moving right along 541 year old man died show Monday edition June 19 kinda television for John. And the phone number 70457. Those eleven Jan if you wanna join the F program and any time you can't believe you have earlier. In the show Jim Carrey who writes for conservative base that time is my guess Jim has been a national security expertise. Been a member of law enforcement in his career he's also been the vice president national association of chiefs of police in the country as well and we were talking about obstruction. Justice to determine its being tossed around quite a bit by the mainstream media. What's gonna happen to morning Joseph in the MSNBC. And maybe Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper oversee an end Jim if they don't they're charged up with the obstruction of justice to a should we be concerned about their wellbeing I mean if. One debt problem and so you. We're wasting time. Our investigation has gonna go nowhere preached that all of the investigation. Of the next ten years it's gonna go nowhere. Because there's not being there. There's nothing there except. Or the usual spying. On the United States on the Internet. That you know and it's only. They have been doing extra years to watch they've been acting long term DOT department at the presence to DOJ. Every one Embarq. You name it and they've been hacking into a different countries North Korea the Russians the Chinese. All of a sudden. They acted to a private organization known as a democratic actual debate so private organization they're not auto government. And the democrats' goal was dark. We got an investigation we got there and they come up with this whole scenario. But not that there are one little problem they got no clue. What are the true I believe they admit they go through such what they're looking for auto collier where the political. We are about the fact is that there is war. But more available to goal after the guy like Kobe. Well OK the guy unlawfully removed. Documents from his opposite my car at surprise but it confidential. Documents. For a little. And leaked into the media. You had the guts to do and so. He got one English but it didn't hit with ten guys walked into a tall order and every one of the World Cup and you don't play and we don't at all. Don't let I don't know what I like to beware don't want in my article laden them and it's cam while looking right to trial and we want him. And the rigor to rise very least she's cleaning don't leave me alone with trump. And a good guy this guy is their star witness. I wouldn't happen as a witness against the mullah. All of you out and and and the other people involved. You haven't advocating Andrew McCain. Who's white. God apple up. Apple million dollars. From the Clinton foundation. For our campaign which usually in. Faulkner. In Virginia Tech and who McCain's wife he's the deputy U connecting FBI director. Try to of course you can't mention it Stuttgart. Yeah well you know Jim I think a lot of people don't realize how sort of incestuous Washington really is I mean whether it's a media you get to members of the media married. Two people who were working saved many many cases Democrat. You know political operatives. Viewpoint that another sort of connection there I don't think people really understood that. That you know most of you don't have most of the people involved have spouses and their spouses are working. A jobs in such that made kind of influence perhaps where they are that's why when Donald took charge about draining the swamp. Probably does want to be drained I think you know what we've got to do is Abigail are I think Donald Trump can get yet going it. None to train a sloppy at chill would be so. But nobody has ever been able to do that all these are creepy crawler you know the fact that Loretta lynch. I didn't Bill Clinton met. Are there are at our other Shaq. That there was an outrage all over the country over there. The media play into all they were talking about you know c'mon you know what they were talking about their faction was problems. That she would be your attorney general during during our Clinton's. And restoration. Thanks you're not cool okay this barge a Democrat. Independent streak of the Democratic Party at merchant. You know except a lot because you're Democrats are responsible for the pool parks plan that Democrats are responsible little NG and then their in the shadow. Following the civil war but Democrats are responsible. Throw lavish style that we read about in history books. And it's cheaper area. And it had the things that would go on to blacks. And until we were coming over to all the minorities. Are coming O Philip Democrat. Democrat in New York in camp you roll. For forgery and they restrict certain groups that emboldened. From certain groups. We vote democratic so always been that way and who we are out there that you're. That would investigate. A little bit there I would bet that a match gates he would investigate very well on Latvia. Swelling goes back to those thing about the Schwab it's it's do you like your idea to kill the beast and may not be possible it may be. You've got to navigate the swab because you know the thoughts and around the well. Jim thank you so much for being on let me tell people you can buy his writings that conservative base John. Also you can email him. And Galen is a daily email list top magazine they well. Downtime we'll be right back with more on news eleven dead WBT 993. I'm 36. On the John Hancock showed their diligence and again none the news eleven then the BBC 993. Good to be would be here. Boat every 7045701110. Hit me up on Twitter my Twitter fees that side Doug radio or FaceBook FaceBook dot com. Meg slash I dug your radio Abu whim a warm beer. The American student released last week has died. He stole a poster in North Korea. Since seventeen months in prison but just was released the other day who's been in a coma and them. He has died according to a news reports. And once again pointing out the brutality of north Koreans back Donald Trump just tweeted a few moments ago about that. Reminding people that again the north Koreans so brutal regime. And it's something that I guess at some point or nation then we're going to have to