School Walkouts, Stephen Hawking and Saving Your Thoughts

John Hancock
Wednesday, March 14th

Hancock reviews the high school walkouts today, Stephen Hawking, and can we save our thoughts.


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Yeah. This is John Hancock. There are other Juarez Wednesday as we can be a great guy. Let's try to remember to apologize in the 5 o'clock hour word happened yesterday to vote we have a call yesterday from layoff father talking about via a student walkouts today. And he was opposed to it. And we had a nice conversation and I ended by saying I'm glad you're not my dad. And it's kind of stuck with me ever since I sent it. And so it was a jackass for his for me to make can soil that guy an apology. Especially when I'm a day away from fathers' day. Which celebrates. The relationship between. Kids and their parents nerve dads and their sons and so. If somebody has said that to me I doubt that I would be listening today and like I say he may have been part of the 5 o'clock crowd getting off work on his way home so all try to remember to our. Re issue the apology it to 5 o'clock but. Every now and then yeah I don't take much home. Not after all these years. I don't take any emails home. If I did I'd be nervous wreck. But sometimes you just got there. And just kept thinking about a last night more to think about tomorrow I just thought we weren't sure what that's what I dumb thing to say weren't. It did just spiteful. Nasty comment third for the sake of white. Saw anyway come on get out of the way go away for we got started today on all try to beyond a better behavior. Right up until one of you hacks me off. The net and mineral look American and and and apologized for that tomorrow Father's Day is tomorrow. And all the music for the company said my whole nine yards were done this for a 25 story for years between three years this year. Are people call and talk about their dads and I hope you'll love Conan no tells very yours. And some cases he gets emotional and and and quite frankly were welcomed that might think when people are talking honestly. Sometimes. It creeps up on yeah I know I'm. I don't know and the relationship should sons and dad's assistant special kind of thing and and that's what father's death forgets what's worked for 24 years I know why it worked the first year. Of the day that my dad passed away but to. We've never had a bad one. Already I'm starting to think all my god this thing you're not gonna get it recalls. About the way I'm wired. But we've never had a bad when. And and I would also tell you if your plan to be a part of the show tomorrow. We always stack him up late. So if you wanna get in your earlier I mean there's somebody in the studio here Roger in the last ten minutes rush so I mean if you wanna call and in and end up. And get on hold so you can be among. First callers in the 3 o'clock hour tomorrow of feel free to do that dirt TJ or hire somebody will be in here we commenced the phones orient. And then put John holds for a ten or fifteen minutes make sure your one of the first out of the a block so a Father's Day tomorrow looking forward to it. Unless of course. This is the year that nobody calls. I Julius Peppers is coming back for another year that's a good thing that's like get my a pretty good free agent out of them out of the deal solo we'll see what happens today free agency officially opens. Add 4 o'clock 51 minutes away from right now in the NFL. I it would seem like there's not a whole lot of free agents left to sign. But. But also we're all that goes I'm kidding of course or are still some free agents out there left to sign. Tyra and Matthau Matthew. Got cut by the cardinals today they couldn't come to contract terms with them it's pretty good safety out there now keep in mind that the cardinals new coach is Steven Wilks. And one of the reasons that Matthau may have been no cut is because you don't necessarily favorite Steve Wilkes defensive scheme. And that would be the same defensive scheme that. We're using so I wouldn't count on Tyrone know this week coming here to play a safety but you never know Eric Reed. San Francisco. Considered to be a hot shots safety that may be available out there Eric Reid is also one of the guys who has been one of the most out front in me player dealing during the National Anthem. I don't know if the Panthers touch that are not a read an article earlier today it is sad day if you don't sign a player that you deftly that you would do good news tell you. Really really need. Then you get what you deserve but I am also sure that Leah Panthers are necessarily looking for. I'd disruptions and so I don't know if that plays factor into order not to. I know this'll study Nuba Marty hurting or Ron Rivera neither one of them has called me for any advice is here. I know. It's like they'd won't respect my opinion. Me who have had given them technically the players they should have drafted now for six or seven years and not once. Have they taken my advice and drafted those players. I think so I think that's kind of had. Probably does tend to delve jealousy there a novice like me would have so much more knowledge than to so called professionals. You know if they think that's. Like a guy who was sits down and beat your chest and he's only been playing for like a week and a half. When those deals play I'll get all that I want to hurt the effort ship. Just because I don't feel that they're slightly inferior really doesn't I mean that I don't fundamentalists. Important in mind for Egyptian. Which is gonna like pulling my chain I think it's. Tired and a story album get to that walk out so that happened today a lot of Charlotte area schools had to deal walk out today and we're talking about yesterday. And no for the most part I think everything no wind the way it was supposed to. Students left class of seventy minutes they did their thing. And they went back into a class and that's pretty much been the story nationwide so. On this thing looks like it has sort of been organized and well thought out and no principles. School superintendents let it be known no what they would put up with and what they wouldn't put up with and I'm sure parents probably had werder tutor or say to their kids about two. A peaceful protest and on not letting it go too far and I imagine there was probably even a little bit of peer pressure on out there that some kid duo was getting ready to take this in a direction it wasn't supposed to go there were probably a few kids that said today. Don't do that. So was at least that's so that that's the feeling I got early from mother reports that we're hearing Stephen Hawking diet age of 76 fascinating. Guy. And we'll talk about him a little bit and what he wants on his tombstone and then none. And under and I'll explain what on ms. tombstone means. For for those of you. Artists gifted intellectually is in his autumn. You heard dead you see what he wants but it's like a formula for the black holes. That's what he wants Imus to most of but when you get into the explanation of it. It and in did you were you good algebra when you're in school. I had a teacher at military school. Opera doc I think was his name. And I had already filled miserably at. It in a public schools of fraud went. Forward to military school but somehow or another he got me really excited about algebra. And and in coming up what they answers to the questions and before realism though. And I got an a in his class because he somehow or another got me involved and it's good teacher. Not if you set me down in front equation now I'd. That would mean you know wouldn't have any idea what was already a flows ago 7045711. Did Rick's up on WBG Eric. But