SCOTUS Approves Sports Gambling, Tepper to Buy Carolina Panthers, Should Drug Money Pay for the Wall

Vince Coakley Podcast
Tuesday, May 15th

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From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. There's this young kids Coakley radio program. Good morning welcome. Our broadcast good to be back which you lots of interest in things going on. We've got a new idea on how to keep for the wall. Proposed by one senator. Donald Trump. Is going to engage on Capitol Hill to try to move along some of his nominees. He'd like she'd change consider rules. Closer to home we talked about the show us today Carolina Panthers. There could be a sign to deal as early as today. We will talk about that in a related story how about sports betting we had a Supreme Court decision on this yesterday. And this is going to be significant you wanna talk about a lot of money. Lots of money. The sports betting industry legal and otherwise. Where is Cisco from here especially in. Archery state area. What is going to be the impact. Of this decision by the Supreme Court and love to get your thoughts. Keep in mind this is radio it's not televisions or fewer colon and admit you were sentenced you can confess those race here. The gambling debts she made yes I'm talking years here. Your wife doesn't know either does she. Holds a wool dress this much more during the course of the broadcast. Something grab my attention. And I wanted to cover this because. But we and that there was so much fear and concern. And justifiably so. There's a great deal of attention. Great deal of attention on the horrible crimes carried out by crisis. Please view of even heard any stories about crisis lately. They pretty much been wiped out it looks like. There's one a trustee particularly to get a lot of attention. Which is what this whole terrorist. Idea is all about it's about scaring the living daylights out of people. And stirring the fear of their god. Into people. Do you remember that image. Of the downed pilot Jordanian pilots burned alive in the cage do you remember that. When there's an update on this particular story. I'm not so sure with all of the other thing scoring on whether this will get much attention. There's a guy by the name of Saddam out Jim Ball. He is responsible. For this heinous heinous crime. We've learned now. According to the UK Daily Mail. He's one of 44. Basis leaders captured. Using fake messages. He is the man responsible for the execution that Jordanian pilots. My wife how come Sunday. Seven Bakken Tony 153 years ago. This was shocking video as we mentioned. Saddam Al Jamal's one of the most senior crisis commanders to be detained so far. And he was not to be. A possible future leader of the death cult. Gained a reputation for brutality. As an ice is commander with a taste for personally beheading prisoners. And when you think about it. This is what builds credibility in this particular world it's a contest to see who can outdo the other in the really barbaric treatment of other human beings. He's one of the most senior ice is commanders be captured so far. And the Jordanian security services believe he is the mastermind. Behind the killing of that pilots. Some good news to report. In any case. The pathway to justice. You Mair remember it was back in 198519. I'm losing my mind year 20153. Years ago. Nicest release that horrible video online showing the 26 year old being burned alive in the cage. This was shocking to people all around the world. I'll Jamal's actually be accused of a series of atrocities including taking part in a massacre. In a one province that happen in 2014. They killed 700 members of the tribes that rose up against crisis. These people were. Profoundly brutal. He had be been previously commander. In the Free Syrian Army and then leader of western allied moderate Islamic group. Did you notice what I said here. Moderate Islamic group. Which is one of the questions that we've repeatedly raised in regard to American. Interaction with. Cooperation whiff. Some of these groups and Middle East it's never made sense who are these people and what is their real agenda. Which is why it's best that we completely stay out. But it is good to. That we have news of this arrest. It looks like the beginning of the ins. For this particular organization. But as you know we need to remain vigilant vigilant. Because just as this particular group seems to be fading I'm sure there will be others. And it's going to require some strong leadership to make sure. That we protect the security of Americans around the world. Speaking of security. Senator bill Cassidy has a plan. On how to build the wall. He says let's make cartels pay for it. Fund the US Mexico border wall using money confiscated from Mexican cartels. You're gonna talk about human humongous amount of money the cartels moved about 110 billion dollars a year from the United States and Mexico. 110. Billion. Dollars a year. Cinder cast he says this before you stop that we can confiscate that money use cartel money to build overall. Will be the Mexican government to be the Mexican cartels. Paying for the raw. And he says that's probably the better party to build it. Brilliant idea. Affects mr. Kass sees introduce a member this year to crackdown on drug traffickers laundry money across the southern border the United States. The American government continues to seized funds for increased border security plans. To build the wall. That's a lot of money we're talking about here 110. Billion dollars do you imagine. If we just get a fraction of that money would we could actually start to do. That would make a huge difference. Senator Jesse said we need to do better which comes confiscate this money we can pay for better border security. Make drug traffickers less able. Ter our communities as well this is a win win. A win win. Would love to get your thoughts. Do you think this is doable. To try to get this money out of the cartels. Just a fraction. 10% 15%. Who knows. Is this a viable plan. Especially would consider that congress doesn't seem inclined to pay for this thing. And so far Donald Trump really has not demanded that. Read change would this. Budget process I put the word budget in quotes that's coming up this year. Well it remains to be seen. Loved your thoughts it's much more coming of the broadcasting including. Donald Trump. Running to change the senate rules. We'll tell you what his goal is here and what the prospects are for this coming. This is so big. Vince Coakley radio program. Lot of people. 