Scott Wentz

At Home with Roby
Sunday, August 19th
Scott Wentz, Executive with True Homes, joins Patrick & Trent to discuss Builders Bridge, a non-profit organization.

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Following is a sponsored program on WBT. Good morning and welcome at home with ruby on Patrick. Passing president review services along with haste and president and CEO of the review and the company's. We are here because trains Sunday morning at 9 o'clock. Beautiful day. Wild man portrayed in the dirt is yet in this summer the Sox waters love the way house. Man I lol this summer and I'll love the Tom I get this film off gambling in them and businesses. Or rent paying analog one moment. Routine might be nice come and yet here very old school is just around the corner for from promotes them most schools systems if Antarctic started senator. Not greatly here it is good to be did you got a great city. Scott wins not to be confused with the arsenal in it's. And on the stimulus if true who owns talking about his business holly started. Workforce development in and we have a wonderful wish story. We'll always dollars and nine with Scott wet so literally get some shows have clarified his suicide. Yet we're gonna have a share were Nicklaus and I think this summit among among humanly can be little Kia. To make economy to give me a hard time in the media. Ready to wish story has not on the top gear. And I wish I wash says says because that probably get a fix and things and a barge car and he said number it. Dayton and coming pop Iran was to drive his truck for bodily 127 are actually out borrowed. I needed bigger I needing your car. To take some some bugs Omar Bradley doctorate so much pain that got clubs in the back of the truck in case it rains. Some larger call our new you can't my truck for a couple of extra days as I was out of town with family. Which is great com. Which he realized how big my F 150 layer hitter pops at flaunted it later it is right a distant 28 in 29 curve in my head okay well I give my truck immaculate part in my house she Baghdad into my driveway which is great that's exactly how Marco laden. And much Jackie Angel might sell wanna crank it. My gas cap won't station. That she's there. Imam where resolved legally legally my side in there. And I run on the road and I'll name a mayor's job me crazy online man eating give me some mastic or zone. Lose this thing about all come Nestle it in that damn goal now welcome boulevard yesterday in the dang thing fell out of sight out all their money Astoria Monday as. Seven Oscars although I don't know when I got the kids I mean I was like goodness gracious your beard looked like you know like in some from a car dealership BC does like squiggly things and try to get your attention now gone in they've put their hands in the and the kind of blow up as a chairs or listen let me tell your senators. As you know much from day one Tom one time maybe twice a done this I hit this I hit a mailbox. With the suddenly Mir and not broke my broke the glass on the side the mere. It's ordered. Lately be it office held me you know ordered a new side you mere. That Dolan down glued to us from back on this great. A little looser than a normal matter mud and then not like Kilroy and I'm no let happen near sensitive. OCD gotten much rights and I'll fix this mayor a mob get it tightening and pop down there was hang alike Oscar Bob. A lot more waddle waddle. In this tough week with callers that that week I'll be honest with the inalienable. And that apple more Christ and Marie Jones mad that this does he got about eight more cracks. Did Saturday am I am I gonna want to David Bayer AK went to the kotsay and there's a construction on him build a brewery behind it over on a more it was reported. I saw a nail on the road. A system's gonna pop retire septic nail opened them up but in a place for it Ireland pop. Unit did little more this or it was actually it was on us the street again is parallel and not summit so one anyways. Boss who issuers are trying to do it's a good deed. And I give vets an office not tires completely flat. That's what you give it that's like that's like the reverse of karma in it but does that happen. Okay sub always driven big trucks F one feet the and that's a lot larger than people thing it's long it takes an Amtrak it's bigger and Reagan's twelve persons birther ran at it's it's a drive and detest and have always driven a truck and so Reagan used to have a Honda Accord Hiller. Up popped two tires most right satires on that Honda Accord three different times and the tea. When you pop two tires. So I've done that low shoulders of its yet had never look out for low shoulders like that my life. I'm telling you would Nigeria be about my wife had a Honda Accord and when we were dating and actually got admiration edit as well and you're right. We'd be decent drive and receive your truck we drug is like driving driving your Jeep Cherokee the win and is is is like a zoom zoom it turns on dined and and I was in my hand I was. As a owns owns all amenable Wimbledon. And that's got to help and I is that it Alice thank you your album at a bit ass and all of the for does the auto loan analysis on what Ricky isn't as popular. Period. Yeah so with us again talk a lot about kids then shouldn't we are talking about kids yes that is that the aim of the year