The Scott Shooting, Kingston Trio, Hurricane Maria and More

John Hancock
Wednesday, September 20th

What has changed since the Scott Shooting, George Grove of The Kingston Trio, i Read The News and more.


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This is John Hancock. Joy you're go about right now. We were doing while we're doing right now. You probably came on and said hey there hi there ho there or as. As we can be. And and we proceeded dead do whatever was so we proceed to do. I don't remember what they're show content would have been the Pentagon and found out. But job. At some point. In the next hour or hour and a half a year ago. I believed during a traffic report. We heard that there had been an officer involved shooting. I think that's how it all came down. I don't remember the specific time but it was about 4 o'clock in the afternoon someplace giver take. And who would have known at the time. Did that. Notation in night tanker traffic report. Would have such a profound effect. On so many. Including. Charlotte, North Carolina. A law which would then. Dominate the national news headlines for the next couple of nights. Because of what took place in the streets. And protests. And as some will call it an uprising. So it's been a year. And. We'll head out. A meeting on air a meeting with fellow Republican candidate for mayor Kenny Smith yesterday. And he talked about the City Council meeting where. It got real contentious. And at the end of the meeting rather than do bailout to back door he walked into the crowd and said. I oats. Let's talk. Pretty pretty gutsy move actually annoy and one that actually kind of put Kenny on the map of being. At least worthy of some respect him. And recognition. Sir we are a year later article in the newspaper today. Talks about last fall's protests led do increase funding off for workplace development. And it talks about what may have been no wardrobe what has been done and all right and know what hasn't been done after. This Scott protest turned violent. Two years after a 2014 study from Harvard university and UC Berkeley that very showed poor children in Charlotte are the least likely to escape poverty. Among their peers in America's fifty largest cities. And I don't know that we've necessarily improved. That rating. And I don't really understand I guess why Charlotte would. I'll be at the bottom of that list as soon as opposed to some other. Cities but it does designate. A lack of attention I suppose in some area or another. We have learned in the last year that housing. Is pretty much available for the people who are working poor but it is in short supply for the or Florida really pour. So while Lowell we'll talk about that in a second not 345 today my understanding yes and I don't know if the timing of that presser today. With the widow of people want Scott was chosen at that time because that also would designate about the same time that this. Incident took place on in those departments out there are no university here. But nonetheless at 345. Or thereabouts. Bomb. The widow of Keith Scott. Is to. Is to hold up. Press conference or make a statement. Rookie Scott. And she's already. Listed in Charlotte Observer says the small article have been observer as having said they failed my husband. Widow of people martz got on Charlotte Mecklenburg police department they failed my husband. So why here we are no one year anniversary of the police shooting that killed keep LaMont shots god and is so widow criticized the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department say my husband didn't deserve to die. Deserved. To die. And that anybody necessarily deserves. The to die. But. She remains angry about the confrontation with officers that led to her husband's death. And if I were in her shoes are probably would till. You see the truth as you see the truth. You see the truth. Based on how it affects you or what you believe the truth to be your what you want the truth to be just like gut. Republicans and Democrats watched the network they wanna watch because that's the dialogue that they prefer to hear. Now are the same standpoint my viewpoint from all of long distance could be just as skewed as heard viewpoint from a close distance. But she. She said apparently to the observer they failed me. They failed my family. And most importantly they've failed my husband. No Mecklenburg County district attorney Andrew Murray and Charlotte Mecklenburg police are remote determined that the officer. That shot Scott was justified. Scott stepped out of an SUV with a gun in his hand and ignored commands from five officers on the same to drop it. The shooting unleashed a couple of nights of vigils and street violence and and several more days of protests. We're Kia shot Scott. Who witnessed the shooting you'll remember in fact. She was allowed to turn the video over to the police the original video that was shot was her video. And down. She said that her husband likely did not Obey police commands because he took more than ten different medications for ailments that included a traumatic brain injury. Something that the police department would not have known when this incident started. She also points out that she said he had just taken his medicine which often left him dazed and non responsive for up to thirty minutes. Shots were fired after her. She told officers you can mirrored on the tape that he suffered from TBI which is an abbreviation from traumatic brain injury. She's quoted today as saying I was yelling to the officers. But then she said my voice didn't matter. She did yell that to the officers. Don't shoot him don't shoot Niemi has no weapon. He has no weapon. Don't shoot him. She said that to the officers still. She said. This is the transcript of that video. He doesn't have a gun. She said that to the officers still. So she says they my voice didn't matter of if you're looking at a guy and he's holding a gun and some ladies stand and they're saying he doesn't have a gun kinda desperate out your credibility. Kind of makes you think okay. This is not necessarily good source for information yet makes that judgment on the on the same. He doesn't have a gun he has a TVI. Now I don't I assume I I guess have police officers should noted TV guy is none of us did. But I there's a reason why I would. So I'm assuming that approve bid adieu she says he's got a TBI out of police officer would know that means traumatic brain injury but I. I don't know if that did or not. Drop the gun dropped the happened on I don't shoot him don't shoot him drop the gun that's an officer. He didn't know anything. Officer drop the gun drop the gun case of Smith you don't have a gun he has a TBI. Officer drop the gun. Rick here. He's not going to do anything to you guys. He just took his medicine. Officer dropped the gun. Let me get up F but tonne over here. Rookie of Scott key. Don't let them break the windows come out of that car. Officer says some muffled can understand it officer dropped the gun Ricky Smith Keith don't you. Officer dropped the gun. Retain a Scott chief. Get out of the car chief. Keith don't you do it don't you do it Keith. Officer. Dropped the gun. Repairs got Keith. Keith Keith don't you do it shots. Now we all assumed her on the tape. That she was that the don't you do elect. Trying to remember what the translation on outlaws. That she was yelling that to the police officers. So but. So but anyway that's the way the tape point. So I'm anxious to hear what she has a say at 345 today. I also think that we're all just throw one. Ryan and there's no way that we cannot