Selling Your Home During The Holidays

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Saturday, November 18th

Paul discusses things you need to do when selling your home during the holidays.


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Advice provided on the following program is on an individual basis as we should not consider today's discussion as a recommendation for. And she carefully evaluate before investing this is purely listening to it was eleven WB. Hello and thank you for joining us today on the show your realistic today and hall Jamieson your host with Jamison realty with Kelly Williams and Jamison property management. We're so excited that you are with us today and excited that your willing to. Listened senator pre recorded fashion which is relatively unusual. For us we like to be alive and and we enjoyed being alive but. Ali's people that whole bunch as the money and they Kalla. Move us around a little bit so we what is it basketball this weekend football football again footballer this weekend so. We got a little football going on but you know what they'll find a home for so we're thankful for that so. This show is about real estate anything having to do with the we're here to fail to help you and again I'm Paul Jamison. With Jamison realty with Keller Williams and also I am Jamison property management so today we're gonna talk a little bit of drought. Selling your home during the holidays. I mean I get a lot of questions about this should I wait should I sell it should guy. You know wait until things turn agree. I want to tell you that the fall. And winter months. And let's talk specifically right now are on the holidays is a great time to sell. A very good time to sell so I would not rule that out and let's talk about some of the things that. Can help you sell during that time. And then some tips if you're ready to go on the market I've got a house get ready go on the market to album. This week. So kind of a free Thanksgiving. Rush. So there's a lot of people in town a lot of people that visit a lot of people considering being here they've got time off and guess what. They wanna look at houses. But. There's also a lot of people that are going to be relocating here in the first quarter did you know that the first quarter. Of the year. Is win most companies. Have the relocation done. So that 1 January February march is way and the majority of corporate relocations happen. You'd think it would be in the summer it's not it's actually in the first quarter of the year so. Something else to consider now. Let's get down to if I were talking about. Selling your home during the holidays. You need. To. Have some things in the back here minds if you wanna grab a piece of paper and you want a job any notes I'm good when that. But let's talk about the big elephant in the room that I get asked the most often when it comes to holiday sale and I. If you're at the fourth of July say in the summertime it's pretty easy to know how to decorate and I. Another time it's pretty easy to know how to decorate. It Thanksgiving. Everybody's Digg and Thanksgiving. You know pumpkins. Pilgrims. Turkeys. It's a you know believes that have different colors. Christmas. People tend to to be a little bit more you more worried about that time are they being politically correct or are they doing the right thing. My thing is don't be afraid. Don't be afraid to decorate. Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now. When I say decorate. I mean. Decorate tastefully. What does tastefully mean to sum it means one thing to others it means something else but. Let's get right down to it all right. If every corner of your house is covered with stuff. If every ounce your place has an L fall on the shelf and a mansion on the bench. There's a problem. Because. It transitions from them seeing themselves living in your home. Two of them taking a holiday to war. Of your home. So. Tastefully decorated. A very simple tree. Is and and a couple of small things is enough. You know. The table in the dining room may be decorated at Thanksgiving. May need to be enough that six foot inflatable Turkey you might wanna put it away for the season he wants us. Tastefully decorating a lesson if you're working with an experienced real estate agent they're gonna help you with that. Or staging console like my wife carry on our team she's she understands how to help clients tastefully do that. And that's what she does it's part of what we offer are. Some other things. Before you put your house on the marketer after you do if there are particular. Days. Particular days you do not want your hush them. Put those down ahead of time. Mark down. I don't wanna show on Thanksgiving Day I don't wanna show the day before because they had best he gets here. I don't wanna show the day after or the weekend after. Block those times out ahead of time. But. On the antithesis of that. You wanna make sure. That when there's a show. You make it easy because look let's let's look at them and analogy of this. During this time of year. When your house has a showing. It's not for fun. They're not there to kick tires they're not there because they're bored and they're waiting for the Turkey to cook. They're there because they wanna buy a house. Studies show that the most serious buyers and sellers. Are during the holiday season. I think it was last year. I sold I think it's seven closings right around the Christmas to end of the year time frame. I mean these people are serious. They're not there to play. So. Make the home easy to ship show because if if you don't they're going pass right over you and go to another. Second