yet there are what they need to make commanded. The code that they didn't. People don't aren't and let people email and hey then call and it isn't heard is then. Boycott the poll all I hope not I every bit out of it and discuss. And you actually staying clean and as they you know what I hadn't played hard all what are they had and Paula does and I rooted for ignored they command. Well thank you I appreciate that does not know so while we did about but I appreciate you look taller than say a number much thank you. I'm not because little do that I did that out about them until I haven't during the 5 o'clock hour maybe not for the attention but because I'm hoping that they guy's going to be listening but quite frankly find it. If I'd have been a tolerance and what it's a little flip remark or like me of that. And I doubt that I have been the next day but maybe all they be okay to see you're not. And he can accept my apology or not. Is a story hello of these stories. Wrong number text. Woman named said. Tex a picture of herself and address apparently seeking advice. But she didn't send it to the person she meant to send it to. Be heard the story. This is this is were. Humans shine. So the guy who got the tax instead of just ignoring yet. Or telling her that she had the wrong number or not telling or anything at all I mean did technically just delete or right. So this man receives the text and he sends back a picture. Of five of his kids smiling. And giving a thumbs up sign. And he says I believe this message was intended for somebody else. My wife is at home so I couldn't get her opinion but the kids and I think you are stunning in your dress. You should definitely go without one. And what do sids friends shared this on Twitter and it's now gone viral. Now here's the story behind the story the guy who took the picture of his five kids. And sent the message back to the lady who meant to send a text are proposing a distressed to somebody else. Is another name a Tony woods. In Missouri. And does say he's the father who has sent us. Kind response. And the reason that his wife was at home was because she was with the couple's sixth child. Chrysler. And they were at the hospital. Because these six child is a six year old who is battling leukemia. So after the text story went viral. People started donating to this family is go find to be campaign. They were trying to reach a goal of 101000 dollars just to help them make ends meet. As of 9 o'clock last night they had 39053. Dollars as people read this text and his response to this wrong. Dexter and found out about his circumstances. They started donating to the go fund B campaign. And he writes god continues to show us that he is there for us that it is awesome to see his loved more. Our needs to get back on our feet have been met we can't thank you enough but any further donations are not necessary yeah. And many tweeted a picture of Chrysler giving says his own thumbs up and. I'm they had the walkout today. And as far as we can tell all at least so far everything seems to have. Gone. Her plan. And I don't know that we've heard anything nationally or otherwise so where this thing got out of hand or people took advantage of the situation it would bin and the planning now for. Almost a month it's a month today at least by date. Since the SA Valentine's Day massacre happened down there in no Florida at our Marjorie Douglas. Stoneman Douglas high school in part on Florida. Independence high school is get a lot of ink today here locally they walked out of school at 10 AM this morning which was kind of a national deal as happened out enough. In Washington DCN. Happened on the capitol grounds they even know. And a little protest and walk out and tell London's American school. Paid back column mine high school in Colorado were the 99 mass shooting launched this era of school slaughter. Students there observed thirty seconds of silence seventeen for the dead enough Parkland thirteen for the dead on their own campus. Yes there are critics have said the student should give us statin class. But. Independence high school about 15100 students more than half of the student body. All walked out took part of these school sanctioned memorial then returned to class. This played out at schools across the region bird played out across country. Schools in Mecklenburg and union and Gaston County although school districts had walkouts vigils. Enters a vigil tonight. At sunset south Mecklenburg high school. I in schools civic engagement all happened today is owed to private and charter schools in some cases attended as well student led events took no place in numerous high schools and some middle schools including Whitewater and Randolph and the Charlotte Mecklenburg schools. As of early afternoon. Today most of the events that ended we have no reports of disruption or violence or any other major problems. And it it would appear that principles tried to strike kind of a they are a decent balance via school superintendent clear written weight was Clayton Wilcox. I told the school board that he supports the the ability of students to speak out but that there will be consequences if they leave campus and in some places there were chalk lines drawn. As do I don't worry your parameters were today apparently everybody your followed a listeners we can tell. So. North Carolina they did same thing up in wake and Durham and orange county's Chapel Hill car world. All march 2 or show up. Since the solidarity's tomorrow's Charlotte area school students. Were kept inside. Now offering activities such as the speaker panels and letter writing campaigns and voter registration there was it. One school and maybe a few and I think this idea was picked up nationally as well biofuel instead of a walk out a walk up. Where you work had a very encouraged to walk up. To someone you didn't know and introduce yourself heard to be friendly does somebody that you didn't know. I would hope that all the things that have been thrown about and discussed and yelled and screamed. That. Maybe there's some sense among the kids in the schools that maybe that loner. That loser. That outcast. Bet I'm cool person that everybody picks on a bullies are on ignores or. That did admit that may be some sort of strides will be made to a. You have to have more to sleep spend the night. But somehow or another. It incomes and make them feel part of the out of the part of the student body. An independent student so laid yellow roses in front of the names of other people killed at stone men know Douglas and and they are read read off their names. Well at the same time so. Everything students joke on a pretty quietly today the next step that would be march 24 which I believe is a Saturday or Charlotte area teams will join another round of gun violence protests and take part in a national march for our lives movement. That includes a massive rally on Washington DC this'll be march the 44. And the Charlotte event will be from 11 AM until 1 PM add to our first ward park in uptown Charlotte so I'm sure we'll have a more on that. As time comes I got an email from a personal little bit earlier said John to the kids realize how stupid they look. And sound in the walk out. Do they realize they are being manipulative. Food manipulated. Do you think the experts will ever listened to anything may say. Well I think the X. And and CNN. Broadcast to town hall meeting and the president sat down and had a listening sessions so yeah I do. And as for to their kids realize how stupid they look or sound in the walk out. Whether or not I agree with that statement or not. That is early pertinent to that. The costs. I'm sure that I was totally misguided when I was out protest