Santa Fe Shooting, Big Weekend, and Shower Thoughts

John Hancock
Friday, May 18th
Hancock discusses the Santa Fe Texas shooting, "Big Weekend", Shower Thoughts and more.

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This is showing. And doppler radar just a steady stream good. Coming our way and it doesn't look like I mean just cells of Bahrain and there are still love. I looked out my window about noon in Belmont and it was rated to beat the band. And eight minutes later nothing. So it just kind of a matter of you're either ended or your not and that's kind of what the forecast will be in won't continue to watch it as the afternoon goes on but for the most. Art stuff. These little storm system sunken. Condoned. Pop up just about anywhere and like I say it right at one point you think 'cause the world's give Gary and and announced that three minutes later you're. Bloom great to lawns and trees and stuff like that I think were were a little bit below on the water tables and all this started so that's a bit that's a good thing and now the fact that it goes into the weekend may not be. On May not be to best thing that no you got the all star race going out to Charlotte motor speedway tomorrow night they're thinking they can probably get that the end but. You know until later to content up. No pun intended put a damper on that. So while toy were able to stick and a kind of a wait and see or rain showers this evening numerous thunderstorms developing overnight. And then thunderstorms all likely tomorrow morning then a chance of scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. I'm tomorrow about 79. Degrees and the chance of rain for tomorrow is an 80% but I assume it's gonna be like it is today you're either that or you're not. So while. Regardless. Anybody got a problem low though weekend. Let's apportion working in which case it's just. It's just another couple and it's. Another school shooting. I had. If I hadn't taken Wednesday off. Look for the medical thing I. Probably wanted to get a day off but that dog ma and generally need to were not gonna do our dive had. It is headfirst into this thing I'm not gonna have begun discussion today were not GNU. But you are should be aware of they've identified the shooter. He is. American notorious name I don't care about his name. He says seventeen years old. We're gonna put that a high Syria's seventeen years old lecture right on the now he's in custody. I in connection with the shooting in one other person is sort of being held for questioning as well. This happened in San faith Texas. Never heard of it. You've heard of Santa Fe and you've heard of Texas you've never heard of Santa Fe Texas unless you've spent some time down around Galveston. They keep on saying Houston area but it's closure Galveston and is used and it's in Galveston County. It's a pretty big school. And a pretty big school district. And none at last count nine dead. And one suspect in custody and one detained. This apparently shooting started in know art class at 8 o'clock this morning police responded to a Santa Fe high school about 8 AM central daylight time. After reports that they are shooter had opened fire inside of that school. Santa Fe police department confirmed explosive devices have been found at the campus of the high school and deal surrounding areas adjacent to the school end up. Obviously the school's been evacuated the campus has been cleared and. And so now mom will take the predicted path of. Learning more about this kid. And I assume. Are finding out that there was a blueprint that kind of said this is probably a troubled given maybe somebody should be better paying attention to this enough. And I don't know that yet saw Mara I'm just. Assuming. But I. Over the next coming days I assume that we'll find out to that to Susan troubled June news was loose in this was that you know Toronto's assignment there was says Simon. Men nobody really paid any attention to it so wrong. School resource officer was shot and injured and another officer who was also were injured in the incident has sort of been hospitalized. Witnesses say the gunman opened fire inside of an art class during our first period seventeen year old a student Ted told Fox News that her friend was shot in the leg. We all thought it was practice drill we all started right that are running in no laughing across the street hiding behind us auto place. And at that point they had SO starting to write our names on papers showing meant to know we were there. And they had a slow walking over an inch can trails off. Destiny Clark as a junior said that she pointed to. Our stores and said it's all very dramatic nobody here are really knew what was going on. Two seniors at the school told a KH OUTV. Eleven. Houston television station there for a endo pulled the fire alarm after spotting the shooter and urged other students to run. And they also said that they saw an injured female student. And I'm really thought about the Parkland shooting because. So I don't know if the fire alarms a good idea or not but I guess it's a way to alert. Alert people that something's amiss. But on the other hand the shooter in Parkland pulled the fire alarm hoping to get kids stood out into the halls. So I was the first thing I thought of in that. Obviously the Texas governor Greg Abbott to has heard from the president the president made Simone comments and and all alone. At the cult of pass on presents or comments to us. Who tutors. Santa Fe is a city of about thirteen thousand residents located thirty miles southeast of Houston. And obviously this is the deadliest school shooting since Valentine's Day. Which would have been nine. Little over two months ago. There have been other shootings since then. I got copied opera well went to Fox News and I just saw this recent school shootings in the United States list. And on top of the listed it lists a Santa Fe high school Texas. And so what Vivian the next one. Is gonna be Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school Parkland Florida right. No. Fourteen year old student taken into custody after allegedly shooting a classmate of highland high school Palmdale California on May eleventh. Suspected Desmond later identified as a nineteen year old allegedly opened fire on forest high school in Ocala Florida on April the twentieth. On March the twentieth the gunman identified as a seventeen year old shot a sixty year old sophomore. Ed great mills high school in Lexington park Maryland. Seventeen year old girl dead and another person left injured on March 7 shooting at Huffman high school in Birmingham Alabama. And then comes Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school Florida. Where what was it nineteen. Seventeen people lost their lives seventeen other people were injured. And then you have a a slew of shootings after that so. I'm in some cases in less you get masses. Shot seventeen or thereabouts. You don't really remember them I didn't. But anyway another shooting today and and all of the news department and take it from here because I'm not doing. I'm not doing a school shooting showed today. Or done that 1819 times. I'm not doing the gun debate today I'm not doing the a false information or true or false information near you decide to. On a gun facts from our callers today. Senna wouldn't the last time and said that fact it's at the last time the the next we have a school shooting I'm gonna call in sick so I don't have to governor do that show. But RD took Wednesday also we couldn't do it to a begin. And you know what I