thing is priced at your home. To sail. This is the time where you have to what is the old analogy the old. You know it's. Stock analogy don't don't you know if you buy a half stock from Bank of America for. Forty dollars this year. But right now it's trading at 35 dollars a share as much as you'd like to get your. High price back. It's gonna sell for what it's going to sell for and the realtors job we don't set the market we just interpret. So when we're interpreting the market were coming to you were saying this is what the market. Sales that this with this test himself when if you can't live with that you shouldn't be for sale right now. So. So get your price right at this time a year and also. Be prepared to be able to close quickly. If if you make this showings available. You make your house successful success like accessible. You decorated. Tastefully. You get a show bringing you do the things that need to be done you priced correctly use hearsay us. So. What if they say and it's Thanksgiving that they wanna move in before the end of the year. You gotta have a plan right. You've got to have a plan. And you and your agent need to work together. You need an agent that ain't scared of the holidays. I mean. He's an awesome time a year. And and it moves quick and it works quick and the offers come quick. And they wanna close quick and believe it or not oh my goodness believe it or not. It's easier to get a mortgage. You know while I it's easier to get a mortgage. Question mark question mark. Among tell you. There's not that many people get them. They're not as busy as they normally are. So getting a mortgage. Is much easier during that time. So. When we come back from the break we're gonna talk a little bit more about selling your home and during the holidays and I need to encourage you. If you're just popping on re wide. 'cause you'll need to catch up to where we are and then after the break we're gonna talk about some more ways to make your home she'll better. During politics because right now. We're in a market. That has a lot of activity. We'll be right back here on news 111099. Point three WBT. Hello and welcome back to the show your realistic to them. Some property management. Here to talk to you about real estate if you're just popping on we're talking about selling your home during the holidays we're also gonna talk about buy a home during the holidays so state where this week ago lot this year. A lot to talk about. But it the break. I was starting at TJ and. Heath and I'm not allowed to break out my inflatable. Well let me just tell you. For those of view that La the inflatable scenes the big blow up deals in your front yard that absolutely. Just make you a slowdown in the car and take a look. Along with a light show. That goes to the music of Led Zeppelin. In your front yard. As sure real sure. I am going to say. Now. Why. Pray tell what I say now. From what I discussed earlier and again you cannot jump online if you wanna listen to the whole show later on WBT dot com. Go under the shows tab and look for your real estate today and you can listen to us. Podcast or on the computer. You know. You have got. To allow the buyer to see themselves living in the home. It is not use their their idiocy. It's themselves. They're there it's. Makes a big difference. It can. Also. Keeping the home clean. I absolutely. I think it's important to say that during the holidays you move a lot. Things around. Sometimes. That a lot of men and shareware that tree goes for her he gets moved around other places so. Get it out of the house. So that the room still looks spacious and open. Even when you had a treaty or when you add. The decorating them that tasteful decorating for that period of time. And so where he put it you know where do you put all that stuff that your movement of the house while I'm gonna tell you if you don't have ample storage that you can put it in. Put it in the garage. The garage can be a safe zone and as a last resort if you don't wanna rent a storage unit don't have a pod you don't have those things. Put it in the garage. And leave it there people will understand. Get the house looking great. All right there's also been a lot of comments about we talked about tasteful decorating another comment has been made about how to make it look cozy. OK if you've got a fireplace. And it's cold outside. Use it if you got a fireplace and we have one of those Carolina day's worth 65. Please don't use. Okay. I would say GQ cozy. And we're talking right now about the feeling of cozy not temperature cozy. The feeling of cozy. You know a and nice fire in the fireplace a blanket draped over the couch. I'm. Soft lighting soft music. Things that. It would not equate to. Just. Hot cocoa and a bearded Santa eating cookies next that's. Where I think dealers. Okay. Also. During that period of time. You may get. Multiple offers. Don't waste your time on ridiculous offers focus on the more serious ones. And you'll know which ones they are and work with your realtor to distinguish which ones those power. All right. All right so let's talk about music. Music in the home. Being neutral if you have cable. Ron in smooth de jazz channel. Four during the holidays. Please you know run very even kind of music at a very low tone. You do not want the distraction of the music to take away from the house I had one more than music was so loud that we could team here ourselves tall. Who's cool music. But mr. corrected. All right all right so. Cute things left. One is the temperature. Okay. Please please please. Do not. Make the home uncomfortable. Make it comfortable if you're live in there make it