19 minutes after 10 o'clock the Vince Coakley radio program it was just talk line 8901110. If you liked Colin. Haven't since retirement planning her excited 71307. Let's get your perspective. On this idea especially. Karl Rove using cartel money to pay for the wall. Is his tracks goes it's gonna work. Are we going to succeed at being able to track this money down. Loves to eat your thoughts but says start with a call in Greeneville and so let's go to Roberts good morning Robert. I think your morning bent. I think radeon cartel money to get a divot I've got us a better use for our bank you know not being funny that you think I'm being funny I'm not at that. Instead of building a wall I think what we ought to do is take the people that are coming here illegally. And since most dumb luck finding that they're being persecuted in their home country. Maybe you really do is take a couple of old military bases that have been closed. Open memo sort trying to beat people and all armed and send them back to their mother country and let them fight the oppressors and Leo persecutor yeah and they're up. A lot to it but not not at what they get beyond Bobble. Option not to be interest and if people keep coming here once it became obvious that what's gonna happen. Glad I mean they're big country. You know they are our neighbors and eventually something's gonna get beat get out. And volley people do keep coming running here because they're afraid to fight for their their you know god don't let give them something a bit. You basically saying let's take a man let's tournament of freedom fighters. Exactly. And that they don't like it will get right to build brick on the military base who eventual outcome around. You know first you drain. The core of me and parachute amended their country let them that would tighten them starts and eleven children that. And if they refuse to make them listen to speeches from Hillary Clinton. 00 you weren't her laughing oh gosh do we that we got led back I'd rather be awarded boarded on the I think got a couple options news it's clever idea you know we've got to give people. We're told by both the left the big people are great that's that's what they're great assets they really need to be in their own country getting close but establishing a way to way to become. Bobble productive countries out the vote for the bat gates who they are today. You're average you made a great point here that's you know what we're doing by continuing to just take people in. Is we're not addressing the real problem the problem is Mexico. Needs to be fixed. We can't shaking and everybody who doesn't wanna live in Mexico or any other sell LaSalle for central American country. We can't import their problems you make agreed to require a so it out but. It's a great idea Roberts I do appreciate your call let's. Go to Pete's in Charlotte good morning peach. Well that's (%expletive) story about the money just gotten crazy or for a couple of reasons. Long. We hear all the time abruptly broad brush the Coast Guard sounding drugs here and there is also ports we never hear stories. Our. Massive amounts of American dollars don't doctors to moved. Mexico but never here. I don't know why we're we've just mentioned here that are more untrue. Immoral to banks including Wells Fargo has. Been and will not they can they have shown no. Not since cases are drug laundering money. I think the world part of their respective Quintana has been paid about a 170 million console. Critically important clearly billion laundering drug money HSBC. Open laundering drug money I think what this congressman during the Summers during the shortened version. For political expediency we could handle this problem right now is who would have federal prosecution of the money side of the game. Right here with American banks involved or what makes Burkhardt tells. You're talking about going to you know somebody's handling this money this money's being transferred someway somehow let's find out. Where it's being transferred. Through the means of doing that and just take its is what you're suggesting. Well I I'd like I said you can go back and I'm nick and blew it I mean Wells Fargo settle. Our student Wachovia so when it became what part of that this is not this is not in dispute we don't have a significant amount prosecution. On the White House side that never month's record the big White House side of this. Can you do get a grip on the money but what but money we the American economy. Almost the pilots. Just. It is remarkable is. This is typical we just quickly seek to handle that much cast member of the movie star base. Remember what Tony month crop walk into that bank with proper bags full crash and the banker was rolling his eyes as he did not handle it. Remember we're told we're I have not seen that movie if you can believe that. Oh my goodness. He's got so much cash they don't even tonic they won't get. Oh my goodness. That's a lot of money to deal with Fisher and I appreciate your call their Pete you've made agreed poitier bouts the the complicity. The complicity of the banking system. How do you resolve that problem. This is an enforcement issue another aspect of this. Let's go out to a call from Jim who wanted to get something we have not. Formally addressed yet but I will let you speak to this first Jim Jim just because I'm a good guy. There you are you more. That we are constitutional issue about gambling. The recent discussion. You know human then either own individual or. Or. Combine our site who have been wagering public accuracy there are served through Korea and get together. It took buyouts and virtuous our whole sub grant. The part about this now to strictly word comes to collegiate sport betting. All that more data stakes are rays who were regard well immediately tomorrow or go go back into our. Brilliant. School teacher probably go you're like this blogger I could play well tomorrow bear. I call reflector sport hair reminding simple sparkle back into these straight call first. This isn't don't go right back in Israel are probably. Education system what you do mark unbelievable arm flurry signing our government has ever the car the only American people. Are you hit the ball into the outbreak occurred years ago I was probably the head these throughout the years. And meaning but it got me anymore. And and Albany college years bear that out just like that money or. All of my nothing more than the government's from the Fayette Arnold around the localities as. Support your collegiate string. Sort of virtue who want government I know. What that sports betting that now bespectacled. Job we're like crazy own. I mean you're gonna get any more or who's boss sparkle. For government to continue to control certain. I thought. A view from a group made a great point here appreciate your call their gym and you know decimal love my frustration throughout this whole gambling thing you know years ago I remember covering this as a reporter. Video gambling in South Carolina do you her video poker machines there that there's a big deal. And