in Vietnam War when I was seventeen years old till. I wasn't there because of any sense of commitment. I was there because it was a happening. Because there was a whole bunch of like minded people are a whole bunch of people and Alice L half of us were there just because. Did just to be there. Just to be a part of something. We weren't committed to the cause. In retrospect. I don't like reading what you've written and a yearbook 35 years later. Yes it sounds stupid. It wasn't stupid when eroded and let's that was meant to be. But. You mature you grow up you get a better sense of things. You become conservative. But I've got to me to some extent yes yeah you're you're. You're your views at seventeen are not as well thought out as polished. In many cases. As they are when you've got a little world experience under your belt. But I don't know that I would think that those kids should feel like they look stupid or or sound stupid if there are speaking from their heart or if they're reacting. Sincerely to their in her emotions. So while. Thought. I and I I respect the adults are letting him do this today. I and our respect to kids. For. Making sure that this was done in the manner that they said it would be done in. And now we'll see how many people actual take their own free time on a Saturday. And show up for an event. Okay. News. Okay. Should. This NBA out video from my NBC news on a California students who are got violent during the anti gun rally today. So father has some been some problems in some places are just don't want assay and I'm sure there were more. A number of by and large I think this thing went off for a fairly peacefully certainly did here in Charlotte but there is there's always going to be. Someplace. Where you have a some element that. Will spoil all the so advanced project is trust me a little bit tended to happen in California peace love don't California. Violence in California how can that be. So they were there earlier there are so there has been. Some at least one incident today. But. We'll have to wait till a time motel and see what happens as the afternoon goes on undersea. How this general Leo. Rolled out across the country by and large it seems like it rolled out of the way that it was a plan to roll out and the two students were backed classes and no that was out so well. I hope that's the way it remains quite frankly. They'll love they'll they'll love. The message will be louder. If this by a large has been a peaceful day if if we have incidents like this that is being shown to me in California. Starts to a rule the day the new message will be lost. So wrong. There's a couple of stories in the news it just. First of all an officer accidentally fired again in the middle school is not going to be good news for those who think teachers should be carrying firearms and schools. This is in Virginia a school resource officer accidentally fired his gun while kids were in school. Also not identified at least at the time that I know pulled this discharged his service weapon inside his office at George Washington middle school in Alexandria. You didn't check for -- to enjoy injuries in the area before informing staff members of the gunfire police and there was no one hurt classes continued as normal. This is an officer. Five year veteran of the Alexandria police department has been placed on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation well I read about that last night. And I thought yeah that's I'm mad as stories like that are gonna do the people that want to armed teachers and schools are gonna do to get well right on the heels of that. As the controversial idea armed teachers is being pushed and discussed today. Students gear up for North Carolina teachers have pretty much said no we don't wanna do it. But does students were gearing up for a gun control demonstrations across the country today and then miss California story break. Seaside high school in Monterey California. A teacher. Also a 2013 reserve officer of the year for these sand city police department and trained in firearms for the Washington Post. Was demonstrating the public safety. Yesterday. For his administration of justice glass. With a semi automatic handgun. Which is kinda interesting and its own right because. California teachers aren't allowed to bring firearms into classrooms even with concealed carry permits. But nonetheless. As Dennis Alexander was handling the weapon it fired. Well pointing upward sends a bullet ricocheting off the ceiling. The seaside police chief Abdul. Urgent. Tells the Monterey herald. Origin says one student suffered nonlife threatening wounds to his neck from either falling debris or fragmentation. But not from the bullet. And and then they say the class went on after that after the dust literally settle. Alexander who has Federal Reserve officer for eleven years has been placed on leave from both the school and the sand city police department. His police chief says I have concerns about why he was displaying a loaded firearm and a classroom. We're looking under any violation of city ordinance of the penal code and we'll determine what whether or not there are any applicable charges. On to which they say TV station now they're WS BW. Noted that California teachers aren't allowed to bring firearms and classrooms even with concealed carry permits. So those are two incidents that that are essentially I happened yesterday. And couldn't be your worst timing. For the debate discussion about arming teachers in the schools. I don't of the battle necessarily play well I will play a factor because it did you'd goes to show you that bad accidents can happen and unintended consequences can happen. So. But anyway that's that's where you go there. By and large the school protest today there were some schools are so that they would punish students who walked out today to protest the gun violence and we'll have to wait for those reports are not aware of anybody. Any school district it's really taken a hard stand on this at this point the national student walkout that started at 10 o'clock this morning and although the Supreme Court ruled nearly fifty years ago that students have a right to protest. They don't have the right to cutter disrupt class and that's what school superintendent were emphasizing including our own a superintendent Wilcox. So some schools were warning students that they would be marked absent or. I have to attend detention if they walked out and more this week for those reports the ACLU. That the parents have the right to assign out their children for seventeen minutes or for the entire day as a way to avoid punishment. And some other schools have said the students won't be punished or very even encouraging participation so all of those stories. Including any violence that may have taken place for disruptions that may have been taking place will break as the afternoon goes on we'll keep our eyes open for at. The old. They are not coming to town I was auditorium they'll be here on April the fifth the bully that's a Thursday night I'm. Not sure about that but I'm pretty sure until Thursday night they'll be at a concert starts at 738 ovens over their own independence. And if you like a pair tickets street color number nine. At 7045701110. Color number 97045. So I don't know 1110. I was moving think there was good. 704571110. A little rusty on the number of I've only been saying it now for 2.4 years a 28 years now so I'll. You sometimes when you say some enough times and and it's hard to sound like it's wrong. Anyway I got her tickets under way another pair tickets tomorrow during the Father's Day program of doing Father's Day tomorrow are on the 24 annual Father's Day broadcast and