don't have to call in sick. I don't have to do that show. Last run of these cameras are all work. And I'm curious as. And that's to no avail of it's just and there are just so be broadcast tomorrow. They put cameras in the studio and now there's a big screen out in the executive office area and and it was a shot of the AM stereo and then that's fine. But here's host a guterres should let people know ocean near. I mean you know they're could be scratching going on that stuff you're gonna get that. We're not big league baseball pitchers were more comfortable with everything being on television in off. So they go they're that's just a precursor of what's to come I guess I guess are going to be. Cameras in the studio were at some point or another you'll be able to go on line and non and see what. See all the excitement that happens on the radio studio low ball three people basically stand around one answers the phone one runs aboard in the other one. Basically had drinks tea and shoot his mouth off. Over. While warning would denies. So Tina is only one who's actually seeing us. And Tina. CNET TV. It is it's Tina DA. So we've got a member of the executive. Either. They're building. Better resist spying on us in the studio. Agassi and if we're gonna steal anything. We're some of those in Calle my coffee capsules stick a couple of those underneath her shirt see if anybody reacts to me than. But. The which at Dulles uninteresting because that means that all these actuality is have seen a vial Lyles. Commenting on the new owner of the Panthers have been done in between meetings with the Republican National Committee I don't know how secret this laws are not secret this was Punto apparently they. Had dinner at the speedway over the last few days and then they had a breakfast at the Kempton which is one of the new hotels that is in uptown Charlotte. And so the Republican National Committee a site selection committee. Has been here for the second time. Just wrapped up a three day visit and so they're off to wherever they're off to a and they're inching at the end of the account that in the Charlotte Observer there was a written by Steve Harrison. He points out. No other city has publicly said that its bidding. Officials have said that they thought Texas City would be a bidding but San Antonio City Council rejected the bidding in Dallas is also said they're not bidding and quite frankly I don't think Lufkin gonna get it. So a decision could come in August but we may be the only one that's asking for a neo Las Vegas that he had no better Republican Party has said the loss Vegas is in the bidding. But the bit appears to not have the coordination of the city's mayor's office of the city's convention and visitors bureau. We sent all of those suitable venues are already booked so. They don't seem to be on the same page with each other so how serious can loss lasers or we may be the only one now. If there's a problem. And you're going with the prettiest girl in the class and she couldn't say yes to your invitation fast enough. While maybe you ought to find out a little bit more about the prettiest girl in the class maybe there's something there that. Everybody else knows that you don't know. No other cities are are actively bidding and Charlotte's the only one. Everybody may be a little leery of this particular convention with this particular candidate. At this particular time security costs. And the whole world's watching. An arsenal when you talk about a megabyte. But the news on come down trickle down as the afternoon goes on and who this kid lives. And I said earlier. Predictably we're gonna find out that there were signs there always are. And I don't know how you. I mean all that there are signs there's a there's signs and all sorts our kids. But now we find out this kid was a student as high school down in no Santa Fe Texas. Played football the school's varsity junior varsity team was a member of the dance squad MA a local Greek orthodox church. Palm's. Suspected shooter taken into custody another suspect another student detained for further questioning. Students said the alleged gunman was wearing a shirt that read born to kill. As well as a trench coat and army boots. He had recently posted a photo of the shirt with the phrase born to kill on social media. And the caption according to a news station reading we all die sometime. Well that's far from threatening. I mean you don't today did. But I suspect we're gonna find born from what I've been able to read. His father head legally purchased these guns governor was just talking mid at a press conference I didn't hear it but I was reading the captions to it. And he was urging people down there to make sure that you are legal guns are locked up and not accessible. And so apparently this father of this son and can you imagine. But. Head to head guns legally. And the kid had access to a woman in and that's led to so that's that's all that came debate. These caption according to the news story we all die sometime also was posted with the photos of guns knives. I'm in a coat with Nazi insignia us. So that's just the first. So although that's coming down wind today on me. Well about this kid and I would suspect over the next few days if history as an indication. Recent history is an indication. That we all learn more about. Troubling signs and one of the kids said that they evade that he may have been bullied. So while there we go back to our original. Parkland high school of thought conversation where we say it may be the most effective thing you can do here is too but tell your kids to. To seek out in a humane way. On the kids again bullied at their school undergo sit with a little lunch table or. They don't have to have them over and had to be best friends with a mineral have to do anything they just. You know maybe going to sit down with the most unpopular. Kid in school and and at least make him feel like he's a part of the public of the school population I know and made it sound man be Pam going to be too. That's it that's the deal nobody knows we don't know where to go from here. But one of the absurdities in the Parkland high school. Aftermath. Was everybody who was on a press saying this will never happen again. Yes it will. Com and and that's not to diminish anything that the park window people have tried to accomplish. I agree with some of the stuff that they've done I disagree with those some of the angles enough. And politically those stances that they've they've taken until it's over but I know nonetheless I'm. But whatever CEO we wanna make sure this never happens again. What did happen again and it will happen again. And like to settle over earlier I I saw this graphic non Fox News that earlier and had to have. And it was an article that said. Recent school shootings in the US. And so I. A look overrated and it's got a lodge a list of stuff on there until I see Santa Fe high school that was the shooting that took place to death. Today until you know the the next one's going to be part one Florida. But it wasn't part when Florida. There have been 123. For. Other high schools affected by gun violence. Says Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in Florida. It just that Marjorie Stoneman hi there doesn't Douglass high school had seventeen killed and today were up to ten. So and in less you. In the in my shoe goody edited takedown masks it doesn't get as much attention. And even to that extent. It's it's only when it starts to become routine and ended at some point or another is absurd as it sounds it is gonna