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Sunday, December 3rd

Scott Dongahy, Best In Tech joins Patrick and Trent to discuss relationships in business.


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Good morning and look at home with ruby. Patrick hasn't improved services that electric cops plumbing and relieve pain you mean. Along tree hasten the Levy family company. We are here hopes. That day Sunday night plot chain through quake ACC championship the last nine record this. And it competence spot right away Orioles. Poll this basketball men's basketball Phyllis not predicting it. Army on the beach you'll meet its Lakeland bomb bomb. Listen to sensitive as we lead the record and I'm ecstatic with tacit so answer me a question and and on sports talk show it is but as Alabama out of the championship hunt now man we need we saw frank RC community in his expertise. I'm technically up holiday it's all burn in Georgia replaying an SEC championship Alabama it again it'd seem to know they can still again I know that the death I think there's some this and conspiracy players that think he has now Yemen and the playoff. Hundreds and some stuff early this week just. As a councilman do you mind was reading on he's going to be in where I mean that matters got to win and that's all Paterson. Says that while still getting some points against tigers. And you are in in in its basketball season's done has been a tough fear tutorials on the football field. But and it is as Carolina in nineteen injuries probably mortal man a solid today it's an era when we dollar going to be who replaying the other day. Stay stayed up all gonna win that game. And Democrat. He turned every basketball with a fifty years ago dealt weary in already the PK film night's eightieth birthday that's Walt Whitman or as a birdie. And everything's union and as he's Torre says he. Out diocese says. Mean Carolina can be up when he points and he is naturedly you know why it double team. In talks that I think a lot of things as they dispute they expect perfection figured I had my ticket sellers estimate as a property that would roll him to come home so I'll take data what do not hold an old I hear how things saint oh layer well ever out and had a great time things him in my pants on Saturday and offering our friend you know as well Luke walker got married to you that. The law are now his wife and then. Now we're Armando with this but that we root I give him a hard times he got married and got married young college college and ivory league which you get your priorities in order a classic that's a casket before. If you haven't listened to the song. But Lee Brice tell boy. Google it today. In and mean if you to have any proud and what do Boller role is still lists and Google about why sent it to me last week. I think every teasing now frowned awaits it radiates facing as. For some reason and I a play that song and now play a couple of songs about bands you know with mine and think about us on the best that's what does a cycle I've menace Willis. Will make news with lace like beautiful. Mullah ended its Zach tan who's the other one that it had to deal junior via that we posts on the FaceBook page. As act now what's his name they and I ram and Brent Bernanke asking us Daniel Johnson a six as golf that you and your Zach Johnson and Jack brown. And I'll lay mounting fast for an audit found that BT said no and hang in there folks of the chose talk about only have come and but we Scott we have a gas main Scott Donna and Donna he. I think again it write a better idea I used to watch Phil Donahue. That's not what does not ID which is different but his company's best and today. And I heat he was in here shed a little bit before about how he he's a helicopter bed and I don't know when. And in the top about a known on the show but those chemical he has a daughter this are really really excellent soccer player. If she's listening colleges and missed the whole debate did then assault while wife goes through and she was in high school and go in the college. Indeed they eat try to get a scholarship at the try to help prepare Saturdays in a money. His collection have the but but at the same time too she's been. Ingrained in this sport her whole life in is her life and now she's questioning a is a cell Molly continue to do for a couple more years or on the go experience college. Would hate to wait till one day and say man. I was stuck with this group of people all through college in London that's kind of the way my wife looked and and she did not play. Reagan was a great soccer players. Two and Harding she made all conference for years and Romulo play of my life. While that and heard senior year she only played I think one game path but apple one game I was at the game came home from college dollars and junior in college at a teller sophomore in college. She broke her away and she still all I heard her her leg break happy she still made all conference that years that I asked how good she was. But she wanted to go to school and then and and be with her mania soon to be tar heel going to be taller he'll. Nada nada what are rare for shoot low nor Ron or some I don't know. I got sedan that's got to be be feeling email I can imagine as apparent unity Mercedes to to watching your your daughter play soccer for salmon years and become something that you love yourself. And it's got talked about that would lessen. Yeah unedited in its Cassie did did Stanley Manning consummate grace came haven't gotten them about Katie knows Brothers and a minister at a few times that doesn't make rotary with his effort. For a little while downtown rotary. And and it's gonna come from its ascent and he'll he'll make the right choice that it's interesting that he had that was Reagan announced that next generation he's going to. With the dollar you know no intended. I'll only give some funny about soccer