comfortable if you like to walk around in a winner Parker inside your home. Do that in your next home. Make it comfortable make it 72. It's a great temperature. And and make it easy and tolerable so that they wanna stay you know a lot of people shut off their utilities in a vacant home. And you come in there and I'm telling you can't stand and 'cause the homes are so well insulated you just can't you can't you can't stand how she frees you can't see your all your thinking about his. Getting out of their seats and getting your car in turn he. Hating all work. So temperatures important. The other thing. Is smells. And I'm not talking about dogs and cats and we've we've had many shows about that. I'm talking about. The smells that you ploy again. That. Bowled you over. Do you not overdo this smells apples cinnamon. Ever green. But then they got these holiday plug ins where you can walk in in your eyes start to water there's a strong and I'm allergic to fragrances so guess what. I gotta go outside I can't help you sell the house. Right somebody said to me the other day. There like. Why do you need to be either. Well you know like on the TV shows that HGTV. You know they film the how the people walking through the house. They. The the sale of a home happens twice. Right the first time. An agent is typically selling it to another rate. The second time it's being sold to the consumer. If the agent doesn't see it typically buyers back. So I decide to keep in mind. So smells are important don't overdo it don't kill people. Let him enjoy it make the experience milder. Verses wilder. Is what us. All right so let's look at what's going on right now on average let's say you've got. Four in the neighborhood you do some research there's four houses that have schools closed in the last six months there's two under contract and there's one act. What kinda. Market are we in in that neighborhood if we're really focused. Seller's market right. So if you're pricing your home to sail. It's go on sale if you don't sell your gonna have a stigma as if something is wrong. The second thing that's important in net pricing statement. Yeah and pricing statement but the pricing strategy so it doesn't get a statement. Is. Don't price the home at 402000. Dollars. Why. Everybody search and up to 400000. Just mr. So think about the psychology of when you get online and look at houses. You say I wanna house between a hundred no 150000. Or 150 and 250000. You don't say I wanna house between 30400. In two steps. Right secure search and up to 400000. Go to 400000. American. So you know there's also the argument of do I price it at 3999. Or do I price that it 400. Okay. There's varying schools of thought there so why go with the true. Tests did. Most popular way you can disagree with me if you. I say that the expert on pricing. Is Wal-Mart. If Wal-Mart does it. Everybody should do it. Price that bad boy yet 39. 98. Use your sevens in mates they sell 11%. So we'll do that so. If you're looking to sell this time a year a couple of other things. If you have a picture of some really fancy beds roses and you're you or use your very proud of them. Make sure you display those pictures so that people can see in the summertime what those beds and what those flower beds will do. One of the things that we do which is unique to Jamison is we have a section in a home that's called good to India. Good to know. Talks about things and last week told you you wouldn't know. Lie ache. Just had the whole home rewire how're you gonna know in what she looked behind the wall. Are left side today. Power you gonna narrow that the blinds are the four hours from Brazil. How are you gonna know attributes about the home that is the benchmark. So. Make sure. If there's things to communicate. To a potential buyer you don't assume they're gonna figure it out it may be something that's very important to them. That they would have never known and like she told. Okay. Also I talked a little bit earlier about hey what if you do all these things. And it sells and they wanna move in thirty days. Which is like the day after Christmas. Have a plan. Really have a plan. One of my clients you know what they did. Today had a plan. They sold their home they knew where they were gonna put their stuff they had a rental lined up for the first of the year and they went all occurs. You know they had a plan they were ready to go and the money was in their pocket and off they went. Thankfully they didn't go to Vegas and that's what that's regulars right. So make sure. If you get an offer. And you wanna talk about it. And and or it's a little bit low. Don't get mad. Be fascinated. Not frustrated we're gonna replace your language today be fascinated with the offer. So let's say we get a low ball offer and TJ who's in the studio right now with me. Has the guts to send me a low ball for one how to handle him I'm fascinated by your offer TJ. So what I'm going to ask you is. Can you please share with me. But come parables that you used. To come up with that number so that I can share it with my cellar. Well guess what he gates going but it. He and goers today. Know how to sell in the holidays hide almost. Be ready it's a great time to sell you wanna talk to us that Jamison realty you're ready to sell. Take advantage of this great market 846 done 8463663. We hope you have a great Saturday am appalled Jamison hero and news 1110. I mean nine point three WBT's. Godless. Hello and welcome to the show you real estate today old Jamison. Jamison realty with Keller Williams and Jamison property management here to talk to you about real estate if you're just pop and am. We would love