talk about this. But Tom. It's a one year anniversary. It's a one year acknowledgment since all of this happened. But by all accentuating and in talking about it and knowledge again and bringing him back up and throw and fuel on the fire again and just leaves a sister acceptable to. Into problems again and that's what everybody's wondered today and what's gonna happen when the sun goes down. Saw eye out at all I would hope that oh we asked Katie Smith yesterday when he talked about. Talking to two protesters at that City Council meeting both who are. Very vocal and very upset. Anyone and he talked to a woman sat down and said hi I'm Kenny and let's talk involve law and so and so forth and I asked you yesterday. If you're sitting in front of those officer those same two protesters today and they both say do you. What has been accomplished in the last year what's your answer. And you know I mean the headline in the newspaper yesterday talked about affordable housing but there's also quoted there from Malcolm Graham who said. People were out there in the streets rioting over affordable housing. So all around. I you know I I think you have to remember that study that says a report children in Charlotte are the least likely to escape poverty among their fears in many other Americans are fifty largest cities. Does that justify. Any thing that happened a year ago and all. But at some he better work on. On it's something that we all should be concerned about. Every kid should have an opportunity. Every kid should have an opportunity. And. Others did we oppressor of some sort or another with video widow of people moss got precarious cut and you should and and we don't know when that'll start but our own Joseph molest we will be down there. On and no we thought if we could find accessed audio Luo we would air live with them without that are my digital alone. Colorful or maybe too colorful for the Federal Communications Commission. So low will load will wage and I'll let that take place and then ended its and it whatever point I can. Not air the audio from that we will air the audio from that. Because I am anxious to hear what she has to say she has I will tell you right now already spoken would only be TV. The wife of Keith LaMont Scott said downwind WB TV one year after he was there shot and killed by a Charlotte Mecklenburg police officer in known north. East Charlotte. And it says open for the full interview so that'll take you to the delete BTV. Oh website so. Don't turn your radio down. But feel free to I'd jump on your Internet and head over to WB TV dot com if you'd like took. Access that interview apparently she's already spoken with them so I have not had a chance to see that but. And good judgment you might want to argue that. I won't we can get audio from the presser today. Will do that and know will probably try to access a Joseph Gillespie before that all Issa said and done with us so well. All little side note about an hour from now 55 minutes from now. We're gonna go I've talked to a guy by the name of George grove who for the last forty years has been with the Kingston trio overplaying spirit square this Friday night. They're second to the last concert is currently configured. They'll finish up panache Borough. So. Who would dissolve look forward to talking to George grow peace have been with the band since 1967. Which means I've met him before because I've done some on Kingston trio. Stuff in Jacksonville and appear on bubble talk to him look at their spirit square on Friday and we'll do that at 420 so I hope you'll be here for that. In. Sometime near the 4 o'clock hour as so when the shooting took place a year ago of a people a month Scott. And there is they oppressor with is a win over KO Scott. I'm from numbers pronouncing your name. I had to take place. It's scheduled for 345. We will. Get the audio to that as soon as we can and I share that with you as soon as we can our own Joseph Gillespie from our WBT news is down there as we speak so well. Oh we'll try to talk to him even before we get the audio C for can access Tillman know find out is generally what was said Shura. A WB TV. Story with few she is already spoken with Thelma I believe it was Sarah Blake Morgan who she spoke with. And there's an account of that up on the WB TV dot com web site. But all assure part of that with you I'd come on the air and set I don't exactly remember what we were talking about a mile program director sent me transcripts of not transcripts would. We keep federal record every day of what we talk about. So when we signed on and on Tuesday September the twentieth. 26 team. We were talking with a Mike to ruled out self driving cars. We were talking about. CEO John stalled. Was in front of the senate banking committee. RFK's. Daughter. Trump was already controversial. Coming out of the 330 news we or talked about senator Elizabeth Warren being grilled. Are drilling the wells Fargo's CEO John stump. For the sales that Wells Fargo opened per accounts and customers' names. And that continued that conversation continued until well into the 4 o'clock hour and I assume at some point in there we learned that there had been a officer shooting. And that could be are affecting traffic and so and so and aerial Boeing had no idea all that that shooting. Was going to amount to a major news story in Indy and Charlotte that we would still be talking about a year later. 430 we get our read the news 5 o'clock we had a brief discussion. About the flow of gasoline and car purchasing and the first presidential debate which. We knew the topics. We did share our thoughts and and that was kind of that would that was kind of it. Tim when you go to with a lineup of what we did the next day Wednesday. 9212016. 305 PM John says as long as the sides continue to go to their usual corners. No meaningful change will happen. John asked how people how many people really want the truth. That's what the majority you're looking for in this country the truth reporters had some minor injuries during the riots last night. And apparently I said if our TV news director I'd be scared to death to send reporters into the situations. In some cases they were sending whilst there for. They were us sending Serra Blake Morgan a mirror which I thought was and I in the middle of over our overall riot. Did send out a rather small blonde woman was I don't know don't seem too dangerous to me. At a and I got an 80 Hillary you don't really get that I gonna be dangerous for anybody. And I guess that comes with the territory. 