there are a lot of people who made a fortune out of that. And you noticed with the government did it in South Carolina. They made that illegal. And they got involved in the lottery why do they do this because the state wants the money. That's what this is about. And I guarantee. You're going to see. Fifty states starts to root maneuver. And all kinds of other cities as well to try to figure out how they're going to get their share of this money. Let me just put a warning out to you. I am I'm not a gambler never participated well yes that's not true I did go Las Vegas once. I'm not big into this I think that was the only time I was years ago. Not a gambling person. But as far as I'm concerned I'm very libertarian on this issue. And one person does it's really none of my business having said that. I think we're asking for a whole Lotta trouble. I think this is going to get very ugly on many fronts we'll talk about it with the Supreme Court stand and where things are likely go in the states coming up. 1036 Vince Coakley rid your program would talk about the idea of taking the proceeds from drug traffickers using that to pay for the walls that good plan. Really in Charlotte good morning man. Well there my brother. I don't know they'll be doing one or an illness there how about you. Men are so happy to let the Brady. And walk around you know and make up oil like Margaret. By the way I'd never be the ones are just attention on her. They're under governor called earlier about travel and the people the citizens of our other than Mexico South America vote. And so it thought it felt great idea or a little poignant that it occurred. Many of these government look like they are. 50 united state and the great for. So I know you recorded note for those people are now under big daddy. Golden rule you know Taylor out the old favorite oh sure that you'll probably that. Hey it's it's it's a great observation there Willie I do appreciate your call. Yes unfortunately we have found. Interfered the fears of too many countries. It's not something that I'm a big fan of I have become less interest in and that over the years. I very much embraced the idea we need to mind her own business. Mind our own business really spare so a lot of problems that you think. What else do we have on the text line. Text your talking about the gambling issue yet you can bet since the powers to be working hard now the friend create the next boogie man for a story about. Ever been to protect us from of course they are. On the terrorists that was captured. To carry out so many atrocities take that bastards in the swamp. Just take him out and pour syrup on his carcass the critters will do the rest. Who do you thinks said this to anybody wanna guess. FitzGerald. Out of countenance. Yeah please don't play around. Vince even the president of Turkey is indignantly. Stated there is no moderate Islam there is only Islam. Ice is practices is under very pure form. All right. When we can skim money from bad guys we need to use it or some future president Mason did back on pallets. But. I wonder who did that. Rights as Vince our federal government so corrupt I have little confidence they can do anything that's proper and right. Kind of set to be that place isn't it. On the horrible. Horrible crime committed against their Jordanian pilots. I remember after the pilot was burned to death king of Jordan personally led an air sortie against racist yes I remember that brought a profile in courage. CB king actually go in self funding to send people it's another thing if you go yourself. Also on the text like come on Vince drug money diverted to repair project instead of going into the treasury that bypasses the appropriation process. That would set. Isn't so hot. I understood of our government with three to street distinct branches for recent. Trump needs to worry about the executive branch and leave the legislative branch alone this is in reference to. He is. Recommendation. Of the senate changed the rules really addressed this in a bit too. Using cartel money that's a great idea. That a person saying geez that'd work in the eighties and Mena Arkansas. It just brought the clintons to power yes senator Herman and notorious. Mena Arkansas story. From children's march to freedom fighters remembered their sending kids. Considered then uses retroactive. Anchor babies pretty effective business. But the person suggesting. His great way to get the money take 20% of every western union cash transfer. Wow that would be a lot. Crate and bits that a person suggesting gate you start doing this you can build a wall about six months. Well if you cut through a lot of red tape. That's the question. Then sports. Betting. Is legal put Pete Rose in the hall of fame. Well that's interesting I wonder how this is going to be huge. Since Fred talents as would cause the video poker to go out of business in the state of South Carolina. He was treaty. He also. Told you. Witnesses feed lieutenant governor David Beasley became governor. Now mr. Collins is a convicted felon who went to prison. Gotta say event she had a no wind to hold them when to fold them when to walk away. Yeah. I'm not a BS saw what do you think. Let's rate that would kind of reminds me that Geico commercial U member kitty righteousness and that was kind of lame. Free for all state gambling. Time to open more punch ups so sad my hope is bullet nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness. But could it. I wonder if there would be offer gambling if you had to register if you run food stamps or welfare government assistance to you could not gamble. I doubt it boy that's an interesting way to approach this. Very interesting way to approach this. Let's go out to a call from kitty in Charlotte's welcomed getting. Though morning may have. I came this far. Quite mum on what actually. Half. To complicate its money and grow my own moon and what that word and actually go to and. Now it depends on who is involved in this I do know with some of these policies. The law enforcement agencies are actually able would take and keep some of that money. And it's. Yet all depends on the jurisdiction that was involved in whatever raid and it's ultimately some of these agencies can keep that money. That's happened through. I ammonia bet for example. A little while our third quarter or more. That goes into the US treasury I believe. Yes isn't that wonderful. Yeah. The clip of what they celeb you're probably getting getting a lot of people have these questions about. What happens to money what happens to proceeds. From fines in all kinds of enforcement activities by the way. Wanna start talking about this idea. That Donald Trump is pushing for he would like sea change consider rules. He's concerned about democratic obstruction. We have to do is look at a person like