in and an old Harding Haas school mom brother my brother went Harding. Back in the day in their soccer team was terrible and as a bunch of hooligans playing soccer. And not a little kid and I. Idolize these guys are one of the guys. Cheap to back get a life played soccer. Any ran down the field and spin his tobacco packets of last the coolest thing when I was in middle school but this more and the smaller dome always taken my daughter's school allows listened to Hank Williams junior. Country boy can it can survive and in in it in nag act Childress thrill to switch blade niceties and I'll let his bigs is studying neck or. And I'll came back to us. Bear cycle allied pilots and then solve California native I listen this company a thousand times between sophomore and junior year airy lawns and an old F 150 live trailer. Last sons' names forward if he cannot play SL for my dollar Simon grain in them well there balls TJ country bullet can't survive while looking forward hairless Scott Donna. Hey has to say about his business and about blocked in other things. Welcome back the helmet ready. Services. Maybe eight top plumbing and read it any man along with Trent pasting from both dangles. Born in Carolina he caught they'd I think I've never seen someone eating chicken this year we had to give the show going on segment teacher and was finished and has breakfast here a Trace him from really Stanley companies and now I just got dining on the senate Trent and TJ tell me. You. Our number eight to get the bugs angles zapping you get free stuff. I notice you so jingles asked if you live in the Carolinas ago about jags as part of it but yep thanks for having your guys is was will be with you this morning. Now Naylor were excited had. IT services now excessive farce imputed. I'm not many obviously for for several years before that with with our association would block. That we brought up on the show a few times you've had a couple block memorize Greg done most recently he's right and then blocks introduces leaders of Charlotte which is something they're really you kind of star needs. Indirectly I get a lot of credit for but I was not the block used to be formally flock. Future leaders Charlotte I was part of the group that he changed the name to business leaders are Shura. Our first president was Jim deal then I was president after one year Jim being a great president I was the president about seven years. So I get a lot of credit but the best thing I ever did was to go ahead and reach out to people that. I knew were my friends that were leaders in the community like Greg Dunn Michael like Mike way like prying Katzmaier. Like Greg Hatcher. And say hey we be part of this group and we just grew but you know that the premise of the group is pretty basic. People like to work with people very light so the thought processes we all like each other let's bring other friends friends around each other and can grow our businesses and that's how it's translated into. You know pretty substantial group that's now five chapters strong. As great and it would talk about relationships on the Suu Kyi and pretty much every week I mean NASA we're talking about here scatter I mean people wanted this to their friends it's all about relationships. On so it's got Hong Kong coming out there promising but it didn't. Hey we never stop working now if the Rooney family companies with us and it and I want a solid job here Sunday and I guess that jokes still running the but no we we obviously record says that it betray any assault value we talk about a year you'd damp networking groups and I don't know if that's the right term for ads of the interact with on a daily basis stuff audience that's obviously talked about one that I'm involved with. I mean it's a relationship that's the name of the game and does this and you know I do and say last Sunday we had Britain government own any head. It was Kyle Petty. Offense the fake DA Eddie. Flopped -- OK blah whatever we'll. How can I ethic ethic of the block has a better better ring to it they lie and fly right right right are you budget piece of now I'm anymore maybe we were one time but there were Fokker friend's house while it's not as strong in arguing Claudia forget what I like sixteen years ago I think we've been block for about sixteen years now does the laughter of the sixteen years. And I think what I I put a lot into the organization and I've gotten so much more of a great friendships like you Patrick. And I met you commit Mary but Harvard English teams are much stronger to block. I've got so many great friendships I'm Michael to Fabian out of that group. I'm also gets to spend time on my family I've got that's right brother I'll. Brother Ryan most Qaeda members as well so. You know when you've got fear meet you everybody gets caught up in their families you know their kids their. Significant others you don't get the scene as much thing in my brother to Gary any network and its. That maybe adding more to that felt that's a thought might be another show. It sound cool. I have three siblings that are unblocked guy dill and a lot of that and and part my father is not a member of but it comes out to about everything and supports this and everything that is wonderful dance greats open anyways. Point of the matter is when you go to these networking events. He get to see your friends and catch up because nobody's too busy to do that kind of stuff on a regular basis. But needed I I will give a cop denied asking that the apple doesn't fall too far from the TV your daddy is is in this articulate person and use it whenever I hear speech. And he had the same thing you said he Brothers I know that's I think you're Colombians here. And that that he he introduces people so well class I'm thinking of though we had Tom Marino and it and teaser topics of infidelity which is wonderful. I'm torn out what's going on the craft brews and