Scott Shooting, Ticket Myths, I77 Widening and More

John Hancock
Thursday, September 21st

Johntalks more about the Scott shooting, a new report on the I77 widening, I Read The News and more.


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This is John Hancock. There either there we are his. Toasty outside. First day of polls tomorrow. The classifications of the seasons rarely go along with the actual weather of the season for the rest of the holes here unless of course you're absolutely are just not looking forward to winner at all. And. We choose to not the farmer's almanac say were supposed to get to just like hurricane seasons was to have an increase in. Activity cold weather swords over. In a bottle bill four wheel drive truck last year. So record Derek. Get out of my driveway. At the at the new house. And I didn't need it. So are already an honest no. One ever got one system that. Allowed me to reported a four wheel drive and player on a little bit but not enough to have all the ground. Now watch a good fund that somewhat that's what I'm talking about. We all got Dale Junior Bobble heads at the station yesterday because if you buy a two adult tickets to go to the Bank of America 500 on October 8 they'll give you a free Dale Junior Bobble head keepsake this'll be his last race in Charlotte and. So. So we'll pro that a couple times I draw hundreds of torture Preval had. TJ go one. Maybe I can have you breaking a couple of times there. To do that to have. So a year ago today we were talking about a year ago last night. And they're not much that happened last night Charlotte uprising. Had a a get together. I don't know we're caught. Mark Harrison was there. 675. People depending on. We talked to what source of entry observers said 75. And it cures that had sixty. But I but nonetheless. And they met and they talked and just in cars. Mama I think was there Vivian Carr he was there a guy who was shot down there in front of the omni. I don't. I know for a fact but I'm not so sure that Vivian Carr and Charlotte uprising of the freeze same view on no. On no on knows that. Who killed him. But nonetheless everything was peaceful last night I tuned in non a couple of times a throughout the evening there went into. Spectrum news and a couple other places just kind of see if anything was bubble in a numb and it was not I don't know what that says thank you wrong number on them and I'm glad. I don't know that I expected any activity last night but I don't know that I didn't expect any activity last night. So law I'm I'm glad we didn't get re creation or anything along those lines hopefully that means deters and some progress made but I doubt very seriously that the people that were causing the problems a year ago. Uh oh would be. What it would feel like progress has been made that their lives have gotten better that there are opportunities have gotten no deeper that so I don't know what to. When a. Who repent means to us on. Two sought Romain who sounds like he ought to beyond. One of the cooking shows. Iron Chef for something like that's a great name. But does that sound like up. When a guy who's a run in the kitchen down at a five star restaurant in New Orleans. To start Romaine is a guy who became. Came to our attention a year ago was called the uprising that was going on in uptown Charlotte. And he writes. In my opinion piece today as a contributing editor to the Charlotte Observer. And A says the number of things but he talks about three lessons that he learned over the past year he's at first I learned that there are two types of good people here. Group one as folks who asked how could this meeting the riots when the uprising as they wish they would be recalled. Happen in Charlotte. They says this group is genuinely unaware of our city's problems but eager to understand them. And then on the other hand group two is comprised of people who are woke. But you just don't know what to do. Group toon knows that acts is the problem or is a problem but I don't know how to fix it. And he says fortunately these good people have allowed me and others to wake them up. And to work with them in identifying viable solution second he says I learned that Charlotte leadership is not determined by titles. And he talks about how we met Braxton Winston who was on Scott FitzGerald showed yesterday who's running for City Council. Mom. And whose views on what happened last year are a little extreme compared doomed to most but nonetheless. I too saw a grown man met Braxton Winston during the uprisings last year and he said crisis spurred suits produces leadership. And third. And I'm summarizing here to a large degree he writes a lot more an in depth and detail than none of them but Durham when I'm sharing with you right now but he but thirty says. I learned that Doctor King was absolutely right about nonviolence. True nonviolent resistance he said is safe. Courageous. Confrontation of evil that brings about a deep seated transformation and change of heart close quote. Seoul on his. Susie concludes by saying on this first anniversary don't accept the notion that nothing has changed. Charlotte organizer ash Williams says if you believe nothing has changed and consider the son of Keith LaMont Scott his daddy will never carry him again let's make that count for something. The last. Two the good people of Charlotte who are willing to face any crisis without nonviolence change awaits you and it will come. And IIR I I can't speak for for most people but I think. Fundamentally most people. No matter what color you are or denomination you are income bracket that you were and are or what line of work richer and most people want aid the truth. I wanna know what happened I want the truth about what happened and in any situation and be. Com they would they want equality they want they want every kid bits and kindergarten today. To have a shot. And being able to live the American dream and be whatever it is that they wanna be. And I understand that different people we're going to have different obstacles and sometimes. That's your environment and sometimes that your parents and sometimes that's. But sometimes. Your biggest obstacle is you know. And sometimes you have to overcome yourself. So bomb. Anywhere I thought it was instant we should have him on sometime he sounds like to mention guy and and it certainly got to the forefront of everybody's attention last year in the way that he conducted himself during a RO a release are distasteful time. But maybe. Maybe a necessary. Time. Just a a year ago. Prayers can be coming back to City Council. And the folks who are opposed to the I 77 told lanes. Widen I 77. Might have gotten a little bit of a good bump from a consultant will talk about that next. Yes I think I'm a traitor because. Two weeks and a day ago I had a birthday and I think they do we favor no say anything about fifteen Davey did. And now he's saying all wait a minute but that's word that's why pays to have your birthday come before. It at a so there were ago. Emphasize that you don't have like 5000 people or 4900. Of whom we don't knowing your FaceBook page that's why keep my birthday suit her