Chuck Schumer some on TV just few minutes you know one of my pet peeves. Morons who Wear glasses. Down on their noses. And they they're looking Smart. Net debt just a noise the daylight Ted may return receipt Chuck Schumer and DC really think he looks march. I evidence for me no matter how Ali yet it's it's funny. John and I knew fused into a thought to myself before you and look over there. John has put his glasses on his nose I can guarantee you that's what he's done and yes he's done that good morning. Guess in you don't look any smarter it. You are Smart guy put two. Does it make you can smoke. So predictable who buy into this guy. They're coming up we'll talk about this betting issue. Would you like to see NC legal approach to this state by state we'll tell you what's happening in both Carolinas. And so where this could lead in the future coming up 44 after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1049 Vince Coakley radio program. So it's a Smart Alec can recruit. You can find out what I'm talking about sticking out the 1063 to be your deep FaceBook page ends. WBT FaceBook page we will address that in the bits. First let's go to Fort Mill and Jeanne like to talk about this find money issue good morning. Good morning I wanted to remind you that win Obama and and Eric Holder we're running paying. All of the money that they got from corporations. And violated. Different content regulations. They gave that all that money to let this group. We are all yes I I was aware some of this was taking place banking during the Obama administration. There were a couple of really good invested me investigative pieces on this and out. Yep it's it's wonderful. Bourbon pro wrote her farewell for a yes they did and you know this gets the bigger question Jean because. It's not enough just to stop the behavior. We need to put in place. The kinds of laws that would make this illegal so the people who get thrown in jail for that don't you think they got to be prosecuted for that. A motor cart and. Yeah it's it's agreed idea appreciate your call the gene and I appreciate that reminder infect. I'm brutal look a couple of who's up concern member talking about that when that took place. What are things you know about the left they figure out really creative financing. Very creative financing for their left discusses. And unfortunately there's a lot of money that's flowing to these cause I mean here's an example. Just the way the money flows into the unions the labor unions. And so when you have these contracts that are worked out with teachers or whatever it is. Ultimately. It's money that's got to find its way into the federal treasury. And packing into the pockets of the union bosses. It's really so corrupt. So profoundly corrupt. I want to talk abouts. One of the things that is proposed. Two in some of the obstructionism. People like Chuck Schumer. And it relates to. An idea that's been talked about for quite some time. And that is changing the sit rules Mitch McConnell is you know he's not a fan of this idea at all. Art we've got to Q star senate rules someplace we shouldn't compromise. On these rules in place and then we can make sure we do what's right for the American people. The president's not having any of this case. Really ticked up ticked off by the obstruction. And one of the things he's expected to press them on during a lunch today is to change the rules to speed up consideration of his nominees. For vacant court seats in executive posts. You know the average is two confirmed from 70s84. Days. Far longer than. The four presidents who preceded him. According to the partnership for public service in nonpartisan group that tracks confirmations. Waiting for approval of almost 300 nominations worst in history. Torts trump tween it on Saturday Democrats are doing everything possible to obstruct all they know how to do. Now Republicans on the senate rules committee approved a measure last month to shorten the debate time for nominees on the floor but the idea doesn't have democratic support. Mitch McConnell jet to say whether he will try to implement the change with a controversial party line vote noticed the nuclear option. And this is basically saying look whatever we do we can accomplish. With eighty. Majority vote that's it so this idea. Are of a filibuster or whatever it is they try to do it's just completely thrown out seek shorter this. I think a great starting place. Would be to make Democrats actually filibuster. She Mitch McConnell what he does he's such a wimp. Or other things I do come up with. What you'll do is just the threat you know fee if he doesn't have sixty votes he'll just not follow through on it. CI DK got to make these people filibuster so the American people can hear how stupid they are writing off their mouths continuously for hours. Jenny there'll be a great plan especially here in 2018. You know I wanna hear how much they wanted to axis. I mean to ensure your that's how they want a repeal that tax cuts. And they wanna come up with a even more taxes let them talk it can reminds me the proverb how your ensnared by the words of your own mouth. The American people here who they are. So it'll serve two purposes for one you're calling the bluff of these morons and the second thing you're doing. Is your putting them on display for the whole world to see so people can hear how extreme and and Al. Really off the plantation they are. What's the what is the danger in doing that. But Mitch McConnell to the Weller make sure and I get things done for the American people we don't want to waste the American people stood. I mean. I'd I'd I don't make I don't understand this all just doesn't make sense call their bluff. Make him filibuster. As a win win I think. Any case. This is an issue it's going to be pressed by the president today. During a lunch. White House legislative affairs director mark short told reporters several weeks ago trump will be making a large foray into the slow pace of Citic confirmations. By continuing to highlight recognize the level of obstruction. It continues to put more pressure on the senate to address this internally. Conservatives like Ted Cruz Ron Johnson Steve Danes. Say they want GOP leaders to trigger the nuclear option. The change this to a simple majority vote. That's simple. If I were president I'd be. Asking us about it what are you going to do I'd be pressing hard to change the rules of the senate during Harry Reid's precedence. This will be run Johnson told the hill on Monday. Pro yet. Procure in charge. Do something without power. Coming up we'll have an update about South Africa disturbing story stay with us. This is still opens. Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing the lie. