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Monday, May 15th

President Trump Searches for a New FBI Director; Ransomware Strikes Around the World


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There's always be a president trolling us. Some amount of talk about this morning. We'll get into that but yet trump shake up together some this discussion. Several different outlets are saying you know what presidents cup is considering a major shakeup in the senior White House staff while. And are among those that can be on the chopping block. White House spokesman Sean Spicer chief of staff from prince ranked previous. What do goofy name my voice and who whose mother wouldn't what kind of mother would name her kid ranks. And then also advisor Steve Bannon. Different west wing officials told the New York Times and others at the president is considering a major shake up. Spice are likely to be the one that would go first panda has a right now. Fox News host Kimberly go Buell foil honey prints and out of go foil is going to media. She's the one that's in the running the most so. If you're in charge of a shake up within the White House. Who would go first school who would need to go abide by and who would you suggestions would be to fill in some of the holes. There's very few names at that I'm aware of that are being bandied about at this point in time here. Body if indeed produce goes away Steve Bannon go situation Spicer goes away. Then in my mind what that would mean in you're telling it what you think about this. Is that that there would look like a Tonka and Jerryd commissioner would most likely move up in the ranks as well as Steve Miller. Com because those seem to be the ones that he is closest to and the other biggest confidence. There was ingesting an interview with good judged to need and the president of the weekend and one of the questions that came up was dealing with mr. calming. And loyalty. To. Even suggest that the question that. Apparently to New York Times is selling bank US economy whether or not he had his loyalty was possibly inappropriate. Who can just how they think I read I read that article I don't think it's a product of Britney and where's that last no. No I didn't but I don't think it would be a big question asked I think loyalty to the country loyalty to the United States is important. You know I mean it depends on how you define what loyalty. Number one number two I don't know how that got there. Because I didn't ask that question. Combing this and that you know what I'm willing to speak up and testify about everything that they're supposedly happened behind closed doors as far as the White House dinner etc. it's sort. But he will only do it at the testimony is in public he's already declined an invitation to speak to be Senate Intelligence Committee in a closed door session next week if he does testifying he's my putter face questions from the committee about both the Russian probe. And the timing of his removal from office so. Doesn't look like a comma is going to be any pardon. Part of the inner circle at any point in time here so folks being discussed for the FBI and corn and represented a corn of listen to senator core another Texas. That would be one and the call is. From several folks including Lindsey Graham. That whoever runs the FBI. Should be an FBI agent that it's time for an FBI agent to be the one. That steps up into it takes over now the president does. Really she's fantastic and amazing into keeping us on our toes. Special dismissed expedition depressed but it doesn't matter what's going on as far as the real issues girl. The president will always throw something out there. Silly absurd odd coming out of left field of the you'd you pick here your description of what some of these things could be here. And that's with the press ends up running win it for example. Mr. mr. trump took credit for coining the phrase priming the pump. Edged. Now this is an expression that dates back to the nineteenth century and during. Herbert Hoover's administration in the 1930s. Was when it came into widespread use to the presidents that have you heard that expression used before because I haven't heard it I mean I just I came up with that in a cup you know a couple of days ago and I thought it was good. It's what you have to do yet what you have to do is you have to put something in before you can get something out there will be priming the pump. Think he really. Thought that he made that up. Or again is he just throwing something out there and trolling us. So that we're gonna pay attention to those little things that he throws out their their shiny little objects. That's what I think it is I think you can look back in many of the statements the president has made. And that would be most likely what it is she was trying to accomplish what that same thing with the tweets same thing you know we've. That I guess that's the tweets would be to win the biggest ones there where he just gets us to talk about everything that he does such as the big tweet that came out over the weekend. The week. Did you see that went literally was just two letters one word we. So. What would you. Put at the end of week. Several storefronts I don't know 1110 and like to you to take on that one week. And there were a lot of very very funny responses you know we the people you know we want. Two scoops of ice cream just like you. Which is another whole big debacle and things get taken to at a time out of context. Back to judge Jimmy when she was us at now talk to the president you know one of the things it's on people's minds right now these tapes and I think this is another one of those things. That he's just trying to get people fired up and to get their goat but when asked by that asked by the judge usually said. What about the idea that they in between you said that there might be tape recordings. Thought that it can't talk about I want talk about that all I want is a common to be honest. And I hope we will they. Hmm I think he will be of course she will be. The description of calming is that these premature boy scout the six foot nine or should he won't discount. So we'll talk about that coming up the other shake up as well and. Maybe it's time for the president to be some action he. Not a much more wolves again to ransom where a lot of different guest today to what to talk about the state of Washington DC so very full program. It all starts back again and about five minutes here on the VP. Tonight seventeen Gilligan daylight. So senator Lindsey Graham has called on the president to stop tweeting talking about the investigations into the potential Russian interference during the election. Was NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday. In light of the aftershock which seems to be still kind of lingering and hanging over but in Washington about the dismissal. But James calming me it grams opening remarks in the matter he said but it does not think the Russians interfered in the election but said. That America needs to find out for sure. Where do you think this this Russian investigation is gonna go do you think it's a completely dry hole what are they gonna find. Where do you want them to grow this investigation or do you think just time to sort of hang it up. And when the new FBI director gets in and takes over this investigation. At the same time. Do we need to add another investigation and that would be. Hillary Clinton. Comic put the kibosh on that one as little weasel little squirrelly so may be there's a way that the Republicans and the Democrats can. Come to turns. With how to move forward with the FBI director because it Democrats are saying they're not going to work. To vote in anybody that the president chooses. Until. Things go in their way there's a special prosecutor were independent counsel to goes after the president. So maybe they might appeal to make a deal the GOP and the president could say OK look. You you allow us to get our FBI guy in here. Loyal or not. And we won't investigate Hillary Clinton but if you mess with us when the time comes and we do get our FBI guy in there. Then. We're gonna go after Hillary so you take your choice what do you want to come out going to be an interest in a way for these negotiations to guilt. There's there's still a lot of question as to what really has been happening there in Washington. And there are some concerns. Former DE NI a mr. clapper. And an opposite an opportunity to it to be on CNN in one of his concerns is what's happening in Washington. Amounts pretty much to assault. This week. Where the president firing the FBI director while this investigation is going off. And then saying that he was thinking about the rest of pro when he was making the decision. And we crossed the line here. Well I won't just say that I'm moments. Of food past week revolvers some very disturbing to me. I think in many ways our institutions are under assault both. But sterling and that's that's the big news here is Russian interference in our election system. And I think as well our institutions are under sole internally. Internally from the president Ahmadinejad we're. Because he's firing the checks and balances well I think. You know who have the founding fathers. A nerd genius. Created a system of three coequal branch or branches of government. And and it paid Norton system of checks and balances and refusal that's that's under a Seoul Kim and as a roving. Where's the real salt coming from. Caucuses it's inside the White House. There's these all really coming from. The drive by media the mainstream press is that we're the real. Kind of emotional violence is emanating from. Do we just need. The press to back the heck off them what the president do his own job there are some concerns and I can certainly understand it when it comes to the investigation into Russia. Not from our side of the ocean but from the other side of the ocean because the Russians as a whole are not very nice people. Back in March Clinton watts of the center for cyber and Homeland Security GW. Testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee about Russian efforts to influence US election would you say is the most important thing for us to focus on take a listen to what he had the sack. Follow the trail of dead Russians there's been more dead Russians in the past three months they're tied to this investigation who have assets in banks. All over the world. They're dropping dead even in western countries. Follow the trail of dead Russians is there anything you can tell us about them. Well this obviously been a curious pattern. We have had. Difficult to go and have actually. Generating an evidentiary drill that could equate. Convincingly compelling wins and you know core wall of direct connection between you know. Certain figures have been eliminated. Apparently ran afoul proven. Sore loser is it's very interesting pattern of plutonium for. That way interest and pattern yeah same foot as one of those guys you do not wanna get on his bad side. Maybe