start becoming a no other news story. Which is I'd essentially what I had planned to do today and that was like the news department take care of this and but I can't just ignore the facts of the come down the line today. And in an especially the fact that we predicted that we would start to learn about this kid and now here we are. What eight hours after the initial shooting and members start to learn you know. Areas were born to kill T shirts in the next to a Nazi uniform result. So. The in Washington the S senate Dick confirmed Regina passport for the US Central Intelligence Agency. She's. She's had an interest in career. Previously the CIA deputy director she was the first woman daughter she is the first woman to lead the CIA. She has served in the CIA for three decades mostly undercover. She was a supervisor of a secret prison in Thailand in 2002. She's. I don't know you don't or do you think CIA and under cover all that stuff you're not really thinking about it is seeing her on TV der and a her appearance before that it congress and stuff she looks like it is somebody's grandmother. Militia looks like you know. Here has some cookies. She's no she's know has some cookies and they veterans affairs secretary Robert Wilkie. The acting veterans affairs secretary Robert Wilkie is these somewhat surprised. Pick Ford Donald Trump to to head the veterans affairs. He's a a former pentagon undersecretary for personnel and readiness and he's a former advisor to Thom Tillis here in North Carolina he led the agency for two months. I cents a trump fired David children. And trump tried to get to our doctor Ronnie Jackson enough for the job White House position. And have frivolity and sued bear and so at this point they're just gonna give it to the guy who's been run and the thing for the last a couple of months anyway so that was announced it today. I trumped by yesterday's cited a recent national review report which is pretty inching Russia's talked extensively on this. To suggest that the FBI had an embedded informant within its presidential campaign. The president tweeted if so this is bigger than Watergate. Time will tell will save. I'm all of that came on the one year anniversary of the Justice Department's appointment of Robert Mueller so it's been a year another Robert Mueller has been the special counsel to investigate Russian election meddling in. And possible collusion in new aura trumps associates and and all that stuff. And Robert Miller's office gave the court memo. Do you recall that. That judge TS Eliot a couple of weeks ago it told dealers can't provide a copy of that memo. I'll buy this Friday so he could decide whether or not to dismiss part of a criminal case against Paul man afford and so Miller's office told the federal court that they had filed a sealed but redacted on debt and redacted. Around August when he seventeen memo from the deputy attorney general rob rose and stay in spelling out feelers mandate solo. So anyway that's that's some of the news besides what's going on at Santa Fe Texas. And a new poll out today says half of us are proving Novo legal sports betting this'll become. Close big subject this weeks because of the Supreme Court ruling earlier. New poll finds about half of Americans approve of legal sports betting fairly Dickinson university poll conducted there shortly before the US Supreme Court cleared the way for. States to legalize sports betting. 50% of Americans favor at 37% opposed sports betting is about two things. Sizzler according to poll director Christopher Jenkins or professor of political science and they New Jersey university she says. Sports betting is about two things it's about legalizing what millions of Americans already do every day and it's about intensifying the engagement. Of a nation of sports fans. Now Phil luge neck. With the New York Post today. Writes a column saying no we already knew how bad it will. We already know how bad it won't get with legalized sports betting. And he says they wanna play a game it's called the two plus two it'll cost you five dollars. I make the rules I deal the cards from my deck I distributor collect all Leo monies seems like a suckers game. You Betty writes but it now carries the Supreme Court stamp of approval. Everyone into the pool pool. The last time there was such local blood rushing me. To the head over legalized gambling he says was 99 as 76. When New Jersey approved casinos for Atlantic City now keep in mind he's writing for the New York Post is localized to. New York New Jersey. He said remember that con. We talked about the and say I mean some people would consider state lotteries and gambling and away you know we talked about that cod yesterday where does that state lottery money go and when bubbly is approved and and what they adjusted and Tony thirteen and teachers strikes in this day and Saudi you know that's. So marsh nick writes those glittery encased hotel casinos were supposed to revitalize a depressed DK destitute former seaside resort town. That's what the politicians the gaming lobby in the editorials promised. But that never happened and it was never designed to happen. One main street. Atlantic City industry did not grow and prosper. Or one did grow and prosper he says and that was pawn shops. The blight remained and Atlantic City continued to walk the financial B fault line the same goes for those Federalist hotels and casinos in Atlantic City became bloated. Not enough big time losers to go around. They to imagine. Called for state bailouts the casinos did. AC. Atlantic City was also sold as an innocent fun to Mecca. No one gets hurt destination where we hinders and day trippers could. Entertain themselves by receding maybe fifty or hundred bucks. Well what was never spoken he writes was there would be no casinos. If they were dependent on just those gamblers. The same cons are now in play with the Supreme Court decision that ignores or is ignorant. To why the gambling industry prefers to call itself the gaming industry it's because gambling the frequent and or. Big bangers kinda designed to enrich the house is a vice. And it's the kind of vice business driven by the institutional and mathematical guarantee is. That those gamblers. Beyond cards die race horses or Russell Westbrook. Will lose their money and then come back for more until there is no more really goes on and on and on and obviously he's not a big fan of that. And to some extent. You're responsible for yourself when it comes to your gambling addiction and. Then on the other standpoint addictions her addictions and some people. And increasing people won't get themselves into trouble but more than. Gambling is prevalent and accessible. Looters are returning uptown Charlotte. They were off the road. Her about a week or two they came up to us some sort of a an agreement. So well via scooters will be back up there all three companies that have the bike share programs lime spin and off low flow. And motorbike. Three companies are required they're our writers to be at least eighteen years old on the scooters and they also recommend that riders Wear helmets although they don't provide them. How many people need to grind those scooters are gonna. How much does scooters cost. I saw one on a game show the other day and it was like seven or 8900 bucks or something like that. They cost that much. Seeing I was a day they actually gave me are joined an idea and that is Dubai I want and put it in a bed of the truck. You come up with some sort of you know of a bracket in the back of the truck that you could