to have you listen we're just here to talk about. Today. Why buy a home during the holidays. It's a great time and were gonna talk a little bit about that. We're we're pre recorded today normally were alive so sorry about that because we can't take any Urals calls today. But of course if you wanna reach out to me anytime at 846. Done it 8463663. Please do so. We're happy to chat with him. All right so wanted to make sure that we. Spent some time today. Talking about we we we spent a lot of time last time talking about why selling home during the holidays why buying a home. During the holidays. So a student okay let's just go right dad. So. Good reason divide during the holidays there's. Absolutely. Less competition. Less competition now we talked about it on the selling side it goes both ways right. Even though there is less inventory there's a lot less people out there. Buying or ready to buy. They seem to wanna just putted off too much of a hassle during the holidays don't wanna have to send the money to the lenders don't wanna have to do those things. It's the holidays by golly I don't wanna do that well. The holiday bird gets the warm. Because in a lot of these markets I bet you if you're one of those buyers out there that has been in a multiple offer situation. But now you're either. Not frustrated because we're replacing that vocabulary with fascinated. You're fascinated. By. Dubbed home buying process. Okay. So. We're going to say less competition so I don't. Be scared. Get out there during that time. And B and step up to the plate you're getting get a home. OK we said before. He got serious homes. So far got serious homebuyers and serious home sellers together. Because people that wanna sell their home during the holidays I understand. There were so there all. They're not doing it for fun Taylor. If you put a serious home buying market in a serious home seller market together guess what you have. Yeah. You got the best of the best baby that's about as good as you can get it a long way up. The magic. Oh and that's the worst Barry White imitation ever. It is. Mortgage lenders that are less easy. If you call sandy Dickinson right now. Over the holidays. She can't jump up and go Rudy true. Because they. Are less busy because there's less home sales there's less corn on during the holidays. And they can get your home. Financed. Faster. It is a beautiful for almost makes you cry. All right. So if you got a serious. Home buyer a serious home seller are scrappy. Lender. What does that mean. If if everybody comes to the table and end the goal is a win win right both sides win or as they say both sides are a little bit unhappy you're usually in the right place. Then you don't have to be. What I call as a buyer as aggressive. Everybody is a row and in the same direction. Pigs get fat and host gets slaughtered don't be foolish. Work with that seller he's motivated you're motivated lenders motivated. Make it happen. So here's some things that could cost you. A great house. During this time if it comes. Don't focus on days on market. Just because it's been on the market awhile doesn't mean a couple of things haven't happened Warren may be it's gone. Up for sale. It's been under contract and because of the due diligence period of the lay away period the buyer decided to walk away because they found a different house or change their mind. It puts a stigma on a home which shouldn't. Look at those houses days on market doesn't mean there's something wrong whether it. So be aware of that second of all. Don't be shy if it needs a little bit of paint. It's cheap paint works. I got a ten. When I see an inexperienced real estate agent. Go out with a buyer who's out there because they got to find themselves out and I get the feedback that sense. That the buyer did not like the color of the paint in the kitchen. Are just wanna have. A connection fit. It makes me insane. That they don't say. So there are buyer. No worse let's pain. You paid any code you go you campaign clamps and orange if you want to. And to walk away from home that has everything that they want because of color or flooring or cosmetic issue or something that can't be cured. The checks all the other boxes. Drives me insane. But it happens so many times. Our. That's the inexperienced agent right. And I have taken over. And and gotten feedback and I just said to myself you know. We just can't. If we if we get an obstacle for pain now I tell you exactly what we do now aren't we get an obstacle for paint counter tops those kinds of things. We will go out we will get a quote. And we will leave it in the house for that point. So that that client knows exactly what it cost. To paint that house. And he notes if you don't have to give an agent of bonus you don't have to do you just tell them wanna cost. And then people seem to understand better that they can put it in a framework of get that done. So think about doing that right. The next thing you know is. Not getting your credit. Ready. Now what does that mean. Every morning goes up they called their favorite lender which is probably see Amy Dickinson at some fun. That caller up and they say sandy. I'm gonna be looking at some houses send me any free call letter. Pre qualification letters Hussein he talks to month. And sandy says how much do you. What is clear you know what your dad what you as she gets some information from him. As she gives you a recall letter based on what she teller on the final. And they do credit pool. But if you had a pre approval letter. You're walking around with a checkbook looking for a house. You have given them. The 101000. Reams of paper that they