317 John says they are talking about myself in the third person I knew people who do that sends the wrong side. Should pay the price for being wrong. Too many stupid people in this world and this was and this is what happens. Charles in the cross hairs again for the nation. Doctor Mark Garrison about what it happened the night before. We recap the night of violence of the police shootings. On and pretty much. Obviously colors commenting on the shooting. Took place the entire show. The first day of fall is tomorrow is what we wound up with the first broadcast of Monday Night Football took place on this date in 1970. And so that's what we did. A year ago tomorrow. Thursday. Two days after the shooting we talked about how Fox News and CNN recovering the riots last night but local channels had programming on. And I said you could never be police officer after watching the restraint that they showed last night. We talked about how I do our hearts hurt for the city. And that what was being portrayed on the national media's knowledge Charl was all about at least not to Charlotte that we knew. And at the Scott family would be holding a press conference soon. And then you all continued to call in and talk about the riots in that essentially dominated the rest of the there the rest of the day. I and then by the time we got to the 23 three days after the fact we were still having opened discussions about. The tape that was published by the family today. And that would have been the tape I referred to a little bit earlier. And find it is restrict. Keith Scott family released the video to the press showing the events surrounding the man's killing at the hands of police. And we referred to that because already today with the Charlotte Observer. REK if Scott had said to the Charlotte Observer I assume that's where this came from they failed my husband. And she has a court at one point about how the police didn't listen to her. How her husband didn't deserve to die. They failed me she said they failed my family and more importantly they've failed my husband. And at some point she gets to our she says so. She brings up all she's has a cell phone released by the family are lavish shows that those shots were fired after Scott's wife told the officers that he suffered from a TBI. An abbreviation for traumatic brain and street an injury and she brought that up. And she set I was yelling at the officers broke my voice didn't matter what seems to be missing from that story is she also told officers he doesn't have a gun. Well she's still contends he doesn't have a gun. And she shot the video that shoulder holster on his ankle right. And she contends it and have Ulster. That's what she told WB TV today I'll get back to that just second or. Smith spoke to a thug WB TV. Spoke to us Sara Blakemore general there are and if you go to WB TV dot com you can now see the video and also see. The story you that was submitted by Serb like Morgan. Me I'm sure with your. You're an overkill Smith so walked into the northeast Charlotte apartment to see your husband at the center of an encounter with the Charlotte Mecklenburg police officers sworn to realty Scott killed by. Officer apparently pence and she sat down with the WB TV. I told him I was going inside the house to charge my phone but I couldn't sit still. Charging my phone and I just toe went out the backdoor and I saw them posting up against my husband telling him to drop the gun that he never had. She recorded the incident on her cell phone and in the video which spread quickly she is heard telling him Keith don't do it. Questions were raised about what she meant she said she wasn't talking. To her husband. That she was talking to the officers don't Europe. Quote there's a pause in between their because there is so much going on I looked at him I'm looking at the officers on speaking to the officers been the same time I'm still trying to focus on my husband. Then hours after the shooting of a Charlotte Mecklenburg police department police chief Kerr Putney puts all the press conference saying is officer believed he was in danger when no Scott got out of his vehicle with a handgun. Now police say Scott ignored multiple commands to drop his weapon though that the tape. You hear them say. More than just a few times dropped the gun. Days later Ciampi. She says I don't care what they provided. I was with this man daily. I know what today he had and what he didn't. I would've been the first to know if he had a weapon close quote. We can't still has questions offense that was the officer who shot her husband he she says say in this interview with sir blame Morgan and WB TV well at this point following all the video. I won't take that officer Vincent shot my husband as I said before. That's not how it played down it's not how it went down before in my eyes I was there. Our word of the shootings spread social media crowd started together old Concord Road global law eruption noted violence throughout uptown Charlotte she says it was hard because I don't even know what my feelings were on that day. At that moment. And not all that going on it hurt I understood I understood but it hurt. Yeah I'd WB TV Astor of Hershey believe that the protests were necessary she says I won't say it wasn't. Just not to that extent not to that extreme. Tom Benson was exonerated in November. And she says to WB TV it hurt but I expected it and didn't expect anything less. Hope for the best but. I've seen it enough to know they're always let free they're always able to leave and go home to their family but my husband couldn't come home to hills. Close quote. Year later she's so moved. And it doesn't say where. And tries to stay busy weather seven children and five grandchildren. But obviously a September 20 finished the front Vermont and she says she's this year apparently she stared down the camera serve like Morgan this is her account of her interview she stared down the camera when I asked. What she'd tell officer Vinson about her husband. In her case Scott answered quote you murder a good man you left us without the rock of our family. No matter what you heard. That was the rock of our family. An interview is up on the WB TV web site. And on FaceBook and know why don't you put a link to that. Oh can we do that legally. Put a link to that on the Hancock page to WB TV so they get to where events. And the credits since they're the ones who would do the interview so. Precarious Scott is to do way oppressor. And maybe already has. Or is in the process of doing it as we speak. And our own Joseph Gillespie is there and so we will look try to get in touch wood Joseph Gillespie and as soon as that audio is available we will load share that with you as well. One year later. Here's where we stand a pretty interesting article in the paper today and pretty interesting editorial today a year later so much still to be done says the editorial board of the observer. And a below the fold front page article last fall's protests lead to increased funding for workforce development. But you have so many people moving into the area that the people you actually help. They're not quite sure that you were making any progress at all wolf. We'll share some of that with you in the next half hour as well. Highway just listened. How do we beat TV two Ricky has got to make her statement which was not necessarily. Three written or. Scripted. The lawyer. The younger of the two lawyers. Has this been speaking spoke for a while and then made way for a Q Scott too makes some comments and essentially she talked about it's been a long trying year. And herders say something along the lines of what she said to. And in the interview that we just a shared with you a few moments ago from a Serb like Morgan WB TV. That the officers were. Able to go on to their family soon know her husband was not. Arm and and and now more open no we're gonna see. How clean the feeders that we just recorded. TJ is an effort that and we'll also check praise for Joseph Gillespie who is there are. And see if he's got a cleaner feed there was a little kids singing in the background. Which a little disconcerting. But. But she didn't. Like this issue wasn't scripted she didn't come out with anything no predetermined. I'd doesn't seem like she necessarily had a a motive. For appearing before the press they and I mean and really in positive ways stand to lose lose and everything else. Candidate you know on listen it's a year. Milestones like that are tough. And I it's always hard to believe. To the extent that it's already been a year that it's been a year. So anyway that's Troy are a year later now what takes place for