write history integrates your consider that we wanna get to talk about best in tech which you do when you're not him running block here. But that if you're if you're gonna have a business person out there at the same box really open to anyone right I mean it did didn't runs operates a business orders and sales it's. It's an issue specific free chapters in other words in my field and businesses computer network support so. I'm the only guy does that and the uptown chapter of my competitors or other chapters but you know there's enough business in Charlotte. Sure been a big small community. That you can work and out of synergy with people that you compete against there's nothing wrong with that but yet it's open to everybody. We want people that are carpenter's we want people that are builders electrician. Whoa whoa whoa and run aren't we got there's quality longer Rovio rent as chapters but other people other people are well editors. A Emily names we talk about the Mattel about that would material the time I mean that it's it essentially if it was an outside in the canyon and didn't understand the whole premise it's about two competitors that are in Philly I did better learning from each other's wins and losses. Set to her value to Nazis movie misery with each other's hair as you can say. He would never had a situation like that you learn from each and how did you overcome you know so if their competitors. They can still be France is not the Murano I say this solid. I'm not was still in college right before I graduated. Rainy births hit me up to it it is to join an eerie. And and right out of college I joined the board up listing to in winners old on the board of the Ramallah installation and great aunt and before that Adam are resting good heart in this upcoming inning not competitive spirit. Powell had to take down all the other con tigers and analyzed because I rode around moment in the dump truck is the teenagers and new business loses who has this. And then lunged got involved in Mary. All these. Old school can't charters to for me right away. And I say goodness gracious so do. So say you're right I mean in and Patrick knows I mean talk about it all the time on the show Britain's of the mob my dearest friends in. In the world are contractors and I've known for eighteen to journalists are. Let's assume that you in them. Yes and I he says a lot about them actually. ME you know we were a third generation business and owls are young lipper's never had a bulk dealt with two Latin underneath that hearings com had had four hearings on one's. I didn't have any hearings nor a line and mumble a thank you very much. But Ayala being quite a look yet I've not had to look at at one point down there and two is still have a well as a businessman he's right right but it. Doesn't your hustle and play like long on the one job to stuff like that would kindly take your point that he didn't they load that means that hey this ago and Laird other Ian. And and they gave me a chance. And and frankly that's why. We love to give back so much in and that's part of my leadership platform the main staple is to help other people and and mentor and give back to the community. Because that's what people down from Myanmar my business and multifamily and for people like Patrick not leaders right the whole their whole lives. You know it's it's it's it's Charleston big that's the beauty Shara what you just described rightly that Charlotte business community especially that I I really feel like it. If you're sure racetrack they're business people gonna find out about it but if you're good guy you will be successful. And I think that's how has translated for your success and I feel like for best that I could help us do that as well. I'm so I'm I like that about Charlton and extends up into. You know Salisbury mores build down demean trailed the great communities. When did you acquire Nazi camp. Hi I'd say about four months ago like nobody ran but I I am informed that. Will I resign when it was unlawful manner got a great got over there throw it David Bear that slip it to my earlier vetted as so he did but I've been asked him choose to partner with the off about she's a year and a half at least the finally got an opportunity about former it's gonna think we're doing a pretty good job and I did work I used to have web fingers but now the bombs that into more human hands that they and now things get that nothing. But will this is actually Scott unofficially and he says yeah we were on the awhile or go back honey lonely men together for a for a wild I'm just feel we're still on our sixteen month trial period honeymoon period. That an event that is funny that is viewed as a truth and obviously everybody starts out. It's finally hired him we Aaron you guys Emmons and this guy is so latest person ever greatest ever nor hill tomorrow to my body that I need a lot of this useless and Syria later I need 120 days before you put on your stock into US. This element your passion 120 days all thank you and me it's like the provisional his usual asking that I believe there were words were going to be just as great today as we were yesterday with Leo that's good. Local will love Scott we stick around. How did the absolute most of the William we might have yet affect facts are nicer and. Welcome back hit home with rogue. I'm Patrick Cassidy from review services really electric a beach house plumbing and really handyman along with Trent haste in. From the ruby family of companies we are your posts are still here is got Donnie. Talked a little bit about business leaders Charlie we block. In the last last segment gave back in check and I had a couple last couple has there. And soon if you wanna be entertained for a minute check out our podcast in that and get back and listened to it would Scott dining he has to say. And sky day job is is best in taxes. Saito right. I am one of