inviting you to Collison until smudge dead. And there we've got to North Carolina basketball. In the big dance saw enough Friday and expect will be on the air sometime after 5 o'clock and and the first thing we'll do what we get on the air after 5 o'clock this giveaway our last thirteen years ago C Three Dog Night and color number nine is who were looking for right now 7045711. Tend to go see. Mr. Hutton and and a company. And apparently I was talking to somebody there Islam from reminded those down in Jacksonville that just a solemn recently I don't know frozen Jacksonville or not. And he said they rock. What darkness there and able to do with the death of Corey wells and and and a negro on Jordan Iran none now with the band. But he's surrounded himself with really good vocalist and no session players and a great musicians and he said. And and he's still a great voice would listen to some of his way to recordings he he he can still bring it. So why he said it's on its it's good shows saw mom I may make I mean drop by and a casual veteran myself. Yesterday we found out until Willie Nelson is coming to PNC with Elvis Costello and. Turtles Simpson and who else. Is it is Carlisle with the Brady Carla as well then. Her new album she's got a new album out. She's friends with the Davis three different review of its she's got a new album on a song called I think the Joker. And it rocks. It's killer. Anywhere Willis coming to town which means that. Have been you'll have access to morrow favor harmonica player Mickey Raphael to civic or front of the shows over the years. Stephen Hawking died. Author of a brief history of time. Genius. 76 years old. Interesting guy Ivo learn more about him today than I've ever known before. People talking about as great since of humor you like strip clubs. I don't know just stuff you just never really. Award winning a physicist influential law third died early Wednesday morning 76 years old. He not only erode a a brief history of time he also wrote the universe in a nutshell. Diagnosed in 1962. With vale last Lou Laird Gehrig's disease. Again two years to live. Can beat those odds. Family had didn't disclose a cause of death but does that he died died peacefully at his home in Cambridge England. He leaves behind a daughter Lucy two sons Robert and Tim considered one of the leading voices in a science because of his extensive research in work related to understanding the universe. He made several major discoveries throughout his career he once said that his greatest achievement was his discovery that black holes. Are not entirely black. And he was asked about the best fatherly advice that he had given. And he said while here the most important pieces of advice that I've passed on to my children one remember to look up at the stars and not doubting your feet. And to never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. And three. If you're lucky enough to find love remember it is rare and don't throw it away. He was born in Oxford England in 1942. Diagnosed with they'll less in 1963. Married his first wife in 1965. And now passed away yesterday. The age of seven. Much is being made to date that today is pi. Day. 314. In the wake of Stephen Hawking this march 14 death. It also overlaps with the birth of Albert Einstein. Who was born on this day in 1897. And asked for hawking his own birth it also isn't without its own cosmic coincidence. He was born January the eighth 1942. Exactly 300 years after the date of galileo's death. His tombstone. You know we are we aware were heard what Billy Grail wanted on hit us. On his marker. And Stephen Hawking let it be known that. He'd been pretty explicit about what he wanted on his tombstone he wanted his equation. A formula for black hole entropy. And he said as much in 2002 NA New York Times report. And a longtime collaborator confirmed his desire. Unknown Wednesday. So. It's a formula. It gets. You can't explain it. Large asks. B age equals. KC three. That group with a lie in a note it don't you care. His most famous formula describing. The entropy. I'm a black hole that's gonna be on his tombstone that was EE declared his wishes for that in 2002. The formula is the centerpiece. For our understanding of black holes that are crowning achievement for hawking it connects important third all the thermodynamics qualities. Such as entropy. Represented by the capital ass too physical properties of the black hole namely its area a the remaining letters are Constance in the universe K is the both men constant sea is the speed of light H bar. Is the are reduced plank constant and G is the universal gravitational constant. Entropy is described in school physics textbooks. As a measure of disorder. With they met microscopic system but he can also be defined. As the amount of information that you can pack into an object and that's crucial importance to this formula because the entropy. Of a black hole is proportional to the surface area and not its volume. Right. Easy com. Obviously I was just thinking that off the top of my head. First some of you robes out there it'd. Can't understand this. Yeah he may have been a little bit more advanced the talk show host. The post also around the parking his comments on religion. And god. In the afterlife. And he'll one point and his wife said I believe the simplest explanation is. There is no god. No one created the universe and no one directs our fate. This leads me to a profound realization that there are that there probably is no heaven and no afterlife either. We have this one life to appreciate the grand design of our universe and for that I am extremely grateful. And the Nobel Prize. For all of his brilliance. Hawking it never won a Nobel Prize. And the reasoning for that is thought that. Most brilliant minds in science. Have a shot but he never did and he is one of the most brilliant minds in science. And that's because the Nobel Committee. Looks for proof not big ideas parking his theories on black holes and and cosmology. Had yet to be to get locked in he needed to get the lockdown evidence that accompanies the physics prizes that his fellow scientists. Said. Nobel isn't given to the smartest scientist or the one who makes the great contribution to science it rewards discovery. So hawking has often been compared Albert Einstein who did win a Nobel Prize but I Einstein didn't get the Nobel for his same theory of general relativity. He got it for describing. These photo electric effect only after it was verified by Robert Milliken. At least that's according to a Harvard astronomer by the name of Abby Loeb. Did have a number two pencil because I'm I think in the spring and AL Lola quiz are you here to see how hard you were listening. And I should probably carry these papers around in my out of pockets is somebody gets meter repeat value that. Prices at the Hiroki. Three Dog Night tickets a columnist for much needed K he'll be there on April 5 and others auditorium and another pair giveaway tomorrow during our Father's Day our broadcast. Starts at 3 o'clock. And after the North Carolina game we should get on the air sometime between 5 and 6 o'clock we'll give away our last year there. It's always sort of stood a chance to win a couple of there he also got a chance 1000 dollars by two minutes away from right now we'll give you another word and text to a 72881. In our 121000 dollar daily contest national contest solo stick around for your next word. On that we're just talking about. Stephen Hawking his death. The idea of being able to upload your consciousness into a computer is they attacked dream of for a scifi writers and fans. There's a new startup company that wants to make that a reality was reading about this last