corn hole tournament his penalties September 15. Certain. How much money and raises here ten million dollars. Not really I think are real issues 250000. Dollars pop a can a club for some reasons to 25 include those in my BT's when he. Is mortal we've ever raise its moral Ares it's over 200000 article as a border operation runs at tournaments he's also mean she's done a great job and she game prepared and she's she's wonderful. And and and on the gas. And I'm going will wire we're going from 200 to 400 wrong for 40800. Mid Ohio you hit us our man wit and is she is mean those cricket dot C mayor Ron Mason did the united CNET yet I hear Christians great. She takes care mainland south she is an animal to the insane enough I mean it. Put it on a calendar September 15 we can't say enough how. Much work goes into this and how much we appreciate efficient and it is she does it for everybody. That just coming out media and if you don't play corner hold these impeachment it's a deal on Saturday it's a great day it's awesome. And I wanna give a shout out somewhere some some of these roosters Tennessee's now life tended to any pumps in the and I would around the hallway TJ shout out to eat out blood via he's got also silly royal blues and Sunday at alma still from and so it. If he and the shoes today you showed I had pulled down personally come that we have Scott wet so wins stay tuned to find out from true. Welcome back at home to grow the tax cast from Rhode services alone can hasten drum to throw the family's company's. We always hear those previously special pistons beat me today. Yeah we do Scott Scott wins. That's right say many things out when its tail winds just are you personally and success not quite as she famous or ally Carson wins and you look like K the quarterback and I went in the college with a Scott wins the loose like you did Chapel Hill now. I think of the Chapel Hill midwest guy island Purdue opened a little cooler they Julian Robinson hit and threes on the tornadoes remember the big dog big band known as elbow and I admire how does he go to ball from twenty feet behind the three point line on Indiana. Yeah what part. Little town west of Indianapolis called browns amber okay my wife is from Jasper which is obvious how could you ask don't tell our from the Brian Indianapolis it. Yeah very cool welcome we had a really good conversation. Translate now I'm just kids literally dig conversation before the show. About what it is you do not only professionally but many black on on scat we do. Well professionally am I'm an executive partner with a company called true home I am home builder. Here in Charlotte and for other markets or in Charleston and rallying the Triad. Over in the coastal Wilmington. Bill about 16100 homes a year while here starter company back in 2007. Re air when a starter. We were there for him myself into others as honest inserted business from Indianapolis not a real or not it is now the story I'd never got that oh yeah this perfect timing to sort of home link again in 2000. The the end of 2007 the beginning in 2000 and that's when that's when everybody with trial that's her a couple wages and I nearly any hearing any images say we we were feeling really good about us. And we came here but had no idea how bad did you started in Charlotte we did a good idea over and Monaro it's our main offices or was there and of the independents say how many house and did you build and sale in 2000 in Iraq in 2009 about 450. Good lap races via my show. I mean we were blessed beyond blessed as a business both sometimes the the toughest time in an industry's investment star and so we were playing offense everyone else played defense. And we took advantage of some things that. Yeah I programs and economical. Lots we did and yeah a few building cult was lower crippling cost was lower trades were available because ruining. And a that's right it's old really a lot of things lineup when you. Started their really bad time the market only went down 85% if you have our guys that's got to have a good it's so crazy it made a little and alienated a vote in. Don't our youth. Viewing the two partners all still together yeah we're also together as wonderful yeah now there's eight of us actually announces new executive. Team. And it runs a company and that we've got a great group of people waved as I said and we didn't really blast as a business and them yet Greek culture. Weaver. Charlotte Observer. Though it is the best place to work in Charlotte. Well here is that pretty thin parliament so that was exciting because it's not until we sign up for us more than associates knew we've and that the rebbe families. Been out voted at a couple found that's right yeah we saw that. So. So you watched dual threat that's kind of a clinical needs you know today you won't your peopled so fill light that work. At a family minarets that's kind of armada and you'll feel good about come and work can be brow low. I say when sassy kids around mile work. Office and stuff that makes me happy. Yeah when we started think the founding vision was to provide people an opportunity for more life events were very intentional about that can turn to create. Definition around what more life looks like. Give our associates. A chance to put definition around it and then go experience it so it's not just an aspiration but it's been. Actually can be