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Saturday, December 16th

Paul discusses what to do to sell your home in 2018


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Advice provided on the the following program is on an individual basis as we should not consider today's discussion as a recommendation for. And she carefully evaluate before investing. This is your realistic to one knows how he'll. You can easy. Hello and welcome to the show you real estate today it's me your host today Paul Jamison. Which Jamison realty with Keller Williams and Jamison property management. We're glad you're witnessed today and don't pay any attention to in my computer and being away over here I'm so illiterate when it comes to I don't know how to turn that so we'll just have to deal. All right so that. He knows about me. You can use against. Art so anyway they show real estate today and where pray recording. I am so sorry about that today it. Just a part of what happens with crazy schedules. But. It's me and me alone today it's oh. I have. Got on a lot of great things that we can talk about so this will not be wasted time together so if you're out about today. You certainly. Oh will gain some things I think from what I'm gonna talk about but of course if you do you missed part of the show today you can always jump online to WB TV dot com. WP day WBT dot com. Go to the shows section on the menu tab and then go to your realistic today. And we've got podcast there. And of course are recording a today show will reside there. If you want chatter have any further questions or some you wanna hear the rest of the ships that don't hesitate to do that art. One things I wanted to at least introduces this week and we're gonna talk more about it. Next week yes we will be here through the remainder of the year. I think enlist got tells me in my sales rep otherwise the 23 which is the Saturday before Christmas. I'm pretty sure we'll be utilized. Maybe maybe not. Okay don't know. Maybe that is their basketball maker football or some well anyway. TJ chicken into it NC. But were open so we'd love to it would be have another live show for the year. He says now we won't be would be pre recorded again. Or would be no show at all now that's a our. You have you hear you parity you hear it right here who live well the record. Scheduling conflicts of to a radio arts so. Let's talk a little bit about selling your home in 28 teams selling your home and toys eighteenth. I'm gonna give you six. Little tidbits about selling your home. Care of its 2018 other respiratory seventeen. You know what's so really disarm C squirrel. What's really bizarre about. This week and these next couple weeks Josh cost guess last week. Marty. I gave him a call today on the phone. We have now of about ten. Closings. And possibly more scheduled for that last week a year. If people think oh nothing happens during the holidays. I've put. Two homes under contract. Had today. Now today is. The eleventh twelfth twelfth finish of twelfth and their clothes in before the end of the year. So. Whoever's telling you you can't sell a house during the holidays. You absolutely. Cain. So don't shortening yourself and think that she got to wait till march there's a lot of activity let's talk about selling your home. In two world will just title at for lack of better words when he eighteen but these things apply. To any time right. Number one and the number one. For this segment will be kitchens. Cell halt its. Kitchens. Sell homes now what do I mean I've while women just. I was with a couple today. And we were talking about their budget and we were talking about where to spend money. And we're talking about what segments of the house are most important. Like everything. There are some fundamental places where the majority. Of people. See value. 'cause remember the offer takes place wherein the seller and buyers you connect together. So. The kitchen is one of the biggest areas where value. Continues. To be in the forefront. If you have a remodeled kitchen and when I say remodeled kitchen could be. Cabinets that are painted instead of the older. Horror update. Newer appliances. Nice counter tops whether it's granite quartz concrete. Or even fresh lamb and it. Where UC foreign. Debt is maybe non won only. And you really have a nice bright. In fighting. Appealing Tim Cook at. That's subjective appealing to cook kitchen. It will bring value to your home and it does make a huge impact. Everybody else also knows about the master bedroom in the bathrooms. Those are all so hot areas so if you're asking me I only have a certain amount of money. In the you say what rooms need to be staged what rooms need to be updated. I'm gonna say kitchen. Pastor bedroom. Master bath. And any other bathroom she. So. And a there was an article out that talked about. When when him and I'm not trying to have party talks here so I'm not talking about bathrooms specifically to be funny ha ha. Really there are statistics out there that show. That a full roll of toilet paper. And how's that for sale and of course the seat. Being down on a. Do you make an impact on the sale of property and they had some statistic. But I'm just saying to you let's forget about the statistic and talk about the impression. The toilet seat down vs the toilet seat up has saved more cleanliness. Feel to it so we'll leave it there. All right. The second thing around the world toilet paper. I got no clue but they do you say that it makes an impression. I don't think you have to put the little triangular fold on. But if you're gonna do that go to the trouble to put a full role there might as well put the train colorful. Kind of our let's move on. Next. Lighting. Is key. What to I mean by that well. I wanna talk about it in two different ways I wanna talk about light and I wanna talk about lighting. Many