and tiger probably Babbitt. FaceBook. And the one hand it's kind of cool. If you know everybody get your FaceBook page because it I mean everybody and make you feel pretty darn popular. Right mind just just out of control. So. And besides that I don't need to. And I get my vote believing I am stopping counting in fact I just as celebrated the thirty. Fourth anniversary of my 31 Brcko. So. So if you want a quick count birthdays next year will be the first anniversary or 31 birthday so ergo. I'm. There's our report that came out outside agency. Commissioned to review how the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department responded to the now protests last year and they made a bunch recommendations. That were released by the city though late on Tuesday. And they focus and community relations and officer training and no strategies that are within the department and so on so forth assists the city paid for this 380000 bucks worth. And they pretty much concluded to Charlotte Mecklenburg police department did what they were supposed to do and followed their own. Our procedures and their own policies and and so on and so forth the only person at the council. On the council that the foundation directly criticizes is. Was. The mayor Jennifer Roberts. Saying the mayor's decision to create discrepancies in the public messaging contributed to the media whirlwind at the Charlotte Mecklenburg police public affairs office had to react to during the incident response close quote. The that's that's in reference to the column that the mayor herb wrote. That said the city should of released the police body and dash. Camera. Footage. A earlier than what they did they needed to be more transparent although it was six days after the death Scott was killed she stood there and pretty much. Supported the position that was being. The Charlotte Mecklenburg police departments allows cells in essence won a lot of people think that she threw her apartment the police chief under the bus. It's also are probably a large part what cost her the election. In the primaries just passed. And why vial Lyle says the democratic candidate for mayor and know that Jennifer Roberts is not now. We talked about that in video podcast that we did today which should be up to the next 24 hours. Ed WBT dot com. The that was followed by the election was followed then by City Council meeting. In which show the mayor Roberts. Stopped the prayers. She said at the advice of those city attorney about Pannemon. And then yesterday's settle on May have been kind of confused on. But do. I don't know it is my first thought was she still saw hacked off about lose and in the primary issues Sheffield a prayer right now. Which is got it sega's I think the only time I've ever actually run into the mayor. Thumb was on Christmas Eve service on my mom was in town of saint Peter's episcopal church. And Jennifer I don't know she's a member of that church Hershey's and it units she's just billion but does she and her husband were there that night. So our American river pointing out to my mom that's one of the City Council people are county commission be Bush's prime county commission at the time. Anyway. They the two mayoral candidates via Lyles. Among them. And pretty much decided that. Judy Smith the other ads are pretty both of them have said do we need to that we can bring about the prayers back. And it's just a matter of being open. By says the issue of prayer. To open the City Council meetings can be both respectful of the diversity of our beliefs and how we practice our religions Christian Muslim Jewish Hindu and others as well as those who do not practice or believe in religion. By following the tenets of the constitution and guidance for the courts in other words the problem with Rowan county was that they were all but singularly Christian prayers. All on almost defiantly sell. Are they weren't really even open to having any other faith being able to open up and that's that's were Rowan county ran into problems. Because they were promoting a single religion if you allow. Four the diversity. And City Council member a Kenny Smith who we are talked to last Tuesday at 11 o'clock and we'll do the same next Tuesday. On a Scott FitzGerald show from 11 till 12 o'clock Kenny Smith says you know if you look at they nature of our and locations. We have members from different faiths and denominations. And these are often. A time of quiet reflection that is non political it allows us to have a time of reflection before we take on no weighty issues. Or just a matter of keeping it open a net and allowing other people another religions besides christianity. To also. I do those in vocations and opened things up so both of them seem open to are bringing some sort of a prayer back to the City Council meetings and no soul. We'll see what transpires. Out of all of that. Now there was a consultant that was hired to review the I 77 toll projects and I have recommended that the north Carolina Department of Transportation. Consider these so called. Complete. And delete option and that ought to make the people that widen I 77 pretty happy and we'll talk about it next. I guess yes 77 stolen they ought to be doing back flips up there widen I 77 know where this all goes I don't know but first look beyond over the phone 7045711. Tenant. Tell auto Michael on WBT hey Michael. Yeah April 3 grade at our informal Specter taking my call while mom knew the Charlotte I'm looking and beat there's several more. While he output agreement you're a lot but I haven't called up until this recent bone. Turn to be that they're barely believe in year anniversary of the tragic shooting now. I'm not just I just wanted to say that come I don't believe people would be out of the senate and they war. About the shooting. You know the police were held accountable. Sometimes. These tragedies occurring. Well understand. At least have a typical job. But they're human being they're not perfect they're going to make mistakes lemon as as a part of being human. But I believe just attorney B course that will never spend at the police just simply made a mistake. And it doesn't matter the circumstance that person had a gun person didn't have a gun. Person blows bullying whatever the case maybe I'll be. Black Americans are being. Murdered basically shot by the police. Found and no one of ever being held accountable. And I'm not yet you and you know I don't have a disagreement on that purse say. One of the things that made it this Scott. Situations so volatile for Charlotte was because of what had occurred before Charlotte Ferguson and Baltimore. Other places so it was a tension that wasn't just rising in Charlotte, North Carolina it was a tension that has been rising in the country. Com and and and sooner or later it's gonna burst and M when you have for us citizens committees. That. That day you're right that never find the police to be in any fault. People are finally at some point or another gonna say come on. I I couldn't agree with more Erin it's refreshing to hear that you would agree with that. Oh really prepared thorn argued at a. Well now I mean I didn't know if you get if you