the rest of today. I don't have a clue. Tom I got a guy I would hope that we had made enough progress that we wouldn't Josie a re occurrence of anything close to what we saw last year. But I don't know that that would be based on any so called progress that we've made there has been some addressing. Affordable housing. And as the paper points out this morning. There has. Been an increase in funding go for workforce development. And there have been. A number of people who have gone through training and ended up with construction jobs and and and other jobs that they probably wouldn't have had otherwise. What is the paper points out this morning it's harder relief. Put any. Hard core progress on that if you all the sudden put 75. People who. Might have had no direction or a good job a year ago and and you also and give them jobs but you also have a city. In which. I think they said 44 people a day come in here. And not all of them are trained well trained or anything and so they're requiring jobs as well all of that and you're just do you not even really. Gotta keep an up. So. The the Scott protests that turned violent. Last year came a year after or so two years now. After a 2017 steady from Harvard university and UC Berkeley that showed poor children in Charlotte are the least likely to escape poverty. Among their peers. In America's fifty largest cities. And. There and I guess we gutters of about them. But I you don't people have to do something about that too we have people have to do something to help themselves people have to. Put themselves on a path for success. It may be in some ways we need to print some road maps for some people so that they understand that the road to they're on right now is not the right road but. Are your successes still dependent on. Nor drive. On your resolve to to make something of yourself. But obviously more opportunity needs to be either made available or be defined. To counteract that study there has got to be a reason why Charlotte is the least likely. For kids. More children to escape poverty among their peers in the human and America's fifty largest cities there's got to be a reason for that I don't have the idea I don't have the. None of the answer to that. But it is unacceptable. Nobody should grow up. And feel like they never have a chance. Everybody should feel like bail least have an opportunity to. Now whether or not you're willing to put in the time in the effort enough on air and and and educate yourself for. We're started the bottom and work your way up. I do think that there's an I guess is true of any generation but. It would seem to some extent at least for a while there are there was the younger generation was kind of thinking that. And wanna start at the bottom there wanna started the middle or they wanted to start at the top that and Warrick. They don't want those 181000 dollar 21000 dollar 44000 dollar a year job there one of the 43000 dollar a year job. And college period ended did didn't guarantee that either. So. Blasted us. You got it. This is what their retain a Smith are rescues her remain a Scott. The widow of people Moscow has said just moments ago. It's been hard yeah trying year. Ace ace. Okay. And I children being there's still going through aegis is. We grieve as just it's just as any other team and the world. Pound losing a California. I just don't want him what I wanted to. Actually what I do when he's for the community for Charlotte who understand that. The truth was not given by CNET TV. Paying no matter what they say at the end of the day in my husband didn't deserve to die symptoms when you. And that's why over there he'd deserve that because. He has so much so therefore he had. Look at his children look out famine I mean it's only seven year. Life. Please imagine. You killed my rock. Until my children's rocking YouTube got. He took from us way. Cool. I was really hours. Offices wave and go home and be with their family. My my husband wasn't able to come home from. I just next day. Just give us time to pin to get through. It's just been a long time me. Long before before you open that was her comment actually she said Vickers are we couldn't hear the TV feed Russo are kind of garbled so she actually said more than Moreira parachutes. But. Organization and come out with a prepared this speech for senator and then along those lines earlier our motive remission that I can tell but do those were her statements just moments ago our own note. Not a journalist you are so there where we're just talking about the Arab. Four children in Charlotte least likely to escape poverty among their peers. Malcolm Graham yesterday in the paper with. A story about affordable housing and and whether or not the numbers that have been claimed actually are the numbers that. There are. Did nationally mean that new units of affordable housing have been built in a lot of cases places have been refurbished. But nonetheless. Kim and I think it about the apartment complex that I started out when I got here in 1990. Which was called oh willow. Oaks that it. Park road extension. They had just started doing that whole section of a 485. Which are at this particular section would have been they've brought a piece that goes between 51 himself boulevard. Willow ridge jumps ours will ridge apartments. Now willow ridge when I got here early 1990 was your standard you know the floor plan and we've all lived in on one and two bedroom floor plans. The whole kitchen at out there with a dining room off the side does that feeds into the living room and all waited goes down to either a bedroom and bathroom two bedrooms and no they don't. It's the same or planets throughout the country. And so we lived there and told. Well until I got married and no we built a house in Cameron would. So until about 1995. And I got gone back through their a couple of times couple times for mr. LG reasons. Comes just use their dumpster. And I watched the population it's inching you can you can kind of tell what's going all of the apartment complex fire looking at the cars. And when I when I moved generic it was brand new and and it was filled with nice cars and his over the years the cars have got a little older and a little bit there are more beat up and little more age on them and so I think that apartment complex has been refurbished a couple of times. But the last time I went through there was probably three to five years ago. All right and it at this point is probably still in good enough shape that you could go in Aron. Because I think there's still maintain a well I think they've mandated well over the years. But I mean all the sudden at some point. Was special when all the growth it's going on right now. Those apartments are gonna end up being if not already obsolete they're gonna be replaced by the other apartments are going up and down south boulevard and all the growth the node that is so when the guys coming in nerves somebody is moving in here now like I did in 1990. The Alamo of their error. And rev par black's old along one of the new ones. So what do you do with the old apartment complex as well one of the problems is as the bland that there are built on developers still covet land. And Gerri at bay that never be more than happy to go in there and terror down at all apartment complex like that. If they can take that land and they can build it back up and that's one of the problems that that. Penders affordable housing. But apartment complexes like that. Should be able to be brought back up to standard. With little effort. And that should be made available us. Affordable housing which