many people understand. The the feeling that you get when you go through a house that's very dark. That adds to our colors on the walls. That as the blinds closed. That happens. An appearance or feel of a lot of dark. That is. In my views something that you can potentially do something about with either paint. Pulling up the blinds. And believe it or not sometimes you can. Drastically. Affect the lighting in a room. Trim in the bushes. We had a particular home where the sun. It was so east facing home which means it did get directs on in the afternoon. And it was always dark. And we finally figured out it was painted light we'd pull up the blinds but that gum bushes were so tall. That the sun could not. Pierce through. That home and make it brighter so there's one for you for landscaping that says you know. Trim the bush is back keep them trimmed back don't let them be a hindrance to the white in the room especially if these if you have sunlight that reflection here. So to think. Then there's also lights themselves. Now there's a particular light that is very popular back in the eighties that was a bit older grade. Light. That. Is brass. And it looks like an upside down spider. And I think who ever originally. Made that light is a millionaire 'cause it's in the majority of houses. In the US are all right we've got to go to a break and about three seconds that Paul Jamison stay with us to show your real estate today here on 1110993. WBT. Welcome back to show you. All of us your post was Jamison realty were killed Williams and Jamison property management. Here. On a winter weekend. Glad that your witness today we are pre recorded afterward we hate to do it but over the last two or three weeks we've had two sorry about that. So we hope to be back live soon so that you can call us. And of course you can reach me any time 704846. Done 7048463663. In my office if you have questions. So we're talking about what you need to do and 2018 and it applies many times on your home. Kitchens. Sell your home. Which arm light candle lighting. I think we've established that. Bill light. Comes in to a room and making huge difference. And now we're gonna talk about lighting and we've talked about that brass fixture in the dining room looks like spider. I say take it down. Change it to the pack your car drive it around a little bit and have some fun would that does she need to change. Also there's a lot of brass fixtures in these homes especially if you're in these newer homes. That people will expect. A furious and an older home. You can for very little money change out these light fixtures because think about all right when you're walking into a house. You want to see that there have been changes made and updates made in that light fixture. And us for a small expense can make a big first. Impact and I think it's well worth the money so again financially if you're gonna make changes if there's brass everywhere. Brass has not been established. As having a comeback at this point. But I actually perhaps. Does have some redeeming features if you do you have that evidently it does have some germ proof. Up. Attributes if you picture on your hand and you touch it is the chemical reaction in the grass actually positive. Aspect but. People think it's out of date so. Has a progression to that answer what I would suggest you do is. Change out what lighting you can change out that is brass and change it to a brushed nickel lower. Had a different. Tight color more towards. Even. There. The dark darker kind of black. It is popular just got to see what goes well with your house but police over war brushed nickel. Is the most common. And change out the doors and door pools on the main floor if you don't wanna change him in the whole house think about the main fork. First impressions go there kitchen cabinets. Pantry. Powder ban any down posters bedrooms. You know look at it based on your budget and make a decision parents but. Quarterback colliding. Lighting is really key. Wow light fixtures do you make an impact over top of dining areas over top of breakfast areas in the kitchen itself. In the entry hall. Things you can do so much about things you can get online and look for sales and save a little bit him. Think about doing. You know what all goes back to that analogy. You'd get one chance to make a first impression. And I think from that point of when you actually get to the front door. The experience at the front or is it clean. We indexed Cain you get to the stories that are seven phone directory stacked up at the front entryway. Showing that nobody's been there are cared for it in awhile. He had trouble getting the key in the lock. You know is the door and went to a listing the other day you know little area now this was investment property. The door was covered in kick marks. I mean I'm not talking about one or two. I'm talking about forty your fifty. Now what kind of an impression does that leave us. So. Immediately. I said to my client. Why in the world would we wanna buy a property that's headed to work kicked in this many times. So. Again and you'd never have a second chance to make a first impression just like when you walk into the front door. When you walk into the front door. If that very very first thing you see is a picture of the dogs playing poker. Although that's a cool picture. For all you women out there you're probably cringing going well that's a bachelor pad. I don't wanna make that generalization. I bet you there's a few women out there that like that picture of the talks playing poker. So then. Went. So. That's first impression look left look right look straight ahead Mears at the front and threw away my wife Carrie would tell you. As more of an openness to the room. Not a whole lot of furniture not a whole ton of decoration. Not a whole lot of personal pictures because if they walk in and