get down and individual cases. A guy I mean with the Scott case. I do believe that there was ago and I do believe that there was a holes for. You know I do believe that that he was asked to our drop that gun several times a more than several times saw I'm not so sure that the Scott case is a really good example. Of some about some of the improprieties that are probably gone down across the country body was part of the eruption. That is part of the reaction that's going on across the country. Even in the Scott K so I mean we're bad omen. Threatening a police officer I mean big. They didn't necessarily Arabic channel that man and bigger they didn't seem that he had any murder and try it and sell. I mean you. Knowledge of it I mean I'd I I think there is some valuable edited to be able to say that if you tell somebody to drop a gun and they don't drop the gun then. It you know it doesn't take long for somebody you don't too odd to point and shoot so if you are always feel like your life is in jeopardy. I know you gotta do what you gotta do I do you know that the bottom line on that is if you're told to do something by a police officer for the most part you probably ought to follow those orders. It on the same token. Being in possession of a firearm if not a criminal affair so. It was for dummies a convicted felon it was for him Debian possession of that are. Are well I apologize though without fact that I will not down. I would not privy to what did not know that happened here they're certainly young and being in the best hope are among the terminal there. Some I don't don't think you'll want national brought about his new demise unfortunately yeah. And then I think to some extent. Though there's a you know I am less sure the guys stand America does say at the quarter panel that white van you don't know well how threatening it may have been around are not a Ben and I and I don't mean that you personally I mean. Any of us. Can look at a situation and sales surely there was a better way. But if you're actually standing mirror and you're part of the scenario. You know maybe there was may be there wasn't that's that's a judgment call at the time and you hope that good training. Basically leads to the right decisions. That I can't agree with that argument that I had known what he did it look that threatening situation. Room I was an only one police solve their fired a shot. There were all there aren't they were all in plain view the suspects. Are what bumping branding that occurred why didn't all the police officers some opinion require. Yeah I I don't know the answer to that I can have to do with angles. I you know I don't have the answer to that I'm not police train so I wouldn't have the answer to that yet but we're so where did you words you come here from Michael. Are actually moved here from narrow Durham, North Carolina I'll Casilla is far from you are North Carolina native. I'm more relaxed Monday at look a military guy actually belt around a little bit out that the majority among light in North Carolina Greg where they taping it we want it now more wretched Charlotte. Tell me. A new opportunity would try new profession. You know number actually enjoy charter and electro alone electrode the La woman hoping that the leaderless movement ever make yeah. On the call I'll call back. Yeah Ameritech that would allow that into you have all been libertarian are really enjoy your program come again although I disagree with you a lot of the parent around at that are base that's finally dip agreement are necessary to. Odd I don't have any problem with disagreement I disagree with me sometimes. Felt it helped attract a I'm thirty a but you but they DiMarco you have a lot league that you do I appreciate that thanks I'll two guys are comes James and Billy VGA James. I don't come there's so much talked about it especially even here a year later about accountability of city government and the police. And so little that about the accountability of the subject. Of the person on the other into the shooting and I went through a lot checked the other night and I made it through. What we've gotten stolen car I was intoxicated. And have we the car I didn't act aggressively toward the officer. And I made it hurt. And I assume probably had your hands enough full view when he approached the vehicle and also I'm a concealed carry. And I declared my weapon at both Penn toaster or will they must score now. And acted aggressively toward her doctor are probably wouldn't be talking you're now. And then suddenly the extensive you can count risky behavior that the other person engaged in that put their officers on airs. And we're perceived as a threat and no one addresses to go go run go YouTube Chris rock's. How not to get via our police and every young man black or white should watch. Well and at that somebody had brought up I think turn our our debates about all of this last year in some cases. I don't know about anybody else from my dad told me what to do when I get stopped on a speeding ticket or something like that now the rules have changed. And then he said get out of the car and face the officer you don't do that any longer. But sometimes maybe it's just as simple as as somebody explaining to people. Here's what you need to do away and that the idea of both hands up on the steering wheel or both hands visible. That's important these days what is so important in 1969. Very important in 2070. And I'm Samper will not for keep Lamar Scott sub sandwich and an amateur without a father and police officers there we're gonna. They were not threatening situation solved our arm he didn't drop it. And he can raise that gun and shoot quicker and an officer and chief backs up the person won't relinquish the weapon the officer has a short break up not agree with you entirely James appreciate golf. I'll tell us is another phone call into an and we all love coming out of 4 o'clock news come and go into I 77 national a sore hang onto that. On the go cleared to run and look there was a former state trooper hey Ron how are you. How well our it would kill I'm good thank you. Hey I got they got acute. Imagine how anybody to listen to that tape yesterday. In Kabul the idea that the cops didn't do everything they are pro yeah. When it came through warning mr. Scott's brought a let the whole litany that today and bindle. In his life mentioned his traumatic brain injury but she also knew how far. Can she turned him in the year before during the day. Domesticated. Violent. Now there was an error apparently was a text trail that may have been those sooner than Matt where they are the two of them were arguing about a journey was in possession of fur and didn't approve of that so. The other thing she said yesterday that they that the police were listening to her but at the same time he was she was telling Demi get a not traumatic brain injury issues also saying he doesn't have a gun so we share already kind of compromised your credibility. Now whether or not she knew we had a gun or not I don't know she says and you know if I would have known I and I and I dispute that I'll wives a lot of times don't know what their husbands are