block that thing into the back of the truck and then you go parked the truck. And then you get your motorized scooter out and then you you leg the last three blocks in no word is that your goal and we can't be doing something about you don't need to have obstructed that you just need to have a trunk. Or a backseat. Now. I'm in North Korea president trump yesterday offered quote protection to the North Korean leader Kim Jong noon if he agrees to give up his country's nuclear weapons and deal with the US there's just a lot of positioning going on right now that I ahead of the projected June meeting between those guys and I'm sure China has some. My influence on our North Korea know all the ins and outs of that Ter probably above my pay grade but. Trump offered assurances that the US wouldn't seek to overthrow Kim said yesterday will. He won't get protections that are very strong this would be. But with Kim Jong on something now where he would derby there he'd be in his sick country he'd be running his country his country would be very rich. Asked about these so called Libya model for North Korea which was cited by the national security advisor John Bolton who North Korea does not trust at all. And I don't think China's too crazy about either. This was a weekend reference to Bolten and made. On the TV talk shows I thank. In reference to Moammar Qaddafi having been given day you know he gave up his nuclear program in 2003. In exchange for sanctions being lifted and then natural seemingly contradicted Bolten and addressed Qaddafi is death but the hands of via western backed rebels and and 2011. Trumps a dual Libyan model was say a much different model week decimated that country whenever. Said Qaddafi over going to give you protection. We're going to give you military strength though we're going to give you all these things we went in in a decimated him but. But he warned though that can happen to North Korea if deal isn't reached a nine now that model low would take place if we if we don't make a deal most likely. So. Like I say I assume that's primarily just due positioning. And then that fantastic story and where it goes from here I have no idea. But was there an FBI supply. In the trump campaign. And would that be interest and. And would that be contradictory. And that's what trump and others are asking this but it did today Jerry Giuliani goes on FOX & Friends. And says that the former FBI director James Komi should be prosecuted if his bureau spied on the campaign. Andrew McCarthy says there's probably no doubt that they had at least one confidential informant in the campaign. And if so. The president said if so this is bigger than Watergate. So that's the big the big story today and there's a really interesting editorial piece in the Wall Street Journal I think it is this morning. I'm talking about was Trump's campaign set up. House Intelligence Committee chairman DeVon newness. Aired on FOX & Friends on Tuesday where he provided a potentially explosive hint at what is driving his demand to see documents related to the federal bureau of investigations. Trump rusher probe. And that is that the campaign was somehow set up. And Danny said day you know that would be a problem. So this week his efforts and forced a kind of a stunning admission that the FBI had indeed spied on the trump campaign. And this came in the form of a Thursday in New York Times. Are below Zsa. In other words they written defense. Tom. Officials acknowledged that the bureau had used at least one human informant to spy on both Carter page and George pop and up close. The times slipped this mind bending facts as the Wall Street Journal this morning into the middle of another otherwise glowing profile. Of a notable bureau and dismissed it as no big deal. And then the editorial goes on to say. But think of the 2016 trump Russian narrative is 82 parallel strands one politics one law enforcement. The political side involves the actions of fusion GPS they Hillary Clinton Campaign and Obama officials. All of whom were focused on destroying Donald Trump the law enforcement strand in balls the FBI. And what methods and evidence it used in the its proper investigation and at some point. These strands intersected. And one crucial question is how early that happened. So like I say I can't or read future in politics never goes fast in investigations. Ever go as fast as you wish. Tom. And Louis of course your guilty in this case you hope they go slow if but it pretty inching that if call me. Had to put a plan into the in other words it impedes the narrative that they were good they are out to get him to start or. So what's your all that goes. Strange. Days. Indeed a little earlier to Jeff for a quick comment alleviate he had Jeff. They get back on entry I just or make a quick comment regarding your question on this converse. I did as a matter I I bought it from Sam's Club that a player credit 299. Dollars and saying how does it motor along pretty good ol' yes it does. Miles per hour networks run for fifteen models. So. Is yours recreational your views are firm purpose. Values are commuting between the buildings uptown Charlotte yeah I cure and it folds up plant. So I think it about a rear tire roll front tire to get through the term style and doorways. And when I get outside on the sidewalks street saw it just popped back antelope. Turn it on get a push and give it a probable and a half ago now. So you could guys in essence and maybe this is what you do you can and s.'s park your car. In the cheaper lots died down around Levine territory and no lower uptown Charlotte and then motor your way into. I ended the senator part of the city for her your activity in work and everything else. Exactly you know paper self than a month at that rate almost get a hit it's far on the it's fast and it's it's a commuter. Massey acted eight edited game day. Course I don't hide how do you get that thing into the stadium that would be the problem there is didn't anything like that pass security. And I did seat I did see one on the sidewalk outside of one of the buildings looked down. They're actually had a bicycle walk around peace steering column. So they are just like a bicycle out on the street side. We understood her think and some want to print Newark. When they space org is somebody that can get space like the dog house. Close to the theater. Could do. Could house a few of those fer you know Mike. Five bucks rant or somebody like that enough probably make themselves some pretty good day game day money. I can I Izard garage. For people apart those things until they get out of the game. They advertised at a parking deck for scooter now interest and I tell you say 200 some odd box set like 200 some odd bucks is what you paid Sam's. To you exactly how Bob via the Segway is well they have a mini pro segue then alike actually better that goes fast. But it's safe flatbed. Navigational. GPS controlled. Prosecutor oil but it's just like the big takeaways like they have police would use shortly tourist would we have on the tour. It's a mini version of that and it's great it's a little more expensive. How much more. It was 399. To 599. To opening a window where you bought it. Now produce a bill we would sit in the back of a pickup truck. They would I would miss it and it put it in the back seat Akamai I am right now so how would it in the backseat of a pickup truck ES it won't let them. Not convenient. I may have to look into this. I have read and I appreciate it did you know I don't needed here that I bigoted Arnold and aren't