real that's great. I proving that initiate it has backs have perfectly newly said that you know so. The so I got a trouble. Questions I know a little bit about the the homebuilding industry as being an homeowners and that's how we may and through. Workforce development for the youth is that this also how we met with senators all hand in hand. DL develop the land. In house or the all possess some you have partners to do that. But we have both occur and we have our own development company. Where were putting blots on the ground or sell via and then we'll go to third party developers and get lots from them Islam also to mix of both. I'm not exactly sure what the percentages but that will put this year. Somewhere between 15102000. Lots on the ground really are so your development coming in our development company. And will get the rest of them through third party. We'll partnerships we'll talk about that that the risk of unseen Billiton added that we need these guys have Quidel wider rate and chief we do. And really that was born out of the survival. Mode from 2008 through 2011. Where. At the banker developers. And they do you have a solution for this lot. We you'd say yes and then get in the car TriBeCa sailor Russell number I guess that's what you do it here in Australia right by a wide product or rally load. But it it. Seriously we ended. Having to have a very wide product offering because you didn't know what. And he was going to be buying. And so we have. Five different collections we do town homes. Everything from starter homes 250000. All the way two half a million plus miles primarily in a 350 and and below ranges really are. So sweet spot it's true that's yours truly there that's where truth shows up for it how did you pick Charlotte. The other two partners is to main partners that own business Mark Foley isn't the end Horner. We grew up in the business together so sit back and Indianapolis I was with higher in production builder. They were with the name. Entry level primarily builder and doing. 3500 homes a year. And one in those divisions was here in Charlotte yet and so they're in Indianapolis and they and opened a division in Charlotte to their familiar with the what Charlotte look like then. The opportunity. And so on all the places in the United States this was the places that you mood changed all gravy has moved. From India now you are actually two others and we moved our families down here and I'll management force. And went for Charlotte dry so sexy and did this avenue stilled us at that. But lost yeah Sandia. You know Leo assay. If they if we had been told what was gonna happen. Before we came we wouldn't have pain right rank but we also now would not have changed it for anything. Mean having been forged in. That season you were there you went through it oh man we do yes terrible both in. The what our business dropped. From I relate to a nine 'cause in the custom residential. Market it was has a little lag Lohan. Oh now was was our worst year you win a drug about. 50% top line revenues. From LA Terry now and I don't know how we come home and that look we were primarily coastal residents within. And now we have a commercial division we start in 2010. AM we have. Ruby services division which started in 2010 owls like man I gotta we gotta diversify into the net. Think it time to start this we were forced to an event as to survive yeah but and then of course when the markets started to heal up to a London 2012. On the up the opportunities easily took advantage of during does. The downturn running really played well for us to that be able to stabilize and and grow the business where rob and all that I homeowner mice in spirit be more apt in 2010 to spend 200 dollars. On facing a sink in her kitchen and spend and a 125000. Dollars on new kitchen and saluting him a security threat and I remember bag man. They were saying all the days of a 100000 dollar kitchen are gone they're never come back and people have chain lets back the body let me tell you they don't do ordinary need to yet he's been ironed out on the hour Romo plots believe is a say back then was knows why do you want because if you remember their all these foreclosures are happening right so. That was our competition and so we would go to clients insane. Why would you rather buy foreclosure when you buy one that you buy a foreclosed lives and their brand new house on me yeah. Makes her validates our approach. And you know a lot of people took advantage of that there feel really good about it today because they got great deals certainly not to say anything that there's not that many foreclosed locks out there and he's not in penalties there's any for clothing line and did land in general is moving now. And our time it's the biggest constrain the industry today. That and labor. Yet what do primarily land and getting in on the ground. But then you know right behind that is labor what's anyway we'll hold that fault. 