up to. That's egg and the fact remains that. He's standing there at face to go to their own dropped out whether or is it gonna ignite a skirt hurtful whatever. People legal or what the sport continue to live. And what the police responsibility. As. And they are held accountable so much higher stand public. But unfortunately. All we've seen in that string of take those were the young man. Am not listen to the police are summaries of federal and the police officer that have gone. Beyond the rule all like to call her down about South Carolina. Where he shot the man of the a black man in the back it was far and away from a she won't help don't want you to jail they'll. I think you know so cops are generally doing banged up right they're trained properly for the most part. Now what was the number I saw 600000. Stops or 600000. Interactions between police and no citizens and that resulted in eleven shootings or somebody like bats so what's up. Exactly and I'll tell you right now just walk we need to educate people that don't wanna call to order a lot that you gentlemen bill. We need to educate the public more so at particular carry arms that are here in North Carolina I teach almost students here Charlotte. Bet you when the cops stopped I'd taken Bakley and it's an area they have followed. And they're stuck aviation and Obama we'll go light on windows then count all works so there's no question a lot. And inform them and inform them exactly what's going on or if you are concealed. Let the let them know I'm not a concealed weapon carrier by. I generally would have to go into the saddle bag that I security get my my idea and so when I get pulled over I tell the guy I'm gonna have to reach into the saddle bag to grab my wallet are you OK with that I don't want any miscommunication at all. Yeah it took forever thank you want people that don't bet there are upset about the cops shooting. Up these people with a gun. But they also realize verbal war ought not won't want. I mean you're called on or why do not do not complain about reports get him to do not let you know the board. Brought to go I appreciate your call thank you Eric thanks to listen and and notre talk 7272 lanes next. Consultant that was hired to review the I 77 told lane project. And he recommended the north Carolina Department of Transportation. That they consider these so called complete and delete option. Which what's recommended by the lake Norman whole lane of opponents the widen I 77 Kuerten us and company have their. I 77 mobility partners of the people that are building and then they would finish building the toll lanes from up down to Morrisville and then before the project actually opens to traffic in the state would buy the contractor out. Oh which would be expensive. And and take over the air project the state might convert all of the new traffic lanes into free general purpose lanes or maybe they had decided do something else within but done nonetheless the original agreement would do a we go by the wayside buying out contractor. I'd depending on who you listen to would probably be in the neighborhood of 300 billion dollars on the glass quote I saw was about 280 to ninety something like that. This a consultant rotator. I presented its final report of Charlotte regional transportation organization. Last night. It's possible the Department of Transportation. Listens to them it's possible the Department of Transportation does nothing with it and just lets the projects stand. They could do they can pay I 77 mobility partners money and convert may be one of the plan tolled lanes into a free Elaine. They could make smaller changes to the traffic code to the told lines. They can allow vehicles so with only two passengers to use the lanes where the plan right now is to have. Vehicles with three or 43 or more passengers should be able to use the lanes for free. So it do you generally define anything per say. It's just a recommendation. And the and they complete and defeat. Ours complete and delete option. Well I think it's what's so basically favored notified have share real lady who came up and talk to me in Davidson. I am aren't good then you can't thank you very much she won the balmy Alia the T shirts and number in fact I've got your sign posted downstairs on the John Hancock wall of fame so I'll crawl thank you you called in and we had you on hold for a all while this is assuming you're kind of excited when you saw this report. I was very excited I was actually at the meeting last night at government center or not. I think. I think considered we have we had a little bit of concern at the beginning because they're cater. It had a hit during her working for companies like centric so we were concerned that we put. He given a fair. Compared deal but it. Kim Tyler by all accounts he's done a very good job out along with our memory who put the turnpike authority. Thank you don't really go out of their way here listen to citizens. Of course there are other issues in our region not just I felt so I hope they were the woman their last night. Speaking now against the Cooper stayed on Don on doctor Mathews and she has. Well on film that comment period for the I Eddie Sutton told they were 16100 people than any emails. So. And that certainly a huge issue and it would just talk a fact that we do. Really the whole statement that region for a used in years to come. Well especially on the way that it's currently written with. With the us there was centrist as the Spanish company domain. Baby you know fifty years or fifteen year deal right. Well it can't do much alike he said there are options for firing out. Oh and honestly there are times when government make court decision. Or they have to. Parents say okay we'll corners cut our losses and not do that by saying I think we'll see Mecklenburg County revaluation. I can't. That coupled about a 130 million dollar to redo that. I think in the end of the day it was the right thing to do so sometimes you have to say the don't want. They can't. To stop it like you know by now in somewhat less than the 34 billion completely lose probably. That's been. That'd been predicted are there a life that could be. This was one track. This is one of the issues that dead dog Pat McCrory as as governor and I and I've said before that I think he can survive because of age beat you and I think he couldn't survive because of the toll is but I didn't think he could survive with both of them. And obviously was having trouble getting votes in his own backyard on the I 77 thing there was a time you'll have to refresh my memory 'cause I don't remember exactly. But there was a time when he could not have that when he could've been decided not to sign onto this thing but he said at the time. Are they had already passed that junction and that it was good too late and if people and had concerns they should've spoken up sooner in my right on all that. There was a period where I think to cancel it would have been about three million dollars. And he rushed that through. We were hurt he knew he started to thank the page for this group in November of 2012. And we've been doing everything we couldn't by the book