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today can gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world. Well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. Howard or to break Tuesday broadcast. You terror apologists few weeks ago. I introduce you to a new friend of mine Daniel Hamilton he's from South Africa and he was sharing. I'm not he is misadventures. Once finishing high school not being able to give college also Lee's family immigrated here to America. This was after a share with him what's taking place in South Africa is that situation has been deteriorating for quite some time. And tribalism has really stirred descended to the point where. We are seeing violence break out against white people there are plans in place to begin taking confiscating. The property of white farmers. Fairly some people have not learned anything about Zimbabwe. One person contacted me. Who is equally concerned about what's taken place. He is a jury is now on the line Johnnie Dodds. Good morning welcome to the broadcaster. I won't pay glad to have you on broadcast glad we're able to finally connect. Tell me how you connected historian and what is have been taking place in South Africa. Will the time that the South Africa 35 years ago. Before the end of the politics of my list. Can you for the reason that just I didn't agree with the project. I am and I think most south African white south Africans didn't agree with apartheid but put terrified. By replacing. The apartheid governments with them I'm educated and experienced terrorist Marxist organization. The ANC. And says those fears were well founded because look what's happening to South Africa Spain. Those fears certainly are well founded you have some personal story next your share in nest from that regard. Tell us what is happened what you were familiar with. Well yes I inherit the bomb them in the career in the Eastern Cape. The mark's comment about five and a half thousand acres. And I the Arab makes more to me. And he was murdered I am buying back six children between the ages of thirteen and sixteen. In this they've brutally stabbed him and they stabbed his wife's German. I'm domestic sport beards you arrived. I think we've lost our connection with Johnny Dodds we're gonna try to get this re connected there but. Commission sharing the story here I believe this B was saying is is cousin was actually murdered. And it's so many of these crimes are taking place there over property. People were just coming on people's property they're killing them and taking their stuff. This is how this is working right now. Mr. Dodd's communicated one of his concerns. He's pretty much saw this coming because you're dealing with. Communist. You know I've been concerned about this for quite some time there's no way to mask this unfortunately the international community because we were so upset. And bothered by the previous. Policies of racism. We weren't looking ahead. And it's the potential damage that can be done by an equally racist. Group that would come to power once whites are out of power. And yes black people can be guilty of crimes there on the same level as white people. There was some people don't seem to want to acknowledge that I think we have Johnny back with us sorry we Gloucester commit a little bit earlier. I'm here tell us again you were talking about a cousin who is actually murdered and the killers were young very young. Yet between the ages of thirteen and sixteen they were apprehended about them all. About two days off stewards in the Playskool my son and them I think it's safe Simpson thing was anything between five and ten years. And they have threatened and some Warren who lives sand and songs that farm at the moment. Say he is he is very concerned about himself and his young family. I mean he's got kids of about two they must be about five and eight years of page. Profit and it's absolutely frightening. And so what does that person do in this situation. Well I don't know but statistically. They're going to be all hundred. From a Texas here. And every five days one from the will be Meredith but he went just being merit it be brutally America. And say that the brutality of it's I'm not too sure actually wanna share it with your arm with your listeners because it is it's barbaric. I am and them you know and it's safe separate polite society on this summer's shirt. I don't understand them understand what you're saying sir. Well what do you think Sid just mystify me is the lack of international attention what is going on here why do we not have the international community focus on this. Well Ben I think it I've come to the conclusion that an agenda in my personal theory ERM is probably too long ago interior congress. Shall period that you polite polite politely invites agree arm. To them to lips and let them your listeners nutter about what's going on. In South Africa but what I do and merit in that I used to travel around the world in the eighties. And the nineteenth and stalter. And you couldn't go anywhere in the world ups. South Africa and apartheid in the headlines of every newspaper and TV and radio bulletin you know that I know that. And most of your best little mavericks. The consequences. Of the world and systems. In 1990s bull. Has had absolutely the Sierra media coverage and I think they mentioned that and clearly the United Nations who cold. Apartheid a crime against humanity. And that was just segregation. And racism. The fact that. The fact that people have been merit and the it and there's a genocide happening in South Africa. That gets Henri Paul to civilians caught Libyan agenda. It is a very unfortunate to see this in again see the lack of attention would you like to see happen here what's what's the hole for addressing this. I would like to see exactly what the world did about a toxic because let's face an apartheid was not the correct system for aura mud system. And most white sort of want to do want to see it got. What they were terrified of who warns the repercussions. Of putting this AMP terrorist Marxist organization into power and as afraid. You know how he would have been found at what I would like to see the world beard. And people like yourself I would like to seek. Immediate take a step in the same robust way that they took. Anti apartheid. And promote it and stop this because of its spending and stop with the world pressure and the UN putting pressure on the government. And we understand this evening fox is going to be airing some sort of segment on this. And I think going to be very interesting to watch to see what kind of coverage they have that is this evening I believe at 8 o'clock is that correct Charles. Correct. The great Teradata dot com talks Tucker Carlson's during the it's an organization I understand by the name of act reform. And their mandate is to try and I am informed the world to what's going on and to get international pressure against the this. That's. This government that is far far worse then if you think the thought it was bad. It's really it's nothing compared to what's going on at the time he had. Johnny Dodds thinks loved coming on the broadcast and we certainly wish your relatives the best thing stinks again thank you Ben. This is a big. Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock CNN doing a story about us. Trump may face angry GOP senators over McCain treatment. One of things if you were here for me is consistency. I was not pleased when Donald Trump made his derogatory comments about. John McCain you know abouts in oh he thinks real heroes don't kick captured humor that's. Delicious tacky. Having said that. It's pretty small. And in fact I don't have the article in front of me now I wanna get to this at some point. But is a great column that was written about John McCain basically talking about people who die with dignity and it really skewered John McCain. And saying this is a guy who's not dying we dignity at all. It's pretty sad when somebody's going to their. Tyranny you see the sensitive your life. No you're you're seeing the curtains are beginning to close. And your focus on who you want to come to your funeral and not come to your funeral. Really. And it it really shows how small. This man is a notes it said it said demand. Well he's gone through. And I don't make any apologies because I've said before what I thought about Donald Trump's comments. Profoundly inappropriate. Having said that. It's sad when you have a person of this stature. Who still can't let that go. And is still focused on politics. I mean I'll be honest with you type this since I was dying. I mean one of the places I would be about as far as I possibly could be away from the senate chamber. I mean this is this itchy shoes. What's wrong with an in this gym where countries in general. We can piece all people. Who just cannot let go of power they can't do it. And they've got to take these shots. Final shots before they ago. I hey Ed just. As about say don't get it I do get it. It it just shows how all screwed up. So many people are in life and in approaching death. Terry said. And this is non judgmental comment I feel bad for the guy I feel sorry for him. Then this is. Really has to say at the end of his life. Really set. Hence. Thank you so much for giving attention to south African issue mainstream media's fallen under from near and dear to your fears about this my south African friend. Very frustrated international news mainly focused on prince hairy and they can Maher pulls winning while a lot of people in South Africa are dying. Yet. I'm there with here. I I don't you know and and I don't mean to be disrespectful. I don't give a crap. I mean I posted something the other day about this upcoming role royal wedding I saw one of these networks was at EBC Annika was 1 morning. They're talking about how they're going to be all these these these royal wedding viewing parties. Really. Who the heck wants to watch that garbage. Image I don't know it's. I'm just that I guess I'm just a bad person for not wanting to watch this stuff. I just don't get into fantasy. I really don't and that's what this year's. Meanwhile. How else is everybody is else in the world living. And you've got these people what'd they do I mean what contribution. Does this royal family makes the world. That's beyond what you do or what I do you think. Another texture South Africa is the canary in the coal mine this is the trajectory of the whole of western civilization and less. We should become serious about demographics. Boy that's a loaded come in there. That is so true. Face the fact white people being brutally murdered in in mass or persecuted in any way will not draw any attention. Yeah who carriers. Difference between south African now and then then the media felt safe going there and publicly complaining about the government's. Where are they now. This texture says we're all God's children but does that mean we're not God's animals because we sure act like them when push comes to shove we move. On the lighter side Vince. You're McConnell impressionist pretty dead on funny thing is I never noticed how much McConnell sounds like Mason Berger deed. Creepy Hannibal Lecter. Fed to pigs. Mean Justine. Another person saying here. Complaining of incontinence issues. Because they about what they do it was so funny. And Mitch cut it out you just totally love your show how well. But let's drugs you Bob is surely good morning Bob. And then go and get a little hope Australia has said the they'll take in as many as fifty Allan Palmer. And their families real love edu and they had a lot of land air and in tycoon who do more to agriculture. If some of them are moving to please select Malawi. There are other countries in Africa that it's a million because they need farmers. Starbucks on either one of them. It is the I mean these people. Annie and Nikki good deal wouldn't have to land. Because if you situation than we did this so and so who do you wanna talk about on the radio. Your criteria of yeah brutal. Well I appreciate your quality is good here that's other countries are stepping up to play and saying hey come over here help us out. No this is skill we've talked about this before about how. The population of farmers is diminishing. And the average Ager farmers is when he up in this country. Mean who's going to grow our food and if you and it just turn all of that over to multinational corporations. I mean I want seemly farmers. My print parents were farmers I mean I certainly are very fond memories thinking back to those days we would drive from Indianapolis stand Tennessee. And when we stayed with my grandparents on my mother's side. You're always I would always look forward to. Going out and seeing seeing the hogs in the new peaks that would run around in the property. By the way tell my sister bits. I think she was saying one time she was talking about how cute those little puppies were. They were pigs don't. But they'd they were adorable it was funny increase from your little kid you don't know that you think your group cash one of these things I know. Not happening here fast. The shot really fast. But that was a cool experience fond memories. Of the fairly firm there. Extremely far. Becoming a thing of the past unfortunately ends in never guards. That's firm is now. Gone and I think they're. Turning into some sort of retail. Property. And that's what's what's what's taking place there. Let's go out to a quick call here for go to break from Ryan Ryan how about a minute here. Our oil make the most of it I'm just they are only care about the royal wedding either. But I'm not gonna disappear and end cast gate people might be interested in watching it's because you don't think