you've been cozying up to him for awhile and get a certain amount of information and you've helped him achieve some of his goals. And then if you've outlived your usefulness or yours there's a concern on Gordon's part that perhaps the information that you have will be used against him. Then maybe not concrete shoes maybe it's them shutter rice and maybe it's a bullet to the back of ahead there's been several of those including journalists in Russia and India are not too distant past. So. Is there. Is there a pattern here and what sort of concerns might you have. That what this is indicating is that maybe there is something there to the Russians story. I'm still trying to figure out what this is all about can you help me can you can you explain to me what is really going on with Russia and who's driving the boat on this here. Is it really is it really being pushed by the Democrats who was it really being pushed by some of the folks within the GOP. Who. Are starting to back away a bit from their support for the president. It seems like. There's a conspiracy growing here and that people are jumping on to this conspiracy. Left and right. The sum of it has been primed the pump as been primed by some of the things that people during the investigations have said including combing who says that the investigation is ongoing. So where would you like to see this go. What would be the ultimate. Revealed for you. To say OK. Now we know this is what happened let's move on. I do think that perhaps there was some interference by the Russians and you tell me what you think about that I think that there has been just because. They've done it to so many other countries in the world. They know that they've done it in France. Probably end up happening in the future when it comes to a two Merkel in Germany. So why would it be a surprise. That the Russians would would pedal and metal. With us here in the United States whether or not it was a Coke collusion situation and that's gonna be difficult to find out. And whether or not actually had any sort of impact. On the results of the election that's going to be really really hard to prove I do believe. How in the world would they be able to prove it. We've talked about it on this program before so let's say that they just being up dumped. Tens of thousands of propaganda messages somewhere in social media or in Twitter rower in direct emails are on FaceBook. OK so they say hey think about this what do you think about this don't do this because it really. Have a chance to completely interfere. With our election propaganda then I think we can count on that expect that from the Russians Ed you're on WBT where should this Russian investigation go. Boy appeared to say it. First inform quote you by saying that the Russian tampered with their election. You're basically saying the American people are too stupid to make their own choice. I know I'm not a good week but more importantly they're Russian investigation takes off. They key from the Clinton investigation. I mean. Everybody talks about Kobe get fired and they're being looked he had more evident among Clinton then they have. Even close to one trooper anybody and it is true I mean that's really all all our. Old together they just fired because that is. Aggression can be connections. The Java today about coming. You know the general. On the yet Clinton. It yet. Not I won't make it shouldn't they have put whipped Trout so far and by keeping it in the media and keeping them. Going into it all they see all the Clinton. I'm telling you right out there were more evident on why. Hillary is there anything that trumpet. I don't disagree with the N here's a question for you right now the Democrats are saying they're gonna block any sort of nomination above a new FBI director until. The the administration declares that there's going to be a special prosecutor. What if the president says okay. Listen. Mess with us we're gonna eventually get somebody in their direct to direct the FBI if you don't work when this on this. Well of course she'll push the Russian investigation through but we're gonna reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton. So if you don't do what we ask you then you're not gonna be real real happy when what our next steps are. If that were to be the case do you think the Democrats have backed down. No. Because they're pushing their agenda yet trump do to curb a bit. And to get trump out of office and that they can relate it enough to where they can get an impeachment going they may have a shot at getting him impeached. Bush years ultimately going to be one of the dumbest thing they've ever done because if they do I'm not sure the people won't stand up and revolt that there. Do you think the Democrat Ed Ed do you think the Democrats get to the Hillary investigation that I just mentioned about reopened do you think the Democrats would just let her get thrown under the bus and said no wonder she's she's the past. Well with everything that they have aren't hurt before already and they didn't prosecutor they're not going to do you think. Clinton it is like tap on Europe and that's not terror. Doesn't mean they still can't go after the rain that you talked about Britain had their bodies in the carpet well. The Clinton got a fair amount of content. I mean there's there's no. West there's no question at all led the there's been as some dots drawn and connected. With. People who got too close to the clintons and had too much information in my understand that there is a trail. I don't know that any of them are actually proven but they certainly do raise a lot of questions at if you wanna hang on through debris to be happy to continue the conversation would you. Karen Travers of ABC's going to be joining us as well to let's talk about he potential for some shake ups within the White House in the course. Your comments on that are completely wide open come join us here 70457011. Tennis is usually the ten not advance freedom you beat me. There's what cannot feel PT hey there my name is got killed. Its parent trap and think she's going to be joining us momentarily talk about possible that the things including FBI and potential nominations. While that might work its way through in the senate the house. And Chuck Schumer is saying you know what we're gonna block the votes he is a dig in his heels and he says he'd consider blocking the nomination and a new FBI director until. A special prosecutor. Is appointed to investigate alleged Russian interference in the attorney sixteen election. Trees were to discuss it as a caucus but I would support that move because. Who the FBI director is is related to who the special prosecutors. And yes having their loved Democrats who feel this way Karen Travers with the ABC is what this year now. So Karen B the moving forward with the FBI directed the president says it's going to be a fast decision what does that really mean. Well we don't know I mean there's no deadline that the president has to do despite he says he wants to make a fast decision whether or not that's this week or in the coming weeks unclear. We do know that there were at least eight people interviewed over the weekend by the deputy attorney general in the attorney general. Who are sitting down with potential contenders at the Justice Department. But here's a sense of timeline the president leaves on Friday for his first foreign trip heading out to Saudi Arabia to kick off this five stop the trip from overseas. And these strange for him to make the announcement while traveling so if he wants to do it fast he could do it before he leaves on Friday. That would be finessed and who are some of the folks at that that made it through boot through the doors there and the Koran was and I judge Merrick Garland who else. No he wasn't part of the he wasn't interviewed or the lawyer was and everybody everybody's been nominated are considered by a McConnell salon well that means this is. It did today you know the skepticism of this is as certainly very deep in Washington it would be very convenient for Merrick Garland to get that position and then have president trump be able to nominate somebody for that very prestigious position on the federal court here in Washington this double there's no indication Merrick Garland once that position. And there's no indication he's even under contention just floated out there. By many Republicans today and corn and to be a big back backlash from the Democrats and perhaps even some folks within the GOP because an island. Yet injury came with the acting director is also interviewed over the weekend Mike Rogers a former congressman asks from Michigan who's the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who was an FBI agent. He got the endorsement of the FBI agents association who wanna see one of their own in the opposition critic. Thought let's let's switch gears and go over to view the press and what the president has sort of threatened. About bleed let letting information out and that would be you know get rid of all these daily press briefings and and just go to put not a one cheater essentially. Is that realistic is Letterman Demi for now. I don't think it would happen I think let's just say they. Tried to do that I think very quickly they would realize it's very difficult to get their message out there the impact of having. Need president's spokesman go out and even though he's getting peppered with questions he is at least able to put out the administration's agenda and put out their position on things and pushed back. We had a president pays a lot of attention to the daily press briefing he washes it apparently every day. And then gives critiques on it afterwards. I think they would find it a lot more difficult to get their message out there with how much media there is right now if they didn't have an opportunity every day to do it on camera. Well that there would also need to unify their messages and that was one of the big. Takeaways from last week with the common situation was you had this coming from Spicer this from the from. Huckabee Sanders this from the vice president so in order to get their message on the point. You may have a point that this might be the best way to do it especially if you can't get his his press folks to have to keep up. So here's a thing evolve as Paris people were saying the same thing it wouldn't matter when it at the end of the week the president need gated in contradicted everything they said. So and that's you know it's one thing to get your own spokespeople on the same page but even if they are the president. BO kind of blew all that out by a going back on what they had said to reporters all week. What do let's just assume this would happen. With this just motivate the press to dig harder to dig deeper than me when they take it as a personal affront. I mean I don't think it would be like in how others are called action we're not doing that for sure. And that is you know already happening but I think it would just make it harder for them to