filed with that meadows Simon partnered combating best integration technology incorporated are. Coming up to ninety tax update now that's intact guessing he's in names and and basically what we are is a full service computer network integration company which is a fancy ways and we work with computers. I was at San on the down sales gonna work with not a Smart engineers which is exactly the case I think going there and have a conversation of folks say hey I'd like to be your partner. More honest hard working morning's announcement knowledgeable so. My job is to get in their say hey would you give a shot folks give a shot and I you know in the guys to a great job. This kind of alien leave this cordless similar Belichick I got this and Damon wired if that's what needed a Sam entered office it worth around much Smart straight people. Yeah right because economy out Edelman Dayton said that about themselves in the athlete that I can't point this is this is the day you bingo. If there and we're now cracking on today oh we always kind of Bailey we hit I'll broke quickly gonna sell last last six and had a tape measure in all it's equipped. We earlier given everybody a hard time busy with console tape measures that first job and like twelve months tattoos. Realistically Medina when he was sit down and I'll falloff. Could have a Nextel strapless side between opportunity and at around his name it. That Nextel necklace that was not already way up that does it say now he fury construction the construction Nextel. The two they connect me he could be in the place for you do not need to be I have somebody do it to the church one Tomas. Again. In the Putin answered them and didn't and if you could do something wouldn't meet at least start talking right after signing allergic to be. I buddy list and pat 2000. Pensioners and then you know diagnosed cases how long has this been pegged them as sixteen years than not you I'm thinking of bringing us back around ditto big you know big below to get back on track are you right. Sixteen years in business actually coming up on seventeen this next April. Let's see where in south then. Violent south trying to catty corner where yeah old. I'm sure not music theater used to be who were cross caddy corner from the rubble now these feature much theater on them but anyways people drop by assaults on and yeah it's a fancy way of saying we just work with computers we were like different businesses. On the windows platform as such we can work with any business where there's a logical company. I'm lawyer's office doctor's office retail you name it. Most companies have some sort of engine specific software they work with our job. Our job is to be a liaison on behalf of IE and network infrastructure to disputes which some wireless stuff. And make sure his work in the way it's supposed to work. The great partner for us our great client for us is really somebody that wants to trust them they're IT partner and that's that you have to have. If you don't trust you really should work with them but I know that our job is provide you guys intelligent information and you can do with what you want. But the reality is ninety million computer numbers of Pakistani business we got Smartphones here we are from earlier. If that's not working prepping you're not getting emails that doesn't get thirteen you know we're not doing our jobs aren't just mission justice work and. Will will let's talk about a couple different examples of that because you talk about the backbone of the industry app a tea I really we've moved our offices recently. And that Manny some sort of take for granted that when it doesn't work properly as there's not much it's more stressful as sort of like. Everyone in the whole company's shut down and Ehrlich and a use sane anyways going on it's embarrassing. It is our Bailiwick since did have a partner like union not to mention the east of the trust aspect that if you're at IT person you know. Are passwords. The attic and Drew Peterson had help us with their computers Xena had helmets with their phones the EC treaty is some pretty important information don't ever reflects on us with your leverage it. Trust me that. If you do that and there is that he if that we've had some. Clients that were not the best parts of the world but the reality is if you jeopardize that type of trust one time. It's over seriously because the word gets out that you cannot be trusted. No he can't be in the same thing in a bit of side agree that's what plant and absolutely I agree with you I mean it. I work for you guys before you workers mean we mentioned this we're talking earlier. I knew you guys that have to work that you would do because remember Patrick then they went out there a couple times because things didn't work the way they were supposed to. Applied to do was asked what time they commit their fixed it diminish honest I think I know was working right I know you guys is that the company that I believe that we are as well. And my answer to you was I don't like when things don't go right no we're always gonna make them right on loans and and trust trust. That we're always working every day. I Alex said this heat yesterday found towns where Mike Tyson and around not getting beat by Mike Tyson round anonymous heavyweight fight. To. Work the kinks out proactively so the Ullman is stubborn next year we don't have those prop. Absolutely you know you've got to learn constantly not I don't know my engineers doing that so much I mean you know. I was set I feel like I'm just costly re learning the same thing sometimes every discover certain remedies of colds and such and I figured out. As you just go through one time you know go through to gambit the nice thing about him multiple engineers they were shares solutions and different things happen it won't client. They can be a solution for another car itself. It's a fun business to be heard. How