they see all you you you you guess who's house they're walking into. You worse. Don't you want them to walk into a house that's. Ayers. That's the whole goal right you want it to be as much there house. As it was. Your mouse. Optimum word there. Wallace. You need to go in as is seller with the mindset. This is no longer my house now who's my buyer. Why it's important to him. How can I make them feel welcome and how can I make them feel at home. So think about those aspects all right. So more of the basics again mrs. This is the things that we wanna talk about and think about it and an ongoing basis. Clutter and he cluttering as a part of Jamison we do a complimentary station consultant consultation. We're them you would she would come in. Look at the house and make recommendations as to ways to. Then they show better with furniture. And you're going when Utah and mes today sometimes they show better empty and issue with furniture. But deep cluttering his big thing again he don't want the bar to look at your stuff right. He won the buyer to look at the house you want them to see themselves there receive their things there. And you wanna make sure that that happens and I know it's a real pain. You know one of the one of the things that I hear over and over and over again as. Mean we're still living here I kept kids. You know where we gonna put this where we can put that. We have a system that we can help. It is at Harvard. We do it we've got and and if you and if you do it right you don't have to do it long. So. Be open to those kinds of things because it really truly does make it different. And I mean I could sit here and give you statistics all day long like itself 17% faster for 11% more money. But you really don't wanna hear those statistics that I just gave you. What you really want here is it's gonna get your counsel. Right so you want do those kinds of things. Our. Next. Talked to a real tour. Talked to a real tour. Now. Talk if you're gonna sell talked to are real too early in the process. Sit down with them what do wine need to do to get ready. What would you suggest what are the current pricing trends right now. And and let the real Turk come in and walk through your home. And look at it through the eyes of a buyer. That's what they do an experienced realty will know how to walk into your house and then sit down at the table with you and develop a plan. A plan that may take. A week a day a month six months. Whatever you all come with together you've got to have a plan when you sell your house you don't just come in. You know signed some papers through a picture of yourself from high school on a sign in the front yard. And again and you know pray somebody calls. That's not how it's done. And so. Get with the real too early. Go through the interview process of different realtors if you wanna talk to two or three people. But then developed that plan so when that time comes. You ready to again. That's the real key. Next. Is. The pre listing inspection and we're gonna talk about that just as soon as we come back from the break. Again I'm Paul Jamison Jamison realty with Keller Williams Jamison property management the host of your real estate today. We're glad your weather service Christmas holiday season will be right back here on 1110993. WBT. Hello and welcome back he showed it today. Some funky music should get a score and I'm Paul Jamison your host. Jamison realty with Keller Williams Jamison property management host of the show you real estate today rock and roll in here. On this Christmas holidays. Time. And horror hoping you've got all your shopping done and then Santa. Certainly I got tea and as of the date that I am actually recording a switches around the twelfth. I haven't done any shopping yet. So I'm in trouble. You'll see me. On Christmas Eve I'm sure. At the malls do in the mad dash. And if so point at me and scold me because it seems to be you know I'm there every year ago today or. You know looking for what they're best Walgreens at the off. Skier and here we go our sort of finish up this segment about selling your home some of the obvious things kitchen the first impression. Lighting the clutter and talking to a realtor in a pre listing expansion we spent a lot of time last week with Preston send them here in the studio. Maybe two weeks ago. Don't mind my computer just keep going. Talking about. The pre listing inspection. And work continue to keep that in the forefront as a way to do. I think turned peeking around this track. There ago. Talking with Preston early in the process is especially beneficial. If there are repairs or repair concerns. And the biggest areas that you really want them looking at our crawl space. Again that goes back to the show last week that Marty talked about. Also happened them look at things if if you have some concerns are some questions that report has power. So that pre listing inspection is important so home inspection Carolina getting that termite. I was in house. Thirty minutes ago. And they were showing me where. The tenants had stored tons and tons of stuff in the garage. And that box piled up on the floor they had racks on the wall so no one had really been in there. Would you like to know what I found. All along the whole ball game. Base of the concrete you know where that pad is for the garage. That had probably been hidden behind boxes for months. Richard care to guess. How about termite tips. About five of we certainly caught it early and it's easy. But think about that. You wanna have Marty I'd be on your team. To come help so pre listing inspections are important you wanna find it you wanna fix it and you don't wanna fix it under the gun. That's the key so those are good thanks not for every house but certainly something to consider for your home. All right. At the break TJ and I were talking and probably have a giving