put their message out there yet they can do cable yet they can you radio they can tweak but. It varies from an easy way to do it is to go out for an hour take a lot of questions and that gets spread out across every platform and. They're chopping block we're here in that that may be sponsors. You know potentially on the way out Wright's previous Steve Bannon what are you hearing about who might go with sort of shake ups might happen within the administration I think. Nothing is. Set in stone until the president would announce himself or certainly. Always speculation who's in who's out here in the west wing and that has not changed since day one of coming in. And care and a better Spicer were Huckabee Sanders that is not my position I am here today it was gonna put you on the spot so. Hi Karen Travers ABC another exciting day there the White House I'm sure so I think it's sort of talking to you tomorrow. So well you can't terrors of ABC I think spice is going to be the first one to go. And then an important and Wright's previous I think Steve ban Ambien when there will be the last one standing there. Who do you think's gonna go who would you like to see go who is not fulfilling. What it is that you feel like were the the that promises from the president. You know I know that Bannon is firmly bent on board all the different things that were part of the agenda. He helped put that agenda together for the president people like Jared Kushner of course she's not gonna call. But he's been a little bit more centrist and same thing with a bunker of course she's not gonna go but she's been a little bit more centrist and so Spicer I think first. And then ranked previous I think that perhaps maybe the president might be losing a little low for a conference confidence in him just because of where he's been in the past. How little assistance he's getting. From Bryant's dealing with the establishment. So 70457011. Ted. The shake up within the White House would it be any big deal to you and if you were sitting there with a president. And you wanted to make some suggestions for some folks who are out there. Whether they're already in politics. Or in some other position. Who would it be that you would think would be able supply the president with the best kind of support. The sort of inside the best sort of information. And that kind of loyalty that he is truly looking forward because that's obviously extremely important to him all reports are from the past was. When he was a private businessman. Then royalty was first and foremost. Yes speak your mind. Back off when the president or or when he was just the other CEO to say here OK I understand you're the big guy you're the one in charge. I don't know that it's gonna happen any time soon any sort of shake ups. I know that he makes his decisions rapidly. Andy makes some very decisively. But this is the right and benefits is at the right time for this to happen here who's got certainly a lot on his plate. But if I were if I were a betting man I would say that Sean Spicer is probably the one that would most likely go. Given a fresh face to put out there in front of the public. And the F Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle. Four holes the one that seems to be the front runner. And it. I think that would go a long long way. No spice has been a lifer in the world of politics. Getting somebody from the outside whose job has been on a day to day basis to talk about things. Chances are they would probably be much better handled would you like to see that. Who would you prefer to see other databases coming out of the coming out of the U Ohio and what he did. Press conferences and and briefings that the that the White House puts forth every day. Kim Kardashian. She'd be great absolutely. Actually lift is it to. Who which is the Q when did you call your court hearing it I get more confused and don't confuse Ocalan Jenner she certainly been a as staunch conservative. Perhaps she be the one that would. They're really continue her. Reality TV show because hers is just gone away so. So that went on Google in court here to grueling cordoned just to make sure that she's you if you weren't so and maybe this is all over blown. Maybe this is just absolutely some sort of rumblings from the F from the Democrats from the hill and from Politico. That just wanna put more pressure to make look you know make the trip and administration look like they're wavering even further. You and you never know you do you can't put it past the the liberal press to try to take every possible advantage to make the president look bad they never hesitate do day. Be nice if they. They said something nice every once in awhile but I don't know that I would necessarily hold my breath. That will be happening any time soon there's like ten out of three WB to united you want as your time. Stephanopoulos asked had a chance to face to face with the UN ambassador mr. Haley. Was gonna cut number fourteen cut number fourteen and which I thought was a very very interesting question of the note. That was about loyalty and economy and how important that is moving forward. They're all these questions about the way that's taping system and then this question went out the president has changed going to pledge loyalty could you ask you to pledge loyalty to him personally no but I think when you take a job you automatically assume. Did she work for the president and you are part of the team and loyalty is a big thing it's it's. You know as a former governor I can tell you all to Entrust is everything when your CEO and so I can totally understand. Why he's looking for loyalty and trust because a little smaller constitution's first correct of course I mean loyalty in a look first we serve the people I've always looked at that you serve the people first. But having said that you never forget who's in charge you never forget the CEO of our country is when you decide to serve and so. Everyone works at the pleasure of the president and that's what you know we have to remember is if he doesn't feel comfortable he can do something about him. And one of the things that was discussed also was the idea that there were some tape things going on in that that the dinner between comic. And the president. Was on tape bread milk he with the ABC what do we know about this year via the latest on taping his his people saying maybe there was. The president said to a mr. coming in between better hope that there are no tapes weren't we stand. We have guys in the sense that the president said he's not gonna talk about it Sean Spicer has said he is nothing more to say. About that and we literally just raises more questions than answers because when asked directly. If the president according any conversations in the White House this is the first president of awhile that said I'm telling you. And until now there is you know the question is who would the president have been referring to that dinner that in person get on their microphone in. In the west wing of the war. Hey could he be talking about apart perhaps. Taping phone calls which we know that a part of. President of I don't know if this CEO. And there is actually technology at the White House. Two I think especially trained squad to automatically transcribe. Voice calls that could've been what he meant by my kid said he put it in quotes. He rotating more we don't know since. Now Washington DC. As as a whole is and that an area of the country where only one person would need to know whether or not there was a recording going on. Yet I try to warm person consent state actually different from Florida home tomorrow long ago that there would be much different G by law in Florida. Both parties have to know that that a conversation is being recorded and by the way. This goes back even you know I know they can comparisons are all over the place this week to discuss that even before Nixon FBR installed the first secret microphone. In the Oval Office it was hit in the head in his desk lamp that he wanted. Reporters to actually quoted it quote him and he wanted a record of that and then we saw more of it with JFK. LBJ and men doing all the way to Ronald Reagan who apparently recorded Selma. And called the meetings. Enough right Brad looking what don't what either he's going to be the next step on this when are we gonna hear anything new or do you think this and kind of slowed down for awhile. Well I do think we're going to hear from congressional members who certainly think that this might be pertinent to any. And he Russia investigation. You've already had a couple of congressmen. Call for the release of any tape that they do exist between president trump and James commie but albeit subtler version I thought. Confined to that they're also saying if there's any. According to those of you with general Glenn we would like those at the apartment where Russia investigation and remember. Because of those post Nixon but those post Watergate laws. It's illegal to destroy any of these tapes and they are able to be subpoenaed so if there's political will to get these tables in the open that that if if they exist. It is conceivable that we could end up hearing them but right now we don't know today Stephen occurred in just turn out. Already ABC's bread milk and appreciate the update and look forward eager. What comes next time is 955 year news 1110993. WB 28 via the Democrats are squawking here aren't paying. The back and forth about calming I've I've found to be absolutely fascinating and it kinda pisses me off that the other Democrats are looking for anything that they possibly can. To move. I don't want to get shrill about because we all know prior to all of this having during the Hillary Clinton time. They want it coming out. Because it is and then when it all came down and communes and good nugget maniacs they're like women this is Ron this is a this is ridiculous I can't believe that you would abuse your power like this so. Let's let's assume for a moment that we could create a little roundtable here. And there the purpose of this round table would be for us to have a conversation. And figure out some the things that we would like to tell the Democrats. So be it an opportunity to get in front of Nancy Pelosi. Ernie or edit any out of there which of these bozos that just seemed to be looking for anything that they can possibly say. To attack the president what would you tell them. I would tell him to sit back and relax a little bit and remember how shoes. Go on both feet and that the last time around you were all upset and honked off that the other Republicans were doing this that the other. So. Why don't we just put. Put a stop to the ridiculousness of all this and realized that hypocrisy. Particularly with somebody like Maxine Waters. I did she seems to be coming unglued took me. Yeah I think she literally made it and I guess we considered a veiled threat. A political threat that she was coming after the president as a result of combing you know this kind of stuff you're. She seems