the truck. Thirty feet from the door. But if you would be fun. I can't see going down uptown on the weekends just to Canada troll around and noted just motor around and rest people. Or not. Thabo or. Yes you have second guess our. This guy wedge to truck underneath a bridge in that what's going on at 26 and they've brought us hope we understand that maybe the top of the truck has struggled to do its underside of the overpass. Just for an what they're two lanes are blocked and so it may be an issue for some time injuries or do we know don't know I don't know having a report of injuries but I think that truck may be out of his in this place for sometime now you know arms wondered if I imposed a near Rotterdam and whatever you have wanna derbies injured but it mandate technically your you're supposed to know those. Height of the bridges in the height of your load are you not yes yes. Ted you let that go wake up call wouldn't it felt gosh picked it the topic of drugs coming off. I think it's because I I almost wedge dale van that I was driving a McConnell line band down in Texas into a parking garage one time because I went and those in the ceiling was lower than months. But I it was gone slow enough that I when I heard it's great for the top pros they've pulled that back out again but just how much. That was my own Nimrod Bowman OK yes and you demand I'll go see other radio station to put up. Girlfriend of us every Cisco forty niner linebacker Ruben. Oscar testified at a preliminary hearing yesterday. That she lied. To police. When she said that he had attacked term. An allegation that led to domestic violence charges against him. Police say NS is her name said that she's done this once before she broke up with somebody else a number of years ago and made false allegations there is world. Or made allegations are as well I guess I don't remember whether or not they were false or not really say Unisys said that she. Wanted to get back at Foster after he had tried to break up with her saying that she was angry and quote I wanted to end it in a much. Not a way to do that. Foster was arrested after NS told police he dragged her by the hair physically threw her out of the house and punched her in the head eight to ten times in February. He pled not guilty last week. She said later that the injuries she suffered including a ruptured eardrum or the result of a fight with another woman. I'll brief video clip of the fight was a presented as evidence in a said that to Hershey. I went to jail and 2011 for falsely accusing here you go an ex boyfriend of domestic violence. Prosecutors is the part I don't get prosecutors are planning to go forward with the case against Joseph Foster. Ruben Foster. Even if NS doesn't cooperate saying that her testimony couldn't be trusted because of inconsistencies. A door to prosecutors don't believe her now that she's saying it didn't happen. Although. She went to jail and 2111 per falsely accusing an ex boyfriend of domestic while she's she's already got a history of bills. Judge will rule next week on whether or not the case should do continue to trial. So we'll see were all of that goes. Refresh my memory was Ruben Foster cut by the 49ers. Or he's just in limbo but I think they and I remember the conversation coming up in the draft they may have drafted. Another linebacker assuming that they were going to be without his services or at least that he would be suspended for. A good many games like twelve or whatever their protocol says. And that's that's to some extent. I is one of the concerning factors about the. Meet two of movement is that now you can allege. Against anybody. And everybody Joseph actually just jumps to the conclusion that they're guilty. So you can ruin somebody these days. And you always been able to do that I mean all you have to do us Jews there did accuse somebody of child molestation or something like that and not even if there if it's found to be trumped up charges are. False. The tattoo is on near New York. Some people will never believe that your own or are they'll never find out that he was trumped up charge. And I'm not saying that the charges that we've heard about in great volume list last year our drug or charges I'm just saying. We now assume the worst before we prove. The worst. And they're still should be a little bit about innocent until proven guilty or maybe we need to go back to that Blumenthal maybe. Eighteen days into may. 138. Days in to 28 teams so we have 227. Days ago. It's on this date in 1980 mount saint helens erupted in Washington you know we got the big you have. Volcano going on in Hawaii right now. And then mount saint helens. Killed 57 people and caused three billion dollars in damage. I've flown in to us Seattle on number of occasions and seen me at mount saint felons out there off the left hand side of the flying. And then I've flown in to us Seattle since they. Then the whole side of the mountain blew out and it's. It's like it's like it was like flying into New York after the World Trade Center collapsed. Just think how can that even beat. And all the sudden you flying to Seattle after having seen mount his saint helens before 1988 and the whole side of the mountain this after it's gone. And now and our meraz living in boulder Colorado at the time. And a couple of days two days three days after it blew up. The jetstream picked up all that fashion everything and dropped it in boulder we have like eighth for a quarter and it showed. I'll bash. On all of our cars in boulder. Because the weather stream addictive though. Fascinating. 1980. Mount saint helens eruption a Washington. All hall of fame baseball player Brooks Robinson is 81 years old today and Reggie Jackson. Mr. October. Is 72 would have bet that make you feel old and high and out tomorrow is the royal wedding and the preakness horse race. And try not to get the two confused or saw a lot of horse races in both those events. I'm not name and it's. I'm just saying if all the sudden you think you're watching the preakness but there's no running going on maybe you're watching the way. I feel terrible about that all that for just a really stupid. Come a long. Okay I'm already season finale Saturday Night Live NBC Tina Fey returns as the host. And the musical guest Nikki denies she's. So I'm sure they'll do from a political stunts and then as Gibson and no will be done what bad. The church's vision guidelines to all its nuns to please. Only use social media with discretion and sobriety. Those crazy nuns. We'll have none of us. American Airlines kicked a first class passenger off of its flight because he was caught trying to sneak bruise to his buddies in economy. And surgeon general helped save a passenger's life aboard they had delta flight. Richard can be expected wouldn't. TSA has created a seeker or watch list for un relief passengers the TSA has been compiling a secret watch list of und ruling passengers who. Might pose a threat to our TSA staff and airport checkpoints. Neo watch list first reported Thursday by the New York Times includes people deemed by the agency to engaged in behavior or come in contact. With the TSA officer in ways the agency deemed to be offensive and threatening you don't suppose I'm on it for that so little snafu I had in Denver over that after shaved area. Well we know are we love guru is the senator added we got off a report remember we got the report filed on a cell on your for threatening a member of the US senate. Just ludicrous. I can be an all sorts of stuff. Me. Will cancel our puppy like me. People are