night although there is somewhat of a catch you have to die in order for it to be able to work its magic it's called. Nick told me. In EC TO ME. Necked home. Start up company the premises too are preserved brains in microscopic detail. Using a high tech in balding process. You're all for this sergeant major. Like Ted Williams. Who could be playing for the Arab Boston Red Sox are given us. Otah. Basically you pay neck dome they to carry out its brain in bombing process after your death. Right now the company is gauging interest by taking 101000 dollar deposits remark customers. Although these are all fully refundable if you happen to have a change of mind so to speak. But it we we would have to be use that had a change of mind because if you're dead. Beyond this the company isn't promising anything in terms of a guaranteed immortality but its web site. Certainly suggests that mind that uploading. Is the end goal although it's not clear whether this would be carried out by next on Oreo third party. Well yeah this sounds perfect trip throughout 2000 bucks yet. The the company says. Our mission is to preserve your brain well enough to keep all its memory is intact. From the great chapter of your favorite book to the feeling of colder winter air baking and apple pie or having dinner with your friends and family. We believe that within the current century will be feasible. Do digitize. This information and use it to recreate your consciousness. The story as they act. Little bit of a grizzled twist. In this is coming union. For a neck tomes a procedure to work its essential that the brain beef fresh. We don't still brings. The company says that's what radio do bed yet they're bright and good news and radio people still brands. The company says its plan is to connect people with terminal illness to a heart lung machine in order to pump. It's mix of scientific embalming chemicals into a big. Carrot tied artery. In their necks while they are still alive. Although. NS these because. They had just a little in other words because they have to not be dead when they do this. But other than that I don't really see any problems with the at all it's just 101000 bucks and they're promising something that they can't promise you. And they wanna do the procedure on you before you die. What could possibly go wrong. All right Kate yeah 72 days of the year deeply that already 72 days inventory eight team. 290. KB two days to go. Thank you 64 jury in Dallas Texas on Jack Ruby guilty of killing Lee Harvey Oswald assassin of a John F. Kennedy. When you roll heart condition we also are good on TV it. I 1964. Billboard Magazine reported The Beatles recordings were claiming 60% of the single sales in the United States. But Jones 85 Billy Crystal that day is how old. Seventy. Funny as a crutch back in the day when me and Robin Williams and we'll be and stuff used to get together and do those. Comedy. Charity fund raiser things but Billy Crystal the Academy Awards is those. His opens. The door epic. And not all that pillar of political either. More details have emerged on the arrest the other week of the intoxicated Heather Locklear be ready at this stuff wow. She's facing four counts of battery on a police officer of the she was originally they called in for battery on her boyfriend. He dropped the charges home all the problems he has now is what happened after the cops arrived. I think she's handle on this drug rehab thing oh really well. That's led to she's good she's the poster girl for you better be careful what you wish for. Thought well liked our girlfriend like that. Yeah you think. Churches Scientologist launch its own a TV channel. And every hers Galley all day. Another enemy you'll Vladimir Putin has been found dead in a London home and Jeff Gordon. He leads the list of the latest nominees for the NASCAR hall of fame Tom. Playing games again tonight good ones actually in north Carolina central place Texas southern at 6:30 PM on true TV. How long did it take you last night defying the true TV channel. If you got spectrum it's 112. And then the late game tonight at nine Jan is Arizona State Bobby hurly team. Against Syracuse. Now what was it that. Behind said was that green billion of our agreement. It was a very gave the liberty this Syracuse coach he had a problem with for the term of the ACC turner was being played last year. This Greensboro Rite Aid he'd slam Greensboro now. So they were Arizona State is having to do a play in game because they lost Colorado in the back twelve cups so. And in Colorado is not a good blend of the united T itself. Now that that's just not good. Tiger Woods' ex wife was listed their Palm Beach mansion up for sale fifty million dollars well. TJ well. A big new body and do you Linda Nordegren is making a big move Swedish model and ex wife of Tiger Woods is but the 23000. Square foot state and north Palm Beach, Florida on the market. Tell eleven bedrooms. Eighteen bathrooms. The master suite has three fireplaces two separate baths they walk in closet and a balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Of the other perks including air temperature controlled wine cellar of movie theater fitness center catering. Kitchen and had a four car garage. Fifty million I bet you they take 4954. It if you are made off. Us. Big oregano on my I may have wal mart's favor and yeah hey listen. Call volume of 400000 dollars. It's stability under those bugs. I wouldn't. Burger. King as a launching a birther whether a massive amount of bacon. And the problem that. They've upped their game India bacon king at sandwich it has to a quarter pound birders and eight slices of bacon. Calorie count 1150. And that's before she who had the Fries and a drink. So this is just custom made for the diabetic. Like me. And then used to get yourself they are a non diet soda and and then maybe you or do they still do ice cream Sundays at Burger King don't good then they do those throw out good. Extra hot fudge. And you sit there and dining room and. Shake. Our energy Jake you begin to shake up above shape do. Have a shakes with my shakes. OK okay. In the Roman calendar march 15 was known as ides of march. So generally speaking I ads as a term from the ancient Roman calendar the ides fell on the fifteenth day of march. May July. October or the thirteenth day of any other month and thus the ides of march. Was the fifteenth day of march. Now specifically the term is best known because Julius Caesar was assassinated. On the ides of march and 44 BC ides. Has. Ed real meaning only in the Roman calendar. Which had been displaced by the Julian calendar however the term Ives was still used in a vernacular sense for centuries afterwards. To denote the middle of the month. Because of William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar its line be where the ides of march the term ides of march has come to mean. A foreboding of doom. Apply that to your final four pick. The ides of march Perez celebrated every year by the Roman hash house carriers. Where they are toga run into the streets of Rome in the same place for Julius Caesar was killed the hash house barriers. Is an international group of running slash drinking clubs. I would think that in states have legalized marijuana the hash house terriers you piece of it entirely different. But anyway there you go ides of march showed which technically is that tomorrow which is also paid eight per a good many people. And we have no problems about. So I senator Marco Rubio is announced that he's filed it did this today legislation to allow not just Florida. But the entire nation. To save daylight all year alarm around. The Florida Republican says that he is sponsoring these sunshine protection