to be an opportunity it's not an opportunist I almost kind of liken her to somebody like Reverend Al Sharpton. Where they look for were ever there some blood and then they start a lap and up and may turn into these political vampires. So. Conversation. With a Democrat. Would be like for you. I'd I'd say one thing that I would say to him I think you can buy back me up on this when his would you just get over the fact. Did your candidate lost. Mean I think that would be something that we can all agree with. I would also say can't we all just agree would you just shut up about Hillary because. She was a loser. When it all came down to which she had nothing to say to the American people she had nothing to say that appealed to us I would say shut up because you didn't need an address health care the way that we wanted to. I would say shut up because you didn't address the wall and national security and border security the way that we wanted it. You're saying you must bring them all in here we just need him every single immigrant come across the border here. No not so much tax reform. Do you know. That the Democrats would not have put forth. Some sort of tax reform that would have been palatable to you and me because they wanna spend more money they would probably asking us for more money I don't think anybody would be happy when that went. How well it comes to. World and and our foreign policy. How how long we've been powering. Underneath them hello I wanted to pillow and blanket in the corner of the little bunk bed here saying that we that we don't wanna be. The once projecting power into the world because we need to apologize for all the things have happened in the paint and that's. And that Obama you know he was he was right to make us. You know. What's the word I'm looking for more diplomatic as well diplomacy. And war. And military aggression and sanctions they're all part of the same spectrum I think it was Klaus witness a long time ago that said that war. He's just diplomacy ratcheted up. And that seems to be the case in debt I think that we can all agree we hope we can agree. That the president is finally flexing some muscles it's almost as if there was a low testosterone. Account for a long long time with a Obama. And and finally we get somebody in there whose teeth count he's not on the low side. And he's got the components. And he's got the strength and he's got the fearlessness to push forward to say this is the direction that we're going yen. We're not looking back. Tell us sort out his eleventh. He's. So what would you say to Democrats at this point in time. How would you address them. How would you dress them down and basically saying guess what. You are not participating. In what it is the American people want at this point I'm completely out of touch. When you hear rush talking about it and the in the polls that are out there say that the Democrats are more out of touch and and don't understand the voters anywhere near. What does what the GOP is saying when neither side is really gut. It the I don't know via. The big heart and soul. As of right now and it seems to be and it's a little shaky ground that we will little we will address that. Let's go to a to the Washington Post and up for rockers with this year now on W BT and I'm glad to have you with us here so we've had some names and I don't know what you call it stumbles over the past week coming out of the White House here and people to point fingers in different directions who deserves the majority of the blame. Well that's a great question and I'm glad to be here this morning you know what did president trumpet the person who made all of these decisions along the way. And I know that based on my reporting over the last several days he's been presented with a number of options from his advisors. And then in each case has has made it sound decision. Have there been a number of problems obviously for his White House and the handling of this coming up there. Betty you know a lot of that the blame falls directly on him on the president. Then what about the have the potential for a staff shakeup and other dispense some design that Sean Spicer may go way Wright's previous Steve Bannon. What are you hearing about that and how likely is this to actually be be the case. Well a shakeup is definitely an error I'm sources I talked to over the weekend that that. The president eager to add try to make some changes he's been panning out member of his advisors in the White House as well as friends outside the White House. Four or ideas forward you know where he might make a change and he focused. In particular on the communications operation and he feels like acts the part of the White House had failed. Over the past week and has led by Press Secretary Sean Spicer. And communications director Michael that he. However I would caution you that if there's been popular shakeup before this is something Tom president Tom likes to talk to its friends amount. You know we villager all these rumors are out trying to prevent heading toward the exits. And none of that actually. He became a reality trump. You know like the talk about losing his graphs but then and that's keeping them mostly so we'll see if that does any different. This is shed to light a fire under their vines sure is it to just rhetoric. Well hey it's not rhetoric that we don't have here and talking about it publicly yet but I think he wants to to try to get it staff to do better. I think it's looking for Blaine he's very frustrated and and frankly angry. Where the way this commune story has played out over several days it feels like the headlines in the news are. Are unfairly negative and he's looking for somebody to point a finger that he doesn't wanna blame himself and so of course he ends up blaming. It's aspect I don't know whether it's going to be and his feelings and emotions on that are going to be strong enough to actually result in some firings. So I. Some people say that the perhaps as a systemic issue that's going on inside the inside the White House there whose really in charge of setting up the system of communications so that things get disseminated and handed out and and didn't from the press. And it in the fashion that ask unified. Well the White House staff is in charge of the communication the famine that has led by Iran's previous the chief of staff and and some Spector the Press Secretary. However the president Tom has been making a lot of the decisions when it comes to communications its president tramps. Who's deciding what the talking points will be its president company decided. To do that interview with Lester holt that comp all sorts of problems for him. I mean he's the one who decided to change his story. Midweek because start talking about Russia and then have the memo by. The deputy attorney general progress and CNET has rationale for. Firing Jim coming at the FBI now you know a lot of these decisions are made by the president and I. Let's let him. Okay. Chris Ruddy who is chief executive of news Mac and and it trump confidant the and one of your articles you wrote my experience for the president. Is when he sees a failure he quickly adapts and tries new things. He's not a guy that keeps the same all same all gone along here so where is this going to be a situation where we're gonna wait a while to see what changes come into play yours is gonna be another one of those decisive changes. I think we we will see a change Ambac I don't know when we're gonna be at age eighty with again keep in mind that this week is pretty jam packed to. From a scheduling perspective for tramps he actually leave on Friday. For a high paid trip overseas deployment Saudi Arabia Israel. Rome cinematic camp and many of them summit summit in Brussels and in Sicily Italy. How high pay extra. During that trip back to back. That if there's going to be any kind of shake up we're not gonna do it until. The president returned back to the US after that trip with crispy which will be around Memorial Day weekend. Compact you know we could be the pride there could be tweaked ever happened as a new staff the you know any moment now so we'll just have to stay tuned. OK but what about the Democrats are they are they handling this president correctly or are they just looking foolish from time to time here. Well a bit since fair question and I think they are trying to handle it correctly and winning time of election investigation. And the FBI matter they seem to be. If you know on the same that is the main message and that it's very clear and direct demand serious. But more broadly speaking the party's suffers right now from a lack of leadership they're now. No clear leader. There are factions within the Democratic Party. There are a lot of different direction that the Democrats can go and at this point they don't have a leader and they don't have agreed and agreed upon. Met its policy platform they say you know it's unclear what exactly the Democratic Party is gonna try to do. To win back all of these working class voters who who flocked to tramp last fall. Okay what is gonna whip Nancy Pelosi had watched several videos over the past couple weeks where. She seems to be completely disk and Bobby elated are there any sort of discussions about whether or not there's a health issue going on with her because it doesn't seem right doesn't feel right. Well I have left I'm not her doctor. I can't I can't speak to her how and honesty all I can tell you that that he would say. Committed. Politician in the party and wants to hang onto her leadership posts and he has. I've successfully hit a lot of allies in the house I don't know if she's going to be there. You know for the next congress and the congress after that which he wants to hang on and I think she would very much like to try to win back the majority and when he team and become the speaker again. Yet and I helper help that is is OK it's just here's a little disturbing just to see that so hopefully everything's going to be just fine final thoughts. Well I think you know we talked about this briefly that the foreign trip that the president has sleeping on. This dates could not be higher he's going to be having discussions on one of the most. Not politically treacherous treacherous this scene. Apple any president in the Middle East peace and I keep spending a lot of time before he had overseas to try to prepare for this trip. And make sure you understand what he's talking about and and make sure that he can come home with some deliverable that is down. Some achievements are concrete. And substantive. And then there's a potential here for this to be. Victorious moment for him I everything lined up tit for it to be a good trap but of course. You know one gas and you were and the whole thing felt we'll have to see where he can be disciplined overseas and and proper. Well so far it seems like a winning is dealing with foreign leaders. That's where he seems to be in his element the most at this point in time where his confidence shines and he doesn't seem