seem to be loitering suspiciously near checkpoint could end up on the list. At least so far steam it TSA spokesman says the agency took the step to protect its officers from combative passengers. Like me. Get hacked off when you take directorship. Think that threat I didn't threaten a guide to say today if you wanted some financial let me know I'd play some for Chris. Frivolity and soon. Well here's a stutter Fauria sitting down. After intensive research. Scientists concluded that. Politicians. Lie. I know. In a study. They concluded that lying is an important part of politics and AM modern democracy. Lying by politicians can occasionally be entirely justified. Likable politician were to come up to you and say does this dress make me look fat you would say all Null. Congressman. Gee that's a justifiable life. Like if national security is at risk. And the days and the public even as you are right to be allied to I guess in that case and nail or a nut cases were thereof where they do not expect to be told all truth anyway. Unlike during a war. But anyway they do a whole study and they find out that that politicians want. They here's that mention development that was. I was about to say it was probably inevitable that I don't believe that it was probably inevitable but. The New York Times is reporting this morning that a TV show is being pitched that would star. Stormy Daniels. Attorney Michael Evan body. And Anthony you scare a moot see. You members caribou G worked for the president for fifteen minutes. I'm. Think. And then stormy Daniels lawyer. Paid fits that mold and make. And and what do you figure he's gotten out of episode script published via do you think days working on trade. I'm just asking I'm not insinuating I would never do that that would give it sued. Just ask him. And you both involved in politics got away so it would be a futile life. Would be expected. So they by a pitch that showed that would take Michael Evan adding. And Anthony scar Moochie who were the White House communications director for like what was ten days. The times said the United Talent Agency has met with executives at both CNN. And MSNBC. About the proposed show which would have the two men face off against each other in all like our crossfire type deal. I'm no deal has been made everybody tweet today dismissal of the report yesterday saying he was quote. Not interested in television right now. Well he is instant in television right now resisted and anybody that'll let him on so that he can. Increases brand. Immediate says that. That may or may have the explanation that. They report to show pitch emphasize that I have an audio likely. Wouldn't be able to star until Daniel's case is over and and for his pars are Moochie to waited in response to CNN anchor. Jake. Tapper. Asking for a suggested names for the Abbott adios Kara Moochie show and he had DER tweeted. How about not happening. But anyway that's the rumor out of the New York Times and so loved. Who were all that goes there's a another rumor the Steven Spielberg Leonardo DiCaprio are in early talks to collaborate on Ulysses S. Grant by topic. Grant has been no widely recognized as the superior military tactician for lead immunity union army two victory over the confederacy during the civil war. I'm not necessarily a great president. But needed when Nike battles center Shiloh and Vicksburg. Any 12 terms as president as a successor to Andrew Johnson a note and a bill love at least in the movie will give him credit for stabilizing the economy. DiCaprio next project is a Quinton Tarantino once upon a time and Hollywood which is set as the backdrop for the 1969. Manson family murders who talk a little bit about that. So love anyway that's that's the rumor so are coming out of Hollywood. And it's been awhile. Your thoughts. In the shower you're all alone obstructionists. If you were your thoughts. Sometimes brilliant thoughts. Don't know that any of these fall under that category but we are rated a rated Borden. Fears. They are ready Bordeaux cold shower thoughts and now we go in there from time to time and can skim a few things off slow afoot to have people think about while they're in the shower and should result. Your report. People were technically died. And then been revived. Basically had a free trial of the afterlife. Or if you get far enough then go to find out whether or not you're going to know for down. And then come back that way I could change your outlook on. Good week. What do you seem Billy Graham. Let's that would make you wanna go back when that. You got to figure out he's on the right side of us in the the gate. Every time somebody set the world record bee world set a world record for the number of world records were. Fit. Our thoughts. Since they were all brilliant the ideal place to BA's RB. And zombie apocalypse would be Japan. Because there are 99% of their dead or cremated. It would be like. Would be like we don't wire right now they're just be a lot of action. While those parents are probably worried sick. Census cell phone has largely replaced the wrist watch at the time piece we've essentially gone back in time a couple of hundred years to win everybody carried pocket watches. Out of that but that's true and if shower thoughts brilliant thoughts while in the shower. Walking at three miles per hour is coming and enjoyable. Driving at three miles per hour is aggravating and painful. And presumably you are still experiencing no traffic up there around 85 minutes of 26 settlements for you. Our thoughts it's a good thing that coats are contagious like you bonds. And finally it's 28 team and they still haven't invented an undue burden elevator buttons. Radio program. I'll play golf or somebody got NASCAR all star race going on tomorrow hopefully you know whether we'll allow that to would get an ending its entire V you've got to the preakness. Oh with the four new entries that worked in the Kentucky Derby and you've got the royal wedding. Which starts bright and early tomorrow morning at the 4 o'clock to beat the actual love. The actual tip off. Kickoff. Walked down the aisle. And Charles can walk perhaps we'll go to our best. The big news morning. Video royal weddings should be. About 7 o'clock tomorrow you can watch that the AMC Concord mills and stone Chris piper Glen when he do theaters if you want. They go boom you shot until I'm done. I'm not aware of any cancellations due to weather so by a fire I tell you some stuff that's going on for your big weekend and it has been canceled because of weather go all the non call us 704570. Love intent enough. Well and let us normal tardy to a few people up to date on now on the latest you've got a bike happy hour the supposed to be happening today. The last two Fridays no I may add to Charlotte powerhouse studios which used media trolley museum up there in the south then go live music and prizes from queen city bicycles and beverages and from a unknown brewery and it's all part of their rocket and ride initiative. To encourage commuters to abide to work in uptown from a 5 to 7 o'clock A goes. So. Two more hours penetrate. And those heavier your cars going on Randolph wrote in Providence and now park road and all those places are saying to yourself right now come on John. Don't encourage them by pursue you tell here on borrowed. And I know they frustrate me too but Doug just trying to appeal of part of the community. That's the best excusing reverend Tom. It. Primus and Macedonia. Are going to that's. Tomorrow night at 7 o'clock Charlotte metro credit union amphitheater this. So if you get your middle on. Borrowed for the big weekend. Want to Sunday they're donut thing called the Charlotte music collectors show. I Spring Hill suites and Valentine and turning it into the biggest music store in the southeast. Where they huge selection of C. Funk R&B and country oldies and a whole lot more 10 AM until 4 PM gosh to be at two bucks to get the door. Tell us Spring Hill suites and Ballantine for the Charlotte music collectors show. And like he said earlier prince Henry and numb our Harry. And he's a good for new Jack tapper you know. Yeah. Prince Harry his wedding the American actress Megan no Markel. Picture of her on her first husband today when how he's feeling. Also your ex wife because a member of the royal family. That a good thing or bad thing. Anyway if you wanna watch it on the big screen AMC Concord mills and no stone crested piper Glen 22 will be screaming their royal wedding day a few hours after the your real thing allowing audiences to spot celebrities and which profession critiques this the way it's written in the observer. In no idea theater setting. 