fast is your world changing coming had constantly I mean how it is. The construction industry changes with with new building products and new ways to do things. But man octane imagine trying to keep though what the ten yards and does anyone here it is but I'm as I mentioned that matters is my apartment. These guys are bringing the fact they they love what they do I mean I love sports I love the paint as I was simply painted blue but they are reading. Constant information. New information about technology deceit is is even worth awhile and how does that work. And they tell me about it it's really cool but is changing costly. One of our biggest challenges right now is you know network security house's sink in that same thing and not net debt and net Branson what is the spyware all this stuff did. In Kiev obviously I don't like anybody who's ever talk about these guys that are holding our networks. For ransom are making millions of dollars. And they're tough to compete against but if you can put to solve Farwell fall firewall in place which I know Roby has it all their facilities. If you can go ahead and Tom put it great virus detection on the workstations. And educate your people as well as there was one other thing I want to say about. What bullet lists let's give the audience that maybe NM not China as he'd have to put gonna try here but if pot farm if I'm Joseph homeowner or Suzy homemaker I'm run on the road. App has a thing about this is so scared me to. What should I do my home computer remains a some packages. Data that was a third during an appointment capita data puts your data and a cloud back up because that's not connected Tina are these people. That send those ransom where he doesn't check out folks if you get an email from FedEx or anything like that UPS. Do not click on the link but just because we're coming up from holiday as you think that that some you're expecting an email saying on get don't click any link because that's how a lot of stuff is in check. Email address so sometimes it's it's not like totally PS dot com or at FedEx dot com. It's easily sound like Gmail ram in my right now I don't know I told you right beta you know be careful folks don't chipped don't put any links you don't know but you know people there's that there's a saying if financial people. Feel people don't plan failed they failed plan he is the biggest network. Cracked if you know. Are individuals. And a plan to put your network at risk. And just click on something accidentally on fortunately there's people out there you just invited to your network to go ahead and not steal your data. Encrypt she did today is still there aegis king using more than a singing Neiman site page. You what you data back to me some money in their last whatever that a man may be well. Oh yes it happens all time not a problem is they may say hey we'll go ahead and give you pass couldn't. On encrypt if you will your data but the reality is they don't have customer service department of these companies you know that just. They're just hackers yea mail encrypted but the reality is you are at their mercy so. But the stuff than that in the cloud it's going to be difficult go ahead and get your stuff back down the can't have business operations once was. But the reality is at least you still have your data so this people who encrypt the stuff that is steal it still sit there it's encrypted it doesn't work you can just leave it. Put this healthy stuff back from the cloud and start working again soon as possible. South. So arrogant they're really ME column apparently apparently information or their modern day are saying is don't you guns solar. Sector and it's not just you know. It's other countries too but there are people here in the US is doing as well but it's people from other countries have you actually sat down and watch the traffic from around the world. I want you know Russian North Korea that you be amazed the stuff that's coming in during our business hours. All day long. Just trying to get to do just trying to make your employees make a mistake it's easy is it primarily business history seen this in the personal computer side happened but you know think about it does not businesses and it happens to even big corporations you can read about a just and equity pack. They had to pay over a million dollars to get the stuff I mean aren't they lost a million dollars. But it happens to police stations hospitals. You know big corporations like and equity. So he can happen of them can capitalize so Scott says so interesting thank you for sharing your knowledge give your business afloat homework Tom police best intact best of tech dot com and also we mentioned business leader in Charlotte this is Lee Charlotte dot com their spelled just like this now. Arson and I should say thanks to have me thanks for joining and it's got down he will be right back thanks guys. Look back at home with drove Patrick capacity for review services regulatory. The VH house plumbing in roe V handyman. A ten paces and got a rhythm he got a strong rip farther mr. shame man I'm just trying to make sure that everybody knows what services we provide a mean thing is if it would bring up every time I didn't notice it out save me now we'll talk about. We don't talk about really be reality is much we don't bring that up in the in the interim that in that selling 88 Condit it. I lived in in and 2005 to 2007. With the Manny young forever really and it's has been it's been very successful says if Washington really good job that's great news did not that. It's nice being depleted we've we've don't mean to eighth excluded be relieved that. And India have really picked it up in and and it's a wonderful service that we provide. Many it really ties all other services together his we've always talked about make your home ready ready we Serena quite often. And so that's that's important people know