it's going to be worthy of your time. You shouldn't give the impression that those people who are understood that there's anything wrong with watching the royal. Police say what there's something wrong with Ryan and there's something wrong with our society. When you have people are more concerned about a royal wedding and they are the fact that you have hospital and they governments. That was complicity in killing a British citizen a few weeks ago. That's what's wrong when people are focused on this garbage. This fantasy. And the government just puts the stuff and the media puts stuff in front of people and they just suck it in our priorities are screwed up Ryan would know which. Priorities are screwed up when he try to determine what other people are or should be. I'm not trying to determine here's the credit Ryan I'm telling you they have determine what the priorities should be. They have put all of this inner team in front of us and we take the bait. I think that's that's the issue Ryan you can do whatever they want they can watch whatever they watch the bottom line is. They've given in to all kinds of means of mass distraction. And we're the poor fourth that's what I'm sent. This is a fiscal clean radio program. 1136 Vince Coakley ready for an independent stock went about 809 tree limb intend come since retirement planning takes lined. 71307. In the. A couple of quick stories and we'll get to more of your calls one of them related to this gambling issue. Intriguing story. The Supreme Court ruled yesterday. This ruling realize is sports betting. It's a big win for gamblers across the country. States like New Jersey potentially open to take bets in time for the NBA finals into the month. It's going to mean a lot of changes here's one of them. Reported by USA today removing shady this and stigma you know it's still has a bad reputation doesn't mean how many people girl and hey I'm gambling that. You don't do that duty is kept hush hush thing I mean it's almost a category at issue put something like porn. We stay popular cord around them and their people I know. I've met people who talk about things like that in May boast about their very few and far between. Certain things you just don't discuss you don't too. But this gambling thing has really been taken off the last few years IE have been stunned. Just to watch the proliferation of all of these gambling sites. And we do you guys get these invitations as well the what do you call this these solicitations you get over email or. Or by these pop up ads. Trying to get you to gamble. I mean it's. Go to prince on how good your. Cure your virus antivirus and anti spam software is that makes a difference. So this stigma and the shady ness is going away. Everybody knows gambling it's always existed especially regarding sports. This number ought to start all of us. According the American Gaming Association at least 150. Billion dollars a year is wagered on sports. And here's the kicker this is what you need to pay attention to you because you've got states. And local governments all across the country they are salivating. Trying to figure out how can we get our share this money. 97%. Of this money is bet illegally throughout LED's. Like Brooke he's offshore web sites and other establishments. Known as sports books could take bets on events and they pay out winnings. So most of this is illegal. Just imagine what's gonna happen now to legalize this. Especially governments they're going to be looking for who how can get our hands on some of this money. Now the Supreme Court is open the door for casinos daily fantasy sports sites racetracks and other potential operations open up legitimate. Sports betting operations across the country. Along gamblers to wager without having used potentially shady. Unregulated web site that might not pay you. If you wind too much. Some daily fantasy sports sites like draft kings already moving toward accepting wagers. Emailing users Monday afternoon they didn't waste any time. Hey they let people know look this it would Supreme Court has ruled year. And we're going to be accepting wagers in the future. So what do you think about this how concerned are you and what do you think this means for local and state governments. I think they're gonna have their hands out they're going to be grabbing this money so quickly. And make your head spin. That's where this destroyed by the way before you go to some of your calls. I found the story this was done by ESPN. They basically put together what amounts to a bill to record the shows. We're legislation. Is being proposed. To make a change in gambling sports betting. There's only one state where full scale legalized sports betting is allowed anybody wanna guess where that is. You are current it's not really it is Nevada the only place it's pretty weird haircut. Give yourself reprise their John they've got this map and it's pretty interesting because all of these places it shows. Where there's no reason bill introduced recent bill introduced bill not passed yet recent bill passed. And full scale legalized sports betting she got four different categories. Nevada it is the only one that threat only one. That's for now. As we look at the Carolinas. We've got two different stories. In South Carolina there's a recent bill that has been introduced but not passed. In North Carolina. No recent bill introduced but you you can bet this is gonna change and it's got to change quickly. She you know because this is an emergency. You know what I mean by that emergency for the government is here's an opportunity for us to take more of your money and we are going to get on this. Quickly. I guarantee you won't take very long at all stand out of clover good morning welcome. And then Obama on the London alone different Soviet Union diplomat to get there. But that they're all about the biggest girl in history to have something to do with her in the hospital what can happen. He remembered company Coca-Cola. Oh yes that Internet well I have a lot of France's examples of foreclosed on by Danica recession. Again they did some research and not just some assert themselves. And Contra had a program collegiate offense so which was basically where they are what brought him mortgage for anybody who came in the door. And if you let you know happening to system works. Banks don't loan you money out of equity it's created when you just are certain conditions that you control that they cook until I did. The event would cut and pace credit score can come. And I'll reprisals from other want to get a loan to qualify. Remember what happened is that they would sell those loans or investments certifying he did bill would have been gone in but it has not. Now during the bail out we gave Bank of America and a month Isabella I can't. So when you are paying your