'cause I only get back man I didn't know who I was and learn so much about your year. True homes upbringing. Over the last decade. It's a great arch general business story. But when we come I want wanna get into the charitable arm room of your firm grip and what showered trying to do in the community and what what's happening in and the world around us so to we have Scott list with this. The movie that's classic from rooms services along contains the rim families of companies that fox water they gave him. Got me maybe stumbled on the interim. That oh here is Scott Winston threw homes talk about development your stories is phenomenal move down here and that those seven. From Indianapolis this really where he has catch starts to turn to break through Tom I'll go off for a is really cool and your. In the debt business to write a. Yeah. We have been fortunate to be partners and couple golf courses so one isn't. Lancaster called Edgewater yes. I thought I was at Lancaster. Wells Lancaster it like you say he's a Lancaster and it's coming Yankee right near downtown to the stories are you seeing is like decals may Yankee is wrong with the Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster thanks to get sick. Then we have another one over and union count Nicole stone bridge over Libor rose and then there chair and then another weapon states fill Larkin. Okay color in it now. And so it's more than we don't necessarily. Wanna be in the golf course business but. There's lots around the golf courses and weasel houses and so those two things gonna you know ran up the golf course we do you know him again agree of people. Do a great job. In all those places I didn't on it and yeah. Austria check it out it's great. Yet. Course down at Edgewater and broader and up and down and lacks Lancaster that's funny I mean if if my parents and sent this out Iran in basic senator senator D'Amato. The Pentagon that it really remain in ways that truck called ignorant people there Coleman one act. That's it how can it be banned lacked when there's notes that he SY CK you just don't know them and pleased that we just went like every one of you I don't have I don't have a problem with that somebody from norte this really nice being Mike called me Yankee mining at cultural. In a coastal Lebanese born knuckles come in action at it was a technical slept in her eyes are done has come he's my little daughter but coastline. Yes so let's talk about. Dallas charitable. So I is there interest thank you notre builders bridge yeah we have a couple things are confirmed true homes who have true foundation. And that's really the giving arm of our business and we got multiple partnerships their through that foundation. But a lot of what it is centered on is really around vocation. And creating opportunities for kids. To get into and be exposed to the home building industry. Myanmar industries in a crisis right now relative to labor van damme. Everyone's feeling it and when I say everyone I mean all trades all suppliers home builders are feeling the effects of what's happened. 12530. Years ago you know and that was a transformation. If you will the transition from. What you should be shop class and construction programs in schools to computer labs young and the new definition of success became if you go to college. College became the new measure of success for kids. It posts tell Patrick earlier if it used to be if your dad was a plumber. Chances are you might be a plumber to. It was promoted he might take that mainly business over right my dad was a carpenter now right. And then when that ship captain ended became mere going to be anything but a plumber and you're go to school and hearing you degree. In those are all great things. But has had an impact can we say here here thirty years later it who with the crisis. They're just not enough people and so it's been recognized. There's movements all over the United States happening right now and so archer foundation. Is aligned with the national housing endowment we work with them. To give endowment to North Carolina Ain T. We help them start their NHB program. More working through the NHB student chapters nationally. And sponsoring it at some of their events. Who's this couple of the things we're doing what the true foundation and then a couple years ago I started a nonprofit called builders bridge. Specifically to. Help bridge the gap between the opportunities. That there are here and in the community and the needs of the community there. In one of those pathways as soon vocation. And so I think dear national song. A couple weeks ago weeks ago and we were talking about how computers were driven by yet. And it makes complete sense Brian and so builders bridge is partnering with programs like that. Below loses is doing to end in a national movement right now and that they're gonna get ready to roll out you talk about that a limit for generations he had that's more they're basically trying to rebrand. And change the narrative. With kids as to what the opportunities look like and in construction and so builders for just one founding partners of that programs slow rate and really just trying to bring. Resource to the need and everyone's trying to do the same things you're part of the workforce. And development. Committee in the HPA. And and Mary's is central Piedmont community college in everyone's sentence you know has the same harder. That there's just a little bit of a lack of unity you know in the midst of it and so. Builders Burgess started to help turn creates some unity and and really create a network where we can get some real synergy. And you know we had a meeting yesterday as. And true homes for our midyear update with our trade partners and over 300 suppliers and trades and land developer on. Able to roll out the