need to give you a good solid. Credit worthiness certificates so when year ready to buy. The only thing you need to fill in the prank that pre of their pre approved. Is a house. You've done. So that is where. You can set yourself apart and you can miss the boat because if you got a pre approval and vs a cash buyer. You're talking about virtually the same on cash buyer might trump amount by a little bit. But usually their cash buyers think they they ruled the roost and they don't offers much but if you got a pre approval. And you're looking for a house and that house is priced right and you know it's gonna praise. And it's been taking care of then. You need to jump up and be ready so take the time to get ready because again it's like waive him a green letter. And the green letters got money printed on the front of so make sure to do that. All right. Last is. Don't thing just 'cause it's there it's an opportunity to run a low ball offer that sets the town if you really want that house get the house. Make a fair off work with the seller everyone's trying to wrote down the same way I'm not trying to tell you enough to get a deal. I'm trying to take you to take this market fairly. So more about selling your home the show your real estate today and Paul Jamison the host. We're excited we're here to talk to you unfortunately were pre recording but that's okay now whether us. Here on news 111099. Point three WBT will be right back. Welcome back to the show your real estate today I am old Jamison host. Excited to talk to you about what's going on in our market. This is the show your real estate today which means. We're talking about real estate and they have to do would buy and sell an investment in. And today. We're pretty recorded sorry. They kind of move me around so we'll see how it goes there's some kind of football game or some people. Want to. But. You can call us anytime 846 down 8463663. Stan where love and miss timing years so. Recently. We spent some time. Talking about. Why to sell your home during the holiday. Price and it right decorating it tastefully. Be inflexible for show and the block and out the times when your your family's there and you can't show. Haven't a plan. Also we talked about wide. By during the holidays. Some great opportunities there. And I'm gonna talk about a subject. That has a little bit of a hollow sound to it. And that is selling an empty house. When you're not there and you've gone. Now empty can mean. Empty empty empty meaning. Echo echo echo Turkey empty or it can mean staged anti. But the bottom line premises. Ewing there. So. Let's let's walk through it and let's talk about some attributes that you need to be aware of we've got. A little bit of time so we're gonna we're gonna kind of peeling apart and I'm gonna try. They're also finish. In the last part of this with a ten quick tips. Things to just boom boom boom room think about when you're selling an idea so all right first of all. If you're not there are always recommend going ahead and getting an appraisal. Especially if the home has been on the market. For. More than 21 days. You wanna make sure people understand that price is not the issue with the home get an appraisal. And if it's a good one could show it. Don't be afraid to show a potential buyer at a price. It's a good thing now. The question always becomes are we always talk about this with folks how long is an appraisal good for does anybody know. All right if you're raising your hand out there to shattered out your car if refinery in new governor. And appraisal is good for one day. I. Now most banks when they do an appraisal says they're good for six months to a year but. Realistically. It's good for day. But. I'd say if you got an appraisal done within the last six months to a year and it's it's worth talking about talk about. Parent. Also. Make sure if you've got to echo echo empty house. That. If you need to do repairs or if there's things. That. You've seen objections over lie eight. Granite counter tops carpet the roof. Something. And you can't afford to fix it. I want you to go down. To Lowe's Home Depot. Wherever. And I want you to get an estimate. And I want you to get a few granite samples are carpet sample and I want you to places in the house so people can say at. And show them exactly how much money it cost to take care of that objection. Why. Cuts even if you can't afford to fix and let's be real not everybody can afford to fix those objections fine. But let's Agnew granite counter tops really cost 3004000. Dollars for your kitchen. What do you think the buyers think they cost. They're gonna think it cost two to three times that. So they're not gonna wanna hassle that are they may be afraid they don't have the money to do. You not only take care of the objection. You expressly. Clarified the objection. That is a great way to do it and by showing them exactly what it cost. Right. Cause a buyer is always gonna think it's way more and actually use our utilities. If you turn off the utilities. It's a problem. I talked earlier in the show about walk and indoor house it's freezing when it's cold outside or burn up when it's not a outside. You have got to leave the utilities on its not good for the house and it's not good for your sale. I have been in some houses when it's been cold outside that we're freeze and so bad it's colder inside the house than it is outside. You go outside to warm up. Because homes are isolated in your trap and that is like ice box. Or stove which ever time a year it is. Leave the utilities on set it in the wintertime if you're not gonna be there. 6667. Summertime. 