would also to me and maybe I'm wrong in my thinking here. But it would to me there's apartment complexes like death scattered all over the city that are now 303540. Years old. We also keep us from throwing. For people all on the same areas of talent. Bill we would start to move. Affordable housing in and around even some neighborhoods or some sides of town. Then always fight like hell to keep that out there and why did they keep out there because they turn out to be crime ridden. Places. That are kept up well. Because the residents there have no skin in the game so they don't care about the condition of the place. So I don't know I just the way in my mind works is if you're an affordable housing if you're being given a break if your. If the city is helping you. Maintain a living there should be an obligation. On your part to take care of that place. And to maintain that place. And it somehow or another it is you or your family. Daddy is contributing to a delinquency. Or a crime problem in that area Asian be booted out there. To be made way for somebody who actually needs help. Arm but isn't. Isn't trying to be a detriment to the community. At the same time I don't wanna kick mom out ever apartment but. Listen if the sun jeers and it is a drug hang out. Then he's the one that's put mom in jeopardy. I don't know that's just the way my head work some I'm sure are well known mostly. And drive history. I have had a chance a couple of times over the last thirty or forty years to. I. I opened some events with Kingston trio. Boulder, Colorado a thousand years ago and I guess about 2030 years ago we opened up a palladium on Jacksonville beach when those were gunned down there. Kingston trio is coming through on plans spirit square this self Friday night. Hey you're George aria. I think it is far I think I'm working on an old dial floaters of them here I there I can't get a we can't meet older I don't know what I'm not at the that is sort of scenario where they're not just gonna say is speaking out you've been right given what the Kingston trio since 1976. And insecurities your story's pretty interesting because you grew up listening to home as well. And then you replaced bill Zorn. And then lose one of the originals than bill came back. But you would have been part of the group when I. We all opened up pavilion down at Jacksonville beach about 2030 years ago I was doing morning's down there. You've been on the road ever sent to your get credited Colin Paula today this your second to the last concert talk to me a little bit about the out. Yes well our bills awarded not one of the originals but he's but I did replace him in 1976. It came in the group in 1973. When bill when Bob Shane the the last remaining original number who still owns the group. But it was put them back together again as the new Kingston trio. And he was in the group that separated the 76. Bills or lost. When the told. Bob that he had to go over to England and work with his brother over there and so he went over there and had a couple of records in England. And then when he came back to this country Bob had a heart attack in 2003 and bill was right here just happened to Bob's place. So bill and I didn't have known each other for a long time and work together for a long long time. But. You're right I was listening. To my older sisters directors she still lives just outside of Boone. And a sore anomalous. Going to school in and living Gordon are still living in Hickory, North Carolina. Not too far from him. And the Kingston trio is always had. That album out of her hands and I said that's my album and I'm going to be one of that group. Well we'll tackles eleven years old what I know about self fulfilling prophecies. Parliament and now an eleven year old Singh and Scotch and soda isn't legal in North Carolina. I think at that. Well there were also in the mountains. That's what I have you idea you've got a point Cuba you've got a point well bed that's that's a pretty big honored or beyond to be able to which are name on the Kingston trio because. I got to thinking today about the return kind of acoustic music you Wyden called Americana then but Americana is a genre right now. This is extremely popular. High end and really if you look at bands like the Kingston trio they were they were kind of the roots of Americana. Well that's very true. To look back at the beginning of the Kingston trio are 1958. The group on the very first Grammy. More from Tom Dooley and country western music. Because we have no full category. So next year because the Kingston trio so wildly popular I put in a full category and location trio one man Grammy also. So many go until 2011 when when we've won a Grammy for a lifetime achievement award. But I think they've done away with a full category known soul. Clustered under that Americana label. Well now we've got to Billie Lou got some friends here in town called David Brothers and and I see that most of his folk from time to time but. But they admit that they're not Kingston Trier Peter Paul and Mary a new Christy minstrel smoke they that sold sometimes they cannot. Use a classification. I guessed kind of stretch it to and make it mean what they want it to mean. I think that you record companies need to market records so they will categorize them. I mean that's the easiest way to sell on the news to give the name. I don't know that entertainers. Are especially care to to be our defiant like that because once you define something you may have limited it. But probably David Brothers got most got a bit got more room speed dial my phone. This is a great banjo player and their concerts are so much fun. They're good friends of ours got a good friend of mine another there they're dead Jim one of my best friends here in town amend. In fact or do we just I don't play a local deal for us just recently. You're a player room spirit square now listen the Kingston trio has played some of the great halls in the country but my blowing theater which was named after a guy named limits my glow and who I used to hang his head here at this. Legendary three call radio station. Now McClellan theaters spirit square is is just a really special room with great acoustics in I think you're gonna really enjoy what you're doing their. You're gonna then go from here to what ash bill. Going to Asheville north correct and Leo final concerts. And that's why your final concert right. That's correct and there's going to be another group out there called Kingston trio put out into the group for 41 years. And will be hanging it up after the Charlotte and Nashville concert. What's so this is a little bit Astoria our history another reason you should head out on a Friday night and you can go to Blumenthal arc start org if you need to get some my ticket information or call 372. 