you stats in awhile and I think it's important to see. I've got the stats through November now that are out. First of all new listings. New listings in that point sixteen over 2017. November. Are up about 8%. Last November we had 3424. This year we have 30077. So that's good news. Pending sales. Are up fourteen. Point 3% now if I have 3707. New listings. But I had 3487. That went under contract. What does that tell you ladies and gentlemen. What that tells you is almost every house that went on the market. Went under contract. So it's almost day one for one ratio. All right. Close sales 3485. That's up about 3%. Ballistic closed days last year was a hundred for now it's 96 on average. That's down about seven point 8% seven point 7%. Days on market until they sell 46. So. They take once you list at killing goes under contracts 46 days. And then. After and then cumulative days is about 96 so another 45 days to close. Average list price. Last year was 275670. November this year. 301690. Up nine point 4%. Average sale price so that was list price average sales price is considerably different. So average who list price. Was 30169. The average sale price. Went from 258619. And 2016 to 270957. So it's up just under 5%. That's that's huge. Those are the real number she should care about what kind of growth. In the average sales price not list price listing sold yet prices so. Close to sell it. So. What is the monthly supply. Of homes. Last November. Iowa's wind and jumping up and down around it because it was two point nine months. And inventory. So for all intents purposes theory it's. Now. How about. 2.3. Months. Of inventory. So it's dropped down. Like. You know to their works. That's crazy. Two thirds of the tenth of percent. Are. So. All of very positive transfer market you know when I served on the board of the Charlotte regional visitors authority. We talked a lot about. Where's everybody goal and then growth and investment in our market. According to the statistics that I remember a time last year from them. Actually earlier this year. We have an average a 109. People ID. Cumin and our market. So all those apartments. Everything you see go one up. We got people form they got to go some. I don't think there's that many people leave and where that many people leave and to go to heaven. So. I don't think honor nine people a day. So I think there's some really good. Growth in our market and I think we're very very fortunate. I read an article earlier this morning talking about next year they expect a lot of new home. Sales. And a lot of new home permits. Being issued. And I think that that's. Going to be continued trans next year but I also expect to see about another 181000 apartment units coming online. So. What does that say. All of these staffs where they're all great right. That says. That all of so today I think rates went up about a quarter percent. I believe next year will be a fantastic year bar. I'm pursuing things. Especially here. So. If you're thinking about selling. Your home. I think he should take a serious look at it. Because there's a lot of variables in your favor. Now. You need to play. Once you sell your home. You wanna potentially by another. So. Think about. Making a plan that's why you get with a real too early talk about you know do I need to rent for a short time too I need to find a home first. And then sell my home. What are your plans or if you got a home out they're sitting empty right now that's a family home. This is the time to think about selling. This is the time to think about. What you made you so stay with us we still got more time together I'm Paul Jamison Jamison realty with Keller Williams host here of the show you real estate today. We're graduate Assange is 11109893. WBT. Hello and welcome back. To the final segment of the show you real estate to them told Jamison coach it's OK okay this property management. Thankful to have the opportunity be with you again this year and it looks like we're coming back next year or so yeah. Hey. That will be officially. I think I'm probably one of the oldest. Show guys Saturday show guys still around. Them. They Carolina Georgia may still be yeah they'd probably want them. But. Anyway were at least in the top top group we've we've survived a long time and and being here with you all sharing Saturdays and and time and information together so. Hopefully we'll have a chance to talk a little more before the end of the year but if we don't. This has been a fantastic year to be in real estate have fantastic here to work with a lot of the climates and without the clients we would not be here. And we're very very thankful for them and we think a lot right now about. Being thankful. And Jamison realty we do you say Merry Christmas and we're thankful. That to them Christ was born on that day and gave us the blessing that we so. Graciously. Have and do not deserve and that. He is here for us. So we are thankful for that and thankful for that time and thankful for you as clients and that's listeners. To be let us and to share your time with us every Saturday. Or whatever day we end up being on the air these haste so we're glad for that so thank you. We did have a fantastic years so many many thanks to my team Jamison realty the agents that are with me. And those that have been around and supported our team we have a great group of people. Also the property management group. They have been fabulous they take such good care. Have my investors. And our tenants and we are so thankful for them they just work. Really really coward. And it is a thankless job sometimes with those four people go to and I'm thankful for them and thankful for everything that they do. And hope that they have a blessed time with their fame. Yeah it's interesting right now and if if your home is for sale. You're probably thinking well. Nobody's gonna