to have those stumps off. From Washington Washington postal workers who witnessed here today and WB two units it's a pleasure look forward to it. In the near future here he's the movement against the president is taking some weird turn Syrians and some of them are just getting really old is like really. Are you serious this is what you're going to be doing. How about exercise anti trust exercise united believe this one it's good that comes up next. So our second WPH t hometown tour visits the living in Fort Mill this Friday. Most going to be out there on the other John Hancock park Pearson will be broadcasting live all day long in this press building which is on main street. In downtown fort military and then there in awhile boy. Show up and you see some amazing changes. So again Friday may nineteenth. Spread building downtown Fort Mill would love for you to stop by and join in the conversation details available at WBT. Dot com so some of the things surrounding the other president of the attacks on trial for just getting to be absolutely ridiculous. We'll get to the ice cream it in just a moment here a minute thought that was just next absolutely off the rails. But there is a a group of physical exercise folks here are put together a program. That is gonna blow your brains. Yeah. So this is that this is a completely new routine that we created together the world's premier today as the anti from Arabic. Visionary like a satire on what's going on about an actor and billion body break we're looking to. I really really physical why is this current moment in the political and the political comment on your and to respond to victory after ten trim body gets used. Make fun of it. One of the news we have people to use it is a business called don't know the wall. And this movie the movie dealing with the long red tie which everybody has have you read across. Need to see high and you hold it back me any confidence coming out. Okay. Well. We wanted to provide an opportunity for people paying. Engaged with what's going on and I'm also doing activity that would build some community and leave people feeling kind of refreshed and uplifted and ready to attack. On the next. Anti trump. A robotics. Does it get any dumber than that well. I would love to be on the outside of that building when the those are aerobics folks walk out. And just say are you serious really this is what you're spending your time doing. And this is make you feel any better now loose it was lead and put together by a couple of quote artists and this is there a way of expressing themselves. As well as getting a little frazzled physical activity. And I've seen some you know anti trump things happen. But as far as one of the dumbest ones I think that would go right there at the time we're pretty damn near close to the top. The other ones did you get they. The story on the ice cream how all ridiculously. Petty. Can things get here. There are Syria in a brief segment on and CBS over the weekend CBS this morning we're Gayle King. Jump to the president. Not only for his physique but also for his eating habits and she didn't jump his physique just once. But three times in a matter of twenty seconds. So the story was Donald Trump after hours and the that this subject was desert during desert. The president received two scoops of ice cream everybody else just cut one scoop of ice cream. And improve. Maxine Waters went off on that I mean there's all these Democrats think well did the peasants don't get anything the president gets too and we all get one. And this is would you have to talk about. This is what you have to complain about. What should complain Democrats. About. How how little power you actually have at this point in time how much complaining that you're really don't have a leader. That there isn't somebody who's who's leading the charge that anybody has any sort of respectful or who would debate read. No bubble and are Nancy Pelosi. She can even talk anymore I mean and again any it would canister and hopefully it's nothing bad weather help but something innate right upstairs as far as that goes. And if this is as vicious as you can get it. With the petty little thing about picking on the president because he's got a big physique in your mind and that eats two scoops of buying ice cream. Then you've got a long way to go. To reach the world of adulthood. You know I know it's tough growing up I know it's tough to act like if you've been there like. You're beyond your teen years but this this seems like playground stuff. Truly. King says it says to me there's two scoops that he likes his ice cream and he's a big guy. And she said that quite a few times he's very big he's a very big guy so give me a free game break this is all you've got. Jim commie is not obvious story the way any time soon enough. I'll tell all coached well the only question about how me and our. When you open it tomorrow Burbank is back there Harry back then seeing what I am certain. Hire him back is the suggestion that you have bought yeah Joan cheek right they're a political quiet about it back. Yeah that would. That would spend some heads and turn some heads wouldn't it. Yeah what but I bet everything eat the auto what they wanna do. You know before they were about what Kobe. Poor Iran Bart out you are the matter. Quiet about it aren't. Right BI can't win for lose and and a think he can say you know what I'm giving a million dollars to port children. In you know in in on Charlotte's seaside and the Democrats would figure out a way to say you know what that's BS news and there's a needed there's there's some sort of I don't know conspiracy behind all this the end you know it's is bad. Chris so. President trump ice cream Clinton what was his fetish. There's McDonald. Any hearing jogging and Whitney Brandon McDonald and get in a quarter whatever they have their. Such. I don't remember is that so literally her during a jogging. Outing Lowell and learning to recognize jargon it. They grind to a McDonald's are hopeful. While it factors are at Yale and I guess the president is also has been a lot of discussions about doing him like in his McDonald's this. I think you're right I think old Bubba was. They're a little more endeared to a Thai food Aaron. Thought Jimmy grove the southerners so there has to be some sort of empathy for the guy because we'd like fried foods. But Jay you're right and I don't remember him getting just absolutely ran just about all that to mean did they really go after viciously because of him like this ice cream thing. I think that they director skip or something maybe that. Say what that is what it mean spirited like this since. Have you seen anything this mean spirited in in your world there in your life of following politics. What effect the other guys say these embassy doesn't get on the seat yeah yeah better and so I you know. But that's politics here you know our guests at the passing game that he signed up for. Yeah although I have to say it is seems to me the Republicans are being in the grown ups this time around and the Democrats they. They look like the kids from peanuts remained just children absolute children and thanks here. I'm sorry. Good so. I mean spirited. I think there would be a good way to it to sum things up everything that that the Democrats are shank. Is not necessarily just that criticism of policies aura that criticism of the direction. That the president wants to take the country. It almost seems to just have this extra layer of spite and the president even talked about this last week about just how mean. People have gotten and just how vicious all these discussions have gotten. That's Wear me out with the square and you but good for me it's like you really can't we just ratchet is down just a bit. And and it's and it's not coming from the right it is completely come in from the left and it's being driven by. I guess what the economy all left they're the ones that are sort of you know putting the juice through the wire that is the Democratic Party right now. Where they won't give an inch they won't they won't take a step back they're refusing to give up anything. Whether it's. You know whether it's against the wall or whether it's for women's reproductive rights having pretty much nothing that the yet current administration can do. Is going to have any sort of accepted. By the Democrats. Paulie got in their mind is trying to win the house and Tony tin can clear how they're. Half today is to investigate doubles. Trucks got a solution we'll talk to him on the other. Side from a Valentine's center for dentistry studio. Do you see 1110993. WEG. 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If we would spitz always been and our Tom focused on being Democrats and Republicans and focus on the people that support our country and some of their needs. I think everything would work itself out you know I mean that's that's really what our country is agreement or right now because we have been in political terms mall for years up there no matter what cider and. Yet not a inaugurated. If we could find ways to. Get together and come up with solutions to take take care of our most vulnerable and like he says starting with a veteran stand. Maybe we would come to the realization that we yet to actually can work together. Well you know I mean we we have an opportunity to do that in Charlotte you know I don't know if you know very much about what we've got going home we've got. Hey on May 28. We're bring in Charlotte seeing as together veterans and citizens alike. There were no woman no politics just patriotism. And that's the motorcade around up forty fop. And what we're doing is we're only about a Matthews and we've got a group of veterans over 300 already. Who have signed up around with us now we're gonna roll around I 45 live but where are we got to reason that we're doing that. The first three from the word on this list on our fallen veterans that Memorial Day. You know everyone of us gets to enjoy the kind of life that we live right now thanks to some blown el. And the second reason that we're doing this is to bring more awareness and open folks out to open veterans out their women with posttraumatic stress. On June is national posttraumatic stress day and I'm in posttraumatic stress awareness month. And you know that's the great opportunity that we can actually go out and show our panel and even the country what we're made out here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Right we could take care of the ones that we need to take care of chuck do me a favor send me an email Scott at WBT dot com. Scott at WBT. Dot com body contact information we'll have you on again as we get closer. To benefit I thank you for us for help and be a part of put that altogether. So so what's now the parliament politics David Schultz is with us here today Hamlin university professor political science and it's all sorts of stuff you cover public policy campaigns and elections. Let's take a look at what's happening with the trump White House