01000 what are you gonna do just watch sunsets in Nevada. We thought well I released in fact I'll probably be going over to Ireland to Las Vegas. Then uploading or over to the university in Nevada Las Vegas and doing some teaching over there. Very cool payless and I hope you have they I'll get up packed room and really enjoy it and then I hope your concert at that she'll just turns out to be memorable. Are for you personally for forty hard years on the road with the Kingston trio. And thank you for turnouts in time for us this afternoon. Well look around there's going to be very very special because that's I was born and raised in victory. Sister still look up in the mountains are a lot of friends there I went to school Wake Forest University. So lots of friends and relatives coming to both concerts and I think we still have some room in Charlotte. For a few people so if you really wanna come out in the signify to borrow a very special group. Bill written myself. Are going to do our utmost to entertain everybody and those wonderful Kingston trio. Kingston trio spirit square this Friday night 7043721000. Or go to Blumenthal arts dot organ that's the way that works George my pleasure thank you sir. Mandarin at you right. Thirteen. I'm wander over there was say hello to our very on Joseph Gillespie who was Donna via press conference today that not only feature virtually Scott but also her lawyer the younger of the YouTube. But Joey we kind of heard what she said and she I thought maybe she'd be scripted or have a kind of a mission now should generally appeared. To have that she still doesn't believe low and a lot of what. We all we all kind of assumed to be fact but tell me a little bit about not only are her appearance but also what the lawyer had to say. Are not I think the apparent towards. You know she's she's good you know all blocked the rock my life a good man led. I lost it and then move the camera club. And that I didn't feel like she was on a particular mission she. Did not encourage people to Iranian civil unrest she. She appreciated the support of the community but they didn't want people to work. Break in the stores and to do bad things and dish. In. You're as a year ago she says. The police officers got to go home to their families. And are resolute here. At the same time she said she couldn't condemn all police officers family attorney. You have taken at the citizen review commission and what hasn't been revealed while their recommendation. Because they said those recommendations. Had to do with personnel matters. And they can't pre release. The attorney says the city can release more of this from the police. There's information there that is not personal information. That could be released I tried to push that a little bit afterwards. The associates and I can get any clue as so what that might be. And I couldn't. And it's pretty much the police department of saying no not yet resident what more so than than the commissioner of the review board. Yeah I think so we're but there are these recommendations at a fairly have to do with. Personnel issues. Now that that their product whole thing with this so think about this. As we've said again today. Mr. Scott had issues issues got a bit and it's terrible motorcycle accident. He had slowed reaction times he has he has problems because of that active. And they get back to what this cheap access to people police said repeatedly the other day. You know we'll talk all they does somebody want to put because doubt him. But. My question all of this. Is still. It's it's too late once or somebody get. I have a vehicle with a governor handled much you know really well especially if you've been told that put it down. It hope we have a what happened before that the controlled the situation. This will kind of a strange situation they weren't there because they were out there who wrecked somebody else. Okay. And reserve marijuana. Well that's right. Today that's what they say I think there's a lot talk to somebody today that it very very very close to that he's not a police officer has brought the family. That I alluded that there was sort of mortal all of back. And we knew. Andy. You're probably actually got into little little bit what the undercover that would really thought then you're not creating some kind of a conspiracy. Just that there was more to this possibly him I'm ads saying you know this there's this aspect of grammar lost the guy. Now that's absolutely right and that was announced pretty much trichet said Israel was that I got to run I appreciate each time thank you very much. But if there is Joseph Gillespie and. George Grover got talking jurists are Kingston trio. They George has been no cases drifts were so much years. And other plants spirit square on Friday night tickets still available Blumenthal art's daughter or would be the place to a go to get tickets event. And this will be kind of a milestone concert this and there are next concert which is a national. Will be Georgia's last. So low marks the end of at least that part of the era of the Kingston trio but Kingston trio went Tom Dooley and Scotch and soda and Ella Mae and all that kind of stuff they it's spears scorer sound pretty good night to me. So I'm. Anyway I appreciate him a carving out some time for a suited to I talked to us about that I'll remind you about concert he reload like sued to those sold out. It really is there of the close of another chapter of the Kingston trio known none of older original. But. I don't it's just and neuter I had a chance to work with them got to Jacksonville beach or not they opened up to pavilion on Jacksonville beach. I'd just the nicest guys surrendered during your life or news around and start talking about people may have played with them. Places they had been and playing with the originals at some point or another. At least two out of three and as it's got a great history to a Puerto Rico. Fiercest storm and almost a century are Maria made landfall this morning. Strongest storm recorded in Puerto Rico before now was a sand fully and that happened back in 1928. And no winds have a 160 miles per hour. The last category four hurricane to actually make a direct hit on no Puerto Rico was in 1932. We started out Caribbean cruise in San Juan I'll remember the hotel room we had which kind of overlooked no water. I'd like a double highway with a canal going down the center of it looked like a Miami and someone is. Buyout the measure of central air pressure Maria is now stronger than hurricane Armonk. Which are passed just north of Puerto Rico bit knocked out on a bunch of power. But this is like a direct hit for Puerto Rico and in addition to damage caused by winds in this storm surge up to nine feet high the storm is expected to cause landslides and no flash flooding as well also. They've already evacuated before she ever got there are 101000 people had taken refuge in shelters. Now people living in Flynn zero wouldn't. I'm home homes have been told though they faced death of that and moved to a shelter. Saint Croix largest US virgin island it was extremely strong winds and rain earlier today. Spared a direct hit. When the I other hurricane passed just south of the island. I'm Maria has already caused one death in Guadeloupe that we don't. Plus several multiple deaths being reported in Dominica. US military. Forced all of their people out of the way of the storm. And they I think has had an off to a Guantanamo. Moved all their ships understand Vaughn but they are ready to go back ASAP. And Puerto Rico was spared the worst from our hurricane Irma. Still lost power and knocked out about 70% of the power is in fact and and now they've taken a direct hit from Maria. And that'll take out even more power than that so not a good day in Puerto Rico its final five. There's eleven did that it 93 WBT traffic and weather together thanks to hunters till Florida I 77 X Torre three Eddie is back here is boomer Montana's hey thank you John delays under way on I 485 near mint hill this report is sponsored by a hundred Israel forth evidence of that on the outer loop before 85. Between exit 49 Ottawa wrote an extra 47 orders were given what was he was mill road as an alternate for this. Also a collision reported southbound 77. At exit nine John built freeway at. After the north of Paterson farms road is closed out the more Israel Paterson farmer a win win against these three as an alternate have a provisional Northrop Frye on your matches and having you highway 73 west of babies Ford road. And does take a look also whether your collision on highway 51 near sort of plantations. Your drive time my 45 and route from X 67 I 77 decks at nine will cause a boulevard. Less than sixteen minutes there's hunters real sport is AS UVs season. This month is 7000 dollars off explorer escaped and managed only a hundred real form located at 243 off I 77 just north of 45. Scored 24/7 800 Israel Ford dot com. We do reach he weather channel forecasts chance of thunderstorms radio thunderstorm popping up tonight and tomorrow overnight 67 moral high. 8888. Now and rock hero of the queen city where the next upgrade to five point eight. Rumor by Kenneth WBG all day tied saver preference. Last night Kansas City Royals Alex Gordon hit the 5694. Home run. Pretty good season and take. Major League baseball's record setting 5694. Home run of the season hit last night by the Kansas City Royals Alex Gordon. Is that even impossible. 