that we had answers available. Now you're exact. Right. I'm excited about our our rebbe abilities division our company ever read we really see any Thomas is our broker in charge. They were the two and a half years in now. On Spain ends its. We're actually gives some trash into some odd men help and with as on the commercial stress that the penis so. We are very exciting how I might mention this on the radio before. But our office building across the street 2000 Wes Moore has some mob don't work and all through Roby commercial. And it excuse me revenue realty on our commercial side but also they're pretty commercial community under the construction. Com and were about to start start that reconstruction of the front part of our building in 2000 less morehead. In a couple weeks and and it's been a wonderful project. Wow couple I nodded even is exactly can we say cross the street course and AMT and across street and a BBT radio and it's been here forever. In defeat you miss it we had to show that they just two weeks ago banks Wilson. Come from announced union that formally studio banks you know as a is also partner with that yeah he's taken 141000 square feet in the frontal side and he's a partner in the Ricans. In the reconstruction that the real estate deal so low we're going to be partners will banks who mean neighbors with banks. So I don't move. If banks and Scott compete nothing new and different Arenas now he's more he's more website development Internet market accounting which does cast more Internet security networking thing and I'll tell you one. I mean didn't think too highly of us Scott when he came into his yelled and Collison much junk abounding. But there I had an office I'm joking I'm completely kids he speaks very very highly of Scott below he was talking about was very educational. And united I try not know anything about technology and stuff is that really enough for today I don't wanna. The bogged down this brain in my hand but meadows in stressing in a school. Was its own. And it's scary is what it is it did you you made use of the word tire and that's what exactly is going on his actors can essentially take over. Your your network and if you don't have a male American business Seymour leave we joked around like hey if you live in someone's Smartphone. You're irrelevant if you came into the phoned and sent emails and access your geared geared computer system you're done these days. I I had forgotten but you're right it's class sick it willingly and next sales. People can just start talking into your neck still important. And blow your cover a a but also. We had this humongous. Company cultural debate. When we were talking about going away from next tales. In talking about the piracy in and empire is still a you know Holden Holden people and companies tosses with their data. Next sale was doing that for allow with cut construction companies to say now all. That nobody would let them go away from and I remember our Nextel bills like. 4500. Dollars a month. And without owning a daily pain that we're pretty this has now winnowing and Taipei have fraph and hollered I'll orphans have opposite but they were taken advantage of the situation. And frankly I'm the I'm Meghann and always brings out the stuff does not bank comparable in our business and on the data says hey we need is Lucas a more economical logic we can issues fountains and at all till labor today still I. I think some I said that we gonna bath we didn't have a place to eat and I think. Happened users is evolution where that direct connect which at that time may it's like I still Sony must nimble little. Nothing against Nextel which is sprint right but think that world evolved into a text message sort like the news he can't get away from me I know I can take Steve. And the release its much more politely tipped wicked imagined. I was it's nothing to sell. A custom kitchen to a homeowner or whoever or nice commercial jobs and your thing is. Now let's back when I still have my hooligans for instance it would just Holler stuff out getting care. Dating and have a career he had been well the days of beauty beauty have to look at minerals us Johnny from elementary miss Smith thought sorry but it didn't and so will. It's abbey hit it Leslie Leslie but that was in Oceana and I got out takes these two and I got to ask allows him Ferguson with Dave Dwyer who talked about quite often. And I had this like me to get a Nextel in the first place was like you may have been then he got an exhale. That there are put cell coverage on it mean really in the of the net missing menacing way by four pounds he needed them to me to him that the prime not come out. And ever seen the very first flip back and it was Lil is probably the size of the deck the callers. And as Greg Montgomery a member unit in you know it was you don't side. He pulled out to be all small tough with an open and I was going on had a gold case to a Ali had a gold can be thief VS 24 care played at. Demand that you slit and net app I've got to give it to him as like a few years a gallows in my little clip my little jaunt. John and gold and silver stage still like to mess with that. And I would have bras I may you got old that old gold wrote Cheney asked. He brought it the breadth Sosa out that you did upon a bald and I'll vote for Joseph mighty. Lisa dollars and go into must safe over to leaking in and a my Brothers all wrote Chang it's Africa. From from HE legacy is starting. Was it when you're sixty cared diamond earrings man never had domineering now dollars a who mammoth sale. At the still influencing look when your dad's face became violent as it was not birdie here or ultimate for a week broke my heart my new one. They jump in the river currently there. So well may a lot of good shows wonderful haven't Scott Alicia. Thank you for joining us. Will be bag makes we have a wonderful Sunday and go cats why.