I'm talking elected leaders trying to cling to them what the other route. That they had all our ridiculous and it just parents turn to. Can turn that they warned her to educate people really it took time out. He brushed passed through didn't he actually. He he didn't have to do with the fact that he didn't. And her body count that county and resolution asking the couldn't go lake and and they just could not listen so. But whether it was was they're not attitudes and try to be assured him too was there or not they impending deadline of by which he had to sign or not sign. I can't remember if that was true I don't think it would turn because. Aren't there he. He had a deadline but. He he signed it before he had cleared so I think what they think that what we'll go ahead and take care of this. And then it'll be behind us and we want to hear from people is short but obviously that's not the case. Now well what kind of feeling do you get from the Department of Transportation because the report is one thing and their recommendation is a one thing but dead department the north Carolina Department of Transportation and say OK well. That's great report over world we're gonna go on as we are scheduled to go on so that would not that would not work for your paper. Absolutely they can ever do anything above here on one of the things that was interesting about their report from Canada. I'm Tim Taylor actually said that one of the intricate content content to fail or lack of support by citizens. And he said last night that they are still expecting comments. They email you at I 77. And its I 770 back at in feet UT got. And they set that there. The decision will be based partly on feedback from citizen so it's not too late this picture comments in the air. Well I medalist and and it's say that it dead it's never too late I thought you guys were dead in the water 69 months ago I eEye guys I didn't think there was anything turn around I I. You all continued to oppose this thing and I just thought to myself good lord Judith you you've already lost you really you've got no. No hope at all because that's kind of while we were told was mandate that this is water under the bridge. I am somehow or another you all of persevered and persevered enough and that seems seemed to be fallen and know your favor to some extent so why are we. We have an aunt we have an ongoing joke when we get together after being gone from each other for about 45 months we look around rumor that well. The band that getting the heck yeah colonel. Yeah you're right that the don't prolong her home and one of the big challenges or have now is that bilateral. Arms and you represent solid and 46% of the all he had to do with it to other people that went her. And even if every other counter preaches opposes this. He will matter. But was she in what she not pro tolls originally. Actually isn't effective in trusting you or me executive director of the they'll say Ling foundation and that's the open invention that. Thought this group. Committee a torn on who came out with the fact that both are the only rhetorically instant problem so. Apple back in I think 2000. So what makes you what makes you think that she'll be favorable to your cause now. I think they warned that aren't bankrupt favorable and get politically important now. Well we're gonna have a chance to talk to were on a Friday from a love until 12 o'clock O like we did do. Kenny Smith this last two weeks so low I'm sure the tolls will probably come up I'll be anxious to hear what she has to say in and malaska. Well that would be great and don't pay Alison thank you Colin are appreciated. Have a great iron off guard Sherron and she's. Occurred Gaza is actually the leader of the group widened 77 but Sharon stuff. There's nears I can tell there is one of their more aggressive members of benched him oh we did dead video hometown meeting up in a Davidson each came by and went on our guest list but came by and and no we said on whether or not in charge of British why you gotta give a little bit of credit because really. I mean you know once the construction was started once the red there are those big heavy equipment was movement that. You just said yeah I'll come on give it up that this. You can't stop now I mean that did they've already started construction in the farther construction when it is finally thought while they're at but. And end and it wouldn't cost 300 million dollars to stop it but it'll cost you about 300 billion just stop it now. And other not to governor. It's unclear you know whether rug. Of the DOT under this current governor is well Linda to find tens of millions of dollars to. Did to Alter or a complete or delete area project like this so there's still a lot of questions to be answered but don't. Widen seventy seven's not about to give up. Got about a man and have the let me get to Kevin before road time hey Kev and I know Levy today. That's why 77 that they say. Did. Under girl. Here. Not that these people say lightening that go error. Every transportation partnership a group that I have vote of what it should be greeted. And every person. Want. There there was there was a part there there was a time there were McCrory was asked to camp told. Or whatever vetted and that often page contractors some from the with the central. On any and he chose not to do it I think that's why he gets the blame. You know so they're still there but you're. Yeah it got out of it but how all of them to lead paint all politicians. And Turkish till. People have been approved to make these decisions have decided what you eat something that would. Create higher. A little bit. Until you're getting. What does that make you and I haven't conversation about right where the thing more lives because the governor neither requested the project. Nor did think it would be appropriate for him to cancel it so that's like PR point the finger at him. That's a shame that it immediately important. You guys wanted it. You guys gloated that yeah it you know. Go for I'm all well leap higher government out of it. Yeah it. I think he did what was right shame that he did the transport. Well the other thing to share in my and he thinks I'm totally against him these days but the other thing is a shame is all the things that he did accomplish financially teachers so on and so forth while it was an office. I'm gets totally overshadowed. And and the limp wristed guy they've got in her right now won't get anything accomplished now with the Republican no majority so. Are we really stopped. Some really good progress and it may have been made in a lot of areas in the last four years. We really get it exactly that because it helped built to have a whole. And and yeah alongside an aged three to. He wanted to grace and you know what this is just about it and it overshadowed too much good that it biblically. Yeah well that's just does Roy Roy said he he probably cut of one in spite of HB do any public got a one in spite of the polls but he couldn't win with both of them. I never doubt thank you Kevin. All right it and Thursday. September 21. TJ is birthday 264. Days into the year. One there's just. The 95 Christmas. We are out next week having our first. Kids first meetings. Hard to believe. 