56 almost 5700 home runs of the season I guess. They all play a hundred and some odd games. Now 52 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays and and help the royals video of the year a new record breaks the previous season home run record. Which was set in 2000 at the height of the steroids era. The home run which was the seventeenth in yesterday's games. Just Gordon's eighth of the season 159. In his eleven year career 5694. Home runs this season. So at thirty teams and nurse. Their murder when a player 120 games. So I had to choose just seems like a lot of home runs to me might get. I think the 163 don't they are somewhat that is that a 16962. Made his bones you know so and there's thirty teams right. Purgatory eight I don't know exactly. That is an odd number considering other steroid it'd be the steroid era make you wonder I just in Bigelow home runs and they have no one year. Now we're I'm not an over the calculators so sometimes when you start to run the numbers that's. Whether those cells Jordan did. It's just that other boys you're over there mr. baseball himself mister mister White Sox it's. Well maybe dozens if not this year Saudi Arabia really does rattle on about baseball is I don't know White Sox fan for his entire life one good thing about the white you know White Sox fan right now this season the rebuilding you're one of the worst records in baseball is that their entire team is there's former Charlotte my players from earlier this year yeah what they got they're gonna want to give him in Colorado and out you know came through here earlier this year and he's hosted at. I think they think he's going to be a big. Yeah I had three hits last night and got a lot of guys from from Charlotte that where's that started the season here. That look like they're going to be really promising in the coming years and took a picture forget about it AAA World Series is going on and endurance part of that in Durham was the team that was play in the night so now we did John Hancock Bobble head night. I had no idea I was looking I think it's the World Series going on now and it. For all that into it it probably close yet they they finish up not quite early before via. Major leagues get into their playoffs because a lot of those players going to be called office at the end of the season they're out there hope. Don't you have to know to place of birth. September the twentieth. 263 days of the year 102 days ago. I read the news to failed bush running just felt a little late. Sedate 1998 cal Ripken junior former. Charlotte though. Of the Baltimore Orioles took a day off after playing a record 2632. Consecutive games. Plus Southern California and Mexico it with a major earthquakes and next door special. New study finds today's teens mature slower than past generations because they're pampered by their parents. More on that that the second. Live science reports that Colorado leads the United States is the state with the cities that exercised the most I think like boulder and Fort Collins both hit the top five. Hackers. Often create celebrity web sites in order to infect new computers this year's most dangerous celebrity to visit on the Internet it was determined to be. Several of Banja. Is that is that it well. Admiral Levine. That's what I mean. Either need no way that I would go to our website because I don't care. Now you put Claudia Schiffer up there are some that I've voluntary don't. And as predicted Toys 'R' Us has filed for bankruptcy OK here's the deal on these studied generations Z. Is avoiding sex alcohol and driving. Things that teams in the past have found thrilling seemed holds little meaning to those a generation Z. This is published in the journal child development researchers analyzed survey responses from eight point three million teenagers gathered between 19762016. And the data uncovered that today's teens were much less likely to drive. I had that was Charles senator by the time you turn fourteen you were focused on your driver's license. And apparently kids just don't really care today. Com. Kids were much less likely to work for pay. Go on dates. Have Sachs. And you kind of got to go on dates well. Com. Our goal out with their parents compared to other generations for example about 54% of high school students in 1991. Reported having had sex 54%. A high school students. While only 41%. Of those in the early 2010s. Said the same. Study co author and psychologist Zhu min twinge says that the changes. Argued her parenting teens themselves the economy fertility rates in the fact that people are living longer. What would that have to do with. So I don't know the times they are changing. Pumpkin spice. Pizza is now available. There in the general consensus in this room is no thank you. I'll take the meat lovers. Pumpkin spice onslaught. A the pumpkin spice thing was going out and big thing. Which should make committee usury effort the the latest is pumpkin spice pizza creation comes from the minds of a New Jersey pizza chain called Villa Italian kitchen. It starts windows smothered in pumpkin pie filling them. Which has been covered in a layer of mozzarella. These seasonal flavor onslaught doesn't stop there though another layer of pumpkin pie filling gets piled on once there out of the oven. Once they're out of the oven. Our spokesman for a Villa Italian kitchen claims they land on the perfect pumpkin spice piece of balance. It's a magical place for all of the delicious ness of pizza. Meets the flavors. Of pumpkin spice. I think all of us. We spend nearly fifty dollars a week on. Kudos one survey by visa. Americans' spending roughly 48. We're just spent and about 200 dollars a month and miscellaneous stuff that we just don't really keep record he's about Tony 400 dollars a year. Now if you get to. Diabetes type still. You'll find out that she's been a lot less these are not going to fast food restaurants and Bob I'm still carrying the same as running I've had in my pocket since I think Colorado. Yeah. That is notable phone calls and see what's going Monica's oh charge that takes both could also. Did you nailed it you had the votes for a foreign. Let's go to John on WB TA John. American Aaron John write it on I'm great thank you very much. We are already out there worry about some of this stuff or patent war all the specialists sergeants leading so what are not having the same our interest that we did when we were kids. Well it's kind of an honest living but I go to work. All you know I you mentioned your actors that bird cannot not bought