generation TV video and showed them and they just really done a phenomenal job would turn into. Helped create this new narrative. And I'm that's really were spend a lot of our time right now with builders for urgent trip on nation. Will allow said this is this town and a attack is a neat it's a neat are both almost. Our brand and business builders and business owners and business leaders and and it's also a neat owned the UCN and the families indicators. Charlotte's fifty out of fifty now for mobility and Charlotte just an example of what's going on in the whole nation but. They need and opportunity in our regular live and they need to learn a trade day yeah I mean there's there's a lot I think instrument they. Most kids just don't know I don't know they don't realize the up shot and he's your right as education and communication. I don't know it takes over 300 companies and suppliers to build one house you know. Since different parts and pieces and really thought about it. And there's so much opportunity and they all have the same need which is really good people on their all these kids just coming through school. That either don't have the resources to go to college. They don't wanna go to the military. And those are two great pathways are on the wrong with them but if you're one of those kids like and my sons both paid and wanna go to college. And didn't necessarily wanna go into the military either. But they also didn't have. We wouldn't have known all about the opportunities and construction which both the marine and now yeah Brodeur for me a yes. Cried because I knew about it when exposed to it but the school systems did not have pathways for that. They did not at all right I mean it's gonna take leaders like like like yourself. Did their just continually push in this but I think he made a comment we talked on the Madeira was on should try it. Insisting unity habits and focus and bring us all together is as is construction as a reflection industry attempt to make sure this message is delivered. Everybody. That's really been a challenge your point is just a lack of of that knowledge and knowing this opportunities right. In the school systems all want to create the programs. And they're willing now to create the programming. They just need some help with doing it right and the more we can connect those dots the more we can put. People in front of each other that say hey we're all after the same thing can we create some synergy you know this movement. As I love about what this generation T is it is some movement you have to have a movement. And in other than the pork industry thing when they changed it. The narrative on pork to become this the other YE. Meet me that I and he clearly changed there industry that it took a movement and and that's really the approach they're taking that this generation to you know I think it's brilliant. Because you can push down all the way up into the middle schools. And to have thick skins now see it different yes. Like a rock and the adoration TDs cycle terms that are in there on out there writing it's marketing genius is when it is tennis needed it's desperately need didn't and put it. Again not it's also serving the community it's that it has its core right. I'm glad I think it's great and like he said Amin builders Bridgetown and out together we we talk about this for. If porn I. Ten boxes and cropland Arab boss there's not going to be any memento to write an. If it speeds occurrence cannot beat you when different ways so I think is also I think death do us a great story how can people find now. About true homes and and about just charitable arm as well. Well true don't you find us on the way and cited true homes USA dot com. Le pen anyone done consider asses that's a builder for them. And then builders bridges that builders per chuck come build a bridge dot com deliberate shut com can go there. If you want information you can go to information temperature information in them and won't connect with team that we. Are really just looking for a network partners in Iran appear traders supplier your builder. We would love to have you this as a partner and network partner and will keep you informed as to the movement in the needs and what's happening in. In the in that space in that world. And then you can check out the generation T that we are generation T dot com grand that you and I think that's gonna roll out McLemore and national level. Here's sometime in the fall in Vietnam with them on opening and speaking at a place by. And give a little. A preview of that here purse on the down with probation the area. But they're looking for partners as well and so again it's just about lined energy. And the overall work and torch the same thing. Well Scott it's a great story both business and charitable work force development by. And mentally ready and Patrick as a member of the services. Hey Lisa good to Stanley company we are your posts. Prince got wins is no longer with this he got home she young team down the man that was awesome that was also what's going. If you're not excited about them than the last mile the shows would would Nash about a month ago talking about the rock. And in Scott wins from true home so it in here talking about. Just the whole youth movement. Told about builders bridge which yeah honorable altogether Scott now a man. Through the homeowners association