deal with it all started back in the Clinton administration when. We were told any kind of reminds me about love like Iran. We were told to worry about their nuclear weapons. Opportunities or research and development that was going on to worry about it. Through the Clinton years there won't says. Then we'll have a chance to. Develop nuclear weapons swim at least ten years and I remember thinking you know clock ticks. Years go by ten years not really long time they with the backdrop of history. And then Jimmy Carter the former president was an over there and made some deal. Don't remember saying on the radio back then that well we're gonna have to deal with this one day. And then of course 9/11 occurred endures every bush. And his attention when elsewhere. Barack Obama did nothing for eight years. I'm dealing with this and now with a nuclear testing going on day. Type of provocative sort of behavior by. The leader of North Korea now it's up to president Donald Trump perhaps to do something about it. Marine downed writer for the New York Times Tweety just a few minutes ago that while the death. The American student is tragic. I don't have it right in front limited quoted directly but. Tomorrow it's tragic we should not. You know retaliate would violence. And talk of more or something to that. You know that regard I mean think about that for a minute once again here is a death. Of auto warm beer is tragic and awful and let's not compound it by the talk of Warren responding with more violence typical liberal response right that. We shouldn't talk about. How creating more mayhem I mean after all America didn't create the make him to begin with. Kim Jong room is creating the mayhem and setting up for himself perhaps. Thank you they dark future also Jeanne Spicer we mentioned has been reassigned he'll be hitting the White House communication department bit. Well not be giving the daily briefings. And be in the line of fire the White House should try to is that something in what they call it the afternoon gaggle. This is the off the record Doerr sort of off the camera addition I should say is that off the record but it's off the camera comments. How do the media and was asked a question about wind we're gonna find out of Donald Trump who recorded the James filming or had any kind of recording devices of James combing. Clearly. That we did that did James coming you better be concerned that there not to recordings of their conversations. And Donald Trump to the other day you'll know soon whether these exist well Sean Spicer says something mean about the maybe next week. That. I would be shocked if there actually recordings. The conversations a Dow trump had we James combing I don't think then it would probably benefit the president if there are recordings. But I would be shocked to find out that those recordings actually exist sowing trouble simply. Throwing them out there did try to keep comedy from leaking information that didn't work. But it was a strategy grant Somalia part of the president. 540 oil on the Hancock show on the insulin intended EDT 1993. Bill for the Redskins. I'm noticing euphoria but the Supreme Court ruling today. He is indirectly a big win for the Washington Redskins in this battle about copyrights and trademarks. Forza put it this way the Redskins NFL franchise received an indirect win. As a US Supreme Court struck down a law that barred the registration of disparaging copyrighted. Trademarks. Saying you know the Redskins they have been casually bombarded by the left. How about changing the name of the Russian rescue they they were successful years ago changing the name. Of the basketball team from the Washington bullets to the Washington Wizards. Somehow thinking that people would sanctioning each other in Washington DC. The fifth if they change the name from the bullets. Feel longstanding named it was not offensive but. It was one that people do deemed just not proper in today's society violence. And and the like and so anyway the Supreme Court. Has I think you really helped the Redskins in this one. The Redskins and people just simply don't go back to the history of the Redskins I don't have it all in front of me but I've gone through this a few times in the radio in the past. But the Redskins have a long history in connection when native Americans it was founded by a prominent native American. And their logo was created and designed by native Americans I wanna say from a tribe in Minnesota. I speaking off. My memory of the moment but the point is. The Redskins have a tradition. I'm being connected to the native Americans. In our country it's not deemed to be or was not intended to be offensive in any fashion it was. Intended to be somewhat of a admiration. And I think that's what a lot of these. Short of names and trademarks. Baseball and football teams and torching have been over the years may be some of them have been a little too far. Pass that but I think many of them I think about the that this team baseball the Braves and the Cleveland Indians they were playing baseball while. Wholly Custer was still fighting the I think the Indians in the the late eighteen hundreds so he's he's been around long time. And those names have been for a long time OK we'll be right back. 550 Dudek delegate for John Hancock here on news 1110 WB two 993 thanks for joining us. And you can miss him an email my email address is up on my website and I don't radio died down and also my Twitter feed. Usenet side Doug radio if you wanna follow me and get my news feed. Do you buy me on FaceBook as well please put died down. Back slash I dug your radio tough to top stories today Sean Spicer out his Press Secretary will be doing the briefings any longer. That's it may be inside baseball a bit but Phillies for him is good news I've vague we'll have to dodge anymore. Flaming arrows from the national news media ABC had a reporter on the TV a little while ago apparently saying that. He's does not believe that. Or has been told Donald Trump is not currently under investigation by the special counsel there was also I think Washington Post why they. Major newspapers had a story similar to that president we last week that he's under investigation. His attorney. TV I think