1970. On the first edition of ABC's Monday Night Football the Cleveland Browns beat the a New York Jeff said Cleveland municipal stadium. 3121. This TV show debuted on this date in 1993. Here remembering. Also more than the ABC network affiliates refused to carry the first episode because it was too. Controversy over the wrong contest was that the water did his friend's. I. Showed up but chief. I'll look at NYPD. Blue debuted on ABC 1993. It was huge it was a big big big shows up at the data show and they cancel that because you know everybody tuned in to watch the final episode. Stephen King is seventy years old today. Stayed at the Stanley hotel and Estes Park Colorado one day and no room to 27 and was inspired witches are all highly haunted hotel. In my hometown. I was inspired to write to shining that's where they shut the TV movie that is not where they shot they Jack Nicholson movie. But if you go to the Stanley hotel and Estes Park very shining stuff all over the place and if you go up the stairs and well once you get to the top of the stairs because you you can take abandon the stairs once you get to downstairs you've turned your right. And then go to handle short hallway and then turned to your left in the end room right. There's 227 amounts for Stephen King stated. So. Stephen King made the Stanley Hotel famous even after the Stanley Hotel was famous. They made it more famous Cirque. Pretty sure that's the right to. Pronunciation of the into English dialect a Bill Murray is how old and it. Our own guests at their job that you think younger 67. I tomorrow September 22 first day of fall. You should be about. That it that it. What mid 80s87 degrees. At all. Well it's not dead of summer this you could say that couldn't. OK. OK. Okay. Okay. And. Check a modern died down yesterday night to five years old for a middleweight champion whose life was depicted in the movie raging bull. 95 years old his fiancee of like 25 years and yet you do that. At some point they come to you and say hey what are we doing here. 45 years. Get up. Into chaos in 95 result says that he died of complications from pneumonia. He once referred to himself as a good for nothing bum kid with a terrible temper. And and a run de Niro one to zero and fostered and. But anyway jackal motto one of one of them wrenching figures of our times passed away age of 95 police officer came to the rescue of a New Jersey woman who lost her diamond engagement this is so. Cops going above and beyond the call of duty like these stories. Kimberly Garcia are realized when she got home on Sunday that she had lost true rating. After pulling over to change a tire. So she goes back to the highway the day we know that day with police and they look at they look at they look at they look at they can't find the ring. And then the officer John Henderson. He goes back even after she leaves. And our good returns to the highway during his free. Patrol time anyways off duty. Now. Behind the ring. Returns it to her. Much to say I love those kinds of stories. That. Troy Rezko and beginning of I read the news today oh boy we talked about NYPD blue debuted on this on ABC on the state 1993 were played the TV thin. And and and comes from us CD that I have from TV guide called fifty all time favorite TV thing and so I told TJ yesterday give me that CD back. But then I got to looking at the seed eight. So I said debt TJQ up cut 33 as tires hold gamble display for a couple seconds and. You know in this TV show. Now. Hill Street Blues and another one as a bad back in the days when we are doing they we love the cop shows back in the fifth go to the next guest you get this when duke. Pastel student gotta. Don Johnson and. Okay failure as mainly a one time thought he was. Miami guys go to the next cut. Call tomorrow. We talk about her. Mom about. I sure would be called fall from grace and. Okay. We'll. That Albert but. There was the Cosby Show an extra. Moonlighting. Each day. Next. You get this when an RPI. Cheers Nextel. And those lawyers cops. The beginning of the show like you have anything better you re easy all the faces come through reactors in the LA law. They even do theme songs and seems to offer TV shows in New York. Good thrill watching a dvd more warm. Thirtysomething. You getting this in your car. Nearly all these you'll get this next win yeah. It. Diana got up. Do you repeat of heart of this stuff where you sit all about. Things it's. Going strong. When I'd just gotten fired in Jackson. Bill when this show. And America's Funniest Home Videos made his debut on Sunday nights and who would have thought the Simpsons would still be going. 48 point 930 years later. Pretty amazing mix cut what baskets and why do you feed it blew we are to play don't. Go to the go to the next one after that. There are many. This thing. Mad about you great TV show. The showed it may be Jennifer Aniston famous. More than their chat. Mainly Hill Street Blues. Really lost. NYPD blue. Law and order we loved these. Still love him. Ali McBeal. God. Or. They may still do TV greens are so they don't make them like roosters and even these aren't like me I'm not look back and I Love Lucy and. Father Knows Best and hey Andy Griffith show. That's from the practice 48. Ordered ordered through it. Is 48. And also on this in the middle. All right two more don't you deal breaker. At the next cut. Feel Leo yeah. And finally. Jeffrey Dahmer theme music. Six Feet Under. Anyway I just not as long as Ed ceded land don't we don't play a little gun better than you think back to some of the old like the Flintstones and Dick van dyke show and Leave It to Beaver and Gilligan's Island than. Be winched in TV theme songs of just. It's. And navy and all that I don't know maybe twenty years from now they're playing the ones that are in today you know they do the same thing for those those were there. Those were all of those the song from our lives. Friends. Get much bigger than friends or cheers or TV shows like that some. Are back on the other side. Equifax. Sending customers to a fake Phishing site but what's ironic about that is somebody else is open to appreciate Phishing site. Based on their fake Phishing site. And people Equifax or so I'm clueless or clueless about all of this. They forget which one is there Phishing sites and they're sending people to the other people's vision site. So we'll go fishing net. Next it's fine move five. You. There's a lot of Jen and and Andrea when we teach our Hancock. I our petition for an update on that little girl who was hospitalized last night after getting hit in the face by foul ball the figure was old and about a 105 miles an hour on a few seeing video of them but don't. Happening Yankee Stadium last time. Not to see the reaction to the players will soon as emotional as any of it. He said she no she got hit by a baseball. Just keeper in your thoughts that's not necessary loves kind of open probe more of an update than that that's the same update I think you're hearing this morning and just assuming that took. There's nothing else. That is come out of all of