act as well as the sunshine state act because. They'll help the nation's economy. Rubio took this initiative a week after Florida's legislature we talked about this had voted to make their state. The nation's first to adopt year around it daylight saving time. Statewide a change that can take effect and it can't take effect unless congress changes federal law. You can now apparently opt out. Of daylight savings time but you can't opt in permanently to daylight savings time in less. Congress says okay. So the first bill that rubio find signed would dar rug put forward filed. Would make more daylight saving time permanent across the country. This is what we want. Although all the polls Larry says that this is not what most of you want. And if you have school aged children it's probably not what you think is a good idea at all because it puts kids out of school bus in the darker hours. The second bill did to our rubio files. Would let Florida remain in daylight saving time on its own. Even if the rest of the nation returns to standard time. Rubio sitting keeping the clocks the same year around was eliminated and economic decline that sets in every November and predicted that later sunsets could lead to fewer robberies and car crashes. Those who oppose would include the Florida PTA who has asked the governor down their Rick Scott to veto the legislation. Saying that the change would force thousands more children to travel to school in the dark for a longer period each year. I don't know that I've ever noticed anything. Eighty. You know they talk about all the things that daylight saving time doesn't it Roger energy down and measure Zenyatta and I don't think ever knows there except yesterday. And either that's because of my impending old age. All war. I was thinking about this the other day yesterday I woke up yesterday. Went to bed at same time I normally do which technically is an hour earlier than it was last week. Get up the same time I normally do I don't treadmill to the whole nine yards. Yesterday morning about 9:30 or 10 o'clock I couldn't concentrate of trying to read the Wall Street Journal some stuff but couldn't concentrate and couldn't. Think I was I was beat and just exhausted. Soledad back to bed for like an hour. And it getting had to have been daylight and have I mentioned that to TJ when they came in and he said well yeah it's probably dark outside now when you're on the treadmill. Well it's always been dark when I'm on the treadmill that I get out there about 5:15 in the morning it's my job. So that was an I think what it was was getting home on Monday. And it was still light and it remained light until like about 715 or something like that. So it and I think through across the through my biological clock off I love driving home life really happy that those days of return. But they're not once I was home like yesterday after support jobs on the grill. And it was this is why is it could be outside so I think it's almost full life that is. Causing me. Did make it harder to get back on track again and in the dark. You had never experienced anything like it before but. Nice to navigate brings us take a pass in the middle of the morning if you need to. Tonight Howard ago. Partners and respond. Father's Day program goes tomorrow starts at 3 o'clock we'll look to eco phone calls true. My you all all on non target rich dads all day long which on this for 24 years that are onerous close to a Marshall 62 as we can. So much looking forward to that. And we mix and some overall music efforts among people send me some songs all promise that'll boot time by tomorrow well listen and some of those. But we got a mix of music that we. That we Roland and have people call in and talk about their dads. The that they just they need. But the way the show came about was 1994. My dad had been in a coma for ten days and anybody to listen to me back to nine to noon knew it. And I got to call on a Wednesday morning that he had passed a no was waiting to call. And Jason Lewis sit at the time would have been the guy who would devote coming in filled informing. And by the time we got about 6 o'clock in the morning I decided that I was actually in good enough shape to do my own shows sort came in and basically said day you know I've been kind of preoccupied with my dad recently why don't you are called me up today and tell me about your some people called for three hours and talked about their dads. And it was just the most honest and real broadcast we've never done. And I think we've played Mike in the mechanics a living years that year to. Is it just seemed to fit well that's kind of become our theme song all over the years we've done this now for 24 years two differing ideas stations. And the message essentially has been to our right you're dead that letter if you can't call him on the phone and tell him because I understand sometimes conversations are hard to have with dad's even if you got a really great relationship with a but right in the latter and I tell him that you get it near appreciating. As rudely kind of celebrate the good dads. And celestial will do tomorrow is so fields phone calls from mode those of you who would like to share your bed with us. And we've never had a bad show. Said earlier than this is always slowed the day before resorts today when I go and do all my god is will be here we are gonna Vogel. But tomorrow all take care of itself I'm pretty sure about that so all hope you'll be here for that and I hope you'll listen and I hope you'll participate and I hope know a little bit about your dead by the time we roll into this time today. Tomorrow I just mentioned this earlier and 3 o'clock hour but I'm hoping that the guy who called in to this show yesterday about this time we were talking about the school walk out. And they're gentleman called any talked about we. Wasn't in favor of other kids walking out of the school to take care of and take participate in this so protest and and we had our conversation and at the end of that I set I'm glad they're not my dad. And if it's say if I had if somebody had made a flippant remark like that to me are probably wouldn't be listening today so if you're not senator I arrived on the better if you're out there. I apologize to you. That was uncalled for remark. It wasn't justified at all. You called up and participated in the show and told us why you were not for this no I have no reason to things which are not an excellent doesn't. For as much as I know about you. And for me to make that comment to you especially. On the week that we celebrate the relationship between kids and fathers. I don't take a whole lot home from the show I've been doing it too long and I've got a pretty thick skin and I. Sometimes I get your emails if you sent me a series of emails and all the negative over the years ago straight to junk at this point and just don't know surround myself a lot of negativity. But every now and then I do something on the air or somebody gets to me in some way or another that I take it home with me and I and I took you home with me last night. And I just thought to myself what a jackass three thing for me to save you. And I'm not bad don't call and tell me that you appreciate me doing this or anything like that we've already gotten a couple phone calls with us now I'm doing a swear it's not why I'm doing and I don't think I think though the guy an apology. And I think it was oh lie I just thought it was. Some it was a dumb comment on my part. And so largest kind of hoping that maybe you're tuning in today that this is your normal time to tune in the radio and and if you are. Hope you'll accept my apology and and and maybe even participated Father's Day tomorrow don't