now and if you were sitting in front of him doctor. What would you advise the president to do right now. What I would advise them to do right now is stop the general advice that would have given to put the entire administration. Would have been too. To listen to others mom who asks. Fueled in a variety of areas and put people importing. Could not addicting did not I would updated now I would say need to find it FBI director calm cool with everybody can crushed. And that means not putting a partisan. And not putting in somebody who Contra outside the FBI but somebody who has. I'll and so some background in law enforcement. All I think at some point what. Trump needs to do. It's calmed everybody down calm and bring some order to what seems to be the first but all 120 days which is probably characteristic I want. Disorder in cash. Is that by design because sometimes. And what I read what I hear and some people strategy seems to be always be on the offensive. Always keep people on their heels. And always give them something to chase that really doesn't have anything to do with the real message in the real love real opportunities and jobs we have to be at hand. This may be some truth to that but. If we're trying to figure out what we're afraid we hidden agenda that's what we're saying you're the hidden agenda for the current administration has poured into the other succeed in the public policy life to actually move legislation. To get things done what he wants need to not dot this dog he actually have to be able to take control. At some point of the government machinery he has to be able to work with congress and the bureaucracy. And even with the court's. And if we look at again this first 120 days or so it's apps of any major legislation being passed in really. Very much being changed in terms of being able to move much of his agenda. And so so whatever subtext there may be out there but he does actually need at some point. To be able to figure out how to work what he was the swamp our guests are indeed America outlook for the swamp already so much wanted to during. And figure out how to use it's security goals that he wants I think so Clark. You know the whether by design or by accident the behavior that he's been engaging in Bob and really created significant turmoil. Let me flip it another way. If I were a an enemy state of the United States right now all of them are we're looking at United States of America I would say. Who exactly what I want to say an administration in turmoil. In what seems to be warned that doesn't have clear direction in terms the world want to go. And who would be the one that would most likely take advantage of that we still point a finger Russia or this is playing other players in the mind. It could be a Russian Federation it could even be North Korea you know North Korea has what what just launched another missile although it means this one also want to do very well either but I would say while countries like Russia. Cuts countries like. Com up North Korea may be repeating it's sort of extended depending on how we view Iran as well there there and you know as many as an enemy or at least. On a military not for a big Syria countries like that so so I I think at some point com and who want to the trip to. They're probably going to be taking this week in its first trip abroad will be very important also because it's going to be an effort for foreign leaders. To get some kind of firsthand feel for the president of the United States that put him to sort of articulate it clearer message regarding. Who the United States that the what United States is going to stand for no for the next 33 and three quarter years under the proposed that the. I do Mitchell's Hamlin university professor of political science when his you to a comic. Obviously outs last week admitted turmoil created was that he said that he will testify but only in public what does that say to you. Well what it says to me if a couple of things you know Warburg is that first off he seemed to have nothing to hide of course at this point so there's almost no restraint upon. You know what the trump administration can impose duke you know call meat may be wanting to. You have he'll get his side of the story out now in terms of what's really going non. And whether or not that the effort to beat in Paris for president. To act this sort of a whistle blow work or whatever I don't know but the clearly I think Kobe is also worried about a little bit and reputation as well as. All perhaps wanting to get insider story message out. So so I think that's interest that he also he would go away for the weekend allegations emerged that trumpets in India the fact that group. There were tape recordings in the in the in the Oval Office. Well I think because he's basically saying look this is this bill has come and testify in public I have nothing to hide so it's kind of a gauntlet being thrown down into the president right now. Okay the Democrats and where they stand right now are they doing themselves any favor or were they shooting themselves in the foot. Where are they trying to you avoid health care and tax reform and and create all these distractions. I think. The democrats' strategy right now is Coke and some up. The real simple one which is what the other circuits self destruct. While that they know what great trust in 2018. And I'm not sure the smartest strategy in the world can simply point your finger. Who what Clinton did in part during her campaign Lester to clicker finger Donald Trump. You know when you call him you know effectively call the old stupid except looks sort of like that. I'm okay that into Q a few votes but at some point you still need your own narrative he still major on message. Unfortunately. Quite and other Democrats. You know while they have the opportunity to do something because of bees in the far into the top administration. They clearly need now to start articulate and get their heed the message but would they do differently and how they would govern differently if they were to take over people's check outs or the senate could vote in 2008 T. Simply waiting and hoping that people we'll come back to the democratic hole and that about the strategy no they're not really offering anything. Yet or not they're not this is amid criticism on that win the Republican. No controlling the house and the senate Obama was president people kept saying the Republican strategy which are simply to say you know. Bomb and another station to challenge of how to govern. I think the Democrats are following that exact same strategy in terms of just say no or orbiting other sites self destructs. And it's into the very I would tell my students. For the most basic rule of politics. If politics is about having a compelling powerful narrative about what you want to do it starts with something as simple as if elected I plan to do such and such forward to why wanna run. I'm not hearing that out of the Democrats right now what about some missing out because you heard that. No no it's it is not here's what we want to do or here's what we're going to do it's. Here's what we don't want and what we won't let happen. All right correct and I think the fact that. Tribe got elected in part because yes there are problems he Affordable Care Act yes there are problems in terms of how the economy has lost blocked left lots of people behind for the last twenty or thirty years those are the order ballot problems regardless of regardless of whether the president of the Republicans or Democrats or not it's the Democrats now need to be articulating that Brooke Burke but contrary to what you are that. I mean I that it. If they're Becker off in how they can address the issues of global trade how they could deal with problems he Affordable Care Act how are they gonna make sure. That those who've been left behind. You know a lot of white working middle class a lot of people just in general how they get a fiscal problems. They still need to offer solutions to that otherwise the voters in 2018. Could very well walk away from both of the parties and say a pox a broker dealer who are not actions supporting under the. So you almost quoted Shakespeare a pox on both of your house isn't and I think that a lot of folks. I agree I think a lot of folks you'd be sitting in the middle going will neither one and you are new and I mean forming salons gonna sit here and there and kind of launching self destruct. At a time unfortunately but David show it's always a pleasure appreciate you being with us with Cameron University Hamlin dot edu of people wanna find is it a good place. That's a great plate the finally it and I out of the blocks arms shall we take Blogspot dot com. Or put a lot of stuff out there people wanna look at a. Running and again I appreciate your time very very much Smart guy three time Fulbright scholar who is a taught in Europe and in all over the place reported having him on again. Hamlin university political science professor. Here's Levitt's NN entry to be Greek to you launch the bigger problems. Weekend. All over the world which may affect actors put together an attack on computers using the windows operating system and at all. Started because the NSA. Had some. Cyber tools released from actors. So lots of books have been some big issues we go now to ABC's Tom rivers and a it and there was a concern that when Monday rolled around there was going to be another rash another outbreak of these because of people going back to work in turn their computers on how does that play out. Yet there there certainly could be isolated case love that of a person they left Friday morning didn't touch their computer until maybe. Sometime on Monday yes there could be could be some issues but for the most part. Certainly here in the UK there is no second way for and I guess it all has to do exactly 22 year old kid. Over here who knew what he was doing got in and went into the software and found that there was. If you will they kill switch in layman's terms and applied that standard basically shut down all of the all of the ransom where activity at least here in the UK but of course this is spread over a hundred. In fifty countries has gone just about everywhere you'd be hard pressed to find a country weren't hasn't touched some person or organization. And it's it's you know the worry isn't okay this time we'll get through this the Serb particular episode. But the second wave third way force WAV whatever it's gonna be stronger and more difficult may be to deal with it. Wonder wonder how much reinforcement these factors are getting that. People are actually paying up so it's certainly worth two to give it another efficient try again. There might feel. And again I guess some people have paid very few I guess but does the advice is don't pay any thing. And of course you've probably heard over the weekend Microsoft has been putting out patches for a all of its operating systems including those like XP which are now out of date but reporting them out there are