mortgage backed him you're paying back taxpayer money the Bank of America got from a development bail them out. I'm there are a lot of people who had their. The latitude signing closing. And they promissory note the bank uses some are supposed to be transferred. Until whistle blower testified in a lot of court case didn't look both where a lot of post that paperwork was never transferred yet and the foreclosure documents. They were fondle and singing the paperwork and sinister. An Angel or what the owner of country Latin. They had a web site dedicated to friends of Angelo in congress. Oh the list was Chris Dodd and Barney Frank. What does surprise. Then they are no where to be going Netanyahu might have a well. So but let them go about so reality what you have and I'm sure which I won't gambling their own mystery out there have been regulators. In bed with the industry they're regulating. And nobody will ever prosecuted. That everybody knows everybody knows everybody dirty secret. Yep that's how this works appreciate your call their standing you pointed out how this works big government big corporations. It's dirty super dirty business Jonathan got about thirty seconds here. Productive thanks stigma off thank you know. Why don't you want John McCain and I didn't like that it comfort of I don't get it appeared I thought we don't go to funerals. Yes or no and it bill. Forty elaborate. Yes he had a job and it doubles everybody else an obligation if we're but it is people like I'm equally pure magic they're private battle. Why did you you're probably right we appreciate your call their jobs than. Yeah I think Donald Trump was probably planning to stay away I can't imagine he was planning to go anyway. Again this is another bleak is it not. 44 minutes after eleven. This texas' John McCain's a bit of federal may have ever since President Bush. 43 beat him back into. In 2000. John McCain never once gave Obama any grief the whole eight years she was in office he licked Obama's feet. Where there's a terrible image. With. With. Ahead of is a cult and stuff. How can we and see that now is there a way to do that anyway to do that. Although the league's going out in Washington they need a lot of depends diapers to aircraft. A a a are we gambling this is bad news for gamblers it's hard enough to beat via the lines now when you do you'll lose 30% to the government. Can you imagine I mean all these people have been gambling illegally. And now. By making it legal government they're going to be all over this. So much for those big winning side. Let's see the supremes didn't say gambling was legal is in the current law was not legal streams do not make law. My team there declarations contrary to popular belief cookbook that's a good went. Let's try to attempt. To him in good morning and welcome to the broadcast serve. I don't I don't I can remember I got bigger and better oral that you can't talk. I'll I'll I'll stop there were a Big Bang you're dead he. I sort of I sort of but I'm. Nobody gave me while I got the however there attic yet. Yes sir. It looked a little while. That it. I. Hope I think the goal here is the for a little. Tax dollars it'll sort out quickly. Or not. I'm note the state that backed up all that it. It's an increased the black hole I. I kinda get that but anyway I've gone. Many convenient store. And I you know I don't get an arm you know I I. I've been spending aren't all. That well but I'll. But I'd like oh go ahead and get a couple of hundred our local lottery directed. And then there are sending their car great Bingham scratching has bangs. You know I I pray that and our homeland. At least allow the break even at I don't know whether or Obama but what I do is. More gambling doors will open a pandora's box it's got a call our elected don't report all in. They'll and that it's a good bit Batman rally right you can't do you you. An arrogant people whether or whatever and it did cartwheels and back for a and that there are going to be out there like it. They get I think it's a very dangerous area that. Damn I I'm with you Tim I'm very concerned about it they may and again I said this says. Remission libertarian minded person here not trying to ruin anybody's fun but how. Would this his scoring to be a mess. If hope I have this correct you're canyon good morning. Now. Are you there. Hello yes. Our element. Yes sure. So are going to speak on that the subject of gambling. And a country we've had a very long history of gambling speck in the twenties and thirties. What mob involvement. See when you open the door to gambling and allow people. In power to control who you allow them to craft organization which. You're gambling on button became a joke of a support you have guys who were paid to Paul got a repaid the wind. And you'll be the same thing happened they hired. An invitation today coaches football and basketball. She. Nick she you know there will be betting on professional wrestling or that a really corrupt assault on attack hate appreciate your call do call us again. We'll try to zip through a couple final calls you forgot and a Edwards good morning welcome. Yes I'll let me out under spirit yet your your young. Andrea Joker and about John McCain. And now he's even. But I had actually did you prosecutor Chris. Hulu is joking by Edwards obviously you're listening to the wrong program. Sometimes. Just drives me up the wall by the way. Earlier I made the comment about people Trent looked intellectual by wearing glasses and knows you're gonna have a little fun. You can check out the one a 63 WRD FaceBook page. And you can see someone doing just that it's also on the WBT FaceBook page. So for your amusement. Check it out. We zipped through the day in history we've got time Alonso. Let's try to do it and about ninety seconds can we do that we can do that. This. We talked about farmers earlier congress created this department in 1862. Now has 100000 employees which department is its. Agriculture yep you've got its. Budget of 140 billion dollars to you it's pretty amazing. I'm 1918. In the first round of its type established between New York City and Washington DC with a stop in Philly. What was the route who was an established for. What was moved first probably away from trains. And on to this particular mode of transportation. It's. Someone. How about air mail than their male. 1940. And these went on sale for the first time more I can't come up with a good hints. Ladies like to Wear these not so much anymore. Bronze. Actually nylon stocking. Hi I give terrible periods ended. I'm just gonna give it up. By the way that that was set entertaining by the way that picture I told you about. Is Alonso when his glasses on this news so that was pretty funny line so thank you. Have a good day sir and you have a good day as well god bless you folks.