above do. What do your very your dad so anyway. Took shot hope you're out there and we'll see were all that goes Chuck Schumer Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Why don't find much in common with. Is asking the federal government to block airlines. From using technology that bases passenger's ticket prices are on their online shopping habits have you ever heard of this. Did you have any idea that this might be going on. I never even thought of this until I started reading this on a CBS New York. Last night. Airlines are looking at using the preferential pricing which could lead to people who spend more when they shop on line. Being charged higher prices. For their airline tickets. Now. The ability of companies to. Stalk you on line. And India and we all know that this comes down with the with advertising targeted advertising. Where they really can't kind of zip binging you and try to figure out who you are but the idea that if you spend a lot on line they would charge you more for airline tickets I guess assuming that you have the money. More on that in just a second plus FaceBook are they released spying on you and not just through your phone's microphone. And you heard about best buys Geek Squad maybe being in cahoots with the FBI. I'll share all that with you but back to the airline tickets and just a second. Chuck Schumer asking the federal government to block airlines from using technology that bases passenger's ticket prices. On their online shopping habits that airlines are looking to hide using this preferential pricing which could lead to people who spend more when they shop online. Being charged higher prices for their airline tickets. Schumer contends that under the proposed pricing to passengers sitting next to each other. Could be charged different prices for their seats based on the Internet browsing history online buying or even their income level. This isn't happening yet. They say. But a local TV station CBS to a New York. Sites experts as saying that you can protect yourself from this bid by making sure that you delete cookies on your computer before buying airline tickets. Or using somebody else's computer if you. And you know as well as I do if you if you look for a pair of so and so shoes. Henderson's sandals. And dismay that company's name out. Then all of a sudden Intel you search for something else you're gonna be CNN ads for Henderson sandals all over the Internet. Kind of creepy. You do a search for something you go on Amazon. And you look up. Audio receiver. And then all of a sudden all over your Internet there's ads for audio receivers. Can tell you showing interest in something else you continue to get ads for audio receivers. So I wouldn't. I mean all the airlines. Already are all over that that they're their prices are already pretty opaque people charge different prices for the same seats. And I wouldn't put anything past anybody anymore and if they can stay if they can detect that you have money. Well then. Yeah they'll probably go after them. I don't buzzer goes 704571110. Dug is up on WB DJ Doug. Sega and and so are you. Doing. I couldn't be minor except when you give me new weight gut that it Schumer want to inject more government into our problems. A federal government to block airlines. Well also so here's my take on that sir and and and I think I don't know maybe you'll group limited tell me you don't. You know we've got a market issued their hook if there's a situation where. Of a portion of both the consumer market out there is is being charged higher prices. Seems to me like that's a prime opportunity for other businesses to step in and provide alternatives and and compete against those airlines or. Or even better for. Four. Companies that are like travel agents or other types of of ticketing invoking. Companies to provide options for customers so that so the third their browsing history does not affect how much they're being asked. Yeah no hiring I don't Obama that at all in fact I would prefer that to a federal government to intervention of any kind or further government or more Big Brother absolutely. Some guys they know what I that think the reason we brought the story up where is is that the possibility that it's happening IE when I read this story last night the only thing that Schumer did for me in this was to make me aware that this could be happening or that it was even possible. Arm salt then from that standpoint. Yes I did that point I just want people to know that it's possible and then I want. Our free market to basically. Solve the problem I'm not looking for government solution either. Amen and and you know and maybe you're aware of this as well maybe not but. It's not been on the open your eyes to the fact that. They're even on Amazon itself. Not everything that's being sold Ramadan is actually being sold by Amazon they they in many cases there are merely reacting at a portal. The private so worst sell their own new. If you knew good and so. Pivotal and give those solar is the ability to assert pricing control. And and you automatically raise or lower the prices of the goods that they're advertising. Through their site based on the competition so it's. At the Avic I mean I there are definitely know that because they get the boxes in the third party vendors or all get down Mel place they ordering and I have available come from one place and another part of it'll come from another and a third part of come from another. So Obama wrote I'm more than aware that. And and so big because of the absolutely because the shopping trends and and because both of your own browsing history in your purchasing history that affects the things the prices of the things that you're looking out on Amazon so we shouldn't be surprised by any of this impact we should we should just be aware of it and embrace the fact that the people are able to track what you're looking down on line and lecturer you're practicing safe their computer. Yeah I don't know that I was surprised. Always an angle I hadn't thought of so by reading that article last night it made me aware of that do I want a government solution now. New. They're tired about this airlines. Tracking your online shopping habits and seeing that if you are may be spending Mora also borrow mine to increased the cost your airline tickets. And down. CBS to local TV station up in New York said it's not happening yet but you probably should protect yourself just in case we start talk about. Everything in the Wall Street Journal about the FaceBook. And that question is. In their tax section. Are they were really spying on you. Not just through your phones. Mike. Joanna stern writes. Can I try those coal ponds and a size eight later that night on FaceBook an advertisement for coal ponds pumps up and probably just coincidence. What's the best high tech scale. My wife asks allowed five minutes later on in mr. Graham an ad for scales. Wait a minute or are they listening. Get the little red suited fed pills my mom says after rice needs that afternoon and add his to have an advertisement for. Sort of fed peace. The conspiracy theory has spread among FaceBook and its program users the company is taping. Scale is being tapping. Our microphones. To target ads. It's not they say. FaceBook says FaceBook does not use shore phone's microphone to inform ads or two or change what you see and no news feeds. Former FaceBook employees and various advertising technology experts all cited technical and legal reasons that audio snooping isn't even possible. For instance uploading and scanning that much audio data would strain even a the resources of the NSA. So the former FaceBook ad targeting product manager. They would need to understand