so people will be protected. I guess that's a good reminder for everybody we saw the pure worker home he's PDs things saying you know update your your package because we've got some. Some security issued patches and you know sometimes you go up too busy not gonna do that but period guess he should do that and you'd get in the habit of doing that either automatically or manually do it maybe once a week quantum also the lug nuts. So I know windows XP was one of the main targets of this is that affecting other windows operating systems as well. It is bought it seemed like the newer models say here when those can. Very little. Kind of activity on the upscale XP a lot of the computers in the national health service here. Are are still XP. And that the reason for that is that created the government here the conservative government is early start. The national health service global resource that they should have done their CV IP people say look we need money to upgrade the stuff. And they are government blood in its wisdom that there are no you don't really need does stoppage work and final period we're gonna cut corners well. Whenever you cut corners it will bite you in the back side at some stage film world and certainly did this weekend here. More than half the infected computers were that were said to be in Russia's another the other Russians are pointing the fingers and saying that this was a US attack. Well again I guess we don't know a lot of a lot of companies have been affected your Russia as well we know. Think in terms of say there was a biological lab that was producing something nasty and some other back door flew open and has dropped escaped well. That analogies being used with the NSA veritable underdeveloped. And somebody in there are released it and then restrict built by a bad folk around the planet. Am trying to employ it to to make ill gotten gains. And that's where we are right now Hillary is the host of questions a lot of people look at Washington and saying you know how. How urgent security I think you better double up on that also. If they knew there was this week as the Microsoft blood in the pick up the port of call Microsoft months ago saying. There's the potential problem here you've got to purchase stuff up I didn't happen. Nuts because they wanna do it to be open so that if they needed to use it it would still be there for them to a to plow went to those who know Tom rivers of ABC always a pleasure and fortunately it's not a very pleasant discussion. To talk about your computer getting taken over ransom where do you really understand what it is so. Which if your computer but and so that Google doc you're working on it's a message to your files and documents have been encrypted if you want the code to bring them back pay up. In that point. Well you just Atlanta where it's the worst. Ransom has been around for years took a recent surge in popularity has made everyone from hospitals to small business owners to it. Well you more vulnerable than ever first ransom are just malware with a funny name and a dash extortion. It's all the things that you do to avoid malware not opening entrusted emails and not looking strange links that'll keep you safe here too. But even if you slipped there's a straightforward way to protect. Back up your stuff all of it I know it's a pain but seriously do it in most cases ransom are locks up only what's on your actual computer so. And you've got to carbon copy somewhere in the class outer not a backup hard drive I have to do is wipe your desktop and mistreated from the back up. You back in business so what happens if you click malicious link. He unlocked at your computer and you don't have a backup and whether to pay up as your choice just remember that while we'll probably keeping that code the unlocks your stuff. It also to SaaS business. As they're very true things are so bad in Russia I mean that's where the majority of the computers were neck. More than half of them Brahma cross the world's words and infected in Russia's. There was a minute to postpone the reading of our government emails maybe a few Baghdad. Today the president did order the Homeland Security advisor Tom Basra to hold an emergency meeting that happened Friday night. It was called to take a look at the assassins. This threat and how big it could be this old ransom where attack. The senior security staff held another meeting in the White House situation room on Saturday. And so another look at about how the FBI and the NSA can identify who did this to put this all together and ran it. So that they can then go after this guy and then also probably learned a few things from stealers are here maybe it was mythical. Maybe this was just an advertisement for big goings. Good enough for what would happen if your money this subdivision. You got it in the bank and all the sudden some cyber hacker comes along is it possible that your money could just go find I never to be seen again. Chris what the former assistant director FBI and head of cyber and criminal division's of the FBI had retirement. Joins us here and it's kind of a coincidence that today you're in DC talking about this very situation is that right Chris. Now that's correct. Yeah okay you'd be talked into about it here's a digits it's a broad financial audience they have that he did this is a pervasive crime ramp somewhere. I count takeover credit card compromise I tell my audience booed the third most pervasive crime problem we have today. So and I know that you're the Bank of America in the past here how old. How realistic could it be that a hacker could get into a large banks system others via their wills burger you fill in the blank here. And literally just wipe out accounts 'cause money's. Just basically but zeros and ones in Dotson did send. It's all electronic at this point in time right. Well sir it's certainly possible nothing it's such as the united secure but what's more likely. And most people get very hung up on the technical aspects of this type of crime. None but 90s95%. Time when the bad guys or have gotten into a system it's still a simple spear Phishing email to. A customer or someone in our inside the financial institution but most likely the customer. Which allows them to install a key logger on the person's computer name and excited to their bank gas account Purdue they use our. And in the Baghdad sir it would despite the dealer in the third bigger accounts and take everything. So it's more the individual users as opposed to the overall system itself emanating from the bank. New York. I culprit human aspect of talk about our walls and antivirus and no sand boxing and all the technical terms their really it than the one. During which are all due to protect ourselves just be aware of what fishing and social engineering emails look like. They usually one liner with a link. And they're usually come from so when you think as a under very close associates. If you look at it carefully that the different email address is coming out here. What would be a bank's biggest fear rather than this a spear Phishing with a individuals on the outside which is. An unfortunate situation for those individuals doesn't affect the bank is much directly. What would be their biggest concern in their biggest fear that thing that keeps him up at night. Tumbled big. Earned broader electorate denial of service attackers on him to shut down both Swiss system to thank our system so shut down their networks. So there HM machine didn't work in their trance they're transaction processing. System didn't work and I bet more gonna compromise. Nation's state like North Korea or our brand or China or Russia. Is is that what happened to perhaps why and was it Indonesia. And North Korea was blamed for one of the biggest bank heists of all time was an electronic operation. Yes that was that was going up the swift system which is the money wire system. Yes I'm bad that the type of thing you talk about a worst nightmare about boats. Best server scud missile Burbank. So that would almost put the other perpetrators in the middle of the hose that that goes back and forth between these international banks. Exactly they basically engineer themselves get paid. Money wires. With total impunity and they can just sit back and collect the money good news be tracked. Yes OK and that I'm a Swiss system sport and it's it's happened a couple arms but also attacked the banks of denial service attacks. I'm they've got some some success with that although the bank Serb. Huge technical staff spirit would get back up and running pretty quick. So. But would paint the worst case scenario for. The entire planet but could somebody do that would be the most disruptive. That's within the means of Packard he had actually be able to do and let's assume that it's a nation state will be the worst possible scenario that we can imagine. I think it is shutting down the financial system of the white blood of any economy in the world economy in the variable there. Shut down the big war banks in the United States for example. And basically put us back into the stone ages when it comes the financial transactions people can't get to their money. Commerce stop everything stop sending them to stop. That being bigger issues then they're gone after the entire infrastructure green power grid or the media arousal. Take your pick yet and theft power. I mean it was thought it all works together yet we column are critical infrastructure and that's why there's about seven or eight critical infrastructure. I view the financial system known as the life blood of any society and that's where our our enemies searchers are now called Russia an enemy career can be an enemy. North Korea. China. I ran that they would like them strategic capability. Shut down our financial system now agree more accurate than you know ten army. We've been the United States in our policies and and the way that we think there would be considered an act of war wouldn't. O'Hare. That could get ugly that you get a really fast. Yes security to a bit of his broad in scope. And we've had these limited scope or cracked them that they cause problems that they haven't caused major you know major shut down. Connectivity has been a blessing for a long long time connectivity may end up being course. Yeah you have to respect the Internet and bring a partner backward and wrap the opposite you don't use the Internet. You'd have to respect the danger Citic there's there and pitch. Scary times Chris weicker former assistant director of BI and had a cyber and criminal visions of the FBI at retirement do it worked with the Bank of America speaking today. In Washington on this very very sub. Segment last time that we I have to contend with a sense for sure. And started to a computer guy over the weekend and said you know what. It's real important that you're internal systems whatever it is that's running your company on the inside has a completely separate set of servers that's not connected to the Internet. So there is no chance of