75. To make sure you don't drive somebody away when they step in the door. Are make sure that that happens. Not telling me that a repair needs to be done in your half empty house they're really needs to be done. Don't rely on the buyers inspector if you know there is something going on in the crawl space. If you know there's a plumbing leak he if you know that there is something wrong that materially affects. The value of that home. You better talk about it. Because that's sketchy ground. That's called a material fact material fact definition. Something it adversely affects the value of the home and if you know what you need to tell because if you're realtor sees that he's gonna tell. It is not something that you can hide so don't. Fix it all right that is a must. Also. Light staging. And I'm scatter around Gaza wanna keep your attention polite staging. Even if you can't staged a house and can't afford to station when we're talking about full staging its usually the living air strike. Living room. Breakfast area master bedroom and the entertainment areas. Primarily on the main floor you know that first fifteen seconds is when the home sold are not so right. Light staging is better than nothing hang a little bit art decorator on the fireplace put some greenery and some different places. You know not an expensive thing to do bathrooms fresh towels soap fresh roll of toilet paper. And now. It's it's always important and that's another thing about bathrooms. Make sure you've got somebody check in the house on a regular basis. Real estate agents. And buyers. Sometimes use the bathroom. All the time so. Make sure. That. They take care of business. Keep it clean and sanitary. And presentable. Nothing worse than walking into a house to a surprise. The solemn sight. Method are. Crime scene paint jobs. When you move the couch up from against the wall. It looks like a crime scene a couch used to be here. Well. He leader paint the whole wall. Are you pay a whole wall. Because. Old paint there's 56 or seven years old when you paint over the crime scene area is gone match. So don't make it look like. Either a crime scene when you go there. Or make it so that your pain is so old that you that that it looks like it's a speckled house and you just glaring and noticing pain is cheap. Pain pain pain and secure the house. And again. Have a neighbor go by and check it make sure the house stay secure. And on a regular basis and make sure that door and entryway as clean and that people have access and then a realtor didn't walk off with a key. And that people can easily get in and out. You know that they easy thing to do is just have an alarm system I was telling. TJ earlier that simply safe is a great option. You can move that system around I love them you gotta keep an Internet connection. But it's an awesome system it's reasonable. And it really really works so consider using simply say okay. Our. Lights on a timer. Works really really well put lights on a timer make sure that. You continue to. To do that. To make it look like somebody is home you know a lot of real estate agent. Are solo. One of the differences with Jamison as we have a team. So let's say I'm out of town and there's something wrong. All right. I got people that can back mania I got people that can go behind me I've got people that helped me. If I ever decide on the rare occasion to go away for a few days. I'm always accessible by phone. But I'm not always there in person. So I've got people they can go check on things and do things and especially in the whether we go check our listings on a regular basis to make sure that they're okay. You never know. What can happen you know shut off the water we do whatever we need to do you make sure that temperature in the heat is running. Make sure there are no problems houses are houses are like people like you know and they occasionally have an ailment or two that you got to deal. Especially in the winter months winners hard on my house now says the middle of summer but I think you'll get my point. All right so make sure you've got backups. And then there's nothing worse than getting to a house and not being able to get him. Talks are so here come the that quick tips are you ready here we go. It purely even in your house is empty. Alert local law enforcement worst thing in the world be a squatter coming in that house. Tell on four of us enforcement that you don't live there and the houses for sale please come by and they will I love our law enforce their backing up all the time tell your neighbors. You know they're neighbors what your plans are even if you're gonna mean that's common sense Ireland more. Stage to reflect the main living areas if you can't afford full staging bathrooms. Some plants some greenery. The few areas around the fireplace set a little bit of a town I got to move faster. Leave the heat down get a security system. Pick up the mail and the paper. Put your lights on a timer. Keep up the yard. And keep the temperature. At a reasonable. Amount and if you wanna do an open house still bake cookies whether the house is empty or not. Cookies are the magic to getting people to stay in the home longer and be there. To experience the home and discuss. It's been great talk and what you all the show your real estate today thank you for listening thank you for being what history and holidays you'll hear much more of us. And if you need to talk to us it's 846 done 8463663. Are on the web mind. Jamison homes dot com I consider it a privilege and a blessing. To be here and to be in this community thank you all very much god bless have a great Saturday or whatever day they play me on news 1110. 993 WB to.