them. It's foul ball came off the bat of Yankee third baseman Todd Frazier. I happen in the fifth inning. And a Frazier they interviewed him after the game he's got two kids under the age of three and know that shook him up. And the second baseman Brian Dozier a million yankees Matt Holliday were both at second base and they were in tears and watch the player reaction was pretty emotional and watched the people in the stands near word happened and not no one no one really exactly but. That'll bring a debate just how far they should put that safety netting. They can take you farther if they want I think all the way down to the third base and all the way down to first base. Few stadiums do that but to maybe they'll start doing that people complain about it because you had a look through the net and to watch the game. But I think after it became too if it became and every day deal home than people would get used to that aspect to it to the point did you quit senior. But anyway pretty scary stuff last night. Where I've played around with the TV games couple's son go of people overreacted to somebody and Chris is a column in Romeo one Ronald. Phone 70457. All of intent hey Chris I know you're on but I WBT act. Hey Bernardino and it's great straight through without your juveniles old old stranger. If you have an adolescent if you want sort things so without doubt sound level. I've got about six CDs myself someplace or another from. But they're they're always fun to listen do. Well the bank bad it is is that it's Haiti shadows they'll if you buy like 1015 seconds they're so afraid they're the Iran and that there. Commercial time or whatever you know. It's a shame and you know they don't even run commercials at the top of the hour president are very they're gonna move you between programmers since. Course ABC is trying to push the envelope of their. I'll political agenda with all of their programming and it is just not likely knew in our grown up you know. No it's not an of that that's logs used to define the TV show event and that lets you know they were on before I let you go are you still love over there off Monroe rotor review retired and onto the beach. Now I'm I'm still over there on Monroe resident who are still go on record since. DeVon videotape extra people in and put nurture it's both seeded in the whole nine yards. Wax museum as wary as over there by via cemetery you'll find him over there but our Chris has been male friend WBTs in Moroccan rape Gooding who just went into VF WBT hall of fame enough. Suffered the radio station for a long long time so why if you're if you're looking to take somebody you gotta VHS tape but you all wanna get it to burn to CDC could keep a direct call. Spiritually at the wax museum and if you look controlled cuts enough. And records and so on and so forth but chances are he has some so other got a good to hear from him M. Thank you Betty got one more question yep yeah actually Barack generated background our used to do this this show for him once a month. I didn't personally show. Where I interviewed goodness gracious. Charles Brown. Politics and Rufus Thomas since just a whole bunch of people and I have a low cost market says there show. There's got to be somebody listen teeth this case the Christmas show that I did. I don't even know we'll hear a word it was like forever ago. Everybody's got to contact me I have you talked to vote Thompson at. So that would be good at being a good idea and I still got decorated hope poster. They're bureau archive depart lowest fuel oil to take a look at it all right cool man. Aren't CM that we can't CFO of that. We're feeling younger he got a ticket lawyer friends in Salem and good to bridge Q did they didn't want to comment directly as you know that ticket. Kerrigan out of tickets. Now when she talked the GA and had to talk to Doug points I mean yeah you do that. Just as routine but. Myth one of an officer makes a single mistake undertake at the case will be dropped clerical mistakes like you know wrong number wrong order of a person's name Mora Sully do usually overlooked. Material mistakes like the identity of the driver of the direction of travel the street were the citation occurred the description of the vehicle. That can usually help a driver when the case myth number two of the officer does it show up in court. You automatically win. And may happen in some cases but there's nothing automatic about it. Most judges will drop a case of the officer does not appear in court because defendants have a constitutional right to question their accusers however. In some jurisdictions a case is scheduled at the time and two help ensure that the officer is present or judge will reschedule the case altogether so. Red cars get more tickets. No official studies to confirm that red cars to get more tickets but some suggest that the bold color does tend to attract more attention. And at least it used to be that the red cars. We're usually the fancier cars. Like corvettes and so all red Corvette is gonna get more attention and I'm. There's also a theory that red cars can create an optical illusion that makes them appear to be going faster than they really are. And one myth says that insurance companies charge higher premiums or red cars Allstate progressives say that the car's color has no bearing on the on the premieres her premiums that they are charged myth number four you'd need a lawyer to beat a ticket. We might expect most traffic and attorneys to say that you can't beat your own ticket but with a little time and maybe some homework many people successfully fight their own traffic tickets. At the very least first time offenders from minor offenses can usually strike a plea deal. In a most jurisdictions. Hey I would always say talk to the DA at least talk the points stuck in my driver's license taken away one time I was about 1912. Points and twelve months. But I had no idea that you could talk to the DA and talk the points down. Joy pride in knowing that I would have a driver's license bigger or. Or whether I've learned over a valuable lesson that they carry with you. I'm Jamar missed a woolly there dispel or tell you they're true when we come back to the. From from from from from from from from what I. Traffic ticket Smith's story I'll have to offer if you are get a ticket and another day your homes they won't find out about it. It has been well. Interstate driver's license compact is an agreement between participating states that share information regarding certain types of traffic convictions so reports on traffic violations is suspensions are forwarded to the home state of non resident so I don't buy into that one and finally myth number six if you don't sign the ticket. It will be dismissed. Signing a ticket is not an admission of guilt this signature is merely an -- knowledge meant that you receive the ticket and you promise to appear in court. Refusing to sign the ticket well. There are drivers who think that if they don't sign they can lie in court and say that they weren't there are that'll do nothing but judge did the officer and probably invite more scrutiny so there you go traffic ticket miss. Had a chance to doctor George grove yesterday. Who is the leader of the Kingston trio is played with them now for all forty some odd years he's getting rated hang it up. He is they will be a test spirit square tomorrow night. Tom Julian Scotch and soda and the whole nine yards tomorrow at just 730. And then he will wrap up that as the band currently is configured the last show they will do will be a national. But they're second last shows tomorrow night his spirit square so was a pretty good opportunity for you to go see a little bit of history a no George drove in the hole. Not a Kingston trio so if your adjusted I think tickets are still available and you can go to Blumenthal arts dot org. Or you can call 7043720. 