10 AM tomorrow the wedding will be over but you can get in there for ten dollars. And 73 cents. Who's on the dial 17 point three. The link has won a seven point nine. That's why I was wondered nor want to attend 73 years. Sounds like a radio frequency to me. Com and Asian culture during the Charlotte dragon boat festival and Asian festival opened Cornelius this weekend that's taking place tomorrow as well annual event. Popular dragon boat race. Culture program Asian music. Dance fast. 10 AM tomorrow morning until 5 o'clock tomorrow what Ramsey creek park parking available at the end Newell Rubbermaid for a free. So there you go some of the stuff that's going on for your big weekend more in a moment. Annual lake Norman festival of the arts is going on I've been a hundred still this weekend outdoor arts festival and craft market place will it take place. Today's the eighteenth right. So a Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM until 5 PM art festival a dot com. If you want to know more information on that Debra gill commons parkway I think it's Edberg deal village to assure this number appeal village. Our guest audio summer concert series their resumes tonight in no downtown Estonian. President by the east Rotary Club German border plan tonight to weather permitting and they got a cruise and give away as well also the bring all the cars and they do that twice and they do it again in July. So lomb. He got the cars and you got to the chairman of the board all play and I in no downtown testimony today disc jockey starts things off at 6 o'clock in the near band takes the stage. Ed 7 o'clock. So that's part of the Estonia summer concert series and that's going on today and in Belmont. Their second. Of their summer series Friday night live every two weeks back into the streets of Belmont and tonight it's black water rhythm and blues. Will be the band each Friday night live event runs from must six still a 10 PM they do the same thing disc jockey starts things off for the first hour and a live band hits the stage after that. And no these are wildly popular and hopefully the weather won't. Not take away from the excitement of I guess Tony or Belmont so the big dance and in the streets in no Belmont. A little bit later on tonight at they opened a Shelby Chubby Checker. It is so around tomorrow to shows 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM I think tickets may still be available Saturday may the nineteenth that goes on tomorrow and that's Don Gibson theater dot com. 4878114. The phone number up there on south Washington street in no Shelby Chubby Checker tomorrow night unbelievable list was to give like we did last summer. David Wilcox. Is that the neighborhood theater. I'd tonight 8 o'clock. He was good ten years ago he's good now. In fact I thought David Wilcox was gonna go on to some national fame and I thought to say he's not known nationally I don't mean to downgrade him in anyway share perform but I really thought he was gonna take off. As he was a man there was a undercurrent of conversation about David Wilcox and he was the kennel like about the of the first murmurs used to hear about Ben Folds. And Ryan Adams. They were coming out. The Raleigh area but. Wilcox was coming out of the what Asheville area mountain area. Anyway Dave Wilcox tonight at the neighborhood theater so that should be worth your time and your effort right there and up and Salisbury it's the chair wine festival. Goes on all day long tomorrow cheer wind cheesecake input not as them. For mom knows. Shear wind barbecue tacos from Al put thrown. Sister Hazel is up play in that thing tomorrow. Your winds 100 and water first year. And the soft drink brands uniquely southern roots are us celebrating at all and Salisbury. This weekend free outdoor cheer wine themed festival. Hopefully the weather won't participate with their well with this as well go live music. And shear wind inspired southern food. And shopping for cheer wind merchandise. And the archer wind historical exhibit at the wrong way and county are excuse me the royal row in public library. And a beer garden and local craft beer vendors and a whole bunch of bands headlined by Sister Hazel. Start to clocked at the 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. Goes till 8 o'clock tomorrow night in no beautiful downtown Salisbury go up there and and get all your wine all over. That was a big deal last year to there was a 100. And probably a pretty good big deal this year as well. You've got an Italian festival the 23 annual saint Philip married Italian festival. I'm going on tonight five till 10 PM and tomorrow from 10 AM until 10 PM homemade side Italian food and fun for all ages and an Italian idol contest and could only walk and run them up. Live and silent auction and you can know learn more about all of that at the SP is not. Italian festival dot com asked to be in the battalion festival dot com. And it's all happening at the SA Philip Mary Catholic church on Monroe road east in new end to end. The road east and open no Fort Mill little Italian festival guests. The end of the Italian festival dot com. Not Katamari big weekend greatness takes place tomorrow eight horses. Half of the participants in the eight. Horse preakness field have yet to experience. Be a sensation of running after justify who was the winner of the Kentucky Derby and is the favorite tomorrow quip. Sporting chance. Diamond king M and ten fold. All skipped the derby. And then you've got to broke also. And sporting chance. And a tenfold. And then justify the favorite. So that'll take place tomorrow. I don't know what time natural I think it's those actual coverage stars like 5 o'clock somewhat tepid post time is 620. So you got bad and then you have the NASCAR all star race which is going on tomorrow headed to Charlotte motor speedway. He monster energy NASCAR cup series all star race starts at 8 o'clock she covered juncture on TV starts earlier than them. The golfers are at the Byron Nelson in Dallas this weekend. They still in Dallas Byron Nelson used to be plated Preston Hollow. And I know they left their for a long long time but Byron Nelson used beer huge thing they may be in Fort Worth now but he weighed down in no Texas. Following the players championship in Jacksonville last so weekend. And then you get NBA playoffs. The Celtics in the cavaliers. Tomorrow night. 