Sen Joel Ford talks with Scott Fitzgerald


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Jennifer Roberts. On the way out. To be fine Lyles verses having slept very well could evangels Ford vs Kenny Smith. But such was not to be tool for joins us now here on WB two more Agile hour today. It's good answer good answer. So what happened. What happened music. Well the manageable. Democratic primary. Voters choose by Lyle and I respect that bush. 1 upping that I am not ashamed. And number ever proud of is that message that would they would get out the conversations. India agenda that I was able to drop erupt this year old campaign and this debate. To help ultimately move this community sport and so on number proud of that I'm excited. Are out for the future for the city of Charlotte but the latest figure we've got a lot of work to do. Yes we do yes we do what did you learn from this process is is learning as the light bulb go off to make you go. Room that old yet that idea and would take that would mean moving forward. A couple things looked at Charlotte is. Much larger and more. Then I've realized that what I mean that is in terms of it's the bird population the melting pot that the city of Charlotte has become and the and the growing pains and the challenges. That the city of Charlotte is currently experiencing. And what we're going to experience in the very near future and it's all is critical for. The mayor's gonna be on. It's going to be important. That they help us navigate. The grow. We're good public policy and better outcomes for our city and that it. Good point we do have a lot to learn to to move this city forward here. What what made you realize or come to the conclusion of the diversity and what would you missed there and how important was that. Overlook it or not seeing that in the right. Well I don't think I missed that as it relates to what I alarm right and so is in one single night. I didn't go to web Charlotte overall Oakland park you have a group of citizens. Or concern about breaking news aggravated assault and homicide rate. In the same night goal crossed out the plug in mid would end their number one concern is bicycling. That's what I mean Bobby diversity yes it is surely guys withstood. The interest needs and complexities of this community because we all live here. What we have different needs and so. And that does not platform. We eat the local government. Which is government closest to the people. But we are subject to. State and federal law and so whoever the myriad. They have to help but navigate. This political environment. So that we can improve the quality of life a cultural thing. Right and and I think a lot of people would agree and I think you would agree with this statement is that to the mayor Roberts. Ran the canoe into the rocks to Lofton we've state and federal laws. Absolutely and I picked that up based upon the way she. Govern and campaign. It was very divisive in the sense that. You can't continue to poke the eye of the court marginal assembly. And that the president of the United States. Eight local government can't afford that kind of leadership because we have to work with both warned the government. That's what I was trying to make sure that people aren't got to crawl yen and buy. Deport them all else we're able to run a campaign in a way that the majority of people came now they report Carter urban. She got she didn't attack. The mayor in the same way that you'd. Was that was set by choice did the two of you sort of look at that go. Here's how I can best do this and by could look at it and say this is the best way I can do is. There was a discussion at one point in time that you guys might say all right what was gonna move forward here. Was there any sort of hand in hand working where you know what we both like to win but the number one goal is to make sure that. She be mean Roberts doesn't. Absolutely not there were no couldn't collusion their crew coordinating. Camping or messages. Messaging and I ran my race where my team and we campaign the way that we did. Baseball what we believe based on what my core values are and so I do believe that I was able to. Drop the conversation. I do believe that now able to help change the narrative and a focus. Of the mayoral campaign and debate. An epic uproot that TomTom again and so are we all have a record to run on and to be held accountable for. And that's all I was looking to do with the race. Dutch. Yeah because it may seem like you're you had two goals you had your first goal was to win. And then to me that it seemed like the second goal would be if it ain't me that musket Jennifer out of there because we that you would at least like your party. To have the opportunity to continue their so what is your support provide Lyles going to be like moving forward. Well I have pledged my support her in whatever way you hurt he thinks is best. I'm going to support the democratic nominee for mayor of the city of Charlotte and that but that's what advice would you give to. She has to what race the money getting there at a Pallet cash. Doug you gotta go to work in a bike in the system that anyway. Told I will be available but the good thing about it I get an opportunity to go back in the be a senator in the north drugged and also. Such a calm irate so that quit the side note here Amazon. Says you know we defied a new city to a put a big giant headquarters here and Riley's gonna throw their their head bothering obviously sure it was gonna do the same thing. Based upon New York navigation through through the city of probably. What. Which way you think it would go assuming it came down to rob incher. But this is short as a lot to offer number one. Being our airport and number two op art and lower your book but three up Pickett is something that week that leverage. Are in the logistics. Industry as a topic we cover readily available workforce. That would help Amazon. Be successful with this sector. Headquartered here in the city of Charlotte and light out like the city of Charlotte obviously on this is my home and unbiased. But so while it will be competitive but if Charlotte. If we can get out of all the way right probably we can be successful. Yeah chart Iran is not a city you know Riley is a it's a conglomerate of areas like Matthews and Ballantine and partly it's not it's. Which are all part of the Charlotte metro but the people there they don't say they're from they say they're from that little teeny tiny community. And it's boring. Compared to sharp early it's boring I don't live there I know I know what it's all about so. I have an idea I served there and and I haven't had which. Yeah it's and it's not rally its apex Cary Holly Springs mores Phil Garner you know you'd fill in the blank that's what makes a Ali the the big. Different animal than a century unity again we have so maybe for Amazon what we need to do is give him a soccer stately thing. Well are at that would be it for the eye of the game. Jill Florida I appreciate you join us final thoughts here this morning the day after. Are excited to live in Charlotte I'm excited about the opportunity to continue to serve. Yeah and to be of service to my district court on a bit that a district 38 and the city and the state and more. Enough appreciate your time to get the a lie detectors out so that went by Lyles and Kenny Smith. Start to stake their claims. We can nowhere that they're coming from it's going to be interesting I don't know that it's going to be necessarily is it is vicious. Is so we have to do with the primaries here. I mean how do you attack somebody. Like by a detached from the like Kent. Maybe should all come down to. Hot oil twister wrestle. Mark Garrison was all the camera I see him as others that he wants to take the pictures.