infection. Rather than through things like some drives here and and that sort of thing. So a break and backward to be talking with a more about trump potential shake ups and and what are we need to do to get that. Democrats to back that hack off and start acting like adults or break him back and they knew coming up on news 1110993. WBT. Tough over the weekend the president sent them. Another little interview this time we've George you name. It more than six came up was one of those hot button issues that people were talking about about the other games calming firing situation was and that had to deal with loyal. To even suggest that the question that. Apparently to New York Times is selling bank US economy whether or not you had his loyalty and was possibly inappropriate. Who can just how they think I read I read that article I don't think it's surprising of Britney and where's that last no. No I didn't but I don't think it would be a big question asked I think loyalty to the country loyalty to the United States is important. You know I mean it depends on how you define what loyalty. Number one number two I don't know how that got there. Because I didn't ask that question them. Loyalty so that's a premier be the other one that seems to have. I have the the left wing crashed just slow robbery as well as the Democrats have to deal we have tapes what do. About the idea that they in between you said that there might be tape recordings tell about it and talk about I won't talk about that all I want is for coming to be honest. And I hope we will leave them. And you will be depends on whether any action gets called to testify. But these seem to be like distracted. You know distracted issues because wanted to comes down to a they the polls are showing that nobody. Really cares all that much about combing and what happens with him and what sort of testimony. And that people really don't have this Russert Russia investigation at the top of their mind. Except for the Democrats of course so they can an issue they're not dealing. With what's important. Mean if you if you pull the American people and tell me where you where you sit on that this year. The most important issues for you injured lights. The availability and affordability of health care that seems to be according to several to propose a liver at the most important thing. For you and me on a day to day basis we want health care to be done. Forget the investigations into Russia right. Let's get healthcare done and taking care of so that we can just let that would go. Breathe a sigh of relief do what everybody says they want which is the repeal and the replacement of obamacare with something. That will be sustainable forest and will be enough. To take care of those that you love and yourself the economy. That's more important isn't it. Absolutely a stocks higher again today and that's continuing to go and so. You know and people point fingers and saying a lot all all the economic stuff and the reason that things are so good. Is because a President Obama and it's time to sir given president trump. The currently accolades that he deserves about that because what he has created. With the economy is confidence which is the most important thing to drive hiring to drive capital outlays for big businesses. That's what drives the books. The possibility of future terrorist attacks in the United States I know that this is this is something well all of a sudden. This one's back on the radar again here because Osama bin Laden's son. Has come out with a video. No no we have kids with the last time I thought about them they were just kids literally. But he's encouraged extremist or launch lone wolf attacks against the worst this was a video that was released over the weekend he urges followers to embark on suicide missions. The cause the most damage and go for the jugular. Of the enemy. X is this is advice for anyone who intends to carry out a martyrdom operation. So it is at a bigger concern of viewers know in Russia and that investigation. I would say when it all comes down to it it means more to me. Then whether or not there was any sort of collusion with the with the top administration and ending election and the Russians very big deal Social Security. I'm not one out of the Social Security age just yet I go a ways to go as far as that go to but I don't want that to disappear you know I put my money into the system how much you. Is that more important to you than what the Democrats are talking about which is independent probes into Russian collusion. The the bitch and a moment that the president got two scoops of ice cream when everybody else just got one. The whole situation about Sean Spicer and hiding in the bushes and whether or not there's going to be a shake up. In the in the wife sent White House and through that administration there. Is this is really what the world of politics. Point fingers. Scratch and trying to leave blood marks. As opposed to getting down to the business of what it is that we need here in America this is why we put trouble not a strike to get things done. And you would think that the Democrats would would see the advantage in the in the benefits. To being a part of getting things done. Other than just stupid partisan politics. Chap called depth in the last hour and and he had a pretty good suggestion. The one of the ways that we might be able to get the left and the right to sit down is to pick up project. And take care of some people that nobody can argue. Doesn't doesn't need it. And any suggestion was that veterans and he talked about it a ride it's coming up on 45 at the end of the month here there was an interesting interesting approach. Instead of findings have been that we're gonna be so. Longer headed about let's find something that we can sit down and and and see what it's like can feel what it's like to actually get something done. You know of course the left has got different ideas about energy in the affordability was gonna do for the year. Broke the right has different ideas too because what we don't want the same thing. When it all comes down to it we want affordable energy and we wanna take care of the earth as much who possibly can't. And create a balance within it so where do you stand what's the most important issue for you today to push aside Russia. Let's push aside Nancy Pelosi wind defer to force a vote on an independent probe into the Russian coalition. The sandbagging. And the other holding back on whether or not they're going to allow a new FBI directors to be nominated. Mean those aren't things that they think are huge issues bird day in day out. There's really no impact on me other than some conversations. But it doesn't make a hill of beans difference whether or not I get out of bed on the left side to get out of bed on the right side whether it's gonna change what I do when I go to the grocery store. Whether I'm gonna fill up my tech aghast. There's absolutely no bearing. What about the other income and wealth distributions here group says it's a talking point for the left the far left they point a finger and say it's unfair does it. Really matter to you. When it comes down to a does the size of the federal government. Really make that much of the difference that's one of the top issues that people are talking about and various polls. So will ago where are you on this what's more important. Then investigating the Russian connection. More important you know as well there are below where his villas with it. Well you do is Buenos dias and then you disappeared. I'm not gonna take that as a personal affront willing but I will be commune called back 704571110. As a telephone number what is most important you what's more important. Then the Russian investigation. Or. You know hiring another FBI director jamming you concerned about health care. Jim. Desk. The problem that I assume is applied constant medical care. Hospitals don't care who plays similar work plant has been so they get paid carriage fees or perjury. They'll get beat 80% from Medicare for example a Konerko troops don't don't get it into your career record percent internal Brcko collection agency. It is low profit organization has or retiring. CEO who reckon two million dollar figure out that no profit organization. But hospital strictly insurance Cablevision entrenched at stake past or about the chain. Where where would you please put the real blame is that the insurance companies there's a deal the medical providers. I let some medical providers. What an insurance company at all encouraged it and called the very Dragic took a couple of kilometers two. You look at a bill should be tried large we're part of it might be pro and urban if you don't have dependent on Whitaker. He'll have a 12100 they're reputed engineer to get their last dollar. Can't move. It's just ridiculous what so might also born in working sixty or the hospital bills are reassembled deductibility of certain chronic heart. He's going for inflation. That is totally. Disconnected with electric charging today. No I agree with the one of the issues that adds to the cost of our of our medical care. Is that there are a lot of people who aren't paying for it because the hospitals can't turn people away. So they've got to eat those cost so that I could spread to all of us Jim is called 70457011. Tenured WB TV issues who controls them. I'm well thank you so much the issue because everybody calls secure border everybody won't help chairman vital building market driven implied no help here firewall retirement. Oh did you notice does your system and everybody will get here they can control all those issues brought up. For the government does. And ended not Democrats. Finger all Republicans not given up almost doubled. It's thick hair are growing Mongolia. Where the larger goal is right mankind ever created US government. Jim here's what Jim Dent our gym here's a question for you the you know I hear what you're saying and I agreed that the all those issues are very very important. Hum building the wall or border security. That's one that has to fall to the government to take care of us and them. Well it but the government not. Knowing I understand no I I I hear you loud and clear on that went. What about health care we want market driven healthcare. So do we need to take that away from the government so that they're they're no longer involved in it in any form or fashion. Yes good issue about Obama care as a matter US healthcare system Republicans have cooked up. I bought all that my pace pick you up also bottle here it's like nobody talked about the real well and really. Pointed outlet that playing Johnson Medicare established in 1960 yeah well. Yeah I mean that was a beginning on and then gonna go back even further you can go look at Roosevelt and say wedeman this this new deal thing here was really the beginning of the yet. More of your calls coming up on the other side do we really care about Russia there are more things more important things to worry about what ours 704 or 57 of 1110.