and a workforce development mean he came and they're getting mine Iraq how is that our out of Iraq and meet with him and Aron that he hosted. These hits can nations almost half of the rock about a month ago and gosh his fondest see these guys. Yeah you know always and in my career always. I didn't see. The industry. Was not as charitable as it sings like it is now. And give them back to the community it's also as it is now and missing like everybody's got to on this bandwagon which is great but I mean even an area means and stuff man. I mean we used to raise money for. We used to raise money and name means we do pass the hat and that was old school bully raise money for a special need you right our ship. It was like. Thereby gives ten dollars a little wasn't like they got their business but our. What it does not to say this and this only is financial but it's also leaders in this industry yourself. Scott Darian I mean did it you are giving their time and Indy is on live service it's like eight. This is here I mean if you listen to the show any listen to this irregularly and that we can't preach it anymore. There's so much opportunity here for for people that are interested you can you get it what you heard Scottie said they had Panamanian it true homes I have 300 people there right vendors and subs. Excited about the need. For youth. Getting in the were forcing gays in the 300 people at its crazy it takes to build a house is but he said they sent via and they are all there there are everyone else death and Australia. I never really calculated how many people it takes to build a house a lot of coming I think if this may build mood takes want. That's just SI year old not approve a I'm proving that wrong on my house right wrong side has seen you swing a hammer before he and I have seen these thing and hammer the Melissa devout wish kid Nicholas elegant clothes the court okay what do we have seven weeks I don't think nemesis lesson now has site -- fought for five or eight I it's sure was September Wilson is never I three weeks. Yeah we're getting desire waiting settler seventeenth. Yes I'll that was a joke is the fifteenth fifteenth we did that it hasn't seen her say fifteen tear it and really how the body because there are real stories doesn't be serious. Well this is wish kid Nicholas in Nicklaus a thirteen year old he loves soccer rock music can be against especially fifa. Nicholas's Stanley who lived in the United Kingdom three year Internet Tommy got hooked on the set top gear you watch us so. Narron and Dana I can understand the world's largest motoring show up he has seen all Tony three seasons of the show which has its serious dedication. During his long save in the hospital for cancer treatment Nicholas how comforting watching hours of his favorite show notes which may mean they cast the perfect this is cold. Mean cast perfect wish for him when Nicholas a Stanley arrived in London they were given passes to watch tape and deficit episode. After taping he got to meet the hosts of the show and hang out. Picking their brains about the show cars everything else understands. While Nicholas fell says special getting to meet his idols as part going to be tie after each and Nichols is parents said that after trip was over Nicholas is still so happy from the wished his mom cheered. These people save my child's life the only way he made it through some very dark constant treatment with the wash your show over and over again as well that's a unbelievable. So now whenever Nicholas a Stanley Los deficit target here they'll be reminded of the incredible adventure they had I mean this is unbelievable what that continues to a child and family. I asked Phil like a broken record normal on the last segment Nast great for the for this team league run lead not to the pitcher for wishes but. Is still one true licks and yeah right there you just heard it is. Medical significance. What it does to a child and to the family of its out. And and what that. Spirit listing can do for their health it is or is very special we will you know you write it in having something to remember and having something to look forward to you are things that are so important anybody's. Life anybody's a livelihood to we're just due to general happiness and I mean this does it say this I mean dissing here's Monta heavily literally act I think the better yet let's artery that. This artery so mid inning yet could imagine how this that they cast from top here caters to them for for taking their time to do it they did. I'm an amateur I think America wants to show now. Well aren't saying we need a work in a Dale Junior. Story. Not a local home Todd yeah earlier racing industry but I think dale Diener. I think I don't wanna miss speak miss easy huge supporter of our. Central western north on I make a list. I think he's grand the most which is out of any person Dale Junior and it needs to come on the at home with Roby land that would be also he would degrade. And ordered we're going to wish Allison and visited junior foundation has big supporters of this. Thank you dale thank you top gears a whole industry and thank you for what you do. We've had a great day if you not excited about taken. Care and doing business in getting it done on this Sunday. They need to change the channel may sound a bit thanks for listeners at home what throw we have a great day.