1000. That they are at spirit square should be a great room syndication trio and tomorrow night. And it just 730 part of your big do we can in the league oversell auto wreck on WBT Eric. Any other going to on. Maybe interacting meant and I'm definitely encountered few of those but I did didn't quite some speeding ticket in my like Daimon. Couple that I did you just gotta we gotta read the laws they don't win Illinois we're used to live that'll walk to help avoid speed traps. Then the cops couldn't get it within a certain amount of feet from a change in its legal limit. And I got and I'm not wanting got out of a jacket they couldn't use their radar evidence. It's not so like daddy gotta look or lower than the other one night did was. When they had two cops one run and radar and the other one down the road Poland people over. Only the one who actually build out the ticket would doubt it so that's who they call them the court and he had no but he wasn't the one running a radar. There was nobody did testify what the radar was less. You to fight so you you've killed the dispute of he allows himself for a lawyer has a fool for a client. Yeah that's true but you know when I moved here I'll tell you what I got a little bit more money in my pocket. It's a lot easier just hired a lawyer and I'm going to plead the improper equipment. Them and and and probably more efficient as well they're quick reminder if you get tickets to the upcoming bank of our. You have Bank of America 500 it's October 8 that it does Charlotte motor speedway. Everybody who buys two adult tickets between now and October 1 while supplies last get a Dale Earnhardt junior Bobble head probably going to be much. Coveted. For more read about does that affect steel dozens of never makes me. This is a company that basically. Takes your most. Viable information. Social Security number but. Credit card numbers I mean you don't. Really pertinent information on music could complicate your life who became compromised and then they compromise. Com. And now showing really wanna truly incompetent company they are. They have shown companies the wrong way to handle. Security breach for nearly two weeks the company's official Twitter account has been directing users to a fake look alike web site. They're doing now. After announcing the breach Equifax directed its customers to Equifax security 2017. Dot com. Security experts say the domain is confusing and it sounds fake like something a scammer would set up. It's really an Equifax site. But the experts say that the company should have simply pointed customers to their regular Equifax dot com domain. And it did illustrate how dumb Equifax. Decision was. A developer by the name of nick sweeting. He's created a fake web site of his own. Now keep in mind Equifax is was Equifax security 20s17. Dot com. He created a security. Exit Equifax. Tony seventeen dot com. Any simply switched the words security and Equifax around. And as if to demonstrate its ratings point. Actual facts appears to have been itself duped by the fake site. Because the company has been directing some of their users just waiting stake site sporadically over the past two weeks. So. I got an email today from my bag basically and I haven't had a chance really got to laws on the air but it essentially it's BB NT saying hey you've heard about this in this is that do this and do have totals over. But the scary thing about this is is that if you go to Equifax originally they directions you do area. Some kind of a security monitoring system or something like that. You've got a three year. But the information that was taken. They can sit on that for a year. The scary parts gonna become when people start filing taxes. Because there's good that did this day. That the hackers got all your information the Dutch Social Security number of take. Tax. A returns have been a big deal for a long long time. So I don't know why Equifax overruns about a business. But the idea that you would have all that information in one area where somebody could hack can get that much information on on the award is that a 144 million people. All right is knots. On the other two road crews agencies are or pay and just a little bit of attention let me go over Zell loaded jam on Billy bta Jim. Yeah ya your doubt be driven straight regarding oil it is so it's not solve. And we're hearing ignore those campaign has bought about royal reporter you can really delete those things. But darn old trivia of capitalism you have a few minutes Biggio loan them. I've got all my refrigerator older that I took I got John Hancock written orders are dark and all your show. I'll Bob Bennett about her role here you know you're gonna light segments. Like you they had any bad parents well I had to write the plant so I got several albums down. And you might be it didn't hear it goes well what you put on her show it they best they are at stake now well. Tomato cans of real care walloped. Spinach. Blueberries but bringing good out at BA what they were. But at some of these lives now cook argued fingers all the time that I have to bears that were bigger. While some sort of bearish are callable. Or written great. Yeah I don't know I can be they are Greek yogurt has all the sudden hit the list. Because we just another one a couple weeks ago there was just about the same thing. I'm trying to remember you know I mean I mean more kale and stuff like that salads and stuff than nine you can shake steak yet. Diabetes type two you can you know technically as they've told you can eat anything you want to you just after the make amends Florida I'm actually going out tomorrow. Hawthorne's pizza has a deal. Oh women who have been pregnant say that it forces labor. Well I have we have a daughter in law that is due any day now they are granddaughter and so we're all going to Hawthorne's tomorrow otherwise have pizza and see if we can't get that. Get a million main here just a little bit closer so I'm actually gonna have pizza tomorrow for the first time in ninety days I can't wait. Boogaard are so right that's her thanks for save in the note put my name on it I appreciate that. Your breath. Off egos and now we will do the same make way for Joseph Gillespie with Good Charlotte have six. Com mark Pearson do in the morning show tomorrow for a vote Toms and I'll see you back here tomorrow at 3 o'clock as we kick off the big weekend and I appreciate you being. John and Jack Charles most beloved.