it here that you thought they had the court pictures you know I sort of moved. Oh yeah. Didn't help. They're they're very hurt my subliminal message you what but we're gonna go Mike on the Internet yeah if anybody checked that. Mean. I got it wild wild west. Yeah I'm not so sure good guy I think this is I think this is. Prior or any idea that it's gonna have a lot to do with technology and online and different priorities in gaming and and I don't know just to change generations. But I don't know not edited because they're not to sit in driver's licenses as much as we were. Not interested in sex I don't quite understand that. Are met but may be that his comes from all lack of intimacy from because the technology because you've always got your face and a computer near gaming it's your interest just aren't there yet I don't know maybe that kid that shuts down puberty. More. Why aren't why yeah I understand that senator and Barry because under our regulation covering that. Sublime goals and India on an Internet. We outcome and of course the image of your personal aspect refreshing like sixty concept of. I don't know. Maybe they I guess I wouldn't discount anything at this. Pumpkin spice visa we're talking about a little bit earlier and that's what stood Tim is calling in on hey Jim here on don't BJ what's up. Okay. I'm back in time you spent stopped and despite being done in foreign correspondent that he can't it can't be that. It that's like Clinton you know that being. Popular Smartphone that. Then they get a peek apply it still has got that old fart. Beat is that I don't beat the company. Yeah I don't know it doesn't sound. Did do if you were set in a boardroom is of is that hey I got an idea you would I would have merely say there's no way people are gonna eat that. Why women don't open a durable and you're at you that Dick Bennett Astaro. I'd Bartlett and so had they let that. Well that tornado that form. You need to jump out the window because that is that it's gonna get back at that they're all here and so in many. Good Pol Pot I don't I'm it is I know. And that's what he does not because. Only a broken lights yeah. We got caught you know I'm I'm I'm an opinion on here yet. We went back court. I'm America has Sergio. I hope they're perjure because quite frankly that the government just about at the end of my. Pumpkin spice broke myself. So so so there you go on net. I Santa Claus. It's coming to town songwriters and those family are suing. Did you and how would you like to have a member of your family have written a song like better than you get the royalties from a the problem is they're not getting royalties and always played all led to your second. Part I here's the deal the family of the guy who wrote Santa Claus is coming to town. Says they've been now getting nothing but nothing. Most of goals so to speak. When they should've been getting. Big time cash. For the holiday classic of the tuner is written by guy by the name of haven Gillespie way back in the 1930s David's been dead since 1975. But the families says that in trusted memory lane music group to continue collecting royalties so when a new lawsuit Gillespie's family. Says that memory lane is supposed to send them checks for 85%. Of all the royalties. And the company gets to keep 15% other. Bailey says it met with memory lanes boss and April. And he admitted. He'd been a little naughty for about the last two years and so they claim that he admitted stealing. And according to legal documents that thievery cost Gillespie's airs more than 700000. Dollars and they're suing to get the cash back. Now he's just saying it's two years and that's like 350000. Dollars a year. Don't you wish you had a relative who wrote Santa Claus is coming to town. I felt that there was some sort of a maybe that was TV where there was some sort of the old TV shows don't get an royalties the newer TV shows do. But that probably didn't pertain to music. Pretty bizarre. I guys. Women don't want to shop at Victoria's Secret anymore. I guess that doesn't mean you can't. But. Victoria's Secret made launch rate means mainstream and are now women apparently don't wanna shop there anymore because those. The parent company L brands. Posted weak sales for four straight quarters and its stock has plummeted. 45%. Over the last year and wire women staying away. Recent past so consumer survey 48% of Victoria's Secret customers said they stopped shopping there because. High prices. Like one of my all time favorite lines the guy stands in the middle of Victoria's Secret says. 56 bucks you're just gonna end up naked anyway. They also say that they like the brand. Less than they used to saying that they think it feels forced or fake. Wells Fargo analyst. And I find that to be kind of funny and her own right given their own problems that may revision based in Los time analyzing Monterrey a little bit more time on our earlier of figuring out the accounts they do and do not have. A Wells Fargo analysts say that the popular culture now is more about authenticity. And positive body positive that he. So like Mark Garrison on this new I do your thing and I walk around all started about his boss body positive that he. I'm citing competitors like area and and egged and and having capitalized on all that's according to business insider. Yes and like Kmart. At one dollar nobody goes to Cameron Moore on Tuesday corrected. Target. Al. At 27 pair for two bucks. In really neat pastel colors. I taco Bell's opening up hundreds of canteen has that will serve a bruise. I'm an open three to 500. No scares me three to 350 Canty has style locations. Oh over the next five years it will focus on urban areas ulterior right now they should put column cantina gazelle gets confusing to people who really do know how to make a taco. Cantina 1511 with a new downtown location soon. The locations for Taco Bell won't have drive throughs. They will have open kitchens digital menu boards feature local art works serve alcohol offer beer winds Andrea and slushy drinks. Called twisted it freezes. That lets you add vodka Robert tequila. Going to the Taco Bell just to get Taiwan on. They have big screen TVs and dirt on their watch the game. One they are cool things happening in America right now is the revitalization. Of our urban areas and we're seeing millennial moving ended downtown areas and taco Bell's taken advantage of it they already have several of these locations of the United States. Taco bells with blues. Who would have ever thought. And I don't know about GO but I got and a message last night from Amazon and has said where sorry about we didn't mean to send you a baby registry email anybody else. I don't know if that was just a mass email or not but if you got an email from Amazon yesterday saying that someone know bought an item off your baby registry and you don't actually have a registry while you're not alone. Amazon mistakenly sent out the emails to a large number of customers on Tuesday. Hey many of who don't have a baby registry and now we're expecting a child. Your email address to Amazon customer set a gift is on the way and if you have a link inviting the recipient to to look at their thank you less social or from people it was a broken link and for others it's just very redirected them to a page in which. I think it set up for new registry. I guess I didn't see the original of that did come down. Because I I got and emails saying sorry last night but. And having a grandchild due any day now I probably would have thought. Those sort of mistake there but anyway very ghosts Amazon says he never mind.