all of the Sunday shows yesterday saying that he's not under investigation so fast. Savior looking sometime for clarity from this administration you probably gonna have to look elsewhere. So he may be under investigation he may not be like oh sales like something trump says right might be under investigation milling and I may not be but then maybe again I am. So we'll just have to wait and see. Maybe is under investigation it's only because of the what I think could easily be described her fairly described as may be interfering. Would be criminal investigation into Michael Flynn I do not believe an idea at all of us said this earlier in some of our conversations with I guess but. I do not believe the Donald Trump is committed obstruction of justice in the purest form. In this regard I do think as president. Fears. Done something he shouldn't have done but that's. Basically you appear with. They criminal investigation he may have gone even further by asking you if you believe some of the news stories out there the Director of National Intelligence. Maybe say something about the plane investigation he didn't. But apparently drove ask him that if you believe the reports and same thing with the the head of in the NSA. So he he did that perhaps but that doesn't necessarily mean obstruction of justice. The president's firing of Jim Thome did not stop any investigation that is under way about Michael Flynn now if the president were to fire the FBI's. Hired special counsel. The former FBI director Miller well he might be moving more into that category and he's being advised not to do that. He may be upset about this investigation has been going out about this so called Russian involvement into the US election. Ten members of his campaign in transition committee. But the president has to lay off of this one of the problems and we talked about this early is the president is tweeting where he he says certain things. That but other statements from the president. And if it doesn't necessarily coincide with the may be what would be advice from counsel let's say for would be. They situation where the president might be better not saying anything about moved the Russian criminal investigation because some people apparently are. Under investigation he'd be better just not saying anything at all. But that meant not necessarily that Donald Trump and I think again some of the personality betrayal. Displays that I do believe turned a lot of people off also. Happens to make a lot of his supporters happy. You know we were talking earlier about draining the swamp after this for a number of times now that I think the president. Should would be better served by trying to navigate. The swamp because a swap has been their long time there are many. Alligators and other critters in the swamp they've been very successful the swamp pants. The swap also is likely to be around when you leave office so they're willing to kind of wait you out. Which is also part of the strategy. You know. The president says some things about some members of the US senate when he was running in the Republican primary. That had to rub them the wrong way when the question divert from Russian effort from Laura Ingraham and some of the other conservative commentators. He is where are the Republicans in the senate standing up for Donald Trump where where are they members of congress giving the president cover on some of these. The issues in some of his tweets and some of the things he's been saying. I think part of the reason we're not seeing that is because. They're not really sure. Other supportive for truck is somewhat lukewarm. They're not the ardent supporters. Also Donald Trump personally attacked some of them and maybe they're not over that yet did cruise it was another eight million Marco Rubio little Marco lying dead. He went after John McCain. When asked your question about people who are prisoners of war in the press and the president said something like well I like legal we don't get caught. Then parents always had these. These incidents where. He may look at it that that was just a primary season that's just politics in them and you know people should get over it and maybe they will. But at the same time we begin in trouble. It's also very possible those who have leak lukewarm support for you in congress in those. Do you personally attacked. They may not go out there on the limb to defend you know I think there may be some of what we're saying. Because they have the questions been asked over and over again by conservative commentators where are those defending Donald Trump. And we haven't seen much of that so anyway that could be part of a fifth could also be concerned about some of the investigation that's under way that. There's so many tentacles to this make no mistake about it I said this another show the other day that. Having a special counsel on your back for four years perhaps. He's not just a good thing it is says something that can really drag you down. We have we've seen this so much in the past we saw. Richard Nixon had the special prosecutor we had Ronald Reagan had a special counsel appointed. It's sort of ongoing investigation we have Bill Clinton was one against our investigation. Then it was I think Georgia W bush tries to hit one about the news the Valerie Plame. Ousting situations then we didn't have one during the Obama years because Obama never did anything wrong. If I Obama was perfect. Obama is Chris Matthews would probably say never did the wrong thing is life that's what chris' in the past so. Therefore that we needed no investigations about I mean under the IRS thing up forget about that. You what defense team spirit that we didn't really need a special counsel for that would. The email scandal for Hillary Clinton as secretary of state we didn't need official counts of that either I if everything was perfect during the Obama years so we'll have a special counsel would now we have. One with a 150 days in. Of the Donald Trump administration. Well it's been a pleasure being on review they hope John gets to feeling better. And meanwhile if you wanna Ximian message do so via Twitter or FaceBook or you can give me an email you'll find my email address on my website and I Doug Reid.