the context of what you were saying not just listen for words. FaceBook is now so good at watching what we do online and even offline. Wondering no are around the physical world it really does need to hear us they say. Advertising is an important staple of the free Internet but the companies buying and selling ads are turning into stalkers and we need to understand what they're doing. And what we can or can't do to limit them. So the story of how the senator fed had got there. Begins at Walgreens as I bought tissues and Afro and I keyed in my phone number so I can get loyalty points. And with the use of FaceBook told the information from my loyalty card email phone number X xetra. Was matched with my FaceBook account and so she goes through all the accounts of basically all these little things that kind of coincidentally happened to her. And she's kind of figured out a way to Trace it back on almost album. But Europe Vick carded terrorist hair. Now I'm like oh I like you're when a clerk at the end of it says you saved 23 dollars. But in essence what you basically doing is broadcasting your shopping habits do telemarketers and and advertising preached. So I'll. Location location location they say even better than your purchase history you stop bio store. Us and. There's my guy my colleague Christopher Mims details in his recent column how advertisers are using all sorts of locations signals your phone's GPS Wi-Fi access points around there. To follow your bread crumbs in other words where you're going you've been to all Walgreens. You might CNN for all during. Us. The way they can track you these days is so sophisticated the apps that you use would tell them about you if you use the AS PN app but I mean I mean you're a sports fan I would hope that mud determined another target shooters some extent. Apple gives you the ability to limit advertisers from getting your identification and all that stuff in your settings should after all a learning how to set all that back. The other way that FaceBook knows. Oh where you've clicked for your tapped is your web browsing history. FaceBook pixel is installed on millions of web sites and apps and that enables them and advertisers to see our what you do there so. You gotta give yourself away FaceBook Amazon grew all he would they all offer ways to opt out of on their own web sites. On FaceBook you go to settings and an account settings and then ads and ads settings and then you turn off all the settings on that page. And you can also delete any interesting Ari any interest at face what may have on gathering. Information about your previously. So all that information combined with your activity on FaceBook and and online. And pages you've posted or pages you've liked or the people that you are friends with than more gives the social networking air conglomerate a pretty good torture of. You are. And that torture gets clearer. Even with more information when you get into data brokers and all that stuff they can pretty much determine your salary in your car preference in your home's size in your political affiliations and your spending habits and a whole lot more. You never had any idea you were given away that much information they give. And so when you read an article about from a CBS New York about airlines being able to see that you must spend money on line. Oh and thereby may be jacking up the price of your airline ticket. All you need to know is what you need to know and then you can lent your own. The venue could start to regulated or the free market can start to as the guy who called and says can call. And I turn it into a competitive deal. But he giveaway novel observation without even tried to give away a lot off the bench. Ought to be this guy New York Times on Saturday profiled. 53 year old man who was. So show acquire. Trump being elected president. Then he has since refused to see hear or read any news. Since November of oratory sixteen and election. Is just turned himself completely off to the rest of the world. Name's Eric Haberman. And he lives alone on an Ohio pig farm that he started three years ago. After giving up they high powered tech career and calls his a news blackout the blockade. The only let's and information about the weather. And local real estate listings and allows himself to watch Cleveland cavalier games. But with the sound off just in case and announcers and say something. Related to the news. I'll bet you he read this article in the New York Times. It's all about him. Hank Herrmann also demands that his family and friends honor don't blockaded. When they see him or talked to a many O listens to white noise through his headphones when. When he goes to get coffee every day so that. Now snippets of you know people's conversations can't get through. Apparently ordered foreign Mia told the times I am emotionally health third healthier than I've ever felt. Ackerman also admitted to initial misgivings saying the first several months of this thing I didn't feel all that great about it. It makes via trapeze citizen it's the Austrians head in the sand approach to political outcomes that you would disagree with. But the blockade. Is in full force and and you stick to whether. So there you go there pregnancy cravings. According to babysit her dot com. Cravings during pregnancy go beyond sued. Tiger remember what my mom said that your pregnancy craving was when she had me. And I don't remember and I used to know. Now some pregnant women develop strong cravings for nonfood items like dirt. Or ashes. Or clay. Or chalk. No wonder that kids kick in. The day. Little less jock plays ice. We don't they say about fuel of choice. So I would be applicable here. Laundry starch baking soda soap toothpaste. Pregnancy craving for toothpaste and I don't think that's brushing. Paint chips. Plaster wax hair. Yeah coffee grounds even cigarette butts the common phenomenon is called peca. Which is Latin for magnify a bird that all eat almost anything. In some cases some studies these bizarre cravings have been linked to an iron deficiency even though none of those craved items that we just mentioned. Contains significant amounts of iron. If you crave any of those items it doesn't necessarily mean that you have some sort of a deficiency. And it definitely doesn't mean that you should consume them. Well I've never been pregnant so. I've been I'm willing to try. Well I would have been at a younger age. And we would add that. Davies someplace in Madison square garden and about a 175 dollars a ticket. So I guess so that's going to be gone right now. I as soon as this summer you could start to see drone delivers until I know you better be careful what you wish for I just think this is there's going to be. Sit on your back porch. Muller are. You. I don't think you're gonna like it negated the airport noise bothers some people our you know like those drones. And is it illegal to shoot him out of the sky. They're probably a populated derivatives. Should make great fun off the back porch. Anyway Amazon's been testing drone delivers primarily in the UK for more than a year now and in the United States the dream of drone delivery keeps getting delayed dirty. You know the various hurdles and regulations and all that stuff but they say in some cases. Ten FAA sanctioned pilot programs could begin by may. Head of the FAA's drone integration office said that just some experimental drone delivery programs are. I'm getting ready for full blown up operations. So I don't know if that means here or not but in some parts of the country you know we'll start to experiment with those drones over. A fast you have to have that. Toothpaste for your pregnancy and Smart garrison of Charlotte have six next.