830. And the at 8 o'clock. Major League Baseball Stanley Cup Playoffs Charlotte knights are not in town this weekend Charlotte hounds are not in town this weekend Charlotte independence. Not in town this weekend. These shield museum. Of natural history Estonia. Tomorrow is bug day. 10 AM to 4 PM. Both days before the annual Bud Day takes place tomorrow. And for until 4 PM at the shield museum of natural history 15100 ease fears boulevard like bugs. Would you Peter bug. For Shelby and bugs tomorrow I'll tell you about that just a couple of seconds of. Shows an activity throughout the day from Bud Day tomorrow that she'll museum of natural history fifteen under he's garrison boulevard and Estonia. Tony's creepy Crowley's new will be in attendance gives have a chance to interact within sex with this educational show. That'll be held tomorrow at 11 AM 1 PM and 3 PM. Also returning this year is the annual bug eating contest. Those who are eighteen and older and without our shellfish allergy. Are invited to participate. Great source of protein low fat 80% of the countries in the world actually eat insects regularly. Participants won't know what's for lunch until the contest begins at 2 PM. A 500 dollar prize will be awarded to the letter. Did you eat a bug for 500 bucks. And you guys need to go to the fuel museum and Estonia tomorrow a new this year will be the international Roche raceway. Which features the shields Madagascar are hissing cockroaches five roaches. At a time won't be racing. If they feel like it I guess. And and I guess what the losers go over to. Good bid. No they do that are not. Guess we'll also be able to us either shields knew gothic birdie feeding tarantula for the first time. She'll be part of the new creepy nature exhibit coming up in mid June and blood bingo. Also makes its debut of blood day at the jail. Eight to four. Guess billion. Get another shot to 1000 dollars and they had national contest with the mark garrisons are coming. And then magically a few minutes so he'll be an officially. Following the 6 o'clock news we go wander over there and pester him at his desk go while he's a brand new open to last a minute touches on is they show and say. So what what what are what's coming up but 6 o'clock. And I am down to the wire tonight of course forget that this school shooting in Texas we've been the following all day of the developments kind of keep breaking on that but to ten people dead they've got the shooter he gave up after saying he wanted to commit suicide but he lost isn't. All airlines now it's been it's fair and sent him to go to Texas for the latest on that with a reporter there at the school. And it's six trying to eight happy Mac Dick de John. Yes it is in fact the celebration continues tomorrow down at Charlotte museum of history but that a big go festivities going on today they did uptown and you know interestingly they fired a cannon and must gets and it scared a few people to death after hearing about a school shooting in the news one woman set it freaked me out what I heard the gunfire but will tell you at all levels about as a coach. Warn you had a title enough putts and on and things like that experts in this day and age I can and goes off I know what could possibly be other problems. Sure this could just walk home and was replaced it there and you know where news on Friday is due and he's always fun. Ed is Chad Bauer stops by he trolls the Internet he doesn't like it when I say trolls the Internet but yeah that's what he does and he finds all kinds history. Engineers and he does but that he's kind of a strange kind of belies now you guys actually the most mild mannered guy in the world and really in heavy metal music columns I know which is just so on I believe you ever met him you make a note saying no there's no way this guy is probably didn't do well like of country music Phillip Phillips or someone like Anna back Anna at the half. Privacy Internet you. Because the mex Tex celebration news talking about. The video Mac deck is is kind of a legend. And depending on who you talk to a fact or fiction. But it the Mecklenburg declaration of independence. Document from 1775. Before the declaration of independence they real one and 1776. That preceded the forefathers signing. Oh vote one of them. The next year even as historians call it a myth. The museum doesn't believe it's a myth than they host a party they did a big go celebration today and like eternity said they fired off cannons and mosque it's an all sorts of stuff. And then they host a party on the lawn of one of the alleged signers where attendees can watch re enactments of the signing enough. And try cooking and demos and they detached kitchen and take a colonel brewing at. A beer brewing tutorial and now a captain Jack's tavern. And enjoy a few suds from the O Bolden missy brewery and that in fact assault takes place tomorrow from 11 AM until 5 o'clock. At the Charlotte museum of history down there on shamrock drive and you can now get more information at the Charlotte muse the mama. Dot org so that's how all of that works and of course the royal wedding is tomorrow. And starts on HBO at 4:48 AM that will be the royal wedding live with core to. And fish. Settle on your watch and DJ. And Tisch is a baby machine or is there court. It. Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon reprise their roles as cord and cherish. In this. Funny or Die comedies I won't cast as the they comment on the royal wedding BO special repeated 7:30 AM and 945 it's on HBO. Maybe that is to way don't want to be a royal wedding starts at 4 AM on CBS. And other channels ABC NBC BBC America PBS and AM but Gayle King. Is in a London and so bushel started 4 AM tomorrow morning oh she's changed hats. And Entertainment Tonight to co host Kevin Frazier will anchor live coverage with her so the royal wedding or a royal wedding. Is tomorrow and my wife will be getting up at 4 o'clock in the morning to go watch that she reads lots of history. And so she was. Tweeting stuff out about Abigail and all sorts of stuff that I have no idea what she's but she's all into it she was making cupcakes last night with the British themes and. I mean I'll probably just be listened to the latest John Prine albums. There you go and Ellen. Tom. Serial lover's eye candy to stuff anymore but there's a new cereal in the market it's called wild Berry fruit loops or your fruit Borough of fruit loop then. Yeah like when their son near crunchy. Like serial when he gets slightly soggy. Anyway Al wild Berry fruit loops are here and include special star shape because the shape really has so much to do with the taste at. Now Kellogg's announced the new cereal on a Tuesday and LB are rolling out to to a grocery shelves in the annexed it a few weeks it's the first innovation to fruit loops in ten years. And the new cereal comes with blue red and green and oh shapes along with. Purple star shapes. And they alters the sect. But the thing that that I found disappointing. Weren't tricks when they took the Colorado home and tell you basically had this. And it and then infected the taste. And it was probably all. In your head. But. Even the rabbit kind of got. Not as attractive. No I'm colorful tricks are not for kids they're for adults. So there you go on that went. Let's have a great weekend LC Becker on Monday at 3 o'clock appreciate your role of being here. We've had several people say they wanted to health update on me I won't get it until Monday so although election on no Monday but all stood on the when and where. Lynch from time to time. Rich. Convulsed. Welch. Get pale. Shape. That some fun.