come look. Nobody's interest and look at right now. Remember the stats I read the last segment and if you missed him jump on the web sites you can hear him again or email me and I'll. Paul what my Jamison homes dot com house and there are people. And they're not looking for fun. So if you're thinking about selling don't. Think that the spring is your only option it is not. We are excited about the options that we do you have. And excited about the activity in the market and the fact that if you price things right and you work through it and you have a plan. Pretty darn good change that your house is concerned. So let's make that first impression as we talked about at the beginning of the show Goodwin. And one of the things that I think does get left behind on that impression. Is the outside. Just the outside of the home and I'm gonna just quickly go through that. And then gonna spend some time. As we finish up just being thankful and thankful for you all. But. On the outside of the home I think. One of the things that people don't think about us as you list the home for sale kind of what happens it goes into this magic or cold call the multiple listing. There are some of us however that paid for services to pick up our listings above and beyond. The multiple sponsors. It goes to. Other web sites in the supporters where people search. And of course 97% of the homes that are sold are found on the Internet first so it's kind of a typical thing that she'd wanted to. Yes we do put signs in the yards we're not so. Cocky that that we don't think that people don't drive by and see the sign and course and neighbors. Neighbors around you also wanna pick their neighbors so they're gonna pay attention to decide in the he really want that first impression to be so the photographs are really critical. And then when somebody finds something that they like we find that before they even come to us our buyers they will. Drive by the house. Thought tour that they've dreaded drive virus. So they drive by the house. And what they see all so. Can make the difference as to whether or not the house is going to be show. I have a very very thorough climate that keeps up this leaves in his driveway and all those kinds of things and I think that's awesome because neat and tidy. In the yard. Is also very obvious way to create a first impression. And right now I don't know about you. I would have thought oh my leaves would have been down by now the government they are not. I'm not stop I just blew boo goalies gang staying up with that is important. Earlier I talked about. After someone does that drive by and we do was show. Walking up to the front to. And all the impressions that that he has before you even go into the house. So if you're not gonna do anything. Can't. You can use a little elbow grease in the front door glass clean. Area around it to work. Painted. Nice. And that first impression looks loved and cared for. If you got broken glass and some of the windows up for a go ahead and get that stuff fixed. It's a part of the first impression can take care. And the beds if you got time and I know fresh pine straws kind of a moot point right now until at least come down. But when the leaves are down go ahead put some fresh pine straw there. To make a great first impression I start to sound like yard chip on trying to make in a year or chip and trying to make. That first impression. Right. And one of the things that's always been valuable to me is the first impression that I leave on people. And a woman. That I met this was a year or so ago. And I came to that or cheese she was an avid listener she's shall listen to me every weekend and was excited to meet me she's rated sell our house. And I came in the door and she looked at me and she looked out and she looked down. She's she's she started chuck that cultural. He says well I thought she was short and fat. She said you have a short back man voice. Well for those who you know me I'm about 64. I don't believe I'm on the heavier side of thanks at this point although that could change after the holiday solely about an open. But. Just laughed because that first impression she had of me from listening to me for all those years was I was a short fat guy. That in me. But. Monday through Friday. I Wear a suit in time. I'm here to do business I'm here to serve you and I'm here to serve you have professional manner. Shine my shoes every morning. Don't know. What they look like by the end of the day they're not shy because I'm usually walking through a field walk after house walking uphill walk around the art. But that's okay. So when you've seen me. When we come to the doorway and any of the realtors count that or would Jamison it's about that first impression. A tenant when they come to us an owner when they come to us an investor. It's about that impression. What's my experience going to be like do we take care do we answer the phone do we respond to you do we listen to your emails. Those impressions are important communication is important when I'm signature kitchen table. And we're talking about your house and all of those things. My experience. The things that I can bring to you. The opportunity. We're there as a team and as a partnership that's important that's the kind of impression you when you work with a real estate agent when you work with a property manager or an investment company. So again. I know from where we're going we have had a fabulous year. We know that I'm in a large part to use the listeners that have continued to support me. Hoping 2018. That I will serve you well that you will come to me as your trusted source for real estate whether you're an investor you wanna be an investor. Where do you need help with. House and managed and tired if managing it. We look for that opportunity Jamison realty 846 done. 8463663. Merry Christmas. And godless.